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Murdoch papers paid £1m to gag phone-hacking victims

bla a storm caused our news to run long...did Letterman have any good palin comments

Four year old tennis prodigy - enjoyed the video!

racial attack caught on video. 3 against 1 but victim hangs tough

Possible Drug Target Found For One Of The Most Aggressive Breast Cancers

Peter King

Kids Pack Bags, Run From Abuse / Grandsons beat & urinate on grandmother

Which is most evil: Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, or General Electric?

WJ discussing Money and Politics this morning

Ensign Career Death Watch?

Britain: Civil service plans 20 percent “doomsday” cuts in public spending

Britain: Civil service plans 20 percent “doomsday” cuts in public spending

Dump Them With No Notice

surge update - Bomb Attacks in Iraq Kill at Least 41

Greenpeace-Day Two on the Coal Occupation in Italy

Attention DU historians......Opinions?

Pres. Obama and Democrats not communicating to largerPublic

The perfect Republican...

Tampa Branch of FBI covers up White Supremacist, Islamic Fundy meeting:

Tampa Branch of FBI covers up White Supremacist, Islamic Fundy meeting: has Three TORTURE Articles

Americans Release Iranian Detainees to Iraq

A 4 Point Solution

Democrats Say C.I.A. Deceived Congress for Years (the bu$h* years)

Calling all African-American DUers.......

Iran:The Green Brief #22 (July 08) Latest news from Iran.

Gavin Newsom: Fight for the Health of Our Country

Murdoch Tabloid Hacked Into Cell Phones Of "Hundreds Of Celebrities And Politicians"

Dylan Ratigan...Can you shut up for just a minute!

So Cruel!

Yesterday on NPR the question was asked of those supporting health care

Bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed over 70 today.

FBI agent gets deferred probation, community service for shooting dog

Bernie Sanders' tales from the health care front

On news today I heard that only about 10% of stimulus $ used and talking of new stimulus

Atheist DUers and their children

Where can I buy one of these nice T-Shirts? Seems like the rightwing hates Miss Obama making a

Can DU come up with a list of D.C. dem politicians we agree are

A Brief History Of The Two Party System

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Real Health, Real Reform

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Real Health, Real Reform

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Real Health, Real Reform

McClatchy's act of journalism - Where's Pentagon 'terrorism suspect'? - - - Talking to Karzai...

PZ Myers Chides Chris Mooney for Urging Scientists to Humor the Public to Gain Respect

Warren Buffett Backs Second Stimulus

Marie Cocco: The Unemployed Will Roar


Where's Newt's tweet about Pelosi NOW?

Rural county asks EPA chief not to make it ‘The Ash Hole of Alabama’

U.S. Military Frees Five Iranian Diplomats Held Since 2007

A quick OT tech question RE embedded YouTube flash videos

a comic book about Bachmann called False Witness is for sale

a comic book about Bachmann called False Witness is for sale

Economist: FDIC Gearing Up For Bank Closures

From dKos -Howard Dean Liveblog: His Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform

Governor Dean will be in Atlanta on Friday July 10th

Governor Dean will be in Atlanta on Friday July 10th

So my brother-in-law from Orange County came to our place on the Central Coast for the 4th of July

Murdoch papers paid £1m to gag phone-hacking victims

Is there a good reason that every member of the Intelligence Committee

Financing your "untapped market"

Anyone Have Pictures Of Today's Healthcare Rallies? Media Blackout

Palin in a nutshell: Four words

Palin in a nutshell: Four words

Steele to GOP: I am sick and tired of your whining and moaning . You lost, get over it!

Yet another graveyard scam...

"Spiritual healer" burns woman alive in tub of alcohol - to save her marriage and finances.

Can anyone recommend a good book about Ronald Reagan?

Why is there a plus sign next to the recs?

Ensign had his mistress's kids calling him uncle John

Democrats should support the expansion of Latin American democracy

Obama & Afghanistan: Funneling More Soldiers and More Money into the Demonic Suction Tube

Pullin' a Palin is now in the Urban Dictionary

I am tired of a lazy media...

The near future for Democrats

Ex-mistress' Husband Says Ensign Paid Severance

Clusterstupid Alert

Hoekstra accuses Dems of playing politics with nat'l security

National roundup nets more than 35,000 fugitives

Who is promoting the "public option" nationally?

The Liberal Media - What Exactly Does Rupert Murdoch Currently Own or Control?

Awesome protest music alert: Rage's Tom Morello in Street Sweeper Social Club

This may not be news to anyone else, but has anyone noticed

I have found one of the causes for the world-wide decline in the bee population...

Looks like Obama didn't take the US's loss in the Confederations Cup very well.

One of the coolest authors you've never heard of is dead

In preparation for marrying other species, I thought we'd start with this short video...

GOP Senator: Obama the New Hitler

For What It's Worth

Palin Top Choice Of Republicans … Concerned About National Security?

Afghan Truck Blast Kills 16 Children

Ensign, lover's husband offer differing tales of affair

Karzai Pardons Five Afghan Heroin Traffickers

More female veterans are winding up homeless

Anyone live in the bay area who has experience in non-profit program development? We're hiring.

Ways and Means committee puts Oberstar’s highway bill on hold for health legislation

Most of us have had weird experiences with financial institutions. What's your story?

Murtha: I would not have created the stimulus package the way President Barack Obama designed it

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Discusses Coup

Now that we can unrecommend a post, we need a 'worst of the worst'

EPA Racing to Replace Tossed Bush-Era Emissions Rules -- Air Chief

Probate, lawyers; what's really going on?

"A government, of the people, by the people, and for the people"

Sessions to call white firefighters in Sotomayor hearings

MSNBC's Dr. Nancy more audience-friendly than CNN's Dr. Gupta

Tonight, a message board literally depressed me. (Not DU.)

still looking for work...

Unrecommended This Thread

US celebrates 233rd 4th of July by placing British royalty on stamps

Is that a plastic Jesus

So...the Dixie Chicks merely say they are ashamed to be from

Anybody know why signup is disabled at TPM? (Talking Points Memo)

You all Suck

Employees at historic Chicago cemetery dug up 100 bodies, threw them in a pile, and resold plots

Employees at historic Chicago cemetery dug up 100 bodies, threw them in a pile, and resold plots

Michael Moore call his new film: "Capitalism: A Love Story"

This is the most ignorant piece of swill I have received in awhile--so I thought I would pass it

About this here economy - retirement accounts and such

Ranking Republican Kit Bond on the Senate Intelligence committee a bad example for intelligence

Most Scientists Support Democrats

South Florida's killer pythons capture U.S. attention

Sen. DeMint(ed) Hates America: USA is ‘Where Germany Was Before World War II’

Coburn Denies That He Urged Ensign To Pay "Restitution" For Affair

Woman on lying on tracks to 'clear her mind' hit by train

Covert stealth freeper "big black dog" tells his comrades about his undercover experience as a DUer

200 plus TONS of road salt stolen

Two bars in two months...

I think this RECOMMEND-UNRECOMMEND standard should be applied to elections.

Can't pay your doctor? Charge it!

$90,000 Veggie Burgers!!!

Blair as the new EU president?

Sarah Palin: Cover Girl

I Have A Recommendation On Recommend And Unrecommend

Unrecommend is broken sort of :)

Here comes the MSM Attack: Independents Edging Away from Obama

New words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary

"Hunger can be a positive motivator."

Once a thread has enough recommendations to make it to The Greatest Page, can it be unrecommended

"Justice is a Snail" - "Karma never sleeps" - or "the Power of Facebook"

CNBC: Is asking if 2nd stimulus talk is a smoke screen to cover up for more Government expansion.

Think Tank members needed...

One Thing About Unrec - We DUers Need To Make An Informal Understanding Of What It Means...

Details Emerge On Delay Of Bush Security Gate

UNREC this if you dislike the new unrecommend feature!

C-span 3. The republicans are sabotaging the health care committee

Explosive Growth Of Life On Earth Fueled By Early Greening Of Planet

Serious suggestion: I'd like to read an un-greatest page with the new feature

I have some first hand knowledge of stimulus money allocated but not yet spent. Lots of it.

PA Human Relations Commission launching official investigation into racist swim club incident.

PA Human Relations Commission launching official investigation into racist swim club incident.

NY-St. Sen: Shocker! Espada to Return to Fold

Tens of thousands of South Korean computers set to self-destruct on Friday

Is there any definitive word about whether employer based health insurance will be taxed?

Sen. Ensign's parents gave family of mistress $96,000

Issa proposes polygraphs for CIA-briefed lawmakers

What's in that bottle? Congress says water unclear

Recommend if you like puppies!

A thread with 55 Recs and 56 Unrecs will look the same as one with 1 rec and 100 unrecs

List of eponymous laws

The Coast Guard said the boat hit the wall at a good speed.

OK couple held in digging up child's remains and moving them from state to state

I unrecommend the unrecommend function, dammit!!

How much pressure would single payer take off of a 2nd stimulus?

List of eponymous laws

List of eponymous laws

Hitting Cell Hot Spot Could Help Thwart Parkinson's Disease

I have a new hobby.

From now on, any post with under 0 recommends should be read first.

I'd like to recommend more MJ posts instead of talking about Unrecommend

Poll: Most Voters Say Palin Unfit To Be President

Here is a US debt clock.

I think you should only be able to unrecommend a thread if you had previously recommended it

Forget the "unrecommend" populist nonsense, why not add "recommended" for peoples' responses?

Jillian Bandes of Townall is an awful person

Cantor: There is 'no way to defend' stimulus (yet in June he admitted stimulus creates jobs)

Anyone who unrecommends must have a weird sex feitsh

K&R if Democratic Underground is the best online game in the world!

K&R if Democratic Underground is the best online game in the world!

current registration: 142,538

I suggest we post R or U on threads so people can know ....

How are you able to Unrecommend when you havent recommended in the first place?

The unrecommend feature is badly needed

The unrecommend feature is badly needed

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) on Hardball right now

Cat fight on GEM$NBC on Health Care


Tell me what you think about our local Police

The Iranian gov't IGNORED the "unrecommends" they got from the people

Lawrence O'Donnell and the Ensign scandal

So I just called Schwab to withdraw some retirement cash to live on while looking for a job

Telling you that you're full of shit is NOT silencing you.

Can the Sunday liquor prohibition be fought on the basis of Seperation of state and church?

Dammit. I would love to see the number of unrecs my threads get.

Can I just say that Judd Greg is a disgusting asshole?

Michael Moore Finds A Title

I unrecommend unrecommend

I unrecommend unrecommend

Un-Rec This Thread If You Disagree

Skinner did it to make the Michael Jackson threads go away.

Since we now have the ability to unrec post.

Hundreds/(thousands?) protesting in Iran (more important things than Rec/Un happening)

Boehner: White House stimulus claims were 'nonsense'

Mysterious Tremors Detected On San Andreas Fault

The mess in Honduras is like dog crap, we would do well not to step in it.

Sarah Palin is a traveler.

This breaking story abour reselling graves and digging up bodies to do so ......

Unrecommend.. is that a codeword for Michael Jackson?

Burris Decides Not To Run in 2010

Underwater Exploration Seeks Evidence Of Early Americans

Sarah Palin is the fatal NASCAR wall-slam of American politics.

State Senator Allen of Arizona - the earth is 6,000 years old .....

Wow. Speechless. I'm surprised they didn't draw this with him wearing leather gloves. (Barf alert).

In 2012, you'll have a choice between Obama and the repuke candidate

If this unrec. feature is designed to better the Greatest Page, why not just up

Why not get rid of both the recommend and unrecommend functions?

Nielsen: Consumers Trust Online Opinions

Report: Janet Jackson Planned Intervention For Michael in 2007

Autism Speaks paid for an ad on MSNBC showing how states

the only thing about this new "unrecommend" thing is that it's in the WRONG place!!!!!!!111!!

This right wing T shirt takes the cake

Roland Burris will not seek re-election

Shocking Revelation: Bachmann & Palin share common ancestry

Move over Joe the Plumber. Make room for Frank the Firefighter

"Wasteful spending" is GOP codeword for any spending that HELPS people

Pool Club that Tossed out Kids PA launches HRC Investigation

Campaign finance reform-when will we make progress?

A Helpful Link

Excuse me but what is the "Friends and Family" Movement?

Coburn: 'I will never reveal' what I told Ensign

If we had unrecommend two weeks ago, no Michael Jackson threads would've been on the Greatest Page

I'm a bit scared to ask this, but....

According to various online dictionaries, unrecommend is not a word.

KA-POW that's got to hurt

WOW! Thank you ALL for the recs and comments on my sarahpalinunderground post...

Land of the free? American Dream?

Ricci to testify against Sotomayor- and here's a list of the rest of the witnesses

Need some info on the "cap & trade" bill to refute a RWers

and then they introduced the unrecommend feature...

Thanks, DU... It was fun while it lasted.

There are those who believe in God and those who don't believe in God yet. - Athiesm is a fad

We need an "unrecommended feature" forum

What does Rec/Unrec mean to you?

The new unrecommend function is a bad thing...

K&R if there should be a resolution honoring Michael Jackson!

Unrec Feature ? Fine...I'm going Troll Hunting full time now !

"Good dancers make the fittest mates" says german research

FBI says the bureau not investigating the Ensign matter

Libel lawsuit filed against Wikipedia Editors

Cystic Fibrosis Screening Legislated for All Newborns by 2010

All I can say about rec/unrec is...

The answer to age discrimination is 'Just for Men'

I thought part of being conservative meant conserving our natural resources

Is it possible to customize the DU home page that has the news, & editorials

When posting about celebrities, may we have a Dead and Undead button?

I LOVE the new UN REC. I just wish DU could do the same for "DUPES"

Panetta orders internal probe of secret spy program after...Congress says CIA misled them.

Ok, found a problem with the new feature

More Than $600 Billion And Counting: Iraq War Lies Revisited

Kudos to Skinner for wiping all of the MJ threads off of DU!

CNN's (former Bush assigned reporter) Suzanne Malveau just unfairly trashed Obama's re:G8 Meeting

Top 5 Contractors FY 2009 YTD

the new UNREC feature

CNN Poll - Is OBAMA TOUGH ENOUGH Being Freeped!! 52% NO.

Swine flu shots at school: Bracing for fall return (Children first)

Show negative number recs instead of "less than 0"

"Who cares? His popularity is no greater – in fact it's less – than my brother's..."

Use sparingly.

Resolved: Freepers are whiney crybabies Y or N?

just saw the "Family & Friends" video. are these guys connected to "Joel's Army" or Dominionists.

just saw the "Family & Friends" video. are these guys connected to "Joel's Army" or Dominionists.

Freeper reactions to pool discrimination

Specter strikes back, calls Sestak a 'flagrant hypocrite'

GOP Rep Thornberry: Panetta Told Us Something CIA Hadn’t Told Congress

Re: unrecommend. Repeat: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

Re: unrecommend. Repeat: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

Wow, we must really suck!

So I guess Barack was on the gays in the military after all'

Eight-State Dogfighting Raid Largest in U.S. History

As I think this new feature is far too prone to abuse

Portayals...500 Years of Women in Art

Rally to get Gov. Sanford out of office

Question- Should people be banned for using the unrec button?

Question- Should people be banned for using the unrec button?

I Concede The Following To The Anti-Unrec Crowd: W/o Unrec, This Thread Never Would Have Made It...

Recommend this thread if you think some will Unrecommend just for the hell of it

Buying American? Toyota Camry more American made than Ford F-150

Remember the "Simpsons" episode where the whole family, in a therapy session,

obama at the g8 summit...

Virgin Mary spotted in an Irish tree stump!

Healthcare Reform Rallies - Newspaper Describes As A "Small" Rally

Daily Kos: Request from Alma Felix on the anniversary of the heat death of her uncle

Anti-Republican Buttons Featuring Sarah Palin and Orrin Hatch

please caption

Your theory as to why Sen. Ensign's family gave his mistress 96K.

Your theory as to why Sen. Ensign's family gave his mistress 96K.

The unrecommend function drastically favors those who blog for groups

Fascist watch: EU calls grow for member states to open fire on migrant boats

To recommend or unrecommend, that is the question

Yunnan quake cuts wide swath of destruction

Does Governor Sanford resemble Pa Kettle a little bit?

Here's a story...... Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

Paul Krugman PREDICTED that the "un-recommend" thing would be an unmitigated disaster

Thank God...Mgt, Carlson's neck much better tonight on KO...

Nine-Year-Old Helps Catch Molestation Suspect

Are 1997 Jaguar Vanden Plas headlights interchangeable?

The Other Jacksons

Well.... Michael Jackson is out of GD

Do you care what the names of the people reading the news are?

Great! Now look what you've done Skinner

Anti-Zionism protesters beaten nearly to death by police: Hungary

Anti-Zionism protesters beaten nearly to death by police: Hungary

Smoke dope and save the state of California, dude

Coburn Denies That He Urged Ensign To Pay "Restitution" For Affair

I see this unrecommend button becoming addictive. Wadda you think?

Topics on the first page with less than zero recommendations:

Mysterious Tremors Detected on San Andreas Fault

Don't worry - It's not your post they're unreccomending.

Anthony Woods .... I'm really liking this kid

Who even wanted this unreccomend feature (and why)?

I take it how many *recs* a post had was thought of as important?

The anti-single payer/anti-public option forces seem to LOVE the new unrecommend feature.....

In Italy for the G8 summit, Obama eyes host country's ASSets...

Remember the Notre Dame Speech? Hey! The Pope Just Blasted Capitalism! Where's Fox News?

Slim Jim Shortages Cause Widespread Turmoil, Healthy Sodium And Cholesterol Levels

Ha! Now we can unrec all threads asking for recs.

Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family

House Dems Look at Taxing the Rich for Health Care

Water Conservation is the issue that dwarfs most others. Most people don't give a shit but they will

Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Raul Grijalva...

The Unrecommend feature has a liberal bias!

Mysterious Tremors Detected on San Andreas Fault

K&R if you think president Obama is doing a good job!

Question for MJ fans. Who is the greatest writer of all time? Is it Agatha Christie?

"it is acceptable as long as it's correctable"

Vitter claims GOP can block 'any' climate change bill

What do you think about

Why is D/U changing a good thing? This whole rec un rec stuff is TERRIBLE!

My Recommended has no meaning..

The recommend function stifles dissent and free speech

Climate shaped the worldwide distribution of human mitochondrial DNA sequence variation

Climate shaped the worldwide distribution of human mitochondrial DNA sequence variation

can't believe Sen Boxer giving more $$$ to Thugs of Fresno, CA

Is it asking too much to give the unrec feature a trial period?

world's top ten seed companies = 55% of global market

I've Seen More Dissent On DU In The Last 6 Hours Than I Have In The Last 6 Days...

Pat Quinn deserves admiration and support..Governor of Illinois who

Pat Quinn deserves admiration and support..Governor of Illinois who

I'm gonna surf through the DU forums, searching for OPs started by my enemies.

Kick and UnRec this Post if you think we should "Skip It".....

Twin Cities Loan Officer Convicted in Mortgage Scheme

Ensign & the $12K "tax" on donation thing..

Several people have unrecommended this thread, help me understand why

This thread SUCKS!

Who gives a rip if a post is "GREATEST" or not

Attn Skinner; Please dump the Unrecommend function

Geez Louise, are liberals USUALLY this impatient and resistant to change?

Frank proposes home loan plan for jobless

Do you support the DLC

Homeless Iraq vet accidentally runs over his son, may lose kids

The pros and cons of unrec (as I see it):

Karzai victory may trigger Afghan violence, US commander warnsDavid Haight, a top US colonel in Afgh

GlobalFoundries groundbreaking set for July 24 (Malta, NY)

Which DU feature do you fear may be abused more than the others?

How much importance do you place on the number of rec's a post gets?

It seems to me that egos have been badly bruised with un recommend

Please UNrec this post!

World's largest solar plant may be built in Cle Elum

Ensign's parents paid nearly $100,000 to his mistress

All these threads about the "recommend" buttons make me miss all the ones about Michael Jackson!

The Rude Pundit: Easy Predictions: No One Will Apologize to Nancy Pelosi

We had a health care rally today at Sam Brownback's office - pictures

If You Don't Want the Public Option, Get the Hell Out of the Way

Thanks to whomever gave me my star

KIA opening up plant in Georgia & saving a town

Firedoglake: Private Equity Firms, Our New Corporate Masters?

Right winger’s argument against a right to health care: ‘Should food be a basic human right?’

Obama wants to keep Bush policy on CIA briefings

Anchorage Daily News confirms that Palin is LYING: Ethics complaints did not cost Alaska any money

Employees Accused of Forcing Mentally Disabled Residents to Fight, Taping Them

"Yer Overeducated"

BiBi Is Losing It

Colbert Report today posts "exclusive “viral video” they shot with Howard Dean"

Palin, please don't let it be this...

Check out these pics of Malia at the G8. Very cool little lady!

Pelosi: Resolution on Michael Jackson Unnecessary

WOW we have this article by Rachel Maddow, and the big picture, right wing

Key Reason Palin Gave For Quitting May Be False

Glenn Greenwald: The significance of McClatchy's act of journalism

"Ask Not What Your Banker Can Do For You

you believin' this shit? AIG wants government blessing for exec. bonuses

Holy DOG!! The Greatest Page!!! Wow!!

This reminds me of the day we told the office we were upgrading to Windows XP

Clinton appointee takes over as Chief Judge of the quickly changing 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OKay, Mods, how do I ALERT on the 2 freeps that UNREC'd my post about Andy?

Fantasy Poll: If you could choose between seeing

US damaged historic Iraqi site of Babylon: UNESCO

Drunken driver sues restaurant that served him

So, you like herd mentality? If so, unrec this post.

I'm seeing less deleted posts than usual...

What if threads listed the screen names of everyone who Recs/Unrecs them?

Isn't that creepy shit, Coburn, also some sort of religious official?

The Justice Department Roach Motel

Why do I keep seeing little eyeballs at the bottom of my threads?

Babylon damaged during US occupation: UNESCO

New York Post.... a "newspaper"...

What's your opinion of Camille Paglia?

An explanation of the new feature from

Portrait of President Obama by Italian artist Dario Gambarin (tractor drawing) - pics

Dad Attacked After Suicide Bid With Toddler (China)

How much did Jesus charge for curing the poor and afflicted?

All Rachel's talk about C Street, I decided to check out "The Family".

Hey Skinner...about the rec/unrec thingy

Which Contributes MOST To Keeping A Thread Alive?


"Available" road signs

I don't see any threads that express support for the unrec feature.

William K Black on how to fix the financial crime wave

On a FReeper thread about obesity in the southern US.

What is going on here? Is this my DU anymore or is it just a weird

What is going on here? Is this my DU anymore or is it just a weird

MN's Burnsville's PD try to silence Free Speech on the Corner. (thought the RNC was over)

The CIA, the Company.

The CIA, the Company.

Joan Walsh: Why is Palin lying about state ethics probes?

Kucinich, McKinney and Michael Moore on the DU home page. When will the right-wing DUers....

How the unrec feature can be utilized by our opponents.

GOP Senators to call New Haven fire fighter Ricci to testify against Sotomayor.

Poll: Can one generation raise the next generation to be more peaceful and selfless?

Poll: Can one generation raise the next generation to be more peaceful and selfless?

Okay, the jig is up. We all know now that the CIA misled Congress.

Andrew Kreig: As Rove Testifies About Firings At Justice, Why Did DOJ Fire Whistleblower?

Congress’s $1.2 Million a Day Drug Habit

Gov. Perry of Texas is promoting a "right wing whacko" to head

Dumbing down Texas

Keep them playing: Stimulus money aids orchestras

She's stuck on free speech (She is one of us)

REQUIRED READING: Banks Intentionally Design Fees To Maximize Ripping Off Their Customers... LINK

CIA Vision, Mission & Values

Question: What was Palin's Secret Service name?

Republicans Rejoicing with More Americans Jobless?

So my friend saved a man's life, but probably cost him his freedom

$1.4 Million Dollars Per Day

So my friend saved a man's life, but probably cost him his freedom

I'm trying to get a sense of who likes and who dislikes the "unrec" function..

I'm trying to get a sense of who likes and who dislikes the "unrec" function..

I know what bullshit smells like, and this REEKS of it - Akron police investigate teen mob attack on

Tiny Burger "Dive" Will Close Because of Lawsuit

"Anti-Catholicism is the anti-Semitism of intellectuals" -Peter Viereck

Diary of a MadMan

Alec Baldwin's rip on Jack Cafferty makes the phone call to his daughter sound like a Hallmark card

Alec Baldwin's rip on Jack Cafferty makes the phone call to his daughter sound like a Hallmark card

OMG people it is unrecommened. It isn't like they are forming a list to

Tucker Carlson glad to have taxation without representation

Fox News: We Are NOT 'PURE' - Because - 'We Marry OTHER Species'

A 50 year old US Senator had to go begging to Mom and Pop to help him out with a girl problem.

A New Haven fireman will testify in Judge Sotomayor's confirmation Hearings

Important life lesson--always wear sunscreen. Oh god, the pain...

Rec this thread if you like Pie

Women spend nearly one YEAR of lives deciding what to wear

Rumor: Madoff to be sent to medium-security federal prison

George Clooney in earthquake-hit L'Aquila, italy. he'll make a movie there in September.

Marraige vowels??? Really???

For anyone who archives the ugliest FR threads, here is one for you on the Obama kids.

With unrec, effort that could go into smart discussion will instead go into electronic tug-of-war.

Thumb down to the "unrecommend"

Climate change is temporarily dead for three reasons.

Climate change is temporarily dead for three reasons.

Clearly you need two recommend slots for each OP.

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliff risks American box office (confirms view of some that HP is satanic)

Letter to an Irish newspaper.

The new Recommend/Unrecommend system--Yea or Nay?

New Texas school program drops health & tech class requirement: Fat, pregnant, drunk and uneducated?

I FINALLY beat the insurance company!

What 'silences' a post is if nobody responds to it.

Why did anyone WANT an "unrecommend" feature, anyway?

Health care overhaul bill suffers another setback (Why do the Blue Dogs hate America?)

3rd racist remark about our president from Honduran coupster serving as foreign minister.

The Curious Legend of John Wayne

" Was The CIA Hiding Cheney's "Executive Assassination Ring"?

Either way - a thanks to Skinner/et al

Stunning al-Haramain Filing Shames Obama; Shows Duplicity Of Officials

Andy's medical horror story 4 years ago is all you need to know about how effed up Health Care is..

Now that right-wing DU'ers can "unrecommend" threads off the greatest page

I love how people here think they are "left wing DUers" and everyone else is a "right wing DUer."

Robert Reich: 'When Will The Recovery Begin? Never.'

If you "unrec" a thread, do you also "hide" it as well?

How often do you visit the Greatest Page?

FBI Squelched Investigation of Post-9/11 Meeting Between White Supremacist and Islamic Extremists

US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars . . .

Levi Johnston talks about Gov. Palin's resignation

The Nation: Does Rachel Maddow Speak for the Left?

Rush Limbaugh displeased with 477 Recs on Greatest call for him to be thrown off Armed Forces Radio

Why it is so very important not to let fundamentalists gain power

Roadside memorials - driver distractions?


Finally someone pays back United Airlines for bad treatment!

The unrec feature is simply a tool to keep divergent opinions off the greatest page

This Is What Happens When You Get Cancer in America / And in France

Graduates of Temper -Tantrum Academy

RIP: Critical Thought on DU

The Vilification of Cynthia McKinney

The Vilification of Cynthia McKinney

Most vile looking fast food menu items of all time

I can has caption?

Extrajudicial Killing: US Attacks Kill 45 People in Pakistan

Error: you can't recommend your own topics.

This whole rec/unrec thing both in theory and in practice is fascinating

Johnny CASH Ensign - Rachel you're the best

Would you be supportive of an Un-Greatest Threads page?

A new DU feature that I would love to see - the Congress forum added to

Roland Burris will not run for the Illinois Senate Seat in 2010

Twenty-First-Century Colonialism in Iraq- Colonizing Iraq: The Obama Doctrine?

People who complain about gas prices probably drive too damn much in the first place

Watching Rachel Madow: When GOP says "family values"

Americans keep marrying other species, like Irish and Italians (FOX)

So Does Anybody Want to Guess What the Hell the CIA Did That Has Everyone in a Tumultuous Uproar?

Letter Sparks Investigation of Baxter Vaccine by New Zealand Minister of Health

Ban Still Enforced on GM Alfalfa (Monsanto)

"Cash for Clunkers" wins over U.S. drivers, dealers

Archaeologists hit jackpot in Mali

'For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment.'

Does Nancy Pelosi deserve an apology ?

Is bashing Dennis Kucinich the new DLC talking point?

Doctor walks 700 miles for health care reform (PLEASE KEEP THIS KICKED)

Laurence O'Donnell asks some really good questions

Poll about Philadelphia pool club incident (CBS affiliate):

Which of these players can a healthy market do without?

Stockbroker wore a designer suit, ordered a glass of champagne – and jumped

Do you think that rude and nasty people can really be liberals?

The Unrecommend Feature SILENCES Free Speech and Dissent.

People need to get some thick skin around here

Michael Moore unveils title of his new documentary

Pharmacists can't refuse Plan B pill, appeals court says

Just Checked In And Saw The New Feature. Then I Saw The Whining. Then I Saw How Well It Works.

Gave the little neighbor kid a BIG book of geography the book was bigger than 10x15

TIME Magazine Cover: Sarah Palin pic & now calling herself a longer a Maverick

A Way for Skinner to check for unrec trolls


We are introducing a new DU feature that people have been requesting for a long time. (EDITED)

(Stumbles in, falling on floor with clothes shredded...)

Who here has negotiated a better price for a new car than the sticker price?

"Fuck you, with love." A poem. A very bad poem.

In the interest of trying to be a better environmentalist -- anyone tried a Shamwow?

The Cute Little Puppy Dog Song

I wonder how many of the people complaining about the overdose of MJ

This nightshift gig is fucking brutal...

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote for the day! Enjoy!

Phrase of the day: "A mellow ungulate who didn't spit once"

Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?

I have always wanted to live in New York at some point in my life.

Who was behind the JFK assassination?

I got some reds

Advice on Vinyl requested.

I just read the nine scariest words I will ever read:

Flash Dance in Stockholm

I left my fridge door open all day

leather boots are still in style for manly footwear

Seen on a truck: "Lesbians Need Lovein' Too!"

Anyone watch "Warehouse 13" on SciFi (excuse me, "Syfy") last night?

What is it about going on vacation that brings deadlines out of the woodwork?

Baseball Fans Delighted By New Between-Innings Fuck-Cams

have you ever peed in the pool?

Let's get the record for the LOWEST recommendations! Get this to -100!

You stay classy, Lindsay Lohan (refuses to pay locksmith's fee)

Has this gross and sickening thing been posted before? The Heart Attack Grill Video

In my personal battle against ebullient effusiveness

Why can't we rec or un-rec our own threads??

Unrecommend my post if you hate Chuggo.

WTF!!! We cannot rec or un-rec threads in the Sports Forum.

Best current commercial character(s) on TV

Congratulations DJ13! 10,000 posts!

DU Song Of The Day

Congratulations Blue_Tires! 15,000 posts!

Apparently Jeffrey Hunter was good enough to play Jesus, but Shatner was preferable as Captain

*******HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY to AlCzervik!!*******

What flavor are you?

Where is James Blunt's triangle? Check out 1:41

Good morning Lounge

Check out this pic the wife took of me and the girlfriend.

Public service announcement: Beware of blue food coloring.

Phantom vibrations

wait what.............? we have an unreccing option now?

Uh-oh! Skinner and Earlg are trusting us with blue food coloring again

OK so how would I go about getting the least recommended thread on DU?

Can I get you anything?

A Big Hugh Hi To lost-in-nj!

child drowns in pool in the county where I live

Un-recommend this thread please. I wanna see how low I can go.

All *I* want is a thread with the most 'Unrecommends' is that too much to ask?

Go ahead and laugh

Go ahead and laugh

Obama sucks. Democrats suck. Liberals suck. Sarah Palin rules.

make skinner eat his hat, rec my thread!

The "unrecommends" ROCK, because they'll make compiling my "BITE ME" list so much easier.

FEEL the burn! COME ON, gimme 10 more! Loathsome Reality "Star" Heidi Montag is now a "Fitness Guru"

Uh-oh! Skinner and Earlg are trusting us with unrecommends again

Is it just me or did the "dickhead" factor go up by about 1000 percent within minutes of Unrecommend

Is it just me or did the "dickhead" factor go up by about 1000 percent within minutes of Unrecommend

San Diego



Beeeee !


I haven't been here in a few days and wtf is up with "unrecommend"?


Clearly, the Longue is unpopular...

Unrecommend should have a count, just like recommend does.

Skinner, here is a recommendation...

Who is my celebrity twin?

What do you think of zoos?

One of my posts got an "Unrecommend" rating.

Have you ever in your life kissed yourself in the mirror?

Attention all Mothers!


Some questions abt the UnRec, but also a big bwa-ha-HAH for my threads!1

I went to type in "Democratic Underground" but I had my fingers positioned wrong on the keyboard.

I want to create a thread that is unrecommended forever

Steve's genius is a fucking job.

Um did they change the rec system?

Woman claiming to be "possessed by the most beautifiliest angel lusefer" sues Hef for $3 Billion

Clearly, the Tongue is unpopular...

Apparently, I should have copyrighted my material.

29-year-old Hit by Mixing Blade Falls to Death into 8-Foot Vat of Boiling Chocolate

Rush is totally the best talk show host in the universe

NL East standings at mid season:

You know there are some weird people here

I'm gonna have a chicken sandwich and chicken soup (sans noodles). What are you having?

Damn leprechauns. We just had the guy out to spray for them.

"Unrecommend?" Here's what Ben Franklin said in 1786 when he tried the feature on his OWN Web Site.

Right now, only my Sarah Palin love thread and Pevvy Ben Franklin are positively rated...

The Unrec feature HATES Baby Jesus and America!

Today's FReeperism: Marriage "vowels"!!!

Pevvy Ben Franklin loves Sarah Palin.

Flights at JFK delayed -- by turtles!!

LynneSin's REAL Hairdo

I had a good day in teh Lounge...

I'll be in Times Square tomorrow. Any dining unrecommendations?

I Want To Have The Most Rec Post In DU History

Which Restaurant Chain Would You Unrecommend?

I want to create a ____________________ that never dies

The Man I Love

Oscar Mayer's Eulogy

Must..... resist...... unrecommend.... button..... too..... tempting.... cannot.... control......

Right about now....

I'm feeling contrary today.

You know, the Nazis had unrecommend buttons they made the Jews click.


I'm watching the original "Gone in 60 seconds" on rental

Muggles: Ever flown with your broom? Watch this!

Pick an item on your desk, Google it for images, and post the first image

Now that Oscar Mayer is dead and gone, should we rename the bologna? nt

St. Thomas

Has the Unrecommend Fairy neutralized the Recommend Fairy?


I unrecommed the world

Rush is totally the best band in the universe

Am I weird?

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

My Favorite Things

My Little Girl

Unrecommend my thread if you think the Squirrel Award was a better way to deal with the situation.

Never give us Loungers any sort of push/pull toy

Tell Me What To Do

A 21 Bun Salute for Oscar Mayer.

Almost all the current threads in the Lounge are registering below zero

(Fallin' Like) Dominoes

Music is my sanctuary

Halt! I am the Unrecommend Avenger.

does anyone know what the three biggest lies in the world are?

why is The Lounge being "purged" of its posters? Some of them were good people.

Suggestion: Choice of "Recommend" or "Walt Starr" (A.K.A. "Unrecommend Me Right Fucking NOW")

School Days

my previous post has "disappeared".... all I asked is what is happening here in the Lounge?

She's A Woman

She's A Woman

Faygo Kid

Rock Creek Park

Windmills Of Your Mind

Jesus Christ, could you settle down please?

Who Loves You Better?

Crap, I broke my unrecommend button.

Why do so many thread titles have "double" quotes this afternoon?

Stories To Tell

Does <0 votes mean someone has unrecommended my post?

Cisco Kid

Please un recommend this post....

Black Market

Frisco Kid

Bengel tiger born without stripes

Turn your head and cough.

Steve Jobs is a fucking genius

Favorite Mariposisms

I Want To Be Where You Are

To cat lovers and lovers of good music - turn up your speakers

so what will it take now to get ANY positive number of recs on a lounge thread?




Sudden head pain upon movement

Unrecommend, finally I can be a dick in an official capacity

Freddie's Dead

Everybody recommend Freddie's Dead (Mr.Scorpio's post)

Dude, Unrecommend is not even a word in the English language

Which is cooler?

Fuhgit 'Unrecommend'. Just thumbs up or thumbs down.

where is Malta Blue?

Gawd Damit, My Sister does some stupid things sometimes

What is that one thing, you can't do without?

Going to the Outer Banks

we will be walking/hiking thru Croatia this October. I have just one question before we go:

I Heard The 'Outer Banks' is going to have a Hurricane this weekend?

I'm already bored with the unrecommend feature

I'm sorry, but it just DOESN'T QUITE WORK when you're White.

Why Do Posts Asking where people are get locked?

Body Odor and Elevators - a deadly combination

People with caller ID. Do you do this?

Where is Jobycom?

Where is Sparticus?

when did this become the algebra forum?

When toads learn to dance Flamenco

wanna laugh??? Achmed the dead terrorist

Ever hear the Sunscreen Song?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/9/09

My messianic complex

I am reminded of an old Elvis Costello song....

Need computer account management help (Win XP)

Where is Symarip?


Help Texas pooch found roaming the streets of Brunswick

Suninvited is my new hero.

I managed to burn off the hair on my forearm lighting the grill.

You know you're from Delaware when.......

our former cat, 'Miss Moo' has returned to our home. She only wants to be

I am feeling sorry for all the unrecommended posts in here

Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

Not even art is immune.

Okay...I'll be the one to say it...most of you people SUCK

Just remember the one thing Fred Thompson got right:

"Music, is a visible thing. Close your eyes. Then you will see."

Where's sasquatch?

What are you listening to? Me - Bowie's Reality Tour

Does natural Symarip ever go bad?

What do you do when you have that "not as fresh" feeling?

Rhymes with suck

I think that there should be an Upchuck option, then we

You know how the Natinals always find some crazy way to lose? Apparently, they found a crazier way..

I think that there should be an Unkick option

So... Why exactly is a 3D movie about animated, talking guinea pig super spies a good idea?

Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?


I found a video of the lounge.

Which Celebrity Do I Resemble Most?

Ever feel like every day is the same?

the other blake shelton (thought this was cool*)

Where is Waldo?

WOW! This new "Hide Mods" feature is AWESOME! Look for my "Tribute To Breasts" thread in 5 minutes.

I crave fried zucchini from Carrabba's

Anyone see the theater and DVD versions of "Slumdog"?

Am I the only sonofabitch who can't stand The Office?

Original Paul Revere & The Raiders lead guitarist Drake Levin dies of cancer at 62

OMG, I can see my apartment from street level on Googe Maps.

well the house went smooth with the move in

Let's have a flamewar: correct pronunciation of the Greek sandwich "gyro".

The Eiffel tower gets destroyed in two movies this summer.

Tell me how much Comcast sucks because

Ever notice how much of DU is devoted to suckage?

Baseball Fans Delighted By New Between-Innings Fuck-Cams

I just had my hair done - what do you think

The Sky Masterson 4th(one time only)Daily Poetry thread break .

Favorite Malapropisms


I'm having a wicked creamed corn craving.

Chicken in a Biskit

Men and Women - differences Iisted I found to be just about spot on

Billy Mays Tribute Tonight On Discovery 9pm EST!

A Spicy Mustard?

New/old entry on my music blog

SO THE YANKS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN

Freddy's Dead

Blast from the past: Seven Days Underground, by Skinner

"Daniel" and the Lions

Musicians: Ever flown with your instrument? Watch this!

Would you be entertained in a bar to watch an older gent with

Where's the beef?

"Firefly" is a pretty damn good show

In light of everything that's happened over the last few weeks I just wanted to say this

sooo who are all these new people

DUers who know me know that I hate Yahoo, but not half as fucking much as I hate them right now

You know you're from Montgomery County when..........

Need advice about what to wear to a wedding Saturday night...

I have a theory as to why so many famous people have died

I'm tired and will go to sleep soon... I had a bad dream last night

2009 is going to go down as one TOUGH damn year

I watched Muholland Drive for the second time last night.

If you had the money to take a vacation ANYWHERE in the world...

Woman sues hotel; says daughter got pregnant by using the swimming pool.

OK, so how about un-Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings?

ok.. DU'ers.. i'll have one week in NYC before i become a student in NYC

If you're tired of pet threads, don't read this.

My wonderful husband cleaned out our bank account!

Got any farmers here in the lounge?

What makes Sarah Palin so popular?

Can someone tell me if the same moderators are chosen over and over and over

We took in over 300 bucks today at our a precaution about 2 I took extra cash inside to safe

Baseless expenditures By Chalmers Johnson

Bombings in Mosul, Baghdad kill at least 41

Obama talks spur rights call by Russian activists

House Democrats say CIA lied (Nancy Pelosi was RIGHT after all)

Key Reason Palin Gave For Quitting May Be False

Ban blasts G8 emissions targets

In Wake of Turmoil In China, Minorities Face Painful Options

Hundreds protest in Iran, defying crackdown vow

World leaders want deal in trade talks

Cyberattacks Jam Government and Commercial Web Sites in U.S. and South Korea (Still happening)

Pakistan to begin return of displaced next week

Communist leaders vow stability after China riots

Karzai pardons five Afghan heroin traffickers

Challenge to India gay sex ruling

Stalemate ahead of Honduras talks

US Lawmakers Sound Alarm About Commercial Real Estate Market

Developing Nations Challenge G-8 on Dollar, Climate, Power

Afghan gov't revises contentious marriage law (marital rape)

Barak Ravid / Netanyahu's paranoia extends to 'self-hating Jews' Emmanuel and Axelrod

Egypt arrests 25 in 'Suez plot'

Police to probe phone hack claims

Indian toxic alcohol 'kills 96'

The Good News: A New Monkey Is Discovered; The Bad News: It Is Already at Risk

South Carolina girl, 8, dies after two shots to head

Warren Buffett says second stimulus might be needed

Racism, discrimination widespread inside HFD?(Houston Fire Department)

Another Alarming Video Taken Inside D.C. Metro Shows Driver Sleeping at Controls

Steele: Sanford, Ensign affairs 'old news, old school'

5 teens die in car-train crash in Canton Township

Eight injured in Central City mine

Mexico Accused of Torture in Drug Wars

SEC to call for Calif. IOUs treated as securities

Three inquiries launched into News of the World hacking claims

Burris not running to keep seat: report

Dutch hand back looted Iraqi art

Spy row erupts at G8 summit as Italians are accused of eavesdropping on secret meetings

Uncommon Detail Marks Rulings by Sotomayor

Proposal for unsafe airlines blacklist is rejected

El Nino conditions return to affect weather

(California) can't cut Medi-Cal fees, court rules

Honduras' post-coup leader fears arrest or death in Costa Rica: government source

Dems regain control of Senate, Espada named majority leader

U.S. reporter jailed in North Korea calls sister

Sen. Ensign's Parents Gave Nearly $100000 to Family of Mistress

Waves of job losses sap U.S. states' budgets

Boldness of Qaeda Affiliate in Africa Raises Fears in West

AIDS Activists Arrested After Shutting Down Capitol Rotunda

6 plead not guilty to fraud, bribery


Madoff will not appeal 150-year sentence: lawyer

Kohn warns Congress on meddling in Fed's affairs

For many Americans, health cover is key to a job

Tehran governor: New protests will be smashed

Active duty Army suicide rate on record-setting pace

China Says It Has Evidence of Rio Tinto Spying

Cuba Enemies Advised Honduras Coup

US releases 5 Iranian officials in Iraq

Obama presents N.C. wine to Italian president

Iranian police fire in air to disperse protesters

Every family's nightmare: Burr Oak Cemetery graves allegedly stripped for profit

Hatch Amendment #1428 Ending the Widow Penalty Passes Unanimously

Firefighter will be witness against Sotomayor

Illinois Senator Won’t Run in ’10, Officials Say (Burris)

'Historic consensus' at G8 on climate change

Obama Enlists Major Powers to Aid Poor Farmers With $15 Billion

'Hillary Clinton supports us' says head of Venezuela's Globovision

U.S. Marshals operation nets more than 35,000 arrests nationwide

Audacity of Nope: US prison tells inmate that Obama's books harmful to national security

China quake destroys 10,000 homes

Terror Case May Force Obama’s Hand on ‘State Secrets’-Motion Asks Judge To Rule

CNN Breaking: Ensign used campaign money to pay off mistress

In Honduras, One-Sided News of Crisis

Cities lose out on road funds from stimulus

Harper Spokesman Says Prime Ministerr Did Not Pocket Communion Wafer

Venezuela Says Clinton’s Remarks Reflect “Profound Lack of Knowledge of Our Reality”

Early-onset Alzheimers forces Judge Karen Williams' retirement

Homeless numbers include more families

US suspends military aid to Honduras before talks

Issa proposes polygraphs for CIA-briefed lawmakers

Amnesty decries Peru's high maternal death rate

US extradites former coup leader to Bolivia(AP)

Exclusive: Cookie Dough Loaded With Three Kinds of E. Coli

Venezuela steps up control of television, radio

House overwhelmingly rejects signing statement

Netanyahu adviser raises "MAD" nuclear scenario

AIG Is Preparing to Pay Millions More in Bonuses

Campers' "Complexion" No Problem for New Pool

Pelosi: Resolution on Michael Jackson unnecessary

Washington's Plan B ruling overturned

Just 96 months to save world, says (Prince) Charles

Massive bomb blast in central Afghanistan kills 25

C.I.A. Briefers Deceived Congress

CIA allegations back in the news

Sarah Palin plays identity politics

AIDS Activists Protest in Capitol Rotunda 07/09/09 - #2

AIDS Activists Protest in Capitol Rotunda 07/09/09 - #1

Rep. Murphy: Opponents of DADT repeal in Congress 'would love' to support it

Did Philly Swim Club Turn Away Black Children?

National Health Care Day of Action

Headzup: Rupert Murdoch's Paper Hacked Cell Phones

When Life Gets Down - very funny video

Al Franken documentary

Jane Hamsher on Health Care

Keith Olbermann: 'Sarah Palin-Pac Of Lies'

Republicans Try To Lower Subsidies to Middle Class For Health Insurance

Day in 100 Seconds - Viagra and Candy

Darrell Issa pays tribute to his nephew

CNN: Senior US Officials 'Willing to Talk with Taliban Commanders Incl. Omar'

TYT: Fox News Analyst Viciously Slams Sarah Palin

A terrorist responds to DU

Sarah Palin's Resignation Explained by RSU

Fox News: Americans Marry "Ethnics" and Other "Species"

Sanders 'I Think There Are 60 Votes To End Health Care Filibuster'

TYT: (D) Rep. JY w/ Cenk---Draws Line in the Sand on Public Option!

Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in The World Ann Coulter

FOX - Americans Not 'Pure' Due to Marrying Other 'Species'

Rachel: Death Penalty for Abortion Doctors and other tales of Coburn (R)

Jane Hamsher argues health care is a human right, but a right-winger disagrees

FOX's 'Hannity' Attacks First Lady as Rich Elitist with Yoga Arms

Theocratic Rule In America! The Family Making It Happen

right wing nut job makes video about democratic underground

Classic Franken destroying O'Reilly on Air America

Is this the change we can believe in?

G8 Summit begins in Italy's earthquake zone

Slideshow: President Obama at G8 Summit in Italy

US leaves Honduras to its fate (more 'Change You Can Believe In')

What to ask before waging war

Five Things the Media Refused to Report About Palin’s Fishing Trip

Iran: Inside Evin Prison.

Proof Positive of the CIA's BIGGEST Lie to Congress

Gene Lyons on Washington stagecraft

Exile in the U.S. Becomes Face of Uighurs

The Health Care Crisis: Letters from Vermont and America by Bernie Sanders

The Most Important Financial Journalist of Her Generation

Sarah Palin: Right Wing Savior or Grifter?

The church and the coup in Honduras

Netanyahu's paranoia extends to 'self-hating Jews' Emanuel and Axelrod

Only 19% of Americans say they'd vote for Sarah Palin for president in 2012

John Ensign affair gets even sleazier

Panetta Tells Lawmakers CIA Misled Congress Since-2001!!

Fixing the Leak

Robert McNamara and the Dreams of Reason

Google's a threat to you, not Microsoft

Start-ups give Google thumbs-up over Microsoft

Obama's vow of public debate on health care fading?

Dr. Jeremy B. Stern: Single-payer reduces waste dramatically

As Rove Testifies About Firings At Justice, Why Did DoJ Fire Whistleblower? (Seligman Case)

(Aussie) PM Rudd shares centre stage with US President Obama.

Single-payer system could remove burden from employers

Religion, American Politics and Health Care - a New Day?

GOP Senator Ensign allegedly paid mistress $25,000. Was it federal taxpayer money?

Chosen by Jeff Sharlet

Why the FBI Squelched Investigation of a Post-9/11 mtg btw White Supremacist and Islamic Extremists

John Pilger -- Mourn on the 4th of July

A Muscle Car to the Rescue for General Motors

What’s With This “Restitution” Bullshit, Senator Coburn?

Phone hacking scandal a major headache for Murdoch

What Did The CIA Hide From Congress?

Sen. John Kerry: Mother Nature's Nuclear Strike

Jeffrey Sharlet; Jesus plus nothing ("The Family" on C-Street...John Ensign, Tom Coburn)

IT Job Stats: Grim, But Some Hopeful Signs

House Democrats Draw Line in the Sand on Public Option (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

We Need a Jobs Package, Not a Stimulus Package

10 Dangerous Household Products You Should Never Use Again

UC San Diego profs come up with budget fixer: Close UC Merced

SATIRE! Palin resigns to a song parody from GREASE!

Taking flight: River flow marks birth of sanctuary for birds

Birds encouraged to fly home to new Rathlin Island reserve

Research could save tuatara

Feds agree to new bull trout protections

Aquatic deer and ancient whales

Peak oil notes - July 9

DrumBeat: July 9, 2009

Poorer Nations Reject a Target on Emission Cut

Plan to restore rare cutthroat trout sparks protests

Lucky devils put on a brave face

Farewell to the Lawn

New monkey discovered in Amazon

President Bill Clinton set to join the traditionally black greek fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma

Nancy Pelosi shoots down Sheila Jackson Lee's proposed Michael Jackson resolution

‘Evangelistic’ scientist tapped to lead National Institute of Health

House orders engraving of 'In God We Trust' motto

Senators Say Stuff: John Kerry Edition

What is it about "The Worse financial meltdown since the Great Depression"

Do you like the new "Unrecommend" feature?

Obama reverses another campaign promise; supports needless death and disease.

I work for a non-profit. The stimulus is HUGE for us.

Republican: "Creating bipartisan coalitions is important to prevent Democrat legislative victories"

Krugman is proved right again. (Sad day for us)

Saw This Pic Of The Vice President & His Son

Gnashing of Teeth by Conservative Christian Bloggers over Pope's visit with Obama

Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks area hell of a lot more Responsible for Obama than Jacko

PHOTO Will this pic cause mass hysteria too?

22 House "centrists" offer support for a "robust" public health insurance plan!

TIME: FDR's Lessons for Obama

What is "affordable" healthcare?

Obama Steps Toward More Nukes to Win Senate Votes on Climate Bill

Damn!! It's an Epidemic in here

Caption this picture

Poor Ed Schultz.....reporting that Obama's poll numbers are dropping, like a good soldier!

Jobless claims drop steeply, skewed by autos

Fox News also said John Kerry's medals from Vietnam were suspect. Are DUers going to post that?

I Think Obama Is Wrong To Not Push For Prosecutions Of American Torture...


firedoglake: Why Can’t a Better Health Care Plan Be the Next Stimulus?

Gallup: Obama support among liberals increases, among conservatives declines significantly

Please make this viral: Freepers call Malia "ghetto trash" for Peacesign shirt

Obama is most certainly an ass man.

So many Republicans on my Television with so little to say......

With unreccomend, I can build my own anti-Nader army. (Now I like it.)

Excitement on streets of Ghana ahead of Obama’s visit

Bill Clinton in TIME: Getting It Right

dennis kucinich on ed show says states are not properly using stim money.

Senator Baucus Optimistic Over Bipartisan Health Care Progress

Paul Krugman - "Unpersons" - Pro-Keynsian Economists

If there is one thing about President Obama's stimulus bill.

Families USA- this is one promise that politicians need to keep

TX-Gov: Perry Takes Lead From Hutchison in New UT Poll

DeMint: America is Where Germany Was Before WWII.

PHOTO: Caption

Jeb Bush: ‘I don’t know’ if Obama is a socialist.

MN-Gov: Not Looking So Good for Coleman

Report: Sen. Roland Burris Won't Run In 2010

Palin Blames Obama for Troubles

CNN Poll: Confidence in Obama Still High

So all of the sudden, Russia doesn't look so ominous now that

Reid to Dislodge Census Pick

Stimulus Not Working? Hold Your Horses!

A look into the next big controversy: Obama's gift to the Pope.

All I can say is Thank God

July 30th - Anniversary of Medicare - Logical Date To Rally For Healthcare Reform?

President Obama Has Never Been The Victim Of Unfair Criticism Here - Agree/Disagree?

Health-Care Reform's Public Support Problem

Great explanation of Palin on Slate

remember how Obama wasn't supposed to mention Pakistan? Biden wasn't supposed to

Palin Blames Obama (and Rahm) for Troubles

what's with MSNBC today attacking Obama on just about everything?

Ensign's Parents Gave Mistress's Family $96k


How the media "gets" that pushing a debate of a 2nd Stimulus could kill a Health Care Public Option!

Warren Buffett Backs Second Stimulus

Drudge on Malia Obama's "peacenik t-shirt"

Senator Leahy Holds the Future of the Peace Corps in His Hands

I would like to propose a challenge to DU

Not for nothing, but I've figured out how to come up with the $320 Billion needed for Health care

Did President Obama just break a campaign promise on illegal immigration?

Anybody here STILL support the Honduran coup?

MSNBC Breaking News: OH Noes! The President Stumbled for real, right there in Rome!

What other long-term projects had people complaining that "nothing is getting done"?

Welcome to OBamako: Africa Awaits Obama's Return

AU Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Ascertain Sotomayor's Views on Church-State Sep

If a detainee is acquitted of a crime it does not necessarily follow that they should be released

Brilliant White House move... having Biden showcase the stimulus.... in Boehner's back yard!

Obama RULES!*

Why the Vatican Likes Obama

Dear Congress: How To Pay for A Public Healthcare Plan

Corporate media at it again. Saying Obama broke tax pledge

Breaking News!!! Vice-President Palin resigns citing multiple issues in a rambling speech.

Water Conservation is the issue that dwarfs most others. Most people don't give a shit but they will

With foreign-policy speech, Clinton plans to raise her profile

Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Advocacy Alliance Applauds...Francis Collins for Director of NIH

Mike Murphy: "Gov. Sarah Palin is the political train wreck that keeps on giving."

PHOTO 'The Hope is in the Land'

Do the Conserva-Dems face much constituent opposition to their corporate toadying?

****Heads Up: POTUS Statement from the G8 - Live ****

I just called CNN's **BREAKING NEWS** Tip Hot Line.......

Public radio reaches out for help - or you, too can be an NPR source:

A question about this 'Stimulus 2.0'

VP Checks Out Tri-State Stimulus Money At Work

PHOTO Gooooooooooooooooool!

Obama Weekly Job Approval by Demographic Groups per Gallup

Jeb Bush: 'I don't know' if Obama is a socialist, lies about chimpish brother's approval ratings.

Obama's accomplishments!!!

Which is it? "Reid met privately with four Rs to assure them that he still wanted a bipartisan bill"

Dean Baker: The green shoots are dead- The US urgently needs a new stimulus injection

Six specific steps Gates can take now on DADT while Congress debates full repeal

Study: No increased fire threat in owl habitat

ZELAYA Interviewed on Democracy Now, Today, July 9


9th Communique of the National Front Against the Coup d'Etat

Oh the ironies, Oscar Arias' Manuevers to Get a Second Term as President of Costa Rica

CNA: REICH and MONTANER Exposed as Advisors of Coup in Honduras

BOREV: "Republicans Strangely Intrigued By This 'Coup' Idea (plus video)

US leaves Honduras to its fate

DEMOCRACY NOW Interview with PRES. ZELAYA - Transcript

Mexico Accused of Torture in Drug Wars

Cuba Cuts Assistance to Honduras

Presenting the founding members of the coup caucus, and push back from House Democrats


BOREV: Otto Reich Won't Rest Until the Real Coup Plotters Are Found

Deleted by Joe

Rep. Connie Mack Introduces Resolution to Condemn Ousted President of Honduras

Youtube of Rigoberta Menchu saying "It's completely polarized here"

Fuel for a Coup: The Perils of Latin America's Oversized Militaries

Stalemate ahead of Honduras talks (BBC)

Live transmission from Oscar Arias´ house, vía JRIbarra

OTTO REICH: "I Did Not Orchestrate Coup in Honduras"

Honduras' post-coup leader fears arrest or death in Costa Rica: government source

COSTA RICANS Protest Micheletti's Visit to San Jose

US SOAW Activists Stand Vigil in Front of US Embassy in Honduras

HONDURAN People Block Roads in Protest of Coup Regime (SP and EN)

LATAM Experts Call on Clinton to Oppose Early Elections Option in Honduras

Well, that did not take long ... Goriletti returns to Honduras

Heavy duty stuff out of Colombia; someone has pledged to kill one of Uribe's sons

Costa Rica: Arias for Early Elections? Vivanco. Swipe at Chavez. Great protest signs.

EVA'S UPDATE - DAY 12: Nothing Came out of today's "negotiation" meeting in Costa Rica

BIG MEA CULPA - I screwed up, It's Not Carmona's Brother, It's Worse

Guess Who Showed Up a Few Days Ago in Tegucigalpa -PEDRO CARMONA'S BROTHER, ROBERTO

After listening to al Jazeera's report tonight, I think we've lost Honduras.

In Honduras, One-Sided News of Crisis

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Wednesday night, July 8)

Mets annihilate Dodgers 5-4 !!!!

Minor Leaguer's hit streak reaches 45 games(Mariners prospect collect two hits to keep streak going)

I didn't much like the fargin' Giants when they was in the Polo Grounds...

Just so you know - you're all lame and can't knock me down any


Pablo slips to second in voting

Panda fails

Maybe we can put this to rest. The Dodgers are the best team

Heh! A Pirates Pitcher wins a game for the Natinals against the Astros!

When will the NY Chokers be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs?

Mets over LA 5-4 backed by amazing gem of a play by Murphy

Just want to say-I don't give a rat's ass whether you rec or unrec me.

So I'm guessing the two douchebag ballot stuffers didn't stuff enough

Screw MLB...Pablo was robbed!!!

From now on---In the sports forum of DU--- San Francisco will be called "FRISCO".

Amnesty: Peru's pregnant Indian get unequal care

US extradites former coup leader to Bolivia(AP)

Today in Labor History July 9 New England Telephone "girls" strike for 7 hour workday

Unions seek a new definition of liberty – health care for all

Labor Groups to Press Obama on Health Care and a Second Stimulus Effort

Stop Disposable Jobs at Lipton! (E-action)


Just another cog in the machine & more from Labour Start

Request from Alma Felix on the anniversary of the heat death of her uncle

Dog Eat Dog World: If You’re Not Part of The Solution Then You Are Part of The Problem

The New GM Emerges With Thousands Fewer Jobs, $50B In Government Money

NLRB files complaint against Ardsley Bus Co.

YRC, Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement; Shares Surge

World Cup Stadium Construction Hits Labor Snag As Workers Seek better Wages

No tax on workers' health benefits

Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

Darwin Award Winner!! Woman Shot Man During Foreplay

Man Shoots Intruder In Self-Defense Third Time In 2 Weeks Victims Used Stand-Your-Ground Law

"PD: Bullets hit houses as Valley man shoots at car thief"

Concealed Weapons should be allowed in national parks for self defense against wildlife

South Carolina girl, 8, dies after two shots to head

Guns should be allowed in bars.

Carolyn McCarthy shows she is uneducated about her own anti-gun bill.

Conealed weapons

Gun control group disbands after losing funding

What is Hamas' alternative?

Netanyahu adviser raises "MAD" nuclear scenario

Netanyahu's paranoia extends to 'self-hating Jews' Emanuel and Axelrod

The left went to the beach

Solomon urges behavioral changes in Jewish community

Jewish Defense League attacks Arab-owned store in France

time for another "defensive gun use" thread

Keep the Pressure On

Would you pass the packet round and invite the kids to light up?

22 House "centrists" offer support for a "robust" public health insurance plan!

Someone a while ago on DU was wondering if there was something in the water in Bachman's MNdistrict.

This Is What Happens When You Get Cancer in America / And in France

1 in 3 breast cancer patients in national screening programs is unnecessarily treated

Patients are losing patience

more from the backard

Add the next picture

~~~~July's Photo Contest Theme~~~~

A discussion on deflation from TAE

Has Obama or anyone in Congress explicitly spoke out about Bernanke?

They are still making sh*tpiles for others to buy!!!

Former US Assistant Secretary Of The Treasury: "Geithner Works For Goldman"

Don't Call It a Bailout: "Carnage" Coming to Your Town Unless More Stimulus Approved

Goldman Sachs Loses Grip on Its Doomsday Machine: Jonathan Weil

Goldman Sachs Trading Revenue May Beat Record, Moszkowski Says

AIG may have zero equity value: Citigroup

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Some days it just pays to bitch

Dan Savage addresses the gay rights / drug rights comparison

Renegade Dem flips back in NY Senate

God hates shrimp

Did an Ancient Volcano Freeze Earth?

A glimpse of ancient dying stars

200 patients sought for trial looking at how efficient maggots are at wound cleaning. (UK) saves $$!

The Energies for July 2009: Rebirthing into the Diamond Light - Starchild

This post in GD got my attention...

"Death to New Life...the Resurrection" - Karen Bishop - July 9, 2009

Take a moment to LAUGH.

Gallup: Obama support among liberals increases, among conservatives declines significantly

Hey Stonehenge and 2001 Space Odyssey Arthur Clarke

Caritas In Veritate

There are those who believe in God and those who don't believe in God yet. - Athiesm is a fad

Atheist DUers and their children

What happened to the monthly challenges?

Margherita Pizza, my favorite summer bread

need advice, please

Has anyone tried the Black Garlic Yet

Police presence reduced outside Bush home (G.W.)

To Conspiracy Theorists: What do you believe happened on 9/11/01?

K&R if there should be a resolution honoring Michael Jackson!

Question for MJ fans. Who is the greatest writer of all time? Is it Agatha Christie?

CanWest shares drop more than 50% - TheStar

Stephen Harper narrowly avoids G8 photo faux-pas

45% of all banks would not have made money if not for overdraft fees