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ARGG insurance companys frustrate me so...I got a letter stating they do not want me on two antibiot

mea culpa

If you have about 5 hours to spare visit this amazing photomicrography site

Iglesias: ‘Long Suspected Rove’s Fingerprints Were All Over’ Attorney Firings

Bombs explode on Outgames track

Pushed by recession, millions make dramatic job changes




Another Repugnicant sex scandal

Crowley chose a white beer at the 'beer summit.'

Iran: The Green Brief #44 (July 30) Latest news from Iran.

Bob Cesca: Republicans Lying to Old People About Euthanasia & Robots

We hit it off right from the beginning. When he’s not arresting you, Sergeant Crowley is a really li

Morning Joe Country Club set want you to know today that you are SCARED, I tell you,

Hey Joe, FUCK YOU!

MSNBC: 97 immigrants found in chilled trailer (Arizona)

C-SPIN: An Hour With Michelle Malkin...

We should be publicizing these other aspects of health reform..

Health Care viral-email debunker:

Change you can freak out about, Mark Morford

Dr. Joycelyn Elders' advice to surgeon general nominee

Dr. Joycelyn Elders' advice to surgeon general nominee

Republicans have came up with the answer to healthcare!

Recession Worse Than Prior Estimates, Revisions Show

Albania plans to legalize gay marriages

Are Liberal Netroots Groups Helping Obama Fail?

The biggest mindfuck I have ever come across: "The Last Question"

The biggest mindfuck I have ever come across: "The Last Question"

"Moonie" Washington Times sent email fighting the public option in healthcare reform:

After Rescue, New Weakness Seen at A.I.G.

Sign of the times - the killing of horses in Miami-Dade County.


5-year-old Phoebe's Food Bank

5-year-old Phoebe's Food Bank

We're all gonna be SLAVES!!!

Anybody else in Florida just feel the two sonic booms from the shuttle?

Iranian tech guy calling for help on twitter 5 min. ago.

Republicans only care about business owners and their friends

Hypocrite of the week nomination: Texas Congressman Pete Session

There is no 100th Monkey. It's a fallacy.

California's higher education system could face decline

Town halls gone wild

Help me out on this.....

Help me out on this.....

Dem HCR Plan B=bi-partisan talks aborted & parliamentary maneuvers used to force party-line vote

Cutthroat Capitalism: The Game

Where are the ads showing health care horror stories?

Recession Worse Than Prior Estimates

Obama's former Doctor is against current Health Care plan

House Judiciary Committee: Rove broke his agreement not to discuss his two days of testimony

The footage of the return of ENDEAVOR was awesome. Just amazing!

State Capitol for Sale?

Living in Tents, and by the Rules, Under a Bridge

The Max Baucus Health Care Lobbyist Complex

Poll: 28% Of Republican Base Are Birthers

Hutchison Campaign Site Contains Hidden Phrase, 'Rick Perry Gay'

Fewer Than Half of Republicans Think Obama is a Citizen

Turning The Camera Around: Health Care Stakeholders

Dancing with the ones who bought you? Senate Panel Says Insurer-Friendly Health Plan In The Works

The Illusion of Freedom and the Healthcare Debate

Incredible!! 58% of GOP does not belive Obama was born in the U.S.

Just heard on CNBC Senator Dodd is

Congress trying to save 'cash for clunkers' sales

Family makes trek, in rickety camper, to find a job

The newest opposition to Health Insurance reform...

I heard a bill has been introduced by a Democrat to eliminate Medicare

Which RW puppet-masters are behind the mob near-violence at Dems' town hall meetings?

Hilarious conservative rallying cries against Congress: "TERM LIMITS!" and "KICK THEM ALL OUT!"

the Wash. Journal host wet his pants again today

Our gov't doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters

"The Cove" .. this is a holocaust movie on Dolphins.

Ray McGovern: Christians Largely Mum on Torture

My town is up for income tax increase vote next week

Poll: Majority of Republicans are birthers.

Oh dear, am I an American citizen?

Remember when Obama was going to enlist the Black Panthers

Pres, Vice Pres, Harvard Professor, & Massachusetts Cop Drink Beer at White House, Don't Fight.

"Tearing Down Old Kashgar: A Blow to the Uighurs"

Republicans abandon Nixon's Southern Strategy. Embrace Asylum Strategy.

I love it, that my President will take the bull by the horns so to say,

Just A Thought - The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon Is Coming Up........

Has anyone notice that there are not hordes of Canadians fleeing their health system

Obama approval rating at 62% in weekly Research 2000 poll (full cross tabs)

One of many reasons why I despise Republicans..

Max Baucus -- The Mouse that Roared

Whaling in Norway

Does the debate over health-care reform prove Americans are stupid?

Congressman Tim Murphy(R-PA) sends Birther Conspiracies to constituent in letter

So Barack hates half of himself and 1/4 of each of Sasha and Malia?

CNN Morning Show Names Bill Maher - Wingnut Of The Week On The Left.........

Palin Can’t Quit Quitting

Palin Can’t Quit Quitting

57 House Liberals Sign Letter: "Simply Cannot Vote For" Plan With No (Or Weak) Public Option

(Gawker) Your GOP August Talking Points: They're a little familiar, and a lot dishonest.

Waxman: Health care bill will advance in House

New Poll: 80% of Americans would give up breathing if it helped rich get richer

Bobby "The Exorcist" Jindal under investigation

AP Sources: Dems want to limit insurance increases

birther congress members need to be recalled immediately

Mass. mother charged with locking son in hot attic

Sen. Dodd has prostate cancer

Birther Orly Taitz Brags Of Friendship With Michele Bachmann

Famed Harley Dealer Rossmeyer Dies In Motorcycle Crash

Police Taser in Genitals Sparks Investigations, Brutality Suit

unhappycamper: No point in lingering in Afghanistan, either.

New Poll: Do Cops Routinely Lie On Police Reports?

Mysteriously High Tides on East Coast Perplex Scientists

Poll Question: How do you feel about the modern day usage of the n-word?

Poll Question: How do you feel about the modern day usage of the n-word?

Poll Question: How do you feel about the modern day usage of the n-word?

Town hall meetings growing dangerous for Congress...

FaceBook for Nutjobs (Orly Taitz and Michelle Bachmann) LOL

Single payer advocates

delete dupe

RU486 approved for use in Italy despite Vatican protests

Fl. Sen. Baker & Rep. Plakon want Fl. constitution changed to ban

Levin: House to find more cash for clunkers

Great Twitter post by Chris Dodd (less than a minute ago).

You would think Small Business would be all for Single Payer.

(BREAKING) Cambridge Cop Accidentally Arrests Henry Louis Gates Again During White House Meeting

Cultivated Ignorance is a repubican cash crop

Thank you democrats for voting yes on food safety. (And F.Y. to the 'pugs who want us all to die)

Who else thinks "disorderly conduct" is a load of horseshit?

Mourning Neda Agha Soltan.

surge update - Bombs Outside Mosques in Baghdad Kill at Least 29

Here's the link to my "Morning Edition" feature:

Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11

Recent Rise In International Disputes Traced Back To Cute U.N. Tour Guide

Prevent Freeptroll down recs by requiring 250 posts to rec/unrec.

crowley's bad manners

LAT: 'Birthers' must be stopped - By Bill Maher

Iraqi gov't officials may have colluded in British hostages' kidnap - multi-billion dollar fraud

House votes to restrict Wall Street pay

Ford is on fire

Rights groups: Venezuela punishing protesters

Michael Moore Is Off To Venice

If you or I did 1/10 of the crap Rove did we would be in jail.

FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Tomatoes, Leafy Greens and Melons

On the origins of the Donkey as Democratic party symbol:

PDA Spends 5th Birthday on Healthcare Not Warfare

Funny Typo on CNN

WaPo: Fire at home of Peggy Cooper Cafritz Scorches Washington's Cultural Landscape

Ben Nelson trying to stop Public Option. Please sign petition.

Is too a 100th monkey phenomena!

Palin junkies feel sharp sting of the monkey's claws on their back: "Our country really NEEDS YOU!"

"We won't tell you who's getting a bottle of Mad Bitch" beer

States With Governors or Senators Who Complain About The Stimulus But Claim Credit For It

What's going to happen if the health care bill passes without a public option?

Cambridge Cop Accidentally Arrests Henry Louis Gates Again During White House Meeting

What is Wrong in the South?

Should President Obama table his healthcare proposal?

What's Glen Beck's real name? Randi Rhodes always says it, as does

What's Glen Beck's real name? Randi Rhodes always says it, as does

"Moon the Balloon," protest spreads.

Just a request for the new round of mod hiring

Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan Already Created, Saved 720,000 Jobs

Is Rachel Maddow not airing tonight?!? My guide has "Sex Slaves in America" in her slot

Freeper thread .."Look how well our terrorism is working"

Gaza children shatter world record

Wal-Mart May Provide H1N1 Vaccinations

White Roofs Catch On as Energy Cost Cutters

Health Care Deal Reached In House: Waxman

John Kerry:Forgeries to Distort Climate Change Debate?

Top Ten Ways To Tell Your President & His Party Aren't Fighting For Health Care For Everybody

What if the government provided catastrophic insurance for everyone - similar to Fed flood insurance

Idiots keep outdoing themselves

Discussions about Warren Buffett

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Keep Rising(Up 24%), Finds UN report

Coors, A.K.A. Rocky Mountain Mouse Piss: Vote in HuffPo's "Colorado Beer @ W.H. Summit Poll"

Baucus quickly backtracks, will support Sotomayor

Anyone else own a 'clunker' which supposedly gets "19 mpg" by EPA and does not qualify?

Der GropenFührer joins Bush, Cheney in the "record low numbers" approval polls (28%)

We want our money back.

“Keep your government hands off my Medicare.”

Has President Obama's Stimulus Plan Begun To End The Recession?

Deadlines, Schmeadlines -- No Breakthroughs, No Deals, No Health Care Bill (Dems Prepping Plan B)

Message to Louisiana Republicans: Vote for the porn star - it's important


They are making shit up!

Iran’s Rulers Put 30 People on Trial for Opposition ‘Conspiracy’

Anyone else amazed that our gas pump prices haven't been rising more?

Cash for clunkers out of cash because CAR DEALERS are STEALING the money?

Letter to Blue Dogs

Government funded health cares fails yet again

Hondoran President Zelaya: Obama administration was not involved in coup

Got Horse? It's..... whats for dinner...

How can republicans be for Medicare, but against "government run health care"?

Crucial vote on single-payer Medicare for All Happening Today- Call Right Now!

Crucial vote on single-payer Medicare for All Happening Today- Call Right Now!

Most important news story of the week (ending July 31, 2009)

I don't have a problem with addiction. I can quit any time I want

Anyone else see Weiner introduce amendment replacing finance bill with single payer? (video link)

House members can move at light speed when it suits their own, individual, personal self interest.

Vermont Says Man Must Give Up Pet Moose / Protesters go to bat for 'Pete the moose' - with pics

Do Cops Routinely Alter Their Police Reports?


Petition for Single Payer

Petition for Single Payer

Fairer Societies Simply Work Better

News Flash - Get Free Health Care NOW!

Dow has its best July in 20 years - Suck on that freepers

Tweety Corn and isikoff on Rove

I don't want my grandchildren to have the same health care program I have..

Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh's Diet Plan!

Questions re The Public Option

Any Positive News on the Economy Is Good News Indeed

This sure sums up my feelings about the bank "bailout"

Right wing Christian says Jesus hinted at name of Anti-Christ: Barack Obama

BANK....BUST.....FRIDAY !!!!: A Georgia-free edition

Vote on H.R. 676 Single Payer is TOMORROW

Where is the Single Payer discussion? Nothing here, nor on Keith or Rahcel last night about

"They all look the same to me." Here' what I think is wrong with that statement:

Dolphin slaughter in Japan subject of new film

Birthers are mostly Republican and Southern

Liberal Media?Michelle Malkin Appearing on ‘This Week’

The Big Picture brings you a little something to cool you off ...

Food Bank Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Can't Peter Read?

Blue Cross by Tom Lehrer


Italy PM 'offered escort EU seat' (BBC)

Italy PM 'offered escort EU seat' (BBC)

It seems we've heard very little foolishness from Michael Steele lately.

3 Americans Disappear Near Iran-Iraq Border

Toyota Plant: The Competition Is With Canada (and Mexico)

Cory Aquino has passed away

Rightwing Disruptors Going To Democratic Townhalls To Cause Problems. PAY ATTENTION!

Stakeholders and the language of Health Care Reform

Matthews: GOP "has gone nativist.

Why the #$%! Do We Swear? For Pain Relief

The Truth About the Flu Shot

Do you think people are still interested in hearing Michael Jackson updates everyday?

Honda NOT a Beck advertiser

Is the GOP-controlled media trying to start some new "meme" ...

Speaking truth to stupid (Bill Maher on 'birthers')

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bawl Freeper BIrthers

3 American tourists arrested in Iran

I Think I Can Prove the Officer Lied!

Okay, which one of you is posting in the comment section of the Daily Local News in Pennsylvania?

Michele Bachmann has her own Ethics laspses - Haha

*** Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for USA - "All the way until that day of September 11"

Dana Milbank Suggests Hillary Clinton Should Drink "Mad Bitch Beer"

Sam Stein on Ben Nelson's threats -

Will Increasing Automation Make Jets Less Safe?

Humans give swine flu to pigs

I just got this email from the coo of my company

Hot Button Issues: Chavez, Gates & Unions

Corazon Aquino, Dead at 76

What life form would have sex with Frank LUNTZ (or HANNITY or O'LOOFAH or Dennis MILLER) - or WHOMEV

Who would you most want to see go to jail?

NRCC is luring doctors to oppose reform by pretending to ‘honor’ them

Right-Wing Harassment Strategy Against Dems Detailed In Memo: ‘Yell,’ ‘Stand Up And Shout Out,’

ok DUers sign in...where's you level of commitment on this

ok DUers sign in...where's you level of commitment on this

Gates sends flowers to woman who called the police

Old Barracky Beer!!!

hey! where is Rachel?

Feinstein, Cardin Take On Aerial Hunting

hmmmm..... I wonder which one is the 'birther'?

Free-Market Conservatives Are Just Wrong

Public Option Could Save Billions on Non-Emergency Treatment in ERs

Zippy: We need to replace Cheney with the Trix rabbit


Does Howard Kaloogian edit Wikipedia?

"There's a man goin' round takin' names"

Fundies are obsessed with porn

Which Country offers the greatest opportunity for a young person?

TV Academy to change the Emmy awards show

TPM: Lobby Firm Sent Forged Climate Change Letter To Congressman (other forged letters found, too!)

DU: Let's debunk this stupid anti-Health Care Reform email from that other site, line by line.

Bill Gates (M$): Peacenik?

Showdown: The Yellow Dog Progressives Won't Vote for Blue Dog 'Compromise' Plan(Video)

Debbie Rowe to receive $4 million as part of an "informal spousal arrangement"

Glenn Beck pinches off new Healthcare Plan brain turd.. "Cash for Cripples" ..>>Link>>

Town halls gone wild

So, Liberals want to enact legislation to kill the elderly, huh?

And the top story in NYT is

I just wached 'Talk Radio' this evening...

Organic Versus Conventional Food: UK Report Flawed

One group we could certainly do without - the Biden Bashers

there is the ad they are running against Nelson

File this under the High Fructose Corn Syrup debate.

Yo Mama!

Ben Nelson On Ads Run Against Him: They Could Kill Health Care Reform

Anyone else notice that the rec feature adds more than one vote when you use it?

my tool bar is missing - help please.

my tool bar is missing - help please.

Mission Statement of the MSM: Ignore the Obvious, Inflame the Ignorant, Comfort the Complacent.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Firefox Hits One Billion Downloads

Obama's restructuring of the federal judiciary continues, two more US District Judges nominated

Secret Service Took Psychic's Advice on Bush Assassination Plot

Obama Nominates Abdul K. Kallon and Jacqueline H. Nguyen to Serve on the District Court Bench

Within a year, and maybe far sooner, Max Baucus will cancel out Arlen Spector and .......

San Antonio news anchor slips anti-health reform comment into clunker story

How many hundred dollars bills can you stuff up a blue dogs ass?

Suspect in abortion doctor slaying chastises Operation Rescue

Another Vietnam Veteran, Special Forces, has died. He was 70. He was my father-in-law,

Kucinich Calls for Debate on National Priorities, Speaks Against Military Funding Bill

Blue Dog Opposition May Be 'Underwritten' by Pharmaceutical Giants

John Stossel whoring himself out again healthcare

Main Stream Media Continues With Pentagon Lie

Got a call from the doctors office today

Fox News Racial Attacks On Obama - It's Not Just Glenn Beck

Sarah the Quitter quits Reagan Library engagement

Huge network of animal hospitals (PetsMart) bans tail docking, ear cropping, & devocalization

Isn't a government health care plan BETTER for businesses both large and small?

Palin uses Facebook page to cancel Reagan Library event.

Media Matters To Run Ads Attacking Lou Dobbs' Birther Obsession -- On CNN!

US Marine From Cashion(OK) Killed During Firefight in Afghanistan

Take THAT!, all you RW nay-sayers!

So who else had their local car dealership owners on television this morning whining

Ho... Lee... Crap !!! - FDIC's Failed Banks List

For those that need the health reform now

Would Jesus call our Medical Insurance system "an abomination"?

Who do you think really controls the US government? nt

A Friend of mine needs some Liberal help over at Politico with some replies

Health insurance for seniors. Need honest answers, please.

Anybody seen that fundie screed equating the health care bill with euthanasia?

Food Safety Bill Passes House 283-142 (how do you vote against food safety?)

***WARNING*** This post contains information about animal abuse

Health Care's 13 Tyrants (only represent 4 % of population obstructing HC for 300 Mill)

Wow. Joe Queenan is an even bigger dick than I thought.

Evidence Is Growing That Dems Are GOING TO BUST BAUCUS'S BS

Want a free burro?

"Welcome To The British Virgin Islands... Have A Nice Day..." (Corporate Tax Dogers)

The Ice Caps are Raining Down on us here in Western MA

Rove Admits Being ' CONDUIT ' of VOTER FRAUD Allegations

Olbermann and O'Reilly truce?

Stanley ran on a “family values” campaign and is an Evangelical Christian

Bruce Rossmeyer killed in motorcycle accident while traveling to Sturgis

Pentagon, Eyeing Iran, Wants to Rush 30,000-Pound Bomb Program

MN Bloggers File Ethics Complaints Against Republican Michele Bachmann

Yesterday's lightning is today's fires (PICS).

John Walker Lindh's Parents Discuss Their Son's Story

Judges won’t hear appeal on Commandments sign: County lost lawsuit over monument on courthouse lawn

Florida man goes to jail for 2 years for rap song with threats.

Would You Have A Beer With Officer Crowley?

I saw a big mural of "Atlas Shrugged" painted on the wall at Barnes & Noble

How come my jalopy ain't considered a clunker (cash for clunkers)

So, 435 wealthy people with free premium health care voting on what the rest of us get???

Town halls gone wild.. Dem Congressman Suspends meetings..

Blue Dog Mike Ross (AR) guest of honor at 7 fundraisers held by health-care companies, lobbyists

Blue Dog Mike Ross (AR) guest of honor at 7 fundraisers held by health-care companies, lobbyists

A heaping helping of utter BS regarding Afghanistan.

A heaping helping of utter BS regarding Afghanistan.

"I'll have what Obama's having"

Are the Republicans getting their "deather" talking points from Lyndon LaRouche?

Jonathan Alter Asks 'What's Not To Like?' Health-Care Reform? Everything Is Just Fine The Way It Is.

Snopes Debunks Health Care Reform "Euthanasizing Old People" Right-Wing Talking Point Nonsense

Nobody's Talking About the Silver Bullet That Could Heal the Economy and Cure Most Social Ills

William S. Bates. Major, USMC (Ret) (it's about healthcare!)

Kucinich Secures $8 Million For Gulf War Veterans Illness Research

Tamiflu causes sickness and nightmares in children, study finds

Tweety's been reading my posts!

Post your (hopefully) cathartic "Fuck You" here.

Letterman tops "Tonight" for third week in row (first time since '95--Ferguson also beats Fallon)

If socialized medicine is good enough for the troops, why isn't it good enough for the rest of us?

If socialized medicine is good enough for the troops, why isn't it good enough for the rest of us?

Rockefeller Rebelling?

After Weeks of Delays, Republicans Release Controversial “Single Prayer” Healthcare Plan.

bill maher re obama's bc . . . (paraphrasing) "how come

One month for single payer

Good article on Orly Taitz, founder of the "Birthers"

Imagine no Insurance banking Pharma lobby.. no Oil lobby

Imagine no Insurance banking Pharma lobby.. no Oil lobby

Isn't the phrase "anti-Christian bigotry"

Truce Reached in Cable News Feud.

Should a non-racist object to being called a racist?

A real brain tumor.A real story of Canadian Health Care. 4 DAYS after diagnosis tumor was removed.

A real brain tumor.A real story of Canadian Health Care. 4 DAYS after diagnosis tumor was removed.

A real brain tumor.A real story of Canadian Health Care. 4 DAYS after diagnosis tumor was removed.

Is the weather in your area is changing in any discernible way to you?

BookTV finally posted Skip Gates' Africana segment.

Do you watch Whale Wars?

Larisa Alexandrovna's Blog: Crickets From The Dems, But Rove Is Talking

List of Constitutional passages the birthers didn't mind seeing violated

"Polarik's" real identity outed!!!

Redheads more sensitive to pain?

Single Payer Summer

vatican threatens excommunication to doctors who prescribe abortion pill RU486

Dangerous Cows

Evidently, Franken has taken T. Boone to the woodshed....

Sorry if this has already been posted: healthscare misinformation email making the rounds

What is your Homepage?

Obama Inherited a Worse Economy Than First Estimated, Bush a Better One

Is there a list of all the things in this country that are ALREADY socialized?

Is there a list of all the things in this country that are ALREADY socialized?

Is there a list of all the things in this country that are ALREADY socialized?

Right-Wing Harassment Strategy Against Dems Detailed In Memo

TOONS: Health Care Reform ------>

The Influence of Health Insurance Campaign Contributions on Blocking Health Care Reform

So my wife went to the dentist...

I fired someone today and he threatened to have a hitman kill me.

Blue Dog opposition may be ‘underwritten’ by pharmaceutical giants

YouTube: Miles Davis / Herbie Hancock / Wayne Shorter / Ron Carter / Tony Williams, Stockholm 1963

Pulled into Nazareth feelin bout half past dead.

If it all fell to pieces tomorrow, would you still be mine?

Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves,

Is 5 packs of cigarettes a day considered to be a lot?


xkcd on Gates/Crawley

What was your favorite year?

Good morning Lounge

I love the bargain bin at the record store!

Why is it always raining in LA in the movie "Blade Runner"?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

question re: separate bank account from (soon to be ex) spouse

Computer Question, Re: Wireless Nework Speed....

Dumbfuck of the day - Texting on one phone, talking on another - what could possibly go wrong?

OMFG, they plan to breed: MTV "reality show star" Heidi Montag wants "seventeenuplets"

BIG kitties!

Brian Williams discuses his morning Methampthetamine

Any basic software I can use to get a song on YouTube creating still pictures?

Post your favorite* mascot here!

Peanuts sound an awful lot like...

I am kicking sand in madinmaryland's face

YouTube: Santana, "Europa," Montreux 1980

This will be my final post...

'The Achievers: The Story of the Lebowski Fans'

OK. I've done a lot of soul searching, and have decided to post again.

Kiki and Herb speak to me...and How is your day going in Youtube?

GLBT Bill (in our favor) passes house subcommittee

Cradle To The Grave- Motorhead

don't you hate it when you get a song stuck in your head?

Newest trend in the Netherlands(2004): Tiny jewels implanted directly into the eye.

Most annoying commercial on the air today?

Egads! I made it to the next round of interviews.

Damn that was some good icecream called birthday cake

For the DUers who are giving up smoking

it's moving day and that means freedom

Oh no! I removed a "do not remove under penalty of law" tag from my mattress!

Hey Brits, if you work in the DVD-manufacturing industry, please do

My Hope (Funniest video you'll see all week)

Playing a little music for Donna

My SO is taking me to see Jon Lovitz tomorrow night

Trucker crashes while texting on one phone AND talking on another

MASSIVE 30 Team, 200 player trade announced hours before trade deadline

Wow, awesome Brad Paisley song, "Welcome to the Future"

Anyone else having a lousy day?

Tucker crashes while texting on one phone AND talking on another

Rachel Ray on Monkey Trunks, Tamworth NH Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, that Eminem.

I need some computer help for my Mac.

Want a REAL adventure in drinking this weekend?

When did James Spader and John Hogdeman become twins?

Bratwurst Days this weekend...

Damn-the cuss bucket at work is filling up fast!!

Share a rare talent you have or someone you know has

so is a 44 year old jamming Judas Priest on a day off bad?

Were you a good kid or a bad kid?


Shakespeare as you've never heard it before

I got a weird look from a relative today, since I listen to the radio on my computer.

Bird identification question

Who else should be invited by the Prez to crack open a cold one and talks things out?

From the mouths of babes

is anyone else excited to see District 9?

Flashback Friday

Nice way to start the weekend. Got in a fist fight with my dry cleaner.

Congratulations grantcart! 25,000 posts!

Shakespeare Film Festival -- Recommendations?

Wish me luck, DU.

The bar is open!

Hoedown in my Home Town

My Second Video Upload Ever (Band At Son's Wedding Last Year):

YouTube...Davis / Shorter / De Johnette / Corea / Holland: "Bitches Brew," 1969, Denmark

Futurama cast members ink new deal with Fox

Question for the cat experts

Goodnight joke from the internetS

Is it OK to try and start a discussion about stupid people here?

Wow, I saw this gorgeous guy in the turkey burger section

my PBS stations are in pledge drives more often than regular programming

How much are you drooling right now?

the "literal" video of Bonnie Tyler.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Gin

OH, YEAH?!?!?!

Do you have to be a total wang to like shows like "Ghost Hunters" or "Most Haunted"...

I am a horrible kitty mom.

Skankees have utterly collapsed in the 7th inning in Chicago

Just shut up! Don't judge me! You don't know me!

Need good vibes for an MG kitteh

Five more random questions for the Lounge

Check in if you don't/can't drink.

Some people consider Seth Rogan sexy ???

I don't care what any of you prudes say, there is nothing cooler than drinking out of a paper bag!

Cool hillclimb video

Check in if you don't/can't stop drinking.

Flansburgh or Linnell?

On the subject of stupid people

My dad is in the hospital for the fourth time in the past year.

Church plans legal action after S&M fetishists take over 13th century site for erotic photo shoot

someone post how chocolate is toxic to dogs please?


Could I please have a hug?

Question for the car experts

Axle grease. Yes or no?

Congratulations pinto! 55,000 posts!

Remember "Josie And The Pussycats?"

Scarlett O'Hara CHALLENGE Thread (Fill in the blanks): "As God is my witness, I'll never..."

"Welcome to DU"

Now you can shave the baby!

OK, I gotta admit it.

If you were to have a drinking "summit" with President Obama, What would be your drink of choice?

Update on fawn rescue - Pics

Life Goes On, Man

Bengal Kitty. My daughter is going to get a Bengal kitten. Has anyone had experience with them?

For all fans of Stan Lee

Are brownies bad for cats?

Five random questions for the lounge

Here is a poem someone wrote about a random encounter with a friend of min.

About Being Fat

How does one peel a hard-boiled egg?

Speaking of weird hair...

I never got a "Welcome to DU". You know what I got?

More art from Me...pencil Portraits

what's the last movie you watched? i'm watching strangers on a train

Mob beats Chinese steel factory executive to death

Iraqi government officials may have colluded in British hostages' kidnap

David: 'Seinfeld' Cast to Reunite on 'Curb'

Envoy queries Sudan terror status

Verdict delayed in Suu Kyi trial

Some U.S. bank pay "unmoored" from performance: Cuomo

Take Back the Beep Campaign (against extra long, minutes-eating voicemail instrux)

Air India Plans To Cancel Order For 6 Boeing 777s

NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan

Indonesia files charges in Freeport mine shootings

British military ends Iraq mission

Buffett Posts $1 Billion Profit on China Hybrid Carmaker BYD

Worlds Strongest Vagina!

Our new weirdly re-constituted PIrates win!

Leader open to reversal of coup

Civilian Death Toll Rises in Afghanistan

Controversy Surrounding Lou Dobbs Has Failed to Increase His Ratings (Down 15%)

Swiss, US Govts Hammer Out UBS-IRS Pact Details

U.S. Won't Suspend Auto "Clunkers" Program: Official

Gay activists: Marriage secondary to basic rights

Harvard prof, arresting policeman to talk again

Bombs Outside Mosques in Baghdad Kill at Least 27

New evidence in Binyam Mohamed 'torture' case

PennyMac, run by ex-Countrywide execs, prices IPO

Indian rights activists blast baby-dropping ritual

Obama and Sister to Share a Town

Civilian deaths in Afghanistan war surge

Space shuttle Endeavour lands safely

Dolphin slaughter in Japan subject of new film

Cash-for-clunker deals frozen

Report: Land mine contamination vast in Vietnam

Cambridge Cop Accidentally Arrests Henry Louis Gates Again During White House Meeting

Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan Already Created, Saved 720,000 Jobs

Recent Rise In International Disputes Traced Back To Cute U.N. Tour Guide

Deadlines, Schmeadlines -- No Breakthroughs, No Deals, No Health Care Bill (Dems Prepping Plan B)

Polling Helps Obama Frame Message in Health-Care Debate

Police Chiefs, Mayor's Son Charged In Celebrity Surrogate Scandal

Extortionist targets U.S. elected officials Ghanaian arrested after Obama visit

Blue Dog Opposition May Be 'Underwritten' by Pharmaceutical Giants

Lawmakers Voting on $2 Billion to Replenish ‘Clunkers’ Program

UPDATE: William Jefferson jury begins second day of deliberations in federal corruption case

Town halls gone wild

U.S. health reform gets House boost, battle heads home

Four more failed banks brings year's tally to 68 (actually, now it's 5 and 69)

House Pumps an Additional $2B Into Cash-Strapped 'Cash for Clunkers' Program

Rove Admits Being ' CONDUIT ' of VOTER FRAUD Allegations

Forged letters to congressman anger local groups (re: climate change legislation)

Evidently, Franken has taken T. Boone to the woodshed....

Residents raise their voices on health care More than 400 protesters urge government to stop meddlin

Abortion Measure Passes, Then Fails, in House.

'Swine flu liner' docks in France

Activists cheer China's plan to move refinery

British Hacker Loses Appeal, Faces Extradition To U.S.

2 new moms in Bay Area die from swine flu; concern raised about risk for pregnant women

Endeavor GO for deorbit burn

Pelosi doesn't guarantee Blue Dog provisions

FDIC takes over four more banks (so far) this evening.

FDIC takes over four more banks (so far) this evening.

Problems plague rebuilding of war-torn Afghanistan

US Sen Finance Staffer Exhorts Lobbyists To Get Behind Talks

Brother: N.C. terrorist accusations ‘poppycock’

Horse slaughters have Miami-area owners on edge

US general may ask for more troops for Afghan war

Q2 GDP falls 1.0%, shallower than past 6 months (Q1 GDP rev'd down to -6.4%)

House votes to restrict Wall Street pay

Win for Dems as panel passes health bill

'Dire shortage' at UN food agency

Oops Minn. Dems' news release has profane link

Fire causes Texas town evacuation

18% of Gitmo Detainees Go Back to Terror (according to DOD report)

Dow ends best July in 20 years

Economist: U.S. More Permissive Of Torture Than China

Single Payer Gets A Vote

American tourists in Iranian custody, official says

Hawaii coach suspended 30 days over gay slur

Poll: Many GOP Believe Obama Not Born In U.S.

French general takes over NATO command in Virginia

French general takes over NATO command in Virginia

US troops killed in deadliest month of Afghan war

Private transplants to be banned

'Unresponsive' pilot crashes plane, dies-F-16s scramble in pursuit of single-engine plane 300 miles

Nazi concentration camp survivor found strangled (in his apartment, NYC)

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn) Diagnosed With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday July 31, 2009

Gates Sends Flowers, Note to Woman Who Called 911

US file-sharer gets $700,000 fine

Corazon Aquino, Ex-Leader of Philippines, Is Dead

CBC: Anthrax War

WAMM askes: "Money for Healthcare or for War?"

Rachel Maddow, CBC, ABC, CNN, France 24, Reuters & More: Reports/Footage of Latest Unrest in Iran

Obama's Doctor Speaks Out for Medical Reform- supports

EXCLUSIVE: Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on Democracy Now 7/30/09

Philadelphia Inquirer gets protested over Honduras coverage

KO Countdown : Health 090730 : Care Scare

It's time for health care for everyone (Cocoa, Fl)

Progressive Caucus may not vote for health reform bill if public option doesn't pay Medicare rates

Bob's Trip to the Doctor: The Movie

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to health care activists

Rachel Maddow: The Health Care Gloves Come Off

The Family's Ties

Chappell on Gates

O'Lielly & Goldberg Say Birther BS is Obama Plot to Make CONservatives Look Insane

GRITtv: Nancy Giles & Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Health Care for America Now City Hall Rally - 7/28

Solar Bowl Power Examples

Police Abuse: Cops Caught Plotting To Frame Motorist on Dash Cam

Jane Harman: I call myself the UN BLUE DOG for Purposes of Health Care!

Progressive Democrats: We Will Not Support Health Care Bill Without A Strong Public Option pt.2

Hasselbeck Slams Beck: "[D]anger In What He Said," And He Is Not "Able To Back It Up"

Political Science (Randy Newman cover)

TYT: Obama Holds A Beer Summit

iPhone Politics

Do Right

The Two Minutes Hate: July 31, 2009 (MediaMatters)

I can't afford health care for me and my daughter.

'murca's Mayor hopes there's no hope for health care, says those making $250k or more are struggling

Beer summit: White is the new black

Mexico Builds Border Wall to keep Out US Assholes

Randall Terry asks Are We Slaves On Obama's Plantation?

Pentagon/NASA/NSA computer hacker Gary Mckinnon loses his appeal

The White House Beer Summit - Bloomberg

Sgt. James Crowley Holds Post-Beer Summit Press Conference

Lou Dobbs Interviews Some Guy Named "Zeke" About Obama's Birth Certificate

Kucinich We're Already Paying for Universal Health Care JUST NOT GETTING! IT!

Jonathan Haidt: The Real Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

Help keep this ad on the air:

Bill Maher's "New Rules" - 07/31/09

Ann Coulter: Most racial profiling is a hoax, unless you count Gates, who profiled an Irish cop

TYT: Fox News Blames Obama Admin for the Birthers' Stupidity!

MSNBC Probes the Rise of Right-Wing Racism

Congresswoman Says Botched Plastic Surgery Most Important Issue Facing U.S.

Milbank, Flashing H. Clinton Photo: "We Won't Tell You Who's Getting A Bottle Of "Mad Bitch" Beer

Rachel Maddow interviews Anthony Weiner on healthcare, the Medicare paradox

TYT: Reid, Pelosi and the healthcare villains

Fucktard O'Reilly Attacks Bill Maher

Weiner Introduces Single-Payer Amendment to House Committe

Bill Maher: NEW RULES 07/31/09 (Full Version)

The Hell of War Comes Home: Newspaper Series Documents Murder, Suicide by Iraq Vets 1 of 3

Barack Obama doesn't care about white people.


American's odyssey to al Qaeda's heart

GOP Seeks to Limit the Public Option, to Terri Schiavo!

Health Industry is generous to Blue Dogs

In House, Freshman Democrats Make a Stand.

Restoring Democracy in Honduras

Thursday, Bloody Thursday in Honduras By Al Giordano

GOP Congressmen, Confronted With 'Birther Question,' Flee to Mexico

When "Yes We Can!" Meets "No We Won't!"

Insurance Companies

Seven Days, 250,000 Cars

iraq admits deadly clashes in Iranian settlements

David Sirota: The health care tyranny

Health Care Tyranny by 13 Obstructionists

Larry King: We could all seek forgiveness for cop who called Gates banana-eating jungle monkey

Recession Worse Than Prior Estimates, Revisions Show

Look out Dems: Young Repubs wait on marching orders

'Cash for Clunkers' Program Extended, to Cover GOP Congressmen

The Thrill of it All

Obama Fittingly Honors Ted Kennedy

Slideshow: Kids Wish Network helps child with cancer meet President Obama

Brave New Films: Health Care Reform - 450,000 Doctors Can't Be Wrong

Truly, madly, deeply in love: Barack Obama & Kevin Rudd

If Nader won the presidency in 2000, this is what your trip to work would look like...

Rove says he was merely a 'conduit' in firings of U.S. attorneys

Friday Talking Points (88) -- Healthcare Reform Contest (Place Your Bets!)

The WE Country and Western Weekend July 31-Aug. 2, 2009

Obama Administration Shifts U.S. focus in Colombia from Counternarcotics to Counterinsurgency

I got a job

Single-Payer has come to life---Rep Weiner gives Tammy Baldwin, WI the High five.

Bayh's Wife in Deep With Health Industry

Kent Conrad on the Baucus Committee just said that that he thought that the republicans

Michelle Obama's toxic veggie nightmare: White House organic garden polluted with sludge

Birthers by geographical area. Just in case you don't think this is about racism.

Truly the True Birther True Story of Baby Obama's Birth

US Secret Service looks at alleged coup plotters: “Birthers’ Queen Bee” could lose law license

Eric Cantor Rips Chris Matthews, MSNBC, HuffPo, Liberal Bloggers For Inflating Birther Story

Ben Nelson says if we keep attacking him, health care may be dead by August.

Franken feuds with T. Boone Pickens - A big thank you to Franken.

Larry Flynt: "Grow a Pair, Obama"

Obama waves magic wand and the Dow Industrials best July in 20 years!

Black cop at Gates home regrets 'Uncle Tom' label

I am coming to the realization that the Public Option will not Significantly drive down costs.

Bill Maher is right: we have to attack the birthers on all front

The Gifts of Gaffes

Another conservative Republican falls for Obama.

Maher: "I'll show you Obama's birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin's high school diploma."

Evan Bayh on Hannity right now talking about how America is on an unsustainable course

Gates gave Crowley the greatest compliment a man can give another...

"The marked improvement in this quarter relative to last is largely due to the ARRA"- aka Stimulus

Where's Joe Conason been all my life???

McCain To Filibuster; McCaskill, Feinstein, Collins Oppose House Clunkers Bill

Check Mate: Progressive Change Campaign Committee's Response to Nelson Statement

Hmmm, Ok you folks that undertand Heathcare economics, Here is an idea

"The Obama Recovery" - GDP fell 1% in second quarter, a better than expected performance

Can we start placing some focus on some of the BS timeframes that are being tossed around for reform

Lou Dobbs: 82% of AOL poll respondents side with me on birth certificate. LOL.

What I Saw at the Beer Summit, by Elizabeth Gates ("Skip" Gates's daughter)

NYT: Dealers welcome Clunker traffic though it is no cure all

Please check out my GD thread about doc exposing "secret" dolphin slaughter ...

Projected Insurance Premiums: The cost of doing nothing.

58 percent of GOP not sure/doubt Obama born in US

On The Meaning of Jim Bunning

I was able to get my new car with the Cash For Clunkers program today.

First Lady Welcomes Home Navy Crews

Single Payer Gets A Vote - Thanks to Rep. Weiner. Pelosi promises up or down vote.

Talkingpointsmemo reports Baucus Says New Deadline for Health Care Sept. 15!

CQ: House Compromise Would Let Medicare Negotiate Drug Prices

Card people at the town hall meetings over August

Democrats Prepare Plan B on Health Care- abort bipartisanship, force bill through on party-line vote

Obama offers job back to U.S. attorney fired by Bush

Kudos to all those that filled in for Keith Olberman while he was gone.

I'd like to thank President Obama for my new car.

Town halls gone wild.. Keep your eyes open

Panel pushes health care bill toward passage (AP) -- New details inside

Are the House Majority Whip (Clyburn) and Senate Majority Whip (Durbin) kicking

"Best July for the Dow in 20 Years" - But Noted CNBC Expert Jim Cramer Told Me To Get Out Of Stocks!

Hays Research: More Alaskans now have negative opinion than positive of Palin

One did not have to be an ecomomist to point out, last fall

Lamer GOP leader bashes Obama's happy hour

I just got an excellent robo call for health care reform!

Big Eddie just called out Ben Nelson....

If Senate Finance can't meet a deadline then scroom & let's just proceed without them.

I went to the doctor yesterday

President Obama's Remarks on the Economy

Morning Joke: 'Let's tax the rich and bash the insurance companies."

Giulinani Gone Wild- "He's actually right. It is teachable. Here's the lesson: Shut up."

Rockefeller health about co-ops (H/T Digby)

President Obama Credits Stimulus for Economy's Progress

13 in Congress control health care debate ... important!!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 'Glory Days' Ending for US Health Insurers

Do we need more gates arrest posts?


"Waiting for Baucus..."

Screw Bachus and the Beer Summit - it's time to INVESTIGATE BUSH AND CHENEY (thanks, kpete)

Axelrod Rallies House Democrats on Health

Politico: Waxman Gets Deal on Health Bill

New GOP health plan creates opening for WH, Dems

WSJ - Karl Rove Op-Ed On Healthcare Reform

Luckovich nails it: 'It's a Pre-Existing Condition'

McClatchy: Here's the truth: 'Birther' claims are just plain nuts

House OKs $2 billion more for 'cash for clunkers'

Large Pro-Healthcare Reform Rally - July 30th - No Mention Of Rally In The News!

Our local “Person of the Week”

Why Health Care Isn't Going Away

Dodd Needs to Be on ALL the Sunday Shows Discussing Congress' Health Plan and his Prostate Cancer

NBC's First Read reports Baucus will now vote for Sotomayor

Healthcare Question: Forgive my Ignorance

Conyers says Health Care could limit Obama to One Term

Chris Dodd Diagnosed With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

Dodd has prostate cancer

Today's RW talking point on the cash-for-clunkers program makes no sense (and water is wet).

Politico: BLUE DOG BLUE SHIELD/Blue Dogs Pulled in Two Directions

The Hill: Baucus has 'No idea' How He'll Vote on Sotomayor

Interesting perspective from a birther; looks like they are starting to figure it out

Luckovich on Health Care Reform and Republicans

President Obama to comment on the economy at 1:15 (ET).

Progressives and Blue Dogs reach deal on health care

House Democrats patch up health care differences

You might want to write Senator Menendez and the DSCC on this matter, too

Interesting Poll Numbers From KOS

Talkingpointsmemo: Politico Reports Baucus Says No Bill by August Recess

NYT: House Panel Reaches Deal on Health Care Bill

Anti-HCR "freeper* viral email --- I got the source of it

Blue Dogs get more money from Big Pharma...

A Secret Physiological Link Between Affinity for Guns & Affinity for Health Insurance Bureaucrats?

Question on health care

Tony Auth hits the nail on the head on Baucus' Finance Committee's idea of healthcare reform

An alternate take on the "come over for a beer" scenario

Stephanie Miller show is talking up Single payer today-right now

"Beer Summit" Question:

Reuters: Democrats Agree to Conservatives' (Blue Dogs) Healthcare Plan Changes

Letterman- Top Ten Things Overheard At The White House Beer Summit

Dems plan 'Heath Care ER' August ad campaign

It will be soon be time to circle the wagons again

Bad bridges passed up for stimulus cash

The Grand Old (Birther) Party! -- POLL: Fewer Than Half of Republicans Think Obama is a Citizen

"Five days later, Ross was the guest of honor at a special "health-care industry reception."" (WaPo)

Dan Eggan: Healthcare Industry is Generous to Blue Dogs

President Obama. the Iraq war, the troop draw down and the economy

H.R. 1826 To Reform the Financing of House Elections has 75 co-sponsors. Senate bill S.752 has 4!

Obama's Doctor Speaks Out for Medical Reform- supports "single payer option." (Video)

Enjoy the stench of your putrescence, you Obama haters

Start over, hit em hard while

'Bald' bird Asia's first new bulbul in 100 years

Mexico cuts 2009 oil output goal by 100,000 bpd

Fire Rehabilitation Emergency

Message to YOU - Return to Innocence

Lightning Hybrids retrofits for growth

Fuel Startup Makes Ethanol From the Sun, CO2

There is HOPE for Planet Earth

I'm having dinner this weekend with the owner of a company installing wind turbines.

Single Alaskan Tundra Fire In 2007 Produced 1.3 Million Tons CO2 - More - Much More - To Come

Alcoa Razes Rain Forest in Court Case Led by Brazil Prosecutors

Discovery's "Swamp Loggers"

Oil is Peaking, But Not Because of Speculation

Texas wind farms reap N.C. dollars

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Thursday, July 30)

Do you like a bunch of high tech stuff at (live) games, and if so, why?

Report: NHL investigates contract talks between Hawks, Hossa

The Friday night Game of the Week. The Pirates are hosting the Natinals!

Belichick still evading Vick topic

The Pirates put a win on the board tonight against the Natinals!

Panda gets first career Splash Hit

Who hates the Steelers?

MLB Trade-Deadline Day Thread

Jake Peavy is now a White Sox

Saturday is Victor Martinez bobblehead night in Cleveland

Sir Bobby Robson dies

Xiomara and Pichu are on Radio Globo now 10:00 Honduras time 12pm EST

Honduras: more repression in Tegucigalpa; "resistance camp" on border

Leader open to reversal of coup

(Colombia) Nukak 'face extinction', indigenous leaders tell UN

Honduras: the hooded face of dictatorship

Honduran interim leader: Zelaya can't be restored

Lula Increases Brazil Anti-Poverty Stipend by 9.7% (Update1)

Updates: Xiomara leading a march in Tegu + EU plans restrictions on Visas of golpistas

Reuters: Hollywood stars visit Havana amid U.S.-Cuba thaw (Things that upset Otto)

All "media crimes" to be punishable with prison sentences

3 of 5 Cuban spies to be resentenced in Miami

Cuba shuts factories, cuts energy to save economy

EU Members Agree to Ban Memmbers of Micheletti's Golpista Govt.

Ecuador pleased FARC denied funding Correa campaign

Political crisis causes huge economic losses to Honduras

Green land turned into killing field

Cuba enters crisis mode as economy worsens

Vested interests behind Honduras coup: analysts

Hamas threatens to boycott Palestinian unity talks in Cairo

Settler youths build new outpost in southern West Bank

Fatah woman smuggles self out of Gaza

As blockade bites deep, more Gaza children must work

Gaza Children Go For Kite-Flying Record

Police: Cab Driver Kills Armed Robber Cab Driver Had CCW, Police Say

A man fatally shot an armed intruder while protecting his 5-year-old relative

Who Speaks for Palestine?

Homeowner fatally shoots burglary suspect

Settlers undermining legitimacy of Israel's existence

Saudi Arabia rejects U.S. call for improved ties with Israel

"We train more, they do better"

Police: Man Shot Girlfriend's Ex In Self Defense

Hamas leader: We will accept a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders

Hamas sponsors mass wedding in Gaza

Would-Be Robber Shot and Killed

Today in Labor History July 31 Steelworkers at Newport News Shipbuilding ratify a breakthrough agree


Workers Stage Protest Against Chinese Govt. Owned Wu Liang Ye (Restaurant in NYC)

Beautiful pink lotus flower


And after the bloom fades...

Suggestions for August Photo Contest.

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SUMMER

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Ccontest. Theme: SCENES OF SUMMER

A letter I sent my rep regarding health care,

David Sirota: The health care tyranny

William S. Bates. Major, USMC (Ret)

Study: Redheads' extra pain may cause fear of dentists (CNN)

Serotonin Rising - Summer 2010 release

Single-Payer has come to life---Rep Weiner gives Tammy Baldwin, WI the High five.

Weiner Introduces Single-Payer Amendment to House Committe

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Safe? (Irene Rubaum-Keller/Huffington Post)

Our Melamine: There's Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the FDA Has Known for Years (HuffPost

Why Do We Spend $34 Billion In (sic) Alternative Medicine?

China flexes muscles at WTO in disputes

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/30/09

Evil Syndicated

Why is there not more focus on the Federal Reserve??

Need Help with my CPAP Machine again ~

CNBC Viewership Down 28%

Big Texas bank on verge of failure (Fortune/CNNMoney) {Guaranty Bank}

Sharpest views of Betelgeuse reveal how supergiant stars lose mass

Friday Night Eye Candy (Dialup warning) Back after a break

Great new archaeology show on PBS

Images reveal 'lost' Roman city (BBC)

Baldwin’s domestic partner bill passed out of committee

"God has a better way...."

Sorry for standing up for my rights, and not accepting any political party, president

GDP Down, Despite Govt. Manipulation; 3 yrs Net Negative Econ Growth

"Labor won't be shifting on gay marriage: Rudd"

2010 Census will include same-sex couples

Gay activists: Marriage secondary to basic rights

Space images move me...

Experts needed for traditional and/or alternative interventions for arthritis

Cosmic Top Secret, Bob Dean - ConsciousMediaNetwork

why didn't I think to ask about this sooner? Is this a good time to begin a construction project?

Correction: Typo: the date for the entrance of Uranus into Aries is 5/27/2010 n/t

What do ya'll think of Vedic Astrology?

Need white light for an MG kitteh

Looking for otc help with achy joints

August, 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Deleted due to posting error. nt.

Debaptism; weird on all sides:

Those That the Elite Worship

Does Free Will Exist? If not, is Democracy actually important?

29,000 Jehovah's Witnesses arriving in Hawaii

In the interests of balance: Prove there is no God.

What’s your proof that your God exists?

Bring out yer pork recipes!

So, I bought a green apple but I don't have any Vodka

Catholic priest busted in sex sting in St. Louis County

Welcome to The Century of Deceit

War and Lies - Governments Lie, We Die

Texas Dems say state benefiting from stimulus

Young mother of 3, with cancer, needs your help.

*** Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for USA - "All the way until that day of September 11"

The Truth About the Flu Shot

It's only a matter of time

It is interesting to know that Al Qaeda

Toxic blaze near Bryan spurs mass evacuation

Thugs on the Run--Have you seen them?

Harper says recession is no time for an election