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Bill Maher rerun on now from last night, Ch. 502, fyi. nt

The Truth Will Out

If you have a NY Times account, please comment and rec

What a Joke!

What a Joke!

I'm looking at that asshole John Fund on C-SPAN talking about "Stopping the Govt. in its tracks"

20 LSU Students Diagnosed With 'Type A' Flu In Past Week

When I hear Republicans talk about "Republican Values" I have to take a look at the list

Workplace Debates (Day 2)

yadda yadda.

This is NOT a calling out

FOOD INC. - Go See This MOVIE - Support Independent Filmaking At It's Finest`

Sunday Talks Shows - Here's the Lineup

G.I. Jane Breaks the Combat Barrier as War Evolves

G.I. Jane Breaks the Combat Barrier as War Evolves

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane: Dick Armey, Courtesy Of Digby (Video)....

Few Days Back - A Thread With Anti-Protester Protesters With Funny Signs?

Industrial Production Both Better and Worse Than Reported

Great idea to show support for health care reform at rallies:

Quarterly Productivity Numbers: Ignore Them

I feel guilty for falsely getting out of jury duty...

US spies blamed Iran for Lockerbie bomb

Hey, remember when Orrin Hatch stood up for

A Post Outlook Writer Who Has Never Read the WP (demographic transition = labor shortage? piffle.)

The Face of US Corporations

How to get a quick 69 billion/yr for the federal coffers = repeal the bush tax cuts to the top 1%

Worst Performance Ever For Back-To-School Sales

Republicans are Criminals

Torture Accountability Panel from Netroots Nation

What time is Rachel on for her smack down of Armey? What show?

Sanders put on the hot seat Hundreds turn out to debate health care

Sanders put on the hot seat Hundreds turn out to debate health care

The Fierce Urgency of Maine - Vote No on 1/Protect Maine Equality

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

The Capitalist Beast that Ate the World.

Why "Squeaky" Fromme was released this week: Woodstock

I'll bet you never knew...?

Compassionate Conservative? Bull Poop!

No healthcare reform? The American people will bear a fair amount of blame.

Memorable comment from C-Span: "Republicons are . . . "

Smack - First of all I'm 67 and I voted for Obama

Their faith in Rush is stronger than our faith in the truth.

Rachel Maddow and DICK Army on Meet the Press, 10:30am Eastern

Rachel Maddow and DICK Army on Meet the Press, 10:30am Eastern

Anyone want to parse this? Sebelius: Obama OK with insurance co-ops

Republicans are pathological liars.

Are you getting anti health care reform email spam from

Are you getting anti health care reform email spam from

GOP Masters need manpower....who better to carry water than those fooled?

Where's the official thread on Meet the Press? It's on now on the east coast

Rachel Maddow on MTP now! (8 am CDT)

How to counter the "massive job losses" argument w/ public option?

Familiar names among raised voices in coalition against US health reform

Plan B for Obama should be to walk away

Play the Rightwing Astro-Turf Outrage Game!!

In celebration of Woodstock, I think DUers

White House E-Mail On Health Care - Pass It Around

Is it just me, or has Jim Webb compiled a hell of a record for a 1st term senator?

"Keep Your Laws Off My Body". Isn't Nice The Rightwingers FINALLY Get It?

Lies are not myths, they are lies

New Sunday show???? Rachel vs the Crazies?

And Remember They Had Six Years To Change..

Freddie & Fannie Med?.........

Iran: The Green Brief #55 (August 15 - Mordad 24) Latest news from Iran.

This alarms me. Look at the guy holding the Obama/Hitler sign

LTTE: Writer misreads words of New Testament

Interesting conversation about healthcare with Brit friends on facebook

Dick Armey say's ditching the Public Option for Co-Op's is a sign

Geothermal power search holds promise, threat (earthquakes)

How should Dems fight back? The RRRs have been fine-tuning

You know I'm not sure what to think

Mr. X litters and is fined $25 for the crime. What is Mr. X's punishment?

Dick Armey sounds like that drunk barfly you sat next to on a really bad Saturday night

Do you think its time to change the term limits of the congress?

Can't Sleep: Watched 15 minutes of Glen Beck how does he get away it?

Pro-Health Care Reform radio ad from Walmart?

Why The Dems Are Losing This Health Care Reform Debate?......

Dick Armey is a lying sack of shit

Inside the Taliban: 'The more troops they send, the more targets we have' (Guardian UK)

Seattle attorney threatened over health reform (confused republicans attack estate planning)

UBS to name 5,000 accounts under U.S. deal: paper

Big Tropical Storms in Atlantic Hit 1,000-Year High - ABC News

Perhaps the democratic party could form a "group policy" for all its members

The United States of America: The Land of the Scam.....

MTP debate disappointing. They need to say, "you've been paid by the insurance industry to lie".

Rachael is extremely intelligent and articulate and CIVIL but not the person to go against

The Constitution...

So it's gonna be a "nonprofit" like "Blue Cross/Blue Shield"?

Popcorn countdown...

Who do you allow to have your money

Very good movie

coal and oil Baron's August attacks will piss you off big time

My email:

Did Rachel Maddow hold her own against Armey, Daschle, and Coburn on MtP today?

The Health Insurance Company Protection Act

Average cost for insurance for a family is $12,000 or more (as per MTP)

State your position on the public option fight

Conrad: Public Option "Wasted Effort"...Sebelius: "not essential".....Do you agree with Howard Dean?

Fears for Barack Obama's safety as healthcare debate fuels extremism

Dick Armey

Laying the Groundwork for a Letdown

48% of US mortgage holders underwater by 2011? so says deutsche bank.

"Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility"

A loud, ignorant (yet small) rabble, a complicit media, a corrupt Congress, a feckless majority

Still like winning?Then start backing Baucus and no public option because that's where this is going

Nashville lawyer nominated for U.S. judgeship: Obama asks Stranch to fill appellate spot

Meet the Press Mailbox

No one will agree,but we can get change

There Better Be a Public Option

Now is the time to let Sen. CONrad and his ilk to listen to us.

Firing leads to protest at St. Paul Starbucks

USA Today: Aspiring farmers learn from seasoned growers

Would you all mind DUing a local poll about healthcare reform?

I swear it's all racism.....

"Rome wasn't built in a day. Next time don't hire union labor." bumper sticker

US Plane Lands in Taiwan to Help Mudslide Victims

US Plane Lands in Taiwan to Help Mudslide Victims

So why do you think Republicans are pushing for "consumer choice" in being able to buy insurance

Sure is a bunch of OMFG letdown going on around here today.....

Local Crazy Woman Strikes Again

O. Hatch kept saying 7 out of 10 Americans are happy with their health

Rachel in the MTP Take Two Web Extra is up... (link)

A public option is not "perfect" (only acceptable)...Pseudo-reform w/o a public option is not "good"

"You are not a Bible character"

"You are not a Bible character"

"You are not a Bible character"

Kill the health bill!

The truth about what really happened in St Louis at the Carnahan meeting last week

CSUN Student Imprisoned in Iran Returns Home after 9 months

Serious question about how you feel about insurance co-ops vs public option

Insurance reform ,huh?

Might Sebellius's AP quote re public option be an Obama 'head fake'?

If Polled Today, I Would Say I STRONGLY DISAPPROVE Of The Job Obama Is Doing

Did anyone before or after Michael Vick did his time get punished for

OBAMA has been PROMOTING the PUBLIC OPTION at all the townhalls THIS PAST WEEK

Hey, Kathleen Sebelius? A steering wheel is not an essential part of a car, either

When was the last time there were three tropical storms

Photo: "if all else fails, Vote from the rooftops"

White House backs away from public health care option (re-direct)

Genius Ownage From The Daily Show & Colbert Report: Glenn Beck Vs Glenn Beck

Can someone tell me WHY we can't have a public option? No BS please.

DUers are you ready for the IAAF 100m finals

Dick Armey on MTP: Tell me if this is what I heard or not:

NYT: Believers Invest in the Gospel of Getting Rich

TS Claudette is official.

There seems to be no moral imperative about health insuring everyone

What the Pakistani polls tell us

Put a smile on a Sunday, please come create a CAPTION for Train Wreck:

My neighbor died almost 3 years ago

On Matthews' show on NBC, following MTP, he cited a predicition of sub 50% polls for Obama

On Matthews' show on NBC, following MTP, he cited a predicition of sub 50% polls for Obama

Oh, no! Twitter just crashed!

A Healthcare Bill That Will Get Republican Votes

A Healthcare Bill That Will Get Republican Votes

Could expanding Medicare or adding on to SS (like Medicare was)

Kucinich Predicts Retreat On Health Care Reform

Rachel Maddow: Without a public option healthcare "won't do very much for the American people"

Why Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is truly despicable.

Benefits should be framed like taxes

"At some point, the ship will have to show up somewhere" BBC video/article

Oh, so you would want McCain instead? We'd still be in Iraq and Afghanistan and no health care.

I say since Sebelius is okay with me not being safe and healthy, I say we do the same to her

By what measure does the US have the "best health care?"

As has been so often said here, President Obama never had his own plan. Was that a mistake?

Want to debate Jim Martin of 60 Plus Association?

With Lobster Prices Low, Things Get Ugly in Maine

Thousands more will die, tens of thousands more will

Would Michael Vick still be running dog fights if he wasn't caught?

God Damn, Hold his feet to the fire!

Dick Armey is simply flerbusting Rachel that's all. And his lies are so blatent

I'm not convinced that calling your Congress critter helps one bit.

man tried to persuade officers that he was part of an undercover government operation

Has anyone else noticed ........ ?

Kent Conrad

Does the Fair Housing Act apply only to those selling or renting?

I think Kathleen Sebelius needs to hear from us...

Republicans: If you can't have a free, new, top-of-the-range Cadillac, don't accept a

Jiminy Cricket is a Terrorist!

Has President Obama shown enough leadership on the health care issue? After all, it's his issue and

Spoiler - Damn, Damn, Damn

President Obama doesn't even mention a public option in his Op-Ed piece in todays New York Times!

We need to wait for the Senate Finance Committee Bill before getting all bent out of shape

Health Care: ‘Public Option’ or Co-op Concept?

For those despairing about Dems waffling on the Public Option

Was your local Whole Foods busy today?

Whole Foods Shill opens pro-whole foods facebook group

Request for a friendly point in the right direction

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition-By Rick Perlstein

We are choking to death on false paradigms while the rich keep laughing

Heroes of the past.

Here's an easy one ..... maybe. Where do you stand on the political spectrum?

DUers from ME/NJ/NY/VT/WA and also MA - healthcare survey

This is It for Obama

Senator Conrad, there are not the votes for your re-election. There never were.

Birf-N-Turf defined

Breast-feeding moms stage 'nurse-in' at Orlando area Chick-fil-A

We need a march on Wash to show public option not dead

Can anyone link e a clip of that Lawrence O'Donnell rant from waaaaaay back about "lesbian sex"?

No option without the Public Option.

I know what I want

I know what I want

The co-op is a cop-out.

"Mr. Political Science Major" says: Moral liberalism = self-centeredness. And self-centeredness...

Admins: GD has slowed way the hell down in the last 20 minutes..are we under DOS attack?

Rachel Maddow debuts on Meet The Press 8-16-09

If Bruce Tinsley (Mallard Fillmore) weighed in on health care, would he go stupid or clever?

Any idea how long that America will regress from the fear state policies back into normality?

So it seems as though public option is slowly slipping from our grasp...

A little more help please


A question to those of you who have seen District 9 (Peter Jackson's new film):

David Gregory -- one more media whore

Ok - I Have A Full-On Mancrush On Lawrence O'Donnell (Video)...

White House Appears Ready to Drop Public Option" to "White House May Drop Public Health Care Option"

Y. E. Yang Wins PGA

About Blue Dogs; they're a cartoon.

My employer recently mailed all employees a letter

MSNBC- Sunday night entertainment from GE/Microsoft

MSNBC- Sunday night entertainment from GE/Microsoft

Something on the DU Latest page just hijacked my browser.

Usain Bolt shatters the 100 meter mark, again

Can You Get Your Facts Straight, Senator Hatch?

Lets coalesce around the Carville option: force GOP to filibuster health reform

Omaha a Pit Stop on Long Road to Health Care Reform (& video I was there)

Carville: Let GOP kill health care -- then run against them

I deleted my own brother off my Facebook Page, hes so filled with hate

Johanns (R-Ne) unhappy with health bills

Will supporters of a Public Option tell Obama "No" on co-ops??

If our corporate 24/7 media had been around in the 50s and 60s

So I guess there is only one party - the Corporate Party. What is it going to take?

Is Howard Dean with us or agin' us?

I absolutely LOVE Fiddler on the Roof EVERY time I watch it!!

I just donated to "OUR" lobbyist group(ok it's 1 against 22,000 but it's a start!)

Lord of Flies author William Golding tried to rape teenager, new biography claims

They fear the government because they gave it power over our lives ...

They fear the government because they gave it power over our lives ...

Has there been a public statement regarding the public option from Obama today?

Will your Congressional Representative survive the 2010 Election? Mine will.

The Republican Party needs to be "reformed"...

Who's idea was it to have these town halls? just curious, and i wish i could go to some of these...

I fucking HATE it when I'm right

I betcha can't .........

This might be unpopular but I kinda wish there were some Blue Dog Dem pictures on fund raising board

Micheal Vick's PR team needs to teach him to emote when he says

Our PBS station is re-running Pete Seeger's

So: harrassing congresscritters, bringing visible weapons and threatening the president...WORKS. have a protest planned in DC for 9/30-10/1

Glenn Back fans fighting back

The Incredible Shrinking Health Care Reform

Healthcare, if no reform Dems necks will be on the chopping block!

Healthcare, if no reform Dems necks will be on the chopping block!

Obama is changing the momentum on reform?

Who gives a shit about what freepers think

I moan git me a gun---

Bill Clinton's Speech to Netroots Nation on why we need to support Obama!

Animal fighting

Second verse, same as the first: Oil lobby to fund campaign against Obama's climate change strategy

O.K., the Birther has replied to my sending him the "BOrn in the USA" graphic!1

O.K., the Birther has replied to my sending him the "BOrn in the USA" graphic!1

There is no way you can support keeping women out of combat and not be considered a sexist

Is Max Baucus the New Phil Gramm?

Are the Democrats "gutless"?

Get in before the pizza delivery

hey..HEY!.. Sibelius did NOT say they were "ok" with no public option!!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car sold Chevies without standard air bags!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car sold Chevies without standard air bags!

The biggest problems facing our nation.

PGA Golf History Made Today

what I'm trying to sort out in my own mind:

Can you believe it?

Why the Right's 'Astroturfing' Propaganda Is Textbook Psychopathic

Whether you were on "this side" or "that side", when it is over, will man up and admit .........


White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

Is Obama asking us to hold his feet to the fire?

Congress clears way to rent foreclosures

Are they setting us up for a Co-op with a trigger for a public option?

Obama's promises

Would you consider this offensive or anti-semitic?

So it's looking increasingly likely we're going to get screwed, again

It's a Start? Maybe?

Compassion, The dividing line.

Sibelius floated a balloon and Conrad is a blue dog sucking up to Faux

Sibelius floated a balloon and Conrad is a blue dog sucking up to Faux

Reasons why GOLF is lame

Reasons why GOLF is lame

Have we seen a head count of Democratic Senators stating publicly for or against a public option?

American Medical Association endorses Obama's Health Insurance Reform

It's all over folks

This place used to be a community. Now it seems the inspiration for the writings of .....

-11,000m ...... 385,000km ........ why did we stop visiting?

I think this man should be on a WANTED poster

Remember When.......

Wow! I'm stunned by the utter stupidity of Tom Coburn

LEAPing to legal drugs

the latest fundy template for successful marriages.

Administration Official: "Sebelius Misspoke."

Psst, Grovelbot is already live and in your face!

Wyeth paid University of Wisconsin to sponsor ghostwritten articles that downplayed risks of HRT

Wyeth paid University of Wisconsin to sponsor ghostwritten articles that downplayed risks of HRT

Continuation of the Civil War?

Why you should NEVER put faith in politicians and why the American Ideal elects

PANICKING? READ THIS: Gibbs: Obama Still Backs Public Option

Is it starting to look to you as though we need some way with Co-ops or with a Public Option to hold

Be careful of what you think and hear about health care

Appreciation thread for DUer EFerrari

Should we rename ourselves the....

International DU'ers: Please lobby your governments to condemn America's treatment of its sick.


the stench of betrayal....

The fight for the public option is a fight for democracy.

President Bill Clinton Keynotes Netroots Nation Pittsburgh VIDEO

Maybe, Just Maybe, The Sebelius Brouhaha Can Turn Into A Good Thing....

Hmm. I found a message within a message in Defend Glenn Beck's messageboard.

I pay $265/mo. for health insurance with a $5,000 deductible and 80-20 thereafter.

Without a viable Public Plan government run

TS Claudett: "unnerving how quickly this storm sprung up" - landfall tonight (Wunderground)

Firing leads to protest at St. Paul Starbucks

Would Dante Stallworth have gotten the same public scorn as Michael Vick if reinstated this season?

The Grovlebot Menace.

Does anyone have any experience with Renters' Rights advocate groups?

Dems may be creating a monster

No apologies. I'm still glad Obama won.

We have met the only African American man in America that did not vote for Obama

"Where Are They Now"...Singer/Actress/Prince Protégé Denise "Vanity" Matthews

A story of the NHS.

NYT: Madison and the White House, Through the Memoir of a Slave

French Minister calls for Full Ban on Burka

Lack of Blacks at National Parks Worries Ranger

The "Support Glenn Beck and His Values and Principles" petition

Snopes debunks Glen Becks lies re: owning your computer files.

Just got a threatening letter from the COBRA people

CNN quick poll: Would you miss Saturday mail if the Postal Service stopped delivering it?

Administration Officials Walk Back Sebelius Comments

Nine out of 10 dollar bills test positive for cocaine

More signs:

Tip of the glass and best wishes to 40 yrs! ...Woodstock

Denying health care to sick people because they can't pay is immoral.

Obesity a crushing weight on U.S. health care

Director John Waters on Leslie Van Houten

Okay, I was born in 1966. What was wrong with hippies??

Flashback: Cigna "Death Panel" pulls the plug on 17 year old cancer patient because of costs.

Anyone keeping count? How many foaming-at-the-mouth DU rants have been touting GOP talking points?

Shah Rukh Khan detained by airport officials during visit to America to make film about racial

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter - concern of neurologists over 25 deaths

Listen up folks!

Maddow Battles Dick Armey In "Meet The Press" Debut

Practical Democrats vs Moldy Republicans

So Coburn Sees Patients Every Day?

Seems to me we are being infiltrated today:

Paul Krugman:The Swiss Menace

What do you think about retesting of drivers once ever several years after a certain age?

The Complete Train Wreck of Industrialized Medicine

wsj: Supporters of Health-Care Change Prepare Counterattack

Dan Rather, dogged plaintiff

It’s Hip to Be Round

Can anybody explain to me the connection between public option and universal care?

Public insurance plan not essential: Sebelius (HHS)

Hawaii plans quiet, sobering 50th anniversary

Pro-healthcare forces win in Alameda.......(picture heavy)

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

Meet the Press 8/16/09 How come the right can just make stuff up?

My letter to the McLaughlin Group

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut: Are you ready for a hurricane?

Wait a minute, time out for a sec...

I still support Obama.

New data: Mega-quake could strike near Seattle

If this Healthcare Bill Doesn't Have the Public Option it's time to go Third Party

New data: Mega-quake could strike near Seattle

I'd like to thank Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey. He saved me over twenty bucks today.

Panels: DoJ Corruption; Torture Accountability (& "Legal Crux" of Siegelman's Supreme Court Appeal)

November 19, 1945. We had it within our grasp, and we let it go

Nate Silver (538): there's ample reason for Democrats to be worried, perhaps deeply so about 2010

The Health Care Debate As Depicted By BLAZING SADDLES In Pictures (Lot's of them)

If we got Single Payer health care, what would change in your life?

CA: Local Woman, 85 Years Old, Breaks Powerlifting Record In Her Age Group

If Obama caves to blue dogs on public option liberals should tell him they will vote against bill

Spit Out the Kool-Aid: The Public Option Was Never A Real Option: It Was A Negotiation Tactic

Liberal First, Democrat Second

Cenk Uygur: Is Obama Just Another Politician?

Cenk Uygur: Is Obama Just Another Politician?


Wow! Someone else just posted about the same kind of problem.

When I try to post a response on DU, I get a notice that

Salon: "I have 2 college degrees, sold a book to Random House, & clean strangers' toilets for money"

If people are responsible for what they put into their bodies, then why is most food available CRAP?

The only reason Medicare is not well enough funded is because of the COST of

If You're Committed To Fighting For A Public Option, Nevermind The Defeatists & Please Check In.

If You're Committed To Fighting For A Public Option, Nevermind The Defeatists & Please Check In.

If You're Committed To Fighting For A Public Option, Nevermind The Defeatists & Please Check In.

If You're Committed To Fighting For A Public Option, Nevermind The Defeatists & Please Check In.

A B C D E F G...hurricane season is back this week...

Carville: Let GOP kill health care -- then run against them: What do U DUers Think?

White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

College Student Questioning Obama Was Republican Staffer

Every Dem's place is with Obama

NY Times: Banks Help Small Debt Become a Big One

Attention SC, NC, & GA DU'ers!!!!

My latest LTTE - for what its worth

Where the FUCK is the March on DC FOR Health Care Reform???

Watching Maddow vs. Armey was like...

Watching Maddow vs. Armey was like...

If the private sector is so much better/more efficient than Government...

American exceptionalism is a lie.

Senate's No-Public-Option "co-ops" looking like Zeke Emanuel's roadmap to PRIVATIZED MEDICARE:

Senate's No-Public-Option "co-ops" looking like Zeke Emanuel's roadmap to PRIVATIZED MEDICARE:

Help with "if you refuse Medicare coverage, you lose SS benefits"....

The "Game" is: Health Care Reform Is Really Health INSURANCE Reform! BrainWashing 101!

Obama Pushes States to Shift on Education--More charter schools & test scores used to judge teachers


Hurricanes Ana and Bill on track for South Florida

Questions That Make All The Difference

Other than Abe Lincoln freeing the slaves, are there any good things to counter the Glen Beck advertiser boycot

Will you donate time and money to Obama or Dem candidates if there is no public option?"


A Proposed Musical Bridge To Join The Gaping Wound Of Boomer/XYZMMM Whiny Wanker Wars

President Nixon's determination to eliminate the socialist government of Salvador Allende led him to

Woodstock, Hippies and boomers.

All our work to get a majority for our Democrats...and the other side seems to hold more power.

Alternatives to DU?

Texas public schools required to teach Bible this year

Dear Grovelbot

Employee of the NHS here (Scotland)

I love Brad Pitt. Pitt on Maher with video link.

What is all that different from the over produced, highly methodical dance music today

If state flags were honest. NSFW

What's your favorite parts of Star celebrities? I an animal?

Tom Cruise = Crazy (Jonathan Coulton music video)

yadda yadda.

Saw Knowing (Nicolas Cage Movie) last night

Okay, rain gods. AZ is several inches below it's 7.8 inch yearly average...

John Kenneth Galbraith's "locked outside the hotel room naked" fantasy come true

I had a dream last night

I just did 200 jumping jacks in a row...but who the hell knows if that's good?


I just bought donuts, made coffee, and I'm ready to watch Rachel kick some ass.

Just watched "Tales of the Rat Fink"

Damn! Just woke up! Been asleep for awhile...Good Tuesday morning to all of you! n/t

You know you are getting old....

Anyone know what this could be? (Photos)

Republican Song and Dance


Post your optical illusions here:

My favorite Ozzy tune- Revelation (Mother Earth) from the Tribute album

Before you start professing that you're knocking me dead...yes, it's Bowie, "Cracked Actor," YouTube

Fan mad about Archie engaging Veronica sells comic

Iron Butterfly.......

Request for an unfriendly point in the wrong direction.

I'm off to the Pride parade - does anybody need anything?

Oh great. Latest prescription ad? Prescription for longer eyelashes.

District 9

Think I've gone loopy

The Gi Joe Movie sucked

PC gurus---your help is needed!

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ

The words that you speak in anger are like birds that can never return to the nest

Yay! Chex cereal is now gluten-free.

Is it too early for a Seven & Seven?

When you compare yourself to a peanut, it's always a "win" for the peanut

The struggle to express extremism is made by those who struggle with the fear of irrelevance

Me in 1978

Mark of the Beast!

Request to the admins: I don't have a goddamn "Blackberry"...

I have reached a stage of paranoia where I think I am dying with every little pain.

The Russians have super smart train riding dogs!

You know that movie with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger?

Just thought you should know

I finally listened to "The Dead"...not "The Grateful Dead," but the current, post-Jerry band...

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to no name no slogan!!*******

Congratulations Mojambo! 15,000 posts!

Congratulations proud2BlibKansan! 65,000 posts!

I spent seven and a half years in DC working at the Pentagon, BURN AFTER READING is right on the $

Green Eyed Love

DU Song Of The Day

Paul Simon fans..this will put a smile on your face


OMG! Paul Anka is beating up Mel Torme!

The dog that barks the happy bark expects you to be happy too

Anyone have any experience selling a diamond?

Anybody watching the new reality show "Househusbands"?

I admit it. I was never a fan of the Eagles

Changing the litter box - the ritual

Tell me why DUers seem to be turning on each other

********** BillyCantor Appreciation Thread **********

Happy Birthday

I'm posting from my back yard! Yellow Speedo, black socks, sandals!

Anyone have any experience stealing a diamond?

My cat has been catnapped by my new neighbor.

When you're lost, that's a very good time to find yourself

What cats really want:

Who Are The Philadelphia Eagles?

Sign outside the American Legion: "Seafood Enchellado"

How about an erotic poem? OK?

Day one of the kitty and the air mattress went well

OMG! The sticky board is back!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Shake It All About Edition

This morning's Philly news on Ch.6 stated that there are about 20,000

What % of Italian words end in a vowel?

Well I bought World War Z on Friday and I've already read over half the book

Male Chauvinist Chili - why is it named that?

"Mad Men" - Is it really "all that"?

Is satire dead?

Trueblood is on!!!

Biggest Drinking Day?

Could someone re-up my star? I will be the BFF of whoever does it.

Nowhere Fast

Music legend dies

My newest poem now lives (with permission!) in the Writer's group!

Happy Birthday Mom

The best science fiction...

Paradise Garage

me singing songs about vegetables in the garden

I am da nurd!

Your dream concert


Hey, jump in on this

I just read a fascinating, sad passage from a book about life in rural Italy in 1956

20 Tweets Re: Palin's Death Panels (from KOS today).... I'm still laughing...

Pre-pay cell phone suggestions?

Everyone take a deep toke and chill

What do you think about people who have don't follow the news?

Klaus - "It is true what Rimbaud said; 'If you think a book is strong enough, try it at the ocean...

J K Simmons is magnificent in Burn After Reading

According to Gallup polls 1 in 12 Americans is unaware that bird is the word

oh, burn! SonofPtah spent Saturday outside in Prescott.

What % of Japanese words end with the letter n?

Her silky blond hair and gorgeous eyes caught his attention...

Help me. Let's play guess the movie. I saw it a couple of weeks

Steve Martini's latest book: "Guardian of Lies" (warning: spoilers)

Piña colada

post your song!!!!`

I want a wolfhound SO BAD

Why do crows sit around with their mouths hanging open?? We saw one today

Someone explain this to me ?

Has anyone seen Oceans 12?

I just saw "Yoo-hoo, Mrs.Goldberg" -- a documentary about Gertrude Berg

Goblinmonger apreciation thread.

A frikkin' HAWK just took a drink from my lawn sprinkler, about six feet away from me

Fake arms and fake legs..he is a por*************..the word didn't come up in the spell check

Has anyone read Gravity's Rainbow?

sunday afternoon picture thread

*******bigwillq appreciation thread*******

What women really want:

are you and your SO well matched,

If you could permently eliminate one type of insect from the face of the planet

I now have a star. Thank you to who ever gave it to me.

Do you ever meet someone, think they might be it, get married, raise 3 kids, and THEN realize...

Am I a bad person, because I put my groceries in double plastic bags?

Does anyone have a good recipe for squash?

Day/weekend of the year you get the drunkest?

I really hate it when movies fuck up the geography of Washington DC

Holy mother of fuck!!!!!


What men really want:

dumpster diving or how i spent my sunday afternoon, thank you very much

Your cry-like-a-baby movie?

I watched the movie John Q w/ Denzel Washington

Anyone seen the movie "Burn After Reading"?

Mathematical Model for Surviving a Zombie Attack

Who said the 80s put out crap music?!

Did you know Sarah Palin is a member of Mensa???

A bat woke me up. It was flying around in my bedroom.

No female captains in Star Trek

If you could go back in time and talk to your ten year old self

Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq

Concentration of wealth in hands of rich greatest on record

US envoy to hold security, poll talks in Pakistan

US spies blamed Iran for Lockerbie bomb

Brazil: Bahia's Elite Preventing Indians from Getting Land

Pilot dies as Russia jets collide

White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

Taliban threatens Afghan voters

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter - concern of neurologists over 25 deaths

Energy firms in secret talks on nuclear ‘levy’

White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

Scores die in Kuwait wedding fire

Lord of Flies author William Golding tried to rape teenager, new biography claims

Hard-Line Cleric Named Iran's Judiciary Chief

LEAPing to legal drugs

Military fails to stop resistance

White House appears ready to drop 'public option'

Iran's president says 3 women to join Cabinet

Mexico favours Brazil trade pact

Iran releases French researcher on bail

White House ready to drop Public Option

Finland denies missing ship carries nuclear material

Afghan government seeks Election Day truces with insurgents

New York Labor Coalition Calls on the Wealthiest Americans to Pay Their Fair Share for Health Care R

White House Appears Ready To Drop 'Public Option'

(Former Senator Ne-R) Hagel warns of U.S. 'drift' in Afghanistan

President Still Favors Public Option as a Means of Creating Competition and Choice, says Gibbs

Kent Conrad: Public Option "A Wasted Effort"

North Korea makes nuclear threat over military drills

Kevin Spacey's Abramoff is tight with Bush & Cheney in 'Casino Jack'

Row over Afghan wife-starving law

Notorious warlord returns to Afghanistan to help Karzai

Big Tropical Storms in Atlantic Hit 1,000-Year High

Nigeria police raid Muslim sect

Actor's US 'detention' prompts outrage in India

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Attacked

Administration Official: "Sebelius Misspoke"

Gay ‘kiss-ins’ smack Mormon church

Sebelius: Obama OK with insurance co-ops

President Obama Holds a Health Care Town Hall in Montana

Cheney Hates Bush by RSU

Richie Havens Freedom Woodstock 1969

Rachel Maddow reminds us of the GOP's Schiavo hypocrisy, discusses end-of-life w/ Schiavo lawyer

Richard Trumka Gives Speech on Final Night of Netroots Nation '09 - Part 1

Richard Trumka Gives Speech on Final Night of Netroots Nation '09 - Part 2

Richard Trumka Gives Speech on Final Night of Netroots Nation '09 - Part 3

CNN Investigates: Australian Vs American Health Care

Brad Pitt: Religion Doesn't Make Sense To Me, Gay Marriage Does

Deadly Afghan Car-Bomb, Less than a week before Afghanistan's presidential elections

France: 'Best' Health Care?

Rachel Maddow w/Chris Hayes on the Brooks Brothers Riot, similarities w/Health Care Screamers

Rachel Maddow exposes Limbaugh, Palin, and Gingrich as wildly hypocritical assholes

Glen Beck on Health Care w/transcript

Young Turks: Healthcare Insider Warns About How Industry Kills Reform

Boycott Fox News, Glenn Beck & Their Sponsors

Republicans admit to hating veterans and seniors

Katie Couric Finally Gets It Right!

Olbermann: Faux Suffers From Beck Backlash

Bill Maher: American Death Panel Game Show

Howard Dean's rally at SEIU hall in Columbus, Ohio. August 15

Young Turks: Crazy Signs At Obama Townhall (The Anus of America)

Senator Tom Coburn (OK) said government has earned threats of violence

TYT: Conservative 'Activist' KG Is A Fraud -- He DOES Have Insurance!

Sebelius: Public Option "Not Essential" In Health Care Reform

Rachel Maddow Battles Dick Armey On "Meet The Press"

Rachel Maddow Got Dick Armey Fired!

The Vaxer conspiracy theory merges with the healthcare debate

Americans For Universal Care(my dad is in Video :-)

Anti-Garcia protesters block Peru's main highway

I still trust and support Obama.

DU 3 facebook polls and please share

Conrad on public option: “to continue to chase that rabbit is, I think, a wasted effort,”

So do you ever wonder what it would cost for America to implement Canadian single payer

"Move On never ran an ad comparing Bush to Hitler"

Sorry, Mr. President, not good enough.

I don't believe I have EVER seen DU so completely discombobulated

Dick Armey wants to take away your Medicare, Grandma!

PHOTOS New Official Photos (August 16)

National Co-op.

OMG! Now conservative NPR is IN ON IT!

Did any of you guys see the Obama-Pharma negotiations on C-SPAN?

Republicans will attack the health care bill -- public option or not.

This is why I voted Nader in 2000

Today I am sick of progressives and DUers, its only August 16 and many of you are accepting defeat

Hillary's African Trip

Health insurance co-ops have poor record

Let Me Be CLEAR On Why The Public Option Is Non-Negiotable!

Isn't it sad that right now Squeaky Fromme

Remember this well: Republican senator sanctions murder and violence on Meet the Press this morning

The average Canadian now lives two years longer than the average American.

To all those who are or will be "done" with Democrats/Obama.

If the Obama Admin Drops Public Option...Say Goodbye to 2012 Re-Election

We Shall Overcome

I'm jealous of Republicans

FACT NOT IN DISPUTE: Obama ALREADY said any bill signed MUST MUST have public option included!!!

Some "liberals" and moderates will justify a surrender to Republicans on health care because .....

DU GD:P... 8/16/09

When I'm pushed down, I get back up and fight harder than before!

Any reason at all to vote for this guy in 2012?

Why James Carville needs to be put out to pasture as a Democratic strategist

Reprint of my June 19, 2009 Prediction on the Public Option's Future

45 Senators For The Public Option?

When did speculative AP headlines become the be all and end all for the left?

Single payer is deader than Michael Jackson

To the dumb asses who are opposed to "socialized" Health Care:

Senate HELP 'public option' will be multiple 'options' run by insurance companies

Politics is a contact sport, but we're a country seeking a shuffleboard match

"Public Option" killed by Obama Administration

We're not reading clearly enough and are jumping to conclusions regarding the public option.

Sunday night and it looks like the long knives are out again...

PHOTOS The Grandest of Canyons (August 16)

Are Cooperatives a Reasonable Alternative to a Public Plan?

2 Aministration officials: Sibelius mispoke...

Life After the Death of the Public Option (Nate Silver)

I think this is all very simple

Crooks & Liars: White House reiterates its support of the Public Option

Did a health care reform bill pass today when I wasn't looking?

At the risk of virtual injury, I say again, the best Public Option is one run by the insurance cos.

Hello! AP is not your maker! Stop treating them with any respect or credibility!

If the public option really is "failing", whose at fault and what should be done...

A Strong Public Option: The Community Health Insurance Option (HELP bill)

Politics over principle.

Bill Cunningham (RW radio host) Tonight

Health Care Co-Ops NOT Substitute for Public Option - Here's Why...

Obama: ‘I Continue To Believe That A Robust Public Option Would Be The Best Way To Go’ (July 20)

Saw an AARP pro Obama health care plan ad tonight. Was really good. See here:

White House appears ready to bend on health-care overhaul

Health Care vs. Health Care System

Bait and switch: How the “public option” was sold

If you don't fight for what you believe by 1) lobbying congress or 2) convincing others to lobby ...

A Quick Note for those Who Want To Abandon Obama and the Democratic Party en masse

Must Read/See Visit for US Energy Policy for all DUers

Obama Demands: The Bill I Sign Must Include Public Option (July 17)

With the public option "not essential", there's nothing to demonize except the co-ops.

I believe that the "no go on the po-op" hysteria will be noped by the POTUS tomorrow.

President shifts focus to renting, not owning

Why are all these town halls in the middle of working hours? I, for one, would

Yay, The lunatics Win!!!

Rachel Maddow: Without a public option healthcare "won't do very much for the American people"

As Recently as 8/14 Dr Dean was Convinced the Public Option was WINNING

Free Universal healthcare is Easy: Russian Brides-Like Lookup-Service Containing Americans. DONE!

Among the Democrats NOT to blame:

Tell me. How Would Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader or Hillary Clinton or John Edwards Be Any Better?

F$%@k you Obama

My Lineup For Next Sunday's Talk Shows:

So how are we suppose to compete on an international stage when every other

My letter to my congressperson about health care reform

To Quote Winston Churchill...

F#@k you Obama!

Six days.

This is why I voted for Wetzelbill/Kurovski last year....

It's DOOM and GLOOM Sunday!

aaaaaaaaaand there go the floodgates of doom

I would rather have a Republican than a Democrat?

Ezra Klein:"Get it out of the Finance Committee.....You don't fix it now. You fix it in conference."

Ross: I refuse to kill old people

Can Medicare Part D be changed to adopt Price Negotiations?

Sen. Conrad: "There are not the votes in the Senate for the public option, there never were..."

Only a minority of the congressional Democrats are to blame

Gibbs: "The president believes...government plan is the best way to provide choice and competition."

Sebelius' comment being distorted by the GOP/MSM

POLL* President Obama "Defender of the people" or "Corporate Enabler"

“just one sliver”

There is all the difference in the world between "wanting" the public option and "insisting" on it.

Obama picks public option fight with liberals

Adding ridiculous insult to injury: people spinning that public option was "no big deal" anyway

Here are the Blue Dogs. We need Primary Opponents!!!!

The REAL Reason The repukes, blue dogs & their ilk Want To Take Down The Public Option

Democratic senator: Public health insurance option dead

Bagley nails it again.

My brother was denied insurance on Friday for a preexisting condition.

Is there a grassroots effort to get Baucus sacked as Finance Chair for his quisling behavior?

If the public option is dead, who killed it?

NYT article: Medicare operating cost much lower than private ins. but it's not an "apt comparison"

A thought on challenging Blue Dogs

My PRIMARY REASON for supporting the Public Option i that it

President Obama doesn't even mention a public option in his Op-Ed piece in todays New York Times!

Why are some people surprised about the news about the public option?

Obamas take in wonder of the Grand Canyon (with video link)

HCAN - Take Action August - Fight For Public Option

Is It Time For More Change?

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!

Progressive Radio will be going off on this announcement that the PO is dying

White House Appears Ready to Drop Public Option (Title from Yahoo article)

Sebelius: There will be competition with private insurers

David Gregory and MTP were abysmal today

Fears for Obama's safety as healthcare debate fuels right wing extremism.

Photos: Rahm doesn't do fist bumps. And BO!

Lots Of Screeching about "51 Votes"...Is Reconciliation Really The Answer?

Obama about to land in Grand Canyon Airport in husband just called me

The GUTLESS GOP is still using old tricks.. intimidation/ deciet/fear

White House backs away from public health care option

Take off the gloves. Tell the public this is a paid propaganda campaign by those premium

Top Blue Dog Embraces the Crazy

My theory about the "No Public Option" headline...

AP: White House Appears Ready To Drop Public Option

My view on how the "rec" system should be used

So what happens next?

Have everyone you know that supports health care reform

You know, I don't think Obama gives a shit about his poll numbers.

Obama should just give the insurance companies 40,000,000 new customers largely at taxpayer expense

A Question: Why can't we abandon HCI Reform completely?

The bottom line people health insurance REFORM means protecting the insurance companies

Laying the Groundwork for a Letdown

Harlem 4 Obama had Dr. Janet Taylor and I give speeches & answer questions on Healthcare Reform

First Lady requires more than 20 attendants. ???

So who's going to be all gung ho to work for Harry Reid's campaign next year?

Sebelius: Public insurance option not essential

100 U.S. leaders support Latin American call: No U.S. Bases in Colombia

Is this debate really about health care?

CNN State of the Union with Sebelius interview coming up now

Daschel regarding U.S. health care system "Islands of excellence in a sea of mediocrity"

So . . . it's ok for Coburn to say that the U.S. government "earned" the violent rhetoric we are

What Are YOU Doing To Get Healthcare Reform Passed?

FNS: "Since prevention costs money, why not let people get diabetes and then treat them later?"

Fuckin' Asshole coburn

Pitt for President 2016

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

Free Drugs For the Chronically and Seriously Ill — In Venezuela

Congressman legalizes pot for himself

'America can learn lots' - PIONEERING American doctor, Dr John Rubin.

Obama's Choice: New Documents Show United States Seeks Colombian Bases for Training and Operations

How on earth has the 'Arctic Sea' vanished?

Forty Years After Woodstock … Town Hall Hoodstock

The Death of Macho

Lining Up for Help

In Pictures: President Obama and family tour Grand Canyon & Yellowstone

Obama's Death Squads and ACORN will be WAXING you

What We Really Talk About When We Talk About Health Care "a..Bible Belt whose buckle has come undone

Duplicate Social Security numbers issued

Project for the New American Century 2: Rise of the Dopes

Gore’s group targets swing senators

To Save His Administration, Here’s the One Question Obama Should NEVER Answer

Obama's NY Times Op-ed

What if Remote Medical Units Came to the Town Halls

Paulistas Are Being Played Like a Fiddle

How the Health Care Debate Should Be Framed

The Great Government Swine Flu Conspiracy

Disrupting Town Halls... The Absence of Reason

GOP seeks its revival in the revolt against Obama's healthcare plan

President's Coverage Promise Is No Keeper

Sometimes, America, you feel like a nut

This is really old but I will never forget this man. I didn't know him

Esquire: The Last Abortion Doctor

Obama becomes target amid fear extremism will turn into violence (The Observer, London, UK)

The Evolution of a Health Care Bill

Feeding the Sharks

What President Obama doesn't want....

Whole Foods Boycott Picks Up Steam

What is "Forest Restoration" to you??

Polar Ice Observation Satellite Approaching Readiness - Will Replace System Lost At Launch In 2005

Let-Burn disaster- The Warm Fire

As The Talk Goes On In Canberra, Oz Farmers Watch Dust Blow, Future Water Supplies Vanish

SF Chronicle - After $8 Billion Down The Drain, Time To Begin Snake River Dams Demolition

API Rep Confirms Authenticity Of Memo For Astroturfed Public Push To Block Climate Legislation

8/16 17:00 EDT TS Claudette 120 SE Pensacola Heading NW 14 Max Sust 50 Some Strengthening Likely

Recasting Of Grand Canyon U Claims Fundamental Shift In How Forest Service Handles Mining

City Hopping Mad After Judge Rules Against Using Lake Lanier For Atlanta Water Supply - NYT

Study links (Australian) drought with rising emissions

Australia to split green energy from carbon laws

Geothermal power search holds promise, threat (of earthquakes)

Most Americans support energy infrastructure overhaul

China Confirms Its Carbon Emissions Will Begin To Fall In 2050 - AFP

Climate change has some Texas animals fleeing (North to escape) the Texas heat

NY Times: A New Test for Business and Biofuel

TX State Climatologist - At Least 9 Counties In Current Drought Driest Since Record-Keeping Began

'The Clunkers of the Power-Plant World'—Old Coal-Fired Facilities Could Escape New Rules

'Killer spices' provide eco-friendly pesticides for organic fruits and veggies

Selective Attention and Risk Analysis: An Old Paper By A Personal Hero Of Mine.

The plan: Plant 125 million trees

Mass. looks to forests for renewable energy source (wood-burning power plants)

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 15)


Camp Sundown shines in the Bronx (Props to the Yankees for this one)

The JR Chess Report (August 16): Jermuk, London, Zürich, St. Petersburg and Athens


12 wins in 13 games

Small Men drop another one in New York to the Mets AAA/Bench Players.

David Wright was experiencing "post-concussion symptoms"

Uh-oh! Eastern New England's Beloved team drops a half game behind

College football plans pregame handshakes

Ecclesiastical Series: Cardinals sweep Padres

Is everyone ordering one of these new NFL jerseys?

******SPOILER***** 100 meter final in Berlin

Yang Dang Doodle!

Reggie Jackson vs Jim Thome

What is your 2009 Super Bowl prediction?

The Giants' humiliation grows.

Anti-Garcia protesters block Peru's main highway

Fruit of the Loom focus of forum on labor rights

Brazil: Bahia's Elite Preventing Indians from Getting Land

After US Agreement Colombia Wants Military Rapprochement to Brazil

Military fails to stop resistance

Duplicate post. Accident. Sorry. n/t

U.S. can prevent Bolivia's Czech aircraft purchase needed to monitor drug trafficking!

The Ugly Cuban-American in Honduras

Honduras: Sufficient Number of People Killed, Maimed and Tortured for NYT to Say “Basta?”

(Revised) HONDURAS: Is It “Clockwork Orange” Time? Videos of State Repression That Will Make You Say

Urgent Plea from Radio Progreso (my translation)

Uribe wants dialogue with Ecuador and Venezuela

DAY 46: Political Prisoners, Elections and the Continuing Resistance

Brazil played role in U.S.-backed overthrow of Chile's Allende, document shows

Reasons why GOLF is lame

Chavez says Obama "lost in space" on Latin America

Netanyahu envoy departs for U.S. to negotiate settlement freeze

PCHR Condemns Bloody Clashes in Rafah

Hezbollah issues Israeli warning

Al-Qaeda affiliated group declares war on Hamas

Arabs ask for EU support on Israel nuke resolution


U.S. envoy: Israel not planning to strike Iran

Ashkenazi: I have zero tolerance for abuse in IDF ranks

Hamas: Extremism Breeds Extremism

New Israeli rules curb travel from West Bank

Survey: Israelis Support Arab Emigration, Fewer Rights

Human rights groups condemn bloody weekend violence in Gaza

Israel Is Real (Book Review)

Milwaukee man shoots 2 armed robbers.

Put Down That Coors: Why We Should Be Boycoting Big Beer

Enforcing Labor Laws Must Be Priority (fail to pay employee taxes and workers’ compensation ins)

WSJ: FAA Pens Labor Agreement With Traffic Controllers 20,000 members

Honduras Coup: The Labor Angle

Economic Report: Economic Upturn Won't Mean Better Employer-Employee Communication

Countering the Lies about Health Care Reform

Daily Kos: To: Unions From: Netroots Re: Thank you for Pittsburgh

Wolking: Majority of Seniors Have Positive View of Medicare

Anyone have any experience of RedBubble?


These are the views I saw for my first 20 years ---except

Gingko -oops please delete

Re: Submission Thread

Not great photos and

Can anyone identify this pink thing?

I took a long bike ride today. Come with me if you want and really get tired of "green"

Ancient royal tomb found in Scotland

Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think

The Coming Financial Time Bomb

After health care, U.S. to take on Social Security

Recession Chills Sunshine State Tourism

FIVE banks down this weekend.

photo proof anti health care folks are idiots

6 movies I saw at the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian and Film Festival

Focus On The Family Closing ''Gay Conversion'' Workshops

Responses to debunk false claims about HR 3200

An open letter to congresscritters oposing the public option

Osteoporosis-linked fracture rates up dramatically

Teabaggers against "PUBIC" option

Moderate drinking 'boosts bones'

If the public option goes down will some of our enemies apologize to us

White House backs away from public health care option (re-direct)

Rachel Maddow: Without a public option healthcare "won't do very much for the American people"

President Obama doesn't even mention a public option in his Op-Ed piece in todays New York Times!

How to be happy in yourself

Doesn't it make sense that a single payer Universal system

WHERE are the CSPAN hearings on Health Care we were promised?

Six Lobbyists Per Lawmaker Work to Shape Health-Care Overhaul

Obama Campaign Ad Firms Signed On to Push Health-Care Overhaul

Does anybody know how the proposed health insurance reform will affect Medigap insurance.

There will be no health care bill at all...

Ayurveda treatments and H1N1

How do you cover all the uninsured without a public option?

White House backing down from Public Option?

You Want Health Care? Then FIGHT For IT

"Mad as Hell Doctors" Embark on Cross Country Care-A-Van to Demand Single-Payer from Congress

Gates Foundation Sells Off Most Health-Care, Pharmaceutical Holdings

Vibes for my kitty please

Does anyone who posts here or who wants to post here need a star?

An interesting article posted in General: The Death of Macho

What happens after you die?

Self-deception producing an extreme double standard

This makes me sick!

Why not have a debate at the United Nations about the existence or non-existence of God?

Education at charters is spotty, oversight lax

So. I'm canning tomatoes this morning.

steam in bread oven

Cauliflower on the grill

Sunday Marathon: The Dishes Are All Done Edition.

Funny food anecdotes.

I know most of you if not all are serious foodies.

Gail Lowe's Politically Neutral Citizenship Models

Anyone here remember Jessica Hughes, the woman in Lufkin that the secret service visited last year?

We should really give some thought to making aluminum cars . . .

Ryan White

Actors Complain About Snarky Tweets During Auditions

Where the Wild Things Are - New Trailer

I've been playing bluegrass music around the house