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"A little voice came on the phone, daddy when you coming home?"

Should I play with a band who covers Ted Nugent?

Why do wingnuts hate the U.S. government so much?

Utah Desert News: "Signs of the times: Fundraisers for medical care."

"Teabaggers" think the World is flat,. They want discs in school instead of globes!

Fox "News" is GLOATING over Durbin's statement that he is "open" to destroying the public option:

Soldier whose funeral Gates attended leaves behind a gift of life

Rep. Scott (D-GA) knows nothing about politics and tact

First 200 days for the Conservatives.

Los Angeles Times: Obama's grass-roots network is put to the test

"Joan Rivers face has been lifted more times than Bristol Palin's prom dress."

Ohio Woman Fends Off Armed Attacker With a Sock and a Can of Peas

Feds Holding Back $100 Million in Drill Leases

I know it won't be funny anymore once one of them blows up a building...

Will these tea-bagging anti-health care idiots kindly stop driving on my damned socialist roads?

Wanted: Video clips of angry white mobs from the '60's

Wanted: Video clips of angry white mobs from the '60's

New Surgeon General catching flack because of her weight.


Billions on border: Security, drug war to be debated at conference

or the right of the people "peaceably" to assemble

LTE: "Death panels" are the official policy platform of conservative whiners, not Obama.

Afghan Govt Compound 'Under Rocket Attack'

Can I just say, "BITE ME", for all the naysayers, complainers,

Touch of gray. Do you have it and do you care?

McClatchy: Where did that bank bailout go? Watchdogs aren't sure

Honestly, I think I'm going to check out of DU for awhile

Dollars & Sense: A Note on Friday's Employment Report

The flaws in the strategy...

surge update - Bombings in Iraq Kill Dozens

Urban behive program in England promotes rooftoop and balcony hives for urban livers.

Pakistan using US aid to arm itself against India

US resort offers room with a tent

Did the Mexican Mafia Kill the Parents of 17 in Florida?

Did the Mexican Mafia Kill the Parents of 17 in Florida?

House Dems set up healthcare ‘war room’

AP: Danny Glover joins rally of striking workers


Is Bradblog down?

Averting the Worst (Krugman)

Gee, in another 6 months or so.....I'm going to be fifty!

You are a prisoner of Auschwitz...

Holy shit. It doesn't get more blatant than this example of media manipulation

American "Conservative" Christian Movement (aka batshit crazies)

DUPE Please Delete

Criminal Clubhouse: former deputy WH press sec'y Fratto creates Facebook ripoff for "Bushies only"

I am SO glad we are dragging our feet on EVERYTHING and then the repugs take over in 2010

Sanford in more trouble

Death Panel Palin: Let's not diminish our nation's civil discourse, which we need now more than ever

Things to do at a townhall

OMG! That guy just really nailed the other dude!

Tell Durbin...don't be a Dick..we want a public option..

A 9/11 each month

Salsa Dancing Spy Used Voodoo to Protect General From Taliban

Contractor facing death penalty in Iraq after shooting dead 2 colleagues in a vodka-fuelled squable

Pittsburgh Police question, then let go gym shooter..Henry Louis Gates, questioned and then arrested

Claire McCaskill's town hall live now on

"Hello. This is Humana. This call is for (name inserted). We just need

Health care only a "manufactured" issue

Ron Reagan just handed Larry Elder his ass on health care on CNN this morning!

One reason Obama can't release his long form BC: the birthers won't stop there

How About This For A Meme: "The Health Care Bubble"

Sugar Rallying 40% in Options Pointing to 1981 Price Peak on Crop Failures

Questions for NJ-ites about governor's race & what's with DOJ not doing FOIAs?

Is the right-wing overplaying the Missouri disruption to take away from Sibel's testimony?

Health Insurance Reform Reality Check... folks, this site is awesome

The crazy funnel

The crazy funnel

The wingnuts aren't even trying anymore: LTTE more than 41% word-for-word from a Christian magazine.

Ah , peace loving conservatives at FR strike again. Look at this

Complete history of the "Senate Leader" position (it's been with us for 80 years)

How many nukes would it take to destroy the world?

Facebook friend takes poll on government-run healthcare...

White House’s Deal With Big Pharma

Attitudes on War and Taxes: Then and now

Ministers' admission links MI5 and MI6 to 'torture victim'

ABC: Top House Democrats Call Town Hall Disruptions 'Un-American'

ABC: Top House Democrats Call Town Hall Disruptions 'Un-American'

Was talking to my elderly (Rethuglican) neighbor about health care reform

I rarely get RW emails and this one was sent to me by an old friend

An Index Card that explains the whole concept clearly....

Scarborough claims Pelosi called opponents "Nazis"; Mika tries to rebut, is repeatedly interrupted

Federal Health Care for American Natives "realitycheck"

gmwatch is back

Another reminder of my lefty, progressive family. My brother's going to hear Thom.


60 Plus Ad is Full of Misinformation

euthanasia a talking point

NYT: Mentally Ill Offenders Strain Juvenile System

they have been trying to get lead out of D.C. children for decades

Community Center Helps Somalis Adapt To Colorado

Dave Lindorff: Stop Complaining About Rightwing Protests! Left Should Be (Re)Learning How It's Done

TPM: AFP Leads 500 to 1,000 Protesters Outside Rep. Mitchell's Office In AZ

NPR’s Misleading Report on Health Care Reform

what we on the left need to realize concerning the active, vocal organized crowd against change:

Watching "Sicko" again.. On TMCXW right now BTW.

Kunstler offers his usual calm, thoughtful and restrained analysis

Hope's gone AWOL in Echo platoon

U.S. Freedom Foundation - who's backing them financially?

Search for health care events with Democratic members of Congress near you.

... to make leisure submarines for the wealthy ... WTF?

Prediction: The final healthcare bill will have no P.U.-> But will get slipped in at the end in some

Watching "Sicko" again.. On TMCXW right now BTW.

Rep. Eric Massa: Single Payer Now!

Petition idea

Don't you just love a President who can articulate a position on foreign soil...

Fearless leader has spoken. All will be well.

Banks to collect record overdraft fees this year: report ($38.5 billion)

Irony of the day

Gabrielle Giffords Town Hall: Gun Left Behind

challenging the right wing talking points on healthcare reform on reddit

Contessa Brewer seems to be no longer buying RW bullshit.

Dan Froomkin: Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus

Conference Call with D. Axelrod RE: Healthcare - Tomorrow (Tuesday) - 8:00 ET

BREAKING: Obama Fails to Deliver Sunny Weather

This is the Barack Obama Book Club

Townhall protest poll on CNN needs some love

I changed my avatar.

DU this poll

"Freedom of speech, which you abuse"

Have your 401K and 529 plans recovered this year? Thank the Pittsburgh Steelers

Obama has lost me!

Homicides in the city of Buffalo are up 50% from last year.

Peoploe were trapped on an Express Jet, on the runway all night!

bumper sticker idea for single payer being knocking around my mind:

FRANK SCHAEFFER up now on Hartmann

Representative from Illinois elected president not seen as legitimate leader south Mason-Dixon line.

Isn't uninformed progressive an oxymoron?

Current list of Fox advertisers:

"Angry Town Hall Participants Erupt, Demand ‘More Choice’ In Health Care "...

Please give your input on my LTTE re: health care!

Doctors for America--Alert for Town halls in Pennsylvania

OFA: “Tens Of Thousands” Have Agreed To Visit Members Of Congress Sarah Palin falsely claims Barack Obama runs a 'death panel'

Industry sees vegan agenda in puppy bill

Frist Rejoins All-White Country Club

Bush was criticized for not cleaning up enough toxic sites, EPA plans to do even less

Fatal Sunshine: The Plight of California's Farm Workers

You Can't Negotiate With People Who Accuse You Of Genocide

No-Sex Rules Push Some To Earlier Marriage

Question: Why are those who are so certain about the afterlife

The last gasp of the angry white man

Michael Sola of Milan Michigan claims he was threatened in the middle of the night

FT: US ‘shifts stance’ on Afghan war

You *CANNOT* make this stuff up!!!

Is there much money in stupid these days? And career paths, are they good?

Orlando activist struggles with a broken health-care system -- Orlando Weekly

Obama predict's sensible health care plan win

Whitehouse launches healthcare reality check website

The right wing knows how to rally its troops to fight against a perceived (rightly or wrongly) enemy

Kenneth Gladney... Ashley Todd....Not-Joe the Non-Plumber....The Brooks Brothers Riot in 2000

Is the Obama administration ready to declare Bush-era torture legal?

Obama in Mexico calls for a "realistic and meaningful option" for health care coverage for all.

Where are the idiots getting the idea that Congress won't enroll in the new health care plan?

Pinellas Dem Party HQ - what's wrong with this picture?

72 failures so far this year: Three more US banks collapse

Britain’s army chief says Afghan mission could take 40 years

Who writes CNN "Headlines"?

Medical Mistakes Blamed In 200K Deaths A Year

The truth is obvious and we, as a country, do the wrong thing.

how is this better than single payer, or even different

Mexican Drug Cartels Diversify into Oil w/Help of US Refineries

Germany- Terror Suspects Will Confess to Plot Against American

GOOD source to refute idiotic response to request that voters visit their Senator's office


GLADNEY THE UNINSURED ACTIVIST know anything about them???

Dick Cheney Makes Rare Appearance at Town Hall Meeting!

what health insurance companies do to small businesses

Town Hall Organizers Put Out National Casting Call for Angry Assholes

Turner Network Television (TNT) is running despicable fake Better Government Assocation ads

Will an insurance mandate + gov't subsidies = huge profits for private insurance?

The White House deal with Big Pharma undermines democracy (Robert Reich)

TOON: Monday's Doonesbury - Trudeau Mocks The BIRTHERS! (And 'The Family' & MSM All In One)

Is Obama another Bush-puppet, sold-out president?

Pelosi Pledges Single-Payer Plan Will Get Up Or Down Vote (How Did I Miss This On DU?)

Our only HC hope: Obama holding an unscreened, mega town-hall meeting.

Health Insurance Reform Reality Check

FBI investigating Scott Roader visiters - possible conspiracy in the murder of Dr. Tiller...

Call Congress: Take the Pledge for the Public Option

Did someone throw the "snark" switch today?

The corporate media is deliberately sabatoging health care, so why are WE blaming President Obama?

Rebutting WaPo columnist's claim that Obama isn't serious about controlling health care costs

A few things I wish the pro public option people would argue

Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus

Tim Philips is a 100% scumbag

White House launches health care reality check website

'We have more to offer' Campaign Poster - German politician aims Merkel's cleavage at voters

More Signs the Town Hall Screamers Don’t Care About Policy

Can someone explain the Democratic health reform plan in 2 or 3 sentences?

Mike Sola, madman who screamed at Dingell, threatens lethal force on FOX NEWS against folks who...

Stupidity will be the death of this nation

Tweety is smacking this "Americans for Prosperity" creep.

Say no to Socialism indeed.

We already have death panels, if you can't pay the bill you're send home to die

drug companies pour 40 million into health care debate

Problem solving flow chart.

Hm. So why is Boehner ripping Pelosi and defending the townhall teabirthers?

South Carolina Rethugs are really in a pickle, ain't they?

Mark Sanford (SC) and Freedom Works

Historically is the rancor any different.....

Am I reading this right? Sen. Ensign's daddy made about $130 million from one deal?

Who does this protester remind you of?

Who does this protester remind you of?

Gabrielle Giffords Town Hall: Gun Left Behind

Fox news airing worldview of Soylent Green Republicans ...What's next? Alien abduction of Seniors?

Palin fathers will campaign for Idaho Republican candidate

for freepers: one person one vote or one dollar one vote gives more healthcare control?

D'OH Schuster, on MSNBC, just called out Kenneth Gladney says he has no insurance. . .

Is this really Roger Simon on Ed's show?

says he is trying to reconcile with his wife, though she moved out Friday


New Benchmarks Aimed at Afghan War

Inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work


Maybe a way to shut up the anti health insurance fools - offer them a tax break

Maybe a way to shut up the anti health insurance fools - offer them a tax break

Shi'ite unity deal explodes US myth

Can you explain what difference is between deductibles and out of pocket costs?

Capital One Copes as Clients Kick Habits

Do Employers Really Want To Continue To Provide Healthcare For Their Employees?...... "Birther coverage hits fever pitch."

OpenLeft: Racial Divisions vs. Public Social Spending

Confession: I am having a raging fantasy ...

hmm I got the earthquake sensor installed on fireforx so every time there is a quake

Dick Durbin, "open" to trashing Public Option, needs a few phone calls today:

“Governors oppose DoD emergency powers” while Guard recruits INTERNMENT / RESETTLEMENT SPECIALIST

9/11 Responders Show Increased Risk of Rare Blood Cancer

Huge earthquake hits Indian Ocean: USGS

This CNN poll could use a little tune-up.

Are You Pro Death Panelty ???

The right wing freak show at health care meetings

Question: Since health care opponents are mutating the public option, could our side mutate co-ops?

What should we supporters of health reform do for a show of strength ???

Tweety doesn't like Tim Phillips

Healthcare companies profits according to yahoo finance.

Kathy Griffin gives Palin a moment to remember. LOL

View 'This is Where We Take Our Stand,': Winter Soldier Iraq/Afghanistan hearings.

The GOP has unleased a bunch of Crazies upon Americas who want BETTER Gov't

If you can't wait for sex...get married even if you're too young...

I've stopped calling insurance payments "premiums"

Clearwater, again. Flags, this time:

Why Does Johnny Isakson Want To Kill Sarah Palin’s Baby?

The healthcare debate has finally made it to the streets.

RW Radio nutjob calls threatening President Obama freedom of speech...

Gabrielle Giffords Town Hall: Gun Left Behind

Dr. Howard Dean: The Media's Treatment of Palin's Outrageous "Death Panel" Claims

Inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work

Er, Where Are The Pix of Non-Whites Shouting Down The Health Town Halls?

KRUGMAN-Aren't you glad that the government is now being run by people who dont hate government?

If you blow it WILL NEVER GET IT....

If we end up with a health care bill that only has what the Republicans want in it...

Being backed to the wall gives the Dems only 1 option - DELIVER A GOOD BILL or become toast.

NRA.. 22 month consecutive decline

5 "freedoms" you'd lose in health care reform-CNN hit piece

Any health care bill not including a public option should be dubbed the S.C.A.M. Bill...

Questions start to form after conservative claims he was beaten at Town Hall meeting

Questions start to form after conservative claims he was beaten at Town Hall meeting

Gun Dropped At Town Hall Meeting As SEIU Receives Threat

Inside Story On Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work

Rahm Emanuel: pit bull or running dog?

Some 30,000 Polish carrier pigeons disappear during race

Some 30,000 Polish carrier pigeons disappear during race

If there is a mandate to buy private health ins and no public gov't administered plan, will you....

Remember that "conservative activist" who was "brutally attacked" by SEIU members?

Mrs. Betty Bowers reviews "Healthscare"


From World Nut Daily - UK tells Michael Savage to drop dead...

Looks like another half-assed move by the Administration

Fox News urged left-wing hecklers be "Tased" or "beaten to a pulp"

Paul Krugman Says Big Gov't Saved the Economy

Let's call Republicans and right-wingers what the really are: anarchists

Gov. Sanford's so cheap, he made his staff use both sides of post-it notes.

From a republican website/forum

From a republican website/forum

I got a call from Homeland Security

Keith has a special comment on the Palin Death panels

"Republican moms for marijuana: 'Time to legalize is now' "

"Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever"

Picture For Those That Believe All "Health" Insurance Corporations Are Evil,

Should private health insurance companies be allowed to compete across state lines?

Keith Olbermann in TV Guide (Aug 10-23 issue)

Burris may run for IL Senate after all

"Are Grits Goceries" and his Post on Death Panels

Froomkin's first at HuffPo: Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus

Is Rachel Maddow being censored?

Would you get married to get health care?

My 2012 Democratic Presidential Primary Platform

No talk about NAFTA

(California) Budget cuts put new textbook purchases on hold (no Obama election)

HELP: Looking for video of PRE-Palin McCain rally.

How to stop the screaming_ Town Hall Forums

I just sent CNN this message.

Is this a death panel?

I hope somebody will get this joke

I See There Is Talk About The Taliban Winning In Afghanistan Or We Are In The Process Of Changing ..

The Nation: We Need More Protest to Make Reform Possible

Bush told French President Iraq was a quest foretold in the Bible

Bush told French President Iraq was a quest foretold in the Bible

Lies, damn lies, and f**king lies........

Keith Olbermann :Special Comment: Town Halls And Puppeteers

Obama supporters organize free showings of ‘SiCKO’

Shock: Corporate Advocates Who Break the Law Don't Want to Be Punished

Freshman Congressman = Single Payer Advocate in Rural New York

Freshman Congressman = Single Payer Advocate in Rural New York

Heh - "Disrupt the town hall meetings, my pretties!"

I need links to the recent stories I've seen on Repubs bringing guns to townhalls

Radio host visited by Secret Service after alleged threat against Obama

Democrats fight back on healthcare, town halls

How about we put together a list of who supports single payer and money bomb them?

Obama holding three public townhall meetings

Life with single payer...

Gore: Solving climate change is ‘our mandate’

Hannity bringing his parade of losers to WV to support mountaintop removal

The Dems are going to let the Rethugs keep playing stink finger and then jam through single-payer

Your Guide to Corporate Astroturfing: Lobbyist-Run Groups Orchestrating...

Lawsuits Question After-Hours Demands of Email and Cellphones

The 2nd Circuit now has 4 vacancies

Great answer to Palin's 'death panel' statement from the Southern Beale blog:

I hope this proposal fails too...

Big Eddie is back wow did I miss him!

Birthers and Teabaggers need a project that they can congeal around. Let's help out!

Ten Sure Signs That You're Dealing With A Right Winger


Man dupes woman into changing his diapers & bottle feeding 4 three months (played disabled)

Man dupes woman into changing his diapers & bottle feeding 4 three months (played disabled)

CNN Evening Poll: You know what to do

Freepers can now get course credit for trolling

More bullshit from the so called "financial" media

Teabaggers Upset Health Care Town Hall Held in Black Church

Gladney’s Lawyer: He’s Unemployed, Insured and Making Money From the Alleged Attack

do you know where your (original) birth certificate is?

Top Insurance Lobbyist: Dem "Vilification" Could Kill Reform

Senator Durbin - Give US a Public Option or I QUIT the (D) party!

Conservative Opponent Of Health Care-"NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS" For His Medical Expenses

A Bad August

I'm liking Tamron Hall more and more

Wealthy group pushes to be taxed MORE

Mehsud killed while getting 'leg massage' on the roof

There is rebellion in the air...

I was a good samaritan twice today! Okay, maybe just once.

"Death panel" architect a pro-life Republican from Georgia?

Monday Toons, Part 1: Release the Idiots!

Hmm... 'Chuck Schumer for Majority Leader' - EmptyWheel

Energy interests to fund ‘astroturfing’ efforts during congressional break

I just want to say how much I appreciate our Secretary of State.

This poll needs some help too...

FACT CHECK: No 'death panel' in health care bill

Will Dems pass & Obama sign health bill WITHOUT single payer or public option?

Single Payer Site To Help Document What Your Legislator Says When you Ask Them..There is Still Time.

In case you didn't already know the right wing just doesn't get it

Miami TV news anchor says firing caused by 'increasingly high profile' of his sexual orientation

Stanford University Professor sequences own genome in weeks

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lest We Forget... 'Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism'

DU Facebookers --- My wingnut friend posting wildly skewed FB polls

The Darmok episode of ST: Next Generation is starting now!

The Darmok episode of ST: Next Generation is starting now!

2000 Poll: Nineteen percent of Americans said they were in the top 1 percent of wage earners

Sarah Palin's death panel killed 254 Alaskans

Sarah Palin, do us all a favor.

President Clinton: ‘Cash-for-clunkers’ has ‘worked like a dream.’

Why Neo-Conservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart

Why Neo-Conservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart

Are Republican Congressmen afraid of their own constituents? I just had a stealth

Poll: How do you take charge of your Media Diet?

Does anyone actually READ "Investor's Business Daily"?

What makes Organizing for America different from Americans for Prosperity?

More creative moran spelling.

Let's play "Jeff foxworthy"!!

Call for a "Patient's March" across the country

What . The . Living . Fuck . ???

What . The . Living . Fuck . ???

The Daily Show is cracking me up right now....

Did Nobody learn anything from the JonBenet Ramsey case?

Monday Toons, Part 2

I called Durbin this morning, and asked why he sounds like he's backing away

See our ex-President and his wife at the beach..

AP FACT CHECK: No 'death panel' in health care bill

FBI's investigation of Tiller killing looks at Roeder's jail visitors

What happens to the public debate if/when CBO scores Weiner's Single Payer Amendment?

Trying to re-educate my (newly) RW younger sister. My reply is in blocks.

Congresswoman: U.S. ties with Xe, formerly Blackwater, must end

"George Soros is advertising on Craigs List: He'll pay $11.50 an hour

If you strip the public option, & mandate purchase "private-insurance-only", WHAT DO YOU CALL IT ?

DCCC pressures House GOPers to refute Limbaugh Nazi comments

The Health Care Bill Is Not Even Written Yet But Some DU'ers Are Defeatists Anyway

FRAMING THE DEBATE: something the repugs do very well.

Rep. Inglis (R-SC): The public option will put private insurance out of business

Rep. Inglis (R-SC): The public option will put private insurance out of business

Why do we need a new health care system/plan/option?

Nick and I are back in Bend after almost two weeks in the wilderness.

Why are there no massive protests FOR the plan? People don't protest for frozen vanilla yogurt.

Why are there no massive protests FOR the plan? People don't protest for frozen vanilla yogurt.

When you get your Drivers License you have to pay for Insurance? Right?

Need information regarding townhall disruptions in Tampa.

FR Advocating Violence. "I will use lethal force and will kill you. I will go to prison"

Idiot America...

I'm at a health care rally Saturday (check out the bus!)

How Do We Counter-act The Lies of Corporations That Are Bankrupting Our Nation?

Video: Cop sweeps knife-wielding elderly woman, nearly causing 'riot'

Video: Cop sweeps knife-wielding elderly woman, nearly causing 'riot'

Petsmart and Petmeds funding right-wing lie machine

Focus on the Family falls on hard times...can anyone spare a dime, er, $6 million?

George Soros Pledges $5 Million To Bankroll Health Care Reform Push, Group Says

Face time with my Senator: Health Care, EFCA, Environment

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the damn kitchen !

Palin's "Death Panel" for the Elderly in Alaska

Help this poll...

NASA: Planetary Smash Discovered Nearby

Does anyone know what is going on with Ohio Majority Radio Stream??

Hand this out at Townhalls. The Five Biggest Republican Lies

No way to die: Lawsuit alleges radio contest killed woman

Tim Wise: Red-Baiting and Racism: Socialism as the New Black Bogeyman

Again, proving they are man's best friend

Florida To Stop Giving GED Diplomas

Today, Obama said the Canadian health care model won't work for us

Trolls For Hire

ReRelease "Sicko", interspersed

Help debunking this from the DU HC scholars...

We're losing the health care debate not because of the mobs of ringers

German Jews want 'Mein Kampf' reprinted

Never mind the anecdotes: Do Canadians like their health-care system?

Marsha Blackburn, R(ancid)-TN, is too stupid to be an effective liar

Put America to work- ban TV from 8am to 6PM

Eric Holder troubled by excessive use of water in waterboarding sessions during Bush years

Drunk driving killer of 'pie ladies' faces sentence

Crooks & Liars: "We Already Have 'Death Panels.' If You Can't Pay the Bill, You're Sent Home to Die"

I swear I have NO idea who posted this: "Republicans"!!!

Something extraordinary happened to missing Atlantic ship - expert

Protester on Fox: Pelosi 'Thugs' Came In 'Middle Of The Night'

This Modern World: The Lunacy Reaches Fever Pitch (Glenn Beck, Birthers, "town hells")

rural vs. urban/metro

Picture for those who think cops are evil

Holy cow!! A picture my daughter took made it onto HuffPo!

Thank you all for your vibes and prayers. NO cancer!!! there are two spots

Schwarzenegger line-vetoed long-term care for thousands of elderly

Funny email from my friend in Sweden (Our town hall brownshirts have made the world news)

Need help with sources

Single payer could potentially save this country 800 billion a year on healthcare.

Palin loses her final fight with Alaska lawmakers over stimulus

Obama's Facebook Page LOL from (check out the birth certificate)

Ok, who's going to Netroots Nation? Who lives in Pittsburgh?

Ok, who's going to Netroots Nation? Who lives in Pittsburgh?

A possible solution for town hall meeting disruption.

A possible solution for town hall meeting disruption.


Within 5 years, Fox News Channel will change its name to FNC like Headline News Channel is now HLN.

Why the Public Option Sucks

Nearing 150,000 user bout a mobile version?

Can anybody think of a better way for Sarah Palin to exploit her child than

Clinton: I'm secretary of state, not Bill

Our lovely and "healthy" restaurant food

If I married some random dude today, he (and his kids) would become eligible for my health insurance

There is No Recession: It's a Planned Demolition

Another 25 minute video on Sibel Edmond's testimony this weekend...

Stupid question.

Rep. Anthony Weiner: 'The CBO is performing a cost analysis of Single Payer over the August recess.'

"A Jesus-loving 16-year-old girl working the stripper pole in front of a middle school audience"

Humanist Manifesto signed by 21 nobel laureates

Humanist Manifesto signed by 21 nobel laureates

Read the bill you shitheads!!

Boehner calls Pelosi & Hoyer op-ed 'reprehensible'

Jailed for Yawning

Dear DUers: I’m applying for a “death panel” job and need help with my resume

Obama's Deal With Big Pharma

Right-wing editorial: Stephen Hawking "wouldn't have a chance in the U.K." health system

This Modern World-Glenn Beck, Birthers, "town hells": The lunacy reaches fever pitch-By Tom Tomorrow

Florida leads in sending young people to prison for life without parole...for nonhomicide crimes.

Nothing. Not a word.

Cenk Uygur: The Last Gasp of the Angry White Man.


RWer sent me link to G Beck about Cash for Clunkers

The Rude Pundit: Fuck You, Sarah Palin, Just...Fuck You

What Insurers Are Trying to Get Out of Health Reform - Over 50 Age Ratings


The Last Gasp of the Angry White Man - by Cenk Uygur

Caption Palin

Pelosi and Reid need to be Removed from their Leadership Positions

Pelosi and Reid need to be Removed from their Leadership Positions

Freedom Works sent me this email.....tell me what you think.

Remember Gary Webb?

Worst. Earworm. Ever.

Thank you to DuckBurp and wife. They gave a permanent home to rescue Kitty Mow Mow!!!

Woman eats 74 bears...

I guess the wedding is postponed

Stars, Moonbow and rainbow over Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile, by Stéphane Guisard

Ohio Woman Fends Off Armed Attacker With a Sock and a Can of Peas

I was forced to listen to Glen Beck the other day

Cramming for final exams - a kitteh awwww moment

I am awake


I had an extremely dark and disturbing dream about Sarah Palin recently.

Anybody else's cat love the water?

Anyone ever watch the movie Gattaca.

Democratic Underground: Come for the GD, stay for the Lounge.

20 yr old "document"..not a "birther" doc, but it made me smile

Do you trim your toenails on a specific day of the week? If you don't trim your toenails do you shop

I am so nervous I am taking my last two practice tests tonight for my GED.

Do you trim your nosehair on a specific day of the week? If you don't trim your nosehairs do you...

We lost another one.

I just called the eye doctor to order contacts for my daughter, and

Going to a town hall tonight, here's a pic of my kit

VIDEO: Man in India eats "thousands of live cobras"

I go for my procedure in 2 hours...I feel like crap

CONFESS!!! Which one of you DU Freak jobs sent this into

", To-The-Point Movie Reviews For People In A Fucking Hurry"

I want to ban the "spork." Why am I considered such a bad guy?

It's a good thing Kevin Bacon hasn't come out in favor of "Death Panels".

Best non-caffeine earworm remedy?

who remembers who the first person to do "appreciation " threads was

Rockapella sings Zappa

Jason's Deli or Panera...hmmm

Explain to me why the whole economic system is not just one big

God, how I love Turkish coffee!

A couple of 'side job' sites I came across this morning -

How do you handle nude relatives?

Why would One become a Nurse if they

Why is everybody so concerned about euthanasia?

OMG, the book "Flowers in the Attic" is going to be 30 years old this year

Plastic or Stainless steel water bottles?....

Nice White Lady

Let us sing the song of the rebels!

Re-Watched "The Crucible" (Winona Ryder, Daniel Day Lewis Version) this past weekend....

I hope this love letter I wrote works...

The new cosmo is awesemeo

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Love Bug!!*******

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I changed my avatar.

How do you handle lude relatives?

Congratulations Fire_Medic_Dave! 10,000 posts!

They look like armatures

Daily Useless Fact

Daily Useless Fact

I just drank a fully-loaded Coca-Cola for the first time in probably several years....

Old Guy Dancing For Jesus...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/10/09

How do you handle dude relatives?

A nest of yellowjackets sent me to the ER today

Which is the more intelligent animal: the pig or the dog?

DU Song Of The Day

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Touch of gray. Do you have it and do you care?

CAST for RED DAWN make out

YOu're all a bunch of butt-asses

This is the stuff of nightmares right here.

Teddy bears in space! (For real!)

Trying to track down a thread from a week or so ago on the Right is always wrong

How do you handle prude relatives?

Internet Happy Box

I just broke a half bushel of beans

Regular MJ smokers: Is there a day when you're not thinking or talking about pot?

Yes, we have no tomatoes.

Hank Williams & Anita Carter - I Can't Help It (if I'm still in love with you)

Nothing like a good downpour to take a good shower in!

Outta here in about 20 minutes!

Your top ten R-rated comedies

Nudism legal in Oregon city? Good!


circling over northern virginia...

A short story: The Little Dumbass

Greatest song lyric ever:

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The steamy probability of stud failure...

I can't decide which of these two male actors from Madtv is the hottest.

To the dozens of you that expressed concern during my short absense...

Iron Chef: "You lop off a finger. You sear it on a flat top and you keep going."

I don't know what came over me. I suddenly started weeping.

Yet another Email from my funny friend...

Anyone else miss the Daily Thread in the Lounge?

You all know about Neil Young's "Living With War Today - Songs...

I feel really down

*********Official Asterisk Appreciation Thread************

Just saw 'Julia & Julie'. Fan-Tastic!

OK - if applying for a job for which you are greatly overqualified,

Wine-drinking women have better sex

Found a dead mouse on my driveway.

Has anyone seen a movie called Mirrors with Keifer Sutherland?

well, there is NO cancer...but I have two different areas in teh colon that have issues

How big is your tv or tv's.

Have you ever.....late at night.....watched a movie

Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Stephen Fry to guest star on House, MD?

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I just measured - 5 3/4 inches! WOO HOO!

Best non-caffeine headache remedy?

** CAST for RED DAWN remake out **

Does the plot for the movie District 9

Florida never ceases to continue to fuck me over.

How can you be mad at someone for something that happened only in a dream?

DU Jazz-o-philes: Reccomend me a Mingus, Coltrane and a Miles album

How do you handle rude relatives?

Overheard at the summit of Pikes Peak yesterday..

OMG Great 'True Blood' last night ***spoilers***

Do you have an irrational fear?

How do you handle nude relatives?

As I was tucking in my five-year-old tonight, he asked...

The Prius commercials

Need advice from the veteran cat lovers here

I passed my two tests tonight.

Frank Zappa or Mark Knopfler

What's on your mp3 player/stereo/TV?

Beat the heat with cool pics...

October DU Meeting Is Set... New York City

I'm going to read this poem tomorrow at the open mic...

Dreams do come true (with pic) - Megan Fox to play evil Catholic school girl

The word "orange" is like the word "deer".

Facebook "disabled" my account without explanation

WORST song lyrics ever.

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to mopinko!!*******

Vacancies Suppress Southern California Recovery

Were NC terror suspect's stories an exaggeration?

US resort offers room with a tent

Contractor Is Held In 2 Killings in Iraq

Obama backs Mexico's war on drugs

U.S. to Hunt Down Afghan Drug Lords Tied to Taliban

Obama administration close to investigating alleged abuses by CIA

Fed View on Consumer Protection Gets Murky

Billions on border: Security, drug war to be debated at conference

Clinton off to Congo to target sexual violence

Iran Guard wants former president, moderates tried

Militants launch Afghan attacks

Police questioned health club gunman, let him go

Pentagon puts Afghan drug-traffickers on hitlist

Briton held over death of 2 contractors in Baghdad

Climate talks resume with new emissions pledges

Protests planned for Obama N.H. visit

Chavez claims Colombian troops entered Venezuela

Saudi Arabia arrested thousands without trial: HRW

Fed payments for holding immigrants vary widely

Police questioned health club gunman, let him go

Air Force used Twitter to track NY flyover fallout

Swiss cabinet meets on UBS as U.S. tax talks drag

McChrystal: Jobs could curb Taliban fighting

Iraq Bombs Kills 40, Fears of Sectarian Violence Grows

Iraqis hold UK worker after 2 deaths

(Florida) Hernando radio host Haa gets Secret Service visit after perceived threat on Obama

Debt Burden to Weigh on Stocks

Banks make $38bn from overdraft fees

Governors Oppose DoD Emergency Powers

Kremlin bill on using army abroad

Crowd jams Vitter health care forum

Community Marks Slaying, Attack On Jewish Center

Southwest Offers $170 Million in Cash to Buy Frontier

Obama Knocks "Hypocrisy" of Honduras Critics

Tim Hortons backs out of anti-gay marriage event

U.S. Military Working to 'Kill or Capture' 50 Taliban Drug Lords

Tsunami watch issued after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake in the Indian Ocean near India's Andaman Islan

Riders stuck on roller coaster (Great America's "Invertigo")

Bombs in Baghdad and northern Iraq kill 41

Stanford prof sequences own genome in weeks

ALERT Rachel Maddow to host Insurance Executive who quit NEXT

Radio host visited by Secret Service after alleged threat against Obama

'Hundreds lost' in Taiwan typhoon

George Soros Pledges $5 Million To Bankroll Health Care Reform Push, Group Says

Taliban Now Winning; U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Warns of Rising Casualties

AP sources: New benchmarks aimed at Afghan war

At Mexico summit, Obama says immigration reform will have to wait

Another 45,000 US troops needed in Afghanistan, military adviser says

Taliban deputy calls AP, claims he's not dead

Judge: CIA interrogations not relevant to 9/11 accused's sanity

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 10

Merck Faces First Trial of Claim That Fosamax Attacks Jawbone

IAEA chief: should have 'howled' louder on Iraq

Villa Park withdrawn from 2012 Olympic plans

Don't Give Tamiflu Or Relenza To Under-12s, Warn Researchers

Judge: CIA interrogations not relevant to 9/11 accused's sanity

LatAm summit over bases

Senate probe: SC gov broke law on state travel

Feds Bust Mexico-U.S. Oil Smuggling Scheme

Dealer group creates incentive program for drivers who don't qualify for "cash for clunkers"

Pelosi, Hoyer call disruptions 'un-American' (mock lynching)

Unasur Won’t Recognize Vote Under Defacto Regime, Bachelet Says

Alaska lawmakers override Palin veto

Congressional jets may be scrapped

Alberto Gonzales: My Reputation has Suffered

New Graduates Finding Jobs in China (Mandarin Optional)

Obama Promises Solution to Mexico Trucking Conflict After Meeting Calderon

Palin calls for civil health care discussion

Pequot trades raised many warnings: report

Deficit grew by $181 billion in July

Obama: Canadian health care model won't work in U.S.

Gunman is holed up in Howell barn

Bill Gates Dumps 7 Million Microsoft Shares

U.S. recession seen ending in Q3

Krugman Says Bernanke Should Be Reappointed to Fed

Probe urged into Iran jail 'rape'

Feds raid sex ring enslaving undocumented women

Obama: Ouster of Honduran president Zelaya was coup

U.S. banks to make $38 billion from overdraft fees: report

Dutch journalist: Flu pandemics are Jewish conspiracy

Big Corporate Money Funding Anti-Healthcare Protests

Robert Gates "furious" at Brownback and Roberts' hold on McHugh

Elizabeth Warren Goes to Washington: Where exactly is all of the bailout money going?

Reform Reality Check: The "euthanasia" distortion on help for families

Hear Me Now - a new music video featuring Prof Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

Tortured Logic -- Send this video to Attorney General Eric Holder --

Sarah Palin Was Right! Exclusive Death Panel Footage!

Durbin Open To Dropping "Public Option" In Health Care Reform (w/context)

Inglis talks health care on Hardball

AARP Health Action Now Ambulance Ad - Ration Care

Olbermann: GOP's Agents of Insurance Agents

GA Rep. David Scott PWNS wannabe teabagger; CNN provides cover for the disruptor

TYT: Taxpayer Funded Abstinence Rally (w/ Cheerleaders?)

Blue America Health Care Campaign - #3 Blanche Lincoln: Bailout

Young Turks: Creepiest Glenn Beck Clip Ever!!!

You know those lobbyists Obama used to villify so much?

Crazed loon who screamed at Dingell threatens lethal force

Thom Hartmann: Whistle blower Frank Schaeffer exposes right wing rampaging tactics

Exploding Teabaggers Health Care Myths

Thom Hartmann: Should we junk the mail and privatize the USPS? w/ Tad DeHaven

Countdown: Harper's Scott Horton on Holder Torture Probe

Key Democrat Feels the Heat After Voting for House Plan.

A Primer on the Details of Health Care Reform

A corrupt election in Afghanistan

The Fog of Numbers (James Howard Kunstler)

Tea-Baggers Are Like Sept. 11th Terrorists; Remember: 19 *Box-Cutters* Over-Powered 246 Passengers

"Something In It For All Of Us"

Birthers v. Birthers in Philadelphia

Death Panels Already Exist, They are Called Corporate Health Insurance Bureaucrats

Of Flat Tax, Fat Tax, and 'Fat Cats': How Should We Fund Health Care?

A Cure for an Ailing Economy: Taxing the Rich

Rachel Maddow: Exposing More Health Reform Fear Merchants

Steve Leser Debates Fox News' Neil Cavuto re: Pelosi/Hoyer &

Is The Wingnuts Rhetoric Steadily Getting More Dangerous?

Kathy Griffin & Levi Johnston - On Prop 8, Vet Dogs & Gettin' Paid & Gettin' Laid

McClatchy: Where did that bank bailout go? Watchdogs aren't sure

TYT: Townhallers Harass (R) Cong., He Tells Them To Turn Off Glenn Beck! (Yoda Bonus)

Pelosi and Hoyer: 'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate

Sen. Bernie Sanders Unfiltered: My New Online Show from Brave New Films

The Mayor and the Myths: A Case of Political Survival

Let's call the birthers what they really are: Racists


Colleen O’Connor: Why health care ‘reform’ is in trouble

Hardball: Matthews Takes No B.S. From Tim Phillips (Edited)

Young Turks: Pat Buchanan is a Crazy Old Man!!!

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT - "There is Downright Evil, & Ms. Palin, You Just Served Its Cause" PT. 1

US cities criminalize homelessness

Sarah Palin Queen of the Deathers

Remote Area Medical's Stan Brock On Single Payer:"We'd Be back To Guatamala & Haiti Where We Belong"

The McLaughlin Group: Pat Buchanan and Monica Crowley Claim the Government Wants to Promote Suicide

Disruptions drown out debate at health care meetings (CNN)

It's not moral to compel suffering

Shut Out at Home, Americans Go to China/ Send that kid on Couch Out There!

C-SPAN Caller Blasts the Mainstream Media’s coverage of Town Hall Protests

Nate Silver - Why Unemployment (Probably) Won't Hit 10 Percent

In Pictures: President Obama in Mexico for North American Leaders Summit

The Wall Street Journal Walls Itself In and Ridiculously Defends the Dictatorship of Roberto Michele

Real grassroots organizes for health care reform

When Boehner and Gingrich condone, defend and support the spittle-flecked

Get My Soul Free

The Economist: "Unjust and Ineffective"

Blackwater Heir Wants to Keep State Dept. Security Contract; Company at Work in Afghanistan

Town Hall Protestors Give Whole New Meaning to 'Health Nuts'

The ruling class is alive and well

CNBC Slides As Viewers Get Crunched - Aggressive business network becomes a turn-off

Only YOU Can Save Health Care Reform- so please ACT NOW!

Conservatives Love Government, When It’s the Military

Inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work

AlterNet: The Epidemic of Pot Arrests in New York City

Why the Left Lost Single-Payer Health Care Reform

Research Bursts Myths On Engineering (No Shortage)

Iran: Demand judiciary halts stoning: Sakineh Mohammadi

Millennium Challenge Corp. poured millions into Honduras in months leading up to putsch

The AIPAC Case and Prejudice

Frontal lobe ping pong: We aren’t the electorate Obama campaigned to govern

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT - Conservative Scare Tactics on Health Care PT. 2 (10:56)

IBD Editorial Board Grants Stephen Hawking US Citizenship

Remittance: India again tops the world

Routine complication from surgery turns fatal

Mamas don’t let your babies


"14,000 Americans . . . lose their health insurance every single day."

You Do Not Have Health Insurance (Read this article to understand)

Whatever Happened to Progressive Talk Radio? Did Air America Kiss it Good Bye?

What's Behind Birthers' Obama Belief (From Scientific American)

Town Hall Recap NY-20: I have met the wingnuts, they are very scared and dumb as hell

Scientists make voting machine turn against itself and steal votes!

The Last Gasp of the Angry White Man (Featured Diary @ DailyKos By Cenk)

Obama has 6-month approval of 63 percent

Guidelines for Obama's Health Care Reform - Send this to everyone!

Chicago Air Show practice is making me angry.

Clinton: I'm secretary of state, not Bill

Only YOU Can Save Health Care Reform- so please ACT NOW!

"Reality Check": New White House web site fighting health care debate myths.

To The Blame Obama Crowd, Why Has Healthcare Reform Not Been Done Before?

Senators ask Obama to lean on Arab states

Faith Groups to Help Obama on Health Care

AARP is one of the biggest enemies of Single Payer & real health care reform

If he really knew what he was doing . . .

Roll Call: AARP Launches Multimillion Dollar Ad Campaign To Calm Fears About Healthcare Reform

I'm going to be on Fox at 4pm debating Neil Cavuto on Pelosi & Hoyer's "UnAmerican" Comments

I guess being "un-American" when protesting depends on the cause

*** You'll lose 5 key freedoms in healthcare reform *** From CNN - Money

At least we have a great new name for a speed metal hair band now...

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler: "Private health insurance is a defective consumer product"

White House: Healthcare reform foes not 'un-American' -- Knew this was coming --

inherent in free market is the freedom to say no, the freedom to refuse service to some customers.

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails it again!

Olbermann just went there (re Palin et al whipping up the "base")

Stop Complaining About Right-Wing Protests!

AFSCME Launches Rockin’ Down the Highway to Health Care Reform

Obama stands firm on 'buy America' provision of Stimulus Package

Why don't the republicans denounce Sarah Palin and what she said about

2010 cnn poll: congressional dems with 10 point lead-44-34%

This healthcare debate is a PERFECT FRAMING MOMENT for us. Here's how:

Quick! What's George W. Bush's favorite song on his iPod?

Photos: President at the NA Conference

Help this poll...

A great new slogan for our side: WE NEED HEALTHcare, NOT WEALTHcare.

Gallup releases state-by-state numbers - looking great

NY-23: Democrats Pick Bill Owens

Schiff Raises More Than $500,000 for Connecticut Senate Bid

Let's come together again and unite around REAL REFORM - Single Payer Now.

keith olbermann (with new cute glasses) doing a "special comment" on palin death panels. nt

O/T-My Aunt (Susan Wachter) is on C-Span 2 now!

fake kenyan b.c.

Tomorrow: "Let Portsmouth health care town hall be a model for the nation"

ed schultz show has a freedomworks rep on, lying. nt

Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus

Why are the Republicans and their minions pushing selling insurance across states lines?

rachel w/ barbara boxer on astroturfers. nt

It's not about Obama, but

New (RW) Ad: Health Care Bill Will Deprive Seniors Of Care If They're Not "Worth The Cost"

Slate: Why is the White House's Pharma Deal a Bad Bargain?

Rachel wasn't lying! There really is a where you can hire Blago!

A response, of sorts, to tonight's Special Comment on COUNTDOWN

Obama Job Approval: Highest in D.C., Hawaii, VermontLowest rating in Wyoming

"THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED" Walt Disney flick GOLF has its Classes

Let's call the Town Hall "protesters" what they are-The New Freikorps

White House Insists It Didn't Give Away The Store To Big Pharma

Inflame Anti-American opinion, Mr Obama? Release the damn photos, and douse the anti-American

Side by side summary of HELP and House health care bills

Michael Bloomberg.

What the hell is it with right wingers and Malware? I tried to look

How many of Obama's 30 "czars" can you name?

From the right wing .... Sounds like opposite day

Anybody see that crap that Wolf Blitzer just allowed to happen?

President Obama turns to Web to boost health overhaul

So, which do you prefer?

***HEADS UP*** Senator McCaskill hosting health care forum now***

Real grassroots organizes for health care reform

The Crazy Conspiracy To Crush An Obama Nominee

Obama correctly points out that ouster of Honduran president Zelaya was coup

Watch the first episode of 'Senator Sanders Unfiltered': America's Class Crisis

WH launches new website to debunk health care reform myths

Obama's Golf Game

Barton Weighs Texas Senate Bid

Is "post-partisanship" still even worth trying

Palin calls for civil health care discussion - Earlier, she called Obama’s plan ‘downright evil’

Burris Reconsidering Senate Bid?

Sebelius releases new state-by-state reports outlining health insurance reform

Please help me to understand this rationale

Gulf Coast Worried About 2010 Census

What is the definition of a campaign promise?

I believe Obama's next prime time address should be an Oval Office address

live - white house healthcare roundtable on c-span. nt

Durbin caving-in on public option demonstrates that Obama has blown it

A Better Defense of Obama

The grassroots need to rustle...reactivate the network and mechanisms of the campaign

What we REALLY need is a PRIVATE OPTION, not a public one.

Is there a Sibel Edmonds highlight reel?

How can anyone, especially the Jesus loving GOP, not want every American to have health care???

Heads Up: POTUS to speak at NA Press Conference

Obama needs to start organizing some stadiums / city rallies

Hungry for health care reform

LOL! Palin Calls for 'Civil Discourse' re: Health Care; Ignores Claim About Death Panels

Uhh...why come the Dems just don't cancel town hall events?

We're waking up this morning to a country run not by John McCain and

"Blue Dog" Hill is concerned about "political terrorists" disrupting health care townhalls.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Since the public option is still undefined, why not make it Medicare?

Blue Dogs Don't Understand: If the final bill doesn't work, they'll lose their seat anyway.

Pelosi, Hoyer: 'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate

AARP Exec VP letter to the editor on: Medicare Drug Costs

"Sarah Palin says"

CNN Grills White House's Linda Douglass Over Campaign Against Health Care 'Disinformation'

Ron Reagan Calls Palin a "Clown"

Meet The BOOTHERS ---->

Peak oil review - Aug 10

Drumbeat: August 10, 2009

Interesting product - "Carbon Nanotube Lead Acid Battery"

Chacaltaya glacier gone

University of Minnesota researchers discover high levels of estrogens in some industrial wastewater

Carbon Negative Cement

(MIT) Researchers make carbon nanotubes without metal catalyst

Sugar price reaches 28-year high (BBC)

Coy GM to announce er, something electrical tomorrow

Pissing Off Cyclists

Family planning a major environmental impact

Vast expanses of Arctic ice melt in summer heat—"The kids were swimming in the ocean."

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 370

Sports help in tough times

Another freaking sports thread in the Lounge.

NFC East News: David Tyree on bubble, throws helmet

The Rockies manager has set an all-time record

Sidney Crosby washes Lord Stanley's Cup.

Since Upton hasn't posted it yet, the Reds shut down the Giants

seriously, how awsome are these next 50 games going to be?

No comment this weekend about how New England's Beloved team did?

This * Day in Baseball History 8/10/2002

Former Colt Unitas leads list of top-20 Hall of Famers

‘Amazon auction’ suspended until later in the year

Ecuador's Correa Calls For Regional Monetary System

Who's Behind the Coup in Honduras

On the Road to Tegucigalpa with Father Andrés Tamayo

S. America concerned about US military in Colombia

Honduran Coup Decree Shows Coup "Justification" Was After the Fact

Brazil's Coming Rebound

Fact Checking Lanny Davis on Honduras

Quito UNASUR ceremonies on Telesur

Yankee Bases and Latin American Sovereignty

Venezuela: Chavez Launches New Housing Program

Lieberman: Fatah platform buries chance for peace deal

Fatah Conference Both Peaceful and Militant

'Foreigners Cannot Understand the Israelis' Vulnerability'

Jailed Palestinian wins top Fatah post: results

Hamas turns its attention to 'virtue'

Inmate tortured in Palestinian jail: Hamas

What do you think of this system for national CCW reciprocity?

Casing-code issues snag (California) handgun law

Alrighty, I think I get the prize

Little recourse for Arab girl rejected from Israeli day-care

Mexico & gun control again...

Survivor of 1929 Hebron Massacre recounts her ordeal

Today in Labor History Aug 10 FDR signs amendments to the 1935 Social Security Act

Delta Looks at More Managerial Lay-offs

A close viewing of the SEIU "beating" video

Can someone explain how the Teamsters became associated w the right?

GOP Tacitly Accepts Mob Violence While Progressives Step Up Reform Drive

Valero (Oil) slapped with class action lawsuit

New Hampshire gives workers extra protection from mass layoffs and plant closures

Sicko: Milwaukee officials won’t stand behind 69% vote for paid sick days

Media Matters: Beck Attacks SEIU (video)

What the gun control movement should do

Not green

list of free imaging softwares

Do you do what I do? Post them just to see how they look with

Finally in position to purchase a DSLR--Help!

Opinions on greens wanted

Nahanni (NWT) - River of Quest and Legend. ~~ Big Honking Dial-up Warning ~~

And You Thought a Prescription Was Private

Tracy Emblem: The politics of health care coverage

The terrorists on the reich are (evidently) on television constantly, spewing their hatred of a plan

Colleen O’Connor: Why health care ‘reform’ is in trouble

I do agree with the RWer talking point, to a degree ...

the problem with buying insurance in the "open market"

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler: "Private health insurance is a defective consumer product" (re-direct)

Fed View on Consumer Protection Gets Murky

"Net Capital Rule" change in wikipedia entry

How to cure diseases before they have even evolved

Entering the Greatest Economic Depression in History, More Bubbles Waiting to Burst

Man-made craters on the Moon

Paulson’s Calls to Goldman Tested Ethics ( Paulson In Constant Contact With Goldman During Crisis)

Heads Up for Zero Hedge readers/fans....

Something punches hole in Saturn's F included....

Hospital Information Technology Adoption Rates Going from 10% Today to 55% by 2014

Deficit grew by $181 billion in July

Gay marriage lawyers say no to help from S.F.

Why I Committed Career Suicide (by Charles Perez)

CBC: Tim Hortons backs out of anti-gay marriage event

An interesting article about gays and religion

Harry Potter Loves The Gays!

Loss-of-control dream

O/T - anyone have any good natural remedies for doggie itching?

The Proxy Me In Show - Liz Tobin - sorry now in archives, but

Here is a song for anyone who has lost a sweetheart....

Update on Rick (ricochetastroman) on Monday, August 10th

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary course requirement: troll websites

Virgin Mary Makes an Ironic Appearance

An interesting article about gays and religion

Why is it that so many religions disapprove of homosexuality anyway?

Women and Obesity -- the Missing Link

In a Digital Future, Textbooks Are History

Suppose that a student knows that an officially correct statement is actually incorrect...

A Better Idea for Improving Teaching

Greek Zucchini Fritters – Kolokithokeftedes

Anyone notice the Special Session campaign finance reports?

MIT researchers find tinfoil helmets amplify rather than diminish mind-control radio waves.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson[b] AND[/b] Pete Sessions (BLECH)...

New Study of 9/11 Responders with Immune Cancer/Multiple Myeloma Implies Radiation at the WTC

WTC Demolition: Two Pictures Are Worth Two Thousand Words

Beginning Oct. 30th, M.J.'s "This Is It" To Be Presented In Theaters By Sony Pictures & Sony Music

Duck shooters in YouTube video in Saskatoon court

Migrant Mexican farm workers vote to quit union