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Archives: June 9, 2009

Hip-hop DJ abruptly stops Kansas City show

Leo Laporte Blows up at Mike Arrington

Paging Dick Morris! HuffPo has a poll regarding Sarah Palin's toes, with photos.

Congress Could Investigate War Fraud With a Mirror

CIA urges judge to keep detainee papers secret

CIA urges judge to keep detainee papers secret

America's Army - The Graphic Novel

I think the internet is broke.

I love Jon Stewart - I just wanted to say that!

A Great Lakes shift on gay rights?

What Sort of "Labor" in North Korean Labor Camps?

Submit comments to the EPA on global warming

Holding the line on Healthcare NOT Warfare .

How could anyone vote for this dude? Bush is so full of it in this old interview

Europe in 2 weeks: What do I HAVE to do in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Bavaria?

SPCA supervisor arrested for letting her own dog starve to death

Vermont Yankee springs (another) leak

The State of Indiana donated $16,800 to Sen. Evan Bayh's campaign committee. WTF is this?

interesting quote about marriage from a Pilgrim

This Modern World - Abortion seen through the eyes of the rightwingoverse.

Gun violence in the wealthy suburbs

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Rep Phil Gingrey

Tim Geithner, Patron Saint of the Banksters

I just sent CSPAN this tweet, what is the chance that they'll read it on air?

CDC to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic study

CDC to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic study

Coburn's STD Lecture to Congressional Interns Put On Hold Due to Pizza Dispute

Bill Moyers: The Rise of Private Armies --Mercenaries, Murder and Corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan

Loan Officers Detail Wells Fargo's Blatantly Racist Subprime Loans

The Nation: Brits Launch Web Campaign Protesting Election of Far-Right Party

I despair of politicians in re health care reform.

NY Times: Poll Finds Lukewarm Support for Bloomberg

C-SPAN caller mentions "The Transparent Cabal" book about neoconservatives. Anyone read this?

I see moanin Joes new literary contribution to RW spewing is out today

Awwww pooooor Markie Sanford under so much duress asking for his Stimulus money... pity party time

Girl, 11, Could Be Deported To Poland; Father is U.S. Citizen

The Nazi movement is gathering steam across Europe.

Jury selection starts for ex-congressman Jefferson

Vision, The Brain, and Memory

First Guantanamo Detainee is Brought into the US...

I just heard the strangest thing on ABC morning News. (Please Explain)

The sad and obvious truth - the past regime (esp. Cheeeneee and Turdblossom)

Fla. fisherman hooks live missile in Gulf waters

Michele Bachmann's Greatest Hits: A collection of quotes from a Mad Woman

The Truth in black and white re Health Care, courtesy of

An affirmation for universal health care advocates......

Didn't Scott Roeder himself admit what he is doing is terrorism?

No One Ever Imagined Using a Plane as a Weapon... (dialup warning)

Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels

Love Colbert ........ But.... sickened by all the electricity and security used for show

Cantor complains Pelosi refuses to meet with him

Palin & Hannity "Diggin' that hole and goin' through college" video link

Sign Of The Times

Dueling protests square off near Bush's Dallas home

O’Reilly defends torture: ‘Look, if it were illegal, Bush and Cheney would have been arrested.’

David Brooks endorses Sotomayor

David Brooks endorses Sotomayor

CNN very early this morning reported the GOP raised $14 Mil at their

Rupert Murdoch: Obama Policies "Dangerous"

If John McCain had won the election...?

Congress Helped Banks Defang Key Rule

Crooks & Liars Video: Former Gitmo Detainee Speaks Out: "I don't think. I'm sure" about torture

Nevermind the bikini clad lady on GHW Bush's lap, what is up with those SOCKS?

Breaking MSNBC TV: Don't fly on an Airbus until retrofit is done

Feingold hearing now - Consequences of Prolonged Detention

Hundreds Stand In Line For State Fair Jobs

Would you say that the appointment of Sotomayor to the High Court

Tell Congress we need an exit strategy from Afghanistan

OK, it is time. Please educate this dummy about single payer

C-SPAN WJ: Bernie Sanders & Single Payer...

Grampy McBush sends out a Tweet: Calls drive-by handshake with Palin "a nice reuinion!"

climate change causing Lyme disease to spread in Canada

Calling for Murdoch's deportation: enormously satisfying but it won't accomplish the objective...

We paid $50 billion for GM that had a maximum value of $56 billion in 2000

Credit card delinquency on the rise -- up 11%

She's Getting Worse

Slate: No Fight Left (bleak days for College Republicans)

Fighting Militarism’s Toxic Legacy

wow, read this about Denver's Dr. Hern...sleeps with a shotgun because of terrorism like roeder

oh, Rick, Rick, Rick - CNN's Rick Sanchez that is (save lots of $)

Gore to North Korea?

if you want to watch some religiously insane people, tune in to

Colbert Report In Iraq - Full Episode

Here we go again...going to court for a Bankruptcy sick as a dog.

Ill has a nuke event

I voted for Deeds!!!

Ex-Speaker Hastert's Son Will Try to Regain His Dad’s Seat

WTF? CNN sharing an interview with Roeder.

I will OPPOSE what The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Releases Today

Coup de Villains: The Albany Takeover So Far >

Appraisals Roil Real Estate Deals

Minnesota Senate race - when is a ruling expected?

Meet the pieces of shit who stabbed NY Senate Democrats in the back

The Full Court Press Against Health-Care Reform

Key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in Air France crash

Indian Students Targeted in Melbourne (Australia) Attacks

Big Coal has worked its way into the classroom.

Reform Challenger Shakes up Iranian Presidential Race

HIV+ senior told to move from care facility: "the BODY has to be out by the end of the day"

First picture on Yahoo's most emailed & most viewed - pretty funny

NYT Columnist Ross Douthat: Drop Abortion Rights and Your Doctors Will Be Allowed to Live

NYT Columnist Ross Douthat: Drop Abortion Rights and Your Doctors Will Be Allowed to Live

Colbert rerun from last night starting now....

Joe Intern Killer is on with hartmann

Is That Whitefish on Your Plate Toxic? " Important facts to know if you eat Michigan fish,”

Moonie Times: "Barack Hussein Obama would have to be considered America's first Muslim president."

North Korea's Prison Camps: Comparing The U.S. system to N. Korea's is loony toons.

The Rude Pundit: The Lakhdar Boumediene Case: Why Incremental Change Is Politics Over Ethics

How Bush/Murdoch/Gulen forcibly Islamicized the Secular Republic of Turkey

Florida Legislature gives OK to ship inmates out of state

U.S. Marines Arrive in 'The Desert of Death'

Loving Israel by hating Obama

wanna have some fun? Lets play with these anti-choice taliban nut jobs

Frank Gaffney, give us back our oxygen.....

Dear Senator Chuck (Disingenuous Moron) Grassley,

Limbaugh: Obama "Not A God" A "Half-Black, Half-White Human Being With No Experience"

Tell Russ Feingold what you think about Health Care in the US

Newt Gingrich is Ugly

covert, overt, or just totally FUBAR?

This country fucking SUCKS. We SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!!!

Italians Break Into Construction Site of Massive New US Base, Plant Flags and Banners in Opposition

The Individual Mandate. Fascism and the Public Option

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. By Golly. ---pix--->

High on the hog: Slaughtered pig traded for crack, Syracuse police say

Are you more fearful of the bible's 666 birthmark, or Orwell's Room 101?

Leahy sets Sotomayor confirmation hearing for July 13

Teen daughters are a pain in the ASS...she graduated two weeks ago

Obama: "If we don't get it done this year, we're not going to get it done."

McConnell ‘really enjoyed’ Voight’s speech that claimed Obama might allow ‘a new Holocaust.’ »

Voting Problems on YouTube's Dodd Healthcare Page

Conservatives Warn of Gay Marriage "Loophole" !!!!

GOP congressman warns against 'cow fart tax'

Graham: Hillary Said Releasing Detainee Photos Will Endanger Diplomats Around The World

PressTV interview with left wing economist Doug Henwood.

My small city made U.S. News & World Report 10 best cities to live. La Crosse, WI.

Slim Jim plant collapse in North Carolina...

Need help refuting "climate realists" and their CO2 numbers

A humble suggestion to the Democratic Party.

Should Congress Investigate Why Oil Is Nearing $70 In A Recession?

Kucinich on Supplemental: “Cash for Clunkers and Bunkers”

Public option not on the table now with just released "Affordable Choices Health Act"

Gas mileage, Consumer Reports, reality, and the Prius "halo" effect

Just Called Grassley's Office - Was Told Hundreds of Calls

What to Do About Incitements to Violence on Twitter?

everytime i have turned on the teevee nuz today it's all newt and palin

Democrat or Republican: If you oppose REAL health care reform ......

Nobel Winner Krugman Sees US Recession Ending Soon

A bag of Cheetos......and a "WTF?" moment.

Joseph Stiglitz: Break the Banks, for the Good of the People

self delete - sorry for the post

Toyota Eco Spirit Gets 104 MPG IN YEAR 2002! ... Where is it TODAY? LINK

No haircut for Hannity, much less waterboarding . . .

Active Attempts To Undermine The Country [Mark Kirk (R-IL)]

Judge Throws Out Suit Against Cap'n Crunch

CIA Hiding - "Gravely Damaging Intelligence Gaps" (emptywheel)

Tiller's Kansas Abortion Clinic Will Not Reopen

Joe Scarborough's 'Team' Asks for, Receives Special Treatment from Newsweek

Che Guevara - "Create two, three ... many Vietnams"

Is it just me, or are the Republican attacks getting more... childish?

"U.S.Terrorists." "Christian Terrorists." Hmmm.

Another wacky Doocy joins Faux News - Peter son of Steve Doocy

The Corporate Media’s War On Craigslist

Right Wingers To Boycott GM (and Chrysler)?

Right Wingers To Boycott GM (and Chrysler)?

hardball warning.....joey the scar

Police: iPhone Left In Hot Car For Three Hours

What kind of health insurance system would you favor?

What kind of health insurance system would you favor?

Michael Steele is completely f**king nutz.....

Today is my Birthday!

The freepers are gloating over the closure of Tiller's clinic.

Thank goodness we've moved past the era of speculative bubbles.....

Live Chat with Dr. Howard Dean @ 9:00 tonight. First chapter of his RX book will be available...

David Rivkin has that evil Cheney look

What Laura Ling And Euna Lee Will Endure

British party with 'Nazi' connotations wins seats in (European) parliament

Talk live with Dr. Howard Dean tonight regarding health care reform

Carlos Watson just now on Hardball describing the Republicans...

gingrich: 'Obama has already failed', yeah, to kiss your fat, irrelevant ass

WTF??? Joe Scarborough for the GOP leadership in 2012

Eddie Bauer goes bust......

FUCK YOU rethugs. You are NO LONGER relevant!

_ is it possible?

I am surprised, being the old veteran jet fighter pilot that he is,

Get Arrested by Baucus, Testify Before Kennedy

Private insurance companies push for 'individual mandate'

Private insurance companies push for 'individual mandate'

Link to today's Feingold hearing re: prolonged detention

Is 'New World Order' rhetoric considered tinfoil? (Dial-up warning)

Nacchio: Case Never Should Have Gone To Trial Former Qwest CEO Convicted Of Insider Trading

Freeper wonders if Palin's visit to NY caused the 2 State Senators to flip Republican

San Francisco Chronicle: Poaching for profit in tough economic times

Hannity interviews Marge Gunderson...Hannity: Socialism? Palin: Well, that is where we are headed.

GOP whining Dems left them out of the loop on Sotomayor hearings

Abortion. It is personal. I have chosen to share. You can too if you like HERE

Abortion. It is personal. I have chosen to share. You can too if you like HERE

Our mantra isn't "Buy American". The mantra is "Make American".

The fine whine that doesn't get better with age: Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham

Since when did you have to drive an American Car to pass the "Patriot Police"?

New GM Picks AT&T (Wire Taps of American Citizens/Conglomerate/Bush Pioneer) to CEO of GM Board!

I just found out that my nephew is gay

Judge: Of Course "Crunch Berries" Are Not Fruit!

Packin' Heat for Jesus

House committee subpoenas Federal Reserve

Oakland (Calif.) mulls bankruptcy

H.R.2751 Cash For Clunkers comes to the floor today.

Roeder is receiving encouraging letters from all around the country

Watch it Ed, you're gonna burst a blood vessel.

Of COURSE America should punish citizens who don't buy medical insurance !!1!

NYT Can’t Recall that Republicans Who Demand “Where Are the Jobs?” All Voted Against the Stimulus

L.A. County considers congestion pricing for 110 and 10 freeways

"Boycott GM and Chrysler"

Yes Sir Mister Commander-in-Chief, Stephen Colbert will shave his head NOW>

Court declines gay soldier case

PHOTO: "Things are working out very well" for Barbara Bush. Her birthday package just arrived.

Diversity, College Republican-style

Senate Headcount: how many votes are there for a public option on health care?

Did I just hear Charlie Rangel right on a public option for health care? On the Ed Schultz Show.

Will Republicans ever choke on their own bile?

HORRIBLE New video shows Texas officer shove, then taser 72-year-old great grandmother

Dear Kent Conrad...I watched you for a moment on The Ed Show.

If John Edwards were to make a "Come Back" will he be as insufferable as Newt FUCKING Gingrich?

Populism is a two edged sword.

Father who set himself on fire upon hearing of his son's death in Iraq - 5 years later

Heard on local noozradio: "We now turn to Nnnn Nnnnnn, a top reporter for Politico"

TIME: Dismay over Obama'sTurnabout on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' (his " Latest Rightward Tack")

Jon Voight Compared President Obama To Julius Caesar

Could Twittering about your vacation put your home at risk?

Electorate send horrified BNP leader to work with foreigners

Electorate send horrified BNP leader to work with foreigners

Economy forces 2009 grads to dump dream colleges

Has a congressman/woman ever said "fuck that!"

What Do Guantanamo Detainees, Our Elected Representatives and the Media Have in Common?

Poll: Third of Republicans view party unfavorably

Palin attacks Obama

Frank Gaffney Takes Off Into Never-Never-Land

Craigslist Rapist Dead as a Doornail

So Baucus, Grassley, etc. get free health care for life?

Jon Fucking Voight?

So, the Main Stream Media now give domestic terrorist a platform for their proclamations of victory

Study shows shoppers who paid with plastic didn't remember what they'd spent. Ones who used cash did

Work to start on $8.7 billion NY-NJ tunnel

Massey Energy case upset

White House Tweet: Behind The Scenes Pics Of Obama's Middle East/Europe Trip!

This boycott American cars BS the Rethugs are spewing fits right in with their anti-gay agenda

Phantom Votes, Two More Instances of Election Results "Skewed!" WE Need HAND COUNTED Paper Ballots!

The GOP and Sotomayor's confirmation hearings...

40 House Progressives Can End the Wars

The State (Columbia SC): Economy, Mark Sanford baggage could burden GOP

I Didn't Anticipate The GOP Taking So Long To Self-Destruct

GOP Whine Du Jour re Sotomayor Hearings: We'll Have To Review 76 Cases A Day


Media don't ask if Gingrich considered Reagan comment "intellectual nonsense"

Safari 4--this is one BAD ASS browser!!!

WTF?! I'm being spammed by a pro-David Duke mailing list!

One Up for The Nasty Primaries. McAuliffe loses massively to Deeds in Virginia.

Watched "Taking Chance" with Kevin Bacon. Should be required viewing for

Oil companies ‘should withdraw’ as Peru ‘faces its Tiananmen’ (Survival Intl)

Congrats to the next Governer of Virginia... Creigh Deeds!!!

NYT: A Small College Struggles With Economics

We need more spokesmen like Howard Dean out there talking about Health Care Reform

Annual CVS Nationwide Donation Drive for ALS (Please Read)

Officers that beat schizophrenic man suspended-one with pay, one without

Sarah Palin Economics101

US talks to Palau about taking Uighur inmates (AFP)

NO TO TORTURE w/ Fr. Louis Vitale. June 26th Free! in Fresno, CA

CNN Anchor Robin Meade anticipates "a new level of excitement" by tandem skydiving with Poppy Bush

Whatever happened to that GOP move to repeal the "natural born citizen"

Would you support a completely unknown Democratic candidate if they were endorsed

Susan Hill is on Rachel

Single Payer Healthcare- "Politically Impractical" is a TOTAL Lie

Do you think Hannity actually knows how much of a whore he is?

IF you can help please visit this site --

Palin "I Told you so"

Fundies: Carrying out justice in the Tiller murder is a nefarious attempt to smear "Pro-Lifers"

Twin Cities Walmart workers launch organizing drive (& 16 other states)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Through May 2009 top 20 best selling vehicles in 'Murica

“Examining the Single Payer Health Care Option” House hearing tomorrow....make sure CSPAN knows

On buying American

This week I do not take my party back.

"Laura Bush speaks out for the first time about life after the White House"

An Open Letter to Barack Obama....from a Corporatist Dominionist freak former P&G exec.....

"What the President is Missing on Gay Rights" (EMPATHY)

50-year old Homeless Woman Earns Degree

Wasn't "Play Or Pay" one of the provisions that killed Clinton health care reform in 1994?

Transcript of Howard Dean's health care chat tonight - Link

The Current Battle Against State Secrets Privilege (Sibel Edmonds)

How many men do you know who have seriously considered how parenthood will affect their careers?

How much money would a .50 per gallon tax on gasoline bring into the Treasury?

The Trouble With Democrats: "might Democrats achieve more when they have 80 votes in the Senate?

"I speak today as both a citizen of the United States and of the world." Ronald Reagan 6/17/82.

Health Reform for Beginners:

A big ol' tree, planted in 1940, blew over and fell on Our House's lawn today

Microsoft, Adobe warn of critical security flaws

UK population must fall to 30m, says (Sir Jon) Porritt

Who needs gay penguins when you have parrots?

Mastectomy Bill in Congress NOW..PLEASE Sign Petition!

Congress To End Silence On Single Payer Health Care-Hearing Tomorrow

If the Kennedy bill is the best the Dems can come up with, then health care "reform" is over

Can anyone tell me why employers should be the ones who provide health insurance?

Deeds Wins Virginia Primary

Why in God's name would ANYONE buy Chrysler?

Tiller Killer - claims 'victory' in closing of slain doctor's clinic

Sen. Pat Roberts Opposes Public Health Insurance Option - surprise!

New Yorker: What kind of miltary "cohesion" is Obama supporting with DADT?

Sestak Leads Specter 52%-44% Among PA Dems Who Know Both Candidates

Your favorite left-ish documentary film:

Something Big Is Happening Here

Bill Gates uses 10,000 times the energy of the average American, MIT says

My fear regarding health insurance reform

lieberman, graham threaten to shut down senate over detainee photos

What a racket diabetes is

Nick Griffin abandons BNP press conference under hail of eggs

Torture Investigation, Torture Hearings, Torture Punishment

Obama, Gay People, and the Fallacy of the Magic Wand Argument.

More Money for War, Less Money for Peace

CIA Shifts Reasons for Torture Secrets

CIA Shifts Reasons for Torture Secrets

New Site: rabbis for workers choice (.org)

Information on the situation in Peru - please read and act!

Information on the situation in Peru - please read and act!

IF Dems Don't Succeed In Passing Real Healthcare Reform, They Will Lose In The Next Elections...

Just read reponses to CNN report on conditions in N. Korean prisons

An update on the mortgage assistance plan passed by congress:

Is it true that people want to keep their present insurance and what percentage is that?

268.00 for a blood test.

Laura Bush’s New Goals Include Issues Like Human Rights?!?

Which is the bigger affront to gay rights? DADT or marriage inequality

Palin vs. Gingrich: Democrats Win!

White House had long planned GM and Chrysler bankruptcies

Some early iPhone 3G S adopters subject to $200 "Apple tax"

Governor Rick Perry broke his collarbone in a mountain bike accident

Thom Hartmann just made an interesting observation....based on the European election results.

Are employers using the recession as an excuse to let people go?

Fisherman catches live missile off Panama City, FL, carries it on boat for 14 days.

What does Tiller's clinic closure mean for us? Terrorism worked.

ACLU Releases Report On Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

it is far past the time to destroy the power of the corporations....n/t

I've pointed it out before, Chris Matthews confirms it...Joey Scab is running for office.

** Sen. Whitehouse LIVE on C-SPAN 2 = TORTURE, Cheney... **

Dems finally pushing back-jumping on Gingrich for 'already failed' remark

Settlement: Shell had activist in Nigeria arrested and executed. Never ever by Shell gas

PETA doesn't want Seattle's fish tossers to perform at the Veterinarians' Convention

Lt. Dan Choi: "Extremely disappointed" by Obama's inaction on DADT. Urges Obama to show courage.

Ed Schultz said he wants to take the Ed Show (MSNBC) on the road!

Obama could quell growing accusations of "no passion, no heart" with gay rights speech

New DU Group: Single Payer Health Insurance Systems Group

Jon Stewart BITCH-SLAPS Morning Joe

Don't Ask - Don't Tell

Bank bailout turns out to have been good business for U.S.

Air Force pounds MILF lairs with rockets

Air Force pounds MILF lairs with rockets

Kucinich on Occupation Supplemental: 'Cash for Clunkers and Bunkers'

It must be so utterly horrible going through life as a Republican these days.

Want a good news break from the spin?

I Picked Up a Hitchhiker Tonight (Sad Story)

How bad could jail be?

Debt-Collection Tactics Under Scrutiny

Top Ten Best Selling Cars: May 2009

Why Would Anyone Oppose Torture?

Flogging a dead horse: Tell me again why fewer dealers are better for carmakers.

My opinion on DADT...(I got my asbestos suit on)

MUST SEE Video: Peruvian Government Massacres Indian Protesters

Wide Passengers Don't Sit Well With Airlines

Yahoo Nukes Man's Photo Over Obama Comments

Friday is final curtain for analog TV signals

Cheney admits it: Bush bolstered GM so it would fail on Obama's watch, not his.

Cheney admits it: Bush bolstered GM so it would fail on Obama's watch, not his.

Who's the bigger asshole, Mitch McConnell or Jon Voight?

Tiller's Abortion Facility to Close Forever

The Nation: We're Screwed On Everything From Health Care To The Economy If The Dems Don't Shape Up

The Tragedy of Victimless Crimes in the United States

Siegelman Prosecution Was Riddled With Misconduct

Sibel Edmonds: Obama Will VETO Any Bill Limiting Abuse Of "State Secrets" Claims

Saw this on a billboard...(very amusing in ironic sense)

Photo: Bikini-clad "A Chorus Line" performer sits on Poppy's lap to wish Bar a happy 84th

AF 447 transmitted failure sequence (from one of my airline pilot buds)

Is it time to seperate the progressive movement from Obama and the Dem majority? nt

Is it time to seperate the progressive movement from Obama and the Dem majority? nt

One of my patients did not show up for a 4 hour appointment! Who should pay?

Do you think that deep in our hearts we're all basically evil?

Banks have declared war -- on you: Fasten your seat belts, credit card holders

What will destroy America first? Democratic fecklessness, or GOP Nationalistic Fascism?

Leon Panetta: I’ve Got to Protect the Contractors from Unwarranted Invasion of Privacy


Howard Stern on Letterman right now

Anyone heard from trof?

I went to Costco


Mos Def

This DUer has an interesting name.

Words of Advice - Families

Anyone heard from Lil Missy, lately?

Do NOT pass up this three-minute gem on Hulu.

Shock jock Micheal Weiner (read savage)

COMPLETE BULLSHIT- The U.S. To Maintain an Average of 100,000 Troops in Iraq for Fiscal Year 2010

Recycled radioactive metal contaminates consumer products...

Relationship questions

I'm about to kick Facebook's ass

It's really nice to see the first page of the Lounge this morning

wow, the TV movie version of "The Stand"...

From what movie are these quotes from?

Dope appreciation thread

My Taco is Soggy.

Need help finding a video

I am amazed by the kindness of strangers.

35 years ago...Baseball's greatest promotion

Happy Birthday to Johnny Depp and Michael J. Fox!

What's wrong with this picture?

Operation Iraqi Stephen:

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nicholas D Wolfwood!!*******

You never know someone's sanity until you set them up with your friend....

Got an extra $349,000 lying around?

Freeper graffiti at the gas station today.

what's wrong with this picture?

Anyone else getting "and now a word from our sponsor" pages while clicking on DU posts?

Random sightings: I saw a man dressed as a cowboy riding his horse down a main road in my town.

Earworms, post em if you've got 'em

Good morning Lounge

Where in the world are you?

My ex thinks I am an unfit father because the kids are sleeping with blow up dolls

My Space demands I send them a photo of myself

I started a deleted sub-thread and knew EXACTLY why I did it

Let's all chip in and buy Symarip a new electronic cigarette.

HA!!! I am good at my job

... on the cover of the Rolling Stone

Did you ever get a secret admirer/hater gift anonymously?

My wife thinks I'm an unfit father because the kids are sleeping with blow up narwhal dolls

When the refrigerator starts making a funny noise, don't ignore it.

Hmm,I started a deleted sub-thread,and didn't know it

Input sought from the Lounge's creative wordsmiths...

Well, since I can't post at Facebook, I guess I'll just have to spam the Lounge

What eeeeveryone will be wearing at the neighborhood pool and swimmin' hole this summer

Do you think that the theory of "Napoleon Complex" is accurate?

My husband and Bella went grocery shopping. I am dying to see how much $$$ he spent!

Suddenly, Last Summer is one of the best movies EVER!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/9/09

All this talk about "male blowup dolls" has got me thinking...

The Washington Nationals fucking SUCK! They SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!!

Should I put a male blow up doll tits up in my Republican neighbor's pool some night?

Help wanted - reliable credit counselor organizations. Who has worked with some good ones

Let's face it, we all have our own personal OCD - what can you be compulsive about?

Business casual attire

It's now the time of year that I envy the DU'ers in the cold states.

I just experienced the scariest T-storm EVER.

Can someone 'splain "spatial file managers" to me?

Do any of you think the Napoleon Dynamite Complex is accurate?

"This month is brought to you by the letter i"



Potential classic thread in GD...

Kudos to charlie and algernon for the copycat thread in GD!

High school friend from Class of '69 commits suicide

WOOHOO!! The internets have been fixed at my apartment

Is this a sign of Beijing?

Unbelievable ! A funny thread in GD !!!!

HAHAHAHA Sometimes things do work out with your car insurance

Little Leaguers perservere during the Economic downturn.

"Do You Remember When We Were In Africa?"

Drum roll please........

The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze...

Yikes! Second round of severe thunderstorms today...

LynneSin - better crate the cats! Incoming!!!!

Separated at birth?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/9/2009)

Tried the home made Red Ale

Proof. PROOF! That Angels Exist!

Oyster Loaf.

Comic strips, my personal boycotts, useless boycotts but satisfying

Post something to encourage me to go cut the grass

NEW in Wolfgang's Vault: Derek & The Dominos @ Fillmore East 10/23/70, 11 songs, 117 minutes

Fly vs Fly

Should I hang a male blow up doll over the I-81 overpass of Rt. 15?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sallymander!!*******

Makeover tomorrow!

He may not be Jesus Christ, but he sure knows how to make music!!

"Male blow up doll" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "male blow up doll".

You ever feel like a complete ass?

I wouldn't even let Bill O'Reilly kiss my hairy ass!

computers causing injuries in the home

Damn, the sky is looking dark... More tornadoes reported east of here.

What do you think is your least important contribution to the DU community?

Post something to encourage me to go smoke the grass

Have you ever met someone (celebrity-ish) you thought was awesome?

When something politically hot happens, I can't stay off of DU

Feed the animals by clicking.

Use up to 10 adjectives to describe your dog(s) and or cat(s)

heh, Jeffery Maier Part II in Baltimore tonight

My ex thinks I am an unfit mother because the kids are sleeping on blow up matresses

Also,Butler County got a new jail! Good luck!

My electronic cigarette broke last week

I want to create a thread that's never sober.....

So this PHISH V.3 is going swimmingly!

Soulstice - Wind (Fila Brazilia Remix)


Ribeyes for supper! What are you having?

Ribeyes for supper! What are you having?

Breaking News: Chef Gordon Ramsay is an asshole

OMG, David Carradine is on Mental tonight.

For the evening....I give to the lounge.....

Today, I saw some guy cleaning out his ear with his car key.

Is this a sign of aging?

Medicine - Based on the evidence...

I'm having tree surgery tomorrow.

Name an entertaining movie starring a noted right-winger?

Ron Christie is wearing corrective lenses

Best college football and basketball comebacks I've seen lately

This one goes out to you and yours worldwide - Say hey - it is time for some Michael Franti

Time for a vaca from GD and AA.

I want to create a thread that never cries

Anybody seen elshiva in the last couple of days? I'm getting worried about her...

Wee doggie, we just had a whopper thunderstorm.

There are 2 things that really piss me off.

It is happening again

WOW ,I still have the touch

Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel

Marvin Gaye - I Want You

Identify this!

Please let us have a moment of peace: Sheep may safely graze.

By request: pictures of the DingBaby...

Sorry if a repost... ANONYMOUS saved cats from torturers...

I wonder what strange dreams I will have tonight after take benadryl.

My cat Sophie is obsessed with knocking over the trashcan!

I'm watching the Life After People series and now I want to explore all the abandoned towns

Just saw an ad for the Krispy Kreme Doughnut SUNDAE.

I'm having knee surgery tomorrow.

All time great movie character icons?

*** ATTENTION, disorganized DU'ers! ***

LAKERS-MAGIC-- Game Three!

My neighbor gave me tomatoes from her garden.

Favorite song performed by people in ape suits

If you could live in any city in the US which one would it be.

Speaking of mall kiosks, has anyone else ever dealt with the Dead Sea salt people?

my slyly evil.

Adam Lambert wears too much makeup.

How long til couples should get married?

Where do kittens hide?

My fucking ex-girlfriend decided to show up and make me miserable.

What is the point?

Anyone watch MENTAL tonight with David Carridine as guest star?

Go Penguins!

Is it possible for a kid to get strep THREE times in one school year?

Do grits take salt?

Do you ever hate your children?

The DVD I'm watching has a preview for "Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage"

It happened again.

My brother in Vermont has got the swine flu! n/t

SIGH, I saw a confederate flag sticker on the back of a pickup truck.

Air Force pounds MILF lair with rockets

I'm testing a thread here to see if I got my star back...

I tried a beer last night that smelled and tasted like FEET!

Wow - Heather Graham


If you ever feel like you talk too much, well...

What's the Most You've Ever Spent On A Pair of Shoes?

Silence Must Be Heard - Enigma

What is your deepest fear? Post here and I will tell you.

Are fake Crocs as good as real Crocs?

European Cities-- Very pic heavy

Any Van Morrison fans here?

Big pics of big machines --------->

Tell me about Facebook, it the Hotel California?

MIA: BillySkank, NewWaveChick1981. Anyone heard from them?

Post a movie line that's instantly recognizable to anyone who's a movie fan.

Obama's new stimulus plan same as the old

Lacking enough Republicans, we grow our own.

Why is Scarbough keep harping on Pelosi VS. CIA poll numbers?

Freebie Repig Fear Card Headline! First Gitmo Prisoner on trial in New York City!!!!!

"I am not a citizen of the world, that's nonsense and utterly dangerous" Really Newt?

Eugene Robinson: Being Obama Matters

I don't remember Clinton and Gore getting all this media attention when they were out of office

'Obama proposed plan for peace deal within two years'

HEARING ALERT: Judiciary Committee on Prolonged Detention'

Dodd: Draft healthcare bill to drop this afternoon

Rick Steves was on Alan Colmes' show, talking about how travel makes

Kim Jong Il's son 'not interested' in succession

No doubt the GOP is coordinating some plan to win in 2012!

Dupe. Self-Delete.

How long are they going to be able to play this "Obama no experience" card?

"Fear Factor" 101 being played by the Republicans

Gingrinch Projecting Again: Obama Has "Already Failed" (VIDEO)

Gore To North Korea? Obama May Send Ex-VP To Negotiate Journalists' Release (HuffPost)

President Obama read Atul Gawande's excellent piece on Healthcare

I wonder how much of the money actually goes towards goods for troops?

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny's (VIDEO)

Gingrich earns Pants on Fire for stimulus claim

Martinez (R-FL) on Sotomayor: "The richness of her experience forms who she is. It forms who I am."

Large Majority of Drivers Who Own Cell Phones Use Them While Driving Even Though They It's Dangerous

Poll: Third of Republicans view (their) party unfavorably, only 4% of Dems view their party unfav

Droopy Dawg Joementum & Snot nose Lindsey threatening to close down Senate

Peter Orzag discussing Paygo during the WH briefing today (now!)...

Robert Reich: Watching Out for Details in Healthcare, and How Hard the WH Pushes for Them

Will Obama be Truman on Gay Rights?

Salute to Stephen Cobert!

Gutting the Health Care Plan: "We need to challenge, not appease, the health insurance companies"

The Peace Maker-Rahm Emanuel's Mideast Mission

Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush

Republicans thought they were doing great during FDR's years

Sarah Palin: "Our country is evolving into Socialism"

Teen daughters are a pain in the ASS...she graduated two weeks ago

TPM: Health Reform Draft Bill to Be Released by HELP Committee (Stripped for now of public option)

All of a sudden the Republicans complain about the deficit

PHOTO Caption It? (George Senior)

CIA Urges Judge To Keep Bush-Era Documents Sealed

Rightists are feeling their oats a little versus Obama

Rothenberg says he'll no longer appear on "Hardball", concerned about "tone" of political coverage

Scarborough Scandal: Defended Abortion Murderer 1993 then asks Newsweek to Bury Story

White House on Obama's meeting with the House Ways and Means Committee

Health Care Is a Right, Not a Privilege by Senator Bernie Sanders

Whaaaaaaaaaa! GOP Senators In Full Whine Mode: Dems Left Us Out Of Loop On Sotomayor Timing

I agree with those who say that we should demand single payer and settle for public option

This president is breaking the mold

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals for America After Visiting Denny's.

The great irony about all the smears against single-payer is that it's NOT gov't-run health care!

The great irony about all the smears against single-payer is that it's NOT gov't-run health care!

PHOTO Caption It? (Temple of DUum?)

Bob Cesca: Sen. Landrieu is a "predictable coward"

PHOTO Caption It? (The Hitch-hikers)

I hope everyone has been tuned into the ED show.. He is awesome

Seems like a good day for a replay of "GOP Survivor"

Pamela Morgan, 56-years-old, has been arrested after jumping over the White House fence

Pamela Morgan, 56-years-old, has been arrested after jumping over the White House fence

Senators Who Signed Letter Opposing Public Health Plan Took $17.7M From Health Care/Insurance

Breaking: Chysler sale to Fiat approved by SCOTUS.

Breaking: Chysler sale to Fiat approved by SCOTUS.

HELP Releases ‘Affordable Health Choices Act’

FL-GOV:Sink leads McCollum 38-34 in new Quinnipiac poll

Now we see why Lieberman and Lindsey Graham want to hide the torture photos!

Poll: Third of Republicans view party unfavorably

Mary Landrieu says shes voting no on a Public Option

Just curious: has any Republican Senator praised Sotomayor for her stamina

Meet the Revolting Renegade Dems who Gave NY State Senate Power to the GOP

Obama's food stimulus.

Intrade is betting on Mir Hussein Moussavi to beat Ahmadinejad

Washington Times op-ed: "first Muslim president"

U.S., Palau in talks on Guantanamo detainees (LAT)

"Obama promised Unemployment would be 8%"

Harkin: Kennedy Bill to Include Public Option

Wonkette: "Virginia Is For Someone Named ‘R. Creigh Deeds,’ McAuliffe Officially a Loser Again"

Landrieu signed letter saying she supported public plan before she was against it

Are any of the 2012 (R) contenders veterans?

Is Alex Sink a progressive candidate?

Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush

Here's a good question re: DADT from Jack Cafferty:

DADT still in effect = Barack Obama is a FAILED PRESIDENT!!

Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush

House Democrats heatlh care plan much more moderate than expected

Must Read from TPM's Jon Taplin: Public Health Care Option

Robert Gibbs is being a wimp. Helen Thomas slammed him, and he wilted.

Palin: Bring her on! What a dolt!

PHOTO Caption it? (Obama and Staff DO read DU?)


Enzi (R-Wyo.) thinks the Dems have enough votes in the Senate for health care

I'll Vote for Sarah Palin

Jon Voight calls Obama "wildly radical," praises rw haters for helping bring end to "false prophet"

DeMoro: Shame on Obama for not pushing Single Payer

Did the RWers complain about Obama's "appearance" on Colbert

Sarah Palin Economics101

The only true answer to "Do you want the government to determine your health care" is

GOP not happy: Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing July 13th

Crazy right-wing myths about Obama 2.0 (Salon)

GOP Can't Complain About July Hearings

Tell Jim Cornette you appreciate his rant

Tell Jim Cornette you appreciate his rant

California Nurses Association: Shame on Obama for Not Pushing Single Payer

Obama changed Lebanese minds, by Cynthia Tucker

POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Obama admin to invest $7.2 billion in broadband development...

RW radio haters Hewitt and Limbaugh back GM boycott - DNC nails repugs for rooting for failure

A Strong Healthcare Public Option Is All But Dead! Thanks To House Dems "Centrist" Healthcare Bill

We need a DU award for this guy, "The Rep. drive us into a ditch and then bitch about the tow truck"

Let's DU this Hannity poll.

"I am a proponent of a single-payer universal healthcare program."


VA Democratic Governor primary results -- AP calls it: Deeds wins!!

A thread dedicated to losers and lunatics:

Open Apology to one and all.

Monthly job loss (2009)

Obama said "We can't start from scratch with the Health Care system": Why not?

Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham throw a Fit: Will Shut Down the Senate over Detaineee Photos

Email from Lawrence Lessing: Change-Congress.Org vs. Ben Nelson

PHOTOS Official photos - Behind the Scenes in Europe & Egypt (June 9)

CountDown: Jameel Jaffer of ACLU, "We're not looking for the release of everything."

Frank Gaffney claims Obama ‘may actually still be’ a Muslim.

"This was obviously a bad career move for McAuliffe."

"A right delayed is a right denied." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

When did Jon Voight go insane?

Raitt calls isotope crisis 'sexy,' criticizes Aglukkaq on audiotape

Pregnant Woman Cut Open

Sell San Quentin prison? Inmates don't want to go

Police say grandad fatally shot 6-year-old over watermelon

British party with 'Nazi' connotations wins seats in (European) parliament

Porsche Nears Deal With Qatar Amid Volkswagen Merger Talks

Czech Police intervening against neo-Nazi supporters, several arrested

Justice Dept.: 1st Gitmo detainee arrives in U.S.

First Guantanamo inmate arrives in U.S. for trial

ACLU Releases Report On Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Gunmen kill 12 in attack on Thai mosque

US pushes urgent Middle East talks

World Bank's Zoellick criticizes Buy American policy

Soldier sanctuary resolution divides Bellingham, WA

China Has No Intention of Dumping Dollar: Minister

US, Europe Look to Partnership on Mars Exploration.

Iraq releases militant with links to attack on U.S. soldiers

US health insurance: Barack Obama begins ‘make or break’ battle

Mikhail Gorbachev " a second American revolution in the spirit of perestroika"

Repeat Bank Stress Tests 'Right Now': TARP Panel Chair

The Media Fall for Phony 'Jobs' Claims

U.S. bankruptcies highest since 2005, gov't says

Netanyahu Convinced Obama Seeks Clash With Israel To Appease Arabs

Sauerland-terrorists willing to confess (source in german only)

FBI director defends use of informants in mosques

Breaking News: Sotomayor confirmation hearings to begin July 13th

House Democrats dropping photo provision from war funding bill

Pakistani officials: Huge bomb at Peshawar hotel

Treasury Lets 10 Big Banks Start to Repay Bailout Money

Senate panel approves drilling off Florida (includes 10 miles off the Florida Panhandle)

Building collapses at North Carolina plant

New York Times does not plan to close Boston Globe

Grounds for dissent in a Kuala Lumpur coffee party

The spy who started the Cold War

Man accused of threatening Obama appears in court

Tech cos set to upset Obama tax plan

(Disabled) Minneapolis man accidentally boarded in his (foreclosed) house

US House panel to subpoena Fed over B of A-Merrill

Iraq releases man held in slayings of U.S. soldiers

Ten US banks to pay back bail-out

Khmer Rouge chief: babies were 'smashed to death'

Judge lets Chrysler sever ties with 789 dealers

UK police officers accused of waterboarding

"School of Americas" Generals Charged In Colombia

Powerful Blast in Peshawar

$70 Oil Menaces Budding Recovery

Ex-GM director York says auto bankruptcies needed

New GOP majority may be locked out of chamber (NY)

Federal Court Says Religious Monument At Oklahoma Courthouse Is Unconstitutional

Peru Indian leader flees to Nicaraguan embassy

Juan Sotomayor on Sister Sonia's Critics: 'Angry Is Just the Beginning'

Poll: Third of Republicans view party unfavorably

Treasury: 10 big banks can repay bailout

Dodd, Kennedy to introduce healthcare reform bill

Two missing, 21 hurt in NC Slim Jim plant blast

N.S. voters elect 1st NDP government

GM Names Former AT&T Chief as Chairman

London's Metropolitan Police accused of waterboarding suspects

Key Features of the Tri-Committee Health Reform Draft Proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives

Suspect claims 'victory' in closing of slain doctor's clinic

(Rep) Boehner: Obama 'importing' terrorists

Sen Kennedy's Health Bill Unveiled, Sees GOP Criticism

Coroner: Danny Gans died accidentally

Likud Minister Proposes Israeli Sanctions In US

Canadian diplomats battle Buy America

Picasso sketchbook vanishes from locked case in Paris

DHS Eases Deportation Rules for Widowed Immigrants.

Obama proposes making 'pay-as-you-go' the law

Cover-up claim after Peru clashes

RI Senate Overwhelmingly Backs Medical Marijuana Stores

US high school graduation rate climbs to 69.2 percent

Attack of the clerics threatens Ahmadinejad's election hopes

House OKs $4 billion 'cash for clunkers'

North Korea would use nuclear weapons in a 'merciless offensive'

Airlines Hiring "Very Substandard" Pilots

Slain doctor's (George Tiller) abortion clinic to close permanently

Professor claims DoD inflates Gitmo recidivism


Army Corps orders thousands of trees chopped down (within 15 of levees)

'US protectionist move may lead to countermove by India'

Deeds Wins Virginia Primary.

Judge issues gag order in GI-shooting case

Supreme Court Won't Block Chrysler Sale

Lieberman, Graham Threaten to Shut Down Senate

Pacific State Palau to Take Uighur Detainees.

S.O.S. Clinton: President Obama has passed the "3 AM Test"

President Obama in France: A Reporters Perspective

Souls for Sale: Thailand's hill tribes defending their culture and religion against missionaries

British National (Nazi) Party win two European Parliament seats

Perilous times for Iraq's orphans

Stephen Colbert on GMA discussing the basic training he underwent and his support for the troops

Michael Steele Gets Back To Slammin' And Rammin' Sotomayor

GOP Aide Gets Caught Trying to Have Sex in a Panda Suit

US Inadvertantly Supplying Arms to Terrorists

Steele Forces College GOPers To Participate In A 10-Min Demonstration Of His Infamous Hat Metaphor

Four Years Later in Texas: Cindy Sheehan's Son Still Dead, George Still a War Criminal

Rachel Maddow interviews Pro-Life insider Franklin Schaeffer

Dennis Kucinich: It's Time To End This War! No More Funding!

Bill Moyers And Jeremy Scahill Discuss Obama Foreign Policy

Single Payer activists demand Rangel schedule Ways and Means hearing on Single Payer, HR-676

Republican extremists neutralizing Democrats and socialists 1 of 8

The Boys In The Band

Steven Colbert Gets a Haircut (w/ a VERY special mystery guest)

State of the LGBT Movement (IHO Pride Month)

Rachel Maddow: Nat'l Womens Health President Details Latest Death Threats - 'Much More Aggressive'

Letterman's Top Ten Highlights of Palin's Trip to NY - Update Her "Slutty Flight Attendant" Look"

Hardball: CIA Warns Against Releasing Bush-Era Torture Documents

What's up the Huff Post anti-Obama coverage?

Obamas Pick to Lead Afghan War Linked to Abuse of Prisoners & Secret Assassination

Letterman's Palin Top Ten List & Palin's Reply Below

TYT: Secret E-mails Show Administration Knew About Torture

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D. California): We need a whole new approach in Afghanistan

Dean on Countdown...Bipartisanship not worth it if we get a crummy bill.

Robertson: Abuse By A "Coach" Or "Guidance Counselor" Or "Other Male Figure" "Made" Many Homosexual

TYT: Bill O'Reilly Apologizes?!

Canadian Healthcare a Nightmare?

Conservative Misinformation University Salutes The Class Of 2009

Rachel Maddow Destroys Obama on Lying to the American People

Dennis Kucinich: Who Are These People?

Video Released of 72-yr-old Great Grandmother being Tasered

Howard Stern on Late Night w/ David Letterman talks about Rush Limbaugh

Up to 100 dead in Amazon clashes: activist

State of Shame ...Bob Herbert, New York Times.

Is JP Morgan a Bank Or a Government-Funded Casino?

Richard Reeves: How should we treat enemy prisoners?

Lebanon feels the Obama effect

Health Care Reform for Beginners: The Many Flavors of the Public Plan

Mike Lux: The Blame Election

Some Health Insurance Companies Making a Profit From Smokers

Who Will Be at the Table? PhRMA and the AMA Join Forces with Insurers

Afghanistan Past & Present

Twitter New Company Twitter selling out Followers.

Colbert Explains How His U.S.O. Tour Differs From Bob Hope's

The Government/Federal Reserve has Subpoena Itself, How interesting?

Obama's Coup in Cairo

Mikhail Gorbachev " a second American revolution in the spirit of perestroika"

Say 'No Way' To Third Way's Health Care Hybrid

Talk live with Dr. Howard Dean online tonight regarding health care reform

"That's A Terrible Thing To Say"

Lawsuits Force Disclosures by CIA (NYT)

Graham, Lieberman will shut down the Senate if Torture Photos are not Censored.

Right Wing Blogger Outs Liberal Blogger's Cat

Rockstar Energy Drink Doesn't Want Consumers To Know About Connection To Shock Jock Michael Savage

Sleep to Gather Strength

Conservative economics based upon magic, cruelty, fatalism and greed

The Trouble With Democrats

On the Cusp of Historic Majority, Senate Democrats Miss 'Pillars.'

The spy who started the Cold War

Senate to Start Sotomayor Hearings July 13.

How a Former Prisoner Took Down a Big Shot from the Private Prison Industry (and Cheney Pal)

Rush Limbaugh calling for boycott of American workers

Newt Gingrich Outlines Republicans Strategy to Overthrow Obama/Democrates in 2010-12 C-Span 3

Hold Your Applause

There's always Nova Scotia!

Best Political Resume Ever

Matt Taibbi: Let's Get It Straight, Hank Paulsen Is a Prick Who Took Down the Economy

NRA's Ill Wind Blows through the Windy City

Scoop Independent News Media

VENEZUELA Socialists Back Crackdown on Media

PERU: Indigenous Leader Alberto Pizango Granted Asylum at Nicaraguan embassy

Colombia says courts may be tainted

FIDEL: "Obama's Speech in Cairo"

CORREA, Ecuador Spurn Oil Transnationals

Over 70 Argentine officers face trial for torturing conscripts in Malvinas

Turn on Thom Hartmann right now! Kennedy assassination coverup/Cuba/exiles/etc

White House Announces a Slew of Ambassador Nominations, including to Haiti

Deaths in environmental conflict (Peru)

DrumBeat: June 9, 2009

Gazprom targets 10% of US gas market

Shell Oil Execution Scandal Case Settlement $15.5 Million

British Mining company faces injunction over torture allegations in Peru

Plant-based, low-carb diet may promote weight loss and improve cholesterol levels

FT - BP's Head Of Alternative Energy To Retire As Company Slashes Spending On Solar, "Clean" Coal

Scientists Slap Down Australian Senator Who Denies AGW Because Of Solar Flare Theory

Brazil Needs Only Lula's Signature To Hand Land Titles To Illegal Amazon Clearcutters - Mongabay

70% Of Peruvian Amazon Already Allocated To Oil & Gas Development

Heartland Institute Denies Human Influence On Climate, Calls Anti-Smoking Efforts "Junk Science"

Saro-Wiwa's son welcomes Shell payout (Nigerian murder)

60 Die in Peru Rainforest Oil and Gas Protest

Supremes Rule WV State Justice Shouldn't Rule On Coal Case After Taking Millions From Industry

More Dead on the Road? (How raising fuel efficiency standards does not necessarily decrease safety)

Tiny digger turns deserts into gardens

Nature/AFP - Boreal & Arctic Plant Growth Unlikely To Keep Pace With Permafrost Carbon Release

Re-telling the Soviet harpoon race (BBC EarathWatch)

1-fish, 2-fish, Now there's no fish...

Here's Your New Environmental Phrase For The Week: "Jellyfish Stable State" - ENN

Is Space-Based Solar a Game Changer?

Scientists: Global warming has already changed oceans

A few memorable moments in the last 55 years...

Upton, where are you? cboy4 needs your help!

Unbelievable, AGAIN. 55 Years of having better attendance COMBINED than

Bill Russell is one of my favorite 20th Century philosophers.

Coyotes Bankruptcy Hearing. Live Blogging...

I bet the Sharks fans wish they could witness one of these;

Steelers Super Bowl Ring - #6

This is just sad .. forcing a little league team in California to play as the

Pio Sagapolutele, ex-NFL lineman, dies

Remember when this forum discussed sports?

Dallas will not bring back Pacman

UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE. A 300-game winner with a LOSING Team is shut-out

Giants draft pitcher Zack Wheeler

Here we go again. Koby4 and the Fakers are getting all the calls

The PA announcer in Orlando is so goddam annoying.

Even Barriod Bonds' wife dumps him. What an ass-hole!>>

Now these Giants are good >>

San Francisco Fucking SUCKS! We SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!

GO LAKERS !!!!!!!

Strasburg Signing Could Be Historic (for the Natinals)

Floyd resigns as USC coach

I wonder how much Barry will have to pay to keep her mouth shut...

Oh-Oh, spaghetti-o's. Looks like Tim Floyd cheated at USC.

If the Pens win tonight,

Mets beat Philly in game one

Boxing News

Hey all! Why isn't there any commentary about tonight's NHL championship

College World Series - Who will win it?

Today in labor history June 9 Labor activist Helen Marot was born

Boston Globe union rejects cuts, Times to slash pay

Auto suppliers to seek new government aid: report

Shame on Obama for Not Pushing Single Payer

Tell me if I am not alone as a slave to the state. Are there others?

Pittsburgh Tribune Review prints bogus poll by Susquehanna

Alzheimer's Breakthrough Study

Oily fish 'can halt eye disease'

Health Care Is a Right, Not a Privilege by Senator Bernie Sanders

Tests Show Many Supplements Have Quality Problems

Health care alarms GOP bloc (Olympia Snowe)

March & Rally for Single Payer Healthcare in North Miami June 27th

Getting Better: on the fast track while fearing derailment

Gawande Nails It on Healthcare Costs

Gutting the Health Care Plan: "We need to challenge, not appease, the health insurance companies"

Daily Kos.. It's Health Care Tuesday

Alternative medicine goes mainstream

At Last, Facing Down Bullies (and Their Enablers)

A Strong Healthcare Public Option Is All But Dead! Thanks To House Dems "Centrist" Healthcare Bill

Stopping diabetes damage with vitamin C

"government of the Insurance Industry, by the Insurance Industry, for the Insurance Industry..

Oily fish 'can halt eye disease (BBC)

question about repairing nicked artery

Landrieu nixes public option

Adults with less than six hours of nightly sleep were at highest risk of death

WWII Navy Medic awarded Medal of Honor passes away

Why so many are so adamant about firearms for self-defense.

Creigh Deeds Sweeps VA Democratic governor’s primary race,

Is the term "gun nut" offensive?

Milwaukee PrideFest this weekend!!!

New NY Senate President Wants Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

Conservatives Warn of Gay Marriage "Loophole" !!!!

More NY Same sex marriage: Vote may happen.

Same sex couple, kids denied family rate at pool

In Obama's own words.

Adam Lambert says he’s gay in interview

The next person who types "pony" is getting it with both barrels.

How can you stand it?

Pat Robertson: Kids Become Gay Because of Sexual Abuse from Men

Need help from transsexual DUers

Prop 8 rehearing petition filed: People, I think they're going to overturn our marriages.

I'm Done Asking. It's Time to Tell. No, make that "Demand."

Taking Stock / Avigdor Lieberman, stand firm!

Mapping an Occupation - Interactive Map

When Egypt was in Gaza

AP Edits Palestinian Suffering Out of Obama’s Speech

Border Control / Afraid of a binational state?

Loving Israel by hating Obama

Palestinian youth save settler woman and infant after car flips in West Bank

Netanyahu Convinced Obama Seeks Clash With Israel To Appease Arabs

Hariri rules out independent Lebanon-Israel peace track

Defense source: Lebanese punished Hizbullah for war

Netanyahu convinced Obama seeks clash with Israel to appease Arabs

The tragedy of the Yemeni Jews

Islamic Jihad rejects two-state solution

More Data Casting Doubts on Green Shoots Theories

Zippy on futures, bubbles, and the future of the next bubble!

Banksters attack elderly with reverse mortgage scam

Summer Fun with Guns-a Satirical Take on Guns in National Parks

Banks have declared war -- on you: Fasten your seat belts, credit card holders

Aiman and his dad...

Citi bank sneaks bonuses to worthless people!

Ten big banks receive approval to repay TARP funds

Very small, very breezy spider web

Do you know the group Phish? They are in Asheville NC tonight, where I am

ANALYSIS - Peru Amazon conflict exposes rift over economic policy (Reuters)

Federal Reserve SUBPOENAED

Ten big banks receive approval to repay TARP funds

EXCLUSIVE: The New York Fed Has Been Captured By Citigroup, Top Obama Official Complains

Night of the Horse

Seeking Sony 200 Alpha advice

Folks, the Calendar Submission deadline is now less than 11 days away

And yet ANOTHER stranger

Genetic Region For Tame Animals Discovered

Largest (so far) Black Hole found

REM Sleep Helps Solve Problems

Tarot and Money Matters

Does anyone in our group have knowledge of

Light for my partner and me

Astrologers, is there anything special about June 21st?

Energy beings

Today, I felt on top of the world...and since

Homeopathy (???) article (???) science (???)

For cat lovers who also love music (by cats!) The sequel frm Nora.

[Video] Christopher Hitchens: Why Fight Religion

Some people say "loser" as though it's a bad thing...

Christian Group Files Suit to Burn Library Book

10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturns Bible law ruling

President Obama will visit NYC to attend NAACP's Centennial


I have been watching on video the tv series No Reservations

Good goods ....................

At Last, Facing Down Bullies (and Their Enablers)

Next Test: Value of $125,000-a-Year Teachers

Which report is considered "The Official Report"?

A helpful hint to "truthers"

If anybody is heading to the CyFair I.S.D special board meeting

No... Way....!

Calgary Herald: Stelmach Tories praise Ignatieff over Harper

House Panel Recommends Impeachment of Texas Federal Judge