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Do you think this is funny?

My dear friend, a mother with a chronically ill child wants universal health care

morning headlines....

On birthers, teabaggers and other assorted information-challenged people

Rep Heath Shuler (D-NC) staying at DC spiritual retreat? (C Street)

Oil and insurance cos. record profits, more than ever before in history.

Democrat Joins Al Qaeda and Launches Rocket Attack on U.S. Troops!

LTTE (not mine): ... if Taliban does A B C, it is just following guidelines set by VP Cheney.

What Is The Biggest Pro-Healthcare Rally Between Now and September?

Report: John Ensign losing chief of staff

Santana on Tavis Smiley tonight. Yea, I'm a Santana fan. nt

Lt. Col. Peters is the living embodiment of every insult the right wing has ever thrown at us

Use of "stupid" remark a deliberate tactic to distract chattering class from dissing health plan?

Scientists believe HIV’s missing link found in ill chimps

Sergeant at eye of storm says he won't apologize

Breaking: 6 people shot at drive by on Texas Southern campus

Hoekstra, a C Street regular for 7 yr, stopped 2 yr "he'd gotten what he needed out of his visits"

Machismo and the Gates incident

Hey Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. Even if the captured private was a deserter...

Clinton says US may shield Middle East

French military shells..... Marseille. Dozens of houses burn, residents evacuated.

How Constant War Became The American Way Of Life

I won my supreme court case (simulation): "Justices Rule Inmates Don’t Have Right to DNA Tests "

Harry Alford is a repulsive pos- (he's the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce)

“Sotomayor pledges an 'open mind' on same-sex marriage lawsuits” (Bay Area Reporter, SF GLBT News)

“Sotomayor pledges an 'open mind' on same-sex marriage lawsuits” (Bay Area Reporter, SF GLBT News)

Will We Get A Health Care Bill Before August?

Mark Sanford and the Lemonade Stand

Why spend money to reform the insurance companies?

A foreclosure filing every 13 seconds

CNN/Money: The commercial real estate time bomb

Default notices on home loans at all-time high in S.F. Bay Area

I’m the greatest living being on the planet. Then I withdraw that assertion.

Two choices

Study weighs threats' effects on abortion providers - not good news

Congressional pukes issue report today, accusing ACORN of fraud and political corruption; urges

Canadian Troops Accidentally Kill Afghanistan Girl at Dusk


DUPE - please delete

Report says Florida is in high-school graduation crisis

It's the Media, Stupid !

Signs of life for the American automobile industry: Ford posts a profit

Why the rush to pass the bill? Because Americans die every day that we don't.

Health care is not a Democratic or Republican issue.

"There's no such thing as a stupid question."

"There's no such thing as a stupid question."

DJIA surges to highest level since November 6, 2008

My fellow DUers. Do you have health care and are you satisfied?

Obama: Cambridge police acted 'stupidly' in Gates arrest

Ron Paul: End Wars to Fund Healthcare Reform

Pew poll: WiFi, Mobile closing digital divide between blacks and whites in US

SHAFTED AGAIN Treasury Gives Three Major Banks Sweetheart Deals

If the TARP Inspector General would prepare my employers financial statements...

Eleni Gabre-Madhin .. Who?.. One woman, giving back (edited)

Eleni Gabre-Madhin .. Who?.. One woman, giving back (edited)

Eleni Gabre-Madhin .. Who?.. One woman, giving back (edited)

Affair case shakes up Tennessee Senate- another 'family values' republican

Affair case shakes up Tennessee Senate- another 'family values' republican

Michigan: The Ann Arbor News Hits The Streets For Last Time

Osama bin Laden is an asshole.

Ron Paul: End Wars to Fund Healthcare Reform

WTF Joe the Plumber has a book?

Does that creepy, pointless fuck, Liz Cheney, have an actual job? Or is she just working for Daddy?

Carbon debt of ethanol

Carbon debt of ethanol

A pledge to my daughter; should it ever come to pass.

wtf Arnold wields big hunting knife while talking about budget cuts

oh brother. C-Span's first guest this morning is from the uber right wing Investor's Business Daily

This is HUGH!!!1!! Municipal water is "socialist"

State AG Andrew Cuomo Asks Judge To Void 100,000 Faulty Default Judgments

Dick Armey spinning away on GEM$NBC

We need a national *survey on health care

Study: Abortion doctors, clinics 'routinely targeted'

Pelosi: 'I'm not afraid of August'

House: A public option with basic, enhanced, and premium care? Senate: only "essential" benefits?

Jindal Tours Louisiana Attacking ‘Washington Spending’ While Handing Out Jumbo-Sized Stimulus Checks

Back in NYC a neighbor called the police on my place

We need a stronger judiciary branch.

Gun carry vote draws jeers for Hagan

Citibank wants to raise my interest rate to 14.99 from 4.77

Republicans: "Stop health care reform, or die trying."

‘Blue Dog Coalition’ rakes in corporate cash

"Healthcare for America Now" petition: Should Congress go on vacation, or pass healthcare reform?

Report: Big cuts needed at huge Baghdad embassy built by Bush

Who is this motherfucking Elmer Fudd sounding moran on Thom Hartmann's show?

Ralph Peters just keeps on digging...

Blue Dogs genuflect to war spending/tax cuts for wealthy, but scream bloody murder on health reform

Drop the lifetime tenure for justices on high court

The Congo Gorillas need our help! This is so sad. Have you seen this?

Do we need another war protest in DC??

N.J. politicians, rabbis rounded up in federal probe

Air Pollution Linked to Diminishing IQ of Children

Is it time to draw a line in the sand?

The Happiest Place on Earth? Not so much......

Fox News using Eric Rudolph as a reason not to house detaineees at Supermax

TIME: Bush and Cheney's Final Days

Wash Times: Palin to be Found GUILTY by Personnel Board

This is my open letter to Ted Nugent.

TIME: Now that Walter Cronkite has passed on, who is America's most trusted newscaster?

Which anti-health care Blue Dogs voted FOR F-22 fighters? I'd love

CA's budget fiasco goes back to deregulation in 2000

Oklahomans' fecal transplant aims to kill colon superbug

Go home, boys and girls! Fundraise! Go fishing! But you'd better hide from The People.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Grassley: GOP will take ‘blame’ if we don’t pass health care.

Do Police Officers Have To Identify Themselves?

5-Legged Pup Rescued From Coney Island Freak Show

No I am not kidding - Check this out at - Finally some good Rap music

AP: Transgender teacher in NJ retiring in frustration

People who take offense at Obama's Gates remark probably voted for Palin anyway

Senators nix second Joint Strike Fighter engine

Kpig radio, Freedom Ca.

Question: How is it that Auto insurance and Life insurance work OK, but not Health Insurance?

Urgency of public option: BC/BS sued for engaging in "life threatening business practices"

Police forum thread on Gates/Obama remark

Tasteless, yet sadly appropriate toon...

Suck it media! Healthcare reform is not going away, too many people of all races are suffering.

"Get A Brain Moran" Getting Old?

Does racial profiling cut into media profits? No. Does healthcare reform? Yes.

Bob Schieffer interviews Lewis Black

Blackwater has a new name: "US Training Center"

Did Henry Louis Gates overreact or was his reaction justified?

Reid just said no Health Care reform bill til September

More genius from the Chinese owned Onion today.....

I hate daytime Dish Network ads.

Did the Democrats in CA fail completely?

Send faxes to congress

Oakland voters approve a tax on medical marijuana

Buyer's E-Morse: 'Owning' Digital Books

US Trooper Killed in Attack in Afghanistan(Thursday)

Obama's rocking at the Town Hall meeting

Aussie comedy show raids John Yoo's Berkeley class

Funny email I got from a friend in Texas re: state GOP

Feds charge 44 with corruption including two N.J. assemblymen, three mayors

Rather has vowed to never settle the case out of court.

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: What If Henry Louis Gates Had Had a Gun?

Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare the issue that is killing us all.

If you are in your own home.. you identify this is your home..

New Jersey mayors and rabbis arrested in corruption investigation (traffic in human body parts)

Baucus NEEDS the August recess to be bribed by lobbyists

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Health care reform megaroundup

Buyers Of Bad Debt Bide Time As U.S. Consumers Fret

For your amusement: Robin Williams on Obama, Dubya, Palin, and more.

Fifty Two Days in Argentina in 2009 so far for Gov. Sanford

Sign Of The Times: Lawmaker Won't Say Whether He Lives At C Street

Another $23 Quadrillion debit card charge?

Health care reform delayed is health care reform denied

Quote of the Day

I don't know how Brian Williams is as a journalist, but

Just saw IT again.

You guys need to stop with the Harry Reid criticism.

Black officers want immediate ban on racist website

Max Baucus receives considerable contributions from health care industry.

CNN is so fucking biased against Obama. His healthcare doesn't rate headlines,

Obama is hitting his stride (finally). Bravo!

Is there a change in police training that is contributing to these crazy cases?

Crazy Wingnut Healthcare Attacks Exposed

A Thursday almost slipped away without . . . a CAPTION!!!!!

"As goes Thursday so goes the week"

(Blue Dog)Shuler Staying at DC Spiritual Retreat(C Street)?

Bush to visit South Korea for economic forum

How much longer is Harry Fail going to be the leader? (reid is a 4-letter word)

If we wanted to get rid of the health insurance companies

Christian Right Aims to Change History Lessons in Texas Schools

A wing nut just got slammed by Shuster and Tamron on MSNBC

The Idiocy of Texas and the Threat of David Barton (Christian nationalist history revisionist)

Funny, yesterday after the press conference, many here were upset

Check Out #harryreid On Twitter!

Who are the Birthers? I call em' the "Can't get over its"

Iran: The Green Brief #36 (July 22) Latest news from Iran

I just want to say – THANKS SUCKERS

Fla. Town Employee Fired Over Porn Actress Wife

Just a Picture of Pelosi with Caption: Democrats ask to step down.

Just think:1st Black President gets white racists healthcare, great way to break down racial walls

Cop who arrested black scholar is profiling expert (exact AP headline)

Oops Ensign's Chief of staff is leaving

Oops Ensign's Chief of staff is leaving

Don't be a old cuckold or a young capon . . . please come CAPTION!!!

White House invited med industry execs in early

Just noticed a conservative trait---mistaking qualitative data for "feelings"

FYI: A Mass Grave In Afghanistan Raises Questions (Fresh Air 7/23/09)

Question about Health Care Plan

CNN poll being freeped hard

Overview of recent Health Care / Insurance reform news & events. (Think Progress)

Mitch McConnell and George Bush Are Right - U.S. Is Number One In Healthcare...

Seattle in the hands of workers: Seattle General Strike

Stocks up, Housing up, Bush economy is starting to payoff

Take the poll: Which of the following is the biggest obstacle to health care reform?

Ascent of Money on PBS blindsided me tonight.

Reporter Chuck Todd and Senator Joe Lieberman both act like it's a surprise that...

We Should Have A Fair and Honest Discussion About The GOP's Healthcare Plan

Inhofe: If GOP Can ‘Stall’ Or ‘Block’ Health Care Reform, It Will Be ‘A Huge Gain’ For 2010

Get this moron Ron Christie off my TV

"Suppose America is now the world's leading can't-do country."

What is going on Shultz? Did you not ATTEND the press conference?

Al-Qaeda Can Strike US From Fata(Pakistan): Mullen

All folks, check in. Wouldn't some nice ice cold Church Committee style hearings go good right now?

Rats kill one US baby, nibble toes off another

Crist defends gay-parent ban

Fill in the blank: If Harry Reid had been in charge of getting-----passed, then -------


Sacramento Girl, 12, Confronts GOP Leader Over School Cuts

Check this neat site out for Streaming Radio for Ed Schultz, Hartman etc.

Birthers would rather not believe the GOP governor of Hawaii. They would

Israel Doesn't See U.S. Limiting Loan Guarantees

Israel Doesn't See U.S. Limiting Loan Guarantees

Could the upcoming public option actually be worse than doing nothing?

Can We Put This Myth To Rest: Crop Breeding and Genetic Engineering Are Not The Same Thing

First-Of-Its-Kind Study Links Rise in Health Care Costs to Job Losses

This is the type of thinking (a.k.a. bullshit) I have to deal with in East Central Illinois!

How do you know when Ron Christies lying?

Dr. Offers Free Treatment in Exchange for Sex.....

100% Wingnut Writing

A side note about health care / insurance reform time lines.

Which will America click?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I beseech you for your assistance in this most important endeavour!!

Social Worker jailed as result of state's lack of resources

Andy Rooney on Walter.

Democrats Block GOP Health Care Mailing

Netflix members, you can instant watch Crips and Bloods: Made in America.

House Dems mull skipping panel, bringing healthcare to floor

'This is America'

The Facebook nutjob strikes again! (Regarding Obama, his supporters and the deficit.)

What are the birthers going to say when Obama's birth certificate comes out and says...

Just watched Stephen A Smith on Harball, I like 5000% better as a Politcal Commentatior than Sports

Boehner: GOP Does Have A Health Care Bill, But We Might Not Release It

I don't get MSNBC but I heard Ed Shultz was to have a Canadian on to discuss Canada's healthcare...

I don't get MSNBC but I heard Ed Shultz was to have a Canadian on to discuss Canada's healthcare...

Who knew ? Barack O'Bama [sic] is Irish.

The Democratic majority in Congress MUST show why we put them there, passing bills with 60 votes in

Do you want health care reform?

From the "Where Have I Heard This Before?" Department-Biden Warns of More ‘Sacrifice’ in Afghanistan

Has a Senate Majority leader every been demoted by his peers?

The Congressional Black Caucus is blasting away at Blue Dog Democrats

Harry Reid = HERPES

Pentagon furious over call for execution of captured soldier

Video Shows Philly Officer Bullying Woman

I wonder if G. Gordon Liddy and A. Coulter have been...uh, GOPulating

Regence Insurance agrees with Obama on how to fix health care!

An open letter to Bill O'Reilly:

Cheney Responds

Dems mull skipping panel, bringing healthcare to floor

Second child abuse uproar engulfs Catholic Church in Ireland

I hope you guys are fucking happy to help the media get healthcare off the front page

Birther Soldier’s Newest Lawsuit: Dismissed

Right Wing Shipping Superintendent


President Obama was riding in the front of the bus last night

listen freeper morons--even if Obama was born in Kenya with a Kenya father, his mother

"An update - and a big new goal" Ohhhh my my my

"An update - and a big new goal" Ohhhh my my my

I just watched Obama's speech to the NAACP! I didn't realize what a Freeper he is!

Blue Cross..the Mad Magazine lyrics from the early sixties

Rethug piggies want to use taxpayer money to spread outright lies about health plan

Very Bizarre Story

Don't tell Ann the government does care about "food"

Omaha's poor to lose rental help

Obama calls Crowley an "outstanding police officer", says Gates ought to have behaved differently

Report debunks right wing propaganda that high health costs are being caused by malpractice suits

Jon Stewart: Still The Most Trusted Newscaster in America

dupe.. pls delete

Obama's helicopters just flew over my house.

Black folk, check in. We need to have a discussion about the shit posted

400 people a week die for lack of health care (Source: Shuster on Countdown on MSNBC)

How do insurance companies make money?

Roy Blunt's health care solution: Snipe and sit

AP setting up tracking system for Web content

"BAMA-Care" - Conservative Activist Forwards Racist Pic Showing Obama As Witch Doctor

So who's fault is it if/when this healthcare bill tanks?

Media on ‘card check’ Wrong or just missing the point?

Media on ‘card check’ Wrong or just missing the point?

Two very good articles with health care cost info

More Mexicans Are Sending Money to Help Out Relatives in the U.S.

white house and both houses of congress

Welcome to Union 101

The kooks were out this evening

Outrage: Letting the reform of health care become a debate on $$$ instead of REFORMING health care

ACLU: Attorney General Holder Should Order Comprehensive Torture Investigation,

Done crying, today she’ll even smile — minimum wage & one mom’s story

Imagine there's no racism

Imagine there's no racism

Hey righties! Obama produced a certificate of live birth, so you produce

Everything You've Heard About Credit Card Processors Is True

Microsoft sales drop sharply, sees no quick recovery

Microsoft sales drop sharply, sees no quick recovery

Need help finding a film short. Please

Hospital defends secretly deporting patient

I'm waiting for the so-called "responsible" Republicans to publicly disavow the racist bile

I DEMAND that John Boehner produce a birth certificate to prove......

Conservative selling right wing crap claims he is being kicked out of mall over his politics

"Who Dares to Compass the King"

Inhofe: Blocking health care will help GOP in 2010

California Foreclosures: Lenders Must Accept Loan Modifications

Getting Laid-Off May Lead to Early Death

Majority in US oppose both wars

The Yes Men Fix the World”: In New Film, Anti-Corporate Pranksters the Yes Men Continue to Jolt

Benita Pearson recommended to federal judgeship (U.S. District judgeship in Ohio)

Blue Dogs Cash In

Is It A Holocaust Against Women & Girls What the Taliban Has Done and Is Doing?

Healthcare: They don't want us (all) to live but they won't let (any of) us die.

Seismologist: Massive New Zealand quake moves country closer to Australia

Seismologist: Massive New Zealand quake moves country closer to Australia

Check out the racists in this message board (discussing Gates)...

US Marshal Shoots San Joaquin K-9 Officer

Police: Daughter Says Drunk Mom Killed Her Chihuahua

Inhofe: Blocking health care will help GOP in 2010

Ten Myths about Subprime Mortgages

Dems mull skipping panel, bringing healthcare to floor

Woo Woo - Dow Over 9000......

How could the government possibly screw this health care

The entire Prof Gates story, **up to 2 days ago**, was really a ........

Repugs plan to take the axe to high-speed rail funding

Repugs plan to take the axe to high-speed rail funding

The Stanford Story is on CNBC

I heard Lieberman state "War criminals must pay for their crimes"

Carrie prejean and Officer Crowley to wed, Sarah Palin to be maid of honor

I get so sick of hearing about Canada or England HC systems

How minor events are escalated ...

A Certificate of Live Birth is not a Birth Certificate...

What we all have to come to grips with is that RACISM KILLS

I support our president for his criticizing of the unnecessary police harassment of Mr. Gates!

NC's Overdue Budget Bill Held Hostage By Repubs Seeking 2% Surcharge on Poor/Working Families...LINK

Isn't Mark Sanford about due for a trip to Argentina

Man sues Claim Jumper, claiming condom was in his soup

8 year old Arizona girl is gang-raped -- then disowned by "shamed" parents.

LV Sun: Christian Group paid for Ensign's Foreign Travel

How soon will James the Cop have an agent and a book deal?

I keep waiting on the world to change.

Memory lane. Bush said Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Memory lane. Bush said Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

I've got a wingnut on a different message board trying to sell the Fair Tax....

The WPost’s David Ignatius Pens Another Exculpatory Brief for CIA

Sen Gillibrand: Help Me Fight For A Public Option

What the Gates incident reveals

Oh snap!!! M$NBC didn't properly "brief" Charles Piecre on KO tonight

Why aren't the non-medical corporations beating the door down for the public option?

Can we sell Baucus to the highest bidder on eBay? How about the entire Congress?

For Any Interested, Congressman Heath Shuler's Local Office Number:

YEAH!!!!! My son finally has a JOB!! He just called me a few minutes ago. He's was

UnitedHealth subsidiary is Congress' "gold standard" for health-care analysis?

Rich Lowry on Health: Stall Stall Stall

How about a tax credit for organ donation?

FREE healthcare reform brochure to print out and hand to people

So why are Blue Dog Dems hell bent on getting repugs elected next time around?

Great TOON on the "Socialism" canard

Has G Gordon Liddy had a stroke?

Bait and Switch on Public Option? No, The Sky Really Isn't Falling

North Korea insults Hillary Clinton's appearance.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Required DU viewing: Sicko watch it for free here!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Republicans and Waterloo

Current fire danger: EXTREME. Current wind: NNW 15 GUSTING 25+

What is the procedure for proving a public official's citizenship?

Lou Dobbs: I believe the President is a natural born citizen.... but, but , but

Bush & Aides "Suspected Libby Went To Jail To Cover-Up For Cheney"

The Shame of the Democrats (In California)

The roots of Christian fundamentalism sprang out from The Plague/Black Death era

I just got this email from Sen. Feingold

Project Lifesaver: tracking bracelets for people with cognitive impairments - does your community

Something is seriously wrong with our society

The Senate "democrats" are delaying health care.

Suggestion for the Rec/Unrec feature: Bring back the confirmation dialog box.

Prof. Gates or health insurance reform?

"I Did Not Vote For Him" Said Officer Crowley, A Smile On His Lips

Muni crash video

How many times have you been arrested?

How many times have you been arrested?

They're both a couple a morans....

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

3 children found starved in hotel bathroom

Don't Turn the Page on History; Facing the American World We Created

GOP's Top Birther / Teabagger

HS graduation numbers found on Google - just for discussion:

OK the G. Gordon Liddy appearance on Tweety was ROFL time

Health Care....wasn't the press conference about health care?

Why the uproar over only executive pay?

Obama’s drug czar: Marijuana ‘has no medical benefit’ (That ain't what I heard)

Obama’s drug czar: Marijuana ‘has no medical benefit’ (That ain't what I heard)

A question for those with more background in Economics than I...

Healthcare and Free Press: Two Human Rights We Lack

Video of a White Motorist Screaming At A Cop While Getting a Ticket, Is He Arrested?

G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate Criminal turned Whackjob

"It's too expensive."

Bloated egos, bloated wallets: U2

It is time to start talking about the NUCLEAR OPTION

I propose a prisoner exchange. Dick Cheney for Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl.

The Health Care Issue Is Toast

(NYT) Unwritten Law for blacks - -Rule #1: Quiet Politeness. #2: Frequent Use of the Word “Sir”

I didn't realize you could sort the forums by author

UnF***ingbelievable: Harry Reid Delays HCR Vote FOR THE GOP!!

I'll bet Gates fell victim to the sleazy cop tactic of "Provoke the perp."

Gates - guilty or not?

Is the Youth in America less Racist than their parents?

Ok NJ DUERS please explain all those arrests

There are a couple different versions of what happened to Gates

Once Gates Showed His ID, The Police Should Have Left Him Alone

Preconcieved notions & jumping to conclusions

Waning Pacific Clouds Suggest Global Warming Feeds Upon Itself

GE Moves Green Jobs To China

Regarding President Obama's comments on the Gates incident...

Iraq's 'Six of Clubs' describes abuse at the hands of US Joint Special Forces at secret prison

My Womb For God's Purposes: The Perils Of Unassisted Childbirth In The Quiverfull Movement

Hmmm Imagine that. Harry Reid's Senate voicemailbox is full!

What's a "Racist", anyway?

Remember, America...You could've had...THIS>>>

Is American law enforcement fundamentally racist?

Why you won't like the economic recovery

OK-Let's use the stall to our advantage & demand a BETTER bill than the one we would have gotten

Which MSNBC Anchor Couple is better?

Is there any valuation on all the property owned by religious orgs

Wuerker Toon nails it

Dirty secrets dept: Scientists must get permission from seed corps to publish research on GM seeds:

Crowley: It was Gates' tone of voice

Is the birther movement racist?

Health Care Report Card on CongressCritters

HELEN THOMAS: "It's Obama's war now, and a Vietnam-like quagmire is dead ahead"

I have a question: where was everyone when Gates' house was broken into?

Just think.. If George Washington had failed, we might be Canadian

This is not going to end well for CBS

Climate Change - "global warming" is the wrong description I think

89 year old woman and 40 year old car .... still going strong

I post an article about Republicans inability to do comedy, Republican proves my point.

If you hate the corporate media and blame them for fucking us all check in here

Blatantly Racist Obama Photo Distributed by Physician and AMA Delegate: Action Requested

My Emails With A Republican End Poorly II

nytimes: For Public, Obama Didn’t Fill In Blanks on Health Care

" No insurance company will be allowed to deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition"

I Don't Know What Transpired Between The Cop and Prof. Gates

How do we put a human face on the health care debacle?

Gates Was Arrested For Disturbing The Peace Of Sergeant Crowley?!?

Tired of the Republicans - Who shares my feelings?

Harry Reid is worthless, ineffective and should be removed.

Another freeper sign:

Congress will be going on their break in August.

Do you favor a single payer healthcare system?

I want to see an investigation of Steroids in the Police Force.

Attention Grammar Nazis!

Is anyone DOING something about SINGLE PAYER?

"If you ain't rich enough to be healthy, then God wants you dead and in heaven NOW!"

'Unprecedented' stem-cell feat announced

Has Pat Buchanan been back on TV since the episode on Rachel's show last Friday?

Could "Birthers" Destory the GOP?

Who is going to Netroots Nation?

8 year old rape victim place in child protective custody because of "parent's attitude towards her"

Why did they dismiss the charge against Gates? Commonwealth v. Mulvey

Is the answer to puppy mills more local breeding

Every year over 140,000 men are raped in the United States.

Race, Sex, Law: A nation of snoops and voyeurs who value their opinion over others' rights

"Let Them Eat Cake": As 22k Die Annually, Elites Ask "What's the Rush on Health Care?"

Under Mass. law, Police Officers Have To Identify Themselves

Obama scolds Cambridge police

Everyone on Hardball tonight seemed half empty type people

Senate Votes In Favor (93-1) Of Increasing The Size of the War Machine by 30,000 Troops


The Wall Street-Health Care Connection: Fat Cats Want To Tax Your Benefits

How Do We Stop The Republicants And Blue Dog Democrats From Killing National Health Care?

Here's what happens when police go into the home of white freepers

The Nation: What Makes the Arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. So Tragic

Professor is down-to-earth, friends say

Rabbis charged with illegally laundering $3M

Oliver Stone: JFK and the Unspeakable

Oliver Stone: JFK and the Unspeakable

What would be Cheney’s toll-free number for his super-secret executive assassination ring?

Outrage Over Chinese Interrogation Of Uighurs In Guantánamo

Was there EVER a deficit higher than any of the Bush* years?

Finalists announced for the new 7 Wonders of the natural World

Why does the media cover conspiracy theories involving Democrats, and theories

Should President Obama Keep Congress In Session Until They Pass A Health Care Bill?

Dr. Gurel has almost completed his walk from Chicago to DC for health care KEEP THIS KICKED!

If God wanted you to have health care you'd have been born in EUROPE

Harry Reid's last gift to Ted Kennedy. Helping to kill health care reform

Mark Buehrle just pitched a perfect game for the White Sox

I charge each and every Senator of manslaughter who doesn't set aside

Translation Contractors Fail U.S. Troops in Combat

Jon Stewart obliterates Lou Dobbs and other "birthers" (VIDEO)

Cambridge Police Officer To Obama: Butt Out of My Arrest

They Have No Excuse

feeling stressed? stop and smell some flowers, says research

Data show housing market starting to recover

Turn Off MSNBC for 10 Minutes Now 5:33PM

We need to start putting pressure on Republicans and Blue Dogs NOW!!

Historic Winter Storm hitting South America

How many will die from lack of insurance while the Congress has a vacation?

~~~Thread One July's Photo Contest~~~

Thread Two July's Photo Contest

Thread Three July's Photo Contest

FREEPERS, come and get some

What the hell is wrong with Max Baucus?

Gordon Liddy is not well

Michelle bobbed her hair

Officer Who Arrested Gates Teaches Diversity Class...

Johnny Depp and Carol Channing support Depp as Carol in biopic.

Biotech firms lobby for say on healthcare

I Am Truly, Truly Alarmed At The Mindset of Some DUers Here Re The Gates Incident

Outrage - Can someone explain why there shoud be a PENALTY IMPOSED ON people without insurance?

Hellooo? Helloooo? GDamnIt! Where is my echo chamber?

Viera's interview with Boyle was dreadful.

Taser-hit man burst into flames

in case y'all forgot...

If your life could be a film by the director of your choice, who would that director be?

What would Ronnie James do? Ask the great one.

i hate packing and i hate moving

I am speechless - Billy Mays would have loved this

Well I would have my semester classes picked out by now...

I have a confession

Problems with computers and technology.

Creative Grave Markers

Lounge insomniacs, check in!

Aliens vs. President game for Blackberry! (Link w/ screenshot inside)

Who needs A-Spray

Sweet Jane

Homeopathic Emergency Room

Pic! Alan Rickman in black stockings and garter belt riding a burro in cheap motel room!

Is there any place like this in the US?

Come on honey let me know....

I want to be a cowboy.....

Swine Flu may keep us from getting on a plane now

My wish for us all.


I miss Dropkid

Good morning Lounge

This band blows but they've come up with one of the most awesome album titles ever:

Which Game do you want to play? Who am I? or The 6 Degrees of MrScorpio?

RIP Les Lye (the guy who played all the adults on "You Can't Do That On Television")

KALI !!! Come get your Bull Snake!

One of the best album titles ever...

"I'm sorry."

Sunbathers fall out topless all over France

Fun fact:

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

Now *MY* husband GOT THE JOB!!! WHOOHOO!!!

Is the answer to puppy mills more local breeding?

"Che" is a pretty good movie.

Is there a way to ignore "friends" on Facebook while keeping them on your friend list?

oh! this is so heartbreaking

My best friend PassingFair is here and all is right with the world.

My best friend PassingFair is here and all is right with the world.

B.C. Flag front license plate

Who is Michael Bublé and why do Douchebags and Wives of Douchebads listen to him?

Congratulations FrenchieCat! 50,000 posts!

Anything you can do, I can do better.

I wish I had control of a giant array of orbital lasers....

Your favorite day of the week?


mark buehrle PERFECT GAME!!!!!!

I've been trying to stave off a terrible sadness for weeks.

Needs a caption

Dr. Strange, paging Dr. Strange, we have a violation of the tenets of the Butlerian Jihad in LBN!

Need help finding a film short. Please

Iching's birthday today........may you be forever young

Interesting movie musical moments!

WHAT?! I only got 78%

The Moran is at it again. Funny pic.

Hypothetical situation: You are starving and must resort to cannibalism to survive.

whew! we got chemistry here!

DU Song Of The Day

Whats with the Justice League art on the google front page?

Bad Cops

If a vampire bit a pothead would he get high?

A Big DU Group Hug For The People Who Gave Good Vibes For Midlo ---It Worked

Which is scarier?

What I Remember...

What's the most controversial religious issue of our day?

I am going through Serious Withdrawls

"Serenity" coming up on SyFy at 6:30pm EST


"The Goods" looks like a remake of "Used Cars"

Which Scooby-Doo member are you?

Theme song for the Lounge

Look what you have done GrayWarrior

Topless sunbathing falls out of favor in France

I put my glasses by my keys so I wouldn't lose them...

city manager marries porn star, loses Florida job

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Anyone work for AT&T as a premises tech?

Anybody work for USBank?

For those of you who have not seen "Moon" yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Does GW Bush realize he is no longer president or does he think

Should I buy a Keg-er-ator?

Eclipse photos

Who has a party with a live band in an apartment on a weeknight?

We all done with all that Albert Eichmann crap now?

Should a six-year-old learn the term "redneck"?

We all done with all that Albert Richman crap now?

Holy crap. TV's Frank is following me on Twitter.

No wonder Ava would rather live in NYC with douchebags than in Alabama

So, what's for LUNCH/DINNER, y'all?

Why are most barns painted red?

Who is the Billy Crudup of your dreams?

Were you ever in a band? If so, what was it's name?

Tough Question of the Day: You Must Eat an Animal On the Endangered Species List...Which One?

Favorite song by King Crimson?

How tall are you?

Alice Cooper fan proves legless doesn't mean harmless

Favorite Doobie Brothers song

Prism, Mirror, Lens- Did you really understand Delany's "Dhalgren"?

Girls! You better hide your heart

My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought ...

It's Alright Ma

Will we EVER again see political/cultural comedy as sublime as what the Bush years spawned??

Another day, another day in the hospital

I Must Say, Meryl Streep Is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS In Mamma Mia

Entertainment poll - favorite activity of these choices?

UPDATE- Oscar The Old, Overweight Beagle Finds His Family

Matt Lauer Poll!!!!! Vote Here!!!!!! Vote Now!!!!!!

I am all about giving Aretha respect. And props to her but - Damn

My 84-year-old Dad had hip replacement surgery,

The new rappin' Slap Chop commercial deserves some kind of award.

I'm not supposed to have alcohol until sometime next week....

Something cute! My kids are all in Germany with their father,

I just balanced my checkbook and I'm $100.04 short. Did I leave it around here?

Adventures with 35mm photography

What is your talent?

anyone familiar with PATH trains to NY?

so in case you care Midlos husband did

Last names for people who shouldn't name their kid "Richard"

Facebook: Pros and Cons

Blood and Mayhem at the Cat Groomer's....

What are your ten favorite movies? You don't have to rank them.

Two and a half men sucks

Henri, the haunted cat

It's mah boythday! Is it anyone elses?

I'm addicted to these damn things.

Baby wolf is taught to howl by wolfman - cute

Mister Meaner.

2 and a Half Men is the Funniest show on TV

Virginity Rates By College Major

Tips for teaching teens to party safe

Anyone ever have a dream about a loved one who died coming back?

Name some young cute thing that could grow up to eat you

"Angels"- Peter Hosapple & Chris Stamey

Do Women Like Men Quite That Cleanshaven?

Comedian Steve Sweeney on growing up in Massachusetts

Y'know - Baby Skunks are cute!

NO, it's YOUR turn to go in the back yard and turn over former VP Cheney so he doesn't get sunburned

Is "stupidly" a real word?

Do attractive men and women have it easier?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Swede!!*******

The wedding entrance video- have you seen it?

Thank you all. Especially Parche and lost-in-nj.

Naked Cowboy runs for NYC mayor _ in his underwear

FACT CHECK: Obama's health care claims adrift?

North Korea in bizarre Hillary Clinton attack

SEC Orders Ex-CEO to Return Pay

Pakistan Seeks More U.S. Military Aid

U.S. Overlooks Kyrgyzstan Rights Abuses

U.S. Airline Gives an Apology to India's Kalam

Landslides, floods plague quake-hit southwest China

Report: US, China must improve climate cooperation

Existing Home Sales in U.S. Rise for Third Month on Lower Borrowing Costs

U.S. sees Pakistan securing Swat before attacking Mehsud

Philippines halts offensives against Muslim rebels

White House invited med industry execs in early

Georgia asks Biden for Weapons, Observers

Biden says Guantanamo will close by January

Cambodian PM undermining KRouge court: activists

Conservative Activist Forwards Racist Pic Showing Obama As Witch Doctor

Army Ties Expose Violence

Azle homeowner displays 'Hispanics Keep Out' sign

US rabbis arrested in crime probe

China Fears Ethnic Strife Could Agitate Uighur Oasis

Amazon buying shoe seller Zappos for $928 million

New Jersey Corruption Arrests

Harry Reid: Health care won't happen before recess

Fury at French army over wildfire

Google spending more on D.C. lobbying

Wall St. jacks up pay after government bailouts

Oklahoma Patrol: Trooper suspended for scuffle with paramedic

Report: Big cuts needed at huge Baghdad embassy built by Bush

Jackson Doctor Target Of Manslaughter Probe

In Afghanistan, U.S. Shifts Narcotics Strategy

Reid: No Senate health care vote until fall

CSIS to Abdelrazik: 'Sudan is your Guantanamo'

Italy blocks sale of yachts to North Korea's Kim

Cronkite eulogized as newsman, friend, father

Calif. teen faces trial in gay classmate’s killing

Sailor charged in Camp Pendleton shooting death of seaman

Arbitrator Hid Ties to Debt Collectors, New Report Says

N. Korea Escalates War of Words, Calls Clinton Vulgar, Unintelligent

Reid: No health care vote in Senate until fall

CIA Kept bin Laden Son's Death Secret For Months

Global Views of U.S. Helped by Obama, Survey Says

Blackwater Seeks Gag Order

Poll Details: Majority In US Oppose Both Wars

Defense rests in case of former Rep. William Jefferson

Obama says Senate's delay in health care bill 'OK'

Int'l press to escort ousted Honduran president back home

Cheney: Scooter 'deserved a pardon'

Report: Some Bush officials suspected Libby went to jail to cover-up for Cheney

Karzai pulls out of Afghan debate

SCENARIOS: Companies reaping the swine flu windfall

Report: Toyota to end Calif. joint venture with GM

White House tries to clarify Obama statement about police officer's arrest of black Harvard professo

Drug czar: Feds won't support legalized pot

Mo. judge blocks certification of union election (13,000 homeworkers in limbo)

Lawyer: Jackson case now manslaughter probe

Graying Shanghai encourages couples to have 2 kids

Japan suspends beef shipments from Kansas company after finding bovine spinal columns

Dirty Jersey: Feds Bust Dozens in Corruption Scandal

Family, friends mourn baby Natalie Hill at service (rat bitten)

Dow Rises Above 9,000 as Home Sales Jump

6 shot, wounded in drive-by at Texas Southern

Breaking:Lawyer in BART shooting wants murder charge tossed.

Obama Defends Criticism of Cambridge Police in Arrest of Gates

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 23

Biden Warns of More ‘Sacrifice’ in Afghanistan

Cambridge sergeant declines to criticize Obama

Fla. hospital defends secretly deporting patient

Microsoft revenue misses, shares tumble ($1B short of projections)

Alabama Beverage Control board deems Wine Label Pornographic

Alabama Beverage Control board deems Wine Label Pornographic

Research Firm Cited by GOP Is Owned by Health Insurer

Cop, union: Obama shouldn’t have weighed in

Single Payer Vashon at Strawfest 09

What Would Cronkite Say About His NYT Obit?

David Axelrod on Health Care - Hardball 'Uh, uh, ... uh, uh, uh...'

Steele urges Democrats to pass health care bill without Republicans.

37th Place

A song dedication to the Blue Dogs for delaying health care

Iran's Military Coup

Gov Palin's Wolf Killing Program, from Defenders of Wildlife

**Liz Cheney: Birther Sympathizer**

Rep. Marsha Blackburn Traitor and Corporate Shill


Bank of America Exposed

Rep. Virginia Foxx: "Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on you"

What has the Insurance Industry done for health care?

TYT: Obama Pwns Himself on Signing Statements?

The anticipated meeting between Scubaman and Killacommieformommie

The anticipated meeting between Scubaman and Killacommieformommie

Brain damaged birther talks about swine flu vaccine.

O'liely and Col Dickers really support our troops.

CBS News: 1972 Ohio Presidential Democratic Primary

Obama: Police Acted 'stupidly' in Scholar Arrest

News Sign with Cynthia Saltzman (1972) News in sign language (w/voiceover)

Obama stands by comments on Gates arrest

HC on hold until September

The Perfect Storm Of Homelessness

Chasers War on Everything - Yoo (Torture Lawyer):Australia comediy show visits Yoo's Berkeley class

Hardball: Liddy Thinks Obama Is An Illegal Alien!

Reporter Who Asked Obama the Prof. Gates Question Comments on Hardball

Headzup: Glenn Beck Talks About Bringing A Gun To A Movie Theater

TYT: Does Media Suck at Covering Politicians' Real Motives On Healthcare?

G. Gordan Liddy says Obama is an "illegal alien"

Anti Marijuana Btches get OWNED!

TYT: Cenk Slams Lou Dobbs & Liz Cheney Over 'Birther' BS

Wait Times

Congressman Tim Ryan: There WILL be a conscience clause in health care reform.

Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the police

The Can't-Do Blue Dogs - Harold Meyerson

Seven Republican Cowards

Joe Conason: Blue Dogs: The Special Interest Pets

RIGHTS-US: Byzantine World of Immigration Detention

Skip, You Mouthed Off

Taking On ‘Big Food’

The questions reporters should be asking Mark Sanford and John Ensign

"Pharisees on the Potomac" (Maueen Dowd--New York Times)

Weiner's full statement on Health Care Reform

Lou Dobbs Has Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

The Latest 'Birther' Conspiracy Theory: Obama Really a Dominican Baseball Player

Inside Bush and Cheney's Final Days

Cash-strapped states raid 911 funds (you know that 911 fee you pay?)

Honduras: Tensions mount as US-backed mediation stalls

Zelaya Heads Home to Honduras on the Anniversary of Bolívar’s Birth


Harry Reid, the man No One Respects . . .

A crime against human rights

Credit-default swaps can push companies right over the edge

Rachel Maddow Show - Elizabeth Edwards on the health care debate

Time for President Zelaya to Return to Honduras by CODEPINK

We won't wait for equality

AlterNet: How the Food Industry Has Made Bacon a Weapon of Mass Destruction

The best "expert opinions' money can buy.

Cambridge Police Take Revenge: Claim Obama's Not in His Own Country

President Obama steps squarely into racial politics

Forget Where Obama Was BORN, We Know Where G. Gordon Liddy DIED

Memo to Clinton: US ain't top dog

HuffPost's Real Misery Index: Recalculating the Hard Times.

BET News: Don’t Get Mad. Get Honest about Pres. Obama’s Comment

Pastor Hagee in Washington Today..Says World will end in 20 Years

In defense of Marxism

Obama press conference: Evasions and lies on plan to slash health care for workers

NY Times: Racial Bias in Fire Exams Can Lurk in the Details

Coming Soon, to a Life Near You

Steve Corrick: 50 Year Olds are Unemployable Without a Public (Health Insurance) Option

Kucinich: The Democrats' Plan Lets the Insurance Industry to Pick the American People's Pockets

This is how cops should treat it's citizens

A perspective on Professor Gates' arrest

QUESTION: Do you feel most blacks (including Obama) are overreacting to the Gates arrest?

Obama, Democrats Shift Health Debate to Target Insurance Companies

Something's Happening Here...

What was the point of Mr. Gates asking the officer for his name and badge number?

Sgt. James Crowley-"I didn't vote for him..."

Certified American

Psssst... I gotta secret

Sen. Russ Feingold and Democracy for America : The Pressure is Working

In what country does one get arrested in their own home because their "tone" seems "peculiar"?

Folks, if you make a cop mad they WILL arrest you. They don't need a legimate reason!

Jim Cramer - 2/27/09 - "President Obama’s new budget has Cramer wondering if stocks are safe"

Obama Says He Prays 'All The Time' For Guidance

Here is my take on the police comment ....

LOL -- DU has been assimilated by The Borg

Let's face it, Obama made a BIG MISTAKE talking about Canbrindge police

Where did the notion come from that Obama should not comment on racial issues?


Let's look at August as a month to mobilize for healthcare reform strategies

Obama 'comfortable' with Reid's announced healthcare delay

Banker: "TARP helped avert a global calamity"

The officer's perspective....

Politico 44: Rahm, Pelosi spend more than 3 hours in her office with Blue Dogs and Waxman-PLUS

PHOTO: He's still got it. Obama today at Shaker Heights H.S. in Ohio

Blatantly Racist Obama Photo Distributed by Physician and AMA Delegate: Action Requested(with poll)

Hillary's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day

OH SHIT, President Obama is in a FIGHTING MOOD: I'm from Chicago! I don't break!

What everyone is missing about Obama vs Joe the Cop.

Racist Cambridge Cop Responds to Obama

Senate Sides With President Obama, Defunds Jet Engine

My 2 cents regarding Obama/Gates topic

"Obama stands by his assessment of Gates incident"

Obama never should have weighed in on the Gates thing

Why didn't President Obama submit specific healthcare legislation to Congress?

Congressional Progressive Caucus Letter to President Barack Obama on Health Care July 22, 2009

"Public option advocates have made two serious mistakes" and need to back single payer legislation

Obama in Ohio, the Fierce Urgency of Now

FYI....if you see me kicking in the front door of my house and you don't know me, call the cops!!!

Are there any black racial profiling experts?

BREAKING: Harry Reid says no healthcare vote in the Senate until after August



People. This is PERSONAL. If you hate slimy lobbyists. If you hate racists. If you hate

Rockefeller to Baucus: 'Don't think we are so desperate. We are not going to fall into line.'

Obama: "I Am Surprised By The Controversy" Over My Comments On Gates Arrest

The way these Dems are acting maybe it's time to consider GREEN PARTY

Bill Cosby ’shocked’ at Obama’s statement on Harvard prof’s arrest

I'm Sorry but G. Gordon Liddy got totally creamed, pwned, you name it on Hardball; birther

Don't you get it: It's impossible for a black man to be American, let alone President

President Obama is wrong. On everything

Cambridge Police: Flush them all out.......lots of good cops, but some bad attitudes

in defense of the white racial profiling expert cop who arrested a black man in his own home, ...

Police Commisioner: Officers 'Deflated', "Deeply Pained" By Obama Remark

Still Discussing what Obama said about the Gates Arrest, when Health Care is a DO or DIE, is...

I Got This E-mail This A.M. From A Repug Friend - Need Help In My Response To Him.......

If someone broke into your house, would you want the police to ask them for identification?

Cambridge Police Union President Stephen Killion "Disgraced" that Obama "Is Our Commander-In-Chief"

Politico: Obama is the Man Who Knew Too Much

DeMint: "We've defeated President Obama"

Chuck Todd: Obama Failed Last Night!

Finally: Weiner Amendment Vote Friday

When the cashier asks for my driver's license with a check or a credit card, I'm glad to show it.

Cambridge Police have some explaining to do--Why were there two different police reports?

House to Vote Soon on "Abstinence-Only"

Huge egos will travel... Bottom line in Cambridge

Replicating Cleveland Clinic's Success Poses Major Challenges

Why wasn't an expert on racial profiling more attuned to the possibility that a distinguished black

Bloomberg - March 6, 2009 - "Obama Bear Market’ Punishes Investors"

Wow. Between the birther crap and the Gates arrest, they're really coming out of the woodwork on DU.

Sen. Hatch in Salt Lake tomorrow July 23rd

My e-mail to Sen. Landrieu (regarding her lack of support)...

The GOP Is Destroying Themselves

So, let me get this straight - a reporter asks the President a question. He answers it.

Anybody know where to find video of Pres Obama in Ohio today ?

So Cheney and Bush are all broken up over a Libbey pardon?

Photos: 1) President and 2) typical detractor

Someone named Lynn is on tv now saying Obama is falling apart

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R): Slams The Stimulus, Then Tours State Handing Out Giant Stimulus Checks!

That's IT! . . That's all I can stands, and I can't stands no more.

Bait and switch: How the “public option” was sold

Perhaps One of the Most Powerful PHOTOS by Pete Souza

Why is the Watergate Criminal Liddy trying to look at Obama's birth certificate

GA-Gov, NJ-Gov: Big Leads for Barnes, Oxendine, Christie

Hillary's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day

G. Gordon Liddy.

"Even when you're pitching a perfect game, you still need help,"

Help us tell Congress: No excuses

Laws to prevent racial profiling?

Cop: "disappointing that he (Obama) waded into what should be a local issue."

President Obama will be interviewed on Nightline tonight. (Update with preview re: Gates)

Healthcare ‘Reform’ Appears to Magnify Power of Insurers, Big Pharma

Wonkette: Was Barack Obama Too Smart With His ‘Policies’ Last Night?

The Mormon Obama Family Tree Gift.......

G. Gordon Liddy and any of the other Birthers with MSM cred are simply cowards and liars

CT-Sen: Dodd's Numbers Still Ugly

MSNBC's hardball"Obama backs away, a little, from "stupidly" remark"

I am kind of disappointed that Obama didn't seem to be fully briefed on the Gates arrest....

I don't think what the cop did was racial profiling......

Obama might think about replacing Reid and Pelosi...(aka the Dems are Gutless)

Blunt says, GOP shouldn't have a health care plan .. it would confuse people.

DOW closes above 9,000 and Home Sales up for third month in a row....GOP pissed I bet!!

The Hill: Dems mull skipping Energy and Commerce Committee, bringing healthcare right to the floor

Can someone explain to me how a racial profiling expert got it so wrong..

Census Finds Huge Growth in Hispanic Voters

Discuss: the GOP is still having trouble coming to grips with the 20th century...

McConnell Is Right - U.S. Is #1 In Healthcare - Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Ed Schultz has a good show on. Even Stephanie Miller makes sense ...

Jim Cramer: "This bill is dead"

Did Rev. Wright get a "pass" by the Media because he was a Veteran who assisted LBJ as a Paramedic?

NY-23: Aubertine Won't Run For Congress

So what if the Cambridge Office tried to save Reggie Lewis? Jeremiah Wright was LBJ's nurse. . .

Rescission (cancellation) of policies and prior condition denials need to end IMMEDIATELY in reform.

The RNC asks for your grade on how Obama is doing

New Jersey Corruption Arrests: Three Mayors Taken Into Custody

He, he....looks like Dobb's got the message to dial back his Birther madness!!

Wouldn't it be funny if.....

Can you imagine how Un-American it would have been had a police commissioner been "deeply pained" by

Cop who arrested black scholar is profiling expert

I've come to the conclusion that humans are FUCKED UP over race

Yet another reason I HEART NYers!

That conference last night was hard for me to watch.

Please Mr. Charlie, We're So Sorry We Complained About Driving While Black.

Inhofe: Blocking Obama's healthcare reform will mean 'big gains' in 2010

Conservative Activist / Teabagger Forwards Racist Pic Showing Obama As Witch Doctor - "funny stuff"

Let us remember, ladies and gentlemen: Obama got through the Rev. Wright debacle

Union Predicts Obama Will Regret Remarks

Compromise is part and parcel of a FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY.

GOP Now Officially Defending Cambridge Cops?

Something Better: I thought that President Obama was awesome tonight

Media Matters DISCREDITS Reporter Attacking Obama on Healthcare Meetings

The AP Is On A Campaign To DISCREDIT Obama's Transparency. DON'T BELIEVE IT!

"I'm still in shock. Thank you, sir" -- Buehrle to Obama

I heard a rumor that at the Acting Stupid News Conference, there was talk of health care...

Here's a third way on the Gates thing a) it was overt racism b) it was not overt racism or c):

The media (THE TODAY SHOW) LEADING with Obama's "acted stupidly" comment shows how they love. . .

Grassley: GOP will take ‘blame’ if we don’t pass health care.

Billy Tauzin has more access to Obama's White House than any number of single-payer advocates

Obama: 'Cooler Heads Should Have Prevailed' (VIDEO)

Bottom line- there aren't any consequences for opposing Obama or Democratic positions

Ralph Nader's 50 years of fighting for car safety

Good friend of mine is on CNN talking about the Prof Gatesgate...

A person is innocent until proven guilty

Officer in Henry Gates flap tried to save Reggie Lewis

In case Corporate Cable cuts Obama Town Hall, it's showing on C-Span 3

About Last Night... I'm Calling Bull Shit!

Joe Klein gets Obama's press conference right: He's good. He seemed entirely in command.

My Take On The Gates Incident (Which Will Get Me Castigated By Both Sides)

Is the media "lynching" the President?

"A new global survey has found a vast improvement in views of the United States" has a poll asking if Obama's Press Conf convinced you to support his plan

Rick Sanchez: Why let Rep. Senator Barrasso keep repeating 'government takeover of health care'

To Be Mad @ Obama for Speaking Truthfully about Gates' Arrest is to be on the Wrong Side

Obama says.....Cable Criticism Makes Congress Nervous! LOL!

Harry Ried you dumb ass

President Obama's Press Conference Was Terrible For Political Junkies and Cable News Pundits...

Obama's Remarks On Health Care At Town Hall In Ohio (As Prepared For Delivery)

Dow hits 9,000 for first time since January

Is the "Public Option" a goner?

The Most Valuable Weapon to Come Out of the Presser

Dear Senators, Is your August recess so important that you would delay health care reform?

The Cato Institute: Their View of Health Care Reform

The President's Townhall is here...

GOP Now Officially Defending Cambridge Cops?

The so-called "public option" in the House/Senate bills is a bogus exclusionary option

Democrats Tire of Baucus Talks

Power Siblings Hit the Capital (Hint -- not the Emanuels)

Memo to DU: There was/is NO chance we get a bill that is not geared to industry; if at all.

There Are Only 21 Days After August That the Senate Is In Session

DOW JONES AT 9000 plus....this AM....sustaining the weeks growth

President Obama's "Stupidly" Remarks In Context

Does racial profiling cut into media profits? No. Does healthcare reform? Yes.

My letter to my Congressman about health care reform....

FYI Henry Gates Jr residence is on the Harvard campus.

Poll: US image abroad surges under Obama Obama FOR the Matrix or against? Red pill or blue? Which

37th place

Major shift - the Pres was SUCCESSFUL in painting opponents of healthcare as fiscally irresponsible

AP radio is reporting no vote in the Senate til after August

Democrats Block GOP "Misleading and False" Health Care Mailing -

What has Obama done in 6 months?

WTF y'all keep your head in the damn game, no one should give a shit about Gates

Can I get a witness? on health care reform

lalala Eric didn't answer the question lalala Eric didn't answer the question

On Dylan Rattigan - US can no longer afford the "rent" the insurers charge to access healthcare

Gross Intentional Ingorance & Cowardice

I like this assessment of Obama's presser: He was talking like a grownup. (Digby's Hullabaloo blog)

A lil thingy I heard about the "birthers"

Obama Has a Grown-Up Talk With America (Gulp)

Piyush Jindal: "Nobody is defending the status quo." (But let's not change anything)

Two sides to every story, two points of view, even here on DU

Politico: Blue Dogs Fill Campaign-Cash Bowls

Union Backs Sergeant Who Arrested Harvard Professor

I honestly think Obama REALLY moved the Ball last night

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Scarborough is on the right side concerning Gates case

BBC News- Black scholar arrest angers Obama

Anyone catch Jim Cramer on Morning Joe; Saying that Gates was right.

The Politics of Tenacity

Of these, which is the MSM in your area emphasizing today?

Major Cities' Plummeting Crime Rates caused by Obama's Election!

WTF people? 90% of press conf. about health care. 90% of DU posts

On Health Reform Taxes For The Middle Class

Best translation of President Obama evahhhh!

If the republicans are "so" interested in reducing the cost of health care

"Healthcare for America Now" petition: Going on vacation, or passing healthcare reform?

Obama pitches health reform to the reality-based community.

New Media Talking points! OMG! OBama met with Medical Industry as early as February!

My Letter to the media

Healthcare pitch seeks to allay fears, rally support for beleaguered plan

Who thinks Katie Couric is a god damn Republican toady?

Centrists Win Backing on Medicare Cost Cuts

This country is unserious, and it is seriously distracted

DrumBeat: July 23, 2009

First "Green" Subdivision in Austin, Tx.

MillionMile Greenway

Carnegie Mellon Team Leads National Project Recommending Regulations For Safe Capture and Sequestra…

Spring cold snap helps with stream ecosystem research

Small fossils provide key clues for interpreting environmental changes

Pakistan: Massive loadshedding cripples economic activities

A Skinnier, Safer America

7/16 New Zealand Quake Moved Whole Nation About One Foot Closer To Australia - AFP

Namibia Seal Hunt Filmers, Jim Wickens And Bart Smithers, Convicted Of Trespassing

Noise Pollution Negatively Affects Woodland Bird Communities, According to CU-Boulder Study

Diminishing water supplies creating profound business risk

Slow, Costly and Often Dangerous Road to Wind Power

U. Mich - US Vehicle Fleet Fuel Efficiency 3 MPG Higher Than In 1923 - New Scientist

Highway Removal

The 30,000 Global Warming Petition Is Easily-Debunked Propaganda

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, July 22)

Have a look at the cheater everyone. And while you're at it, have a look at

Cleveland sends reliever Rafael Betancourt to Colorado for prospect

ex-Oakland Athletic Troy Neel is "worst deadbeat dad in Texas history."

Blackhawks' Hossa to undergo shoulder surgery

Disgusted, Killebrew takes a swing at drug cheats

The pot thickens: LeBron James admits smoking marijuana in HS

Making a little tee time: Arguments made for Watson - and golf

How are you guys on the east coast handling the weather tonight?

Plate Of Shrimp On Buefhle's Perfecto

Mark Buehrle throws a Perfect game for the White Sox against the Rays..

President congratulates Buehrle

Why Manny is Manny

Time to again show my favorite Youtube video about steroids in sports.

Sources: Favre anguished over choice

Tiger needs to clean up his act - Rick Reilly article

Who really rejected the Arias Plan? Two perspectives.

The AUC Scandal (Colombia right-wing paramilitary forces/death squads)

THE HILL: US Officials Meet with Key Anti-Chavez Leaders

BLACK AGENDA REPORT: BUSH AND OBAMA: Different Styles of Coup-Making

Caracas Mayor, Ledezma, Showboatin': wants OAS to deal with VEN as it has HONDURAS

HISTORY BEHIND COUP: "Term Limits Apply When Governments Benefit People"

'HONDURAS: The Hour of the Grassroots" by Felipe Stuart Cournoyer

HONDURAS AMB. to VEN Says "Putschists Cannot Read the International System"

Strong Anti-Coup Protests Support 48-hour General Strike


Honduran Military, Police Patrol Southern Border

GIORDANO: Zelaya Heads Home on Anniversary of Bolivar's Birth

HEADS UP, Telesur just announced it will be carrying Zelaya news conference


Obama and Latin America: The First Six Months

"Zelaya, Negroponte and the Controversy at Soto Cano -the coup and the US airbase in Honduras"

Roger Maris, the real Home Run King

Are Right Wing Christian Groups Funding the Honduran Coup Plot?

Reports from Radio Globo - 9 buses stopped in Departamento Colon - people walkin

PROGRESO WEEKLY: "An Unforgivable Crime"

Lest we forget, VIDEO: Repression by Honduran Coup Mongers

Ecuador president asks rebels to confirm donation

Human Rights Observor in Honduras Says that Romeo Vasquez has called for Zelaya's Assassination(SP)

Chancellor Nicolas Maduro will accompany Zelaya to the border

FROM COPINH, Popular and Indigenous Organizations; 7-23, 6PM, STATE OF RESISTANCE!!

WEISBROT: Lawyers, Guns, and Money: A Coup Tests Obama's Will

BOREV-Honduras Gets "Left Behind"™ as Top Coup Leader Bails for Miami Weirdo Conference

The Urgency of Restoring Democracy to Honduras


What Sotomayor’s dancing missed—The Supreme Court on the right to self-defense

Boy, 3, shoots himself in face with father’s gun

Murder-suicide in Berthoud Colorado.

Man looking for sandwich shot by homeowner.

Far-right Israelis enter Al-Aqsa compound

Reform leader: Most U.S. Jews back settlement freeze

France summons Israeli ambassador over settlements

NYTimes Op-Ed: Take the Case

Arab educators: Forcing national anthem is like rape

Civil Fights: Listen to the Left

'Fatah has never recognized Israel'

Today in Labor History July 23 1,100 had been arrested on various charges and President Moyer shot

UNITE-HERE Signs New Collective Bargaining Deal At Chicago Hotel

UAW Workers Vote To End Their Strike At Bell Helicopter

Air Traffic Controllers Union Urges Swift Passage of FAA Re-Authorization Bill

House Democrats Introduce Legislation to Protect Workers from Wage Theft

Senators Urge Paid Sick Days to Help Working Families

Friday’s Minimum Wage Increase Helps Two Million Workers, Economy

Trumka at NAACP: Building union power means taking on racism

Labor unions fight for rebirth despite recession

Phony Trade Deal--Exposed

Dispute over TV leads to mans death

Bronx Cookie Workers Fight Buyout

The Real Unemployment Rate Hits a 68-Year High

Healthcare ‘Reform’ Appears to Magnify Power of Insurers, Big Pharma (re-direct)

Whoa. Fuji's Introducing a 3D Point & Shoot

Bait and switch: How the “public option” was sold (re-direct)

Prelims up in GD

"Public Option advocates have made two serious mistakes" and need to back single payer legislation

Seeking image posting help

San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz

Study confirms increase in wheat gluten disorder

Dr. Nancy..... What's with all the rightwingers on MSNBC lately?

Congressional Progressive Caucus Letter to President Barack Obama on Health Care July 22, 2009

One tiny piece of Health Care Reform?

Congress throws in the towel and heads for the beach - just one question left

Seriously, though, what's wrong with taxing the rich?

HEY Everybody! It's Party Time!!!!

Anyone ever have a apnea and not suspect it?

Obama says to provide health coverage to everyone, we need single payer

Republicans don't want a slow down to "do it right" they just want time to stop it

Another Child Shot this must stop!!!!!!

Obama Reg Reform Plan is Victim of Distraction

Production for use--lessons from hard times

Morgan Stanley sets aside 72% of revenue to pay bonuses

Representative Alan Grayson on His Questions to Bernanke Over Dollar Swap Lines

It’s the real economy, stupid

The credit card binding arbitration system is crumbling

ZIRP Leads To Social Collapse Of Families

Frugal McDougall, A Rhyme For Our Economic Times

Goldman and JPMorgan -- The Two Winners When The Rest of America is Losing

Credit Quality Overshadows Wells Fargo's Profit

For those lucky enough to have a 401k, a question

Wireless power system shown off

Study Finds Chimps Die From Simian AIDS, Dispelling Widely Held Belief

NASA's Spitzer Images Out-of-This-World Galaxy

Rescuing A Rover On Mars 7/23 ( starting in 3 minutes)

Gay USA: Powerful AIDS speech by NY State Senator Tom Duane

We won't wait for equality

Gay filmmakers' documentary examines homophobia in rural America

What is going through YOUR mind reading the posts on DU re: the Gates arrest?

anyone notice the Orbitz commercial

Ion engine could one day power 39-day trips to Mars

Who Will Build The New Economy?

I believe this DUer could use all the positive prayers, vibes, and energy

A message from my guardian spirits re: the Family, Illuminati, et al

a letter to my house -- I'm just sending this out to the ether :-)

Wow, is my daily horoscope (Cappie) hardcore today or what!

"The Labor Pains of the Re-Birth" - Karen Bishop - July 23, 2009

...aand we're off!

Carlos Santana, the lightworker.


A little experiment - smudging my home every day for the next week.

How are myths made?

With God on Their Side


So I spent last week working with teachers from all over my state on some alignment

McCourt on teaching: Keeeeerriiiiissst. Is *this* ever true:

I think I'm going to right a troofer book...

Fighting the NWO with makeup on.

John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?

So what/where is the physical evidence to support the official story for the WTC collapses?

Money well spent

Azle homeowner displays 'Hispanics Keep Out' sign

My Winnipeg

Survival of the Dead

The talent team supporting Susan Boyle: U2's guy is managing her money...

Brenda Joyce, 92; was Jane to Weissmuller’s Tarzan

Yuck, they had Canada's Ralph Nader on Ed Shultz