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NYT best-selling author: Hillary offered $17 million to fight rape in Congo...but hey, she got mad!

Holy shit! Larry King's got Bill Frist talking about healthcare reform. How's that for stupid?

Dick Cheney = Nathan Jessup

The most heartwarming, hopeful video possible. Please watch at link.

Environmental Racism Study Finds Levels Of Inequality Defy Simple Explanation

Imus In Talks For Primetime (6-9 am) Faux BUSINESS Channel Simulcast?

Prop 8 to be challenged in 2012.

Want Health Care As Good As Senator Grassley's?

My Response to a Psuedo-Deather

I don't know why anyone would have a problem with the health care issue

Criss Angel EXPOSED! (scary....He is of the devil!)

Failure, the secret to success

Need Argument RE: Healthcare

The GOP Laff Riots by Ed Nada

The GOP Laff Riots by Ed Nada

Signs we should be carrying...

"Youth In Asia Will Kill Your Grandma"

Ok I've got it. What to call all the swiftboat liars du jour: FeeBaggers

Whoa. Hold up. What's up with the "traditionalists" on here?

Typical White People

Did anyone see the Perseid meteor shower last night or tonight?

Fox News' "Glenn Beck" Loses Advertisers - Reuters

Karzai Suffers an Election Blow

Namedropping the Founders.

Washington Journal this morning: Have the healthcare protests changed your mind?

As the GOP melts down, the not-as-crazy- as-the-rest-of-the -wackadoodles are coming into our tent

Question begging to be asked of O'Reilly, Beck, and their ilk....

health care reform is too expensive!!

did anyone just see what I saw on ClusterFox?

Katy Abram is a stupid disgusting selfish asshole

Okay. Which one of you is holding THIS sign:

Guy who does my sister's lawn--untreated hernia, no insurance, says Obama is going to socialize HC

If there were no Medicare, there'd be a lot less resistance

A sample of Health Care Town Hall front pages - 8-13-2009

What Party Of The Past Does The Current Republicant Party Remind You Of?

LAT: Bruce Lisker will be released from state prison Thursday morning (California)

Is it starting to make sense? all this BLIND opposition? to something as mundane as health-care?

President Karzai’s supporters ‘buy’ votes for Afghanistan election

Has anyone considered that the Norquist crowd is trying to drown

Question for DU health care experts re: immediate impact of health care reform

There's Just No Way Sarah Palin's Writing Her Facebook Notes

Town Hall meeting today with Oklahoma rep. Mary Fallin (R-Insane)

Just had to call 911 for a domestic dispute.

Breaking on NPR: Recession officially over in France and Germany

Congress moves to extend unemployment benefits

Congress moves to extend unemployment benefits

Congress moves to extend unemployment benefits

Congress moves to extend unemployment benefits

Airlines Set to Ask More of Passengers (more information)

Group “Warning” Elderly About Dangers Of Health Care Reform Tried To Privatize Social Security

Taliban Leader Turkistan Baitani Killed by Mehsud Supporters

Sign of the Apocalypse: Mike "Heckuva Job Brownie" Now Hosting Radio As a Political/Gov't Expert

Health Care Reform and Part-time Employment


WASP-17, Newfound Planet Orbits Backward

Blog comparing Obama and Sarkozy to Hitler

CNN Prez Tells Staff to Stop Booking Talk Radio Hosts - 'They Just Add to the Noise.'

Report: Cheney felt Bush gradually turned away from him, gained unexpected independence

You don't hear the protesters yelling about this public option...

Yet another GOP member of Congress comes out as a birther

1988 Lokerbie versus the 1976 Cubana bombing

Heated health care debate derails Mount St. Helens meeting

YouTube documents Joker Poster contest...

K2 summiter Kazem Faridian jailed in Iran

K2 summiter Kazem Faridian jailed in Iran

Buchanan is on Willie Geist's show AGAIN...Patty at 5:30AM is more than I can take...

Iraqi Refugees and the Pottery Barn Rule

You can focus on the RW distractions, or you can educate yourself on the issues…

Good explanation of the 4 basic Health Care Models

A right-winger on truth serum...

Has the barn door not only been left open but has the barn also been destroyed?

Sad. Most people believe town hall protesters' behavior is "appropriate," Pew finds

The Republican healthcare plan is the alternative to the Democrats' attempt at healthcare reform.

Ten Telltale Signs of Republican Disease

Large Facilites needed for Teabagging clowns ('toon)

Teddy Kennedy's Brain Surgeon: Optimistic About Obamacare

Next Bubble to Burst Is Banks’ Big Loan Values

Howie Dean is on GEM$NBC now

Can Ted Kennedy name his wife to take his seat?

The Last Abortion Doctor (Esquire)

Dick Cheney loved working in the shadows with no accountability...

Scumbag Calls for O.D. Death of Chris Dodd, Glenn Beck Acts Out Poisoning of Nancy Pelosi & More...

oh feathers..

Unwitting Channeling or the new Ventriloquism CARTOON

So another guy with a (unregistered) gun (loaded) was arrested in New Hampshire

After years of war, economic terror, social polarization: 'Pus exploding from a wound.'

Rep. Kennedy: Dad's illness has united family

Question about college financial aide. More directly about "Financial Aide Probation".

The Terrorism of Ann Coulture Part 1

My modest proposal regarding health care reform

Yikes - Toomey leads Specter (ok, it is Rasmussen)

There is no healthcare reform bill, there are 5, none of them finalized.

Eliot (Single Payer) Engel coming up on Stephanie Miller

Maxine Waters Poised To Confront Health Insurance Industry W/Need For Charity Health Clinincs

The 2nd ammendment allows to carry guns on an airplane.

The 2nd ammendment allows to carry guns on an airplane.

Reaching the next generation with "Muppet diplomacy"

Why does a drunken blog post bring the SS to the door, but Beck can yell "pitchforks and torches" ?

Help Dick Cheney name his yet-to-be-published memoir book......

awwww.... poor widdle Markie Sanford all lonely living by himself in the Governor Mansion...

Sen. Baucus: "This was the closest thing to a mob that I've ever experienced in my life"

There are only whites, commented CNN's Tony Harris

Grover Norquist is on MSNBC....

Michele Bachmann's Son Joins "Re-Education Camp"

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush

GOP Senate Leader Acknowledges He Hasn’t Read Full Health Care Bill

"Do you think that if a Gay person gets killed, society is better off?"

Palin doubles down on 'death panels'

ACLU video for Eric Holder - Oliver Stone, Rosie Perez, Philip Glass, etc.

‘Sick for Profit’ (Robert Greenwald)

(Netroots post #2) Live from Midwest Death Panel

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush

Glen Beck is a psychopath

OK, I called Boswell's office just now...our own garden variety Blue Dog.

Senator Cardin Town Hall Wacko: "'We're 99 trillion dollars in debt"

Who do you want on your death panel?

Latest "Obama-nations"

Push it. Push it good.

Government Tells ‘Clunkers’ Buyers Not to Sign Waiver

Why the hell are Keith and Rachel giving free air to protesters?

phone numbers for Grassley

I really wish the word "Death Panel" had been coined before Michael Moore made Sicko

Remember when we wanted bush's wars to end? Think they ever will?

Is it time to send Grassley home?

Sewage Breeds Bigger, Faster Mosquitoes (in streams)

Sewage Breeds Bigger, Faster Mosquitoes (in streams)

Les Paul Dead at 94

Here's the real truth about the townhall disrupters.

Hilarious: Cheney's Umbrage At *

Oh geeze, did Rush actually lie about his diet? LOL!

Texas judge's flyer suggests criminals support Obama

Utah paper rejects same-sex wedding announcement

Insurance co's could give Katy Abrams something to really cry about

My turn for a non-controversial, light-hearted, "wow you should have seen what I saw" post.

Nigeria has come up with a goodie!

The Ghost of Truman: The Wartime Contracting Commission Gives DOD Hell on Iraq Contracting

Orly Taitz - an extra crispy bucket of crazy !

Obama bashers - THom is taking the WH to task today

Question concerning civilians working at military bases,

Illinois raises sales tax on coffee, candy, tea (bottled Cof.&Tea.)

We like our insurance plan/doctor, but we are being "pushed out" of our plan

We like our insurance plan/doctor, but we are being "pushed out" of our plan

Les Paul Has Died

some religiously insane news out of Tulsa (and C Street)

My LTE on health care reform was published today

The Health Care debate has assured one thing

Spoiling for a Bush-Cheney Fight

Stimulus that actually stimulates the economy? Wow. (Ford increases production)

Fox News - (Not) Fair and Balanced

The most amazing thing about the healthcare discussion is that there isn't one

Idiotic repub toon of the week

The Tree of Knowledge...

When the Dead Have No Say: Can the war in Afghanistan be successful?

A Window Into C.I.A.’s Embrace of Secret Jails

First we had Joe the Plumber

Right-wing militias on the rise in US: report

Unbelievable, really NOT

2 U.S. Architects of Harsh Tactics in 9/11’s Wake (psychologists)

Memoirs to reveal Dick Cheney thought Bush had gone soft on war on terror

If American Dems moved to Norway, they'd have to joine a right wing party

Limbaugh yells "Nazi" (and the press yawns) - Eric Boehlert - EXCELLENT!

May we please have a death & funeral channel, sir?

Now Cheney's desperation has reached the toilet - he is dumping on GWBush

Katy Abram, you ARE a Racist

Jobless claims rise, retail sales fall, foreclosures spike to record highs.

Jobless claims rise, retail sales fall, foreclosures spike to record highs.

A little history lesson, on why, if the conditions are right, the Town Hall Liars may help us ...

A little history lesson, on why, if the conditions are right, the Town Hall Liars may help us ...

Yesterday on Randi Rhodes' show she played a clip of Rush Limbaugh...

Sanford: It's 'hard' living alone in governor's mansion

Canadians Back ‘Public Solutions' to Improve Care

Is Obama's playing chess?

Healthcare industry lobbyist: "We have an agreement with the White House, we trust the White House

Healthcare industry lobbyist: "We have an agreement with the White House, we trust the White House

Concerned Women for America waving a pistol at ENDA. Literally

Has Obama made a new back-room deal with hospital lobbyists where the public gets the shaft?

C-span -- Violence Against Women Act Hearings -- from 6/10/09

AARP has an excellent pro-health care reform ad for tv

Thanks Hilary

Is AARP A Front For United Healthcare Insurance Company?......

Facebook poll asks if society would be better off if a gay person is killed.

These stupid ass consersatives (Re: Candians)

NHS compared to US, other countries

Student faced gay slurs by teachers, state says (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Why did Republicans vote unanimously in favor of single payer Government Health care for elderly but

This showed up in my local debunk

The Truth Will Not Out, on Its Own = "test of whether reality matters"

Does DU have a way of being narrow for reading on a cell phone?

Iran: The Green Brief #52 (August 12 - Mordad 11) Latest news from Iran.

Iran: The Green Brief #52 (August 12 - Mordad 11) Latest news from Iran.

Sanjay Gupta is probably a Doctor - the "journalist" part

Are there any insurance companies that contribute to progressive candidates?

RIP Les Paul. Vaya con Dios. You made the world beautiful in an audio sort of way.

Open wide and say 'Awww!': Stem cells grow replacement tooth for live adult mouse.

i turned on msnbc and they had 'death panel debate' on the screen while discussing healthcare

Welcome Home Capt. Speicher.

ALERT Freeper has taken over homepage ads on Politico. let's run up his bill

Is AARP A Front For United Healthcare Insurance Company?......

Birthers, Deathers and Assorted Wingnuts

I'm worried that I will see my father shouting at his rep at a town hall meeting

Why are advertisers leaving glen beck?

Death Panels Are The New Swift Boat Lies. Democats Err By Not Smacking It Down Hard

Palin leaves Alaska with a mountain of ethics issues

Syria pulls some strings in Iran

Carter's final budget $27.5 billion deficit

Cash for Clunkers questions

Who needs healthcare (or brains) when you got a nice rack?

Perspective: 60 deaths per day...

Breaking, Cops involved in a standoff outside Fe Building in L.A. CA -- link to twitter updates

Paul Krugman Gets a New Place to Hang His Hat and Nobel

Windows service pack 3?

News Anchor viciously attacked by removed

Live Broadcast from Secaucus NJ Town Hall meeting -Live.

Three British, Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Schuster on MSNBC just announced that Grassley has walked it back

If your spouse/SO's brain were to be transplanted into one of the following women

A couple of slogans we can use in the "debate," er, shouting match

The pain and rage of powerlessness. It is uniting all Americans by the day.

Do You Believe The Corporate Media Has A Conflict of Interest in Covering the Health Care Debate?

Bush Adviser Worries About Santorum Bid

Don't Tread On Me Flags & Posters......

Les Paul has died. If you ever picked up a guitar in your life you probably know who that is.

your thoughts on a new slogan...

surge update - 21 Die in Bombing in Northern Iraq

Fr Salon, fantastic new interview with Oily Taters, fun!

great email 2 the Nut with the gun at the HC townhalls

Detroit chase ends in fiery crash.

Women's boxing becomes Olympic sport

Officers detain man with 'Death to Obama' sign near health care town hall meeting in Maryland

In a compromise today, Blue Cross democrats have agreed to let

Finally, the ultimate way to handle the disruptors.

What will it mean for Barack, Democrats and the political scene.. IF

What is

When is Limbaugh going to erupt? Beck has been emerging as the opinion leader of Obama and policies

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Death Panel talk is probably hyperbole.

DNC Spokesman Quotes Palin: How About Ya Quit Making Things Up?

DNC Spokesman Quotes Palin: How About Ya Quit Making Things Up?

Mom finds her baby alone, locked inside RI daycare

First on the Ticker: GOP support for Sanford impeachment grows

It's deeply ironic (and infuriating) that older Americans are in the forefront of

Clunkers for Hummers?

R.I.P. Les Paul

Dean: There will be primaries for Dems who vote against the public option!

Elizabeth Warren: "We Have A Real Problem Coming..."

The 5th Congress passed a healthcare act "For the Relief of Sick & Disabled Seamen"

Bush, Gog and Magog

Paul Begalia: Progress Over Perfection (in other words progressives back down on health care)

NASA Budget Too Slim to Reach Moon by 2020, the Germans are coming....

Teddy's Friends Raise Millions

LA Standoff - SWAT Vehicle looks to be

Any nurse practitioners out there? Can you give a description

If the sky is falling but nobody is watching.. does it make a sound?

See the WH press conf. with Gibbs? One reporter said he's getting emails

On MILFs, Cougars, and Forces of Nature. Discuss.

After 9 years Joe Scorborough still does not know how the 2000 election was rigged

Another officer beating up a handcuffed minor

"Palin stands by 'death panel' claim"

Attn Dems: Stop Saying "End of Life Counselling"

**Op. Kenyan Justice** plz check in for important update

Great. The rest of the civilised world is gonna spank us, hard. And we deserve it.

CA Town Hall: The voices of reason drown out the RW howlers for a change!

Black-is-white and White-is-black.

Ne. D Party: Who's Really Blocking Health Care Reform in Nebraska?

Yawner jailed for contempt is released

Beck telling his supporters to stand up and praising free speech

What questions would you ask your congressman?

That is a hell of a commercial the AARP is running


Do you think Obama is kicking himself for agreeing to postpone healthcare reform until after August?

Whole Foods didn't disappear the protest posts

A New Town Hall Tactic...

A New Town Hall Tactic...

Kittens survive truck crushing, days without food or water

Who would be stupid enough to call K. Abrams' celly with a threat in this day & age?

What is the best company to get a refi with?

BBC:US woman soldier [Lynddie England] unrepentant over Abu Ghraib

BBC:US woman soldier [Lynddie England] unrepentant over Abu Ghraib

Rick Pitino, the Rudy Giuliani of adulterous basketball coaches

Vermont Tea Party vs. Bernie Sanders @ three town hall meetings

When a black guy makes racial threats he goes to jail.. when a white guy does it..he

Anti-Conservative Quote for August 13, 2009

Free ideas for right-wing poster artists (comic)

(Rant) Damn am I sick and tired of the racist standard quo....

Chant by repugs against healthcare

Mere truth is a weak weapon against

When progressives turn out in mass

I am watching Howard Dean on MSNBC and I totally agree with this point he made:

Check it brings us the House Bill on health care

Was End of life provision & Death panels a setup?

Are Republicans really building their hopes of a comeback on birthers and screamers?

As dissappointed as I am with Harry Reid

Cheney's latest book laments bush had gone soft on him.

Check out The Truth-O-Meter on health care: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Check out The Truth-O-Meter on health care: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

How long before Glenn Beck has a meltdown and claims he's being censored?

I have to buy a new vehicle and I really want to buy American

AARP article debunking "death panels."

Kick and Rec if your

CommonDreams: The Attack of the Useful Idiots

Georgia Republican hints Democrats Could Declare MARTIAL LAW

Les Paul, guitar pioneer dies at age 94 RIP Les n/t

Huffpost: "Let's face the harsh reality -- Obama has blown health care reform, big time. "

Recession Watch: Bottled Water Sales Dry Up

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

U.S. Supreme Court v. Democracy: Crucial Battle Underway

Public Option Advocates: Time to Come Home to Single Payer

Joe Scarborough can kiss my ass.

Twitter backlash to rightwing smear of the NHS.


Giuliani believes in 'death panels'

A Constitutional case for health care reform

Hannity Suggests Racist Disrupters at Town Halls are 'Alinsky' Plants Sent by Obama

Grassley: I phoned his office this morning

A story about the 60's...that is if you can stand another story from an old fart!

Whole Foods Board of Directors

This pretty much sums up the mentality of a freeper...

The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War By Prof. Peter Dale Scott

Matt Taibbi: Newt Gingrich Changes What’s Left of his Mind on End-of-life Care

2000 attend Rick Larsen Health Care Meeting

signs for the times

Lila Shapiro: Whole Foods CEO: "The Whole Foods Alternative To Obamacare: Eat at Whole Foods!

Russia's natives driven to drink by "perestroika."

First and foremost, rightwing fanatics LIE

YES! Dean: "Republicans have made themselves irrelavent. They aren't going to play"

Petition idea

President Obama the Trout Fisherman

KO calls a spade a spade...GOP using "stupid people to scare other stupid people."

Obama and the Dems have given the wealthy elite every thing they wanted, and given the poor

I've just heard Senator Grassley (R-condom occupant) on TV

West L.A.: Police surround man accused of White House threat

Victory in Afghanistan Similar to Pornography: Holbrooke

Woman sets self on fire, walks around Miami mall

Mom finds her baby alone, locked inside daycare

Dear Focus on the Family;

Netroots Nation Convention now live on C-Span 1

Pics of the "Death to Obama" AHole who Secret Service Busted

My Dad and Mom Died

Rupert Murdoch needs cash so bad that he's renting out his private yacht

Does anyone else really not like this Margaret Carlson (of Bloomberg) who Keith often has on?

Shouldn't Grassley recuse himself from the health care issue?

California 10th District primary: Lt. Gov. Garamendi leading

The guy in the standoff in Los Angeles today is:

Lipitor commercials

Freeps quaff a tall, frothy mug of Evil Dick while throwing The Connecticut Cowboy under the bus

A limp response to women's erotica

Why do we NOT have a complete forum for Health Care issues

Rachel Just Excoriated Grassley, Newt and Palin On .........

NY Times: Retailers Post Weak Quarterly Earnings and July Sales

Does Palin use a ghostwriter on Facebook?

High-Fat Diet May Make You Stupid and Lazy

Palin Endorsed End Of Life Counseling As Governor

UPDATE: Exxon Pleads Guilty To Violating Environmental Law Protecting Birds

1000's Line Up For Charity Medical Care. Democrats Should Be There Instead Of Town Halls.

A tiny tidbit about a small man: Shrub is alone with his sons, uh, dogs, doing AWOL Guard duty

Whole Foods Exec Slams Health Care Reform, Says People Should Just Eat Whole Foods

Rachel Maddow smacks down GOP healthcare reform enemies in a BIG WAY

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Police in standoff with man who made threat against White House


Leon Czolgosz is the 65th most searched term on Google today

The Big Dog is on C-Span speaking at the Netroots Nation Conference -- LIVE n/t


I didn't live through the 60's. For me, this is the ugliest summer in living memory.

Not Just Death Counseling, but School-Based Contraception and Abortion Clinics? - pic

Dick Durbin: "(Teddy) tried to put together not all that he wanted, but what he could get."

The funniest thing I've ever seen

CNN Prez Tells Staff to Stop Booking Talk Radio Hosts

Bill Moyers' Journal continues to kick mega ass on health care....Looking ahead to NEXT WEEK:

What Orly Taitz believes -Salon

Du this poll...

"President Barack Obama" and the audience applauded

Patient accused of biting off doctor's fingertip

Can I have some help with some RW email crap? (Notes from Mom)

LA Times: California board votes to drop healthcare coverage for 60,000 children

Whole Foods seems to have censored its forums since CEO Mackey's anti-HCR WSJ piece today

Disturbed man in 8 hour stand off with police.

Woman sues to get men to play her

Withdrawing by Bike from Iraq

The same people who interfered with Schiavo's end of life now say 'politicians have no business in.'

Who's advertising on Glenn Beck's show today?

If we go back to the original intent of the framers of the Constitution

Heads up! Grassley town hall on CSPAN!

Heads up! Grassley town hall on CSPAN!

Mother of Killed Unborn Twins Speaks Out (about Vermont law)

The Ohio "militia" should be treated just like the Taliban.

Rachel actually skewered THE VFW as a wingnut TOOL!1

Anybody listen to NPR any more? I just caught the first half hour of

$100k an hour?? Is this true??

Will someone please explain to me what the AP News really is?

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall on Concern Over Job Losses, Income

NorCal wildfire forces about 2,400 to leave homes

8/13/09 We are winning

Recent Glenn Beck'isms

“I’ll Have the Least Expensive Option, Please.”

A new parody from a Petty thief. :)

The people who really need health care are too busy working 2nd or 3rd jobs to go to town halls

Despite the Violence and the Death Threats, We Must Not Give Up

Stephen Colbert is taking Beck apart!


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Elizabeth Warren: "We Have A Real Problem Coming..."

"Death to Obama" Sign Holder Detained by Secret Service

Smothered: The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers: (i.e. why we need Public Television)

Canst thine hath milk curd and minced beef sandwich?

OK, I really hate the un recommend option.

Rep Crafting Amendment Exempting LA from National Health Care

Fact or Fiction? The Truth About Four Health Care Fears

Man accused of making threats against the WH in stand off at Federal Bldg in LA

In the richest country in the world, people are camping out in SoCal to see a doctor for free

Town Hall in New Orleans with Cao (R)

Yusuf Islam is on Charlie Rose tonight

Code Red: Antidote to Town Hall SwiftHaters -- everyone else wear RED; when they yell, STAND UP

Kind of an off-the-wall question about healthcare reform --

Why is big business not strongly in favor of single payer?

Congressman: Town hall protesters committing 'political terrorism'

Air traffic controller suspended, was chatting on phone with girlfriend during Hudson River crash

Air traffic controller suspended, was chatting on phone with girlfriend during Hudson River crash

Rachel Maddow on MTP

Who is the hell is Dr. Zane F. Pollard?

The top rated diary on Kos - Dem on Dem anger and frustration

Report from a town hall in Red Country

How to know we're winning? At least *5* blatant, obvious trolls today - tombstoned before 20 posts

False 'Death Panel' Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots

An Ukranian sand painter..absolutely amazing video!

This five week delay was a brilliant move.

I’ve had it

The Trickle Up Economy - striking new stats on income inequality (Krugman, DeLong)

The Trickle Up Economy - striking new stats on income inequality (Krugman, DeLong)

" a mom" marketing.

I googled "Barry Soetoro"... oh my these people are dumb

My experience with medicare

Halp. Hold me. My FIL is watching Hannity and Malkin in front of me..

Howard Dean: No Public Option, No Deal

Howard Dean: No Public Option, No Deal

Milky Way may have a huge hidden neighbour

More from gun guy (dial-up warning)

I heard on the Ed Show a lady start talking about Jesus returning and the Rapture.

Katy Abram has been tagged as a plant at Specter's town hall

What would be President Michele Bachmann's first official act?

Turn on FOX! RIght Now!

The the Dems are backing down from the deathers? What else will they back down on?

Would you trade congressional majority for healthcare?

"Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?"

I love you Rachel Maddow

Where are the Christian leaders in the health care debate?

Netroots 1st day pictures and brief report

Parents and students: At what nonRepublican store will you spend your money for school supplies?

Overweight Lady in Pink: Your STUPIDITY could kill you

The World Through Glenn Beck's Eyes

Definitive Proof Limbaugh Is Talking Out Of His Ass - Literally

Remember that guy who told Specter that "God will judge you!"?

F-ed up story of the day: Man sentenced after leaving water bottles for immigrants

I am really liking Brad Pitt..

Oh Great - He's Back

Rove did NOT Deny Involvement in the Siegelman Case

Heard on NPR this morning: NHS and Brits are getting peeved at US batshits trashing their system

30 pieces of silver...

Trying to "find" myself

Bachmann: "Don't Let Them Palinize Me!"

With a Billion People Living on Less Than $1 a Day, Is Buying Luxury Shoes Ethical?

Les Paul, more than any other person on Earth...

'Death to Obama' sign holder in Md. detained

As long as we are laughing this evening

Today I put an Obama sticker on my new car. Time to have a permanent, public show of support.

Just for laugh -- Asians doing a Christopher Walken impression

Naval history buffs: Ever seen a Typhoon Class up close? (Dial-Up warning)

Margaret & Helen tear into the town hall mobs. LOL. I mean it. Really.

Ally Bank (formerly GMAC) informed me they 'have ceased to advertise on the G. Beck program."

Why does MSNBC insist on using that fake bookshelf background?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Glenn Grenwald/Digby from on tasers and society

So Does Anybody Think We'll Be Seeing John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO......

So did Keith Olbermann change his sign off?

I'm a bit comfused as to why more liberals aren't yelling back.

Newsweek: American Europhobia Gets Uglier

Newsweek: American Europhobia Gets Uglier

The Rude Pundit: What'll We Do About the Town Hall Screamers? Part 1: The Missed Opportunity

Mini Cooper ad agency wants to buy radio time ... but no "urban formats"

Public option losing ground: charges that it is unfair to private insurers appear likely to sink it.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Sources: Edwards to admit paternity of ex-mistress' child

Labor Leader To Blue Dogs: Don't DARE Ask For Support

In Taliban heartland, coalition's made little headway after 8 years

Why is everyone convinced the public option will eliminate private insurance companies?

Teabaggers at Trader Joe's?

Question: What's the rush to implement Health Care Reform?

Aw Jeeze, they are starting the hurricane shit

Can I get a discussion on Nazi comparisons?

Georgia Republican hints Democrats Could Declare MARTIAL LAW

H.R. 676 ~ READ IT!

Olbermann Sounds Like He's Gonna Be On A Tear. Suggest It Be Watched....

A message to American corporations...

The Time To Start Mocking Rick Santorum Is Now

Hunter S. Thompson gave up on the idea of talking to the opposition almost 50 years ago

From David Axelrod....important email sent around on the issue of the fight for Health Care Reform

I dedicate this, my 3,000th post, to all the rightwing fanatics out there

"Mad as Hell Doctors" Embark on Cross Country Care-A-Van to Demand Single-Payer from Congress

The only way we can make a success of Health Care Reform is to force it down the Repukes' throats

Farmed Catfish Tastes Better Than Wild And Is Better For The Environment!

Here's another not-so-veiled anti-Obama death threat blog

Five Years Ago Today: Hurricane Charley Hits Florida..

Hillary is doing this on purpose

Grassley Has Signaled Bipartisanship

Nate Silver sees major Republican gains in Congress next year

The GOP's Misplaced Rage. by Bruce Bartlett

The nut job from Alaska at it again.

Updated: Even more advertisers pull support for Glenn Beck-ConAgra, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis and RadioS

my company hit a new low today

Dean: "There Will Be Primaries" For Dems Who Vote Against Public Option

I've never met a left-wing business student...

Tea-baggers, birthers, salad-tossers at the PA Town Halls are doing something I never knew possible

Updated: Even more advertisers pull support for Glenn Beck

Poor Katy Abram! Her life has been turned upside down in 6 months ’cause a black man is in the WH

Why not a "Blue State single payer health coalition"?

So, who else anticipates this discussion with their Mother in the future?

Katy Abram on Glenn Beck radio show, is claiming to be receiving constant threats

Death Panels Exist!

Death Panels Exist!

Humana - Individual policy (the worst kind of policy) want 26% more next year!

The republicans need to be punished for their nonsense

All-purpose thread for definitive opinions concerning events you don't know much about

Subject: Nancy Reagan’s Letter of Forgiveness

Subject: Nancy Reagan’s Letter of Forgiveness

So if a Muslim woman wants to wear what is essentially a wet suit

'Racist' Baby Doll Pulled From Stores

Memo to media: When crazy brainwashed people scream & holler, it's not "debate"

The US has always been a country of violence

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?- “They arrested a homeless man in a shelter for being homeless.”

Jon Stewart is taking Beck apart !!!!


I've been wondering--How do you get onto a Death Panel?

"Health Care Slogans" To Counter & Mock The Mob's Rhetoric

"Health Care Slogans" To Counter & Mock The Mob's Rhetoric

Florida teachers' unions, Hillsborough County schools join Walmart foundation for vouchers...

To believe in something means you gotta sacrficice yourself.

I donated $100 on behalf of Debbie Schlussel to No More Deaths. I suggest you do the same.

The personal side of being at war

Rachel Maddow this Sunday on Meet the Press

Paying for abortion

Can you feel it? Ever so subtly?

'No more than 8% of your income may be charged for health care' - can we add that to any legislation

A new Toon

Death Panels ARE for real. In...Texas!

July Poll, support for a National Insurance Plan grows - Medicare for All

Next Bubble to Burst Is Banks’ Big Loan Values

This is a MUST read/watch about how the Korporatist-Kristianist-Krazy alliance came into being.

Millionaire Who Funded Prop 8 to protect traditional marriage dumps wife.

If the republicans want to cut the end-of-life counseling provision, then let them.

All D.U.ers PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

My Facebook line in the sand...

My Facebook line in the sand...

Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality around the world.

All Those Who Think the Dems Should Forget Bipartisanship After the Recess, Check-in

Give me some one liners, please.

Forget Blackwater/Xe this company puts them to shame.

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

8 FACTS AND 8 MYTHS ABOUT HEALTH CARE REFORM -- let's help this go viral, DU

Hey repuke morans ...the death panel is the board of directors at your fucking health insurance co.

Today's Episode Of "What Digby Said": Tasers And The Terrorists Who Use Them.

Mom in minivan tasered twice in Salina traffic stop

Just curious - when's the last time you shot a gun?

Single-Payer Health CARE.....the time is NOW

Facebook - I Refuse

Katy Abram is a symptom of what the Becks of the world are creating

US economic myths bite the dust

Blogging from Netroots Nation

Michael Vick signs with Philly. Just fyi for anyone who cares.

Take ANOTHER moment for a LAUGH

President Clinton heckled at Netroots

IF we get no health care reform this time...

Les Paul had a bigger impact on popular music than Michael Jackson IMHO

Les Paul had a bigger impact on popular music than Michael Jackson IMHO


Freepers, Birthers, Morons of all stripe, You didn't get mad...

Is Aristus awake?


Sorry wrong forum

Oily Titz

"Resplendent"- Vigilantes Of Love

Oh dear! Might I favor Master with a tender kiss on the forehead?

My So Called Life is on Hulu.

Wake up! I can't sleep!

Wake up! I can't sleep!

Tempe is going through quite a lightning storm...

Obama debunks birther conspiracy, but admits to another

Accused nude doorbell ringer pleads not guilty

Important News...Chocolate Cuts Death Rate in Heart Attack Survivors

Know what The Lounge needs?!?! More Kawliga!

I really do not think it is too much of me to ask...

Hells kitchen preview for next week

Call me old fashioned, but women voters? Welcome to planet Mars!

Jesus Christ!!! My DOG got a hold of my cell phone and sent me a text!! Know what it said?

Okays so I went to El Pollo Loco

lil AA learned no yesterday

Photobombed by a squirrel (high cuteness alert!)

Call me old fashioned, but I think that fire is magic....

I am watch History International program about the dark ages.

Post here if you think Rockford Files is cool

George Zimmer (Founder of Men's Wearhouse) appeared in Almost Live! skit

Oh, dear. Les Paul just died.

I really wish the Colbert Report and The Daily Show would quit having musical guests.

Travel Health Insurance while in France

Am I the only one whos had problems with Google today? (getting 502 errors on certain search terms)

I want a tattoo...

Call me old fashioned, but it seems to me that when the giant that is holding up the earth dies...

Just a reminder, folks ... not all rodents are Republicans ...

Family problem I could use some advice on... (Long story)

Call me old fashioned, but I think those neanderthal babes are hawt.......

How would he average American handle a father taking his daughter into a men's public bath?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think we should worship the sun and moon as powerful gods...

The UPS guy was so nice

sigh, my car is in the garage, so I'm stuck at home and will have to spend a fortune to fix it

Drive-Thru Rant

Facebook question. I know someone here knows. Converting coins to dollars.

Ever get Automotive Deja Vu?

Had I not escaped to Canada, today would be the 30th anniversary of my arrival in the States

Call me old-fashioned, but I think we should consider Tommy_Carcetti the reincarnation of evil...

Post your amusing, thread-enhancing graphics here.

Flirt with me for crissakes (not directed at Aristus!) I was supposed to call a man

Bartcop and the "Morans" guy...

Today's Bible quote: 4th Kings, Chapter 2, verses 23-25

I just saw a squirrel fall a good 30 feet out of a tree.

Relative Failure

Best way to handle Astroturd mobs

Rainbow Conspiracy!!

Eh, not bad, ya know how it is...

I love Fabio.

I left George Zimmer a voice mail thanking him and The Men's Wearhouse for pulling their advertising

Les Paul talks about creating a solid-body guitar

Pic sharing help pleeeze?

"If I'm not me, den who AM I?"

The definitive song about Rush Limbaugh...

Thank you all for your suggestions...I have tried some of them


In the long and storied history of DU, has anyone ever posted....

confusing post

DU Song Of The Day

Call me "Old Fashioned"...

Md. Judge Admits Deflating Tire Over Parking Spot

I have to thank everyone here in the lounge for all the birthday wishes

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hippiechick!!*******

When it rains it pours. Single for almost a year, and now I have two women that want to date.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dinger!!*******

Ya know how they have those

To Sir With Love. Someone probably already posted this

Inchy...... what makes you stop and think????

(not olive garden - either!!)

Jeff used the coup d'etat.

I feel safe enough here to post my personal hygiene routine.

Hsve you ever shaved a little pet monkey, and then taken a bath with it?

In the long and storied history of DU, has anyone ever posted....

I'm finding a direct ratio between "my happiness" and the number of times I say "kiss my ass" daily

Get yer pizza while there's still time!

"Yard Art"

My grandma keeps talking about me getting a girlfriend.

Facebook question re: farmville. How does one convert coins to dollars?

Just had to call 911 for a domestic dispute.

Right after oddball on Olbermann there was a song playing into the commercial.

5 and a half beers...

Anne Briggs - Blackwaterside (YouTube)

Only ... ten..more. I...think...I..can...make it


John Quade died. Les Paul had all the vibes and stuff.

Best. Health News. Ever.

I like Elvis Costello's new sound!

Why are there no late night coffee shops where I live?

Which is better for knots combs or brushes?

Has anyone seen DeeWilly lately?

Women In Bikinis Reading from the Star Wars Script

What is your most favorite thing that you have ever done?

Karma's A Bitch: Man killed by shards of glass after hurling girlfriend through shop window

I know there are divergent opinions about U2 on here, but can we at least agree...

They cancelled Reno 911?

OK, call me a dummy

F$%^*^% Discovery Channel destroys a Hammond M-3 organ!

I am soon to be 51 years old, and I don't look a day over 30.

If your spouse/SO's brain were to be transplanted into one of the following women

Greatest Sports Movie of All Time?

I don't want to make trouble, but Obama Death Panel would be the kickass band name of all time

Holy SHIT! The Philadelphia EAGLETS sign Michael Vick to a two year deal.

Songs with weirdass chanting in them--post 'em if you got 'em.

The Obama Health bill has mandatory donut holes.

Best Character from True Blood?

Why don't waiters give you your exact change anymore?

I'm watching a classic SF Giants game from 1989. All of the players look so skinny.

AMC developing zombie apocalypse show - "The Walking Dead"

What is the least favorite COUNTY you've ever been in?

Can You Help Me Identify The Mix Of My New Rescue Puppy?

OK boys and girls, I have only got 39 to get to 10000

The Best Guitarist Of All Time

Share music with me

OK just 20 to go. Help me get to 10,000

sorry to post multiple places, but can anyone here help?

What is your least favorite city you have been in?

So, why aren't you very popular on Democratic Underground?

It's a "It's time to post your desktop again" thread!

Remember Jill & Kevin's Wedding Entrance Dance On YouTube From A Few Weeks Ago?

WOOHOO!!! Another new Chick Tract - just in time for the weekend!!!

Don't much like her music, but Lady Gaga's new song Paparazzi is awesome.

I want to recreate a thread that never dries.

CBC: Scene-stealing squirrel crashes Banff tourist photo

Philippines clashes leave 43 dead

In Montana, Integrated Care Clinic Reduces Costs

A Window Into C.I.A's Embrace of Secret Jails (Kyle "Dusty" Foggo's role emerges)

Dark-Horse Prospect Adds Twist To Fed Race

A Window Into C.I.A.’s Embrace of Secret Jails


How a GOP senator's proposal gave rise to 'death panels'

High-Fat Diet May Make You Stupid and Lazy

North Korea frees South Korean worker after official's visit

Memoirs to reveal Dick Cheney thought Bush had gone soft on war on terror

Palin doubles down on 'death panels'

Hillary Clinton's Comparison of the 2000 U.S. Recount to Nigeria's Elections Spur Criticism

India's water use 'unsustainable'

Les Paul, Jazz-Guitar Virtuoso and Inventor, Dies at 94

Violent protests hit Honduras

North Korea frees South Korean worker after official's visit

Minister: China wants more say over iron prices

China's Yanzhou Coal to buy Felix for $2.9bln

Ravine Separates Typhoon Survivors and Safety

Thousands Line Up For Free Healthcare

Bombs Kill 14 Civilians in Afghanistan

Bomb Wounds 2 Journalists in Afghanistan

Whistle-blower: Health care industry engaging in PR tactics

China Scales Back Plans for Software Filter

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Declined in July (Duh?)

Expanding the Charter Option (More Charter Schools Wanted)

Boy's Poodle 'Fried to Death' at Ohio Dog Groomer

If this guy isn't a Republican....

Swiss bank to name US tax evaders

Police Standoff Forces Evacuation of Federal Building

Cheney, preparing his memoirs, unloads on Bush for bowing to public opinion

India hit over religious violence

Suicide bombers kill 21 in northern Iraq

Key group to push repeal of Prop. 8 in 2012

Mumbai shuts schools, cinemas over H1N1 scare

Germany and France exit recession

ExxonMobil pleads guilty to killing birds

Obama team sees difficulties unique to the Bush(Alaska)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 13

White Flag Deaths - Killings of Palestinian Civilians during Operation Cast Lead

American service member killed in Afghanistan

Obama Administration Restating Its Position on Honduran Coup?

Georgia Republican hints Democrats Could Declare MARTIAL LAW

As Marines push into Afghan town, fire from '360'

Honduran post-coup leader wishes to shake hands with Nicaraguan president

ConAgra CEO received $10.1 million pay package

Ex-U.S. Attorney David Iglesias: ‘I feel one hundred percent vindicated’

E-mails from public clog U.S. House's Web site

Michael Vick signs a two year deal with Phily

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

Indonesia police find new bomb cache

Eagles Sign Vick

Obama asks court to block forest road building

White House uses e-mail to counter health critics

Thailand to appeal extradition ruling on "Merchant of Death"

India Plans Focus on Environment

Bernie Madoff's Other Secret: His Hadassah CFO Mistress

Specter met by cheers, jeers in Kittanning

Republic Beats Southwest to Buy Bankrupt Frontier Air

Hillary Clinton Compares 2000 Florida Recount to Nigeria's Rigged Elections

'Dirty war' general found guilty

Fla. doctor ousted after denouncing doughnuts

(Sen.) Coburn: Controlling health care costs may fall to patients

Chocolate Cuts Death Rate in Heart Attack Survivors.

Police Standoff Forces Evacuation of Federal Building

Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast' (16 meters a year)

Obama asks court to block forest road building

Election 2010: Pennsylvania Senate Election Pennsylvania (Senate: Toomey 48%, Specter 36%)

Fox News' "Glenn Beck" loses advertisers

'Clunker' vouchers allowed as eligible new cars get scarce

We were duped, say two British women used in US health campaign

Sources: Edwards to admit paternity of ex-mistress' child

Ford Ramps up Production as Demand Rebounds

UK woman with prosthetic arm wins Abercrombie suit

'Traficant Release Night' Canceled

Man detained by Secret Service in Hagerstown, MD

Guitar Legend Les Paul Dies at Age 94

Mich. regulators OK Blue Cross (22%) rate increase deal

Abu Ghraib Torture Was "Like Nothing" (says Lynndie England)

2 Thrown Out Of Heated Meeting On Health Care Reform

Argentina expels Honduran ambassador for supporting coup

Colombia rebels leader open to talks

Gates: 'A few years' of combat in Afghanistan

Mob kills noted geologist in Kenya mine dispute

Obama Wants Big Banks To Pay More for Oversight

Taliban chiefs agree ceasefire deals for Afghan presidential election

Three British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Lockerbie bomber 'to be released'

Sen. Isakson: Health care bill's end-of-life provision not my idea

9/11 Tribute Sites: Should the Government be Giving More Aid?

Awesome President Obama rap song.

Senator McCaskill shoots down single payer.

Unfastened Coins: The Truth Behind the Sinking of the Titanic

Israeli Soldiers Fired On Civilians Waving White Flags! Human Rights Watch Report

Richard Trumka "The Labor Leader Guy" Rips Blue Dogs On Healthcare!

Lunatic Fringe

Faux News' Carl Cameron Says Sen. Chuck Grassley Is Taking Credit For The Health Care Town Halls

Fault Lines' Full Interview With Wendell Potter, CIGNA Health Insurance Exec Turned Whistleblower

Fiore: Health Care Reform

Glenn Beck Takes His Insanity To Another Level: Cries While Comparing Obama & Democrats To Nazis

Coulter says Rahm Emanuel's brother is on her death list

Thom Hartmann: Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Samuel Rodriguez vs The 'Sissy Oprah Winfrey Christians

Thom Hartmann - Why is the right promoting lies that in the Turner Diaries led to a race war?

Cheney's Tell All Book

Rep. David Scott Displays Racist Hate Mail He Has Received

Health Care Town Hall Durham NC 8/13/09

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

Howard Dean Book Signing - Wash DC - Part 1

TYT: Beck Cries, Uses Special Needs Daughter To Compare Obama To Nazis & More

Rachel Maddow - America's deeply disturbing racial and violent discourse

Reality Check: The Return Of The Viral Email - Outlandish Claims About Health Insurance Reform

Bernie Sanders becomes a Kindergarten Teacher for a day.....

Thom Hartmann - Is America experiencing terrorism at the hands of Fox News?

Major Garrett (FauxNews hack) Accuses WH of Breaking Law Based on Emails - Gibbs Smacks Him Around

Reality Check: Reform Will Eliminate Insurance Discrimination Against The Disabled

Howard Dean Book Signing - Wash DC - Part 2

Rep Rick Larsen's Town Hall: I've Got Facts On My Side & You've Got Glenn Beck On Yours!

Howard Dean Book Signing - Wash DC - Part 3 - Q&A

TYT: Hillary Clinton Goes Off -- Was She Right to Get Pissed?

TYT: New Details On Torture Doctors. Sick Motives, How Much $ They Got & More

Les Paul's Wonderful Invention...

Rachel Maddow: Racist Nightmare On K Street - Who's Really Behind The Obama=Hitler Meme

The Full Story Of Poster Altercation At McCaskill Event: By The Guy Who Filmed It, Peter Glickert

Penn Jillette- Is Dissent Still Patriotic?

Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation

Health Care Reformers Want to Kill You! - Obama's Healthcare Horror! - (this vid will make you LOL)

Tequila - The Champs [With Lyrics]

Lawrence O'Donnell Exposes Clueless Town Hall Protester Katy Abram

Alhambra Town Hall

Glenn BecKKK Brings In Psychiatrist To Defend His Radical Comments Re Inciting Militias & Violence

In Pictures: President Obama presents Medal of Freedom to recipients

NYT: More Evidence of a Scandal (involving Rove and U.S. attorney firings)

Gunning for Health Care

GOP: Focus on the Family “Too Big to Fail”

Diagnosing the Threat from the Right

Fear based on falsehoods (Gene Lyons)

25 Signs of Hate

A Surefire Way to Really Put the Town Hall Nuts Over the Edge

Jim Hightower: Starbucks' Strategy - Hide Its Name, Pretend to Be 'Authentic' Local Coffee Shop

Why we need the media to focus on the facts

Palin responds: 'Death panels' are real

"Death Panels": the Circles of Sarah Palin

Steven Weber: Mad Men

Health Reform and Small Business

Sarah Palin and "Obama's Death Plan:" The truth about Healthcare Reform and the Lies Palin Tells


If Right-Wingers Get Their Way, 22,000 Americans Will Continue to Be Killed

Bob Cesca: Malkin and Fox News Are Stalking Children Again

Economists: Unemployment Figures Don’t Count Those Who’ve Stopped Looking for Food

The Ghost of Truman: The Wartime Contracting Commission Gives DOD Hell on Iraq Contracting

Will Citadel be Financial Liable for Town Hall Mobs Organized by Their Radio Hosts?

Dick Cheney, Mr. Tedious

Fatah: A New Beginning or an Imminent End? (Ramzy Baroud)

When the Dead Have No Say

Republican Rx For Health Reform: Helter Skelter

Burn everything

The Attack of the Useful Idiots

The Tennessee Convict War/ "Kill a man, get another; kill a mule, buy another."

Robert Reich: Palin, others talking about "death panels" should be ashamed

Grassley’s Condition Worsens, Dementia Feared

Obama Shrewdly Pivots, Turns Attention to TOWN HALL Reform!

Uninsured in "monied burbs" could grow to 30% in next ten years.

Honduras: Attack on Peaceful Protestors Escalates!

Rolling Stone: Obama So Far

Toronto Star: Profit takes precedence over reform

at-Largely: Iran: Whose War?

Big Business Goes Big for Health Care Reform

Paul Begala: Progress Over Perfection

Joe Conason: The Real Death Panels

Comcast favors Fox News, charges $204 more for MSNBC package. ACTION NEEDED

7 Ways We Can Fight Back Against the Rising Fascist Threat

O'Donnell vs Katy Abram

Obama Administration Restating Its Position on Honduran Coup?

Yet another eloquent hate mail....

His name was Harvey Milk.

CA-10: Garamendi Leads the Pack

The Nutters Are Coming to Get You

Pick a Senator!

Whole Foods CEO Slams Health Reform, Angering Liberal Pro-Reform Whole Foods Customers

List of Town Hall Meetings, In Case Any DUers Want to Attend

Health care for all By Helen Thomas

Are they online links to MSNBC to watch Keith or Rachel?

Republicans voted for death panels as part of 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill

Completely missing from the health care reform discussion is DENTAL CARE

Cafferty doesn't like fact that surgeon general pick is paid adviser to Burger King

Sign Of The Times

What's this **** @ the Secret Service having no $$ ?

Note to HCR supporters: Atlanta Anti Health Care Reform Rally

Cheney indicates he is about to go to war on GW Bush -

PHOTOS New official photos (August 13)

Was Hillary Clinton’s Answer in Congo the Right One?

Conservative Bruce Barlett calls out GOPs "misplaced" rage!!

Obama losing the upper hand in health care debate

Sarah Palin & her "Healthcare Decision Day"

White House denies allegations in "deal" memo, in a blow to the Huffington Post

Geithner: Wall Street profits doesn't mean return to bad habits.

Obama willing to be a one-term president if that's what it takes to pass health care, energy reform

just saw an aarp healthcare reform commercial.

It's Not Entirely Up To Obama

Please Send Senator Kennedy Your Love And Good Wishes:

Bachmann: "Don't Let Them Palinize Me!"

Why a Whole Foods Boycott Might Actually Work to Spur Real Health Care Reform

The Fairweather Independents Have Been Swayed

Greg Sargent - Tea Party Conference Call - "No Reform At All Is The Goal"

End of life issues threaten to unravel health care reform.

Healthcare industry lobbyist: "We have an agreement with the White House, we trust the White House

Healthcare reform bill "will be a Christmas present for the insurance, hospital and drug industry"

The kind of Ad the DNC should run.

one-term presidency? let's take a look at lichtman's 13 keys to the presidency

How close was gun guy to the President?

Chamber of Commerce criticizes 'public option' on insurance

Obama’s New Safety Cops

CA-Gov, CA-Sen: Brown, Boxer Look Strong

This photo just cries out for a caption.

In case folks missed it- the Medal of Freedom means something again (with pics)

a simple solution to the "problem" of single-payer being seen as a "government takeover"

Secret Service detains Birther Asshat who has sign saying "Death to Obama"

It's August 13th, 2010...

Let's tell the ignoramuses that health reform includes mandatory bikini waxing

The irony in this discussion with SOME idiot old people...

Is the U.S. on the Brink of Fascism?

A 'Jobless' And 'Wageless' Recovery?

I caught Dr. Gupta trying to explain the Death Panel plank of the Gop described

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

Put up or shut up time, teabagger mobsters. Burn your Medicare cards.

About that $80 Billion pledge by the Pharma lobby...

I really do not give a fuck about wing nuts who do not want to fund abortions

Barack's Aunt Zeituni: "Duh!"

Why is Obama not kicking Grassley's ass in?

Has anyone said I'm sorry to the African American involved in the Rosa Parks incident?

Where Are They?

The Health Care Benefits Cancellation Card: Hand these out to people against health care reform

Brilliant clips of Beck, Jon Stewart!

Throw Grassley from the train!

WP:Obama wants big banks to pay more for oversight

Missouri - "Good Insurance" Means Depending On Bake Sales and Garage Sales To Cover Medical Costs

I'm Thinking That President Obama Complimented Grassley On Purpose ......

***HEADS UP*** President Bill Clinton Speaking To Netroots Convention - LIVE NOW

Young Damon Interviewed POTUS today..

800 people get tickets to see Obama on Friday

rachel on death panels and grassley, with guest bernie sanders! nt

Obama administration to block forest road building

Obama website for signing up to "drop by" Congress offices.

So now the left is pushing a lobbyist's version of events?

Wealthy Oilman Joins Kansas 4th District Fray

I went to my Congressman's Office today

keith on palin's death panel hypocrisy, with guest howard dean. nt

Please join my Whole Foods guerilla action initiative!!

Axelrod is initiating a Chain Email ......

From Greg Palast and you're not gonna like it

Arlen Specter with a tan

Heller acknowledges the John Ensign effect

good grief, rick sanchez on cnn parroting gop ad about sheila jackson lee.

Howard Dean: Primaries for Dems who vote against public option!

Show up at the Town Hall meetings and remind them,

ed show taking christian right to task on healthcare. nt

Economic recovery - the food pantry across the street is MOBBED in this W MA town

How the hell is Sarah Palin relevant?

Dr. Nancy on MSNBC is a TWIT!!

Bush/Cheney was America's first regency government .

What’s really behind the ‘death panel’ scare?

isn't sarah palin saying all this crap because she's still bitter about losing the election?

The Democrats created Medicare for the elderly, and now they want to kill them off

Hundreds Come Out To Rally In Jackson, Michigan Over Health-care Reform

Have you called your representative, Senators, & the White House to support HR676? Check in

Election 2010: Pennsylvania Senate Election


TPM: New Coalition/PhRMA Sink Millions into New ProReform Campaign in key congressional districts

Finance Committee drops end-of-life provision, according to GrASSley

Would these right wingers be as crazy if the first black president were named Bobby Ray Jefferson?

Canadians love Obama, like their health care system even more

Strategy Idea

Rasmussen Spins For The GOP- "Voters Give GOP First-Time Lead on Health Care"

Reasonble people have showed up to the Specter Town Hall today.

Finally- Reid: Protesters are 'evil-mongers'

GOP support for Sanford impeachment grows

CIA drives Smart Cars?

Desperate GOP focusing on regaining power/face using Deception and Fear Cards

Industry "Playbook" At Work Against Health Reform

Restaurant play if Birther Republicans against healthcare reform were involved

Shelia Jackson Lee took the call b/c it was from a constituent as opposed to the astroturfers . . .

Gallup: Presidential approval at 53%. The Economist poll: 49%

Son of UNLV legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian to run against Harry Reid...

republican kevin brady townhall on cspan.

Ha ..ha .. My 4 year old Nephew said this ..

You know, we really are in debt to the tea baggers, the birthers,

AP: E-mails From Public Overload House Web Site

At Rep. Rothman town hall, the last Birther actually said that Palin should be President...

A basic question about health care

It Is Democracy, Not Health-Care Reform, That Is Sick

If one more commentator says that Bush "went soft" on Cheney I'm gonna

Judge Rebuffs Obama On Mining Waste

When healthcare reform passes; will we recognize it?

why are we calling it health care reform?

Arlo Guthrie A Registered repuglican?

Dose William Kostric carry his gun all of the time?

NY Times - "Thousands Line Up for Promise of Free Health Care" - Who Needs Doctors w/o Borders?

Teabaggers - These people would have been Democrats 60 years ago (1950s)

Arizona GOP Runs Doctored Cigarette Photo of President Obama

David Price D-NC holding Townhall on campus of NCCU

We are standing by our Representative tomorrow when the "town hall" nuts come for her...

As bad as Katy Abram all honesty...I have to give her props..because...

Funny how the cable "news" channels never give 15 mins of fame to health care proponents.

He NOT ONLY pals around with he ALSO "makes light of health care reform concerns."

Kudos to Spector and Mccaskill for how they handled the town meetings


August 12 1978 and Americas greatest living woman

David Broder says town hall antics will backfire.

Massive campaign for Obama hits air - $12 million in ads (POLITICO)

Obama Injects Himself Into Health Talks, Despite Risks

I'm going to Bozeman friday. Any other DUers going to be there?

Australia emissions plan rejected

Wildebeest Migration Underway, But Mara River Nearly Dried Up Late In Rainy Season - Independent

Peak Energy And Cultural Fragmentation - Energy Bulletin

Australian Senate Rejects Cap-And-Trade Bill 42-30 - Rudd May Face Early Election - Bloomberg

Drumbeat: August 13, 2009

Study Finds Big Storms on a 1,000-Year Rise

Oilsands Emissions May Be Acidifying Rain In Saskatchewan - Samples Show 4.93 pH

Ontario Issues Provincial "Threatened" Status For Polar Bears Within Its Borders - Star

Energy Minister - Mexican Oil Output May Fall To As Little As 2.6 Million b/d In 2009 - Bloomberg

Bottled Water Boom May Be Over - Sales Fall For First Time In Five Years - WP

My Clunker Pickup Is Too Old For Junk - Energy Bulletin

Cameco Says Utilities in China Stockpiling Uranium

GM in cahoots with EPA makes up 230-mpg number

Study finds higher pathogen loads in collapsed honeybee colonies

Danish Energy Agency Reports North Sea Oil & Gas Reserves Gone By 2020, Spurring Renewable Push

Carmakers vie for Most Asinine EPA Figure (Nissan 367mpg claim)

The bumpy road to nuclear energy

New findings show increased ocean acidification in Alaska waters

A Window Into C.I.A.’s Embrace of Secret Jails

Confusion Over MPG Ratings for Electric Cars....How would you rate the Volt

In defense of grass-fed livestock

An electric chopper?

Nuclear power’s new debate: cost (CS Monitor)

Foresters demonstrate hot new technology

Sharks sign a pair of goalies

Stay classy, Rick

Grimsley Meets Clemens Prosecutors

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 12)

Billie Jean King corrects Obama

Donte' Stallworth Suspended Without Pay for Season

OMG! Michael Vick has signed with the Ravens!

Vick to Bills

Hey you piss-ant Tiger fans!

Tennis spoilers...

Game of the YEAR in the NFL. Dec. 6, 2009.

Mike Vick's signing is bad news for Cowboys

Vick signs 2 year deal with Eagles

Top 10 most-feared tacklers in NFL history

What do the Dallas Cowboys have over the New York Yankees?

Something just for madinmaryland, The all Wise football fan who thinks no one else cheats.

Steroid Nation? What kind of Blog is that?

Michael Vick signs a two year deal with Phily

Ok. Joey and Fork you are now off the hook for Vick!

Something just for forkboy..

Does anyone know how the Tigers did tonight? Joey or Fork, can you

Guess who leads MLB in ERA and strikeouts?

Eagles Sign Vick

Colts are cheating??

NY Islanders have four D men posibly going to the WJC!!!!

OMG....Tiger leads at -5 first PGA Open Round.....Harrington at -4

Violent protests hit Honduras

Peru detects swine flu in Amazon Indian tribe

Vice president punched in riot

Zelaya to meet with Hillary; Lula to speak to Obama about Honduras

Israeli Commandos with Experience in Palestine and Colombia are Training the Honduran Armed Forces

Eyewitness Report - Tegucigalpa - Wednesday, August 12th Brutal repression and intimidation

Ultima Hora: 12 de Agosto Resistencia Popular continua firme

Fidel Castro, turning 83, still a force in Cuba

Honduran post-coup leader wishes to shake hands with Nicaraguan president

Repression Wednesday in Pictures

Photo Gallery: SF Protesters Decry Media Censorship in Honduras

Zelaya Supporters Gather in Honduras’ 2 Biggest Cities


In Bolivian capital, explosives-laden envelopes wound 7 people in 2 bombings

Colombia rebels leader open to talks

Ecuador wants citizen committees to defend gov't

Repression Wednesday: How They Landed in the Hospital

Repression Wednesday: We’re All Watching

US State Department and Millennium Challenge Corp. Contradict Each Other Over Honduras Coup Aid

Spinning the Honduras Coup

Anti-coup protesters, police clash in Honduras

Argentina expels Honduran ambassador for supporting coup

Immunity for rape in Colombia

Preminary results of Fatah Central Committee vote

IDF investigating possible kidnap of Israeli soldier

Report: Ousted Fatah leader Qureia hints elections unclean

Gunfree Englewood (Chicago) : Man shot dead in Englewood

US delegates blame Palestinians for no peace talks

Israeli commandos in Honduras

Hamas looks at Obama plan 'positively,' with condition

Palestinians get their own Google domain

another road rage shooting - oops, Texas this time

Curbing Israel's reign of terror

Boston Reverend Takes on NH Gun Laws...not quite.

Report: Israeli troops fired on Gazans waving white flags

Deal reached on wage freeze (my job)

Today in Labor History Aug 13 John Frey testified before the Dies Un-American Activities Committee

Can Labor Get Out of This Mess?

Internet Writers at CBS Organize

Heatstroke in the Fields

In Illinois, Another Workers' Rebellion Flares Up Against 'Banksters' Greed

Daily Kos: Labor Leader To Blue Dogs: Don't DARE Ask For Support

W Post: U.S. Should Offer Tax Relief to People Who Turned to Their 401(k) for a Bailout

Sent by a friend by iphone - and he is clueless about our dilemmas with "Green"

In for a penny, in for a third picture, and it, too has plenty of green

Lost any objectivity I ever had. Only five simple pictures, PLEASE just vote.

Summer in the City


I might have to change my name to Francis

GREEN POLL! - comments welcome

Just for friend heard you and just sent this

One more from my friend's iphone - makes me want to visit my country of origin

Greens from the 'hood, part I (dialup warning)

Disturbing things I learned from this Green Contest

Greens from the 'hood, part II (dialup warning)

Today's Lousy Healthcare Coverage Brought to You by Siemens & Novartis...(get the picture?)

Congressman GK Butterfield (D-NC) HOLDS a TOWN HALL

Zombie Ants Controlled by Fungus

Ring Strike

Harbingers Of Increased Atlantic Hurricane Activity Identified

Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast' (16 meters a year)

What i want to ask in a republican Senator/Congressman townhall meeting ...

NASA Budget Too Slim to Reach Moon by 2020, Panel Says

Bankers Split on an FDIC Guarantee Extension

Scientists Find Rare Gene Behind Short Sleepers

Dark-Horse Prospect Adds Twist To Fed Race

Healthcare industry lobbyist: "We have an agreement with the White House, we trust the White House

Next Bubble to Burst Is Banks’ Big Loan Values

Did you guys catch Deninger's post nailing Republican asses to the wall?

How to tell the 3 kinds of Hard Times

Cannabis may prevent osteoporosis

Non profit coop health system?

New credit card law set to start next week

Scientists spot massive methane rainstorm over Titan

Moon News that Bears Repeating: Conspiracy Theorist Bart Sibrel Gets Decked, Hoofed and Flagged off

Cross post -- from GD P and Georgia Re: HCR protests in Atlanta.

Something practical you can do while watching the economy collapse...

Law Hits Home as Credit Cards Opt Out of Overlimit Fees

Revenge of the Accounting Authorities?

So I just get this call from my primary care clinic......

National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot

Gordon Brown joins Twitter campaign defending NHS

The right is angry and it should be.

Facebook poll asks if society would be better off if a gay person is killed.

ATTN: Denver/Colorado residents!

Utah paper rejects same-sex wedding announcement

Minn. school district settles gay harassment suit


The first protest, I am organizing, is going to be agains my "own"

Is their anyone in your life that you would not come out to because you are afraid of their reaction

To those who tell you that Congress is exempting themselves from health reform

10 Steps to Better Health Care

High-Fat Diet May Make You Stupid and Lazy

Leo Sun opposing the triple conjunction (goes exact Friday to Jupiter) - Planetwaves

A post for those interested in out of body experiences...

Starchild The Energies For August 2009 (Dragons!!!)

"Coming Through the Gate" - Karen Bishop - August 13, 2009

"Sand painting" video

The 'Yuck Factor' by Jennifer Hoffman (why negativity bugs some more than ever)

WooHoo: Myrina is having a Birthday, Let's have a Party

Stabilizing in the New Timeline by Lauren C. Gorgo

Further reflections on my vision quest

Do you make an effort to avoid casting pearls unto swine?

Wisdom from the leading 'atheist' of his day (Epicurus)

The story of Prop 8 is the story of a group of citizens losing their basic human rights

Expanding the Charter Option (More Charter Schools Wanted)

My rep. is not having any town halls as far as I can see.

Officers indicted in police brutality (Beaumont)

Close up shots of the Pentagon prove, no 757

‘Official Michael Jackson Opus’ uses new tech

BBC-A Fans, anyone watching Being Human. OMG, let's discuss

Torchwood fans...apparently John Barrowman is in talks to join...get this

Bryan Singer To Direct Battlestar Galatica Movie

Michael Jackson's glittery glove up for auction

Appeal court to rule on Khadr's return

Doctor left drugged Michael Jackson alone, sources say

The man in the middle

May I please ask Canadians for their health care experiences?