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From TOTUS Blog: I'm Okay

Heads up: Craig Ferguson doing Sarah Palin tonight after

Being qualified to RUN, is very different from being competent enough to BE president

Ensign's mistress may decide his future

Ezra Klein -- The House Releases Its Health-Care Reform Bill

We know the Domestic Spying operation under the NSA started BEFORE 9/11

House rolls out plan to make health care a right

Prison coaches charge up to $20K to prep white-collar perps - like Martha Steward & Madoff

Episcopal Bishops may end Gay ban ..

DU straight women only please --

Beyond the Villainous Archetype: Dick Cheney and others

One big multivitamin orgasm, Mark Morford

One big multivitamin orgasm, Mark Morford

Improv Everywhere...

Leading Constitutional and Military Law Expert Says Special Prosecutor Would Investigate Senior Bush

US Trade Associations Putting Profits before Human Rights in Honduras

We brought freedom to Afghanistan!

Up to 168 Aboard Plane Killed in Iran Crash

Sotomayor's "friends" around the world

what is general discussion for? usually the days current events.

Update-Tsunami Warning Canceled

"A History of Women in Afghanistan: Lessons Learnt for the Future"

L.A. Tagged as the City Meanest to the Homeless

Israel soldiers speak out on Gaza

Tin Foil Hat time re: Iranian airliner crash and Flt. 93 in Shanksville, PA on 9/11

Bullets. Shot from guns. Are what killed Byrd and Melanie Billings of Pensacola.

Pathetically unfunny "conservative comedy" video from NewsBusters

Where were all the great ideas, during the last 8 long years?

Another freeper type in twouble::: what else?...SEX

AlterNet: The 10 Dumbest Things Republicans Have Said About the Sotomayor Hearings

‘Lest we forget' our history (William Brown lynched 1919)

Michelle Obama's Father

It Must Be Stated: Cheney Is Full of Bullshit. (MUST SEE VIDEO)

NPR Interview with Dr. Sam Nussbaum will give you the creeps.

Interactive map of Broad Unemployment Across the U.S.

(UK) Soldier Who Refused Return to Afghanistan Ready for Prison

Would Sotomayor have a better chance w/repubs if she had quit a few times?

Ahhhhh, I have a bible new testiment question.

Obama's sobering message to Detroit

Condensed Capitalism

Can you imagine Cheney's daughter, Liz, being a more attractive candidate than Palin?

For my 25,000th post I offer only this: Eeby Geeby Gooby.

FINDLAW: The CIA's Bad Apples

Glenn Greenwald: Blocking probes of the powerful a unifying media theme

Anyone work for a Think Tank? I have some questions...

Baby Clothes and Sonia Sotomayor

What's the opposite of a wise Latina?

"Former GM boss gets $8.6m pension" - bbc.

GRITtv Live at Noon: Goldman Sachs: Risk Takers or Coup Makers?

Is insurance compulsory under the proposed Democratic health care plan?

Obama should get the Pope or other religious leaders to endorse his health care plan

Tea Partyers and Governors converge on Biloxi this weekend

Salon Video: Scott Bateman's animated take on Sessions vs. Sotomayor @ confirmation hearings

Memo to Eric Holder, US Attorney-General :

Politico's Allen says $1 trillion deficit "awesome issue for Republicans," ignoring they created it

Iran: The Green Brief #28 (July 14) Latest news from Iran

What has Dick Cheney told Liz Cheney about his role in CIA controversy? Morning Joe didn't ask

Mika Brzezinski's "real Americans" elitism

"So why exactly is the Obama administration waiting to act?"

If we ACTUALLY had a liberal media

Stock market going through the roof this morning! Is this just because of Intel's earnings??

Just to let you know, Sotomayor is going to take away your guns

GOP Continues to Cite Misleading Numbers in Opposing Public Plan

Conservative outlets offered to spin missing governor story

Anybody know this guy's freeper username?

Two points of information re: Judge Sotomayor: Who is the woman sitting

Democrats to Palin: Thanks but no Thanks

My rallying cry for Contact Reid/Baucus day. July 22, 2009.

The anti health care reform push back "Conservatives for Patients' Rights"

GRITtv live now with Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs

Question: are the top few posts GD Presidential ALWAYS on the front page?

The Rude Pundit: A Few Random Observations Regarding the Behavior of Republicans ...

Sotomayor VS Rush "Lard Ass" Limbaugh

Sen. nit wit Grassley hasn't made his mind up about Sotomayor

Every time the CIA got caught going rogue in my lifetime it was always about Death Squads

GOP candidates get their marching orders from 'strategists'

I give her all the credit in the world

Cheney Sweating Bullets - Mister Fixer

A Bargain At Any Price - - Especially This One

I've been admiring Judge Sotomayor . . . I like her even more today

Swim club in racial flap says it can't afford lawsuit.

A request from President Barack Obama:

Major newspapers disappear Sessions' alleged history of racial insensitivity

Rep. Schakowsky: Cheney may be called to testify

ABC's Jake Tapper Kissed Sanford's Ass Big Time

Hillary's comments are "ridiculous, a nightmare, and frustrating beyond words"...

DNC pushing its own senators on healthcare

aren't you ALL sick of this crap

Shocking News, the new leader of the Young Republicans is Racist Scum

July equals deadliest month of Afghan war

Conn. has a nuke plant event

The NRA doesn't seem to like Sonia Sotomayor. That means.......

*** Official Wednesday Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 1 ***

World's oldest tattoos were made of soot

July equals deadliest month of Afghan (quagmire). Western troops dying at average rate of 3 a day

President Obama speaking about Healthcare Reform, here...

Republican 'Bipartisanship" Is Like Lucy Pulling Away The Football From Charlie Brown...

Obama taking time to praise America's nurses

Obama taking time to praise America's nurses

US Not Doing Enough in Honduras, Progressive Think Tank Says

CIA Gets Extension Until Aug 24 On Torture Report

Gender is important - re: Supreme Court

Gender is important - re: Supreme Court

Sorry to be a downer but NJ Governors race doesn't look good for Corzine (at this time)

Cheney's Secret CIA Program: Worse Than Foreign Assassinations?

Gotten any "protect our borders" calls recently?

Introducing The Parallel Universe's Answer To Craigslist: Gipperlist

Should "call every number" robo calls be illegal?

Concerning domestic spying there is a connection I can't make - maybe you can?

" Ronald Reagan to Flex 'Political Power' in New Comic Biography"

Senate Democrats Attach Hate Crimes Law to Defense Bill

A New Weight Loss Shot?

Breaking EQ 7.4 Riecter.....about 20 min ago...New Zealand....Tsunami alert

Nora O'Donnell: Franken Will Be "Playing The Role Of Senator"...

Jake Tapper Tweets in Defense of Kissing Sanford's Ass

Republicans Will Have No Choice But To Support the Healthcare Bill

Quite possibly one of the dumbest questions ever

Sessions' Hate Speech by Tom Gilroy

I like Obama on Healthcare this week - campaigning hard, putting up TV ads

Sen. Coburn (R-Bigot) The gift that keeps on giving.

Once she starts, Regina Benjamin needs to issue stern warning about smoking

Don't miss the debate tonight: Chuck Todd vs. Glenn Greenwald

In D.C., some worry Ensign saga is not over

In D.C., some worry Ensign saga is not over

Rep. Yarmuth (D-Ky): House Dems' health bill 'greatest thing' for small business

Ugh, that idiot Art Laffer was going "WE NEED TAX CUTS" on the BBC World Service last night.

This is the article that Big Eddie was speaking about in regards to...

If wall had ears . . . Come CAPTION the Christian Crib at C Street

Someone please tell Spectre to let Justice Sotomayor answer a f*cking question!

Birthers Ignorant Claims Fed By Fox News Report

Mods are no longer needed at DU

You know...

Alternet Staff: The 10 Dumbest Things Republicans Have Said About Sotomayor Hearings

Someone just told me that they watched the History Channel re the antichrist

Someone just told me that they watched the History Channel re the antichrist

Jeff Sessions is a classic projectionist

LOL! Big Eddie warming my heart- TEARING into "Druggie Limbaugh"

Lou Dobbs is hosting Alan Keyes and Orly Taitz birther nutjobs on his radio show.

MoDo: White Man’s Last Stand

MoveOn Fundraising Email Invoking Sarah Palin’s “Lies” Brings In $100,000 In One Day

Just what we needed: something to make spending money online even easier

Lawmaker Proposing End to Student-Loan Subsidies, Backing Obama

The Stock Market Is Indicating The Recovery Has Begun-Dow Up 235 Points!

Fullbright Scholarship ???? That should have been done away with long ago.

China bans shock treatment for Internet addiction

Gavin Newsom has abandoned us

Military developing robot-insect cyborgs

Fed: recession easing, but unemployment rising

CIA Cancels Second Covert Assassination Program

CIA Cancels Second Covert Assassination Program

Vatican praises Harry Potter film

isn't there a thread on today's Sotomayor hearings?

From the editorial board of Jeff Sessions' hometown paper...

The statistics that colleges hate to share

Coburn Evokes Ricky Ricardo While Speaking To Sotomayor: "You'll Have Lots Of Splainin' To Do"

Panel Approves Military Voting Rights Bill

Now That's Health Care Reform-The House of Representatives shows how it's done.

So I turned on Jabba the Rush today to listen to his spew

What Ricky Ricardo and Sonia Sotomayor have in common

In Silicon Valley the stimulus already a lifesaver

HBO's "Teddy: In His Own Words"

ConservaDems may have some small sense of decency after all

This might be a stupid question but...

This might be a stupid question but...

Why are so many of the video posts about right-wing commentaries or nonsense.

Wow! It's nice to see a reporter call them what they are: Anti-Abortion!!!

Steven Rattner steps down from auto task force (investigation of pay for play at his former firm)

Al Franken doing me proud, standing up for our rights on the internet! Bravo!

What is the scenario for Frank Ricci tomorrow at Sotomayor's confirmation hearings?

Fascinating but unsurprising read on emails from RW media re:Sanford story

It's time to play Moron, Douchebag or Tool. C'mon! Everybody play!

Your time remaining

The description of the scene of the Russian jet that crashed

Russian Rights Activist Natalya Estemirova Murdered

Russian Rights Activist Natalya Estemirova Murdered

dupe delete

Lab Analyst Decision Complicates Prosecutions (Scalia gets it right)

John Kyl accuses Dems of briging up "irrelevent" issues

Franken stumps Sotomayor with Perry Mason question

CNN Urges Senators to Ask Sotomayor More Questions About Michael Jackson DADT Petition to Congress

Getting a book published??

Britain must tell Obama: the alliance of denial has to end

A white man without the ability to empathize

Does anyone remember what the excuse was that Bush* could not testify without Cheney?

Senator Jeff Beauragard Sessions III questions Sotomayor, -- a lesser human being

Ex-Clinton aides advising Honduran coup regime

Healthcare: Change the Debate, Support a Real Public Option

Russian rights activist Natalya Estemirova murdered

Dr. Dean's Second Opinion


So what is it about Sotomayor that Republicans don't understand?

Jon Soltz endorses Anthony Woods for Congress

Tweety to discuss Carter's Malaise speech after

IRS Fails to Collect $1.2 Billion From Those Owing $1 Million Or More

Does Sean Hannity Work Hard for His Money?

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, rejected for judgeship for racist views, lectures Sotomayor

How many senators will vote to confirm Sotomayor?

Words of wisdom during tough times from Jimmy Carter: Text of the Malaise Speech 30 year ago today


Kirk to run for Obama's old Ill. Senate seat

Kirk to run for Obama's old Ill. Senate seat

Kirk to run for Obama's old Ill. Senate seat

Anal Penetrating Chair Kills Teen - Or Watch Your Ass If your computer chair is made in China

Dennis Kucinich: Health Care: Change the Debate

It "bends the constitution when SCOTUS reads rights into the Constitution?" WTF???!!!

A Summary Review Of The House Healthcare Bill: This is must reading!

Hateful Fundies Hate the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill

farm worker 'fired shotgun at Norwegian crop circle tourists' after 300ft design appeared overnight

Stirling engine solar dish farms also seek to restart Detroit

Windows 7 flies off virtual shelf (BBC) {PRE-order in UK}

Shuttle is a Go !

The Grand Imperial of Wizardry on Display Folks

Be inspired ....................:

"everyone must buy health insurance"

Gun Control Reduces Crime

I'm slumming watching Glen insane beck... an alert came on that shot were fired in senate office bld

Gallup Poll: Ousted leader with 46 pct approval (Honduras)

*** Official Wednesday Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 2 ***

Major Cook a Freeper?

Does anyone know of a website that chronicles Limbaugh's rants on "welfare"?

BREAKING : Capital Hill Shooting -- Cheney's "secret program" farewell salute?

More ethics complaints filed against Paliln today....

More ethics complaints filed against Paliln today....

Idea of the day.

Stupid (not ignorant) hater given civics lesson on NPR.

From David Letterman’s monlogue Tuesday night:

Blue Dog Democrat wants you to complete his survey

Asia Times: Toxic skills keep their appeal

DU: The Movie

OK DUers Enough - Which of you 'thumped' up new ethics charges against Sarah Palin

Based on Responses to Posts on the Healthcare Reform, I'd say we have a few Health Insurance DUers

If Congress Fails to Pass the Obama Health Care Plan ... Robert Creamer ~ Huff Po

Anyone giving odds on how long it will be before Sessions...

(Analysis) Ex-Clinton aides advising Honduran coup regime

(Analysis) Ex-Clinton aides advising Honduran coup regime

Los Angeles Accused of Criminalizing Homelessness

Luckovich nails it: Sotomayor is making the GOP tools look dumber than they are

Huckabee warns Palin: Don't leave GOP

The Daily Show: Samantha Bee on Palin..."Stop attacking her. What is wrong with you?"

National referendums: why don't they exist here in the United States?

I sincerely hope Goldman Sachs is not a sign of things to come

Ex-Powell Aide Suggests CIA Assassination Program Was Actually Active

HAIR To Cancel 10/11 Performance And Join The National Equality March in Washington, D.C.

Candy giant Pez takes aim at Peninsula museum

Rise of the Whicans

so, are the freepers able to get it around their heads that Sonia Sotomayor can cope,

How many "lone wolves" can be tied to Freeperland?

What is going on with AT&T Collective bargaining?

Bush’s Justice Dept. blacklisted LGBT groups

Which foreigner is more dangerous to the U.S-- Osama Bin Laden or Rupert Murdoch?

What Obama means to an older generation

"The Killing of Women Is Like Killing a Bird Today in Afghanistan"

Last word on the unrecommend 'controversy' ...

Hanoi Limbaugh Commits Treason- Calls for Foreign Power to Invade America

Boohoo! My governor is gone again.

CNN very "concerned" that Sessions may not vote for Sotomayor

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

Elections have consequences -Health care is coming

How Crazy Is Glen Beck

Fundies: Anti-Bullying Bill is just a way to force Teh Gay on students

Rachel has more Family and C Street info tonight

And now, a video of an old movie trailer.

CBC News: Israeli soldiers allege abuses against Palestinians

Franken Quizzes Sotomayor on Perry Mason — and Actual Constitutional Issues

The Secular Student Alliance Is Sending PZ Myers to the Creation Museum

NRA growing more alarmed over Sotomayor

Attack of the Telco Lobbyists.

Is Jeff Sessions just plain jealous of Sotomayer?

"Annoy a liberal. Work Succeed."

Raising the caps on Soc. Secuirty, ..could it be the answer to the Health Coverage debate.

"Lots of Islamics in Michigan. Just sayin"

Al Franken doing me proud, standing up for our rights on the internet! Bravo!

Republican philosophy 101

Sonya Sotomayor. Are rethugs being assholes because they can?

Gay USA: Much Ado About Kissing; AIDS Protest in US Capitol

Philip Giraldi (AmConMag): CIA Hit Teams

Witness: Pastor said `Lord told me' to abuse girl

Rachel Maddow's story on the Iraqi baseball team update

Iraq, paper, tube link

Another right-wing nut?

Anybody else think this is hilarious?

Another Russian human rights activist assassinated - Natalia Estemirova

It sounds like today is the last episode of Break Room Live with Marc Maron and Sam Seder

Glenn Beck brings the serious crazy on his radio program today

Why is my tool bar missing?

Davis: Your Guide to Mormon PDA (Public displays of affection) Penalties

Sorting Out Sotomayor: Church-State Experts Wait For Answers (Judiciary Committee has not asked her)

Who came up with the term Birther? It sounds like some obscure fetish.

Health care "reform" in a nutshell

$49 for going over the limit by less than $30??

Bank Manager Helps Thwart $25K Con Of 80-Year-Old

Glenn Greenwald: Chuck Todd's arguments against investigations

Exchange students live American nightmare

Hemingway revealed to have been a failed KGB agent

Iran Plane Black Boxes 'Damaged'

To wage wars...

Saw the end of Hardball tonite. Buchanan waves his racism around

Plus ça change...

CA State Officials: Pot Tax Would Rake in $1.4B

I swear I did not alter this image in any way.

I De-Bunk The Republican Health Care Reform Plan

It's begining to look a lot like 'fitzmas' ;) U.S. Rep. Holt heads campaign to probe CIA practices

Americans United for Separation of Church and State takes "no position on [Sotomayor] confirmation"

Sy Hersh: first they said "we don't torture" - "this time it's the government doesn’t assassinate"

Arizona takes giant steps backward

MAJOR BUMMER... just found out some bad news.

Stephen King is writing his scariest novel yet!

For those curious about Cable News Ratings...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Meghan McCain: "Joe the Plumber -- You Can Quote Me -- Is A Dumbass"

The Drugster is coming after Ed Shultz

If you want get away with highway robbery, start a health care insurance company

A 23 Quadrillion-Dollar Credit Card Bill $23,148,855,308,184,500.00.


More bad news for FR: Lower IQ 'a heart disease risk'

I was a bad citizen

I'm wondering.............

let's get serious: the secret program is NOT about assasination of Al Queda

New Military Robots 'Could Feed on Corpses'

Army: Soldiers in slayings faced intense combat

Republican amendment to HELP bill requires ALL members of Congress to take the Public Plan

With Help, Conductor and Wife Ended Lives.

I was curious about the upcoming total solar eclipse on July 22 and found this. Wow! Dial-up Warning

Who booed Obama at the All-Star game?

Do you feel people who are saving their disposable income are being unpatriotic?

What is the Republican plan for health care?

I want to understand the "birther" argument better

Ron Paul - What is the DU consensus on him?

A soldier's view on MJ's death

A soldier's view on MJ's death

The Republican's Flow Chart (reworked)

Serious concern at NASA about possible damage to shuttle

The DU Folding@Home team has moved up to #261 with a score of 15.42 million

Banning smoking in the military, could get us a whole "new" military

Seasons with Sessions. Come CAPTION ol' Senator Jeff!!!!!!

"If only walls had ears. . . ." Come CAPTION the Christian Crib at C Street

Yahoo News: "Progressive conservative" columnist disappointed with Sotomayor pick

WTF? Coburn: "you have splainin to do"???????

Report: Bush admin 'blacklisted liberal groups'

Lindsay Graham: "In the future, when people that look like me are the minority,

Non Political Heads Up: Sir Paul on Letterman tonight

VA Republican:"We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before bullet box"

Major Stefen Cook (Freeper Birfer Suing Obama) LOSES His Defense Contractor Job

I Donated To DU and to the USO Today!

A wise Latina woman

Great Sotomayor 'toon!

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: He never really left

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: He never really left

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3: Republicans and other toons

Photos of Michael Jackson Show Signs of Vitiligo and Needle Punctures

Do you believe the stock market is rigged?

Big blobs of mystery goo floating off Alaska coast

Pomeroy cannot support House health reform plan proposed by Democratic leaders

Franken Gets a Temporary Promotion

Franken Gets a Temporary Promotion

War Crime

What obligations do cities have for homeless people?

Ted Rall: Why can't Obama see his wars are unwinnable?

FACT CHECK: Sotomayor tied abortion ban, slavery?

Sessions: Alito and Roberts answered the questions with more clarity than this Puerto Rican lady

Cheney secret program NOT about getting Al Queda leaders

Warren Buffett flings money at Chinese electric cars - LINK EDITED

Lewis Cole, died last October. Columbia radical, 1968;

Government cannot compete with private industry

I filed for Social Security for the first time a couple of months ago - let me tell you about it.

Glitch hits Visa users with more than $23 quadrillion charge (CNN)

DU this poll. As far as the conduct of the "anti-Obama GI" goes . . .

Freedom! No longer shall any of us be beholden to evil librul CraigsList. Introducing GippersList!

Democrats press for HMO fees to fund health reform

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: the wise latina

St. Pete chosen the 2nd meanest city in the country toward the homeless.

if the media decides something doesn't matter, does it matter?

Ancient Fortress City Unearthed in Egypt

I want to go to a hospital without being being handed a bill afterwards...

I want to go to a hospital without being being handed a bill afterwards...

Downtime Thursday afternoon

Downtime Thursday afternoon

Michael Jackson: What We See Is What We Look Like

Thrift Store Purchases Could Hurt Cardholders Credit Card Companies Track Purchases At Thrift Store

World's oldest new mom dies, leaves twin toddlers

Should Public Health Care Include Abortion?

Perhaps this is why Palin is leaving..or one of the reasons.

Perhaps this is why Palin is leaving..or one of the reasons.

The Healthcare Bill Looks Like a Winner

BWAHAHA! Freeps get undies in a bunch over Olbermann calling RimJob "Jim THOMPSON"...TWICE! BWAHAHA!

Anyone here have feelings about "squatting" in bank-foreclosed homes?

Peter Lance: "Mr. Fitz, in your threat to sue for libel, please, either put up or shut up"

OMG, the humanity! *****Police report on men's plaza kiss released*****

Social Security Execs....Should be fired.

85 Cents On The Dollar. California Gives Out IOUs & Banks Refuse To Cash Them >>>

Kucinich Opening Statement to Committee on America’s Affordable Health Choices Act

Kucinich Opening Statement to Committee on America’s Affordable Health Choices Act

BREAKING: Republicans release their detailed health plan.. (edited)

College's "sexual harassment" policy found unconstitutional

Single Payer Amendment to be added to health bill...

Swine flu will be biggest pandemic ever, warns world health chief

Bing Delivers Credibility to Microsoft

"I'll take deeply ridiculous wingnut analogies for $500, Alex."

I have a bad feeling about this health care plan...

HEY! please take this Health Care survey! It is from my House rep

So, I need 5,000$ in dental work, have private dental insurance, and will have to pay 5,000$.

States awash in stimulus money to weatherize homes

I Believe I have lost Faith in Humanity & This Country......

"everyone must buy health insurance"

LEAKED: More Than Fifty House Progressives Privately Commit To Oppose Weak Health Care Bill

The story of the "unrecommend" feature in smilies.

The story of the "unrecommend" feature in smilies.

TIME's 1995 "right hand of God" is going to make the GOP more "hip". Ralph Reed

Helen Thomas: Afghanistan Now is Obama's War

i'm just going to flat out say it

i'm just going to flat out say it

A video for you tonight.

YouTube: Yes, "Wurm" ("Starship Trooper" closing section), from "Keys To Ascension," 1996

YouTube: Stephen Stills - Tree Top Flyer

darkstar at 17

Why don't I care anymore?

Which state should you live in quiz.

Will dental fillings pick up radio signals?

Improv Everywhere...

Hi All- Quick poll question---Music or TV/Film

What vile, pernicious, unspeakable acts would you stoop to... just for a Klondike Bar?

Another freeper type in twouble::: what else?...SEX

I am diabolical!

No recommendations from the lounge? Are we perpetually trouble makers or what?

Post your favorite Lewinsky quote here.

I am going to flat out say it

BBC: Cats 'exploit' humans by purring

Best TV movie George Washington?

NH man charged 23 quadrillion dollars for smokes

Match Game Story: "Melissa Mendicant was so annoying, even Mother Theresa ___ her to death."

Is it weird to have no nipples or a belly button?

Does anyone know about septic tank maintenance?

Does anyone know about septic tank maintenance?

6:55 am and someone has been weedwacking for the last 10 minutes.

Is it weird that I've never shot a man in Reno just to watch him die?

For my 25,000th post I offer only this: Eeby Geeby Gooby.

I finally got my computer set up in the upstairs apartment

Is it wierd that I've never danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Rec this thread if you believe Lounge threads should be able to be rec'd!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/15/09

Good morning Lounge

i heart (big) aquariums

This morning, my 3 1/2 YO nephew....

Congratulations greatauntoftriplets! 65,000 posts!

Oh, balls.

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS THREAD! Click here if you ARE, or want to admonish those who are.

Coincidence? Two Coulterbeasts?

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Did surfboards always have a fin on the underside? I notice them

RIP >0

Are COLA raises mandated for everyone?

Dane Cook Gets Sacrificed to the Sun Gods by a Mayan Priest

Someone spilled coffee in the stairwell at work and didn't clean it up.

I spilled my coffee today at work. Eh-someone else will clean it up

I'm a T-rex!

Ham-Burger's only win(s)

Husband takes stand in $99M divorce trial

Has Anyone Ever Taken the "Lost Sea Adventure" in Tennessee?

NH man charged 23 quadrillion dollars for smokes

Congratulations MercutioATC! 25,000 posts!

How do you like your hose?

Congratulations zbdent! 25,000 posts!

I think I was reincarnated from a bear

Best laugh all week- The Ewok Gospel (Featuring Billy Dee Williams)

Trekies- what would be your all star crew?

Anyone else go see the new Harry Potter movie last night?

The most metal classical music pieces

So I went to the Wal-Mart to get a physical

What case did Perry Mason lose?

Just informed my children that Han shoots first, dammit!

The Band-Whispering Pines

Does anybody know when Midlo gets back from maternity leave?

Any thoughts on a good laptop in the $800-ish range?

They are remaking the Karate Kid

I think I was reincarnated from a beer.

Anti-Virus / Spyware Removal Recommendations?

*******HAPPY 9th ANNIVERSARY to fudge stripe cookays & reprehensor!!*******

Yet another Facebook post.

Anybody hungry? (burp)

Bailey is vomiting again

Anybody know how to get alcohol-based dye to take hold in fine hair?

Yet more drawbacks to being short....

You stay CLASSY, basketball player Richard Jefferson ("Dumps Fiancee Hours Before Wedding")

Are you content with my looks?

Could they be brothers? Senator Jeff Sessions and Beverly Leslie from "Will and Grace"

(Tennis)Gasquet Is Cleared to Play Again(Believed him that he ingested cocaine by kissing a woman)

Where did they get that ethereal looking woman in the Palm Pre commercials?

Smokey Barbeque Puppy: Amazing Story of Puppy With Fork in Skull

Harry Potter 6 -- Only spoilers.

am i missing something?

Post #6000.....

I'm freaking out..

I need a website where I'm allowed to make fun of Lindsey Graham for being a repressed

Some guy looked down at my crotch today and said how thin it was...

Another Star Wars debate:

John Ritter, you'll always be missed

A moment too historical to go unrecognized, even for a Cowboys fan.

Playmate Jayde Nicole handing out free veggie dogs on Capitol Hill wearing a bikini made of lettuce

Car accident today. I was hit by a police car!

55,000 applications for the Iphone - most of them suck.

I gotta go, But the next round is on ME!

Napoleon Solo Shot First!

Congratulations OhioChick! 15,000 posts!

Breaking news: I have my very own laptop now!

09-09-09 my ASS. Sorry, I'm not buying the entire Beatles catalog a THIRD time.

Ask the Lounge......

Wednesday, July 15th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

aren't you ALL sick of this crap

Are you content with your books?

I Just Need One Big Fukin DU HUG

movie remakes in the pipeline include Red Dawn AND RoboCop??

Has/will a famous person ever successfully fake their death?

URGENT VIBES NEEDED!!! Newborn baby is failing.

My 85-year-old father is having hip replacement surgery

Shuttle is a go! Launch is in seven minutes

What Are the Best Album Covers Of All Time?

Sacramento DU'ers - FUCKALL it was hot today!!!!!

Glen Campbell in Concert-True Grit

Does anybody else hate those damn wheelie shoes?

MEGA cuteness alert -- baby fawn and bunny!

Help, plantar fasciitis is kicking my ass. Or my feet. Anybody here who has successfully got rid

LOLZ...someone in my lab just called me a nerd....

Well well well, what do we have here, an interloper?

You know when you haven't pissed in a looong time.

Someone name me a good beer

I'm pouring a glass of wine.

Wow Between Insomnia, Financial troubles, & Stress....I have to Vent DU!!!

MILES! "On The Corner"...I feel like throwing glass bottles at a brick wall, just to hear them break

how bad is driving around San Francisco?

Does Pandora charge money now?

Songs that tell stories spanning more than one year

How old do you want to live to?

I believe in the Church of Baseball

Good friends

CNN Video: McCartney performs "Get Back" on Ed Sullivan Theater roof

Robert De Niro victim of New York art scam

For those of you who missed the revelation of California Peggy's dark secret:

Is there anything more glorious than a turkey club sandwich?

Holy SHIT...TMZ has the Michael Jackson Pepsi "mishap" footage. That fucker was INJURED.

Speaking of looks... IMO makeup is ridiculous. So is hair dye.

Downtime Thursday Afternoon

My nephew was just taken off life support.

Just got back from seeing HP. No spoiler.

Texans for Staubach...

Are you content with your looks?

Where were your ancestors April, 1861

My sweet Maggie girl is gone.

You poor Texas/Okla folks.

Star Trek: SPOILERS (don't read then)

Pointless pretty flower picture

When the Bicycle Ballet Went Bust (or, Wrong Way Lefty) pic heavy

There's a kitteh gently snoring into my ear.

This is in response to the hundreds of PM's I got, complaining that I was not posting enough.

Have you ever had the oven door try to shut on your arm?

No sleep for me SO (Crazy4sea) is on a ship that just caught fire

How do you like your house?

I'm just going to flat out say it....

My Uncle Charles died yesterday. He was a great man with a wonderful sense of humor.

My, oh, my. Serverus Snape (Alan Rickman) looks fine in HP 6!

Hellz yeah! I just found out I'm going to Brazil!


Post some plane pics, I feel like flying away....maybe I'll take a "drive in the sky"

Stimulus spending finally starts to trickle down

Advert 'implied Gaza in Israel'

US Trade Associations Putting Profits before Human Rights in Honduras

Sotomayor's "friends" around the world

Israel warships pass through Suez

What to expect from the EU FTA (with South Korea)

Earthquake shakes South Island - New Zealand

Bill Clinton Backs Same-Sex Marriage

168 killed in Iran plane crash

China issues alert in Algeria (al-Qaeda)

Al Qaeda message urges Pakistanis to back militants

Beijing Court Convicts Ex-Sinopec Chief of Bribery

US miner orders workers to stay home after attacks

Senate Committee Approves Health Care Bill

India and Pakistan discuss terror

China tries to bar Uighur film in Australia

Judge Orders 2004 CIA Inspector General Report on Torture Released by Aug. 24

Religious row flares in Malaysia

L American journalist group condemns Honduras' expulsion of foreign journalists

U.S. Officials Press China for Climate Efforts

First US Senate panel passes healthcare bill

Cop killer had 100 bombs, Nazi drawings

China's Love for Copper Heats up Markets

Japanese royals touch down in Hawaii

Appeals court: Bar violated smoking ban

France fines bank 20 mln euros for bad trading

Aid for Auto Dealers Gains Traction on Hill

Lawsuit cost could overwhelm Valley (Swim) Club

Troops seize police station in Venezuela

Kennedy summons brothers' legacies to praise healthcare bill

Russian rights activist Natalya Estemirova murdered

U.S., China try to reach accord on reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Concerns growing over superbugs in our food

U.S. Stocks Rally, Dow Jumps Most in Three Months, on Intel

Russian activist abducted in Chechnya found slain

Administration rejects interrogation controls in bill

AP Sources: Tenet Canceled Secret CIA Hit Teams.

Democrat claims US House seat in Calif.

Media jostled for access to Sanford (some outlets promised Sanford “friendly ground”)

Fort Worth mayor apologizes for raid on gay bar

Person Shot near U.S. Capitol

Exchange students live American nightmare

U.S. Opens Path to Asylum for Victims of Sexual Abuse

dupe post

Democrats name financial crisis investigators

U.S. Rep. Holt heads campaign to probe CIA practices

Troops kill 13 Taliban in Swat as refugees return

GM plans $1bn Brazilian expansion

Paulson Admits Pressuring Bank of America

Bush’s Justice Dept. blacklisted LGBT groups

Calpers Sues Agencies Over Ratings of Securities

Small Businesses Hold Their Breath As CIT Teeters On the Brink of Collapse

World's oldest mother dies at 69 (gave birth at 66)

Bolivia Bans Wild and Domestic Animals in Traveling Circuses

Bolivia Bans Wild and Domestic Animals in Traveling Circuses

Tanker fire in Hazel Park closes I-75; overpass collapses

Authors boycott (UK) schools over sex-offence register

Anti-Obama GI's Afghan Orders Revoked

Tanker explodes on I-75; freeway closed

SC Gov (Sanford ) Cancels State Meetings for Trip With Wife

Roberto Micheletti prepared to go, but only if Manuel Zelaya stays away

DNC targeting centrist Dems in health ads

OAS says to keep up pressure on Honduras

Ukraine bans "Bruno" for nudity, gay sex

Struggling Landlords Leaving Repairs Undone

Venezuelan journalists leave Honduras after harassment; domestic media backs coup

Wal-Mart to Rate Products’ Impact on Environment

Goldman Sachs Pay ‘Scandalous,’ Sarkozy Advisor Guaino Says

Sen. Kennedy's committee passes health care bill

US Lobbyists with Clinton Ties Hired to Defend Honduran Coup Regime

Man Charged 23 Quadrillion Bucks For Pack Of Cigarettes

Fed: Unemployment Will Top 10 Percent This Year

CIA Assassin Plan Was Set to Go Active

Gillibrand raises $1M more than likely challenger

House Plans to Tax Millionaires to Fund U.S. Health-Care Plan

Justice Department agrees not to use detainee's statements to justify continued imprisonment

AP sources: Tenet canceled secret CIA hit teams

Small Business Faces Big Bite (From Healthcare)

Birther Soldier Fired From His Civilian Defense Contracting Job

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 15

Calif. tax officials: Legal pot would bring $1.4B

Blair in frame to become first EU president, says Glenys Kinnock

War zone smoking will stay, Pentagon says

'Many dead' in Iranian air crash

Warning From General on End to Afghan Combat

U.S. steps up H-1B, green card assault with paper chase

US, Colombia near base access deal

KLBJ-AM morning hosts suspended after ethnic slur flap

Commission to Dig Into Crisis' Roots

Man who wore gun to Obama rally goes on trial

Debris Strikes Endeavour During Liftoff

Rachel Maddow - TARP Admin Liz Warren: Consumers first, please.

Sarah Palin Wingnut Porn Loop

The NAACP at 100: Economics and Race in America Today

Jackie & Dunlap at the Harry Potter Book Release

TYT: Pool Reps Defend Their Position For Not Allowing Blacks

Michael Moore asks you to make a donation

Howard Dean On Republican Efforts To Kill Health Reform

American Taliban complains about the pro-lifers getting arrested

Post 911 GI Bill Guide

Palin supporter explains Quittercuda to the left LOL

President Obama talks to AllAfrica.

Sotomayor Refuses to Renounce 'Wise Latina' Word

TYT: Conservatives Call Sotomayor A Puerto Rican Terrorist

Senator Franken Questions Sotomayor: Government Regulation of Internet is 'Frightening'

Greedy ass heretics lie about healthcare

Bill Maher on Hardball With Chris Matthews (7.14.09)

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Money and Health Care Reform | PBS

Insurance Industry's Healthcare Reform Dream Pt. 1

Karl Rove Admits To Political Assassination Ring

Obama meets with MLB All-Stars before the game

Sen. Al Franken Asks Sotomayor About Abortion Rights

Jane Mayer speaks to KO about Cheney's assassination team

Big ED Calls Out Coward Rush Limbaugh

Today's Sotomayor Hearing in 100 Seconds - Testing Unrecs

Obama: You'll Be Hearing From Us Until Congress Passes Health Care

TYT: Senator Sessions Gets Pwned by Sotomayor

Jeff Sessions Treats White Male Nominees Differently Than Female Latina Nominees

Sen. Al Franken Asks Sotomayor About Perry Mason TV Show

Olbermann: Birther Lawyer Gets Birther Client Fired on Worst Persons

The F Word: The Kind of Bias Jeff Sessions Likes

Corruption linked to Borneo deforestation

Canadian Healthcare horror stories??

Rachel Maddow: C Street Overview, Steve Largent and lack of accountability

TYT:The Christian Guide to Dictatorship: Vol. 2

Inside Story: Dick Cheney Under Scrutiny - What secrets is he hiding & has he broken the law?

Michael Steele: I'll Bring Blacks to GOP with Fried Chicken

Keith Olbermann: GOP Senator Brownback's Mermantics

Headzup: Michael Steele Explains His Attracting Minorities With "Fried Chicken" Comment

Thom Hartmann: Siegelman ... returning to prison?

Glenn Beck "Lose[s]" His "Mind;" Screams At Caller: "Get Off My Phone You Little Pinhead!"

President Obama and Willie Mays on Air Force One

Baby Republican talk show.

Craig Ferguson as Sarah Palin

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Essay: Money in Washington | PBS

Swine Flu Vaccine Warning 60 Minutes 1979

Drunken Obama hater makes huge ass of himself

Strangeness in the skies

Ed Schultz Calls Out Rush Limbaugh Over Mr. Ed Crack

Republican Homunculi in Extremis

Dennis Kucinich: 60% of Bankruptcies Are Becuase Of Hospital Bills! 80% of Them Are Insured!

President Obama Throws Out Ceremonial First Pitch @ 2009 MLB All-Star Game

Racist fuck Tom Coburn, R-OK, tells Sotomayor You Have Lots Of 'Splaining To Do!

Rachel Maddow brilliantly highlights GOP's racism on display at Sotomayor hearing

Bernie Sanders: kicking ass and taking names on healthcare

John Ensign Linked To "Do it Yourself Exorcism" Movement (Palin too)

Affirmative Action for Republicans?

GOP to Move Past Sotomayor's Speeches, to Examine Her Dreams

"Liz Cheney is No Innocent Bystander. She Was Dick's Mole in the State Dept. on the Middle East."

Watching Health Care Get Built

Scott Horton Shines the Spotlight on the DoJ, Exclusive Interview

Who's behind Lanny Davis' putsch paycheck?

Washington & the Coup in Honduras: Here is the Evidence

Honoring Paul Wellstone: Fighting Like Hell for Health Care Reform

NSA Gave Up Names of Americans Wiretapped to Ex-State Dept. Official by Jason Leopold

Carter’s Speech Therapy

John Kerry: The Debate Gov Palin Is Ducking

Patriot Armory Website Welcome Video FBI HELLOOOOOO!

The Ticking Clock

Robert Reich: The House: Tax the Wealthy to Keep Everyone Healthy

U.S. continues to train Honduran soldiers

Venezuela reaches the Millennium Development Goals

Obscure Polling, Quinnipiac University Poll; Fox News Hitler like Propaganda Blitz.

GOP Senators Reveal THEIR Favorite 'Perry Mason Episode'

Guardian UK: Liz Cheney inherits the family business

Granny Get Your Gun: Is America on the verge of a geriatric crime wave?

California Budget Crisis Diaries: Day 14 of the budget impasse

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sen. Ensign's Visit to the 'C Street Family'

Gov. Bobby Jindal vetoes bill to ban guns near parade routes

Sotomayor, Al Frankin Cracks Up the House w/ (Video)

CIT Group Closer to Bankruptcy as U.S. Denies Aid

Shrinking oneself in the presence of the Catholic Church

Lawmakers Question Call Center Outsourcing (Food Stamp Claims to India)

Jon Taplin: America's Tax Dishonesty (Level of cowardice in D.C. "mind-boggling")

Thomas Frank: Poor, Persecuted Sarah Palin

Cheney Sweats Out the Summer by Ray McGovern

Amy Goodman: Health Insurance Whistle-Blower Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried

Who's More Evil: Corn Farmers or Goldman Sachs?

Obama Drinks Friedman’s Kool-Aid

Have you seen the ads against taxing soda pop to pay for health care?

Firefighters in Ricci case sitting behind Sotomayor...has this EVER happened before?

Why aren't the "Birthers" immediately challenged with Obama's Mother?

Fox News Legitimizes Birthers

Here is the ultimate link to rebuff knuckle dragging Obama Birthers

Hey Freepers & Birthers give it up. 8/4/61 Honolulu Paper

A Summary Review Of The House Healthcare Bill: This is must reading!

It obviously is now time to beat the Republicans about the head and kick them when they fall

Another Feminist Group Aligns With New York Sen. Gillibrand

It is an absurd supposition that anyone who boos President Obama is a Racist

Massachusetts Takes a Step Back From Health Care for All Eliminating Health Care Coverage for 30,000

Four Voices in the Senate for Healthcare Justice

So just how much does one F-22 cost per plane?

Re Maj. Cook: Cowardice is the least of it

NJ-Gov: Corzine Still in Deep Hole; SSP Moves Race to "Lean R"

Daily Kos: Obama calls Kyl's bluff on stimulus, McCain freaks out

Anti-Palin Fundraising E-Mail Raises $100,000 In One Day

Karma for the birther major......

Chavez floats the possibility of Obama assassination, suggests US is responsible for Honduras coup

Connecticut Council On Occupational Safety: Despite His Claims, We're Not Affiliated With Ricci

Healthcare: Change the Debate Support a Real Public Option

Obama admin reverses Bush stance on asylum for abused women.

Listening to Racheal about C Street has me terrified:The Political Enclave That Dare Not Speak Its N

Buchanan: She's a Militant

Lou Dobbs REALLY goes off the deep end?

What is an "original" birth certificate anyway?

Bombshell: Orders revoked for soldier challenging prez

Dem. Congressman from Oklahoma takes shots at Obama

PHOTOS: Whitehouse Photos from the All Star Game

FL-Sen: Rubio May Switch to AG Race

It's been ten years since JFK Jr. died.

Obama is going to make GOP look like morons if they don't vote for health care

Here's the full text of the Senate Healthcare bill released today July 15, 2009

Administration Bridles at Bar on Contractors

President Obama Bill Seeks to Shine Spotlight on Hedge Funds

Centcom: Yes, the President Is an American Citizen

Bitter Old White Guy

I think one thing that should motivate those vaguely, possibly happy with private insurance.

Daily Show/Jon Stewart - catch the rerun..

Sarah Palin's lies

Wait, the Health Care Bill can't be 5000.00 per yr per person. That'll be 20,000 for family of 4...

Better Video of Obama's Pitch

A Justice For All: From the hearings

Pat Buchanan Proposes Key to Winning in 2010 is more Racism

What's up with Dawn Johnsen? Will she ever get confirmed?

Demand a special prosecutor to investigate Bush and Cheney!

Can You Imagine Palin Giving Either Obama or Clinton's Speeches?

Ezra Klein's summary of House bill (includes links to official House summaries of bill's provisions)

Obama Announces American Graduation Initiative (Transcript)

Healthcare Bill Question: Do subsidies only cover premiums?

Adam Smith would make a great VP

Pep talk from Dr. Dean

If there IS a second BAILOUT, can it be given to people OTHER than the rich, this time?

Senator Franken questioning Sotomayer NOW

Obama’s veto threat over F-22 divides senior Dems

Ramstad says he won't run for governor

Obama needs to have a few more conferences ...

Is Charlotte Mayor Signaling Interest In House Run?

Dems' track record on special elections since Nov 08 has been good, right?

Obama group airing TV ad touting health overhaul

Clinton: Damage Done To Perception Of America 'Temporary'

Whoo Judy Chu is beating Betty Chu in California's 32nd congressional district special election

Terrorism in Gaza.

Obama's $12billion comm. college plan is useless w/out a radical restructuring of U.S. trade policy

***Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Health Care Reform***

AP, Reuters: Senator Kennedy's Committee Passes Health Care Bill

Obama Campaign Arm Targets Critical Dems And GOP

Jon Stewart on Sotomayor last night was priceless

Obama's mysterious pitch (Fox Botches President's ceremonial pitch - Oops)

South American fishermen help to save seabirds

Oilwatch Monthly July 2009

DrumBeat: July 15, 2009

Chinese Govt. - Carbon-based Tariffs A Pretext For Trade Protectionism - AFP

Company Recycling E-Waste For Charities Charged By EPA With Dumping Toxic Wastes In S. Africa

ES&T - Ozone Loss Increasing Southern Ocean Acidification, Cutting CO2 Absorption

Drug Cos. Ignoring Call By WHO To Stop Selling Last Effective Anti-Malarial As Sole Treatment

America's 137-Year-Old Mining Law Outdated, Provides Little Accountabiliy, Salazar Notes

Alberta's Winter Not Enough To Stop Pine Beetle Outbreak In Boreal Forest - Not Enough Early Cold

NOAA Bans All Commercial Krill Fishing Within 200 Miles Of Pacific Coast - AFP

Arctic Images Derived From Classified Data Should Be Made Public To Help Scientists Examine Climate…

Worst Monsoon Start In 80 Years Has Indian Govt. Scrambling To Irrigate Crops - Power Lacking

G8 climate target questioned—Is a commitment to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2…

5 Billion Ton Calving Near For Greenland's Petermann Glacier - Marine Melt Rate 25X Surface Rate

Low carbon way 'to reshape lives' (BBC)

12-Mile Blob Of Goo Bobbing In Chukchi Sea, Mystifying Coast Guard & N. Slope Natives Alike - ADN

Governments trying to reel in 'ocean sprawl' (CNN)

Nissan charges toward Electrics

Capturing CO2 in a bowl

Malaysian Activists - Nation Losing Battle To Protect Remaining Tigers From Poaching - AFP

Inquiry Into Multi-Headed Fish In Oz Hatcheries Stymied By Lack Of Access To Farm Pesticide Records

AlterNet: Why Silk Soy Milk's Parent Company Is Throwing Farmers and Consumers Under the Bus

Reflective roof paint repels the heat (as do lighter colored asphalt shingles - forget the black!)

What temperature do you keep your central air conditioner at if you have one?

The Return of the Population Bomb

Nuclear Bombshell: $26 Billion cost — $10,800 per kilowatt! — killed Ontario nuclear bid

Honduran President Received with Honors in Guatemala

L American journalist group condemns Honduras' expulsion of foreign journalists

Pedro Martinez agrees to one-year deal with Phillies

Honduras: popular organizations resist coup in courts and streets

Turkey, Chile eye new era in trade relations

NHL, NBC extending contract through 2010-11

Does "home field advantage" really play a role in the World Series?

49ers reveal details of Santa Clara stadium plan

HONDURAS: "The Country of Nada" - To Understand Coup, Go Back to 1980's

Mays cried over Obama's election

Tim Lincecum D+

Venezuela tells oil workers: join socialist groups

In other MLB news, Boston Red Sox still in first place.

How screwed up are things in Colombia? Check out this "false positive."

Lincecum enjoys night despite nerves

Le Directeur général déplore la mort du journaliste hondurien Gabriel Fino Noriega

Bolivia Bans Wild and Domestic Animals in Traveling Circuses

US Trade Associations Putting Profits before Human Rights in Honduras

DEM NOW: US advisers to the Michelettis discussed, last 15 minutes of the hour

No Baseball tonight

Troops seize police station in Venezuela

Fine performance by Charlie Manuel's hand-picked "All Star" Phillies squad

Time Magazine's take on the Honduras, the administration and Hugo

Colombia’s Dirty War: ‘Chuzadas’ and the future of the DAS

U.S. continues to train Honduran soldiers

Obama and Clinton Differeing on Honduras? by Tom Hayden

Oil workers urge Chavez to pay

HONDURAS: The Doctor Who became Public Enemy #1

Peru's 'Cold War' Against Indigenous Peoples

OAS says to keep up pressure on Honduras

AP Newsbreak: US, Colombia near base access deal

11th Communiqué of the National Front Against the Coup d'etat

KOZLOFF: "The Politics of Destabilization - McCain and Honduras" -Telecoms, etc.

Honduran interim leader: I'm willing to step down

FULLY TRANSLATED EVA Article: Washington and Coup in Honduras -- here's the evidence

Morneau rips all-star treatment of Canadian anthem

Rachel Alexandra Headed to Haskell

Boxing: July 17

SEC Football Fans: A head's up. ESPNU to air 13 1/2 hours live at SEC Media Days.

Chinese Trade In Pangolin Meat Down To Animals' Last Stongholds In SE Asia - Tons Smuggled Annually

Lou Dobbs claims treaty will give ID of US gun owners to foreign govts.

Open carry first responder shoots robber in Richmond Va.

Should astronauts aboard the International Space Station have access to a firearm?

Bullets. Shot from guns. Are what killed Byrd and Melanie Billings of Pensacola.

Palestinians ban Al-Jazeera over plot allegations

I won't be on much until Saturday

Today in Labor History July 15 leader of the Share Croppers Union, is murdered in Cap Hill, Alabama

Picketing continues at Trader Joe's store

Fair-trade groups look to Obama, Congress for change

Abbas says he won't meet Netanyahu

Israeli soldiers speak out on Gaza conflict

Israel at War ... Over Road Signs?

Israeli soldiers reveal the brutal truth of Gaza attack

Third nomination to NLRB

Why Is Israel’s Presence in the Territories Still Called “Occupation”?

Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) and Maloney split over gun control "orthodoxy..."

Remembering Former Mine Workers President Sam Church

What happened on September 13

Israeli soldiers: 'No clear red lines' in Gaza war

PMO slams 'biased' human rights NGOs

Breaking the Silence: Israeli soldiers 'used human shields' in Gaza

Culver: Federal health system critical (IA Gov & Dems have done much to insure children)

A Summary Review Of The House Healthcare Bill: This is must reading!

Massachusetts Takes a Step Back From Health Care for All Eliminating Health Care Coverage for 30,000

Ezra Klein's summary of House bill (includes links to official House summaries of bill's provisions)

Four Voices in the Senate for Healthcare Justice

Concerns growing over superbugs in our food

An open letter to Hannity

Here's the full text of the Senate Healthcare bill released today July 15, 2009

I need help with the decision what to enter

The minutes after the sun went down

nothing special just some snaps from a walk about the backyard today...16 photos

A bit of color

US economy dip 'less than feared' (BBC)

The Fed Sees Increasing Unemployment As A Positive For GDP

Trans Victory In Pakistan!

She asked me why...why I'm a hairy guy! The cast of Hair to attend October’s march on Washington.

Please vote in this online poll about Maine's gay marriage law

(Republican) Councilwoman retracts letter of support for San Diego gay pride

Fort Worth mayor apologizes for raid on gay bar

Clean Fuels Could Reduce Deaths From Ship Smokestacks By 40,000 Annually

Police report sides with Salt Lake City gay couple

100 Geeky Places to Take Your Kids This Summer

Favorite GLBT singer/group?

Welcome Home! - Lauren Gorgo

CBS Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder Gay Tirade.

GreenPartyVoter is asking for vibes re: sick newborn.

a new guardian spirit and a wierd, wierd night...

Everybody needs to understand

Here is a perfect story of how Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron are working:

Okay, where's Rick? Eclipse and fallout

So about these angels...

Obama likely to veto Hate Crimes and DADT Bills if they pass as planned this week

Ahhhhh, I have a bible new testiment question.

"Sotomayor has mixed record on church-state disputes"

Al-Qaeda vows revenge on China after riots.

Greed versus Hatred

"Episcopal Church lifts ban on gay, lesbian bishops"

Evangelist marries 8-year old girl

Market-style incentives to increase school choice have opposite effect

Look who moved into the neighborhood!

Gazpacho Recipes with V8? Yay or Nay?

Tin Foil Hat time re: Iranian airliner crash and Flt. 93 in Shanksville, PA on 9/11

The description of the scene of the Russian jet that crashed

Mayor apologizes publicly for gay bar raid (Fort Worth)

Released Video of MJ Pepsi Commercial where his hair caught on fire

Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder Gay Tirade.

A rap satire on right wing conspiracy nuts.

Stompin' Tom Connors wants to perform at 2010 Olympics