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Jonathan Cohn on The Colbert, he's been pretty

Y'know, I'm all for the 2nd Amendment and all

I'm going to fucking barf the next time I hear the word "passion"!

A Grim Anniversary

misleading headline in coverage of *supportive* town hall in California:

Senator Harkin's townhall.

Senator Harkin's townhall.

In Case Anyone Wants To Watch: Pres. Obama & Senators Hold Health Care Town Halls

Oh No - Gun Toter's Earpiece - One Free Stater thinks he's a Fed

Tree of Liberty Dude wants EVERYBODY to be armed just like him

Regardless of what type of reform comes to healthcare in the US

Town hall meeting on CSPAN now - care to start a thread?

Paul Broun--model of bipartisanship

So how's that "post-partisanship" working out, anyway?

The Supreme Court moves to the right, perhaps sharply to the right

Barack Obama is not even NEARLY as leftist as I am and the Right Wingers are calling him "socialist"

Two important posts that dropped : Who Is William Kostric? Seems he's not a spontanious proteste

The American Ruling Class

OMG! "Obamacare" covers band-aids! You know what that means?

Why does Former Representative Chris Shays seem to be chairing a congressional hearing?

Declassified Docs Reveal Military Operative Spied on WA Peace Groups

Two important posts that dropped : Who Is William Kostric? Seems he's not a spontanious proteste

Clinton calls for release of democracy icon Suu Kyi

Lou Dobbs is dangerous.

Jon Stewart Vs. Town Hall Crazies (VIDEO) Must See!

Smash The Control Machine!!

The Republicans have a point about John Holdren's "Nazi" eugenics book

Fortune teller fails to predict furor over comments to gay man

I think it's really fascinating that both KO & RM pick up stories from you guys

If the Democrats were going to pull the plug on grandma

GM has created a car that can get 230 mpg and deserves our praise

Stupidity + insanity. It's hard to successfully battle that combination.

The MSM, town hall meetings and health care, the lunacy!

I just watched the Clinton/Congo controversy video...

Baloch Leader Forms Council for Independent Balochistan(Largest Province in Pakistan)

Why Corporations are Snapping Up Huge Chunks of Farmland in the Developing World

Have The Republicants Lost Their Flippin Minds?

Boy Saves Girl from NY Fire; 3 Found Dead (Shot)

Amy Goodman: Health Care Reform Needs an Action Hero

Computer scientists take over electronic voting machine with new programming technique

I rememeber when Republicans had the decency to tell Nixon to resign

I had a dream last night that Rove was further implicated in the DOJ scandal by a document dump

Some of these townhall thugs sound like Robert DeNiro at the end of "Cape Fear"

Corporations Are Now After Our Very Beings

If we needed any more proof of the idiocy of the protesters at the town

Ted Kennedy to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom in Absentia

MSNBC is interviewing the guy who got in Specter's face yesterday

I believe that states, not the Fed. gov't, administer Medicaid and SSI

AlterNet: Gun-Nut Outside Obama Townhall Linked to GOP 'Stop ObamaCare' Effort

How to get interviewed on a cable news show:

the (after-)Birthers, the Deathers, and the Town Hall Criers are all

Chuck Grassley (R) : Ted Kennedy to be let to die in UKs NHS

Did you hear the gun toting idiot say he voted for Ron Paul?

Oliphant TOON: The real Death Panel

Dear Republicans,

On Election Eve, Miers Tried To Intervene With DOJ On Renzi Case

MSNBC is interviewing an idiot

How has your emotional state changed as you've grown older?

Hey freeps... I hope you are half as disturbed over your fantasy nightmares as I was over the wars

U.S. Chamber Sinks Big Money Into Attacking Health Care Reform

Blood and Politics: This new book about White Supremacists explains why you should worry

Did Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) do enough to squelch disruptors at her 8/11 townhall?

Lou Dobbs home to "birthers" and white supremacists

US corporations squeezing more output from workers and paying lower wages

Can anyone tell me what is so wrong with 'end of life' counseling?

Would You Trust the Phone Company With Healthcare?

A Lesson in Free Speech and the Law for Corporations

What President Obama saw in Guadalajara

Okay, my books for this semester cost 700 dollars...

Daily Kos: Who is William Kostric? (The gun-toter at Obama Town Hall)

Is Rush Limbaugh worried that Glenn Beck is muscling in on his territory?

omg. i used to despise Tweety, but.... i APPLAUD him tonight.

WaPo: U.S. Ambassador Seeks More Money for Afghanistan

Back to school spree: Billionaire, feds give out $175M to aid neediest students around the state....

Glen Beck's FAUX NEWS Tree may take a minute to open

Tulsa Mayoral Candidate Wants Publicly Funded Church

We need to start going at the media for their part in this mess...

Kill Grandma? Debunking A Health Bill Scare Tactic (NPR)

White supremacist sisters seek to promote white Christian Revival

Weren't the right wing nuts pissed off just as much over the bail out

Grassley health care forum if anyone cares.

why isn't sarah palin mourning the death of Eunice Shriver?

Letter to Men's Warehouse for advertising on Glenn Becks program.

Bachmann’s Son Joins AmeriCorps Program- She Once Called It A ‘Re-education Camp’ Unfit For Her Kids


Stock Bulls Increase Worldwide as Survey Shows Most Optimism in Two Years

Beck crying AGAIN - using his daughter to argue Obama is a Nazi who wants

Reminder: DHS: Rightwing Extremism: Current Econ. and Pol. Climate Fuel Radicalization & Recruitment


100-year old Ohioan tells it like it is about health care

Say no to Socialism

What are they really afraid of?

Democrats Hold Near Lock on House

I'd respect these teabagging nutjobs more if they just showed up with white robes & hoods...

ACLU: Peace Activist Can Compete Against Military Recruiters In Rural NC School District

error message I'm getting

error message I'm getting

CNN Is Winding Down on Talk Radio Hosts As Guests

Oh no, Stephen Hawking debunks right wing myths of health care. Why?!!!111!!!!

DCCC: Health Care Fact Check card

self delete, broken link

Is a crucial part of health care reform that every provider must charge the same for every customer?

A co-worker scared me yesterday with her ignorance.

I'd expect a document written by slave owning white dudes to contain a 2nd Amendment.

New SPLC Report Details the Resurgent Militia Movement

California flags lowered to honor Eunice Shriver

Glenn Beck Gets $18M a Year

The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever (starts tomorrow)

Have you seen this: Contractor's list & money spent

time to pay the tow truck.

Minuteman leader arrested for murdering man and his little girl allegedly murdered 2 others earlier

Oh Keerist, Does This MSRNC Poll Need Help:


"2012 W.H. aspirant" Santorum is "very concerned about state of affairs," will visit Iowa on Oct 1st

The Conversation We need to have

PCB Shift Forces G.E. to Suspend Hudson River Dredging

These Town Hall disruptors look like the Palin people

Justice Douglas Cunningham is a sexist and stupid

Rove's Interview-Grab a cup of Coffee, It's a long read.

Addicted to War: America's Brutal Pipe Dream in Afghanistan

Once again for the one billionth time

"This Is Not Just a Fringe"

News Corp. Losing Money

Newsflash - Rethugs do not give a flying fuck about the poor or lower middle class

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is gonna take on Gov. Rick Perry all over Texas, starting in LaMarque.

Man Accused Of Tattooing Kids For Stolen Goods

Tom Tomorrow: Glenn Beck, Birthers, "town hells": The lunacy reaches fever pitch

The fundamental difference on Health care.

First "Joe the Plumber, now - "Katy the Sleeping Giant"

Congressman: Hate mail, Nazi graffiti follow health care protests

Congressman: Hate mail, Nazi graffiti follow health care protests

Seriously, what would have happened if the guy with the gun had looked like this?

My Freepdar is on high today, it seems that they are coming out of the woodwork

Documents show how Karl Rove targeted U.S. Attorney from Florida

Stephen Hawkings speaks for himself on National Health Service in UK

Have you ever had a 'bad' back?

This is Precious! A Kid Has To Rebel!

Regarding mental health and the town hall meeting yesterday...

Murkowski: Don't tell lies about the health-care reform bill

wtf did anyone see the "Moment of Zen" on the Daily Show last night?

The Daily Show commentary on death panels

"Potholes" in the brain...

Valid examples to counter the RW lies about Universal health care

Muslim woman barred from Paris pool for `burquini'

Judge Rules DVD-Copying Software Is Illegal

Take my word on this. If the NH gun carrier thinks someone is watching him he is not paranoid

Unemployed "Lying" Low, and Globalization

The Right Wing hate machine has made a huge mistake - Will Dems Capitalize and Exploit It?

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy

Town hall winners and losers poll - you know what to do...

Can you spare a moment for a happy thought?

We need help

Did everyone currently freaking out about guns near a President...

Average nationwide daytime audience for Fox Business: 21,000 viewers

The Rude Pundit: Umm, Townhall Protesters? Jefferson Was Actually Talking About Your Blood, Too

Sen. Nelson responds to critics with healthcare ad

Kostric (the NH gun nut at Obama rally) strikes me as an intelligent, albeit misguided, guy.

Leaked email: Coordinating literal riot for

Call to Action Folks: Let our voices be heard! Please call or write!

Harvey Milk taught us gay people to use a police whistle instead of owning a gun.

How Obama can piss off the "birthers"...

Diebold Quietly Patches Security Flaw in Vote Counting Software

Anchorage Alaska passes LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, veto possible

"Keep the government out of my Medicare"

White House upset over subway posters

TheYoungTurks: Guns at Obama rally...What happens next time?

Why the National Debate is Still Conducted on the Right's Terms

Hartmann firing back aggressively against a nut job

Fox News: MSM ignored angry violent liberals at 2002 Bush event

The Tragedy of Our 'Disappeared' Veterans

Name the 'Teabaggers'

Harry Hugs, Teddy Tickles, and Glenda Giggles, "Eagle of Christ" Militiamen (Old SNL Spoof)

Headline: "US official gropes to explain Clinton's outburst." what bullshit

We spent a trillion dollars on the Iraq war and all we have to show for it

Russia Sees U.S. Space Threat, Builds New Rocket

Texas Judge Rules Microsoft Can't Sell Word Anymore

Texas Judge Rules Microsoft Can't Sell Word Anymore

Only in America: Gunman waits outside town hall meeting for Obama - and police say it's OK

I call BS on CNN

I call BS on CNN

This whole "tree of liberty" thing...

Lunacy: Right is upset that Obama is FOR Single-Payer, Left is upset that Obama is AGAINST it

Gates arrested for talking back to cops in own home, Kostric allowed to wait on POTUS w/gun

just reminding dangerous these people can get if they aren't stopped......

Sen. Brownback town hall: "The biggest threat to this great country is Obama, period"

A question on Obama's plan

They are seeing CIA black helicopters

George W. Bush must be pissing himself with laughter: Dems "arrogant, out of touch with Americans"

town hall disruptors. who are they?

In other words, these people have gone full-blown lunatic on us

Anybody here know anyone who's opinion on health care has changed due to these town hall farces?

"The House bill" ....... "The Senate bill" ......... lying motherfuckers

Questions for the group mind, if you happen to know any of the answers offhand.

My Greatest Fear.

Okay, I'll say it. I'm liberal, against unregulated personal gun ownership and very proud of it.

Canadian Withdrawal From Afghanistan(in 2011!) Loss to NATO: Expert

Topical Bumpersticker - Brainchild of DU's own Madamesilverspurs

Wednesday in the weeds? Don't be down, . . . please come CAPTION (Mr. PotatoHead)!!!

U.S. Denies Induction of 1,000 Marines Into Pakistan(Only 20 Deployed)-$1.5Bil per year to Pak


Report: NASA can't keep up with killer asteroids

Boy we got some fucked up ideas regarding taxation in this country.

Star Magazine: Sarah Palin's Shattered Marriage

"Obamanation" - Bruce Plante cartoon from today's Tulsa World:

Someone in another thread said not to worry about RW nuts because...

Kalamazoo town hall: "Get out of Fairyland. A lot of people choose not to get health coverage."

If you blog regularly, what site do you use?

Actually I am an Albino

"Death panels" are already here" ( via the insurance companies)....

Watching the Medal of Freedom Ceremony

Are the healthcare townhalls now a waste of time?

Leftist Disruptors Baiting Upstanding Republicans!!!!

Ship Disappears After Sailing Through English Channel

president giving medal of freedom to 16 now, live, here:

Anyone watching

MSNBC & Shuster covering "Rosa Parks poster incident " @ 3 and 4 pm

Gonzo: "Now looking at it...I would not have done that...At this level you make mistakes"


Dianne Feinstein’s Office Gripes To White House About OFA-Inspired Constituent Visits

State Farm ads were never supposed to run on Glenn Beck; company "evaluating" its ad buys

Man who was "brutally attacked" by SEIU members, will be touring US - looking for donations

It's Obvious: U.S. Health Care is a Giant Conspiracy.

Video: Rosa Parks Poster Incident

I'm concerned with the uproar over the armed birther - you people need to relax.

Group Wants To Wait Until 2012 To Fight Prop. 8

One very simple question for anyone on the the right.

Right wing claims that Black Panthers with clubs outside voting station in Philly is intimidation...

TPM Gets A Hold Of CNBC Emails: Are They Asking Teabaggers To Disrupt Townhalls?

Rove to Congressional Interviewer: "Yeah, I am just breathing, if that is okay."

I just got back from a "community meeting" with Dianne Feinstein

I'd sure like to see Keith resume his reporting on contributions to Blue Dogs

Write to your Blue Dogs about health reform!

CNBC Asks Teabaggers to go Postal at Healthcare Townhall

U.S. comes through: Iraqi baseball team gets new gear

Number One trending topic on Twitter: "WeLoveTheNHS"

GREAT sign my daughter caught on a July road trip from Austin to Tulsa

I wonder if POTUS was notified about the guy with the gun and decided to

why Palin and Bachmann "talk the same way" (Minn.)

Caption this photo

Feds Try to Detect "Lone Offenders" (USAToday)

Robert Reich: Right-wing getting away with attacks because there's still no healthcare plan!

So how long before we have another Ruby Ridge, or

Sen. Grassley town hall: "I see nowhere in the Constitution where health care is a right "

Kenneth Gladney DOES Have Health Insurance & He's Still Collecting Money Anyway

How I respond to teabagging, birthing, deathing comments.

Feds undertake "Lone Wolf Initiative" to detect lone attackers

Who is Tracy Miller?

Yesterday precedence was set, a nutcase with a gun showed up at a Presidential event

new polls says Americans souring on Palin

A right-winger acquaintance is telling me to "read Obama's health care bill"

The gun nut at the Obama rally looked a lot like Lee Harvey Oswald

Iran:The Green Brief #51 (August 11 - Mordad 20) Latest news from Iran.

It is with pleasure I listen to a president read and comment on a list .......

Louise Slaughter: Angry town halls are not new (appeared with Potter)

CIA torture for fun and profit?

Grassley + the Family story on DemocracyNow! today

Documents: Missouri's Kit Bond pushed for firing U.S. attorney in K.C.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which includes health care rights.

Another moran sign.

Dem Rep Attacks Chuck Norris For 'Disinformation'

Why, if the recession is easing, are most Americans still feeling economic pain?

"Freedom of speech, which you abuse"

The Proposed U.S. Health Care Plan--Very Funny

When did Spin become bald-faced Lies and how is that acceptable?

Heads Up: Lawrence O'Donnell sitting in on Hardball nt

FreedomWorks offers fake "apology" to supporters of healthcare reform

Special Report: Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony?

Rep. mayoral candidate:a Christian creationism display in the Tulsa Zoo is most vital city issue.

Frustrated with the right wing HATE/PROPAGANDA machine? THIS is how you fight back!


Shouldn't we put the Repuke Party in front of a "Death Panel"

Did Rove Follow Siegelman Case? Oh, Yes

No wonder the regime in Honduras brought back the curfew (Photo)

What's the difference between the white folks who fought integration in the 60s

If.. in 2003 a person said "A".. then in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 they said "NOT A"...

MSNBC: After 100's of interviews @ Obama town hall no evidence WH hand picked audience

Stupid girl from Spector town hall on CNN now - "You've awakened a sleeping giant!"

Use This to Counter Claims that NAZIs Were Socialist

Mayoral Candidate Mary Falling Wants Creationism Exhibit

CNN Poll: Favorable view of Palin dipping

California councilman's emails had racist, assassination jokes

Congressman Mica: death counselors are real


Dear lurking freepers. We democrats are not against dissent.

Katy Abram On Hardball

Afghanistan Mission Creep Watch - The Jumping the Shark Version

Lubna Hussein, Hero

Holbrooke on Af-Pak: Know success 'when we see it' (Af-Pak, it's like porn.)

I get the feeling we're all living in Rockridge

Cisco's John Chambers wants to help music industry with DRM & "the paradox of revenue generation"

This MSNBC/Newsvine poll is getting freeped!

I've had chest pains on my right side since Saturday....

Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's 'Deadly Doctor,' Strikes Back

Obstruction of Justice and/or perjury for the Turdblossom?

Health Insurance Company math.

Go ahead. Tell me there's no resemblance.

What about my right to attend and gain knowledge from a town hall meeting?

Fox and Beck expecting violence at 9/12 protests

One small step...

Democrats use Palin, Gingrich to raise money (CNN)

10 Questions to Ask If You Find Yourself at an ObamaCare Town Hall Meeting

You know, wingnuts are even more tiresome when they try to sound smart.

Woman attacked by otters.

Here's a relevant top news story - "Walmart gunman released after shooting: MT's 'Castle Law'"

I Hear That Glen Beck Is Losing Sponsors For His Program.....

GE calls Fox report `maliciously false' (Olbermann vs. O'Reilly)

Blue Cross/Blue Shield To LayOff 650 ......

Blue Cross/Blue Shield To LayOff 650 ......

The Intense, Fact-checking National Debate on Medicare Part D

My Rep, David Price is having his TH at NCCU tomorrow

Questions Surround Chevy Volt Fuel Economy Claim

Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome

Zeke Emanuel can be his own worst enemy (sometimes ours too)

Tech media turns on Apple: Will iPhone, Mac suffer?

Diversity: what big company specifies that it welcomes job applications from qualified atheists?

Michele Bachmann's Son Joins "Re-Education Camp"(AmeriCorp)

"...AARP would not have endorsed his plans if they were bad for older people."

Report Warns Of Rise In Militia Groups Across U.S. (Cites Poor Economy, Black President, more...)

Dr. Zeke Emanuel Actually Opposes Euthanasia

Today I Was Going To Watch Glen Beck - Because I've Heard So Much About Him Here......

George Bush prison joke

Grassley Endorses "Death Panel" Rumor: "You Have Every Right To Fear"

Grassley Endorses "Death Panel" Rumor: "You Have Every Right To Fear"

Awww! Poor James Dobson of "Focus on Family" short 6 million dollars in his budget.....

Is this why the Insurance companies want to scare seniors?

Is this why the Insurance companies want to scare seniors?

Is this why the Insurance companies want to scare seniors?

Major problems cited in Iraq interpreter contract

AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) explains why private insurance is a bad deal

More Details Emerge On The Concealed Gun Arrest In NH Obama Town Hall

8 Puppies Found Abandoned In Plastic Box

Radio's Top Nazi says the swastika at U.S. Rep David Scott's office was 'fake'

Lawrence O'Donnell can I have your baby

What is this Fuckery ?

Hypothetical question here....

Hypothetical question here....

Steele: Palin's Talk Of A "Death Panel" Is "Perfectly Appropriate"

America's come a long way when a black man can be accused of being a Nazi

I knew Chris Hedges was crazy as a shithouse rat

More Teabagger protests planned.

Has anyone else seen this piece of crap?

As to the gun totin' "live free or die" nut outside the NH townhall:

Let me guess this right

Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America

indian health service

The most telling part of the Katy Abram interview

Just got a letter from American Express informing me no over the limit fees.... and something else

Orange County Choppers Builds an EV. Seriously

IFC To Debut Monty Python Documentary in October

Is it me, or do they look as if they are related?

Why all the Town Halls?

Rep. Paul Broun R-GA : (shhh....tell your friends) - Obama is planning to ‘declare martial law.’

Right wing Christian group says citizens have a right to disrupt town hall meetings; WWJD?

Lies, Damn Lies and Big Elephant-Ass Lies

Picture a squat, glazed, earthenware vessel.

I thought of an excellent way to calm the paranoid fears about a "Death Panel"

"We're overwhelmed" -- Trip report

Has Anyone Called for 'Order'?

Federal Court To Hear Arguments In Case Challenging City-Sponsored Prayer In Greece, NY

Fox News Geography Fail - pic

Who is the smarter interviewer on Hairballz?

Who is the smarter interviewer on Hairballz?

I have a new found respect for ol' Arlen.


Ezra Klein: The Actual Debate Over Health-Care Reform

I Propose That Our Congress Pass A Law To Restrict Carrying Guns At Presidential Events

If ever a book could use a new release, this is it:

It amazes me that some average citizens are willing to defend the insurance industry.

Good thing we have the greatest healthcare system in the world.

Clinton's Micro-management of the Corporation that Funds the Honduras Coup Regime

"Death Panel" Architect on page 425 is a Repub from Georgia.

Kaiser Permanente To Cut 1,850 California Jobs

Fuck the Republican Party. It's long past time for the Democrats to push their agenda through.

Advertisers from tonight's Glenn Beck show - please contact

Lawrence O'Donnell is doing a spectacular, kind, gentle job. Kudos to him from us

Today's Anti-Conservative Quote: August 12, 2009

Stephen Hawking: “I wouldn’t be here today if it were not for the N.H.S."

Would the Right Wing be fighting any harder if we were shooting for Single Payer?

Could Obama disrupt all the disruptors with a trick from the W playbook?

It's time to put the blame where it belongs - the for-profit health care industry

Hey, Julia Hall ... Where's YOUR birth certificate? Well?

This should go in the "protest sign hall of fame (saracasm division)" "Teabagging is only. . .

Fuck you Ron Paul

Afghanistan Election Prediction Thread

Marijuana, gateway drug to Jesus, Mark Morford

Does this Katy Abram dumbass realize that if we "restored the country"

'Perverse' Incentives Examined in New Health Care Documentary

'Perverse' Incentives Examined in New Health Care Documentary

Cradle-to-Grave Crazy

"The problem with health care is the insurance companies"

Canadians on American-style health care: 'Oh Hell No'

Why the HELL are they putting up with this Astroshit?

Rachel, Rachel, some of us are way ahead of you

Death to Obama sign at Cardin town hall

You must watch "Democracy Now" today. "C" St House "the FAmily"" is even worse than reported

"The best lack all conviction...

Landline phone service though Cable, what do you think?

Good news! When a couple breaks up, in almost all cases the motive is to trade up...

I was as angry after the 2000 election as I've ever been in my life

“Don’t let the government get its hands on Medicare!”

What if the current system was run by the government?

Let's use RW resources to resist their harmful propaganda.

Let's use RW resources to resist their harmful propaganda.

Jones Soda lays off 27% of workers

It's plain and Simple. Unrec is Oppressive and Unfair.

"Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ."

Are polls useful?

Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O'Riley, all of you, ANY blood spilled will be on your hands

Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O'Riley, all of you, ANY blood spilled will be on your hands

“The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”

I wanted my country back too !!!

US corporations squeezing more output from workers and paying lower wages

US corporations squeezing more output from workers and paying lower wages

Block Watch Groups Go High Tech

Stephen Hawking: "I wouldn't be here today if it were not for the NHS."

Fascist America II: The Last Turnoff

Former exec: Insurers fomenting town hall chaos

Attention DUers with relatives in the military

Low-life teabagger protestor tears up poster of Rosa Parks at health care town hall

Michele Bachmann's son is now teaching at a "re-education camp"

Meet Captain Ineffective!

Thousands Line Up for Promise of Free Health Care

Pipe-wielding inmates wrecked prison, footage shows - Chino prison torn to shreds

Great letter to the Minneapols paper today about health care

The best interview with Matt Taibbi I've ever heard: on the Adam Carolla podcast

So where's the 'Whitey Tape'?

World's Tallest Dog Dies From Cancer

14 Dead in Pakistan in Suspected Drone Strike

Wednesday Healthwar TOONS

I can't help but think all this winger BS is going to backfire on them

If You Are Sick of The Right Wing Nuts Dominating the Health Care Message

Visit the Canadian Governments Healthcare System Website: Health Canada/Santé Canada (re-direct)

Simply put: I love Fox News.

What's wrong with this picture?

Suppose that public schools in China stop teaching English and replace it with Spanish...

Former Health Insurance Exec: Insurers Fomenting Town Hall Chaos"...

New Army Handbook Teaches Afghanistan Lessons

Was Obama right to say, "I have not said I am a single payer supporter"?

Lest We Forget... Grassley, et. al....

I Fought the MP3

How to mess with gun-totin' protestors heads...

San Diego Town Hall Meeting - Lotsa Pix

Glenn Beck wants Barack Obama to be Assassinated

Have any of our more outspoken or pugnacious congressmen/senators had town hall protests?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

How many medical students these days graduate as General Practitioners?

Attention all you 'Healthcare Haters' out there - I have a request for you all....

Attention all you 'Healthcare Haters' out there - I have a request for you all....

Scientologist Greta hosts a=hole/ criminal KISSINGER - that is ALL!1 n/t

After being laid off, I am looking to get into a new field

wifey lost her $18.00 per hr job june job in 5 weeks but at $9.90 per hr.

Something weird on the road aug. 7th....

Far-right religious group behind outrageous health care lies

Parishioner mistakes coral snake for rosary

Orly Taitz — not just a birther!

Other than Obama being an illegal immigrant, what are the other things that Orly Taitz believes in?

GA. Lawmaker Calls for Caning and Execution of Marijuana Offenders

Rep. Green to require photo ID at town halls

O'Donnel is playing with this woman like a cat with a rat

Which is the better road to reelection in 2012?

Remember This From 2004 - Girl Arrested For Bringing Scissors To School......

I still laugh at the "Is racisim over' meme after Obama was elected.

I still laugh at the "Is racisim over' meme after Obama was elected.

Where are the Democratic mad dogs? Should there be Democratic mad dogs?

Specter protestor Katy Abram laments coming socialist toilet paper shortage

this man is a united states senator...GRASSLEY REPEATS 'DEATH PANEL' CLAIM

I opened a portal to hell just now...

Heritage Foundation Favors Lax Penalties For Child Porn And Child Sex Trafficking

Discover Card fraud? Not sure how to label this.

General Sir David Richards: "Afghanistan will take 40 years"

I can't believe that what I am reading. They shouldn't arrest people with guns

Tough times in the porn industry

In Montana, Integrated Care Clinic Reduces Costs

When the Black Panthers tried to exercise their 2nd Amend. rights, the response was quite different:

Just for general information, RE: a couple of winger sites.:

I know Jim Wallis' conservative religious views may not be highly popular here, but

Should we be taking these militia videos seriously or just laugh them off as cranks?

Should we be taking these militia videos seriously or just laugh them off as cranks?

Meet The Members Of The Mob


Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome

Hunger Hits Detroit's Middle Class

Buchanan said the RW health "protesters" are unhappy cause the country is different

Fear can paralyze you, but while

Shreveport cop who abused Angie Garbarino gets job back with pay...

9,000-year-old house reveals Stone Age lifestyle

13 Secret Toxins Lurking in Your Food, and How to Avoid Them

Premera refused to pay for my child's medication

So is the conservative alternative to health care reform supposed to be Health Savings Accounts?

SPLC: Return of the Militias

Caller On Randi's Show Called Grassley's Office

Poll on how you hold your Steering Wheel

July 2009 was the 2nd warmest July ever recorded in the planet

Caption this Sen. Grassley pic

Katy Abram ("the sleeping giant" from Specter's Town hall) a picture worth 1,000 words.

No More Talk Radio Hosts on CNN?

Didn’t We Just Have a National Referendum on Obama’s Health Care Plan Last November?

Rep. David Scott (D-GA) Shows Off Some Hate Mail

The Nation: Racism Runs Wild at Town Halls

"...the perfect IM-ing, texting & twittering back-to-school phone..."

Rachael is going to be on MTP this Sunday...

Does my 7-year right against self-incriminitation begin...


The United States does not have the best health care system in the world

Police arrested man who grabbed Rosa Parks poster from woman @ McCaskill town hall

This Brit, on behalf of the NHS, prescribes a strong dose of STFU to Republican wingnuts


US corporations squeezing more output from workers and paying lower wages

POLL: Is the Afghanistan War Winnable?

POLL: Is the Afghanistan War Winnable?

Ohio Militia and NOT Ohio Militia is Online

Right-wing pundits tear into 11-year-old girl for asking Obama a question

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

If you don't think Glen Beck and his followers aren't a threat to this country, go to this website

The Great American Puppet Show

I Don't Care If It's Stupid - I Love Maddow For Arranging The Shipment Of Baseball Gear To Iraq!

Martin Luther King- Six Principals Of Nonviolence

Thank you, SoS Clinton!

Dubya's 1999 Texas "death panel" (& O'Reilly's Defense of it!)

So there I was at 11:37 AM, settling in,

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush

Chris Hedges: "Liberals Are Going Nowhere With Obama". I don't know if this has been posted yet....

Isakson's little bon mot for "end of life counseling" had to be deliberate

Phantoms In The Snow: Canadians’ Use Of Health Care Services In The United States

Phantoms In The Snow: Canadians’ Use Of Health Care Services In The United States

Was Sarah Palin Trying To Do Some Damage Control?

More treason talk among the Freepers

Finally - Someone At A Teabagger Rally That Makes Sense

Anyone want to retract their bullshit comments about KO now?

Anyone want to retract their bullshit comments about KO now?

Profile of a future domestic terrorist or assassin

More racist jokes found from Atwater (CA) councilman

Why do you DU?

Interesting topic on Hartman today. Intelligent design, Big bang...

Something about Rachel Maddow

FBI Makes Federal Case of Swastika

President Obama struggles to present the Medal of Freedom to Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow -story & pics

President Obama struggles to present the Medal of Freedom to Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow -story & pics

Anybody Interested in Going to A Town Hall Meeting in Your Area

AD 2109... Star Fleet Battleship NHS Stephen Hawking....

Gun toting insurrection advocating while white vs angry on porch while black

Is it time yet ........... ??? ........... to drop this obsession with bullshit bipartisanship?

The real reason for their anger

Must Read: 254 elderly die while waiting for Alaska state programs

While a thread can be rated, why isn't it enough either to see <5 or to see >4?

My suggestion to counter the nutcases. Pick a day, on a

TDS tonight - Jeff Sharlet "The Family ..." (C-Street)

Minority Whip Eric Cantor, A Conservative Jew, Says Nothing As His Party Invokes Nazis.

We Are Going to Lose the War in Afghanistan and It Will Help Bankrupt Us

Katy Abram - the lady at the Arlen Specter Rally on MSNBC

DU This MSNBC POLL - When town halls go wild -- who comes out looking the worst?

Lawrence O'Donnell/Katy Abram interview coming up on replay soon if you missed it!

Who Is That GA Congressman Who Got The Swastika Painted On His Sign Yesterday?

What kind of people should be soldiers?

Help an outsider understand the right wing thought process in the US vis a vi health care?!?

Katy Abram Is a Glenn Beck Fan

Mad as Hell Doctors starting national tour

A Window Into C.I.A's Embrace of Secret Jails (Kyle "Dusty" Foggo's role emerges)

Judge rules Microsoft can't sell Word anymore

Congratulations GOP! You Created Your Frankenstein Following & Now You Can't Control Them.

50% of Americans think women should be forced to take husbands' last names

Man jokes about Bush - 3 years in Prison. Man with gun threatens Obama - No Problem.

My congressman has canceled his town halls because he received death threats

This is what Islamophobia has come to - brainwashing young Muslim children!

Amendments IX and X

Apropos of nothin', but "line in the sand" is an idiotic figure of speech

Michael Moore Responds

Letter from Morris Dees

And The Obama Assassination Rhetoric Turns Up A Notch: Teabagger Sign "Death To Obama"...

They've Found Bizarro World!: "Newfound Planet Orbits Backward"

National Enquirer: DNA proves Edwards is the daddy

So, since the GOP is in it's last death throes...what do you think will replace it?

Thomas Paine, Founding Father...and agitator for social welfare programs funded by taxes on the rich

Whole Foods (CEO) is Anti-health care reform

Will your congress member return your phone calls?

What a precinct captain experienced at a town hall in Florida...

Anyone who shows up with a gun at a Presidential event deserves...

Does ‘Excited Delirium’ Kill Taser Victims?

If one guy with a gun has put you into this much of a panic, you scare too easily.

Guardian UK: Thank heaven for the NHS (How dare the Republicans badmouth our free healthcare system)

Town hall in GA led by 2 GOP: ONE attendee w/Obama shirt escorted out.

Uniquely American Solution - What is it ? Why is it being pushed?

How do I live stream MSNBC? My daughter is hogging the tv and I want to watch

UK Health System Hits Back at US Critics

Breakdown of the insured by state

Suspected white supremacist charged in vandalism of synagogues

Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church "protests" New York City Jews, says heaven "hates Jews."

Which one of you is the guy in the middle holding the sign

College Illiteracy

Hillary Clinton outburst in Congo: the real reason she lost her temper.

MadTV skit of Laguna Beach

damn carpenter ants

My Face book Face Off with a winger!

Folk Uke-Motherfucker got fucked up

God help me for laughing so hard at this.

Wanna see a guy with a REALLY dinky penis?

pizza coming in GD

Heading to the airport in one hour

"Dinky penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "dinky penis".

Deleted post.

Glen Beck's FAUX NEWS Tree (may take a minute to load)

I had a rough night

Congratulations Kali! 15,000 posts!

John Quincy Adams's Twitter Account

Congratulations nadinbrzezinski! 55,000 posts!

Found an old set list from ten years ago. Would you have enjoyed the show?

No one GIVES America back you keep it until someone takes it from you!

*******HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY to abumbyanyothername!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Reciprocity!!*******

Google introduces new opt-out plan. Hilarious video!

Great Warehouse 13 episode tonight (spoilers)

Heard on the news tonight that Unemployment in my county is at 15%

Who wants some Jabberwocky parodies?

Am I being crazy?

Today's Playlist: Plenty of Rundgren, Eric Carmen, Joe Jackson, Ben Folds and others

Proving your political enemies aren't natural born is now easier than ever!

Of the RW Bogey men, which is scarier, "Death Panels" or "Toilet Paper Rationing"

Do you think they serve the audience pot brownies at the warm-up is Online

Mexico VS United States Soccer!

ET text home? Send SMSes To Outer Space!

Could each of you please do me a big favor?

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

"Inchworm" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Inchworm".

I believe in the power of power naps

I know I am mawkish

USA vs. Mexico - World Cup Qualifying Match - LIVE NOW.

Have you ever puffed a fag?

How do you feel about Glenn Beck?

DU Song Of The Day

Is 80 too old to try to have a baby?

Its KFC Time Tonight


Piehole is a fantastic word

do you internet naked?

A day off work+sunny afternoon at At&T Park=Heaven

If suddenly all of us can live to a 1000 years (on average) due to a scientific breakthrough

great websites

I put up a blog and would love some feedback, please

Least favorite season?

Would someone just f***ing conquer the world already?

We are having a big ass windstorm here in Houston.

PSA: An important lesson that I learned as a teenager.

Parche, you should have been with me on Monday!

Any caterers out here? I have a pricing question.

I tried to make a neutral post in the gun lobby.

sometimes i hate this new technology.

I'm here to vent. I'm getting pretty sick of the things that happen to me at gas stations.

I'm going outside to let the wind blow some of the stink off of me. See ya later. n/t

After two round trips from show room to service bay, my new Prius is finally home!

23 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Solved in Minutes

It's only been 40 years; explain "Wooden Ships"

Hank Williams III-I'll never get out of this world alive

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pendrench!!*******

I wonder how Joe Jackson is feeling these days...

If DU were to shut down, what would you do?

New Man v. Food coming up!

Summer fun

I'm watching Tropic Thunder on HBO

So the nutjobs go crazy when Miley Cyrus did a VF pose wearing nothing but a sheet...

When you lather and rinse, do you repeat?

Have you ever had a 'bad' back?

There is a laundry god.

Three Years Ago Today.........

In the light of Euince Kennedy's death, I'm still pissed about what happened to Rosemary

Oh's a good one.

Please DU my urban dictionary definition

Freeperism in Milwaukee...

Good news! When a couple breaks up, in almost all cases the motive is to trade up...

Chipotle ran out of rice AND chicken.

Good news, my brother who has the heart problem but no insurance is in the VA hosiptal.

Why I don't teach...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/12/09

I have my PC hooked up to a big screen right now.

In your face...

At last! All of my Hannah Montana questions will be answered!

Hank Williams III-5 Shots of Whiskey

Greenwich man breaks into home, cuts pubic hair

Fucking bitch-ass thyroid!

Suge Knight's Las Vegas home...DeNiro's home in "Casino"...on the market for $1,495,000

The word "if" is in the middle of life.

Steppin' Out

Damn. I accepted a job 600 miles away and quit my current job.

I went to a memorial and it turned into a revival

August 12 1978 and Americas greatest living woman

From GD: More Women Demanding Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Ladies--any issues w/dating guys who are shorter than you are?

what foods would one eat to encourage the colon to get moving again?

Republicans Cant Handle The Truth

grace0418 & CaliforniaPeggy!

My husband has achieved complete geekdom.

When would be it ideal age to start having kids? (For the average person)

How do you define an "addict"?

Remember "Family Affair"? Remember "Uncle Bill"?

"They Live" remake coming. (and other upcoming sci-fi flicks...)

What is your most favorite city you have been in

MY 12 year-old keeps hinting she wants a cell phone

What was there before the universe started?

Guess the outcome.

Who is Ezekiel, and what the hell does he have against me?

French Pool Bars Muslim Woman for 'Burquini' Suit

Who is your favorite Addams?

who is dumber than the UPS man?

The sexiest movie scene from back when movies had no business being this sexy...

piercings and teens.

Favorite Chip&Dip combo

Just saw Bolt. Great movie, and I am not a dog person... nt.

At 29 am I too old to date a 21 year old?

OK, so you go to your favorite Deli, and order "The Palin." Tell us what that is.

Costa Rican president has swine flu

Brazil TV host 'ordered killings'

Son of player in Albany coup gets $120G state job

Ill. man faces 6 months in jail for yawning

2 (toll collectors) shot, killed at Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Border security not an isolated issue, Napolitano says

Officials See Rise In Militia Groups Across US

Boy Saves Girl from NY Fire; 3 Found Dead (Shot)

New A.I.G. Chief Set to Start — From Croatia?(Vacation after 3 days)

Militant clashes kill at least 70 in NW Pakistan

(Dobson's) Evangelical group faces 'serious' shortfall

Putin pedges massive military spending in Abkhazia

US Marines assault Taliban town in Afghanistan

Tech media turns on Apple: Will iPhone, Mac suffer?

Right-wing militias on the rise, report says

Report: Torture Program Architects Made Millions

2 U.S. Architects of Harsh Tactics in 9/11’s Wake

Specter: Protests not 'representative of America'

Special Report: Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony?

Congresswoman's ( Rep. Jan Schakowsky) son-in-law dies snorkeling

(Canadian) Federal stimulus dollars bring (Bill) Clinton to The (Toronto) Ex

Ex-Nepal PM urges anti-US unity

Feds try to detect 'lone offenders' (Lone Wolf Initiative)

Murkowski: Don't tell lies about the health-care reform bill

Ex-Kmart CEO wants to overturn verdict in SEC case

Government Will Probe Passenger Stranding

Community One Federal Credit Union in liquidation

Burma's Suu Kyi begins house arrest amid outrage

Honduras reimposes night-time curfew in capital

please delete

States cut aid to college students as demand booms

Obama presents 16 with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Ex-Clinton aide named in prison smuggling case

Poll: 49% disapprove of Obama's handling of healthcare policy

Karl Rove denies pushing Don Siegelman investigation; Siegelman awaits future interviews

Obama assassination, killing of Latinos in latest batch of Atwater councilman's e-mailed 'jokes'

Geneva Conventions turn 60

Judge Rules in Palin E-Mail Case

Karl Rove and Chris Christie discussed N.J. governor run while serving as U.S. Attorney

A Window Into C.I.A.’s Embrace of Secret Jails (Foggo)

Clinton puts Congo rapists on notice (''evil in its basest form'')

Evangelical group faces ’serious’ shortfall (Focus on the Family)

Legislators: Gitmo detainees would be good fit for Standish prison

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 12

GE calls Fox report 'maliciously false'

Post Office Vandalized With Obama 'Joker' Posters

Obama Taking an Active Role in Health Talks

Fed Says Treasury Buying to End in October, Recession Easing (More jobless "recovery" announcements)

Amex, Discover To End Credit Card Over-Limit Fees

Officials See Rise In Militia Groups Across US

New Army Handbook Teaches Afghanistan Lessons

US wins trade case against China

Respect Myanmar sovereignty, China says after trial

AP source: Obama officials to tour Michigan prison

Children use web to watch videos, look up "sex": study

Ted Kennedy is too sick to attend the ceremony for his Presidential Medal of Freedom award

Home prices fall a record 15.6%

Santorum dips toes in 2012 Iowa waters

Question by a Malden girl (@ Obama town hall) becomes the target of conservative critics

Long lines as free health care offered in LA area

HHS: Insurance Companies Encourage Employees to "Revoke Sick People's Health Coverage"

U.S. Enters Recovery as Stimulus Refutes Skeptics, Survey Shows

Obama to host health-care town hall at Central High (Colorado)

Two thrown out of Marcia Fudge's district meeting

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush ('Statute of Limitations Has Expired' per Cheney)

UBS Tax Lawsuit Settled by U.S., Swiss Governments

Inspired by (Rosemary) Williams, second homeowner vows eviction fight

Computer scientists reveal new voting machine hack successfully changed votes

Stephen Hawking defends UK's 'Orwellian' healthcare after attack by U.S. politicians

Leaked Email: CNBC Went To Tea Partiers Looking for Angry Protests

Report: NASA Can't Keep Up With Killer Asteroids

China warns against missile defence systems

Russian Navy leads hunt for missing cargo ship (with updates)

Chávez Loyalists Push to Close Golf Courses

Judge orders Microsoft to stop selling Word

NY fines health insurer for 'misleading' TV ads

What The Health?

Republican health care plan: You broke? You die.

The Repulsive Republicans

Healthcare Reform - Angry Republicans at Town Halls

Where Is MY Right To Democracy?

Health Care Stakeholder Discussion: Advanced Models of Primary Care

George Lopez on Sotomayor and Republicans

Reform Reality Check: Vets' health care is safe and sound


Thom Hartmann - Should progressives break away from the Democratic Party?

Coulter vs. Carville on Health Care

Rachel Maddow Investigates further: Health Care lobbyist ties to 'activists'

Glen Beck's Universal Health Care Tree (HCR=Eugenics)

Does The US Need Another Stimulus Bill?

Dedication of a Memorial Garden in Honor of Dr George Tiller 8/08/2009

Rachel Maddow: The New Chevy 'Volt' Gets 230mpg

Long U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan Expected

Young Turks: Lou Dobbs Calls Howard Dean a Vampire

Keith Olbermann: GOP Teabaggers Screaming Down Health Care

Young Turks: Palin Backpedals After Making Up Obama's 'Death Panels'

Jonathan Kim Reviews Food, Inc. for the Young Turks

Obama Reverses Campaign Pledge to Renegotiate NAFTA. Democracy Now 8/11/09 1 of 2

Keith Olbermann Sarah Palin's Own Death Panels ?

Rep. David Scott received "Death to Marxists" fax with picture of Obama.

Money-Driven Medicine: Patients for Sale (hospital ads)

Keith O. repeatedly refers to 'Orly Taint'

Robert Greenwald on MSNBC for Sick For Profit: Aug. 10, 2009

Money-Driven Medicine: Not the Best, Only the Most Expensive

Scott Horton on GRITtv: Will Holder Prosecute Architects of Torture?

TYT: Specter Townhall Argument - Is There A Double Standard? (& Sam Seder!)


Rachel Maddow & Guest Dr. Warren Hern Discusses Climate Of Political Terror In The US

Mike Malloy: Sarah Palin Is A Demon

President Obama Honors Harvey Milk With Presidential Medal of Freedom

Squeaky Fromme defends bringing guns to Presidential events

Steele: Palin's Talk Of A "Death Panel" Is "Perfectly Appropriate"

San Diego Healthcare Townhall

Obama Reverses Campaign Pledge to Renegotiate NAFTA. Democracy Now 8/11/ 09 -- Pt.2

Protest at Rep Brad Miller Town Hall (he is my rep)

Unhealthy debate at town hall

Thom Hartmann - Should progressives break away from the Democratic Party?

People of Faith for Health Reform

The History of the Universe - If you don't agree, you're stupid

Hardball - Specter Town Hall guest Katy Abram not too clueful

Grassley: We're not gonna let the gov't pull the plug on grandma

Lockdown, protest at WV DEP over mountaintop removal

Brave New Films Hits The Mainstream: Robert Greenwald On The Ed Show For Sick For Profit

TYT: Sam Seder W/ Cenk To Talk Townhalls, Healthcare, Obama & More!

Shelia Jackson Lee Talks on Her Cell Phone @ Houston Town Hall Meeting Pt. 1

Video of racist tea bagger ripping up ladies Rosa Parks sign

Guardian UK: My town is menaced by a superstore. So why are we not free to fight it off?

Town Halls to Follow New Ground Rules: 'Silence of the Lambs'

Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's "Doctor Death"?

dupe, computer glitch

If You Build Them They Will Come

Flying Blind with Outsourcing?

Know Your War Lords: Profiles of key Afghan presidential candidates

Stephen Hawking Predicts Conservative Newspaper Will be Sucked Into a Black Hole

Chávez Loyalists Push to Close Golf Courses - NYT

"Don't Know Much About History"

Dumbasses, the real underLYING problem.

Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony?

Robert Scheer: Letting the Banking Rats Out of the Bag

Why is the Federal Reserve still spending your money buying mortgage backed securities?

What If Stephen Hawking HAD Been a U.S. Citizen?

Real debate might fix what ails health care

Dollars & Sense: Beyond the World Creditors’ Cartel

Santorum/Palin in 2012!

Accountability Breakdown D.C. adultery scandals shed light on Christian support in the capital.

AARP promotes health care reform

Have Town Hall terrorists united Congressional Democrats?

Robert Dreyfuss: The Thirty Years' War (Today's Holbrooke-O-Rama in DC)

Spencer Ackerman: Obama Faces Rising Anxiety on Afghanistan

AlterNet: Vitaminwater's Empty Calories Are at the Heart of What's Wrong with the Beverage Industry

Poverty, Wealth, and Access to Pandemic Influenza Vaccines (New Eng Jour Med)

Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's 'Deadly Doctor,' Strikes Back (Time)

Honduras: The Frontline in the Battle for Democracy

H-1B Visa Sponsors: Surprise! You're Being Audited

Jeff Sharlet on “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”

Glenn Beck's Hate Speech, Brought To You By...

Teabaggers Unite with Liberal Bloggers!

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection

"Evil and Orwellian--America's Right Turns Its Fire on the NHS" (Guardian UK--with reader comments)

TYT: Man Shows Up With Gun at Obama's Town Hall Event

The Threat Is Real: Why Right-Wing Rage at Townhall Meetings Could Quickly Turn Deadly

My Problems with *Katy Abram*....

GOP isn't interested in fixing "terribly broken" system just blocking Democratic attempts to do so

PA-Sen: Sestak Gains Ground After Official Launch

Kerry receives award for pioneering healthcare policy

Once again, I may be the new poster child for health care reform.

Joan Baez diffuses right wing protest at Idaho concert

Whole Foods is anti Health Care reform (evidently the CEO is a nut)

How Do We Stop Violence Without Becoming Violent?

This is why town halls need to be in CBC strongholds

Rachel may have the most important show on the air.

David Shuster just showed film of the Rosa Parks incident and it is APPALLING

Fruition: A Photo Offered Without Comment.

58 - 40 - 2: this has got to be driving the wingnuts crazy.

Sestak’s city health care event draws a crowd ... of pro-reformers.

The healthcare "death panels" are already here!

Protester: "...wash it down with Ted Kennedy's Whiskey."

Arlen Specter has conducted himself pretty well since switching parties IMO...

Rachel's clip of Rep La Tourette said he was D (for Democrat).

Michele Bachmann's Son Joins "Re-Education Camp"

I have had it up to HERE with the threats and calls to action to harm our President.

Robert Reich: Right-wing getting away with attacks because there's still no healthcare plan!

With the gun carrying protester in NH, I simply can't believe ALL Americans are not...

OK, pass this true story around...

Grassley just gave us a basis to call BS on bi-partisanship.

Visit the Canadian Governments Healthcare System Website: Health Canada/Santé Canada

I'll be tabling for Organizing for America this weekend and beyond

Obama himself Debunks Birther Conspiracy, but admits to something else

Huh? Poll Finds Majority Approves Of “Angry Attacks,” But Disapproves Of “Shouting Down”

Republican's, how do you sleep at night?

How to have fun with our Repub "friends" at town halls!

my bro said the 6 months of shock has finally worn off on the white racists

Montana protesters plan rallies around Obama event

President Obama Continues Bush Policies in Latin America

Most impressive response in yesterday's town hall:

Gay marriage proponents to delay anti-Prop. 8 ballot measure till 2012

"Is there anybody in your family that does NOT have health insurance?"

To all those worried about violent GOPers and wingnuts

Will Obama be as successful as FDR in the long run?

A lot of us have white relatives who believe that all government does is take their money

Did Grassley's grandson vote pull the plug on grandma?


Obama's brilliant move.

Texas judge's flyer suggests criminals support Obama

Check out the AARP ads

A Pic Just To Make You Smile:

Dear President Obama, how do you cope with all this negativity and

The thing I do not understand about pulling the plug on granny,

Didn’t We Just Have a National Referendum on Obama’s Health Care Plan Last November?

Why doesn't Obama invite the conservatives to a formal debate?

schuster/hall story: rise of militia groups and a nervous, weakened secret service.

What a sad excuse for a public servant Chuck Grassley is!

dumbass repuke Says she Wasn't a Plant At Kagen (D-Wi) Event Last Week

Has Glen Beck Responded About His loss of Advertisers?

Presidential Medal of Freedom honors today: George Tenet isn't fit to wipe their shoes

Grassley forfeited his right to a bi-partisan solution with his behavior today...

Geesh, Rachel! You're killing me. Lay off the North Carolinians. Uncle! Uncle! eom

The President needs to get back to a discussion on why health care reform

Iowa Democrat to Challenge Grassley

Corporate Media = Jerry Springer Show

More useless polling from Gallup

Curious. What would have happened if a guy showed up to a Bush

In furtherance of CTLawGuy's post...

Karl Rove and Chris Christie discussed N.J. governor run while serving as U.S. Attorney

Obama's grandma had a hip replacement in the last weeks of her life?

My thoughts on the SS, POTUS and the guy with the gun strapped

Gay USA: National Kiss-In set for August 15.

Obama team tours Michigan prison as possible Guantanamo alternative

rachel maddow on townhall turfer nuttiness, including death threats. nt

Nazi Rolfe from Sound of Music grew up and got a job here in the US

Shuster to cover racist who ripped up poster of Rosa Parks at yesterday's town hall.

More signs of "the Obama recovery" - Fed shows optimism - says economic decline has halted.

FauxNews Runs Background Check on Little Girl Who Asked Question at President Obama’s Town Hall

60plus dot org is lying their asses off about Health Care reform...

Awesome Obama videos: Obama is NOT a mud gollum!

Lyndon LaRouche and the ‘Hitler’ Meme

keith on townhall turfers, sen. grassley, glen beck, karl rove, and of course, michelle bachmann. n

Beware: there were TWO MEN with LOADED GUNS nearby the NH Presidential townhall

Lost in the current health care reform debate - that would be debate

Because I'm such a brilliant politician, here are my predictions and solutions for 2010.

If an ineffective bill comes out of congress, should the president sign it?

Rep. Scott is BREAKING IT DOWN on Hardball

The power is in your hands. Are you ready to commit?

Now Representative Scott (D-GA) is getting death threats.

Mr. Istack... Ron Weyden is a Senator and the so-called "Death Panel"

America DOES NOT belong to people (cretins) the likes of whom sent that racist crap to Rep Scott.

Photos: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Harvard professor compares Obama to Felix the Cat: black and lucky

Maybe George H.W. Bush and his boy Jeb can run together in 2012

ed schultz show on townhall crazies, militia nuts, and herr karl rove. nt

"Obama in Physical Danger from Crazy Rightwingers"

Richard Burr - a political lightweight in the fight of his career vs. an unnamed candidate

I just found out that a woman ripped up a picture of rosa parks

The world is watching and they are laughing.

Katy, no one is going to change your HSA...

Utah’s New Governor Already Preparing To Run

Karl *Turdblossom* Rove...

Ayotte's political debut

NC-Sen: Is Richard Burr a Birther Like His Base?

lawrence o'donnell hosting hardball. nt

Doctors don't want National Health Care?

CNN Poll: Favorable view of Palin dipping - She weighs in at a Dan Quayle-ish 39%.

Do you feel better about the health care bill after President Obama's town hall yesterday?

***HEADS UP*** Health care town hall, with Senator Cardin (D-MD) in Hagerstown, MD

NY Times - Out-of-Network Costs - AMA (Doctors) and AHIP (Insurers) Point Fingers - We All Lose

You don't want universal health care?

PHOTOS: President hands out Medal of Freedom (UPDATED)

Grassley Endorses "Death Panel" Rumor: "You Have Every Right To Fear"

This from my best friend's RW brother about the Krugman article...

The National Healthcare Debate - Jon Stewart said it best last night.

this from a neighbor.......

I'll put on my flameproof underware...

How much is inciting violence in this Country worth to you?

schuster/hall interviewing cigna whistleblower, who says astroturfing's been going on for years. nt

President Obama and Michelle Obama host Medal of Freedom ceremony today.

To those in the D.C. area, please chime in re: Washington Post's biased coverage...

Facebook Update Would Ban Sponsored Profiles

GEICO Gives Thumbs down to Glenn Beck and pulls its ads

Self-delete - managed to get it in the wrong place. nt

Here's what I would do if I was a congressman having to deal with these Repig Hecklers

Obama EPA approves another mountaintop removal mine

live: steve rothman townhall in new jersey. nt

On Friday, President Obama to do health care townhall in Baucus's backyard.

A Good Day for Health Reform

My local paper printed my letter to the editor on the health care debate.

wow. Dems are getting their messaging together. Case in point? "tort reform".

Healthcare Reform Foes Claim US Citizens To Be Made Into Vampires

One positive out of this town hall embroglio....

obama is the ONLY one who should be doing live, in-person townhalls.

Email: Tea Baggers Hoping For "Riot" At Rep. Scott's Town Hall

Call to Action Folks: Let our voices be heard! Please call or write!

Rumor: Insurance Companies planned to recycle elderly into nations food supply

Another Dem - Dennis Moore (KS) - receives threats over health care bill, cancels town halls.

I talked to my mother about "the media" and coverage of the '08 campaign...

The GOP has been a case study for POLITICAL FATAL ATTRACTION

Amid raucous protests on health care, some worry about Obama's safety

Progressives should be shutting down these so-called town meetings too

Can Joe Sestak Buck the Odds Against Arlen Specter?

gibbs white house briefing on cspan, now. nt

Who was better at reducing Military Spending?

Israel Lobbyists To Host 29 More US Lawmakers

Clinton Visits Eastern Congo, Pledges $17 Million To Combat Rape

Stephen Hawking defends UK's 'Orwellian' healthcare after attack by U.S. politicians (re-direct)

Please critique my rough draft of a ltte.Thanks!

Israel invite clouds President Obama's nuclear summit

Follow up not heard yesterday after the "big pharma is promising 80,000,000,000"

Los Angeles Times - Hundreds of Uninsured Line-Up For Free Healthcare In Inglewood, California

The Constitution is not about giving the majority what it wants.

note to gun-toters at town hall events, especially if the President of the United States is present:

President Obama and Justice Sonia Sotomayor Live Now on MSNBC

Post Office Vandalized With Obama 'Joker' Posters (Clermont, FL)

How Stephen Hawking Proves That Investor's Business Daily's Editorial Page Tells Lies

Is Obama doing more town halls today?

Specter: Teabaggers "not necessarily representative of America."

What would have been the negatives?

don't right wing "water tree of liberty" types have same view as al queda?

Hey, I Bet Swamp Rat Could Do An Awesome Job On weirdo gun guy

What do SEIU Obama Thugs, Robbery & Sexual Assault have in common.....

Dean Baker: Palin's Crazed Health Care Rant: Blame the Washington Post

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing?

The truth about health care reform: Political Action

The screamers can learn from the Chicago Housing Authority residents about making our voices heard

The BEST Moment of President Obama's Town Hall Tuesday....

What does it take for someone to get arrested for disorderly conduct in this country??

Sen. Claire McCaskill finally runs into the bigots she so happily excused

Health Care PSA

The downside of public transportation: Bus ride home ends in Brisbane

Drumbeat: August 12, 2009

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions seen costing $300 billion a year -- UN

UK - Zoo In Devon Building Bio-Secure "Ark" For Endangered Amphibian Specimens

MIT Colleagues Weigh In On Lindzen As Oz Senate "Skeptic" Prepares To Vote On Climate Plan

45% Of Indian Agricultural Land Degraded; Particulate Air Pollution Spiking In All Major Cities

Industrialized Nations Planning 15 - 21% GHG Cuts By 2020 - Scientists Say 25-40% Needed - Reuters

Thousand Cankers Disease Devastating Stands Of Black Walnut Trees In Western States - ENS

The Bubble-Machine moves on to farmland purchase

Grassroots Organization Appeals Biomass Decision

Warming sends body weight of birds into sharp decline

Cameroon's only aluminum smelter stops production

Mexican Drug Gangs Diversify Into Oil

Russia: Bill Gives Priority to Gas Power

Feds Go All The Way To Malta To Bust Two San Diegans Accused Of Illegal Toxics Dumping

After 300 Confirmed Cases Of Lead Poisoning In Children, Chinese Authorities Close Factory - AFP

NSF: Hurricane Seasons Are More Active—Study examined evidence of hurricanes going back 1,500 years…

Environmental Demands Grow for U.N. Peacekeeping Troops

BTW, has anybody been over to the National Ice Center since they changed their format?

Forbes - Latest Growth Area For Mexican Drug Gangs - Stealing & Smuggling Oil

IEA Nudges Chinese Oil Demand Forecasts Upward For 2009, 2010 - Bloomberg

Discovery Airing Special On Ocean Acidification Tonight 10:30 ET/PT - Will Repeat

Science advisers mull priorities—Climate change and energy are high on the agenda for Obama's panel.

IEA - High Oil Inventories May Mean Repeat Of Price Swings, Though Not At 2008 Levels - Bloomberg

U Minnesota Study Finds High Levels Of Phytoestrogens (Hormone Mimics) In Industrial Wastewater

Hoosier Senators Feeling Heat, May Be Hard Sell on Climate

Maine's windkeepers: From ship masts to windmills

Efficiency can help Northwest meet 85% of new electricity demand

Florida Approves First Nuclear Power Plant in 33 Years

Oregon Will Fund Removal Of Four Klamath River Dams - But No Demolition Until 2020

U Oregon Study - 25-Year Continuous Data Track Shows State Growing Steadily Sunnier

Boston Gears Up for Biggest Bike-Sharing Program

Sneak Peek: GridPoint Unveils Smart Charging 3.0

NASA/Goddard - July 2009 Second-Warmest Globally On Record -

GM Regulatory Filing - Volt "Not Yet Proven To Be Commercially Viable" -

NASA Satellites Unlock Secret to Northern India's Vanishing Water

Mexico Oil Output Projected Down 4.9% In 2010: "Greatest Fiscal Shock In 30 Yrs." - Finance Min.

W/I Days Of Onset Of Political Unrest, Armed Gangs Began Looting Of Madagascar's Parks, Forests

Atlantic Salmon Return To Seine River W/O Specific Restocking Efforts - BBC

World population projected to reach 7 billion in 2011(CNN)

Feds withheld negative Yucca data; Data shows proposed nuclear waste facility would fail

Biotech startup Codexis eyes emerging carbon market—an enzyme that helps capture carbon dioxide

Study finds migratory birds not picky about their rest stops

WSJ: Lobby Groups to Use Town Hall Tactics to Oppose Climate Bill

Reviving the Lost Art of Naming the World

"Prepared" fire

Gloat free Baseball Score (Tuesday, August 11)

Thank you, Mad, for not gloating about the Bucko's busting the Rox.

Steelers, state police criticized for gun party

The AAA Pirates HUMILIATE the Colorado Rockies on their own field.

If the Dodgers hit a player with a pitch, they should forfeit their playoff slot

This Day in Baseball History 8/12/1965 (For Upton)

Dodgers rout Giants, Wolf looks impressive

"New Dallas Cowboys stadium 95 percent sold out"

Dear God, please don't let this be another...

Kevin Youkilis, Rick Porcello suspended five games

Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection

Anti-Coup Marchers Merge on the Capital of Honduras

Colombia-US military deal could be made next weekend

Honduras Oye

Heads up for futbol fans, coming up USA vs. Mexico

The media doesn't get Latin America

Al Giordano was on Flashpoints today

Spain kicks out Honduran peacekeepers

Argentina convicts ex-general in 1976 killing

The Honduras coup is a sign: the radical tide can be turned

Honest question I have ... what defines someone in the military as a "veteran"?

And Speaking Of Dam Removals - Very Cool 10-Minute Video On Marmot Dam Removal, Oregon

CCW holder, foils kidnapping

“Several major nominees in limbo” (Government Executive)

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

New Gisha report released - Red Lines Crossed: Destruction of Gaza’s Infrastructure

Israel split over calls to release jailed Palestinian leader

Fatah committee chiefs in Gaza quit

State cops, Steelers under fire over firearms party with assault guns


These must be the guys with the guns at the event I've been hearing about.

I am not going to get a gun

such a big deal made over something which ended up being nothing

A question about gun ownership. I will stipulate your right

Okay, I'll say it. I'm liberal, against unregulated personal gun ownership and very proud of it.

Working at Lipton Casual-T Episode IV Unilever Pakistan Punishes Rights Activists

AARP Ramps Up Battle Against Health Care Reform Misinformation

Today in Labor History Aug 12 Coal company guards kill 7, wound 40 miners, NAFTA, & more

McCaskill: Tort Reform "hasn't worked to bring down health care costs."

Tribune Execs May Get Their $70 Million Bonus!!

Canadian Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare

Meatpacker extends furloughs

Every Crisis Is an Opportunity by Peter Rachleff

Bloggers, activists head to Pittsburgh for Netroots Nation confab

Tinkering, or real changes to OSHA VPP?

Students protest Russell Athletics

Under New Ownership, San Diego Union-Tribune Lays Off Another 200

Boeing Machinists in South Carolina Plan Union Vote

Obama Follows Clinton's Lead On Creating Labor Council

NYT: 3 Indicted Leaders of Carpenters’ Union Are Fired

Summers says Obama will fix Social Security — question is how

I kind of like this green pic of mine:

It's not easy picking green, and do sunflowers count?????

At veteran's Park

Reform opponents keep mentioning that Congress is excluded from reform.

Um ... wasn't the RW talking point, a few years ago, that American doctors were leaving the

AARP: "Bottom Line: We Can't Afford NOT To Fix Health Care."

Is public healthcare in the UK as sick as rightwing America claims?

Stephen Hawking defends UK's 'Orwellian' healthcare after attack by U.S. politicians (re-direct)

The healthcare "death panels" are already here! (re-direct)

Aspirin Seen Aiding Colorectal Cancer Patients

How to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup (

Robert Reich: Right-wing getting away with attacks because there's still no healthcare plan!

PNHP has link to urge ‘Yes’ votes on Weiner amendment HR 676

Conservatives use NHS as ammunition against Obama healthcare plan

What the Health Exchanges would and would not do.

Global warming caused by greenhouse gasses -reality or not?

Fickle nature of female goby fish may offer clue to human behaviour

Anyone see any meteors last night? Will you be looking tomorrow? nt

Report: NASA can't keep up with killer asteroids

New planet displays exotic orbit

Rabid Reich-Wingers and Health Care Reform.

Antikythera mechanism: Linguistic Clue Pushes Back Origin of "World's Oldest Computer"

Alcohol blamed for oral cancer rise

The Toxicity of Recreational Drugs

Can We Stop Banksters From Killing Financial Reform?

If the solid gold toilet seats were in an insurance companies' CEO's home instead of

How many times do politicians have to dispel the myths.

‘Spice’ ban as tests show legal herbal drug is as potent as cannabis

T. Rex footprint found near NM scout ranch (AP/Las Cruces Sun-News)

Dr Housing Bubble 08/12/09

There is No Recession, This is Planned Financial Demolition

The Ultimate Invisible Jobs Recovery.

How to make yourself happier

Cyborg Suit Multplies Human Strength

Visit the Canadian Governments Healthcare System Website: Health Canada/Santé Canada (re-direct)

Kathy Griffin canvasses for gay marriage

Am I being crazy? Career advice sought

Looking for help with wedding rings!

Meghan McCain, why are you wearing a "SILENCE=DEATH" shirt?

The Only Gay Freedom Barack Obama Handed Out Today Was on a Medal

Anchorage Assembly passes gay rights ordinance.

Putting Prop 8 up for repeal in 2010 is a disaster waiting to happen

Well THAT was a bizarre dream. I...was getting engaged.

seeking help finding a lost object

Interesting thread in Editorials on science and consciousness

What do you think history will record as Obama's greatest strength?

Flying rabbis fight swine flu

A public service announcement: Tip #47 on quoting from the Bible

Local pastor resigns after arrest for cyber-stalking

Arne, Pffft

College Illiteracy

Heirloom Varieties I Have Loved This Summer

Today is White Rabbit Day

Super quick and simple side dish for all your cherry tomatoes and basil.

Any idea where can we get a health care reform speaker for our

Rep. Green to require photo ID at town halls

Perry Sticking It to Texans (Again)--Come on, Teabaggers--This should piss you off

Guy catches laptop with his ass. Enjoy!

Iron Man 2 Leaked Footage

Anyone else getting excited about Mike Judge's next movie, "Extract"?