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Website takes donations to help Samuel Blum (Pam Pilger's "Hiel Hitler" victim) pay his $8000 bill

The Cost Of Health Insurance

Who the hell told Chuck Todd he was a political reporter?

Blue Dogs will be voted out next cycle no matter what, shouldn't they stay on our good side?

Okay, who put up the sticky with the Klingon phrase? 'Fess up!

June 3 Immigration Court Date (MLK of Nepal, Paramendra Bhagat)

The third and final phase against healthcare reform has begun...

We should be “Push-Polling” the Public Option Plan

Rove's seven suggestions for Obama

thank barney frank for standing up to the extremist.

Who can we get to sponsor a bill repealing the the McCarran-Ferguson Act ?

Wisconsin village to charge residents if they call the fire department.

Health Insurance - 10,000 people paying $10,000 per year

Brother, do you have any spare change I can believe in?

Washington Post/ABC News Poll: Majority Now Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

LAT: UBS whistle-blower may have forever altered Swiss banking

FIsh that come back home

A question about healthcare reform

Mr.Levi-Strauss on the absurdity of our justice system...

Mr.Levi-Strauss on the absurdity of our justice system...

Mr.Levi-Strauss on the absurdity of our justice system...

Mr.Levi-Strauss on the absurdity of our justice system...

Mr.Levi-Strauss on the absurdity of our justice system...

WIRED | Outspoken Privacy Advocate Joins FTC

Finally, a book to counter all these wingnut authors: David Cross has one coming out Aug. 31

READY; AIM; SmAcK LoU dObBS! - SmAcK lOu DoBbS!

Provocateurs - 2nd son visited today - talked about our WTO resistance experiences 10 years ago.

Provocateurs - 2nd son visited today - talked about our WTO resistance experiences 10 years ago.

So what planet DO they spend their time on, Atticus?

So what planet DO they spend their time on, Atticus?

Billionaires vanish as the hacked up body of the American middle class is found

Two Arrested Over $66-Million Jewel Heist in Britain

Of men and mice - Teddy Kennedy is a man

AMAZING early Limbaugh footage

Racially motivated?

Complaint Over Afghan Poll Ink

As a Species: Done and Gone

Germany fumbles with Obama-style election tactics

Something to think about

U.S. Soldier Dies in Afghanistan; Polls Now Closed

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

Joe Conason: Obama’s Enforcer: Not Really Tough Enough

I was curious so I checked the Freeper fund drive

Hey Rush Limpballs. Maybe you need to examine uranus.

Farm-Aid: No NAIS

OK packer fans, you'll LOL at this one

Quarterly New York State Tax Revenues Drop 24% Compared To 2008

A signature line quote I'd like to share with you (firearm related)

A signature line quote I'd like to share with you (firearm related)

Violence at immigrants' march in Connecticut suburb as white nationalists turn out to harass

self delete - redundant post

Media Whore now on C-SPAN stating that Freedom Works is like Obama's grassroots campaign during ...

Is there a compendium of recent Grassley quotes anyplace?

Police Crack Down on Journalists During Afghan Election

Land Of The Lost: Texas Bible-Class Teachers Head Down The Chisum Trail — Without A GPS

Four US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Election Day: Don't Be Fooled By This Facade of Democracy

Barney Frank makes Good Morning America!!!!


The Evolution of Human Social Systems finally advances.The People have witnessed Negativism too long

Other lines in the sand - we must be able to negotiate bulk drug prices with big pharma.

Jim Wallis dropped the ball this morning.

Obama is having an OFA Ntl Health Care Forum tomorrow watch online or listen by phone

Hey GEM$NBC hacks

The odds that this woman is guilty as charged and convicted?

What's wrong with health care today?

Anti-gay One News Now distorts study on gay mental health counseling

Looking for a Harvey Milk quote for the float in today's P-town Carnival

Isn't one description of "Blue Dog Dems...?"

Iran: The Green Brief #59 (August 19 - Mordad 28) Latest news from Iran.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Looking ahead a month or three ....... we will be ......

Getting Healthcare When You Want It - A Myth

Jokes about barbecuing a cat preceded midair crash

Please vote this video DOWN - BS accusation a winger got stepped on

Should President Obama agree to debate Representative Weiner on single payer?

New jobless claims rise unexpectedly

Jon Stewart The Daily Show ripping on Faux more than usual

My experience with the great American health care system.

Watching Cspan

Mike Seeger dies at 75

Benedict Arnold vs. Rush Limbaugh; who's the greatest traitor of all time?

Roadside medical clinics in Texas, Oklahoma to serve truckers

The public option debate will determine if Obama is willing to

I support the right of stickies to be sticky

Health care costs math question ....... help please??????

Leading economic indicators rise in July

I see there's currently a flashing truther sticky up on the line-up.

The Cult of Republican Truth

Rapid transit link from downtown Vancouver to its airport opens with free rides

Pete Seeger to receive Gish Prize

What does "Best Health Care in the World" have to do with health insurance?

Hippocrates taking his oath, the modern version

Mom gets 99 years for mutilating infant son’s genitals

Obama's 'Mama Sarah' goes solar in Kenya

Turnout appears low as Afghans vote for President

Turnout appears low as Afghans vote for President

CIGNA's Wiki entry (I can't believe no one's corrected this yet) . . .

Serious question - how many Rethugs voted against

Pension Plans’ Private-Equity Cash Depleted as Profits Shrink

Who is the idiot attempting to discuss health care with

Can someone explain what is the concern about seeing whatever doctor

Can someone explain what is the concern about seeing whatever doctor

Can someone explain what is the concern about seeing whatever doctor

Cash for Clunkers heading to junk yard (CNN title not mine)

Townhall meetings for Thursday 8/20

Senate Finance Committee "Gang of Six" fun facts:

Obama invites us.

the fight over the melted Arctic

2nd lead poisoning case hits China, 1,300 sick

vulture funds????

Diplomats: Iran Improves Access To Nuke Activities

Let me get this straighrt. A man who represents less than a million people will decide health care.

New symbols for the political parties.

Social Security Wasn't Built In A Day And Neither Will Single Payer.

A Black Man Can Never Become President!

Fox News hosts implying that Barney Frank was too rude to Obama-is-Hitler woman

Yes, Health Care Reform is a Civil Rights Issue.

UnitedHealtCare strong-arming employees to attend Tea Parties - call UHC NOW:

AT&T and CWA are having a MAJOR conflict on health care costs

The Wind And The Lion: Ted Kennedy Mans Up To Mortality

How often do the Mainstream Media ignore or minimize statements by Democratic Congresspeople?

So, Smirk the First makes Tom Ridge yell fire in a crowded theater, and

Ensign Says Affair 'A Mistake,' But Not As Bad As Clinton's Lewinsky Relationship

Worst Mallard Fillmore yet? Obama wants to get rid of old people

Why are so many Congresscritters hanging out with Libya?

Grassley Calls Obama and Pelosi ‘Intellectually Dishonest’

White Supremasit turned away at Heahthrow airport

Presidential Elections in Afghanistan (DER SPIEGEL)

Coal coloring book teaches kids all about dirty energy

Novaled OLED meets DoE lighting specs

Novaled OLED meets DoE lighting specs

UBS Money Laundering: What Did Phil Gramm Know?

GOP senators: Torture investigation threatens ’security of all Americans’

"Priority Test: Health Care or Prisons?" Excellent essay by Nicholas Kristof

Faux news guy-Keith-and Larry King: MSNews delivery in the USA (cartoon)

Cornyn WHINE Alert! Waxman practicing 'intimidation tactics' against insurers

**CIA Hired Blackwater Contractors to assassinate al-Qaida members!**

Here is the Live Town Hall Meeting for Congressman Wexler (D-FL)

Igniting a Firestorm: CT Man's Memo Spurred Health Reform Protests

Texas: Perry/Hutchison primary fight could usher in new Democratic governor - on one condition

How do they train themselves to be so impervious to reality?

White House will weather liberal ire, ditch public option

Good Scahill article in the Nation about Blackwater as CIA assassins

teenage love. talking to an x boyfriend as friend when new girlfriend says no.

Synopsis of Obama's interview with Smerconish

Split health care bill in half?

Voting for third parties will bring us real health care reform

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Should guns be permitted at the polls when you go to vote?

ATTENTION: Obama Organizing for America

Outgoing IAEA chief has tough choice on Iran

NPR : Obama Townhall Gun Toters May Have Upside

Is Alec Baldwin Mulling a Run Against Joe Lieberman?

US sues AT&T for age discrimination

Do you remember when we were told to stock up on DUCT TAPE and saron wrap?

No ya goofy teabagger... that was the PATRIOT act...

Sen. DeMint: Not passing health-care reform will result in a single-payer system

A message to the Taxophobes

A message to the Taxophobes

Is It Time To Arm?

Question about public option

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The Atlantic's Ambinder admits he fell for politically driven terror alerts. Blames left anyway.

Sex-Determination Testing in Track and Field

One in nine Americans uses food stamps

Right-wing dipshit argues that secret Swiss bank accounts are a good thing... seriously


Republicans balk at Kennedy proposal to change succession law

TPM/Colbert Report - Health Care Debate: Dining Room Table v. Rep. Barney Frank

I do not want to hear complaints from republicans about...

col. jack jacobs...msnbc 'analyst'

Beware of right-wing pandemonium

Who posted my to-do list? I value my privacy!

"Putpockets" give a little extra cash (London)

IAAF Spoiler

My question for today's OFA Presidential forum

on Reddit: I trust democracy with my life more than for-profit corporations

Not a good sign: Ailing Kennedy Asks for Speedy Replacement Process

My Belle, Michele, needs a . . . CAPTION!!!!!!

New nickname for those of us writing to Beck's advertisers....

RW'ers: "Now Tell Me Again, Why You Did This To Yourself?"

Obama, Congressional Dems Near Clash

Obama's Live Online Forum 2:30 ET/11:30 PT. Tune in

Medical tourism

My hairdresser this morning told me that she was "resigned to a government takeover of healthcare."

Remember this? Bush and Khadafi (Gaddafi, Ghadafi, etc.)

A Little-talked-about Point from Rachel's Show last night with Bernie Sanders

They can just continue to get all their care, at the ER!

Why haven't more congress critters read the bill(s)?

Things are about to get ugly on my Facebook page, re: Ridge, Bush and (believe it or not) Nixon

The answer IS Medicare For All. Start talking about it, Mr. President!

You just can't make this stuff up .. Now the airheads think thier bank accounts will be tapped

'Is Nouriel Roubini a False Prophet?'

Random Thought: "Why release a suicide bomber with terminal cancer"?

The difference between our justice system, and other systems

So Ridge admits that Bush is a criminal

NBC Reporting Sen. Kennedy trying to get MA law changed so Gov appoints

John Conyers: Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch and Media Bias

Ntl Health Care Forum with Obama on now Live 2:30 Eastern

Progessives turn on Obama over drug deal

Diving Deep into Blackwater


Any Facebookers on here?

Shuster about to discuss Ridge and Bush

Am I missing something?

Why Does SEIU’s Andy Stern Sound Like Rahm Emanuel?

Obama just insinuated that "a certain channel" is reponsible for all the misinformation

in my mailbox from Howard Dean

David Gregory still doesn't know how HCR is going to be paid for

How about if we just drop calling them teabaggers, birthers, or deathers

Tom Ridge: 'I was pressured to raise terror alert to help bush win'

A Little 2009 Post-Katrina New Orleans Check-In. Not Pretty.

National Review: Obama ‘frequently forgoes the necktie’…just like the Iranian regime does

United Health Care: Strong Arming Their Employees and Associating With Religious Fundamentalists.

Any other Free Streams like Seatlle 1090 for Progressives while the Ed Shouts Show competes w/RWers?

birthers taken to task in right-wing rag san diego ANTI-union tribune

birthers taken to task in right-wing rag san diego ANTI-union tribune

Rove op-ed reveals he had inside information about probe

Dan Froomkin: The Public Option? It's About Accountability

Why are wages flat and have been flat for many years????

Reid warns GOP that reconciliation is a "real option."

DU History Needed I'm planning post number 1000.

Stoning festival banned

Rick Boucher expresses opposition to public option because it would be ‘very popular.’

Rick Boucher expresses opposition to public option because it would be ‘very popular.’

Bolt Crushes His Own 200-Meter Record

CIA hired Blackwater for assassin program: reports

Enough with the whining about single payer.....

A serious question about the "tort reform" meme

I've just watched a woman in the US equating Obama with Hitler

26 Afghans killed in election day attacks

Gross Stereotype and Double-Standard in Coverage of Pro Athletes Who Commit Crimes

You either Believe Democrats Are NOT Like Republicans, Or You Don't

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates

Another terra alert that you should ignore.....

Tweety - Bombshell

Come on Lour Dobbs fans

Obama striving to stay out of fray "until the president can get away on vacation this weekend"

Are we Americans more cranky than most?

Karl Rove and His Mysterious Alabama "Lawyer"

A rhetorical question

Dems Float "Split Bill" Vote....."Might" include Public Option on first round...

"insurance reforms are the belt, and the public option is the suspenders"...?

Hey you DU Stoners! Did ya hear that Pot causes Schizophrenia? What a pile crap isn't it?

LOL @ Big Ed, just now at Show Opener: "Well, Turdblossom's at it Again..."

Please read and sign petition at Firedog Lake.

AFGHANISTAN: Karzai and Warlords Mount Massive Vote Fraud Scheme

Big Ed referring to Delay being a "birther"

I take issue with the "Glenn Beck Eats Worms" stickie above

Grassley: If Obama Doesn’t Publicly Renounce Public Option Now, He’s Not...Interested In Bipartisans

Greensboro(NC) Inmate Dies After Being Shocked(With Taser) by Guard

Top Anti-Health Care Reform Group Teaming Up With…Michele Bachmann!

Pastor says Minneapolis tornado serves as warning against approving sin

Remember when the Nazis tried to fix healthcare back in Germany in the 30s?

So you quit your job because you weren't making enough

American flags not welcome at oil Astroturf rally.


Okay, after the OFA Natl Health Care Forum, what do YOU think?

LAGC you are famous!!!!!!!!! Boortz hates you....!!!LOL

Anybody have a good list of links to denied health insurance claim stories?

Charlie Cook predicts big losses for Democrats.(2010)

Private Health Insurance is like a guy that lends you an umbrella for a fee...

The Problem with the current approach to Health Care Reform

Drug addict dodged 19 police bullets

MSNBC: 10 years of The Week in Pictures

Any DUer's near NYC?

Sorry...Video says "Blocked by Google." Let me find something else and repost.

S.D. abortion doctors must say it's human being

Need the video of Hardball today when Chris Mathews was talking about Tom Ridge

The Gigantic Mayor of Braddock Pennsylvania

Every Cable Channel was "FOX " at 7 am


There are so many rants in my head, that I never know if I'll pull one out

Democrats continue attacks on insurance industry, may hold hearings

Older people "living in sin" & health care

MediCare insurance agent: a smallish rant.

"Battered President Syndrome: If you ask me, Obama’s got it bad."

Zombies threatening to control Michelle Bachmann's body...

Cash for Clunkers ends on Monday at 8pm

CIA/Blackwater: I called it, a month ago.

KO is using my and my BIL's allegory of Lucy and Charlie Brown

Localwashing: How big box stores across the country are pretending to be the little guy

LA-Sen: Vitter Not Just Content To Screw Up American Healthcare

Lender said "They would pray for me"

Bookmark this shit.

What month/year do we get around to prosecuting Tom Ridge?

Toons for you

OT: Cat-ladders of the world (with pictures)

How many votes do we need to pass healthcare reform?

Town Hall Crazies have not read the bill.....

Don't Delay

Bill oreilly about to slam jon stewart

I am presently participating in a tele-town hall conference with

I did donate, it just doesn't show next to my name

How long till the right comes out with "Osama bin Laden supports the public option"?

Just got off the phone with my insurance company...

Want to buy a customized Michael Vick Eagles jersey for your dog? NFL says okay ... for $39.99

Ridge: Members of my own party carried out a campaign of shameless character assassination

We're all FUCKED!

I know I'm going to take a mass DU ass kicking for this

Rahm's fearsomeness is BS - ever see him confront RightWing Dems and put a leash on them?

Court nixes religious displays in postal station (2nd Circuit Court of Appeals)

California regulators take on chromium 6 (chemical made famous by the 2000 film "Erin Brockovich.")

Disease Spreading Like Wild Fire:

President Obama during radio interview with Michael Smerconish - pics

Lemme tell ya somethin'. This health care debate. It isn't a sportz event and it isn't about Obama

Latest Youtube sensation doesn't own a webcam.

Shh, don't tell anyone, but what Jeremy Scahil decribed right now

The Obama-ACORN Anti Gun Conspiracy

Americans: Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs

Barack Obama, this taxpayer wants you to fire Eric Holder.

Poll: Americans' mood sours on Afghan war

MarketWatch: Advertisers deserting Fox News' Glenn Beck

If they didn't get to raise the terror alert in November 04, did they play a tape instead?

Waiting for the books

AFGHANISTAN: Karzai and Warlords Mount Massive Vote Fraud Scheme

What's up with the hippie sticky?

A single-payer health insurance system...

Disabled Woman Drops Lawsuit Against Squeeze Inn

Ah thanks Mr. Dean... esq.

I just signed up for Claire McCaskill heathcare townhall meeting.

I just signed up for Claire McCaskill heathcare townhall meeting.

Cleaning worker finds her voice and colleagues’ wages are lost no more

DU ATTYS: These seem like likely candidates for laws that BushCo broke in declaring false DHS alerts


So did Keith Olbermann run a piece on Glenn Beck?

The Torture Memos, Professor Yoo, and Academic Freedom

Why we need to get the Health Care Bill passed NOW:

One In Three Chance You'll Soon Owe More Than Your House Is Worth

Who's watching the unedited Barney Frank town hall on CSPAN? (8:30 EST)

When we get the health care bill passed complete with public option, all those against it

FBI trained white supremacist to incite others: lawyer

Please help smack down this freeper asshole. TOP 10 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OBAMACARE

How can I get a human to help me at PayPal?

Hey Dem Senators up for re-election in '10: HCR is important enough to risk your jobs over

Council Candidate Did Time, Accused of Sex Abuse

Kerry disagreed with Howard Dean's belief that politics were behind terror alert system

At what point do we get over our helplessness?

What's this BS that the Pubs are now demanding 80 votes

I think I donated but I'm not sure!

If Dems were more like Repigs.

Hartmann chewing up a free-market "pay or die" expert

Hartmann chewing up a free-market "pay or die" expert

Thanks to the DU-gooder who gave me a donor's star!

Thank you to my anonymous star donor!!!! I just saw my inbox. n/t.

How long (if ever) will it take ABC to dump Tom DeLay from Dance with the Stars?

Hey Republicans...

Hey Republicans...

What is wrong with Eliminating the Social Security 8% tax ceiling?

Are the disgraced Powell and the disgraced Ridge the only two vets to have served Fuckface?

Thank you very much to the person who donated a star to me.

Rachel Maddow reaches a new level of AWESOME every night!

Defend glenn site to moderate messages

They gave him 10 for 2, what else could the bastards do?

Socialized Health Care in Spain: 30% fewer deaths than US

Obama Talks Up Local Food

I'd like to dance on Novak's grave now.

After losing her job, transgender Utahn fights workplace discrimination

When Obama was running his campaign, I read and heard

When Obama was running his campaign, I read and heard

Caption Tom Ridge

The death of two US Attorney's prosecuting healthcare false claims;

The "conservative mentality" nowadays.

Texas bank hit by California dreaming

My weekly Facebbok poll plea

i'm shocked, no one interviewed the nazi lady from the barney frank townhall

i'm shocked, no one interviewed the nazi lady from the barney frank townhall

Conyers: "Mr. Rove’s self-serving assertions are simply inconsistent with the documents"

WE elected Obama,,, WE CAN get the public option to!

All together now: UUUggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Air Force Establishes ‘Reduced’ Cyber-War Command

My response to a right-wing nutjob column in Ben Nelson's (NE) hometown newspaper. Help me please?

For Ted...

I can't always donate. But when I do --

Help with a local poll

Michael Moore - Capitalism: A Love Story Trailer Online Now

Beware the Left Flank

Hey RB Texla,

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rep. Waxman - Single-payer would require massive tax increases

Rep. Waxman - Single-payer would require massive tax increases

Wow...on a Democratic board, advocating for the ouster of Obama in '12 is acceptable...

Need some help here -

Ed Schultz Quote: "Death Panels - A Car Bomb In The WorkPlace Of Ideas".....

Lack of Coverage on Transgendered Pakistanis Shows Bias in US Media

Has anybody been on the air on a talk show?

Couples seek Indian egg donors to have multiracial babies

Worried About Rachel's Safety

I'm watching Nightline. The DEA is in Afghanistan arresting growers/processors of poppies

LOVE the "Blue Train" sticky

Hot-Wire Michele Bachmann with a . . . CAPTION!!!

DeMint:"I think health care is a privilege. I wouldn't call it a right."

We need to come up with something clever about p. 432.

I hate that! I just wrote a good post and clicked to post it

cnn's healthcare solution - 'romney care'

Guy trying to make citizens arrest nearly got shot by another guy making a citizens arrest on him

Bachmann: Democrats' Health Care Plan Is Unconstitutional - TPMDC

So Plaxico Burress is getting two years for gun possession, where is the NRA to defend him???

Anyone here have the lowdown on the US Citizens Association?

My LTTE ran today in the Denton Record-Chronicle

My LTTE ran today in the Denton Record-Chronicle

Bachmann: No Government Control Over My Body!

Tom Delay Demands that Obama Produce his Gift Certificate

BREAKING: In autobiography, Ridge admits that terror alerts were used for political purposes

So it occurs to me that John Stossel is a douchebag! And here I hadn't thought about that guy for

What one word best describes John Stossel?

* My Exchange with a MORAN!11! on Craigslist *

If Kennedy resigned, would the situation change?

If Kennedy resigned, would the situation change?

I met the mythical Hillary/Sarah voter yesterday. She exists.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden (2006-09) Freaking out over possible insight

So let me get this straight.....the former president manipulated terror levels prior to an election.

Credit Card Relief Starts Today

Credit Card Relief Starts Today

At my workplace office area today

Apparently - and now get this... John Stossel is a douchebag

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor? Op-Ed BARBARA EHRENREICH

Anchorage Gay Rights Measure Is Set Back by Mayor’s Veto

I am a small business owner who would LOVE to insure my employees. It is simply unaffordable.

Betsy "Death Panel" McCaughey on The Daily Show tonight. (n/t)

Dear Senator Kennedy

Career change day almost here

Harbinger of global water crisis: evidence that Northern India's ground water is being used up

KTLK is foisting Lionel on us again today. Horrors!

KTLK is foisting Lionel on us again today. Horrors!

Tom Ridge 8/3/04: We don't do politics in the Department of Homeland Security.

Legal Schnauzer: Something Is Shaking In Birmingham U.S. Attorney's Office

Where is our town hall outrage!?!?

Do You Believe Higher Justice Awaits the Lockerbie Bomber?

Raising the TERROR THREAT LEVEL was TERRORISM itsself.


What would the Bush* Admin be doing if they were trying to pass MAJOR legislation affecting

The "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is part of the supreme law of the land in the U.S.

CommonDreams: Changing the Corporation

Now rethugs want a supermajority (75-80 votes) requirement for health care reform

Ridge admits Bush admin pushed to raise security alert for political reasons on eve of re-election

Rethugs now want supermajority requirement on health care reform

Michele Bachmann: "NO government control over my body or health-care decisions"

Beck's vacation from Fox this week was NOT planned

Biden Shaping U.S. Europe Policy

What else you got? Because I'm still not scared enough to become a freeper.

Levi Johnston Offered $25K to Play...with Himself!

I got offered a credit card at Target today....

"Well I don't think US policy should be written to appease YOUR particular sense of spite"

Why the US auto industry is doomed.

Is This BillBoard Real?

Somebody should say this: "You can always choose the public option, but if you decide to stay with

Proof That Fox News Is Liberal

I have been on food stamps and weal fare too, did anyone help me? NO!

In A World Without Les Paul

Links on the marijuana-schizophrenia connection:

I see how this is going to happen now:

Insurance companies are the problem

I have been talking about this issue for years..the debit card trap.

"Kiss My Big Blue Butt" blog : Delay's claim that quadriplegics were dumped at a town hall he held

Need a good come back to the following statement

As goes California, so goes the nation. Don't let this happen in your state!! Eve Ensler nails it!

ABC's The Note: Health care mini-mobs have it "figured out"

Something to think about

Thanks very much for my communistic, socialistic, anti-american Health Care Program

Horsey TOON nails the idiot at the Barney Frank town hall

Feinstein on the CIA Hiring Blackwater for, You Know, Assassinating Dudes

Raise your hands if you want to know who your anonymous DU donor is...

I heard todaythat a poll came out today showing US as having longest waits for doctors of

What has changed at DU? The Greatest Page seems significantly longer than it ever was

Airline bombers Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada harbored in Miami, walk free.

New Poll: 77% Of American Favor The Choice Of A Public Option

WTF? Right-wing propaganda movie showing at theatres

to the creator of the McCain/Palin sticky conspiracy theorist takes umbrage at being mocked by Wonkette for voodoo in WH rant

I was so proud of my boss at my new job today..he dressed down my wing-nut coworker over health care

Bullshit Science

Dianne Feinstein - The Worst Peice of Crap in California

Public option snowball is rolling, and they can't stop it! 250K+!!!

14 Myths and Falsehoods About Health Care Reform

PHOTOSHOP for Healthcare reform: who do you trust more: democracy or Wall St?

Who Would Jesus Deny Healthcare For? -- Obama Evokes Religious Leaders To Support HCR

When will we hear officially that all those Osama Bin Laden tapes

Help -- How does my daughter answer this quiz question honestly?

Oldie, but goodie: "I've been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No."

Fox Nation pissed at Mickey Death's website for scary black folks

Harvard: taxing job-based health benefits would hit working families hardest

Video appears in paper magazines

So a new guy started today, just set up his computer at his desk

Why Single Payer Can't Work in the U.S.

Misguided Sticky-note sentiments:

"Meet The Press" Draws Most Viewers Since April On Maddow's Debut Appearance

So TDS kicks off thier vacation

Let me make one thing perfectly clear about today's Ridge allegation.

Healthcare around the world

Healthcare around the world

Fuck You, Tom Ridge

Scientific Facts of Pot:

Scientific Facts of Pot:

Ridge: I Was Pressured to Raise Terror Alert Level Before '04 Election

GUARANTEED to amuse!

I saw the entire town-hall Barney Frank did Tuesday

10 year old girl fined $50 for lemonade stand

John McCain behind release of terroist from Scotland????

Health Care Reform: In Defense of the "Public Option"

So... Was Blackwater part of highest level, innermost circle strategizing within the Bush admin?

So... Was Blackwater part of highest level, innermost circle strategizing within the Bush admin?

What's better than democracy

How much money was spent on overtime due to phony

Obama ought to mobilize National Guard / Reservist medical units to provide health care to the

Mas As Hell Doctors Care-a-van Update

Mas As Hell Doctors Care-a-van Update

Why aren't there more non-profit businesses?

Again, Bill Moyers is way ahead of everyone on the health care issue: Tomorrow-"Critical Condition"

My wife's accident story - and a corollary.

Jon Stewart is absolutely eviscerating

Mom: My Daughter was Bullied into Anorexia

Mom: My Daughter was Bullied into Anorexia

NAFTA and unemployment: "We told ya so!" - or, tried to tell ya

Glen Greenwald NAILS It! Key DEMOCRATS ALWAYS INTENDED To Negotiate Away Public Option

Some things you may not know about Democratic Underground...

Why is basic health care for Americans considered a leftist issue?

I gives high marks to Obama for going on the Smirkonish program

So, one of our wacky conspiracy theories, (fake terror alerts) was TRUE.

Money as Debt

Facebook polls - my god, there seem to be so many more rightwing wackos there

i bought a wolfgang puck convection oven with

The Importance Of Tom Ridge's Confession On The Use of Terror Alerts for Political Reasons

Bye-Bye Brain Drain, Bye-Bye technological leadership.

Rove Op-Ed Reveals He Had Inside Information About Probe

TERROR ALERTS: We KNEW they were used for POLITICAL reasons back in 2004 -- LOOK!!!

The Lockerbie Bomber was freed today. What do you think about that?

Holy Shit! I guess I really just didn't get it until now.

I witnessed a horrible accident today

Think about this for a sec: Obama as one-term president

Jane Hamsher investigates the deals Rahm made to secure 2010 for Democrats..

Idaho GOP leader and teabagger arrested

Tom Ridge verifies what Dean said in 2004. Bush played terrorism trump card..."out comes Tom Ridge"

Here's an example of ins. hurts YOU!

August Photo Contest Preliminaries: Thread One

August Photo Contest Preliminaries: Thread Two

I think Scotland did an acceptable thing. You may now come and kick my ass.

August Photo Contest Preliminaries: Thread Three

It's OK to blow up a plane with over 250 people onboard.

Great idea? What if a "mass clinic" for uninsured was on the Mall/Capitol steps, so that

Porn Makers Challenged For Not Mandating Condoms

Larisa Alexandrovna: Lawyer - Rove Knew Who DoJ Was Interviewing & Which Witnesses Were Cooperating

Robert Baer regarding CIA - Blackwater contract: "The other shoe has dropped"

Americans Outraged After Suddenly Realizing Interstate Highways Are Government-Run

XboX failure rate 54.2%

Tell it like it is, George Lakoff.

UK to US: The truth about the NHS

Full page ad in my local newspaper blames Democrats and their "socialism" for bad economy

"Elmo and the Lavender Moon"

Church in Keb Mo song (More Than One Way Home) gets embezzled from by its pastor

Self Delete - Sorry! n/t

The personality of the lounge changes every year.

Police: Youth stabbed over Big Mac in the Bahamas

Inappropriate smilies with mangled song lyrics.

One time at band camp...

What was the best time you did that thing to take care of that problem with that guy?

A large bearclaw. Yikes!

Yes rcrush there is a GROVELBOT

I need a sugar daddy

What do you do with a cat who likes oatmeal?

The Department of Health and Human Services in Colorado bites..

Well, I was going to be lazy and recycle my old stickies...

I saw an interesting license plate this morning at work

Funny story

Funny slip by a newscaster on WJZ13, Baltimore

I love my new HP mini - WINDOWS FREE!

I just found out that when you go to a "Poetry Slam" you're not actually supposed to "slam" people

You're the key to my heart

How many of y'all have a church key in you house.

How many of y'all have a church key in you house.

Grandma's Hands

Lover's Eve

Plastic Smile

Priceless re: servers down

Cracked weighs in on the zombie issue

Brown Eyed Girl

Doctor Who

Child In Time


Congratulations Why Syzygy! 15,000 posts!

Happy Birthday, Robert Plant

I just dodged a metaphysical bullet

My entire house smells so strongly of marijuana right now...

How long does it take to deliver pizza in a snowstorm?

Chuck Norris gets a kick out of that one Sticky

Car issues... AGAIN.....

What's your best tactic to end a bad date?

Wife to Tommy_Carcetti last night: "What songs did Rush sing? I have no idea."

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bluethruandthru!!*******

How many years do you think Bill Murray was stuck in his Groundhog Day universe?

I need your clothes,your boots and your motorcycle.

Congratulations defendandprotect! 25,000 posts!


ok, fess up, which one of ya'll is responsible for the Asian Woodcarvers sticky?

teenage love. talking to an x boyfriend as friend when new girlfriend says no.

two of my best friends are afraid they're going to be laid off today

Man Pretends To Be Disabled In Bizarre Scam

It is FREEZING in here... why do they keep it so cold?

Had baked Beans in Tomato Sauce and cheese on toast for lunch today.

Anybody else highly allergic to both cats and dogs--and have their asthma triggered by allergies?


I was preaching my religion on DU earlier and some unrepentent dickweed told me to stop.

I am sick of being sick. I mean seriously... enough is enough.

Stinking bread...what to do?

Do bay leaves actually do anything?

I can't dislike a guy who loves dogs.

I Just Saw Alan Rickman At The Libree

Random ponderables...

Whoever posted the Cake Wrecks sticky is my new hero

How long would it take Chuck Norris to track YOU down?

The kids on Jeopardy are smarter than you. What to do?

What do you do when people stare at you...

The Summer Of Love Is Starting

Gizmonic and me are still less than three.

Alan Rickman Was Just Staring At Redqueen

What is your favorite?

I think I may be a lumberjack. Am I okay?

It is never Alan Rickman time.

If you could be a Star Wars alien, which species would you choose?

I lost my wallet. Have any of you guys seen it?

LOL @ Bridezilla stickie.

LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sigmund the Sea Monster Stickie!

Why is Yahoo now:

I'm gonna cut up my watermelon for the week...

I need to do homework today.

Ah, so that's where the Friend Zone is located

I was downtown waiting for the bus when two young spanish speaking

If You could write a book, what would it be about?

Grandma's Feather Bed:

Its 2Big Macs For $3.00 Thursday At McDonalds!!

Is it beer-thirty yet?

Good gods... If I ever get my hands on the firend who sent me this video.

Great new kitteh site!

Great new kitteh site!

When People Stare At Redqueen, what are they looking at?

Literal Videos - These are hysterical!!!!!!

Just 98 donations until Palin gets hit upside her head.

OK, which geeky Pokemon fanatic posted the Snorlax sticky?

It's Peter Schickele Time Again!!!

We really missed out on Pres. Haig...

Urge to kill..... rising......

The Tide Is Turning

You know those colorful rubber bracelets that support various causes?

What happens when an Ohio team wins the super bowl?

I am sorry, but I MUST watch a Fox channel tonight -

Finally My Cell Phone Will be Back On Next Week!!

Well I found my wallet...

Thank you for the sticky!

If you could be a Star Trek alien, which species would you choose?

Its A Fukin Beautiful Day

If you could be a Babylon 5 alien, which species would you choose?

Does anyone have a two year old cell phone that still works?

Right about now would be a good time to be chilling in Amstersdam

Is Facebook down again? I'm on withdrawals. Can't log in ....

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Highway61!!*******

If aliens from another world come here, should they get health care?

My dad is home he is doing well. Thanks to all those who responded

We need one more person for the annual DU Fantasy Football League

I need to write my article, dammit!

Somebody just bought 5 stickies to call out John Stossel!

I just tried donating to DU but paypal rejected my card...

I'm only 42, but I think I'm turning into my grandfather.

Can you watch this entire video without laughing?

How about a jizz thread.

Pitbull Gives TV Anchor a Licking

Special Cat Helps Alzheimer Patients Recapture Memories

Nice nighthawk!

may i just say forgive me for what I may post

That smell... smells like someone sticking razors up my nose. What is that?

Gunsmoke's Marshall Matt Dillon & Miss Kitty. Classic Co-Enablers? Classic Codependents?

Neighbor's dog saves wheelchair-bound man from fire (video)

August Photo Contest Prelims are now up in GD!

What to feel REALLY old?: The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2013

Mustang turn signals

Ineffective or off-putting euphemisms for the phrase "pen is"

Gamers! Check in for a smile:

If you could be a bad ass robot what kind of robot would you be?

Well, I can't log into Facebook at all today.

Does anyone else think John Stossel is a douche bag.

James Cameron's "Avatar" Trailer...Holy Shit!

Anyone know any good French drinking songs?

Ella usó mi cabeza como un revolver

i don't know wtf i just cleaned off my car, but it was nasty

REAL "Fantasy" Football

A cool clothing site

Speaking of Stickies: I LOVE the stickies dedicated to ones partner

How about a jazz thread.

Has anyone else seen "Julie and Julia?"

If you could be any Sesame Street alien, which species would you choose?

SPOILERS: Anyone watch Project Runway tonight? Either the All Stars or the

I actually had to explain to some idiot today that illegal aliens don't get welfare or MedicAid...

The Big Mac is the crappiest burger ever

At least it's a dry heat

This squirrelizer is killing me

When Is the last time you went to a movie theater?

AUUUGHHHHH my dog has fleas

Just ate a bunch of split-pea soup. What can I expect in the next 12 hours?

Is anyone else watching Jon Stewart dominate the death panels lady?

Could I get some women's opinions? Clueless buffoon here.

How prevalent is voodoo in the southeastern U.S.?


Photo from Ann Arbor, MI: "Quad Burger" (4 patties, cheese, grilled onions, egg, mushrooms)

I've been wondering...

If you could own a restaurant

Is it a crime to answer the door of your own home while nude?

Yee haw! It's our 47th annuversary

All these Alan Rickman threads make me want to start a thread about Bread or Air Supply, but I won't

A stray cat has adpoted me(us)

The Literal Video of Billy Idol's White Wedding

I just saw a sneak of Inglorius Basterds - no spoilers

Speaking of drunk: The beeriodic table:

The drunk singing smilys are hilarious! nt.

Afterwards, I realized maybe there were some things I *shouldn't* do for a Klondike bar

Where did you go/will go for your summer vacation?

Who was your least favorite teacher?

What did you have for breakfast today?

DU New York Meetup 23-25Octobra Thomcat and I are Organizing it

Melee weapon of choice?

Winston-Salem Journal: Local police to track details of Taser death (North Carolina)

If you could be an illegal alien, which nationality would you choose?

Michelle Obama in power list debut

Majority in Post-ABC Poll Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

Democrats Scrutinize Health Insurance Executive Pay

Virginia Davis, star of Walt Disney's series of silent "Alice" comedies, dies at 90


Jokes about barbecuing a cat preceded midair crash

Afghans Vote Amid Violence, but Turnout Uncertain

Lockerbie bomber's release agreed

Administration Makes Progress on Resettling Detainees

Cleaning worker finds her voice and colleagues’ wages are lost no more

RAF Chinook helicopter shot down in Afghanistan in Taliban election 'spectacular'

Biden to talk health care today at cash-strapped Mt. Sinai

(Congressman Gary) Peters (D-MI) queried, not booed, over health care

CIA hired Blackwater for al-Qaida assassination programme, sources say

Officials: Lithuania Hosted Secret CIA Prison To Get "Our Ear"

Workplace suicides surge by 28 percent

Lutherans move toward more open view on gays

Obama: No hero's welcome for Lockerbie bomber

54 U.S. College Students Sick With Suspected H1N1

Abortion Law Backers Vow Oklahoma Appeal

Obama's big idea: Digital health records

Ridge admits Bush admin pushed to raise security alert for political reasons on eve of re-election

Officials: Lithuania Hosted Secret CIA Prison To Get "Our Ear"

Rove Op-Ed Reveals He Had Inside Information About Probe

Obama stands by belief a public option is viable

Obama to End ‘Cash for Clunkers’ on Monday

Video appears in paper magazines

"Fox's Glenn Beck says he believes Obama is racist"

Mortgage defaults rise to record 13%

Colombian Vote Bolsters Uribe's Chances to Seek Third Term

Colombian Vote Bolsters Uribe's Chances to Seek Third Term

Mexico’s Economy Shrank Most in More Than 25 Years

Iraq Holds 11 Senior Baghdad Security Officers After Bombings

Iraq Holds 11 Senior Baghdad Security Officers After Bombings

Plaxico Burress agrees to 2-year sentence

Former CIA chief (Hayden): gains from torture ‘modest’

Leading Blue Dog: Covering uninsured not top priority of health reform

(Bermuda based) Accenture laying off some 336 executives

Detainees Shown CIA Officers' Photos

Philadelphia-Area Manufacturing Unexpectedly Expands First Time in a Year

ICE: Teams will arrest non-fugitive immigrants

(Sen Bob) Casey hosts civil town hall on health care in Johnstown(PA)

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose by 15,000 to 576,000 (Update1)

Kids Roll Up Their Sleeves for H1N1 Clinical Trials

Police Say Man Nicknamed “Hitler” Brutally Beat Elderly Black Man

Critics of Whole Foods CEO to demonstrate in Cambridge, Framingham

Obama: GOP conspiracy out to kill health reform

Pelosi: Health bill must have public option to pass House

Vietnamese newspaper denounces U.S. protection to Posada Carriles (terrorist)

GOP Senators Call For NEW 75-80 VOTE SUPERFILIBUSTER Standard On Health Reform

Records of GOP-sponsored credit card reveal lavish spending by Sansom

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 20

Cash for Clunkers to end on Monday

Anti-gay group to fight marriage efforts in D.C.

States With Most Uninsured Most Likely To Believe Euthanasia, Gov't Takeover Myths

Electronic health records technology gets $1.2 billion

State lawmaker murdered in Mexico

Obama fires back at political critics

Republicans (MA) balk at Kennedy proposal to change succession law

Elizabeth Edwards wants love child DNA tested

In Hot Water: World's Ocean Temps Warmest Recorded

Obama: Afghan Election 'Successful'

UPDATE: Venezuela's GDP Declined 2.4% In 2Q 2009 - Ctrl Bk

My Hope, My Dream: That Senator Kennedy live to See Passage of Health Care Reform with Public Option

Fox, CNN Falsely Label Budget Reconciliation Process As The ‘Nuclear Option’

Early test.....if we got to 2012, and there was no public option AND no EFCA

If you haven't read "Bait and Switch: How The "Public Option” Was Sold," you need to right here

Obama to Kerry: "I'm here because of you."

I really tire of people saying they're not going to support Obama if they don't get their way.

Farmers respond positively to Obama AG announcment of examination of anti-trust vs Ag Giants

David Frum: Obama and Hitler Have A Lot of Things in Common

How about this for an idea, just an idea.

Thread to call for Rahm Emanuel's resignation

I sense a turning point here at DU

I want the WH/federal govt to protect me from corporations, not hand me over to them

Michelle's mom is a witch...

Pres Obama was asked twice today about his quest for bi-partisanship

New AIG head to get at least $7 million annually

I want to believe...

My father was asked by JFK to "warm" his Senate seat until Ted could

a provision in the bill I just love

Grassley:If Obama Doesn’t Publicly Renounce Public Option Now, He’s Not Interested In Bipartisanship

Dear Howard Fineman, you're full of s***

NPR - Whole Foods CEO "On Vacation" After WSJ Editorial Opposing Healthcare Reform

Ciny Sheehan is going to Martha's Vineyard to protest the presidents vacation

go to bed, calvin

Where is our "HAMMER"?

We have to keep Obama's back.

Nate Silver: For Democrats, a "Moment of Clarity" on Health Care?

Obama: "I guarantee you...we are going to get health care done."

The Utter Fail of Media Analysis: NPR in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Glenn Beck on forced vacation from FauxNews - effort to stem hemorrhaging of advertisers.

This is how Johnson enacted the Great Society.

Tweety just left me utterly disgusted

Jon Stewart Just destroyed that lady who came up with Death Panels.. but U know what.....

No Public Option, No Reform, No Obama

Early test: If Ken Burch is still here in 2012, will you still be reading his posts?

Eric Alterman: Obama's Fake Bipartisanship

GOP 2010 Platform - "Americans Have Every Right To Be Scared" - Yup, Mindless Hysteria Is A Winner!

CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, WSJ and the rest of the media deliberately trying to sabotage health reform

President Obama's Grandmother Powers Home With Solar Energy

If the GOP wants to filibuster the healthcare bill in the Senate, MAKE THEM DO IT!

Terry McAuliffe campaigning for the public option

I'm sick of the US Senate. All of them. A bunch of f'ing prima donnas. Screw every one of them.

Gardner struggles with Obama citizenship question

Paul trying to raise $1 million on Thursday

Don't Sweat It

Since when was the democratic party taken over by the so-called blue dog dems

NC-08: McCrory Won't Challenge Kissell

Very funny site comparing Obama to Hitler.

It is a GREAT day to be a Democrat and a proud supporter of President Obama

Daily Kos: Obama's Health Care Poker Game

Help with a local poll

Obama: GOP Leaders Made A “Decision” To Deny Me Victory On Health Care

Thank You Mr President; Credit Card Changes Takes Effect Today

10 reasons to support health care reform

Shhh ... Obama Mum On What's In 'Book of Secrets' .

HuffPo: New Poll: 77 Percent Support "Choice" Of Public Option

Thread to call for Rahm Emanuel to leave the outgoing message on my answering machine

Your thoughts: What do Ronald Reagan & Barack Obama have in common?

Rope a Dope.....

"We are going to get this way or another" President Obama.. 8/20/09 at 2:25 PM

Something I want to see in 2012:

Obama points out the media's failing to report the truth on baseless assertions.

Glenn Beck Is Warning About Cars.Org Any Help Out Here?

What are the odds civility will prevail?

Photos of the Presidential election in Afghanistan and surrounding events...


Dear MSM: "More than 3 in 4 support the public option"

Pelosi Says She Can’t Pass Bill Without Public Option

Max Baucus - Health Industry Contributions

Deleted dupe. n/t

Ed Schultz is kicking Blue Dog Ass live now!

In regards to Senator Evan Bayh... I will not help campaign for his re-election in 2010 AND

No matter how much difficulty some have accepting this.. we are getting a Health Care Law

Consumers to benefit as credit card law debuts

Biden, Sebelius to unveil funds for electronic medical records

For Those Who Missed It, YouTube Version Of President Obama's Very Reassuring Health Care Forum

Anyone have info on doctors FOR public option

President Obama Makes Progress On Gitmo

Organizing for America's National Health Care Online Forum With President Obama Starts @ 2:30 PM ET

From DKos - Greenwald Nails It: Rahm Is Protecting the Blue Dogs...

Watch Organizing for America online Health Care Forum with President Obama today at 2:30PM ET

President Obama speaking to OAF - Watch it on C-Span

OFA Launches Web Page To 'Set The Record Straight' On Health Care

WAPO editorial: Obama shoujld ditch the public option

President Obama LIVE at the White House with Michael Smerconish on MSNBC, CNN!

Tom Ridge Spills Guts: November 2004 Terror alert WAS politically motivated

Ailing Kennedy asks change Mass. law for replacement process (AP)

It's all about focus.

Obama welcomes NASCAR champions

Boston Globe: Kennedy's letter recognizes what we hesitate to say

The Truth About Record-Setting U.S. Life Expectancy

What's missing from this headline?: "N. Korea feels 'owed' direct talks with U.S., Richardson says"

Dear GOP: Watch Your AstroTurf, We're On To You

Poster proves that DU can help improve English in hours

Grassley showed no concern when he voted for the bloated Medicare Rx bill. Projected price: $1T+

Conservative Radio Host Smerconish Invited to the White House Today

Medicare for all.

In defence of the NHS: I'm glad I didn't break my leg in the US

I really worry about 2010,

Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy tests the Senate waters

Guns and Presidents: A Flashback

Democrats "have accepted over 100 Republican amendments, in exchange for" no Republican votes

FL-Sen, FL-Gov: Crist Still Thumping Rubio, Both Thump Meek; McCollum Edges Sink

President Obama, take a week off (not a month or two), and have fun!

Some people here need turn off the tv and unplug the computer

Look, Max Baucus is NOT going to get rolled by the insurance industry --he is too sharp for that

Join in on the National Health Care forum with the President tomorrow. Watch online or listen in...

Rachel Maddow: President Obama & Guns N' Poses

STEALTH CAMPAIGNING! Senator Bernie Sanders & Rachel Maddow pt.1

Violence And Arrests At East Haven Protest (Immigration March)

The Contender (the type of speech I'd like to see Obama give to Congress)

A bipartisan go, sans a healthcare bill

Mediamatters: The Two Minutes Hate: August 19, 2009

Howard Dean on the Ed Show August 19.

Olbermann Special Comment To Help The White House Understand!

Countdown: NutJob Who Brandished Assault Rifle Outside Obama Town Hall Linked To Viper Militia

Crash Course: Chapter 12 - Debt by Chris Martenson

Obama: My Obligation American People Will Get this Done One Way or Another With or Without Reps

President Obama Looks Under Hood of No 48 with Jimmie Johnson

Tom Delay is a birther

20 To Life: The Life And Times Of John Sinclair

Matthew Shepard - 10 Years Later

Imagine Live - John Lennon - 72

Maddow on Lewin Group Distortions

Lockerbie Bomber Released - Victim's Relative Expresses Outrage On His Freedom

The Stupid continues: Michele Bachmann says health care reform is unconstitutional

The New Face Of The Republican Party?

Barney Frank: Disruptions Makes it Look Like You are Afraid Rationale Discussion (Bailout)

Delusions of Entitlement

Crazy people at town hall

Dear Senator Onorato (Community Group Targets Anti-Equality State Senator)

Who's That Black Man In My White House

"I Was Harmed By 'Ex-Gay' Therapy"

Economics of Healthcare

President Obama's Very Reassuring National Health Care Forum (08/20/09)

TYT: Sam Seder Weighs In After Barney Frank Fights Back At Townhall

Whole Foods CEO 'Sh*ts all over it's customers' - Report on Boycott

Republican failing at math again

Harry Jackson weighs in on health care reform -- it's 'reverse classist'

2009-08-18 Bachmann on Hannity RADIO

The Face of the Republican Party

More Awesome Ownage From Barney Frank's Town Hall

Public Option Supporters Greet Obama at DNC Headquarters in DC

The Ed Show - Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) - Single Payer, 676...

The Next Ted Haggard?

Obama: We know where these lies are coming from. It isn't any secret.

Barney Frank defends comment "talking to furniture" Yes I Did Put Woman Down BEING OUT OF HER MIND

Scalia: It's Not Unconstitutional To Execute The Innocent

Brad Paisley - Live at the White House (Sweet speech)

Light Up The World

A NEW country western WHINE song

DeMint Says America Is Becoming Like Iran And Germany - Totalitarianism is coming!11!!

TYT Interviews: Sam Seder Talks To Jane Hamsher About Healthcare & More

Asia Times: US healthcare debate sick to the heart

Tom DeLay Walked 10 Miles to Congress, Uphill, Both Ways

John Ensign Screws Around, Blames Bill Clinton

'Palinism' has become today's McCarthyism

Dems hiding behind the excuse of bipartisianship to pass their corporate friendly bills

Gene Lyons on why calling people stupid racists is an unwise idea

Danny Schechter: Searching for the Depression—And Finding It!

Cut to the Chase: Health Care Reform Without Republicans

Keep Your Guns Away From My President

Palin's Death Committee as a Projection of the Fundamentalist God

Economic Parasites 101, or “CEO castigates AFL-CIO

Sucker Rally to End Soon, Economy Still Shit

Jim Hightower: Taking Us for a Ride on Health Care

If Progressive Members of the House Think We’ll Accept Co-Ops As Public Plan, Think Again

White teabaggers clash with Hispanics at townhall.

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

The REAL Story Behind the Right-Wing 'Nazi Attacks' on Health Care Reform

Silence Is Golden

The world's worst polluter: U.S. military (Mickey Z.)

Ridge admits Bush admin pushed to raise security alert for political reasons on eve of re-election

Boycott Israel:An Israeli comes to the painful conclusion that it's the only way to save his country

Media Mogul Murdoch Is Big Muscle Behind Fraudulent Astro Turfers

President Obama on health care reform, 'We're going to get this done one way or another.'

Universal Healthcare, Slavery, and Knowing Your Enemy

Stern: Dems will lose congressional majority without healthcare reform

Seeds: Nature's Microchips

Liberals Exact 'Town Hall Revenge': Bring Enema Bags to Gun Shows

Who Gets To Arrest The FBI? (Birther citizen grand juries)

A coup for lobbyists at the White House

Tom Ridge Shocker: 'If I Didn't Approve CODE RED, They'd Make Me Wear PINK PANTIES '

China Investing in U.S. Mortgages

Great cartoon about the smackdown Barney Frank dealt

40 years of Unix

Nothing new in political rhetoric from conservatives: Political Cartoons from 1939 and 1940

Cenk Uygur: How the Democrats Should Have Handled the Health Care Debate

AlterNet: When it Comes to Water, Can Corporations and Community Really Coexist?

Peak oil notes - Aug 20

Drumbeat: August 20, 2009

Energy Journal Roundup: August 2009

Aluminum chief seeks energy after Russian accident

Global Cooling

Tokyo - Rooftop and underground urban farming lures young Japanese office workers

Over 9 Million Sockeye Salmon Mysteriously Disappear from Fraser River

Dr. Webber, luv (How I Learned to Relax and Love the Peak)

Graph of the Day: Change in Poverty Due to Climate Change in 16 Developing Nations

Nitrate Runoff, Toasty Weather Bring Algae Blooms Across UK S. Coast - Up To 1 Foot Thick In Spots

Invasive Hornet Yet Another Threat To French Honeybee Populations - BBC

Former Brazilian Environment Minister Resigns From Party Over Environmental Policy - May Face Lula

Harbinger of global water crisis: evidence that Northern India's ground water is being used up

At Least 1,300 Chinese Children Lead-Poisoned In Hunan Province By Unlicensed Smelter - New Event

China's New Moon Mission Blasts Off -Is Mining Helium 3 the Ultimate Goal?

Kenya lions to be extinct within 10 years

Mexico City bans stores from distributing plastic bags (CNN)

Conductive Inks Give Military Access to Cheap, Ready to Use Solar With Just an Ink Jet Printer

DEQ to help polluter seek federal break on mercury emission

Drilling Problems, Fear of An Earthquake, Delay New Northern California Geothermal Project.

"Car Ownership Cannot Be Sacrificed In The Fight Against Climate Change, Tony Blair Said In Beijing"

Destruction worsens in Madagascar as mafias raze rainforest

Lemur carnage in Madagascar as governance collapses

Germany setting sights on one million electric cars by 2020?

Those Deadly Fumes From French Seaweed? Hydrogen Sulphide @ Up To Lethal Levels Of 1,000 PPM - AFP

Alaskan Seas Hit Hard By Acidification - In Some Areas, Pteropods Already Unable To Form Shells

South Carolina's Freshwater Fish Among Most Mercury-Contaminated In Nation, USGS Study Shows

AP: Tyson (meats) paying pollution settlement of 2 million

Coal-Bed Methane Production To Begin In West Bengal (Process Uses Large Quantities Of Water - Duh)

Burress Just Pled Guilty

Jones ready to unveil Cowboys' new $1.15 billion showpiece to NFL

Brett Favre's next return...

Strasburg signing tops off Nats' recent run to respectability

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 19)

Marlins' double-digit hit streak to 15

Usain Bolt in the 200M - spoiler

This * Day in Baseball History - 1998 & 2002

I hate Jason Bay and I love Barry Bonds!

Talk about your cheaters. Memphis stripped of all 2007-08 wins.

Balls carrying differently after renovation

Cliff Lee: 4-0 since joining the Phillies

Burress pleads guilty to weapons charge, agrees to two-year term

So, who's the lame?

Fish do stink.

Roethlisberger injured in final practice

Venus and Serena to be Dolphins’ latest minority owners

Ladies & Gentlemen. Your Iowa State Fair Champions! (Pics)

Cain unaffected by unintentional hitting of Wright

I do not find Brett Favre anywhere near as annoying as Michael Jordan


Report and photos from Alexy Lanza member of La Voz who is in Honduras

Lula asks Chávez for prompt payment to Brazilian exporters

dupe n/t

Amnesty: Honduras Testimonies Show Extent of Police Violence

Democracy Now: Amnesty Int’l. and Rep. Grijalva Talk About Human Rights Abuses in Honduras

Latin leftists fear a Honduras coup domino effect

Another Anti-mining Activist Shot in Cabañas El Salvador

Ecuador creates state mining company

Honduras – Seven weeks of unabated resistance despite brutal repression of the coup regime

Join a Quixote Center Delegation of Solidarity, Accompaniment, and Observation to Honduras

President Zelaya Intends to Return to Honduras by September 1

Conn Hallinan: Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection

The liberal majority and small businesspeople are against the coup regime

Venezuela to scrap Colombia gasoline deal

Russia to build military bases in Venezuela

VA Employees Reach out to Veteran

Liberal Scholar Don B. Kates in Handguns Magazine

Norton Calls on Homeland Security Officials to Restrict Gun Carrying Outside Public Events

The Goldstone Mission - Tainted to the core (II)

Oregon man kills bear in his house...

Two things:

Israel's cluster bomb maps useless, says head of (Lebanese) Army demining center

Hiring illegal immigrants brings a fine, probation

Today in Labor History Aug 20 Federal employees became the first workers to enjoy the 8 hour work da

United Farm Workers Statement on Today's White House Meeting on Immigration Reform

OS on blog radio tonight talking about contracts, budget, union, and possible furloughs 8 PM Ea link

A face only a mother could love?

Daddy Long Legs

uno mas por la playa

August Photo Prelims are now up in GD!

More arguing over the KT event

A singing Tesla coil...

Scientist Admits To Study Of Roswell Crash Debris

1908 Tunguska Event Caused by Comet, New Research Reveals

Is Hurricane Bill on track to hit Ireland as a tropical storm?

BBC: A step closer to 'synthetic life'

Are UFO sightings linked to sci-fi films?

The Universe in a Test Tube?

The search for plutonium-244 in Greenland's rocks, earth's atmosphere, the Hadean signature.

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/20/09

Rapist used 'gay' front to lull victims

U.S. grants $1.2 billion for electronic health records

"Health care's big money wasters "

Does this Bill include the coverage of drugs?


Cost shifting hidden tax in healthcare: $2,800 per family per year

The French are bemused and worried by the health care debate

I'm distraught with the health care debate - loosing faith!

Please forgive a dumb question . . .

The Policy-Speak Disaster for Health Care

Public Option Day September 2nd

Why are physicians telling some women they are at a higher risk for HPV?

Herbs, vitamins that can hurt you

A friend's addiction recovery forum

Will you please think good thoughts for me tomorrow morning?

Please hold good thoughts

Counterbalance of Negative and Positive Conditions: An Exercise to do

Little Girl Snaps Pic of Huge UFO

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