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It's Still Kennedy's Court, Say Supreme Court Practitioners

Whoa! The Palin "spin" is making my head spin!

Socialism is alive and well in the BEER INDUSTRY.

Question about Palin house link to stadium materials.

Away from the media hustle, the Palins are finally able to relax at home this week

If you're gonna go

Zelaya Seeks to Hold Support After Honduras Ouster in U.S. Trip

Top Ten Reasons Comedians In The 21st Century Are More Powerful Than Politicians

Xinjiang capital in chaos as mobs vow revenge

Xinjiang capital in chaos as mobs vow revenge

Who was the worse Secretary of Defense?

Perfect cartoon on the Energy bill

Spike Lee On Michael Jackson - Great Interview

Bayer gets stiffed by potency pill heist

Zionist Fanatics Practice Serial Vandalism in Paris

Sarah Palin is just like Kate Gosslin

Seattle doctors try flat-rate no-limit primary care


Believe it or not, we are NOT the World's Policemen.

Believe it or not, we are NOT the World's Policemen.

Ousted Honduran Leader Set for US, Clinton Meet

There's a sleestack on Larry King right now

To Obama and the Democratic Party......

12:15 p.m.

Deaths in Pakistan Missile Strike(4th Strike by US in Two Weeks)

Man calls authorities after discovering meth lab in his home

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan Region at 642

Maybe she's getting her own Faux show....

Who's watching this Galen Institute 'free market health care' hack

"JULY 7, 2009 White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan" LINK

You have got to see this: Teabaggers July 4th

7 American troops killed in Afghan incidents

7 American troops killed in Afghan incidents

U.S. Home-Equity Loan Delinquencies Set Record in First Quarter

Times reader schools Stanley Fish on how to read Palin

Franklin D. Roosevelt would be considered a traitor for bailing out the working class.

Today's irony: 2 circuses hit L.A.

"In Search of Dignity" Op-ed by David Brooks.

US May Need a Second Stimulus: Obama Adviser

If the Healthcare-Industrial complex's $1.4 million A DAY effort to defeat the public plan works....

Helicopter Crash Adds to Deadly Day in Afghanistan

new shoes...

SC GOP Censures Gov. Sanford Over Absence, Affair needs to update their material

U.S. Warns (Germany) of Multiple al-Qaida Plots

Palin: Politically speaking, 'If I die, I die.'

This Modern World - Palin's star dims but still twinkles in GOP universe - By Tom Tomorrow

I don't know what happened in prison to the Gaffney killer,

dupe delete

OUTRAGE! Coup leaders to give press conference in Washington today!

Is there a link to Obama's speech at the

Oil, Gas Market Speculation May Face Restrictions (Bloomberg)

WARNING: (semi) SPOLIER ALERT! Anyone watch History Detectives?

New Healthcare Bill Lowers Cost, Has Public Option

Who do you think is driving this non-stop TV coverage of Jackson more--fans or the media?

Next week, we'll see some real repuke ugly: Judiciary Committe Hearings on Sotomayor

Study claims the Social Security numbers code has been cracked

I saw a tv news article that some subway stations in UK are being named by corporations.

I saw a tv news article that some subway stations in UK are being named by corporations.

Beneficent dictator BLOOMBERG, gracious in his known, future *crushing 'election' *

Mississippi Pol Said to Be an Ally of Gov. Haley Barbour Addresses Infamous Racist Group

MSNBC's David Shuster asks Dem. Sen. Carper if he was bought by off by big pharma and insurance co's

MJ 's body will be at Staples

Fundie freak: The Man is trying to keep a right-wing adulterer/governor down

6 Shriners Hospitals May Close - how awful

6 Shriners Hospitals May Close - how awful

Dayum, Lance ties it up, but Cancellara keeps the Yellow for now

Settlements Delaying Generic Drugs May Be Illegal, Justice Department Says

With no one to tell them what to think - this is the result

Senate Finance Committe may deny access to abortion

Talk Show Host John Ziegler defends Palin's resignation to BILL O'REILLY!

Talk Show Host John Ziegler defends Palin's resignation to BILL O'REILLY!

ABA: Sotomayor 'Well Qualified' For Supreme Court

MSNBC Has Now Lost Me As A Viewer Until.......

'I Am Not a Quitter,' Palin Says

Sometimes Palin feels like she's TIED to the Whippin' Post: "If I Die, I Die, So Be It"

Sen Klobuchar on the floor now RE: Franken

I just watched the previews for this movie this past Sunday:

Overheard at the post office yesterday

Another new Ethics violation complaint filed against Palin even with only 3 weeks left.

On 2, Al will be sworn in shortly. It is being announced now on C-Span!

CSPAN1 Covering Pres. Obama at the New Economic School speech

CSPAN1 Covering Pres. Obama at the New Economic School speech

Poverty near the “high hazard” coal ash sites

Banana Leaf Coffins Latest In Eco-Friendly Death Wares

Harvey Wasserman: Honor Our Hemp-Raising Patriot Heroes

Man Sees Image of Michael Jackson in Tree Stump

Just got called by the ACLJ re: Choice. They played me a short speech

Just got called by the ACLJ re: Choice. They played me a short speech

The Big Fat Idiot's not on today... :-(

Watching the MJ Memorial coverage and something stood out.

Attention; the days news has been cancelled by the Main stream media

WTF, Michael Steele? "Not having talked to the governor, I take 2012 off the table right now"


Harry Reid just said that Franken will be on the HELP committee after...

Please join me in sending a sincere STFU to Jon Kyl

Can anyone identify this (unfortunately dead) marine mammal?

Can anyone identify this (unfortunately dead) marine mammal?

The Rude Pundit: Palin Not Fade Away

Michael Jackson's deal at the Staples Center is on Scandinavian TV live

Looking at the police in LA, you can tell they can not wait for something to happen

Taliban Confirms Capture of 'Drunk' US Soldier: SITE

Senator-elect Franken to be sworn in 12:15 Eastern on c-span2... MUST SEE!

OMG Caller on Boortz says if we had elected Palin/McCain none of the financial mess

Sen. Tom Harkin(sp) just said that Public Option is doing well, so...

Dan Froomkin hired by the Huffington Post

If everyone with a conflict of interest in healthcare had to recuse themselves, no quorum.

If everyone with a conflict of interest in healthcare had to recuse themselves, no quorum.

Emanuel's "sufficient competion": Medicare Rx "benefit" led to MASSIVE increases in drug prices:

I just gotta laugh at the rw itgarts who claim the left is scared of Palin

Plant disease hits eastern US veggies early, hard

Palin:"I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that this is the right thing"

So I turned on CSPAN this morning, and Haley Barbour was giving testimony...


Anti-gay lawmakers to hold fundraisers at a concert by a gay rock icon, Elton John

Senator Franken

What is the term for...

What is the term for...

White House still deciding: War court vs. civilian trials

I've seen attacks on LA paying for the Jackson memorial

For those interested in sending Senator Franken well wishes...

car chase in LA on CNN!!!

Senator Al Franken

How do you know Michael Jackson is on the TV 24/7?

Freep: "She didn't quit like a kid walking out of MacDonalds, she resigned with dignity as Governor"

Arnold's Proposal To Budget Crisis? Fingerprint in-home support services providers and....

WHY are the rw lunatic igtards afraid and Deny Global Climate Change?

Sheldon Whitehouse: Climate deniers are taken seriously only at ExxonMobil and in the Senate.

Michael Steele "personally excited" that Palin is "freed up" to help "reorient" GOP and "grow it"

The most disturbing thing about this coverage of MJs memorial

A blast from the past, Sarah Palin PUNKED by "Pres. Sarkozy "

Latvian Banker Taking Souls as Collateral, seriously, no joke.

She never forgets her flag pin...but

NPR scurries away from suggestion that we might learn from history

Do you think in his heart of hearts that McCain is just a bit embarrassed that he selected Palin?

Mexican icon becoming a vanishing breed (cute photo alert!)

Michael Jackson resurrected at Staples Center. World's Religions Reel!

Huckabee+Romney=the next GOP presidential candidate?

110 degrees, 2 dogs left in a car, I called the PD

I have the TV off right now. I'm listening to POTUS '08 on Sirius XM

Sarah Palin is a real Merkin...

Rep Jackson Lee at MJ memorial on behalf of Congress and CBC

ATTENTION! Ann and Nancy Wilson of HEART!

C-SPAN2: Senator Al Franken - Live Coverage

Your worst example of corporate corruption?

So let me get this straight! - Sarah is quitting to become a "Community Organizer"?

US Takes the Russian Route to Afghanistan

Thank you to Amy Klobuchar, for taking care of Minnesota while this mess was being resolved

Grace Marie Turner lied about Canada's Health Care

BinLaden is really Big Foot!

What is considered to be a reasonable rate to pay for Health "Insurance"

Now it's really official - Franken is finally listed on the senate website

Well I called Reid and Franken and Dodd's offices and the only explanation that I got

you want to know why we have the health cost problems we have?

Does the left try to be too accommodating to the right?

The Dark Side Of Climate Change-'Already Too Late, Cap&Trade Is A Scam & Only The Few Will Survive'

The epithet for Sarah Dumbass....

The epithet for Sarah Dumbass....

"ONE DAY IN JULY" A Minneapolis/St. Paul Street Festival for the Working Class July 25th

Is that Smokey Robinson talking at MJ's funeral?

In honor of Sarah Q. Palin (The "Q" stands for "Quitter")

Tax on health benefits fading?

Leave Poor Mrs. Palin Alone!

Larry Franklin: Wolfowitz & Feith saw "shock-and-awe" as scaring Iran into "ground-level neutrality"

"Ghostboxes" haunt communities across U.S.

Car Warranty Racket Exposed On Today Show

Whatever Happened to the American Suburb?

This breaking news just in... Michael Jackson is still dead!

Debby Smith - The Hugee at the Town Hall meeting - Anyone see an update about the law and her being

One Of My Right Wing Clients Sent Me This Music Video

The Evolution of Extraordinary Rendition (Should we keep it?)

Did Rick Warren speak at MJ's funeral?

What is about females in power that gets DU going so much?

Sorry, double post!

I'm watching Senator Franken chatting with Leahy and somebody else on the senate floor.

I'm watching Senator Franken chatting with Leahy and somebody else on the senate floor.

Even if Palin had no intention to run in 2012, wouldn't she refuse to answer questions about that?

Palin: 'I am not a quitter; I am a fighter'

John Pilger on Honduras, Iran, Gaza, Corporate Media, Obama's Wars and Resisting the American Empire

What is your view on equal marriage?


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - pics

New "Palin Quits" photo-

McNamara's funeral should be on all TV stations

Todays Google Trends

Prediction: First Public Post-Resignation Appearance of Sarah Palin

Prediction: First Public Post-Resignation Appearance of Sarah Palin

Please make fun of the Texas State Board of "Education"

Dem Senators Who Oppose the Public Option Are Jeopardizing The Dem Majority In Congress

MarketWatch: White House pumps up national food-safety network

American Idol Worship

Hillary Clinton Proposes Dialogue and Mediation to Restore Democracy in Honduras: Zelaya not Happy

We need to bring back PAYGO


Breaking News!!!

Is Michael Jackson a good role model for kids?

Obama's Approval Numbers are taking a Beating in Ohio

I have a problem with "death heals all misdeeds" attitude

I'm hiding all of the Michael Jackson threads (this one too) who's with me?

I miss the good ol days on DU before MJ died

Islam Should be Offended With JACKO'S Memorial

NY baseball fan settles 'God Bless America' suit

In America you are innocent until proven guilty, not for MJ though.

In America you are innocent until proven guilty, not for MJ though.

At the risk of really being slammed for this I'd like to propose a

Who's behind the ActBlue campaign to raise funds against Rep. Peter King (R-NY)?

If you really believe that there is no hope of things getting better, why are you still here?

Its Idolatry

Sheila Jackson Lees's speaking at MJ's Razzle Dazzle Funeralganza.

More SC Sex Scandals Coming?

American Media Doesn't Want You To Know That Goldman Sachs Controls The Price of Gas in America

MJ still dead... still a pedophile. n/t

Ahhhnuld is finding out what the rest of us already know: The Big Banks SUCK

With senator seated, Minn. reporter loses beard

Debt Burden Accelerates Global Power Shift as G-8 Countries Lose Influence

I’ve never put anyone on ignore but many here acting like A-holes towards

Obama Hushes Health Care Advocates. Is the public option going away?

Something progressive and different is happing. The public radio stations in the Central Coast

"Department of Law" = "Ministry of Housinge"

Dressed in Burqas, Taliban Outwits Marines

Dressed in Burqas, Taliban Outwits Marines

Thread for those who literally couldn't care less about Micheal Jackson and aren't "assholes" for it

delete to save space...thanks mods

The government should only recognize civil unions

This is pathetic

T. Boone Pickens, the Nostradamus of Peak Oil?

US may limit energy speculation (BBC_

NeedleCast Industries to Offer New Service

DU this poll for Senator Al Franken!

Okay, okay. I give up.

Palin: "Department Of Law" Protects The President

Camry more American than F-150

Official: LA detective from Rodney King trial kills self

ABC-CBS-NBC-MSNBC- All Showing MJ Tribute Live

Clinton Urges Chinese, Uighur Restraint in Xinjiang

Roger Simon turns into Palin fanboy

Alberto Gonzales To Teach At Texas Tech University

It's A Good Thing The Moon Landing In The 1960's Didn't Happen on 7/7/09

MJ was * CASTRATED * so he could keep that high voice.

Vanity Fair: "It Came from Wasilla"

after watching the MJ tribute coverage today, i can only ask this:

Right-Wing Group Goes off the Deep End, Plans to Air Obama/ Hitler Ads

The Palin Conspiracy

Palin called Cheney and Guiliani before resignation

Palin called Cheney and Guiliani before resignation

Clinton: Costa Rican to mediate Honduras crisis

Clinton: Costa Rican to mediate Honduras crisis

Politics-as-Usual While the Planet Burns

Imagine if we lived in a country where a real discussion of health care could get the coverage

Poll: Palin decision doesn't change minds (CNNPolitics)

I like Lawrence O'Donnell subbing for tweety on Hardball. .

Reid to Baucus: Stop Chasing GOP Votes on Health Care

I Wonder What The Lady In The EVONY Banner Ads Here On DU Is Thinking About

For Sarah Palin so loves Alaska that she's sacrificing her title:

The Passing Of Other Cultural Icons

Hey Victoria Jackson, John Raztenburger, Stephen Baldwin, Robert Davi, and Pat Boone!

Michael Jackson's Strange Physical Abnormalities!!!

LA Times: Jackson memorial "both affirmation and denial"

I haven't seen one single solitary second of MJ coverage.

I haven't seen one single solitary second of MJ coverage.

I haven't seen one single solitary second of MJ coverage.

Have we deciphered the code yet?

Sarah Palin: Cut and Run

Stop bitching about MJ or I'll post a thread about the SWINE FLU!

Always Question The Premise

Who fucked up America more? Michael Jackson or Robert McNamara?

DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION! Palin: Non-Existent "Department Of Law" Protects The President

Do You Recall Why Muhammad Ali Did Not Go To Jail For Draft Evasion?

NY Times: France, unlike US, is deep in stimulus spending.

Maine (U.S. District) judge plans to assume senior status

Using MJ to sum up the feelings of the folks of Alaska re: Sarah Palin: "She's out of my life" LOL

It might get interesting if someone leaked to Palin that Romney was behind all her troubles...

You: Stop gushing. And You: Stop whining.

You: Stop gushing. And You: Stop whining.

Waxman: GOP "rooting against" USA

No Sale

To those who have nothing better to do than complain about the hijacking of their TVs today...

SC is gonna tip over with gossip - Why She’s Fighting For Her Man(Jenny Sanford)

"Bailin' Palin" Funny [ Comic ]

KO & Richard Wolfe are skewering the queen of the Department of Law

Pressure eases on South Carolina governor

Get your barf bags ready: Cal Thomas weighs in (featherweight) on Sarah Palin

Elusive creature spotted in Washington DC today: Harry Reid's spine !!!

Disgraced Dipshit George "Macaca" Allen Tries to Launch a Comeback

Evil plan to destroy humanity...THIS IS IT!!

Obama needs to stop wooing the moderates and DLC....

And the WINNER of the Al Franken Swear-In Pool is:::::>

Rachel is kind of funny

This Modern World: Palin's star dims but still twinkles in GOP universe

There is a pattern thats starting to build up here on DU

Reid to Baucus: Stop Chasing GOP Votes

Lance Armstrong is now in second. Coming off a four year retirement

AAUGHH! What's wrong with Margaret Carlson's neck?

Today, Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen will break $300,000,000 Domestic box office


Eager to Tap Iraq's Vast Oil Reserves, Industry Execs Suggested Invasion

Seymour GOP chairman to resign in wake of arrest

Sanford Steals Show at Jackson Memorial

JEB jockeys for position...on the outside it's MooseMom, followed by JEB, with Moose Mom...

Rove deposed — over eight hour period — in US Attorney firings

Today's the first day I've used "hide thread". Boy did I ever. 20 and counting. n/t

Today's the first day I've used "hide thread". Boy did I ever. 20 and counting. n/t

Details emerge on Sarah Palin's autobiography

GOP celebrates 24 hours without anything stupid, immoral or illegal happening, "We're back, baby!"

California's Disappearing Towns -- Huron may not be here a year from now

Do you disapprove of irresponsible people, or just those who are financial failures?

My Nice Post Of The Day about M.J.

today my eyes were opened and I am sad

Best Palin Resignation Picture...

On the Lighter Side: Two Man Gentlemen Band's Ode to Our Largest President

NYT: "Lights, Camera, lots of action"

Poor GOP, still looking for HEROs and all they got is ZEROs

Palin: "I'm not a quitter...

If You Are In Or Around Washington D.C. On Thursday...

LaToya's hat? Too much?

Offer a rebate then stack the deck against letting customers collect. What a fucking racket. (NO MJ)

Something has got to give ... and soon .....

How long before they say Michael Jackson's death certificate is fake?

Federal agency Web sites knocked out by massive, resilient cyber attack

Rove deposed in U.S. attorney probe

Honduran coup poll

So the Phelps clan was a no-show?

Rabbi Michael Lerner on "Call for Urgent Priority to Health Care Reform"

Washington, D.C. recognizes same-sex marriage

McNamara in the 7th level of hell

As Iran Calms, a Struggle for Political Power Intensifies - NYT

My high school neighbor GOPer Chris Chocola and Club for Growth look to bring down Specter

Sexual Abuse of Female Inmates in Oklahoma

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I know I shouldn't, but I just have to ask... Do Ana Marie Cox and Rachel Maddow have a "thing?"

Latest Green Brief (Iran) From NiteOwl - 7\06

Health Care Developments Moving Quick Today

Constitution Party - NOT the GOP - Palin’s TRUE Party

Little people ask FCC to ban the word 'midget' on TV

No retreat from uproar over Bohemian Club woods

Is the Occupation Over?

Divorced from 377, gay couple in 'fearless' union

True unemployment rate already at 20%

Gay Man's Life Worth One Year In Prison

Michael Jackson is not important

Is this for real ? If so I want one. (pics) My BS dector is moving... but I'm not calling it yet.

AP article knocks Democrats for putting Al Franken on Judiciary Committee...

World's wealthiest individuals are also the world's biggest polluters

Who are the honest Senators/Congressmen who represent The People, NOT the corporations?

Turkish economy in freefall

The key to successful relationships.

Why does RW radio love Rage Against the Machine?

Tylenol: If you take this medication, I am told that there will be

Other than staying home in 10 and 12

Darn, Brook Sheilds made me cry.

italian government politician sings racist song - and cheers too.

Since Sarah Palin only has a few weeks left in office

Question(s) for those upset over MJ memorial coverage:



Question for DUers

The REAL REASON private healthcare insurance companies cannot compete with a public option....

New law...not sure if it is national but in our state we have a new law that I think is subjective

Price Tag

Palin: If I Were In The WH, "The Department Of Law" Would Protect Me

Minister Greets Franken with Questions About Mockery of Christians

If YOU could depose Sarah Palin, what would YOU ask?

Sarah Palin in waders = George W. Bu$h cutting brush on the pig farm

Franken Bucks Obama in First Vote

Franken Bucks Obama in First Vote

One way to think about health care...

"Freedom from government is her battle cry until a vagina gets involved..."

Los Angeles city official estimates Jackson memorial cost at "$3.5 million and rising"

More teabagger photos the GOP probably hopes you won't see

White House: Acquitted Detainees May Not Be Released

Joseph Galloway on McNamara: "Reading an obit with great pleasure"

The Worst Addiction

Lift your head up high, and scream out to the world

Man In The Mirror Lyrics .... by Michael Jackson ...

MJJ tribute thread stop the MJJ crap. It is the day of his funeral It will be over please respect

MJJ tribute thread stop the MJJ crap. It is the day of his funeral It will be over please respect

US Occupation of Iraq Continues Unabated

Eugene Robinson says John McCain owes us all an apology

More Palin Toons!

Live: crowds in LA gathering for MJs whatever..

why was Ed Schultz so mad at Franken today?

Michel Jackson Gave 300 Millon To Charities ... (and you?) ...

We don't ask that folks like Michael Jackson but we do ask that some DUers not be ASSHOLES

What will happen when we stay home in '10 and '12?

Another Fortress Rising in America's Ring of Iron

Another Fortress Rising in America's Ring of Iron

Queen Sarah is thrilling her cult followers with creepy fundie codetalk

I'm really glad that Paris Jackson spoke of her love for her dad

MY opinion of Michael

What we're seeing is the celebrity-death industrial complex at work.

Higher Minimum Wage Coming Soon...

Why did Sheila Jackson-Lee speak at Michael Jackson's funeral?

UI Professor Compares Obama’s Pakistan War Policy to Nixon’s in Cambodia

What social problems could be fixed or at least be spotlighted

Question to the MJ/news coverage haters. . .do you really thing the networks would be covering. . .

Admins & Mods: He's been buried & memorialized, now can we move on?

I called rep Pete King and told him that Elvis was a Pedo Too. I also said that many Pedos rant and

"She puts the 'alas' in Alaska".

Michael Jackson was killed by US

Hunter Thompson Knew It Well: Robert McNamara's Vision for America Was Imperial and Elitist

Your favorite moment from Michael Jackson's memorial?

Honduran coup... I am freaked out

Honduran coup... I am freaked out

New DU Group: LGBT Civil Rights and Activism Group

I'm enjoying the Michael Jackson memorial.

The perpetual condemnation of Michael Jackson

Justice Yemen style. Not for the squeamish

To DU MJ fans, from someone who wasn't

According to Palin: "Department Of Law" Protects The President ... LINK

McNamara isn’t the only Mac I’d like to interrogate concerning Vietnam.

I pray to God that Obama and the Democrats are getting paid good

Being there -- Michael Jackson's Memorial at Staples Center

On generational phenomenon - my Michael Jackson post.

IQ of DU?

We run from truth and SPIT on a Golden Grave, pretending not to care, scared to be alive

Thom Hartmann, "Fascism Coming to a Court Near You"

We Had Him - by Maya Angelou

FARK has pictures of teabaggers the GOP hopes you won't see. Lots of them..

Caregivers, Disabled Block Schwarzenegger's Office - Protesters Furious With Proposed Cuts

Holocaust Denial


Black Butte burns. Lookout staffer hiked out with firefighters in middle of night.

Oh Johnny!

stlsaxman predicts: Michael Jackson Memorial to be THE LAST for a Musical Icon.

Has anyone heard of this......Occulus

No job, no money for Churchill

Sarah Palin: A Tribute ------>

Facebook preserves another bug in amber: Young Republicans Vice Chair caught laughing at ‘coon’ joke

Esquire interviews Howard Dean. He says the Senate is "self-destructing."

I'm going to ignore something by calling attention to it!

Glenn Beck and guest practically beg Osama for another attack

Iran: Doctors denounce terror in the hospitals

McNamara's Ghost

McNamara's Ghost


March on Congress or White House?


Justice Department Whistleblower Is Fired in Alabama

KO tonight -- "Let me talk to the architect of the Democratic 60"

KO tonight -- "Let me talk to the architect of the Democratic 60"

Bill Clinton praises Michael Jackson for Dem fund raising

How humans Could End War.

I Love This Video By Paul McCartney

Gran Torino *spoiler alert*

Three weeks without a computer

IThe ****UPS guy left my new laptop at the mailbox this morning, good thing I came home ealry,

Did anything happen while I was gone.

You are a real Michael Jackson fan when you tattoo his pic on your body

Just watched an amazingly strange and fun movie - "Fido"

i was going to post a Sayonara to DU

Kenny Loggins wrote this popular song for his brother, but he didn't make it a hit

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to bridgit (April 27th)!!*******

When I get to work REALLY early (like today) ...

Be prepared to awww..

Stockton, Ca sees either Michael Jackson or Jesus in a tree stump

If you could have one superpower, at the price of having horrendous B.O., what would it be?

If you could have one superpower, at the price of having horrendous B.O., what would it be?

Songs that got airplay through commercials

am i being overly sensitive?

musically i think i have been deprived my whole life

Take it Easy....

Michael Fucking Jackson's deathapalooza has lasted twice as long as Ronald Fucking Reagan's

Details emerge on Sarah Palin's autobiography.

Family summertime trips -- tell us the best and the worst.

Ethan and Stevie were serious players, even in elementary school

Where are all the drunks at?

"French tennis player Mathieu Montcourt dies at 24"

Co-worker just brough in a case of oranges, and an orange-juicer

Last week my dear friend was 'tombstoned'

Today is the Team Time Trial at Le Tour

I just took a long shower...

"Pass poisonous gas on command" and other one-line job descriptions

4 Years Ago Today, Andy Stephenson, died.

live one?

Michael Jacksons ghost appears on Anderson Coopers show too!

Kerry Vincent

Good morning Lounge

"He look like..... a man."

OMG, my son is now officially DRIVING!!

So, a lot of you probably know how to put real smilies in PM's, but I just

I just got a commendation at work, and it killed my boss to have to give it to me.

The amazing resilience of seeds.

Newsflash: Rush adds trombonist to their line up!

Newsflash: Rush adds trombonist to their line up!

When is Michael Jackson's death going to drop off the top 10?

A squirrel appreciation thread for Tommy_Carcetti ...

Star Trek TNG edits

Speaking of Carol Lynley,

I wandered away from the lounge for just a minute, it's scary out there.

Warning. There is a Brazillian monkey out there.

Movie theater etiquette.

Aesthetically speaking, is there a difference between cat shit and squirrel shit?

Will someone volunteer to give me a back rub?

So I was getting the coffee maker ready this morning...

Choose a DUer and post one thing we know about that person.


La Diva Ross a no show at MJ memorial.

Al Franken is DTM.

Did you know that Cool Whip contains sugar, wax, and condom lube?

Did you know that Cool Whip contains sugar, wax, and condom lube?

You know the old myth about peeing around your campsite to keep snakes away?

Which of these cities most deserves a "big four" professional sports team?

Someone please go to Subway for me right now.

Last night's Torchwood...

What is your home page on your web browser?

If a cat makes a pup tent, does that make it a kit tent?

I have a confession to make.

I'm having a personal moment (don't worry, it's not dirty).

I'm having a personal 'WTF' moment (don't worry, it's good)

Rahm Emmanuel

Question about the Pedophile label.

Employ me!

"Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes"

Tragedy struck today ...

World's Largest Burger Unveiled in Japan (300 pounds), with a black squid ink bun

Whew!!! I passed my drug test.

Holistic Health Care - Buy or Sell?

MJ was no saint. MJ was no sinner. MJ was human

Atlanta bound

I have no confessions to make

Can anyone identify this very much alive marine mammal?

Why are there playing card suits under PBR caps?

Why are there playing card suits under PBR caps?

When someone dies, should we only remember and talk about the good?

57 Degrees. Still Raining.

Tuesday, July 7th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Tuesday, July 7th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Is it weird for a 46-yr-old woman to be nuts about baseball caps?

Zombie Michael Jackson is rampaging through the streets of Tokyo right now

I've been at work. Will someone please send me a PM and tell me why...

Destino Disney& Dali

King Of Sorrow

Is Offensive Body Odor A Reason to Boot A Roommate?

Mollie Sugden died July 1...

Remember when MJ threads used to be fun?

Rock me Joe

Is it normal for human sweat to smell like stale Fritos?

Things to do in Toronto and Montreal?

The Cure's Robert Smith and singer Morrisey unite for MopeAid, a benefit for the world's sullen

I think the .49 tacos at Taco Bell are way overpriced

The moral of "Children of the Corn" is that it's a bad idea to stray from the interstate

Ice Cream! Get Your Ice Cream Here!

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Thread for Andy Stephenson in GD

I don't like the beatles all that much.

BREAKING: Family of the Hawaiian singer Don Ho reveal that tiny bubbles made him happy, feel fine

Full moon on New Year's Eve this year.

Got Till It's Gone

The simple summary of the news coverage this past week...

Did anybody watch the Animal Planet show on the deadliest snakes?

Man spends $17,500 for rare video game

Conservative Ice Cream...

DU Song of the Day

I Painted Today

I know this will start a flame war

You roll with scat, you end up in the pub. Sorry. But it's the rule

They should give you one day a year where you can...

I found $18 in my coat pocket

Just so you all know... when I win Mega Millions tonight

Three weeks without a cigarette, folks...

You are obsolete. Look at all the white men on the street

Time to put together an "All-Dead Rock Band"

"Come take the plastic crap out of my yard, tonight!"

They say that you're no good for me

Thanks to MissMillie, I won the MegaMillions!!1!! Woohoo.

Reincarnation Bank

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Name this politician!

Has anyone else's Internet connection been really flaky for the last few hours?

Okay, I think I've hit my level of silliness for the night

Obama's a great President so far...don't get me wrong...he just doesn't clear enough brush.

So my mom & dad had a professional portrait taken

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Weirdest thing you ever had to do at a job?

Just a couple pics of Lucy The Nuclear-Powered Ninja Kitteh.

Just a couple pics of Lucy The Nuclear-Powered Ninja Kitteh.

Twitter is Gay

Some drunk dude keeps adding movies to my Netflix queue

I found MissMillie in my coat pocket

OMG. I just found my great great great great great Grandfather on!


creepiest vintage ads of all time

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I am NOT ashamed to love this song!

This business will get out of control!

Make love to these women, so languid and sweet

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/7/09

Baby mockingbird --too small, or learning to fly?

Why the FUCK is killing a parrot considered funny?

Electric Light Orchestra fans check-in

Electric Light Orchestra fans check-in

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Do you think this money making opportunity for Google is legit?

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What should I eat if I want to have the worst halitosis ever?

If You Want Awesome Dreams Tonight, Eat Fresh Bing Cherries

Just because I'm losing

We're all goners on 21 Dec 2012

If Escher had an orgasm, it would look like this:


Gorn Appreciation Thread

Am I the only one who hasn't read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie?

Check out this amazing shark video

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Watch the sun expel some gasses. Dial up warning!

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Corey Feldman. Moving Tribute or...well, just "OR?"

So the man who molested someone dear to me will be dying soon.

What has been the most life-changing experience you've ever had?

Your favorite candy?

Oh HELL! They're raising the fares on the MTA in Boston.

Serious computer warning if you use Windows XP

What's your favorite Geico add: Cavemen, Gecko or cash with eyeballs?

Ever been fascinated by a place that you've never been to?

Where were you on 7 Jul 1977?

Favorite performances at the MJ memorial service?

Any other hulu fans? What are you watching?

Compare your celeb crushes THEN and NOW

most fun thing you ever got to do on a job?

Which book(s) are you currently reading?

Anyone else here ever go thru Tracfone hell? I am now.

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Squirrel pops out of woman’s top

My Awesome Dream Last Night

BREAKING: graywarrior's DUCK appears on Larry King Live

Just got home from the Jenny Lewis show

Congratulations omega minimo! 20,000 posts!

[Britain's] MI5 accused of bribe offer in Rangzieb Ahmed torture case

(Golfer) Mickelson’s mother diagnosed with breast cancer (now, not just his wife - his mother too)

'Three's Company' star cited for drunken driving

Dupe delete

President Obama tells Putin relations with Russia can improve

Joe Montana to get $47 million in state bonds

It's Nelson (D-Ne) vs. McCain (R-Az)

UK foreign secretary in Pakistan

Petrol bombs thrown at Chinese consulate in Munich

Indonesia preps for second direct presidential ballot

More bombs in south Philippines

7% Electric Rate Increase Proposed

In Latest Upheaval, China Applies New Strategies to Control Flow of Information

Outbursts by Terror Suspect at a Competency Hearing

Obama says war with North Korea not imminent

Papal message seeks "global authority" for economy

11 NATO troops killed in 2 days in Afghanistan (8 US Soldiers killed)

White House still deciding: War court vs. civilian trials

Oil, Gas Market Speculation May Face Restrictions

U.S., Russia agree on nuclear arms reductions

Pakistan seeks 'militant' arrest

Boeing Agrees to Buy Vought Aircraft 787 Operations

California credit rating cut close to junk

Dan Froomkin hired by The Huffington Post

Embryonic Stem Cells—and Other Stem Cells—Promise to Advance Treatments

Official: LA detective from (Rodney) King trial kills self

Court official hints at amnesty for ousted leader

US military chief: Strike on Iran remains an option but one the US and Israel should avoid

AG Ayotte resigns, eyes Senate run

Palin: Politically speaking, 'If I die, I die.'

SC GOP censures Gov. Sanford over absence, affair

Xiana's murderer killed Pinole girl, police say (Amber Swartz-Garcia)

Government seeks voluntary statements at Guantanamo trials

Sector Snap: Managed care shares jump

Russia To Advocate Need For New Reserve Currency At G8 Summit

Poll: Palin's support still strong among GOP

Protesters held ahead of G8 meeting


Pope proposes new financial order guided by ethics

Rove deposed — over eight hour period — in US Attorney firings

American Bar Association gives Sotomayor top rating

Seat maker Lear files for bankruptcy

Franken eyes role as 'people's proxy' in hearings

Hundreds of armed Han Chinese march in Urumqi

Franken sworn in as Minnesota senator

Scientists Create Human Sperm from Stem Cells

U.S. ambassador condemns statement of Honduras' interim foreign minister

Honduras' Zelaya says to meet coup backers on ThursdayReuters

Clinton: Costa Rican to mediate Honduras crisis

Nelson (D-Ne) urged to block Sotomayor (by anti-abortion group)

Barack Obama urges Russia not to interfere in neighbouring states

UPDATED: Alberto Gonzales, former U.S. attorney general, expected to teach at Texas Tech University

Federal court ruling in KBR case shields contractors from some wartime lawsuits

Russia, China to push global currency at G8 summit

India's top court favors death by hanging

Terrorists may be using Pak sats to plot against India

Big number of US troops' children seek mental help

Obama to Russia: stop Iranian nuclear weapon and US will scrap missile defence

Reid to Baucus: Stop Chasing GOP Votes on Health Care

Pickens calls off massive wind farm in Texas

Rookie Cop Scores First Arrest Right Away (NYPD)

Sanders Takes On Emanuel, Warns Of Dem Opposition To Baucus Proposal

U.S. warns of multiple al-Qaida plots

Ethnic mobs overrun Chinese city

Rove deposed (Earlier Today) in U.S. attorney probe

Revealed – the secret torture evidence MI5 tried to suppress

Han Chinese Launch Revenge Attacks on Uighur Property

Obama: U.S. has 'absolutely not' given OK for Israeli strike on Iran

A Congressional Coup Caucus emerges

Papal message seeks "global authority" for economy

Anti-abortion Democrats in Congress vow to oppose health care packages that don't exclude procedure

Lawmakers Blast Dad Who Dumped Nine Kids in Nebraska and Now Expects Twins

Zelaya Reveals Assassination Plot/U.S. boosts Zelaya with Obama comments, Clinton talks

India’s prosperity is good news for US: Obama

U.S. May Not Release Acquitted Detainees

This is why I love Roger Ebert...

Taliban buying children to use as suicide bombers in Pakistan

Day in 100 Seconds - On Palin: 'Nothing More Mavericky'

Mousavi and the Masses: AJ English charts the political trajectory of Mir Hossein Mousavi

FNC Liz Trotta slams sarah palin

What Is The Protesting & Bloodshed In China About?

Honduran coup resistance growing

'The Cove' Trailer HD

PT 1-5 The Great American Bubble Machine

You Can Call Me Al

Swearing-In Ceremony Of Senator Al Franken D-MN

Morning Joe's Side-Kick, Mika: 'Sarah Palin Attracts Real Americans'

Is the Occupation Over? Scahill and Cockburn on GRITtv

Audit Of The Federal Reserve BLOCKED By Senate Leadership

Democracy Now! - 7/7/09 - Vietnam War Architect Robert McNamara Dies at 93 (part 1 of 3)

O'Reilly: Black Americans are much more engaged in watching this stuff than white Americans

ABJEEZ Demokracy

Democracy Now! - 7/7/09 - Uyghur Protests Widen (part 1 of 2)

Dems get 60

TYT:Obama on Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- Is He Wrong?

Keith Olbermann's Tribute To Sarah Palin

JKR's Commencement speech at Harvard (Part 2 of 2)

JK Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech Part 1 - June 5 2008

BizarrObama's Backwards Health Care Strategy

Remembering Michael Jackson by RSU

Did Goldman Sachs caused both the 1929 and 2008 depressions?

Two Man Gentlemen Band's Ode to Our Largest President

"60" - Repubs Answer Franken's Win - With Ad

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) Swearing in Ceremony

The Ed Schultz Show: Matt Taibbi Takes on Goldman Sachs (July '09)

Washington ACORN Members' Action on Goldman Sachs June 30

Hair: Target Women

Ask for Solar Thermal Power

Finale Of The Michael Jackson Memorial At Staples - "We Are The World/Heal The World"

Michaels father--Joe---what a POS!

John Mayer performs HUMAN NATURE at MJ memorial

Joe The "Quitter" Defends Palin

Every Breath You Take - edited version of Palin Press conference

MJ's Daughter at memorial service: "Daddy has been the best father you can imagine"

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (R-of course) says Earth is 6,000 years old.

Michael Jackson's Golden Casket Brought On Stage At Staples Ctr. Memorial

Taliban Fighters Dress As Women To Escape Marines

Second stimulus, not so soon

This Guy No Longer Makes Me Laugh - He's Just A Dick

Paris: 'Daddy Has Been the Best Father'

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World" - "Teabaggers"

Bob Herbert: After the War Was Over

Financing Health Care Reform

In Search of Dignity

I’ll Have Mine With Extra Jesus, Please

Hollywood Already In Production for 'Forgetting Sarah Martial'

BR lawmaker claims retaliation by Jindal

The Role of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in the Honduran Coup

CFTC Considering Tighter Controls on Commodity Trading.

A Public Option--To Be or Not To Be

Just some pictues to get you laughing today

Obama Hushes Healthcare Advocates?

Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny

Dan Froomkin hired by The Huffington Post

Everybody Matters

Dark Side of Climate Change: It's Already Too Late, Cap & Trade=Scam, and Only the Few Will Survive

Me? I’m Just a Blogger

Pope Urges New World Economic Order

Joseph Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes: Adding up the true costs of two wars

Venezuela: US Must Clarify its Position on Honduras

Hondurans Pour into the Streets Demanding Zelaya's Return

Something Very Special : KINTARO walks Japan

State Outsourcing Call Center Jobs Overseas

A description of Sarah Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska.

A pay-go option for health-care reform

Mass arrests in Iran spark grave concerns from UN human rights experts

Honduras and a Naked Woman in Venezuela

Fake Patriotism

Obama Makes Pointed Quip on Russian Sale Of Alaska.

This media elite not apologizing to Sarah Palin

Calls grow within G8 to expel Italy as summit plans descend into chaos

Peak Oil Day by Richard Heinberg

Harvard Totally "Fucked" As Goldman Sachs Alum Flees

Electrical engineers see job losses at record levels

Mexico Election Results Show Growing Distance Between Politicians and People

Interview with Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of Roe v Wade)

Commentary: Galloway on McNamara: Reading an obit with great pleasure

Next Stop on Palin's Crazy Talk Express

Peak Oil Update - July 2009: Production Forecasts and EIA Oil Production Numbers

DrumBeat: July 7, 2009

Did you know Islam is behind the "green" movement?

Entergy is "kind of like the Mafia" - Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood

Incandescent Bulbs Return to the Cutting Edge

Our Crumbling Infrastructure

Nanotechnology for Energy

Africa: Who's Harming Fish Stocks? Trawlers or Artisanal Fishers? (

India Rejects Any Greenhouse-Gas Cuts Under New Climate Treaty

Billionaire Dangerous Natural Gas Salesman Drops Big Wind to Gas Sales Scheme.

Foul Odor Blanketing (NO) Metro Area Is Coming from Dow Chemical Plant

Peak oil? Maybe later.

German Nuke Shutdown Reignites Debate

China Ramps up Renewable Targets 50% - What About US?

Pickens calls off massive wind farm in Texas

How screwed are we on climate?

'Time to ditch climate policies' (BBC)

My health care experience in Canada, no waiting, EXCELLENT service.

Rev. Sharpton was right - Michael Jackson DID help pave the way for President Barack Obama

OH Good Gawd; Sharpton says that Jacko Respsonsible For Obama's election

On A Path To Economic Recovery (chart)

Caption this photo

"PALIN 2012" bumper stickers--parodies or not?

To all the people who keep threatening to not vote for Obama in 2012:

Why Did Palin Cross The Road?

PHOTOS It's Smile Time: Senator Al.

Isn't It Amazing That The Healthcare Debate Is Between Rahm And The "Leftwing"?

Olbermann NOT talking about Michael Jackson!

Minimum annual salary to receive free health care under a public plan.

Sen. Franken co-sponsors first bill: The Employee Free Choice Act

Waxman on Hartmann - House health care bill WILL have public option

Surprise GOP poll result: 70% of the GOP not affected by Palin resignation would vote her for Pres.

Obama: U.S. not giving Israel green light to attack Iran

Democrats Signal They WON'T Take Advantage of Filibuster Proof Majority

Reid and Rahm need to start channeling LBJ.

Right Wing Denounces Obama's Opposition To Coup In Honduras

Prediction: Palin to run as an Independent in 2012

BWAHA - American Grand Jury gets Chief Judge's boot right up the ass

Obama walks back Rahm on public option! Sanders BLASTS Rahm

Given Obama's record so far, in 2010,2012 I will be voting

Is there an equivalent of Palin on the democratic side?

Letterman doing Top 10 on Palin tonite. YEAH!!!

Reid to Baucus: Stop Chasing GOP Votes on Health Care

VA-Gov: McDonnell Ahead in PPP's First Post-Primary Poll

Request for Info: What has Obama done about taxes so far ....

CHANGE! Obama Signs Treaty With Russia To Reduce Nuclear Arms!

Obama's Playing Chess, And We're All Playing Checkers

Rachel Maddow wearing waders tonight! EXCEPTIONAL! (nfm)

Sanford will survive

American Bar Association: Sotomayor "well qualified" for court

White House brings stronger food safety measures to the table

Palin the Quitter actually has a pretty easy path to the nomination

PHOTOS Past meets Present

President Orahma doesn't care about Democrats

Poll: Quitah From Wasilla Still Tied For First In 2012 GOP Primary

Letterman: Obama is in Russia and waved to Palin

PHOTOS Michelle's Morning (July 7, Moscow)

WTF? DU Down?

President Obama isn't going to be photographed holding this at the G8 is he?

I hope McCain is ridiculed for tapping Palin as his VP by Democrats and Republicans.

TPM: A Crackdown? From a knowledgeable source on the Hill ...

PHOTOS Russia, Day Two (July 7) (Dial-up warning!)

US seeks voluntary statements at Guantanamo trials

Curb this.

Anyone else listening to Ed Schultz sticking up for Palin?

How Long before DUers start throwing Franken under the bus?

Detainees require more legal rights in court: US officials

Which healthcare plan would you find acceptable?

Obama Compares Jackson To Elvis, Lennon (VIDEO)

OH-Sen: Dem Numbers Slip Against Portman

Bipartisanship, RIP

Palin says “department of law at the White House” would protect her from baseless allegations.

Reid Tells Baucus to Stop Chasing Republican Votes

Straight from the POTUS mouth (re: Public Option)

Union Leaders to Meet With Obama Next Week

Wow! Mika is really pumping that Gallup poll.

Funny Palin Comic

Interesting results from CQ Politic's CQ Vote Studies: 2009

Thank God Congress is working so hard on the issues we care about

Gallup on Palin's resignation (7-6-09)

Summing up the Sarah Palin story nicely...

Funny Palin Comic

Palin's lesson for little girls across America: When it gets tough, just quit!

What's Up With The Russians and Marathon Meetings?

David Brooks has a readable, intelligent, column today that doesn't make me scream.

Why did Sheila Jackson-Lee speak at Michael Jackson's funeral?

Wingnut speak comes to the NYT

Aside from ensuring everyone has access, what other health care reforms are needed?

PHOTO I've a feeling Reggie doesn't trust Putin.

Reformers Want To Believe Obama On Public Option--But, Privately, Some Have Doubts

What did Obama say after going to Russia?

NH-Sen: Hotline Says Ayotte Will Run

So much for starbursts? Lowry sours on Palin

Colorado joins the fight for an accurate Census

Laura Flanders is a questionable source????

Bachmann to speak at far-right How To Take Back America conference.

POTUS Forgets Where He Met Michelle...Uh Oh!

Must Read from Ezra Klein: Do Democrats Realize They're in Charge?

PHOTOS: President Obama and Putin

Let's stop pretending that 60 members of the Democratic caucus = filibuster proof.

And the "public option" fraud continues onward

Shouldn't this thread now be locked?

Obama Adviser - Laura Tyson - Says U.S. Should Mull Second Stimulus

Palin: Not a quitter; keeping options on the table

So... No Single Payer... No Public Option...

Palin: "If I Die, I Die. So Be It"

Watch how fast Palin recovers for her Fiasco

Why Harry Reid say Al would'nt be seated on the HELP committee until AFTER mark-up on their bill??

Did Mika just say that women with one child shrivel up and quit cause they can't take it?

Ever single teevee network asked the president about Michael Jackson in their interviews today

Obama: "The future does not belong to those who gather armies..."

Al Franken swearing in on C-SPAN NOW

". . . the greatest modern example of the banality of evil."

I now know why Palin had faux outrage about Letterman/photoshop

White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan

Do your brain some good ...... (POTUS 7/7 speech in Moscow)

Palin on Senator Clinton's response to media scrutiny :

Poll to DU

New GOP Ad: "60" - "We're losers. So vote for us in 2010. very afraid." (VIDEO)

A Starter, Not a Finisher, By Eugene Robinson

Link to email the White House...If you want to send an opinion, do it!!!!!


TNR's Breaking News: Banks Planning "Harry and Louise" Ads

MA-Gov: Dem Treasurer Leaving Party to Become Independent

Even the total nutters are off the bus now.


Golpista Foreign Minister Enrique "negrito Obama" Ortez says demonstrators killed each other


Company Sponsoring Press Conf. for Pinochettis Today is Linked to John McCain

Zelaya Says He Will Keep His Return in Secret

REBELION: "Honduras and the 'twin-track' policy of the United States"

Provisional website for the constitutional Honduran Government (Zelaya)

In Russia, President Obama Explains His Support for Ousted President of Honduras

The Colombian State Employs the Administrative Department of Security –DAS- against Human Rights Org

UN Sec-Gen Calls on OAS to Find Peaceful Solution. So how's that work with Honduras not in OAS now??

State Dept. Briefing on Honduras, 7/6: Bob Newhart Could Not Have Written a Better Script

corruption index 2008, Venezuela worst in latin america

Clinton confirma que Arias mediará en la crisis en Honduras

Court official hints at amnesty for ousted leader

Peru's Garcia shuffling cabinet after protests

Venezuelan Solidarity Convoy Bound for Honduras Detained in Colombia

Grupo Santander happy with sale of unit to Venezuela

High stakes for Honduras

EVA'S UPDATE: Zelaya's Meeting with Hillary/Oscar Arias is negotiator

Father of Boy Killed at Airport Accuses Retired Military, Billy Joya

CLINTON: "Costa Rica Will Mediate Honduras Crisis" (2nd roundup)


MICHAEL PARENTI: "The Honduras Coup: Is Obama Innocent?"

Zelaya Reveals Assassination Plot


A Congressional Coup Caucus emerges

BOREV: "You Say Illegal, I Say De Facto"

MACHETERA: "Obama's Non-Non-Interference Pledge"

STATE DEPT BRIEFING, JULY 7, (democracy promotion, tell me again -what is US position on Zelaya?)

Zelaya has another idea about negotiations with Arias

ZELAYA: "No Negotiation Possible with De Facto Government"

HILLARY CLINTON July 7 Remarks Prior to Press Briefing

VEN Solidarity Convoy Bound for Honduras Detained in Colombia

PINOCHETTIS Have to Pay Hondurans to Support Them?

PINOCHETTIS Press Conf.: Not exciting except for the PROTEST IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PRESS CONF.

U.S. ambassador condemns statement of Honduras' interim foreign minister


Honduras crisis: wife of deposed president leads protest

Hillary to Put Zelaya in the Vise: option to broker compromise betw. Zelaya,Micheletti, and MILITARY

Woods, Obama Are Making Plans for a Very Powerful Pairing in Washington

More sad news for Phil Mickelson's family

Gloat-free, one stop Baseball Scores (Monday, July 6)

Close game in Philly last....

Tiger Woods needs to give Goex golf shoes the boot

(Golfer) Mickelson’s mother diagnosed with breast cancer (now, not just his wife - his mother too)

(French tennis player) Montcourt dies at 24

Panda hits GS..Giants ease past Marlins 5-4

Manny Ramirez pulls a cuptonboy4 and refuses to buy his minor

Wanna see why allowing fans to vote for the MLB All Star game is a complete joke?


N.Y. Mets fall to an absolutely humiliating three games below .500

ROID RAGE! **Manny booed, ejected**

Nate Silver ( in 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event

Onyewu signs with AC Milan

Increasing Pace of Injuries Hampers Baseball

With Franken seated, labor plans to press pro-union bill - The Hill

Big box closures leave big blight across U.S.

Caught Between the Elder Care and Education Money Pits

15 ways to make freelancing/self-employment successful

Job Training Programs: Why Bother?

Washington: Reworking Retirement Savings Plans

How Bad Are Auto Sales? 10 Questions and Answers

Today in Labor History July 7, 500 newly arrived Jews marched straight from their ship to the union

CEO departures break record

National Labor Relations Board to investigate Denali strikers' claims - Fairbanks Daily News-Min

Hawaii labor negotiator quits talks, Lingle warns of layoffs - Honolulu Advertiser

Labor Department Cites Kansas Grocer For Child Labor Violations - KAKE

One casualty of the recession: U.S. mobility

Lear files for bankruptcy protection

Rough Labor Skies At British Airways As Workers Reject Job Cuts And Wage Freeze

Unfair Labor Practices Force Hilton Hotel Strike

Bill Ford: Detroit needs predictability

Retirement: Why Panama Is the New Florida

Economic Report: Minimum Wage Going Up In 29 States This Month

Honduran Teachers Defy Coup Government, Maintain Strike

"ONE DAY IN JULY" A Minneapolis/St. Paul Street Festival for the Working Class July 25th

Mandatory overtime for nurses now banned in Pa.

GM Assets Sale To Be Appealed – IUE-CWA Says Retiree Health Care At Risk

No charges filed against Sneads Ferry man who shot intruder

Who are the current leaders who have said they intend to ban some guns and ammo? Obama, Holder,

Interesting Rasmussen Reports survey...

At least 34 states support the 14th Amendment challenge to Chicago's ban

I just sent a pro 2nd amendment email to the whitehouse.

Texas gun owner shoots and critically wounds intruder in his home

Poll: I feel safer with a "cocked and locked" firearm in my home.

California Files Amicus in support of NRA!

PA: Arrested Hamas activists planned to assassinate Abbas

Report: Netanyahu fears US won't okay Iran strike

Obama: No green light for Israel to attack Iran

Hamas taunts Israel with Gilad Shalit cartoon

Top senator, hospitals near health care deal

I just saw a great response to the question "Why are you against Universal Health Care"

Health Co-op Offers Model for Overhaul

Banks Planning "Harry and Louise" Ads

Tennessee small business owners want a public option......

A Doctor by Choice, a Businessman by Necessity

Reformers Want To Believe Obama On Public Option--But, Privately, Some Have Doubts

What? Did Harry Reid finally grow a pair? Tells Baucus to stop chasing GOP votes!

Sari Nusseibeh: Let the People Decide: The Case for Soft Intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian Co

Question about a Canadian health (s)care story....

Reasons Not to Panic Over a Painkiller

First sign of good faith, Mr. President , Get rid of Rahm!

Just wrote the President

The sport of show jumping

Evening sky

Butterfly and zinnias

If I swore on a stack of bibles....would you believe

The sport of dressage

Rescuing the economy

Oil, Gas Market Speculation May Face Restrictions

Cash-strapped states strain to repair budgets

Stimulus: Progress or broken promise?

Auto parts maker Lear Corp files for bankruptcy

Feds: Exec with Murtha ties took kickbacks

The unbearable mightiness of deflation

The Citadel Trail Emerges, Goldman Injunction Likely To Follow Shortly

The Chamber's letter to the G8. Greed is good we want more of it.

Ruby Tuesday up 11% ahead of today's earning call at 5pm

Verlerger on Oil Glut: "There has never been anything like it"

Banking system like South Sea bubble, says senior Bank of England official

Fraud at pension funds?

U.S. consumers fall behind on loans at record pace

The Financial and Economic Argument for No Green Shoots

-Wilbur Ross sees US PPIP plan as only $125 billion

Banks Will Stop Accepting California IOUs Friday

Banks Planning ‘Harry And Louise’ Style Ads As Part Of Campaign Against Consumer Protection Agency

MassEquality needs phone banking help this week (and you can do it from home)

Saddam's rule 'better' for gay Iraqis

Same-sex Couple Wins High School Contest In Landslide

"The Same-Sex Future"

The LGBT Civil Rights and Activism Group is now active

Armadillo-like crocodile roamed Brazil: researchers

Aquatic deer and ancient whales (BBC) {Nature is full of surprises!}

Europe targets manned spaceship (BBC)

New Monkey Discovered In Brazil= already threatened

TED talk: Tom Wujec on 3 ways the brain creates meaning

New Evidence That Vinegar May Be Natural Fat-fighter

Why the Imp in Your Brain Gets Out

UQ researchers break the law -- of physics

Glorious and Ghostly New Photo of Swan Nebula Star Birth

Physical reality of string theory demonstrated

For all the children who suffer....

deja vu

Oh. My. Gods. Ready for this one?

I just saw a flash of a graphic. Maybe you guys have seen it?

Could someone explain last week's problem on this board to me?

Any good vibes on the current healthcare debate...?

So much uncertainty...

Obama In Russia, Interview, Arms Reduction, Statements

Sherlock Holmes and the Dog that Didn't Bark

Mr. Deity and the Magic

Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City

Pet care.

Ring ring...ring ring ring banana

It's been a rough week, but I think I can share something

I made Stuffed Tomatoes Provencal today. Turned out pretty tasty.

Sad news here

New GI benefits vary widely by state

Fun with Shaw's

Food for thought

Ruh roh

Sheet cake recipes aside from Texas Sheet Cake?

Bentham is being exposed for the "paper mill" that it is...

All flight instructors evaluating Hani Hanjour gave him a failing grade.

Alberto Gonzales found a job teaching at Texas Tech

Looking for a datababse of charitable donors.

Texas Observer Exclusive Ben Sargent Cartoons

Skeptics seem to rely on FAITH for Flight 93 buried claim

Child abuse in uniform

PMO shock over gay Canadians