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Afghanistan: Oversight AWOL?

Paul Krugman:The Joy of Sachs

Here's what I never got about Buchanan

Another victim of the AIG clusterfuck: Green investing

One more example of the sick motherf**kers at F.R...their "Blasts strike two Jakarta hotels" thread

"We want it all...we want it now..."

"We want it all...we want it now..."

*House Vote on State Option TODAY - Kucinich is currently offering

Blunt (R) outraises Carnahan (D) in Mo. Senate race

AP: Mo., Kan. receive 8M (in stimulus $) to reduce emissions

Someone posted this . and .... This is it , this sums up what life is all about perfectly

Am I the only one who is sick of GOP hypocrisy

Are people observing more or less resistance to health care reform this time around?

Florida Judge Who Struck Down Gay Adoption Ban Demoted

Prison officer 'was too pretty'

Sometimes just

A song for the repubs

Air America cancels Sam Seder and and Marc Maron's Break Room Live

T.C. Douglas The Father of Medicare in Canada

Politico, The Washington Post Have Become Virtual 'Escort Services' For Moneyed Elites

Are you a condom worshipper? (Or, When the purity pushers lose their damn minds)

We can never give up hope...

It seems to me that Pat Buchanan pulled an Al Campanis/Jimmy the Greek tonight

Blasts Destroy NATO Tankers in Pakistan

Taliban Posting Gains in Northern Afghanistan

DU is slow this morning

Sanford, a "fiscal conservative", used taxpayer dollars to fly in style

News Corp (Murdoch) won't buy Twitter, won't sell MySpace

Paul Krugman explains how the financial industry is still screwing us

WJ discussing Obama's speech from

W.H.O. & Swine Flu - Lots of mild cases

US Military in Iraq Says 3 Soldiers Killed

Rita Bahuguna Joshi Arrested for Rape Comments to Dalit Mayawati

No one gave a shit.

Dear M$NBC: can my crazy, drunk, racist uncle and my constipated & haughty aunt...

Oh My - Jamaican government to host Jackson family

I have a question re: Bank of America. Could someone enlighten

Food Bank Friday, July 17, 2009

Norman Solomon: Escalation Scam: Troops in Afghanistan

Here's another way to look at the healthcare situation in this country.

Me and my 5,000 Facebook friends, Mark Morford

Question - has Fox *News* ever mis-identified a Democratic representative

Question - has Fox *News* ever mis-identified a Democratic representative

Mika Brzezinski

Want to watch Rachel eat that old bigot Pat Buchanan alive?

Ha, "Jim Cornette's Rant" now has a MySpace page

The Nation: A Dark Hole of Democracy - How The Fed Prints Money Out Of Thin Air

Ratigan questions why "pillars of the community (like Madoff)" can exhibit such morally detached

Saw a "protest" sign on my way home from work yesterday: "Global Warming: As Fake

GOP attacks Rep. Obey on stimulus

Conservative group offers to sell endorsement for $2M

Frank Luntz's Healthcare Talking Points for Conservatives

Too funny. Stupid wingnuts

Dubious AP article on health care "costs"

sessions: 'We're gonna do that crack cocaine thing"

sessions: 'We're gonna do that crack cocaine thing"

(Unintended) Hilarious (and really pathetic) response from informational-ly challenged right winger

Confirm This

what the worker is up against

Checking US Health Care’s Vitals

Were Chinese Agents At Gitmo?

Were Chinese Agents At Gitmo?

NY Times Endorses the House Healthcare Bill

Haven't progressive taxes consisently been associated with economic growth?

surge update - 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Southern Iraq

Arnold Scissorhands

Obama Administration Reinstates Oregon Old Growth Forest Protection

Iran: The Green Brief #30 (July 16) Latest news from Iran

What's trashed at Arlington National Cemetery

Senator Lugar (R-IN) is First Republican to Back Sotomayor

NASA to release aerial photos of Apollo Landing sites today at noon...

Dylan Rattigan ...... shut the fuck up ... for at least a few seconds ... you're worse than Matthews

Manhattan Storefronts Go Dark as Retail Vacancies Jump to Most Since 2001

Paulson say he was protecting the taxpayers

Is Obama going to undo the anti-constitutional stuff Bush did?

Exclusive: Conservative group offers to sell endorsement for $2M

Who's in charge of US foreign policy? - Guardian UK

please sign a petition to covict the ones TRULY responsible for CIA torture...

Re: Healthcare, people are worried about tax increases and the deficit

Thank God He Smokes

let's be honest about it: When it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan

HELP is distorting Biden photo

Those crazy rethugs need to learn how to google!

Another Repug spews racist idiocy on the House floor.....

California Sees Red

So what year was it, Pat? 1975? 1979? What was the year when America became 100% equal?

All Republicans that claim they are worried about the Deficit must not believe Cheney at all.

Georgia, Alabama Join States With Unemployment Above 10% as Slump Deepens

So heres a silly one for you.... Regarding Credit Scores...

Hahaha .... Chip Pickering .... another C-Streeter ..... guess what he's up to now!


"Have a keen eye for derail. (spelling matters)

CFI Holds Press Conference to release "The Credibility Project"‏

Can you imagine the day when conservatives pat Pres. Obama on the back for his bipartisanship?

CommonDreams: Sotomayor, Ricci and the Preferential Treatment Myth

Reinventing labels....

"Don't use your credit card at pawn shops, tire retread places, or marriage counselors"

The Rude Pundit: Why Bill O'Reilly Ought to Be Sodomized with a Microphone (Blinking Edition)

Fox News: "Obama's foreign travel means he's not spending as much time at home"

Can anything be done on this "Family" of important people

C-Street House Movie? Name it..Cast it.

Woman allegedly assaulted by NYPD officer is fired--alleges police cover up

Why We Need Pat Buchanan on MSNBC

Jim DeMint: "Dependency on government reduces dependency on God."

What do the GOP amendments to this Senate health care bill actually say?

Conservative Group Offers to Sell Endorsement

Why is card check so important?

Sacramento Bee: California State University chancellor proposes 20% hike in student fees

Glen Beck Has Outdone Himself

Congressmen are getting fucked on C-street and we're getting fucked on K-street

Oliver Willis: A Pictoral Walkthrough Of The Sotomayor Hearings (Keyboard Alert!)...

Was the "church" on C Street a house of ill repute?

Was the "church" on C Street a house of ill repute?

Talk about an EPIC Fail...

Talk about an EPIC Fail...

Admin/Mod - Question on Rec/Unrec

ATF links gun shows to drug weapons

Fox guest cites "Bruno" to argue against health care reform

Senate's lone Hispanic Republican backs Sotomayor

Please help me debate a right-winger on the auto industry bailout

Please help me debate a right-winger on the auto industry bailout

Aren't there two Democrats living in the C-Street "House" as well

President Obama addresses NAACP on its 100th Anniversary

The postal worker is still getting all touchy feeling with my parcels.

Photos of Apollo sites released....very cool!!!

Americans Against Food Taxes--another rightwing group?

Peggy Noonan makes me wish Joe was back

cop scams cops.

Republicans in a nutshell.

GM Plans to Limit LaCrosse Output to Kick ‘Overproducing’ Habit

Sen. DeMint: "I Am Just Going To Have To Create Pain"

I just called Stephanie Miller about what Bay Buchanan said this morning on MSNBC

'A full accounting is the only way to ensure these abuses never happen again. '

The Greatest SCAM EVER! - Gangster Banks Have Victims Finance Additional Thievery

Steele said he planned “a little hip-hop storm”

Fuck You US Commerce Association!

Urgent: Support Kucinich Single-Payer Amendment Today

NASA Briefs Media on New Images of Apollo Lunar Landing Sites

The NYT on MSNBC "Special Edition". . . dreadful...

Firms fight for card-processing business

Rod Blagojevich hired to host Chicago radio show

Buy American?

"Stupidity isn't a crime. You're free to go." says the T-shirt I got for my birthday. I wanted so to

Miguel Estrada to represent John Yoo before the 9th Circuit; yes, THAT Miguel Estrada

Miguel Estrada to represent John Yoo before the 9th Circuit; yes, THAT Miguel Estrada

I wonder just how many Birthers it takes to change a lightbulb

Getting meds. out of your system

Obama Admin Scraps Logging Plan in Ore. Carbon Sinks

Gates open to more troops in Afghanistan, if necessary

DU this poll please..."Should WV ban gay marriage"

Recommend if you're done with MSNBC until 'Uncle Pat' is gone.

'Bruno' box-office tanks as word-of-mouth spreads (Thanks Twitter)

Breaking: House Dems Will Investigate Secret CIA Program

Breaking: House Dems Will Investigate Secret CIA Program

Health Care Proposal - Help!

Sanford communications director to resign

Atwater, CA councilman unapologetic over racist joke e-mails

U. S. Citizens: Who should you fear most?

THANK YOU MODS !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! And a note to the lurking Freepers among us

Kit isn’t our biggest problem in Afghanistan

Kit isn’t our biggest problem in Afghanistan

Is all the carping and whining about "the deficit" having a negative effect

Palin Ties To Militant Religious Movement Confirmed

Palin Ties To Militant Religious Movement Confirmed

GOP Family Values

Hey CNN, why am I seeing Twitter Comments from "Obama_binLadin" on my Crawl?

The Hidden Side of the NYPD

"Sept. 11 families: Keep Guantanamo Bay open"

I thought we won the election and took control of Congress .Then how come

Flash: Bill O'Reilly Kind Of Makes Sense!

Joe Lieberman signs an idiotic letter on health care

Ship Pilot Sentenced To 10 Months For SF Oil Spill

Wexler Takes The Pledge — Gets Picketed By Dick Armey

if workers get to the point of threatening violence...

Gov. Riley (R-AL) Riley recalls Bible study group at 'C Street' house

Gov. Riley (R-AL) Riley recalls Bible study group at 'C Street' house

Paroled Killer Gets life for Robbery

Fundies: 'Radical Left' continues to try to ban Gaaawwwddd from the public square

Wipe the McSmiley off Nanny O'Reilly . . . come CAPTION!!!!!!

The Idea That Could Save Health-Care Reform

"You should've voted for McCain/Palin..."

The U.S. War on Afghanistan Set To Expand: "More US troops could head to Afghanistan"

Faternal Order of Police vs. Pueblo County Sheriff

Why We All Believe in 'Identity Politics'

Pat Buchanan is far more than a racist. He's a life-long Hitler apologist

Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department

Freshman Dems oppose Pelosi’s tax increase to finance healthcare overhaul

What kind of f'd up system is it where

Should Our National Parks be for Sale?

Rep. Ted Poe, R, Texas: Poor health care on reservations is the example of poor gov't health care

"CIA Weighs 'Targeted Killing' Missions" - WaPo 10/28/2001

Here's Cornyn's reply to my demand for single payer health care

Question re DU groups

"Summer camps reel from swine-flu increase." Swiss cases in summer camps.


Independent UK: NHS prepares for 65,000 deaths from swine flu

AP source: Unions OK drop of 'card check' in bill

Research 2000 weekly poll on presidential approval: Obama 62%(+1)

Wendell Potter coming up on Ed Shultz

Trained Rats Sniff out TB, Land Mines in Tanzania

Can any of you help me out with my Senate Call Actions July 22, 2009?

‘Birther’ Movement Dogs Republicans

‘Birther’ Movement Dogs Republicans

‘Birther’ Movement Dogs Republicans

Can there be NO middle ground?

Can there be NO middle ground?

Just a question

Brother, can you spare a dime for Rick Perry?

Manhattan Storefronts Go Dark as Retail Vacancies Jump to Most Since 2001

Fuck you Republican anti-health care reform whores

Fuck you Republican anti-health care reform whores

All I gotta say is . . . our moderators are astounding.

The NJ Governor's Race is grwoing tiresome, and its only July

Xe(Blackwater) Helicopter Down in Iraq - 4 Hurt

Pedaling Sex

Chuck Todd’s Law

Caption Buchanan

Health reform foes plan Obama's 'Waterloo' - Politico, GOP planning to stop Obama Health Care

Swine flu sweeping world 'at speed'l

Yesterday I had a conversation with the blood bank

Dems criticize Tiahrt abortion comments that include Obama, Thomas

Wheelchair bound activists arrested during demonstration outside Schwarzenegger's house - pics

I've now seen the clip of Ricci speaking and Lindsey Graham listening .......

I've now seen the clip of Ricci speaking and Lindsey Graham listening .......

There is an alien base(Grey's) on the dark side of the moon. Yup!

Todd Tiahart: From insignificant back bencher to front line fuckwad

Police: NY teen torches BMW because he 'hates it'

Another sign for the moran collection:

Obama nominates two more for US District Judge (10 Federal Judge nominations and counting)

Intelligent, wordly, brave hard nosed journalist who reports live from war zones

Orly Taitz Creating "Disastrous Consequences" For Military


The most powerful proof of moon landings is the fact

oh great! CNN: Democrats splinter in health care debate

I now think the Iranian government is going down

Palin: "10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site"

How about a 2% tax on outpatient health care services

dupe; please delete


Action Plan; How to deal with the Door-to-Door H8ters. You can help!

Dupe, delete

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world

18 Mailers This Month From CIGNA

18 Mailers This Month From CIGNA

Sign the petition to help save California state parks

Horry County police asked to avoid bar on Waterway....... Boathouse owner: Request is unfair

FYI: Markos (Daily Kos) on Bill Maher tonight n/t

Walter Cronkite was worried about the future of Journalism with good reasons!

Obama Administration Green Lights Clear-Cut in America's Largest Stand of Temperate Rain Forest

A Couple Health Care Myths to Look Out For

CBS retrospective on Cronkite airing now. Turn it on.

Got an idea for the unrecommend click....

Who is this guy? If there had been abortion ~~ no Obama or Clarence Thomas would be alive today.

Here's what ANOTHER "wise Latina" judge looks like: Cristina PEREYRA

US Income Inequality Continues to Grow (highest of any country in the world)

Sam Stein's brilliant comment on the cost of health care.

A hard film to watch -----------

CBS Story on Cronkite's Passing.

"The great American public is not so badly off as some people would like to have us believe"

Walter Cronkite's finer moments

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes into Wis. home

"...and that's the way it is, July 17th 2009..."

Sanford Flew First Class On State's Budget And Lied About It: AP Investigation

Walter Cronkite dead at senseless age of 92

R.I.P. Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite Died

Hou. Press: "Cover Me": She thought she had health insurance.

I found Obama´s speech for NAACP very inspiring!

The quality of Walter Cronkite allow us to see the sad state of our current news media

If only Walter had danced the "moon walk" instead of reporting the

Walter Cronkite was one of the most important figures of our lifetime

When News, Isn't..(a repost from 2002) in honor of Walter

How the HELL could HuffPo EXCLUDE Bush from their "7 Worst First Pitches Ever" Poll?

How the HELL could HuffPo EXCLUDE Bush from their "7 Worst First Pitches Ever" Poll?

"An honest broker of information"

Years ago I heard this cute story about Walter Cronkite. I just found an account of it on the net.

Like an idiot I watched Fox and Friends for about a half hour this morning

What was the name of the Sen.who said that Obamas and Thomass mothers might have had an abortion..

"I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds"

He was more important than MJ in our history, yet will barely be honored


The demonstrations in Iran are not going away

The demonstrations in Iran are not going away

The demonstrations in Iran are not going away

Dan Rather coming up on Rachel to discuss

40 Fla Guards beating imprisoned handcuffed teens

The Repub and Blue Dog argument against a public option

Gang Of Six Centrist Senators Demands Delay On Health Care Reform

Unemployment tops 10 percent in 15 states in June

Obama picks URI climate change expert as analyst

Walter Cronkite newscasts on YouTube (Four Famous)

Sanford can again be thankful.....

Caller Reduces Glenn Beck To High-Pitched Hissy Fit

Breaking: House Dems Will Investigate Secret CIA Program

Bay Buchanan Is Almost As Hateful As Her Brother Pat

McConnell, Bunning agree: They'll vote no on Sotomayor

The era died long ago. Tonight its greatest citizen died, too.

Buy a New Truck, Get an AK-47

Calif. farmer reduces emissions 30K tons a year (converts fermented onion juice into methane)

The Old Tramp~

Vaccine may teach body to fight off lung cancer


"i think we have a bunch of thugs here dan...."

A freep cries: "I regret that we did not have Fox News then to balance out the SHIT that he said..."

Iowa State Fair shoots down the Michael Jackson Butter Sculpture

Iowa State Fair shoots down the Michael Jackson Butter Sculpture

Your private insurance industry: We're here to help you help us!

(La Times) House Democrats unveil healthcare bill (says Senate backs away from public option)

Sexual complaints in Bellevue school system (you won't believe this one!)

Uncle Pat: MSNBC’s Knowing Promotion of White Supremacy and Racial Hatred

Schwarzenegger to hold garage sale.

Please remember that we were lucky enough to lived in Walter's world

A Sailor's Prayer - for Walter Cronkite

Apollo 11- Walter Cronkite Broadcast

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth Joins the Birthers

I bought a new vehicle from GM it ended up 3k less than the last one..

This subject will no doubt

40 years ago - Apollo 11 to the moon

A few pugs out waving signs over at Harry Mitchell's office in Tempe. All insurance sales families

A serious question about President Barack Obama?

Where are the damn sign wavers in support of health care bill? All this threatening crap from

So long Walter...if there are stars for you to travel of the best

My Introduction to Walter Cronkite: The 21st Century

And that's the way it is ...

Judge Murgia recused herself from pink underwear dude case

Friday TOON Roundup 3-Health issues

ACLU: the Senate cleared hate crimes amendment lacking free speech and association protections

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Cons and the moon

"What I've Learned" - Walter Cronkite -

Is Daniel Schorr now the last of the true, great, courageous journalists?

Today a great man passed, and an era finally ended

And that's the way it is, Friday, July 17th, 2 thousand and 9...

Here's one from my mom - she's a Rush listener

Howard Dean says we're losing jobs to Canada because they have national healthcare

Gee, another hopeless romantic. (wonder if Mark knows her)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

What Videogames Would Jesus Play?

I believed Walter Cronkite.

Michael Moore's 'Sicko' available online

MSNBC was already fully prepared and just waiting for Cronkite to die.

My son will turn 15 in August how can I explain Walter Cronkite to him?

BUY AMERICAN: "Those Purchasing A Vehicle Will Recieve An AK-47 With Their Purchase"

Did anyone catch this interesting statement by Kathleen Sebelius on the Daily Show?

Republicans are "PROVING" the so-called "Gov't run" health care is best!

Atwater, CA Councilman goes on racist anti-Obama tangent

How are the Brokaw generation supposed to feel?

Can we (DU) do a hash tag on Twitter??

A sad and damnable irony...

How 'Nazi gnome' making Heil Hitler salute could get artist jailed

Oh, this Ann Telnaes cartoon is really good....

I like fluffy baby bunnies

Another Republican Affair tied to C Street

Let's lay this 'No moon landing' conspiracy to rest for all time

John Yoo's Breathtaking Ignorance. . . . . . . . . (Sinking Ship Alert)

Breaking on MSNBC: Walter Cronkite has passed away. RIP...

Will Colbert Be Olberman's Worst Person In The World

Well, looky here! Turns out there are lots of different health care options on the table!

Black Chamber of Commerce CEO accuses Barbara Boxer of racism. (VIDEO)

Fox news: Walter cronkite had liberal bias

Top tax rates around the world, or at least developed economies

Tour riders shot at with air guns

Cronkite, Kucinich and Marianne Williamson - a Photo I was lucky enough to take

Mind over what matters

William Greider: Dismantling the Temple (The Fed)

Since it's already July 18 across the Atlantic......Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela....

I stand beside Dr. Regina Benjamin

I think 20 of the better thinkers from this site could design and fund a healthcare plan in a week

Today's "journalists" arent worthy enough to carry Cronkite's jockstrap

The Six Deadly Hypocrites

Palin Plans "Less Politically Correct" Twitter Account

My objection to Pat Buchanan - they work him around the clock, is he indentured to MSNBC?


Most important news story of the week (ending July 17, 2009)

An arrest made in the death of All Pro QB Steve McNair... Gun control anyone?

Who was more important to this country over the last 30 years, Walter Cronkite or Michael Jackson?

Universal (health) care is right for Iraq, Thompson says

Friday TOON Roundup 2- the big dick

Did you ever notice that trolls come in packs?

this REALLY pisses me off...

Obama approval rating falls below 60 percent

The difference between conservatives and liberals is...

Please sign this petition demanding Todd Tiahrt apologize to the president!

Missouri car dealer offers free AK-47 with new truck

Palin Attended Church Event With Samurai Sword Ceremony

Note to CBO: Cut out insurors and save $400 BILLION (Single Payer saves billions)

When a white male Authoritarian like Beck speaks(yells) at a woman like that, ...

D is for Deception

UN Calls for Overthrow of Free Market Ideology

NEW Liberal Working People Blog (from In These Times)

Hi! Some will recall the position paper my husband wrote on torture

Media Matters: What would Pat Buchanan have to say to get himself fired from MSNBC?

Walter Cronkite was one of the last true journalists

GAO: VA Failing to Serve Women Warriors

Gordon Waller of PETER AND GORDON passed away

Bill Maher should be interesting tonight...

To me, Cronkite's greatest moment was 40 years ago this Monday...

Again: the media will barely cover Cronkite's death (and stop the censorship on DU)

I'm getting frustrated, confused and angry now - the House is pushing Single Payer by STATE?

Winner Of Irony 2009 Award: Amazon Deletes People's Kindle Copies of Orwell 1984!

i think it's fair to say i now completely understand first hand

Hot fucking diggity! Good news for college students! Thank you Mr. President!

Schuster: In one room there's bible study, in another Pickering invoking god in another context

You laugh at my conspiracy theory, therefore...

More open calls for violence and treason from Freeperland

Friday TOON Roundup 1- more sotomayor

Father digs his son's grave

When did thunderstorms become rain events

A few days ago there was a spike in the

"Steal Back This E-Book!" - Amazon Channels Big Brother

Exxon's Sabotage (of its decomissioned US wells) May Merit $1 Billion Fine

Top Immigration Group Demands MSNBC Muzzle Pat Buchanan On Race

What TV political host are you PERSONALLY most likely to agree with?

What TV political host are you PERSONALLY most likely to agree with?

Walter Cronkite - A few pictures

Swine Flu Cases Spreading Rapidly in England -- Could kill 65,000 in UK, warns chief medical officer

NASA erased moon landing tapes

NASA erased moon landing tapes

A Tiger in Your Tank? Engineer Says Pee-Powered Cars Could Be on the Road Within a Year

How about a national sales tax to pay for health care - tax every thing that is bought or sold

Walter Cronkite fully deserves what the media gave Tim Russert last year

Morning Joe is on full-out attack mode on health care reform this morning.

Morning Joe is on full-out attack mode on health care reform this morning.

Why do you cry, when Walter Cronkite dies?

LA Times: Swine flu still spreading through U.S. as concerns grow about school restarting

Top freeper threatens violence against government

Is it possible for a white male to be discriminated against

NBC's Gregory to Sanford's Office: "Meet The Press Allows You To Frame The Conversation ..."

NBC's Gregory to Sanford's Office: "Meet The Press Allows You To Frame The Conversation ..."

You know the most disturbing aspect of Buchanan's racist rant last night?

OK, Explain This To Me Like I’m a COMPLETE Idiot Because I Don’t Get It . . . Part V!

Some photos of the Apollo Spacecraft you might not have seen. *Dial-Up warning/VERY Pic heavy*

Is it a good idea to post stuff that freepers say/do here?

North Carolina-Deaf jurors debated

Mr. President .... thanks for that assertiveness and confience on health care ........ but .....

The Stimulus In Real Time

I imagine if you grew up after Walter Cronkite

Nets ignore testimony of cancer patient denied coverage by insurer (MediaMatters)

DU Boomers: What was the period of assasinations like? (JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK)

I'd like to say thank you to all the trolls we've had here on DU recently.

The meritorious rich and taxation

Is the California education system, once the best in the world, being dismantled?

House Lets States Do Single-Payer

Yes on 8 people going door to door

Teen fined $25,000 for cost of NH mountain rescue

Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling

Pat Buchanan--WTF?

ESPN Sports Reporter Erin Andrews caught by "peeping tom."

Dean: "Are we in charge of the country, or are the insurance executives in charge of the country?"

Why should capital gains be taxed at a lower rate than regular income?

Texas May Bar Students from Learning About Cesar Chavez, Thurgood Marshall

Please! I ask a favor of those posting graphic violence titles--please don't.

The Mormon factor in marriage fight

He's Not High: Inside Barney Frank's Plan to Legalize Marijuana!

In light of the assassination program, a few questions about some people I knew about...

Would you be in favor of exhuming JFK for a second autopsy?

Am I mistaken or is the liberal face changing?

Be Born, Give Away Your Labor, Buy Plastic Shit On Credit, Eat Fast Food, Get Fat, and Fucking Die

ZOMG! Dr. Regina Benjamin isn't teh skinny!

Too Bad our Current Generation of Politicians Doesn’t Remember the Nuremberg Trials

Crist put control of Florida's water in the hands of 5 people.

Crist put control of Florida's water in the hands of 5 people.

A health-care policy parallel, and a thought-experiment

Are there limits to loyalty?

Harry and the Blue Dogs are upset, DNC runs ads in their states

Which Worries You MORE: Government Spending, Or Not Getting A Good Healthcare Law?

For the love of the Ivy-Covered Walls........

Excellent Tavis Smiley tonight with Larry King....

The Onion remembers Neil Armstrong's historic words as he set foot on the Moon: "Holy Living FUCK"

Question about geography/geology

"Dee, the Sarcastic Sister from 'What's Happening'" at 44


Do you like mummers?

Curious about your opinions on this

I have always been late with these kinds of projects: Chickens

Oh God I am the american dream, with a spindle up my butt

Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate.

What's your favorite infomercial?

You damn well BETTER like towers,

Breaking: Wives of C Street Congressmiscreants file class action suit against the Family

What a lousy night...

Another EMail gem....

A sincere angry f#ck you can be cathartic!

America's Most Flawed Sports Facilities by the Onion

How can someone get tombstoned after one post?!

What should we do with all of the kudzu?

Giant Mona Lisa made out of 3,604 cups of coffee - pics

True Blood Fans - Major S2 Spoilers (if you want'em!)

Enter here and laugh at human stupidity

Double rant! (makes it easier on our hard-working mods, they only have to lock/delete

Two of my best friends moved away in the last week.

She sits alone waiting for suggestions

Furball question for cat people!

Bad guys who can't hit the broadside of a barn with automatic weapons...

You know those Palm Pre commercials with the Scarlett Johansson look alike?

I'm sorry, but some circumstances justify the use of the "C word" and this is one - I'm using it...

Well, you know, when you did that thing, an that other person stopped to watch you do that thing

How do you go to the address field in your Web browser?

So I actually like having my Ionic Breeze, but it needs repair

Okay, who else watched the ABC News JK Rowling special this evening?


Congratulations BlooInBloo! 45,000 posts!

Congratulations Judi Lynn! 50,000 posts!

Congratulations sandnsea! 70,000 posts!

Congratulations Ilsa! 25,000 posts!

*******HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY to Le Taz Hot!!*******

Never thought I'd say this: I have topped 800 followers on Twitter

Dog brings owner a beer

I Sense Something…


Your favorite Beetle:

Dog wet nurse saves panda cubs in China

If the moon landings had been faked,

These things are creepy

Starting tomorrow I will have my sanity severly tested

Congratulations madinmaryland 27,851 posts!!!

The Sith are so poor that they cannot afford prefixes.

Video of fungus that takes control of insects and kills them


OK....I've lost 4 pounds since this past Sunday...

Hold me. I just listened to Glenn Beck's entire freak out.

A murder that took place down the road from me in NH will be on Dateline tonight.

Damn it . . . I need to learn shorthand.

I had a dream that health reform failed to pass. Obama addressed the nation.

So, I've just come back from vacation...

Is it too early to finally admit that Obama was born in Kenya and his BC is a fake?

Who are you?

Why doesn't anyone rave about "Mind Your Manners With Billy Quan" Anymore?

Quick I need grammar help with 2 sentences, it's very important

Do you like humming?

Tell me something that frightens the bejeesus out of you

I just thought of a very fun game for the lounge to play.

DU Song Of The Day

Do you like to copyLOLcat threads?

Forgive me DU, for I have sinned...I went to WalMart today...

What the hell has my son been watching?

It is what it is

Of course the moon landings were faked.

"The Vine that Ate the South,"

Question for people familiar with the Outer Banks: Where is Bodie Island?

Why is Coney Island a peninsula?

This will be my view tomorrow.

I remember the first time I saw...

Anybody here any good at capturing live video streams?

SpongeBob Party in 90 min!

"Molon labe" bumperstickers - Has anybody else seen these?

My birthday dinner

Lil Girl

I couldnt find Lyndsay Graham on the menwholooklikeoldlesbians blogspot thingy

What are some good exercises to complement swimming?

'and that's the way it was'

Do you have a name for your, you know...

The big boss "helped" us today and totally fucked everything up

Does anyone else habitually click on "smilies lookup table"?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/17/09

Why am I watching Walter Cronkite coverage on MSNBC instead of CBS?

i'm fixin to get nekkid

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? Whether she's naked under that toga

Most mischievous thing your pet ever did

Most mischievous thing your pet ever did

Wow, this music video is excellent

Well hot dog!!!

He's dead, he's dead, he's really really dead

Who Else Had A Week From Hell

Papa Johns "Special Garlic" Dipping sauce

Most mischievous thing you ever did

Do not drop your maple-syrup-covered fork into the cat's bed.

Do you like humans?

The Eddie Van Halen / MJ / "Beat It" misconception

It's my birthday and I don't care

Not your great-great-grandfather's drinking fountain...

I like Bangers and Mash

Nazi Gnomes

The Last Chapter in the Saga of Miranda Rat Face (I hope!)

Cat folks, what's the easiest way to move the cat litter box?

I like raw fish.

From LBN : Walter Cronkite Has Died


I Guess I got Humped Last Night

My weekend is set, I have SNL season 1st and 2nd season to watch.

Jeebus! They lost it in GD. They are discussing rogue MILF's over there.

4% Pantomime

Happy evening for Phils fans....NL East after the all star break:

Did anyone else not know that bananas and pineapples are not grown on trees.

Notre Dame and Army to play football game at Yankee Stadium?

How drunk will you be while posting this evening?

I am almost sufficiently intoxicated to post.

I keep seeing Duncan Idaho quotes.

Do you like hummus?

Did the music make "Blade Runner"?

Salt of the Earth

All good things must come to an end

Ok, goodnight DU! Tomorrow is payday, so I'm going to sleep early...

What's your favorite fruit?

The Friday Lounge No-Pay All-Play Jukebox is Open!

Do you like hummers?

I did not know that. Graphic warning.

Name a TV station that you would not be caught dead watching

What a night.....

Best Fast-Food Fried humans?

What's the worst shooter you've ever drank?

Looks like by this time tomorrow, I'll be a grandma.

Collapsing New People (Fad Gadget)

"A giant wiener hit my house!"

I Guess I got Dumped Last Night

The summit of Mauna Kea (14,000 feet) offers the best viewing of the Cosmos . . . .

What is the Purpose of the Lounge

Tom Watson leads the British Open (He is 59 years old)

The air drifting through my window just got a LOT more fragrant.

Some good news: I presented my research today for my masters

Spotted dick sounds nasty.

Humorous News Flash, Jon Stewart is Fremen

Most important poll in the history of DU. This could get serious.

Have you joined the human race?

If you could travel anywhere in Africa, where would it be?

I haven't heard- have the sunspots returned yet?

Where was the most beautiful place you vacationed or visited?

Best Fast-Food Fries?

What are your occupational hazards?

More Facebook weirdness: "(complete stranger) also commented on (another complete stranger)'s post."

Wilco is now officially boring adult music-and I say that as a boring adult.

Chain Restaurants, Healthy Entrees: Do you have any suggestions?

Court in Pakistan acquits Sharif

US lawmaker threatens funds in China Guantanamo row

Rafsanjani breaks silence in sermon before Friday prayers - calls for release of all prisoners

Budget umpire: Health care bills would raise costs

Hotel 'terror' blasts kill nine in Jakarta

Iran names MIT graduate as new nuclear chief

U.S. helped Chinese interrogate Uighurs at Guantanamo

Military eyeing rogue MILF in Iligan blast

GOP Prosecutor In NC Targets Dems On Obama's Watch

Security tight as mosques open in China's Urumqi

Docs 'used our kid as guinea pig,' says new suit against North Shore University brain surgeons

Feds throw back the WOPR

Zell Miller: Rahm should use ‘Gorilla Glue’ to keep Obama in his chair

Back Pakistan in terror fight, Clinton tells India

Bomb kills two soldiers in Thai Muslim south

Baucus Says Obama 'Not Helping' on Health-Care Tax

Chip Pickering's wife sues alleged mistress

Store job cuts could deepen through 2010

Man must choose between selling kidney or child

American Conservative Union (and Grover Norquist) Caught in Pay to Play Scandal

Citigroup cuts nearly 30,000 jobs in second quarter

Pope goes to hospital after fall

Sanford flies high on taxpayers' dime

Children killed in Afghan blast

US firm averts French explosion

Obama warns against health delay

91 videos of today's protests (Tehran)

Drug Makers Score Early Wins as Plan Takes Shape

Judge Suppresses Coerced Confessions and Refuses to Delay Hearing in Gitmo Case

Ottawa asks court to reverse U.S. Steel Canada's job cuts

3 U.S. soldiers killed in Basra (Iraq)

Guantanamo Detainees May Not Be Resettled by Deadline

Senate votes to expand federal hate crimes law

Senate votes big expansion of federal hate crimes

Some Troops Could Be In Wrong Graves At Arlington

UC to award honorary degrees to interned Japanese American students

Zelaya 'to make fresh return bid'

Air America Kills “Breakroom Live”

Zelaya supporters rally in the streets

Former Iowa kosher slaughterhouse manager faces new charges stemming from immigration raid

10 elderly climbers die on Japanese mountains

House Intelligence Committee to investigate CIA program kept secret from Congress since 2001

NY man guilty of hate crime in transgender slaying


Obama urges 'new black mindset'

Felon arrested for providing gun in McNair case

Georgia, South Dakota banks bring failures to 55 in '09

HIV travel ban may be lifted for infected visitors

Carla Bruni and Dave Stewart to sing two duets at Mandela Day concert

Marines Under Investigation After Autistic Man Allowed to Enlist

Anti-Semitic, pornographic images on RNC web site

'Willis Tower' name will live in shadow of 'Sears Tower'

Unions call for world boycott of Honduran ships

Lugar becomes first Republican to back Sotomayor

Iraq vows to shield oil firms from union threats

Democrats Drop Key Part of Bill to Assist Unions

Freshman Dems oppose Pelosi’s tax increase

Rebel video hounds Ecuador's Correa

Censors come out at Gitmo war crimes hearing

Ohio jobless rate tops 11% for June

Dems Sent ‘Back to Drawing Board’ on Health Care

Exclusive: Conservative group offers to sell endorsement for $2M

Five Republican judges (From Alabama) switch to Democratic Party

Spokesman for embattled SC gov to leave state job

2nd furlough begins as Calif. budget talks stall

Al-Jazeera reporter imprisoned in Guantánamo Bay to sue George Bush

AP Investigation: 'Frugal' SC Gov Flew in Style

Legal Immunity Set For Flu Vaccine Makers

Broadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite Has Died at Age 92, According to His Family

(Larry) Summers: U.S. economy backs away from abyss

Michigan unemployment tops 15%

Scientists save India's moon mission from failure

Tehran's streets erupt after a key cleric speaks

|UPDATE| Ritz-Carlton & Marriott Hotels Hit By Suicide Bombers In Indonesia

Bank of America, Car Thieves, and GOP Lies

Soldier insults Iraqi police

Torture, John Yoo & Barney - Chasers War on Everything

President Obama speech to the NAACP (video and audio ripped from msnbc)

Young Turks: Cenk on Pat Buchanan's Looney Toon Antics Concerning Sotomayor

maxkeiser France24, pt.2 'the real tragedy of 9/11 is that more GoldmanSachs bankers didn't go down

RNC Chair Offers Blacks Fried Chicken

Two Minutes of Hate: July 16, 2009

Remember 2008?

GOP Rep admits insurance companies control markets and health care decisions

Obama Sings!

Obama Sings!

President Obama's Unscheduled Healthcare Speech

Christopher Hitchens' Favorite Whiskey

Glenn Beck Explains The Goldman Sachs Web

Walter Cronkite And The Lunar Landing (CBS News)

Walter Cronkite: King Assassination Report (CBS News) (1968)

Walter Cronkite: "The bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate." (1968)

Conquer Your Fear of the Dark

TYT: Why is Graham So Damn Condescending Toward Sotomayor?

Taped over moon landing Tapes recovered (jk)

Real Stimulus for Real People

Rachel Maddow: Walter Cronkite Dead at 92

Walter Cronkite Interview:(

Why Healthcare Reform Will Fail

Whipping a GOP Moderate

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Hank Paulson Had a $700M Conflict of Interest"

Tiahrt suggests Obama's mother would have aborted him

Rachel Maddow: C Street - Wife Unsatisfied w/ Sex Life Was 'Demonically Possessed'

Hannity advances Obama birth certificate conspiracies

Glenn Beck Freak Out!!! Haha I Love It!

IRAN Tehran, Friday July 17. (26 Tir), Peoples Demonstration

The Re-Education of America, One Joanne98 at a time...

"Mexican Swine Flu" Interview with Dr. Viera Scheibner & Dr. Len Horowitz

Walter Cronkite announces the death of President Kennedy

Jesse Ventura: Sarah Palin would never make it as a Navy SEAL

President Obama remembers Walter Cronkite.

Glenn Beck Mocks Senators Al Franken & Chuck Schumer At Sotomayor Hearing

Young Turks: Senators Who Want to Kill Health Care Reform ('I Hate When They Call Them Centrists!')


Young Turks: Obama Birth Certificates are Real - SHUT UP ALREADY!

Whale Wars, Sea Shepherd report on Channel 5 News Seattle

Congresswoman Kaptur: The Greatest Hail Mary Pass Of ALL TIME!

Howard Dean on Democracy Now for the hour today.

Illegal, and Pointless

US health care legislation to leave millions uninsured, ration care

Everything That Happens in Afghanistan Is Based on Lies or Illusions; Film...Captures Some...Truths

Obama’s war

TYT: Are Liberals Too Vicious to Poor Frank Ricci?

AlterNet: Big Pharma Bribes Doctors to Hook Your Kids on Drugs

Gaza and the Language of Power (Ramzy Baroud)

AJC: Nation at war loses its interest

Bogota to allow 1,400 more US soldiers in its territory

David Sirota: China Is Here

Elmer's to Market a New 'Zell Miller Glue'

Questions Arise Over the Vatican’s 'Story' of Pope's Fall

Bush's Hit Teams

CIA Supervisor Claimed He Used Fire Ants On Detainee

NYT: Kennedy’s Absent Voice on Health Bill Resonates

Social Security spends $700,000 on Phoenix conference

Martin Amis: The end of Iran's ayatollahs?

The First Hundred (Dog) Days - NYT

Huckabee and Bachmann to Headline Event Co-Hosted By Birther Janet Porter

Exclusive: Conservative group offers to sell endorsement for $2M

GOP Hires 'The Village People' to Perform 'C Street Chalet'

House Democrats discourage debates with GOP

Politico and the Washington Post Have Become Virtual "Escort Services" for Moneyed Elites

WYDEN joins Lieberman, Nelson, Snowe, Collins to STOP healthcare reform

What liberals do that "conservatives" don't


The growth of the human population is bad

Friday Talking Points (86) -- Obama Warms Up In The Bullpen

US Income Inequality Continues to Grow

Massachusetts v United States is one to watch. (Constitutional challenge to DOMA)

How Angelina, Bono, Gisele and Madonna Are Destroying the Planet

Help! Weekend Economists' Beatles Edition July 17-19 2009

First, Kill All the MBAs - The role business schools played in the economic crisis

CIA's covert "Operation PBSUCCESS" Guatemala 1954

Why did George W. Bush pick Porter Goss for DCI?

Gary Frago, California Councilman, Sent Racist Anti-Obama Jokes To Staff

Folks. There is a big difference between a National Forest vs. a National Park

CNN to give nutjob Birther "lawyer" Orly Taitz a platform tonight.

SHould the uber-rich pay of the health insurance of the uninsured?

List your job ...

"The inequality of Affirmative Action" the greatest canard of our time

Thoughts on Pat Buchanan, the media, and how really bad the Bush years were

NLGA column writing winner, LZ Granderson: Commentary: Gay is not the new black

The difference between Rush and Palin. He knows the policies he

While Obama was addressing discrimination, I wonder how many gay

A. McEwan responds to LZ Granderson: "No pride in comparing forms of (black, gay) oppression "

DeMint: If We Stop Health Reform, It Will 'Break' Obama

Bank of America posts $2.4 billion profit.

Blacks... gays.... women... the person who could unite us all in one fell swoop ---

A cartoon about pat and his kind.

For many workers, insurance choices may be limited after health care overhaul

Wouldn't covering 50 million uninsured be a jobs engine in and of itself?

Is This Goddamn Pay Taxes On Your Health Care Benefits Bullshit Gonna Happen?

So, seriously, my DU pals - did any of us really think this "change" thing would be easy?

NAACP vs. Gay Marriage: Do The Right Thing

Statement from President Obama on Walter Cronkite

Lawmakers Warned About Health Costs

What Gay Porno Are They Watching On Air Force One?

"Dr." Polarik Provides "Official" *Proof* Hawaii Never Issued Obama's COLB

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Crashes Into Wis. Home

Enogh of this birther bullsh*t on DU

I do understand where Pat Buchanan is coming from

Another GOP Official Sends Out Racist Emails and Gets Caught.

Bill Kristol is even worse than Pat

How many Current Day News Readers are going to pretend to honor Cronkite's brand of Journalism?

Where do I send money?

Why David Sometimes Wins

The health-care reform mess is why corporate lobbyists should never be allowed a seat at any table

Is Obama About To Open A Can Of Healthcare Whoop-Ass?

Who will replace SOS Clinton and when will the replacement take place.

He's back....on Andrea Mitchell's show spouting hate....

Obama could start talking about a yellow energy future

A few things you commie liberal wishy-washy do-gooders need to understand about health care

Hypocritical Bigot To Appear on To The Contrary. Urgent Call for Action.

With all due respect, there's nothing more offensive than hearing people

With all due respect, there's nothing more offensive than hearing black people

Zell Miller: Rahm should use ‘Gorilla Glue’ to keep Obama in his chair

THe Gorilla Glue Company Responds to Zell Miller by writing Obama a Letter

Okay folks...lets get busy with Health Care..Its Congress we need to lobby

Remarks to the NAACP By President Barack Obama (Transcript)

Obama to hold prime-time news conference - Wed 9PM EDT

FREE Popping Out Of Their Holes desktop wallpaper

Ads on DU

"And that's the way it was" Goodnight Walter

Republican Senators Lugar and Martinez first to buckle; declaring support for Sotomayor.

Mr. Gomez, that was an excellent question, are you sure you understand your rights?

If the President wants to grab the bully pulpit for Health Care, then it's time for....

NYT - Former Russian Leader Mikhail Gorbachev On President Obama's "Reset"

Politico investigates... Drinking in the Obama White House!

Senator Tiahart please go jump into a lake!

CBO score for Single Payer Health Care. Anyone have it ?

Steele Explains His ‘Urban-Suburban Hip-Hop’ Strategy: I’m Going To Create ‘A Little Hip-Hop Storm’

So GOV. SANFORD went FIRST CLASS on the taxpayers' money?

Lawmakers Blast Obama "No-Visit" Gitmo Policy

Is President Obama really ready for the backlash if a bad healthcare bill is passed?

Question: Can Obama make Congress STAY HOME and not go on vacation?

Here's my post asking for help on July 22 calling actions.

July 17...President Obama still trying to fix Bushies Disaster only to be torpedoed,

Primetime presidential news conference at the White House, Wed. 7/22 @ 9PM EDT

House Committee Allows States to Create Single-Payer Healthcare

Obama's speech on health care .... NOW.

Tweet from Chuck Grasshole re: Obama's speech just now

Will health care reform pass this year? If so, will you like most, some, or none of it?

More bad numbers for Burr

Washington Independent: ‘Birther’ Movement Dogs Republicans

The real arguement against the Repugs re Healthcare

Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

Harry and Louise are back....with a new message.

Biden Fires Back At Stimulus Critics

More lovely musings from Pat

Predict how many GOP Senators will Vote for Judge Sotomayor (and how many Dems against).

"The Democrats have been cowed by taunts that single-payer is "socialized medicine"

No Size Fits All

NYT - House Panels Approve Health Legislation

Ted Van Dyke: Obama Needs to 'Reset' His Presidency

How has President Obama exacerbated unemployment?

Umm...anyone know what happens with Medicare and Medicaid with a public option?

howard dean interview on democracy now!

Lugar becomes first Republican to back Sotomayor

Note to Obama: If you are truly concerned about mitigating global climate change...

Exclusive: Conservative group offers to sell endorsement for $2M

Another Alleged Affair Tied to Christian House on Capitol Hill

Reminder: Buchanan was the author of Nixon's Southern Strategy.

Space Bags....

I wish I could have given Rachel some tips to counter Pat

There are three Republicans...

Poor Alabama county banks on coal ash dumping

DrumBeat: July 17, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - July 17

South Korea Plans to Spend $100 Million on Asian Water Projects

TVA says hazard rating 'high' at 4 coal ash sites

U.S. releases unclassified spy images of Arctic ice

Science/Mongabay - Scientists Confirm That Moth Species Uses Ultrasonic To Jam Bats' Echolocation

Dover urged to buy plant's solar energy (News Journal)

PEMEX Output Down 20% From 2004 Peak; Down 7.9% Jan-May 2009 YOY - Rigzone

Time Magazine: Utilities Scramble to Meet Power Needs of Electric Cars

BBC: Are the deserts getting greener?

How too much agricultural land leads to hunger in Africa (a critique of Malthusianism)

A msg from B. Boxer (D) to the "naysayers"

U.S. should pay for carbon content of imported goods: Locke

Bats Avoid Radar Installations: Could Electromagnetic Fields Deter Bats from Colliding with…Turbines

Brush Turkey revival ruffles feathers in backyards

San Diego menaced by jumbo squid (CNN)

Lab Confirms Chukchi Sea Blob As Previously Unknown Variety Of Algae - ADN

National Geographic: Shading the Earth

New Study Sheds Light on the Growing U.S. Wind Power Market

Racing in the Tour De France

Which NFL team has the only perfect winning percentage for one season?

I don't like the MLB postseason system.

Red Sox cut ties with Lugo

Notice how I never talk about the Wild Card Standings?

That cuts it.

Tony Romo in the lead at Lake Tahoe

Tennis player reinstated--says he ingested cocaine by kissing woman

Albert Pujols has hit two more home runs tonight.

Non-Gloating Post. Garrett Jones!!

So, it's a Friday night, it's beach towel night, it's dollar hotdog night at

It has been a rough night for DU's twins....

Timmy off to rocky start in second half against Pirates

So, it's a Friday night, it's beach towel night, it's dollar hotdog night at

Is tonight the night that the Rockies pull even with the Giants?

CentAm unions blocking Honduran borders. Dock workers won't unload, Univ. access taken by students

A Good Antidote to the NYT Article: Fidel says Honduras Talks a US Stall Tactic

Scorecard for Sat. Begins: Micheletti 2, Zelaya O/ why did reps take Micheletti "offer" to OAS??

Official Translation: Fidel: "What Should Be Demanded from the United States"

Thousands more people forced to flee from Colombia's armed conflict

Video from protest in front of US Embassy in Honduras (Spanish)

MACHETERA Says CAMBIOSENCUBA Reporting that ZELAYA is back in Honduran Territory

FIDEL REFLECTION: "What Should be Demanded of the US" - EN-Google Translation

HBO Special: Ward vs Gotti (1-3)

Sheep Guarded by the Wolf, Hens Protected by the Fox, and Honduran Mediation Entrusted to Arias

"I don't know if I'm going to die but I'm going back to my people" Zelaya + Links

IMPORTANT - PWW: Did Zelaya violate the constitution?


Interesting Honduras projections in this Miami Herald story

Honduran Archbishop Can't Stop Bitching: Blasts Zelaya and Chavez Again Today

NYT is Stirring the Pot:: "Some Terms Reached in Honduras Dispute"

Clinton Doesn’t Get the Power of Nonviolence in Honduras


MICHELETTI Sends Letter to UN Denouncing CHAVEZ Actions

U.S. Treads Softly As Region Weighs In On Honduras

ORTEGA Says Plot to OVERTHROW Him to Fail

CENTRAL AMERICA: Shades of Coups Past - And Yet to Come?

Rebel video hounds Ecuador's Correa

TELESUR: Zelaya Press Conf. Finished - 9:40 PM EDT

The Ghost of Che

ZELAYA'S WIFE: Zelaya Plans Return to Honduras if Talks Fail

Spanish Speakers: Jean-Guy Allard has article on cubadebate about Micheletti and narcotrafficking

STATE DEPT. BRIEFING, July 17: Zelaya, Chavez, Zelaya, Chavez

KOZLOFF: "Chiquita in Latin America: From Arbenz to Zelaya"

Thread of goodwill, hopes, thanks and prayers for our Dr Mika now in Nicaragua on a surgical mission

Gun Control laws, to be applied to Pre-Paid Cell Phones in Mexico

Impending showdown in Tennessee over gun laws

Report: Man who provided gun (to the Steve McNair shooter) arrested

If you can't have guns, have bodyguards. They come in handy...

“Negroes with Guns” America's Dark History of brutal, sadistic violence against African Americans

Noble Not Guilty Of Disrupting Public Gathering(Brought Gun Near to Obama Rally

Inside Story - Breaking the silence (Video)

Jerusalem braces for violence as Haredi mother due in court

FLBA Federal Labor Relations Board - The Balance of Power Shifts Once More!

First Gaza rocket for a month hits Israel: army

Gaza and the Language of Power (Ramzy Baroud)

Signs of Hope Emerge in the West Bank

Settlers launch 'Obama hilltop project'

Martin Amis: The end of Iran's ayatollahs?

Hiring Foreign Workers Often As Easy As Hiring Citizens

U.S.-Based Leading Rights Group Denies Improprieties

West Bank cancels Leonard Cohen concert in protest against Israel

Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea

Olmert to US: Stop focusing on settlements

Signs of Hope Emerge in the West Bank

Howard Dean on His Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform

Wastewater Used To Map Illicit Drug Use

few things you commie liberal wishy-washy do-gooders need to understand about health care

For many workers, insurance choices may be limited after health care overhaul (re-direct)

The Famous story of Mouseland By T.C. Douglas, The Father of Medicare in Canada

With Troubles at Home, Coke and Pepsi Turn to Herb Formula in China

Sustainability And Photography

My wet lemons and other yard shots.

I just can't decide....I have narrowed it down to these four....

The reason we have trouble with our "yard" photos, I think, is that it's personal.

Cyclist, last stage of the Tour of the Red River Gorge.

Hello Goodbye

A few snapshots of my vegetable garden.

How Effective is a Hostage President?

Glenn Beck, right before his ultrasonic shriek, was about to show what he truly cares about

JPMorgan Results Bode Ill for Quarter at Regional Banks.

Worst behind us but more stimulus needed-Roubini

The Joy of Sachs - Krugman

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/16/09

What Economy?

U.S. Housing Market Foreclosures Hit Record 1.5 Million

Video: Sotomayor on gay marriage

Chaos in the Early Solar System

President Obama addresses discrimination in speech to NAACP

GLAAD and EA hold panel to discuss homophobia in gaming

Do GLBT threads make it to the Greatest Page anymore?

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spots Apollo landing site

Bluehost vs. the Lesbians

Another optical illusion

In Push for Cancer Screening, Limited Benefits

New crop circles, y'all! (warning to dialuppers: pic heavy)

"Calling all Angels"

Court Reverses Ruling Dealing With Visa of Muslim Scholar (Tariq Ramadan)

PC Where are you?

Jerusalem braces for violence as Haredi mother due in court (child abuser)

Does the Holy Bible represent Christian values?

Why do so many people continue to believe in ancient religions?

Minister charged with stealing from church

Marinated mushrooms

volcano chocolate - 90% less calories and resists melting to 131 degrees Fahrenheit

Salt should be tasteless

The circular "Logic" of "Truthers"

Drought aid tough to come by -167 Texas counties are classified as disaster

Loretta Haldenwang off to strong start in HD 105 Race...

Brother, can you spare a dime for Rick Perry?

Rep. Flores indicted by Travis County grand jury

9/11, NIST, and Bush Science

Drop Dead Diva......

He was more important than MJ in our history, yet will barely be honored