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The McLaughlin Group is talking about Susan Boyle. I give up. nt

Unions Hope Patronage Translates to Leverage (Virginia)

March 2009 and Crime

"Fun is a renewable resource." Love this. Wise words. nt

We can't have a public option because too many people would use it

Deputy who drove into cyclists is demoted (two died, one badly injured)

If evil could be isolated and defined?

unemployment (u-3) at 9.4%; u-6 at 16.4: 1 out of 6 workers

unemployment (u-3) at 9.4%; u-6 at 16.4: 1 out of 6 workers

Horse or Jockey?

Letter Writing Campaign for Health Care Reform

Join a Convoy to Gaza

EFF tool to keep track of Terms of Service agreement changes

Do Sarah or Todd Palin post on FR? Just wondering...

China's Declining Electricity Consumption Conflicts With Party Line Growth Story

War on empathy coming up short... Ha!

Get Involved in Government Health Care Proposals

While you were sleeping

Robert Dreyfuss: Three Tests for Obama After "The Speech"

CBS News taking Sotomayor out of context in fuax controversy over "wise latina woman.

It's About Time

It's About Time

Sign my petition: Censure Inhofe

New saying I'm tired of already "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"

Canadian Spy agency hid fact that their own source lied in terror case

In my rural community, unemployment was higher in the 80's.....however,

William Safire, still a wanker.

Modern Media Madness - Bill Moyers last night

Do something wonderful today

Anyone hearing the birds in the background

Guilty secrets

Occam's Razor and 9/11, Reconsidered

Occam's Razor and 9/11, Reconsidered

Bronx teen confesses to roasting kitten

The cliffs of Pointe du Hoc at Omaha beach

Who is Jim Whittington?

Hudson River ditching: Does it really matter who opened the rear door?

Here is an email I got regarding the foreclosure mess and the whole show me the note thing.

Saving Private Ryan - for me the most memorable scene is the one at the very

Woman thought to have brain tumor turns out to have live worm in brain!

How Pharma & Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option & What Obama & Rest of Us Must Do (R. Reich)

BREAK UP THE BANKS !!!! - Video screenings on the national economic crisis planned for next week

San Francisco accuses church of dodging taxes

Watergate burglar dies in Florida

Howard Zinn is LIVE on "This is Hell!" today

gingrich admits there is "no evidence" in Sotomayor's "court decisions" that she is a "racist

They were playing John Lennon's "Instant Karma" in a Chase ad the other day

U.S. Pushed Fiat Deal on Chrysler

Analog Deathwatch

If the repug party is so dead, how come Christie is outpolling Corzine in NJ

Fox seems to have the best coverage of D-Day ceremonies

"Currahee!" - We Stand Alone

Twin baby kangaroos: Cute warning!

Anyone out there up to building/moderating a website: "" ?

the greedy guts medical insurance Barons will just have to change

In North Dakota, the Good Times Are Still Rolling

The Grim Picture Of Obama's Middle East- Noam Chomsky

The Other ‘Big Three’ in the Health Care Debate

HELP...Oue Hawaii Gov Lingle(R) wants to cut the Marine Reseach Station

The Flyover... the "Missing Man" formation. Did anybody else cry besides me?

Three days left to go: Why can't I decide who to vote for on Tuesday?

The Obama Presidency Has Been Less About HOPE and CHANGE and More About EMPIRE

Industry Defends Federal Loophole for Drilling Before Packed Congressional Hearing

NC: Charlotte's other 'Pride' - 'God Has a Better Way'

yesterday I read that Mich. is closing 8 prisons because of economy

Father home from Iraq surprises 4th grade daughter.

12 Similar Flights Deepen Mystery

PDA vs. Fox News

Privatization of 'Obama's War'

A native CA wildflower thought to have disappeared from the Presidio in 1917 has made a comeback.

If the Government starts paying the bills would a hospital still charge

On CNN...a ship has found 2 bodies and some luggage from downed airliner

On CNN...a ship has found 2 bodies and some luggage from downed airliner

If the government took over health care.

Bodies found from missing jet

Bodies found from missing jet

Abortion rights advocates sensed more threats at clinics before killing of Tiller

"Jesus Camp" is on Biography right now

Do homeless people have access to cancer screening ?

Do homeless people have access to cancer screening ?

Damien Walters Showreel 2009

At labor rally, frustration with Specter is palpable

Healthcare Public Enemies 1, 2, and 3 -- Contact Senators NOW!

"God Sent The Killer" - Westboro Church at Dr. Tiller's funeral -pic

Screen Actor Members Help Create Care Packages for U.S. Troops

This might be old, but has anyone here read or listened to the arguemetns in Ricci v. Destefano?

How many of the five Watergate burglars who broke into the DNC headquarters were CIA operatives?

Obama Taps Anti-Abortion Activist for Faith Based Health Post

Public option health care is hanging by a thread

Right now, all the obligatory paperwork required by Health Insurance procedures on top of the mix or

Everybody knows

What three Republicans did to our country

65th Anniversary of D-Day. What are your stories?

some comfort: One Bushie-NeoCON Obama nominee pulls out!

Introducing...Blago Shampoo

The human iPod: (autistic musical savant)

It Starts with the Anti-Tax Rants, then comes the Supremacism, then the Doctor Shooting...

Art display in Eureka Springs, Arkansas offends anal retentive residents

2 bodies, ticket found near Air France crash site

A Moment Of Silence: D-Day, June 6, 1944

Where is the Congress ?

Anatomy of a typical US military propaganda campaign.

At Dr Tiller's funeral: "You are my dad's living masterpiece"

*LIVE* from the 2009 New Hampshire *MAJORITY PARTY* State Convention...

*LIVE* from the 2009 New Hampshire *MAJORITY PARTY* State Convention...

Google mentor passes on at 45

Google mentor passes on at 45

What's a Person?

Judge says "I will only allow adoption if one parent stays home" (moral commitment clause)

Yet Another Cartoon/ A Republican's Worst Nightmare

If I were a visitor intended on destorying this country

Lets talk about the ads on DU for a minute shall we?

It's hard not to feel happy for this guy

A Challenge to Lurking Freepers

the media (including c-span) has changed 'torture' to

Focus on la Familia: How Dobson's outfit inspires one of the deadliest Mexican drug cartels

I think Granny D could kick my ass.

The Privatization of "Obama's War"

more D-DAY commemoration pictures (heavy)

To all my friends at DU -- here's a toast to you (those of you still up!!)

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) offered some thoughts on environmental policy (LOL)

Tiller. I was on a cruise. I heard about it on the national news. HE was a gentle man

Conservatives Already Lying About Senate Health Care Proposal

My new favorite facebook group: The Pill Kills

The NYT's nice, new euphemism for torture


Seeds of Hatred---Reaping the Harvest

Seeds of Hatred---Reaping the Harvest

Saturday hate mail-apalooza by Kos

Pay Attention

Republican defends "Tobacco lollipops"

Bank of America Credit Card Madness...

World's poor overwhelmed by rubbish

My personal memorial to D-Day..

Dr. Tiller's assassin is the Oswald of our times

Who's here? Are you here?

GINGRICH: I am not a citizen of the world. I am a citizen of the United States because

Belmont Stakes today.. Mine that Bird the favorite...5 pm ET

Man who threatened to kill Obama captured by police

Does anyone have Aetna health insurance??

A Challenge To Those Congresspeople Against The Public Plan

Five New Reasons (And One Old One) Why We Must Close Guantanamo Now

World War One Vet Celebrates 113th Birthday (interesting article)

Gas. $3.05 in the Chicago Area.

119 Million Americans Must Be Wrong

Specter says he is "proud to be a Democrat" as he looks for votes. If he is re-elected

What is single payer universal health care?

LIHOP, will there now be a MIHOP?

Funeral rites for Dr. Tiller . . .

Colleagues say Tiller knew something was coming

Justice & Accountability in China

Question about D-Day

Stop a moment, please, to say goodbye to Thomas Starr King (Reagan took his place)

Jeff Masters predicts tropical trouble late next week

US v. Honduras whirled cup soccer on now. Running blog here.

According to your values, is the life of a cow worth more or less than the life of a horse?

Long-Term Unemployment Rate Hits Record

FDL Book Salon: Idiot America with Charles Pierce

Friday night news dump: "U.S. weighs proposal for Guantanamo inmates facing death penalty"

First, do no harm...

Why do so many controversial posts get thrown into the dungeon, the September 11 forum?

Military-backed public schools on the rise in US

Pakistanis turn backs on 'erring' Taliban (BBC)

Pakistanis turn backs on 'erring' Taliban (BBC)

Jonathan Tasini: Wal-Mart Jobs Vs. Auto Jobs

Nouriel Roubini Dismisses Green Shoots: "We are still in the middle of a severe crisis"

Let's See what's in the Arizona Republic "Letter to the Editor" section!

Anti- Healthcare Reform


Corporate loopholes

Has a health care bill ever passed Congress w/out the blessing of the insurance industry or pharma?

U.S. healthcare revamp to require medical coverage

The dumbest health plan ever is being proposed by a Democrat,

The Skepticism re: Obama's health care reform program frightens me

The Skepticism re: Obama's health care reform program frightens me

Stem Cells Cultured On Contact Lens Restore Sight In Patients With Blinding Corneal Disease

There is no poll that says that most Americans want single-payer.

Michelle "Internment of Japanese Americans Rocked" Malkin on Obama's "Dept. of Injustice":

Good-bye, Dr. Tiller, and thank you for being there for so many woman who needed you.

We Need A War Tax

Call me a sap, but every month I write to this President, President Obama, and I tell

Just read "Shop Class as Soulcraft" by Matthew B. Crawford

I guess there are still some gaps in homeland security protection

Medical Bills Linked to Nearly Two-thirds of All Bankruptcies

Kennedy Plan Guarantees Health Insurance for All

About the Media--The Puppy-Kicking Doctrine

Frank Rich: Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack?

Amazing: Even Conservatives Resoundingly Favor Gays In the Military

Senator Bernie Sanders 'firing on all cylinders' for real health care reform

2 MEN DANCING! - Shocking - Just Shocking

Military-backed public schools on the rise in the US

Fundies worried that justice might actually be served in the Tiller case

It's beginning to look like Kennedy's "Gateway" plan is MANDATORY INSURANCE with NO PUBLIC OPTION...

unreadable google logo

Letter I wrote Glenn Beck

Listen to the words of Robert F. Kennedy - listen very carefully.

Are You Pro-Choice?

D-DAY more pics (dial up!)

A funny little anecdote from my family's Christmas:

I'd like to thank the Conservadems in the Senate! Chase just raised my interest rate..

Other than the health insurance companies disappearing off the face of...

U.S. Heath Insurers Heavily Invested In Tobacco Companies

Does it feel, to you, like we're not going to get healthcare reform?

The news the New York Times does not see fit to print...

He should be on the back of the dime, all right.

Repeal Corporate "Personhood"

Calling all techies.

Adult Stem Cells Restore Sight to the Blind

K&R if you support the PUBLIC OPTION with NO triggers (check in if you don't know what that means)

It's Time for a New Round of Stimulus To Avert A Depression

Protests of Howard Dean and Earl Blumenauer by Single Payer groups...

Helped during misfortune, World War II internees now help others

President Obama is a Christian..

"Warrior gene" linked to violence, weapon use, new study finds

Did they catch the nutball who withdrew 85K and is looking to kill my President?

Demanding a More Perfect (D)Union

Memo for lurking cops: How NOT to run a prostitution sting

Another one of my cartoons

Grassley(R-IA): "119 million Americans would shift from private coverage to the government plan.”

Bring a gun to church day

Obama's ramping up his health care campaign, and is about to take a bigger role in the debate.

What Do You Think of MSNBC's Lockup Show?

For-profit "health" insurance companies must die......

what is wrong with this picture???? look closely

New York's Gillibrand Has Become Lockstep Liberal

Artists: Do you find it harder nowadays to make a living as a writer, painter, photographer,

Henry Rollins show update

Is your cell phone spying on you?

Anybody have a link to a recording of Wanda Syke's performance at the WH Corr. Dinner?

William Greider: The Trouble With Democrats

Hey another asshole conservative facebooker...

Why are Freepers/wingnuts going off the deep end all of a sudden?

Anybody else going on three months of Trojan Horse nightmares with the internet?

From the Archives, my vote for the "Best Ayn Rand Post Ever"...

My response to the "anti-choice" zealots.

Tiller's killer complaining about being treated like a criminal...My story

New Jersey police officer, Joseph R. Rios III, pounds man standing idly on corner, caught on video

The Nation: Time to Break Up the Banks

Teen Expected to Die as Baby Graduates

For The Wrestling Fans Here

For The Wrestling Fans Here

How Racist Hate Groups Joined up With Abortion Terrorists

Saying Goodbye

Here are some more photos from the lookout (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Tickets pile up on Van with dead Driver inside

Sessions gets annoyed with child crying during a hearing: ‘Enough with the histrionics.’

Venezuela takes actions against critical TV station

Gas prices are going up because there is glut in the market?

OBAMA Considering - Covering Up Torture By Permitting Detainees To Plead Guilty & Be Executed

Colbert in Iraq

Real Unemployment at 16.4%

Gingrich: Americans ‘surrounded by paganism.’

How Pharma and Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option

Forcing people to buy health insurance ? If they could afford it they would have it.

'Global warming is baloney' signs put the heat on Burger King

'Global warming is baloney' signs put the heat on Burger King

What are your "most important" issue(s)?

Interesting sign seen in Kansas City

Serious reservations about the Kennedy bill

Tikkun: Animal-based Diets are Madness and Insanity

Is the influence of the religious right what makes libertarianism feasible today?

The Need to Question Conventional Wisdom and “Official” Version of Events - Some Personal Experience

Obama's health care reformist, Zeke Emanuel, emerging from behind the scenes.

health-care and rebellion

Guess our little W.Va. blog hurt poor Jim Robinson's feelings

FedEx Threatens to "Destroy" Congress


Ah, love, let us be true

Twitchy is pitching!

Friday night funny video

It sucks when you cut your finger and there's so much blood


I have a flickr pro account and I don't know if it was just deleted

The Hangover, anyone see it?

Morning glory

Top o' the ninth - c'mon Twins!

With all due respect to the late Jim Croce, saving "time" in a "bottle" is a LAUGHABLE concept.

Does anyone here play the online game Evony(formally Civony)?nt

What is green, orange, and grey and belongs in the Lounge?

June 6th: Remember, Always

if you really care, don't touch me there

Good night, DU!

I need a recipe for camp hash browns ..

What are you supposed to do when you get a bad cramp?

I'm giving 2 big thumbs up to Roku.

I Need Help With Some Heavy Lifting. Why Do I Feel So Ashamed?

I'm starting to get paranoid at work: Fucking thieves part 2

If You See The Rec Fairy, Tell He/She To Go

This bull fighter gets more than the horn

Eleven O'clock in the AM. Time to finish the coffee and start the beer.

A nice groove for the morning

Is anyone going to watch the Tony Awards tomorrow?

Twin baby kangaroos: Cute warning!

Error: you can't recommend your own topics

TMZ's Show Us Your Guts Contest

I have to vent

I would like to make one brief statement about this whole mess, if nobody minds:

Check it out...doggie thongs!

Any idea how to over-ride security settings on a pdf document so I can print it?

Oh no! It's the super sad part of the movie "Mrs. Miniver" on TCM.

TZ's show me your nuts contest...


Oh, crap. I deleted my trashcan.

do I dare hit a slots casino the same night as the Belmont?

I just signed up a $5000 client "by accident"

This is a math lesson from Ma and Pa Kettle, it is really funny.

Want to have a great time on the cheap?

I am done packing.

Holy Crap - do you think this guy is really a Hitler lover like he writes?


TMZ's Show Us Your Nuts Contest

DU Song Of The Day

DU Song Of The Day

All these years and I don't even know about wild mountain honey! Can someone clue me in?

Kick and rec this thread if you're fucking sick and tired of being a doormat.

PSA: Check out the Google Homepage.

Professional Cat Wranglers: Help Needed

Are you afraid of novelty and clarity?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/6/2009)

I don't mind if you cut through a power cord and short out the garage


What do you think? Too much with the gold body paint?

dupe n/t

Now I can't get enough of Yeoman Rand!!!

Off to see Land of the Lost

Bad photoshops

Now I can't get enough of Rand McNally!!!


It's 5:06 AM

Why did none of you assholes talk me out of going to the casino?

Belmont spoiler

Eight twenty in the AM. Time to finish the beer and start the sensimilla.

I think I just went off the rails.

HEY. You should all come over to my house and we'll drink the last of my Zima and watch Point Break!

How about that Ken Griffey!

I feel dirty.....colostomied my inbox

My new license plates:

Teeny Tiny Animals

what's the most important part of your body?

Today I found my 3rd grade class picture.

What's the best site for selling used books?

Self Deleted for Tastelessness. Dear Mods, please delete, THANK YOU. . NT


TZ's Show Us Your Nuts Contest


About your addiction? is an answer..BA..

that which shall not be named is going down in the Natinals-Mets game!

Greatest Hummer

Greatest Bummer


A tempting job offer

Why do cops still put the same kind of wires on people that they did 30 years ago?

There seems to be a lot of this disorder going around

Thanks everyone for the good vibes, emails, private messages, and facebook messages


Yo, Oedi - you watching the game?

What costs more: Cremation vs. Burial?

Well I went out and spent $500 on a Marcus Memorial Garden

Watching ALF Cartoon with Tavernerboy...

What is a good pc laptop to buy for my daughter?

Is it cheating to donate blood to get buzzed on less beer?

Why are abortion clinics separate buildings - why not in hospitals, or doctor's offices?

Sweden's got Talent - naked men dancing

There's a lot for sale in West Carrollton, Ohio

Can I moan at you all for awhile?

I feel clean.....emptied my inbox

An excellent drunken Saturday.

that which shall not be named is going down in the Red Sox-Rangers game

Nine Year Old Slumdog Star Writes Memoir

kitteah picture of the day for saturday june 6

One MUST watch this..esp. if you are a Trekkie.

I just can't make the jump from Vegetarian to Vegan , not yet.

YES! I feel the love with every "YES" vote!!11!

PiGuy wants me to learn how to belly dance.

What's For Dinner?

Why do most skinheads look like the missing link?

DAMN post a song for a frucking Saturday night.......

What should I listen to?

Diagnosis Wencknbach

Mr.Midlo wants me to learn how to exorcise.


Have a ball at the Testicle Festival!

Question for everyone who answered wrong in the "best cinematic chase scene" poll

WTF, $10,000 for a burial? What kind of a fucking SCAM is this?

Best Bumper Sticker Ever!

So I wasted a couple hours of my life watching this movie

How hard is it to refinish floors?

Who hasn't rec'd my 100 Rec thread yet?

A request re: human rights in China

I had to have my cat, Montana, put down today.

mcctatas to the white courtesy phone, mcctatas to the white courtesy phone

Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God!

Best cinematic chase scene ever

How long does it take for Adderall XR to wear off?

photobucket has deleted a huge number of my paintings

People! Okay THIS Thread Needs 100 Rec's BY TODAY!!11 Please. :-)

I bought a bottle of white port, a bottle of tonic water, and two lemons today.

In Memory of Robert F. Kennedy: June 6, 1968

Creating a website and need help

Stained Glass suggestions for a beginner

Saturday evening kitteh drive-by cute attack


it can be yours for 675,000.000 $ U.S. gorgeous

When mixing alcoholic beverages

I'm in the mood for Italian food for dinner

Kimba the White Lion is his name...

Sick and fucking tired of people that can't take care of their animals

The Marx Brothers vs. The Three Stooges

Upgrade to IE-8?? Got the upgrade thingie from Micro$oft today.

I have to beat an early retreat tonight

Birthday Spankies & Kisses for ScreamingMeenies

Stripping it down to the raw nerves: Buddy Guy, "My Time After A While"

Cake or Death?

What's the most explosive forum on DU?

Celebrities whose deaths have made you cry

Did you know...

swimboy is coming for dinner tomorrow. WooHoo!!!! But. What does one feed a swimboy?

MySpace has put me in contact with my grade school crush!

I had an idea for a Lounge-worthy new product

Greatest Drummer

it would be nice if Americans could go back to being just interested news consumers

John Zaubler Charged With Threatening To Kill Sotomayor

Normandy D-Day event on CNN now.


For Obama Aides, Paris Is For Lovers - Surprise Marriage Proposal.

CSPAN has full coverage of D-Day events w/o talking heads fyi. nt

Why is there a statue of Reagan?

Obama speaking now

For Obama Aides, Paris Is For Lovers (Tommy's surprise proposal to Katie - Ooh La La!)

Big ears?

Daniel James Murray's dad says his son has been in & out of mental institutions for years

So, on this hugely historic day, what do the right-wing bottom feeders chirp about?

Is Sotomayor a Judicial Activist? New Studies May Shed Some Light

President Obama Speech Commemorating 65th Anniversary of D-Day (FULL TEXT)

I hope there will be an uptick in the President's favorability

Senator McCaskill meets Judge Sotomayor

Trying to thread a needle with a garden hose: U.S. May Permit 9/11 Guilty Pleas in Capital Cases

Politico: House Dems Draft Sweeping Health Bill

Earlybird Ratings Of 2010 Senate Races: "EXPECTED GOP LOSSES (1): Missouri"

Hugging Republicans Until It Hurts

"Dealergate" debunked by

Daniel James Murray Arrested (man who threatened Obama)

"Because of the very blood that runs through your veins, you are the symbol of the America we love."

I just got banned from

Obama aides engaged in Paris (with pics)

President Obama's Marine One Pilot is a female

NYT: Obama's date night makes folks jealous (and puts extra pressure on husbands). LOL!

I am very grateful we have a Democratic President at this time,

'The plot to kill Barack Obama' (UK Observer, June 7)

PHOTO Future President?

Regarding the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

PHOTO Written in Sand

Sunday Times (UK)/Andrew Sullivan: 'Obama's genius is to say what we all know' (June 7)

Sunday Times (UK)/Irwin Stelzer: 'China and the Fed will tame Obama spending'

Obama Hut being built in the settlement Outposts

How Obama's Speech Makes Us Safer

I want right wing heads to explode this morning. PLEASE SPEAK FRENCH PRESIDENT OBAMA!

PHOTOS The Obamas arrive in Caen (June 6)

Two major critics of Obama's Cairo speech

Man sought for threatening president arrested

Wounded Troops react to Obama's visit

Lest We Forget: Cheney at Auschwitz --pix-->

I just got banned from

Obama salutes fading D-Day vets - minus one

Obama Channels Reagan...

So I think I've found the next manufactured controversy.


Any reviews on Obama's D-Day speech??????????????

Reagan: Best President of the last 30 years! (according to Facebook)

"Feeling the Hate In Jerusalem on Eve of Obama's Cairo Address"

NYT: Obama to Forge a Greater Role on Health Care. Grassley says 'he'd better use kid gloves.'

PHOTOS Those peace-hating Israelis

There is no good solution to the Gitmo detainee issue

Obama hits back at Euro snub rumors

When wingnuts collide

The Nation's William Greider: The Trouble With Democrats

PHOTO Photo of the Day? (June 6)

PHOTO Caption it?

For the Obamas, date night in Paris at La Fontaine de Mars

LOL! What now bizitches? Obama speech to Muslims "deceptive," Taliban says

Veterans and children of veterans check in!

AP NewsAlert

Capehart: Okay, Obama. Now Let's Have a Speech on Gay Rights

A Bi-Partisan Healthcare Bill Is A Death Sentence to the Public Option

GOP: President Obama snubbed us

PHOTOS Normandy (Part 2) - VERY pic heavy

We got us a President . . .

"Bipartisanship" on health care = guaranteed failure

PHOTOS Paris (An Obama photo thread with absolutely no photos of the Obamas. Seriously.)

Robert Reich: How Pharma, Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option, And What Obama and We Must Do

PHOTO Caption it (The President and the Prince)

At least 22 TV appearances for Liz Cheney -- in less than a month

Without Vietnam, LBJ would have gone down as the greatest president in American history.

PHOTOS Normandy (VERY pic heavy)

I believe that some folks are wedded to the idea that the U.S.

NYT: Obama to "exert greater control on health policy debate" wants public option

Esperanza arsonist Raymond Lee Oyler sentenced to death

Esperanza arsonist Raymond Lee Oyler sentenced to death

Obama, Sarkozy Express Agreement on Mideast

Ex-Credit Suisse Broker Tzolov Is Fugitive, Prosecutors Say

Obama Pays Tribute to D-Day Survivors of ‘Unimaginable Hell’

$1.1B for Asarco pollution OK'd

Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha make surprise Eiffel Tower visit in Paris, France

Mancuso admits responsibility for 4 massacres (Colombian para. in Washington prison)

Obama: 'Time to deliver' on health care

White House won't cross picket line for event

Mexican nursery fire kills many

Obama speech to Muslims "deceptive", Taliban says

Islamist urges al Qaeda to open up to Obama's offer

Carradine's family wants FBI to investigate death

100-year-old Swiss artist unveils mural at UN

U.S. healthcare revamp to require medical coverage

Pakistan built up army against India with US military aid

Protests against Putin sweep Russia as factories go broke

U.S. Lawyers Agreed on Legality of Harsh Interrogations

Bodies of Air France passengers found

Hundreds Attend Funeral for Slain Abortion Doctor

Voices for reform: Demonstration at Baucus' Missoula office just one of many across state

Protesters gather before funeral for slain doctor

Police Beating of Schizophrenic Caught on Tape

Schwarzenegger : Illegal aliens not cause of California's budget woes

Former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson takes Lilly job

Watergate burglar dies in Florida

Five U.S. contractors held in slaying of another in Iraq

Man Sought for Threatening President Arrested

No 'reward' for N Korea, US vows

Discredited Research Study Stuns an Ex-Army Doctor’s Colleagues

A Prosecutor Gets Personal (Fitzgerald Fights Publication Of Book Criticizing Him)

10 Year Old's Speech On Why The "N" Word Should Be Eliminated

Obama On WWII & Importance In Honoring Vets - Brokaw Interview

Clean Elections: Changing the Face of Democracy

Saving Private Ryan- still amazed by this

Michael Ware debates former Bush speechwriter over whether Obama undercut the troops in Cairo

Weekly Address: Health Care Reform 'Everyone Is At The Table' - Hmmmm

Boots And Sand - Yusuf takes whimsical look at deportation in song

Taken For A Ride (Part 2)

President Obama Speaks at the 65th Anniversary Of The Invasion On D-Day

Jon Hann Talks Talks About Debt Collector Harassment

New Rules - Bill Maher Real Time - Cutting Off Your Penis Takes Balls

How Gm Destroyed Public Transportation - Part 1

Single Payer Protest - San Francisco 5-26-2009

Single Payer Action v Nancy Pelosi

'Tobacco Lollipops' (3:44) and the Republican (NC) response from the US Senate

Scumbag corporate heathcare behavior

Obama Flip Flops on Health Care

Bob Dylan's Masters of War Slideshow

Convention Center Rally - California Nurses presenting $11billion check

Georgeanne's Story - Part 2


Michele Bachmann Speculates that "Negative" Signs at Anti-Gay Marriage Rally Were "Planted"

Zipcar CEO Reveals There's a REason GM Went Bankrupt

Health Care Organizing Kickoff Video

Elie Wiesel's Remarks After Touring Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Fox Nation 'Statement of Purpose'

Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story

The Real News: Thom Hartmann on Obama.

Obama's Speech: Right Man, Right Place, Right Time

Pot, Meet Kettle

When Did Americans Become Such XXXXXXX?

Through the Sonia Sotomayor Looking Glass

Arkansas Shooting Soldier Killed because of GITMO and Torture

In Pictures: President Obama tours Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany

Exiled on mere suspicion (Globe & Mail re: Abousfian Abdelrazik)000

If We Don't Stop Wall Street's Colossal Theft Now, Where Will This Country Be Next Year?

How Racist Hate Groups Joined up With Abortion Terrorists

"Reagan Didn't Do It!" by Robert Scheer (The Nation)

Obama to Freeze West Bank Settlements, By Putting Fannie Mae in Charge

U.S. May Permit 9/11 Guilty Pleas in Capital Cases

In Pictures: President Obama in France for D-Day Commemoration 1

The grass is always greener in someone else's past

Non-fiction - Banksters: How a Powerful Elite Squandered Ireland's Wealth

DOMESTIC DISTRUBANCES/Dr. Tiller’s Important Job

A Brf History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined With Abortion Terrorists

So, Who Are The Terrorists Here? (Jason Miller)

Ignore the Scaremongers - Watch out for the Truly Scary

Researchers have found a correlation between being more easily disgusted and political conservatism.

Robert Weissman: A New Life for the IMF: Capitalizing on Crisis

Ignore the Scaremongers - Watch out for the Truly Scary

Asia Times: Dollar's fate written in history

Obama in Egypt: An Arab Progressive's Response

"Buying Brand Obama" ..... by Chris Hedges

A Brief History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined Up with Abortion Terror

A Slow Burn Becomes a Raging Fire.

R.I.P. Industrial USA. The Banksters Win, Even When They Fail

How Pharma and Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option, And What Obama and the Rest of Us Must Do

Guardian UK: If you say 'Mexican' in America, you are using a blanket derogatory term

Stars & Stripes: Obama visits wounded troops at Landstuhl

No, Dan, America is not a Christian nation

From a Failed Growth Economy to a Steady-State Economy

Why I Hate Microsoft

Sen. Wyden - OR -D - working to kill National Healthcare reform?

Investigation into dissected animals in house of media tycoon

Venezuela tax agency fines anti-Chavez TV station (AP)

I went to Veye Yo last night to pay homage to Gerard Jean Juste. Very moving.

Mel Martinez calls on Obama to "halt any further diplo outreach" to Cuba

Democracy in Guatemala could be at risk, say unions (ITWF)0

Bolivia: Farewell to Aymara Hip Hop Artist Abraham Bojorquez

GI-Jean-Guy Allard: CIA, from Cent. Am to Iraq, Negroponte and his US Gang for Dirty War

Colombia to train Baja California state police

Rafael Correa confirms Ecuador entry into ALBA

Mancuso admits responsibility for 4 massacres

Greening the Herds: Trying to Limit Cows' 'Emissions'

Boycott Mitsubishi

Anyone interested in a corn-to-ethanol postdoc?

Calderon Announces Plan For Mexico To Voluntarily Cut Their Emissions 50 Million Tons/Year

Australian Senator "Unconvinced" Of Link Between Carbon Emissions & Global Warming - SMH

World's poor overwhelmed by rubbish

Search for downed plane highlights ocean trash problem (CNN)

Maryland Republicans Want To Make Environment Their Issue - And They'll Be Using Science (!)

California's Water Woes Threaten the Entire Country's Food Supply

Venereal Disease Eradicated in Cuba, Scientists Confirmed

Northwest's biofuel boom goes bust

Home (2009), beautiful (if sobering) documentary about the environment.

F-IT!--- I just dropped another Benny on Dunkirk.

3 Asian Teams book their trip to World Cup 2010

Axis of Evil World Cup Qualifier (N. Korea-Iran)

Video of Alex Rios being a little puss to a child after he strikes out 5 times!!

Ortiz him a grand total of 2

US v. Honduras whirled cup soccer on now. Running blog here.


Dodgers stun Fillies

Howie Meeker and Milt Schmidt -- great Americans

Hot Wings!

Marlins annihilate the Giants--5-4.

It's time for the Mets to fire Minaya

great race

Today in Labor History June 6 Speculator mine disaster 164 killed, 12,000 autoworkers strike

Families Fight Piketon (Ohio) Plant Benefits Ruling

Nurse files suit against Bellevue, Ne police

Most Physicians Support National Health Care As Do 60 Percent Of The Publi

Economic Report: The Lower Your Education The Higher Your Joblessness

Crisis at the VA as Benefits Claims Backlog Nearly Tops One Million

60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies due to Medical Bills

Key to blood clotting discovered (BBC)

Progressive and Bluedog Caucuses Clash Over Health Care

Voters To Congress: What's Wrong With Single-Payer Health Care?

Oprah health tips:Best life or Risky advice from Newsweek

Pelosi Hears It Again

Protesters want Baucus to consider single-payer system

Does it feel, to you, like we're not going to get healthcare reform?


Is anyone going to watch the Tony Awards tomorrow?

The Defenders (2009)

Mayor vows to cut Gay Pride funds

Recall on hollow point bullets (youtube video)

I admit that I fail to see how putting up a referendum repealing prop 8 in 2010 is a good idea

I have a dumb question re: Gay Marriage

The Great Ammunition Shortage of 2009...

My personal memorial to D-Day..

Join a Convoy to Gaza

Galilee communities: We're not racist, we just don't want Arabs

Mahatma Obama in Palestine

Palestinian Lawyers Take on Israel

B'Tselem: Security forces must prepare for settler revenge

U.S. may propose immediate talks on West Bank borders

'Netanyahu failure to back two-state solution harming Israel'

Fatah says Hamas arresting its men in Gaza

Ex-President Carter praises Obama Mideast policy

Max Blumenthal: Censored by the Huffington Post and Imprisoned By The Past

Dr. Housing Bubble 06/05/09

Krugman Says No Signs of ‘V-Shaped’ Economic Recovery

Free Trade Destroys Our Educational Systems

Work Till You Drop

Nouriel Roubini Dismisses Green Shoots: "We are still in the middle of a severe crisis"

It's Time for a New Round of Stimulus To Avert A Depression

That 250.00 stimulus check I it taxable???

Time to Break Up the Banks

Doctor critical of Baucus promotes single-payer plan

I have a flickr pro account and I don't know if it was just deleted

Testing inserting the test

Many thanx to all of you

The Beach Life is The Good Life

This is only another test - but look anyway

Definitely NOT my idea, but...

Annie don't see too well

The sculptured rock scenery at The Arches - as promised - with lots of photos

Not Yet Worse Than 1982

Animal Experiments could End in a Generation

How did we get to where we are?

Pushy Woman Learns Humility After Air France Crash

What are your thoughts on crop circles?

[Video] Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage

German ‘Confessing Church’ movement marks 75th anniversary (Baptist Standard)

Young Unwed Women Who Graduated From Private Religious Schools More Likely To Obtain Abortions

DH sez he saw Stephen Jay Gould on one of my homemade tortillas

Link to home-made butter.

So What's Fer Dinner?

New article on raising teacher pay...

Wouldn't an obvious Zeitgeist Include our 911 Thread?

Do we agree?

FBI: Terrorist Attack On Golden Gate Bridge May Have Been Green-Screened

Occam's Razor and 9/11, Reconsidered

LIHOP, will there now be a MIHOP?

Cirque Du Soleil founder to become first Canadian space tourist

NARA declassifies Sibel Edmonds' 9/11 Commission interview