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Want to keep the freedom to have access to vitamins?

And now, a movie to entertain you. Or not.

some people are just STUCK ON STUPID!

Citizen Sarah Palin speaks: no press allowed.

BBC: Phone gadget to diagnose disease

The AP bias is so obvious - Or is it just me ?!?

Roxanna Saberi (recently freed US journalist) is FINE.

The REAL reason the space program failed.

" I never said he was perfect. I never expected him to solve all the problems of the world."

Wow. Video of bystanders rescuing a family from a burning vehicle

Jobless won't lose extended benefits [in Mass]

On individual mandated health insurance "waivers or discounts would be provided for lower-income..."

On individual mandated health insurance "waivers or discounts would be provided for lower-income..."

No charge, but Gates case seethes

Ayatollah Tells Ahmadinejad to Drop Choice for Top Iranian Deputy

System v Chaos (We have no health care "system", by ANY definition)

Welcome to the It Ain't So Wayback Machine. Witness Ferguson's genius, Cheney's homicidal grin and W

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: Bad Week For The CT Crowd

Coming Home

John Nichols: Senate Rejects F-22 Boondoggle

Anyone know of any debunking information about this 30,000 signers anti-global warming thingy

I'm extremely upset. The media and Dems are LYING about health care reform

Chinese Interrogation Of Uighurs In Guantánamo

If you see fighter jets over DC today, dont panic it's just a NORAD exercise

Silvio's been naughty again, and this time there are secret tapes.

It's more like government bureaucrats will be protecting your tax dollars from doctors

10 Years for Fox News Pervert

Juan Cole: US Has Lost Moral High Ground on Treatment of Prisoners

Obama's Legacy

Just to be clear about "public option" health insurance....

Endowment Losses From Harvard to Yale Leave Legacy of Poorer Universities

Buying a home: can I use the $8000 tax credit as my down payment?

When a snail's pace for reform is just too darn fast.

Midday police chase of naked man in Hull, MA

State Senator Blackmailed For Explicit Pictures

Under Wall Street Pressure, House Dems Punt Reform

Under Wall Street Pressure, House Dems Punt Reform

Feeling targeted?

Bill Promotes Mental Health Screening for Combat Troops

HR 676, the pipedream of many of us.

Republican Talking Point: All Americans Have Health Care

Hard-line Israelis have secularism under siege

TOONS - get your HOT! TASTY! TOONS right here. Get 'em while they're hot!

idiots on my tv!!!

Pentagon Didn't Break Rules(In Run-up to Iraq Invasion), Says GAO

Did You Know? A very powerful video

Pakistan Objects to U.S. Plan for Afghan War

Ok folks time to take that tin foil hat off, regarding the powers that be

It's not about health-care - it's about deceit, greed, unpatriotism, and unsympathy.

Report: NY, NJ Immigration Raids Violated Rights

The guardian institutions of hierarchy

House Less Willing Than Senate To Give Up On F-22

The cause of California budget crisis? Ahnolds a RINO and the unholiest of unholies... a Kennedy

U.S. bombs 300 tons of poppy seeds to cut Taliban drug ties

GRITtv Live at Noon: BoA: Bad for Consumers?

Healthcare -- do these people even hear themselves?!

Why should I have to pay??

Why should I have to pay??

"Trickle Down" and job creation

So My Local Newspaper Did a Poll on Health Care...

US airline apologises for frisking former Indian president

US airline apologises for frisking former Indian president

US Ready to Set Up Defence Umbrella for Gulf Allies: Hillary Clinton

The Rude Pundit: Health Care Reform Vs. Selfish America


I'm sick of hearing 'Complex' offered up as an excuse re: health care

Steelers QB Roethlisberger Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit

Another victory for the second amendment! Woo-hoo!

BlackBerry patch designed to “enhance performance” turned out to be surveillance application

Boy, I'm sure glad DeMint and the uber-capitalists in DC didn't think we were moving too fast

Why did Crist reject Sotomayor? This makes absolutely no sense to me

Quick, what's the world's largest flightless bird? ..........

The Coup and the U.S. Airbase in Honduras

Mansion's 'cross' didn't help banker's tax case

This odd world ...

Can somebody outline the relationship between Hillary Clinton and the C-Street Family for me?

I, for one, am glad that Health Care Reform is a struggle

Old Man who destroyed lives ...tortured...legally, as a Chicago Police Commander

Don't Threaten To Kill Telemarketers

The bombshell that I wish President Obama would announce tonight...

The media will make or break the President's speech tonight.

Sorry Cavuto--- you're much fatter than Regina Benjamin

These cable TV personalities (like Dylan Ratigan) are SO uninformed!

Pelosi is so awkward in this press conference (MSNBC)...

Toronto Star: Tamiflu-resistant swine flu case in Quebec

I Visited The Library Yesterday...

On the road to emission free mobility- Mercedes-Benz

Unarmed man wearing swimsuit & resisting arrest shot & killed by sheriff in small MN town

Fox News 'Expert' Calls Captured Soldier a 'Liar' and 'Deserter', Taliban Could Save US Hassles

Sanford To Embark On Two-Week European Vacation

Sanford To Embark On Two-Week European Vacation

CNN: Factory worker commits suicide over missing iPhone prototype

The two halves of proportional representation in electoral systems.

2 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan Blast

OpenLeft: When They Say Government They Mean You

Executives Receive One-Third of All Pay in the U.S.

Released Sex Offenders Forced To Live Under Miami Bridge

Once A ‘State’s Rights’ Proponent, Thune Pushes Gun Law That Would ‘Shoot Holes In State Sovereignty

Sen Linsey Graham voting for Sotomayor.

HuffPo - Italy Illegal Immigration Crackdown Draws Fire

Seems that Wall Street isn't all that concerned with Health Care Reform

U.S. Space Policy Review Under Way

2fer: Forget BECK's sanity, Gawker thinks he's a FAKE. & Noriega up on deck at SOTOMAYOR's court?

In memorium: 4327+

Dan Rather Wins Access to Thousands of Documents in Suit Against CBS

Institute for Public Accuracy: Congress Copying Massachusetts' Failing Healthcare?

Wisconsin SC Says It's O.K. To Discriminate


Wednesday making cheesy advances? . . . Slap its hand with a CAPTION!!!!

Wednesday whining in your ear? Then shout it down . . . with a CAPTION!!!!

Why not bolt through hump-day??? . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Does the birther movement create the need for a new type of fallacious argument?

Does the birther movement create the need for a new type of fallacious argument?

Iran: The Green Brief #35 (July 21) Latest news from Iran

Harvard’s Gates in Handcuffs Sounds Familiar Note to Black Men

Sen Orrin Hatch pulls out of Bipartisan Health Care Negotiations.

Katie Couric to Obama: "How can you go on vacation when people are out of work?"

Why do "Bluedogs" not run as Republicans?

Liz Cheney Promotes MORE Canadian HealthSCARE Lies On Larry King.

Here's how STUPID FreeRepublic posters are...WORST FAILURE EVER

It Was Just Stated On CNN That There Are 52 Blue Dog Dems In Congress.......

Sheriff uses 198 mph cruiser to enforce 65 mph speed limit

10 things that would make me want to gouge my eyes out

Pelosi says she has the votes to pass Health Care in the House...

Suddeny Last Summer

Land mine left in Arvada Goodwill donation box

DOR: Death Of Republicanism

5 Iranian Tourists Killed in Iraq attack

Burger King woos Japan with 'angry' burger

Sometimes it's hard to not think that some people deserve it....

Well, I guess we can't talk about gun control anymore....

Report: Big cuts needed at huge Baghdad embassy Bush built

County fair as economic barometer

Obama May Seek Authority Outlined by Mukasey

Fundies :heart: Harry Potter

Obama doesn't like the current health plan proposals

Newspaper, cable TV defend Erin Andrews' honor with maximum zeal (and exposure)

Lindsay Graham announces his vote on Sotomayor: He'll vote Yea

Ahmadinejad Defies Supreme Leader

I just got this email from my Congressman..

Firm Crunching Numbers for GOP Is Owned by Health Insurer

Obama to Bolden - very brief and explicit: inspire young people and the country again

Poor little guy, er, girl

Poor little guy, er, girl

Simple question: If Obama is nothing but a puppet of corporate interests,

Interesting. Some of my letters or writings have been

journalism 2009...cnn headline:Source says some Democrats frustrated with health bill

China, Russia Kick Off War Games

Holocaust Shooter was a "Birther"

Conservatives claim to be defenders of the Constitution yet the Freeper manifesto just shits on it.

1st Amend Protects Disclosing Name/ Address of Juror, Along W/Condemnation of Juror on racist websi

Calif. apologizes for past persecution of Chinese

Poor House or Child labor

Chuckle of the day from MSNBC and Michelle Goldberg: "God hates fangs!"

Probably the least worst call on Iran, sadly.

Pelosi Upbeat About Prospects for Quick Health Care Vote

Washington Post (!) Destroys Insurance Lobby's Propaganda

What I am looking forward to in the President's speech tonight....

Durbin: No pre-recess vote on healthcare

mcconnell & boehner giving press conference on m$nbc now..Obama will be repeating 'myths' tonight

Big Eddie is calling out (D)Ross!!

Holy S&*T: Off-duty firefighters smash window, climb into flaming car to save kid! (video)

Obama on Healthcare 8pm Eastern time tonight

Obama could declare himself a natural born citizen in a Signing Statement ...

The Same Forces Of Reaction Opposed Medicare

Rose Bowl gets the Blues (81,224 in attendance)

Oakland, CA Voters Pass Pot Tax To Boost City Coffers

Prediction: In the next month or two, another event like the Holocaust Museum shooting will occur

It's been 37 years since the government sent humans to the moon. Since then, private industry

The creed of "The Family" at C-Street (sound familiar?)

Dobbs and Conservative Media Feeding "The Wacko Wing"

I don't know if this has been posted, if not here you go. Let the reactionary, isolationist

Big Ed's Show they will now be known as "Blue Cross Democrats" ......

Rights group sues CIA for info about ‘illegal’ operations

Tonight the President will address the nation about his healthcare proposal.

Healthcare at it's finest- what people deal with

ACTION ALERT: President Obama is asking us to pass-on this message

I just “Dumped” all my investments in the Healthcare Industry.

So all of Palin's BS 'I'm leaving' press conference

A serious flaw in evolution

Barack Obama Needs a Better, Skeptical Advisor - Best Advice Yet imho

Wonkette mocks Free Republic's declaration of war on the African Soviet States of America

How many 'Single Payer' votes in Congress will not support the Public Option?

FYI...On health care, I want everyone to know that I do completely trust:

The Naked Cowboy is running for Mayor of New York!

Nutjobs will demand to see Henry Louis Gates's birth certificate

My 24 year old son is this close to signing on with the Navy.

Dear Congress: You Can Take A Vacation When You Get the Job Done

"God wants you to have a reward..." - Evangelical view on adultery

Tweety on the Republican Party and their lunatic fringe

Mean Street says health reform to be a disaster

GOP (Plus Liberals!) Pushed Torture-Disclosure Provision

The Repubs might hate healthcare reform, the insurers might hate healthcare reform, the media might

Pelosi: Congress Should Work Through Recess

republican's no worse than what they said about bu$h*

A song I dedicate to all of the Blue Dogs that are trying to fuck us over on health care

FEMA Anti-terrorism National Level Exercise 2009

Tweety: "when you get down to the short-strokes, near the bottom...

SF Muni crash: Chronicle has the videos

I fear I may have been born in Kenya.

Immigration arrests in Iowa

Liz Cheney speaks out in defense of birthers movement

Laura Flanders on Big Ed discussing Health Care - YES!

"Good God Almighty, these people now have control of ONSTAR!!"

New Republic: Old World, Why isn't Obama appointing young judges to the circuit courts?

Conference call regarding healthcare with Dr. Dean starting now

FUX SNOOZE: Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter and liar...

Amy Klobuchar To Michele Bachmann’s Constituents: Please Fill Out Your Census

America is worth paying for!

Darth Cheney still bloodsucking the American taxpayers

Regarding legacy wages and executive pay...

Rant! There is no conservative media and liberal media. There is a

Glenn BecKKK: Packin' at the cinema

I'm quite aware that there are people who can talk on a phone and drive ah..pretty good, but why ...

Why is it easier to sell war than to sell healthcare for all in

news conference prediction.....H O M E* R U N!!!!!!

The Washington Post hasn't totally gone to the Dark Side; There's still some sanity over there.....

How DARE Obama NEGOTIATE with Hospitals and Pharmacuticals to REDUCE PRICES?!?11!

Breaking News: High profile athlete accused of sexual assault!

Books... like very long "tweets" ..courtesy of Craig Ferguson

CBS evening news sold the Obama health routine as costing $1 trillion...

Myths From The Left About the current HR 3200

You are feeding the whacko wing of your party

Chrysler says it will match government's $4,500 'cash for clunkers' trade-in incentive

Just so we are all clear on the subject of health care

About bleeping the 'naughty' words on TV.

The senator is a married father of two, well known for his emphasis on family values.

DU this poll--"Should Lou Dobbs show us his birth certificate?"

"There are two kinds of plans: those that won't work . . . and those that might."

US AG Holder asserts civil rights renewal

Tonight-Obama 'Should Insist On RAMMING Thru A Bill If It Accomplishes Goals' by Sam Donaldson

You tell me which news sites you trust. run down of online news source headlines today

Does Senator Sherrod Brown remind you of Detective Columbo a little bit?

Ed Shultz needs to stop letting these RWers talk over him.

Lou Dobbs embraces the Birthers.

Today in crazy: Liz Cheney defends the Birthers

Feingold: Obama’s Afghanistan Surge Might Backfire

The Dead Or Alive award: Check out the NRA spin on the Thune amendment vote.....

The Dead Or Alive award: Check out the NRA spin on the Thune amendment vote.....

2009: "Slow Down on Healthcare" 2002: "Must Invade Iraq Now"


Healthcare IS Barack Obama's Waterloo

Crisis: Nearly Five Million Adults Have Lost Insurance Since Sept. '08

"C Street" Cabal of Anti-Democracy Fundamentalist Senators and Reps Wouldn't Turn Over Child Rapist

Let CNN know about Lou Dobbs jumping onto the Birthers Bandwagon

A proposed Republican Pledge of Allegiance.

Hmm..maybe we need a FOREIGN option for health care

Hmm..maybe we need a FOREIGN option for health care

Private Healthcare becomes illegal under Healthcare Bill

Would ordinary voters support a political candidate who has no skill at impression management?

Palin implicated in (another) ethics probe.

who is gonna ask the President if he is a citizen of His Country @ the press conference tonight?

Anyone know who's funding the Birthers? Scaife?

CNN poll on insurance

Mexican immigration to U.S. off 40 percent, study finds (CNN)

"Hello Mum, This Is Going to Be Hard for You to Read..."- Letters from a Dead Soldier in Afghanistan

I think that we have the most intelligent, roll up your sleeves president that I've seen

The birth certificate, vs certificate of live birth shows how stupid some people are to obsess..

Commercial Property Shoe To Drop?

Online Poll: Jon Stewart Is America's Most Trusted Newsman

High insurance deductible causes Joe to nurse a broken wrist with shots of tequila thru the night

Obama Administration Task Force Delays Report On GITMO For 6 More Months

New Video Game: Shoot Gays Before They Rape You

Free Republic overthrowing the government

Jockey injured, horse euthanized on opening day of Del Mar racing season

In an email I received from the President, how should I interpret the following?

43 weird things said in job interviews

CNNMoney: The commercial real estate time bomb

"Start your journey now my lord". Anyone else see this sexist ad on DU?

"Start your journey now my lord". Anyone else see this sexist ad on DU?

Do you prefer to see a thread's rating before you give it a rec or un-rec?

On a Scale of 1 to 10... fractions included...

Ohio legislator’s bill dictates that men should have final say on abortion.

I liked how when talking about medicare he defined it as spiraling out of control.

Colonialism as a System for Underdeveloping Africa


Another wolf in sheep's clothing - "Visa Extras"

What/Who Do You Consider To Be The Wacko Wing of the Dem Party?

Man Catches Fire After Lighting Cigarette In His Bathroom

Independent judgment at DU: why do you need to see any thread rating other than >4 or <5?

Look at this man -- so blessed with inspiration

Why do republicans despise a fair and necessary Public Option for health care?

My quick take on the Obama presser.


FAUX, CNN, MSNBC post-press conference homepages

Check out this source FR is quoting or birfer crap: Starring Michael Reagan!

howie fineman is not happy with Obama's presser

O'LOOFAH is "worried" that his medical history is going to be on a disc in D.C.!1

Your TV ads - real, or CGI?

No two ways about it if health care doesn't pass democrats are to blame

I'm shocked and then really ticked...

Just what the hell is "Cheap plastic crap from China"? I keep

Rights without the ability to exercise them , are pretty much useless.

The evolution of hate mail. Mark Morford

How's this for my local newspaper headline?

Elizabeth Edwards coming up on Maddow! n/t

Explainin' Palin

Va. Tech gunman's mental records found in home of former univ. clinic director

giuliani 'respects' palin

While we debate health care in this country...

This is just stupid... ie Obama birth certificate

When ALL of the states recognize gay marriage, I'll recognize the right to bring YOUR guns into mine

Maybe I was wrong about "Big Ed" show...he had so many of our Progressives On!

I don't care what anybody says

Should Kennedy resign?

Did Professor Gates have his keys, or not?

Just a reminder with a local plea: All Food Banks Need Donations

Birthers: To see Obama's birth certificate, you first have to remove your head from your ass

Marsha Blackburn, PIG-TN

Prof. Gates giving his side of the story now on CNN

did I miss something? Rachel and Fineman don't think that obama did well in the presser..

So, I guess when Repukes talk about "Family Values" what they really mean is...

Worried about the privacy of your medical records ?

Worried about the privacy of your medical records ?

"Obama to hit airwaves as health care plan wanes"...WTF? From SanFrancisco Chronicle

Here's the link to tax rate comparison from countries around the world.

H-1B demand may be retreating as feds increase scrutiny

Cop gets impatient for food, pulls gun at fast food drive thru

Rep. Pryor (D-Ark) spokesman calls Jeff Sharlet "Nut Job", denies Pryor is in C Street's'The Family'

The Prof. Gates arrest story and the issue of class

Bureaucrats making medical decisions? Waiting for medical treatment?

Best Speech EVER!

I think it would be a good thing if every repub who gets air time gets asked if s/he supports Palin

Republic of Money: Frank Wisner & AIG

The Difference

8:56 MSNBC - The Fix is In - Matthews and Fineman Divert Health to Race Issue

If Obama's message was "We're all in this together," why are we not all in this together?

Birthers: yes, they're racist but it goes far deeper than that.

Naked Cowboy runs for NYC mayor _ in his underwear

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best Of

This was BREAKING NEWS from the LA Times

Send an open letter to Obama from Physicians for a National Health Plan

Ed Schultz is on a roll people - You should be listening and supporting his efforts!

Isn't it good to listen to a President 'live' on TV address the nation ...

TODAY is the DAY. July 22, 2009 "Call Harry Reid and Max Baucus" day

I never realized so many rightwingers came up to Canada to make friends.

VIDEO: Millions in Honduran cash missing

Single payer health care is no longer a live option

If we're paying $6000 (per person?) more than other countries for healt and getting less doesn't it

Michele Bachmann Opposes Public Option Because It's "Cheaper"

I don't get it. Back in the 90s Chrysler, I think, was complaining about soaring

Should photographers "drop the camera and help," or ...

Poll: What was Dubya doing tonight?

Okay...dive in on thise one...let's rumble.

Housing Boom, Slave Labor on State Park Land Angers Local Residents

2 cruisers lead Jackson mementos to cemetery

The 24 hour "all news" cable networks are corrosive to our democracy.

NJ Woman's Bake Sale Helps Make Mortgage Payment

75 yr old woman calls police about suicidal daughter. Both women shot and killed

digby: Press Conference

More on the family...

Has Obama addressed Rimjob's manifesto yet?

I do not want government healthcare, or public schools or Fannie Mae

FAUX, CNN, MSNBC post-press conference homepages

The Kerry Alternative

I've posted this before but with the anniversary of the moon walk I wanted to post again

I personally have never seen George W. Bush's birth certificate...

Caption Arnie

Centrists Win Backing on Medicare Cost Cuts

Clueless Microsoft VP confident public will look back at "bunch of good things" in Windows Vista

Through the Looking Glass

Obama CAVED tonight....

Life is Short. Really.

Giget, the Taco Bell Chiuahua dead at 15

Aussie comedy show raids John Yoo's Berkeley class

James Bamford: The NSA is still listening to you

Republican Plan for Health Care Reform (video)

I was asked to appear on a Fox News health care panel discussion tomorrow.

Why can't we do health care like the french?

Woman Must Pay $7 Million for Cyber Stalking Babysitter

Woman Must Pay $7 Million for Cyber Stalking Babysitter

Archivists Scramble to Preserve Gitmo History

If all your medical records are accessible to all your doctors,

A segue

Another Republican "moralist" from the Buy-bull Belt exposed as a hypocrite!

Another Republican "moralist" from the Buy-bull Belt exposed as a hypocrite!

I have held a Virginia concealed carry permit for several years.

Finally! Someone who saw the same presser I did

Would you pay 5% tax on your Income to pay for public option?

Mom kills son atop Mt. Diablo, then shoots self

NRA Defeated In Key Gun Violence Prevention Vote: Elections Have Consequences

New Irony: Palin used state website for private response to ethics charge; Also defamed citizen?

Thune amendment fails; falls two votes short

You know what's so hilarious about the "birther bunch?"

More mobile home parks trying to become condos

Randall Terry Warns of "Random Acts of Violence" over Healthcare Legislation

I'm so sick of anything birth certificate related, whether it's in support OR debunking.

Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Waxman Cabal? ... (Michael Steele's Phrase)

What do we call those on the “other side”?

Dennis Kucinich, In Honor of Walter Cronkite

Vote on the Senate concealed-carry amendment going on right now

I'm ready to spit nails...

Question on birther nonsense

Strange! Humans Glow in Visible Light

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Seeks Gag Order

Oh, Freep jobs! I think this is what you're looking for.

Thank You everyone that sent a note to the El Paso Council members!

I am changing my mind about the FairTax (or UnFairTax)

Texas Cops Send Racist E-Mails about Obama

Congressman Eric Massa Condemns Fox News(Calls For O'Reilly & Peters to be Fired)

House Intelligence Panel Could Call Cheney in Probe

Where is KO? n/t

Our gigantic cottonwood tree toppled during Monday night's storm here in the Denver area

The Healthcare Meetings between the White House and the Healthcare Industry WERE COVERED by C-SPAN

Palin Moving to Fox??

Agent Orange is a spy for Fort Lewis (snitch!)

Sheeple (TOON)

Atheists choose 'de-baptism' to renounce childhood faith

What's the Rush? Almost 5 Million Lose Insurance in 9 Months

The Canadian Woman in the Health Care Ads is Lying

My mother is home safely back from UK/France and 2/3 of my gifts were confiscated at the airport.

My mother is home safely back from UK/France and 2/3 of my gifts were confiscated at the airport.

I Don't Believe In Marriage - Here's Why I (Grudgingly) Got Married Anyway

Shouldn't the name of the program be "Future clunkers for clunkers"

Prof. Gates speaks

Author of Torture Memos Pranked in Classroom

From Stargazer99

Mandated Health Care? Finally getting some MSM truth about a Public Option

The Case of Nazis in the CIA

The Birther cretins are reaching their target audience. They only need a few to "respond".

Jon Stewart is on fire!

Hey fundies- you don't want abortions? I don't want invitro included.

Dr. David Himmelstein says Dr. Howard Dean is lying about the Obama health care proposal.

"What Do You Call A Black Man At Harvard?" (Jack and Jill Politics)

ACLU Found To Have Standing to Challenge Islamic (?) Charter School:

Democratic congressman kicked out of Democrats for Life for supporting birth control.

Democratic congressman kicked out of Democrats for Life for supporting birth control.

Chris Hedges: There Is No Reason For Us To Be In Afghanistan - Everyone Knows It & It Spells Defeat

Some quotes correcting the record about "liar liar pants on fire" attacks toward Howard Dean

I thank the generations who were willing to pay their taxes. I owe them my literacy.

In defense of monogamy.

Living in a Police State: The Gates Incident

An Insurance Story. This past week

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food

Should Heath Care Reform pay for Abortions or should it be between Doctor and Patient?

Would you be happy if you had a truly affordable health plan that covered 99%

"Government gone mad"

Is the Obama Health Care Plan Really Better Than Nothing?

Health Insurance Lobby Cherry-Picks Data In Fight Against Public Plan

Blue Dog Mike Ross Made Millions Selling Prescription Drugs, Threatening to Kill Health Care Reform

Skip Gates Speaks - talks about his arrest and the outrage of racial profiling in America.

Legal Schanuzer: How The 11th Circuit Cheated Don Siegelman: A Summary

Ted Nugent uses terms "mediocrity and slovenliness" about Obama White House

Mandatory Insurance

Mandatory Insurance

At tonight's press conference, would you like to see someone ask President Obama ...

Hemp is illegal for ANTI-COMPETITVE CORPORATE REASONS, e.g. DuPont

Anyone hear the interviews on NPR this afternoon (12:00 pm CDT)

Health Care, Media and the Case for Socialized Medicine

No one ever mentions this. ...

Sign this petition asking Congress to delay their vacation for healthcare reform

Online Poll: Jon Stewart Is America's Most Trusted Newsman

Is Lou Dobbs a screaming asshole?

No Health Care Bill, No Recess

Be afraid: "Glenn Beck likes to bring his gun to the movies."

Who Caused the Economic Crisis?

Who Caused the Economic Crisis?

Who Caused the Economic Crisis?

"Health Insurance Reform"

Stop telling LIES about the Canadian health care system

Humans Glow in Visible Light

Pew study: Wireless Internet use up sharply

Online Poll: Jon Stewart Is America's Most Trusted Newsman

Single-Payer Healthcare Gets a Vote

In trials for H1N1 vaccine, dosage is key

Rep. Blackburn: "We're Not Going To Cry 'Emergency' Every Time We Have A Katrina"

Executives take one-third of all pay in the US

Wow. Obama's Wed. press conference.

Saw a great bumper sticker today, that both religious and non-religious can enjoy.

Its almost 1:00

My little girl is a big girl now!!

The new Macbook Pro; whatever you do, DON'T piss it off!

Who's up??

Roxanna Saberi (recently freed US journalist) is FINE.

"Hello, you've reached Alan Rickman at 555-0122..."

New U2 video is cute

"Charlie Wants An Abortion" from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I went to bed before 7:00 last night

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Alan Rickman.

Kitteh Vs. Roll of Toilet Paper

I must confess- I love coffeecake

Match Game Story: "Chocolate-Loving Charlie put six Charleston Chews _____ the freezer"

Good morning Lounge

I want to create an Alan Rickman thread that never dies.

And now, a cryptic message from Tommy_Carcetti

Which side do you take in the Great Atheist Schism?

The AMA on the stimulus package

Anyone else here watch "Z Rock" on IFC ?? I just discovered the show

Saw a great bumper sticker today.

My brother needs a triple by-pass surgery and he has no insurance.

Colin Firtzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Colin Firtzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

who is alan rickman

Could someone explain to me the fascination with armpits ?

The Hurt Locker has an astounding 98% on Rotten Tomatoes (over 100 reviews)

Eddie Izzard on the differences between cats and dogs

Okay, you all can have Alan Rickman and Colin what's-his-name . . .

Pictures from graywarriors and Alan Rickman's wedding...

Is it really after noon (CST)?

BREAKING:Alan Rickman signs 3 year deal to be Cialis spokesman!

Which side are you on in the great Alan Rickman Rivalry?

Most unlikely thing to hear on FOX Opinion Channel

Most unlikely thing to hear on FOX Opinion Channel

So are hobbit children the size of tea cup poodles?

Most awesome dreams ever this morn'... I am a Dreamlord!

What do you think when you ask someone a straight up question

Batshit crazy hairlady strikes again

If you could enact any law you wanted

Pinch Me

Ever get lost in a bad neighborhood?

My 5 personal hero's

Never mind the Episcopalians or atheists... bananas are a Pastafarian's nightmare!

Happy Pi Approximation Day

I know you ladies like Colin Firth in a wet white shirt. I'd take Jennifer Ehle in the same...

Any "Mister Rogers" fans here?

OMG Car accident in front of my house. No one hurt but

Never mind the Episcopalians... bananas are an atheist's nightmare!

Anyone see the movie "Outsourced?"

Holy shit! Alan Rickman marries Graywarrior and Tuesday Afternoon in dual ceremony!

Any Chicagoland SQL DBA's in the Lounge?

No, I'm NOT ready to start playing Livony

Oh sure, Bananas are all fun and games until they spill all over I95 shutting down the highway....

No SHIRT No SHOES No SERVICE Thread. I also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Green Hornet will be the end of Seth Rogens career

Great. I just got a SECOND copy of Adobe CS4 collection!


Yacht Rock!!!

Graywarrior and Rickman ambushed by paparazzi!! The pic Graywarrior tried to keep hidden!

What if cartoons were real

OK CP what did the doctor say?

Do elite colleges produce the best-paid graduates? Not in my case!

The cover of the latest issue of 'Time' makes me so angry I could spit nails that are on fire.

How far are you from your monitor? What degree is it angled. Here is a link to some cool ergonomic

DU Song Of The Day

If the first you found out about it was stats - did a blog war happen?

Taco Bell dog dead at 15

Will July 22 forever be known as Rickman Day for the Lounge?

For all the homewreckers out there


I have to tell you something.

All this crap about Alan Rickman has broken my spirit and is forcing me to leave DU.

Darth Vader says "You Can't Touch This!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL!


rate the rock voice (meatloaf live)

zOMFG! Alan Rickman just died in a fall off a cliff in New Zealand!!

Since I did the DU name change, I've been able to post on DU again

Congratulations Sparkly! 20,000 posts!

Congratulations theHandpuppet! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations endarkenment! 10,000 posts!

Has anyone seen this Alan Rickman video (NSFW)?

Has anyone seen this Alan Rickman video (NSFW)?

Has anyone seen this Rick Astley video (NSFW)?

Alan Rickman? PFFFT!

Dream Boat Annie....

Let's have a party. An ACID party.

I need a pep talk!

Any "Mister Mister" Fans Here?

What is up with all this Alan Rickman business?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Elton John lost me when he put on the fucking Donald Duck suit

Stephen Colbert Fans:

How bad is it when your blueberry muffin mix is blue?

My newest poem: "Strength"

WOW Just Fukin WOW

Legal question here...debt collection but not mine

Holy shit! Alan Rickman marries Graywarrior on Tuesday afternoon in duel ceremony!

Must See TV: 1000 Ways To Die

I have a book idea... anybody got contacts in publishing?

Any "Mister Rogers" fans here?

Fuck me. I'm stuck having to watch "Wipeout" on ABC.

Photo of what Alan Rickman would look like if he were Jessica Alba in a bikini on a boat

Summertime dilemma

duped for even

Well, I just can't figure out what to watch

We have rain and lighting, also thunder.

How did I miss the Alan Rickman battle?

Congratulations LynneSin! 70,000 posts!

Will the REAL Alan Rickman please stand up?

Brass Tacks...

I NEED Your Serious Help ASAP

Finish this sentence: "Power is ..

Puberty and the Pre-teens...

Picture of a happy dog

One of my molars ache like hell!

Hello Alan Rickman its Alan Rickman

Fuck me. Now I'm stuck having to watch "I Survived a Japanese Game Show " on ABC.

Its Sarcasm Day

Shine a Light

When I click on a video on this site all I get is the sound and a few fuzzy

The 1979 Formula One World Champion is all yours.

Damn! I haven't seen Lilith , the calico kitty

Bait and Switch, How the Public Option was sold,

I swear my cat looks at me

I'm just going to put a sign on my house that says "Homeless bugs welcomed"

Who the fuck is Alan Dickman and why is he so important.

There's an awful lot of FAIL in GD tonight

Anybody here have dangerous feral dogs in their neighborhood?

Do you or someone you know have a good grasp on trademark laws? If so, please let me know! THANKS!


(Seinfeld voice) What is WITH these MySpace porn spam emails? What is WITH these people?

Any "Mister Roberts" fans here?

Whoa, that was bizarre

Which actor or actress would portray you in your biography?

Robert from Hells Kitchen

Y'all can have Alan Rickman

i just have to keep reminding myself i only have a roommate for nine more days

Is this real?

Housing Boom, Slave Labor on State Park Land Angers Local Residents

Dear Alan Rickman fans: I like him very much, too, but . . .

From the L.A. Times in 1944: "Youthful Gang Secrets Exposed"


Finally after 2 years...

Ever known anyone who needed psych. help but says "no I don't --

I'm in Montreal and had Poutine for lunch

Alan Rickman and graywarrior Wed in hush hush wedding

I just made a big ass batch of refrigerator pickles.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/22/09

Pick your personal sports cliche

You can have Rickman and Firth

Who else misses the job they USED to have?

Looking for an approporaite toy for an 8wk old Beagle puppy?

PETA video shows Ringling Bros. circus handlers beating elephants

PSA: Your president is on tv any minute talking about health care and stuff

BMW Billionaire Blackmail Suspects Arrested Over Sex Video Tape

Can someone explain to me what the battle over bananas and Episcopalians is about?

So I was away from the Lounge the past week. Somebody fill me in on what happened while I was gone.

I found an old, overweight beagle wandering along the back road. Stopped, observed, brought him home

Midlo.... we love you

What was the nicest thing you did for someone else yesterday?

I'm beginning to dislike online classes

Anyone out there use Swagelok?

I've got an interview tomorrow.

GARGH! You Creation Science/ID shitwads, there are NOT "both" sides of the story!!!!

Do you like wind chimes? Do you have a rain chain?

Which is your LEAST favorite sport, of the five big ones in this country?

What director(s) would you want to make your biography?

***********STRONG ATHEIST Appreciation Thread***********

Do you admire and respect royalty?

Holy shit, did Wild Hogs suck or what?

Varanasi (India) witnesses total solar eclipse

US Senate halts F-22 jet funding

Clinton Hints at ‘Defense Umbrella’ to Deter Iran

Rights Group Accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘Gross’ Abuses

Tyler Perry sending rebuffed day-care kids to Disney World

Pakistan's Musharraf Told to Appear in Court (to explain 2007 firing judges)

U.S. could take over pensions for Delphi’s hourly workers

Oakland (Calif.) voters pass pot tax to boost city coffers

US mission workers ask Obama to help restore Honduran president

Seattle Businessman Sending Uniforms to Iraqi Team (Rachel Maddow Project)

Pakistan FM: Relations with India to improve

Report: U.S. wins WTO films, music case vs. China

3 accused of letting rats chew toes off Ohio baby

Clinton urges Myanmar to free Suu Kyi

Schoolgirl, 13, arrested after sub-machine gun found in her wardrobe

More shooting on road to Freeport's Papua mine

Saudis chided on 'rights abuses'

Antiterror Campaign in Indonesia Comes Under Question

Key Sri Lankan road is re-opened

Disney Japan to sell movies in tiny memory cards

Venice's first female gondolier pushes off into uncharted waters

Japan ruling party warns voters against change

Palin legal fund may violate ethics law

First Human Trials of Swine Flu Vaccine Begin in Australia

Dick Cheney Gets the Gift of More Protection

(Arlen) Specter's lead over Toomey disappears, poll shows

Mexican immigration to US hits 10-year low: study

Giget, the Taco Bell Chiuahua dead at 15

Panel approves $128 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Ahmadinejad Humiliated Over Vice President Choice

Goldman Sachs Pays $1.1 Billion for Treasury Warrants

Chavez 'to review' Colombia ties

UnitedHealth profit soars 155%

GOP Sen. Graham says he will vote for Sotomayor

Ukranian general confesses to murdering reporter

$2M ad blitz launched by U.S. Chamber of Commerce (against public healthcare)

Toyota says it's no longer profitable in North America

Feds: Man gave al-Qaida NYC subway info

Lutz man says he was fired for complaining Obama not U.S. citizen

Famous Taco Bell Chihuahua Dead at 15 (Yo quiero Taco Bell)

Group Plans Lawsuit To Unveil the CIA’s ‘Pentagon Papers’

Darkness falls in Asia during total eclipse, luring masses

(Mental Health) Records of Virginia Tech Gunman Discovered

Sun setting on San Onofre beach nudity

Florida Governor Softens Stance On Gay Adoption

U.S. Judge Challenges Evidence on a Detainee-The Obama administration has until Friday

Brazil Pans US and Clinton's Role in Honduras Coup d'État Crisis

Michael Jackson's Doctor Under Investigation on Possible 'Manslaughter' Charges

Report: DEA searches Jackson doctor’s clinic

China suicide puts spotlight on secretive Apple culture (Update)

Walmart Settles Class Action Suit ($35 Million to 88,000 workers)

US 'ready to boost Gulf defence'

Honduras talks postponed, Arias has new proposal

Vietnam police detain 18 Catholics after clashes

Bin Laden Son Reported Killed In Pakistan

New NASA boss: Astronauts on Mars in his lifetime

U.S. Deaths Hit A Record High In Afghanistan

Woman found dead in McDonald's food processing plant machinery

Pelosi on the Public Option: "That's Gonna Happen."

Florida town fires manager after learning he's married to porn star

Fresh protests break out in Honduras

Kucinich Asks 'Is the Fed Paying Banks NOT to Loan Money?' (New Probe of TARP)

Democrats scold Obama on signing statements

Conservative kiosk not allowed at mall

Honduras crisis: mediator calls for Manuel Zelaya's immediate return

Seniors see savings in Medicare drug plan

Oakland, California, passes landmark marijuana tax

Long Island Man Charged in Attack on U.S. Base in Afghanistan

US envoy hears Pakistan concerns on Afghan war

Senate rejects pro-gun measure on concealed weapon

White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives

FDNY written exams excluded hundreds of black and Hispanic firefighters, federal judge rules

Obama says police acted 'stupidly' in arrest

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 22

E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, FDA says

Woman launches suit against Applebee's, Weight Watchers for inaccurate calorie count

Courts: Cops who allege corruption can be fired

Birfer Berg And Savage Weiner Visit The Land Of Make Believe

Beck: ‘Nothing Like Starting Your Week’ By Slamming Unions For Getting Rich Off ‘Illegals’

Holocaust Shooter Von Brunn was a "Birther" - Rachel Maddow

Conservatives for Patient's Rights

Tom Arnold is a smart guy

Rachel Maddow & Barney Frank discuss the likely defeat of the F22 Boondoggle

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite claims Dem health plan tells seniors to "drop dead."

Bachmann Doesn't Want You to Have Affordable Health Care

Protect ALL Washington Families: Decline to Sign Referendum 71

Obama Spanks the Congress

DNC TV Ad: "No Plan At All" (DNC targets DeMint)

Gordon Brown: Wiring a web for global good

CNBC or Fox News? What's the difference?

Pelosi: Work through recess

Lewis Black - In God and Healthcare We Trust (Or Not)

DNC Web Ad: Playing Politics

Obama and the progressive movement

Rachel Maddow discusses the birthers, Lou Dobbs, and conspiracy theories


Obama: Big Pharma's Sugar Daddy?

America is in Decline~ Red Crow

Clown Beck bashes President Obama for complaining about haing to fill out dying mother's paperwork.

President Obama Health Care Press Questions: Public Option (5 Mins.)

TYT: Glenn Beck Does Spirited Defense Of The Rich

TYT: The Secret Republican Strategy on Healthcare

House passes Pay-Go

President Obama's Prime Time News Conference on Health Care (8 mins.)

Liz Cheney has verbal diarrhea

Randall Terry warns of

Pelosi Press Conference on Health Care Insurance Reform, Medical Costs

Rick Sanchez Puts End To Obama Birth Certificate Issue

TYT: Cenk's Take On Fox News Analyst Col. Peters - Let Terrorists Kill Our Captured Soldier

Naked Cowboy to Run for N.Y. Mayor!

Rep. Blackburn: "We're not going to cry 'emergency' every time we have a Katrina.'

US Forces Linked to Afghanistan Prisoner Massacre, Says Report; DoD Investigation Still MIA


Obama Means Business About Two-State Solution

More Republican Troubles With Their Wingnuts

The call of the highway - Garrison Keillor

John Thune: 'Concealed Weapons Don’t Kill, Gay Spouses Do'

The CIA, licensed to kill

Chávez Bashing

Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons

Obama's not-so-new Latin America policy

Don't give up the fight for choice on abortion

Teen Pregnancy: An Epidemic in Foster Care

Steve Clemons: Note to White House: Netanyahu is Obama's Khrushchev

Want To Menace US Leaders ? Join The Theocratic Far Right

H-1B demand may be retreating as feds increase scrutiny

The Guardian Institutions of Hierarchy

Massa displays his independent side.

Obama 'Concedes' He's 'Foreign-Born,' Just to Get Quality Health Care

Obama Admin's Goldman Sachs Nominee Bob Hormats Helped fund Sudan Genocide

A Time for Revolutions — The Role of Clinicians in Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Durbin: I Don't Think A Vote On Health Care Will Be Possible Before Recess

Wall St. Jacks Up Pay After Bailouts

India should keep up pressure on US on protectionism: Premji

Strategic Aims, Not Abuses, Are U.S. Focus in Kyrgyzstan

Obama Has Met At Least 27 Times With Private Health Care Industry Executives

Pelosi: We Could Work Through Recess

Ignoring Watchdog "Report, Treasury Gives Three Major Banks Sweetheart Deals"

Something to think about!?!?

TYT Launches New YouTube Channel: TYT Interviews

Is President Obama's race behind the 'birther' conspiracy movement?

From the hospital to bankruptcy

The Compromised President and Congress: Why this health care bill probably won’t reduce costs

'The Fellowship' aka 'The Family' secretive DC prayer group

FACT CHECK: Obama's health care claims adrift?

Health Care Is Not The Only Socialized Thing We Need To Stop

Wisdom dictates we stop demonizing Republicans

We have to Fight the media and congress, because this is a Life or Death matter!

Can you imagine saying to Blue Cross Blue Shield "You're out"

Hilarious: DailyKOS poster proves that Obama is the anti-Christ

Do white people GET IT?

Can someone tell me if there is ANY republican alternate health care plan?

If you are watching Beltway pundits diss Obama tonight, you are watching how poisoned our media is

Birthers Need to Come Out and Just Admit They Have a Problem w/ a Black man Being President

Obama should not say "If the insurance company provides good care"

I predict that President Obama will have to walk back his comment about the cops acting stupid

CNN Distances Itself from Lou Dobbs

Questions for the Obama Critics

Will Mother's Baptism Come Up At Obama's Mormon Meeting?

Hillary in Thailand

Nouriel Roubini: Economic recovery "very ugly, going to feel like a recession even when it ends"

WTF Barack??

Two things I didn't realize before the press conference:

I Am Not Black - But If I Was Arrested For Trying To Enter My Own Home

Clinton, Biden in 2016? (CNN)


I've never seen Reagan's birth certificate!

The Republican Party embraces American Talibanism

Before the 'Left' or any group supports health reform, they should know what they are supporting!

Gates & Obama have much in common: 2 prominent black men show ID; certain whites don't believe them

Canadian health care myths: Every myth is exposed and proven to be false

You know who was upset about Obama saying the Cambridge police acted "stupidly"?

White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives

Ha! Fox was not called on at the press conference!

President Obama: what is the strategy re: healthcare?

GOP in FULL COURT PRESS Swift Boating Pres Obama with negatives

WH Press Corps threatens to go all nuclear on Obama's ass

Tweety, 'some' doctors do procedures just to make money!!!

Media Matters On Corporate Media v. The Truth - The Healthcare Game & Birthers

I am not voting for Obama in 2011.

And now the screaming starts

Why does the EMPLOYER have to PROVIDE healthcare benefits in the USA?

HERE's why so many people are satisfied with their Health Coverage

I really can't imagine BUSH giving a press conference like this

Bid Ed is having a elected Canadian Official on MSNBC tonight

White House Discloses Meetings With Health Care Executives

GOP response to the President's news conference on health care: "I Can Haz Race Fight?"

Obama Frames Status Quo As Alternative No One Wants

How Was Tonight's Obamarama?

DeMint's "We will break him" translation. (sung by Billie Holiday)

What is Chris Matthews and his group tonight trying to say? What did

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is right..

Are there any cable companies that allow you not to take Fox "News..."

What grade would you give Obama for his new conference performance?

Damn! He was on his game tonight! Awesome!

That was a pretty bad performance by Obama

White House Response To Crew Suit For Health Care Execs Visitor Records Insufficient (CREW)

Tonight, I miss Uncle Walter more than ever....

Amidst the noise and anger, strife for and against health care reform,

Hey Lou Dobbs... here's a show you don't have the balls to do regarding the "Birther" issue

Krugman impressed with "Professor in chief"... and drops in a little dig at Fineman

Thank you President Obama, for shining the light on the plight of black men in this country

The Ultimate Obama Insider

WH: Obama to get more directly involved in health care talks

Get this, Obama, PRESident Obama thinks, now this is right from his very own mouth

Just a critical review from a skeptic

I predict that discussing Health Care Issues Has Now Been Neatly Swept Under the Rug

CNN should suspend Lou Dobbs without pay for a week or so....

I wish Obama would not mention requiring individuals to have insurance.

So I went off a bit on my republican friend in a e-mail

PA-15: Callahan to Challenge Dent

Interesting that the Republicans are screaming about raising taxes

Was Tweety told to say that the highlight of Obama's speech was the Gates incident?

So... Why are they called "BlueDog Democrats"?????

I thought he did great. Put the emphasis on the human side plus the fiscal responsibility

No questions about the birth certificate! Where is the birth certificate!?


Jackeens!!! Quit Bein' On Vacation!!!! (Michelles new do!)

Are Matthews and Fineman Living in an Alternate Universe??

I predict that after the Presser tonite DU will once again explode with enthusiasm for the President

An honest to the heart question.. can "you", or "we"..handle the drop in the polls?

I missed Obama's prime time health care pitch

So, did I miss Obama's "Mission Accomplished" moment?

The Ed Show will be doing a follow up tonight on the health


Liar Liar Pants on Fire - Chris Matthews throwing another slam against Obama

Blue Dog Says Pelosi Claim On Votes Questionable

STFU Howard Fineman!

One thing I thought was great about tonight's press conference (quick)

OMFG!!!! Matthews is going to address Birfers tonight!!!!

Gang Of Seven Is Now Six

I wish the hell tHEy would stop calling on Chuch Todd!!

I am reminded of when the pundits tried to sell the idea that

If you still need more explanation on why we need health care reform.. then you are beyond help

Facing primary, Crist won't support Sotomayor

Perdue: Don't give states the bill

We Can't Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good.

Gee, this guy can remember all the parts to a 3 part, my

Does Anyone Have Obama's Back?

I don't know why the media underestimates Obama.

You just have to say thank God that this man is the president

White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives

And that, RIGHT THERE, is why I absolutely support MY PRESIDENT...

NY-23: Republicans Nominate Scozzafava


Ooooh Obama did good IMO on the response to next to last question.


He is calling it what it is: Health INSURANCE Reform

A case study in a recent family health issue that shows how the Repigs are lying

Do you think anyone will be an ASSHOLE and ask President Obama about his birth certificate?

Republicans Will Be Toast in 2010 If the Dems Pass Health Reform, and They Know It

ObamaCare in Trouble op-ed by Karl Rove in WSJ

Swiftboating Health Care Reform - There are No Interest Groups as powerful as the Corporate Media!

Research Firm Cited by GOP Is Owned by Health Insurer (WaPo)

Obama and His Words

Obama says US on schedule to leave Iraq

Here in Chicago Obama's News Conference will not be on Fox

I just love me some Barbara Boxer!

Maybe President Obama should land on the roof of a major urban hospital in a flight-for-life chopper

New York Times: ‘Birther’ Boom - Meme going Mainstream

All I can say is "bring it on"...

Obama on health revamp: Debate is `not a game'

GOP giddy over presser tonight- is this desperation?

PERSPECTIVE. Obama: Healthcare Debate is "not a game" :: McConnell rolls out "Straw Man Bingo"

Will He Exceed Expectations Yet Again With His Speech Tonight?

Obama: Health Reform Crucial to Rebuilding Economy

CNN's Roland Martin: Birther's "I want my country back" comment means...


If Obama was in Hogwarts, what house would he be in?

I got your "Mission Accomplished" right here! (Excerpts from the Speech Tonight)

Recovery in Action: Re-training Auto Workers and Creating Jobs

Every GOP Senator should have to provide a valid Birth Certificate by Noon Friday!

McCain Loses Again (McCain and the GOP Apologize)

Rasmussen: Obama's Health care plan struggling; 53% now oppose Healthcare reform

Snowe does not support a public option from day 1

The M$M, Republiscum, and Blue Dogs are going to their knives.

Good News: Hatch quits health care talks

"Tune In," he tells me. Okay, Prez...

POTUS Applauds House Passage of Paygo Legislation

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press Sunday

So... what would have happened had GWB stolen our Social Security?

Reporters love the bipartisan theme, but ignore the GOP's zealous determination to see Obama fail

First grandmother says it's a wonderful life

I Will Not Support the President Obama in the 2012 Democratic Primary!

dupe delete

ACTION ALERT: President Obama is asking us to pass-on this message

President Obama preps for prime-time news conference

Pelosi on the Public Option: "That's Gonna Happen." - Not overly concerned with bi-partisanship.

Secret Service Cut Corners on Obama's Protection

Pelosi: We Have the Votes to Pass Health Care

Bye bye Jon Kyl: Implies Sotomayor is a liar, won"t vote for her; Crist agrees with Kyl

Did Bush do permanent damage to the office of the Presidency?

The Hill: Pelosi open to keeping the House in session thru August to pass healthcare overhaul

.It it time for the Obama to take control of Healthcare Legislation. Pelosi/Baucus fail

Visitor records, OBAMA "continues ... bad, anti-transparency, pro-secrecy approaches" of BUSH

DeMint takes the bait: says "We've got to stop the President"

At tonight's presser Obama will focus on "how we rescued the economy from the worst recession" (NYT)

Why don't they produce the birth certificate to show he was born in Kenya?

Thune’s gun amendment fails in Senate vote.

Lindsey Graham to support Sotomayor; Cochran to oppose...

REPORT: On health care reform, networks highlight perceived setbacks far more than progress

Private Insurance Is a Defective Product: Testimony of Steffie Woolhandler before Congress

"Obama is going to fall back position?"

Lou Dobbs and the canard over President Obama's birth

The Repubs have shown our President that seeking bi-partisanship is nothing but a snipe hunt

Why is this Birther Issue getting so much attention from the media, now?

Compulsory health-coverage plan wins support (WaPo)

Sen. Jim "Demented" DeMint's desperation: say anything for media attention

Sorry, but I don't see anything wrong with Obama's....

"Seven Reasons Not to Bet Against Obama on Health Care"

Healthcare Reform and Economic Recovery are inextricably entwined

Jim DeMint is right.

Why is Lou Dobbs obsessed with Obama place of birth?

United Health made 150 million profit

The Mormon gift of the "Family Tree" to the Obama family

Specter's Lead Vanishes in PA. Now 45/44 against Toomey. 49% say he does not deserve reelection.

Waxman agrees to Blue Dogs' idea for independent commission with power to control Medicare spending

Maybe if we told our corporate lords that they could save money by

Mandates without single payer is the stick without the carrot

Why hasn't someone in the media ask these rethugs that why do they have Gov. run health care

So this idiot RETHUG has Bluecross Blueshield but thinks Gov. shouldn't provide healthcare

Matt Miller's health plan proposition (or what is probably what the Blue Dog see as a responsible

PhRMA ad praises Hagan

Is Hagan Democratic enough?

Self-Delete (nt)

Oh my! Roundtable of Politico "reporters" on Charlie Rose?

When all is said and done, will you be willing to accept incremental changes in...

where are the commercials with job out sourced clerks standing between you and your MD...

Wind power throws a curve at the BPA

DrumBeat: July 22, 2009

193-Square-Mile Cook Glacier On Kerguelen Island Has Shrunk By 22% Since 1963 - AFP/JGR

The Seeds of a New Economy

Filmmakers in line for Emmy after whale of an adventure , Whale Wars

Late Monsoon Bypassing Key Bangladesh Agricultural Regions - "Severe Drought" Possible w/i Weeks

Central Valley (CA) Fruit Crops Need Winter Chill, Won't Get It In Future - UC Davis

Q Microbe achieves unprecedented ethanol outputs


Who's the most annoying poster in the sports forum? (non-poll)

LaRoche to BoSox for two prospects

Rock Climbing-related Injuries Increasing

The Bucco's win a wild one against the Brew Crew, 8-7!!

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, July 21)

Holy shit, the Phillies finally lost a game!

Good news SEC Fans! You got your own network.

Report: Shirtless Mets VP challenges (AA)players to fight

(Rockies)Helton hits 500th career double

Frisco Chokers lose 6 of 7 to San Diego, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. 19W-29L on the road.

Frisco Chokers stomped again by Atlanta 4-2

Chokers humiliated..lose series to the Nationals

Islanders sign Marty Biron to one year deal

Well thank God that series is over.

For what it's worth, I found a third DU'er who is a Natinal fan!

Around the horn college football predictions --Big 12

US mission workers ask Obama to help restore Honduran president

Is anyone following the Giordano vs Golinger spat?

Damn! Now we have to discuss sports in the sports forum?

Bolivia completes nationalization of oil and gas sector

Totó La Momposina: Colombia's Afro-Caribbean star

Raul Prada: Bolivia’s New Political Constitution of the State

VIDEO: Promo for Eva Golinger's New TV Show in Venezuela - US Interference in Latin America

Brazil Pans US and Clinton's Role in Honduras Coup d'État Crisis

Obama's not-so-new Latin America policy

HONDURAS RESISTS: "The Campesino Movement Speaks"

FIDEL: "The 30th Sandinista Anniversay and the San Jose Proposal"

Analysis of Ambassador William Brownfield’s Address on Colombia

Twenty-first Century Coups d'Etat

Zelaya, Negroponte and Controversy at U.S. Air Base of Soto Cano (Palmerola)

Evo Morales blames the US for Honduran coup

PINOCHETTI Carlos Lopez Giving Press Conf. Live Telesur (Press Conf. finished at 4:10pm EDT)


Fernando Francia on Twitter saying Zelaya delegation arrived Micheletti on the way



Okay, SO. FLORIDIANS - this one is for you. 7/25 Solidarity Protest at US SOUTHERN COMMAND IN MIAMI!

Correa See US Hand in Coup - concerned that Obama may not be in control of US

Robert Lovato: "Our Man in Honduras" (the decision is final, Lanny Davis is an asshole)

Honduras crisis: mediator calls for Manuel Zelaya's immediate return

Fresh protests break out in Honduras

EVA'S NITE UPDATE: Honduras at Standstill; Arias' Proposal Rejected by both Parties

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Demands Zelaya's Reinstatement

EVA'S UPDATE 7-22: "Honduras Talks Postponed; Zelaya "On His Way" and Coup Regime Expels Venezuelans

Chávez Bashing

What are the obstacles for Steelers to repeat?

For Democrats, Gun Control Fades From Agenda

Gee--The thread ends when the gun nuts are defeated.

Another victory for the second amendment! Woo-hoo!

Senate rejects pro-gun measure on concealed weapon

Authors Oz, Grossman sign petition calling for external probe of Gaza op

Israel turns on itself (article about the ultra-orthodox riots)

Gaza: Dozens hurt in Dahlan family wedding

'Iran arms path to Hamas hit hard by Gaza war'

Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says pamphlet for IDF troops

Israeli rabbis to U.S. Jews: Sway Obama administration in our favor

ZOA: Obama policy on eastern Jerusalem is ‘racist’

Israel circulates photo of Hitler greeting late Palestinian mufti

Israel bans mention of Palestinian 'nakba' from textbooks

Today in Labor History July 22 Union declares victory a 10-hour day, 6-day week 1886, bomb kills 10

CNA, SEIU Protest Tenet's Cutting Of Sick Leave For Health Care Workers

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe Seems Supportive Of Health Care Reform Public Option

Labor Job Openings

Minimum wage workers: better educated, worse compensated

U.S. labor in the crisis Resistance or retreat?

Member Tip: Not a Spectator Sport

How does your (local) union settle contract disputes?

Private Insurance Is a Defective Product: Testimony of Steffie Woolhandler before Congress

White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives (re-direct)

this is just wrong. healthgrades website, see you doctors rating only


Can anyone point me to an executive summary of the major points of

Major Study of Malpractice Insurance Finds No Basis to Limit Liability

UofL researcher may have found link between conditions such as autism, dyslexia

A Cup of Tea for a Clearer Nose

Jack Layton visits Big Ed!

Christ's Teachings v. US Health Care

I'd gladly pay an extra 1% if it would bring back my Uncle

How Vitamin D Reduces the Incidence of Cancer: The DINOMIT Model - x

President Obama’s Longtime Physician Opposes White House Health Plan, Advocates Single Payer

Hide and Seek in the Morning

Dead English Ivy

As Obama Continues Push for Healthcare Reform, House Committee Approves Kucinich-Sponsored Measure t

Some more info on Shona Holmes, from the Ottawa Citizen.

Nouriel Roubini: Economic recovery "very ugly, going to feel like a recession even when it ends"

Wall Street’s Love Affair with Ben Bernanke

"Lets call it economic darwinism.."

Job Cuts Outpace Economic Decline

Oil's year-to-date rally defies declining demand

Does anyone know the best stock trading software?

DNA-Radio: Listen to entire human genome

Amendments limit extension of federal hate-crimes law

Are there any websites or fountains of information about how gay-friendly a company is?

Conservatives Warn Quick Sex Change Only Barrier Between Gays, Marriage

Thank You everyone that sent a note to the El Paso Council members!

Artificial Brain '10 Years Away'

Parents of 'ex-gay' student threaten lawsuits

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