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Want to feel good for a couple of minutes? (Super incredible Beatles vid)

With McHugh at the Helm, Christian Fundamentalist Permeation of the Army Likely to Continue

With McHugh at the Helm, Christian Fundamentalist Permeation of the Army Likely to Continue

Gingrich & Huckabee Endorse Christian Antiabortion Militancy

Is Ben Bernanke trying to make Obama lose reelection?

Dr. Tiller's Murder: Fascist Terrorism and its Pampered Apologists --

Tom Tomorrow handling art for new Pearl Jam album

GM, Ford, Chrysler Sales Fell Less Than Estimates (Update2)

Micro-quake in my Texas town today

GM looking at Rs 2 lakh mini car for India

Labor Unrest & the Geographical Restructuring of the World Automobile Industry, 30's-present

I think this is the saddest story I've heard this year.....

What has war become?

Nothing to states, cities devastated by GM plant closures

Harvard to Endow Chair in Gay Studies

Comparing someone to Hitler and then saying they must be stopped is not free speech.

How to Stay Out of Sight While Profiting From the War in Iraq

These "pro-life" people also want the homosexuals gone. Fucking hypocrites

I think this is the saddest story I've heard this year.....

Tiller's killer was arrested and convicted of trying to blow up an Abortion clinic in 1996.

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - "Sovereign citizen" arrested after FBI finds he has an arsenal

Hey CSpin, have your corporate owners told you

GM Bankruptcy Causes Media Stir (revenue drops, unpaid bills)

Texas GOP's tax incentive rules mean "negative" films like "Waco" can't film there

GMs goals for china require new plant

Juan Cole (Salon): Obama, Muslim-world rock star

"Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Getting Down To Brass Tacks "

The stupidity of people thinking that killing Tiller will somehow "save" babies!

Colbert to Guest-Edit Newsweek

Art Jazz Lit Obama, by Mark Morford

Sarah Palin & Mark Sanford: Iz the children learnin'?.....Not in our states.

Operation Rescue vs. Whale Wars

BTW- Rush Implied That GM Was Doing Fine And The Democrats Intentionally Killed It

Millions Of Homeowners Don't Qualify For Obama's Mortgage Assistance Program

What would taxing health benefts mean for us, monetarily?

How to get along with fundy family members:

An Extremely Interesting Documentary "My Brilliant Brain: Born Genius"

Bush Needed Condi To Explain 'Articulate' Flap During Dem Primary

US military "tweets" news of US service member death in Afghanistan

palin, huckabee, romney....the great white dopes

Isn't it about time for a little resdistricting?

Oh, shit. Center for Science in The Public Interest is back!

KRXQ Sacramento Radio Hosts Encourage Violence Against Transgender Children

2fer, TAPPER the tool-baiter. And past marital strain for the OBAMAs (Richard WOLFFE)

I just told a rabid anti-choicer I am donating $20 to Planned Parenthood

Conservative leading Sotomayor opposition fight stole 4,760 pages of Democrats' files

Air France Bomb Threat Called In Days Before Crash

Cheney "Personally" Oversaw Congressional Briefings On Interrogations Methods

Nascar Hits Speed Bump With GM Bankruptcy

"Now it's your generation's turn"...

Student’s marijuana speech ends with flourish – and trip to jai

Obama Administration Allows "Appalachian Apocalypse" to Continue

It's a cheeseburger in a can.

C-Span Callers rake Reagan over the coals

Any linguists here?

Establishment Support Doesn't Necessarily Help Specter

An observation on the Franken/Coleman hearing yesterday

To lighten things up

Bush Needed Condi To Explain 'Articulate' Flap During Dem Primary

Breaking from CNN.

Newt eats his words (re: Sotomayor): "The word "racist" should not have been applied"


How do "pro-lifers" get away with advocating violence...

Wherein We Discuss Two Fetal Conditions: Anencephaly and Hydroanencephaly

Goddess of Democracy

Running GM's numbers -- 12 years ago.

Running GM's numbers -- 12 years ago.

Conservatives wonder why they keep failing?

Jesse Colin Young still on the peace train

If Different Species Can Get Along…

Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen

Obama: Americans love all things French (I love it)

Bomb threat delayed an Air France flight to Paris days before Flight 447 crash

Tell me this isn't how the GOP develop their ideals

Carlos Araya lost his Wall Street job. Now he works at a restaurant where he used to order lobster.

U.S. Military: Heavily Armed And Medicated

Robert Baer: "biggest mistake the Bush Administration made was not criminalizing 9/11"

Bill Proposes Immigration Rights for Gay Couples

Republican racism has awakened and reared its ugly head.

MSNBC Poll: Rate the Justices

Scott Roeder is an example of why I am against the death penalty.

Didn't dick Cheney say that OBL is probably dead? Wrong again, dick.

O'Rilley Suddenly Distancing Himself from Past Tiller Rhetoric

As Obama lands in Riyadh, bin Laden releases new message...yeah, right...

Bush is gone, but Halliburton keeps cashing checks

Man. ever since Al Kada got that battery operated electric

Calif. has a nuclear event

Late-term Abortions: Facts, Stories, and Ways to Help

South Dakota State Univ Pres David Chicoine's funny business

Right Wing email I received

I've been watching Mrs. Blagovitch in the jungle

The problem with CT's is like potato chips

Rising Child Abuse Deaths Blamed on Economy

Scarborough and the doctor killer's lawyer


Suspect Arrested 153rd Time: "I'll Plead Guilty"

don't forget the HEALTH CARE FORUMS this weekend

Maine Bans Photo Enforcement

Never mind.

First pig stem cells could make 'humanised' organs has set up a site to keep track of Arlen Specter's voting record.

A new wingnut meme appears: Brian Williams bows before Obama

Is anyone else having problems with PO delivery/ service lately?

Air America President Defends Bill O'Reilly's Free Speech

Another same-sex marriage battle next year may be too soon

Why Congressman Cardoza Stiffed Michelle Obama

Is President Obama Folding on His Promise to Make Corporations Pay to Pollute?

Pugs want to divide us on health care

Pugs want to divide us on health care

"O'Reilly should sue the Tiller estate for victimizing him!!!

Uh oh.... what's this about a Reagan statue??

Funeral Home Suspended: Chopped Off Legs To Make Body Fit In Casket

Question on health care & Senate reconciliation rules.

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Sewer

Origin of Antarctic ice revealed

Why Alex JOnes Hates Obama???

Memo to Arnold: A Script to Save Kaleefornia, not Terminate It!

Who or What Caused AF 447 To Crash?

Break my Fuckin' Heart...

Did you watch the Brian Williams "A day at the White House" last night?

Little rat stealing flags from Vet graves is finally caught

Harvard to endow professorship in gay studies

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Self-described "Anti-American terrorist" arrested

Man Who Burned Woman Alive Executed At Lucasville

A Cartoon I Made About Gays and the Religious Right

Caption this.

How to render a Republic speechless...

Reality shows .. are we truly that clueless a nation

Remember, There Are NOT Two Sides To This Debate


NH Senate approves gay marriage , 14-10

New Drink Tax Widely Opposed

delete dupe

Randi is talking to Randell Terry

The Rude Pundit: The Rude Pundit Put Together a Book (and It's Not the One You'd Expect)

Teacher battling Cancer gets Pink Slip.

CNN Same-sex couples fight for immigration rights

Rick Sanchez looked like he jizzed his pants during that Tom Delay conversation

Top GOP Senator: We Don’t Have Enough Votes To Filibuster Sotomayor

America the not-so-good.......

Did you see 'Developing Story' lead at Raw Story about Falwell's University losing Tax-Free Status?

So now we own GM too. Tell me, if this is the case, do we get

Crosspost: Save Our CA State Parks!

Crosspost: Save Our CA State Parks!

I doubt if Obama has actually stood on the ground in W.Va.

Oh My! Miss Prejean and those objecting to gays adopting have a problem to resolve here

Tillman's Mother Says General Lied Again About His Death

US approves first drug to treat cancer in dogs

Why isn't DU listed at these sites?

Apparently, I am an idealistic, utopian moron.

Congratulations, New Hampshire!

Michigan anticipates 520,000 job losses this year & next.

Anybody Here Still Watch Meet The Press ?

Hello? This thing on? US Death Toll in Iraq surpasses 5,000 on June 2

Cheney Led Lawmaker Briefings to Defend Torture

If the Dems goof off and not pass a good health care program

Journalist claims papers turned down story about Bush’s desire to invade Iraq

Healthcare article today Boston Globe. Grit your teeth.

Drudge and Hotair: Brian Willams bowed to Obama

New Hampshireman for a day (or more)!

Report on Cheney Shows Why We Need The Truth

New Rasmussen poll on Sotomayor at odds with all others

More Flight AF 447 debris found

Abortion Clinic Manager Reveals He Warned FBI of Suspect

The Columbine shootings and "filling the ark"

"Just because you're anti-abortion doesn't mean you're pro-life."

Rhode Island: No Equal Marriage, But Possible Funeral Rights

Quake in Bay Area California?

How {Ronald} '10-toes Takaki' changed U.S. history {obituary/tribute}

If Anyone missed Part #1 of the NBC News Special last night

Matthews, in case you haven't really gotten a firm grasp on it ........

Bruce Fein tearing Cheney a new one

I'm calling on the powers of DU!

Excellent two part health care forum on Morning Joe. Howard Dean, Dr. Snyderman, Studer...

President Obama got a standing ovation from thousands who are against abortion

to be successful need to have 80% positive thoughts

BS. my bad

Farmers markets bloom at hospitals (CNN)

Bush: "I don't buy the premise that our attention was diverted (by Iraq)"

KRXQ Sacramento Radio Hosts Encourage Violence Against Transgender Children

POTUS is out of the country- MSM is flat

Call in the pigeons ..... NOW!

More than 9.1 million viewers tune in for Inside the Obama White House

You have to check this out! And then watch The Terminator and The Matrix and cower in a corner.

There is something deranged about a country that will

U.S. Death Toll Tops 5000

Salon: Bush is gone, but Halliburton keeps cashing checks

If Randal Terry was assassinated by a Pro-Choice fanatic, would the unReligious Reich react

If Randal Terry was assassinated by a Pro-Choice fanatic, would the unReligious Reich react

Private Water, Inc

Top Ten Messages on Dick Cheney's Answering Machine (CBS Late Night)

TWEETY! Ask the question and just STFU!!!!!

Reason Magazine on the rush to find oreilly culpable

Ronald Reagan: Worst President Ever? = Robert Parry

Promised Mortgage Help Is Elusive for Some Homeowners

Sign that the apocalypse approaches? Right wing leader attacks Cheney

My nephew's new employer makes everyone pray when they all meet in Texas

Microsoft Won't Offer Windows for Smartbooks

House to post lawmaker expenses online

Appeals court upholds Chicago's strict gun laws

What happens if you are legally married in one state, but then move

Work Visa Bill Threatens Indian Outsourcers

OAS 'agrees to let Cuba rejoin' - BBC

My thoughts on the anti-abortion assassins

OAS votes to readmit Cuba after 47 years

Arson blamed for (controversial topless) coffee shop fire (Vasselboro, Maine)

Omahan, Catholic church settle pregnancy-discrimination suit (unwed mom fired by church)

Bill Clinton Loses Battle For Domain Names

Tamron Hall and Schuster just called Pat Buchanan on his belief that people of color

Grammy-winning blues singer Koko Taylor dies in Chicago at age 80.

Operation Rescue adviser helped Tiller suspect track doctor's court dates

CNN: "Obama on less than 10 book-a-year pace, far less than the 100 Bush was able to finish"

Upside of Global Warming: Think of all the Antarctic fossils we'll find

The Matter With Kansas

The Lost City of Atlantis.

Major league rant ahead!!!

Cheney-Personally Led Torture Briefings-Democrats Objected-Started Investigation-Repubs "Quashed It"

Pregnant British Woman Sentenced to Life in Laos Drug Case

'Gay penguins' rear adopted chick

'Gay penguins' rear adopted chick

New Pynchon due out in August: Inherent Vice

Guess who Sean Hannity is going to interview tonight?

Dollars & Sense: April-to-May Job Loss: 532,000

Morning Joe journos can't name a successful unionized company, even though one signs their paychecks

About 3500 people died during the 911 attacks

Citigroup just got pulled from the DOW -- and it looks to me like they're desperate for cash:

Microsoft Windows 7 on market Oct. 22 (CNNMoney)

Lou Dobbs used to be posted here on DU a lot... Has his star you still watch?

Transliteration exercise

Fox hosts revive Fox-manufactured Obama "apology tour"

Rumsfeld to 'face difficulties' over Guantanamo: UN expert

Are we still debating the credibility of Jim Cramer? Please, take a look at his portfoilio over

Air America coming back to DC

Are any of you following the "Clark Rockefeller" Trial?

Some New Abu Ghraib Photos Added (disturbing, but not shocking)

GM labor cost: running the numbers.

Was GM bankruptcy a set up for Obama? Cheney says it was.

Suck-Ass Morning Joe Scarborough show

Looking for connections between RW churches and and antichoice violence.

Collapse of Auto Industry Directly Tied To Industrial/Trade Policy

Collapse of Auto Industry Directly Tied To Industrial/Trade Policy

Bushco's global attempts for immunity from torture and everything else

California bill would require Rx to buy cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine

Did somebody here lose this?

Access to Wal-Mart stores associated with lower rates of obesity

Access to Wal-Mart stores associated with lower rates of obesity

Aren't Joe and Mika members of AFTRA? That's the union of the American Federation of

Lightning causes 15 wildfires in Southern California

New and Notable: Nevada's Domestic Partnership Act

New and Notable: Nevada's Domestic Partnership Act

I was thinking of posting a naked picture of myself.

Costs eat big holes in employer health-insurance net: Avg. out-of-pocket costs jumped 34% 2004-07

Can individual states organize single payer collectives

Jobs With Justice Works Counters What It Says Are Chamber Of Commerce Lies On Employee Free Choice

"We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else."...

Likud: Obama Has Crossed The Line

Urban Dictionary

Closing Arguments Tomorrow in the N.J. State Trooper Case

U.S. Consumers Pay More for Same Medicine in Same Bottle by Same Maker

James Inhofe is a huge pile of sh*t

Rival: Ahmadinejad moves Iran toward dictatorship

Tiller A "Terrorist" And What That Implies In A Post 9/11 World

I think I just found an animal abuse video on youtube. Spanish speaker needed

WSJ: Unions Look to Labor Board to Reverse Bush Policy

Man Gets 4 Life Terms For Torturing Wife

Given the rumors out of S.C. should Lindsey Graham resign from the Air Force Reserves (DADT)

U.S. Says U.N. Investigator Violated Mandate in Criticizing Way U.S. Prosecutes Detainee Killings

Comic relief: Tonight at 9pm on ABC, second episode of "The Goode Family"

Poll: CA split on same sex marriage/Ballot measure for 2010 appears gaining steam

My response to a nutcase 'pro-lifer'

T shirt of The Year

Thousands of Web sites stung by mass hacking attack

MSNBC's continued embrace of Pat Buchanan

L.A.'s medical pot dispensary moratorium led to a boom instead

I have a hitherto untold Reagan story....

I have a hitherto untold Reagan story....

I need help with Criminal Justice abbreviations for the phrase:

Schwarzenegger: Hummers will be fuel-efficient

A friend's response to an anti-gay marriage facebook group

Memphis City Council votes to end funding for rape crisis center

Confrontation at Krogers.....Dr. Tiller

Newt and the Pigman

Rachel on Roeder and Operation Rescue

Something Tells Me We Can't Trust Rushbo on Sotomayor

Something Tells Me We Can't Trust Rushbo on Sotomayor

New Taxes on Beer And Wine.

You have four kids...what would you do if something bad happened to need to have insurance.

The face of an accessory to an assassin

The face of an accessory to an assassin

Same-sex marriage a threat to secret gay/straight marriages

Baucus soothes single-payer backers

Smoking in City Parks

Sacramento radio talk show hosts encourage violence against transgender children

Breaking News: New Hampshire Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Are non-smokers smarter than smokers?

Poll: Would you choose the public option if it becomes available?

MSNBC: NH becomes 6th state to approve same sex marriage

Just checking out Operation Rescue website.

Have you received your state income tax return

I Now Oppose ANY Healthcare Reform Bill Put Up

Dick (uncut) - The Daily Show

caption this photo!

Glenn Beck Gets Freaky: A Look At Right-Wing Erotica (VIDEO)

Ballmer Says Tax Would Move Microsoft Jobs Offshore

Tonight, a vigil for Tiller in Houston; Saturday I'll be a client escort.

Dr. Tiller's Murderer acting alone?

2 Conservative Judges Make similiar 2nd Amendment Ruling As Sotomayor

Microsoft Threatens to Cut US Jobs

Jack Abramoff fighting with government over $500K tax refund

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fox: Animal rights terrorism on the rise (Fox seeks to change the narrative on abortion killing)

MN protest at United Health Group Headquarter's shareholder's meeting !!!

Banks Dig In for Fight Against Rules

Queen Creek HOA says no to gay pride flag

If we found a Randall Terry type in Iraq in 2004, wouldn't he be in Gitmo?

If Obama appoints any more Ny GOP congressman none will be left.

After canopy collapse, Irving officials concerned (Permits for unsafe structure Pushed through?)

OMG ... Cheney Ran the CIA’s Torture Briefings

What is your memory of the most traumatic event in your life?

emptywheel: Why Did CIA Hide Dick Cheney’s Role in Briefing?

Got Unsolved Crimes? Blame Khalid Shaikh Muhammad

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Hal Turner arrested after telling followers to kill 3 people

Mark F**king Sanford: Guns, not Education, at schools

WTF is it with Rushbo tugging on his shirt when he's screaming?

Please DU, Join the Campaign: Disbar the Torture Lawyers Now

Question about abortion, adoption and healthcare

Subject: Serial Killers Anonymous

Subject: Serial Killers Anonymous

JP Morgan hires oil tanker to STORE OIL!!!!!!!!

What do you think when you hear: 'bin Laden releases new audio recording'?

When Children Abuse Another Child For Being Gay - They Do It "Because He is Happy"

Who Killed JFK?

Please, Mr. Obama; no kissing or holding hands with the Saudi royalty.

How many DU'ers (Lurkers Included) really did move out of USA during Bush/Cheney?

Who's most to blame for Dr. Tiller's death

So, do you agree with the finding in Roe, that after fetal viability the state has an interest?

Who here, has lost their Mother?

"Fox And Friends" has inspired me to do some anti-Obama internet marketing

An EASY TO FOLLOW Flow Chart For Those Who Wish To Understand That GM's Failure Is "Good Business"

Is it me, or since the murder of Dr. Tiller the hate speech against Sonia Sotomayor has dropped

Osama Bin Laden Challenges Obama In Tape! Oh Come on Panetta/CIA!...You know this guy is Dead!

NC police: Husband arranged wife's rape online

Randall Terry on the phone on the Randi Rhodes show now:

Girls worse at math? No way, new analysis shows

Question..Is there any way to get California out of this mess?

"Hatred Seeds?" This supposedly from one of the world's biggest assholes

AP: FEMA may put storm victims in foreclosed homes

Jon Stewart just skewered Morning Joe

Elain Gonzales in reverse?

Elain Gonzales in reverse?

Images of the American Empire, post yours...

Can Holder bring the RICO hammer down on Operation Rescue please?

The right says the US is becoming Socialist.

OpEd: Beware 'Lone Nut' Theory in Tiller's Murder

Did Pizza Deliveryman Stumble on Rape or Consensual Bondage?

"Latina Woman:

Got Gas?


Californians: How is Arnold better than the re-called Gray Davis?

Obama just made Shuster's Hypocrisy list.

Nazis get punked by the Jewish Community Relations Bureau

what's Obama's "facile and demonstrably false beliefs" about MSNBC that Rachel mentioned?

Sestak: I Will Reject Obama Request to Step Aside in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Fox News says it was a "Lone gunman" who stopped the tanks in Tianamen square

Florida's family services, DCF, having software problems affecting tracking of kids.

So, I finally found a new therapist and they're a "faith based" organization apparently

So, I finally found a new therapist and they're a "faith based" organization apparently

A Song I Wrote a Little While Ago That's Perfect For Our Times

DemoTex's Deschutes NF Dispatch #2 (text only)

Teens Charged As Adults In Sex Assault

And it begins! No money for jobs, health, energy ...

Tank Man, 20 Years Later (crosspost from another forum)

Dear Secretary Sebelius: There is NO Common Ground.

Xtreme Eating Awards go to restaurants' diet saboteurs

Prosecute Operation Rescue

N.C. man accused of arranging wife's rape on Craigslist

Split Screen: Obama, Osama and the Teflon Statue

DC area DUers... Have the T-storms hit you yet?

VOTE HERE: DU June 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest Finalists

Religious Right-Wingnuts Burn Down Topless Coffee Shop In Maine

Sick Peta stunt exploiting Dr. Tiller's murder: dog, I detest those assholes.

I need proofreading and editing for a ltte to my local paper


Kansas City Star refuses to publish marriage announcement of same-sex couple

Dog lover (literally) can't own animals for two years

Roeder not a lone actor, not a lone wolf, THANK YOU MADDOW

On Doctor Tiller’s Murder By Starhawk

A Primer on the G.M. Bankruptcy

Why don't aircraft black boxes just upload real time data to the net?

Rachel Maddow tonight: Roeder violated FACE Act on Saturday . . . reported to FBI . .

What is with all the Reagan-worship this week? n/t

A Pig in a Blanket: The Healthcare "Choice" Debate

Rumsfeld to 'face difficulties' over Guantanamo: UN expert

According to local news, the 4 Tampa boys were raping that kid almost every day

Sibel Edmonds' 'Project Expose MSM' - Exposing Michael Isikoff, Newsweek...

PETA plans to protest use of live cats in Texas Tech medical training exercise

Man sentenced for having sex with his dogs told he can't own animals for two years

is Fox News linked to producers of child pornography ?

Obama DEFINES the ISSUES: Any acceptable plan must have BOTH a Public Option & OPEN ENROLLMENT !!!!

Could Black Boxes be equipped with flotation devices?

The power of the Progressive voting block + the Progressive exclusion from the "Big Tent".

Feminist Fuck You: PETA

Feminist Fuck You: PETA

So... crude oil prices dropped $2.66 today, but gas went up .10 cents per gallon here

Cops: Man Posts Sex Assault Live on Internet

Does anyone have an audio clip for this Rush Limbaugh quote?

Air France Crash Related To Bomb... Article And Pilot Call Bomb "Highly Likely!"

I do blame the common person for this financial mess which is not at all over

Bill O’Reilly is NOT Complicit in Tiller’s Murder

Bill O’Reilly is NOT Complicit in Tiller’s Murder

Bill O’Reilly is NOT Complicit in Tiller’s Murder

Baucus Tells Single-Payer Advocates No

Baucus Tells Single-Payer Advocates No

Rove: Bush found time to read the Bible "from cover to cover" every year

What price will we pay for high test scores?

My experience at an Abortion Clinic - this is not a sad story - it's how I "got" them

My Abortion


I think we've got a live one...

MSNBC BREAKING: Conan O'Brien Reveals Masturbating Bear was former Vice President Dick Cheney


OK...I'm REALLY tired now...I'm typing with my nipples. n/t

I liked it better when Mars had canals.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Post here if you curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid "git"

Mr.Sulu and Ensign Checkov go to White Castle

So I had a sliver underneath my fingernail,

I am watching the Marx Brothers movie Horse Feathers, I feel the need for a silly movie.

Weird names for sports teams from international cities

Are you the keymaster?

whoops wrong place- Delete

German Poem in English

Last day of school here -

car stereo question - help......

Good morning Lounge


Favorite drama?




HBO's Rome

The magnolias are in bloom here in SC.

You win. I'm the fuck out of here...

Okay, Loungies - let's cut to the chase. Can we do that?

LeftyFingerPop has a way with the ladies, doesn't he?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/3/09

For my money there isn't a more beautiful woman in Hollywood than Julianne Moore

Concert postponed until July 2010?

"Super Brain Yoga" - don't know if it works but looks interesting

"Super Brain Yoga" - don't know if it works but looks interesting

Inspired by LeftyFingerPop's thread . . .

OK, Lynnesin, you led me to this. It's all your fault.

Funny exchange overheard at Costco

Nobody covers Elton John like

More Pomp or is it More Circumstance?

Phils beat Padres again, lead NL East by 2 1/2 games

Massive Attack's 'Blue Lines' producer dies

I'm surrounded.

Can they somehow spell check tattoo artists....

While you guys are fighting about cliques etc (AGAIN)....

What's the best way to figure out a thread has been swarmed without clicking on it?

I want my own Mafia - and I want LynneSin to be my partner.

Who wants to go get "44-6" tattoos?

All this clique/swarm crap has kept me over in the Sports Forum!

Please add my number to the Swarm Phone Tree

It isn't just one unrepentant farting coworker....

Anybody up for beating back trolls?

Complete the sentence: "A Michael Bay movie without explosions is....."

Gratuitous fart post.


Haruka and I are very excited -- we're calling Shell Beau tonight

Busty tennis star likely to get breast reduction

Bad day? --->Dope smuggler's pickup gets stuck on homemade ramp over border fence

you people are all out of your fecking minds!

Worst film, video, dvd, filmstrip, tape, short etc. you had to watch in school or for work?

Groucho Marx speaks for me......

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Sewer

I had a dream that a helicopter dropped 400 pounds of crack cocaine into a cage of drunk monkeys.

I see the NH House hasn't changed since I left

I know we aren't supposed to do this, but here's Midlo's phone number:


Drag Me To Hell is a billion times better than Star Trek

Now, here's one unhappy mother about her son's wedding.

On the phone with MCIA Det 2

Question about herb

On the phone with the DEA.

On the phone with the IRS.

Here is today's earworm.

On the phone with the FAA

Question about herb

Has anyone ever crotch punched a topless troll?

Land of the Lost vs. L O S T: Which Came First?

Question about les.

I think MrCoffee should use some of his Jeopardy winnings to come to the meetup.

I am not an elephant!

I am not an elephant!

Okay...who changed their number and didn't tell me?

On the phone with Rabrrrrrr. The General Order 24 is a go.

Dear Mr. Vernon,

Women Now Dominate Higher Education at Every Degree Level; The Female-Male Degree Gap Grows

*** A rare live performance from one of my favorite bands of all time! ***

zzzzzzzzzzzz *snork* *cough* What? Is there a YTREWQ imprint on my forehead?

Wait... Is my band a clique?

Midlo and the Swarm: do you freaks have MY new phone number???

There is a predictable, persistent pattern on DU

Seriously do doctors not understand the concept of a bladder infection??

You can't win.

I can't seem to find a word for "clique" in Hawaiian

What does it say? It says, nerds get out.

What does it say? It says, nerds get out.

Midlo and the Swarm: do you freaks have my new phone number???

Dolly is a trip. At 84 she has been traveling the world almost nonstop since her husband died 30

Midlo killed a Soc! Midlo killed a Soc!

I change my mind like I change my underwear.


I just had to inject some epinephrine into my female dog's nostril...

OMG!!! Fantastic News!!!! No DJ for the meetup, instead performing LIVE will be

Clique... do I have my phone number?

The DU Lounge: Too often, it's not a very friendly place.

The DU Lounge: Too often, it's not a very friendly place.

Question about herb

And, yes, I am always happy to help...

I like cliques...

Cliques are the new black

My hair went flat and I just found a sales tag hanging off my new shirt (and it's 1:00 PM).

At the risk of sounding judgmental, I just don't like men who rape children.

... I'll take it away from you, stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger till it goes...

Johnny's dead.

Nothing gold can stay

New Pynchon due out in August: Inherent Vice

I hate the goddamned phone but i want to call someone

File this under "ain't that some shit?".

On the phone with the FBI.

So, a statue of Reagan in the Rotunda.

My dentist's name is Dr. Ja

I killed him. I killed that boy.

I killed him. I killed that boy.

My phone number is 6060842...

If I'm in a clique, will someone let me know?

TMZ: President Obama orders $72.40 worth of food at Five Guys, hands 'em $80, says "keep the change"

I saw a Psychiatrist named Dr. Brain.......

What's the Difference Between a Group of Friends and a Clique?

There really is an oral surgeon called Dr. Bash

On the phone with FB

somebody should have told me about ignore a lot earlier

Cliques don't exist

Cheering yourself up 101

Smoking thread in GD..... this is gonna be good...

I just put the entire clique into my "Friends & Family" plan. Now they can all call me right now

My Vet's name is Dr Katz

Dammit! Friend who thought he could drive my U-Haul to OKC for me can't do it now!

God, I hate this new cell phone!

Howcome banks don't honor checks written to a private party

If you could go back in time and crotch punch one person, who would it be, and why?

I am my own clique

Great. Just fucking great.

So what are we REALLY doing in Afghanistan???

Check out my friends new album!!!

I've been a BAAAAAAAAAAAD boy.

Clucks, phoneys and pms??

Still at work in Atlanta

If I had a pet bear, I would name him

Excuse me. While I kiss, the sky.

WEIRDness! Serious weirdness.

Bruce Springsteen has almost as much trouble hitting a note in tune as Frank Sinatra did.

Okay, Much Ado About Nothing is on now....

Shell Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeau

I wonder how long it will take Skinner to make a "no more clique threads" post kinda like

OMG! Big red balls!

Okay, seriously. BB needs to know who's showing up. So, post here if you're going and what you're

What's the Difference Between a Flock of Seagulls and a Clique?

It's Spring, and the Cliques are in Bloom


Will some one PLEASE call me

Why do people assume that a person who creates one work of art was "meant" to create

If you lined up all the grains in a hand full of sand......

I'm not even fucking around. There was too much meat on that sandwich.

Lost in NJ

Haruka is on the phone with ShellBeau right now

Awwww four day old baby Panda

44-8 = 36. So what?

DU foodies-take the Iron Chef challenge

I can't believe no one picked up on it

If you changed your name during the Amnesty period, are you still happy that you did?

If you changed the name on your ass tattoo, are you still happy that you did?

OK, listen, you know all those threads...

Maddy -> Mattie -> Matanuska ->

Latest installment of My Days with Dave is up.

I have no idea what show it is, but there is a NARWHAL poster on it. ABC.

Can you guess the song?

Is the secret to a great show having characters be accused of a crime they didn't commit?

TCM is releasing 150 rare old movies to DVD

Eight is ENOUGH!

I must leave now

The lounge wouldn't be in this state of uproar if

They fight. And bite. They fight and bite and fight. Fight, fight, fight. Bite, bite bite...

Anyone else drinking whiskey and watching American Bandstand re-runs? n/t

Everyone post their favorite pics that make them say "WTF?" in this thread.

Um. I wasn't going to post

Since we all need inspiration sometimes, I give you... 40 Inspriational Speeches in 2 minutes.

Enough is ENOUGH!

Say hello to my new kitty. Her name is Sadie

"He is an enemy of The Village."

I've decide to raise money by auctioning the First Ladies. Bid here

If there is no clique


Midlo -- can you set up a conference call from your phone?




DU this poll

See, I'm SO not part of the clique!!! Proof positive inside!!

Finals coming up. Time to retreat into monastic seclusion again to study.

grooving on some Simon & Garfunkel

Would some one please give me a quick phone call regarding the meet-up?

I was at the bus stop in Boulder yesterday..

The greatest Maury Show clip ever.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

6 Of The World's Most Beautiful Older Women!

Tippy Kitty learns a life lesson.

"High Anxiety" - references

What's the Difference Between a Group of Zombies and a Clique?

Best. Headline. Ever.

Murder vs Retirement: Do you believe you will you'll kill your boss before you retire?

Would one of you kind people tell me that everything is going to be okay?





Planned Obsolescence - Aargh!

Another fun day dealing with the VA hospital system,

Hi lounge

Is it safe?

I am going to Atlanta for the weekend, but I won't get to do fun Atlanta stuff.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Banana Phone!

Gardening ethics questions (2)

The Call To Prayer

A confession regarding the *burp* threads...

pop your day day. n/t

I am getting excited for my trip home this weekend.

Cliques are the new chicken

Improv Everywhere decides to change from 'quirky' and 'funny' to 'just plain nice'.

Any One here form New Hampshire???

Psssst! lizziegrace is even more twisted on the phone.

Psssst! lizziegrace is even more twisted on the phone.

My wife sent me a link to a page I think is a threat.

Coffee Shop Known For Topless Staff Destroyed By Fire

I want to start a thread that will be locked before anybody can post in it.

Conference call = success!

Conference call = success!

Wanna Trade Twitters?

I thought the Where's Waldo thread the other day was fun. Soooo.

I'm foisting cute pictures of my kid upon you.

They're remaking "V" the miniseries with Morena Baccarin in the Jane Badler role

RIP Koko Taylor

D'oh! We're gonna be Massholes!!!!!


Damn it... I just broke my own rule about not drinking anything in a plastic bottle

A thread for all those who have not been invited to be in any cliques:

Did anyone like Mel Gibson's "Hamlet"?

Help! Name of a 50's craft needed --

I change my underwear like I change my mind: sanguinely and with a ludicrous amount of torque

Match Game Story: "Seeing the doctor murdered made Pro-Life Christian Freeper Freddy ____ his pants"

Well, I gotta stop doing this: Spent another $30 at iTunes Plus today...

"A Christmas Story" Lolcat for you!

My urologist's name is Dick.

Oh I always thought that Kenneth Branagh was a ham, a chewer of scenes both large and small..

Okay, I just can't name my newest rescue kitty.... so you're all going to!! (cute cat pic inside)

Jonas Bros' Mom Admits Sons "Have Desires"

I am never buying another Dell Computer

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/3/2009)(Warning Sexual Imagery)

Long time since I had a drink during the day, long time since DUers tolerated

Since I am the president of all of the cliques, I am taking offense

Welcome to Breast Day at The Lounge

What do you think happened here?

Can someone PM me and tell me what the latest longue drama is about?

I am already a multimillionare by now

Why did Lefty leave for Ohio?

Gratitude. What are you grateful for? Here's my list.

kitteah picture of the day for wednesday june 3

Best literary one-hit wonders.

DUer's that changed your names in the 2009 amnesty, check in!

Southern California is having the most bizarre weather

Post an obscure, little-known fact about yourself.

Death vs Retirement: Do you believe you will you die before you retire?

I need one-sentence bits of advice. Stuff like

Vibes for my cat Marcus, please...

Anyone following the British Government imploding?

my dad died today

What's so bad about the film Wild Wild West?


Obama Changed mind on torture photos because of Maliki?

Reapportionment, Reapportionment, Reapportionment, Reapportionment,

If the commitment to get out of Iraq were abandoned by this administration...

WJ is looking for calls on Reagen. A few supporters, but most are pointing out his faults.

Did Obama ask Richard Wolffe to write the book on the campaign?

Does everyone have wax in their ears when it comes to Obama

Why is MSM giving Romney so much attention?

Obama Cairo speech aimed at both Arabs and Israelis

Obama Reiterates Stance On Israeli Settlements

"Administration officials meeting with lobbyists..projected that a benefit cap would save $35bln/yr"

Indonesians Look Toward Obama Speech With Hope

GA-Gov: Barnes Will Run

'Inside The Obama White House' Draws 9.1M Total Viewers

Obama Urges Quick Action on Insurance, Open To Gov't-Sponsored Plan

PHOTOS Middle East Peace in our time? Maybe not.

Is there a war brewing between MSNBC and FOX??

Did President Obama REALLY say America is a Muslim country? Nope

``Obama didn't release us. Why?''

I know its from FOX - but this is still cool.

OK, what the hell? SOmeone needs to lose their job.

NBC wins the night with Obama special

Freeper proves Obama is a Muslim!!!!

Chavez says "Comrade" Obama more left-wing

Israelis Say Bush Officials Agreed to Settlement Building

Alleged Bin Laden Tape Blasts Obama

Obama: I Wanted To "Come To The Place Where Islam Began"

President Obama Reiterates Support for Public Option

Second Phase of Open Government Plan Begins

So Gingrich has issued a nonapology apology for his attempt to paint Sotomayor as a racist....

PHOTOS The First Lady/Washington Math Science Technical High School

PHOTOS The First Lady/Washington Math Science Technical High School

New Hampshire: Numero Six for Gay Marriage

I had another email (26th) read by Cafferty on CNN yesterday

PHOTO Beautiful.

Israelis Say Bush Officials Agreed to Settlement Building

Heard Ted Rall on a rightwing radio show yesterday

Does the President, now, wear a jacket to his office?

Tell Congress to reconsider Obama tax proposals

Did you hear the one about feeding American homeless to starving Africans?

Pawlenty says he'll certify if "the court says".

Lindsey Graham is a catty POS

Pawlenty Will Certify Winner Once Court Rules

A Good Muslim-World News Cycle For Obama

PHOTO Achtung! Mustardgate hots up!

So I love Tameron...from MSNBC

Time's Karen Tumulty: Obama Gives Congress Some Health Care Marching Orders

Coleman joins other former Republican office holders in far right conference.

State Dept. To Translate Cairo Speech Into 13+ Languages

SoS Clinton to 'This Week' for first interview since election

DON'T FORGET Redux: "Inside the White House" special PART TWO on NBC, Wed 9pm

Joe Scarborough is SO ignorant! He thinks we on the left will be disappointed or surprised to see

Bob Barr and Gary Bauer forming a New Face for the 2012

Bob Barr and Gary Bauer forming a New Face for the 2012

Cheney Accidentally Admits to Lying About Connection Between 9/11 and Iraq

What time is Egyptian speech?

Hey bin laden. FUCK YOU! We will find you and kill you like a pig in the street.

Anti choice wingnut says Obama is "deserving of death"; will the Secret Service be visiting him?

ZOMG!!!11! Obama said ... "Shukran". Oopsie...Chimpy did too.

PHOTOS The President arrives in Saudi Arabia (June 3)

Williams to POTUS, "You're Operating Thesis Has Been, to Paraphrase...."

The First Lady: "Today is Just the Beginning"

President Obama taxing health care benefits is like George Bush appointing Larry Flynt to SCOTUS

Obama and Senate Dems debating trigger of public health plan after 7 years

Fearing backlash, conservatives tone down rhetoric on Sotomayor

In Letter To Kennedy And Baucus, Obama Outlines Principles For Health Reform

Is Governor Sanford sucking up to the NRA for 2012??

Beam me up, Scotty: Michelle's revenge?

Christ Matthews: Aaron Schock and Pete King

I'm going to be on Fox News' Neil Cavuto show at 4pm today to discuss Obama's Healthcare Plan

Can Admitting a Wrong Make It Right?

Via Wonkette: Racist Republican Angry Someone Forwarded Her Racist Email About Obama

NY-Sen-B: Reports Say Maloney to Challenge Gillibrand

Where Will Obama's Health Care Efforts End Up?

White House: Employee Free Choice a Priority

President Obama Indicted At Birthers' Citizen Grand Juries (with video)

PHOTOS The First Lady/Washington Math Science Technical High School (Updated)

AP Poll: 70% have confidence in Obama on Terroism

Obama Killing Republicans Softly With His Song, Killing Them Softly....

Obama reverses Bush immigration lawyer rule

Late night television.

The President Spells Out His Vision on Health Care Reform

Please help Miranda, Bertha Venation's lovely cat.

The Obama machine appears to be trying to suck me back in again.

O.M.G. Obama on NBC Shocker

If you were a Pennsylvania Democratic Primary voter, would you vote for Specter or Sestak?

Speech from Egypt tomorrow, The speech will be at 6:10 a.m. ET.

So who's waking up at the crack of dawn (6:00 am ET) for the President's Cairo speech?

We're launching a campaign against anti-Semitic Obama'

PHOTO: Two First Ladies

Keith Olbermann just called Rush Limbaugh "Mr. Bouncy Bouncy"

Indiana Governor Mitch: President Obama won because he is black...

An APPEAL for HELP....The GOP need Surgeons to replace the Face they Lost in recent battles

Okay..Flame away..but I am starting to feel a little sorry for the far righters


Is Sotomayer speaking the truth? Will a Latina make better decisions than a white male?

President Obama now open to health care mandate (with a waiver for poor people)

PHOTOS No offence, but I'm kinda glad Michelle didn't travel to Saudi Arabia.

Hey Obama - Stop treating the majority as the far left - you are going to fall on health care

I love our president.

NBC's "Inside the White House" pt 2...

So I'm going to go to an OFA meeting on Saturday

Oh boy! Watch heads explode on this one...LOL....

TIME: Health Lessons from Europe

bo chews off the journalists camera mic ... cuteness warning

Single Payer Health Care... Here IS The REAL PROBLEM Mr. President!

First lady Michelle Obama joins push for Sotomayor

Three Colombian Nationals Arrested, Charged in Alien Smuggling and Visa Fraud Scheme

Pfizer offers to sell drugs plant to Venezuela

Cheney admits Iraq not involved in 911 after lying for years.

US invites Iran to 4 July events

Bosses defend former trooper Shirley's firing (He snooped in files of 182 people)

FBI Eyes Charity Linked To Rep. Murtha

Home: Earth From Above Creator's Documentary To Air Friday (VIDEO)

Little Rock shooter may have had other targets (Jewish orgs, child care center, Baptist church)

President visits (Buchenwald concentration) camp linked to great-uncle's past

U.S. Private Sector Axes 532,000 Jobs In May

Report: Hiring by tech companies under DOJ investigation

Hoyer Poised to Force Ethics Panel to Disclose PMA Probe

Indonesia makes an economic recovery

Israel Won't Bomb Iran, Top Diplomat Says

Teacher battling Cancer gets Pink Slip.

Young Mother Killed in Quadruple Shooting Near FedEx Field

Afghan Bombs Kills 10 Security Contractors

McHugh to Give Up Armed Services Post (House Armed Services Committee)

Obama arrives in Riyadh, gets blast from bin Laden.

(NH) Senate approves, House to vote on same-sex marriage this afternoon

Chicago officer convicted of battery on bartender

Couple to plead guilty in toxic pet food case

Administration to Reveal Plans for Katrina Housing Transition

U.S. to send military delegation to Syria

Senate reviews closing of GM, Chrysler dealerships

AIG puts headquarters on the block to repay loans

Militant Cuban exile seeks trial delay

Ahmadinejad: Israel is abusing 'big deception' of the Holocaust

Obama Administration to Reveal Plans for Katrina Housing Transition

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 3

New Hampshire governor signs gay marriage law

Rumsfeld to 'face difficulties' over Guantanamo: UN expert

Rush flips; may support Sotomayor

Alleged shooter's ex-wife: He was capable of murder

Federal Gov't Accidently Posts 'Sensitive' List of U.S. Nuclear Sites

Federal Gov't Accidently Posts 'Sensitive' List of U.S. Nuclear Sites

Iran Says Signs Gas Deal With China, Replaces Total

Iowa moves to fire trooper accused of anti-Obama e-mails

Cheney's secret briefings defended interrogations

NY store owner gives would-be thief $40 and bread

Judge Revisits Warrantless Eavesdropping

Obama Open to Plan Requiring Everyone to Get Insurance

Obama to tell Israel: Form new peace policy by July

Dave Mahoney Pleads Guilty to Assault; State Drops Other Nine Felonies in Bargain

Ohio man executed under new "set-to-die" procedure

AP source: US broke bombing rules in Afghanistan

Gingrich backs off 'racist' label for Sotomayor

Opposition win Greenland election

Ronald Reagan statue unveiled in Capitol Rotunda

FCC: 35 Stations To Go Dark June 12

Dems Use War Funding Bill for More GI Benefits

Life, health insurers invest big in tobacco

GM, Chrysler say slashing dealerships necessary

Pawlenty Says He'll Certify MN Senate Race After State Court Process Completes

Tillman's mother says general lied again about his death

NY Senate debate over gay marriage gets nasty

Israelis Say Bush Officials Agreed to Limited Settlement Growth

Charges Unlikely In Death Of (P.G. County) Inmate

Feinstein Denies Report That She's Fully Opposed To EFCA

Air France jet likely broke apart above ocean

Work Visa Bill Threatens Indian Outsourcers

Obama, Senate Dems Consider Public Health Care Option With A Trigger

JPMorgan Hires Supertanker for Storage (of heating oil), Brokers Say

Kerry says $819,848 tax lien is clerical error

Microsoft reveals launch date of Windows 7 system

Ballmer Says Tax Would Move Microsoft Jobs Offshore

FEMA May Put Storm Victims In Foreclosed Homes

Obama presses for public health insurance option

Sheriff Indicted For Selling Marijuana On Duty Won't Lose Job Unless Convicted

U.S. states to lead in creating high-speed rail: Biden

Bernanke sees recession ending soon; warns on debt

EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda eyes bio attack from Mexico

Judge Tosses Telecom Spy Suits

Falwell university’s tax-exempt status questioned after banning Democratic club

Al-Qaeda 'kills British hostage'

Colombian paramilitary member sentenced in Texas

Radio Host Hal Turner Charged With Inciting Injury To Two Connecticut Lawmakers

New Hampshire legalizes same-sex marriage!!!!

US presses China over Tiananmen

Tucson man faces prison for leaving water jugs along border

Federal judge rules Wisconsin (public) school district can hold graduation ceremonies in church

Chicago Law Banning Handguns in City Upheld by Court

Air France had bomb threat days before crash: Airline

OAS 'agrees to let Cuba rejoin'

John Kerry helped break the logjam in US/Syria relations and Hillary Clinton followed up

Topless coffee shop burns down; official says it was arson

Students vs. The Westboro Baptist Church

"Watching TV" by Roger Waters - Tiananmen Square 20th anniversary *GRAPHIC*

Family guy - Abortion

On Rachel: Anti-Abortion Movement Just Like Taliban - except for 8000 Miles

KO: Is Cheney Preparing For A War Crimes Trial?

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) speaks at Campaign for America's Future Conference

MAD WORLD - San Diego Peaceful Protest 5.26.9

Oklahoma Cops pull over ambulance on way to hospital, fight with EMT

KO: Gen. Sanchez wants truth commission

Network- There is no democracy.

'California's Day of Reckoning is Here' The Governator- 'Our Wallet is Empty'

Drill Baby Drill, Ep. 1 - Beck In The Saddle

Hardball - GOP Schock & King Argue Past Elections, Praising Palin & Right Wing

Jeb Bush and Liz Cheney - the next 'Bush/Cheney' for 2012 in the works?

Race-Baiting Justice: Buchanan's War Against Judge Sotomayor

RM: Sen. Graham on Iraq Intelligence, Cheney

Should The U.S. Get Tough With Israel?

Jim Cramer Fearmongers About Employee Free Choice on Morning Joe

Brian Williams says goodnight to President Obama

Day in 100 Seconds: World Apology Tour '09

Carl Pope of the Sierra Club speaks at the Campaign for America's Future Conference

72 year old great-grandmother tasered in Texas

Howard Dean speaks out on Progressive Book Club chairmanship.

Capitol Hill honors President Reagan

Conservatives Warn Quick Sex Change Only Barrier Between Gays, Marriage

Tiller's killer: homegrown conservative terrorist

Matthews & 2 McClatchy reporters fact check Cheney's amazing afternoon of lies

Labor Agreement Reached, Signed This Week (AMD)

Dr. Tiller Gives a Speech in 2001 - Includes Previously Posted Quote

TYT: Cheney Supports Gay Marriage---Does He Deserve Credit?

Cheney's Spin Maching =FAIL

KO talks w/ Andrew Sullivan about Tiller murder

Morning Joe crew: Name a successful unionized company.

Whitehouse Tweet: Muslims Proudly Serving In US Government

Cheney: Bush passed the buck on GM

GOP Congressmen mock green job workers with terms like 'gangrene' and 'paper mache'

Rachel Maddow: Miranda - Hispanics 'not like African-Americans, we think just like everybody else'

Robert Scheer on 'The Gift of 9/11' (to the military industrial complex)

'Bo' the President's dog attacks the Main Stream Media

Philip Wood: wife was patient of Dr. Tiller - supportive, heartbreaking look at procedure

Brian Williams Asks Obama About Gay Marriage

Soldiers in the Army of God 7/7

TYT: O'Reilly's Poor Point To Connect Military Killer To Liberals

But Enough About Her

Events Leading Up to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq Colin Powell said Cheney“Gestapo” separate government

Privatization; Coup in Progress, Pay to Play, 8 years to get Guaranteed Political Pay Offs

Juan Cole: He's not Bush, so Muslim world will give Obama a chance

Amy Goodman: Dr. George Tiller Didn’t Have to Die

Cheney Finally Compromises on Gitmo — Agrees to House Detainees in His Man-Sized Safe

Amy Goodman: What US soldiers do in Iraq

Another Republican Sex Criminal, Box Turtle Edition

The Compassion of Dr. Tiller

The Foxes own the Hen House,

Earth disappearing-time lapse vid-story

(Hedge Funds) Investing in Lawsuits, for a Share of the Awards - NYT

Who Would Take Dating Advice From Rick Santorum?

NBC's Brian Williams goes inside Obama White House

The Looting of America: How Wall Street Fleeced Millions from Wisconsin Schools

Washington diary: The Obama effect (BBC/Matt Frei)

Story of a Late Term Abortion - from January 2004


ANALYSIS / Obama Plans To Teach Netanyahu Tough Love

Salon - Glenn Greenwald: Obama's "interference" in Israeli politics

Limbaugh’s Latest Sonia Smear: 'Latina Judge Spoke Latin on the Bench'’

Washington Post: Should Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin run for reelection in 2010?

U.S. Accidentally Releases List of Nuclear Sites

Operation Rescue left me bloody (Durham Indy)


The Next Terrorist Attack On US Soil Will Be Dick Cheney’s Fault (Oxdown Gazette)

Washington Post Op-Ed: Need for Employee Free Choice Grows as Workers’ Rights Decline

Pfizer offers to sell drugs plant to Venezuela

Three Colombian Nationals Arrested, Charged in Alien Smuggling and Visa Fraud Scheme

Export Law Blog: Microsoft vs. Cuba "It Wasn't Me, I Swear" plus links to JR tech corresp. article

Chavez Accuses US of Trying to Assassinate Him (articles - all English)

FIDEL: The Trojan Horse

POSADA CARRILES Seeks More Time to Prepare for His Trial

I haven't seen anything yet on Granma concerning the fantastic news on Cuba's

OAS 'agrees to let Cuba rejoin' - BBC


Colombian paramilitary member sentenced in Texas

DrumBeat: June 3, 2009

70 National Academies Of Science Call To Link Ocean Acidification With Any Climate Talks - AFP

Indonesia Considering Renting Islands To Climate Refugees As Oceans Rise - Radio Australia

Macau Responds To Faltering Casino Revenues, Failed Projects With Another Giant Casino Project - AFP

Australia's Iconic Gum Trees Dying As Seedlings Fail To Revegetate - Guardian

Still Digging Up Exxon Valdez Oil, 20 Years Later (TIME)

LA & San Diego Cut Lawn Watering To Two Days Per Week As Drought Continues - AFP

Administration: Highway fund to go broke in August

Intense Laser Zap Improves Energy-Efficiency of Typical Light Bulbs

The Emperor Has No Pressure Vessel...

Karen Silkwood, An early casualty of the Nuclear power industry

Did anyone see "Earth 2100" last night?

Home: Earth From Above Creator's Documentary To Air Friday (VIDEO)

Dan Haren leaves game, Dodgers score 5 in 8th to win

Epic Stanley Cup Finals. The Broad St. Bullies get crosschecked yet, again.

Washington wins college softball world series!

Tavares "I want to be an Islander"

Shame on Jerry Jones -- Quality of Cowboys 'tent' doubted post-collapse

49ers moving out of San Francisco .. one step closer

US-Costa Rica CONCACAF qualifier, tonight.

Last American leaves the French Open

Don't Touch Sidney! (Detroit Free Press Game)

If the 49ers move to LA, would all true sports fans (that are also 49ers fans)

where would YOU want to be drafted? (any sport)

Major League Baseball attendance notes

Pirates trade starting CF for minor leaguers

Sosa will retire, ‘calmly wait for my induction’

Ha-HA! I can post whatever I like and no one will ever, ever read it!

Coalition campaigns for health care reform

Missoulian Recognizes Health Care Achievements

Today in labor history June 3 A federal law regarding child labor was declared unconstitutional!

Investor Group Asks S&P 100 About Their Labor Policies

Teamsters Fight To Defend Pensions At Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Saving U.S. Auto & Manufacturing : WIN's Doug Cunningham Interviews United Steel Workers VP

Quad City workers target Wells Fargo to save jobs

Union leaders meet to draft blueprint for future structure of House of Labor

SPEECH Labor unity and overcoming racism

Jewish Daily Forward: Long Strike at Chicago Hotel Pits Jew Against Jew

Washington Post: A War Against Organizing

GOP to roll out health care alternative

F.D.A.’s Secret Files

What is MDVIP?

Pigs offer new stem cell source (BBC)

Weekly curry 'may fight dementia' (BBC)

Great website with FACTS about single payer health care

Roald Dahl on Measles

A Video On Gay Marriage

A Video On Getting A Marriage License

KRXQ Sacramento Radio Hosts Encourage Violence Against Transgender Children

Check out this video of the protest in San Diego

White House inadvertantly forget history maker Roberta Achtenberg - White House Apologizes

Former candidate Ketner 'outs' gay SC Repukes- Lindsey Graham, Glenn McConnell, André Bauer

NH Senate passes gay marriage revision; House next

Video By "The Onion" On Gay Marriage......

Harvard to Endow Chair in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

Rob Reiner, Dustin Lance Black ("Milk") back federal Prop 8 lawsuit

New Hampshire Legislature approves gay marriage (SFGate)

What Does the Top-Secret California Marriage Polling Reveal?

interest case in california regarding Assault Weapons

Brady Campaign caught red-handed spinning death of Texas campus concealed-carry bill

Federal Court Says States Can Regulate Guns

Reflection about the recent "up tick" in Brady/VPC/MMM activity..

The difficult questions concerning Obama's Middle East visit

Rightists to circulate doctored photos of kaffiyah-clad Obama

Ahmadinejad: Israel is abusing 'big deception' of the Holocaust

State Dept.: Obama’s Demands To Stop West Bank Expansion Includes Jerusalem

Lawmakers Prepare For Health Care Reform Action During Memorial Day Recess; Advocacy Groups Promote

Op-Ed Contributor: Health care reform is an economic necessity

Obama: Health-Care Reform Debate In 'Make-Or-Break' Period

Obama Aims to Build Momentum for Health Care Reform

Advocates of 'single-payer' national health insurance holding rallies Friday

Government now has 35.4 percent stake in GMAC (AP)

Barack Obama's health plan takes shape

FLASH: Bernanke: start work now to curb budget deficit.

Old hat to most of you - but exciting to me. A start in a different direction

A friend w/a small shop has asked for some of my pix on consignment and I have questions! Help!

Single-payer mentions draw cheers at Baucus-sponsored health care talk

Ok I did it yesterday

"Honey...does this flower make my butt look big?"

Sorry Mira, but this is all I've got!

Looks like Bernanke is going after our Soc. Sec.

Origin of Antarctic ice revealed (BBC)

Do we know what the transition between egg laying animals and mammals?

Plea over jellyfish crop circle

Dawn of the Personal Computer (pictorial history)

Crop circle that looks like a jelly fish

Contractor Conundrum: The Saga Continues

Psyco Cybernetics

‘Why are Ethnic Russians Converting to Islam?’

Any good, basic curry recipes I can make for my elderly parents?

Alabama School Community Information Network grades Web sites for 131 school systems.

The problem with CT's is like potato chips

Is the Texas legislator headed for a yet another special session?

Austin leads nation again on job growth

Rick Perry: "God Bless Rush Limbaugh" (puke)

Hey, why all the Texas earthquakes???

Susan Boyle to sing for President Obama

BBC launches probe to find out why so many of us can't hear actors on TV