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Archives: August 17, 2009

Alot of posts seem to be asking how some in the media can be so inconsistent compared to Bush years.

Marriott Calls Rape Victim “Negligent,” Outs Her to Family & Friends

Who's afraid of the public option?

PBS Bill Moyers Journal: The Media's Distortion of the Health Care Reform Narrative (Video)

Insurance Companies and the GOP are the death panels

Dear Mr President

Recovery for who?

Welp. Fox news is declaring a victory for the people of America! The public option is dead!

Breaking News; Honolulu runs out of KIM CHEE as the Korean Lounges/Bars suppliers ran out of stock

Breaking News; Honolulu runs out of KIM CHEE as the Korean Lounges/Bars suppliers ran out of stock

We can fight back! And win!

Philosophical Question: How can we support populism while we question the reasoning skills...

AP: Texas judge ended day as death row appeal waited (special trial begins today)

Politico declares GOP's comeback (Thanks, Blue Dogs!)

Just heard a great song... 'You're the Voice' by J. Farnham...

As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt

The ONLY Problem with Public Option Is That It Cuts Into Corporate PROFITS

I never saw any mention of Elvis today, on the 32nd anniversary of his death...

Private health insurance is a form of...

LAT op-ed: Democracy in action and the obnoxious

A public option would provide a baseline in pricing that would lower costs for everyone

Organized opposition to health care reform has all the hallmarks of an intelligence operation!



The Republicans wish to deprive FOLKS WHO WANT government health care

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Around The Nation

"I can't hardly afford eyeglasses, the hearing aid that I need, or teeth..."

CNN: Maverick pro-Taliban militant offers to help U.S. forces

For my 1,000 Post, I thought I do something special

If we can't get a public option, can we at least get

T.D.C.o.t.E: Persistence of Idiocy in Economics

Did Obama "misspeak" here also?

The message that gets deleted at defend glenn beck

If you are not related to any US citizen , what are the options available to immigrate to the US?

Well, I'll bet the No Health Care Teabaggers won't be up in arms about this government control.

How long will it be before Obama answers Fox's call to "Sista Solja the Left."

Is Barack Obama..........

Fox Business Needs a Lift. Could It Be Don Imus?

A letter from a Canadian to the "Chicago Tribune", re. health-care

Howard Dean on Today show now 7:07 EDT

Shadowy theatrics train agents for real threats

kudos to Mayor Tom Barrett: He stepped in to help a domestic abuse victim and was beaten

Gov. Dean's Scenario

Let's start with the basics.

Democrats are spineless

Well the line to the white house is busy already.

Simply put, it's all because he's black.

To pay for a "Medicare for all" choice

U.S. Dollar Down 12.5 Percent and S&P 500 Up 50 Percent since March

I just wrote Obama

German mission in Afghanistan 'a disaster,' former German defense minister says (DER SPIEGEL)

Join by phone @10am CT/11am ET today

Glenn Greenwald: Mike Huckabee bashes America on foreign soil

OMG did you hear the idiot rightwing caller from Texas on CSPAN's Washington Journal?

CBS, on the Early Show news breaks, conintues to report that the public option is going away

Healthcare Rationing: Real scary...Newt speaks again!

Congressional Offices are opening up for business this morning

Mein Health (Great toon!)

Get in on the fun

Ex-wife kills 43 women and children

Stock market down hard today, but all the health insurance companies are seeing nice gains.

Whoever donated me a star ...

Dem operatives advertising on Craigslist for town hall disruptors? (Have you heard this one?)

Russian navy 'finds crew of missing ship'

Russian navy 'finds crew of missing ship'

Most health industry players would win under overhaul

Just one question about healthcare....

Messaging: I don't want my tax dollars used...

Who's listening to GrASSley on GEM$NBC

Glenn Beck (asshole) says our health system is best in the world: Post your horror stories

Republicans toss softballs .. democrats/press swings and misses. .ARGH!!!!!

Damn Bob Shrum is destroying Pat Buchanan

Can't get through to the whitehouse switchboard re: public option? Send them a tweet!!

Weiner: Senate healthcare deal could cost 100 House votes

Do YOUR electeds support Universal Health Care, and if NOT, are you voting for them next election?

The Rude Pundit: Town Hall Meeting, Fairview, NJ, August 14, 2009

If there IS no public option, is there any reform at ALL?

How about enacting both a public option and a health care cooperative?

PolitiFact statements on healthcare.

Report: House Health Care Vote Delayed Until End Of September

Are DUzy awards on vacation?

Anyone hear how Dick Armey's rally in Atlanta went?

Politicians with amnesia Like Sebelius

Most U.S. Money Laced With Cocaine

Is the Administration full of "cut &run cowards" if it gives up on the public option?

Florida county starts anti-bullying campaign in schools. Good for them.

Some brave soul should put forth a plan to repeal Medicare/Medicaid. I'd love to see what the

Like we should care what China wants.

Rahm Emanuel needs to call the Democrats into the White House..

Colossal waste of power = Dems

Dancing with the Neocons

Dancing with the Neocons

Guardian UK: American healthcare is in truth already rationed

Fox News: "Rep. Joke Sestak (D-PA)"

There are more shoes to drop, with health care

There are more shoes to drop, with health care

Picture request...

delete dupe

Dancing With The Stars Cast Announced: From Tom Delay to Macy Gray

I don't know WTF is going on with health care reform.

Tiger Woods Blows Miniature Golf Tournament to Y.A. Tittle

Watch...gays will be tossed under bus for healthcare support.

House GOP Leader Vows To Stop Spreading Health Care Falsehood After Local Paper Busts Him

House won't vote on health care until the end of September according to Pelosi?

The Trouble With Appeasement:‘You can have everything you want in bill-they still won’t vote for it”

Hunter S. Thompson 's "wave speech" captures the hippie zeitgeist and its end.

Mexxed Missages...?

There Is A War Going On For Your Mind

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid & Malpractice

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid & Malpractice

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid & Malpractice

A knuckledragger told me yesterday that the Dems have declared defeat in the health care debate

Has DU Become Menopausal?????

Rahm is standing between America and coming clean on her war crimes.

Cockroaches and other infestations

I think Obama is purposely trying to piss us off to get a reaction...

BOYCOTT Fox News advertisers!!!!!!!!

Second backwards planet found, a day after the first

heres a "shocker"

Healthcare: "It is a time for understanding" - GREAT EDITORIAL

The media sucks.

Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, Ken Blackwell just wrote me a letter

Slowpoke TOON: Teabagger Ironies

Charity sues government (UK) over 'rendition' of two men handed by British to US forces

Water Event: 8 people dead and 54 missing after an accident at Russia's largest hydropower station.

Contact your representatives TODAY about a public option

GM Plans a Compact for $4,000