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S Arabia rejects ties with Israel

The Difference Between A Blue Dog Democrat and a Progressive Democrat.

Bush Blargh

Take a break - enjoy. . .

Happy Days Aren't Here Again

PBS: Healthcare Industry Is Spending $1.4 million A Day Fighting Healthcare Reform

Secessionist dreams live on in Freeperland

Who exactly is Joe Six-Pack?

Anti-fundie quote of the day:

CIGNA's Commitment to Health Care Reform

India orders arrest of American in Bhopal gas leak

Be careful with Red Stripe beer.

Constituent only town hall meetings is the best defense against

WP removes Milbank Cillizza offensive video from website.

Pakistan minister Says Karzai Admits Anti-Pakistan Terror Camps in Afghanistan

Taliban Vow to Disrupt Afghanistan Election

Pastor Harry Walther and his Satan's Rapture site.

Talk Dirty to Me, Silvio !!!!

The Nation: Greetings From California: Letter From a State in Crisis

RNC Weakens Steele's Spending Ability

Alex de Twitt STFU with those leading questions

US state department: Three Americans reportedly detained in Iran

Are You "Naturally Born" If You Were Born In Vitro Or Through Artificial Insemination?

Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud

Quakers agree to allow gay weddings uk

U.S. Senate Passes Bill to Drain Iran Gas Pumps

'How I became a socialist'- Interview with SEP Detroit mayoral candidate D’Artagnan Collier

I just got this weird email, about, anyone besides Glenn Beck heard of this?

Afghan War Troop Deaths Surged In July

‘Kill Granny’ media campaign alarms seniors

UK Foreign Sec.- Clinton threatened to cut-off intelligence-sharing if torture evidence is disclosed

After Handing Out Jumbo Stimulus Checks, Jindal Still Refuses To Give Obama Any Credit For Stimulus

Dobbs responds to "Swift Boat of the left" Media Matters' birther ad...

Art Teacher Sketches Her Own Mugger

Christian Science Monitor: Skype is in danger, owner says

Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud (Must read for Keith Olbermann fans!)

Geffen Records about to release album with Pope Benedict XVI singing

Panetta: 'Intelligence is not a weapon we should use on each other'

Look out, Atlanta! RedState "Gathering" in progress this weekend!

I just got this weird email, about, anyone besides Glenn Beck heard of this?

Click The Link - Watch The Vid - Fix The World

Why I miss the Cold War

The BedBunker

Femen - Ukraine women movement react: "Ukraine is not a brothel"

ESPN: Hawaii's McMackin gets 30-day suspension

Birthers Debunked By Their Own Evidence

Nazi concentration camp survivor, 90, found strangled

'hiking in iraq'??? wtf are these american 'tourists' thinking?

It's not that the birthers think Obama's birth certificate is illegitimate

Funds Dwindle To Dismantle Old Nuclear Plants

So I guess the birthers want Joe Biden to be President

Banking giant UBS, US reach deal over secret Swiss accounts

Maybe we have it all wrong about the Republicans

Limbaugh promised to leave N.Y., but hasn't

Maher issues challenge to birthers: Show me Palin's High School Diploma

Mortgage lenders will NEVER help solve this problem.

1,000 Afghan Civilians Killed in Deadliest 6(Obama's) Months: UN

Editorial defends CEO's $75 million bonus

Iran: The Green Brief #45 (July 31) Latest news from Iran.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance ... raising funds for Sheila Wellstone's foundation

kenneth starr got a sample of Bill Clinton's DNA, but we can't question the bu$h*/cheney torture pgm

Another question on racism/bigotry: Should it always be up to the offended to decide...

Will The Obama Administration Be Able To Quantify The Savings In Oil For The CARS Program?.......

Michael Moore's ready to bust loose from documentaries


Is there room in the Democratic Party for racists and homophobes?

You Go, Senator Al! You Go!!!!!

Democrats Eye (Shh!) Reconciliation

"What's Not To Like?" (excellent read)

Made in America vs Chinese Drywall.... rant-lite

Pax Americhina or Chinamerca? - La Temps/Switzerland

Two police chiefs Arraigned In Parker-Broderick Case

Al Franken lets T. Boone Pickens know what he thinks of the Swift Boat ads

US Tourists Held by Iran 'Were Warned' by Police

Anyone else having trouble logging onto Crooks and Liars?

Take back KBR bonuses, senators urge Pentagon

I'm Surprised People Aren't Using The Term "Flat Birthers"

Cash For Clunkers

Dammit! How do you people expect me to get any work done

I posted about the possible breakup of the palins on a local RW newspaper OL...the Media is at fault

A 35 year old alcoholic, sexaholic, suicidal, abused mother asked me for legal advice today...

Alabama tastes the putrid fruit of 'conservative' Republicon economics

A 35 year old alcoholic, sexaholic, suicidal, abused mother asked me for legal advice today...

Disney Announces Ticket Price Hike- Single-Day Ticket For Adults Increases To $79

Dear Blue Dogs, Please find outhow many business execs get free Health Care as part of their

Remember: USS Indianapolis 30July-1Aug 1945

Move over Barack, Michael Jackson lithographs are hot off the presses

Interesting....the bill to audit the Fed ALMOST has a veto-proof majority

Two Wal-Mart Opposition Groups Merge

Mudflats has numerous comments re the rumors...

McCain to Filibuster Cash for Clunkers

Queen Victoria says goodbye to Sarah.

Wait before burning too much bandwith re: Palin divorce rumor, let's not act like birthers. . .

If greedy seniors manage to torpedo health care, it's time to kick them to the curb!

3 US, 1 French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Nothing that happens with the Palin's marriage is any of my business

Palin won't attend gala marking GOP women's group anniversary-no speechifying- ronald reagan library

Why don't we ever speculate that Congressman Weiner is gay?

Project for Excellence In Journalism - Reports On Media Coverage of Healthcare Reform

Hey... Somebody At BuzzFlash Stole My Idea, LOL !!!

has anyone checked Palin's tweets to see if she heard about the divorce rumor?

WaPo, how low can you go?

WaPo, how low can you go?

How I Saved Big on Prescriptions Through Internet Research

The difficulty of communication..

So a couple days ago my wife's call center job had its anti-union propaganda presentation.

be cautious about the Palin divorce thing

be cautious about the Palin divorce thing

Time to break cycle of no skills, no jobs (Detroit Free Press)

A modern day Tom Joad

And now, a song about groundwater and bottled water...

Huffington Post: Blue Dog Compromises: A War On the Middle Class? (link added)

I admit it, I pirated a copy of "Liberty & Tyranny" from Bittorrent

The Sleuth (WaPo): A Birth Certificate By Any Other Name

Iraq before. Afghanistan before. Two photos.

"Fuck you, Arnie Duncan"

Railin' Palin . . . Please come CAPTION this misbegotten squall.

Best. Blog. Ever.

I saw an argument on a blog against 'free' /Medicare for all and want to know your responses (LONG)

Carol and Mike to marry!

Where are the Progressives?

DU these polls (re: racism)

Schwarzenegger Pats er Hits Bottom

Bolivia bans all circus animals- • Law defines use of animals in circus an act of cruelty

Dutch gay soldiers in uniform take part in Gay Canal Parade

Palin Divorce? Even More Geniusy Than Her Resignation?

Hey freepers, the flags were made in China and don't yell at anyone for fiscal irresponsibility:

Happy B-Day Jerry

Happy B-Day Jerry

Who put the "turd" in Saturday?? . . . please come CAPTION!!!!! (speaking of turds)

Old Huff Post article about Hillary being a member of "the family" i.e. C-Street

Republicans Want Old People To Die Alone & In Debt. If They Object To Provisions Re:Living Wills

Notice how all of a sudden how there's all this talk about the government and your rights?

looking for some feedback :)

Latest Update from the AMA on the Current Healthcare Proposals

Where's our red meat throwers?

Ore. faith-healing father gets 60 days in jail

Dedicated monk saved Buddhist treasures from Communist purge

Forget Guns – I’ll Take A Cell Phone – by Donald Kaul

Rorschach and Wikipedia: The battle of the inkblots

On AirAmerica, David Sirota talks about the senators holding up health care

When Bush and the GOP Congress put incentives in the tax code to help SUV sales

Is Your State Rep On This Birther Plaintiff List? - MO, NH, TN

Senate passes bill to close Nevada's Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site

Sen. Ted STEVENS case: Special prosecutor can force testimony

Professor Gates sends flowers w/note to 911 caller...

Professor Gates sends roses to the 911 caller...

which is worse? Richard Wolffe PR whore situation or the Olbermann/Billo censorship?

Frank Rich: Small Beer, Big Hangover

The Nation: Italy's Pillow Talk

Sarah Palin Divorce Rumor Debunked on Facebook

A cliffhanger to see if a GM turnaround succeeds

Where there's smoke, there is fire....

Post 4000 and I feel fine.

You want to convince me the Palins are NOT getting divorced?

Obvious to me Palin's Camp leaked this Divorce rumor

With the possibility that real health care reform will be delayed until September ...

With GM offshoring and cutting corners all these years, might that be why Rush is cheering their end

"President Obama has handled the Prof. Gates arrest saga in a poor manner.... BUT...

Female Veterans Fight for Healthcare

Court Allows Priest to Sacrifice Goats in Texas Home

If Sarah and Todd Divorce.....

A picture of Todd and Sarah Palin At The Ceremony Swearing In Parnell

Rove, the attorney firings, and the concept of the "limited hang-out".

The Palins have Divorced

Somebody gave me a donor star!

The Palins have Divorced

OK, fine. A poll then.

How many cases of swine flu are there in the US? Just heard

Congresscritter who has dropped his Congressional health care as a protest.

Sailor Accused of Murdering August Provost Commits Suicide

"I have the highest regard for Mr. Boehner .... What he's saying is not true."

Why does no one counter birthers with the fact that McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone?

Nuclear Exposure Issues

Spotlight on AMA

Cash for Clunkers. Sheer brilliance! Even the hard-ass Repubs admit it's working.

GE Puts the Lid on Olbermann's Scathing Attacks on O'Reilly

Bad bridges passed up for stimulus cash

What percentage of the draft dodgers of the Vietnam era

What percentage of the draft dodgers of the Vietnam era

Obama slipping in polls

"Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story"

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Alaskan DUers: Who is Ben Latham and why was his case reopened?

Laura Bush gives Michelle Obama a thumbs-up

surge update - 3 U.S., 1 French Dead in Afghanistan

The city of Brotherly Love? Philadelphia Sued Over Whites-Only Bathroom

Okay, who will be honest and admit that you replied to one of the Palin divorce threads .........

Does anyone know how to search the history of the ownership of a domain name?

Weird: Drudge Pulled All of the Cash for Clunker Stories and Links from His Site

Rep. Gingrey on CNN: GOP plan means insurance cos. can charge you 10% more for pre-existing conds.

Only badly run government health program I've seen was Terri Schaivo Why Isn't Single-Payer "Uniquely American?"

I am completely convinced that health care reform will finally pass

Should the Democratic Party reject all corporate contributions?

SF Chronicle: Can Republicans escape their extremists?

NRA Threatens Lawmakers Over Sotomayor Vote

"I will show you Pres Obama's birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin's high school diploma"

What’s Not to Like?

Me. Drunk. At my wife's family reunion. Debating people calling Obama a fascist and a socialist.

Pay to Play is Washington's Sport of Kings

Healthcare is a HUMAN RIGHT

GE and Fox cut deal: Censor Olbermann

GE and Fox cut deal: Censor Olbermann

The recession must be officially over--at least around here

Nelson pushes back hard against liberal attack ad

Is Palin camp pushing, or even starting these "false" reports?

Mudflats ran a contest for Palin's new political party.The winner is.....

If it's True...that Palin is divorcing Todd..then I'd say she will be the Repug Nominee in 2012!

If it's True...that Palin is divorcing Todd..then I'd say she will be the Repug Nominee in 2012!

Commentary regarding Surgeon General nominee Regina Benjamin's physique

Grapes of Wrath on TCM

Gunman attacks center for gay teens in Israel, killing three

Gunman attacks center for gay teens in Israel, killing three

U.S. industrial production chart: America makes nothing but weapons

Please Cut The Crap - Excellent Exhaustive Debunk of RW Healthcare Chain Email

Bank teller foils holdup, nabs suspect — loses job

Iran reformists back down -- Apparently there was no election fraud, just US conspiracy

Iran reformists back down -- Apparently there was no election fraud, just US conspiracy

Alternet plagiarism

Who will Palin date first.....I say Teddy Nugent, they can use guns

Re: the Palin's impending divorce ... who has the upper hand? Todd or Sarah?

Maryland's first Muslim lawmaker Saqib Ali pens op-ed in support of marriage equality

Maryland's first Muslim lawmaker Saqib Ali pens op-ed in support of marriage equality

BBC: Rapid chlamydia diagnosis for men

TV Sets Outnumber People in U.S. Homes

A must read - Jonathan Alter: Our Heath-Care System Is Just Fine As Is!

Novel way to recycle empty toilet paper rolls.

Jon Stewart Earns the Wrath of Rush Limbaugh


Post made in DU not showing up in 'MyDU' list.

Are Starbucks and Whole Foods Union Busters?

Are Starbucks and Whole Foods Union Busters?

Ethics Problems at Alternet

Exclusive! Sarah and Todd Palin are Splitsville!

Christians Largely Mum on Torture

According to Birthers' definiton of "natural born", none of these men were qualified to be president

Sarah Palin is about as ambitious as you can get.

And in other unreported news, Bank failures (five more this friday) hit record pace:

The Fannie and Freddie Black Hole - Some of F&F Bailout Money Will Never Be Repaid.

Amsterdam, 'the cesspool', strikes back at O'Reilly

Lodi Messy House Gets Parents Arrested, Kids Removed

HR-808 U.S. Department of Peace Act moved into a powerful sub-committee!

Just heard some great news!

Question re. "Hardball" with Chris Matthews.

Obama Ambassadorships for Sale - NOT Chump Change you can believe it.

"Cash for Clunkers" success criticized by corrupt and desperate Republicans

Jesus hearing aid

Who Says We Don't Need Unions? - By Jim Hightower

Show us your garden

Obama offers job back to U.S. attorney fired by Bush

Obama offers job back to U.S. attorney fired by Bush

Shit, Ben Stein is a dick!

Law of unintended consequences

Boat Bailing with Palin . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

Rank the Presidents, in order of pure intelligence...

When even evil is not a strong enough word

Incredible watercolour paintings by boy aged just SIX

What is the best anti-corporate power film ever made?

William K. Black on Investigating the Financial Crisis 7/31

Braidwood nuclear reactor shutdown deemed 'unusual event'

I think I was adopted...

JAG Wins, Calling Out Yoo & Cheney in Court for War Crimes in Jawad Child Torture Case

Job possibility for those losing unemployment benefits

Putting Gary McKinnon On Trial Will Only Shame America.

But Here's The Funny Part

CBS News: "Palin Spokespeople Deny Divorce Rumor"

Glen Greenwald exposes Richard Wolfe and the corporate "news" deal between GE and News Corp.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Recession-Proof

Organic Versus Conventional Food: UK Report Flawed

Is it really necessary?

Todd and Sarah Palin to Divorce

Maybe you think you know this story-But remember-everything Bush/Cheney did turned out to be a lie'

Texas says don't give dropouts a job.

Prolonged aid to unemployed is running out

Florida judge warns DCF 3 times to protect baby. Requests ignored. Baby dies.

Raw Video: Demolition in Turkey Goes Seriously Wrong

Faux Egypt illustrates intellectual depth of Fox News

AL: cops Tase and pepper spray deaf and mentally disabled man who was in bathroom too long

Libertarians - liberal?

Take a break - enjoy. . .

What are you pointing at????

American Wheeze

what I did today - speaking of corn syrup

I'll give $20 to the first person that can make my neighbor and her ex-husband STFU.

JEEZUZ! Dog Farts!

The New Rebel;

I don't really know what I just ate from Filibertos...

Be careful with Red Stripe beer.

Who is your favorite butt-kisser ?

Wish You Were Here

so the wife is in Richmond training

my k8y8o8rd is 8roke

J&K Dirvorce entrance dance

Without a financial incentive, I refuse to watch YouTube vids longer than 80 seconds

I'm willing to bet that Michele Backmann has never had an orgasm.

I'm visiting my Mom who lives in my Grandparents home.

Adults should NOT play Whiffle Ball......hmmmmmpf

Now the chicks don't stand a chance!

Famous last words. Literally. I like the wallpaper one.

What do I do with a cat that as adopted me, for the last several months one eye as I call him

You were right...

What's the f*king point of this sh*t we call Sasquatch?

Pics of my 12 week old niece. I met her for the first time last week, adorable!

Poem: "Not a Seed"

Well its off to Diamond Lake, OR for a well earned week of rest and relaxation

What errands/chores do you have to do this weekend


Everyone who says abstinence and relationships are caught cheating on their loved ones all the time

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

DU Song Of The Day

Like this

Looking for your face

when i see people sitting there with their mouth open

Free dreadlocks!!!!

on a more serious note, i finally went to seek psychotherapy

What's the fucking point of this shit we call life?

Ultraviolet Dreams

Road mix

Click and Draggable Video, Amazing!

*******HAPPY BELATED 34ht BIRTHDAY to ChavezSpeakstheTruth!!*******

Carol and Mike to marry!

I heard a rumor that there's a rumor going around

Today is the antipodal Groundhog Day

Would you be able to forgive your child anything at all?

Patti Smith is GOD

Please do me a favor

Worlds Strongest Asshole!

lounge , please refrain from posting for 30 minutes

Isn't there a website where you can watch a tv channel in real time?

I think Suicide Girls has watered down it's standards a bit too much.

Music theory geeks - Radar Love time signature?

I am so fucking SICK AND TIRED

MC's cocktail of the day - Pina Colada

We have reached the Apex of human civilization.

Great. They cut my fucking cell phone off and I'm here alone with my kid & no car.

Quick music quiz...

How often do you wash your jeans?

OMG Those nutty Duggers

I Heard A Funny Line And I Must Share It

World's Strongest Vagina!

A 7" cylinder that's 3" in diameter.

Ten Years Since Chris Gaines

SAY WHAT YOU WILL about Emeril Lagasse...I made his beef stew recipe and that fucker KNOWS STEW.

Anyone hungry?

Would you prefer fame or respect?

ummm...a hawk just attacked my pup

Did any of you just watch a show called Face the Ace?

Poor Rusty...

Summer Night City

Summer Night City

A new Lucy Portrait

The Visitors (Crackin' Up)

Margot known as Missy.

Foreclosure....damn !!!

yesterday was a bit nightmarish, but we're all moved and settling in

Do you think Andy actually committed the murder?

Soccer Purists - How would you like to play on this field?

Nice. Rock Monster is on SyFy.

anyone else think cats are working with the monsters/killers in horror movies?

Why NJmaverick asks

i don't trust people with weak chins

twitter question

my room is a disaster area right now

House of Doom

Driving home earlier today, I saw a girl - maybe age 9 - whose gut was larger than mine.

Sunflower after dark

Anybody here an Estaban fan?

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Curious- How many DUers watch Free Speech TV?

Where can I get a good fish taco?

so my wife sent me pics of the people she is training with

Symphony nickname quiz

I might have to shoot the neighbor's damn dog.

Les Thugs-Waiting

Favourite Fuckin' Songs. Old and new. Post 'em if you've got 'em

** Final Poll: "The Most Tired Phrase on DU." (TM) **

Catcerto (YouTube)

Utterly useless complaint: I'm tired of companies not trusting people or being human.

Is it possible to go to an Italian restaurant without hearing "That's Amore" and "Mambo Italiano?"

*******HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to pokerfan!!*******

What should my next "John" shirt say?

The Six Degrees of Mr. Scorpio

MG kitteh update: Mighty feline Dilbert has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

For Stan Lee fans--part 2 as promised!

Pink Floyd -- Take it Back


Ever associate with a character, song or work of fiction?

Top Ten male singers all time (not opera). Yours?

I just told my republican sister to FUCK OFF, after she attacked my President.

Screw beer; what if Obama, Gates, and Crowley did Rumplemintz shots?

Snaaaake, snaaaake, it's a snaaaaake...

Holy cow! Mattresses are expensive as hell...

Happy Birthday...Jerry Garcia!

Give me your Monopoly strategy. (yes the game doofus)

Slippery People

Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud (MSNBC & Fox)

Afghanistan commander General Stanley McChrystal to call for more US troops

EU reaches gas deal with Ukraine

US votes to curb excess bonuses

Cops put on leave for running Obama background check

Apple, AT& T Questioned About Google Voice Application

Calcutta imposes old vehicle ban

NY Times: Ortiz and Manny Ramirez on 2003 PED list

Iran poll protests trial begins

Obama slipping in polls

Todd and Sarah Palin to Divorce

Obama Says U.S. Has ‘Many More Months’ Before Full Recovery

Yemeni official: Gitmo inmate died of asphyxiation

Honduran pro-Zelaya protester dies after shooting

Criminal charges in Colombia spy scandal (spying upon President Uribe's opponents)

Yemeni official: Gitmo inmate died of asphyxiation

GOP blasts Dems' health care legislation

Chevron donates land for Code Talkers museum

New York's LaGuardia airport evacuated

N.Korea 'helping Myanmar build nuclear plant': report

Alabama County Faces Major Layoffs

Obama Nominates Fired U.S. Attorney

Talk Radio Campaign Frightening Seniors

Suspect in gay sailor's death commits suicide

Apple fix to iPhone security flaw

Alberta raises the bar for use of Tasers

Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out

Amazon sued for wrecking teen's Kindle work

Buffett shines at Iowa gala (everyone will owe President Obama a big thanks)

Afghan mission falls short of expectations: Lawmakers

Two dead in shooting at Tel Aviv gay club

Vibes, please....

Anthrax investigation too narrow, congressman says

Wis. jury: Father guilty in prayer death case

Honduras leader vows to resist world pressure

Health officials: Swine flu has killed more than 350 people in US; hospitalization up to 5,500

Health officials: Swine flu has killed more than 350 people in US; hospitalization up to 5,500

Venezuelan Regulators Pull 34 Radio Concessions

WTF: Donald Rumsfeld admits Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania and unintentionally contradict

Countdown: Kos Founder, Markos Moulitsas - Dobbs has made birth certificate his "personal crusade"

Rachel Maddow & Special advisor to Gen. McChrystal, Sarah Chayes, Discuss Afghanistan

Corazon Aquino Dead at 76

Pink Floyd - Pigs On The Wing

maxkeiser, ON THE EDGE #12 - Slavery legal in America Again thanks to Goldman Sachs and Wall St.

Cash for Clunkers Blues

Overtime July 31 2009 Bill Maher Real Time 09 07

Candlelight Vigil for Iranian Victims - Washington, DC - July 30th

TYT: What is the Happiest Country on Earth -- And Why?

Dr Betsy McCaughey promotes the deather conspiracy at tea party

Tax Myths

Inequality Part III

Inequality Part II

Real Time With Bill Maher July 31 2009 The Family

Real Time With Bill Maher July 31 2009 Opening Monologue

TYT: How Many Republicans Believe President Obama Is A US Citizen?

Economic Inequality

Bill Maher on the Birthers

Some People With Insurance Don't Know What's Good For Them

Red State Update: Moderates?!?

Bon Dancing in Hawaii - Jikoen Hongwanji

Rachel Maddow Calls Out the GOP on Their Overt Racism

Glenn Beck attacks cash for clunkers

Your Weekly Address: This Economic Storm Will Pass

Markos Moulitsas Tells Ed Schultz There's Nothing That Will Assuage Birther Wingnuts

Waxman to Weiner: Pelosi Will Allow Single-Payer Full House Vote!

House Panel Votes to Ban "Pay to Delay" Drug Deals.

Attackerman: Vietnam is Back

Afghanistan Mission Creep Watch - It's Official

Bill Maher (7 31 09) - C Street & the Christian Right Attempting to Hijack the Military

General Wesley Clark On the Wars (Video)

Why is a Slate Writer Shilling for Goldman Sachs? Matt Taibbi Shreds the Latest Wall Street PR

T. Boone Pickens Returns Concrete Slab

Ala. County Prepares for Government Shutdown. (TOO BAD!)

Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud (Olbermann - O'Reilly)

AIG Is Even Worse Off Than You Think

Honduras Crisis Exposes Weakness of US Democracy

Netherlands Runs Out of Criminals

GOP Proposes Own Health Care Plan, Claims Cost is 'Peanuts'

Jeff Sharlett discusses The Family on Bill Maher's Real Time

Millions of unemployed need jobs or income now

Cowardice Among 'Christian' Leaders: Why the Churches Are Largely Mum on Torture

Gardening Changes Fast Food Addict’s Life

Where's The Outrage Over Pensions?

“Christians” Wink at Torture by Ray McGovern

A Revamping Plan Colombia: Deal With Uribe Will Place Five U.S. Military Bases in Colombia

Rivers Pitt : this week's wrap-up on health care, Gates-gate, birthers, & more

Obama Enlists Stephen Colbert to Combat GOP's 'Health Scare'

Will Progressives Respond To The Attempt to Overthrow The President?

For Pelosi, Recess Means Selling Health Plan

Washington Post Joins the Hatefest

Consciousness Capitalism: Corporations Are Now After Our Very Beings

Are the U.S. Government's Statistics on the Economy to Be Trusted?

They opposed Medicare too - Rush Holt

In Tennessee, Baking Pie With Stimulus Funds

In Pictures: President Obama's weekend

Why Is a Slate Writer Shilling for Goldman Sachs? by Matt Taibbi

Is a Wider Right Wing Counter-Attack Looming? The Honduran Coup as Overture

Glenn Beck: Government Website Takes Over Your Computer Forever

Bob Herbert: Anger Has Its Place

The Gate Keepers of Death

Talk Radio "Deathers" Campaign Frightening Seniors

Consciousness Capitalism: Corporations Are Now After Our Very Beings

Joe Conason: A Time Again for Bill Clinton

I hate the NRA - "NRA opposition fails to sway senators on Sotomayor"

"Obama's Faithful Flock" The Nation

70% of white southerners believe Obama was not born in the U.S.

Macaca....the monkey slur that cost The Republican Loss of 08...George Allen

Dear Larry Flynt

I know how health care reconciliation is likely to work out in the Senate.

repubs, Rocking the Townhalls

Palin rumor fun: trading Todd for which of these RW "lovelies"

flipping channels last night, Laura Ingraham in for O'Reilly- here is what I learned

David Axelrod Told Obama to Toughen Up

Slate examines why the Presidents approval is dropping

In Beer Summit "Spoof" Milbank Suggests Hillary Drink "Mad Bitch" Beer

Tuesday, August 4 2009!

The real injustice of the 'beer summit' -- No Beers from American Companies

Larry Flynt For President!

"It is clear that the large amount of state aid contained in the ARRA made this growth possible."

Key Committee Backs Better-Than-Expected Health Plan

A Sarah Palin radio or tv show....

Which do you think are more successful - hyper-partisan presidencies or conciliatory ones?

A question regarding "Birthers"

Ron Paul introduces bills to end FDA censoring of health claims & end FTC censorship of health info

Pelosi to Insurance Giants: your "Glory Days" are over!

The Prof. Gates Saga: The issue that has been overlooked

Krugman: Health reform made simple

Democrats Eye (Shh!) Reconciliation

Obama hails `historic step' on health care changes (Update 2)

Probable Birther next step : investigating whether Hawaii was correctly admitted into the US.

Obama: GDP Numbers Show Recovery Act Working

You have got to be fucking joking!! "Single Prayer" Healthcare Plan

I am completely convinced that health care reform will finally pass

NBC Agrees to Muzzle Journalists Following Fox News Pressure

Why did the Republican National Committee fail the birthers??

sarah and 1st dude=splitsville?

Salon's Joe Conason: Will Bill and Betsy Kill Again?

TIME: OMG! An Article Discussing The Substance (gasp) Of Healthcare Reform

Obama picks Anne Northup for Consumer Product Safety Commission

Birther Queen Orly Taitz calls Rachel Maddow a "Brown Shirt"

Obama, Cabinet meeting for mid year assessment

Hellooooooo, GDP! It has been a while.

Why do some people (Larry Flynt) who criticize Obama invoke Hillary?

"How long will that dog hunt"

CSPAN: Coach Joe addresses the 2009 Nat'l Urban League Conf. in Chicago

A check into those numbers of whites who think the President is an not an "American"

What is the difference between the Health Insurance Industry and the Mafia?

What is the next possible GOP 2012 candidate scandal?

Do quick tweets sink ships?

Health Care Realities

Dodd Diagnosed With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

A useful addendum to current efforts: Tie premiums to procedural cost

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter: What's Not to Like? Reform? Why Do We Need Health Reform?

What if Obama said : No agreement about reform, we'll just have to open up Medicare to the uninsured

What is needed for health care reform: all Dem members need to oppose filibusters

Sherrod Brown Must Read Op-Ed: Medicare proves Health Insurance Reform Will Work

Think Progress: Internal Health Industry Memos Reveal Campaign To Undercut Healthcare Reform

NYT: Health Bill Clears Hurdle and Hints at Consensus


Dobbs invited Orly Taitz on his show - he got sick - Kitty Pilgrim subbed

The Hill: House Panel Approves Healthcare Reform Bill 31-28 with 5 Dems voting No

MUST SEE: Bill Moyer Has A Great Piece On How The Health Industry Controls The Media & Politicians

Electric Vehicles in the United States

Grist: Lobby firm forges anti-climate-bill letters from Hispanic group and NAACP

Smith Delivers First Electric Trucks to Major US Corporations

Project to remove {loose} fishing nets from {Puget} Sound (Peninsula Daily News)

Old nets threaten fish, divers, boats (CNN Video)

Family planning a major environmental impact

Orbiting Carbon Observatory Could Have Played Significant Role in Monitoring Emissions

Oil port's hurricane barrier is washing away

Global curbs on overfishing are beginning to work

A “shrimp cocktail” to fuel cars and trucks (faster production of biodiesel, using shrimp catalyst)

NIST Scientists Study How to Stack the Deck for Organic Solar Power

Fire risk 'super' ants discovered {in UK} (BBC)

Crashing comets not likely the cause of Earth's mass extinctions

When It Comes To Going Green, People Want Smaller Gains Now, Not Bigger Gains Later (as with money)

recycling toner carts?

U.S.: Coal Power Hitting Roadblocks

A Cottage of Straw, Handmade in Texas

Firm forged letters to lawmaker on climate bill

Nissan LEAF Electric Car is Unveiled

Publics Want More Government Action on Climate Change: Global Poll

(Time Magazine) Clean Energy: U.S. Lags in Research and Development

Douglas-fir and geoducks make strange bedfellows in studying climate change

(Australian) Scientists hit back at climate scepticism

Rodent Size (and head shape) Linked to Human Population and Climate Change

MIT recommends steps to slash gasoline use by 2035—It's feasible—but challenging on many fronts

Exelon wants info on Oyster Creek tritium leak withheld; Lawmakers demand to know cause

Expedition Sets Sail to the Great Plastic Vortex (TIME)

What are the best methods of recycling?

The REAL Chokers lose to D-Backs..Pablo leads Little Davey

Frisco Chokers lose 5-1 to philly. Chubby goes 0-4...

Michael Phelps-Cavic ***SPOILER****

Wreck costs Stewart Pocono pole

White Sox beat the Yankees 14-4

Derrick Mason unretires, returns to Ravens.

HOLY SHIT!! Andrew McCutchen is on ROIDS tonight!!

Marlins Win - The Goat is Back

Lincecum does it again...Giants down Phils 2-0

Rob Dibble (Natinal's announcer) is an asshole.

Honduras Crisis Exposes Weakness of US Democracy

Is a Wider Right Wing Counter-Attack Looming? The Honduran Coup as Overture

Criminal charges in Colombia spy scandal

Venezuela shuts down more radio stations

Honduras leader vows to resist world pressure

Revamping Plan Colombia:A Deal With Uribe Will Place Five U.S. Military Bases in Colombia

Bolivia leads South America

Honduran pro-Zelaya protester dies after shooting

The song of the resistance in Honduras

Three killed in shooting at Tel Aviv gay center

S Arabia rejects ties with Israel

Report: Fatah to oppose recognizing Israel as Jewish state

Yes, The 2A IS Different From The Rest

Sturm Ruger Q2 gun sales, profits explode

Bought a gun safe today.

Important Anti-Wage Theft legislation Introduced in Congress

Budget picture gets gloomier (layoffs at my employer on the way)

WSJ: Odds of a Vote Dim for Card-Check Bill

Today in Labor History Aug 1 Frank Little hung, Red Neck War, Hilo Massacre (Police fire on 200 prot

French Workers Agree to Concessions, Back Off Threat to Blow Up Plant

SSA Commissioner buckles under pressure: AFGE wins grievance, protects taxpayer's interests

IWW Starbucks Union Condemns Starbucks Doubling Health Insurance Cost!

Report suggest using Social Security to ensure paid FMLAct

Teamsters Union Local 773 files complaints against employer


Players' union in uproar over latest leak of names on steroids 'list'

ACLU: Calif. heat rules don't protect workers

NYT: Wal-Mart Contests Use of Name by Canadian Union

Health care on agenda for WVa labor rally

Labor Secretary Solis scheduled to visit WVa mine

U.S. Department of Labor cites Calcasieu Refining

A tale of two strikes

Unpaid state workers file labor claims

Federal officials reviewing Nevada OSHA oversight (12 deaths in 18 months)

What Would a Fair-Labor iPod Cost?

food porn from Peru

Summer in the wine country

Okay, I am coming clean

Question from a camera novice

The insurance industry bought a nice long segment on ABC's 20/20 tonight

why are my intestines disintegrating? diverticulitis

Air Force to use acupuncture to treat PTSD and chronic pain

Today’s Foundation, Tomorrow’s Crisis: The Geithner-Summers Proposals

Must See: Bill Moyer Has A Great Piece On How The Health Industry Controls The Media & Politicians

Death knell for NASA's Ares rockets?

Another "face" on Mars- in 3-D!

A moment of silence...

Suspect in gay sailor's death commits suicide

Experts puzzled by spot on Venus

Freedom to Marry touts pledge cards, gets name change (Maine)

What do you say to a parent that tells you she is worried you wont go to heaven?

'Super' ants attracted to electrical wiring discovered -- a fire hazard

I Finally Received a Reply From Joe Sestak Re: Same-Sex Marriage.

A Few Psychic Stories

Pray/Meditate/White Light for Single Payer Vote!!

I can't catch a break.

Is it possible to effect someone's dreams /thoughts

Just finished watching............

Pastor Harry Walther and his Satan's Rapture site.

Atheist Delivers Invocation at Cobb County Board Meeting

Question for atheist parents or prospective parents.

Court gives Santeria priest OK to sacrifice goats

Beyond belief: Atheists push for greater visibility and acceptance

Substitutes. So I'm about

Flourless Chocolate Cake recipes

What are the Creds for At Lrg 1?

WTF: Donald Rumsfeld admits Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania and unintentionally contradict

Texas A&M Statistician Probes Bullet Evidence in JFK Assassination

WTF: Donald Rumsfeld admits Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania and unintentionally contradict

The Official Story is simply untenable for many basic reasons

The Hidden Abuse of Reality Show Contestants