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Is something missing here?

Have Any Repugs Come Out Against This Latest Revelation About Cheney?......

Sarah Palin's Constitutional Train Wreck

the CIA failed it's mission...from it's own website

C.I.A. Had Plan to Assassinate Qaeda Leader....i call bullshit

Tonight my representative called me for a conference call on healthcare and the economy

I don't have CSPAN3 to record the confirmation hearing. Did CNN air it without interruption?

Just in: repub senate staffers urgently searching for the Sotamayor term "fidelity"

British girl's heart heals itself after transplant

More Freepers call for a coup, war or act of God to unseat Obama

cbayer....just a note

At the risk of being in violation of the rules by calling out DU'ers...

Turkey: Ancient treasures uncovered in western region

Oh, that Sarah! Bwahahaha!

Are paid corporate shills trying to crowd out discussion of real issues


So...what exactly is Barney Frank talking about?

[OFFICIAL] Michael Jackson Dance Tribute - STOCKHOLM

Levi Johnston vs Sarah Palin

So when cheney was spending all that time in the CIA building

Luckovich smacks down Madoff and Ralph Reed at once!

Excellent editorial from the Rutland Herald: That Wise Latina

So who's been running the secret program(s) since Jan 20th?

Criminally stupid and fucking insane RimJob seems determined to draw more negative attention

Boyfriend With Health Benefits.. A video..

Hey DU this poll

Krugman on Colbert (VIDEO)

Lanny Davis lobbying in support of Honduran coup

I dig that the phrase 'shadow government' is being used in mainstream media.

Oh god, another Anti American lovefest on Morning Schmuck

Can we discuss why freepers are always smelly/greasy/dirty?

Arizona Governor Approves Abortion Constraints

This is no longer America...

Wall Street Journal Loves Obama's Drone War Vs. Pakistan: "Unmanned Bombs Away"

No problem w/ criminalizing policy differences if the polices being differed from were criminal!

Rabid Anti-Abortionist Tries to Use Sotomayor Hearings for Comeback

liz cheney is about to lie on the mourning joe republican fest

Police arrest and taze naked Terminator robot from the future.

You take a job in a prison, then the boss calls you in and says you have carry out an execution

Credit Swaps Investigated by U.S. Justice Department

Stop fugging interrupting Liz Cheney


Credit Swaps Investigated by U.S. Justice Department

Censorship in California: Marijuana Ad Campaign Rejected by TV Stations

The absurd circular logic of war criminal co-conspirator Lyn Cheney.

Hey, let's pretend we're all watching Liz Cheney and know exactly what your one-line posts mean!!

Cheney's Operation C.Y.A. has now started "they" were keeping us safe.

6 Die in Contractor Copter Crash in Afghanistan; 2 Marines Killed Separately

Bill Aims to Prevent Use of Insider Financial Information by Federal Workers

Paternalism and abortion access.

We have a right wing activist SCOTUS, so of course the pukes on the JC

Most Americans Don't Believe Palin

The final straw: Lyn Cheney is actually a PANELIST on Morning Joe!

Peru mummies 'were human sacrifices'

Anyone noticed the A/C not running in businesses?

Why did Fresno, CA Sheriff spy on Peace Fresno instead of Freepers?

Goldman Sachs profits up 30%. Retail sales "better than expected"...

George Tenet knows everything and is being asked nothing

Many of us wondering why cheney went suddenly quiet

The man who "could not recall" says---- Sotomayor should explain herself to GOP

I can't imagine even one Senate vote that will change as a result of these hearings

Irony Alert: Climate Change-denying fundie freak calls Al Gore "unhinged"

Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock

U.S. Lawyers Won’t Defend Ex-Bush Attorney(Yoo) in Torture-Memo Case

Mandela Day – Bloomberg to attend volunteer event in NYC Honoring Mandela

Clintonite-Turned-FOX Pundit Lanny Davis Lobbying Congress in Support of Honduran Coup

Liz Cheney refuses to discuss her daddy's role in CIA

"It's a forbidden love, one that dare not speak its name. "

H.Res 383 - Demand Accountability for 8 years of Bush/Cheney (Action!)

Does the number of recs influence your decision to rec/unrecommend?


Exxon investing $600 million in alternative energy (did I wake up in a parallel universe)

WSJ/CIA program story - SOP for Cheney

That's Not What It Means?

Marie Cocco: Closet Racism in the Age of Obama

Congressman Roy Blunt (R-MO)...hypocrite supreme

Rethugs have switched from we told the Dems everything to we didn't have to tell them anything

Fundraiser idea: you can pay to make a thread unrecommend-proof.

Republicans Who Say CIA Secret Program Story Is Good For GOP Won’t Support Probe

Republicans Who Say CIA Secret Program Story Is Good For GOP Won’t Support Probe

Wash Post: On Health-Care Reform, Obama Looks to the LBJ Model

Warrantless wiretapping/Data-mining, is there a connection to Wall Street?

Conductor Downes, wife die in Swiss suicide clinic

Opponents of Barack Obama's presidency claim small court victory

A Palin/Cheney in 2012,, get ready for it, I feel it coming

There are two things I hate. Racists and Illinois Nazis

Can we get a "crickets" smilie?

Hiring Coup or Tainted Hire? (Gonzo)

The PERFECT Job for Palin--and it ain't being Rachel Maddow!

The Euphrates is drying up

'Health Care' GENOCIDE: STOP it or just SLOW it down? Which camp are YOU in?

Ex-CIA Agent: Zubaydah Waterboarded Before DoJ Memos Approved; Bush Signed For It

CIA spokesman won't confirm anonymous sources that secret program was to kill Al Qaeda

Okay, for the second time now I went to "rec" a post and got the

The real Jeff Beauregard Sessions III most see pix

Alaskan blogger wonders if judge appointed by Palin is associated with her witch fighter friend

Ode to a Freep Troll who is no longer with us...

The last word on unrecommend

From HRC: Senate may vote on Hate Crimes Bill THIS week. Have you contacted yours?

Freeper racism is going more public

Goldman Sachs Reports Big Profit, Beating Forecasts

Glenn Beck jumps the gun, depicts welcoming remarks to Sotomayor as 'questioning'

Why doesn't Cheney ask for the details of this "program' to be released?

Someone explain. How does this happen? (Goldman)

A list of Republican "shit hits fan" and "just bad publicity" stories over the last month or so--

wow ... talk about a "whiny liberal"!

Dozens of active-duty troops found on neo-Nazi site

Jeff (unqualified) Sessions in his own words (Ann Telnaes Toon)

I have a question for those idiots who are supporting Palin.

"Hitler did the same but called it Nazism, an acronym for national socialism." (Anti-Obama LTTE)

It's health care reform crunch time! Interested in some activism?

The Rude Pundit: Live-Blogging of Jeff Sessions Committing Fellatio at the Sotomayor Hearing


PA Sen. Bob Casey: Sestak Would Be “Very Competitive” Against Specter

Ensign Linked To "Do-it-Yourself Exorcism" Movement

Stephanie miller is FAB-U-LOUS today

Stephanie miller is FAB-U-LOUS today

Stephanie miller is FAB-U-LOUS today

9584 Internet Viewers watching Sotomayor on C-SPAN!

Liz Cheney is such a vile liar

What is the CIA Program all about? Ockham's Razor

Robert Guttman's answer for torture and CIA corruption: "Forget"

OCR: No injunction against teacher who insulted Christians, judge rules

What comes next (a primer on photos)

I would like to make a recommendation...

How could we have missed the BIGGEST news story of the day?

I see. n/t

Yes Jeff Sessions... we KNOW you're disturbed!!

Now come the "love it or leave it" comments.

I just posted in the Lounge - didn't know if the thread would fly here in GD

The hysteria over the unrecommend feature

Sotomayor calls abortion rights 'settled law'

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a Wombat:

Skinner is just testing us! Are you a REAL Democrat and TRUE liberal? Can you be so easily silenced?

Michelle Obama's father was buried at Burr Oak cemetery

what happened to ?

60 Democratic Senators are NOT NEARLY ENOUGH...

Everyone watching right now as the Republicans piss away a generation of Hispanic votes?

Ugly Creepy

Happy Birthday, Woody!

Cuba Enemies Advised Honduras Coup

Cuba Enemies Advised Honduras Coup

Loss Leader Listings

Ensign plans to run for re-election

2 years ago Harriet Myers blew off a Congressional subpoena. She is still free.

10 ways the new economy will look different

Obama Proposal on Consumer Finance Hits Senate Roadblock Named Richard Shelby

How many remember these words from the 2003 State of

Imagine how Bush would have reacted had his teleprompter shattered during one of his "speeches".

Iceland: Government and trade unions impose IMF austerity measures

Iceland: Government and trade unions impose IMF austerity measures

Our CIA "problem" is generational AND political

How Regularly do you use or plan on using the Unrecommend feature

Holy crap, Sessions can't get past Estrada

Freaking AP! "[Leahy] lined up a series of friendly questions for Sotomayor to help her counter GOP

My LTTE in yesterday's fishwrap

Did you see Letterman's clip of Orrin Hatch giving Sotomayor a sermon?

Happy Bastille Day, French folks!

Important post at DailyKos about the health care bill.

CBS To Participate In 'TV Everywhere' Initiative

Have you heard the latest about Sarah, Duchess of Dork?

Jeff Sessions is s dick. No wonder he wasn't confirmed for Judicial nomination

Is there a description of exactly what unrec does?

Michelle Obama's father is buried at that troubed Chicago cemetery

I like President Obama's choice for Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin

Newsweek: Don’t Shoot; The CIA's kill teams were modeled on Israel's hit squads

Police Arrest American White Supremacist In Israel

Analyst: Solar approaching grid parity in U.S.

Roll Call: Cheney Flap Turns CIA Issue in Democrats’ Favor

The reason the Taliban kills young women and rules like autocratic religious fascist isn't America.

A personal invite to all those Duers that have left in that last few months...

A strong clean energy bill means positives for America!

Who's Behind Honduras Destabilization? All Roads Lead to McCain

Who's Behind Honduras Destabilization? All Roads Lead to McCain

‘Meth lab home problem’ sickens new owners - NYT

Hungary: Socialist Party establishes right-wing militias

What would you do to clean up Bush's mess ?

What does it take

Arizona Governor Approves Abortion Constraints

Boston’s schools go lacking in phys-ed

There comes a time, every so often, when I just want to go postal on the Freepers

I need some answers about the "secret CIA program" for a rwing fundie who is throwing a fit...

Angela's Ashes author Frank McCourt ‘may have weeks to live’

Even in death, no rest for civil-rights icon

The last ten years

Did the American People Vote For...gasp...Socialism???

Gibbs: Sotomayor doing well as 'the drill' unfolds

Observation about CNN's coverage of Sotomayor....

I wish that anti-choice people could get this through their thick heads:

I wish that anti-choice people could get this through their thick heads:

Sotomayor's chances for confirmation?

The Invasion of Iraq: Realism vs. Imperialism.

Repubs want to go back to pre-1857. Or pre-1803.

Does this Senator turn you on?

Here are reasons I thank racist conservatives

Rasmussen's pro-Republican poll streak continues: Only 38% want Sotomayor confirmed, he claims

Should the Senate strengthen security for the Sotomayor hearing?

Thank you, Geebus (Skinner too)

ProgressiveAlaska eviscerates SP's WaPo oped - this one is really good

These SCOTUS Hearings Are Like A Fraternity Hazing......

is a health care bill (draft) still being introduced today?

Imagine sarah palin in front of a senate committee for two days

Sam Brownback and Opus Dei

Did you know Jeff Sessions had a small but important part in a motion picture once?

Free Republic ..... Sotomayor = Crack Whore

HuffPo has video of Grassley's little joke about "turning people on."

Jon Kyl has an I.Q equal to room temperature.

I hope I don't ever lose my mind to the point of driving while naked with a gun

Jindal signs refusal of health care bill

Wow..there's the daily disruption to the Sotomayor hearings....

Philly Swim Club Accused of Racism has Website Down

A suggestion to make recs and unrecs more useful and harder to corrupt

Welcome Back to the Wild, Wild West

Poll: Majority of Republicans don't think Palin's qualified for prez (67% !!!1!)

Is there any way we the people can reject a mandated health insurance

One thing is clear from the Sotomayor hearings:

Responses to arguments against ACES (update).

Oh, Lindsey

Lindsay Graham is now questioning Sotomayor

Cheney was only running Creative Writhing Workshops. Come CAPTION!!!!

Cheney was only running Creative Writhing Workshops. Come CAPTION!!!!

Sotomayor's Woody Allen/Marshall McLuhan Moment

A strong clean energy bill means positives for America!

Graham is an idiot...

That DICKHEAD Graham tried to get Sotomayor to repeat the quote. . .

Helicopter reported shot down in Afghanistan

Did anyone else recall the freeper 'poutrage' over not wearing jackets

Laid-off cubicle dwellers training as truck drivers

Sotomayor is doing great - I can't wait for Justice Sotomayor to set up an abortion clinic in the

Sound effect: how cats exploit the human need to nurture

Anyone here get a PM from "lk9550"?

*** Official Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 1 ***

Gavin Newsom conference call this Thursday, July 16, at 5:30 p.m. PT

The right is shifting its Sotomayor strategy, I think

Sotomayor is having trouble

DU should show the total number or recommends and unrecommends for posts.

This C street Group sounds like a cult. Listen to this...

The Illusion of Blind Justice

Jon Kyl (R-AZ): "You seem to be celebrating the superiority of being a minority"

Yes, Sotomayor did say "yes" to Feingold on whether she agreed with Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, etc

Oh quick! Arlen pretending to be a Democrat on MSNBC

Who has been the most immature Republican today?

Graham is trying to get her to melt down

Reaction to Levi Johnston’s ‘Today’ Show Appearance

Suggestion For A Most Controversial Topics Page

Steele lures blacks to GOP with ‘fried chicken and potato salad’ (VIDEO)

DPS gives control of lagging schools to private sector

Bill Maher coming up on Tweety now n/t

OMFG, Graham wanted her to say the wise latina quote...

Happy Fifth Birthday to PDA

I think there will be some trials for Bush era crimes

LOL! Top 10 States in terms of online porn consumption

What if Cheney's program included ops like 7/7 in Great Britain?

that vile toad, the complete bag of douchery, that fuckwad, that pile of shit

How about a Worst Page?

If you don't like unrec, don't use the bloody thing!!

Can you recite it for me? WHAT A FUCKING CLOWN

Bill Moyers shines light on the health insurance mess

Dana Milbank's in-depth analysis of today's Sotomayor hearing (She blinked a lot)

Bride's bouquet brings down plane-crashes into hostel

Has any Judiciary committee member asked Sotomayor about Church/State?

Rush makes it official; It's pronounced "Limb-Bow".

More Interruptions at Sotomayor hearing

US News & World Report: Nine Reasons the Economy is Not Getting Better

The public option for a shave and a haircut and shoe shine?

Israel accused of peddling aphrodisiac chewing gum in Gaza.

FISA Court: Wire Tap This American's Telephone For Our National Security's Sake

*** Official Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 2 ***

Untouched Tomb of Aztec King on Verge of Discovery?

Sports bar owner to hand out water pistols in protest of TN law allowing guns in bars

Could we please have an "undo" button for the "unrecommend" button

Sotomayor vs Dimwitted Meatsack on YouTube

Graham to Sotomayor: Do You Have a Temperament Problem?

happy July 14, DUers. Bastille Day forever.

Lindsey didn't hear another word past "oral." (Sotomayor testimony)

Senator Sessions in cartoon.

With Pelosi’s blessing, Dems push ahead with probe of CIA

Jeff Sessions and Lindsey Graham

Mostly Graham is pissed because he knows Sonia's coming back to NY to a big "Fuck Lindsey" party

SATIRE! GOP song to stop Sotomayor ( to Billy Joel's music)

Eric Cantor Says Stimulus Bill Failed, Except That Whole Creating Jobs in His Home State Part

Pipeline deal is sweet music for Iran

Pipeline deal is sweet music for Iran

Facilitating mass disapproval with the notion of "improving" the quality of participation

Susan sounded terrible on the ED Show

Liz Cheney claims MSNBC is "Her People" on Morning Joe.

Cheney's New Office and House Are Conveniently Located in McLean, VA, aka CIA HQ

WHAAA! Boehner: Dems' Proposal Is 'Criminal Malpractice'

The CIA's Ghosts of Tegucigalpa

Dear Repuke Fucksticks, "Elections have consequences". Who said that?

Does the word scumbag appear anywhere in the Constitution?

Sarah Palin Writes...An Op-Ed In WaPo

Cirque de Michael Steele: Brotha Mike says he'll woo blacks to Repugs with "fried chicken"

House Bill Looks Good So Far.

Some comments on Palin's op-ed today...

Remember Those Fatwas Issued Re: Iran Election ??? - Check This Out !

It is hilarious that a group of proselytizing psuedo-Christianist money grubbing neo-fascist

Conservative outlets offered to spin missing governor story

Conservative outlets offered to spin missing governor story

If you are paying or being paid to have people Rec threads. Your'e a FUCKING IDIOT!

Mitch McConnell declines to offer support for Ensign’s re-election campaign.

In fundamental shift, consumers are saving rather than spending - LA Times

Please DU this Sotomayor poll

OMG! Watching Pat Buchanon Go Apeshit Over Sotomayor Is HILARIOUS!!!

I would love to hear from Bill Richardson.. Where has he been?

To have been there for the raids on the dogfighting venues - I can't imagine a better job than

Imagine having the UNREC function during the 2008 Primaries.

My unrecommended and recommend buttons keep getting stuck!

Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses {ROFL!}

Should the United State have it's troops in other countries?

Not a FreeRepublic Rant, but the next best thing....

At Last: US Rethinking Color-Coded "Threat Level" Terror Warning System

Texas Republican Commissioner buys a cow with his donors money

I'm Almost Afraid To Ask, But Are There Any Updates On Patrick Swayze?

Hey World - Not To Worry The Vampire Squib is Back. Just Be Glad You Lost Your Job.

Obama Birther Soldier is a FreeRepublic Poster

The long-promised pictures from the FS-18 road commute into Bend (PIC HEAVY).

Testing 123. Did this work? I want you to see my new DU decal.

Sonia Sotomayor is my nominee for Cagiest Person Of The Year

Why does America tolerate dick 'dr. evil' cheney in our midst?

YES! K.O. just hit Liz and DICK over Valerie Plame

YES! K.O. just hit Liz and DICK over Valerie Plame

President Obama may not be perfect, but still....

How many votes will Sotomayor obtain from the full Senate?

All living presidents made statements before the All Star Game.

Can someone tell Senator Graham that children can voluntarily pray in school?

Feingold 2016. I can hear it in his voice.

Where can I find the DU marketplace? N/T

US commander in Afghanistan lobbies for more troops

For those Goldman Sachs followers

Iconic Boston rock station WBCN will be going off the air!

President Obama is going to throw the first pitch at the All-Star game

bastille day fireworks

Bride's bouquet brings down plane (BBC)

House Version of "America’s Affordable Health Choices Act Bill" Released (Link Inside)

My two cents on Dick's Dark Secret Operations

The liar from Crete said all Cretans are liars... did he lie ?

Matthews is whistling like a teapot.

I'm cynical... is the tax increase for millionaires the house's way to kill the Health Care bill?

Tennessee National Guard's Largest Unit Gets Mobilization Order

apparently Chris Matthews now has a man crush on Bill Maher...

The Church of Sarah

What an interesting coincidence that none of the "Birthers" LIKE Obama's politics!

President Obama should order this request to be denied. Elections have consequences.

House Lays Groundwork for CIA Probe

Jeff Sessions: Scalito can bring personal background & sympathies into account, Sotomayor cannot

Senators back limit on tarmac strandings

The banks are betting against us right now

What was the freeper reaction to the KO segment outing their racist comments on Malia? Any links?

Will Franken get a chance to question Sotomayer?

This C street Group sounds like a cult. Listen to this...

Would you be willing to commit suicide if it would save the lives of 100 people?

Why Don't You Just Give Your Broker a Gun and Tell Him to Shoot You?

I like her.

Sessions' Hate Speech

How Can I Watch the HBO Documentary "Teddy: In His Own Words" - ????

How Long Will You Support the AfPak War?

Senator Kit Bond lies about cap and trade impact on MO farmers

CIA Hit Teams: Who's In Charge Here?

Can we sue for breach of the Social Contract?

What is the favorite whine on DU?

Steele Says He'll Attract Diversity to GOP With "Fried Chicken and Potato Salad"

If the condom fits, a vote you must not git: Mitch McConnell declines to endorse Ensign

Court (US 7th Circuit) upholds Ill. teen abortion notification law

My only question about recs---

Two House Republicans’ Activity May Indicate Ambitions for 2012

Skinner is considering replacing all <0 ratings with the neutral "0." What do you think?

Right Wing Group: Sotomayor Belonged To Terrorist Group!

DU Please Please Get This Book and Read It. "The Eliminationists" by David Neiwert

Three Cheers For Eric Cantor as Pres in 2012!!!!! It just keeps getting better and better.... LINK

Here is a you tube of the pres's pitch... a bit better

AlterNet: Anyone Care What Sarah Palin Thinks About Cap-and-Trade?

Senator Kohl asked Sotomayor what Justice she most admires, she chose:

Hey "Simpletons"... yeah... you....

Guardian: CIA faces hostile scrutiny as details of 'dark' programmes are revealed

Dear Scared White Men of America - DailyKos

Bristol Parade Committee Tells Tea-Party Folks To Take A Hike

The Unknown Patriot

Democrat favored to win vacant US House seat

Legal Schnauzer: Is Another Fix In Place on the Siegelman Case?

Manhattan office rents drop 44%

Test: How do you know you're not a freeper?

Matthew Yglesias: House Health Bill

If the unemployment rate doesn't improve...

U.S. Rep. Sestak Drums Up Support Around Pa. vs Specter for Senate

Study: 1918 flu survivors seem immune to swine flu

Grand Imperial Wizard Jeff Sessions

Can We Get An UNREC Total?

Mermaids, Centaurs, and Sam Brownback....

Some people say Lindsey Graham lives some of his life in closets and also that he wets the bed .....

Glenn Greenwald: Unasked Question about Sam Alito

The Chris Matthews and Bill Maher Bromance

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock

Aw, gee. "Mr. Political Science Major" didn't get the job at Fox.

Sotomayor Surprises Sessions

"American snow is like American health care: sporadic, unreliable and distributed unevenly...."

538's Nate Silver: Blue Dog Districts Need Health Care More than Most

Pot-Bellied Dinosaur Skeleton Found in Utah

California Ratings Cut by Moody's Amid Impasse Over $26 Billion Budget Gap

No contest.

Is America on its way to becoming a boiled frog?

Have you ever met or seen one of the Freepers?

So let me get this straight. The latest Republican meme is...

Lindsey Graham to Sonia Sotomayor, summarized:

How hard is it to send equipment to the Iraqi Baseball Team???

I'm beginning to understand why my Grandmother kept a stash of cash

It's not that they all look alike...

I've only caught bits and pieces, but...

Day care rejects invitation to return to pool / intends to sue

My BS meter is pegging. Why would a program to kill terrorists need to be hidden from Congress?

The DU Greatest Page in now WONDERFUL if you like Vanilla.

George Carlin gets the last word, found memoir details the last 10 years of his life

Animal-Human Hybrid legislation proposed

This Modern World - Healthcare and the free market: Dr. Hand takes a closer look -- at your wallet!

Ars Technica Report: NSA surveillance program too secret for its own good

The SuperSecret CIA Program - what's your guess?

Selling your kids - Twice

one of the best Marseillaise I've seen and heard

This Modern World Healthcare and the free market: Doctor Hand takes a closer look -- at your wallet

Was it me or did the players in this years all star game look normal size?.

The CIA's kill teams were modeled on Israel's hit squads

3 Year Old Boy survives 2 hour 8-mile river ride on toy truck

I know you're all dying to see what the Freepfucks said about Obama's pitching performance

DU and me

Sweet Jesus I hate right-wingers.....Now the meme is Sotomayor led a terrorist group

Jeff Sessions: But, but, the other Puerto Rican judge didn't think like you do......

Iran: Green Brief #27 (July 13) Latest news from Iran

Sotomayor should be confirmed 99-1 just by the fact that she didn't

40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing Is This Week

health care reform proposals

Soldier: Obama not U.S. born, can't send me to Afghanistan

And Howie Kurtz thought Marcy Wheeler's blowjob reference was bad...

Lockheed Martin cutting 600 jobs after chopper axed

Attn: Senator Lindsey Graham

Stimulus spending finally starts to trickle down

Episcopal Church Moves to End Ban on Gay Bishops

So just out of curiosity, how does "unrecommend" stifle free speech but "alert" doesn't?

Our system is in need of wide spread reform


That's it. I've had it.

House puts forth heath bill that is the minimuim of acceptability, so the Senate can undermine it

Mansion Glut in Pelosi's San Francisco Neighborhood Slows Showcase Sales

Words in the US Constitution.

A proposal: lock any new post for five minutes before allowing the "U"

*** Let me explain ONE more time. ***

EPA: Farming dust should be regulated

Hosenball/Isikoff: The CIA's kill teams were modeled on Israel's hit squads

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first nuclear meltdown in the U.S.

Is it only progressive if you are nice?

I don't understand how you can be FOR universal heath care and AGAINST a mandate w/ public option

Obama Says "All of Us Want" Effective Afghan Strategy

And the Feud has Been Escalated!

Someone could have said:

Day 2: Yarrrgghhh! Bigmouth right-wing wacko contractor!

What unites us as Democrats?

"interesting" message in my inbox from "someone who disrupted poorly"

They are planning to cut medicare it seems while forcing

If your thead doesn't make the Greatest Page does it really

Just had an earthquke in CA -- South Bay LA

While not all Conservatives are racist - I can safely say that all racists are conservatives

An Offended Mother on the Topic of Blowjobs

The Family, theocracy, and "the divine right of kings".

Now that Goldman Sach's back in the black, Geithner says the economy's on the mend? True for you?

What do you do with sick sons of guns who are clearly GUILTY...

My Book Club Meeting with Andre

Did the unrec feature kill this Babylonsister thread which deserves greatest page?

Berlin brothel offers discounts for cyclists

Berlin brothel offers discounts for cyclists

Ignorance As Status Symbol

To all lurking freepers - thank you!

Does Sam's really save you money?

My mom put in for a loan modification and it was delayed and delayed

Larisa Alexandrovna: Modified Limited Hang-Out On Cheney's Murder Inc.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Modified Limited Hang-Out On Cheney's Murder Inc.

Sudanese women flogged for wearing trousers

So sue me...I think the Steele "Fried chicken" quote story is total bullshit.

I can hardly wait for a new song titled, "I'm a Proud Latino Woman".

Twitter Sam Brownback your opposition to man/imal hybrid ban.

Bailout for the National League? President Obama "We're out of money"


Robert McNamara and 1960s secret biological weapons' testing in US.

Is this pic of Palin real or Photoshopped?

Single payer amendment introduced to House health care bill

fun Chant to yell as you sit in your Senator's office demanding Single Payer Healthcare

Oh Boy... Rich Repukes will hit the ceiling now

Bill Clinton Backs Same-Sex Marriage

A Prescription for Healthy US Elections - Hand Counting, Paper Ballots, Vigilance & Unity

Prehistoric dwelling unearthed at Isle of Man Airport

Soldiers Charged with Filming Female Unit Members Showering - then distributing the images

Bronze Age

Know Thyself

Maybe all of us seniors should just open up a suicide clinic.

Jack Welch to women: Work and family don't mix

Jack Welch to women: Work and family don't mix

Why Right Wingers Can’t Afford to Let Universal Health Care Succeed

Time to build synapses: Why is there something instead of nothing?


Center for Biological Diversity Statement on Proposal to Suspend Permits for Mountaintop Removal

think: WHY would Cheney NEED to continue running a black ops 6 mos into OBAMA's prez?

NYT: Bush Has Widened Authority of C.I.A. to Kill Terrorists - December 15, 2002

NYT: Bush Has Widened Authority of C.I.A. to Kill Terrorists - December 15, 2002

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey

An inconvenient question: Why do we need a Greatest page in the first place?

Should some countries be allowed to station troops on our (USA) soil?

Scott Horton Discusses Siegelman Case Bombshells - Key Witness Recanted, Prosecution Coercion

Destroying A 1500-Year-Old Indian Mound To Build A Sam's Club

We have Ignore, Alert, and Hide Thread. Now "Unrecommend." How fragile are you people?

Steele: I'll Woo Blacks To GOP With "Fried Chicken And Potato Salad"

Ahhhnuld to California's kids: Education? You don't need no stinkin' education....

We are going to keep the unrecommend feature.

The freepers of rocket science: 6% of Americans still believe moon shots were faked

Ex-FBI Agent: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation

A thunderstorm is coming.

Well, sh*t the bed. I just passed 13,000 posts.

Has it occured to anybody that Sarah Palin may be showing pre-incident integrity

Iowa's biggest city may legalize late-night dance

I believe chicken time but car

I hate you for what you posted in GD

dupe for delete

Anyone watch "Intervention" tonight? Super intense


I believe my baby's got a Black Cat Bone.

All you stupidos had it figured out too long ago

need help on math

[OFFICIAL] Michael Jackson Dance Tribute - STOCKHOLM

The Absolute Low Point in CNN's Michael Jackson Coverage

Police arrest five dangerous criminals

What is it with the word "vile"? I can't honestly recall ever using it

I felt a little shake...

Attendance at Nationals games is picking up.

Keep me busy please!

Goodnight, lounge.

Bra sizes?

anyone else ever roast a peach?

Even liberals have "moran moments"

I had to bring my 5 year old to work with me today

I just wanna say .......

Family sues genie for creating havoc

Tim Pawlenty is no James Valenti and Jill Burcum needs glasses.

Hey San Diego. Are they closing Black's BEach?

Oh well - no more kid pics

Making pastry tart shells at a bakery

its true M. Jackson did leave a big imprint on americans

Pretend you're a freeper when you answer this poll:


And now, a musical tribute to Bernie Madoff to commemorate the day he went to prison...

And now, a musical tribute to Bernie Madoff to commemorate the day he went to prison...

If different species can get along...

Your cat is manipulating you...

Happy Rorer Lemmon Qualude Day

Would you jump out of a helicopter to land on a fish?

I am at war with my cat! I am packing a pistol

Murphy's Law is kicking my ass right now.

I made it to the Greatest Page!

delete, reposting, error n/t

Its noon and its only 90 degrees

Damn. I have Elvis Costello's Watching the Detectives stuck in my head

Anybody here have a Dodge Dakota ( 2003-2007 ) models?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/14/09

Have you learned something today that was a bummer?

Do you wear a witch?

Do You Want to See Total #s of Recs AND Unrecs?

If I ever get the money to re-do my kitchen, I'm installing a second dishwasher.

Where were you when you slurped your last ice luge?

I personally demand that the Unrecommend option be

Where were you when you saw your last Dude?

Is a fish a pet?

I just discovered this and now I'm a believer!

Would you pet a fish?

A bit of baseball lore in celebration of the All Star Game tonight,...

Bawdy Potter time again!

Anyone else having problems getting into Photobucket?

Where were you when you took your last dude?

Anyone else think Harry's getting a little long in the tooth for wizard kid movies?

I'm back online via $65 and Craigslist

My cat steals doorstops.

Peggy/Leela/Cate appreciation thread!!!

Can I make a movie thread in honor of the SC hearings?? Please?

Do you watch Next Food Network Star?

10 most amazing dogs

Anyone here ever watch "The State"?


Real Housewives of Wasilla

Who are the King and Queen of American Rock?


Raise your hand if you think we should be able to recommend threads in the Lounge

All I can say after this crazy ass day, I'm damn glad I'm starting my vacation tomorrow.

Attention: Have You Ever Bought Dark Horsies?

I'm unrec'ing every thread about rec and unrec...

Have You Ever Fought Dark Horsies?

My hats off to Robb

What scares you more, animals of the land or sea?

Has Derek Jeter Ever Eaten Overrated Horsies?

Has Derek Jeter Ever Fought Dark Horsies?

Has Barry Bonds' Horsie Ever Peed on Derek Jeter??

Good morning Lounge

Free copycat title here:

Do you believe the ghost of Derek Jeter has Ever Eaten Dark Horsies?

Congratulations LeftishBrit! 15,000 posts!

Attention Horsies

Does anyone use the term "gussy up" anymore?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Have Barry Bonds and Derek Jeter ridden off a cliff in New Zealand?

Woody Guthrie born on this date in 1912

Another vibes request....

Are you a sloppy or neat person?

Where were you when you took your last lude?

It's 2 in the morning and the Heat Index is 95!!

Have you ever taken your laptop to the auto dealership?

Athens or Sparta?

Where were you when you took your last lube?

Have you ever given lap dances at the auto dealership?

Derek Jeter's Peter said Eat'er

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

How long should someone be a DUer before they can start longing for the "Old DU"?

Derek Jeter is overrated

A guy I work for gave me a mix CD of stuff and said, "I have a feeling you'll like this."

Which of these things haven't you done/used yet?

Has Barry Bonds Ever Eaten Dark Roidies??

New Graywarrior game announced

In a perfect world, threads could be flagged as "recommended," "unrecommended" or "ba-donka-donk"

DU Song Of The Day

Took my son to see Up 3-D yesterday...

Trying to figure out a song

So I'm going to Harry Potter with the girl across the street

Superman. Fail.


Testing 123. Did this work? I want you to see my new DU decal.

Hello ladies, I have a waterbed.

Hello ladies, I have a waterbed.

Congratulations Mari333! 15,000 posts!

Has anybody ever played the hardest game of all time...'I Wanna Be the Guy'?

heads up, Obama to throw first pitch at All-star game soon!

Please rec if you would like to be able to unrec your own threads.

Our burmese kitteh thinks that "You're so Vain" was written about him. Do all pets think

ok, ok, ok..I am not a regular and you have a clique...BUT..if you do not like to vacuum

1986 World Series Game 6, Bottom of the 10th. As told through Nintendo's RBI baseball

what is 10 to the negative third power?

China bans electro-shock therapy for Internet addicts

Without green chile, it's not a burger

Bo Bice acapella.

Don’t you ever ask them why, If they told you, you would cry,

RIP DU Lounge Rec Fairy, 2001-2009

@*@(@_@Official Major League All-Star Game Thread^($($($

I had a piece of onion stuck under my...

Bride's Bouquet Crashes Plane in Italy

Torn and Frayed

Does anybody use "Kiva" here?

Dramatic Video: Cops Arrest Five Wanted Felons!

Army Major Who Questioned Obama's Legitimacy Receives Orders Revoking Orders To Report

Any pharmacy technicians here? Need some info from you

So I had a surprise job interview .

When I click on videos they no longer play. I get maybe two frames and that

Is it weird that I am tempted by hair club for men?

< 0 this!

i'm just going to flat out say it

Full flower {dial up caution}

I like Kevin Costner, but . . .

Rec this thread if you like that they took away the rec function for the lounge!

And the favorite ice cream flavor in America is...

Skateboarding shoes

Cat lovers - animal lovers - check out this site.

Eating the World's Hottest Pepper

Some Kind of Wonderfull is one of my favorite all time movies...

Is rock and roll dead?

I need those vibes My second wife is in the hosspital...

I need those vibes My second wife is in the hosspital...


What Skill Sets You Apart From Everyone Else?

What's your favorite Genre of music?

Bonsai - I'll report back in about eighteen months.

Screw this bullshit, I'm gonna laugh and dance.

RIP < 0 !!!!!!!

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today

Anyone here on Twitter?

Post a picture of a momma and baby animal

Would you drive a SUV on the autobahn?

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape

Can you run 135 miles in under 24 hours?

Who'll Win, AL or NL?

Random Task: Grab the nearest book and post the 6th sentence from the 66th page.

Uh Oh. Strong Atheist can no longer recommend threads in teh Lounge!!

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince reviews are in!

Dammit... Nothing green goes on a taco

I'm scared.

Thank you Admins for removing the rec/unrec feature from the Lounge

Widow penguin breaks up gay penguin pair

Anyone listen to Pandora Radio.

Anyone listen to Pandora Radio.

*New Peggy Pics*

E Coupe

E Coupe

With the King of Pop out of the way, is it time for Chuggo to make his move?

Bastille Day--people of French descent and French citizens check in please!

Post your favorite Big Lebowski quote here.

Is it weird that I've never smoked pot, snorted coke, shot up anything, or dropped acid?

anyone know any good forums relating to car camping?


Confession time: Give us one of your guilty pleasures

Iraq Suffers as the Euphrates River Dwindles

Obama wants Senate health bill quickly

Calls Grow for Probe of CIA Plan for al-Qaida Hits

Poland's Jerzy Buzek elected president of European Parliament

Obama Plans New Funds for Colleges

Italian paratrooper killed in Afghanistan

U.K. to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

U.K. to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Exxon makes first big investment in biofuels

Helicopter crash kills six in Afghanistan; two Marines die in separate incident

North Korea's Kim keeps up factory visits despite illness

Vocal Minority Insists It Was All Smoke and Mirrors (moon landing nutbars)

Morgan Stanley unit agrees to pay $2.3 million to Fla. for gas-price gouging during hurricane

House intel lays groundwork for CIA investigation

Japan PM woes persist before vote; party in disarray

Pakistan's PM optimistic about talks with India

Iran’s hand in Latin America not as US feared

Madoff's new home: Atlanta

US-MEXICO: Rights Group Urges Review of Aid in Light of Abuses

Judge: Ruling on Guantanamo psychologist can’t be appealed

Steve Fielding wants to convince Al Gore he's wrong

Federal Judge (Jay Bybee) Targeted in San Francisco

France honours India in Bastille Day parade

Bishops approve resolution opening ordination to gays, lesbians

Spain drops case over Iraq death

Illnesses Afflict Homes With a Criminal Past (former meth house)

Reid Backs Plan to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy

Obama plans $12B boost to community colleges

Obama: Unemployment likely to keep ticking up

Cheney's secret plan pushed legal limits

Conductor Edward Downes And Wife Joan Die In Swiss Suicide Clinic

Military: Peeping guardsmen made voyeur films

Hole in Southwest jet forces emergency landing

US Airways To Cut 600 Airport Positions

African warlord Charles Taylor faces war crimes trial

In Possible Iran Signal, Israeli Boats Cross Suez

Sanford’s office couldn't locate missing governor

Conductor Edward Downes And Wife Joan Die In Swiss Suicide Clinic

I fully support their decision.

Me too. Did you hear how he butchered Toccata and Fugue in D minor three years ago? n/t

I believe in people being given the dignity of choosing their time of death WHENEVER they

(Paris) 317 cars burned ahead of Bastille Day

China demands Turkish retraction (Uighur genocide)

(Update) Palin PAC brings in another $200,000 since resignation

Khmer Rouge interrogator says "no regrets" about deaths


Clerics Fault a Mute Iran as Muslims Die in China

Obama All Star Game Announcement: “We’re out of money”

Hondurans have right to 'insurrection': ousted leader

Two More Arrests Made in Mysterious Murder of Florida Couple

US judge gives fraud lawyer 20 years in prison ($400 mil investment fund fraud)

Steve Fielding wants to convince Al Gore he's wrong

Goldman posts bigger-than-expected profit

Batch of drug central to Jackson probe recalled

AP sources: House lays groundwork for CIA probe

67 Air Force Academy cadets have H1N1 flu

I-Team: First Lady's father buried at Burr Oak

(Homeland Security) Admin. to review color-coded (threat) system

Dupe - please merge. Obama open to partisan vote on health care.

Billboard claims MLK Jr. was a Republican

States Cut Small Programs To Balance Budgets

The Voice Of Gumby Gas Been Silenced..Dallas McKennon dead at 89

Reid Backs Plan to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy

White House turns up heat on Arizona senator(Kyl)

FBI: Bank robber cites economy during holdup - (“I'm only doing this to eat")

House health plan to boost taxes on rich

Burnsville Man Ticketed While 'Honking for Peace'

Leg-cutting funeral home to close

Iraqis to U.S. military: Stay on your base

Obama Open to Partisan Vote on Health-Care Overhaul, Aides Say

Goldman Sachs profits hailed by lawmakers

Zelaya issues ultimatum to Honduran coup leaders

KKK man's Israeli girlfriend gave him up

Illegal immigrants, their children target of California ballot measure

Conductor Downes, wife die in Swiss suicide clinic

Ex-GM CEO Gets Retirement Package Worth Over $10M

Colombian paramilitaries admits to killing 21,000

US Military Behind Honduras Coup - Bolivia's Morales

Mays: So Proud When Obama Elected That He Cried

Don't Shoot -- The CIA's kill teams were modeled on Israel's hit squads

Bishop's holy water warning over swine flu

Honduran minister who insulted Obama quits

Venezuela tells oil workers: join socialist groups

Prosecutors say evangelist 'married' 8-year-old

Drug rescues memory lost to Alzheimer's disease

Obama says lost auto jobs are gone

Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies

Minnesota Sues a Credit Arbitrator, Citing Bias

Sotomayor calls abortion rights 'settled law'

Soldier balks at deploying; says Obama isn’t president

Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist

Embarrassed Republicans and Ignorant Libertarians=Libertardians

US Afghan forces 'bomb own base'

Pat Buchanan Repeats Joke About Todd Palin Taking Levi Johnston to the Creek

Marijuana Ad For California

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Watts up with Watts?

Happy Bastille Day

Obama On Don't Ask, Don't Tell

O'Reilly goes after freeperville for being vile, nasty, racist, etc. (2007)

Borneo's Burning Forests

Some Facts About HealthCare

How Lobbyists Use Homeless as Line Sitters...saving places in line for hearings

Rachel Maddow & The Republican's C Street House [UPDATE]

Sotomayor: ‘We’re not robots.’

Sasha Abramsky: The Hidden Scandal of American Hunger

TYT: Will Eric Holder Investigate Bush for Torture? What Can We Do?

Of Breadlines and Banks

Capitol Hill Agenda: July 13, 2009

Dem Agenda: too big for torture probe

Ed Show: Intell Committee Gathering Documents for Possible CIA Investigation

Master Sgt. John E. Hayes Dies in Deadly Afghanistan Month

Hunter Harrassment Case - First Amendment Violation

Rove: It's 'dangerous to give Congress information.'

Sotomayor on Gov't Seizure of Private Property (Interrupted by Protester)

Liz Cheney Tries to Stick CIA Deceptions Onto Democrats - Just A 'Policy Difference'

New DNC Health Care TV Ad: 'Senators, It's Time.'

Headzup: Limbaugh Praises Jeff Sessions For Standing Up For Racists Against Sotomayor

Michael Steele makes his "Fried Chicken" comment

Woody Guthrie born July 14, 1912

Feeling the Hate in Tel Aviv

Sessions (Racist-AL): Sotomayor should have voted same way as other judge "of Puerto Rican ancestry"

Letterman - Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

Genesis Explained Scientifically

Eliot Spitzer On Matt Taibbi and Goldman Sachs

Shane Victorino of the Phillies Shares His Nuts With President Obama

Cellcom Commercial (West Bank Wall)

7/13 Olbermann/Turley on AG Holder's Banzai Plant Special Prosecutor

Fox News Blames Pope For Labor Movement

Bill Maher with Chris Matthews on Hardball - EnJoy!

TYT: Who Was on Cheney's Assassination List?

KO's Worst Person in the World: Orly Taitz and Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook

President Obama throws out first pitch of 2009 All Star Game

Lindsey Graham To Sotomayor: You stand out like a sore thumb in terms of your temperament

Right Wing: Sotomayor Belonged To Terrorist Group!

Rachel Maddow & The 3 Days Of The Dick Cheney - She ain't buying the BS cover story either!

Naomi Wolf: 'Obama can lock any US citizen up without trial'

Bob Herbert: Chutzpah on Steroids

Baha Mousa death inquiry hears horrific catalogue of abuses against Iraqi prisoners

Lobbyist Lanny Davis Seeks a Rematch with Obama over Honduras Coup

Chavez: US Government Giving Oxygen to Honduran Coup

Tell Rahm: Remove Biased Prosecutors!

Should a News Organization Be "Partisan" When One Party Represents Falsehood?

Enemy of Health Care Reform: The Manhattan Institute

AlterNet: How Bad Will the Economy Get? Really, Really Bad

Death squads and US democracy

GOP Pullin' Out all the Stops on Sotomayor's Latina Patina

White Men Can’t Trump

AlterNet: Rabid Anti-Abortionist Tries to Use Sotomayor Hearings for Comeback

Guardian UK: Dick Cheney's fantasy war

The Popular Way To Pay for Health Care

Computer scientists analyze the "news cycle"

Repub. Ohio Senator (Voinovich) Holds The EPA Hostage

Identify Yourself and Obey!

GM execs and California’s Republicans are like two peas in a pod

Vocal Minority Insists It Was All Smoke and Mirrors (moon landing nutbars)

Reporters Without Borders Lies About Venezuela

Commentary: What the 'wise Latina' remark meant

House Releases Major Health Care Reform Bill

NSA Gave Up Names of Americans Wiretapped to John Bolton

Legal Scholars Agree: A 'Wise Potato Chip' is Better Than Jeff Sessions

India's Outsourcing Industry Heads to Single-digit Growth

US hawks want terrorists to take down Iran govt.

Matthew Rothschild: Dick Cheney, Rogue Meister

The Economy is even Worse than you think

Obama Wants Quick 'Change,' Not 'Repeal' Of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Big Trouble for Dick Cheney

"Cheney Sweats Out the Summer" by Ray McGovern (7-14-09 Consortium News)

Hillary Consulted Republicans, Neocons, And Liberals For Big Foreign Policy Speech

Obama Urges Cautious Optimism Toward New Season of Entourage

Who Was on the Assassination List? (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

The Hughes-Ryan Amendment, a 1974 law

The Man Who Knew Cheney's Secret

The House "Public Option" won't kick in until sometime in 2013!!!! Let's diddle daddle around!

Some day, I hope we all get to see the first woman POTUS

This is the PFAW "attack" liar Orrin Hatch is talking about:

$500 Billion dollar plan to upgrade railroads, mass transit, highways hits federal pothole

Eugene Robinson: Whose Identity Politics? (Whoa! Must Read)

Nouriel Roubini: "Unemployment rate will remain well above 10% for a long time"

Here's the full text of the House Healthcare bill released today July 14, 2009

We need to do Health Care reform without Abortion and deal with it later......

Birther Madness Explored and Explained !!

John Kerry responds to Sarah Palin's Op-Ed with his own Op-Ed - "What Gov. Palin Forgot"

Nothing says America like flying a B-1 bomber over the All Star Game...

White House Turns Up Heat on Arizona Senator (Kyl)

I don't give a shit about John Edwards' personal life and I never did. I disliked him

Graham's whine reminds me of those who ask "how come black people can say n*gg*r but WE can't?

AMAZING! Barbara Jordan's opening remarcks at Nixon hearing.

Freeper email

Hillary Clinton plans to reassert herself with high-profile speech

Obama wants $12 billion for 2-year colleges

Politico: "the ball fell short of the plate". Time: "Strike.....Obama gets the ball over the plate"

When will Obama acknowledge that it's the phony "free trade" that's 1/2 of the economy's downfall?

DU this poll about Sotomayor!

Resolved, Democratic presidents SHOULD feel obligated to defend the powerless

Obama kicks off historic night in St. Louis

Obama on the economy: "Fine. Give it to me."

Did I imagine it, or were there racist idiots BOOING President Obams at the All-Star Game?

Guy James said it best on his show.

How do you feel about Rahm Emanuel's statement:

Republicans going after Sotomayor are solidifying any chance of getting Hispanic vote in the future

On Health-Care Reform, Obama Looks to the LBJ Model

Obama mulls rental option for homeowners: sources

Yahoo Reports Biggest Cheers at All Star Game were for George W. Bush's Taped Speech

Obama's in the announcing booth at the game!!!!!!!!!!

Anti-choice campaign sends empty envelops to Obama, gets empty envelop back in response

Since we have this prison *Gitmo* that we are emptying and need to find a use for

Did Fox just cut off half the screen on Obama's pitch on purpose?

Soldier (birther) won't deploy to Afghanistan

Sotomayor Surprises Sessions

Regarding John Edwards: It's not the Message, it's the Hypocrisy.

PA-Gov, PA-06: Gerlach to Run for Governor

Bernie Sanders tearing it up: Anybody here want to repeal the Veteran's Health Administration?

PHOTOS: President Obama throws out the first pitch

Hutchison Officially Taking On Texas Gov. Perry, Raises Millions

Poppy Bush may have been a lying, secretive scion of the patrician class with blood on his hands

I. Love. Birthers.

MLB Network (if you have it). Costas will be interviewing the President

Republican Chairman Michael Steele offers 'fried chicken and potato salad' to recruit black voters

Obama Open to Partisan Vote on Health-Care Overhaul, Aides Say

USA Today/Gallup Poll out Tuesday: Majority in U.S. Favors Healthcare Reform This Year

Obama, MLB All-Star!

Newt Gingrich Begins Tweeting in "Language of the Ghetto"

Is the Gov't Really the Problem with Universal Healthcare?

TN-Gov: McWherter, Wamp Lead Primary Packs

PHOTOS: President Obama and Willie Mays

Design Your Own Healthcare System

Waffling Baucus Made Firm Commitment To Obama: Rangel

Didja see that? FOX just showed Obama's pitch from the center field camera's perspective!

Bush: "I inherited a recession." Obama: "Fine. Give it to me. My job is to solve problems."

Go Nationals!!!!!

Reuters: House Releases Healthcare Overhaul Bill

Networks Get Obama Health Care Interview Wednesday

Even today Junior sounds like a dumbass

A question that haunts me about the billion$ that dis'd in Iraq, Cheney and

Poll: Majority of Repugs don't think Palin qualified for prez - 52% say resigned because of politics

" Many others have met different fates"

Flag this message Breaking: Why Sarah Palin is resigning

I want to watch Pres throw that first ball tonight. Do we know what time

Surgeon General looks just a tad bit better than Gupta:

Is it just me, or wasn't Lindsay Graham's remark to Sotomayor yesterday sexist and inappropriate

Isn't it interesting that the "anti abortion protesters" are all men?

NPR program about DIck Cheney, CIA secret stuff

OH NOES!!! GALLUP: Obama only up four points in four days. Now stands at 60% approval.

No, a comment about a "wise white man" is not the same

sen. lindsey "scarlett" graham is confused, since sen. schummer just proved...

****Heads Up: POTUS Education Event, Live in Warren MI ****

This oughtta be good for a laugh (FR still stuck on birth certificate)

Obama critics: Reference posts from January or thereabouts if you want perspective

Soldier balks at deploying; says Obama isn’t president

Judge Sotomayor has so much more patience than I could ever dream of having.

Check out this pic of the anti-choice heckling thug being removed from Sotomayor hearing today.

Willie Mays to hitch a ride on AF1

Michelle Obama's father buried at Burr Oak

DE-Sen/DE-AL: Mike's Meager Haul

what are these "czars" that Obama seems to have placed?

Instead of a Second Stimulus, Why Not Give Struggling States More Aid?

Sessions (Racist-AL): Sotomayor should have voted same way as other judge "of Puerto Rican ancestry"

Sadly not a joke: "Palin Writes WaPost Op-Ed To Slam Obama's Cap-And-Trade Plan"

The Sarah Palin Bedpan of Shame

Grassley's next - Ms. Sotomayor better down some strong coffee

Jeff Sessions is putting on quite a show in this hearing. This is the man

At Tonight's All-Star Game: A President In Pinstripes?

Missed Morning Sotomayor Confirmation Session - Did anyone bring up.......

Obama Wants Quick "Change," Not "Repeal" Of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Michelle Obama's father buried at Burr Oak (the cemetary in Chicago where grave tampering occured)

Reposting: Re: Jeff Sessions

Sarah Palin's Op-Ed Slams Obama's Cap-And-Trade Plan

Please delete. DUPE.

Is Hatch getting into minute details of New Haven case for a reason?

democracy now! doing a story on racist sen. sessions' failed confirm. hearing years ago.

I am glad the "Complexion" of the US Supreme Court is changing

Rasmussen puts out crappy BS poll that more people oppose health care reform now

Reuters: House Health Bill Will Include Surtaxes on the Wealthy, Beginning in 2011

Has Liz Cheney been tasked to take over Palin's space. Cut off her money tree and supporters before

President Obama has yet to try my Aunt Mabel's delicious apple pie. What gives?

Who will suffer a meltdown first?

Too bad Sessions won't find himself in court in front of Sotomayor.

When will the firefighter testify today? Anybody know where I can find the witness schedule?

If Governor Sanford resigns could he get a job writing Harlequin Romance novels?

Every question by a white male Republican to a minority female judicial nominee is about race.

Bizarro world when a racist senator and failed judicial appointee

Sotomayor to be grilled by republicans over white firefighters..they have a problem

After Obama threat and LBJ-style lobbying, Reid and Pelosi say health care vote before August recess

Eugene Robinson one on one with Liz MSNBC

AP via Huffpo: Obama Wants Senate Health Bill By Week's End

THESE are the times that try men's (peoples) souls

PHOTO a la palooza! Obama through the years. (Link)

Way to go MSM! You're winning the economy spin battle!

What comes next (a primer on photos)

White House officials "convinced" that "some detainees" must be detained indefinitely (NYT)

Palin WaPo editorial on energy slamming cap and trade

George Monbiot: The rich can relax. We just need the poor world to cut emissions. By 125%

Solar Nano-Antennae

Dinosaur Burrow Find Gives Climate Change Clues

An Australian opinion on oil and food

Climate Change May Spell Demise of Key (New England) Salt Marsh Constituent

DrumBeat: July 14, 2009

George Bush gutted the Clean Air Act provisions for New source review .. why isnt Obama reviewing

Invasive Bioenergy Crops Could Threaten Plant Biodiversity.

Pesticide levels in blood linked to Parkinson's disease, researchers find

We will protect air travel for the masses, says (UK climate change secretary) Ed Miliband

Is Google part of a new human evolutionary strategy

Global warming: Our best guess is likely wrong—Unknown processes account for much of warming …

ExxonMobil continuing to fund climate sceptic groups, records show

Gasoline prices drop as crude oil hits eight-week low

"Then and Now" -- a look back at Newsweek's coverage of the 1973 energy crisis

Energy harvesting for future UAVs (US Air Force experimenting with solar-powered "drones.")

Exxon to Invest Millions to Make Fuel From Algae

States passing laws to assist food pantries

Chavez: US Government Giving Oxygen to Honduran Coup

Bachelet:: Absolutely false that Hillary told her U.S. is against Insulza's re-election to lead OAS

TELESUR: Zelaya gives ultimatum to coup government

The TO Show (Possibly too much skin)

US-MEXICO: Rights Group Urges Review of Aid in Light of Abuses

Bobby Vee to manage the Natinals next year??

Iran’s hand in Latin America not as US feared

Nobody dislikes this All Star Game winner gets WS home field advantage BS

Longoria out of All-Star game

As if there aren't enough reasons not to take the Chokers serious.

Why the fuck is Bush getting air time for the ASG?

Anybody else notice what FOX did to Obama?

Laughable story of the week: "Bonds not ready to retire"

Who else thinks the twins should stay out of the broadcast booth?

US Press Falsely Claims Honduran Plurality for Coup

BOREV Covers Last Fri. Foreign Affairs Hearing: Otto Reich Wants to Know Where You Were on July 5

Guatemala to ask Chávez for further information about alleged plot

Anyone interested in a All Star game thread with out any bullshit smack talk?

Chavez admits meddling in Honduras, tells Obama to change his discourse

Pres. Morales Accuses US Southern Command for Honduras' Coup

CHAVEZ: US Government Giving Oxygen to Honduran Coup

WTF?? Obama Admin. Possibly Nominate DR PAUL FARMER for USAID DIRECTOR

Gloat Free All Star break MLB attendance figures:

Radio Progresso live call-in on Honduras (in Spanish) (posted @2:45pm)

Good news: Bolivia about to get an outlet to the sea

Twins Free All Star break MLB attendance figures:

Who else thinks the POTUS should stay out of the broadcast booth?

DC EVENT, WED, 6PM: HONDURAS MILITARY COUP - Forum with a delegation from Honduras

Lets count the way the NL All-Stars have fucked Lincecum in the !st inning.

51 years in San Francisco and the Giants still haven't produced a World Championship.

Memo To Tim Lincecum. Grunge Went Out In the 90s. Update Your Look

Colombian paramilitaries admits to killing 21,000

Top 10 Early Season College Football Matchups...

EVA: "Washington and the Coup D'etat in Honduras: Here is the Proof"

I'm back from Alaska and I notice the AL has two 11-game winners...

Who's more likely to be racist?

How do you store your ammo?

Israel to open all Gaza commercial crossings Monday

Road sign initiative will remind Arabs of government’s official positions

Today in Labor History July 14 Woody Guthrie was born, Great Uprising nationwide railway strike begi

Small Business Owners Struggle To Keep Up With Health Care Costs For Workers

Tough menu to swallow

Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

Advert 'implied Gaza in Israel'

Did Israel coordinate warships in Suez with Egypt?

Hamas says Israel dumping aphrodisiac gum on Gaza

Hamas-style education

Thought-Police Is Here; Rona Kuperboim Slams Foreign Ministry’s Plan To Hire Pro-Israel Talkbackers

Sports bar owner to hand out water pistols in protest of TN law allowing guns in bars

Despite Jewish Concerns, Obama Keeps Up Pressure on Israel

Amendment II Democrats on Facebook

Pesticide levels in blood linked to Parkinson's disease, researchers find

Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock

The Cost of Cancer

Here's the full text of the House Healthcare bill released today July 14, 2009

The House "Public Option" won't kick in until sometime in 2013!!!! Let's diddle daddle around!

Do You Want Health Care Reform?

Pesticide Levels In Blood Linked To Parkinson's Disease

Italy projects 4 million Swine Flu cases by March 2010

Backyard Pics

A rose

Can anyone help with fact check on this rep. propaganda?

Has anyone gotten laser eye surgery? Is it terrifying? Any suggestions?

China Risks Apple’s Reputation by Letting Factories Flout Law

Aetna, UnitedHealth Win Part of $55 Billion for Military Health

Colorado PERA benefits in peril

Bob Graham on financial crisis committee?

Nouriel Roubini: "Unemployment rate will remain well above 10% for a long time"

$500 Billion dollar plan to upgrade railroads, mass transit, highways hits federal pothole

Cashless trading

US Airways to cut 600 jobs (CNN)

'Bruno' misses the mark

"You must remember this... a kiss is just a kiss...."

I just found out that Barney Frank is gay in the most wonderful way

India Pride Photos

This is why I am happy Joe Sestak Is my Congressman

Reid Supports Amendment Suspending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Watching Whales Watching Us

BREAKING: Bill Clinton comes out in support of marriage equality

Men emerge from Mars experiment (BBC) {3 mos confined to 'spaceship'}

Fussy Baby? Linking Genes, Brain And Behavior In Children

How convenient! Miami judge who struck gay adoption ban demoted

Review: Pop Star Wannabe Kim Petras Releases New Music. Ouch.

"Why Jesus Makes Me a Bad Scientist"

Obama Wants Quick 'Change,' Not 'Repeal' Of Don't Ask Don't Tell


History of Sabian Symbols

Today is for living

How many times will we follow the same path

Miracle’ girl’s heart heals itself after transplant

the shift has hit the fan here

If you want to fly, you must first let go.

A teaching story about Earth/mineral spirits

More good news

Dr. Jim Tucker discusses continuing Ian Stevenson's work on reported cases of reincarnation.

Offensive statements concerning God II.

"Why Jesus Makes Me a Bad Scientist"

Offensive statements concerning believers.

A Seat At The Table: Teachers Reclaiming Assessment Through Rethinking Accountability:

If you had 2-3 cups of fresh basil leaves, what would you do with it?

Artisan bread: can you reduce the salt?

Study: Positive teacher-student relationships necessary to raising achievement


Chicago schools report contradicts Obama and Duncan

Hyman Brown falsely presented by Tom Brokaw (and others) as the 'architect' of the Twin Towers

The absurdity of the 'pile driver' effect occuring at freefall speed

Texas Unemployment Benefits - $643M shortfall...

"The State: The Complete Series" is out on DVD!

'District 9' Trailer

Anyone seen the film Snatch ?

China to build replica of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch