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Archives: August 14, 2009

CBC: Scene-stealing squirrel crashes Banff tourist photo

5 and a half beers...

Mediamatters: Guest calls Dobbs out for calling Dean a "bloodsucking liberal"

Whew! Southwest Airlines out of the running in the Frontier Airlines sale

The Grand Campaign of Lies

Adopt your conservative elder! (Why there is hope)

Going to Iowa in September to officiate at my second legally recognized same sex wedding!

Horrifying web sites!

Any one else notice this about the most vocal against health care reform?

‘Gang of Six’ Not Quite the Voice of the Nation-so worth reading...

Sign Petition for HR 676...and See Site Mad As Hell Doctors for Single Payer

That pizzaman took FOREVER to get here. The traffic must've been backed up. Do I get it free now?

If you think about it - what the health care protesters really want is more government spending

If you think about it - what the health care protesters really want is more government spending

Guess what I hit on stumbleupon just now.

Jesus heals the sick, 2009 style

CNN: Wingnut on the Left: Lyndon LaRouche?

CNN: Wingnut on the Left: Lyndon LaRouche?

...patterns from influenza in the 1st 1/2 of the 20th century and the rise & fall of heart disease

ATTN: Rebroadcast of Bill Clinton on CSpan right *now* !

Here's Why We Can't Have Health Care Reform

What if the current debate was about climate change instead of health care reform?

Oops - the NHS attack by MEP 'unpatriotic'

Someone offer insights - How is it Beck is losing advertisers, but Limpball is not?

Any DU'ers belong to Netroots Nation??

erick erickson On C-Span

Image describing the teabaggers' thought processes...

Palin Divorce OFFICIAL!

Lynn Samuels is on our side?

Gates: Defeating Taliban Will Take ‘A Few Years’

When is Dick 'Fucking' Cheney going to announce....

Does Barack Obama enjoy confrontation and debate??

Pro health care distortions

U.S. Detains Journalist Fleeing Pakistan Threats

Ohio U.S. House Candidate Issues Press Release on Sibel Edmonds' 'Revealing' Testimony

Happy Birthday Social Security!

Obama officials find another world on visit to rural Alaska

Thank You Thom Hartmann!! on For Profit "Health" "Care" -> Saying it like it is!

Democrats should boycott the insurance industry by cancelling automobile collision coverage

My LTTE this morning re: death panels

Dick Cheney rolls in his grave, Mark Morford

Why have I not heard at least 1 Democrat point out..

Someone please explain to me how the modern insurance industry and Bernie Madoff's scheme

WE are the big tent party!

Facebook Causes Page for Glenn Beck/Fox News Advertiser Boycott

Glenn Beck is weak...very, very weak...

The LA Health Care Forum

End of life counseling was funded in the GOP Medicare Prescription Drug Bill

End of life counseling was funded in the GOP Medicare Prescription Drug Bill

Another Moran sign:

Which DUer is your doppleganger?

Michelle Bachmann will be holding a town hall meeting on the 27th

Palin is in a very convenient position for the GOP right now, isn't she?

Never before has a term been so appropriate as "useful idiots"

No, the government is not going to cut off your health care when your age passes your IQ

The minimum standard acceptable for a Public Option

DU this poll - CNN - Death Panels!!!

Here's one from the "no shit" category...

I just told the Nebraska Democratic Party to shove it...basically.

Who was the Republican who said that it was the elderly's responsibility

Videos from Howard Dean's DC book signing today posted in Politics video by DUer ThirdChoice.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver funeral feed:

Mika tells PETA that she loves animals, "I grew up on a farm"

Dems, Unions, Allies Pushing Back For Reform in Ads, Town Halls, Attacks on Blue Dogs

We are wasting our time on bi-partisanship

Taiwan typhoon toll could triple as entire village lies buried (CNN)

Has anyone had trouble with the DU site lately?

'Fastest Dying Cities' Meet for a Lively Talk

To Democratic politicians: There is nothing you can do to EVER gain their votes

Your Private Health Insurer thinks of YOU as a Consumer

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey leads 'death panel' charge writing up talking points

Has anybody looked at Google's logo today? Am I seeing things

Dylan Ratigan is an asshole.

Alleged Obama-Era Rendition Victim Accuses US of Torture, Coercion

That FreedomWorks guy on GEM$NBC

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots

2 simple questions we must keep asking publicly

Health care reform! Hahahahahaha

Marine Sgt. Bill Cahir killed in Afghanistan. Ran as Democrat for US Rep. (Pa-5)....

How do you decide on what to post on DU??

Dick Army will be on MTP with Rachel

The Rude Pundit: What'll We Do About the Town Hall Screamers? Part 2: The More Things Change...

Hey birthers, Obama won, GET OVER IT already.

Here's Some Encouraging News About the Townhalls:

U.S. Food Producers Warn Of Job Cuts Due To Sugar Shortage

Do you think a post should have 20 votes to get on greatest page?

Airlines to Require More Passenger Data

Brainstorming session: What hoax should we use against the right wing next?

Rep Ahn 'Joseph' Cao (R-New Orleans) says he's 'leaning' toward House Democrats' health plan

The stand off beetle man has been arrested

Health Care – What’s to “debate?”

Why I Interrupted Bill Clinton’s Speech at Netroots Nation

May I introduce: Katy The Plumber! (with videos)

When People Say - The Government Can't Run Anything Right .......

Missing From The Health Care Reform Debate: Medical Tourism

Michael Vick Presser on MSNBC

LA Times Culture Monster blog: Arts organizations stumble into the healthcare debate

Sibel Edmonds: The Boiling Frogs Presents Philip Giraldi

Birthers, Deathers and Teabaggers

This is weird -- M$M virtually ignores major event involving threat against the White House

47 percent of South Florida homeowners underwater on mortgages

Sarah Still to Secede from the Secessionist?

"Australian quadriplegic man granted right to die"

District 9: Not as smart as it wants to be but much cleverer than it could have been.

District 9: Not as smart as it wants to be but much cleverer than it could have been.

Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove to appear in Family Guy

Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove to appear in Family Guy

From Hell, To Modernity (with all its pleasures)

Breaking: Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme released from prison.

Legal eagle: Rove, Gonzales facing 'colorable prosecution'

Dean: "There Will Be Primaries If Health Reform Passes Without A Public Option"

Dean: "There Will Be Primaries If Health Reform Passes Without A Public Option"

What makes the health insurance industry so weak that it is unable to compete with the government?

how can the voices of so few equal the voices of so many?

From AAR: "Did Ron Reagan Cause CNN To Ban Talk Radio Hosts?"

Healthcare Debate Increasingly Demoralizing

Hotel blames victim for sexual assault

Maria also a pall bearer of her mother Eunice's coffin

The world’s worst polluter: U.S. military

Who are the real Democrats?

Land sakes! WTF is up with funeral processions going thru red lights?!

Message Board Disruptions, You Having Problems Too?

Gasoline Futures May Fall to $1.76 Within a Month: Technical Analysis

Gasoline Futures May Fall to $1.76 Within a Month: Technical Analysis

Worst person of the day:

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots (Moonie times, for instance)

Tea baggers protest on Sept 12 in DC

I would prefer my Congressman vote with logic and reasoning

Teddy too ill to attend Eunice's funeral.

Bernie Sanders for President!

Why the Democrats are losing the health care debate.

Seven Falsehoods About Health Care: Big myths about the current debate (re-direct)

Sacramento police suspect mom carved her initial on toddler

The Senate HELP Committee “public option” will be multiple “options,”

US study uncovers powerful anti-cancer compound

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots (re-direct)

Town hall wingnuts birth new legal fine print

Town hall wingnuts birth new legal fine print

Right Wing Hate/Propaganda Machine TALKING POINT o'the Day - Ronald Reagan

Consumer sentiment at lowest level since March

Consumer sentiment at lowest level since March

Healthcare We Can Believe In: Subject to Debate (re-direct)

Point and Laugh, always

French military says missing Russian-manned ship found near Cape Verde

Health Care Dehumanized

Athiest Bus Ads Create Free Speech Debate In Iowa

The transcript from Lou Dobb's show on cnn- apparently someone was rude to him.

Karzai 'Sells Out Afghan Women'

Redstate lashes out at "Obama Brownshirts," calls for boycott of companies dropping Beck's show

Ben Ferguson on CNBC

My LTTE was published!!!

Observers See Fraud Flourish Before Afghan Vote(And Accept It)

U.S. Pastors visit Cuba and deliver 115 tons of humanitarian aid!

Sea Lions Starving by the hundreds off California shores - Santa Cruz Sentinel article

Update: Mini Apologizes Over "'No Urban Dictate' Buy"

Podesta: White House needs juice on health care

If you act gutless when we have 60 seats, we will punish you.

Friday's Fever's Fired and Fed. Please come CAPTION . . . Mr. Potato Head!!!!

Woman sets self on fire, walks around Miami mall

War Porn

Misdirected Republican Rage

New study: income inequality is at an all-time high

Re: Town Hall Meetings

For $4 billion a month, there had better be a happy ending

Oil Industry Memo Lays Out Plan For Astroturf Rallies Against Climate Change Bill

Help list ALL the GOPS who were FOR advance care counseling before they were AGAINST it.

A message to the Dems from George Lakeoff-- Must See

FOX Business 14 hours ago: CNN's Lou Dobbs Has Forfeited His Credibility

Subway perv's defense to judge: 'My private parts fell out'

Bill Clinton: 'New era of progressive politics'

Time to “Scrap Health Insurance Reforms”

Time to “Scrap Health Insurance Reforms”

Multiple Rethugs Voted In 2003 For Measure Similar To Current “Government Euthanasia” Bill

Republicans voted for death panels as part of 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill

Question about AARP and supposedly angry members.

These two headlines tell the Blue Dog story:

The Pres has landed with his family

Letter From GOP Rep: Reform Will Let 'Mama' Die In Agony

Do we need more proof?

Wankers Of The Day

Will Squeaky Fromme join the armed militias?

'teevee loves a ruckus' President Barack Obama

The MSM conviently omits that Capt Scott Speicher was used as an excuse to invade Iraq

How The Health Care Fight Saved A GOP Senator From A Sex Scandal

When I want info on the Glenn Beck ad boycott, I go to Rupe Murdoch's Wall St Journal

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

"Good War" Morphs Into Drug War

Survey Finds High Fees Common in Medical Care

How poignantly sad .... Senator Teddy too ill to attend Eunice's services today.

A Sense of Passion and Outrage

can we at least ask them to provide frontal lobotomies as part of the healthcare bill...?

Grassley Voted For So-Called "Death Panel" In 2003

Here's another ad I would like to see from the DNC

Whole Foods CEO's earlier egregious behavior (stock comments, Wild Oats buyout)


US Agrees With 40 Years Prediction(To Rebuild Afghanistan)

"My country is gone" or "I want my country back" = "I'm afraid of a black man being president"?

Fox News whips up fear and hatred over FAKE enemies list story.

Town halls not resulting in more presidential threats

Anyone here come from extended families where money has fucked things up?

The unrec button is too close to the rec button!

Rep. Paul Broun: ObamaCare Will Leave "Mama" to Die in Agony in Bed

Rep. Paul Broun: ObamaCare Will Leave "Mama" to Die in Agony in Bed

Turkish Lobby Group 'Declares War' on, Slimes Sibel Edmonds' Under-Oath Testimony

Turkish Lobby Group 'Declares War' on, Slimes Sibel Edmonds' Under-Oath Testimony

Obama Healthcare plan to turn all Americans gay, take away their guns, ban religion

Rock vs. Hard Place

Just remember, Conrad, we can pass health care with govt. option by 51 votes with reconciliation

More rich health care irony from protester

Mad as Hell? Not Gonna Take It Any More? Not So Fast...

The town hallers should REALLY make a stand against socialism!

America's Liberal Voice! Ck This Out!

Limbaugh & Republicans have long used Nazi rhetoric to smear progressives

Los Angeles Times: The sick status quo

Great article! "The GOP's Misplaced Rage," by Bruce Bartlett

Grassley Voted for the so-called Death Panels in 2003

Grassley Voted for the so-called Death Panels in 2003

Finally found one! - Pic of An Actual "Death Panel"...

CNN, Faux, and MSNBC have no right to be calling themselves "news networks"

We Must Fight Back with HR 676 - Read the Benefits and Pass it On to Everyone You Know!!!

Why reformers are losing on health care -- and how they can win back the debate

Armey leaves firm amid health care flap

Obama Name dropping Max Baacus

"People faced with desparate situations will do desparate things."


Christian News Show Poses The Real Question On C St.: How Many Affairs Has It Thwarted?

§ 871. Threats against President and successors to the Presidency

NASA - Cassini - Saturn ... something's going on out there

Oops. Dupe. Delete.

Equality California delays pro-gay marriage amendment push until 2012

The importance of talking to friends and neighbors about the real health care bill

Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

Everyone refers to NAZIs and Hitler. I have heard some naive

Weekly Research 2000 tracking poll: Obama 60% (-) approval 36% (-1) disapproval

Best Shriver memorial toon I've seen...

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots

Obama denounces emphasis on health care protests

Oh no! I might not be able to keep my doctor!

During MT town hall, Obama handcuffed Max Baucus to the health care reform table

I'm goin' to a free movie at the public library tonight...

Do you agree - any Democrat who fails to support Obama's plan on health care reform should be primar

Catering to R Lite and Rightward Dems, Demonizing the Left, means you can't tell some "Centrists"

Charlotte town hall: "I'm afraid my country is gone"

In MI., Blue Cross raising individual, group rates 22 pct.

As Town Hall meetings continue around the country health care reform

CATO Institute Finds $180 Billion Benefit to Legalizing Illegal Immigrants

The Genius of the Crowd by Charles Bukowski

Hitler Hated Communism, Socialism, Homosexuals, and Jews

Hitler Hated Communism, Socialism, Homosexuals, and Jews

Caption This Crazy

The frustration of having a right-wing family

Chickenshit Senators eliminate end-of-life provision: Respond to charge of ‘death panels’

An interesting thing just happened: a guy came to my door.

President Obama at the town hall meeting in Montana - pics

FOX Sports Radio Talkers are Enemies of the People

David Shuster: "I'm getting a lot of threats"

Nothing to see here

did bachmann invent the word 'palinize'?? because i could swear that i have heard it before.

Contributions from Health Sector to Lawmakers Increased 7 Percent in Second Quarter

Proposition 8 backer showing his "family values"

A Milestone for Women in Sports

U.S. Forces Kill Afghan Security Guards

The Photo Is Making The Rounds

Why are activists on the left allowing the right to define the health debate?

Govt Withholds Information About Bagram Detainees(The Other Gitmo)

Is it just me or has the "birther" bowel movement lost it's steam?

Did CNN fire Lou Dobbs or internets rumor?

Cops called to Jon and Kate Gosselin's home (Jon & KatePlus 8)

Broadview security just gave me 4 months free for their Glenn Beck advertising

Are the Dems closing down TownHalls??? Cavuto , Fox, reporting

Iran: The Green Brief #53 (August 13 - Mordad 22) Latest news from Iran

'Kicks For Guns' Gets Guns Off Streets, Fatal Shooting Shuts Down Turnpike

The Death Panels Were Actually Created By The GOP Back In 2003

The Death Panels Were Actually Created By The GOP Back In 2003

Doonesbury says it nicely

Should Democrats quit the town halls next week?

Politicians and sex scandals

What does the phrase "I'm a proud NRA member" have to do with health care reform?

What Politics Is All About

My One Republican Friend...

SoCal residents get free universal healthcare.....from Britain

CNN VOTE : Do you believe "death panels" are part of the proposed health care reforms?

Denny's is sued over high-salt food

What would you do in Montreal for 5 days?

Who the hell are these people "Jon and Kate"?

Armey Leaves Lobby Firm, Citing Negative Attention Brought by FreedomWorks

Mother Jones Releases Piece by Hiker Detained in Iran

NYT: Judges’ Dissents for Death Row Inmates Are Rising

how can this national city bank policy even be legal...?

Shamed former Eagles fan looking for a new team

Did anyone see the face off thing on the schuster/hall show on msnbc...

It's bank failure Friday!

An Open Letter to Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey

I wonder if FreedomWorks wants to legalize pot...

Montanans for Single Payer Prepare for President Obama's Visit - pics

Free Maziar Bahari

The Main Difference.......Photo

Cops tazer black man just sitting on his front pourch...

Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq(More Contractor$$$ Than Troops in Afghanistan)

Broadband Companies to Feds: Keep Your Stimulus Money

Lawrence O'Donnell is my new hero

Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove to appear in Family Guy

"By any reasonable measure, our (Canada's) health-care system is stellar compared to theirs (US)"

Crazed right winger reacts to ABC story on threats against Obama.

Michael Vick should be treated just like any other ex-con out on parole...

Who's behind the attacks on a health care overhaul?

as disgusting as it is to see people being disruptive, obnoxious, and rude for their own greed

Tick, Tick, Tick... Is this the day? I'm asking for a no cost favor

The dude that said "I'm a proud member of the NRA".....

Where's the John Edwards is the father of Reile's baby thread?

so, where are the chickenshit screamers when it comes to confronting their President?

Lawrence O'donnell needs to replace Chris Matthews

How many WHITE PEOPLE die every year by being declined by insurance companies?

Here's An Idea For A Will Farrell Or Saturday Night Live Sketch.......

I love that Ed calls Limbaugh "the drugster".. He's awesome. site basically says Fuck You Rasmussen

BREAKING : Second Dispatcher Caught in Obama Hate Thread

BREAKING : Second Dispatcher Caught in Obama Hate Thread

Aetna. Really?

Hannity is whining about death threats to Obama

There's probably a psycholgical term for this

"Death to Obama" Sign Holder Yelled "Obama's a Nazi"

Author David Korten on the faux prosperity indicator that is GDP:

BANK .... BUST .... FRIDAY !!!!!

Who is more crazy?

Dennis Prager Has 10 Questions. I Have 10 Answers

The RW would have pulled the same crap on any Dem, a black one made it easier

This photo says it all

This photo says it all

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama's Remarks At Montana Town Hall On Health Care Today (re-direct)

President Obama with 7 month old Matthew - pic

Healthcare - Do we have the votes?

health insurance -- why is a PRIVATE bureaucracy better than a PUBLIC bureaucracy?

health insurance -- why is a PRIVATE bureaucracy better than a PUBLIC bureaucracy?

Please help DU this health care poll

The Very Angry Teabagger

Pres. Obama's plans to expand the Army reflects his unwillingness to reform their military missions

CNN poll on Death Panels - Boy there are a lot of ignorant people n/t

Lawrence O'donnell is kicking the shit out of the clown on right now...

O'Donnell evisceration of Culberson rebroadcast on shortly

CNN Finally Fires Lou Dobbs

Remember Cynthia Davis, the MO rep who thought hunger was a motivator? Here she is on autism:

Dupe - Self Delete

WTF is an Astroturd?

My Cash for Clunkers experience (and questions about the Ford Mariner Hybrid)

Awwwww - President Barack Obama and 11-month-old Katirie - pic

Lawyer: Edwards won't comment on ex-girlfriend's child

Grassley brings Glenn Beck’s book to town hall meeting to ‘pass it on.’

An Evolutionary Biologist Visits the "Creationism Museum"

An Evolutionary Biologist Visits the "Creationism Museum"


An Insider on the Outside Looking In

How the working and middle-classes fund the healthcare for the wealthy

The US of A: The World's Newest Third World Country

A new low for Birf 'n Turf

My sister wrote a poem for the town hall protesters...

Michael Vick meets with youth in event arranged by Humane Society

Boy, 7, still in coma (Dad was laid off, no health ins)

Which of the following comes closest to your feelings about American involvement in Afghanistan?

Who's advertising on Glenn Beck today?

Everyone please write Rep. John Culberson (R) and tell him you watch MSNBC

If public healthcare in the UK is so bad -- how come British Conservatives support it?

Beck Takes a week off and then it starts

Chuck Todd reporting on Hairballz that the Baucus draft is THE White House Plan

LOL did you guys see Keith showing School House Rock, when talking about Sarah Palin. . .

Wow hardball just hammer a rethug

Retired folks screeching at the health care "town halls"

Bill Moyers Journal tonight

Florida leaders warn health care reform could bankrupt Medicaid (been on the front page all day)

Friday TOONS #1

Did "Truthers" get nearly as much coverage in 2002-2003 as "Birthers" have in 2008-2009?

Teabaggers: We need to re-enact Braveheart in townhalls

Marta & I had lunch with a health care hero!

Levi Johnston Fine with Being a Gay Pin-up Boy

Mad as Hell Doctors

Tyler Perry's Gender Problem

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

CNN poll....23% believe Obama "death panels" are real.

BBC: Fascinating study on how different cultures 'read' facial expressions.

Suppose that on 9/11 there had been no attack on the WTC...

Former Governor Don Siegelman Files Appeal With U.S. Supreme Court

Defining the Census

Contributions from Health Sector to Lawmakers Increased 7 Percent in Second Quarter

Rove tried to shut out Hopi woman as US Attorney

What percentage of GD Original Posts require what is in your opinion "deciphering"?

I admire Howard Dean.

Advertisers deserting Fox News' Glenn Beck

The saddest thing of all about the deathers....

Orly Taitz' birther clients are dropping her: spelled her own name wrong on the court documents.

Les Paul's Impact in Pix

How to shut down a wing-nut on Facebook

Afghanistan passes 'barbaric' law diminishing women's rights

Right wingers attack new type of ambulance, calling it an instrument of Obama's evil plan

If you missed the O'Donnell destruction of Culbertson

Neil diamond concert on cbs tonight at 8pm n/t

I had a right wing tea party last night in my neighborhood

Afghanistan passes 'barbaric' law diminishing women's rights

N.H. Libertarians Launch Porcupine-411 Network

Health Care Now. Check Out Our New Line of Products!

A ticker tape parade, a float, champagne, parties. ALL TO HONOR Lawrence O'Donnell

Dick Armey forced to resign from DLA Piper Law firm

The Dick Army

Michigan House Bill 5232 asserting 10th Amendment authority

Audio slideshow: Remembering Woodstock

Today's daily racist e-mail story: OH police forward Air Force One "N166ER" image from work

GREAT moments in the G.O.P. #1...Bill Frist: "LOOK! Her eyes follow the balloon on the video!"

Look at what, was in down town Pittsburgh today!

"Smiting" the President

Tom Fiegen announces challenge to Chuck Grassley!!!!

FAA suspends 2 air traffic controllers over Hudson crash (CNN)

Colonial Bank failure will hit warehouse lending to mortgage brokers

Should professional sports players be banned for life if they are convicted for steroid use?

What the hell is a "public option?" Could you explain it at a town hall?

Shhh...don't let the freepers know...Obama gang signs....

John Culberson (R-Texas) just took a tremendous beating by Lawrence O'donnell

Any Senator who announces opposition on the Public Option should be stripped of chairmanship

W.R.T. Healthcare I don't want a free pony - just affordable pony rides!

3 Clinton Appointee District judges retiring/taking senior status this month.

President Obama was 100% wrong today when he commented on Canada's health care system. (re-direct)

That was one BEAUTIFUL SMACKDOWN by Rachel Maddow

Who Is The Worst To Debate?

Rachel Maddow causes Freeper freakout.....

I think I understand now why Sarah Palin flew back to Alaska in labor

Well, it does make sense why Katie Abram wants the U.S. Constitution to...

'Time to Pull the Plug on Gramps Grassley'

Former exec: Insurers fomenting town hall chaos

Police To Bob Dylan: We Want To See Some ID

What's wrong with killing dogs? by Lawrence O'Donnell re: Vick

Co. Defends Decision to Pull Ads Beck TV Show: 'We Do Not Want to be Associated with Hateful Speech'

Death Panels

Duers with health insurance, please help me out.

Katy Abrams, you and I gotta talk.

Okay, I confess. The reason Grassley's Washington staffer hung up on me might be

Send ET a Text Message From Earth

New poll shows Canadians overwhelmingly support public health care

Hissy and I just got in to the room - last two seats - for Young Turks

AP Talks Hatch Act Over Christie-Rove Conversations

Baby Jesus is weeping because of this Keynan's Nazi socialized medicine plan and his death panels

Two irrevocable turning points...

Anyone watching Real Time? Ashton Kutcher is on and I swear he reads DU!

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 'A day to celebrate her legacy' / TGI FOODBANK FRIDAY!


Please help out incarcerated Native youth...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

How viable is Maria Shriver as a political candidate?

What has become of Tucker Carlson since his canning?

Deathers are the scum of the health care debate.

Maddow will be on Meet The Press Sunday. Should be good

What's the deal with Obama's call to cut Medicare?

Hospital story

John Mackey is a STUPID and selfish sociopath who is willing to risk his employees' livelihoods

Ooooo.. got a live one boys and girls..

Ooooo.. got a live one boys and girls..

Where In HR 3200 Does It Say

Single Payer NOW! Yes We Can.

Obama and Beck to discuss Health Care Reform ?

RM: "I will not be intimidated out of covering the news. Enjoy yourself if you want to keep trying."

Woodstock 1969 Lineup and Songlist - (Found This Through Twitter)

Duplicate (re Whole Foods) - please delete

Does anyone have a good alternative to Whole Foods in their area?

Shirley & Banister (who've been hassling Maddow) have a fascinating client list

Guardian UK: In the US, my credit card saved my life

District NIne... if you liked V, you might like District Nine (Some spoilers)

A music legend much larger than Michael Jackson passed away today. RIP Les Paul

anyone see the daily show last night?? interesting segment regarding beck's changing position on

Whole Foods Boycott Picking Up Steam

How an 11-year-old got Obama to talk

Go to Leavenworth for 18 months, lose most of your net worth, beg for your job back. . .

"Death Panel" Smoking Gun Found

"Death Panel" Smoking Gun Found

I feel sooo bad for those people who voted for McCain/Palin last year.

C Street Ministry's thwarted affairs

The "I'm not paying for my sick neighbor" talking point...

Keeping it REAL....The Mall of America Edition..

My response from Whole Foods on my letter to them regarding John Mackey's position.

2027 Doctor Visits and Then...........

Glacier park officials to kill grizzly mom

Arlen Specter at Netroots Nation: "I Don't Know Glenn Beck & I Don't Care To Know Him"

Sometimes I think that Democrats/ liberals/ left/ progressives should lie right back re health care


Katie Couric denounces "fear" and "ignorance" driving people to town hall forums.

If Obama drops too far in the polls, what country should we invade?

Will the Montana business men get their Obama hating racists under control?

I can not believe the Florida GOP chair says health care plan would force abortions.

Now, pbs poll needs help, health care radical righties, have the edge.

The hippies have won. It is clear...

Forfeit 80% of your income

Well I did it. I'm now the proud owner of a 09 Ford Escape Hybrid!

"...manufacturing sector emerging from recession..." What's wrong with this picture?

Just watched the president get off the plane in Montana with family...

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Hey, folks. Take The weekend off. Woodstock thread in the Lounge is calling for your memories.

That filthy, rotten, conniving LIAR!

Why do you suppose Obama didn't make Howard Dean part of his team?

Boehner whining about the truth coming out...

Fuck the fucking Media Lies. My PBS hdtv just came online with NOW & Bill Moyers, so I sent them

Man sentenced after leaving water bottles for immigrants (CNN)

Should I visit the Creationism Museum next time I'm in Cincinnati?

So, people, are we going to sit around just mocking the Rs today or are we

Society tortures dogs

Society tortures dogs

Jackpine's Online Troll School

School stands by teachers who made homophobic remarks toward student, refuses diversity training

Of gossip as journalism, Andrew SULLIVAN, Betsy McCAUGHEY, & lies

Great Read: Winston Churchill Was A Bolshevik - Joe Conason (Health Care)


The Nation: Required Reading for Health Care Town Halls

Netroots Day 2: Howard Dean

GRASSLEY Brings GLEN BECK'S BOOK To Town Hall Meeting to ' PASS IT ON.'

Pundits Trying to Help Cheney Avoid Jail - By Ray McGovern

I've been happy lately thinking about the good things to come & I believe it could be something good

Right-wing pundits tear into 11-year-old girl for asking Obama a question

At the Brink: Trends in America’s Uninsured 1994-2007

I am ashamed to be a Philadelphia Eagle fan...

Christian Nation My Ass!

We Can't Afford Not To Change - pic

For non-US based DUers ...... what would happen in your country if I was visiting and ........

one of the principal "joys of liberalism"

I would prefer single payer, but I think I'm ok with the insurance

Friday TOONS #2

Australian quadriplegic man granted right to die

LTTE: Sen. DeMint trying to have it both ways

The "Death to Obama" Sign holder not arrested - just questioned

"Jesus never said HOW to help the poor, he just said DO IT"

Anyone else get the Whole Foods apology?

Finally Obama says it!

Is John Edwards a "scumbag?"

OMG. Nutjob threatens to report newspaper to DOJ/FBI if someone tries to limit his freedom of speech

If I didn't have health insurance, my husband and daughter would probably be dead.

I was a quite the death panelist in my day. Ask me anything.

Are the "right to carry" laws out of control?

Trolling 101... a free lesson for our Freeper friends on how to do it better

What Church Does Rush Limbaugh Attend?

Retired FBI Agent Tells Militias Feds Have Set Up 30,000 Guillotines

When do you "Unrecommend"

When do you "Unrecommend"

I'm absolutely convinced Rachel Maddow has the most important show on cable TV today

Tiny guests.

CODEPINK's Jodie Evans Speaks Out

What Should Dick Cheney's Tell-All Book Be Titled?

Arne Duncan Teams With gingrich And Al Sharpton

OK, I'll admit. I'm a little "torn" over the Michael Vick issue.


vick getting a job is the PERFECT ending to this

Travelocity Dumps Glenn Beck!!

Grassley was for ‘death panels’ before he was against them

Let's stand up for socialists

What you Vick apologists don't seem to's about intent...

So are the freeps going to start shopping at Whole Foods now?

Question on pre-existing condition provision in the current health care bill

A public option delayed until 2013 is not a public option, period

Well I just got in a screaming argument with my parents about healthcare...

All I'll say is this regarding health care....

Should professional sports players be banned for life if they are convicted of rape?

I covered up Glen Beck's books at Costco today.

History Question: Would it have been better for Poland to have been divided like Germany?


Here's why I truly and deeply sympathize with all Republicans these days.

The Hate the Right Produced

Michael Vick killed dogs and got two years. Donte Stallworth killed a man and got 24 days.

I bought a car under the Cash for Clunkers program last week

Was I out of line at the grocery store when I confronted the Astroturd?

Shifting the weight, Casting off responsibility

Shifting the weight, Casting off responsibility

Woodstock constipation


Death Panel Hypocrites! Party of Life Kicked Tiny Texas Baby Out of Hospital to Die.

Glenn Beck advertisers update 8/14/09 Replacement sponsors contact information

"District 9" -- this year's "V for Vendetta?"

I would support the Option if Single Payer is going to sink the whole reform.

My broken finger has cost me $460 so far, and I have insurance.

The Senate HELP Committee “public option” will be multiple “options,” - run by insur


Rec/Unrec totals and why I want to know - both (all three for you Alan Keyes fans).

"Government is bad" "Government is the poblem"

"Government is bad" "Government is the poblem"

A report from the Head Blue Dog's telephone town hall last night. (Rep. Mike Ross D-AR)

Michael Vick has paid for his crimes and remorseful for them

MSM omits that Scott Speicher was the excuse for TF20's 4-5 man crew attempts to PLANT WMD in Iraq.

VH1: Woodstock Special On ... compare liberal "mobs" then to today's townhall mobs

"Beware of School Reformers"...they insist on more of the same..intensification of the status quo.

Howard Dean: "Insurance Cos. Are Extension Of What's Been Going On Wall Street - Flim Flam"

'Support Glenn Beck' Counter Campaign Set Up

confederate flags

Wanna have some fun? is up, comment wall and all.

Whole Foods Responds ..

Bill Maher: "You know your party is full of pussies when you're bullied by a chick on Facebook"

Obama Said Two Very Important Things Today In Montana and I disagree!


the days run away like wild horses over the hills

I am going to bed.

Apparently, my 'Donor Star' has expired. I'm seeing ADS here...OMG, the HORROR!

Let's start a bar fight.

OK, lets re-cap:

Congratulations babylonsister! 115,000 posts!

Congratulations ashling ! 10,000 posts!

Tix waiting for me at Player Will Call tomorrow night!!

I try to be kind to everyone. It's in my nature.

I try to be kind to everyone. It's in my nature.

I want to create a throat that never dies.

Congratulations saltpoint! 40,000 posts!

The floor fan in my room sounds like a prop airplane...


Look at that. He's jumping all around...

A random paragraph from the paper I am writing

Yes I know the Eagles signed Michael Vick

An Apology to my Fellow DU er's

Molly Ringwald wrote a memorial to John Hughes that's both intelligent and moving

Uh-oh. Star's gone. Hurry up, August fund drive!

post like a fin de siècle incendiary haymarket radical

A random word from the paragraph I am writing

Let's start a bar brawl...


Suggestions of a good online dream journal?

Has anybody stood on the Dr. Scholl's foot machine? What product do YOU need?

Has anybody gottten a Bullet Express food processor?

Has anybody gottten a Bullet Express food processor?

What to have for a snack?

Who was the cartoonist that always did carp cartoons?

auto sales scam alert

Damn, Comedy Central just canceled Reno 911

Question about hyperlinks

I want to create a thread that dies because of Obama's death panels. nt

Obama's going to force Grandma to have an abortion in Kenya and then send her to the electric chair!

If having a rabbit's foot is lucky, isn't having a whole rabbit luckier?

I've got huge nuts.

Got a song you may remember...

Forbes: How To Have A Successful Office Romance

What is your most favorite time and place ever?

Learn to Cook in Your Hotel Room

What will the next bizarre lounge flamewar be about?

Can anyone point me to the sign-up sheet for the death panels?

Hands down, the most disturbing and bizarre thing you will see today. WARNING: Offensive

MC Hammer is one lucky bastard. The Lord gave ME a mind to rhyme but only ONE hype foot.

MC Hammer is one lucky bastard. The Lord gave ME a mind to rhyme but only ONE hype foot.

Well, damn. We really need to have a page for posts that

If you could please be patient, I will be answering questions later to clear up this mess.

GD: Presidential has now been renamed GD: Lawrence O'Donnell

They're making a Dr Manhattan video game

Oh Grandpa, I love fishing like I think people love other people

DU Song Of The Day

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Gonna do nursery visiting this afternoon

Gonna do nursery visits this afternoon


Did you ever get the feeling that...

Have you seen petitions circulating by the GOP to abolish SS and Medicare?

Ok, we've discussed our pet peeves about videogames, how about the things we LIKE in them?

It takes talent to have a Lounge thread with negative recs

Rashied Ali, Rest In Peace


The only 'style' I find here is snark

did anyone ever figure out "Why Burt?"

Pantene Markets New Shampoo As Best For Masturbating Boyfriend In Shower (The Onion)

I need $72,506 BY 5:00 PM TODAY.

Has Anyone Here Ever Been Surveyed by the Game Show, "Family Feud"?

I dare you not to laugh at this (aka little boy tripping balls)

Cat grooming advice needed, please.

What is a fair price for a used refrigerator?

I went to a pet store that had a 5 ft long alligator in a 6 ft tank, and a 4 ft shark

Today's Bible quote: 1st Kings 18:25-27

YouTube: Wir fahn fahn fahn auf der Autobahn...yes, boys & girls, it's Kraftwerk time.

LMG. Kira got a solicitation letter from the Navy, so she just called them up

The Talking Long Branch Incident Blues

Gonna do nursing home visiting this afternoon.

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits (1966)

So another post just made me think about a question military/GLBT related.

Cab Calloway and Nicolas Brothers

Which DUer is your doppleganger?

Got a funny looking bird trapped and flying around in here...

Ever look up your user name on BoardReader?

Thank God 44-6 is finally fucking DEAD to everyone.

Anyone see Keith Olbermann's "Oddball" tonight?

WORST...MARRIAGE...EVER? Angry Comic Store Guy Sells Archie #1 Over Archie-Veronica Wedding


What musical performance(s) would you MOST like to go back in time to witness live?

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to triguy46!!*******

I'm watching MegaShark versus Giant Octopus on Pay Per View.

Randomness.......Listen up dirty hippies....

todays good deed OR how I wasted the whole morning on the neighbors bull

The only thing worse than having a really bad day at work is...

Milla Jovovich - Singer

I'm watching "Barry Lyndon" via Netflix stream.

Beach Boys live in Knebworth 1980 I think. With Brian and Dennis

madeline_con for the win with an Oscar reference.

I just killed a brown recluse budwiser

A little Bruce Springsteen for a Friday night.

I-love Kudzu Garden

I think my hubby is bipolar

I think my hubby is bipolar

I am living in my house now by myself (no kids living here) for the first time

i'm starting to count down to the wedding in days rather than weeks

1 to allen

1 to allen

4 to go..some def lepperd

I write my Social Security Number on the front of my T-Shirts in case they get lost.



3 to go..molly hachet

Ever hear any armonica music

Damn, I wasn't BEGGING, I was just BITCHING!

first it was the teabaggers, then it was the birthers, now it's the deathers, what's next? nt

Would you say that making a new thread on DU is easier than making a baby?

I'd like to thank whichever wonderful and generous DUer restored my star

What is your most favorite thing you have ever done while all bombed up on liquor and weed?

Let's get this party started with the T-Bone Shuffle!

I hate

The New DU Dating Forum

Linguistic question: 'Alls I know or Alls I can say'

Mmmmm - How about a nice Donut Burger?

Give me your honest opinion of Wichita Kansas

This is why we're fucked as a country...

What do you think of My Morning Jacket?

Just discovered a great band - Diablo Swing Orchestra

Are there too many dicks on the dance floor?

It would be cool to be Neil Diamond

What Was your DU name before you changed it?

Admit it! ST:Enterprise had the worst theme song of all Star Treks!

Would you like to hear something hauntingly beautiful? (YouTube)

2 to go..squier

I'm about to get my party on...

My dad had a heart attack yesterday. I think it was a very mild one. But they

Yes, I'm a little depressed and DEFINITELY stressed out

What is it with some people?

You've got to see this!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/14/09

She makes wonderful muffins.

Is it wrong to serve monkey?

My friend FINALLY got her electric wheelchair fixed!

Do you like to collect desktop wallpapers?

Happy Birthday to my cats! Scarlet and Melanie are 14 years young today!

Holy shit. PHISH blew my freaking mind!

What is your most favorite version of the song "My Favorite Things" ?

I saw District 9 tonight, I suggest everyone should go and see this film

Best song lyrics ever...

I'd like to play some disc golf this weekend

What is your most favorite brand of Ringer's Lactate?

Lone WOlf

Looking for fantasy book series recommendations

How do you say it...

My Sister and Trigeminal Neuralgia ("the suicide disease") - call for vibeage

Any Big Brother fans here?

The poop eradication is but one aspect of your importance.

So why are you popular on DU?

I think I just killed a brown recluse spider!

Shamed former Eagles fan looking for a new team

where can I watch tv online

TONIGHT in The Lounge 8:59 PM (Pacific Time): You are invited to wooDUstock, 3 Days of Peace & Music

In Taliban heartland, coalition's made little headway after 8 years

Business Owner Fires on 4 Robbers, Killing 2, Police Say

Honduran protestors target Dunkin Donuts, Burger King

University Employees Furloughed, H1-B visas, not so much ...

Michael Vick Joins Eagles on One-Year Deal

'Get Me the Oxygen Can' (Carol Lam firing in e-mails)

Ford increases third-quarter production under cash for clunkers program

Raised utilities mean $250 water bills a norm in Crandall (Texas)

Taiwan president says typhoon has killed about 500

Vote leaders take campaigns across Afghanistan

U.S. Senator in Myanmar to Meet Leader

Lead poisoning sickens 600 kids in China

Indonesia probes email threatening further attacks

Pakistan moves to bring tribal belt reforms

U.S. Rep. Ahn 'Joseph' Cao says he's 'leaning' toward House Democrats' health plan

Fear for Obama's Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash

Police Confirm Cairo Link to Fugitive Nazi

OAS president "not welcome" in Honduras: Micheletti

Bill Clinton: GOP promotes fear over health care

Drug 'attacks cancer stem cells'

Co. Defends Decision to Pull Ads Beck TV Show: 'We Do Not Want to be Associated with Hateful Speech'

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

Rep. Paul Broun: ObamaCare Will Leave "Mama" to Die in Agony in Bed

Journalist Who Joined Marines Dies in Afghanistan

Security firms discover botnet on Twitter

Ex-federal worker sentenced for embezzlement

Iraqis protest govt clampdown on free speech

Anti-abortion activist accused of wielding hammer

American Senator to Meet Myanmar Leader

CNN Finally Fires Lou Dobbs

India against US trade barrier for climate policy

BB&T Said to Be Taking Colonial in Year's Biggest Bank Failure

John Culberson (R-Texas) just took a tremendous beating by Lawrence O'donnell

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Pakistan to democratise lawless Tribal Areas

Manson follower 'Squeaky' Fromme out of prison

Obama criticizes TV's emphasis on 'ruckus' over healthcare

GRASSLEY Brings GLEN BECK'S BOOK To Town Hall Meeting to ' PASS IT ON.'

18 years later: 1st Gulf War casualty laid to rest

GOP backs away from end-of-life counseling

Chinese Vice Premier urges health care reform

Romania Capital Bucharest Harbored CIA Secret Prison

Norway SWF swells in Q2, owns 1 pct of global stocks

Captain Removed After Slamming Afghan War

Canada court wants Gitmo detainee's return

Georgian troops to resume training with US one year after war with Russia

Six Lobbyists Per Lawmaker Work to Shape Health-Care Overhaul

Dearborn museum could get Helen Thomas sculpture

Death penalty sought for Everett woman in Ariz. murders: Minutemen border guard leader

US TV 'focused on health anger'

Colonial BancGroup becomes biggest bank failure of 2009 (2 failures by 7pm EST)

Senate committee scraps healthcare provision that gave rise to 'death panel' claims

Nashville anti-health care reform protest a bust (1 person shows up)

U.S. Rep. John Dingell writes letter to Mike Sola after confrontation at Romulus town hall meeting

Gun Rights Don't Apply In Domestic Violence Cases, Appeals Court Rules

Income Inequality Is At An All-Time High: Study

Study: Virus injected into brain eases Parkinson’s

Iran inmates 'tortured to death'

Obama says insurance companies holding US hostage

Britain imposes direct rule on Turks and Caicos

Controller Was on Phone During Crash

150 American UBS clients may face criminal charges: report

Missing ship 'found' off Africa

Poll: Voters Give GOP First-Time Lead on Health Care

Site of Chicago's Ft. Dearborn Massacre to be called 'Battle of Ft. Dearborn Park'

Obama Willing to Stake Presidency on Health Care Reform

Senior Tories' links with Republican NHS-bashers revealed

Drake dumps lawyer Taitz in suit challenging Obama birthplace

(Former House Majority Leader Dick) Armey leaves (law) firm amid health care flap

N.C. city on edge as 9 women vanish

Palin warns of 'disturbing' health care rationing

Kucinich Predicts Retreat On Health Care Reform

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 14

NASA astronauts unlikely to make it to the moon by 2020

University of Chicago Medical center CEO resigns

David Cameron turns on MEP Daniel Hannan for anti-NHS tour in America

Like a complete unknown: Bob Dylan frogmarched to collect ID

Sweeney indicted for felony DWI

Lynndie England DC lecture canceled after threats

American TV show debates if NHS is gateway for Muslim terrorists

Howard Dean Book Signing - Wash DC - Part 4 - Q&A

A Thank-You For People's Support From Journalists Laura Ling And Euna Lee...

I ask Canadians: Will you switch your healthcare for American healthcare?

Death Panels, Guns, & Health Care Town Hall Yell Meetings by RSU

Focus Group Guest Tells Hannity That All His Rhetoric Is Just Code For The "New N-Word"

Fox News' Major Garrett drunk and belligerent at White House presser?!

Netroots Nation Day 1 Interview with Michael Wilson About Straight Allies

Netroots Nation Day 1 Interview with Nate Silver

Netroots Nation Day 1 Leo Gerard on the State of Our Workforce

Howard Dean Book Signing - Wash DC - Part 5 - Q&A

Health Care: Rioting for the Status Quo

Netroots Nation Day 1 Interview with Monique Hoeflinger

Congresswoman Donna Edwards Interview at Netroots Nation Day 1, 8/13/2009

Healthcare Reform (Part 2) - Wake Up!!!

Hillary reminds everyone of a couple of basic facts

Netroots Nation Day 1 Interview with Greg Dworkin DemFromCT

eHealth - Better Healthcare for all in Europe

Congresswoman Donna Edwards at Netroots Nation Day 1 - Educating Americans to join the workforce

Armed Millitia's Some Thoughts

11 year-old reporter Damon Weaver finally gets his interview with President Obama!

Monique Hoeflinger on building a movement - Netroots Nation Day 1

End-of-Life Counseling Explained Properly

Obama Grilled by 6th Grader readers react to Vick signing

Health care debate outside Rep Rick Larsen's town hall meeting in Everett

Mediamatters: The Two Minutes Hate: August 13, 2009

GOP Leader Admits To NOT Reading Health Care Bill

The Following Did Not Happen

Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women

Refresher on House Healthcare Timeline

What You Won't See On National Cable News...

Obama MT: Fight against the fear - Closer Health Care Reform NOW Than Have Been American History!

The crazy woman at every Republican town hall

Les Paul & Mary Ford Show: World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

UK vs USA Health Care - Conservatives Defending Free Universal Health Care

Grassley autographs a copy of Glenn Beck's book

MGM encourages the violent racist miltia movement.

Two segments of Howard Dean at Netroots Nation

More Of Congressman Rick Larsen's Really Informative Health Care Town Hall (Parts 2, 3 & 4)

Olbermann: Howard Dean: Republicans Are Irrelevant

Maria Shriver Remembers Mom

A History of White People

Dobbs Throws A Hissy At Karen Finney, Ed Schultz

Obama already sign a health bill behind close doors?

Fox News Focus Group FAIL! Dem. Tells Hannity That Protestors "Getting Bad Info From Fox News"

TYT: Dick Cheney Might Betray Bush in His New Book

Militia idiots respond to report. FBI HELLO!

Thom Hartmann - Free Trade Is Destroying Our Economy

Thom Hartmann - Rendition under Obama?

Thom Hartmann - How do we stop the sociopathic CEOs from killing us?

Katy "Never Been Interested In Politics" Abram Tells Hannity She Voted For Clinton, Twice

3rd World Country? Nope - This is the sad state of health care in Los Angeles

Dr Stephen H - Obama health reforms and British NHS health service

David Cameron (leader of the Conservative Party) Defending Free Universal Health Care

2 Christian Girls Try To Convince An Indian(Hindu) Girl To Change Her Religion

"I was duped" - Brits furious over GOP healthcare claims

Young Turks: Glenn Beck -- Environmentalists Think Humans are Viruses

Thom Hartmann - Mad as Hell Doctor Dr. Paul Hochfeld

Rick Sanchez Heated Exchange With Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee Over Cell Phone

High-Stakes Opening and Closing Roles for a U.S. General in Iraq

Judges’ Dissents for Death Row Inmates Are Rising.

Dangers in US ambivalence to ditched Honduran democracy

Sestak health-care town meeting a spoonful of sugar (filled with mostly reform supporters in Phila)

France, Germany Fend Off Recession.

German candidate campaigns on cleavage - 'We have more to offer'

Conservative Economist: Town Hall Protesters Angry At Wrong Guy

Leading conservative economist Bruce Bartlett: The GOP's Misplaced Rage

US Trade Resume Rising Negative Numbers

10 Awesome Things That Would Happen If Health Reform Passes

Obama Administration Should Demand an End to Coup Regime's Killings in Honduras

Delusional Town Hallers Now Claim Fear of 'Reincarnation Panels'

Eyewitness from Honduras

Foreign policy: Honduran coup was planned as far back as Bush presidency

David Sirota: Hughes taught us worth of the regular person

Take Away Medicare

for those who like to think about things

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

Morford: Dick Cheney Rolls in his Grave

Congressman Yarmuth (D-6 KY) tells Humana Pelosi's remarks were “misguided”

Katrina Swett: Democratic Party has plenty of room for moderate voices

Right-Wing Militias Haven't Always Been Racist -- But They Are Now

A Self-Help Book for Societies

GOP provision in health care reform used by GOP to terrorize their constituents is dropped

New Rule: A-hole in One Shouldn't Be Obama's Game

Damon Weaver, 11, Interviews President Obama

Self delete

TIME: An Afghanistan Exit Strategy: Buying Off the Taliban? (You can't make this stuff up.)

US system denies healthcare to millions

No Tory regard for the truth

President Obama's Latin Challenge

In Pictures: President Obama and family head to Montana

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Health Care Town Meetings

The other stuff birthers believe

Republican Death Trip by Paul Krugman

New Economic Data Shows that Right Wing Economic Theory Is Simply Wrong.

Why the White Militias Are Back

Where Michael Vick SHOULD HAVE Signed!

Breaking: Senator Kent Conrad has just said he WILL vote against Public Option

Friday Talking Points (89) -- Fighting Crazy

How Bush went from hero to zero in the eyes of Dick Cheney - London Independent

Glenn Beck's Flip On Healthcare : Before Obama & After [Daily Show]

New law places priority on Venezuela's education

County Commissioner carries swastika sign to protest Obama (Michigan)


Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq; continues to have a substantial presence in Afghanistan as well

President Obama was 100% wrong today when he commented on Canada's health care system.

Murphy: DADT repeal coming shortly

Start getting prepared -- Co-ops is to Public Option as Boy Scouts is to Marines

President "Nice Guy" has to go!! We need President Obaminator to step forward.

I just watched the coverage of the LA Free Health Clinic on MSNBC...

Lawrence O should be hosting "Meet the Press" Gregory would NEVER have

The up-coming death cage battle between Rachel and Armey.

Howard Dean: Co-ops are not a public option.

One of the main reasons for the growth in Investment activity over wage

Katy Abram, Amazon reviewer?

The fella that sells health ins at the town meeting today...

Squeaky Fromme has been released from Prison

Is glen beck a flaming piece of shit?

Suggestions for signs at town hall mtgs??

Possible new and upcoming RW meme

In Obama Garden, Less Lead (there was a way)

President Obama is the best thing to happen to this country...

OK, what's up with Hank Williams Jr all of a sudden?

The best comment on the Whole Foods fiasco

Healthcare We Can Believe In: Subject to Debate

Hey Bill Clinton-I'm With Howard On The Public Option!

Katie Couric does the right thing

We could try to marginalize Hank Williams Jr. the way the did the Dixie Chicks but...

hank willimas jr. (asshole) says FU to President Obama In Green Bay

UPDATE: Conrad did NOT tell constituents he would oppose a public health option

"POTUS seen headed off to a creek on property with a fishing rod"

Lanny "Asshat" Davis linked to Whole Foods op-ed

Here's Your Chance To Tell hank williams jr. (asshole) to Fuck Off:

Lawrence O hit on the meme the dems need to push...

David Shuster: "I'm getting a lot of threats"

Hands off our health service

PHOTOS Montana (August 14)

If Larry O"Donnell was offered a spot in the MSNBC Nighttime lineup who should be replaced?

Bush Adviser Worries About Santorum Bid - Calls him a little bizarre

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama's Remarks At Montana Town Hall On Health Care

Hey Kent Conrad!!! Here's a message for you

Re-Breaking: Conrad Spokesman Denies Earlier Report

Dear "Skank" Williams Jr.,

ABC News: Obama's Safety: Fear Grows for President as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash

Republicans refuse to sign off on civility pledge

Chuckles Todd responds to my email about Obama and the Co-Op

The Hillary Doctrine

Kucinich engages in wishful thinking, set himself up for disappointment

Clinton's response to DADT question makes case against triangulating

Have you had this kind of arguing-with-Nigel Tufnel experience with pro-health-cost system people?

I'm confused, Is the healthcare bill H.R. 3200?

This is the first day in weeks where I actually feel good about HC progress.

Why would you need counseling every five years if you are euthanized the first time?

O'Donnell is pulverizing Rep Culberson! I love O'Donnell on MSNBC!!!!

Are people just less willing to "talk smack" to the President?

Mention Terry Schiavo and shut them down

rachel maddow says she won't be intimidated from covering the news.

Chuckles Todd said that Obama will eventually give into to Co-Ops.

Imagine what a teacher this President must have been.

Obama should come out with the healthcare plan he wants--let the chips fall where they may.

MSNBC has the NRA guy on. Says he's somewhat happy with Obama's answer

Can somone give me to home office addy of Quizno's

The thing I enjoyed the most about today's Town Hall ...

PHOTOS Montana: Socialist, Hitler, bla, bla, bla. (August 14)

'We were duped': Two British women tricked into becoming stars of campaign to sabotage health reform

If no public option then this whole process is worthless!!!

Glenn Beck losing advertising dollars.

The Rielle World

Just got a response from Whole Foods

If Obama is willing to Sacrifice his Presidency for Healthcare Reform, I Will Have His Back

GOP backs away from end-of-life counseling

NC-Sen: Burr Ticks Upward

Bill Clinton: Unlikely Hero of the Liberal Netroots

So if the HR includes a public option and the senate does not......the final conference bill can

Funny Dean and KO saying good things about Clinton?

These people really don't like being out of power

Fox is calling left hypocrates about protesting. Where is a good clip or link to their hypocracy &

if even HALF of the frothy fears about health care reform are true,

Obama critical of media town hall coverage (and righfully so)

An INCONVENIENT FACT for your REpublitards talking Health Care fiscal controls

How to be dumb. And how to be not dumb.

FL-Sen, FL-21: Crist Requests Three Applications For Senate Vacancy

So You Think You Won't Die?

You roll your car on an icy road in the middle of the night. You are upside

************* Official MT Town Hall thread #1 *************

Gotta Love Bartcop:

Lawrence O'Donnell is on fire

We need to RESTACK the DEBT discussion ... here is how ...

I can't find an email address for Hardball to tell MSNBC I watch them and LOVE O'DONNELL!

ed schultz show on obama townhall, robert reich and more. nt

Newt Gingrich: wasn't he at some point, a supporter of health care reform?

I'm a single payer advocate, but I believe Obama is taking the right approach to health care reform

lawrence o'donnell hosting hardball. obama townhall, gop death panel hypocrisy and more. nt

Well, According To DKos (Research 2000) Dems Are WINNING!!!

Obama denounces emphasis on health care protests

I'd like to steal the Republican idea of the trigger

Heads Up: An interesting Town Hall meeting with Rep Mike Ross (D-AR)

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Town Hall on Health Reform, From Belgrade, MT

It's not violent enough!

White House: Reconciliation "Certainly Out There" As Health Care Option

"Randy the welder" - the new right wing hero

Breaking: Edwards to admit that child of mistress is his

Politco: FreedomWorks' Dick Armey Resigns from DLA Piper law firm. Parting was 'mutual.'

Question RE: President Obama's Stimulus Plan

Montana Health Reform Opponents Await Obama.


Specter tells Grassley to 'stop spreading myths'

Are you a conservative health care protestor? Mad as Hell? Not Gonna Take It Anymore? Not So Fast...

SIX health care lobbyists for every member of Congress -

"Town halls not resulting in more presidential threats."

does anyone have a handy list of the MSM news outlets? I want to send letter to tell them to

What time is President Obama's town hall meeting in Montana today?

Contact list for Glenn Beck's sponsors. Have fun.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....FOX says Lou Dobbs has 'Lost it'..

Many if not most of the people they show on the tube as disruptors are probably retired and on

Joe Conason: The Real Death Panels

Young boy interviews Obama -- This is too cute...

Fox's Rupert Murdoch gives Dennis Miller another chance with a new game show!

Nancy Deparle just said on MSNBC the Pharma deal

N.C. GOP posts anti-Obama ad

If the Democrats don't pass health care, the Republicans will have burnt the Reichstag

Prez looks for his "U-Tube" moment in Montana.

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots

Kay Hagan: conservative?

Seven Falsehoods About Health Care: Big myths about the current debate

Sarah Palin Setting Finance Committee Policy?

Police standoff ends at LA federal building (Obama threat)

Klein/Begala great read on where we've been and how we got here.

We got well over 100 Dems out to oppose those harassing our Congresswoman;Repubs got very few indeed

THE THING the president should expand on:

If Obama is staking his Presidency on passing Health Care Reform

County Commissioner Brings Swastika Sign To US Rep. Schauer Health Care Rally

Maybe we should spread false emails about Republicans

ABC's Jake Tapper battles it out with "deathers" on Twitter, compares them to flat eathers.

The White House should produce a half-hour TV documentary about reform.

Eugene Robinson: How Bad Things Might Have Been

Vulnerable Crist may be GOP's test case

There is a good segment on Morning Meeting on MSNBC on health care. (!)

Ron Kind (WI-D) Sets "Ground Rules" For Townhall Meetings

Bush: Hand-picked crowds of Military & loyal "Bushies." Obama plans to "take them on head-on."

Curbing politicization...

Q for GD:P - If you were Cheyney, would you really want go to war with the BFEE,

Despite Low Approval Voters Prefer Democrats in Congress

Worst revisionist history of tax policy

Clinton Urges Progressive Push On Health Care, Shoots Down Euthanasia Myth

How the fuck can Republicans hold an advantage on healthcare reform when they don't even have a plan

Hamas looks at Obama plan 'positively,' with condition

AIPAC's Proxy War on Obama

Emanuel's Brother Becomes a Target

F--- You, Democrats

In case you missed it: Glenn Beck vs. Glenn Beck on health care, ala Jon Stewart

Sibel Edmonds & Peter B. Collins Interview With Philip Giraldi (MP3)

The brutal truth about America’s healthcare-The Independent UK

David Michael Green: My 1933 Nightmare

"Doesn't matter if he was born in Hawaii - his father is Kenyan, thus making him ineligible......."

Permanently Unemployed

Weekend Economists' "Into the Woods" Weekend August 14-16, 2009

Leaked memo: Big Oil manufacturing ‘Energy Citizen’ rallies to oppose clean energy reform.

Hardball Actually Hardballs Someone - O'Donnell v. Texas (R) Culberson - 'Awwww!'

Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove to appear in Family Guy

TYT: Limbaugh Compares Obama to Hitler Again (and Again)

Climate change press coverage gets weird

ODAC Newsletter - Aug 14

Drumbeat: August 14, 2009

Ozone hole and Southern Hemisphere climate change (ozone recovery may slow GHG climate change.)

Emissions of ozone-depleting halocarbons from China (good news and bad news)

How a wind farm could emit more carbon than a coal power station

Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Run Collapses - Of 6-10 Million Expected In August, Maybe 600K Return

GE Energy's Onsite Biogas Power Solution Helps U.S. Dairy Farmers Reduce Site Emissions

(NC) Duke Energy building PV to study impact on grid.

Chile Looks Toward a Renewable Future

Cisterns save rainwater, quench environmental thirst (CNN)

Changes in Net Flow of Ocean Heat Correlate with Past Climate Anomalies

Leaked Memo - Oil Lobby's ‘Energy Citizens’ Astroturf Campaign Exposed Before Launch

FurtherTesting Shows 615/731 Children Living Near Chinese Plant Have Lead Poisoning - Up From 300

Pollution in eastern China cuts light, useful rainfall

Warming Ocean Contributes to Global Warming (…has triggered the release of methane…from…hydrates…)

A revised estimate of the processes contributing to global warming due to climate-carbon feedback

Science Magazine — Leaping the Efficiency Gap

BBC: Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast'

UC Davis Challenge Produces a Better Air Conditioner—"less than half the energy needed"

More details on Nissan's Leaf rollout plans

Does anyone know how the Pirates did tonight? Mad, can you help me out here?

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Thursday, Aughst 13)

One year ago today..a Panda was born

My take on signal stealing in the NFL.

Those Deadskin fans must be relieved pre-season games don't count!

Michael Vick Signed. This Philly Fan Not Amused.

Those Cowpie fans must be relieved pre-season games don't count!

Sox Acquire Alex Gonzalez

The Pathetic Mets shut out the spectacular Ginats 3-0

I smell a horrible stench!

Michael Vick Joins Eagles on One-Year Deal

Josh Johnson of Marlins has no-no through six.

Hill will start tonight for 49ers

Roy Jones, Jr vs Jeff Lacy

I have never been embarrassed to be an Eagles fan.

Micheletti learned not to ask people, a la Ed Koch, "How am I doing?"

Zelaya’s Exile an ‘Error,’ Honduras Human Rights Chief Says

Found 6 videos put on a website by magbana on August 8th, 9th:

Honduran protestors target Dunkin Donuts, Burger King

Joanne98's post: Obama Administration Should Demand an End to Coup Regime's Killings in Honduras

OAS president "not welcome" in Honduras: Micheletti

Foreign policy: Honduran coup was planned as far back as Bush presidency

The Coup in Honduras, ALBA, and the English-Speaking Caribbean

New law places priority on Venezuela's education

Looks like the U.S. bases accord in Colombia is an almost done deal

Pro-Coup Honduras Presidential Candidate Elvin Santos Is a Key Beneficiary of Continued US Governmen

Cuba Medical School Students Visiting Honduras Attacked by Golpista Forces

Venezuelans protest beatings of journalists

“Military Forces Sow Terror and Fear in Honduras”

The Honduran lab: Wire fences, yes; books, no

Llorens takes a trip

Israelis help rebuild Palestinian homes

Abbas says nothing "unsound" about Fatah election

Following election triumph, Fatah sets out to 'liberate' Gaza

Experts: Global Wave of Anti-Semitism in Early 2009 Was Most Violent in Years

Abandoning reason to demonise Obama

The End is Near! The New York Times Reports a Defensive Gun Use!

Haniyya: “Hamas will never recognize the Zionist entity"

UN rights chief: Evidence that Israel abused rights in Gaza

The same old routine. Too many guns.

Another road rage shooting....Ooops, in CANADA this time

Increased skepticism over Chicago's gun buyback program

Hamas battle with Islamic radicals kills 5 in Gaza

New York restaurant supply owner blows away 2 of 4 robbers.

Hezbollah TV comes to Australia

Assad to visit Iran to congratulate Ahmadinejad

Why Israel's left has disappeared

Why do conservatives oppose gun control?

Latin American Jews contend with spike in anti-Semitism

Today in Labor History Aug 14 FDR signs the Social Security Act & seized the Lenin shipyard in Gdans

Minneapolis Labor Federation endorses 'single payer' health care

Union Organizers Arrested at Rouses Supermarkets in NO and Houma

Hard Hatted Women receives Women in Apprenticeships grant

Netroots movement essential to pass Employee Free Choice

Labor seeks help from civil rights group

Philly Guild Files NLRB Complaint Over Lack of Bargaining

Why You Should Boycott Whole Foods


One from a year ago, which I had forgotten about

Good-by, Esther...

Just for the beauty of it - Castle in Saxony , in the former East Germany

tiny guests (also posted in GD)

death to cancer cells

Foreclosure fallout hangs heaviest in Florida

Very nice picture of Victoria Crater (Mars)

Jack Welch illness delays collaboration with Chancellor University

Scientists reveal why world's highest mountains are at the equator

Will Bankers Save the World?

Bulletins From Clunkerville

Feds shut down Colonial Bank

Do you bank at Regions bank?

Blue Dog Shuler in bed with Health Care Industry?

oh oh. Ginnie Mae President Murin Said to Resign Tomorrow

Seven Falsehoods About Health Care: Big myths about the current debate (re-direct)

False ‘Death Panel’ Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots (re-direct)

Healthcare We Can Believe In: Subject to Debate (re-direct)

Courtesy of "1bit"

The town hall disruptors -- am I the only one having a Schaivo flashback?

Anyone ever tear an MCL? If so please describe the sensation. Please no medical advice.

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama's Remarks At Montana Town Hall On Health Care Today (re-direct)

will healthcare become free for international students?

President Obama was 100% wrong today when he commented on Canada's health care system. (re-direct)

Just got back from 2.5 weeks in Canada

Wish I understood...

Florida state legislators propose amending the state's constitution

Pitt laughs over New Orleans mayor T-shirt push

Murphy: DADT repeal coming shortly

UK: New American Know Nothing Movement

Hopeful news! Mouse Cure Raises Hopes for MS (multiple sclerosis)

Cancer Breakthrough at MIT

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/14/09

Best News!!! I have a home!

Update on Rick (ricochetastroman) on Friday, August 14th

Hi guys.........

"U.S. commission is criticizing India for its treatment of religious minorities"

U.S. Pastors visit Cuba and deliver 115 tons of humanitarian aid! (re-direct)

Polish village prays for Madonna to visit

Catholic Archbishop: "We had no idea sexual abuse of minors was a crime."

"Swiss move to ban minarets as 'symbols of Islamic power'"

50 davening rabbis circle Israel in a plane to ward off swine flu

Duncan Strikes Again:

FINALLY a success with bread

New-World View on Summer Salad

Really great recipe for Lemon Squares


FreedomWorks Anti Cap & Trade Rally in Houston on Tuesday

Classy TX gov compares Mexico to the Gaza strip

Kirk Watson is running for re-election to the Senate

Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

Kevin R. Ryan: Demolition access to the WTC Towers Parts 1 & 2

Scientists Find Explosives in WTC dust

Dust trails from WTC debris during tower destruction

'My Les Paul Story' by Tony Visconti

"District 9" is not your average sci-fi movie. (no spoilers)

Michael Jackson Honored in Austria - 2009 Save the World Award

District 9: Not as smart as it wants to be but much cleverer than it could have been.

Kate Gosselin calls cops after Jon won't let her on the property

Family Guy's Stewie IS Gay!

Ottawa must press for Khadr's return: Appeal Court

coming to Montreal for 5 days next week...what should we do?

Arrested Development Movie Nowhere Near Happening :(