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Has any team actually expressed interest in Michael Vick?

What do Conrad & Dodd have in common (besides VIP loans)?

American Apparel is firing based on looks

Make Lawmakers Pay for Health care & End Exempting Themselves


Senate Finance Committee Dropping Dem Health Goals (Public Option): AP

The Baucus Bill's Bad Math

It doesn't matter where Barack Obama was born...

The Gates arrest and the “national conversation on race”

Regarding Crowley: Does this tainted police report now jeapordize any prev. convictions that had

No organized mass marches/protests anymore?

Transgender Day honored in Houston

Want economic stimulus? Legalize the gay marriage!

Do we have to put up with conservative "blue dog" Democrats?

Question On Citizenship

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearings this Wed for two of Obama's Federal judge nominees

Happy Birthday Medicare! Seniors to Sing Praises of Single-Payer System

Possible motive for the Baucus bill?

State officials in Hawaii say they've checked and confirmed the document

Arm the Senate!

Can't worried about who's watching Russia tonight from their Alaska home?

bush lied, people died. What slogan can we use now?

The Founding Fathers were wrong

When We Won:

Rachel Maddow reveals the REAL source of GOP talking points on Health Care (VIDEO)

Sources: Sanford Had D.C. “Love Nest”

Ahu & Me: A Dog Is Lost, Hope Is Found In Pakistan

I want to shoot you to death vs. I want to permanently cripple you with a baseball bat.

Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real

Photo Fun at Palin’s Expense

A note on police reports, witnesses, calls, etc.

Palin's speech

Let's have mob rule--We can deliver no health care and no jobs...

Glenn Beck Could Use Some Proofreaders

Accused Ponzi Schemer R. Allen Stanford Protests Lack of Air Conditioning in Jail

So, why did Michele Bachmann vote yes on the resolution saying that Obama was born in Hawaii?

So, why did Michele Bachmann vote yes on the resolution saying that Obama was born in Hawaii?

Washington Rep. Reichert joins ranks of cowardly Birther supporters

What Baucus And Grassley Are Up To

Marie Cocco: A Rebound Without Recovery

Marie Cocco: A Rebound Without Recovery

Renowned Choreographer Merce Cunningham Dies at 90

Climate Crock Anthony Watts Scrubs YouTube Video

Should Fox News take a "fair and balanced" look at how thin-skinned it is?

Should Fox News take a "fair and balanced" look at how thin-skinned it is?

Morning Joe Questions...

Jeff Flake is getting his clock cleaned by callers on WJ this

Dear Friend:

Senate Healthcare Deal Could Upset House Liberals


Prison consultants help inmates get good digs

Pot growers having big year in California

Schwarzenegger likely to veto social programs in revised budget

Former Idaho Sen. Craig's new consulting firm bringing in clients

This Modern World: What's not to love about healthcare decisions made by insurance co accountants?

The Real Unemployment Rate Hits a 68-Year High

Speculators Blamed For Oil Spike

Robert Reich-Nothing Is More Necessary Than We ALL Make Sure Our Reps Hear From Us!!!

Birthers, you are all nuts and bigots to boot

Its Birthists

American Apparel's CEO, Dov Charney, is demanding the firing of employees he deems unattractive.

Don’t blame yourself. It's not you, it's just that the economy sucks.

Hawaii AGAIN declares Obama birth certificate real

GOP Earns Worst-Ever Rating in Fox Poll

Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real

Father of the 8 year old Rape victim wants her back, but no punishment for rapists

Whoops! Insurance Company Emails Reform Group, Urges Them To Oppose Public Option

U.S. releases unclassified spy images of Arctic ice

Clunkers for cash... looks like it is going to be good for the car dealerships

Mr. Political Science Major got a job with...wait for it...Newsmax!

Did Anybody Watch On HBO Last Night - The Yes Men Fix The World........

Three Republican Senators Are Worth More Than 76% of the Country

A generalized post on race.. related to no other case.

CSI: Watergate - Has an amateur historian found the key to the lost 18 ½ minutes?

Finally! Revealed! House Republican Health Care Plan

"Revenue neutral" baloney.


Boy's White House Bomb Call

Three Republican Senators are Worth More Than 76% of the Country

LOL - "cause we ain't stupid!"

How come the people as a lobby group doesnt trump the corporations?

Letter of the day: The closest to a Cronkite heir can be heard on Air America

How a mentally disabled OC youth ended up in the US Marine Corps.

Senator Al Franken Attacked by Baby Biter

Army arrests civilian in mix up. head shaved, 1 week in jail, 1 week in Fort Knox.

Shame on Yahoo! Features CNNMoney's hit-piece on healthcare

Corruption = jobs for "Prison Consultants"

Corruption = jobs for "Prison Consultants"

I love the UN-rec feature!

Cat rings 999 and cops kick a door in

Two in Three Doubt Congress’ Grasp of Healthcare Issues

Idaho man sodomized by police Taser plans to sue

Rick Sanchez On Twitter: Hispanics Working For Fox Have "Sold Out," Bill Maher's An "Opportunist"


Single Payer! - No way.... Public Option! - No way... . Doodley Squat! - Way!

One birther kook-- and only one-- fled from the Chamber to avoid voting

Judiciary Committee Vote on Judge Sotomayor starting

seeking info on travel overseas or the states/volunteer work

Rally at HC Town Hall tomorrow in Raleigh

Sotomayor Just Passed Committee Vote ......

So even if Health care passes we have to wait until 2013?

Is reconciliation the only way we can get a public option to go through?

Nicaragua prefers the dark ages for their women


bin Laden probably still alive...but is his birth certificate legitimate?

What deal was made to get Pharma on board? ..the AMA?

Racism Is the Prime Cause for Debunked Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory

To Dems Re: Healthcare... Go BIG or Go Home!

More Proof that the Republicans are TERRIFIED of their crazy base:

Pilots--can someone give me a brief description of FAA Part 135 requirements?

Business Owner To Stay On Roof Until Loan Approved (Fairfield, Ohio)

DOD Inspector General Finds Multiple KBR And Military Failures In Electrocution Deaths

Shumer and Leahy, et al.. Citizens for Public Option. JUST CREATED. Go to website

The unemployed need to start forming Unemployed Unions

The unemployed need to start forming Unemployed Unions

Breaking...Justice Sotomayor is approved (AP)

VIDEO: Single Payer Teach In

(Ariz.) State's raiding of fund for budget illegal, court rules

Mom Refuses C-Section, Baby Taken Away

AP NewsBreak: 1 NC terror suspect still sought

The ongoing failure of Dems to deliver: time for a new party, or to (once again) "reform" the old?

New info about Michael Jackson and I have a question for any doctors or people who would kow.

Remember Charles Stuart? That wasn't so long ago

Subject: I'm feel like a cat that needs herding.

Bloomberg: Drugmakers May Fund $100 Million Ad Campaign on Health Overhaul

Fuck the Congress....Let's start our own Health care Co-Op!

Glenn Beck regarding President Obama: "This guy is, I believe, a racist."

75 million Pacific Islanders will have to move to higher ground

Saddened Freeps call for South Carolina to "vote out or recall Lindsay Graham" over Sotomayor vote

Saddened Freeps call for South Carolina to "vote out or recall Lindsay Graham" over Sotomayor vote

Arne Duncan hits opposition in Ohio as governor insists on opposing charter expansion,

Vermont health Care

U.S. cancels visa of judge who ordered Zelaya arrest

some stupid ass on CNN defending the cops and telling Obama not to stereotype Police Officers

Anyone Listening to the Thom Hartmann Show?

President Holds a Town Hall at AARP: President just introduced

Big spenders tend to marry big savers, researchers find

Nightmare on the Porcelain Princess

The "idea" vs the real thing?

Top Latino Group Hits Michael Steele, GOP For Skipping Their Conference

Apple cake mortgage lady live on MSNBC NOW

Fla. Teens Believe Drinking Bleach Will Prevent HIV

FYI: There's been alot discussed here lately about The Family...

What will Democrats run on in 2010 and 2012?

Hal Turner is claiming he told the FBI about a plot to kill the president

Singe Payer Advocates - Do you support the Weiner Amendment?

Don't let "bipartisan compromise" destroy opportunities at real reform

Quitting... so long Sarah ...An honest mistake, really

Obama just stated at the AARP town hall that he WANTS A PUBLIC OPTION...

As mentor, retired coach Dungy will support Vick in football, life

Report Finds ICE Violates Its Own Detention Standards

Can I get some Cash > Clunker money for a new pair of walking shoes? Stores never carry my size

How Lou Dobbs Scared Rush Limbaugh Off the Birther Story

Americans are just dying over their health insurance system.

Happiness Consultants Won’t Stop a Depression, By Chris Hedges

If we ACTUALLY had a liberal media...

iPhone iconoclast: Teen whiz shakes up Apple's world (Mount Airy, PA)

Trying to locate a bio in English on artist Arisztid Szendy (Hungarian/American 1903 - 1974)

Rendering truck scatters load on I-5, that took a lot of guts

Without a decent public option - The President should veto any health bill.

UPDATE!! The Carlyle Group: busy busy busy!

Quick, quiet genetic corn approval questioned

Apparently the Pres is going to have a Town Hall on health care with AARP on CNN Live now.

The Definitive Birther Takedown

Thanks to Colbert, i finally understand why Sarah Palin speaks that way.

Lackawanna officials say troops in city was bad idea

Randi deconstructing Lewin Group

THIS is the kind of speech that Obama should give the American people...but he won't.

Florida Dems To Posey: Drop The Birther Bill

Police Use Taser On Deaf And Disabled Man

The problem is that we have a three party system masquerading as a two party system.

Colombia To Aid U.S. In Taliban Fight

Americans Pay $2.5 Trillion for Health Care That Cost $912 Billion in 2003

Bomb Kills 8 Afghans Escorting NATO Convoy

Top House Democrats Struggling on Health Care Bill

Woman jailed for boyfriend's car surfing death

I don't think there's anything political about many of Fox News's more inexplicable mistakes...

Who is this ASSHOLE on with Tamron Hall on MSNBC Live

Lesbians in China petition to donate blood

Borowitz: New national holiday "Drink A Beer With Someone Who Arrested You Day"

Road Kill: It's Fresh, It's Organic, It's Free

House GOP Welcomes Overture From Blue Dogs

Public Option Expert Jacob Hacker on Why the Blue Dogs are Blowing Smoke

10 Percent of Afghan Polling Centers in Danger

Makes me so proud of my hometown...

It's not just No Public Option - it's drops in FSA & more

Beer Gate:

O'Reilly outdoes himself in the quest for stoopid comment:

Watchdogs decry ‘danger’ to Suleman octuplets. (Remember Octomom?)

Schwarzenegger signs budget with more welfare cuts

Anybody feel like un-freeping a Wash Times Post on Madame Quitter?

Victim believes his sexual orientation might have led to attack

AlterNet: Corporate Media Have Ruined the Health Care Debate

BWAHAHAAHAAA!!!!! MSNBC right now!

I'm hating Ed today. I turned him off.

Sherrod Brown: We'll get a strong public option

WaPo reporter: Birthers get media attention because ‘there is no videotape of Obama being born.’

The Golden State has a budget

10 Things You Need to Know to Live on the Streets

Would You Buy a Hot Dog from an ex-con?

AFP (Tea party Hosts)-sponsored anti-health care rally hangs freshmen Democrat in effigy.

Healthcare for America Now lays out the step-by-step process...

Were any Republicans targeted in the anthrax attacks?

What method of contact gets more attention from Congresscritters?

Comicon and the Economy.... and a little of politics

An Exit Strategy for Obama in Afghanistan; Taliban 'Code of Conduct'

Hi everybody I'm doing a class project on blogs, and could use some advice.

Does CNN get paid everytime they mention Twitter or Facebook?

Is it H1N1, or another strain of the flu?

We Interrupt This Program: AP NewsBreak: NC terror suspect may be in Pakistan

FREE SPEECH : Court Orders Woman Not To Post Details About Court Proceeding Involving Her Brother:

Child left in Boston cab; driver faced suspension

Bush Made His GOP Congress His Rubber Stamp. Obama's Democratic Congress Is Just A Leaker Rubber.

Health Care Action Alert on Crooks & Liars Web Site: "Send us your nightmare health care stories"

Gold's Gym declares July "Cankles Awareness Month"

Turn a Tuesday's face to the wall and listen to it bawl . . . so you can come CAPTION!!!!


"T" stands for "Tuesday" . . . or is it "Teabag"??? . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!!

She's still out there, and still just as dangerous

Ukraine finds 'reporter's skull' (BBC)

Socialism or Payola-ism?

Blue M&Ms mend spinal injuries

I had a bad day at work yesterday.

Slate: Why You Can't Trust Your Health Insurer

Robotic firefighting team debuts (BBC) {and not in Japan!}

Texas' Hutchison voting against Sotomayor

The TV is on as background noise as I'm typing here, and in the last 20 minutes....

Modern American Conservatives Suffer From "Terminal Uniqueness"

why would people who don't want the government between them and their dr. choose a public option...?

Which picture best describes the Republican party

Glenn Beck refers to Van Jones as a "self-professed communist" at least 10x during a segment

But ...But ....He Lost Over $100 Million Dollars......

Randall Terry: Why I'm still fighting to end abortion

A vote against single payer or at least the public option is a vote

Ezra Klein: The 19.5 Years Test

Sec of Education Arne Duncan on merit pay (to the NEA in an interview)

ThinkProgress: Infamous Astroturf Lobbying Firm Behind New Anti-Health Reform Group

I spent almost five hours last night in the hospital, I wonder how much $$$ Baucus will make

Can we please not fall for the divide and conquer crap?

Is anyone in Mt. talking about challenging Baucus in the primary?

White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant, as hackers claimed a year ago

Birthers on the Hill

This is a serious question about Harry Reid

Hawaii again cofirms Obama's birth certificate to be real

Free health care, free food, free housing for everybody.

All right, Where is Keith Olbermann?

Every $Trillion We Pump Into The Economy = $3333 Per Person

Smoking Gun, secret e-mail found: Hawaii Chick to The Big Boy in DC (strictly confidential):

dictionary exercise

Schwarzenegger Makes Additional Welfare Cuts (Child Health & Welfare, Medi-Cal, Aids prevention)

Attorneys for young Gitmo detainee seek his release, say Afghan officials ready to pick him up

Gordon Brown.

Roeder bound over for murder of Dr. Tiller one witness said he had a pungent smell

Is Krauthammer a para- or quadriplegic?

Dr. Tiller's Murderer "pleads not guilty"

Rep. McCotter on HARDBALL wants Pres. Obama to kiss Crowley's lily white butt

Republican Reaction to Palin's Resignation

Well, here's a dumb reason not to reform healthcare

First Madoff Interview: Can't Believe I Got Away With It

What would happen to you if you played silly games at work?

The government should have NO say so in the type of healthcare that a person gets. (email and reply)

Nobody but NOBODY, can belabor a point like Tweety...

Nobody but NOBODY, can belabor a point like Tweety...

Cops threatens to sodomize suspect with taser.

Help Save Chris Vassey! (please sign)

30 Minutes Till Dr/Gov Howard Dean on COUNTDOWN

To those who keep asking where Keith Olbermann is:

Insulting and unpatriotic!

How Many People Die Each Day From No Insurance? (Idea For A Commercial)

Caption this pic

Ok.. who's posting the anti-repuke photos in the Facebook Rush group?

Progressive Dem TV, with your host Gov. Howard Dean

A Good Side Effect of the Tough Economy

Gold just waiting to be mined: a list of birthers' names and addresses.

All Michael Jackson all the time sends M$NoBodyCares into fourth place

U.S. Senate may drop public healthcare option

Arnold cuts child welfare and Aids Prevention

The more things change . . .

Study: Tanning beds as deadly as arsenic

anyone catch the website address that Dr. Dean gave out

Howard Dean's hosting Countdown........

Should fat cops be fired?

Warning signs missed in baby dismemberment case

The Rude Pundit: Health Care Reform: The Baseball Bat or the Spooge Spray?

HuffPo: Blue Dog Democrats Reach Out To GOP "About Joining Forces To Slow" Health Care

It's very frustrating to go to sites I like to go to and have people spewing the bs about healthcare

Fla. judge rules will on Kerouac's estate is fake

As far as I know, Rush Limbaugh never said Hitler was a hero.

Henry Louis Gates’s Arrest: A Teachable Moment? Laura Flanders, guests

California Parks Agency Considers Sponsors -Park signs could be potentially changed to show sponsors

AARP's priorities for healthcare reform

Great program Howie Dean

Cheeky Olympian ignores anterior tear, puts on a great show.

Cheeky Olympian ignores anterior tear, puts on a great show.

Obama administration eases restrictions on lobbyists for stimulus money

Honolulu Advertiser Fueling The Birther Fires

sorry to post this as it's own thread but.... anyone know the address to go to

Hacker's 'moral crusade' over UFO

Tanning beds cause cancer.

Lindsay Graham sets my gaydar off, big time. Anyone else?

WTF!?!? Pelosi is letting the House adjourn for the Summer this Friday!

Pot Activists File Ballot Measure With State (Calif)

lol - Keith will be the next guest on Countdown

LTTE to my senator

Dr Dean


Obama on CNN right now

Laura Bush to speak at my school district's convocation

Watching Maddow. She's doing the story on the fuckwads on the right

Watching Maddow. She's doing the story on the fuckwads on the right

Will it ever be possible

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Obama facing tough choice on health care

Punk nabbed in hit-and-run death of 'American Idol' wannabe Alexis Cohen

Joe Klein: Hilarious

What beer would you suggest for the Obama, Gates, cop sit down

President Obama Reiterates Support for Public Option

Are you seeing signs of the economic recovery in your personal life or your community?

Are you seeing signs of the economic recovery in your personal life or your community?

WaPo: "there is no videotape of Obama being born in Hawaii"...

Can you spot a real speech,and a speech from piece of fiction?

How much would H.R. 676 cost consumers?

Leahy: Expect Full Vote Late Next Week

G-d bless America. QVC is having a Michael Jackson "remembrance"

Request for more troops in Afghanistan likely, source says

National Security Whistleblowers Demand Protection (Sibel Edmonds) Senate markup tomorrow

Wanna know who's to blame if there is no public option?

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?..

The face of a terrorist:

I think we should make some t-shirts and send them to the blue dogs...

US Appeals Court Judge Terence Evans to take Senior Status, 2nd 7th Circuit vacancy

Reid says it's 'premature' to say whether he backs public plan. Stabanow says 'it'll be difficult'

Just many Senate seats would we need for a TRUE majority?

Yahoo Finance - Filled With Anti-Healthcare Reform Propaganda

Moody's Downgrades $4.5 Billion Of Bonds With FHA, VA Mortgages

Moody's Downgrades $4.5 Billion Of Bonds With FHA, VA Mortgages

GPS is great.....if you're a good speller

Russia and Iran join hands

Obama Ignores Torture-by Helen Thomas (quotes William Pitt)


I Love Her

Howard Dean in for KO

Financial Times: How the cards are cut (The looming disaster of credit card debt)

I wonder what kind of health care insurance Iraqis and Afghanis enjoy?

Baby falls and dies after mother is pushed by father in domestic dispute

Colin Powell weighs in on the Professor Gates situation

Considering Cash for Clunkers- 2 things you should read first

Why can't you be thin like Mika?

I'm getting sick of some of the repuke-like myths about the uninsured I'm reading here

Michigan health clinic opens with stimulus money. 52% of area residents are uninsured.

Baucus Explains Himself

Write a mini story with these pics

Small-Business Owners Criticize Health Proposal

Powell on Gates: "I've been racially profiled many times" -- HuffPo article

What's with all the trolls, lately?

I have a 13 word Health Care Bill suggestion (instead of the 1300 page one Congress is working on)

"One of the parties is bat guano crazy."

VIP mortage cheap deals for the wealthy.

DNC Targets Republican Leaders on the Stimulus

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Should Congress Be Made To Wear NASCAR-Like Uniforms ???

TVA schemed to avoid blame in spill, investigation claims

The GOP Case Against Non-White America - Muslim Rants, Birthers, Sotomayor, and Prof. Gates

What are the specifics of the health care reform plan as it stands TODAY?

i saw something interesting at home depot today...

We all know where the "Teddybear" came from

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert of Illinois reacts to the unveiling of his portrait -pics

Was something posted a while back...

The media loves to report on overweight people...

Bill Kristol: Military public health care is "first class health care"...

LOL Lou Dobbs is backing down

Colin Powell Suggests Republicans Are Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh

Should Obama veto any bill without a public option?

Dem healthcare infighting intensifies

Genius? O'Reilly: 'Of course Canada has longer life expectancy than US-we have 10 times more people'

Tom Tomorrow rocks....(TOON)

How trustworthy if the Congressional Budget Office? Does

Jesus wrote the entire New Testament in heaven before the world was made

For-profit insurance: NO VALUE ADDED

Re: Healthcare - Help me respond back

Howard Dean hosting Countdown today. I think he did a decent job.

WOW! "respectfully, how is morality any more than a fairy tale?"

WOW! "respectfully, how is morality any more than a fairy tale?"

If we were to have a public option, would recipients pay premiums?

Are There Any Public Figures you Trust Implicitly?

Ron Paul says health care is not a right and shouldn't become one

Suggestion to mods: Please allow us to hide threads without having to click inside.

AFP-sponsored anti-health care rally hangs freshman Democrat in effigy

"In many ways, Texas is a great example of why our health care system is breaking down"

W Times: Obama's cost-saving measures include closing union oversight office

How Palin will be dangerous to the country

Who is more bat shit crazy

What's Happened to MY HOME TOWN...and YOUR HOME TOWN....Devastation!

200 Would-be Child Suicide Bombers Saved

Police Shock Dog With Taser Gun; Incident Caught On Tape

Iran: The Green Brief #40-41 (July 26-27) Latest news from Iran

She baked her way out of foreclosure.

Why don't they just let everyone buy into Medicare?

William Shatner is the funniest man alive!

Michigan Governor Signs Agreement on High Speed Rail

The fix is in. I think this is where we're going, folks - a health insurance cartel...

How many people still think there are races of humans?

Where is Condi Rice living ?

Judge submits final ruling against furloughs for Hawaii workers

Wild story, but true. Blue M&Ms linked to reducing spine injury.

Doctors, Media Critics Demand Broader TV Debate on Healthcare, To Include Single Payer

Senate Panel Nearing Accord; Vote on Bill Could Happen Before Aug. 7 Recess

Wasn't Everybody Totally Pissed Off Because They Thought Sen. Gillibrand Was WAY To Conservative????

Chicago School Reform A Failure: Report

Yogi Bear would be proud - Smart Black Bear defeats Bearvault

Punished for being an American

Depression Stew Anyone?: Road Kill: It's Fresh, It's Organic, It's Free

VFW magazine outdoes itself with a saturated wingnut issue: claims vets are Rethugs; hits out at FDR

Paul Stanley Resigning From Legislature--GOP Politician Had Affair With 22-Year-Old Intern

We, the people, must immediately Incorporate !!!!!

lonely men and Love in 2-D

Dear Parents: What happens in the testing room?

More on the Family at Maddow

I think Shep Smith just called someone a schmuck on the air...

Not to be a sourpuss, but HuffPo has been bit more like HuffPaint as of late.

Not to be a sourpuss, but HuffPo has been bit more like HuffPaint as of late.

President Obama, Let me be clear and I mean crystal

Study Finds Underwater Borrowers Drowned Themselves with Refinancing

And yet ANOTHER Repub sex scandal.

Does any else

Listen to the music, and WATCH the photos

"Just imagine the above scenario for one minute- if you can"

Third World Scene With an American Setting

OMG are all child porn offenders this scary looking?

Missing the point, Ed. Michael Vick should not be playing in the NFL because...

Should people who served their jail sentences be allowed to get on with their lives afterward?

IDF Vets Train U.S. Jews to Protect Their Communities (not a joke)

Police: Ohio woman shoots self at gun range, dies

Faux News fails geography

“I Prefer Single-Payer, But …....."

Public option - was it really just a dream?

Global Warming Could Uproot California's Fruit, Nuts (might not grow locally anymore)

...and so where was McCain born?? The CANAL ZONE!!?!

Memo to Barack Obama: What Would Lincoln Do? What Would FDR Do?

Found a right-winger threatening mass murder on Topix

Firefighter Shoots at Cyclist, Hits His Helmet, For Biking With Child

I HATE NCLB...our district is suffering and now we teachers have taken another it We have lost 125.

Answer these four questions Mr. Cheney:

I love this depression!

Lindsey Graham sets off my blackdar, anyone else?

Professional Poison: How Professionals Sabotage Social Movements

Why French doctors still make house calls

VIDEO: Target mandatory anti-union training

Fox "News" Anchor throws "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM"-style tantrum in parking garage

Freepers: "Certificate of Live Birth not valid because it doesn't use the word 'N***ro'"

Failure to pass Public Option will cost Dems in 2010 and 2012

The CIA Enlisted the Mafia to Kill Fidel Castro in 1960

First Came E-Books, Now Free Wi-Fi at Barnes & Noble

*************ACTION CALL FOR ALL COLORADANS!**************

Another Excerpt from Sharlet's The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

*****n2doc appreciation thread******

Name the countries....

Stupid question - does the public option cover dental care?

Shatner does Palin

Some Tuesday Toons...

DU this poll on facebook HealthCare reform please

The Joint Public Option Single Payer United Front

What if every time a Congressperson spoke on the floor on an issue

The Gates affair. The day the outrage died.

Should Congress Pass A Law Banning People Convicted Of Animal Cruelty From Pro Sports?

Crazy Wingnut Healthcare Attacks Exposed ~ Bob Cesca

Orly Taitz on Colbert...

Inside Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels (pic heavy)

PUBLIC OPTION WEBSITE!!!! Please keep this kicked!!

What percentage of your income is spent on all types of insurance?

There is no proof that Crowley intensionally lied on his report.

My Dad Has Guillain-Barré And He Is Ready After 11 Weeks To Go

First tea baggers, then birthers, now its the "snuffers"

WAKE UP PEOPLE... you want national health care, voting

Flexible Spending Accounts

Don't Let Some Government Bureaucrat Stand Between You And Your Doctor!

How do you tip your food server when you are paying with credit card?

There's only one "problem" with Single Payer

The Governator cut 100% of the Battered Women's Shelter Program today in California.

AlterNet: Another Racist, Crazy Conservative Attack on Obama: Health Reform as Reparations

AlterNet: Another Racist, Crazy Conservative Attack on Obama: Health Reform as Reparations

What sort of foods did liberals grow up on?

Maxine Waters warns Blue Dogs to beware 2010: “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

Swine flu fears means $$$ for big pharma

Please "follow" my blog!!

A Doctor's Response To Paul Krugman

Suskind: Cheney wanted ’show of force’ on 9/11 anniversary

'The Army pounds it into your head: kill everybody'

Help debunk latest list of lies.


I'm so tired...

normally I'm not too into lyrics or poetry, but this...THIS....

I have a serious Arnold Palmer addiction -

Looks like darkstar partied a *little* too hard on his birthday.


What are you doing here?

Does anyone have a better record of having tank threads than me?

Does anyone think that District 9 movie could be good if it is done right?

I'd like to do a song of a great social and poetical import. It goes like this-

Watchmen was pretty damn good...


The "4 Worms" Church Sermon

"Teachable moment" is that phrase annoying?

Caption this picture

Hmmm, not sure if I should go to my 10 year HS reunion. Any experiences with these?

From the great world of wisdom that is Yo Gabba Gabba: Don't Bite Your Friends.

Jizz fans. Name your all-star... Oh never mind. IBTL

Oh shit Colbert's tazer segment last night

Our Skinner, who art in Cyberspace, we need an emoticon for :sigh:.

I am in the middle of a killer hot flash Right Now!

In celebration of obesity:

hypocritical: what an affair is

Any sociology students/grads around?

Esther Phillips - Home is where the hatred is

The new Doctor Who looks like Tucker Carlson

Skittles vs Chuck Norris.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to huskerlaw!!*******

I just threw a tissue into the trashcan.

I want to stay in my office all night tonight--my home AC died yesterday and it might be hot!

A little advice for the Lounge.

Row Brewing Over Britain's Strongest Beer (18.2% alcohol)

Anyone know about Pyle car audio radios.

Have a question to ask / looking for advice

Good morning Lounge

Flat Earth Society exists!

Faux News fails geography. X-post from GD

Preview of the Joan RIVERS roast. Hope it's better than this.

OxyContin found in Skittles

On the national news last week, everyone's frothing over technology overtaking humans...

What the fuck happened to my Brew Crew last night?

"Conception in 'The Incredible Shrinking Woman'"

Anyone know anything about turntables?

I'm dog sitting.

The DU Lounge plan for world domination, sponsored by Tommy_Carcetti

It happens every time

Ricky Berens Splits Swimsuit, Bares Butt At World Championships (NSFW)

LOL I'ts been that kind of a day

Tell an excruciatingly embarassing story on yourself...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/28/09

Larry David returns!! Pretty pretty pretty pretty good.

who's been fingerfucking my stuff?

Gamers: Help

My latest idea for sowing chaos in my workplace.

Live from Hanoi, it's me, HEyHEY

Either weatherunderground is broken, or it's 113 degrees outside.

Spoon-Jonathon Fisk

Woman jailed for boyfriend's car surfing death

Eagles Def Cordinator Jim Johnson has died

My 2-year DU anniversary is coming up on Aug. 6th and you bastids had BETTER BUY ME SOMETHING

KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle / some good internet r a d i o

darkstar and his buddy Oleg working on a mix

All I'm going to say is that I didn't know how diabolical refried beans really are.

Duke Nukem Ventrilo Harassment. The funniest thing I've seen all month.

And now.. A jazz song that is running through my head...

Phoenix on pace for hottest July ever!

Have you ever awoke from a dream and thought "wow my life sucks compared to that"?...

I watched a few Donna Reed episodes last night, made in 1958.

I am looking for a video of the new Buitono commercial.

Of fer christ's sake, TITANIC to get 3-D makeover

Bailey has pimples

Sorry DU, I have a new favorite website.

"They were the cutest and perfect and posed for a GQ spread together"

Sorry DUers, I have a new favorite human being.

"Gonna' Go Kill the Yellow Man...(Conscripted Kids) before we Ended the DRAFT!

The more things change . . .

sorry du'ers I have a new favorite zombie borg queen

How long does it take to get a passport?

I have been lazy today.

BY FAR the greatest fireworks display ever

Good God, a certain familiar pitcher is doing a certain familar thing for the second start in a row

i gots a reflaregence of the 'itis

Okay, I can't believe nobody's posted this yet: Brett FaVre will remain unretired.

I will be PUI this evening.

Mmmm...stuffed grape leaves

My first three songs for the evening:

Chelsea the greatest First Daughter ever

Mandatory fun.

Stonewall Jackson's "Me & You & A Dog Named Boo" "Billy Don't Be A Hero" SQUARED.

What if Cartoons were real? (CREEPY)

Forget about "certian" pitchers, the Natinals are up by six in the eighth

WHOAAAAH the fucking room is spinning.

Another gem from my EMail Friends...

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Missy Vixen!!*******

I have sunburned lips

Portrait in Carbon on Paper

Any moms out there looking forward to sending their kids back to school?

i've never posted a picture of myself before

The sky is burning...I believe my soul is on fire.

Hooray! Hooray! ( It`s a Cheeky Holiday)

Embarrassing Hotel story


WHAT is the wickedest thought you have ever had?

Who do I have to kill to get Tony Robinson and Rowan Atkinson to guest star on House?

Okay, I can't believe nobody's posted this yet: Brett FaVre will remain retired.

Pretty Fair Maid...YouTube

21 hours.

So, there was just a knocking on my hotel door. I saw a guy standing out there

I've Never Owned A Fan Before, But 2 Days of 100 Degrees Is About To Change That...

What's your favorite crazy Knights Templar conspiracy theory?

Who's watching the Dodgers/Cards game?

Depression and illness.

Let 'em rip - List any observations you want answers to.. maybe someone here has answers

Question for Mac experts

wooo.. today was fun. I had to get two shots and listen to nurses talk about how horrible NYC is

Today I told my boss that I'll be having bariatric surgery.

Loungers...I have missed you ...was in the hospital for 5 days

"Swedes miss Capri after GPS gaffe"

My cats literally walked all over me this morning at 5;30 am

I am officially a student majoring in Multi Media

How do you pronounced "pwned"?

It's time for a photo thread!! Post 'em if you got 'em...

NAME your Smooth Jazz radio station. "The Quiet Storm" is already taken, so be original...

Favorite FEMALE Standup Comedian

PLEASE share your favorite seduction songs....

This is NOT a medical advice thread.

The Breakfast Burrito

Should cheese smell like pig feces?

WHAT was the most important piece of advice you ever received?


hypothetical: what is an affair.

Cowboy Boots

My 150th aniversary. 150 days smoke free. Tell me about your quitting progress. nt

Your favorite misquoted idioms?

Gah, it's hot!

Favorite Stand-Up Comedian

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?..

"F" Joan Rivers if she can't take a joke (gets pissed off, drops F-bomb during TV interview)

daughter bringing sugar-free/vegan/chocolate hating best friend camping in Glacier

What are your favorite movie soundtracks (original scores).

Match Game: "Rabrrrrrr is posting a day early, because he..." (See whole match game inside)

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to autorank!!*******

AP source: Gates and Crowley going to White House (Thursday)

Gates Says U.S. Overture to Iran Is ‘Not Open-Ended’

Defense Secretary Gates Arrives in Iraq

(Ohio) Inmates Still Get Roof, But Not Three Meals

U.S. releases unclassified spy images of Arctic ice

Senate Judiciary Committee gathers to vote on Sotomayor today

Letters Reveal Holder Investigation Would Re-Open Cases

U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls More Than Forecast Amid Rising Joblessness

Khamenei shuts detention centre

Traders Blamed for Oil Spike-CFTC Will Pin '08 Price Surge on Speculators

Bunning (R. Ky) will not seek third term

Contractor (KBR) blamed in soldier's death

Auditor: TVA lawyers limited ash spill report

Britain and US prepared to open talks with the Taliban

Iran 'to release 140 protesters'

Bank Of America Planning To Cut 10 Percent Of Branches: Report

AIG Unit Keeps $2.4 Billion From Asset Sales as Taxpayers Wait

Police Officer Is Found Beheaded in Pakistan’s Swat Valley

Rights groups protest Cambodia 'AIDS colony'

Vessel Carrying as Many as 200 Haitians Capsizes

Drugmakers May Fund $100 Million Ad Campaign on Health Overhaul

China's military cautiously tries out new openness

China Puts Online Mafia Games on Its Hit List

Iraqi Army Takes Control Of Iranian Opposition Camp - Source

Suits for wrongful deportation by ICE rise

UK Government to be Sued For Involvement in CIA Rendition Program

China seizes smuggled metal bound for North Korea (for missile parts)

Venezuela, Russia Sing Cooperation Deals


La Mesa man convicted of making threats against President Obama

U.S. Home Prices Rise for First Time in Three Years

Regulator report blames speculators for oil price swings

some things are just plain wrong....

Democrats cite CBO to boost healthcare case

Lawyer: Accused blogger (Hal Turner) was FBI informant

Chinese leader stresses ethnic unity to minorities

Senators near bipartisan health deal

Schwarzenegger signs budget with more welfare cuts

Up to 200 children killed at Khmer Rouge prison

Blasts hit Baghdad amid Gates visit

Cabinet Will 'Retreat' to Blair House to Hand Out Report Cards

(Senate) Panel votes in favor of Sotomayor nomination

Managed care stocks gain ground on earnings sentiment, health care reform debate

Managed care stocks gain ground on earnings sentiment, health care reform debate

Lead Birther Bill Sponsor Votes To Recognize Hawaii As Obama's Birthplace (House votes 378-0 )


Honduran Congress puts off vote on Zelaya return

Democrats Say House May Miss Deadline on Health Care

DOE Denies USEC Loan Guarantee; Shares Plunge 50%

Subprime mortgage companies warn on US foreclosures

Deaths in $6.5m Iraq bank robbery

Tourists warned of Thailand airport scam

International Force in Iraq Becomes Coalition of One

House Panel Approves Limits on Executive Pay

Jury sides with hospital in deportation case

B.C. government tells police to 'severely restrict' Taser use

Japan hangs 3 convicted murderers

Colombians protest US presence

Pants suit judge loses shot at getting job back

Tenn. state senator quits after affair with intern

Fox Decides Not to Air 'Family Guy' Abortion Episode

Former coach sues Dearborn schools over religion

Senator wins review of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Credit card debt rises faster for those 65 and older

AP sources: Bipartisan group eyes Medicare savings

7 arrested in North Carolina on terrorism charges

New CBO study: Public health care option won't dominate system (proves Repubs misinforming public)

Republican (Sen. Voinovich): GOP is Being Taken Over by Southerners

Schwarzenegger signs budget with more welfare cuts

Pirate Bay faces new legal threat

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

4-Year-Old Hospitalized After Eating Tainted Candy (Oxycontin)

US revokes visas for Honduran officials

CFTC Report Blames Speculators For Oil Price Swings: Report

Witness Recounts Day Doctor (George Tiller) Was Killed In Church

Pot Activists File [Marijuana Legalization] Ballot Measure in California

U.S. Assures ‘Concerned’ China It Will Shrink Deficit

"The Born Identity" - Jon Stewart Lays Into Lou Dobbs & His Fellow Birthers

Obama Conspiracy Theorist Exposed!

Millie Jackson Fuck you symphony

I Can Haz Cheezburger Night with the Seattle Mariners!

Dr. Ogan Gurel completes his walk from Chicago to Washington DC for Health Care Reform

Dating Advice: Target Women

Birther Conspiracy Reaches the Mainstream

One Trillion Dollars Visualized

Greg Grandin: Echoes of the 80s in Honduras

Rachel Maddow & David Weigel Discuss The Republican "Obama Birther Caucus"

GRITtv: Dean Baker: Some Economists Are Better Forecasters Than Others

Sen. Sherrod Brown Discusses Public Health Insurance Option

Chris Matthews: Are we talking psychological problems here with people?

Persian Band - Dariush - Plays at Pro-Democracy Rally in DC

"What Would You Like To See Happen In Iran?"

Even Bill O'Lielly Reckons The Birther Conspiracy Is "Bogus" But Says Dobbs Shouldn't Be Fired

Meet The Birthers: Look Who CNN Is Mainstreaming

Rachel Maddow GOP on health care, more refusal than reform

Aestheticizing Illiteracy

batshit Pastor Leroy Swailes video remix

What's The White House's Stance On Health Care Co-ops?

Waters: 'A KILL for SURE' -We Will NOT Support Any Bill w/o Public Option

Kristol concedes gov't can provide first-class health care on TDS

Comedian Bill Mahler on Sarah Palin, Stupid America & Health Care Crisis

Bill Moyers - Healthcare Debate - 7/24/2009

How the Bipartisan Health Care Plan Will Screw You

Will Insurance Tax Pay for Healthcare?

Fox & Friends Terrify Elderly Viewers With Health Care Reform

After Bailouts, Lending Still Stagnant

Brain tumor survivor speaks

Sen. Merkley: 'The opponents of reform have a health strategy & their strategy is the status quo.

Raw Footage Of Judiciary Panel Approving Sotomayor's Nomination

TYT: CNN's Rick Sanchez Says Hispancis Who Work for Fox News Are Sell-Outs

Lee Stranahan: Just Imagine (re Health Insurance Companies)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) Supporting Quality, Patient Centered Care

Health Insurance Industry Ad Thanking Max Baucus For Screwing Over The American People

How Wall Street artificially inflates profits in a bad economy

DNC TV Ad: "Broke It"

TYT: Maria Bartiromo Sucks Up to the Corporations, Dean Fights Back

Bill Fletcher, Jr.: This Never Would Have Happened to a White Professor

GOP has time for this BUT NOT Health Care Policy - Apology Resolution: Hardball

Carl Bernstein Destroys Sarah Palin On MSNBC's Morning Joe

William Shatner Reads Sarah Palin Farewell With Bongos on Conan

Lou Dobbs Slams "Tea-Bagging Queen" Maddow For Birth Certificate Criticism

Thom Hartmann challenges USJF's Gary Kreep: Isn't the birther movement really about racism?

Fear Of A Black President: Conservative Media Drumming Up Racial Fear

(msnbc) Daily Show: Jon Stewart Destroys Bill Kristol on Health Care - The Ultimate Smackdown!

Rep. Foxx: HC Reform Will Cause Seniors To Be "Put To Death By Their Government"

7 minutes and 8 seconds of your life you can't get back after watching Malkin & Hannity

How much is your deductible?

Glenn Beck on Fox News: Obama is 'a racist'

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down Sarah Palin's Farewell Speech

MSNBC: Donny Deutsch Calls Birthers "Hate-Mongering" "Fear-Mongering" "Racists"

10 NYC Homeless Activists Arrested at Encampment Democracy Now 7/27/09

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Destroys Bill Kristol on Health Care - The Ultimate Smackdown!

Senator Al Franken's Statement Before Voting For Sotomayor

Howard Dean Hosts Countdown: Bill Kristol Brought To His Knees By Jon Stewert

SEE IT NOW! The Birthers' Star Spangled Banner

TYT: Limbaugh - Obama Has Chip On His Shoulder b/c He's Black

Rep. Maxine Waters: It's Hard For Rahm To Rein In Blue Dogs Because He Recruited Most Of Them

Fox News Debunks Canadian Life Expectancy Myth

Dr. Maddow Mocks Lou Dobbs' Calling Her "Tea-Bagging Queen"

Dean: ‘What’s the point of having a 60 vote majority’ if you can’t pass health reform.

Maxine Waters sounds off about Blue Dogs...says Rahm recruited them.

AlterNet: Racism Is the Prime Cause for Debunked Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory

US Escalates War Build-up Against Latin American Revolution

Story of Stuff

WAPO: "Some Acts, Including Violent Deaths Of Detainees...Must Be Investigated & Addressed"

Politicians Accused of Meddling in Bank Rules

Pentagon Propaganda Gets a Pass from GAO

Dingbat 'Birthers' Join Forces With the 'Flat Earthers'

Corporate Media Have Ruined the Health Care Debate

Why the Rich Can't Afford to Get Richer

President 'has four years to save Earth' (from Global Warming) - James Hansen

That “Vile and Offensive” DNA is Gonna Get Us!

Surviving the 'End of Civilization', a segue

Former DEA agent's lawsuit exposes CIA "fraud"

'Birthers,' Rebuffed by House, Now Peddle a 'Deather' Conspiracy

You have heard of "Jesus Camp"? How about "Atheist Camp"??

"Obama Administration Cooks Up New Legal Argument for Detaining Guantanamo Prisoner" Jason Leopold

Jane Hamsher: Maxine Waters: White House Won’t Put Pressure On Blue Dogs

Cheney’s Plans for a Military Coup

Jeff Huber/at-largely: Middle East Show of Farce

Behind Sarah Palin's Wacky Pentecostal Faith


Budget reality bites SDSU students: the frustrations of one mother

U.S. Pays $2.5 Trillion for Care Costing $912 Billion

The Mendacity of Nope

The Health Care Bill Dies? by Matt Taibbi

Slideshow: President Obama's busy Monday

Top Five Jobs for Sarah Palin

Iran: Showdown between Khamenei and IRGC?

International House of Prayer! The 'Scary' IHOP!

Pigs on the Wing

The "Bipartisan Compromise" Scam (Cenk @ Huffington Post On Healthcare)

Warning to Moderate and Conservative Congressional Democrats

Will we get a decent public health care plan during Obama's first term?

Obama hasn't done a damn thing about Gitmo - it is a still a horrible place

Kerry, Slaughter agree on health care: get it to conference.

Maxine Waters: Rahm To Blame For Obstructionist Blue Dogs

Isn't this the worst period of off-the-wall wackjobbery you can recall?

Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina Neck and Neck in CA: I know, it is Rasmussen's poll

PHOTO's: July 27, President Barack Obama

Howard Dean was quite good filling in for Olbermann

When Your Health Comes Between The Insurance Industry And Its Profits : (

Question about Harry and Louise

It's called "white privilege" G. Beck CAN call Obama racist but Kanye CAN'T say "George Bush doesn't

Dr Nancy asks who will lead on health care when the Surgeon General is obese and Obama smokes

PHOTO: Obama teaches basketball...

Obama Administration Makes Good on Spending Cuts Pledge

Kelly King Speaks Out In Defense Of Crowley

I wish the whole country would not show up to work on August 3rd!!

For Those Who Rushed To Blame Obama regarding the Gates Issue

Exposing the Hypocrisy of the “Family Values” Crowd, One Right-Winger at a Time

Rural Bias in the Senate

Paul Krugman - Explodes The Popular Myth That Blue Dogs Are Fiscally Conservative

Give up on employer mandatory

Maxine Waters: Rahm To Blame For Obstructionist Blue Dogs

Shakeup at Camp Hutchison

Will DU unite, in protest, if mandatory private insurance without a strong public option IS the bill

Exactly what is a"cadillac health plan"?

Now Harry Reid won't say whether he supports a public option!

Why does a single committe have so much power over what gets written into the bill.

Eugene Robinson: What if the Big Cheese Had Been White?

What should Obama do to prove he likes white people?

She is my hero!!

What question would you ask the birthers?

A question for advertisers on Fox News

GOP and Dems Near Health Care Compromise

Honolulu Advertiser Fuels The Birther Fires

We should end the filibuster in the Senate

Ezra Klein: The Max Baucus Committee

President Obama defends public health option before seniors

HOLY SHIT...Orly Taitz is batshit crazy

One thing I know: If Obama's father had been some white guy from Europe

Franken assails Court, Klobuchar slams sexism at Sotomayor vote

Any Blue Dog Democrats against Public Option who are running in 2010 or 2012 need to know...

The idea you have to have republicans go along with the healthcare bill is BS

Krugman: 676

My appearance today on Fox on Your World discussing Health Reform CBO numbers with Neil Cavuto

Voinovich slams DeMint and Coburn for GOP downfall; blames 'the southerners'

Please help me disregard today's Rasmussen poll, which shows Obama approval at 30%. WTF???

LOL-Freepers spaz at Lindsey Graham-demand he leave the party and resign

What not to wear in Martha's Vineyard.

The Gang of Six's Love Affair With Concentrated Health Insurer Markets

Fox News Senior VP: Beck calling Obama a "racist" are "his own views, not those of the network."

President Obama on the Public Option

White House threatens veto over helicopter

Man Convicted Of Making Racially-Charged Threats Against Obama

So, a senior citizen is concerned about "government program"?

Public option is nixed ..

You KNOW it's gonna happen.........

Voinovich slams DeMint and Coburn for GOP downfall; blames 'the southerners'

For the first time in 46 years, our President is a Federal Legislator,

Obama dances like MJ (video)

GOP = Conspiracy Theories Are Us

howard dean hosting countdown for keith olbermann.

McIntyre Out of North Carolina Senate Race

Reid: "Having 60 votes more important than what is in the bill"

The GOP: "Obama is a racist"

If Obama really were The Antichrist, then Satan would have given him a real birth certificate.

Jacob S. Hacker: Answering the Blue Dogs on Health Care Reform

Obama being accused of being a hypocrite.

No Single Payer? No Public Option? No vote? March on Washington?

The Hill: Hoyer Dispute Claims on Adjournment, Healthcare Vote

Grassley says a 'public option would be unfair to insurers.' And, he said it with a straight face.

Senate Panel Eyeing Health Co-Ops to Serve 12 Million

Glenn Beck calls Pres. Obama “racist,” accuses him “deep-seeded hatred for white people”(VIDEO)

Right-wing attack machine goes into overdrive.

Tweety Stupid Question Of The Day...

Howard Dean to guest host Olbermann tonight!

Something I would like to see -- a short rant

Repugs leak their own memo to Politico, claims Dem leadership says no health vote before recess

Does Obama know where the health care debate is going and where

Save Swine Flu Drugs for Younger Patients, Study Urges

Want $4,000?

So Rep McCotter doesn't think Pres should have power to prejudge

Ezra Klein: A Litmus Test for Government plus Matt Taibbi on health care reform

Bwahaha! Guess who is a Birther!

Coleman won’t decide on MN governor run until 2010

What Type of Public Option is Currently Being Proposed?

Republicans are to healthcare as Quakers are to warfare

What A Pack Of Blue Faced Liars

Obama "A Little Frustrated" With Health Care Reform Stagnation

The Hill: The Blue Dogs Still Chewing on Waxman's Offer

Want to see what Republicans think of the 46 million uninsured?

Obama AARP Town Hall on Now

Sarah Palin is only 45 years old. She can run for President as late as 2024.

Well, this ought to make some Freepers' heads explode

"Bi-partisan" is bad news for Americans

AP sources: Senators near bipartisan health deal

Free healthcare talking point banner ad

Citizens for a Public Option . com

Obama urges FIFA to deliver U.S. World Cup

We must advocate for a MEANINGFUL, STRONG public option & Single Payer

Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real

We spend the most for the worst results for the fewest people. What's not to love and preserve?

McIntyre has ties to Christian group

Can we check George Bush's Birth Certificate?

The Hill: Ross says Waxman Has made Blue Dogs an Offer That Addresses All 10 of Their Concerns

Why don't other Hawaiians show their birth certificates so the idiots can see?

"we should be discussing how to get rid of health insurance and how to improve humanity."

The Fix: The Most Important Number in Politics Today

Burr appears at $2,000 a seat roundtable

I know now why Sarah Palin was John McCain's running mate:

Sold out again: Senate Finance Commitee screwing us over

Kenya to build Africa's biggest windfarm

Put a stake in nuclear vampire

Drumbeat: July 28, 2009

Russian Consortium Visits Venezuelan Oil Fields for extra heavy

Tesla Motors' lawsuit update

A Quest for Batteries to Alter the Energy Equation

REVIEW: Investigating the Energy Return on Energy Investment for Global Oil and Gas

Pipeline Firms Widen Natural-Gas Networks

One quarter of giant panda habitat lost in Sichuan quake (BBC)

Milan Announces the World’s Largest Solar Rooftop Array

GAO: {Ethanol} Payments Important Factor in Decisions to Convert Grassland to Cropland

ABC's "Over a Barrell: the Truth about Oil" tells it like it is. Even discusses defense expenditures

Israeli Start-Up Creates Turbine-Powered Hybrid From a Toyota Prius

Study: Electric cars not as green as you think: WWF Germany

EEStor CEO Tells All in Leaked Phone Call

GAO report: Electric Cars Will do Little to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Monday, July 27)

Marlins P Badenhop, manager Gonzalez suspended

No one wants to talk about the Natinals Josh Willingham

Lawyer: DA seeks charges against Pierce too

Rose Bowl might have to accept non-BCS team

Resules of the 200 meter free at the World Championships...spoiler...

Nats' fan's suggestion to improve attendance: show all Red Sox games on the jumbo tron!

Mark Buerhle sets MLB record with 45 consecutive outs

More history made tonight by Buehrle

Mets 4, Rockies 0

Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson has died.

Brett Favre To Remain Retired

Phelps loses his first major swim competition in 4 years.

WTF? The Natsies 22 to 9 in Milwaukee in two games?

Around the Horn college football predictions --the Big Ten

Colombia Temporary Workers in Colombia Attacked for Attempting to Organise

CUBAN 5 Support Statement for PRESIDENT ZELAYA

MACHETERA: BILLY JOYA Cranks up the Killing Machine in Honduras

Bolivian Ex President Finances Opposition

Latest Update from El Frente Nacional Contra El Golpe de Estado

Rep. Grijalva Urges U.S. Pressure on Coup Regime in Honduras (petition available)


Pictures from Honduras

US Revokes Visas for Honduran Officials

More info on Xiomara Castro heading to border

Aviva Chomsky offers some insight on Colombia and U.S. interests in Latin America

ZELAYA RULES OUT US TALKS ("If Wash. wants to talk w/me, it should send a rep. here, to Ocotal")

Street Art in Revolutionary Venezuela

Colombians protest US presence

The sealions of Chimbote, Peru (dying from pollution)

Pictures of Torture Suffered by Pedro Magdiel Munoz Slavador . . .

Short video report on US military build-up in Colombia.

Analysis: Honduras coup shows Chavez power limited

Venezuela denies arming FARC

Good Honduras Protest at State Dept. this Afternoon

Business Interests Splitting Over Honduras Coup?

New Violations of De Facto Regime in Honduras

(New Info - as of 7:40 PM edt) OMINOUS UPDATES on Zelaya's Family Travel to Border

Evo Morales and the Amazon

BREAKING: Venezuelan freezes diplomatic relations with Colombia, pulls its ambassador from Bogota

Y'all see this? "Colombia to Aid U.S. in Taliban Fight"?

Can you forfeit natural rights?

Does every instance where someone is shot in the United States warrant its own thread?

Why are firearms control measures ineffective?

Daughter of Gaza doctor vows to return home

Hamas dress code aims to make Gaza more Islamic

Americans for Peace Now Urges Senate To Not Sign AIPAC-Backed Letter

Rabbis Call on Rabbis to Lobby US Gov't

Donkey Business - The only zebra in Gaza

Telling Israel No: Obama's Bold Move

UN: Israel must allow building supplies into Gaza

TIME: Jersey's Corruption Scandal: The Israeli Connection

Report: Woman killed in Jabalya to "maintain family honor"

Do we have Natural Rights?

The self-righteous left's simplistic world

NRA Threatens Senators On Sotomayor

Study claims guns boost testosterone

Today in Labor History July 28 Cavalry troops and tanks fired tear gas into the war vets shantytown

A Thought on Home Sales

The (US) Chamber (of Commerce) Can Dish It Out, But It Can’t Take It On Labor

Peppers and Beets

I'm looking for a website and

Sunrise at Sunrise...

Photos from my daughter's wedding

Recent "street" photo

GOP and Dems Near Health Care Compromise (re-direct)

Same blue dye in M&Ms linked to reducing spine injury (CNN)

Now Harry Reid won't say whether he supports a public option! (re-direct)

I get the biggest kick out of the people who whine "How can we support it if we haven't read it?"

Are abortion and illegal immigrant care the main stumbling blocks? Or is it

Single payer makes sense to me.

Insurance companies - a mathematical look

Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened

The new ‘retirement’ plan: Just keep working

Accountants Gain Courage to Stand Up to Bankers: Jonathan Weil

If you wondered why the Chinese were here. Treasury Two-Year Notes Decline After Record Sale

June new home sales fail inspection

Barofsky Discovers The Bailout Was Based On A Big, Fat Lie

Debt Repudiation – On the Table

Elizabeth Warren: Riding Herd on the Bailout

CIT Hit With Interest Rate More Than 25 Times Libor

Silver ETFs: Multiple anomalies detected

SEC rule on 'naked' short-selling now permanent

Productivity, GDP, jobs and outsourcing

Myth of raindrop formation exploded

Insect defence all blood and guts (BBC)

Calculated Risks: How to know when numbers deceive you...

Gender Odyssey 2009 Conference: September 4-7, 2009

In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable

Jesus had 2 dads

Right out of Star Trek- transparent Aluminum created (briefly)

Senator wins review of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Brain Surgery Done With Sound

First true green laser

I'm too much of a coward to come out to my family


Is Polis appointment a signal on DADT?

Man Withdraws $190,000 in $20 Bills After Being Denied A Mortgage

Women are getting more beautiful

A gorgeous and peaceful work of music.

GD has officially made me sick to my stomach.

Can this be for real? The secret to healing spinal cord injuries M&Ms?

Anyone else feeling "scattered" or "overwhelmed"...?

Birthday Wishes for a Missy Vixen

I feel like a caged lioness.

Did I manifest a paperweight?

"The Re-Calibration With a Very New Plan" - Karen Bishop - July 28, 2009

fire the grid II

"Medvedev Backs More Religion in Class, Army"

Two hypothetical situations.

Hitler was NOT an Atheist!

Budget reality bites SDSU students: the frustrations of one mother

Anyone teach in a 1:1 classroom (each kid having a laptop)? Looking for suggestions.

More -

My story of the day (week, month, year!)

Y-MAP signal 78-Z code 43 JJif8K

An antidote for the bullshit of the "truth movement"

Ben Cohen: My Argument with the 9/11 Truth Movement