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He's dead, he's dead, he's really really dead

In honor of Walter Cronkite: Amazing Grace the only way it was meant to be played

Check in here if you have personally helped bail out a major bank

Walter Cronkite announces death of JFK (video)

Alan Furst on with Craig Ferguson???!!!!! awesome!

Locke: US giants' engagement in Shanghai Expo can make Americans proud

America Rejoiced with him

I move we change the names of "corporations" to "centons"....

Palin's Cap-and-Trade is Alaska's Bait-and-Switch - by Shannyn Moore

New JibJab cartoon un-ironically jokes Obama will "win the war in Iraq" after saving us from Bush!

Spongebob Squarepants marathon all weekend on Nick

Health reform foes plan Obama's 'Waterloo'

has anyone been to a movie and seen the commercial "drones"...?

What states have the most realistic chance of passing single payer

Who do you trust?

Quebec: La presse editorialist denounces Quebecers as “selfish”

Why were the Apollo 11 astronauts so afraid???

WJ this morning - Walter Cronkite & TV News n/t

Charges of soliciting prostitute refiled against political operative

Guess who are biggest Apollo lunar mission deniers? China and Russia.

Big, mysterious blob floating off Alaska coast? It's algae

Iraq Restricts U.S. Forces

Clashes in Tehran as Hashemi Rafsanjani warns regime

People around world do good for Mandela's birthday

I used to be an avid viewer of CSPAN's BookTV

A song dedication for Mark Sanford: "The Tourist" by Radiohead

American Conservative Union found to be in middle of pay-to-play scheme

Cronkite retired in 1981 but he didn't want to. Was it because of Reagan?

MoD spies on heroes wounded in battle: Hundreds seeking compensation are filmed covertly to see if t

Accepting the bosses’ notion that labor must subordinate its demands to the necessity of capital

Pat Buchanan says he did as well as Sotomayor in college ... after he got out of jail

Self described "populist" Lou Dobbs is a birther

Antisemitic Rant Causes Red Faces at Islamic Confab

What the VC took from John McCain, Twitter has restored.

"I don't see where there's a story"...CA Councilman Gary Frago sent racist emails about Obama

Exciting Healthcare Update

In the advertising war over healthcare reform the antis are winning.

Globe and Mail: Flu disproportionately targets the young and healthy

US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 667

US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 667

Senate Votes to Add Sexual Orientation to Hate Crime Protections

Senate Votes to Add Sexual Orientation to Hate Crime Protections


Keep Walter Cronkite's memory alive. Join Interfaith Alliance.

a weiner dupe...sorry

He Can't Count, Either

Let the Record Show ...

Canadian swine flu vaccine set for October

Baghdad imposes new limits on U.S. forces

Palin's Wasilla church Sword Ceremony

Those of you who try and throw around the word 'troll' are fading fast...

Telegraph UK: UN calls for return to state-led "industrial policy"...rejects free-market ideology

State Sponsored Football Betting will Fund Healthcare,

Cronkite's will released - children go to Debbie Rowe.

Helms most, Edwards least popular Sens

Question: Would we even KNOW about CIA hit squads had Jane Harman taken CIA post....

Haven't I seen this play before?

The rental agent that handled mine and my roommates lease was listening to Rush Limbaugh...

Be Honest DU: You Know You Love The Trolls.

Great Grand Daughter of the V2

Did Palin break law by failing to recognize freeing of slaves?

Journalist imprisoned in Guantánamo to launch legal action against George Bush

World's oldest man, WWI veteran dies

World's oldest man, WWI veteran dies

U.S. F-15 fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan - This reminds me of the reports the USSR used to give

My Prediction of the Sotomayor Full Senate Vote Tally w/Analysis

Wow, more freep porn

Senators Call for Health Care Delay, Receive Big Campaign Contributions

House approves bill to ban slaughter of wild horses

I had the nicest interview with a 70-something year old man

DU a poll: Who is the best national news anchor of all time?

Man Who Slit Open Church Cat Gets 9 Months

MUELDER: Afghanistan people need aid, not bombs

And That's the Way it APPEARS TO BE (RIP, Mr. Cronkite)

US air strikes kill Afghan civilians (including a four year old girl)

U.S. Weighs Special Team of Terrorism Interrogators

The Coalition commanders in Afghanistan wonder if they can win the war.

The Coalition commanders in Afghanistan wonder if they can win the war.

Foreign Policy Conflict of Interest? Clinton Crony Carville Meddles in Afghan Politics

Little Dogs Get their Little Legs from Wolves

FINAL CBO Report: Health Care Bill will yield SURPLUS

So if businesses have responsibilities to investors only,

Sotomayor Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

What the fuck?

What questions do you suppose Walter Cronkite is asking God right now?

situation update #2 re German nuke plant event

Budget talks reach tentative deal on school funds, sources say [California]

Freepers on Cronkite's Death

Tax cuts for thee but no healthcare for me

Tax cuts for thee but no healthcare for me

Vietnam Becomes a Golf Resort Destination

You Guys got to see this poll

Dear governors, Our Katrina story

A Hard-Line Sequel to the Case of the Pregnant Nine-Year Old

You can't teach an old elephant a new trick...

So, if states can have single payer health care, will people "vote with their feet"

So, if states can have single payer health care, will people "vote with their feet"

Regressive tax, regressive punishment...

The Panic is on ... Hezekiah Jenkins sang in 1931

Yet another elected republican pig with a penchant for racist e-mails:

O'Reilly: Most Everybody At MSNBC Would Be Dead If Cheney Really Had Sy Hersh's 'Assassination Squad

digby: Perspective-That was then and this is now

Let's put the brakes on Healthcare reform so we can get it right.....

Good Tom Shales column on Walter Cronkite

What is the best way to ensure people get the recommended flu shots this year?

Come CAPTION (provide a fictional monologue for) a very real ViP creep!

Saturday drives deep into the country. Come CAPTION the choirboy!!!!

Dr. Gurel's Walk4HealthCare is 3 weeks old, LISTEN LIVE to Dick Kay @ 2:15 PM (eastern) keep kicked!

Earn Like Goldman Sachs, a ProPublica How-To

Portrait of an (insane) blue dog Democrat

Portrait of an (insane) blue dog Democrat

Time: "Arctic Mystery: Identifying the Great Blob of Alaska"

What's wrong with this picture?

Two men brandish guns during citizen's arrest in Boise

Here, here for liberal websites

Here, here for liberal websites

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford flew first class at taxpayer expense to see his mistress

Democrats Are Standing in the Way


How Dennis Kucinich May Save the Health Reform Battle

Drop a dime on Miller Time. Please come CAPTION!!!!!

Car Dealer Gives AK-47 With Purchase

2 million pilgrims visit shrine as Iraqi security forces pass test

Is Your State's Unemployment System in Danger? ( Map)

As a little kid in the 1970's I watched the news and there was only one anchor for me

A question for those who remember the Social Security Act of 1965,

Uhm...Anyone Want to have some fun?

Who are *your* most trusted names in news?

The Factor interviews Cheney, . . . please come CAPTION!!!!!

Senators talk away at Sonia Sotomayor's hearing

WATCH: Virgin Mary Seen in Bird Poop?

Why not choose to either see or give thread ratings, but not both?

So umm, where are all the Walter Cronkite threads today? We spent over a week

how do we pay for health care? sales tax is out. how about a tax on cellphones? non-regressive?

Pennsylvania withholds July pay for 69,000 workers

A little rant

Look Out, Are You About to Join the White Underclass?

I love all animals, but not equally.

Is the tiny amount of sanctuary you may think you find in religion worth ...

Obama is running this ad in 11 "Centrist" Democratic districts !

"It's not too late for the truth" (911)

Literally true vs. emotionally expressive

Can one be for guns AND gun control?

Lawsuit: Dentist Dropped Tools Down Man's Throat

Politico takes cheap shot at Talking Points Memo


BANK BUST FRIDAY weekend edition: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss 4 banks goodbye

One man's imperative to give

Did anyone watch Real Time in HD last night? Joe Scabs face and sweating

My rebuttal to a John Locke Foundation member's oped in the newspaper.

The "bailouts" were a fundamental shift towards a corporate owned nation...

HR3200 (Affordable Health Choices Act) Offers a confusing array of 'public options', IMHO

Would you still care about Fox "News" if they just took out the "News" part?

Please unrecommend this thread!

Red Hat is the first Linux company to make it into the S&P 500

Donor beware: Health insurers send the wrong message to organ donors

Would health-care be an excellent campaign issue if...

Dennis Kucinich: Healthcare Update

Will they take a rocking chair up to the ISS next?

Help--Who are the Dirty Dems on health care, and how much have they taken from

Roman Catholic Diocese Appeals To Supreme Court To Keep 12,000+ Pages Of Sex Abuse Docs Under Wraps

Defying Slump, 13 States Insure More Children

Be careful what you Unrecommend.

Why can't the creator of a thread un-recommend it?

Walter Cronkite Speaking on World Goverenment

If the mods are monitoring the 'unrec' feature and are banning based on use, it isn't working

Heads up!!! CBS is doing a special newscast featuring Walter Cronkite NOW

DU this poll: Were Rep. Todd Tiahrt's comments out of line?

White House pressured to fix postal budget crisis

Should Oregon Inlet be stabilized?

A minor suggestion to slightly improve the rec/unrec system.

Legal Immunity Set For Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

Thrown Cigarette Butt Ignites Smoker's Car

Thrown Cigarette Butt Ignites Smoker's Car

Yes, I know most of you are going to hate this, but

The typical scenario is that the zombies or vampires wipe out

Website: Scott Peterson Wants Donations to Appeal Death Penalty

"Afghanistan is now Obama's War"

Patients united... they are the ones

What's with all the zombie /vampire movies recently?

So the Republicans want to return to the good old days?

Why isn't DU in blue instead of red( com, etc.)??

Alaska Blob identified, it is...

HR3200 (Affordable Health Choices Act) Public option start date is not til 2013!!!

Grade your Governor,Senators,and Congressperson.

The plan should only have ONE PUBLIC OPTION PLAN that is comprehensive for all Americans. Otherwise

Please help me understand!

Please help me understand!

A Quote from Noam Chomsky on Racism

As Good as It Gets? Talking points on the Democrat's health care bills and single payer

Hey, did anyone see Dan Rather being interviewed after Cronkite's death

Interesting article about Politico website in Vanity Fair

Behind the mind games in the Gulf

A Lesson In Leadership For President Obama

People saving animals

Skewered Talking Points:You Don't Want a Gov Bureaucrat b/n You & Your Dr

US Election Integrity IV (5)- American Media's Failure To Report On Voting Vulnerabilities

7 young Pa. lemonade sellers have brush with law

Internal Rifts on Road to Torment

Abortion Clinic Escorting Day One: The Sidewalk Dynamic

I just watched Glenn Beck bash Walmart, then compare it to Obama's treatment of Iran...

DNC expands ad Reid calls "waste of money"

DNC expands ad Reid calls "waste of money"

CNN is repeating a Larry King interview with Cronkite

Solution to the unrecommended discussion...

Dress rehearsal for Mandela Day, First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (pics)

Dress rehearsal for Mandela Day, First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (pics)

Zell Miller: Rahm should use ‘Gorilla Glue’ to keep Obama in his chair

He was an intelligent man...

My morning at the women's clinic with the Operation Rescue nuts - graphic pictures

Is this morbid of me? My mother is visitng Normandy Beach and I asked for some sand from it.

No wonder the WTO hates the USA - the Director is a Marxist

June unemployment - by state

New Rightwing Meme: Conservatives Who Could Not Win At The Ballot Box Will Resort To The Bullet Box

CIT ? ..... Oh sh*t !!!!!

Globe and Mail: Fox on the run (Dick Cheney: The hunter becomes the hunted?)

Palin Pastors, Ensign C Street House Owner Promote Same Infiltration Plan

Wienermobile Gone Wild

Look Out, Are You About to Join the White Underclass?

Sunday News Shows

Walter Cronkite: A Journalist First and Foremost, Not Your Blow-Dried Pretty Face Stenographer

DeMint: If We Stop Health Reform, It Will 'Break' Obama

The Scandal Continues: The Billions in Govt. Cash Behind Goldman's "Profits" - By Matt Taibbi

Iran: The Green Brief #31 (July 17) Latest news from Iran

livestream from Mandela Day concert

Congressman: Centrist Dems talking healthcare coalition with GOP

Congressman: Centrist Dems talking healthcare coalition with GOP

Striking jump in mental illness found in Iraq, Afghanistan veterans

Congress is struggling

"If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America."

Jamba Juice rips off "Get Your War On" for ad campaign.

Randall Terry warns of ‘potential violence’ if health care reform passes

Frank Rich:They Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do

Frank Rich:They Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do

Here's a racist gem from the Hannity Insanity message board.

Kitty Pilgrim (CNN) takes on the Birthers (video)

LA Times: Americans won't accept a 'long slog' in Afghanistan war, Gates says

Why we have expensive and not very good healthcare

Ah the AP releases the proof of life video of US Soldier... CNN right now

Our Govbermint is looking for a humorist....

Ft. Worth May Call For Expanded U.S Investigation Into Rainbow Lounge Raid

Are you watching Obama's African Journey? Imagine Sarah Palin talking about this.

Govs: Federal stimulus helped states plug budgets

A Simple Alternative to the Un-Rec Feature

'Pitfalls of an Anchorman" by Walter Cronkite - NYT Op-Ed on his meeting with RFK.

Rampaging toilet terrorizes children

Hmmm...Fox sees any potential questioning of Cheney over terror program as "Dems Looking for Fight"

Black Philadelphia police sue over message board, say it's racist

Americans won't accept 'long slog' in Afghanistan war,

Joseph L. Ames, 83, Union Official and Organizer Was Also a Civil Rights Activist

I don't get it. Someone asks about influencial boomers

If you have elderly parents, and siblings . . . .

If you could get all of the top crazies of the right wing into one room, what would happen?

Sanford, Ensign Scandal exposes satanic cult

East Texas Tea Bagger Wants One-Party Theocracy - Seriously

How to Restore Unions? (Expertise Sought)

Use of the 'unrec' option is the most

The six deadly hypocrites

Someone at Google is a Real Wiseguy

Same-sex couples seek immigration benefit

Joe Scarborough said he had been to the "house" on C Street...

Detroit: Carbon monoxide poisoning kills family of four

Margaret Thatcher was once a chemist investigating the air in ice cream

Amazon takes a page from 1984, deletes Orwell books from Kindles

H.R. 3200: For millions of the middle class: Mandatory Insurance & NO PUBLIC OPTION:

Pat Buchanan is dangerous for reasons not often discussed...

OBAMA: "No longer will you be without health insurance, even if you lose your job or change jobs"

A Costly Bank Failure Friday

THE NATION: A Real Win for Single-Payer Advocates

Atheists sue to keep 'In God We Trust' off Capitol Visitor Center

Fate or Self-Determination?

What's your definition of a hippie?

Krugman Slams Gang Of Six As Hypocrites

Watching all the MSM stuff about Walter this morning, I can't help but note

The stimulus hasn't worked? It's helped my family personally in 4 ways

I'm being worked to death this year

Here's some food for though on the origin of the Universe

Everything That Happens in Afghanistan Is Based on Lies or Illusions

Jim Cramer Is Back

Man in custody in six slayings in Tennessee, Alabama

Threatening Afghan Civilians Probably a Bad Idea

How Unrecommend Harms DU - A Perfect Example

My wife and I just went to see Food, Inc. Wow...the problems just seem so big!

What Anonymous Commenter's Think Of Lindsey Graham

This goes out to all the unemployed workers in the United States

The ultimate sore loser wants to destroy what he didn't win.

It's Sad

650,000 Will Run Out Of Unemployment Benefits By August

If the po-lice are called to your wedding reception to break up a brawl, you just might be..

Celebrating Cronkite While Ignoring What He Did

Stay classy Freeperville, stay classy...

Workplace 101: What rights do union workers have?

The Most Frightening Phrase in America......

The Guardian: Roasted vampire squid turns out to be dish of the day on Wall Street

re: Fl. murdered couple who adopted numerous limited children

Abbie Hoffman - The Realist 1968: The yippies are going to Chicago

Lest we forget, Walter Cronkite also

Boomers ....... who can you think of to embody the most negative personage of your generation?


Whistleblower Mark Klein: The NSA Wiretapping Story Nobody Wanted To Hear

Obama Campaign Arm Doubles Down, Targets House Dems On Health Care

Tea Party of 50 gathers in Mobile to protest health care reform

Court tapes show blunt Sotomayor (Liberals hope for an anti-Scalia for "sheer joy of verbal combat"

Was Card Check Just A "Red Herring?"

I love how President Obama is helping our American image improve throughout the world!

Anyone like the 2008 Pontiac G6?

Just a reminder about things like organic foods.

Has anyone seen "The Stoning of Soraya M" film?

NY Times: Battling the Decay of Foreclosures

Is there a philosophy/political theory forum here

Why does H.R. 3200 make PROVIDER participation VOLUNTARY, while MANDATING citizens to purchase....

RimJob's manifesto for after the "revolution". Some snippets.

Cheney, Others, To TESTIFY? Holy Shit!

Anyone who doesn't think a military coup is on the minds of the right ...

Jim DeMint knocks Michele Bachmann out of the driver's seat of the Crazy Bus

Sen. Kennedy: The Cause of My Life

Pat Buchanan now speaking as an 'expert' on healthcare reform.

Public employees pension fund buys into private for-profit school corporation? ... WTF?

Afghanistan Villages Threatened By US Military Over Kidnapped Soldier

Why is there no organized public pressure against Fox News?

California sprouts 'green rush' from marijuana

Why is Dan Quayle back on my teevee??

CIT crisis threatens wave of business failures and layoffs

McDonald's Grease Trap Overload (Long Beach Press Telegram)

RE: Cheney's assassination program, what if they were private contractors?

President Carter: Many Children Were Tortured Under Bush

Who here thinks the "Whining" meme re unrec is an organised talking point?

Who here thinks the "Whining" meme re unrec is an organised talking point?

Should Free Republic Be Deemed A Hate Site And Monitored By The FB?I

Sarah Palin on a fishing trip - She takes the media with her - pics

A Quote from John Lennon on 'Class'

Red foxes moving to downtown Detroit

Wasn't Walter Cronkite just another mouthpiece for the "puppet masters"?

Glenn Beck radio freak out gets remixed into Heavy Metal song

I Just Saw an Ad For ""

CIA Domestic Operations Division: A DU collaborative thread

So horribly, unbelievably sad to witness the convulsive death of critical thinking in this country

Boomers ....... who can you think of to embody the most positive personage of your generation?

The Fellowship Quiz

The Republican Attack on Empathy

The Republican Attack on Empathy

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile loses control, crashes into Racine home

One of the Rolling Stones more unconvential tunes.

Evidently Chickentown 2 - John Cooper Clarke


How do I make it so...

Can you call a spade a spade?

REM - Losing My Religion

Thank you mods, part 290,857,289,075:

First rule is: The laws of Germany

Talk Talk - It's My Life


I want to hear more music like this...

going under

Band Of Horses - The Funeral

She's eating the bone of a pig....

Listen. I'm not kidding you here...

Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses

The Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

I am holding 117 dollars in singles...

David Bowie - We're Absolute Beginners.

It will be 'twenty-ten' not two thousand and ten.

If you own or want to buy a VW, read this:

I better get some sleep, I have an anger management class in less than 5 hours

Robert Plant - Big Log

Left 4 Dead - Paint it Black - Vanessa Carlton

Wait wait wait. Amy Winehouse is famous for SINGING?

So, I buy a new printer and the first thing I see in the box...

I really want this job.

Has any white man here...

Your Pets Are Having Too Much Fun

some early morning Joe Cocker


Anyone following the Open Championship this year?

The Last Time I Saw Her Face - Gordon Lightfoot

The Last Time I Saw Her Face - Gordon Lightfoot

I am losing my faith in humanity.

Cronkite's will released - children go to Debbie Rowe.

What is your opinion of the lounge, at this very moment,,,

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/18/09

and some morning rock art meatloaf

Sunflower pics, again.

I am not Tobin Sprout, although I have been guided by voices before

...and that's the way it is, Friday, July 17th, 2009. Good night.

Girlyman rocks!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Beaverhausen!!*******

Poll question: What is the Porpoise of the Lounge

Your favorite musical genre SUCKS

What is your opinion of the tongue, at this very moment,,,

The Moody BLues - Tuesday Afternoon

In the year 2525 - Zager & Evans

Inspired by "Safety Dance"

The 2 Best Journalist Video's Walter Cronkite Archive

DU Song Of The Day

Post a song you like, that your friends hate.

Damn it, it could be boogie woogie flu.

"So, how was your day at work?"

No grandson yet...

Will he get kicked out of Hogwarts?

High death taxes are forcing more and more dead people to return to life...

I don't care for golf, but I really enjoy Tiger Woods......

Okay meth heads, what is it called when speedballers vomit like they,re about to sing

Explain why commercial makes fun of "Don't Know Much" (RONSTADT/NEVILLE)

External dvd drive for wii - do they exist?

I'll bet EVERY DUer, every SINGLE one, could kick Green Lantern's ASS if he took off that damn RING.


Crowds or small groups?

Did you see this 9-year old reincarnation of Stevie Ray Vaughn?

I hate sneezing

Good morning Gary. Meow!

The new elevator at work - which does not belong?

Julie Banderas (of Faux News)

Big Lebowski Magic Mark-It-8 Ball

"Warehouse 13" on SyFy

The FCC should immediatly ban all flatulence and excrement from TV and Radio.

Tired, hot, sweaty...

Who buys this stuff that Vince pitches for.

Hilarious rock and roll story playing out RIGHT NOW! (Phish content)

Has anyone watched the "Outerlimits" episode "The Camp"

i'm in negotiations right now with this square

Just got an e-mail from my folks about my nephew from Spain

Crap!1 Adam SANDLER just said to GHOULiani, "You're da man!1" (Spoiler)

What is your opinion of the prepuce, at this very moment,,,

I am just going to become a shut in - people suck.

"Don't say revenge. Don't say revenge..."

National Enquirer: MJ was unable to have kids because of Papa Joe's repeated kicks to his testicles

Reefer Madness

Squids invade So. Cal. beaches (Residents advised to carry tartar / cocktail sauce & lemon wedges?)

Saturday rainy day pic thread

Please unrecommend this thread!

a lovely lady

Got Nasty Habits?

I Saw The Latest Harry Potter Film, And I Feel In Love With Luna Lovegood

Yay it's RAINING!!1!

I shut up Glenn Beck this morning!

I'm watching Battlefield Earth right now for the first time.

BBC 'Children of Earth', OUTSTANDING.

What's with all the zombie /vampire movies recently?

Anyone else seen this "Jib Jab?"

Anyone use Joomla?

Have you ever been arrested?

Post a movie clip that makes you cry.

One Year Ago Today

Yes, I know most of you are going to hate this, but

Please send some good vibes to my cousin.

Anyone ever eat a Baltimore Style Hot Dog?

Spongebob Squarepants marathon all weekend on Nick

Gardeners, what weed is this?

My wife and I are getting separated.....

Robbie Robertson - Fallen Angel - Showdown At Bigsky

Ford Focus appreciation thread!!

Before the internet, I never could have known what this song was.

DU Monty Python fanatics, help me identify a sketch:


We Just Brought Our New Puppy Home (dialup warning - large pics)

Does anyone like squidbillies?

Is it time to ban a DU member named Anna?

Mama Mia, the movie

You don't want to know what a neti pot is, but I'm going to show you anyway

Ron White is Funny, but the rest of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" is God Awful


If I Won The Lottery, The First Think I'd Do (Once I Got The Money) Is:

There have been too many accidents in the Lounge

My dear Swifty died this morning.

Beat the heat in Lifehacker style

I really want to know

How many cars have you owned?


Dead relatives take a ride west....

Do drivers become complete morons when it rains where you live?

"I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infilitration... to sap our precious bodily fluids"

Thomas Pynchon Audiobook... 42 discs!

Damn it, it could be swine flu

Two Catholic parrots... Another EMail Gem....

Will Good Eventually Prevail Over Evil?

Bad news for Futurama fans...

Okay MetalHeads, what is it called when SpeedThrashers Sing Like they're about to Vomit

It's 118 degrees at my house right now...

The Best Rock Guitarist of All Time?

The Best Rock Guitarist of All Time?

I like this song right now for no real reason...

You know, there's a lot of great Stephen King movies

I am watching SNL, The Complete First Season.

The typical scenario is that the zombies or vampires wipe out

For us women over 35

What's the worst pooter you've ever stank?

What can I do in Cape Cod?

How many cats have you owned?

I love all animals, but not equally.

Some of my "not so famous" pop albums I like

Chopin - Valentina Igoshina - Polonaise in A Flat 'Heroique'

Mmmmmmmm..... Weber Grill

Go away! 'baitin'!

Susan Boyle's upcoming interview

Jacqui Smith: I wasn't up to being Home Secretary

2 shot near South Side church (Chicago)

Tour riders shot at with air guns

Tour riders shot at with air guns

U.S. Weighs Special Team of Terrorism Interrogators

Teen fined $25,000 for cost of NH mountain rescue

Ousted Honduras leader gives talks until midnight

2 die as U.S. fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan

CELEBRITY SCALES: Michael Jackson, the Wounded Messenger

Noble Not Guilty Of Disrupting Public Gathering(Brought Gun Near to Obama Rally

US dismantling Ecuador base for move to Colombia

Honduras crisis talks start, shadowed by ultimatum

Address glitch led to (electricity) shutoff at family's home (Results: four dead)

Obama: Don't squander chance to reform health care

Ecuador leader denies FARC funds

Former Venezuela minister charged (El Caracazo massacre 1989)

47 injured in Muni train crash (San Francisco)

China admits Uighur riot killings

Mediator Proposes Path Out of Honduras Showdown

Oldest WWI veteran dies aged 113

Swine flu is spreading even in summer

Officials: Taliban video shows captive solider

Federal minimum wage going up today

Quayle: Obama's challenge is taming leftist Dems

Man sedated during search gets $125,000

CBO Scores Confirm Deficit Neutrality of Health Insurance Reform Bill

Cronkite Remembers (1997) - part 1

Walter Cronkite Dead At 92 from RSU

"You Are There"- Walter Cronkite's Saturday Morning educational show from the '70s

Glenn Beck Freak Out REMIX!!

SheepDoggOne gets smarter

Obama Remembers Walter Cronkite

Bob Newhart Show - Oct. 11, 1961 (private fire dept part 2)

(07/17/09) Iconic Moments From Tehran: Protesters Chanting Differently To The Basijis' Broadcast

Reza Aslan explains why yesterday's events in Tehran were "extremely significant"

4409 -- Vaccine Court...WTF

**Rep. Courtney on The Ed Show, MSNBC **

Headzup: Rachel Maddow Says Pat Buchanan Stuck In The 1950's

Pro-Zelaya crowds rally in Honduras

Bob Newhart Show - Oct. 11, 1961 (privately owned fire department)

Bobby Bright (Asshole-AL) refuses to talk to Firedoglake about healthcare

Zelaya 'to return to Honduras'

This One's For You Pat Buchanan

Weekly Address: 'Not A Big Plot for Socialized Medicine' - Goes After Critics

Mike Ross ("D"-AR) Threatens to Kill Public Plan

Sonia Sotomayor and the Southern Strategy

Walter Cronkite in 2006 interviewed and playing drums with Mickey Hart and the guys from Phish

Tea Party speaker from South Dakota explains global warming :)

"Unless"-The Wisdom of the Lorax (Dr. Suess)

Rick Sanchez hangs out with criminal Otto Reich

Walter Cronkite on the Ruling Class

TYT: Did Conservative Judges Give More Honest and Direct Answers?

Bill Maher: Evidence Governor Sanford Was Truly In Love With His Mistress

DNC TV Ad: It's Time, Representatives

Ann Coulter: Being Black Trumps Being An Insect

Insurance company lobbyist confronted in DC

"It's about time." - Fuck You Louise

"It's about time." - Fuck You Louise

Elizabeth Warren on Real Time. Why isn't this brilliant woman in charge of our nation's treasury?

How Conservative Leaders Are Bought Off -- And Use Their Followers as Suckers

"Health Rations And You"- Where are our ads?

Jon Stewart explains the great shape of our economy...

Bill Maher's New Rules and Commentary

maxkeiser ON THE EDGE; pt. 1; 'throwing these $20 bills into the garbage before Goldman Sachs does'

Last year's DCCC ad for Bobby Bright, Alabama. Anti-choice included in ad.

Cheney Meant Well (:sarcasm:)

Dueling resolutions in Congress about Honduras

Rep. Edward Markey: Palin vs. the Planet

Trust Is Hard To Regain, Once It Is Lost

Juanes Cancels Oligarch’s “Concert for Peace” in Honduras

Remembering Walter

Obama’s speech to the NAACP

U.S. doesn't need even more F-22s

Why did it take so long to catch spy for China?

US Support is Propping Up Honduran Military Coup

Let the Record Show ...

Day 19: Peaceful Blockades vs. Coup Paralyze Honduras

Honduras' right-wing coup d'état is faltering, but its supporters have powerful friends in DC

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Oysters for Health Care

Obama's Community College Initiative gives hope but needs change

The Closing of the Southern Highway from Tegucigalpa: An Eye Witness Report

The National Law Journal: Arbitration option needed for fair negotiation (EFCA)

Timothy Egan: Health Care's Historic Moment

Secretary Clinton Doesn’t Get the Power of Nonviolence in Honduras

The Deciding Moment: The Theft of Human Right

Crazy Palin leaves stain on Alaska's oil industry ("Crazy Governor Lady.")

Joe Conason: Bipartisanship is for suckers

Republicans Exploit Kennedy's Illness in Push to Destroy Health Reform

Jon Stewart vs. Goldman Sachs

Bush May Have Continued to Secretly Operate John Poindexter's TIA Program

The Triumph of the Republican Will


Venezuela's Drug-Trafficking Role Is Growing Fast, U.S. Report Says

Joe Bageant--The White Underclass

Rich: Sotomayor hearings the death rattle of Old White Men rule

Did Chiquita throw a banana peel in front of Honduran democracy?

Oh, Canada, where health care for all 33 million is free

Microsoft Versus Venezuela

Harry and Louise parody

It's Time to Have an Honest Debate on Affirmative Action

Birthers are a threat to national security

Freepers openly advocate insurrection if health care passes (No, really.)

First Lady Steps Into Policy Spotlight in Debate on Health Care (NYT)

The rising rates of unemployment could imperil the Obama Presidency: A ticking time bomb

Hillary in India

Does anyone have a month to month approval graph for Reagan's first term?

How do I feel about Mr. Obama?

Will Obama win a 2nd term?

The psychic cost of the closet

President Obama to appear in Cleveland to talk healthcare

"Rhambo" to speak before JPMorgan Chase board meeting on Monday.

Bring us home so that we can b back where we belong and not over here, wasting r time and our lives

Obama Locks and Loads

Greenwald takes Tim Russert apart piece by piece in his post on Cronkite. Good stuff.

Congratulations Barack Obama! In two Days you will have been in office 6 months!

Where are the ads that put a POSITIVE outlook on healthcare reform?!

Graham might vote vote Sotomayor ??? After his ugly, racist slimy behavior in

Tim Geithner and Larry Summers need to be fired yesterday

Breaking: Obama draws line in the sand on public option in New Weekly Address(Plus New good CBO#'s)

17 Rich Old White Guys Concerned That Self-Made Woman of Color is Prejudiced?

Nurses praise House vote to permit state single-payer laws

Obama to Mexico, August 9-10

PHOTO Up to Bat

what is the sure-fire line to get health care now? ( a contest )

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Obama Launches Ad target 11 "Centrist" Dems

Pat Buchanan is a racist pig f*cker!!!

Listen up Republicans you pay my healthcare bills out of your own pocket!

CNN's Rick Sanchez showed his true colors yesterday afternoon

Who will be the Democratic candidate for President in 2012?

House Dems PR: Reform Policies of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act Are Deficit Neutral

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll-60% approve, 33% disapprove

Howard Dean: Real Health Reform ‘Rises And Falls On Whether The Public Is Allowed To Choose Medicare

Mr. President, how about Iran?

Friday evening release of CBO Estimate Scores Confirms Deficit Neutrality of Health Reform Bill

Their Own Medicine - WSJ Editorial

Eugene Robinson: Black America's New Reality

Judge Sotomayor and Jackie Robinson

The Dull Reality of Change

Where did the GOP bashing go? We need it back.

Democratic Candidate In-Fighting in Race To Take On Crazy Lady Bachmann

Buchanan was just horrified watching Cronkite deliver the news Kennedy had been killed.

Obama's challenge is taming leftist Dems

Stalling to fulfill his promise about DADT is not Obama's fault because:

Democrats Grow Wary as Health Bill Advances

Maybe MSNBC should Google "Pat Buchanan" & "N*gg*r" to see who their favorite commentator really is

The IMAC Proposal: Obama's Answer on Cost Control

In case of a national emergency in the US, can Obama

Right-Wing Lobbyists Try Scare Tactic of Abortion to Thwart Health Reform

Chile’s Salmon Farms: On the Verge of Collapse

Heartland Institute Sends "Skeptics Handbook" on Global Warming to Marysville, Washington School

Fun with (Keeling) curve fitting

Re-evaluation of forest biomass carbon stocks and lessons from the world's most carbon-dense forests

Offshore wind project proposed in Bethany (Delmarva Times)

Independent UK: Meet the city dwellers going back to the land

Great Lakes water levels rebound after long slump

Oversupply forces brief shutdown of Bruce Power nuclear reactor

Mystery methane belched out by megacities

Financial and Organizational Analysis for a Space Solar Power System

Physicist Congressman Russ Holt (D-NJ) on Nuclear Energy

Turkmenistan to create desert sea (BBC)

British open. Wow

Does anybody remember that swimmer who didn't realize she'd won?

Giants, Pirates Discussed Sanchez, LaRoche

First day back a long one

trumad's Marlins lose again

Shouldn't be the Giants looking to find....... the Pirates way?

Would a Tom Watson win at the Open be one of the biggest sports stories of all time?

Has anyone heard from crankboy. I need to know how the Frisco Giants did tonight...

Giants fall to Pirates on walk-off blast

Giants lose a marathon in Pittsburgh

Hmm. The Pirates strike first against the Frisco Giants.

How about them PIRATES!!1!! This is a NON-Gloat-FREE thread!

Has anyone heard from crankboy4 tonight? Is he trying to get another

Pittsburgh looking to follow... The Giants Way

What's the toughest division in the NFL?

Around the Horn football predictions: first up --the ACC

Honduran interim government sacks 16 diplomats

US dismantling Ecuador base for move to Colombia

Giants lose again. Will the wild card change hands tonight?

Zelaya habla con BBC Mundo - Interview on video

New Anti-Ecuador Campaign in Colombia

Dueling resolutions in Congress about Honduras

US Support is Propping Up Honduran Military Coup

HONDURAS RESISTS blog: Updates, July 18

Ousted Honduras leader gives talks until midnight

Honduran Ambassador Reina live interview Telesur is Over 3:00PM EDT

De lo que nos salvamos; what we saved ourselves from -- Estrada

Chávez, Correa advocate new Latin American "independence"

Oscar Arias' Seven Point Proposal Reported Largely Rejected by Both Sides

Zelaya's Wife and Daughter are Leading a March in Tegucigalpa and

EVA'S UPDATE 7/18: Arias Calls for "Amnesty" for Coup Regime, Early Elections, Reconciliation Govt.

Inca Kola News: Mel's in Honduras ( and other fun)

Micheletti rejects agreement for immediate return of Zelaya (TeleSUR)

Ortega Slams Honduras Coup Threat

Chavez Decries Honduran Theft

Former Venezuela minister charged (El Caracazo massacre)

The Independent: "Democracy Hangs by a Thread in Honduras

Honduran Culture Minister: "The US and the Coup: A Real Change of Course or Just a Farce?"

Dupe of info already on list

Costa Rica talks continue tomorrow

Clinton demands that Chavez do not interfere in Honduras

AIDE: Zelaya Won't Accept Coup Leaders in Unity Gov't./NYT: Plan Wourld Return Honduran Leader

NICARAGUA NETWORK: "Zelaya Was Overthrown Because His Policies Favored the Poor!

El Salvador: body of missing activist found with signs of torture


Ecuador leader denies FARC funds

Pinochettis Seize Computers from Zelaya House, Claiming Fraud Planned for Referendum Vote

Six found slain, and I am the parrot.

Cross Post - GD

Lawrence woman killed by random shot

New info on the gun owner in Richmond who shot the robber.

New info on the gun owner in Richmond who shot the robber.

Where Should The Line Be Drawn?

Area (Ne-Ia) unemployment figures grow in June

Growth is more 'natural' for some in the West Bank

Ultra-orthodox Jews visit Hamas

Matter of the Heart

10 year old shoots a home invader..

Today in Labor History July 18 three-week strike against the Western Union Telegraph Co - 1883

AT&T Reaches Midwest Agreement With Communications Workers of America

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Considers New Rules To Better Protect Older Workers

NEW Blog for Workers (from In These Times)

Wake-Up Call for GOP’s “Values” Hypocrites: Unions Are Pro-Family, Report Finds

Experience the Comfort of USA Made Clothing

MSNBC: GOP watch: Selling an endorsement?

NYT: Dance Union’s Lawyer Accused of Embezzling

DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Take Case to Congress -- Again

4,000 Union members OK Pa. Acme Markets labor pact

WSJ: Union Certification Battle Drags On At Saskatchewan Wal-Mart

Teamsters leader lends help to effort at airline

Union: 750 AK Steel jobs safe for now

JBS-Swift Utah workers accept first union contract

Starbucks staff tries to unionize in Quebec City

Goldstone: Israel should cooperate

Can one be for guns AND gun control?

Harry and Louise now supporting health care reform: sock puppets of the pharmaceutical industry

HIV circumcision study ends early

House healthcare plan to add to deficit: $239 billion over the 2010-2019 period

Dennis Kucinich; Exciting Single Payer Healthcare Update

DASH Diet Combats Mental Decline -- Low-Fat, High-Fiber Diet Curbs Memory Loss

Turkey extends smoke ban to bars, restaurants (WBOC/AP)

We learned to use the timer on the camera (portrait)

The old church

A portrait, a hat, and a saint

New Zealand healthcare system

Dark Pools VIDEO

Hevesi Donor’s Selection Spotlights Pay-to-Play at Pension Fund

Pickens Said to Seek Investors for Hedge Funds After 79% Gain

4 more banks closed Friday. Total 57 this year.

Option ARMs: The Most Misleading Mortgage Product Ever Devised

Why the Apparatchiki of Finance Didn’t See It Coming

The rising rates of unemployment could imperil the Obama Presidency: A ticking time bomb (re-direct)

Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department

AIG’s European Derivatives May Take Decades to Expire

Things Are Looking Up For The Rosebud Indian Reservation!

Pride at Work Tee Shirts for Sale

Happy Gay Pride San Diego!

Apollo 11 landing site compared to baseball & soccer fields

Giant Blob Of Floating Goo Found Off Alaska's Coast (VIDEO)

‘Out at Work’ Available on DVD

Why cops should trust the wisdom of the crowds

Well it's married life for me.

RW targeting ex- GLSEN head: new Obama appointee at Dept of Ed.

Love Unites Kiss-In

Can we come up with arguments for LGBT civil rights that do not rely on images from the

When will LOGO HD ever be in HD?

My cousin died on Friday

"Christianity, politics, and other science stuff"

The Failure of Christianity

This guy is claiming to be the re-incarnation of Edgar Cayce.

"Washed in the blood of the Lamb"

You have unlimited wishes and your wishes will never be twisted against you original intent.

Is the tiny amount of sanctuary you may think you find in religion worth ...

Looking for Snausages

A simple vegetarian winner I hope you will like

Found in my mother's recipes -

simple and delicious chicken

Midnight Pita Bread

Ptech on 9/11

Questions for official story nuts.

"It's not too late for the truth" (911)

Houston-Free Ice Cream Tomorrow!

Pull it...! (Oh, no! Not this again!? *Facepalm*)

Official "story" nuts.

Why were the Apollo 11 astronauts so afraid???

'Futurama' without original voices?

Harry Potter 6 the Movie

CELEBRITY SCALES: Michael Jackson, the Wounded Messenger

Federal government starts consultation on copyright reform

Alberta MLA kicked out of Tory caucus over health spending spat