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Your typical DUer does which activity most often?

Need Computer/Printer Help!

Jackson "foul play" meme gambit to gain estate?

Just curious if anyone is aware of Michael Bisping's condition? Maybe some of our UKer's know.

Why Palin really quit - to rally far right & religious base like she did before

Rare Indian artifacts found on Lisbon, Connecticut, property

Post here to pledge to "unkick" threads...

Post here to pledge NOT to "rec" any threads

Post here to pledge NOT to "rec" any threads

Amazing Criswell prediction from 1968!

Bedtime for Skink.

Did you know George Brett of the Royals shits hisself about 2 times a year

Gun crime 60pc higher than official figures

Down Under Dinosaur Burrow Discovery Provides Climate Change Clues

Post here to pledge NOT to "rec" any threads

Palin will make first post-resignation speech in Simi Valley

Puppies Are Cute

First Direct Evidence Of Substantial Fish Consumption By Early Modern Humans In China 40,000 Years

We will have no economic recovery till Wall Street is re-regulated

Can either honors or criminal convictions be 'bestowed' upon someone post humously?

Rec or Unrec this Thread based on popularity!

Rec or Unrec this Thread based on popularity!

Billings murder is unfolding as a major and very tragic story

How Desperate things have gotten Democratic Mayor turns to Deforestation to balance budget

Specially trained dogs to be used in Port Angeles archaeological survey

Ok dammit!! It's been 6 months already and Obama *still* hasn't...

Newest book from Arundhati Roy

Why Palin really quit - to rally far right & religious base like she did before

What kind of dog do you have? Purebred, mutt, a mix of two or more breeds?

What kind of dog do you have? Purebred, mutt, a mix of two or more breeds?

Sarah Palin's twitter on 7/12/09 10pm

Religion and Inequality

Truth Commission Needed to Examine Cheney, Assassination Squads, Cover-Ups

don't look now- but asia's stock markets are tanking big time...

don't look now- but asia's stock markets are tanking big time...

Pat Buchanan gets it wrong.. AGAIN!

Actual questions on a Zogby poll:

Rep. Anthony Weiner engaged to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin

Chuck Schumer is on MOrning JoeScum now n/t

The birthers are messing with Obama's wikipedia entry

John Nichols: The Balance Begins to Tip Against Cheney

Democrats push for probe into Bush policies

Joe Scum is missing on a day when

Profound commentary on CBS Sunday Morning, from aunt of soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Goldman Sachs reports $2 Billion profit each new quarter, yet 1 in 8 Americans goes to bed hungry!

So, an Autistic Man in a Pig Costume Walks Into a Bar. . .

Hold On To Your Hat:: Holt Bill on Voting Machines is coming back & with it the controversy

Steve McNair's other 'other woman

Save the planet ?


Ratigan on MSNBC digging on Paneta/CIA/Cheney story..

Kim Jong-il 'Has Pancreatic Cancer'

Was just reading another forum when it suddenly seemed to come under attack

I need help. My parent's have Teabagged.

Remember the kerfuffle about Donna Brazile and George H. W. Bush?

EJ Dionne, Jr.: The Real Court Radicals

A modest proposal for improving the Recommend/Unrecommend function

"Before Obama takes all our money"

NTSB INITIAL REPORT....Obamas Campaign Aircraft...Near Tragedy

Bullying Behind GOP "Racist" Win

john cornyn is suddenly concerned about the constitution

Germany Charges Accused Nazi Guard

Has anybody contacted Chris Parry about the other sins of the Freepers?

Has anybody contacted Chris Parry about the other sins of the Freepers?

Analyst On CNBC Predicts Thirteen Percent Unemployment

Lean magazines?

Cheney's "Leave Behinds" at the CIA Have Begun His Defense

Leaving Guantanamo for paradise (interview with Uighurs)

Who was that heckler in the hearing?

Yay Russ! Going after conservative judicial activists in a strong way

So my family of liberal Dems took the "What President are you" Facebook quiz.

So my family of liberal Dems took the "What President are you" Facebook quiz.

My interpretation of Sessions' opening remarks

Leahy is blasting the repuke attacks on Sotomayor and

Union official worried Russians could take over Canadian steel plants

A Photo just begging to be Captioned

Do you believe Leon Panetta has control of the CIA ?

Do you believe Leon Panetta has control of the CIA ?

We would have picked ANOTHER HISPANIC ----- Lindsey Graham

We would have picked ANOTHER HISPANIC ----- Lindsey Graham

Repubs hating on empathy. It would be funny if it weren't so

How Republicans change the conversation

Rush and Palin (a tragic love story)


U.S. policy on assassinations

Remember how much the rule of law meant to the Rethugs in the Terri Schiavo case?

UGH. Cheney Daughter Looking to Run

Where can I listen to the hearings on radio?

On the recent right wing sploogefest over "the glance"....

I wish Gov. Sarah Palin, Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Mark Sanford, would...

John Nichols: The Balance Begins to Tip Against Cheney

Can somebody translate what Lindsey Graham is saying? I don't speak Idiot....

Gov. Sanford should help the Sotomayer nomination.

Anybody else find Senators opening statements a horror?

Iran: The Green Brief #26 (July 12) Latest news from Iran

Kyl to Sotomayor: You are Latina, therefore you are biased.

Waiting to hear how stupid Mr. Cornyn can sound.

My take on Texas Education system and the state of education in general...

Chris Matthews Is Back!! Yessssss!! I've missed him. n/t

Cornyn addressing Sotomayor

Russ Feingold On the Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor

** Senate Justiciary committee Sotomayer confirmation hearing today **

The repuke attack on Sotomayor comes sharply into focus

Sheldon Whitehouse ripping the Right a new one

It's Not Often That You Have Banner Ads That Entice You To Commit A Crime - EVONY

Lindsay Graham to Sotomayor --

"Saudi Family sues genie, alleges harassment". . HUH!?!?!

And ANOTHER one!

Palin Says She May Stump for Democrats

8 Penn. unions have joined together to form a coalition against payless paydays

Sonia Sotomayor, live from Capitol Hill

Don't You Just Hate The Lecturing Whenever They Have To Vet A Supreme Court Justice?

what isn't generally known about which rappers get heard

"It's a little hard to see home plate from right field."

Levi Johnston: Palin wanted to do a reality show, her children were against it

Funny!: "The Five Stages Of Political Excuses."

Why do Republicans feel if they can get 23 no votes on Sotomayor they win?

GOPers may announce support for Sotomayor today

Egypt did it again! stops about 200 americans

Is there any difference between an 18 year old unwed mother that preaches abstinence

Coburn gives Sotomayer a "God Bless You"

Lindsay Graham Proves His Own Stupidity

Health Care Discussion - YOU Are Not Invited

I just got a "robocall"

On teevee today: Two great speeches unintendedly back to back.

They're breaking until 2:00. I think they said Senator Franken will be

C-Span caller: As a white person, I believe that a white man makes a better president

Republican circle jerk over Sotomayor

I love Senator Sheldon Whitehouse!

Who were the disruptors at the hearing this morning?

when does the Schuster Freeper expose air?

Damn It! Empathy Does Not Mean Sympathy.

Am I the only one who never even looks at the greatest page?

CIA (Secret Program)Had Plan to Kill al-Qaida

Dean Baker: The Washington Post (a.k.a. Fox on 15th Street) Wants 15 Million People to Be Unemployed

Balance (Joke)

". . another secretive group. . . " owns C street house

El Sistema takes poor children & teaches them music, for those in need of a positive post.

BWAHAHA! Shuster is GOING AFTER FREEPERVILLE NOW! Check out his twitter

The Republican Health Care Horror Show.....

The Obama Organization's Blueprint For Healthcare Change -- Southern California Version

Diane Feinstein not buying the claim of John Roberts that he's like an umpire.

Sessions: "Empathy For One Group Always Means Prejudice Against Another"...

Imagine a presidential ticket like this:

Donna Smith, National Organization for Women’s, 2009 Woman of Action

Specter on now - Franken up next - Here's the thread... join in.

The Sessions Sessions

How Repukes govern: Goodhair flunks; fakes the results; then asks for $2M more to continue

No matter what you think about President Obama, lay off the kids.

No matter what you think about President Obama, lay off the kids.

The Fourth of July was not a good day to have Tea Parties

Regina Benjamin is a socialist

why do the republicans hate centaurs?

Trio of Republicans Accused of Obstructing Senate

Who are the people disrupting the hearing? I have it on in the background

This is a new term to me: "Conscience Protection Rights"--

Robert Plant's CBE from Prince Charles (PICs)

Criticism of Afghan War is on Rise in Britain

Liz Cheney open to running for office

Sotomayor blog: judicial restraint

Harkin: 60 Democrats May Not Be Enough For Health Care; Reconciliation A Distinct Possibility

Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III on judge Sotomayer

Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III on judge Sotomayer

Who (media? who else?) clings to PALIN?!1 Who wants her still around?!1 She flunked, shd just getOUT

Member of the secretive C st cult says he's 'extremely troubled' by Sotomayor

I've said it before...

Thank you for the star!

Fweepers #2 has been dropped

MikaMouse is really pathetic this morning

Senate RePUKES screwing themselves royally over Sotomayor. I LOVE IT !!

** Senate Judiciary Hearing Thread 2 **

Norquist group warns against healthcare surtax

Am I the only one sick of political correctness?


Chicago Cubs to file for bankruptcy?

Fomer CIA Dir Hayden: "I never felt I had any impediment in briefing Congress"

Vatican reacts against irony in italian public TG news report on Pope's vacation

rec'd him...

Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for first time - AP

Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for first time - AP

Ha ha...we have no standards! Kristinn

Heads up. Shuster's on next. n/t

Oh snap! Head Freeper to be on MSNBC at 3:30 PM EDT.

The Honorable Sheldon Whitehouse

Set your watches... Freeper Call To Action #2 at 10:00 EDT this morning.

Suddenly Cheney can't be reached for comment?!

Has My Senator (Leahy) Gone Completey NUTS?

Opening Statement of Judge Sonia Sotomayor (As Prepared For Delivery)

Kohn warns Congress on meddling in Fed's affairs

During Sotomayor's confirmation ...

Assassinations in Allied Countries?

A response for Sonia Sotomayor to John Cornyn and other Rethugs...

MOUNTAIN OF DEBT: Americans' debt stress is easing

Lab test for heart attack patient denied because he had a past due bill of $7

Note to GOP Blowhards: All Judges Are 'Activist Judges'

VIDEO: Laura Ingraham broadcasts Planned Parenthood segment with rifle crosshairs over their logo

The CNP Vetted Sarah Palin: Is this the conspiracy you're looking for?

Over $44,000 an Hour to Fly: Putting the F-22 in Perspective

John Nichols: Target Cheney

Does anyone know what's up with Rangel uveiling the Health Care bill today?

Cheney has been out there ... acting as if he's running a shadow government. Maybe he is.

Recommend if you think the Sotomayor hearings are nothing but grandstanding bullshit.

maybe there is a better answer to the unrecommend issue

MSNBC is doing a story on "A conservative blog" attacking the President's daughter.

Franken's first public role as Senator. On the Judiciary Committee re: Sotomayor.

I think DU should either abolish the Greatest Page, or undo the unrec feature.


Dick Cheney 'hid plans to kill al-Qaida operatives abroad'

Things I learned at book club today:

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Criticism of Afghan War is on Rise in Britain

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Criticism of Afghan War is on Rise in Britain

Hartmann 11 pst. He says the 11 oclock segment will be the most important,

The reason the Malia/FreeRepublic story may not go too far is Barack/Michelle will let it sink. . .

Has anyone else been having trouble with YouTube today?

Do You See Graffiti in Your Town of International Terrorists? (PIC)

OH HELL NO!!! Joe Jackson wants to take kids ("The Jackson Three") on tour in 2010

Sarah Palin Twitter on 7/13/09 1pm

Sarah Palin Twitter on 7/13/09 1pm

Was I too harsh on a former student of mine who posted an ignorant comment about Sotomayor. . .

Palin: She had to quit because "opposition researchers were making crap up"

Rate the Freeper/Shuster match...who won?

White House may ask for delayed summer recess if reform lags

Is My Congresswoman One of These???

Is My Congresswoman One of These???

Vatican: "Christians enjoyed security and relative freedom" under Saddam Regime

Calls grow for probe of CIA plan for al-Qaida hits

Freerepublic Refuses To Apologize For Racist Remarks Against Obama's Daughter...

Freerepublic Refuses To Apologize For Racist Remarks Against Obama's Daughter...


CIA Vet: Agency Doesn't Need Secret Program To Target al Qaeda

The New Ice Age of the Young Republicans - HuffPo

Lawyers Will Meet Wednesday to Debate the Release of CIA IG’s Torture Report

Healthcare 'still on schedule'; bill coming Tuesday

Healthcare 'still on schedule'; bill coming Tuesday

Palin's act of "selflessness" again screws Alaska

NYT: "Her hair had thinned to the point where she needed emergency help from her hairdresser"

HBO Documentary about the life of Sen. Kennedy, "Teddy" premiers tonight.

Up to 8 People (dressed as 'Ninjas') Involved in Slaying of Foster Parents

Up to 8 People (dressed as 'Ninjas') Involved in Slaying of Foster Parents

CIA Was Trying to Create an Assassinations Capability

Chuch Schumer just now: "We don't even have a class system in this country"

Chuch Schumer just now: "We don't even have a class system in this country"

Should Dick Cheney be Indicted?

Pot, Meet Kettle

Limbaugh Sees Dem ‘Plot’ in Heinous Crime

Will it be real reform? NC hands shape reform

Unrecommend has restored DU. I wish all the other threads in important

Think Tank Question?.......

Poll: Will there be a large-scale US civil conflict in the future?

They REALLY don't make'em like they used to

For Goldman, a Swift Return to Lofty Profits

Boiling the Frog - Paul Krugman (NYT)

Monday Toons, Part 2

DU Journals appear to be down. Anyone else having trouble accessing them?

What will my children's history books say?

Palin resignation will cost Alaskans at least another $150,000

Yarrrgghhh! Bigmouth right-wing wacko contractor working on my house!

Shuttle launch for today scrubbed again. will try again Tues or Wed

AIG Millionaire Bonus Recipients Are Upbeat About The Economy

Has Sy Hersch Weighed In On This Latest Cheney Revelation.....

Has Sy Hersch Weighed In On This Latest Cheney Revelation.....

Belfast Catholics riot over Protestant parade

Stop Barack Obama (One Million Strong and Growing) Facebook Group Update

I hope Pat Leahy sees to it that these outside agitators are prosecuted and get lengthy prison terms

13 doctors say WMD mole did not commit suicide (Where'd Dick Go?)

Oh Great! Madoff is coming to Butner, NC

Ron Suskind on with tweety right now....4:20 PM CDT

Up to 8 suspects wanted in Pensacola home invasion murders. Some of them dressed like ninjas...

5 Things to Remember About Jeff Sessions

Bill Moyers Journal - great report on Health Insurance Ind. efforts to kill the "public option".

As If On Cue, "Young" (under 40) Republicans elect White Supremist To Top Position

Minutemen can't disown Shawna Forde

How will a "forward looking" Obama ever see what is going on "behind his back"

Hey, Orrin Hatch...

"Don't Be Against Us On Healthcare" -- Obama to take lead on Healthcare bill, gets TOUGH!

Lemme get this straight: EMPATHY = EMPATHY for nonwhites = AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

Sen. Lindsey Graham

What annoys me about Democratic Underground.

Questions about a Liz Cheney candidacy/election ...

What's the difference between a Hockey Mom and a PitBull.

Please Consider this before Vaccinating!!!

Same-sex Penguin Couple Split Up by Homewrecker Penguin, Linda.

Fundies: Infidels trying to remove Jesus from the city council meeting

Joe Jackson wants to take Michael Jackson’s three children on tour, calling them "The Jackson Three"

Grand Old Anglo Party work to Indoctrinate Texas Youth for the Next Decade

Sixty-five percent = Palin does NOT have the ability to be an effective president.

From the Dept. of Good News For a Change: Obama's Surgeon General Pick Totally Rocks

Update: Justice served - "Laura" the homeless woman I helped last year got an apartment

I would like to know when Admins will unleash mods to lock "unrec topic" threads

She has a great life story. She's very intelligent. I like her personally. He is a great orator.

Wow!! The scammers are getting bolder with Western Union -

2,000-year-old cream shows aristocrat’s taste

The Lindsey Graham MO

We've got 4 threads with well over 100 recs on the Greatest Page

Cameras Captured 'Chilling' Break-In at Fla. Home

Follow up questions for Liz Cheney

Ok, so there is this uber secret CIA project

Lying to congress....torture investigation...

Tamron Hell and David Shuster are having a

Tactic for libraries to gain public support to fight budget cuts?

Honkies, niggers, wetbacks and kikes:

Honkies, niggers, wetbacks and kikes:

the Lindsey Graham MO

Anybody see the Henry Rifle commercial on Countdown?

Drone Attacks Signal CIA’s Willingness to Assassinate Terrorists

Pat Buchannon suggests that Todd Palin should murder Levi Johnston

Raw Story Video...Pat Buchanan: Palin’s husband should murder Levi Johnston

Fed-Ex expands anti-discrimination policy to include transgendered; RW is hammering them for this

Heads Up - Senator Whitehouse on Rachel

Bruno "baby model" mother... wow (possible spoilers)

Freeps react to MSNBC coverage with three words: "PRAYER BUMP. NEEDED"

Are there four events going on simultaneously? Is there a reason to

Get ready for the next wave of the credit crisis...Option ARM mortgage defaults.

No health care 2004 = no kidneys 2008

I have found a way to unite ALL on the unrec feature!!!

Rachel has changed the part in her hair!

Demonizing 911 Truth (video)

Oops - self delete

Why Have Two Senators from the Same State and Party on the Same Committee?

What happened to Norma McCorvey's (Jane Roe) baby?

"If she was a nice lady who had a brain and some charm, she'd own America right now. "

Who's watching Teddy on HBO now n/t

Hey, "Law Department", aren't there laws that

Hey, "Law Department", aren't there laws that

Obama's Tortured Democracy: The Power of Images and the Politics of State Secrecy

Banks Gone Wild! Now Wells Fargo sues... itself!

9/11 Blueprint for Truth~ Documentary ~ 2 Hrs

"The words in my title are unacceptable?"

HuffPo's "Sarah Palin's Most Cringe-Worthy Moments...You Choose The Worst (poll)"

Have there been any Cheney sightings?

Out of all the Palin pictures---this one is by far the most disturbing---

I'll Take "List of Possible Victims of Cheney's Death Squads" for 50, Alex!

I recorded the wrong channel and missed the judiciary committee today anyone know where I can find..

NASA enthusiasts: Cool time lapse vid of the Shuttle being mounted on the 747

If Panetta didn't know the CIA operation was going on, how does he know it is stopped?

How to Argue With a Global Warming Denier...LOL and informative

Only compaint about unrec

pandemic H1N1 considered unstoppable by WHO. last report and cases figures, nation by nation.

IL: Cook County jury acquits man on gay panic defense - he stabbed victim 61 times

One way for a zoo to fend off budget cuts - threaten to to euthanize the animals

Former Rep Largent (R-OK)- wilful adulterers not welcome at C Street but keeping political office OK

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! w/ new Kitty gifs


(TOON) If you don't know what Twitter is, here's the best summary of its usefulness...


Sen. Whitehouse Denounces Roberts’ Umpire Theory of Judging

Sen. Whitehouse Denounces Roberts’ Umpire Theory of Judging

What do you think of president barack obama?

So Sheldon Whitehouse, on Maddow show, characterizes the recently discovered program

The secret program - could it have to do with Iran?

Legal question re inheritance and step-siblings.

So.... "Somebody" told Leon Panetta "You need to know about this".

Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin

"I don't think she can handle the pressure of being president."

The Convoy of Death: Will Obama Investigate The Afghan Massacre Of November 2001?

High School student dies after playing 'the choking game'

Feds Charge Animal Rights Activists With Terrorism Under Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act !!??

"Things didn't start well." Bush: The first 100 days

Hardcore social conservatism

is this real?

is this real?

They're all spreading it (Freepers)

New York state attacks pensions, Bloomberg cuts worker pay, raises pay for his peeps

NY Times: Family Businesses Are Reeling in Recession

If we come up with free energy(hypothetical), what will people do with the money they save?

"The Killing of Women Is Like Killing a Bird Today in Afghanistan"

What do you think of ex-president George W. Bush?

How cashing a Snuggie rebate could cost you $150

Wall Street Journal Loves Obama's Drone War Vs. Pakistan: "Unmanned Bombs Away"

The Rude Pundit: Death Squads, Cheney, and American Standards

Top Freeper on MSNBC with Shuster

More hybrids in 2010. Honda announces hybrid CR-Z & Fit.

Whoa... Talk About Your Grand Delusion !!! - (Freeper on Malia\Schuster\Vancouver Sun)

I thought Obama said he was going to RESTORE our moral standing in the world?

Swearing Makes Pain More Tolerable


Is it my imagination? Or is free republic consistently holding fundraisers.

Single payer does not eliminate private health insurance

Keith's gonna talk about Free Republic's trashing of Malia

The reason I don't believe CIA secret unit was meant to target bad guys is because ...

Chris and Kathleen Matthews "at Home in Nantucket Island:"Lifestyles of Rich & Famous

NAACP president on marriage equality: 'We don't take a position on that nationally'

A bicycle that you can pedal up to 50mph...but at what cost?

My aunt says Palin should have told a better lie

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA): Good judges just "say what the law is."

Hutchison Officially Taking On Texas Gov. Perry, Raises Millions

Pet Owner Not Bothering To Neuter Loser Cat

Grocery Stores Still Dipping into the Pockets....Package Quantity's

Hey YouTube users -- watch this MSNBC vid, and make a Freeper cry by...

Rachel delivers a smackdown to Rep Wamp!

Tweety ended the show by saying that hopefully Eddie Rendell can talk sense to WH on abortion...

Levi Johnston to be on the Today Show shortly. Will they try to beat the kid up for Palin?

Rep. Peter King threatens "scorched-earth policy" if AG Holder investigates former Bush officials

Marcy Wheeler of FDL...What a hoot....

Independent UK: Climate change 'will cause civilisation to collapse'

Kristinn Taylor from FreeRepublic is a LIAR. Google for "ghetto trash"

Kristinn Taylor from FreeRepublic is a LIAR. Google for "ghetto trash"

An American hero dies… and hardly anyone knows

Hahahahaha..."Blow Job" on MSNBC

BWHAHA! Freeper Jim Robinson one of the "Worst Persons In The World"!

Pop star Kim used to be Tim

Pop star Kim used to be Tim

maybe no quite obligatory, but here is a small issue with the unrec...

A show of "hands" thread-DUers for applying the rule of law and accountability to BUSH/CHENEY era

A show of "hands" thread-DUers for applying the rule of law and accountability to BUSH/CHENEY era

Freepers on why they think minority kids were thrown out of pool in Pennsylvania

Poll: Do you think Maine's Gay Marriage law should be repealed?

Question: how many people who think the economy is being handled "brilliantly" are unemployed?

So now the freepers are saying that the racist comments were "planted by liberals"

On good old Goldman Sachs' coming record profit!

All of you Republican't lurkers, YOU IMPEACHED CLINTON OVER SEX, your whore-mongers need to resign

Fuck you bushitler for fucking this country so bad we'll never recover.

Taibbi: Draw your own conclusions about the distance between Goldman Sachs and the US government

DUI Checkpoint Stops Zero DUIs...but finds others things to arrest you for.

Monday Toons, Part 1.

At 54, Cleve Jones is Ready for his Comeback

It's not possible to recommend a reply... but it's possible to repost it.

Sarah Palin Autographs Live Baby

15 year old genius talks evolution vs creationism

Men/Women...Do you resent your stay at home partner?

“Unit Was So Secret That Even The Former CIA Director George Tenet Did Not Control Its Activities”

Spengler says Jackson to blame for immature americans/economy

They just shut Keith down. WTF is up with that! Him and Jonathan Turley.

Any other seniors here trying to start over.

One small example of why so many of us are fed up with religion:

I demand not only dramatic change in the un-recommend feature, but also:

"Empathy" on the Bench.

"Empathy" on the Bench.

Five Words for JimRob and all the Racist Freepers

What Wall Street has been up to

Dow Chemical's London Executives Receive "B'eau-Pal" Bottled Water Samples

I Think Jonathan Alter From Newsweek Just Put it Together on KO

Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds

Am I supposed to get my kids the Swine flu vaccine?

Am I supposed to get my kids the Swine flu vaccine?

I'm being stalked by Jehovah's witnesses!!

I think Unrec has improved DU's Greatest Page, but can't figure out why. Can you?

A little infighting over at FR over the t-shirt issue:

"Bombs Won't Liberate the Women of Afghanistan!"

How would you get rich if you knew what you know now, and then got stuck in 1999?

Exceptional Wisdom: Modern Heresies that were Once Considered True by Most People

I've Seen 1,200 Torture Photos

Civil Rights Group Threatening To Dismiss Local Chapter Head for Supporting Same Sex Marriage

You can call yourself "pro-life"

Gay, Emmy-winning director to gay actors: stay in the closet

Why the 'new atheists' are rightwing on foreign policy.

I cried at the banks of the Lehigh River Sunday

Possible problems with private insurance if abortion is forbidden in health care reform.

Seems to me my old DU is back & I love it!

"Ivan the Terrible" John Demjanjuk charged with 27,900 counts of accessory to murder.

Gingrich Announces Iran Policy: Topple The Government By Provoking A Gas Crisis Through Covert ‘Sabo

Now Can We Investigate?

Romance is for tighters

Anti-Consumer Groups are "Opportunities"

Ugh, I feel like shit because I let myself fall into anti-rapist bloodthirst mode in GD.

Can anyone help me out here?

Puppies Are Cute

The Bus Has Jumped The Shark, And The Shark Is Under It

Catch and Release

When in doubt, choose:

Massive Squid Washes Up on Beach in Quake Aftermath

Good morning Lounge

Do any of you get the YES Network? (the Yankees channel)

Guess what?

What were your worst jobs? (Pt. 2)

Why do people hate on Symarip so much?

What is your impression of your local police?

Did John Lennon and Brian Wilson ever meet?

How can I contact the members of a globally popular music group?

Uh, what if you happen to think that it is OK to pet the sweaty things?

Whatever happened to all the killer bees? Did they get wiped out by

Why is my university adverse to having Thursday courses?

What if she said no?

It was once my dream to own one of these

The greatest film or tv president evar

I watched a classic great movie on the Lifetime Channel last week. Oscar-caliber acting...

These guys make moldy bread sound sexy!


How would you like to STFU for a month?

If you had to be trapped in a MOVIE for a month, which would it be?

You Are Hereby Outhorized to Solemnize The

Buzz Ballads/Cuts got me thinking...

To Fans of the Washington Nationals,

I can't fucking take the negative rec system anymore.

2 discs of pure suck comin' atcha!

is your perimeter constantly being poked at by roving bands of the undead?

When you see a <0 thread what do you think?

Serious question: Is a professional resume service worth the expense?

You stay classy, Joan. Rivers offers her own "Jackson Memorial" (TMZ Video)

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SteppingRazor!!*******

Have you seen these BC SPCA commercials?

DU Air Guitarists, I have a question

I just bought 4 bottles of this Special K Vanilla protein shake.

Watch this video of a really tragic situation

Cats 'exploit' humans by purring ......say it ain't so!!!!!

God bless Strong Atheist for his recommend spree.

Does anyone know how to uninstall ULead Photo Explorer?

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' plus one?

Funniest bodily function (not a bodily function thread)

Tom Magliozzi (of Car Talk) has had knee surgery and is recuperating

Question about new Star Trek movie - spoiler question

New GrayWarrior game announced

True Blood Fans check in!!! **** of course there are spoilers - d'uh! ***

Ohhh man, I'm only 50 and...

delete n/t

Arming ATMs with pepper spray is probably not a good idea

Albert Pujols will catch President Obama’s first pitch(All Star Game)

Amazing volcano picture (from APOD)

Input wanted from car buffs: My aunt wants to give me her 1980 Buick

I just paid off my car with 48,000 miles on it! Ask me anything!

Robbie Maddison back flips over 100-foot gap on London's Tower Bridge

Ever had a massage?


I think some people in GD are just figuring out addition of negative numbers.

So will our current depression revive Hobo Culture?

There is a fly in my office that has revealed itself to be IMMORTAL !

Confess! Have you ever posted under the influence of Meat Puppets?

Ever 'air up' your tires?

Monday, July 13th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Is this a girlfriend's boyfriend hitting on you??????????


1936-1938 newsreels. Spoilers.

Kos: Liz Cheney Media Tour is back // Wash Times: Liz Cheney open to political run

Why do people hate on disco so much?

DU Song OfThe Day

At a party last night: "I guess you're the only Democrat in the neighborhood."

Dessert Milipede (warning creepy crawly pics)

I just had a pipng hot, steamy bowl of MANHATTAN CLAM CHOWDER

I filed for re-election today!

I have decided to post this.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to smirkymonkey!!*******

Anyone here ever try Rhode Island Clam Chowder?

I have found a way to unite ALL on the unrec feature!!!


Does anybody remember this commercial?


Lightning strikes at the heart of deadly condition

Greywarrior and I have been reminiscing about Scouting - were you ever a scout?

I sense you are naked

Home Run Derby 2009 results (There be Spoilers!)

A cleansing breath

what is for Dinner this Monday night??? We had Hobo Meals

I (heart) Porn

More kitteh pics

Craigslist advice

Hey guys! My employer advertises on DU!

Two Souls in Communion

I am a gigantic dork

is there anything more pathetic than watching a fixed male cat try to hump an unfixed female?

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo Split

Ladies! Tired of sleeping WITHOUT anything resting between your boobs?

My dad says that he is going to move back up here.

So if Aragorn and Arwen had a kid would it be a hobbit?

Anyone watch Meteor last night? (spoiler)

I sense a lawsuit here

A pic of me when I was 14.

I can't decide whether to post this.

I have decided not to post this.

I have a, too easy.

The Planet Is Pushing Me Out Of Her Womb...

Ozzy Osbourne and long-time guitarist Zakk Wylde shan't work together again. It's news to Zakk.

Cats 'exploit' humans by purring - says research...

I should be getting ready for Harry Potter tomorrow night

John Hartford-Big rock Candy Mountain

trying to stop my nail-biting habit

Do you wear a watch?

Badwater Ultramarathon starts today

Do you ever just want to bitch-slap your friends?

Newsflash: PayPal (and eBay) suck royally...

Hulu's gone commercial-free for the next 8 hours.

Do you call people who disagree with you "idiots?"

After being told to take them down, WWTDD has re-posted the nekkid Vanessa Hudgens cell phone pics

Natalie Portman to play Jane Foster in the movie version of "Thor"

Michael Jackson is well known for his dance moves and he certainly lives up to them in this video!

what songs / pieces of music literally take your breath away?

You know, it must have sucked for that guy who "Midnight train to Georgia" is about.

Which of your organs is most vulnerable to discomfort?

Woman sitting on toilet accidentally shot in leg

Does your current job require some kind of industry-specific license?

LOLZ! Cats do control humans, study finds.

How long have you had your current wallet?

Good Evening. I'm OK.

Does your car have a bug shield?

Worst Movie or TV cliches *A couple movie spoilers*

Anyone ever been to Jamaica? Thinking about going...

Am I wrong to let this bug me?

Desert Milipede (warning creepy crawly pics)

Who here has thrown a spear with an atlatl or woomera? (pix heavy)


Looking through an abandoned school (photos).

Is your city blue? If so, please post name of your city. PM me if you want.

New MechWarrior game announced

Have You Ever Fought Dark Forces?

Where were you when man landed on the moon 7/20/1969?

Who was the most beautiful person you've ever seen?

Still Mocking CIA Conspiracies? Well, Mock A Little Quieter, Will You?


For my 4000th post, how about a pic thread?

Good night, lounge. Play nice. I am going to bed,

Digging down into the vinyl today

My life at nine years old.

So there was a royal ruckus of a growly nature in the backyard tonight, so hubby and I

Favorite Hitchcock Movie!!

How hungry cats get the food bowl filled

What were your worst jobs?

All Time Greatest Movie Or Television Clichés

Music lovers in the CA Central Coast/Monterey Bay Area.

Not Fragile

Thinking about TV, and some of the really good shows

Racist graffiti in (San Diego) County leads to teen arrest

Bus crash leaves one dead, 23 injured

Three arrested in Billings Murder

World Court sets rules for San Juan River traffic [ Nicaragua / Costa Rica]

Sotomayor faces Senate hearing

The DNA database betrays the racism of those behind it

Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin

Sonia Sotomayor, live from Capitol Hill

Blast in Pakistan Kills Seven Children Studying Koran

SKorea, China bid to revive NKorea nuclear talks

Quake strikes eastern Indonesia: seismologists (6.4)

Chinese police kill two Uighurs

2 held on murder charges in Fla. couple's slaying

Europe gas pipeline deal agreed

Australia Calls in China Ambassador Over Rio's Hu


Mendez confirmed for federal highway post

Mendez confirmed for federal highway post

Video shows British Army officer screaming at hooded Iraqi civilians

Trade Group Challenges Wal-Mart on Health Care

Bush official: Congress was briefed (on "secret program")

GOP, Holder battle over New Black Panthers

White House may ask for delayed recess if (health care) reform lags


Refugees From Region in Pakistan Trickling Home

Ahmadinejad demands action of UN-security-council against Germany

Japan Democrats' Hatoyama could be next PM

Khmer Rouge Twisted Prisoner's Ankles With Pliers

Union leaders: Obama still firm on organizing bill

Taliban will let guns do their talking

Iraq's weakened unions fight foreign oil firms

Obama to U.S. Jewish leaders: Israel must engage in self-reflection

American journalist briefly detained in Venezuela

'Jane Roe' Arrested at Supreme Court Hearing

US 'waterboarding' row rekindled (Bush gave written approval before memos issued)


Chinese miners freed after 25 days in flooded mine

Porn king's son captured after allegedly killing baby's mother and fleeing with infant

Yoo to appeal ruling that greenlit torture lawsuit

U.S., Cuba to reopen talks on migration

Palin's PAC Raises $700,000+

Senior Ku Klux Klan member arrested in Tel Aviv apartment (FBI '100 Most Wanted' list)

Dem says tax cuts blunted the stimulus

Goldman Sachs execs sold $700 mn of stock: Report

Study finds big rise in job cuts planned at IT shops

Cash rich China eyes Canada's rich resources

Graham predicts Sotomayor OK 'barring meltdown'

Sinclair Broadcast warns of possible Ch. 11 filing

Demjanjuk faces 27,900 accessory to murder counts

Arizona governor approves abortion constraints

Sudan women 'lashed for trousers'

Belfast Catholics riot over Protestant parade

Japan to allow children to receive organ donations


Obama Admin. Supports End to Antibiotic Use to Spur Animal Growth

Chhattisgarh on alert after Maoists kill 29 police (India)

Protester Interrupts Sotomayor Hearing (RWer)

Healthcare 'still on schedule'; bill coming Tuesday

State House Democrats promote bill to penalize insurance companies that deny legitimate claims

AP source: Ala doctor is pick for surgeon general

Auto Czar Quits Post Six Months Into the Job

Microsoft Office to go online — for free

Swine Flu Pandemic Now 'Unstoppable': WHO Official

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace (1 of 3)

The bible is a LONG Way From True Musical Religious Satire

SONG 3 - "Underground" Iranian Band - Spreading like wildfire!!

SONG 4 - "Underground" Iranian Band - Democracy!

Free My Land – Iran’s Void Election. Video From #Mousavi1388

Bittersweet Victory for Stell D'Oro Workers

The Real Cost of Healthcare Reform

Swine Flu Vaccines are Deadly Lethal pt 1 Nov 4th, 1979

Iran: The Tragic Story of 19 Year-old Sohrab Aarabi ('Vansihed' on 06/15, Funeral Was Today)

Money And The News, a message of truth.

Senator Russ Feingold Defines "Judicial Activist" Judge Sonia Sotomayor Hearing

TPM TV posts an interview w/ Al Franken from summer 2007, pretty great to see

GOP Rep. Eric Cantor Won't Say No To AIG Bonues

Talking Head on C-SPAN avoids questions on biological WMD

Sotomayor Hearings Day 1

UK Opens Iraq Detainee Death Probe

Ahmadinejad And Charts(hilarious)

Marcy Wheeler on MSNBC to Discuss Possible Probe of C.I.A. Actions

Pat Buchanan's Advice To Todd Palin: Drown Levi Johnston

Teleprompter, RIP

Senators Gillibrand, Boxer, Klobuchar Echo Support for Sotomayor's Record

How To Terrify & Alarm Libertarians & Conservatives on Youtube

2009 YWAM LA -Outreach in South America

Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Get (The Right) Healthcare Reform to Happen

Heckler at Judge Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing: What about the unborn?

TYT: Did Palin Quit For The Money? Gen. Wesley Clark's Son Joins Cenk To Discuss.

anti republican ad for Sotomayor in Spanish

Janeane Garofalo: Answers from a Racist Redneck with Stockholm Syndrome

YWAM.. Houston

MSNBC's David Shuster Takes On Free Republic's Kristinn Taylor For Malia Obama Racist Comments

Sheldon Whitehouse Casts Chief Justice Roberts as Activist Judge

Kristinn Taylor whines on MSNBC

Obama Handshake Snubbed

TYT: Presidential Field Cleared for Mitt Romney?

McCain Talks Health Care Reform

MSNBC Guest Says Clinton "Blowjob" On Live TV

Rachel Maddow: Senator Whitehouse On Cheney's Orders For CIA To Lie ('Biggest Post-Bush Scandal')

Rachel Maddow: Sarah Palin Distilled Perfectly

McCain on Sarah Barraquitter: I don't know if there was a promise to finish out her term

Teabagger rants about Sotomayor

Senator Al Franken's Statement At Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing

TYT: What 2 Lessons Can We Learn From A Former BB Star? (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Florida church posts sign saying Islam is of the Devil. Refuses to take it down. Community protests

Olbermann's Worst Person - Freerepublic

Wingnut field training

Un-masked: Ex-Marine Advertises His Paramilitary Training Camp For "Patriots"

"Arnold's Bathtub"

Rupert Cornwell: The US needs a truth and reconciliation inquiry

A cover-up of US massacre at Mazar-i-Sharif

Iran's Invisible Nicaragua Embassy

Put a stop to blood-letting (Afghanistan)

The Nation: The Balance Begins to Tip Against Cheney

What Sotomayor Could Mean for Network Neutrality and the First Amendment

The GOP Has Always Been Broken

GOP's 'Sotomayor Strategy': Make Her Take the New Haven Firefighters Test

Are Depressions Necessary?

Ensign's 'C Street House' Owned By Group Touting Plans For Christian World Control

Deep Recession Even Hits the Amish

What is Good for Business is Bad for Business.

A New Beginning

Who Thought up, How To Screw America out of every Dime Possible, Think Tanks Abound

Interesting article on gays in the military

Sotomayor Hearings Carried by Sabado Gigante, Featuring GOP Senators as Clowns

Stampp Corbin: Counting all forms of discrimination against LGBTs

The liberal dilemma

Taking Shorter Showers Doesn't Cut It: Why Personal Change Does Not Equal Political Change

The DNA database betrays the racism of those behind it

Bill Moyers Journal report on how Health Insurers are going to kill the "public option"

News Hounds: Varney Lies About Employee Free Choice Act

Unasked Question about Sam Alito

Double Jeopardy for CIA Interrogators?

Lindsey Graham's 'Meltdown' Remark Gives GOP an Opening

Obama "I just want to put everybody on notice“ Health Care Today

CIA Vet: Agency Doesn't Need Secret Program To Target al Qaeda

C Street House: I Agree With Their Seven Mountains of Culture

The UK Government owned Lloyds Bank creates 2000 jobs - In India

Get Fuzzy

Why a resurgent labor movement is closer than you think whether liberals will realize their best fri

"The Militarization of Neuroscience" by Hugh Gusterson (4-9-07 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

This Afghan war is indefensible

Meet the Press is now GOP General, David Gregory you are not Tim Russert by Far

Apparently washing lettuce is "food processing"...

Republican Approval Ratings at All-Time Low, They Should Just Get The Hell out of the Way

Eric Alterman: Cheney's Shadow Government

Analysis: The next H-1B fight begins by Labor Day

Amtrak unveils first rail car funded by stimulus

Wobble Time (James Howard Kunstler)

William Colby stipulated to "foreign assassination plots" to protect what?

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 368


Paul Krugman: If we can't get Obama/Congress to head off economic disaster now, what will it take?

Healthcare Reform or Screw Job?

People PUL-LEASE stop calling these people "PRO-LIFERS"

Where did people get the notion that the entire stimulus package

The Remarks Of The GOP During Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings Are Absolute Racist B.S.

To Mika, Levi shouldn't get a voice, but Liz Cheney gets to lie for a week on Mourning Joke

Dr. Regina Benjamin to be named Surgeon General

So, which dem would you like to see running for President in 2016

Sarah Palin is not well. Anxious, underweight, thinning hair. (NYT)

Caption It: Protestor at Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing


That PRO-LIFE heckler had just as much of right to be there as CODE PINK

Surgeon General nominee attributes her becoming an MD to "divine intervention".

President picks first black female president of Alabama's state medical society as surgeon general

Jill Biden having orthopedic shoulder surgery today. Think good thoughts.

DU and Obama-skeptics/critics -- 6-month checkpoint

Obama To Visit Fox Booth During All Star Game

PHOTOS Sonia's Day (July 13)

Obama to join Fox broadcast booth for All-Star Game Story Highlights

Hillary Calls WH Vetting Process A 'Nightmare'

Mermaids, Centaurs and Sam Brownback

Slump Spreads to Health Care as Michigan Loses Auto Jobs

Well, we all should know by now that if nothing comes of all these recent revelations...

Why did a former Olympic ice skater stay at the White House?

CNN evalutes the first 100 days of President Obama

CBS poll: Obama approval at 57%

(R)asmussen Poll: 49% Oppose Health Care Plan that Doesnt Exist

I missed it, who broke the teleprompter?!

Do people purchase health care the way they purchase everything else?

President Obama: 'Don't bet against' Health Reform

Health Debate on C-Span----for all who claim that debates are NOT public.

President Obama has called Charlie Rangel and Max Baucus to the White House today.

Obama Moves to Assuage Jewish Leaders

The Five Pillars of Obama's Foreign Policy

HEADS UP, Shuster's story on Freeper racist thread coming up after the break.

Obama threatens veto if defense bill funds F-22s

Does anyone know where I can find video of Obama asking Judge Roberts questions

Bill Neslson sounds like he supports Cheney. I never liked Nelson.

Question: Will you be willing to donate to get anti Public Option democrats out of office?

AP Analysis: GOP Does Political Straddle on Sotomayor

That's rich. Senator Sessions (Racist-AL) says Sotomayor "out of mainstream"

PHOTO 'Mission from God'? Oh Lord.

Time's Karen Tumulty: The CIA: What Was It Up To?

What does Alito have to do with Sotomayor

Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin

I'd like your help on talking to a moderate right wing friend of mine

Conservative Website At Center Of Growing Furor Over Attacks On Obama’s Underage Daughter

Lindsey Graham was unnecessarily shrill, I thought. That man makes

Hey, Doesn't this mean Pelosi was RIGHT!!! CIA was keeping info from the Congress?

Do you think President Obama should go slow on foriegn policy intiatives and focus more on the

Is SOS Clinton pushing back to prevent being pushed out?

Is the GOP candidate for Kansas Secretary of State an Obama birther?

Don't Them Racists Senators Make You Proud to be an Amurekan??

I can't tell you how delighted I am to see Senator Franken in the Senate

PHOTOS Header!

Roll Call: Palin's PAC Raises $733,000 in Six Months. Donated a total of $10K to two Republicans.

I just started to cry...haven't ever heard her opening statement yet but

Four Ex-Presidents to Join Obama in All-Star Video

Sen. Franken Delivers Opening Statement At Sotomayor Hearing (VIDEO)

Obama No Closer To Supporting Investigation Of Bush Terror Policies

Months after ash spill, Tennessee town still choking

PHOTOS The Heckler.

Obama's speech sparks calls for reform across Africa

The Albatross of U.S. Democracy - Fran Quigley

***HEADS UP*** Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings - Live at 10:00 (ET)

Breakking: Cheney hid AQ assasination program from Congress

Secretary Of State Clinton makes joke about her broken elbow

PHOTOS Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Obama's Gallup tracking numbers have recovered a little bit

what time will shuster be on.. i have to set the vcr

Lets see if these rethugs start going after Dr. Benjamin the same as they did Judge Sotomayor

White House to Push Forward on National Urban Policy Agenda

interesting tidbit in a long article

Obama needs to make it explicitly clear to the American people that ...

Is there a thread for the hearing?

Whatever happened to Jonathan Turley?

What time does Shuster come on today?


Good news on campaign finance reform! Senator Russ Feingold became a co-sponsor of S.752 on 7/9/09.

MSNBC cast having another LOVE FEST over Palin

At today's hearings :: Senator Kennedy, you will be missed. - - Senator Franken, welcome aboard.

Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin - 'quitter', 'joke', 'trainwreck'

To those who think is doesn't matter who's the President....


Beyond Kyoto: Time to Switch Targets?

'E-Rockit' hits German fast lane

Peak oil news - July 13

dupe. nt

Japan’s Power Output Falls for 11th Straight Month on Recession

Months after ash spill, Tennessee town still choking

For 'Pipeline Aficionados' - A great website of pipeline maps/info of the world

(UK) Energy policy 'too wind focused'

DrumBeat: July 13, 2009

San Joaquin Valley aquifer level drops 400 feet since 1961

The Independent: "The planet's future..."

useful resource for locating "green" jobs (?)

NOAA Bans Commercial Harvesting of Krill (in the Exclusive Economic Zone "EEZ" off the west coast)

Sydney's endangered pengiuns get sniper bodyguards

Researchers achieve major breakthrough with water desalination system

An Overview of the Wild Moose and its Hesitant Experiences Chewing Grass with a Horse

Can somebody point me to plans for a generator.

If you have a perfectly good phone ... but are nevertheless eligible for an upgrade ..

Seventeen Nations Agree to Combat Climate Change

What effect did the Dust Bowl have on the temperature spike in the 1930's?

Boiling Frogs

Trapping Carbon Dioxide Or Switching To Nuclear Power Not Enough To Solve Global Warming Problem

Arstechnica talked with William Maness and Philip Owen of PowerSat about Space Based Solar Power

Single Payer Action Confronts Henry Waxman

Venezuela makes progress in achieving UN development goals


ECUADOR and COLOMBIA: Tensions Linger

HONDURAS: Amnesty for Zelaya Idea Re-Surfacing . . .

Indigenous Leader: "if the people didn't support him, they wouldn't have had to carry out coup"

WTF is up with this new rec system?

CUBAN EMBASSY Statement re: Withdrawal of Cuban Teachers from Honduras

Colombia: Katío Embera leader killed

From Sunday:

CNA: Honduran Coup Perpetrators Admit 1,270 Detentions During Curfews

Did you know George Brett Shits himelf

American journalist briefly detained in Venezuela

Chicago Cubs headed to bankruptcy court?

Linecum on the starting lineup and not Brad Hawpe?

Lincecum named NL All-Star starter

NJ Devils bring back Lemaire as coach

GIORDANO: "It's Still a Military Coup in Honduras"

Albert Pujols will catch President Obama’s first pitch

West Coast Bias...


EVA UPDATE: Activists Killed, Coup Leaders Hire Dem Lobbyists to Justify De Facto govt;.

Wisconsin native Steve Stricker wins the John Deere Classic....

Derrick Mason retires - buh bye ratbirds

MACHETERA: "Welcome to Honduras, don't mind the masked men"

Acta says he's been fired

Romo dumps Jessica

Home Run Derby Winners - juiced or not juiced?

**Official Home Run Derby Thread**

Why the All Star Game just isn't the same any more:

Congrats to Brewers fans!

IMPORTANT: Former Clinton Advisers Up to Armpits in Managing Micheletti Machine

Victorino's suspicious route to NL starting CF

Honduran Coup: Bennet Ratcliff, Advisor to Micheletti; OBAMA CONNECTION

It's so bad in Castro's gulags that there are now Cuban bloggers blogging from prison.

Sacramento County California...less cops means more guns...

Today in Labor History July 13, 19-month strike against Gannett, Knight-Ridder

Oregon man protects home with firearm, hilarity ensues

SEIU Continues Successful Organizing Streak in Massachusetts

California Faculty Association to vote on CSU furlough proposal....

Target complains in anti-union ad that it is target of unions

Report suggest using Social Security to ensure paid FMLAct

RACE AND UNEMPLOYMENT IN NEW YORK CITY …3.7% for Whites, 14.7% for African Americans

Lieberman, a nonpleasing chancellor

Weingarten Wants Administration to Stick With Commitment to Collaborate

Pennsylvania Union Leaders Plan a DAY OF ACTION

Gun sales soar amid fears of Barack Obama weapons ban

NYC Stella D’Oro Workers File NLRB Charge To Fight Plant Closing

Labor Leaders Push Obama for Second Stimulus Package

Rabbis start fast for Gaza

Defending the indefensible settlements

Virginia offers employees $500 loans

MP Galloway to bring Hugo Chavez on next Gaza visit

U.K. hits Israel with partial arms embargo over Gaza war

Obama to U.S. Jewish leaders: Israel must engage in self-reflection

Progressive Change Wants Your Input On Who To Target For Health Care Reform

Here's The Action Plan For The Public Option Tomorrow (today)

Need Cobra advice (NOW!)

If health reform with a public option is passed, what do you think a timeline for rollout will be?

Alzheimer’s Gene Discovery May Help Predict Age Disease Hits

That not-from-concentrate orange juice? It's not so good for your budget

Healthcare for dunces

"Obama's public option health plan is a slam dunk

ok, coming up with a little healthcare wit.

Regular Moderate Alcohol Intake Has Cognitive Benefits In Older Adults

Just found out I have a fairly severe B-12 deficiency...

Sing sing sing

Bank of America Said to Balk at Paying Fee to U.S. for Backstop

S&P 500 Short Sales Hit 2 1/2-Month High Amid Health-Care Bets

Fed's Follies & Systemic Risk & Senate blocked Fed. Reserve audit

What U.S. could learn from Canada's banks (ranked the safest in the world) - REGULATE.

Coming $50 Billion State unemployment bill

The Deflating Economy

What will holders of GM preferred stock get out of the bankruptcy?

Boiling the Frog - Krugman

Back yard--21 images, very photo heavy . . .

Cramer Watch #2

Forbes - Did Goldman Goose Oil?

Bill Moyers Journal - great report on Health Insurance Ind. efforts to kill the "public option".

Nations allowing gays to serve openly in military

Allies’ stance cited in US gays-in-military debate

Gold coin symbolising future VIRTUAL world currency presented to G8 leaders

Stampp Corbin: Counting all forms of discrimination against LGBTs

X-post from GD re: News station Poll "Do you think Maine's Gay Marriage law should be repealed?"

"Civil rights group threatens to fire local (LA) leader for gay marriage endorsement"

Cleanup on Aisle GD!

Awesome piece by Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Episcopals to debate gay marriage, consecration of gay bishops asks:

GLAAD: `Bruno’ reinforces negative gay stereotypes

Scientist scans galaxy seeking other Earths

NASA plans to destroy the ISS in 7 years

House cats use special cry to get their owners to do their bidding

Texas creationists want to give master's degrees- in Science!

Thank you for the star!

If you could do just one of these things, what would you choose?

my god, it might be a commercial, but it's outrageous

I have a story to share. about wind spirits.

Signs you are on the right Path...

What were you doing 19 years ago?

The Zealot scale

Thinking about popping into a UU service this weekend

Offensive statements concerning God.

I can’t stand evangelical Xians.

Why Do Atheists Feel the Need to Talk About Religion?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

GOP Leaving 'No Child' Behind

Made a wonderful summery fresh corn salad this weekend:

boiled crawfish

MITOP: "Made It Transparent On Purpose"

NYC CAN Files Petition

9/11 Blueprint for Truth~ Documentary ~ 2 Hrs

Grand Old Anglo Party work to Indoctrinate Texas Youth for the Next Decade

Hutchison Officially Taking On Texas Gov. Perry, Raises Millions

Less Lincoln, more religion in class? (SBOE)

iPhone App for Texas Legislature

Just saw part 1 of NBC's "Meteor"

Keep your eyes open for the new Torchwood : Children of Earth

Joe Jackson wants to take Michael Jackson’s three children on tour, calling them "The Jackson Three"

Jon Gosselin debuts new girlfriend