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So does a Republican worry that if he "loses" Oreilly or Limbaugh

Lawrence woman killed by random shot

Lawrence woman killed by random shot

Lawrence woman killed by random shot

Taliban video shows captive soldier

Taliban video shows captive soldier

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes into Wis. home

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes into Wis. home

Before the internet, I never could have known what this song was.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Theodore Roosevelt upon the nomination of Justice Holmes, extolling the virtue of judicial empathy

I apologize to everyone of absolutely every generation ever.

I apologize to progressive Baby Boomers

First Lady Steps Into Policy Spotlight in Debate on Health Care

I was a jerk

Homeless stand in for lobbyists on Capitol Hill

Matt Comer reports on anti-gay religious extremist in Charlotte

Iran: The Green Brief #32 (July 18) Latest news from Iran

A different notion of Democracy

So I went in to Chase today and was asked "What are you doing here?"

On the fine art of robbing banks

Some Responses To Free Republic's Leader Calling For Overthrow Of The American Government

15 killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

R.I.P. Walter Cronkite 1916-2009

Chicago Sun-Times: Retail thefts here soar as economy slumps

What Walter Said . . .

Self-Delete (nt)

Someone gave me a star!

An Application for Health Care

(* Sigh *) Idiotic dittohead LTTE in Columbus Dispatch slams Franken

Let's talk about job creation!

I watched as my parents faced their dignified, peaceful death - together

Continuing Disappointment With MTP and David Gregory (and taxes)

Trend continues. The party of 'no' is all over the place this a.m.

CNN's Romans thanks GOP congressman "for letting us use your chart," adding "we love nice graphics"

Interactive driving game shows dangers of texting while driving.

That worthless POS, Mitch McConnell is on MTP saying

Pentagon Spends Economic Stimulus to Develop Alternative Fuels and Save Energy

A Million Freepers Marching On Washington Would Mean One Thing

Sanford needs to STFU!

Conspiracies don't have to be large to work

Barack Obama, are you my single-serving friend?

Homeless get paid to stand in line for DC lobbyists

One item on healthcare that needs reform.....

We know what our POW says is under duress. Why did Shrub-CHEENEE think THEIR torture was different?

Another Observation comparing Government Service to Private Industry

It Runs In The Family ----Unfortunately

Does DU have a role to play in political discussions and what would it be?

Obama Wants To Kill Your Grandma

Los Angeles Times: Higher costs could be unintended consequence of deep cuts

Quick note to Jim at freeperville:

I apologize to Baby Boomers

I apologize to Baby Boomers

Change your mind, change your life....Do you believe this?

Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks (NYT)

Mandela Day – Star Studded Gala Concert Celebrates Mandela's 91st Birthday

Dan Quayle offers advice to President Obama. No, really.

"Declaration of Sentiments" seneca falls, july 19-20, 1848

Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks

Guardian UK: British Airways and Virgin to stop suspected swine flu victims from flying

Pat Buchanan/Sarah Palin - "Culture Warriors"??????

Cloned sniffer dogs begin duties

Two days in a row: 2 women killed by stray gunfire in KC

This is the most revolting piece of anti-healthcare propaganda I have seen

update on Fl. murdered couple with many disabled children

The Failed Expectations of U.S Trade Policy

I guy I know who ain't got shit but received a tax refund in the mail - an IOU

California - Grey Davis was sacrificed on the Enron altar. Don't let it happen to Obama

Sesame Street site helps military kids cope with deployment, death

I'm deleting this.

CIA claims of cancelled campaign are hogwash

I have a simple solution for the healthcare issue...

CNN is doing an interview with Jesse Jackson and his historic run for Pres.

Were in the wrong business ... list of speaking fees by political commentators

How Herald-Tribune identified $10 billion in suspicious flips (in Florida)

Pallin' around with the liberal media

Workers Are On Their Own To Defend American Jobs

Whose fault if we do not get health care plan passed??

Sanford Says His Affair Will Make Him a Better Governor

The bigger problem with torture and finding out what happened...

Trial baloon: Tax Insurance Co's profits and Bankers bonuses to help pay for health care.

Oh, that we had a law like this for ATM fees

I wish that every time some Republican or Blue Dog Democrat

Arctic gooey gobs are a kind of algae

fair & balanced on msnbc website

Historical footnote - Nixon's Undelivered Moon Disaster Speech

Largent talks about a townhouse and its code of silence for residents. (C Street)

States Hit Hardest by Recession Get Least Stimulus Money: POX News

Another Way to Express Yourself

Discussion Topic UEX-592-1176--775-020-993-V

Discussion Topic ZQX-792-530-881

Obama: No Friend to the Forests.

Does anyone here actually believe we'll get meaningful healthcare reform out of this Congress?

When Celebs Come Unglued

Moon landing deniers and creationists are birds of a feather.

Can we have an H. R. Puffnstuff avatar?

The Freeper-types come out of the woodwork in my area this weekend...

1969 and 2009 -

Lunch with an old right-wing friend.

Discussion Topic 7248-61-020-993-R27

Is it a Depression yet? (& nice misery index chart I ran into)

Florida fundraising shows Democratic threat to GOP rule

Wingers Call For Relentless National Strikes Against "The Dictator"

Gov Sanford: "God will change me, make me more humble". Do you agree?

Gov Sanford: "God will change me, make me more humble". Do you agree?

Dems are perceived as giving stuff to "the other guy," usually someone "undeserving."

Kiss Sunday on both cheeks, then sneak out the back, and come CAPTION!!!!

Which is your favorite scandal of recent?

i watched "Bullshit" tonight. do you guys get that the world ends in 2012?

You want reform? I'll give you reform!

Lost British backpacker says he was 'total idiot'

I hate "unrec" because I hate "rec".

I hate "unrec" because I hate "rec".

Homeless stand in for lobbyist on capital hill. Line holders paid $11 to $35 per hour

Beating the drums of war (Iran and their nuclear threat)

Notice the crater from Iranian jet crash was about 50 feet deep?

Hilarious audio of Glenn Beck freaking out and screaming at a liberal caller

If One Million Freepers Marched On Washington

Mitch McConnell plays the "Some Of My Best Friends Are" card: "I myself am married to an immigrant"

Is Sonia Sotomayor white or black?

Apollo 11 - man arrives on the Moon 40 years ago...

Why is the question of Sonia Sotomayor being white or black inflammatory on DU?

NYT: Why We Must Ration Health Care

Is Something Wrong With This Forum?

A Present From Teddy

Palin: Idiot? Genius? Or Something Else?

Images of Moon Landing sites via the LRO

For disabled, two-year wait for Medicare 'devastating'

It's time to face it, folks...

Delay = Death

The Chris Matthews Show: On Health Care Reform, Won't Someone Think About Us Rich People???

Bizarre response

Houston, we have a problem....

Governors Join G.O.P. in Concerns on Health Bill....looks like pharma is winning

Ross: Counting on Blue Dogs to block healthcare will leave right 'sorely disappointed'

Amazon Kindle users surprised by 'Big Brother' move

Right To Rent Plan Offers Simple Solution to Foreclosure Crisis

Senate needs a part-time hair stylist

Why isn't David Gregory talking about the CBO report revising its earlier estimate?

Retail Stores May Not be Able to Get Product...Retailers are fearful of a CIT bankruptcy

How we can all save effort.

The issue just won't die, huh? Here's another suggestion.

Police close down Facebook barbecue for 15 people

Frank McCourt, Author of ‘Angela’s Ashes,’ Dies at 78

Banned Websites

Bloomberg News Svc: White Men Can’t Trump Sotomayor on Life Story

Sarah Palin's master plan

Battle to save Toyota’s unionized California plant

Bush's key men face grilling on torture and death squads

Free Republic's target audience:

Free Republic's target audience:

Remember Bush Body Count? a DUer started that excellent site several years ago....a tribute to her:

Internal Goldman Sachs Memo Leaked

The next time one of your republican buddies talks about unemployment..

The next time one of your republican buddies talks about unemployment..


self delete. silly. Off to the Lounge.

Idaho town prays for captured soldier’s return

Cronkite's legacy vs Michael Jackson's in the media: I was right

Why I'm skeptical about health care reform, the public option, etc.

"That's the way it was" the life of Walter Cronkite on CBS

Health care w/o TV

I yelled at a hate-monger with a Bible again today. I tried not to, but failed.

Just back from the Big Eddie Town Hall meeting in Madison, WI

VW to pay $11.28 billion for all of Porsche

compromise idea about the "rec" "unrec" kerfluffle

Fights over the F-22 engulf Senate, House

Racism, or something else?

Sen. Klobuchar: Republicans handled Sotomayor hearing with dignity and a lot of civility.

New, Highly Toxic Pesticide Is Greenhouse Gas 4,780 Times More Potent Than CO2

Gates: Military Has One Year To Turn It Around In Afghanistan

Will right-wing extremists still be committing acts of violence....

Our intent is not to encourage the terrorists ...

Operation Blackbriar

To the Dem senators who voted against the Sanders state single payer amendment

"Buchanan is right. This white man is full of resentment."

It's all about the Right Wing Media Bubble.

Palin: "We don't give a damn how they do it outside. We do it a different way up here"

President Is Set to 'Take the Baton'

Regarding the U.S. military identifying the soldier captured in Afghanistan.

CIT board approves deal with bondholders: source

IRRATIONALITY: Conservatives dismiss that which CAN be proved, and cling to that which CANNOT.

Freeps tingling in anticipation over Palin: "I would L-O-V-E to see her on FOX on a daily basis..."

"Once I am 'Sarah Palin, Alaskan,' I can really call it like I see it," she said.

Helicopter that US said crashed Tuesday in Afghanistan was actually shot down

The accidental trail blazer

Torture And Detention Equal Justice For None (McClatchy Op/Ed)

The #1 reason we should NEVER TORTURE!!!

Padilla vs. Yoo: An Update

U.S. Condemns Video of Captured G.I.

Yessiree .... we're a service economy .......

An older friend of mine (now long gone) always used the saying "racing away like a herd of turtles"

Do yourself a real favor ....... rent the movie "Moving Midway"

Next Gopher Gov. To Be Involved In A Sex Scandal...?

The United State is Still ILLEGALLY Occupying Iraq and Has Only RE-BRANDED The Occupation

I ate out of a trash can yesterday...

What should be our reaction, as a nation, if our captured soldier is tortured?

Exxon faces $1 billion fine for sabotaging Texas oil wells

Exxon faces $1 billion fine for sabotaging Texas oil wells

Wow. The Insurance Industry does it again.

So Stewart Cink wins the British Open. Right wing nutjob who named his son, "Reagan."

"Do they believe everyone is entitled to the same health care as Congress? If not why not?"

"Do they believe everyone is entitled to the same health care as Congress? If not why not?"

Mormon 'kiss-in' in Utah leads to shouting match

Obama Heads to the Front to Do Battle on Health-Care Reform

Neil Armstrong Took One Small Step, Then Made a Giant Retreat Into Private Life

Is Healthcare the worst possible product to distribute by price and profit?

Amazon Erases Orwell Books From Kindle

Palin sued over Juneteenth

Sunday night toons, part 2

Journalism profs take out full page ad to protest AP Chavez coverage.

Flashback: Warnings from (Uncle) Walter Cronkite

Leahy To GOP: "Stop The Racial Politics" On Sotomayor

NBC White House 'Reporter' Chuck Todd: Torture Investigation Little More Than Cable 'News Catnip'

Employee Free Choice Act: Unions mean better wages, benefits

More Freeper talk of violence, revolution and/or secession...

Irony is Far From Dead - DoD Division

The hypocrisy. For all the freedom they claim to want,

13 Astronauts, One functional bathroom

Did you notice the American POW the Afghans are holding actually had clothes on?

Pres. Obama – “Please don’t Squander the chance of REAL Change”

Wouldn't it be nice if we could stop people from posting about unrec anymore?

I am SOOOO glad, now, I voted for Obama

KNR if you feel it's time to abolish the CIA.

Straight DU men, please chime in

Texas State Board of Education members are nit wits

For those that insist on linking to FreeRepublic

From Dennis Kucinich

FYI -- most while American men are NOT wealthy, privileged, and well connected.

Which of the Governors have a "prominent wife"? (Spitzer's call girl says

If you're posting here on DU, and not watching the Cronkite special on CBS, you're making a mistake.

He never let us down

About long term residential medical care for the aged, aka nursing home, who should pay?

Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Launch Ad Campaign Against Obama Plan

Governor says God will "Make Him Better"

Governor says God will "Make Him Better"

Has anyone heard about a $3 million project for a turtle culvert?

Total shock at such blatant bigotry

omg I just got e-cigs in the mail !! WOW. I am officially tobacco free as of 12:05 cst today.

A question for heterosexual DU women

We Choose The Moon

Author of 'The Peculiar Institution' dies

Ted Turner calls Headline News "unwatchable"

Ever get the feeling

Ever get the feeling

Internal Rifts on Road to Torment - Interviews Offer More Nuanced Look At Roles of CIA Contractors

China's Manufacturing Jobs Surged As American Jobs Disappeared

Sunday night toons, part 1

"He's just trying to do too much."

Mitch McConnell - "[T]he U.S. has the best health care in the world." Obama's Proposal Is Radical

More S.F. retirees join $100,000 city pension club, some getting more than their working salary

Which person being gay would more greatly influence your general opinion of gay people

CBC News: Amazon erases Orwell books from Kindle service

One Former Official Ready to Bust Others for Torture - by emptywheel

Wars Made in the USA Rage On- Where's the Anti-War Movement?

My take on all of these intelligence investigations and cover stories leads US back to 9/11.

My take on all of these intelligence investigations and cover stories leads US back to 9/11.

Oldie but goodie: Why Does US Health Care Cost So Much? (Part II: Indefensible Administrative Costs)

We've got to begin the annual War on Christmas already?

Palin Abandons Bouffant at Buffet

Cronkite, Russert & The Gloved One.

The militia extremists of the '90s are back, and organizing quietly in the woods

Seeing this poor soldier being held in Afghanistan just breaks my heart.

Give me a good reason for not firing gay people in the military

The Family was instrumental in the breaking of the spine of organized labor" "run by .... devils"

The GOP primary schedule for the 2012 election shows you how desperate they really are...

Barack Obama on Baby Boomers

Look for local produce. It matters

Empire Built on Sand: inferior concrete used in 1/3rd of SF public projects!!

The coming investigations are jagged windows into Richard B. Cheney's Shadow Government.

All 5 of the Watergate burglars who broke into Democratic headquarters were CIA operatives

Atheists sue to keep 'In God We Trust' off Capitol Visitor Center

How do I post pictures

The war on cigarettes/tobacco

The war on cigarettes/tobacco

Fox News Story: Must fight the "Super Pot"!!!

Fox News Story: Must fight the "Super Pot"!!!

People can rationalize all they want. DU'ers can convince themselves that BUSH got us into this

Girl arrested for swearing at 911 after they hung up on her when her dad was dying

Bank 'walkaways' from foreclosed homes are a growing, troubling trend

CNN's Dobbs repeatedly says Obama needs to "produce a birth certificate"

fact checking the propaganda. her name is

Wow, did anyone just see that error made by Astros Pitcher Mike Hampton?

Has anyone here seen Razor Face?

Haven't been to the mall of america in 8 years...

I know I'm late, but the corpse eating robot soldier story is too funny

Note to graywarrior. FREE THE DONUTS...

Now I'm watching the Reefer Madness Musical

Ice Cream for Crow

I just purchased the essential Michael Jackson from itunes

****HAPPY 23rd Anniversary to dannofoot!!*******

"Woman, You Must Be Crazy"

Some obstacles are just too big...

The Stories Behind The Names

Off to see Harry Potter

A World Amongst The Pines: An Essay on The Expansion of Consciousness.

A World Amongst The Pines: An Essay on The Expansion of Consciousness.

I _____ your mom...

How people really live: any super market checkout line has

I feel like showing off - pure vanity post - warning, large photos

Maker of Salted Nut Rolls revels in 100th birthday

Michael Flatley may take judge's seat on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Michael Flatley may take judge's seat on 'Dancing with the Stars'

The story of Kerr Avon and Roj Blake

SARTRE's nothingness warn't nuthin': He preferred to cuddle.

Suckling Pig-Boy!

Used car question

Do you.....?

Grandpa pissed his pants again

Best sci-fi character, EVER!!

iPhone Confidential

PSA: Never put the Soft Scrub with Bleach next to the shampoo bottle

NOTHING says "Sunday Morning Entertainment" like "The 4 Greatest Videos Of People Puking On Live TV"

Would you let me walk your schnauser?

'Potter' conjures up $159.7 million in 5 days (WOWIES)


Announcement. As I mentioned in the last MILESTONES, I will be away

Can I water your plants?

I hate commercials that appeal to a sort of faux-rebellious spirit in their target audience

** Official Thread for The Open Championship **

And now, two astronauts screwing around on the Moon

I'm learning Flash, ask me anything!

I am about to be clobbered by blueberries.

I'm watching QVC and there is a Haier 32-inch TV

What do you guys think about this car?

I am about to make blueberry cobbler.

He ain't No Carl Sagan

So I was at the grocery store

So I was at the grocery store today

Is it a sign of burnout when I'm HOPING my models will cancel on me?

Some of the other sunflowers. {Pic}

Fox News Chicago story about "Super Pot"

Spin On a Red Brick Floor

EA Active - great game!

Love at the Five and Dime

Outbound Plane

Because You are all just dying to know......

ewf & chicago

Speed of the sound of loneliness

Walter Cronkite's IT Career Advice

PSA for you women-folk. RE: food on dates

My Whimsical Poem: Disappearing

Boots of Spanish Leather

Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/19/09

Okay I'm Watching Moma Mia and I am getting all veklemped...

Anyone Here Remember Mr. Wilson from the Dennis The Menance Cartoons?

Whut R U Playin? Mooosick-wise?

Some French Guy on youtube rips off a McDonalds

srepoR .sv sydnuB

Craftsman Power Tools Appreciation Thread

The monthly photography contest has begun. The theme is

Why do people give me shit just because...

My 10 Favorite "Read Two Ways" Headlines:

Best Naked Gun movie

Baby Sea Lion Swim Lesson!

How in the world do people post here while drunk? I can't type straight

Which 25+ year old airplane spoof movie is not shown on TV enough?

Where were you during the Moon Walk, besides glued to a T-V?

I miss "Friends" so much, each day I dress up my cat as a different one of the characters.

(Joke) "What do you get when you cross and elephant and a rhinoceros?"

"That's one small step for a man, one giant punch for mankind"

Happy Halloween from the Frisky Frists!

BBC - What do we do with a problem like Maria -- fantastic & heartless

Got my hair cut today and the stylist was male. I gotta say that he totally confirmed my suspicions.

What's your favorite Facebook app.?


I whooped her brother and I whooped her pa

what in the name of all that is holy is CONDI doing presenting at the ESPYs?

How incredibly stupid is this?

I don't normally support the death penalty

Dessicant silica gel package in a box. What to do?

So I'm going to Seattle next week! YAY!

David Tennant as Bilbo Baggins?

Favorite song?

Another EMail gem, I'm sure glad I know a lot of people with too much time on their hands...

Sorry about being so depressed lately.

So, for the first time in months, hubbie and I had a date night.

Man gets 15 years for infecting son with HIV

Anybody else watching this year's Armageddon like TV Movie on NBC?

May you stay forever young !

One! (nothing's wrong with me) Two! (nothing's wrong with me) Three! (nothing's wrong with me)

Shall we audit the Federal Reserve?

If not for porn, how shallow and empty would your internet experience be?

The lying down game

Call me stupid, but I really like watching SciFi/Syfy produced monster movies.

I've found God!

Took some pictures this weekend...

Most recently bought entertainment item?

Love Hurts

More Lucy pics to say "Awwwwwwww" to.

and Star Wars dies not with a bang, but a whimper

What is a food you can live without?

Downloading recorded video stream: anybody know how to do it?

What's your favorite movie that's in the "Natzie Killin' Bitnez"?

I need some Brylcream and 2 toothpicks sent to me ASAP.

I made blueberry cobbler (pics)

When I was a kid my older brother told me that I was left on the doorstep by gypsies.

Has anybody noticed the amount of bees around lately?

What is your favorite scene from the Harry Potter movie, the Half Blood Prince?


So today I started the apartment hunt.

My review of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

I have given up on the Boston area

I saw Yo La Tengo last night. Were they horrible!

Are you in love?

I hate all of you for not rec'ing my Lounge threads any more

observation: FaceBook polls are dominated by Republicans. Badly.

So, I'm in the grocery store...

Matthew BRODERICK, cooler, more nihilistic than James DEAN?!

My mom,sister,and I are thinking about going to The North Carolina Zoo this Saturday.

Challenge: Find a nice home, on a half acre or more, under $75K

OK, I live under a rock. AMC's Mad Men is awesome TV

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Always A Bridesmaid Edition

GD has lost it's goddamned mind

Just ate about 2 lbs. of Chinese food. Why am I now disgusted with myself and the rest of humanity?

I'm trying white barbecue sauce on some pork tenderloins tonight.

Documentary on the finding of the PT109 from National Geographic

My bank somehow "lost" the $600 deposit I made Friday

When did you first know you're a Democrat or progressive?

9-Month-Old Had Blood-Alcohol Level Four Times Legal Limit, Police Say

Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea

Venezuela's Drug-Trafficking Role Is Growing Fast, U.S. Report Says

Military condemns Taliban video of missing soldier

CBO Scores Confirm Deficit Neutrality of Health Insurance Reform Bill On The New CBO Score on Health

Internal Rifts on Road to Torment - Interviews Offer More Nuanced Look At Roles of CIA Contractors

Civilian helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 16

Biden to greet eager allies in Ukraine and Georgia

How Herald-Tribune identified $10 billion in suspicious flips (in Florida)

Soldier held in Afghanistan is 23-year-old Idahoan

Bank 'walkaways' from foreclosed homes are a growing, troubling trend

Lost British backpacker says he was 'total idiot'

Mendota (Calif.) loses only bank branch

Cheating SC gov says God will make him better

Soldier held in Afghanistan is 23-year-old Idahoan

Writers Blame Calderon for Mexico’s Uncontrolled Violence

Israel Rejects U.S. Call on Development in East Jerusalem

Swiss minister to meet Clinton ahead of UBS deadline

Australian warships in NY to mark alliance at sea

Muni train driver tells investigators he blacked out

California sprouts marijuana 'green rush'

White House sees Q2 GDP showing signs of progress

Honduran crisis talks break down

GOP leader: Health care overhaul too drastic

Honduras crisis talks deadlocked over Zelaya return

Chemicals That Eased One Woe Worsen Another(hydrofluorocarbons)

Pregnancy, STDs on the Rise Again Among U.S. Teens

Finally, long-term home health care

Survey: Customers more satisfied when white males serve them

'Angela's Ashes' author McCourt dies in NYC at 78

Cheating SC gov says God will make him better

NATO: Helicopter crash at Afghan base kills 16

Japanese fishermen brace for giant jellyfish

Russia still blue over moon landing 40 years later

Aim for Mars, Apollo 11 crew says

Goldman Executive Named as Obama Adviser

Major Cities' Plummeting Crime Rates Mystifying

Maybe One Day

Lobbyists Hiring the Homeless

Mousavi supporters chant; "Death to Russia, Death to China."

Amy Goodman On Russia Today

Forrest Gump Spoof

Smoking Ban For U.S. Soldiers by RSU

Human Chain of Solidarity - Pro-Democracy Rally in DC

CNN-Obama aide on health care

Activists at Pro-Dem in Iran Rally dispute that USA and Britain behind uprising

Resolve The Credit Crisis NOW

7/19 FTN Charlie Rangel, Orrin Hatch, 'Journalist' Harry Smith

7/19 Kathleen Sebilius on MTP re Healthcare

Can Someone Explain this Insane Church Video!

Rush, the Big Fat Gas Bag-TFT's musical response to "Barack, the Magic Negro."

Homeless Get Paid To Wait In Lines For Lobbyists On Capitol Hill

TYT: Hamas Believes Israelis Giving Children 'Sex Candy'

YWAM Purity prayer in front of porn shop in Hawaii

Bill and Hillary as Harry and Louise (how did we miss this one?)

Police State: a music video about life in Democracy

Jim DeMint, R-SC, and G. Gordon Liddy Agree That Obama Has Created Nazi National Socialist Govt

Walter Cronkite interview with Dennis Kucinich - Department of Peace

Bono Recalls Dodging Hug From Bush & Obama's Reaction

Dennis Kucinich on Health Care - July 19, 2007

Fox commentator encourages Taliban to kill captive U.S. soldier.

Blast From the Past: Hitchens Slams Ronald Reagan (1996)

Crazy Birther Lady & Retirees Harass Rep. Mike Castle (R - DE)

Open Your Eyes - Immortal Technique - The 3rd World

TYT: Fox News -- Are Obama & the Pope Trying to Destroy Capitalism?

Senator Ted Kennedy: ‘The Cause of My Life’

Honduras: The Nonviolent Battle for the Zelaya Home in Catacamas By Al Giordano


Bring Back Bob the Banker

Obama political team turns its sights on House Dems (CNN)

Freedom of Expression & Socialism

In These Times: The gay-rights movement did not begin with the Stonewall riots in 1969

Money in the street

Winning the Good War-Why Afghanistan is not Obama’s Vietnam.

The Economic Downturn and the GOP's Obstructionism: Twin Wrecking Balls Destroying California

In Tribute to Walter Cronkite, FOX News Changes Its Slogan

Democracy hangs by a thread in Honduras

Obama's Trickle Down Stimulus is Failing

Meet the Torturers

Bar the gays, ban the cigs?

Maureen Dowd: Pharisees on the Potomac

Obama's Iraq: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Bush's key men face grilling on torture and death squads


Guardian UK: More wallets, less willies

Inside "The Family": Jeff Sharlet Speaks About His Unique Look at American Evangelicals

Houston Area suicides show heavy toll of recession

Correction (Washington Post)

USA: Lack of “Change” Leads to Discontent

Jesus Plus Nothing, Minus Somalia

Texas unemployment system breaks down

Gang of Sickos: Six US Senators Sell Out Constituents for $11 Million from Health Industry

Israel to US: Go f*** yourself. We do as we please.

If McCain had won, would DUers who don't like President Obama be wishing he had won instead?

Krugman: White House Excluding "Progressive-Economist Wing"

Damn. Obama's approval rating is tanking.

An article in an Irish newspaper that makes me want to SCREEEAAAAAM!

****BUSH 3 ALERT**** (Quarter million more children covered under CHIP reauthorization)

$1,191,200 for 2 lbs. of sliced frozen ham??????

Goldman Executive Named as Obama Adviser

Jim Robinson's Freeper Revolution is a PR ploy for dollars!

White House Plans to Use DeMint's "Waterloo" Quote to Rally the Troops

Will the birther fringe get to the point that it makes a second campaign run doubtful?

Obama ‘Going to Bat’ for Unions in Trade Accords

Health Care Reform could not be passed without the DLC.

Damn! Six Months in Office and Barack Obama still hasn't sealed the deal?

How easy should it be to get Health Care Reform passed?

Leahy To GOP: "Stop The Racial Politics" On Sotomayor

What taxes has President Obama/Congress Raised? Only The Cigarette Taxes?

Are DU posters too critical of Obama, not critical enough of Obama, or just about right?

Larry "The Pigman" Summers: Despite Rising Unemployment, Stimulus Has Not Failed

Obama Aide Declines Visit to Bank Board

Freep convention looking like it may be an epic fail...

To Obama's delight, Bono admits he sidestepped a hug from George Bush

"The cool president has turned hot" (Politico)

Frank Rick: They Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do

I personally encourage the President to keep the Congress in session until they pass a health bill.

For anyone who missed Howard Dean's interview on "Democracy Now"

Washington Post RE-PRINTS misleading photo of Obama at G8 Summit

Orszag: Some who are advocating delay on health care are just trying to kill it. (VIDEO)

Berating Blue Dogs isn't the answer on healthcare. PRESSURING them IS the answer. More:

The Shuffle President

THE CBO - CBO Analysis On Healthcare From The CBO - Without RW Spin!

Vote for Next DFA Public Option Campaign Target

Rainn Wilson: "Heard it on Hannity: Obama is not a citizen!"

I thought Rangel did an excellent job of swatting down Hatch today on Face the Nation

Thank God Bush Didn't Win a Third Term

Do we have enough reconciliation votes for health care reform with a public option?

The White House Chief of Staff. I have a question:

Fresno County, left in the dust: Drought, water politics and tough economic times

Global suicide in a nutshell

Tropical low 97L

Largest U.S. onion processor unveils biogas plant

Florida Goes to War Against the Pythons (TIME)

Derrick Jensen: Forget Shorter Showers -- why personal change does not equal political change

No Dodger game on Extra Innings??

Time for Giants to dump Zito (He has a NTC?!?!?!?!?!)

Another Met goes down.....

More evidence as to why David Wright is so fuckin good...

Tribe vs Nats WS will it happen?

Sanchez and Wilson reject contract extensions

White Sox vs Cubs WS will it happen?

Giants' senior general partner Sue Burns dies

Giants back on track...knock off Pirates 4-3

The Rox have good pitching too - Major League leader Marquis wins 12th

The JR Chess Report (July 19): Nakamura is the Pride of the Yankees

Ghost of “Communism” Walks Havana

BOREV: Full Page Ad in Columbia Journalism Review Condemns AP for Lies about Chavez

BOREV: Apparently, Carmona is Spanish for "Coupmonger in Expensive Suit"

INFO FROM COSTA RICA coming across leader at bottom of Telesur TV . . .

1:30 pm Costa Rica Time: Talks about to break down (Spanish)

Honduras oligarchy pulls a computer fraud scam.

TELESUR Update with the 6 points of the Pinochettis (SP)

ANYONE Watching Telesur and not getting sound? thanks folks, back on for me too! n/t

Goriletti forn. minister, Airas Plan "totally unacceptable.

The Telesur signal goes dead just as Rixi Moncado , representative of Zelaya, begins to

Telesur covering great celebration in Nicaragua for 30th anniv. of Sandinista Rev.

Announcement on Radio Progreso - Golpistas reject point #1


Update from Honduras Resists

Movement Leader, Juan Barahona, and other movement leaders calling for a Constitutional Assembly

You Tube interview with Bertha Oliva, in Honduras, regarding this coup:

Former Blinn player shot during alleged burglary attempt

Police: Spring Branch teen kills home intruder

Allentown police: Man used legal gun to fight off robbery attempt

S. 1390 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010

Anderson man killed after alleged theft attempt

Ten year old girl locked in gun safe...

Two days in a row: 2 women killed by stray gunfire in KC

Yoel Marcus / Obama has spoken about us, but not to us

Bill outlawing anti-Israel protest nears approval

PLO official stands by Abbas claim (more on Arafat assassination claim)

Guardian: Gambling with peace: how US bingo dollars are funding Israeli settlements

Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says pamphlet for IDF troops

'No difference to U.S. between outpost, East Jerusalem construction'

Attack on Iran: Rift in the Military and the Role of Commandos

Israel Rejects U.S. Call on Development in East Jerusalem

Israelis don't pay price for injustice of occupation

Threatened And Beaten On The Way To Gaza - Adam Shapiro

Chavez - source of UFW's success and decline

MountainView using threats to deter nurses, union alleges (NLRB charges filed)

IBEW Local 459 Ratifies Three-Year Contract With Penelec (strike ends for 517 members)

ACORN labor affiliate declines to file annual report in New Orleans

Israel rejects US call to halt Jerusalem project

In wake of fire, UFCW urges help for families

Labor Enforcement Will Get Tougher on Trade Agreements

Unions drop "card check"

Today in Labor History July 19 Declaration of Women's Rights and call for women's suffrage - 1848

How a Supreme Court Decision Could Squash NBA Players in 2011


Nurses praise House vote to permit state single-payer laws

OSHA fines Neb. store for fatal safety violations

OSHA cites Mass. roofing company in fatal accident

OSHA: Fatal Accident Involved Forklift, Not Crane

Workplace death numbers uptick stirs some concerns

Construction Deaths Way Up in Texas; OSHA Gets Involved

Wis. high court: Stadium official can face lawsuit (death in 2003)

Inquest finds drowning of Shell refinery worker was accidental

Reuse of nurses' masks sparks dispute (may have contracted swine flu at work)

Daily Kos: Union Busting - Big Business Smears The Little Guy

House to Vote on Single Payer HR-676

This health care bill is failing because of what the CBO is saying

Blue Dogs Are Attempting to Form an Alliance w/ the GOP to Thwart Real Healthcare Reform

I lost a whole day.

first image posted from my new camera. It's a Nigella. It's a very useful plant.

Some of my recent pics

debunking the propaganda

***SUBMISSION THREAD*** July Photo Contest: "A Shot Taken in Your Yard (Or What Counts as Your Yard)

A Glimpse of a Future with a Public Option

~~~~July Photo Contest Comment Thread~~~~

Goldman Sachs Attacks California

In Washington, One Bank Chief Still Holds Sway

Representative Waters Sponsors HR 3145: Abolish All Credit Default Swaps

CIT reaches $3 bln deal with bondholders - WSJ

Final demand is essential to fulfil the government's timetable for recovery

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/19/09

New US home starts surge in June (BBC)

How's THIS Idea for Achieving Communism in this Country?

Ritholtz: Why Housing isn't yet bottoming

1.5 Million U.S. Unemployed Exhausting Unemployment Benefits

Alabama Retirement Systems CEO on the economy

Bailout Overseer Says Banks Misused TARP Funds

Moths Jam Bat Sonar

Vague Scientist

Vinland Map of America no forgery, expert says

July eclipse is best chance to look for gravity anomaly

My 14 year old neice (nephew now) annouced she is now a he

New Matthew message dated July 18, 2009

Deja vu... sort off

The God Drug

Pope 'Can't Pray' With Wrist In Cast

Chicago Schools Report Contradicts Duncan And Obama

I made blueberry cobbler

Who here uses the new coconut derived shortening?

This week's baking.

This deserves its own post

To all "truthers"...

I've noticed that NYC CAN is circulating a petition seeking to establish an...

Dr Jones and high explosives

An amazing picture of "molten steel" in Horsetail Falls

Notice the crater from Iranian jet crash was about 50 feet deep?

Shoddy Construction at HISD Schools

When Celebs Come Unglued

Our Former Reform