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Alot of posts seem to be asking how some in the media can be so inconsistent compared to Bush years.

Marriott Calls Rape Victim “Negligent,” Outs Her to Family & Friends

Who's afraid of the public option?

PBS Bill Moyers Journal: The Media's Distortion of the Health Care Reform Narrative (Video)

Insurance Companies and the GOP are the death panels

Dear Mr President

Recovery for who?

Welp. Fox news is declaring a victory for the people of America! The public option is dead!

Breaking News; Honolulu runs out of KIM CHEE as the Korean Lounges/Bars suppliers ran out of stock

Breaking News; Honolulu runs out of KIM CHEE as the Korean Lounges/Bars suppliers ran out of stock

We can fight back! And win!

Philosophical Question: How can we support populism while we question the reasoning skills...

AP: Texas judge ended day as death row appeal waited (special trial begins today)

Politico declares GOP's comeback (Thanks, Blue Dogs!)

Just heard a great song... 'You're the Voice' by J. Farnham...

As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt

The ONLY Problem with Public Option Is That It Cuts Into Corporate PROFITS

I never saw any mention of Elvis today, on the 32nd anniversary of his death...

Private health insurance is a form of...

LAT op-ed: Democracy in action and the obnoxious

A public option would provide a baseline in pricing that would lower costs for everyone

Organized opposition to health care reform has all the hallmarks of an intelligence operation!



The Republicans wish to deprive FOLKS WHO WANT government health care

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Around The Nation

"I can't hardly afford eyeglasses, the hearing aid that I need, or teeth..."

CNN: Maverick pro-Taliban militant offers to help U.S. forces

For my 1,000 Post, I thought I do something special

If we can't get a public option, can we at least get

T.D.C.o.t.E: Persistence of Idiocy in Economics

Did Obama "misspeak" here also?

The message that gets deleted at defend glenn beck

If you are not related to any US citizen , what are the options available to immigrate to the US?

Well, I'll bet the No Health Care Teabaggers won't be up in arms about this government control.

How long will it be before Obama answers Fox's call to "Sista Solja the Left."

Is Barack Obama..........

Fox Business Needs a Lift. Could It Be Don Imus?

A letter from a Canadian to the "Chicago Tribune", re. health-care

Howard Dean on Today show now 7:07 EDT

Shadowy theatrics train agents for real threats

kudos to Mayor Tom Barrett: He stepped in to help a domestic abuse victim and was beaten

Gov. Dean's Scenario

Let's start with the basics.

Democrats are spineless

Well the line to the white house is busy already.

Simply put, it's all because he's black.

To pay for a "Medicare for all" choice

U.S. Dollar Down 12.5 Percent and S&P 500 Up 50 Percent since March

I just wrote Obama

German mission in Afghanistan 'a disaster,' former German defense minister says (DER SPIEGEL)

Join by phone @10am CT/11am ET today

Glenn Greenwald: Mike Huckabee bashes America on foreign soil

OMG did you hear the idiot rightwing caller from Texas on CSPAN's Washington Journal?

CBS, on the Early Show news breaks, conintues to report that the public option is going away

Healthcare Rationing: Real scary...Newt speaks again!

Congressional Offices are opening up for business this morning

Mein Health (Great toon!)

Get in on the fun

Ex-wife kills 43 women and children

Stock market down hard today, but all the health insurance companies are seeing nice gains.

Whoever donated me a star ...

Dem operatives advertising on Craigslist for town hall disruptors? (Have you heard this one?)

Russian navy 'finds crew of missing ship'

Russian navy 'finds crew of missing ship'

Most health industry players would win under overhaul

Just one question about healthcare....

Messaging: I don't want my tax dollars used...

Who's listening to GrASSley on GEM$NBC

Glenn Beck (asshole) says our health system is best in the world: Post your horror stories

Republicans toss softballs .. democrats/press swings and misses. .ARGH!!!!!

Damn Bob Shrum is destroying Pat Buchanan

Can't get through to the whitehouse switchboard re: public option? Send them a tweet!!

Weiner: Senate healthcare deal could cost 100 House votes

Do YOUR electeds support Universal Health Care, and if NOT, are you voting for them next election?

The Rude Pundit: Town Hall Meeting, Fairview, NJ, August 14, 2009

If there IS no public option, is there any reform at ALL?

How about enacting both a public option and a health care cooperative?

PolitiFact statements on healthcare.

Report: House Health Care Vote Delayed Until End Of September

Are DUzy awards on vacation?

Anyone hear how Dick Armey's rally in Atlanta went?

Politicians with amnesia Like Sebelius

Most U.S. Money Laced With Cocaine

Is the Administration full of "cut &run cowards" if it gives up on the public option?

Florida county starts anti-bullying campaign in schools. Good for them.

Some brave soul should put forth a plan to repeal Medicare/Medicaid. I'd love to see what the

Like we should care what China wants.

Rahm Emanuel needs to call the Democrats into the White House..

Colossal waste of power = Dems

Dancing with the Neocons

Dancing with the Neocons

Guardian UK: American healthcare is in truth already rationed

Fox News: "Rep. Joke Sestak (D-PA)"

There are more shoes to drop, with health care

There are more shoes to drop, with health care

Picture request...

delete dupe

Dancing With The Stars Cast Announced: From Tom Delay to Macy Gray

I don't know WTF is going on with health care reform.

Tiger Woods Blows Miniature Golf Tournament to Y.A. Tittle

Watch...gays will be tossed under bus for healthcare support.

House GOP Leader Vows To Stop Spreading Health Care Falsehood After Local Paper Busts Him

House won't vote on health care until the end of September according to Pelosi?

The Trouble With Appeasement:‘You can have everything you want in bill-they still won’t vote for it”

Hunter S. Thompson 's "wave speech" captures the hippie zeitgeist and its end.

Mexxed Missages...?

There Is A War Going On For Your Mind

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid & Malpractice

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid & Malpractice

I have a question about Medicare/Medicaid & Malpractice

A knuckledragger told me yesterday that the Dems have declared defeat in the health care debate

Has DU Become Menopausal?????

Rahm is standing between America and coming clean on her war crimes.

Cockroaches and other infestations

I think Obama is purposely trying to piss us off to get a reaction...

BOYCOTT Fox News advertisers!!!!!!!!

Second backwards planet found, a day after the first

heres a "shocker"

Healthcare: "It is a time for understanding" - GREAT EDITORIAL

The media sucks.

Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, Ken Blackwell just wrote me a letter

Slowpoke TOON: Teabagger Ironies

Charity sues government (UK) over 'rendition' of two men handed by British to US forces

Water Event: 8 people dead and 54 missing after an accident at Russia's largest hydropower station.

Contact your representatives TODAY about a public option

GM Plans a Compact for $4,000

FBI: Man gives teller his name, ID before robbing Alaska bank

Rahm and the Torture Investigation

AIG: Recipients

I LOVE SQUIRRELS!!! Raised Many, Many Of Them From An Eye-Dropper.....

This woman from the insurance industry says her industry has proposals

The first "Tea Party" event is officially coming to my city on Aug. 29th.

Is he a optimist? Howard Dean believes we will have public option health care bill by December

Beer and Bill Ayers in Ann Arbor

Pay-per-email plan to beat spam and help charity

Have you written your congressman or Senator?

Sorry, Can’t Pass Health Care Bill Without A Public Option

I really believe the core of the Republican party is racism.

There is no "wiggle room" on the public option. In his weekly address on 7/18/09...

Big Insurance’s Competition Immunity

"Public option is a dirty word.."

Does anyone here have an iTunes link to stream the Ed Schultz show?

Dumb question I have

The public option as a signal by Paul Krugman

How many in the "angry mob" do you think actually has health insurance?

The Kabuki Dance: Why some people need to learn how our bicameral system works

i don't NEED insurance i NEED healthcare.

How did our top 2 senate health care negotiators wind up being red state dems?

Iran: The Green Brief #56 (August 16 - Mordad 25) Latest news from Iran.

Your prediction: Will the democrats use reconciliation to get a public option through?

Israelis sour on Rahm

I feel like I am ......

Why can't we just pretend everyone is a Veteran?

Das kann nicht hier passieren. (RW email) Unbelievable BS.

I'm calling you out Mr. President

The ONLY options are Public or Single Payer

What is the definition of Public Option?

How much do you think the execs at the non profit co-op are going to make each year?

Kurt Cobain = "Everyone at Woodstock lied to me."

Woodstock = "Mom and Dad, don't tell me what to do!"

Next Dancing with the Stars - Tom Delay, I kid you not

Current Day = "OMG kewl pty - just like woodstk!111!!!"

Healthcare reform without a public option is just another corporate giveaway.

Some views of the current health care system from a Physician Assistant:

Marketwatch: Laughing at, not with, the Democrats

The working class can beat the crap outta the investor class. Is that a civiliized bumper sticker?

Grand Junction Town Hall: “We can still get along and protest in peace.”

Credit card issuers raising rates, plan more fees as first consumer protections kick in this week

2004 Hurricane Season and this year's season

United Methodists in Ohio support health care for all.

Facebook just bought the rights to nearly everything you do online.

Facebook just bought the rights to nearly everything you do online.

US soldier: "I've seen the great job government can do in getting involved in health care"

Dangling Money, Obama Pushes Education Shift

We won in November IN SPITE OF the mainstream media.

I find it strange that religious groups have not spoken up about healthcare?

Vatican newspaper hails Swiss-US bank deal

I have questions about any public option. . .

Is Mrs. Greenspan, apart from being more than suspect in her imaprtiality, also showing ......

What else will the conservatives demand?

Tom Delay to Dance “Sidestep”

LA Fitness Shooting Victim needs Car Wash to pay for Medical Expenses

Is the pres really caving on a public option, or is the msm spinning

My Health Care Horror Story: My Son, Adam and Why We Need a Public Option

What's the difference between Orly and Oreo???

The difference between an adult and a 5-year-old

Okay, now I'm confussed, re: Public Option

Let's review the watered down House public option proposal. "A small and ineffectual option"

I'm kinda falling in love with Contessa

Eric Holder is at risk of becoming the WORST ATTORNEY GENERAL IN US HISTORY

Breakthrough: Death Row Prisoner Troy Davis to Get New Innocence Hearing

Birthers, Deathers, Tea Baggers... and now...

Just Got Another Orwell Email From the Right

So what is wrong with co-ops?

Is the provision to allow pricing of 'Age' as a risk in private plans a Poison pill...

Florida Dems checkin here for an urgent action item that needs to be done TODAY IN PERSON!!!!

Face it, there are limits to what can be spent on health care,

I received an email from the state (AZ) Republican Party... see their anti-HC reform position

TD Ana and that hot water in the Gulf of Mexico

Joe Scarborough's rails against "liberal media" - Imagine if KO or Rachel did this

MSNBC is having that tool GOP staffer who posed as a college student at the town hall on right now.

"We can't afford not to change"

Street flooding in New Orleans this afternoon

Jim Dean (DFA): House will not pass health care without Public Option

Rachel Maddow, my pick for President in 2016

Corrupt former House Majority Leader Tom Delay to get down on Dancing with the Stars

Hear the Hard Humbug of Hannity . . . please come CAPTION!!!!

How is it possible to have an honest discussion of health care cost reduction and not include ......

Run, don't wobble, and come CAPTION (creatively) Rush Dim-bulb!!

Health Care Reform 2009 = little tweaks, modest improvements to majorly effed up system

CNBC leading discussion bashing Stimulus

Alright, MoveOn, Fess Up

Mourne Michelle's muddy mouth on a Monday . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Lending by bailed-out banks drops again in June

There were actually two men with guns in PHX today and according to TPM. . .

Can healthcare reform pass without a public option? Not in the House

CA: Peregrine Falcons Taken Off Endangered List - Scientist cite ban on the pesticide DDT

Bloggers: Won the battle, loosing the war...

Conversation with two bikers re health care

Senator Feingold demands a Public Option (re-direct)

Sgt. James Crowley, got a four minute standing ovation from FOP

Michael Jackson to be buried on birthday, King of Pop's father says

Sen. Grassley on Health Care: 'The Government Is A Predator'

Kind anyone point out a real life example of why we need a best practices panel?

GOP Embraces Medicare to Kill Health Care Reform

Tom Delay on "DANCING WITH THE STARS?" Should this MoFo be in jail by now?

Whole Foods stock takes a pounding

IF there is a public option, who would run it, and how much would they be paid?

IF there is a public option, who would run it, and how much would they be paid?

The Doctor Is In. The Bullshit Is Gone

American Family Association founder hospitalized in critical condition with meningitis

So if CNN, MTP, FTN and ABC's This Week had been around in Italy and Germany in 1946..

So if CNN, MTP, FTN and ABC's This Week had been around in Italy and Germany in 1946..

Who lives in Open Primary States and will you cross over in 2012 to fuck with the Pukes?

Need Help!!!!

At the end of the day ......

What's this about a Hurricane Bill?

Rove and Miers to Testify Publicly Before Congress About Attorney Firings

Two men were carrying AR-15's Outside Obama's Phoenix Event-3 with Guns

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

Just Came from my GP - he supports single payer!

Liberal Dems alarmed by public option move


What should the name for Shrubeenis administration be?

What should the name for Shrubeenis administration be?


Dupe...self delete

Marriott drops blame-victim defense in Conn. rape

A Modern Day Tale

My thought on Woodstock: what made it unique

The Post Office Canard

Sigh... yet more proof that Obama is a corporate stooge like Bush

WHAAA! Republicans want answers on White House e-mails

The Anti-Healthcare Town Hall Meeting Tailgate Party...Photo:

Paying for health care coverage?

If it's about "supply and demand" and "free markets", how come health care costs are so high?

Barack Obama's stepmum: UK's NHS saved me

General Wesley Clark's NY Daily News Op Ed

Joe the Plumber: I used to beat people up behind my woodshed

I don't get the birther controversy, wasn't McCain born in the Panama canal?

Generational pissing contests are cute and all...

Up to 90 percent of US paper money has traces of cocaine

In States With Open Carry Gun Laws

Tales from the deep underwater: Owed $842K, sale price $495K

Can you imagine anyone showing up at GW Bush event, inside or outside, with weapons?

Gingrey is a scumbag. He refuses to answer Matthews about the GOP's non-plan for health care reform.

Sen Tom Coburn thinks it's OK for the current climate of violent threats against the Government

Max Baucus's Unpleasant Position

Been trying for 6 hours and can't get through to the white house.

"The history of health care as a campaign issue." This crap has been going on for over a century.

The REAL RW Problem With Public Option Health Insurance

I need Glen Beck help

Whole Foods alternative in Los Angeles

Where is the button that allows sending messages? I find the inbox.

Dear Grovelbot

Insurer's Stock/Profits rise as public option prospects fade

Why should I as a Senior not be worried about them taking five hundred billion from Medicare?

So Tom Delay is going to be on Dancing with the Stars

To Frenchie or any others with the MSM contacts, do you have Contessa Brewer's email?

Did Godwin's Law get repealed or something?

Tom DeLay joins 'Dancing With the Stars' (CNN) {not The Onion}

In the meantime in the real world.

THIS is why we hated bush.... [pic]

Music To My Ears: "Increasingly Partisan Political Struggle"

Boner issues 'strongly worded letter' to PhRMA

Gah! Even Obama mispronounces "Pundit"

Teabaggers, health care funding and mandates

F*ck Public option. DEMAND Single Payer.

I called the White House: 202-456-1111, spoke to a nice young man

Whatever piece of shit insurance reform we end up getting

Funny story

New Digby Blogger: "Deny Me Health Care or Give Me Death"...

There is a fine line between satire and reality....

there is already another thread on this.

CNBC: 'Anyone Who Owns A Suit Can Come On Television'

Wolf on CNN is talking about mermaids.

Ha-ha-ha! Two down on the donations bar above!

TIME: The Secret Life of Tom Daschle, Moonlighting For The Insurance Industry

Katrina Pain Index – 2009 Teabaggers hit the road for a nation wide tour...

Some Woodstock LOVE - What was your favorite performance?

News Corp Losing Money (The Onion)

"The Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid;

Did anyone see Tim Wise on CNN talking to Don Lemon ?

Okay, I know it's August, But DAMN ITS HOT!

No "Dead Queers" means No Discrimination: Anchorage, AK Ordinance 64

Stop blaming everyone else for the shity healthcare we are about to receive ... for fuck's sake

Stimulus provides 177 Lincoln, Ne jobs (Yep Rush, the stimulus was rushed and failed!)

It's not just the health care I'm starting to suspect...Republicans have tainted ALL public sectors

Axed Ted Nugent flipped out on paper; referenced Nazis

I watched 1 hr of NYC Prep today like watching a train wreck and understood

Anti-Obama rally in Atlanta was a bust, but the WSJ played dumb

Nelson (D-Ne) sets health care meetings

Nelson (D-Ne) sets health care meetings

Good work DUers! Mark Sanford has been smacked in the kisser!

Question for those who were at Woodstock,

Bu**sh** protesters were herded into "Free Speech Zones" far away from His Highness.

"Letting insurance companies control health care costs is like making a pyromaniac the fire chief"

the kid 'zach lahn' is on cnn....he says that he got generalities and philosophy

I'm one mad nancy boy tonight.

Nate Silver: How Many Votes Does the Public Option Have? How Many Does it Need?

Orly Taitz Might Run for Office

What category is your main personal email address?

Caption this pic

If by making people purchase Health Insurance it insures better quality care they why

I thought Beck was taking a week off?

It took Pat Buccanan about two second to make debate about race just now...

The politicians are now "talking about football"...

No US Interference in Afghan Elecs--Except James Carville and the US Occupation

Trinidad assault in midst of transgender tolerance

Trinidad assault in midst of transgender tolerance

Tom Delay is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

What's this I hear about people with gum at an Obama event?

A "Woodstock for the rest of us" thread

From Organizing for America... the Public Option is NOT DEAD. Please stop the spin!!!!

"If we still had the Fairness Doctrine, we would already have Single Payer"

Ron Christie Watch Alert!

One Obama theory about the Public Option...

One Obama theory about the Public Option...

If I was toting a gun, I would wear a holster and not that silly

I used to like TD Banknorth. Now they're TD Bank and they suck.

DHS Acknowledges 11 Unreported Deaths in Immigration Detention (Total of 104)

It's 1994 and George W. Bush narrowly upsets Ann Richards in the TX gubernatorial election...

RNC Won't Support Co-Ops Either

Be a responsible pet owner. Spay or neuter your

Be a responsible pet owner. Spay or neuter your

Eight more companies -- including Wal-Mart -- reportedly pull Glenn Beck ads

is there no end to his ego?

Report: VA hospital crumbling (Omaha location needs 100's of millions)

What's the difference between Blue Cross/Blue Shield and a health co-op?

Is the present health care system Segregationism

Is the present health care system Segregationism

What would you do? Psst...Allstate does NOT support our troops

Afghanistan: War of Choice or War of Necessity?

The hypocrisy of law enforcement.

Rove and Miers to Testify Publicly Before Congress About Attorney Firings

Got a gun, fact I got two...

Right Wing Talking Points

Would you support price controls and benchmarks in lieu of a public option?

Not watching Dancing w/the stars until Delay is out of there, maybe not again, eom.

What's the functional difference between Blue Cross/Blue Shield and for-profit insurance companies

PHOTO Yikes.

CREW Calls For Investigation Of Christie

The Texas Two Step

An 82% to 8% majority of Canadians believe their system is superior to the U.S. system

An 82% to 8% majority of Canadians believe their system is superior to the U.S. system

DemocraticUnderground supports Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania!

Here's what reagan said about Medicare

Douglas Bruce arrested for trespassing at a Costco store

Gun-totin' Republicans:

Anyone having trouble emailing the Whitehouse?

Shoot for the moon Rahm

I am a die hard Democrat. BUT >>>

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Republican governor recently turned down $56 mil in federal stimulus funds in protest against Obama

Crooks & Liars: NY Daily News Columnist Nails It: Obama is The Real Target, Not Health Policy

A review of Glenn Beck's Common Sense - Worth the read

Republicans are probably laughing their asses off at democratic fracturing re: health care

Honduran Deputy Foreign Minister: US Involved in Honduran Coup

In case you don't get it, the guys carrying guns are doing it to get a rise out of you

There's Only ONE Choice Left For Obama - Veto Threat

There's Only ONE Choice Left For Obama - Veto Threat

Are there any online petitions to promote the option of buying into Medicare or a Public Option?

Dean on Countdown? He is too optimistic in my humble opinion.

Rolling over Progressives White House's path of least resistance

Ronald Reagan wants you to improve your health with Chesterfields!

Freedomworks "Healthcare is not a right"

Ronald Reagan wants you to improve your health with Chesterfields!

I have a pre-existing condition.

Who is Wendell Potter? Why listen to him? (and what to do next)

During the summer recess, SCOTUS orders hearing on innocence claim

Sean hannity hypocrite of the year award

Has Gore weighed in on the healthcare issue?

New hearing ordered in high-profile US death row case

Rachel replaying the MTP encounter with the LIttle Dick (Armey)

Obama lashes defense establishment, Congress

"Woodstock ain't over." - Ronald Reagan's Dead Republicon Astrologer*

Are Democratic Politicians under Corporate Coercion?

I think we all know that it is impossible for Woodstock to have been cool...

Open Carry State DU'ers - Anyone seen someone carrying a rifle urban area?

Obama must learn from Vietnam: Gen. Wesley Clark gives the President advice for Afghanistan

A letter about health care from NW Arkansas

how does private non-profit insurance differ from govt. run non profit insurance?

Dear President Obama: A Modest Medicare Proposal

Reason #1 why civilians w/ guns and public appearances by Presidents don't belong together:

Bachmann Holding Out for Signal From God Before Mounting Presidential Bid

Is anyone else having trouble accessing some websites like Yahoo?

Dear President Obama: A Modest Medicare Proposal

Why can't we go back to Obama's old plan back in 2008?

Digesting Whole Foods’ Unsavory Politics

Missing cargo ship 'Arctic Sea' found -- Guardian UK

Here's the snapshot article Keith was referring to tonight. Democratic Senators & the public option

Rick Perlstein: In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy ditch Glenn Beck (plus 5 more companies)

Random thoughts on Netroots Nation.

Woodstock without the mud

The Perfect Michele Bachman Quote (2006) !!!

New Cloaking Method Could Shield Submarines From Sonar, Planes From Radar, Buildings From Earthquake

New Cloaking Method Could Shield Submarines From Sonar, Planes From Radar, Buildings From Earthquake

GMAC Financial Services has "ceased advertising on the Glenn Beck program"

"Reagan. America needs you now more than ever"

"Reagan. America needs you now more than ever"

Dean: The republicans are going to vote against any bill, no matter what,

Why Aren't Progressives Disrupting ObamaCare Town Halls?

WIMPs - the confluence of science, politics, and the public option

"ronald`s my daddy-not yours"

Do republicans seem more pissed than usual?

I am NOT donating until Skinner releases the latest version of Hate Mailbag

President Obama: Afghanistan occupation too big to fail?

China massively offloads US debt holdings first time in 2009

Anyone Know of Any Marches in Support of the Public Option?

Even Apall-Mart disses Herr Glenn BecKKK

Okay, let's flip this Obama event/gun toting issue. I want to know something.

House won't pass Healthcare without a Public Option

Raiders coach Cable punches his assistant coach in meeting & puts him in hospital


Why do Anne Coulter and Michelle Malkin, among other, get teevee air time and Michael Moore doesn't?

Another (almost) first hand story about that horrendous British health care...

"This Time We Did Not Bring Our Guns" - Sign at Atlanta Anti-Health Care Rally

"This Time We Did Not Bring Our Guns" - Sign at Atlanta Anti-Health Care Rally

Well, damn. My car is getting ready to give up the ghost, my

Monday Toons, Part 1

'Grassroots' Freedom Works (HCR forum disruptors) paid Armey $400,000 for part-time job

The terrorists among us.

Mental Stress Training Planned for U.S. Soldiers

Where Are the Taliban Getting Money? You Don't Want to Know.

CIA’s ‘Black’ Helicopters Land in Court

Is it me or is the image sticky page down?

Bill ......

Water Quality Improves After Lawn Fertilizer Ban, Study Shows

Wendell Potter (ins industry whistleblower) is on Ron Reagan show, Air America NOW. nt

Obama: "my budget increases defense spending"

Make NO Mistake! It Will Be DEMOCRATS That Kill Meaningful Healthcare Reform

Patent Lawsuit Threatens to Clip Twitter’s Wings

With their silence, they are voicing approval.

"Youth in Asia" will kill your grandma!!!

So Then Who's Getting the Afghan Poppy Money?

Remote Area Medical spends more time in the US

There are some things that astound me....

Dick Morris statement (LOL)

Dick Morris statement (LOL)

Netscape Founder Marc Andreessen Backs New "RockMelt" Browser

worldnnutdaily (Obama was born in 57 not 61 and Hawaii wasnt part of the usa then

Foreclosed properties go for 14 cents on dollar

I just heard that the Washington Post was going to be going out of business

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What will get you arrested/thrown out of political gatherings

Where would you have to be on the body fat index before Mika has you euthanized?

Love the Indian artwork Sticky. It's a link!!

What do you remember about the "free speech" zones?

I boycotted UPS today

Tom DeLay is appearing on Dancing With The Stars. What'll he be doin?

Woman Allegedly Pregnant With 12 Babies

From the Humane Society

Why Does Popular Culture Treat Prison Rape As a Joke?

"The Realist" archives updated. If that mag title is unfamiliar, you have all the more need to

DU gets small Mentioned on HuffingtonPost

Bachmann: I'll Run For President -- If God Calls Me To Do It

Dan Lundgren (R-CA -Orange County) Town Halls - Be There!!!

It appears as if today's two minute hate is: Anything Woodstock.

Understand: A Co-Op Will Permanently Institutionalize "For Profit" Healthcare in America.

Glen Beck's continuing advertisers:

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent.

What makes Kathleen Sebelius qualified to be Secretary of Health?

Idaho’s wolf hunt is on

I'm calling you out Mr. President

I have known exactly two people I would call proper hippies.

Take Metformin? No health insurance for you!

The 10 previous times Obama has rope-a-doped his opponent, people thought he had caved, too

Man Outside Obama Rally with AR-15 & Handgun

Consumer Reports: Best health insurance

The letter I just sent to Obama

Colorofchange:Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy ditch Glenn Beck (plus 5 more companies)

More on the Buddha-is-Voodoo neighbor.

Do they ever stop screwing you?

Do they ever stop screwing you?

Grace Slick

If this happens, I will eat your sox and my own

So....all boomers and hippies were republicans?

Well this just takes the cake. Joe Scarborough encourages Mika to "Work the Poll"

On healthcare.... and how threads become flame wars

Monday Toons, Part 2

Medical Costs Are the Only Thing More Outrageous Than Insurance Costs

Which Would Be Better: Health Insurance "Co-ops" Or Nothing At All?

Thank you to who ever gave me the star.

How Rod Blagojevich could hit rock bottom even more.

"Barely Squeaking By On $300,000 A Year"

Poor Katy Abrams

Poor Katy Abrams

Call Congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!

Pelosi: 'There Is Strong Support In The House For A Public Option'


A question of priorities

I refuse to pay into a health care system without a public option, "mandatory" or not.

My apologies for laughing at Facebook and Twitter

When Pres. Obama signs into law Health Care Reform with a robust Public Option what will doomers say

The Dude abides.

Warning - this story may squick you. It did me: No charges to be filed in dog case in New Zealand

Would you guys go for a public option that wasn't called a public option?

Democrats always repeat the same mistake ....

Democrats always repeat the same mistake ....

Texas public schools now required to teach the Bible

Poll: Is a public insurance option an "essential element" in health care reform?

Intteresting Twitter War Right Now

Q: Could the DSCC work out a deal with blue dog Democratic Senators to...

Bernie Madoff's Other Secret: His Hadassah CFO Mistress

We're on Rush!

Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids? Have cops lost their spines?

Would you support price controls and benchmarks in lieu of a public option?

California: budget deficit, furloughs, pay cuts, core services reductions...and $430K in pay raises

On Free Republic, their quarterly fund drives last for two months.

What's this about Rush Limbaugh being a junkie pedophile?

In all seriousness...what are your options?

Dear DU: Please refrain from using words that refer to body parts or are otherwise degrading.

Oh, for f***'s sake...

Insurance lobbyists oppose co-ops also.

Union Membership and Labor Attitudes Poll

The GOP: Poised for a Big Comeback?

"WTimes Hypocritical Obama-Nazi Slur" by Robert Parry (8-17-09 Consortium News)

Axed Ted Nugent flipped out on paper; referenced Nazis

I really don’t like to be viewed as someone who dislikes hippies, their ideals, or their history.

I'm hearing President Obama saying something that I hear from right-wingers all the time.

Ohio police dispatcher passes along racist image of Air Force One.

Thom Hartmanns Modest Proposal

In defense of the Woodstock generation

I don't want INSURANCE - I want HEALTH CARE.

Is the CBO scoring "Medicare for All" this month?

A personal story that illustrates everything wrong with American Health Care...

Protesters confront John Yoo at UC Berkeley (they want him fired)

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent.

Time for the Progessive Caucus to kill health care reform

Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy ditch Glenn Beck (plus 5 more companies)

Was woodstock a significant event to minorities at the time? Does it remain significant?

Overburdened doctors are shunning all types of insurance...

Why can't corporate media just do this?

Howard Dean's comments at Netroots (some great stuff)

A Phantom Economic Recovery By Nouriel Roubini

TPM: Twelve Carry Guns -- Including Assault Rifle -- Outside Obama Event

***flamebait*** controversial title inserted here ***flamebait***

Brady Campaign: "Presidential protesters need to leave their firearms at home - no exceptions"

I feel embarrassed.

I just realized something ..... when I was a younger person, the word 'Christian" was, for me, .....

Muntrv to Barack Obama: FUCK BI-PARTISANSHIP!!

Hate to say this but if "reform" passes without a public option

Reader's Digest files for bankruptcy

So George Bush Jr. got an entire army to protect him when he

It's Time to Legalize Drugs

New Allotment Order issued for SCOTUS: Sotomayor assigned to the 10th Circuit

A guy wearing one of these ......

Just picked up a Combivent inhaler and paid $122.

Even if it were your legal right to had shown up at a Bush event with a gun would you have?

Sen. Kerry has hip surgery to address chronic pain - Pics of Sen. Kerry

Don't progessive read....

"I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make." Michael Moore

ALL that was said was the PUBLIC OPTION was only a piece of the entire plan

We lose an election

Is it time for the progressives to consider a primary challenger to Obama in 2012?

Weapons Special Zones coming to free to carry States near you

Cops Tazer Child 19 Times Leaving Him in a Coma

Kurt Cobain = "Everyone at Woodstock lied to me."

Is a public option the best criterion for success in health care reform?

I wonder... if the "mis-speek" was to get HIS base riled enough to do something...

No Public Option?

If you still support prosecution of those who authorized torture, please recommend.

Beaten for being gay

Reason vs. emotion

Rep. Ellison (D-Minn.): It is 'time to defend' the public option

Hutchison announces campaign for Texas governor

Peta: assholes at being assholes

This Modern World - What if Democrats behaved more like Republicans? - By Tom Tomorrow

Feinstein -- I got an actual letter


Medicare for all. Period.

Okay, let me get this straight...we're fighting about WOODSTOCK on DU?

Bring a laser pointer to the next Presidential Town Hall in an open carry state...

Texas judge in death row appeal faces charges

Why Do I Harbor So Much Hatred Toward Rich People?

people unable to donate, check in here...

Thank you, beautiful DUer...

Covers of disco tunes!

Talk about making lemonade out of a lemon , this is it :

Talk about making lemonade out of a lemon , this is it :

I have a really bad eating habit.

What Is So Wrong with "<0" ?

A heartfelt thank you to my Donor Star Angel.

Piña Collider

Mr.President: We need a pubic option now!!!!

Enjoy ....

Congratulate me. I just fixed my computer chair with about 30 zip-ties.

I had two glasses of wine tonight , wish I can have more

question about donating to DU via paypal

this here is a jam

So I'm watching Donnie Darko...and the evil rabbit man shows up...

I'm enjoying a free concert

I want to have Grovelbot's children.

The 10 trippiest cereal commercials

I did not know my cat was a girl!

Tom DeLay to be on "Dancing With the Stars" - WTF?

To boost Detroit's sagging economy, how about an apocalyptic reality show?

Out of the mouths of babes. I was playing with my 2 1/2 yo grandson this weekend .

1,200 lb.. cupcake? Works for me.

Who put the moon up there?

Tiger Woods Blows Miniature Golf Tournament to Y.A. Tittle

Who put up the Memphis State Tigers logo??

i got a BM from dinner!!!!!


DU Lounge action alert---if you do one thing in GD, recommend this post!

There were times when I didn't think I was going to make it.

i got a PM from Skinner!!!!!

When you lean forward, does the weight of your own head sometimes make you tip over?

What kind of wedgie does Glenn Beck need?

I just blocked both of my SIL's on Facebook. I wish I could do it in real life.

Roadrunner Turbo

Ha ha HA! Thanks to whomever suggested vinegar

The exam dream, with a twist.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mithnanthy!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to tishaLA!!*******

I'm baking Zomby Woof's skillet cornbread!!!!!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to laruemtt!!*******

Scene-stealing squirrel and Canadian rapper crash Banff tourist photo

I really hate it when traffic circles fuck up the traffic grid of Washington DC

When a British person says, "Oh, rather..."

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mth44sc!!*******

*****mystery DUer appreciation thread*****

It's my little sister's birthday,today.

So how did all those Amazon Women get on the moon anyway?

Mad Men is on in 5 minutes! OMG!! So excited!!!

Okay, I give up. What does "NGU" mean?

None of you understand. I'm not locked in here with you.

The 10 Most Expensive cities in the world--which one is the MOST worth it?

The gun nuts are flocking to GD

Woodstock 94 was cool Woodstock 99 was stupid

Dumbest warning label EVER!!

Calm Down! Let's everyone take a deep breath...

Who's watching Big Brother???

Attempting to Transform from a public university to a private one

awesome idea or disaster in the making? Can't do worse than Tom Cruise

DU Song Of The Day

Which trashy talk show would you most like to watch live?

Taking Woodstock

I miss Khash too

URGENT. Somebody tell me that there really is a "Lake Fritztool".

Attempting to Transfer from a public university to a private one

My forgetter's getting better, but my rememberer is broke

More stuff you can't live without - Squeez Bacon

So which is your favorite sticky so far?

Thanks for the star, anonymous poster

State of the Nation

Three Little Pups

How come every character on TV named "Cooper" is called 'Coop' by his friends?

I would like to thank each and every one of you.

I would like to thank each and every one of you.

Even better than the real thing

Red shirt and magenta tie

DU Fishermen - Let's just say I love fishing

Anyone here Roku?

I'm starting to get nervous

We can no longer eat raw cookie dough

M A D M E N - - Alright, who wached last night?

Live snake eater. Beat this weird. You can't.

I went to a HS mini-reuinion for the class two years ahead of me

Do you know what I want?

Which cartoon character/series do you most wish would be made into a good movie?

I forgot to grab my change from self-checkout......

Am I going to hell for laughing at this entry?

I'm feeling very shaky.

I've always wanted to see a Stormtrooper take a dump on the toilet. Thanks to the DU Stickie board

OMG I just had a horrible epiphany!

A picture of Donna

The bird is the word

Photoshop gurus wanted - or at least someone that knows how to manipulate pictures....

If the litter box could talk, it would say...

Elle Mag’s Must Haves for the Fall

Just got back from the Vet. My dog has an Epulis in her mouth.

How much are 60 lounge insults worth?

Do you think the office is a ripoff of dilbert?

How to get rid of fruit flies (oh man, these people are so wonderfully evil!):

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but have a laugh.

Bright yellow picture with bees

Before I give money over the internet to someone like the DU, I need to know

Before I give money over the internet to someone like the DU, I need to know

Is anyone going to Burning Man this year or go last year?

ASU just bent me over and pillaged me...


I LOVE SQUIRRELS!!! Raised Many, Many Of Them From An Eye-Dropper.....

Does anybody still use handcuffs? Chains?

Do you know any old people (or maybe not old) that refer to "gums" as "gooms"?

Woman at Chick-Fil-A drive thru gets beaten-up by men in 200k Bentley

What do you think is one of the most underrated tv shows?

Which LOLCAT Are You test?

I am calling something you like stupid

Inspecter Lewis on PBS Mystery

The impending Maryanne War on TRUE BLOOD looks very promising

While You Were Out - Michelle Bachman

WHY do people hate?

I lost my job today. Feeling pretty down about it.

Does anybody still use snow tires? Chains?


Your cry-like-a-baby book?

Just a slob like one of us...just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way home

My mom is going to make an appointment for me and my sister to get tested for Hepatitis C.

What is the best pick up line you heard or used?

What's your favorite Woodstock video?

You ever know someone who says "I'm sorry" all the time?

So there I was going off to buy a new cheap car...

Do you obey all traffic laws?

Ok, I'm officially creeped out.

No one else saw Ponyo?

Why do hard liquor commercials try to give the impression that their drinkers are classy people?

Wanna know what's funny? BYU is named after this guy and they don't allow students to sport beards.

George Clooney is 48 years old. His current girlfriend is 30, the previous was 29....

I wish I would have discovered Carl Sagan before Timothy Leary

Saw Greenday last night at the Pepsi Center

Boom box on wheels

I wanna take a ride on your disco stick...

OMG!!! BEST * TRUE * BLOOD * EVER!!!!! **** spoilers of course ****

Not sure what I first saw when I saw this image

"My boobies are cold"

Iraq abandons nationwide census

Mexico in major customs shake-up

Cuomo likely to file Schwab ARS suit on Monday: report

Pakistan: Suicide bombing kills at least 6 in NW

U.S. pay czar says he can "claw back" exec compensation

Pakistan 'extremist' is shot dead

India PM: Pakistan terror groups planning attacks

Pakistan seeks U.S. backing for energy projects

Anti-gay attacks on rise in Iraq

DeLay, Osmond will go ‘Dancing’ this season

China to appeal WTO ruling on entertainment imports

Most U.S. Money Laced With Cocaine

Strong quakes hit off Japan, rattle Taiwan

Obama to offer update on Afghan war

Taiwan receives international aid

Police officer who arrested Gates to address FOP

NZ man seeks justice for brother at KRouge trial

BB&T takes over Colonial BancGroup

China trade official goes to Washington on tires case

Protesters heckle US Republican Huckabee in Jerusalem

GMAC Financial Services has "ceased advertising on the Glenn Beck program"

Up to 90 percent of US paper money has traces of cocaine

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Executive Pay

Hacker Albert Gonzales charged with largest ID theft ever involving 130M credit, debit cards

US blamed Iran for Lockerbie bomb

Dean: Public option a must for health care reform

Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy ditch Glenn Beck (plus 5 more companies)

China sovereign fund may eye Hollywood: report

Georgia death row inmate gets new hearing

U.S. Builders Upbeat, Manufacturing Shows Some Life

Nasa assembles Ares test rocket

Hague judge says US fought terror blindly

HMO stocks up on signs public health plan fading

(Iraq) Yazidi villagers build sand barriers to guard against attacks

Republicans want answers on White House e-mails

Obama aide says president still favors public health plan

Obama to seek to rally support for Afghan war effort

Authorities charge men with stealing 130 million credit card numbers

Obama: Iraq war to end in 2011

Health care concession riles left; right unmoved

Dogfighters get creative as spotlight on Vick case fades

US govt says $1.92M P2P damage award totally fair

Many killed in Russia bomb attack

Army Will Train Soldiers to Cope With Emotions

Army Will Train Soldiers to Cope With Emotions

ELCA To Consider Gay Clergy At Mpls. Convention

Supreme Court says Georgia man should get chance to prove innocence in court(Troy Davis)

Obama administration says marriage law unfair

Huckabee slams Obama in pro-settlement Israel visit

Chicago shuts down to save money

Weiner: No public option could cost as many as 100 House votes

Minister warned over 'UK Roswell'

Protesters want UC Berkeley law professor (Yoo) fired

White House says it did send unwanted e-mails

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 17

China villagers storm lead plant

Ex-Goldman programmer eyes US dismissal;talks go on (stolen trading program worth billions)

Sheriff: Ga. couple likely killed in dog attack(Probably Wild Pack)

Gearing up for abortion protests

Feingold "not interested" in health bill without public plan

Obama Joker artist unmasked: A fellow Chicagoan

Reader’s Digest filing for bankruptcy protection

AARP Losing Tens Of Thousands(60,000) Of Members Over Support For Health Care Overhaul

Obama: Afghanistan War Is "Fundamental"

Ex-wife admits Kuwait wedding arson

More men with guns at Obama event

Progressive Caucus: Our position (on public option) has not, and will not, change.

Psystar Destroyed Evidence, Apple Claims

18 Taliban Reported Killed in Pakistan (by civilians)

The Happytones: I Hate Republicans (Time for an update. Call out to DUers with A/V editing skills)

Todd Snider - This Land Is Our Land

Brother of Milwaukee Mayor says he stepped up, did right thing in stopping domestic violence assault

Paroled Florida Sex Offenders forced to live under bridge

Rachel Maddow on Meet The Press - Sums up Obama's legacy on health care effort

Meet the Press: Take Two w/ Rachel Maddow

Rep. Bernice Johnson (D-TX) - No Public Option, "very, very difficult" to support HC reform bill

Regina Schwartz on Best Practices: Testing the 2008 Primary GOTV Calls - Netroots Nation Day 3

Mary McClelland on Best Practices: Testing the Youth Vote, Netroots Nation Day 3

Dean touts public option on CBS this morning, also on Morning Joe.

CNN: Thousands Show Up For Free Health Care Clinic In Los Angeles

Mobile Minute w/ Dr. Dale - Imprecatory Psalms

Dropping The Public Plan - Bloomberg

Blue Dog Mike Ross: I will never vote for a bill to kill old people, period

Rep. Meek: There are members of Congress telling health insurers, ‘We have your back.’

TYT: MORE Idiotic Anti-Obama Signs (What Is O'Baba?)

ANIMATION:Terror Yokels by Ted Rall

Chris Bowers: Misinformation on the Interet vs Television, Netroots Nation Day 3

Glenn Beck's Hate Speech, Paid For By...

British Death Panels.

Obama's Healthcare Compromise?

The Two Minutes Hate: August 17, 2009

Joe The Plumber: Years ago, Congress would've been taken behind woodshed & slapped upside the head

Canadians Bare Their Asses In Protest Of U.S. Surveillance Blimp

People Bring Assault Weapons/Pistols To Obama Event

There needs to be a law: people with guns need to

Senator Sanders: "I am a strong advocate of a public option..."

TPM: Man Outside Phoenix Rally with Assault Rifle & Handgun

Should a state which allows one to carry AR-15's openly get your tourist dollars?

Without a mandate to buy healthcare ....

Guns at Obama rallies.

OMG OMG OMG! Fox just announced that President Obama and Michelle are gonna be

Sen. Kerry has hip surgery to address chronic pain

The Public Option Depends on CONFERENCE

Look, Pres. Obama is just trying to get the Senate to pass _any_ bill.

American Doctor Writes From Germany

So can the public option pass the Senate with 51 votes?

He's no President Lyndon Johnson, that is for sure!!

We had a scene at my little Town Hall today. What's going on nationally

People are now carrying assault rifles at presidential appearances

If I didn't know better, I'd think the MSM was trying to divide us.

Insurance lobbyist blasts Dean's 'Medicare option' compromise

Feingold demands a Public Option

Obama administration gave up single payer

LBJ to Ted Kennedy: don't talk about the cost of Medicare

How many more must die in Afghanistan?

Liberals complain over Obama concession

Did Obama promise a public option? The answer is somewhat complicated

Dear Senators; Take a stand on this:

Howard Dean: "This is politics. Public Option will be in Final Bill." [VIDEO]

Anyone listening to Rachel?

The BIG LIE on Chris Matthews Hardball: Democrats need 60 votes to pass healthcare legislation.

Senator Franken supports public option

Walmart, CVS, Best Buy, GMAC Among 8 Major Companies To Pull Ads From Glenn Beck Show

Did He trade away a public option today?

John Wilkes Booth sat in on several of Lincoln's speeches

Ohio police dispatcher passes along racist image of Air Force One.

Prez Event Or Gun Show? 12 w/ Guns Outside Obama Speech

Hartmann called it. Obama needs to support medicare for all option.

What part of "its up to us" to get this passed are we not getting? The Health Care Bill


"Squandered Opportunity" some pretty harsh words from The Nation:

Big Ed is GOING OFF!!! saying the White House has a communication problem

What will Republicans say when Matt Drudge dies from AIDS?

Should Sebelius be fired.....

Huckabee slams Obama in pro-settlement Israel visit

Great flowchart on where the current healthcare reform model will take us

"A tweet from SEIU's Andy Stern: 'We should not lower our expectations on health care...'"

At 1:24 video the white guy with a gun says "we got a good looking young Black man with an AR-15"

If the public option gets dropped, will more republicans vote yes?

My NC city starting to see stimulus money

It's clear as day why guns at presidential events are a bad idea...

As Rachel reported: Health Care Company Stocks Up Today After WH Backs Off Public Option

US builders upbeat, Manufacturing shows life.

FLASHBACK-April 2008: Obama just can't "seal the deal"

Who Are These People Anyway? The Gang of Six

keith olbermann on the public option with howard dean and nate silver. nt

Health Care Concession Riles Left; Right Unmoved

The ED Show beginning now! He's MAD!!!!!! -nt

Wash. Times defends "fact-based" editorials comparing Obama to Nazis

Jenny Sanford: Snippets from Vogue

A Little Something From Nate Silver

What "not the most essential" REALLY means.

The Economic Hit Men are Knock, Knock, Knocking on our Health Care Door

PHOTO Eisenhower's secretary meets the President

Amusing Google News Overview Of Whitehouse Email Problem

Pelosi To White House: We’re Standing Firm Behind Public Option

Who chooses who is on the conference committee?

Baucus proposed Medicare-style public option last November

Gibbs answers reporters' questions on the public option: "Nothing has changed."

Burr: Public option okay if you leave private sector alone

Big Ed said Obama is acting like a Senator instead of a President

Talkingpointsmemo: Think the GOP Will Support Co-ops? Think Again!

PHOTOS Well, that was a warm welcome at Phoenix Sky Harbor

I Think It Was Just Too Big A Responsibility To Give The Dems......

Chris Matthews Show is all about "I Hate the Public Option."

Administration Official: "Sebelius Misspoke."

The AP calls this reporting?

Medical Cooperatives fail on three points -viability, universality and 'solidarity'

President Obama is the real target of health care protesters, not policy

FL-Sen, FL-21, FL-25: Crist Cooking Up a Three-Way?

Oh ye that are losing faith in Obama... let me ask you a simple question...

IL-Sen: Kirk Posts Slim Lead Over Giannoulias in Rasmussen Poll

So, let me get this straight. A verbal or written threat against the

They want progressives to be mad at Obama about health care.

something no one ever expected to see

AFL-CIO September Union Convention might not back healthcare bill proposed by Congress ....

Thom Hartmann imitates AP

Krugman: The public option as a signal

VA-Sen: Fifth Pollster Shows Big Deeds Gap

Vote counting is at the heart of the matter.

It looks like many on the Left are quitters like Sarah Palin

Reconciliation - I'm bewildered, sort of

Congressmen Restate Support for Public Option

I am sorry, but I think the us in the U.S. have been so bushized in the last 8 years

Ezra Klein is right. A co-op would only serve to solve a 'political' problem.

TPM: Rep. Anthony Weiner: No Vote in House on Health Care Bill Without a Public Option

Robert Reich: The public option's last stand

just saw a new afscme healthcare reform commercial on msnbc!

Exchanges, Co-Ops And Cop-Outs On Health Care Reform

If we get one senator to filibuster a bill without a public option

Gibbs: No "Postal Service" for Health Care


Insurance reform, I can do that for about 350 billion over 10 years

Two AR-15 & More than 1 Handgun Carrier Outside Phoenix Obama Event

House won't pass Healthcare without a Public Option.

I have had it up to here and then some..with the self righteous

Awwwww is Sasha saluting alongside POTUS? It looks like it

MO-Sen, IL-Sen: Republicans Blunt, Kirk Mislead on Health Care

Regarding Chess, Checkers and the Public Option

I just called CNN and asked them why

Let's review the watered down House public option proposal. "A small and ineffectual option"

Thousands in NC plan for death

Ad hits Burr on health care

Grassley's Not Even Trying

Rich Americans Scrambling Over Tax Dodge Crackdown

Not About Whether Obama Supports the Public Option

Minnesota House Speaker Is Running for Governor

Media Matters: Please give a warm welcome to our death panelists.

Time to 'pull the plug on Grassley.' He says he won't vote for bill that gets few Republican votes.

White House Comment Line (202-456-1111) has been busy all day!

Did you call your Senators and Rep today?

I like Mike, but he didn;t make the TWO most important movies he should have made

Media running with this "Obama has given up the Public Option" - Proof: Use of Sliver and Essential

Another healthcare capsule summary

I wish Obama would follow Kucinich's lead and help fund states who create single payer plans.

Tell Ceci Connolly to go back to journalism school

Krugman on medical-industrial complex, right-wing propaganda machine and a true public option


Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Admin Changes Tone on DOMA

"In chasing the Sebelius comments... media outlets ignored Robbert Gibbs' appearance..."

Heritage Wrote Obama's Insurance Plan - says buzzflash

live: obama speaking to vfw on cspan. nt

Contact the White House on a public option

If it's a co-op, it must be national, with a majority of gov't appointed board members

Grassley Retracts Claim That Government Could “Pull The Plug On Grandma”

Former Gov. Dean calls public option indispensable

Ignagni on MSNBC making the case insurance reforms with subsidies will solve our healthcare problems

Lincoln will not ‘preclude’ herself from voting ‘no’ on health care reform.

The congressional budget office may drive a strong public option into reality

we should shine a strong light on the finances of the blue dogs and

Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh P-G:-"invent some lies like the republicans do."

I went to Grovelbot's Big Board and found this sweet video!

Who would be the bigger threat to President Obama in 2012?

Media starting some shit - They are instigating a Rumble!

They were right about those "death panels"

Let the Insurance Companies just write the damn bill, sign it and move on!

Drudge is dead on ... Obama is flying a white flag.

Good job bridge jumpers, thumbsuckers, quitters, Chicken Little's, and trolls!!!!

Administration sorta-kinda resets health-plan vague non-promises to previous suck level!!!

A baliout for the rest of us

With all the demands on the HCR by special interests

Obama may drop public insurer option

Paul Krugman: The Swiss Menace

I hear Hillary Clinton is going to endorse McCain?!?

As far as I know, Congress is on holidays and President Obama is

I believe in President Obama. I do not believe he has givin up on Public Option

Democrats may tap Wicker to run against Burr

The State of Texas has a "insurance of last resort" for automobiles

Does Anyone Have a List of Obama's Next Townhall Meetings?

NV-Gov: GOPer Federal Judge Steps Down, May Take on Gibbons

Warriors for Christ: Is Promise Keepers Making a Comeback?

Patrick Cockburn: Only Time Can Heal Some Iraqi Wounds

Chuck Grassley Insanity Confirmed: He’s a Glenn Beck Fan

WaPo: It's Time to Legalize Drugs

The First Die-off (James Howard Kunstler)

AlterNet: Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids?

Foreign Workers Won't Be Furloughed By University System (H-1B's)

As Slowdown Drags On, IBM Looks to Governments for New Growth

Obama's Health Insurance Plan Channels...The Heritage Foundation?

DeadSpin: The Hamiltons In Jesusland

Jesselyn Radack:Financial Whistleblowers, Brad Birkenfeld & UBS

The Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs Are...

Thom Hartmann: Dear President Obama: A Modest Medicare Proposal

The Sellout May be Complete

The Commons Exposed

Ann Wright: Guam Resists Military Colonization

In Defense of Britain's Health System

Obama Surrenders on Health Care

Happy States and the Economic Crisis

CNN Commentary: How insurance firms drive debate

We CAN fight back! And win!


Take ANOTHER moment for a LAUGH

Sticky Fingers: The Super Rich Set a New Greed Grab Record

Tom Delay in DWTS to dance to Whorehouse song

Another COIN Skeptic: Hamid Karzai

Guardian UK: American healthcare is in truth already rationed

Exchanges, Co-Ops And Cop-Outs On Health Care Reform

Wendell Potter: How Insurance Firms Drive Debate

Come somebody please explain Donnesbury for August 15th

Opera in the Fifth Dimension (wish I could see it)

Obama's 'Health Plan B': Outsource Public Option to 'Out-of-Network' Countries

A Lifeless Cure

at-Largely (Jeff Huber): Look Who's Not Talking

Without a public option, Obama’s health plan must die

New Yorker: Arguing About Afghanistan

The Ultimate Hypocrisy: Born-Again Birthers Want Medicare Even After Their Death

The unnamed war victims

Now brutal warlord holds key to Afghan poll (Rashid Dostum)

HOw to knock a Trillion dollars off the Health Care Reform bill - eliminate subsidies to insurers.

Cost to cover uninsured 2010-2019 with NO Health Care Reform: $1.2 Trillion - (new better number)

Swimmers are told to wear burkinis

How American Health Care Killed My Father - The Atlantic

The conservative Christian's reaction to "Obama-Care."

No Public Option? Then NO Mandate

Our Last Chance to Preserve Life On Earth Is Slipping Away

Can Game Theory Predict When Iran Will Get the Bomb?

Obama=Socialist Campaign Gives Socialism New Cachet (Charles Dews)

The Pro-Choice movement will lose without a change of strategy.

The GOP's Misplaced Rage

Administration Still Defending the Indefensible DOMA

Nuremberg and the Torture Memos: An American Dilemma

Woodstock: Why It Sucked (Or, 40 Years Of Peace, Love, and Wasted Promise)

Dear President Obama: A Modest Medicare Proposal

Dr. Howard Dean on Dr. Nancy today: Co-ops Don't Work; Public Option is the Only True Reform

"Dear President Obama: A Modest Medicare Proposal" by Thom Hartmann

I will not be visiting Tennessee anytime soon.

Capt Paul Watson talks about Whale Wars - Interview on Tree Hugger Radio

Billionaires for Wealthcare

China: The new Big Oil

Agricultural Methods of Early Civilizations May Have Altered Global Climate, Study Suggests

Kindling For Climate Change—Toolik scientists study the long-term impact of a … fire in the Arctic

Peak oil review - Aug 17

Drumbeat: August 17, 2009

Wheat nutrition declines as CO2 rises

Oilwatch Monthly August 2009

Dutch reactor shutdown to fuel further (medical) isotope shortage

China study urges greenhouse gas caps, peak in 2030

Average Snow Cover At Australia's Highest Ski Resort Down 30-40% Over 50 Years - AAP

Stressed crops emit more methane than thought—could promote global warming

Peat-Forest Fires Out Of Control On Borneo - Direct Threat To Largest Remaining Orang Population

Australia Pushing Limits Of Continent's Life-Support System, Says Federal Report - SMH

Explosion at Russia's Largest Hydroelectric Plant Kills 8

YouTube video....Middlebury College Biomass Gasification Plant

Scientists Tracking Rapid Thermokarsting As Permafrost Collapse Hits Alaskan Arctic - C&EN

Climate change to make Texas too hot for some species

Australia Environment Minister concedes extinction inevitable

States shed reinsurance and 'run naked' through storm risks

Big wind farm (500 MW) planned near Flagstaff

Energy firms in secret talks on nuclear 'levy'

Australia prepares for worst fire season ever

Chile sees tidal power filling energy gap

Researchers: shrinking Teton glaciers will affect Utah water

Honey, I shrunk the fuel cell! Next-gen GM hydrogen stack gets small

There will be NO forest jobs!

Chinese coal purchase (of Australian mining co) could start a trend

"Crops Are Shriveling As India Faces The Spectre Of Drought, But Economists Still Upbeat" - AFP

Time Magazine: Can Geoengineering Help Slow Global Warming?

Whale wars thinking

A belated thank you

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 16)

NFLPA director Smith convinced players will be locked out in 2011

Mark Messier named Special Assistant to the President (NY Rangers)

Wow, Orioles fall on their swords and trade 1B Aubrey Huff

Wright rejoins Mets, says head feels better

I love this picture...

Speaking of football, the NFLPA is readying itself for a lockout

The yo-yo soap opera that is Brett Favre's life

Giants CRUSH helpless Mets 10-1

Madden 10

Raiders' Head Coach punches assistant -- sends him to hospital

Marlins reach 13 straight with 10-plus hits

Everton 1 - 6 Arsenal

To the Couch Potato who thinks Golf is lame and not a sport....

Daring expansion on tap for new solar company—Eugene-based Centron Solar wants to build six plants…

Bolivia Prescribes Solidarity: Health Care Reform under Evo Morales

Honduras: OAS’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Arrives Today

Young Resistance Leader Gerardo Torres: To scream goal

Honduras: Repression Continues to Escalate

Media In Venezuela: Facts and Fiction

Washington’s Tight Rope Walk on Honduras by Arnold August

“The Only Crime”: Testimony of Marcial Hernandez, beaten, detained & hospitalized

Ok, I've made up my mind! I'm not going re-enlisting under any circumstances!

Good thing this was a gun-free zone, otherwise someone might have been shot

If an antigun mayor were brained with a pipe .....

Too gung-ho? Israel military rabbis draw criticism

Palestinians prefer Abbas and Fatah to Hamas: poll

Palestinian leader stresses talks, not "resistance"

In States With Open Carry Gun Laws

Mubarak to Tell U.S. Israel Must Make Overture

Orly Taitz: Obama policies are 'clear and present danger to Israel'

"I saw them lying on the floor crying... and I realized I had to buy the gun."

Israel agrees to freeze settlement construction as gesture to US

Any pictures of vehicles with pro gun and pro Obama stickers at the same time?

Jerusalem families waiting for US action

Who Is Human Rights Watch’s Joe Stork?

Today in Labor History Aug 17 IWW War Trials in Chicago & the Spam Strike

NFLPA Advises Players About Potential 2011 Lockout

Labor Day with WIN

USA Today: More lawmakers tackle rise of wage-theft complaints

The Neo-Know-Nothings

Philly Guards’ Efforts Provide a Local Look at Employee Free Choice Act

Hope you're not sick of green...

While recuperating at home

There were fire dancers at Confluence Park in Denver tonight.

For Trusty Elf and others --- BAMBERG Germany

Blasting Neutrinos Under Wisconsin May Yield Big Payoff

Slash-And-Burn May Have Altered Early Climate Thousands of Years Ago

Ares Rocket Passes Milestone Amid Growing Uncertainty

Faith rites boost brains, even for atheists (yay!)

"Gobsmacked" at 70,000 Ft

"analysis: Banks added 10,000 branches in boom"

Amex card Aug 09 letter - from fixed to variable plus 3+ increases! . See the letter:

BB&T takes over Colonial BancGroup

Chrysler to build Fiat 500 in Mexico

Anyone else get a free airplane ticket from Regions Bank???

Is Nothing Sacred in This Recession? Reader's Digest Set to File for Bankruptcy

A Phantom Economic Recovery By Nouriel Roubini (re-direct)

Foreign purchases of US long-term securities surges

Asian markets crashing

So we are not certain about the recovery because... people do not go shopping

Global markets tanking because...

I believe

Obama affirms DOMA is discriminatory, calls for repeal in legal brief

It's the middle of August.

Solution to gay marriage issue?

A very sad day for Anchorage.

Battling inflammation, disease through food

So what IS Big Oil/Gas doing with all those profits?

Latest lie being pushed is that Obama refused to put his family on the insurance "plan"

Let's review the watered down House public option proposal. "A small and ineffectual option"

Low maternal vitamin D increases risk of HIV transmission to child and infant mortality - x

If you get the H1N1 flu now does that mean that you have immunity for the rest of the season?

World Cancer Research Fund recommends no processed meat in kids lunches

Has anyone received this email,

Senator Feingold demands a Public Option (re-direct)

Thank you for the star, Annonymous donor!

here I go again...please bear with me...

Interpretations of Right and Left.

Believers Invest in the Gospel of Getting Rich

Why Newt Gingrich Converted to Catholicism

Sharia courts conquer UK

What do you think of this article ?

Salsa Suggestions

State senator linked to pyramid scheme (Jeff Wentworth)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Not Throwing in the Public Option towel just yet, but...

Climate change has some Texas animals fleeing the Texas heat

How did an inexperienced pilot fly a 757 at 500mph just a few feet off the ground?

No debris outside the Pentagon

Texas public schools required to teach Bible this year?

'Dancing With the Stars' cast includes Tom DeLay (puke)

Ian Halperin's "Michael Jackson: Unmasked" - Complete Trash

DeLay, Osmond will go ‘Dancing’ this season

Ryan White's Mom on Michael Jackson and Ryan's Relationship With Him.