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Speaking of football, the NFLPA is readying itself for a lockout

Bill Maher on Dancin' Tom Delay

I could use some input on this topic: a career change....

Rage the Left Should Use

I just have to get this off my chest

About one year ago, the Republicans had their convention...

Which one poses the most immediate threat to public safety?

Cantor Puts Democrats on Notice for Fall

I'm getting a lot of warning signs, when I can get on. FYI, admins and mods.

Driver hits cyclist, left lodged in car window

Anyone think it is odd that the same folks that wanted to nuke Detroit

Who is the woman in the photo to the right of "Grovelbot's Big Board"? NT

Who is the woman in the photo to the right of "Grovelbot's Big Board"? NT

The gun loons are pushing us to limit firearms, in an Ad Hoc fashion.

Is the movie District 9 a warning to all of us? (Warning: Spoiler)

Okay, I give. I'll stay with the private insurance companies...

Hey Freepers? How many times have the DU Adminstrators been visted by the Secret Service?

Cohabitation jumps. Renting out rooms becoming the new norm

Little Annie No-Fanny Coulter has a new target.

Without a doubt the best

Without a doubt the best

We can fight and we can win... Part II

ClusterFAUX news does it yet again

Gosh I see so many Glen Beck posts and I just don't care

Boycott Fox Advertisers: Link

GLAAD: Tonight Show Makes Tired Transgender Jokes

Monica Crowley and Mika Brzezinski Ready to "Work the Poll"

Top General Explores Afghan Troop Cuts, to Make Way for ‘Trigger-Pullers’

Shouldn't we hold ourselves to a higher standard? That fund drive image is too silly.

Great radio caller.

New Delhi to hide slums with bamboo 'curtains' during 2010 Commonwealth Games

Woman accused of stabbing husband formally charged

Woman accused of stabbing husband formally charged

Whoever donated in my name: thank you SO much!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - Hitler and Usain Bolt

Suicide Attack, Kabul Car Bomb Kill Nine Before Afghan Election

Suicide Attack, Kabul Car Bomb Kill Nine Before Afghan Election

WJ this morning - Is Obama compromising too much

NC: Durham City Council votes unanimously for marriage equality resolution

Soldiers From Nato-Led Forces Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack

Soldiers From Nato-Led Forces Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack

Pat Robertson's been unusually quiet lately

Orlando Sentinel's Scott Maxwell live blogs from Alan Grayson town hall..

Detroit Free Press: Sanford was ‘obsessed’ with seeing Argentine lover, wife says

Anthony Weiner is smacking Morning Schmoe!!

Really awkward moment: Obama calls for end of DOMA, but DOJ defends it in court

Anthony Weiner on Joe Scab right now

Shaq VS.

Jim Hightower is on The Sam Greenfield Show right now

The Gun-Toters are Radicals

Thanks so much to whoever gave me a star

Thanks so much to whoever gave me a star

AP: 6 more cases of botched cancer treatment at Pa. VA

So... will health care be Obama's first big failure?

I can't believe what I just saw...

the arrogance of the corporate-government marriage burns me up

Man scattering grandmother's ashes jumped off pier to rescue drowning dog

It is not about your right to carry a gun.

Remember the old Saturday Night Live video

Weiner is the new Wellstone.

Weiner is on Radigan now n/t

Thank you to whomever donated a sticky to me!

Afghan Election Fraud is Unearthed

Hey! Rethugs threatening to finally offer alternatives! Again!

Jon Stewart: the Democrats can't even sell Eskimos shit they need

Somebody gave me a star!!

What bothers me the most about the gun toters

When congress returns, it is time to march on DC again.

Howard Dean on Stephanie Miller right now!

Income Share for Richest in U.S. Set Record in 2007, Poor Got Poorer

Income Share for Richest in U.S. Set Record in 2007, Poor Got Poorer

How comforting. Small company's swine flu vaccine works in animals

Whatever Health Care (Insurance) Reform We Get Will Be With Us For 50 Years

Mr. President, This is your Chance to Leave a SUBSTANTIAL Mark in History:

If not now when is the time for health care reform?

Blue Dog: 'Excellent idea' to start over on health care reform

Insurance companies vs automobile companies ?

2010 Creation Museum Science Fair

Anthony Weiner for President, 2012

What do you think of the Congressional Progressive Caucus' stance on the public option?

What do you think of the Congressional Progressive Caucus' stance on the public option?

A question about Medicare...

Check in if you don't care about woodstock and don't care to shit on people who do

Reed Sifer of Defiance, OH hearts Glenn Beck!

How can we thank and show support for the Dems who are standing firm on the public option?

Because the Private Sector has helped so much in the last twenty years..

Thuglican contribution to reform=crossing state lines for insurance=more deregulation

Why can't the FCC do anything?

Luntz admits he tries to convince focus group attendees to oppose health care reform. CEO is a guest on Glenn Beck Show! needs to hear from you now:

Were You Politically Active In 1993-1995?

The GOP Is Counting Their Chickens Before They Hatch

Texas GOP Rep to Raise Grandma from Death at Townhall Meeting

Live on C-Span - Sebelius voices strong support for Public Option

Sixty House Liberals To White House: No Public Option, No Health Care Reform

Sixty House Liberals To White House: No Public Option, No Health Care Reform

Sixty House Liberals To White House: No Public Option, No Health Care Reform


Remember the "free speech zones"?

Who Will Play Glen Beck On SNL This Season?

Who Will Play Glen Beck On SNL This Season?

Change did not end when Obama was elected, it's only begun.

How I would sell health care reform if I were president

GO NANCY! “A public option is the best option to lower costs-improve the quality of health care..."

Obama 'Joker' Artist a Palestinian Arab from Chicago

Thank you Sen Grassley! Pub Option IS just an extension of Medicare!

History of the Right Wing "protesters" out there disrupting Town Hall meetings

Conrad On Whether His Co-Op Proposal Will Bring Down Costs Of Health Care: ‘Uhhh, No’

"It's Time to Legalize Drugs": Law Enforcement Officers (WAPO Editorial)

Which House & Senate committees are working on new banking rules?

You Can't Nice These People To Death

Is Obama reading this? ("Where's Mr. Transformer?" by Eugene Robinson)

Our UU Church was Vandalized: Help Needed

Obama is too smart to let this happen - he's getting some bad advice

Thank you to whoever donated in my name!!!!

so if there is no public option - what action should Americans take?

If we have an employer mandate and individual mandate, we have to stop 1099 fraud

Dog pack likely killed Georgia couple

House GOP Leader On Health Care Declines Dem’s Invite To Bipartisan Town Hall

I'm not looking back but...

With teachers like that...

The Right Wingers Have Hijacked The English Language

Pretty Apt little cartoon....

Wingers are hard to satirize.

Poll: Most Americans NEVER watch cable news

Here are the 64 House Dems who are standing strongly for public option --

Lutherans Debate Dropping Celibacy Requirement For Gay Clergy - LA Times

Homestead, FL woman's house auctioned by mistake

The Lanny Davis disease and America's health care debate (Feel The Sleaze)

According to Open Secrets, Harry Reid is # 3 in receiving money from Health Professionals,

So a medicare representative on the phone tells me I can't pay for rejected benefits for my parents?

What Have Israelis Done to Deserve Mike Huckabee?

Wholesale Prices Drop More Than Expected In July

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Officer wants day in court on Taser-use assault charge

President Obama faces obstacles in easing your pain

Why cant ailing/traveling senators vote in absense or by using an appointed surrogate?

"World's first mass-produced electric car will hit roads by 2011" - renault production

Schakowsky: 'Nothing has changed' on public option

Obama Still Prefers Public Option, White House Says - USA Today

Look... the final bill WILL have a public option

Health Care TOON

Liberals press Senate Dems to move without Grassley

Trent Lott's been gone 2 years, but his constituents don't know

Health Insurance Companies Are the REAL Death Panels!

Some great editorial cartoons about Obama

Opposing health care reform during worst flu pandemic in decades

DFA: Thank the Healthcare Heroes

Bob Novak dead at 78.

Thank you, kind DU-er, for the donor star! I appreciate it.

Didn't Obama have a Detailed Health Care Reform Plan on his Web site during the campaign?

Glenn Beck still needs attention, even on vacation.

The Rude Pundit: What'll We Do About the Town Hall Screamers? Part 3: What'll We Do About Us?

Did you ever see Ann Coulter in the rain? Or around water? . . . No? . . .Please come CAPTION!!!!

Where in the world is ConservaDem Bill Nelson? Borneo.

Robert Novak has died - be just as classy as RedState would be

Zombie Love!!!! Please come CAPTION Rush and Ann!!!

Dr. Nancy is still spinning that the Public Option has had a huge public

No Government Option = Obama's Waterloo

A three-fer for Coulter??? . . . See if you can't give her a CAPTION worth her worthlessness..

Is the public option an essential element in health care reform? CNN poll

Time for our own PUBLIC option! HIT THE STREETS!!

An American neocon defends the National Health Service

Why do we not offer private healthcare to veterans?

Self delete

D.C. High Court Joins Consensus Protecting the Anonymity of Online Speakers

Is it time to play hardball?

"NOTHING HAS CHANGED." - Kathleen Sebelius retracts remarks from Sunday

Do you want to be an effective advocate for good health care reform that includes a public option??

Linda Douglas from White House Office for Health Reform just defined "public option"

Good riddance to any would be cowardly destroyers of informed dissent who may have died today. n/t

Kent Conrad admits that co-ops won't bring down health care costs

There is simply too much white noise in the healthcare debate

Genes Tied to Gap in Treatment of Hepatitis C

Tony Weiner (D-NY) ROCKS!

Man Carrying Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle And Pistol Outside Obama Event

New study: 90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine

Tom Delay doing some publicity for DWTS:

Exploding iPhones 'isolated incidents', say Apple

A sign read "We blame this generation as if we had nothing to do with it"...

A Squandered Health Care Opportunity: "Obama choked, he suddenly looks weak and unreliable"

Write your congresscritter - yes, I mean you.

If asked to explain the current health insurance reform idea....

Fact Check: White House Ignores Health Concession - AP

Conservative leader David Cameron on the NHS

Robert Novak died

Are MS/AL very different from NC/SC? Reason I'm asking is the other day

Iran: The Green Brief #57 (August 17 - Mordad 26) Latest news from Iran

Message to Barack: You have two options

Rules for Dealing with Radicals

Torture and execution of Iraqi gays on rise

self-delete (funky double-post) n/t

Kennedy's Memoir

(TX) Judge on trial after refusing to accept death row appeal

Narcissists VS the Public Option...,

Robert Novak dies

Robert Novak dies

Contemporary music for the Woodstock generation

Senior scare debunked.

Weiner on Scarborough is available for viewing

Anyone have Wellstone's quote about the DLC?

Put our money where our mouth is -- Act Blue

Obama facing public, political criticism of plan

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Whoever posted Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes......

I resent my elders, lack faith in my contemporaries, and pity the youth.

I'm cynical, but I keep pushing on....

Is the real reason for banning "radio" talk hosts from CNN the rise

Pennsylvania, vote for Sestak.

House Dem to town hall attendee: 'Knock off the bull'

The "Woodstock" music and message is alive today. The difference between now and then is

Unfit for Heaven: God Speaks Out Against Robert Novak

Awesome health care column from a guy who usually does not write about national politics

Calif. Army National Guard To Name 1st Female General

Center for Economic & Policy Research: U.S. has one of the smallest small-business sectors

Oh, to be so smug and to demand that everyone loses weight

If a person says to you "You just ate a LOT", then what is meant?

The message to send to the white house and progressives

I'm stupid..

Brett Favre unretires to play for Vikings

Woodstock is/was the best

It just dawned on M$NBC that people who have lost their jobs

I am starting to feel as frantic about Healthcare reform as I did in the final days before the GE.

If and only if you shop at Whole Foods, are you boycotting them.

Health insurance co-ops failed in Iowa

So how come Democrats and other protestors

The US has a plan for Afghanistan

US student comes forward as creator of Obama-Joker

US student comes forward as creator of Obama-Joker

US student comes forward as creator of Obama-Joker

Rep. Ted Poe to hold town hall at a funeral home.

NPR corrects the record about the British single-payer system.

Electioneering, smoke and mirrors.

Dr. Conrad Murray Speaks!

Kyl: Even A Deficit Neutral Health Care Bill Without A Public Option Won't Get Republican Support

Timely refrigerator magnet

Jon Stewart hits WH

Jon Stewart hits WH

Administration Officials have said. Sebelius has said, Gibbs has said...

Legal Schnauzer: Holder's Former Law Firm Brags About Its GOP Ties

We can make the gun-toting "protesters" look even more ridiculous...

We can make the gun-toting "protesters" look even more ridiculous...

We can make the gun-toting "protesters" look even more ridiculous...

School Cuts Back On Homework To Save On Paper (no more money in budget for paper)

Is it a fact that people on Medicare can not change to a Private Health Care Insurance

Afghanistan Imposes News Censorship on Election Day

The Left, Energized


More of the obvious, re Rightwing Armed Thugs.

Obama wrote an Op/Ed for the New York Times...

"Socialized Medicine" - I want my right to choose.

It's Clear that Republicans Won't Support Healthcare Reform AT ALL

Look at this poll on the CNN web page.

Anyone here banks with US Bank?

DU GD is so hectic...please allow me to bring a laugh to your day...

Whiny note from a female teabagger on facebook after we gave them a smackdown last night in Orlando

Snopes on the relative size of Michelle Obama's and Laura Bush's staff

PWND:Teabaggers could not control room last night at Grayson town hall in Orlando.

The public option is NOT dead (from MoveOn)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

‘Death Panels’ Aren’t the Half of It, Says Senator Kyl

Medical Experts: Palin “Too stupid to live”

Ex-staffer at Dimona nuclear reactor says made to drink uranium

the neo cons did a good job of destroying New Orleans

Bring down costs of HC by mandating no CEO salary exceed

I love this Teabagger pic.

Gay Sex Causes Swine Flu So says the Malaysian government’s official news agency

Can you imagine the "liberal" media's response to a pro-Obama demonstrator with a gun?

Can you imagine the "liberal" media's response to a pro-Obama demonstrator with a gun?

So... How about that Burning Man! The new Woodstock?

Republican in ‘Gang of Six’ wants health care reform in ‘smaller parts’ instead of one bill.

Spotted a bumper sticker I didn't 'get': "Atlas is shrugging"

Another Idiotic Republican bumper sticker:

My Woodstock was Camp Casey, summer of '05

Where's Dana Milbank?

Cockroaches future-proofed against climate change

For those of you who missed it on Morning Joe - Anthony Weiner Tears off the (Joe) Mask Video Script

I lived in the UK from 2001-2005: my experience of the NHS (I'd take it back in a heartbeat!)

Dancing with Felons

The "gun show" in Phoenix was a set up.

The "gun show" in Phoenix was a set up.

Didn’t the Secret Service used to arrest people that got near the President with a gun?

Chemo in closet: Doctor finds way to treat Nevada's cancer patients for Free

Does this thread belong in the DU Lounge?

Sen. Grassley claims Obama would sign health care reform package with out public option

Nowwwww It's Getting Interesting (Christie v. Corzine)


Poll: Obama would beat Palin by 23-points in a trial heat


Now here is a townhall protestor with a real issue

Man says he sold kidney in U.S. for $20k

To anyone worried about the gun nuts:

Roger Ebert; "Death Panels." A most excellent term.

My question to Obama (via Organizing For America)

My question to Obama (via Organizing For America)

Mary Matalin described Novak as "having an encyclopedic memory"

Here's the new uniform I recommend for congressional representatives:

Robert Novak Dead. Market For Dark 3-Piece Suits Collapses

Danish Conservatives Call for Burqa Ban

Senate Chairmanships need to be earned not inherited - no to Public Option - no chairmanship

Just called to cancel my American Family car and home insurance. Interesting conversation with

When health care reform fails, or 'wins' with a crappy bill, we'll know who is to blame.

Was the "no public option" bruhaha a calculated move?

Guns at political events.

Listen carefully to Chuck Todd's skewed polls

College Student Behind Obama "Joker" Poster

“Iceland's debt repayment limits will spread” -- Perhaps the U.S. should follow Iceland’s lead.

Ezra Klein: Why Is Max Baucus Sticking by Chuck Grassley?

Wish me luck; I audition for "Millionaire" on Friday.

Glenn BecKKK's Brownshirts Threaten Boycott of Advertisers that drop their Fuhrer

My fear is health care reform will pass, and I won't be able to notice the difference

We Are All Hindus Now

Rep. Weiner (D-NY) just gave a clinic on how to debate. He took Scarborough to school and

Med Students use Art to describe experiences with cadavers...

Got a brainstorm. How to deal with gun loons. Laser pointers!

What exactly is the big complaint about having a public option?

Bill Moyers' Journal continues its ass-kicking on health care this week........

Are we on the fringe of this health care debate?

Anger swells over impunity in post-war Sri Lanka

Would you support a health care cooperative that included federal employees

Is Bill Clinton gonna ram this thing home? Obama talking to him now

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care (The Onion Will Make You Cry...)

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care (The Onion Will Make You Cry...)

GOP is way better organized and impassioned at town hall meetings

Cognitive Dissonance. I don't get it. So much money pissed away on lobbying, on campaigns,

Probable bogus (i.e., Republicans only) survey

"Welcome To Hell, Robert" banner spotted on level six

Check out this website

Robert Novak's Final Words on the Plame Case: "The Hell with You!"

Be honest. When they talk about Hurricane Bill who is the first person that comes to your mind?

Obama "has not begun working with Congress to repeal" DOMA

Let's all start showing up at the Town Hall meetings with holstered squirt pistols.

Joe Klein on the Ed show lying his pants off.

Thought experiment: What precisely would Ins Co do to "compete" with Co-ops?

Hal Turner worker for the FBI from 2003 until 2007 as an agent provacateur"

Anthony Weiner is coming up on Hardball...should be good.

Ron Reagan sets Flush Limbaugh straight.... about who's Dad Ronald Reagan really was

Wow. A neocon who supports the NHS!

Michael Moore:Free Movie Screening Sparks Health Care Debate

So, as the boxing glove approaches Glenn Beck's head ...

CEO of Aetna on PBS newshour lying his ass off and not answering Judy W's questions.

2 out of 3 schools in USA offer vegetarian option

Attn. (some)Gay men: Straight Women are not your accessories

So, did I miss this, there was no mistranslation in the SoS "Husband" question last week

Once again, may I clarify. Kaiser Wilhelm (a king) introduced

Health Care

I Have an idea, instead of Health care for AMERICANS, lets send all of our money to Iraq instead

Robert Novak is dead!

Why is You Tube taking down Rachel Maddow's Rips on the..

A classy view of the death of Robert Novak

A classy view of the death of Robert Novak

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow this evening

Day 50 for Bergdahl

Check in here if you are not represented in Washington.

I dare EVERY Obama hater to put up a sticky.

I really wish MSNBC would stop running these bullshit AHIP ads.

Damn it! Stop compromising!

Robert Novac getting the Love on the fox nation forums

Why do people bring guns to town halls?.

Man Who Brought Assault Rifle To Obama Rally Was Part Of Radio Stunt

Sad but True

Is it time to talk about the "Nuclear Option" in the Senate??

healthcare reform e-mail today

What's the point of a bipartisan bill if we're making all the concessions? (AP)

What's the point of a bipartisan bill if we're making all the concessions? (AP)

I think Congress should pass a simple Logan's Run bill.

Drudge saying NYT says that Democrats are going solo on

Why do they call them Co-ops when they don't have a product, insurance in this case, which they

Is the Democratic Party still Proud of Medicare?

"Joe the Plumber" threatens violence against Nancy Pelosi

So I called my WHOLE delegation, as I usually do EVERY WEEK, and

The free healthcare guy is going to be on Larry king tonight...

President and CEO of America's Health Insurance Plans, a lobbying group says ...

The Republicans are Coming, and They Want Your Medicare!

If you keep pissing in the soup, you end up with piss soup.

Woman Shouts "Heil Hitler!" At Jewish Man Praising Israel's National Health System (VIDEO)

any updates on Sen. Kennedy's Health?

Japan's Healthcare System. Best in the World? (video)

Is Ron Regan's hearing ok?

Federal Board Clears Way for Preliminary Work on New Nuclear Reactors (first in 30 years)

About the AARP membership flight...

Hey Ben ...... wanna go down in history as a serious player and true patriot .... ?

Stand Up, Max Baucus

Protest in favor of health care/against Jim DeMint tomorrow

STAND WITH HOWARD DEAN! Public Healthcare Option link

I am a real person and I need a real Public Option

Jenny Sanford likened her estranged husband's affair to pornography addiction or alcoholism

NY: Debt Collector Used Sex Threats, Harassment

NY Times: City’s Poor Still Distrust Banks

Good Friends - pics

Yahoo News presents the following explanation for Obama's irrational

THING OF BEAUTY! Morning Joe left speechless on his own show...

Pearlstein says public option will not be effective. I call BS.

Health Care Reform: Summing it up

GM is rehiring laid off auto workers.

Is the Silent Majority starting to come out of its slumber?

Foreign companies receive 58% of car sales under the clunkers program.

The dark knight is gone. Let the celebration begin!

Labor Warns Dems: We'll Sit Out Election If You Oppose Public Plan

Labor Warns Dems: We'll Sit Out Election If You Oppose Public Plan

New shirts for the Equality March (not for profit) - Please tell us what you think!

Support the ...people. The Patriot Health Act.

At least we're talking about the public option now. House dems get in the game.

why is my avatar not showing? I dowloaded it.

Surprise, Surprise! Republicans support lowering the age of Medicare!

Public outrage weakened BART strike threat

Another iPhone MMS lawsuit surfaces

A hypothetical question: What if 100 people came to a POTUS event with assault rifles? -- a GREAT resource for anyone with prescription drug troubles

Does President Obama have the guts?

Does President Obama have the guts?

'Punctuation hero' branded a vandal for painting apostrophes on street signs

It's time to play our pocket ace.

It's during "fights" like the healthcare debate that the Democratic Party gets branded as weaklings.

So my 12-year old son approaches me with a mischievous grin...

So let’s say you got to be God for a day

End The Recess Now......Bring Em Back To DC

There are "death panels" in the health care bill

Jon on TDS: The only reason to arm yourself with an assault rifle in public?

'Gibbs insists Obama not backing off public option'

'Gibbs insists Obama not backing off public option'

Bravo Jane Hamsher and FDL

U.S. says building criminal cases against UBS clients

Blue Cross (Mich.) gets OK to increase premiums 22% for individual market products

Note: I don't think Soft Machine were war criminals.

Michael Moore: "I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make."

Here's some non pussy-footing around talk about Public Options from Dr. Dean's front page

I'll NEVER frequent that Sammich-Factory Chain again!!!!

Unions Warn Dems: We'll Sit Out Election If You Oppose Public Option

Unions Warn Dems: We'll Sit Out Election If You Oppose Public Option

'So, tell me why I should be taxed to pay somebody else's bill for them?'

Please confront this lousy op-ed on the public option

I think we killed

Thank you for the star!!

When you find yourself face to face with a sanctity of life/screw the uninsured bot, rattling off

When you find yourself face to face with a sanctity of life/screw the uninsured bot, rattling off

The reason that the PO won't work is that all but a small percentage of people would be PO'd

Memo to Conrad: Republicans see Trojans everywhere. They are against co-ops too.

If something tragic happens...

WCCO, our Twin Cities CBS affiliate, broke into the

So I honestly believe this... who's with me?

Deleted dupe. n/t

The "death" of the Public Option.

So next year at this time we'll have 65 million uninsured.

It's time to itemize the taxes on pay stubs - show Pentagon spending

I've been taken by surprise and I don't think I'm the only one

I've been taken by surprise and I don't think I'm the only one


Anthony Wiener vs. Mo Joe video here

Hey freeptards... you DO realize that if any of your guns are discharged at a Presidential event....

Someone flipped out at a train stop and jumped out in the middle of central ave and osborn

Bob Novak appreciation thread...

America's Empire: A Foreign View...

America's Empire: A Foreign View...

I heard that a Dick said that Medicare was tyranny......

Emotion may help the visual system jump the gun to predict what the brain will see

So, 65 Dem Reps have sworn not to vote for any bill that doesn't have thePO.

Chase increase your minimum cc payment from 2 to 5 lately?

A thread for anyone who's experienced (or spread) the generosity and joy of DU - donor stars!

Any Democrat voting againt the "Public Option" deserves defea.

Durango Herald: Group wants police to give up Tasers (New Mexico)

The Nation: Obama Choked

Do you support Obama's health care plan? - vote here

Would you support non-profit health insurance co-ops?

Democratic Congresspeople and Senators - I am putting you ON NOTICE! Dump the compromises...

Obama Joker artist unmasked

Got mine and F---ck you. That sums the attitude of many Americans

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

No vampire jokes, OK?

Frightening future if health reform fails

New Health Care Reform Scare Tactic Aimed at Women

Once Clinton caved on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" he never got his Presidency back -- current lesson?

I presume you all have seen this one? No Pubic Option!!!!

Robert Reich urges us to march on D.C. for the public option. Dean sends out

Trans woman: Employer asked for photos

New CNN Poll: Is a public option a must?

Jon Stewart and Novak

Why did Ted Kennedy run in 1980?

(This Is Just Sick) - Bob Herbert: Obama plan to be windfall for insurance companies

RE: Ed Shultz show - Joe Klein is a fucking douchebag.

Save Glenn Beck petition getting swamped by snarky lefties

If you never go over to the video forum, you need to see this

Alan Grayson hosts town hall: Orlando Sentinel front page coverage..

Video link: Barney Frank Pwns Woman calling health care reform a Nazi plan

Once again my hope is fading.

Blue Cross Blue Shield franchises may become co-ops...

Good News from our Friends at Drudge "NYT: DEMS PLAN TO GO IT ALONE ON HEATHCARE... DEVELOPING... "

Send an ecard to wish President Clinton Happy Birthday!

Either congressional democrats are literally the stupidest fuckers on the face of the planet, OR

Highway Store

Bill Frist is pontificating on Larry King. His family business engaged in bigtime Medicare fraud

NY Times: How trillion dollar deficits were created.. A graphic view.

The GOP opened Pandora's Box unleashing paranoia & rage. It won't go away if they drop healthcare

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Freepers Birthers and Morons of all stripes, Revisited

What does Aetna's Ron Williams mean by "slow down the rate of increase in health care

If you don't have some core beliefs, you got nuthin'.

I got my clunker credit!

"Mr. Political Science Major" makes what I believe is a veiled reference to health care.

World Wide Universal Health Care at US taxpayer's expense!

White House Comment Line 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST 202-456-1111

White House Comment Line 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST 202-456-1111

Best Buy Fires Two Employees Who Tackle Thief

Remind Me Again-Why Didn't We Try Single Payer?

Looks like Kucinich just went off message with the progressive caucus

What the gun toting looney tunes really want the right to.....

Sooooo...for a kidney I could:

Sooooo...for a kidney I could:

What I learned when trying to find a doctor to give hubby a physical.

Recession causes Florida’s population to drop for first time since 1946

GM to add 60,000 vehicles to its production, re-hire 1,350 employees

Why the hell do I have to belong to a party that is incapable of learning

Okay, Kudos To The DU'er Who Put Up The Squirrel Stickie!

Assault Rifle Interview Outside Obama Event In Phoenix Was Planned

Are Americans, especially "Conservatives" just lazy?

North Korea deligation to meet with Richardson

Our Liberal Kitten! Reading "This Modern World"

Our Liberal Kitten! Reading "This Modern World"

Bank Sells Woman's Home By Mistake

Over 50 and jobless?

What is the excuse going to be when some crazy opens fire at a town hall?

Is it just me

Sotomayor’s first vote on death penalty (votes with the liberal bloc)

I really am not trying to stir the pot here.

It's a little late for an apology to Alan Turing

Analysis: Liberals say 'no more compromise,' call for end to one-sided health care negotiation

More Ron Jr., please

Attn. (some)Straight Women: Gay men are not your accessories

The public option is DOA... trust me on this

Cong. Joe Barton Townhall, Lovelady, TX comments

Has anyone suggested "2nd Amendment zones" for protestors?

Has anyone suggested "2nd Amendment zones" for protestors?

The MEEK shall inherit nothing at all in Amerika...

*~* Book Bomb: "Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?" *~*

Think Progress: Huckabee Rejects Two-State Solution

Physical Activity, Diet, and Risk of Alzheimer Disease

Just found a neat website, but this pic is quite interesting...

I think Rush Limbaugh is the greatest American traitor of my lifetime.

Have you had both Blue Cross/Blue Shield and for-profit health insurance?

Have you had both Blue Cross/Blue Shield and for-profit health insurance?

Building block of life found on comet

Tutoring tots? Some kids prep for kindergarten

Gun toter at Obama rally is a birther and tied to Arizona separatist groups

Vote in Senator Inhofe's Health Care poll

How's this for a Carly Fiorina campaign slogan: "You don't deserve a job, but I deserve your vote"?

Pedophile Suspect Lured, Beaten By Victim's Family

Think about it: Huge bailouts for Wall Street & the Banksters - then, quick, change the subject

Federal Court Case REVEALS Bizarre Tale Of Post-9/11 Operations In Afghanistan

Build Your Own Bikini! Don't Pay For White Teeth! Coupons Schmoopons! Free $$ from the Government!

is there a Bug going around that has body ache, rash around the neck so far.. tiredness

When a politician says “reform,” be afraid

Anyone here consider themselves socialists?

At 44, I have finally lost my virginity!

After Sen. Nelson Called To Complain, He And Ed Schultz Had Yelling Match Over Public Option

A couple of very close acquaintance on a very low pension are provided

It's not a matter of "lacking guts/political will," it's this ...

When congress returns, it is time to march on DC again.

Who wants to go to D.C. 9/9 to 9/11 for a pro health care reform march?

Reich announces March for Public Option in DC on Sept. 13th

Yes, I am willing to make the sacrifice.

I just don't understand why I need to go anywhere with a gun.

Why so much conversation about windmills and solar whenever

Petition: Tell Obama that the public option is not optional.

In case it isn't obvious: The guns at health care town halls are threats of right-wing violence.

Inside a Critical Mass Ride

Please vote on the HuffPost Whole Foods Boycott poll

BREAKING: CNN reporting Dems going it ALONE on health care!

Robert Novack To appear on Meet The Press this Sunday.

Afghan women lose right to eat, leave the house, have custody of kids & not be raped

If you could leave the US permanently, would you do it?

Boren: Blue Dogs are 'Yellow Dogs' squeezed by the left

The end of Overteaing, Kessler and personal observations

The Great Bailout Swindle

Would you keep a wolf-dog hybrid that snatched your baby from the crib?

Would someone explain to me the difference between a leftist and a centrist?

If we got out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW, we'd have PLENTY of money for healthcare.

Gawker perfectly analyzes right-wing looney who shouted 'Heil Hitler' at Israeli in Vegas town hall

we SHOULD love our cars...

Why Haven't We Had An "Illion Man March" For Health Care!

Why Haven't We Had An "Illion Man March" For Health Care!

Ant-Semitic protester screams "hiel Hitler" to Isreali praising national health care in Vegas

Poll Question:Do you support the Constitution in its entirety?

Dennis Kucinich: The Public Option Is Dead.

Why "accomplishment" cut and paste lists are disingenuous strawmen.

Gardisal vaccine: rate of serious adverse effects higher than rate of cervical cancer

You know what? I am gonna bid you all adieu.

BCCI Banker - Khalid Bin Mahfouz was Buried Today

Dear Arne Duncan, you misread my book. Sincerely, Herbert Kohl.

Top 50 US War Criminals

Barack Obama, You FOOLED ME, And I Apologize UPDATE: Now Breaking On AC360!!!!!

Barack Obama, You FOOLED ME, And I Apologize UPDATE: Now Breaking On AC360!!!!!

1997 Mother Jones: DLC wanted Medicare, Social Security, education "in the new marketplace."

A joke

I want to create a die that never threads.

Check in here if you are untouchable.

I have a message from the janitorial staff.

Was Dr. Nancy Shitfaced...

Was Dr. Nancy Shitfaced...

is DU acting buggy or is it my connections?

I want to dry a thread that never recreates.

I posted my first failblog post today.

Just in case I wasn't feeling old enough, then I saw this picture...

Just for the late night crowd O Brother, Where Art Thou on Youtube.

I believe that reading OP's of "certain parties" (as we used to say) causes brain damage.

Congratulations ChiciB1! 10,000 posts!

I don't know much about art; but HOW in fuck's name did Annie Leibovitz get loaned $24 million??

Good morning Lounge... and where is MHC?

There's a whole NPR story on narwhals this morning on Morning Edition...

Yowser! NPR talks Narwhals!

"The Health Insurance Companies Will Greet Us As Liberators"

If we hack the RNC web site, what banner graphic should we upload?

Okay the sticky with Obama and the scene stealing squirrel is cute....

I'm out of stickeys, but Bacall should go next to Bogey.

The life cycle of social networking sites.

I', watching Ron Howard's The Paper...

Okay, who sang it better? Elvis or Willie? I gotta know!

OMG that Beatles stickie is making me cry

Long time no see DU!

Long time no see DU!

Mischievous or Mischievious?

What is the best pick up line response you've heard or used?

No one else saw Porn, yo?

Muffin the Mule died

Hey Charles, something for your mom and you

Facebook Page Discovered of Reclusive Author J.D. Salinger

Does anybody use the "buddy list" feature?

Quick! Go add your thoughts to the Support Glenn Beck petition!

hoarding zombies

Teavana had a 'Make your own blend' contest. One of the winners was Obama Bahama

All this Zombie talk, perhaps they can make a show called "True Brains"

Dick Van Dyke appreciation thread!!

Man scattering grandmother's ashes jumped off pier to rescue drowning dog

Chuggo sighting at!

Oh crap! I just alerted on Grovelbot in GD.

Live It Up - Isley Brothers

Midnight Sky - Isley Brothers

Congratulations progressivebydesign! 15,000 posts!

Wowza, Alec Baldwin weighs in on Michael Vick - great read about the hypocrisy

Creepin' - Stevie Wonder

Congratulations LWolf! 25,000 posts!

Congratulations baldguy! 20,000 posts!

*******HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to GalleryGod!!*******

Golden Lady - Stevie Wonder

Me and Mrs Jones - Billy Paul

Could It Be I'm Falling In Love - The Spinners

I dreamt CraftyGal was eating my brains

Check-out clerks lacking basic hygiene - my short rant

Zombies VS Grovelbot?

All Day Music - War

I shoulda been doing lesson plans today. Instead, I spent my day doing this

Which Mad Man are you?

Reed Sifer of Defiance, Ohio hearts Glenn Beck!

A priest, a nun, and a Rabbi were walking two dogs

At some point my mancrush on Don Draper will wear itself out...

Motley Crue's Tommy Lee bails out of several shows after burning his hand by playing with sparklers

Poll: Choose - being with the love of your life but poor/struggling vs. being alone but rich

Our Kitten checking our "This Modern World"

Ok, answer me this but WHAT does that woman have by her mouth (on the Stickies board)

Guitar solos. Good or bad?

Apparently, Michael Jackson

For your consideration: Squeezable Bacon. I shit you not.

DU Song Of The Day!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ugh. Not feeling good today

And now for something completely different (musically, that is)

has anyone had an experience with a 96 subaru legacy

There's No sensation to compare with this, suspended animation a state of Bliss


Caption pleez?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/18/09

"I am leaving!" posts...a thought from an "old timer."

I'm scared. A new donut shop opened in my neighborhood.

Advocacy group decries PETA's inhumane treatment of women.

Are MS/AL very different from NC/SC? Reason I'm asking

So, what will Brett Favre's new number be, now that he's giong to kick balls for the Vikes?

OK, who put the "Don't tutch the but" stickily up! mcctatas?

I need to vent. I'm getting really tired of all this...


Holy fuck, Billie Joe Armstrong fucking rules!!!!!!!!!

Within a couple months at most, the most popular video on Youtube will be...

Study: Average gamer is 35, fat and bummed

The Tao Dude Ching

If everyone obeyed all traffic & parking laws, how soon will the cops give out tickets 4 nothing?

Happy Happy JOY JOY

who will win the 3nd quarter fund drive?

N. Texas teenager shot in South Ft. Worth. They wanted her SUV rims

God damn. That red sticky with yellow font has burned my retinas.

5 pounds down, 28 to go!

I'm sorry the "I'm sorry" thread got locked

HURRY UP! I need a pristine copy of the August 1964 "Modern Romance" magazine. NOW!

Just packed the van to take the eldest to college tomorrow morning.


You Are The First, My Last, My Everything - Barry White

I am going to put 15 to 20 sequential *burp* threads in GD.

Wednesday first day of school!

The 39 Steps : ending (1935)

Wierd question

If a person says to you "You just ate a LOT", then what is meant?

Ever find yourself watching "America's Got Talent" and suddenly say to yourself, "wtf am I doing?"

O-o-oh Child - The Five Stairsteps LIVE

OMG...I got tickets to see Al Green!!!

A hummingbird just sat on my window sill!

Do you like the feeling of grass under your bare feet?

I killed a dog once, with my car.

Effing fruit flies...

I think I killed three kittens accidentally with my car

Robert Novak died.

The universe doesn't hate me! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Isaac Newton was a life-long bachelor

What modern movies are as powerful as "The Hill" ?

HEADS UP, Flo & Eddie-era Zappa fans: 11/05/70 Mothers concert just posted @ Wolfgang's Vault

Miami University (OH) alumni or students - I need your help!

Whoever posted Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes......

Days getting shorter

Have you ever served on jury duty?

It's HERE! It's HERE! It's finally HERE!

Is it technically an allergy...

So ever since NBC took over the Weather Channel...

At what point does the person you're dating become your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Brett Favre signing with MN Vikings

Choose a subatomic particle right now...

Julie and Julia? Anyone seen it?

Quentin Tarantino's idiosyncratic list of the 20 best movies since 1992

Man discovers creepist clown painting of all time

Watch me skate!

Do You Want To Date My Avatar?

I just had a family of FIVE young raccoons right outside my door. We were checking each other out.

If that crazy Loon hit me with that Dipstick, he'd find a quart of oil up his Ass.

Anyone else donate and it not go through?

i have to give a "it's not you, it's me" speech tonight

Before Calvin and Hobbes, there was...

Did you ever talk a police officer out of writing a ticket?

The BAR Is Finally OPEN Again Time to CELEBRATE

What is wrong with this picture. I just can't put my finger on what is out of place.

Do you stop at stop signs on private property, say, like grocery store parking lots?

Science proves zombies could annihilate humans

OK DU'rs The New York Meetup Is ON

Five tiresome and inane Lounge questions

Obama is considering retiring again.

Check out this video from 1944 "The Ross Sisters".

A woman from down the street was walking two dogs

Five Female musicians that will MELT YOUR FACE!

Best zombie movie?

My Fortress of Solitude pictures round 2 (Dial up warning)

It's Alan Rickman time again.

Name someone who's supposed to funny, but just isn't funny

More Immigration Detainee Deaths Disclosed

Russia holds eight after recovering missing ship Arctic Sea

Afghanistan: Kabul rocket attack strikes palace

Axed Ted Nugent flipped out on paper; referenced Nazis

Iran Ready For Nuclear Talks With West: State TV

Colombia hostages' video surfaces

Science proves zombies could annihilate humans

Benmosche Gets $7 Million Salary to Take on AIG Turnaround Task

Public Option Called Essential

(LOL) Hackers break into police computer as sting backfires

Costs of War: Paranoid Populism

Public Option Called Essential

U.S. report: Chavez moving to silence media critics

Condemned Ga. man should get hearing

Texas judge on trial for mishandling execution

Exploding iPhones 'isolated incidents', say Apple

Man Carrying Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle And Pistol Outside Obama Event

Brazil Seeks More Control of Oil Beneath Its Seas

U.S. troops may be sent to Iraq's Arab-Kurdish 'trigger line'

Taliban 'confirms Mehsud's death'

Soldier's widow given first Elizabeth Cross

Pa. gym gunman left $225,000 to university

New homes no haven for China child lead victims

Russian hydro plant accident kills 12, 64 missing

Sinopec completes China's biggest foreign takeover

Political columnist Robert Novak dies at 78

Political columnist Robert Novak dies at 78

Robert Novak has died...

Robert Novak has died...

China court jails eight Tibetans: rights group

Two Pakistani Taliban leaders captured

Afghan refugees in Pakistan yearn to vote

Pakistan has no favorite in Afghan vote: minister

India complains of militant training camps in Pak

Price, union trouble threaten AIG's Taiwan sale

Single-family Home Building Rises For 5th Month

Israeli officials: New West Bank projects frozen

GM Said to Add Overtime, More Shifts as Clunkers Program Boosts Car Sales

Texas judge accused of ignoring death row plea

Robert Novak, dead at 78

Iran: Reformist paper shut down

Another Favre U-Turn: He Will Be a Viking After All

Fellow judge says Keller violated procedure in death row case

Anger swells over impunity in post-war Sri Lanka

Ford develops 'intelligent' hybrid charging system

(Minneapolis Police) Chief to ask for FBI investigation of alleged police beating

JPMorgan spent nearly $1.8 million lobbying gov't in second quarter

Mercosur parliament condemns coup in Honduras

Life's Building Block Found in Comet

Another iPhone MMS lawsuit surfaces

Robert Novak, Columnist, Dies at 78

Oil Industry Behind 'Energy Citizens Rallies'

(Hurricane) Bill set to strengthen, turn northward

Gibbs insists Obama not backing off public option (Again)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 18

Afghan vote carries big risk for U.S. fight against Taliban

Any Democrat voting againt the "Public Option" deserves defea.

President Nixon's determination to eliminate the socialist government of Salvador Allende led him to

Gibbs insists Obama not backing off public option

(Rep. Jan) Schakowsky: 'Nothing has changed' on public option

Afghanistan Hit by Wave of Attacks 2 Days Before Election

Peace Talks With Taliban Top Issue in Afghan Vote

McCain calls for more US troops in Afghanistan

North Korea deligation to meet with Richardson

Democrats Seem Set to Go Alone on a Health Bill

Former South Korean leader Kim Dae-jung dies

China 'angry' at Australia tour

104 immigrants die in U.S. custody in past 6 years

Taiwan's president defends handling of typhoon

Reports: Christie made loan to top aide, failed to report it

Senator says he asked Obama to back off public insurance option

Senator Moves to Stop Scientific Ghostwriting

Man says he sold kidney in U.S. for $20k

Cash-for-clunkers boosts Japanese car sales

Afghan election fraud is unearthed

Afghan election fraud is unearthed

Health Reform Supporters Start to Outnumber Critics at Town Halls

NY Prosecutor: No charges in fatal wrong-way crash

Fiorina takes initial step to challenge Boxer

China reduces holdings in US debt

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show

Stabenow: Government option only one part of necessary health care reform

(Dick) Armey: Obama will parlay swine flu into votes from "bed wetters"

Boston FBI head: Police need assault rifles in case of terror attack

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan complains of shabby treatment at U.S. airport (Update)

Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, "Prince of Darkness" died Tuesday

(Michigan) County Commissioner Compares Obama to Hitler

Thousands of surgeries may be cut in Metro Vancouver due to government underfunding, leaked paper

Afghanistan - The Toughest Battle - Jailed women

NC: Durham City Council votes unanimously for marriage equality resolution

Bill Maher I'm Not

Brad Pitt On * Real Time* Part 1 Aug.14

Howard Dean Remains Optimistic on Public Option (Countdown, MSNBC, 17/8)

Rep. Anthony Weiner: If Obama Doesn't Support Public Option, He Won't Get a Bill

Rep. Anthony Weiner Discusses Public Option Health Care Reform


Pigs at the Healthcare Trough

Luntz Admits He Tries To Convince Focus Group Attendees To Be Against Health Reform

Morning Joe video with Dean August 17 up at You Tube now. Excellent interview.

Compromised Healthcare Reform

White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar

Don Lemon challenges Alan Hardage

R.I.P. Robert Novak

Teabaggers get some opposition

Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker: How The World Influences US

You're Old: Target Women

Day in 100 Seconds - Health Care Kabuki Dance & Half Loaves of Bread

NOM President Maggie Gallagher at Aldrich Mansion Marriage Celebration

Homosexual Bruno's song [VIDEO] [HD] - Bruno Gehard Charity Song

Japan Healthcare, the best in the world?

TYT: Glenn Beck Loses Even More Advertisers

CNN's 'Loud' Debate On Gun-Toting At Obama's Events With Probably The Most Annoying Wingnut Ever

Iraq Gay Killings & Sadistic Attacks Rise After YouTube Video Surfaces

Shoes - National

This Can Save Your Campaign Lots of $, Regina Schwartz on Color Campaign Lit - Netroots Nation Day 3

Health Care for America Now - Shoes

Marriage Equality, as per Sophia Petrillo

Keith Olbermann: Is Obama Abandoning the Public Option?

FBI Ask To Look Into Minneapolis Police Beating

NO WE CAN'T! Rachel Maddow & Matt Taibbi pt.1

Angry Renter Dot Com

CNN's Don Lemon Confronts "America's Town Hall" Director Alan Hardage: Stop Saying "Real Americans"

Guy with assult gun at Obama rally

Rachel Maddow: ObamaCare: The collapse of political ambition

Keyboard cat plays off Glenn Beck.

Rep. Anthony Weiner Discusses Public Option Health Care Reform on Morning Joe - PT 1

2 Progressives Own Intense Health Care Debate Against 4 GOP Shills On Faux's "Strategy Room"

AR-15 guy threatens to 'We Will Forcefully Resist'

Joe The Plumber Says He'll Beat The Living Tar Out Of Pelosi

Woman Yells Heil Hitler To Jewish Man Praising Israels National Health System

Interviews at Los Angeles health care clinic

Woman Yells Heil Hitler To Jewish Man at Las Vegas Town Hall (Its the reup)

Interview with the woman who shouted 'Heil Hitler' to a Jewish man

Packing Guns At Obama's Events: Rachel Maddow & Frmr SS Special Agent Joseph Petro Discuss

Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher on The Rachel Maddow Show - Progressives Throw Down For Public Option


John Pilger - Obama and Empire

PHOTO Caption it? (August 18)

Rachel Maddow & Bill Maher Discuss Delusional Republicans & Their "Miniverse"

Robert Reich calls for 'march on Washington' in support of public option

Obama affirms DOMA is discriminatory, calls for repeal in legal brief

To those routinely slamming Obama's efforts and the public option and declaring the bill dead,

Obama joker poster artist unmasked: A Kucinich supporter!

You know, this would be a good time for Kucinich and other progressives to rally around Obama.

Robert Novak died. . .DU PLEASE STAY CLASSY!

If the Dem's go solo on this, what can President Obama offer that will

Can the BlueDog "Democrats" be counted on for a cloture vote?


Did anyone notice that Obama and the Justice Department revised the DOMA brief today?

Step Back...On CNN now.. Obama is backing Public Option

BREAKING ON CNN-Dems. consider "nuclear option"/reconciliation!

Video: Barney Frank Goes off on a woman at a town hall...Wow

Bachmann announces she may run for POTUS

Renew the ban on assault weapons now!

A Squandered Health Care Opportunity: "Obama choked, he suddenly looks weak and unreliable"

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." Obama in June of 2008

PHOTO Caption it? (Barack & Bill, August 18)


How can half of America be against the public option when half of America

When did DU become an anti-Obama site?


So I take it Obama has openly come out against a public option?

Let's stop wasting our energy & focus on getting real health care reform - HR 676

House Dems Seek Info From Health Insurers (AP)

Amerika V6.0 (It's the best that we can do) by Steve Earle

NYTimes: Democrats Seem Set to Go Alone on a Health Bill

A Letter for Your Senators - COPY, PASTE, PERSONALIZE, and SEND.

We're Going to Get a Center-Right Healthcare Bill from a Center-Right Administration

I hope all the whiners on this board


Why does half of America believe things that are flat out false?

All this anger over "public option" is misguided and likely unnecessary.

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama approval at 51%.

Justice Department Hires Atty Matt Nosanchuk as LGBT Liaison

I stood against PA town hall "protestors" to defend the Prez and PO

Do the Democrats and President Obama understand what will happen if public option isn't passed?

The Art of Dumb: "The Constitution doesn't say anything about gov't-sponsored healtcare"

Obama and Health Care: "I'm wondering what happened to the guy Americans elected."

I hope - no pray - that the Dems. follow through with the public option...

Ted Olson (yes, that Ted Olson) leading legal fight in favor of gay marriage!

Obama Joker artist unmasked: Not who readers were expecting

Sotomayor casts 1st vote

I can hardly wait for Repukes to tear the flesh from their very faces if Dems go Reconciliation

Current HuffPost Headline: "HC Supporters Start to Outnumber Protesters at Town Halls"

Obama: Jedi or getting his ass kicked?

Some good news: Republicans don't even like Co-ops, so Democratics can push for public option

Grassley Calls Obama and Pelosi ... (wait for it) ... "Intellectually Dishonest’

Cenk Uygur: The Unbearable Weakness of Democratic Being

How much do illegal immigrants really cost the health care system?

Grassley calls Obama, Pelosi "intellectually dishonest"

Take away the media's health care insurance.

They insist he prefers? Well I'd prefer he insisted.

GrassleyWatch: Tracking Grassley’s Efforts To Obstruct Health Care Reform

Is the Obama Admin Caving? ... or is it the media trying to squash this?

KY-Sen: Mongiardo Leads Conway, Grayson Leads All

Obama didn't take their guns as feared, so now we have an armed resistance to health care reform

NJ-Gov: Christie Dinged for Failing to Report Loan Income on Tax Returns

I can't disagree that it is "uniquely American" to derive profit from illness and disease

NJ-Gov: Christie's Successor Faces Ethics Probe Over Remarks Supportive of Christie


Day 211 in the Age of Obama

I call a truce between Kucinich and Obama supporters

Man Who Brought Assault Rifle To Obama Rally Was Part Of Radio Stunt (VIDEO)

If Democrats came with assault weapons & took up defensive positions ..would

SPECTER takes a stand re the ENERGY/CLIMATE BILL

Linda Douglass Just Made An Ass Of Herself On The Ed Show.....

WEINER: "What value is there in Insurance Companies?" - SCARBOROUGH: [VIDEO]

KO played clip from Meatballs. One of my favorite scenes: "It just doesn't matter."


GM announces rehiring of some workers and production hike

HELP! I can't find ANY photos of Obama signing the Health Care bill without the Public Option!

ICE eliminates fugitive arrest quota

Obama's Democratic Backlash Over Afghanistan

ANTHONY WEINER makes the argument the President should be making.

Remember "homicide bombers"? FauxNews is at it again - it's a "Government-run or state-run option"

What would be gained by President Obama drawing a line in the sand on public option?

So this is when Obama swoops in and says the public option will be Medicare

The Nation: "Public Option... it doesn't mean anything."

Plouffe-Thursday: Strategy meeting with the President

Tweety was mad @ Rep. Wiener

Why can't the Democrats get their message across?

Let Them Filibuster.

Man With Assault Rifle Outside Obama Event: 'We Will Forcefully Resist'

robert reich on kudlow on cnbc. nt

WTF NBC: Plurality opposes public option

Pressuring the Blue Dogs and Conservadems is NOT the right strategy.

Time for Obama to give his Gettysburg speech.

Does the recent media behavior make you wanna implement the Fairness Doctrine?

POTUS and The Big Dawg

ed show discussing confusion with "public option". nt

You know I am going to be really hard to live with for a couple of days when the Health Care Bill

Senators Feingold & Rockefeller Campaign For A Public Option. What about the other Dem Senators?

Letter I may fax to President Obama tomorrow.

Bartleby the Scrivener

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton denies that he has a mental problem.

McCollum leads Sink by 9 in Florida chamber poll

Is Obama "caving" to the Republicans or to the Blue Dogs?

Ah! it suddenly dawned on me

Former Lt. Gov. Norton mulling U.S. Senate bid (CO)

Gibbs just now: President Obama "prefers" a public option

IL-10: Coulson Will Run

President Obama may call on ailing Ted Kennedy

We've been at this HC reform stuff for about 60 years and we're

So I think I am getting it.. Its not the meat of the subject, but how it is phrased.

Gibbs isn't very convincing on the public option...

About the 1980 Presidential Election, have you seen these kinds of opinions ?

Protect the survival of the Health Insurance Industry at all costs. To hell with your survival!

I no longer approve of President Obama

I am a proud Democrat.. and support my party trying to get all the mistakes of the past

Former agent: Gun-toters creating ‘atmosphere of danger’ for Obama

Schakowsky says she believes Obama's still committed to public option

Replace Sebelius with Howard Dean & lets get this show on the road!

Kathleen Sebelius retracts remarks from Sunday (updated)

Tom DeLay Predicts Winning "Dancing With the Stars" Through Re-Districting

Perhaps our President needs to hear from us, in order to be able to shrug his shoulders

Fox News and the Right to Privacy

60 House Liberals To White House: No Public Option, No Health Care Reform

Obama's MySpace page has his age as 52??

The Real Silent Protest, and Media Memory

Novak, Nixon and Reagan are having a big reunion right now.

Needed: a listing of howmuch each senator and congressman gets from the health care lobby,

Why the NBC/WSJ "brand-new" poll is should be ignored

CODE BLUE Rockefeller, Feingold, Pelosi Call Public Option Essential

I sent this letter to Patrick Murphy (PA-8) (among others)

Conrad On Whether His Co-Op Proposal Will Bring Down Costs Of Health Care: ‘Uhhh, No’ (updated)

In hypothetical 2012 matchup, Obama whoops Palin's ass (new poll)

OH BOY!!! hear's a Gallup BS poll

Clinton Puts Spotlight On Women's Issues

This Is Reform? By BOB HERBERT

Ezra Klein: When Health Care Does Become a Negotiation

canadians and brits tired of repubs lying about socialized medicine, strike back on democracy now!

White House downplays outcry over public option

The Underlying White House Strategy on Health Care Recorm

Governor Dean speaks the truth on Countdown.

WWWWhhhat kind of option???!!!???

Who here didn't expect that Chris Matthews' granting gun nut guy a national forum on TV

Obama should have picked Weiner or Dean as his running mate.

Rep Weiner is now on Morning Meeting w/Dylan Ratigan.

Rep. Weiner: What are the Insunance Companies bringing to the table

I hate to say it but,We folded like an accordion on public option.

Proud Patriot, you should not have locked that Thread, some replies

So- right wing nutters attack Canadian Medicare- they go on and on about NHS dishonestly

FL-Sen, FL-21: Diaz-Balart Won't Seek Senate Appointment

We elected someone with no backbone....

White House: Sebellius didn't misspeak

This shit has to stop - man with rifle at Obama appearance...

So a free market solution to the Health Care Crisis is to keep an entity entirely

Dennis Kucinich On Fox Aug.18, 2009

What Does The Media Teach Us About The Economy?

Rep. Anthony Weiner Discusses Public Option Health Care Reform on Morning Joe - PT 2

Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler

NO WE CAN'T! Rachel Maddow & Matt Taibbi

The Great Invisible Wall

World Magazine as mentioned on Maddow 9/13 - 'WORLD on the ABCs of C Street'

Those crazy ole Republicans aren’t funny anymore

The Troy Davis Case: Who Said Scalia and Thomas Would Never Vote for 'Gore'

Don Lemon & CNN, NO To "Real Americans" - YES To Real Journalism!

Publicly Owned Banks: A Multi-Purpose Solution

Waco Whacks Whackjob, Terrible Teddy Nugent Whines

Robert Fisk: Why these deaths hit home as hard as the Somme

Costs of War: Paranoid Populism

Pres.Obama is the real target of health care protesters, not policy

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: 'No' vote would uphold traditional Maine values

Glenn Greenwald: One of Washington's most shameless practitioners

Carrots, not Sticks: THANK our Public Option Supporters!

It's Now or Never for a Public Option:

Conrad’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield Wants to Be Your Local Monopoly Co-op

A Legacy of Slavery Hinders Healthcare Reform

Is Whole Foods Sustainable or Just a High-Priced Hoax? I Took a Job There to Find Out

The Fiji Phenomenon: It's a Human Rights and Environmental Nightmare

Price, union trouble threaten AIG's Taiwan sale

The Lanny Davis Disease and America's Health Care Debate

Return of right-wing rage

NYT: This is Reform? Herbert OpEd 8/17/09

Mary Lynn Cramer: Medicare vs. Single Payer

Protesters Want UC Berkeley Law Professor Fired

Health care mobs = Swift Boat Vets. And the press plays dumb, again

Abolish the Senate, Starting with Some Whittling

Whole Foods CEO cares more about his lobsters than people (Austin American-Statesman)

Birthers Use Obama’s MySpace Page as Evidence

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations - another group, another batch of lies

Demonizing Empathy; Glorifying Violence

Firearms at political rallies

Robert Novak Dies, Then 'Outs' the Devil

What Have Israelis Done to Deserve Mike Huckabee?

Commentary: Frightening future if health reform fails

Chris Floyd: The Gadarene Gambit: Surging Over the Cliff in Afghanistan

Nation: Ballots and Bullets for Afghanistan

Obama's Democratic Backlash Over Afghanistan

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Drumbeat: August 18, 2009

Asian competitors shadow German solar industry

California Fuel Cell Partnership opens new slogan contest

Huge (LNG) deal warms China-Australia ties

Russian Hydropower Accident Threatens Aluminum Production

Citrus Greening Disease In Mexico, "Existential Threat" To California Citrus Crops - LA Times

Kenya's Lion Population Down By Nearly 1/3 In Past 7 Years - Reuters

Sask. oilsands need 3-year 'pause': environment group

Consciouness about Energy Issues is Changing

Empty London Car Lots, Run-Down Parks To Become Orchards, Gardens - Evening Standard

2-3 Generations Left For Giant Pandas Unless Development Fragmenting Habitat Can Be Stopped - AFP

SPECTER takes a stand re the ENERGY/CLIMATE BILL

Renewable Energies Will Benefit US Workers; Shifting to Wind & Solar Could Eliminate 130 deaths Ann…

How to kill a coal plant—…nonviolent civil disobedience may be our best hope…

The Great Paradox of China: Green Energy and Black Skies

8/18 - NSIDC Update - "A Change In Ice Motion Slows Seasonal Decline"

Plugging Into the Sun: Sunlight bathes us in far more energy than we could ever need—if we could…

How to turn seawater into jet fuel

1.4 Kilometer Plume Found Bubbling Up From Seafloor Off California Coast - Possible Methane Venting

Mexico's Oil Production Collapse Leaves $23 Billion Budget Hole - Higher Taxes Coming

EV club members get first rides in Coda Automotive electric sedan

Australian solar-powered air con uses sun to beat the heat (12 times more energy efficient)

Russian Renewable Energy Accident kills 11, with 32 missing.

60% Of India's Irrigation Water Now Comes From Underground - Southern States Will Be First To Go Dry

Victoria Times-Colonist - BC Stumbling On Forests & Climate Change

Scrubbing sulfur—New process removes sulfur components, carbon dioxide from power plant emissions

Another day, another discussion about renewables vs nookyular in GD

Solar Industry: No Breakthroughs Needed

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 17)

NHL Hall of Famer Ted (Teeder) Kennedy dies at 83 [no, not THAT Kennedy]

Brett Favre arrives in Twin Cities to sign with Vikings

Another Favre U-Turn: He Will Be a Viking After All

Brett Favre unretires to play for Vikings

Nats, Strasburg beat deadline

So Stafford looks ok so far for Lions

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The AAA Pirates shut down the Brew Crew to move 5.5 games ahead

Wow! The Mets did something they never had done before,

"A shout out. To the Best Forum on DU. Yessir. The Legendary Sports Forum"

McLellan: Marleau no longer Sharks' captain

Wright, Cain discuss beaning, shake hands

The Miami Sardines

Colombian rebels release videos of hostages

Mercosur parliament condemns coup in Honduras

Brazil Seeks More Control of Oil Beneath Its Seas

Mexico: Indigenous woman accused of kidnapping six agents named prisoner of conscience

Honduran blogger takes on O'Grady and WSJ.

Memo: Nixon, Brazil dictator discussed bid to overthrow Castro, Allende

Coup Regime Claims Colombian FARC Goes without Food to Fuel Unrest in Honduras

[en] Yves Engler, Canadian media silent on Honduras coup

Cracks in the Honduran Coup Regime Grow Wider

VIDEO: Best Antidote to Cardinal Rodriguez is Father Milla Against the Golpe

Reports of “Sexual Violence” Committed by Golpista Repression Forces

CUIDADO! Cuban-American Terrorist, Armando Valladares, Heading to Honduras

Brazil to expand border security amid 'concerns' over US-Colombia pact

Ousted Zelaya's wife joins demonstration in Honduras

US Open Tennis predictions?

U.S. report: Chavez moving to silence media critics

Would you carry a gun to an Obama event?

Huckabee reemerges – in Israeli settlements

Encountering Peace: Drawing borders is the first step

Israel declares shooting of American an "act of war"

Hilltop Youth push to settle West Bank

Top Sweden newspaper says IDF kills Palestinians for their organs

So, we're willing to spill more blood on the Altar of the Sacred Second Amendment.

Quiet slicing of West Bank makes abstract prayers for peace obscene


Today in Labor History Aug 18

Workers at Wellsville Manor Care Center Ratify First Union Contract

Unemployed Workers Taking Advantage of COBRA Subsidy

HCAN and AFSCME Launch Ads Against Republicans Opposing Health Insurance Reform

Out my back door.

Repairing the dock line

Forty years after "The Star-Spangled Banner"...

It might be easy being green . . .

Oberg: Why is Human Mars Exploration So Surprisingly Hard?

Deadly citrus disease reaches Mexico, threatens California

'Nanobees sting tumours to death'

Robots evolve to deceive one another

Giant Rat-Eating Nepenthes Plant Discovered!

Building block of life found on comet

Dual Orion Capsules Studied for Manned Asteroid Missions

Telescopes to show universe soon after Big Bang (CNN)

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/17/09

If you want a good explanation and overview of what is going....

Anybody else hear rumors about bank run next week?

Dark energy may not actually exist, scientists claim

Will It All Come Tumbling Down?

How Do You Steal 130 Million Credit Card Numbers?

The Turing enigma: Campaigners demand pardon for mathematics genius

Obama "has NOT begun working with Congress to repeal" DOMA

Criminals urged to apprehend themselves

Michelangelo Signorile: Obama Tries to Deaden the Pain

Probing Doctors' Ties to Industry

Doctor shortage looms as primary care loses its pull

A Squandered Health Care Opportunity: "Obama choked, he suddenly looks weak and unreliable"

The now-last-ditch defense of a horrible "public option" that really does nothing positive

Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop

Line in the Sand - public option

Parents 'ignoring eye sun danger'

What does "straight" mean?

Obama Administration Attempts to Weaken Constitutional Protections for LGBT Americans

‘Survivor’ Hatch says imprisoned because he’s gay

NYT's BoB Herbert: "reform the insurance companies can believe in"

CDC Report Stirs Controversy For Merck's Gardasil Vaccine

New shirts for the Equality March (not for profit) - Please tell us what you think

"Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown, and things seem hard or tough..."

The Maya of Eternal Time - 2012 and Beyond - Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Four Archetypes of Survival

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/18/09

I feel hopeless against the Limbaugh-Zombie darkness

Could everybody send me some good vibes for the next two weeks?

"'Kiss-ins' smack back at Mormon church as faith's image suffers from Calif. gay marriage fight"

The Tao Dude Ching

Please share your public high school experiences using distance learning to teach math/science.

You guys remember the "grand experiment" where I was going t o

God Help Me....I'm buying another gadget.

Angelina, Cherokee, Nacogdoches County Democrats

Hutchison at first event: Rah, rah for good ol' days

Rep. Joe Barton's 8-20 Arlington meeting has been moved.

Rep. Ted Poe to hold health care town hall at funeral home.

Defending the OGCT = Protecting the Bush Administration

'Brewster's Millions' set for remake

A record of favorite screams

Michael Jackson - A True Humanitarian...