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It would be cool to be Neil Diamond

Grassley Voted For So-Called "Death Panel" In 2003

cnn breaking... afghanistan: huge explosion rocks word on casualties

You know what would be funny

this sign should be placed at the town hall meetings

Wanna have some friday night fun???

Do you remember any stories from when Medicare was enacted?

Sadly, we won't be going to David Scott's townhall tomorrow

Major Prop 8 Donor Doug Manchester Dumps His Wife - CrooksAndLiars

Your part in medical education: would you let someone train on you?

War is a Death Panel

MSNBC: Massive blast at US embassy in Afghanistan

U.S., NATO Deaths from Afghan Bombs Up Sixfold

cnn quick vote...possibly the dumbest question ever asked on a news site....

Angry "Archie" Fan Sells $38K Comic Book (Archie is proposing to Veronica instead of Betty)

Oh, what did you see, my blue-eyed son?

Is it just me

Holding TownHall Meeting by PC monitor Conference Call!!

Armey of Freedom Works leaves DLA Piper law firm amid health care flap

Armey of Freedom Works leaves DLA Piper law firm amid health care flap

So, you're standing in line at the store.

CNN apologizes for showing bloodied bomb victims

Gooberhead Award

Tomorrow morning on Washington Journal-

Gates: Duration of OEF (Afghanistan) a ‘mystery’

Cantor Still Silent on Swastika, Nazi Talk

Well, SOMEBODY's got to correct 'em!

On this Day

Rove was asked to sink McCain's Native American US Atty nominee

Dallas Morning News: Gov. Rick Perry says Texas can learn from Israeli security efforts

Several Charges Dropped in 'False Statements' Case Following FBI Whistleblower's Testimony

Link to a Guardian UK poll on US vs British Healthcare.

Sign this Petiton....Please....

Anger simmers at town halls (Held by Ne. freshman Senator Johanns-R)

Guess why so many "Obama Joker posters" have been showing up everywhere.

US senator Jim Webb meets Aung San Suu Kyi in landmark visit to Burma

US senator Jim Webb meets Aung San Suu Kyi in landmark visit to Burma

Jim DeMint's idea of a town hall:

Jim DeMint's idea of a town hall:

Place your bets....

The Sibel Edmonds story disappeared real quick

"The brutal truth about America's healthcare" - Independent, UK

Atheist ad stirs free speech debate

Atheist ad stirs free speech debate

2 things running the USA

Weekend Diversion - Nahanni River Canoe Trip, NWT Canada. Ten years after...

Who makes health care choices now?

Familiar names among raised voices in coalition against US health reform

11 yr old scores an interview Obama

Tropical Storm Ana -hurricane season is here

Bob Herbert: "Hard to Believe!":

walldude please pm me. Thanks

A thought on Town Hall Meetings

I might have to carry this sign at the next rally. . .

The Teabaggers, birthers and others who disrupt

Health care credit cards causing pain

The Five Opponents of Health Care Reform

Poisoning the well.

Palin Leaves Alaska With a Mountain of Ethics Issues

The right-wing Christian Broadcasting Network does damage control for C Street

Senator Webb Meets With Myanmar’s Suu Kyi, Frees American

LAT: Mystery storm clouds on Saturn's largest moon appear

New Scientist: Dieting could lead to a positive test for cannabis

Stinky Hand

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer Lauds Canadian single payer system at Obama Town Hall Meeting!

(Video) Humorous BBC documentary examines increasing number of police state type laws in the UK.

In 1993 America spent $800 Billion on Health Care, today we spend over $2.5 Trillion

Julia Child would be 97 today. .Here's a love poem from her husband, Paul from 8/15/1961....

Ya know, JESUS went around giving free healthcare to folks

America, We Dare You!

GOPers Decrying Obama "Death Panels" Supported Intervention For Schiavo

Anybody watching these rightwing bloggers on C-SPAN?

Ted Rall gets it right

Where are the rallies for poor Lynndie?

What to do on Saturday??? . . . Come put the shine back on Turd Blossom, . . .give us a CAPTION!!!!

Iran: The Green Brief #54 (August 14 - Mordad 23) Latest news from Iran

Does right wing CBN support End of Marriage Vow Panels???

"It Might Get Loud"

How about a referendum?

There was no mistranslation in student's question to Hillary

Medical Groups Created To Aid The "Third World" Treat Thousands Of Needy Patients In America

Does Rachel Maddow deserve the Harry Truman "Give 'em Hell" Award?

"Why would you not want a healthy tax-paying workforce?"

"Why would you not want a healthy tax-paying workforce?"

Hey Freepers

Why don't Repubs in Congress...

is there a news blackout on iraq? don't we have 130,000 or so of our citizens there?

Why is Cuba exporting its health care miracle to the world's poor?

"Medicalocity", because health care is just like shopping for a hotel room

Why is everyone so scared of a filibuster? Why not let the

Turkish Lobby Group 'Declares War' on Sibel Edmonds' Under-Oath Testimony

Turkish Lobby Group 'Declares War' on Sibel Edmonds' Under-Oath Testimony

remember that kid who interviewed Joe Biden? He scored an interview with Pres. Obama!

Wendell Potter Is Making Sense

WH link to knock down health lies + 8 ways reform is good.

Drug to combat swine flu leaves '1,000 patients in suffering'

Iraqis uneasy at idea of early US withdrawal

Renewable energy not an immediate new pillar for China's economy

Tax dodgers scramble to come clean amid crackdown

State's bridge expert hits back (Minn.)

WTF is this "Both sides" BS?

Is it greed....?

Here's A Question For Anybody That Has Read Any Of The Health Reform Bills.......

Anyone Watching the Right Wing Blogging Conference on Cspan

Healthcare debate: point of view from the hot seat (blue dog Dem)

Bush's vacations: bad for America

Pundits Trying to Help Cheney Avoid Jail, by Ray McGovern

The history of deficits.

So the Debate has changed, It is no longer about Health Care Reform but about

So the Debate has changed, It is no longer about Health Care Reform but about

The Dutch abortion ship sails no more

Rising wave of fraud plunges Bradford & Bingley deeper into the red

MSM finally getting serious?

WTH is up with John Murtha saying no health care bill this year!?!?!

“Lifting ban on political activities in FATA a gift for tribal people” Pashtun tribes/Pashtunistan

Do Republicans suck and why?

A political question?

Bob Dylan picked up by police after officer fails to recognise him

Something from another time?

How our present healthcare system makes this recession worse?

The future is never what it appears like in the movies, is it?

This group should hold a Town Hall meeting--or two

Los Angeles Is A 3rd World Country

Law That Takes Away Human Rights Of Shia Women Goes Into Effect In Afghanistan

Armey leaves firm amid health care flap

GM and Chrysler steer different paths to recovery

Free Drugs For the Chronically and Seriously Ill.

"Sensitive" Oil Industry Memo Lays Out Plan For Astroturf Rallies Against Climate Change Bill

Can We At Least Agree

Oh, THE HORROR! I've been connected to Democratic Underground in the comments for my LTTE!

A few distortions on HR 676 posted on DU...

California board votes to drop healthcare coverage for 60,000 children

"Leaded Tea Baggers" Getting Into Trouble in My Area

Private Insurance Companies Have No Place in the Social Contract

SC “Republicans” Ran Unconstitutional Deficit

Venice for one cent a [hotel] room error

Venice for one cent a [hotel] room error

Tax dodgers scramble to come clean amid crackdown

Why is CNN doing a "Town Hall" segment on Republican town halls?

Why is CNN doing a "Town Hall" segment on Republican town halls?

"It could be you"....

Realtime link at crooksandliars.

Canadian Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare

What is Sen. Mike Enzi doing in the middle of the Senate health-care negotiations?

Bwa-HAH!1 I sent the "BOrn in the U.S.A." graphic to a Birther!1

Why does Uber-Capitalistic USA Despise the Poor and Obese?


need help with e-mail video of Obama spending

We need to change the debate.

This is when we will know we have come full circle

This is when we will know we have come full circle

Rep Broun ups ante: the travails of grandma

The Audacity To Get Sick

Florida, feds agree on big Everglades restoration plan

Museum May Get Helen Thomas Sculpture

Words Can Hurt

Alrighty Floridians and other South Easterners, it's getting to be that time again

Tell the White House: Fire Rove's Prosecutors!---Siegelman says.

Suspect in 1964 civil rights worker killings dies

Remembering BUSH/CHENEY contributions to American health care

Suggested Response to HC reform opponents & Sen Grassley (Sent to White House and DNC)

Grenade launcher among items seized in New Jersey arrest

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

Edwards to Admit Paternity of Ex-Mistress' Child

Online poll of Democrats favor Sestak over Specter.

Update on Minor being hit by Police, Kalamazoo public safety says use-of-force case is

DU a facebook poll, if you wish

I'll bet this wasn't covered the job description when he applied for a job at the White House

Follow up on a post I made about 2 weeks ago about local GM plant

Health Care is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT, not a commodity to be bought and sold.

Ralston, Ne Restaurant Owner Face of National Health Care Reform (I shook his hand yesterday)

Do you think the Silent Generation (b.1925-1942) is more selfish than the WWII Generation?

Marta and I attended a health care rally, NO PROTESTERS!

Has anyone made the point that control over people is part of why large entities oppose reform

1-800-ONE-HELP: A single hotline to direct you to the help you need.

The Current US Health Care System

"Medicare For More" vs. "Public Option?"

If you were going to ask one question of your knuckle-dragging "congressman" next week

Put Down That (right wing) Coors: Why We Should Be Boycoting Big Beer

At last. An honest protest poster

Euthanasia! It's right there on Page 172 of the Health Care Bill. (talk radio caller)

Lockheed fire, Santa Cruz, CA. Anyone?

Lockheed fire, Santa Cruz, CA. Anyone?

National Health Care is not Socialist, its Egalitarian

Don't Monkey With My Health Insurance (You Betcha!) - CO Heath Care Reform Protest Pics

Obama Says Insurance Companies Holding US Hostage

The Penance Has Not Been Paid

What I want to see at a town hall meeting...

If you think about it - what the health care protesters want is increased government spending

Sestak preferred over Specter by 'Netroots Nation' straw poll (CNN)

Raise your hand if...

Is you is or is you ain't part of my con-stit-uency??

Is you is or is you ain't part of my con-stit-uency??

Gates Foundation news

O Canada




Does anyone know how I can get live streaming...

Lawmakers Tell ThinkProgress That Angry Town Hall Protesters Deserve No ‘Glorification’

Whoop! (there it is) Georgia State Rep: Beat Pot Smokers With a Cane, Put Dealers to Death!

Whoop! (there it is) Georgia State Rep: Beat Pot Smokers With a Cane, Put Dealers to Death!

hotel rooms near Venice Italy mistakenly advertised and sold online at one-hundredth of a euro

***Live feed links to Obama's CO Town Hall - On NOW 6:00 ET***

Meteorite on Mars at least 3 billion years old - story with pics

Is This Really What You Want, Wingers?

Something I've noticed about Secretary Clinton

River Basin Fight Pits Atlanta Against Neighbors

Wedding fire in Kuwait kills at least 41 guests

It's Bank Failure Friday! The biggest bank failure of this year this week:

Chicago's murdered children

This Moment In History

The parable of the sheep and the goats

I'm now of the belief that this was the wrong time to go after Health Care Reform...

Elephant fitted with prosthesis (w/lump-in-your-throat pic)

Mr. Potato Head wants words to be said. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

A 0.1% tax on all income would generate something like $8Bn dollars

Official wants fines for swearing at cops & firefighters - $118

Ray McGovern: Pundits trying to help Cheney avoid jail.

Woodstock Was One OF Those Events You'll Always Remember

new trend for cable news...bring the wingnuts into the studio and give them a forum

hhhhmmmm - I lost my star - went to post and it is gone n/t

California is burning..

The Price Of Corrosive Corporate Power

In the larger sense, Obama is arguing for incremental change.

Kevin Bishop, Subway Masturbator, Arrested, Claims His "Private Parts Fell Out"

Kevin Bishop, Subway Masturbator, Arrested, Claims His "Private Parts Fell Out"

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan held at Newark Airport; claims racial profiling due to Muslim name

Paris is burning..

If Hamid Karzai is Declared Winner After First Ballot--Fraud!

Caption this pic

Diane Rehm's Friday News Roundup: Kicking butt and taking names.

I just have to take a moment to say thanks to Skinner, EarlG, and Elad

Am I the only one seeing this piece of shit fluff piece on CNN?

All the TV stations should be required to donate a 2 hour slot to be filled by Obama and several

All the TV stations should be required to donate a 2 hour slot to be filled by Obama and several

Hand picked audience: Bush vs Obama

Dem Markey to hand out copies of Washington's “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior”

Dem Markey to hand out copies of Washington's “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior”

Poll on Facebook pertaining to government health care.

One good point made by Obama - cut 'Medicare Advantage' subsidies to private insurance.

Hooray for Electric Cars! But we still need transit

Clinton Calls On Iran to Free Detained Americans(It is their turn!)

Not so many years ago I remember another protest

Congressman Rick Larsen: 'I've got facts, you've got Glenn Beck'

The failure of our economic system, according to author David Korten.....

Only a few small changes needed for equitable health care (CAP and CARE)--Single payer not required

Mormons plan to attack equality bill in the UK

Teabaggin' and Town Hall fun

Our Pres Writes op-ed in tomorrow's NYT

Our Pres Writes op-ed in tomorrow's NYT

Paul Begala: Sarah Palin Is So Stupid, She's Only "Half A Whackjob" (Video)...

President Obama and Family visit Yellowstone National Park - Lots of pics

Front page headline above the fold



Palin is pwning Obama!

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Were there Town Hall meetings to pitch the Iraq War to the American people?

I've been getting a lot of errors on DU lately, have you? nt

Sunday News Shows

Shorter Rahm: If This All Goes South, Baucus Owns It : FDL

Any health care bill that doesn't meet this criteria is worthless.

Henry's Market is owned by Whole Foods

Hey rightwingers ..... wuddaya got now?

Tomorrow morning on Washington Journal-

Rush Limbaugh you are a liar!

What HAPPENS when you're diagnosed with COLON CANCER in Canada?

Do You Watch Meet the Press?

Tom Latham (R) has HC survey - open to all - Please take the survey

Tropical storms Ana, Bill form; hurricane expected

WAMM pot gardent threatened by Lockheed blaze

Toronto Star: Why Americans can't talk about health care

"The product of Health Insurance Companies is to move money and skim profits..."

Daily Howler attacks O'Donnell defends Katy Abram

David Frum said last night on Bill Moyer's Journal that

I've been gone for a while ...

US Troops to be sent to Columbia to fight War on Terror and War on Drugs

Is anyone starting to get concerned over Facebook?

Newly released audio from the Town Hall protests.


Dennis Cardoza a no-show in his district for rest of recess

Why does the proposed Health Care Reform bill (HR3200) Need To Be 1,017 Pages?

Did anyone just hear "Theme for English B" ?

Are there ANY 24-hour (live) news channels on TV?

Need a little help here

Chavez supporters in the news

NY shore -- in minority neighborhood, another racially based stop by police?

Letter To The Editor: Palin more qualified than Obama, Sotomayor a failure...

Posting quick. My Verizon BB is almost non-existant. RE: MRE whistle-blow.

Ha! Regarding health care reform, DU isn't so weird after all.

Fundie Kissimmee, FL Commissioner Art Otero Wants 'God' in City Logo to Combat the Gays

Another sign I'll carry

How the hell can a state make exceptions to the federal minimal wage laws using age?

Woodstock, 1969. the readers pics. from the NYT

Why the town hall meetings?

How do you let MoveOn know about upcoming events?

Venezuelans Protest Beatings of Journalists

The Captain Goes Down with the Ship

"The brutal truth about America’s healthcare" UK View (Independent)

Ever Wonder What a McDonalds Burger Made in 1996 Would Look Like in 2008?

Racist Ohio Police Dispatchers on Administrative Leave


Boycott of Whole Foods

Are we ist's at DU? Do we demonstrate the ism's?

Do you think that men should have to get their wives' permission before getting a vasectomy?

My exchange with the man with a 1/20/13 bumper sticker on his truck.

I just saw Henry Waxman at my Trader Joe's. He bought several organic cereals...

Question: what % of an individuals' taxes will go to the proposed healthcare plan?

WAPO editorial | 'Uh-Oh They're Here': Persistent blogger annoys police, and winds up in jail.

Rachel Maddow got me thinking: Bush's vacations were bad for America

Rachel Maddow got me thinking: Bush's vacations were bad for America

U.S. Supreme Court v. Democracy: Crucial Battle Underway

Here's a simple idea for a single payer system.

MTP: Rachel Maddow v. Dick Armey, a guy even Joe Scarborough thinks is a scumbag

GOP agenda revealed!

Bollywood star held in U.S. airport, fans outraged

Bollywood star held in U.S. airport, fans outraged

Bollywood star held in U.S. airport, fans outraged

Hell -- even Katie Couric "gets" it (transcript and video)

St Louis Teaparty Leader Hates Frivolous Lawsuits, Unless They Target His Opponent

When is the last time you saw a medical Doctor?

for my 1000th post.........

Put Down That Coors: Why We Should Be Boycoting Big Beer

What about cutting corporate subsidies to pay for health care?

What about cutting corporate subsidies to pay for health care?

Siegelman confronts Obama adviser: ‘Time for Dr. Obama to perform surgery on Rove-appointed attorney

Colonial's failure could make mortgages more scarce

Just finished watching "John Q".... and I can't help but think

"How do we get the stroke to (convince) all these people of our God and our guns and our freedom?"

Fiddling with her iPod - crossed 2 lanes of traffic and killed a pedestrian on the sidewalk

My son thinks Obama will make sure he has insurance

My sister called me yesterday ...their house was sold at auction

Senate HELP Committee: Public Option to be multiple options run by insurance companies

Weekly Economic Round-Up - August 15th

If Obama caves totally to Baucus, & agrees to trash a Public Option, will you support his "reform"?


Question about Obama's place of birth

Valerie Jarrett at Netroots

Netroots Nation DU Journal - keep up to date with reports from the convention

I was the product of socialized medicine and victim of capitalistic US Healthcare

Woodstock's Joe Cocker said what? (funny video)

Olympic & Pro Wrestler Kurt Angle arrested on PFA violation, possession of HGH

Netroots Nation Friday: Young Turks, Specter & Sestak, Shepard Fairey, Howard Dean, & More (PHOTOS)

Netroots Nation Friday: Young Turks, Specter & Sestak, Shepard Fairey, Howard Dean, & More (PHOTOS)

What actually IS Obama's Plan for Hcare?

What actually IS Obama's Plan for Hcare?

Whole Foods CEO Mackey stirs up online fury (Austin American-Statesman)

Freepers Unimpressed by CO Town Hall

Sights and people at Netroots

Teeth - The Worst of US Healthcare.

Woodstock Couple From Album Cover Identified & Still Together

Sargent Shriver and his granddaughter Carolina - pics

"America, where the crazy tree blooms in every moment of liberal ascendancy, and where elites

Can this be interpreted as "assassinate Obama" message?

How old is your oldest working appliance? Couple has 42 yr old working washer/dryer

Kessler's The End of Overeating...

FOX is bragging that their ratings are up,

Woodstock matters the way the Mayflower used to: a lot.

Concentration of wealth in hands of rich greatest on record

This is 'funny'?

So, did everyone see Bill Maher last night? (Dana Houle)

Um...Why was "Squeaky" Fromme released?

Focus on the Hate drops ex-gay program, faces budget shortfall

Name the two republican senators and congressperson you like the most.

I shut up Glenn Beck again!

Secret cargo theory as hunt for missing vessel Arctic Sea goes on

Video of 100 Deathers Protesting Against Health Care in CO (This is for YOU, Freepers)

Pissed at Whole Foods? Want to do something beyond boycotting them? I have an idea

An exchange with one of the 'protesters' outside Democratic Reps office in NC

Why scientists are seldom Republicans

The Top Ten Billionaire Universities

(Un)wired For God

Brad Pitt: Religion Doesn't Make Sense To Me, Gay Marriage Does

"Apparently the healthcare protesters' motto is 'Give Me Libery AND Give Me Death'"

Bob Dylan stopped by police... asked for I.D.......

Enough Tiptoeing. Lets get tough.

So, how many of us have jumped on to your local message boards to

How To Cook Crazy Stew

Don Siegelman has a new website! He is speaking now at Netroots Nation

Woodstock. The day God came down to Earth.

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine


The truth is, nothing really happened at woodstock 40 years ago.

Moms Stage 'Nurse-In' At Chick-Fil-A

"I’m afraid the president squandered a good opportunity."

Florida licensed day care teacher taped mouths, locked in closets, put hot sauce in mouths to punish

Florida licensed day care teacher taped mouths, locked in closets, put hot sauce in mouths to punish

Apple targeted in Fox News ad boycott

Yes, Woodstock was cooler than anything you whipper snappers will ever do!

Best sign so far: "No PUBIC option" (link)

Best sign so far: "No PUBIC option" (link)

Rage and Sadness made me do it...

Stop the rhetoric and make a plan. It’s cool to threaten to replace Dem’s that vote with the repukes

Newt Gingrich teaming up with Arne Duncan for an education road trip.

Worthy male doping

DUPE please delete

Here is my cell phone number....

You know the scene-stealing squirrel?

I spent much of my childhood cowering in the garage.

Lovely. Warm cat puke.

Finally, some good news!

Had to do this, a most groovy song.

For Ms. Peggy!!!

Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel - are people seriously this stupid?

I lost my star! It was supposed to be good for a year! What happened?

Tell me if it's poker...

Hey! Somebody gave me my star back! THANK YOU!

Woven Hand

What's more idiotic: The comments on YouTube, or...

Archie divorces Veronica, marries Betty, loses Betty to 3-way with Jughead and Big Moose.

Casper the Commuting Cat - video

I just finished watching "Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla"...good night DU!

Why does almost every scientist and military person in SyFy movies have to be an asshole?

The party didn't go well. I'm feeling suicidal...


What does nail polish remover do?

Weekend Diversion - Nahanni River Canoe Trip, NWT Canada. Ten years after...

If I did this right, the following people were ALL 27 years old when they died...

WARNING: cute kitten story.

Sheep and more sheep!

Angry "Archie" Fan Sells $38K Comic Book (Archie is proposing to Veronica instead of Betty)

The past and future according to the RW

Stray dogs learn how to ride subway

Just discovered Yinka Shonibare's art

Please rank your popularity on the "Golah" scale rounded...

Suspending my license???

CNN: Would you recognize Bob Dylan if he were roaming your neighborhood?

Okay, I suck. I've actually started saying "OMG".

Okay, I suck. I've actually started saying "OMG".

check in here if you're happy tonight/this morning

DU Song Of The day

So why are you mylar on DU?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to leftyladyfrommo!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to neweurope!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to brook!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nay!!*******

YouTube: Hagar fucking SMOKES his Montrose hit "Bad Motor Scooter" with Chickenfoot, Vancouver, 5/15

He has a wonderful sausage

Anyone Know How To Make Reprints of Polaroids?

Hummingbird wars on the porch

Are there any "Ashes to Ashes" fans out there? The BBC Show, not the song :)

Can You Guess What This Building Is??

Odd associations

Anyone Else See World's Greatest Dad W/Robin Williams?

Neko Case-The Pharaohs

She has wonderful muffins.

The 10 most racist moments on TV

I'm in Japan. Should I cause a ruckus in the hotel spa, eventually requiring the State Department?

Ahhh, yeah. Bill Lumbergh here. I was wondering if you forgot that today was a work day

George Michael says he was sober during car crash

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bucky!!*******

Grandma's going to force Obama to have an abortion and move to Kenya.

1000posts +1 im gonna piss people off..Ted can play

Congratulations Sanity Claws! 10,000 posts!

I'm back from vacation. Did I miss anything

Congratulations supernova! 35,000 posts!

I'm watching a really, really bad MST3K movie...The Undead...

I had a yard sale today.

Jim Dickinson, Rest In Peace

Betty or Veronica?

Betty or Veronica?

Last night for dinner, I made the world's least unhealthy chili dogs.

I have Guns N' Roses' "Civil War" stuck in my head

Someone at DU gave me a star!

Total Recall is on Syfy

Anyone have $4.5 Million I can borrow? I wanna buy America's oldest golf course

Any body know how high you have to score on the ASVAB

Before you could, how did you... you know...

Tavernertavern serves: ValleyBrew Uberhoppy in a bottle!!!

my fiance just called and know's i've just had hamburgers

OK, this cracked me the fuck up

Poached eggs with gorgonzola and fresh chives on top and steamed asparagus on the side

I'm just posting this again ...

Barber gets stabbed with scissors by another barber in my home town.

Showtime at 6PM ET - Enjoy

Oprah cam screen grab.

Washington Redskins shut out in first pre-season game 23-0.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/15/09 (warning: graphic subject matter)

Elephant fitted with prosthesis (w/lump-in-your-throat pic)

Just learned about a great website...

What is weird about Alanis Morrisette is that .....

wtf happend to this guys face?

Best cure for constipation

Do you live closer to the Earth's equator than one of its poles?

Why are you so poplar on DU?

If I were Michael Vick....

How many beers do you recommend to watch "The Fountain?"

Bad WOlf

A Break: "Have You Seen Her? ...Tell Me Have you Seen Her?

i have to admit something

May I tek your order plase?

You know what I think?

Major Big Brother 11 news

Guess who sauntered past me and the boys in my neighborhood today?

Question About Uranus:

Which has more curves?

No Beer. Pouilly-Fuisse. Ask me anything.

Hit a brick wall on the path to bariatric surgery.

Gang Way! Excuse me, pardon me, coming through!! Excuse me oooh, owie, sorry, coming through!!

Cow Pies

Question About Unrecs:

my contribution to tonights lounge juke box

My monkey is undressing me with his eyes.

Would you rather have a free shopping day at Home Depot or Saks

It is time to bring some culture to the Lounge.

It's been a bad day for ballplayers with heads

Shiner Smokehaus Mesquite Smoked Beer - Helles Style

What next, they remake "Gilligan's Island" and Gilligan marries Ginger?!!!


What where you doing during Woodstock in 1969.

Now I know why apartment living isn't the shizzle

Haven't been in this lounge in s couple years . Did I miss anything?

Serious Question: Does posting on DU limit career opportunities?

Do NOT Reply To This Thread!

To everyone who hates remakes but knows hollywuss will make them anyway:

Despite the Eagles signing of Michael Vick, they will never be as evil as the Redskins

"Generations" A new poem...

World's Greatest Animated Duck!

Repo man's ALWAYS intense!

My Grandfather was probably one of the first few Americans to see a jet flying

So why are you bipolar on DU?

100 questions

Are YOU 'radcliffy'?

Would you say NJmaverick asks too many questions?

So why are you a poplar on DU?

What's Your Favorite Song To Dance To?

Sunday Afternoon Free Time: What do I do?

I need to know the name of the largest freshwater Sound in the United States

Would you say your life has been easy or difficult so far?

I just realized

There are some far out and groovy people hanging in the Lounge tonight

I will never visit New Jersey again...

How hot a surface is too hot for Pyrex?

To ANYONE who says Macs use the same processor as PCs, a history lesson:

Osprey cam screen grab.

5 national parks to see before you die

I just got a 55 gallon barrel of cheese puffs at Sam's Club for $1.99!

Sauerkraut on fried scrapple with honey and horseradish mustard dressing for breakfast.

*******HAPPY 37th BIRTHDAY to Madrone!!*******

oh shit, cornflake crusted chicken on Man Vs. Food RIGHT NOW!!

What's your favorite parts of Star Trek movies?

Thinking over options: Stray/feral mama cat and two kittens

I need help IDing something in my saltwater tank.

I need help IDing something in my saltwater tank.


walldude please pm me. Thanks

*******HAPPY Birthday to sffreeways!!*******

Favorite Performance From Woodstock - Post it Here!

District 9: perhaps the WORST movie I have ever seen

Ice, Ice Baby: "Multiple Family Sources" - Michael Jackson not buried, being kept in a freezer

What music are listening to right now? Post a video link!

Post a commercial that made you laugh

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Bomb explodes at NATO headquarters in Kabul

Seoul in arms cut plea to North

7 die, 91 wounded in blast near NATO HQ in Kabul

NHS attack by MEP 'unpatriotic'

U.S. senator meets jailed democracy icon

American who visited Suu Kyi to be freed from Myanmar

Convicted priest talks to investigators in federal probe of L.A. archdiocese

Iran Tries to Suppress Rape Allegations

Nigeria sacks heads of five banks

Apple targeted in Fox News ad boycott

Iowa ICE arrest raises questions on tactics


Germany’s bonus ultimatum to bankers

Explosion targets Afghan capital

Familiar names among raised voices in coalition against US health reform

Kenneth Bacon, Journalist and Advocate for Refugees, Dies at 64

'Ransom demand' for missing ship

CitiGroup says two exempt from pay review

After US Agreement Colombia Wants Military Rapprochement to Brazil

Zelaya may return to Honduras even if he faces arrest

Uruguay, Mexico disavow de facto Honduran gov't

Senator Wins Release of U.S. Prisoner in Myanmar

Tropical storm Ana forms over Atlantic, moves west

'Colombia-US base accord reached'

Dick Armey leading rally in Atlanta today. "15K expected"

The brutal truth about America’s healthcare

Aide: Zelaya plane stopped at base with US troops

Tax dodgers scramble to come clean amid crackdown

French minister calls for full ban on burka

Obama targets insurance companies at Colo. meeting

Congressman Joe Sestak Don't Ask Don't Tell and Marriage Equality - Netroots Nation Day 2

CNN's AC360: Wendell Potter, Former CIGNA VP, Exposes Health Insurance's "Dirty Tricks" Campaign

The TRUTH behind Obama's Death Panels revealed!!

Weekly Address: Real Conversations About Health Insurance Reform

Palin Speechwriter on Civility in Health Care Debate - Dan Tubagoo

Fault Lines: The Battle To Transform Health Care In The US - (Repost Due To Original Being Pulled)

The Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan

NRA Member At Obama Town Hall Asks About Raising Taxes

Congressman Joe Sestak on Single Payer Health Care Netroots Nation Day 2

Countdown tonight. Dean disappointed in Kent Conrad, demands public option

REAL TIME with BILL MAHER - LINK PULLED (delete video)

Obama Goes After Politicians Spreading "Death Panels" Lie At Colorado Town Hall

Political Cartoon in Sand - German invasion & occupation of Ukraine during WWII

Senator Arlen Specter Addressing Nate Silver and the 'Spectorometer' - Netroots Nation Day 2

Wile E. Coyote Gets Saved

President Obama's Opening Statement At Colorado Health Town Hall

Healthcare In Germany

Obama Wants To Kill My Grandma

Countless Thousands & Thousands at Atlanta Anti-Health Care Rally... NOT

TYT: Brad Pitt For Mayor? (Also, Liberal Vs. Conservative Morality)

Healthcare In Denmark

Al Gore's Repower America & Family Values

Real Time With Bill Maher - Dana Gould reports on health care protests and Remote Area Medical

maxkeiser, ON THE EDGE no. 14, guest Tyler Durden of and Stacy Herbert

Young Turks: How Your Facebook Account Can Get You Fired!!!

PHOTO Caption it? (August 15)

Obama is stubbornly trying to protect the profits of the health industry

Is this something that is normal and i've just been missing it?

"Rahm Emanuel "Most Influential White House Chief Of Staff In A Generation"?"

Democrats are fighting to ensure that 40 million + uninsured Americans get health care coverage

"There are few tribes more loathsome than the American right" (Guardian UK)

Valarie Jarrett Heckled And Hissed At Netroots Nation

It is so refreshing to have a President who actually knows what he is talking about!

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer Lauds Canadian single payer system at Obama Town Hall Meeting!

Places in your area to shop besides Whole Foods

PHOTOS Just another family in Yellowstone

Obama did not campaign on delivering single payer health care. He is under no obligation to do so.

Huffington Post gets its ass kicked over shoddy journalism

Why We Need Health Care Reform, By BARACK OBAMA (NYT)

WoW, this is a very supportive crowd out there in Lilly White Colorado....

Stop pretending that single payer would be easier to pass than a strong public option

Obama: I'll be a one-termer if that's what it takes

OK, what did everyone think of the town hall and the president's performance?

We spent 8 years being called un-American because we opposed the President...

Sunday News Shows - Rachel on MTP!

AP: Obama invokes grandmother's death in health debate

We need to admit that it wasn't the Clintons who were divisive, it is crazy Americans fueling this.

Why do certain commentators keep acting surprised that people treat the President with respect?

President Obama: Health Reform Will Put Patients’ Interests Ahead of Insurance Company Profits

Where's the YES WE CAN, Mr President - Where is the fight for the people?

What about people who do not take care of themselves, smoking over eating

I just got back form Bozeman MT - bitter sweet, very emotional day

Sometimes I feel as if I am the only white Male over 50 who isn't angry...

Teabagger Mob Makes Sen. Ben Cardin More Resolved To Make Reform

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting Condition

(Liberals Want Obama To Be Assassinated) IF THIS DON"T PISS YOU OFF

Medicare doesn't cover dental? How does this compare to Canada?


FOX NOISE is putting out a poll claiming 53% don't want any change to health care

Gov. Jim Doyle won't seek re-election

***HEADS UP** Presidential Town Hall on Health Care Reform, Grand Junction, CO - LIVE

PHOTO Decisions, Decisions.

Wall Street Journal declares Palin "Death Panel" WINNER, President Obama LOSER...fuck you, WSJ.

Monsanto's Man in the Obama Administration - The Return of Michael Taylor

Only 34% support health care reform? Who is this idiot on MSNBC?

NYT confirms Politico's claim that Emanuel told liberals to stop attacking conservative Dems

Obama criticizes `scare tactics’ in health debate (AP)

Would someone please point out to me where Obama agreed with Baucus Re No Public Option in Montana??

Lanny Davis: Why does anybody hire this fool?

What time is the Colorado town hall today?

Other stuff birthers believe

Do you smell what the Barack is cookin'?

OMG! Did you see that.....

Could you imagine Bush doing this?

Oh and he's also a math wizard...

Brazil Urges Obama to Tighten the Vise on Honduras to Get Zelaya Back

PHOTOS: Protestors rally in Lincoln Park, Grand Junction, CO, ahead of President Obama's town hall

Obama's healthcare horror

Two British women tricked into becoming stars of campaign to sabotage Obama's healthcare reforms

AFSCME Highway to Health Care Tour (plus more union support, updated)

AARP on Healthcare Reform: Myths vs. Facts

Unethical Grassley's behavior invalidates Senate Finance Bill

Polls Show Obama Shines in Character Department

Hoeven says he won't make Senate decision soon

I'm a fighting liberal - Steve Gilliard Nov 13, 1964-Jn 2, 2007

If there are voters among the uninsured

Obama approval Update

I can understand why people don't trust government

NYT: Drug Firms Cost Dick Armey His Job at DLA Piper

USW president supports single payer healthcare

MSNBC: President Obama townhall meeting tonight at 6:15 ET in Grand Junction, Colorado

AFL-CIO: This health care reform is worth fighting for.

The Shop Talk on Martha’s Vineyard: The Obamas

Atlanta Health Care reform Rally Live stream

New numbers: 22,000 annual deaths- 52 million plus uninsured by 2010- 25 million underinsured

Remember when the GOP was outraged at us scaring old folks?

FL-Sen, FL-21: Crist Hoping to Lure Rubio into Diaz-Balart's Seat?

Documents Show Christian World Domination Group Paid For Bipartisan Congressional Hawaii Trip


Politicalwire: Conrad Spokesman Denies Earlier Report He'd Vote Against a Public Option

The Family discusses the birth certificate (via Doonesbury)

Who is doing more to get their views on the health care proposal across to the American people?

Canadian Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare (re-direct to Omaha Steve post

Howard Dean on C-Span for an hour

Watching the pres on CSPAN.

Pssst. Hey people. It's Woodstock weekend. Share your memories in the Lounge.

Governor’s Race Exposes Republican Rift in Texas

U.S. Senator Meets Myanmar Junta Leader.

AlterNet: Why the Right's 'Astroturfing' Propaganda Is Textbook Psychopathic

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Lugo confounds his critics

No Matter What Lies the Right Wing Screams, the Brits Love Their Health Care System

In the US, my credit card saved my life

Indigenous People Troubled by US Military Presence in Colombia

Religious and Grassroots Leaders Urge Clinton to Suspend Military Base Talks With Colombia

Anti-war cafe opens in the shadow of Fort Hood

Dems Offer GOP 'End-of-Political-Life Counseling'

New numbers: 22,000 annual deaths- 52 million plus uninsured by 2010- 25 million underinsured

The Politics of Fabrication and Fear

Town Hall Crazies Claim Fear of UFOs: Unidentified Flying Obstetricians

Colombia’s Fascist Attack on Academic Freedom | James J. Brittain

Cost of caring for uninsured from 2009 - 2019 with NO Health Care Reform:...$1 Trillion.

Wait times in U.S. WORSE than all other countries surveyed except one.

The secret about health care 'rationing' -- it's already here

NY Times letter-to-the-editor for Medicare for All

Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq

Insurance lobby denies pay to heckler due to ‘pre-existing ignorance’

To Rally HIS Base on Health Reform, Obama Channels the Woodstock Spirit

From Bush v. Gore to Cheney v. Bush -- Bush's Sin? Going Soft

How American Health Care Killed My Father

Why scientists are seldom Republicans

Why scientists are seldom Republicans

When the kooks take the stage

Pulling the plug on the Republicans

10 Awesome Things That Would Happen If Health Reform Passes

Money is God, Greed is King and Corruption Runs the Game

Pro-energy reform group up with new spots - Ben Smith Politico

Guardian UK: Barack Obama must beware the rise of the angry white man

KBR: Crime Without Punishment

Johhnny Isakson, Republican Sen from Georgia was the sponsor of the provision Boehner calls

The case against having kids

15 Horrifying Reasons to Never Let Anyone You Love Near a McDonald's

Obama's Schizoid Forest Policies?

Oil lobby to fund astroturfing against Obama's climate change strategy

Gloomy Negotiators End Bonn Climate Talks

China sets date for CO2 cut (eh… by 2050…)

New Coal Ads Emphasize Energy Costs in Bid for 'Hearts and Minds'

The Trabant is back - in electric green

Opencast coalmine surge 'weakens UK's authority at climate change talks'

Global ocean surface temperature breaks 1998 record

Create your very own natural disaster

PetroAlgae expects initial revenues this year

Yurok Tribe seeks to restore the condor to Northwest skies

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 14)

Do the Eagles Play Cleveland?

Matt Cain is a piece of shit

Cain to contact regret

Don't throw at the Panda!...Pablo teaches Santana a lesson

The first honest* man

Right on the side of the head

Eagles make big mistake with Vick

Which NFL team with a losing record in 2008 has best chance to go deep into playoffs?

Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador’s via dolorosa

Action Alert: Day After Attacks in Honduras


Uruguay, Mexico disavow de facto Honduran gov't

Indigenous People Troubled by US Military Presence in Colombia

Colombia’s Fascist Attack on Academic Freedom | James J. Brittain

Religious and Grassroots Leaders Urge Clinton to Suspend Military Base Talks With Colombia

Letter to US Embassy in Honduras

Informe de la 5a Delegación Internacional de Observación de DDHH en Honduras

US Ambassador Hugo Llorens Discloses Secrets of the Honduran Coup; Chinese Viewing Prohibited

Two nice BookTV segments, fyi. A bio of Garcia Marquez and Galeano posted on line.

Why Honduras needs your help

Toppling a Coup, Part V: The Resistance Cracks the Oligarchy

Aide: Zelaya plane stopped at base with US troops

Zelaya may return to Honduras even if he faces arrest

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Lugo confounds his critics

Golpista Micheletti: "I hope Llorens does not come back"

Anti-war cafe opens in the shadow of Fort Hood

PCHR Expresses Concern Over Statement by Governmental Source in Gaza

Canadian church group rejects Israel boycott

Fatah’s congress followed by hollow claims of a “new beginning”

Islamist leader dies in raid

For some U.S. Jews, recession is catalyst for aliyah

Deadly gun battle in Gaza mosque

The Two-State Solution Doesn’t Solve Anything

ANALYSIS / Hamas wipes out opposition

New Pro-Israel Lobby, New Point of View

Jerusalem-born Jew elected to Fatah Revolutionary Council

US Consulate: Israel issuing new 'PA-only' visa stamps

Do you have a right to call the police?

Today in Labor History Aug 15 Some 170 women began a sit-in protest, Nixon announces a 90-day freez

Occupational Health News Roundup Aug 14

Town Hall Dispatch: Where Is the Left?

Union files labor complaint against Oregon's universities

White House Reform Strategy Includes E-mail Lists, Union Counterattack

WSJ: Labor Dept Files Suit Against Alabama Co., Pension Trustees

NLRB Reaffirms Broad Protections of Non-Union Concerted Activity

Co-Worker Attacked With Hammer

UFCW Weekender 8-15 Whole Foods, Town Hall Terrors, more

Specter to Support Senate Vote on Pro-Union Bill in Reversal

Funny how when you loose a job & benefits, you want Obama's Health care NOW!

and now for something completely different

Good Morning

For Tahitinut (and others) - late afternoon in Bamberg, Germany

Greens I won't enter but like nonetheless

The REAL SUBMISSION Thread for the August Photo Contest. Theme: Green.

all gummed up


Paulson & Goldman Sachs, The Plot Thickens

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/15/09

if it weren’t for the inflated loan values, Regions’ equity would be less than zero.

Nuclear Science in Serbia: A Paper On The Early Earth And Its Naturally Occurring Nuclear Reactors

While AARP has not directly endorsed any bill - they are running adverts in support.

Change is never easy

Space elevator chase yields Earthly rewards (

The White House has finally realized that they should be pushing "health insurance reform"

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer Lauds Canadian single payer system at Obama Town Hall Meeting!

Gene Therapy Creates a New Fovea

People who don't carry health insurance because they say they don't need it, should...

Prop 8 proponent Doug Manchester in messy divorce

Deputies: Man Shot Intruder, Turned Out To Be Neighbor

Obama campaigned against mandates to purchase private health insurance.

Suddenly opponents are calling for a national referendum on health care..

John C. Wright (homophobic Sci-Fi "writer") can't hide.

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates

Gavin Newsom's Impressive Town Hall In Sacramento

How Come the Mormon Church Has Not Lost It's Tax Exempt License?

Taking Action! Tell your friends and family how you feel.

"Science and the taboo of psi"

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer: Signature in the Cell

It's been a good birthday

Wanted to share this from GD: Sargent Shriver and his granddaughter

What exalted concepts do you secretly not honor?

A week focused mainly on customers

Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love channeled by Lauren C. Gorgo

Another Priest, Another Sex Crime Charge

"Lutherans Prepare To Vote On Accepting Gay Clergy"

In honor of Julia Child's 97th birthday, a poem from her husband Paul from 1961....

Wine Taste Testing

This week's kitchen disasters.

What if the sweet corn isn't sweet?

Anybody else receive anti-Bill White email from Ken Bailey?

Town Hall meetings for Smokey Joe Barton's district.

So who can answer my question? What part of the plane punched a hole thru the far wall

I know I'm late, but The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was on Starz on demand

Fiery rhetoric greets NDP delegates