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The 2004 electability issue revisited

No mention of Honduran coup on CNN

Rare Hemisphere Unity in Assailing Honduran Coup

Arizona moves to allow concealed guns in bars

Is it something in the water (of S.C.)?

New photos emerging from Iran

WGN is running "Charlie's Angels"

Arizona Moves To Allow Concealed Gun In Bars

Raid on Fort Worth Gay Bar

Chavez threatens to invade as Honduran army stages coup

When you need a break, this Summer

so apparently the only thing worth doing on DU, and being a good citizen

White House Is Drafting Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention; Move Would Bypass Congress

White House Is Drafting Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention; Move Would Bypass Congress

Rogue polar bear expert dares challenge consensus on global warming

Latest Green Brief (Iran) From NiteOwl - 6\28

One good thing to say about HBO is it has great documentaries...Shouting Fire...

Ft. Worth police jump the shark

Innovation: Physics brings realism to virtual reality

Keith Richards vs. Cher

A helping hand for addicts

Pondering Prehistoric Melodies

Struggling cities cancel Fourth of July fireworks

Who’s in the Alexander Sarcophagus?

Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S.

Dems to run ads targeting Terry (R-Ne) vote

EFCA Battle Could Soon be Decided

Being a Louisianian I guess it's kind of nice to know

Spooky computers closer to reality

Some GOP lawmakers await Sanford resignation

Israel to build 50 new homes at W.Bank settlement

US Drug War Money Funded Peru Indigenous Massacre

Chris Hedges: The Truth Alone Will Not Set You Free

If an under-aged hormonal teen posts a nude pic...

File under: "We knew this wasn't true"--Fox News/RW meme on ACORN name change

US Appoints Envoy to Muslim World

***Celebrity Solstice Death-Fest '09 Is Over***

A Plan to Stem Foreclosures, Buried in a Paper Avalanche

Eliot Spitzer on GEM$NBC right now

OMFG - WJ - it's Peter Brookes from the Heritage Foundation

It's Really Dana Milbank Who is a D*ck

Honduras' Dictator-for-a-Day Rails vs. Obama & Chávez, Declares Martial Law

Schwarzenegger Has California Over a Barrel

Burma VJ is an amazing film!

If the CIA is behind what's going on in Iran and Honduras, are they operating

Is Britney Spears dead or not? Some people yesterday said she was dead but others thought she

Toyota develops technology for brain waves to steer wheelchair

Who Is The Best At Selling Worthless Crap?

Columbus Zoo Director Dies Suddenly At 51

Obama Tried To Stop Honduras Coup

Credibility of US denials of interference in Iran

Billy Mays found dead in Fla Home.

Perhaps Dana Milbank called Nico Pitney a "MIck", assuming Pitney was an Irish name.

OMG - Rudy on Morning Joe opining about the Sanford affair.

Few see themselves as 'old,' no matter what their age

How GE made billions from the bank bailout

The ONLY thing Ruth Madoff needs to say in her "statement" is

Anne Arundel County GOP Women’s Group Compares Obama to Hitler

BREAKING: Ron Popeil Is not DEAD

Too much white on the MSNBC graphics.

Will the GOP use the SCOTUS New Haven decision to whip its base into a blotchy-faced racist frenzy?

Now Chambliss/rethugs have put a 'hold' on Cass Sunstein

New MSNBC morning show: "Morning Meeting" with Dylan Ratigan

Ministry leader building $4m home in western SC

911 Truthers are jerks!

Analysis: Obama scores major victory on climate

24/7WallStreet: With Unemployment Moving To 9.6%, Economic Impact Of Jobs Is Just Beginning

Cheney Worried That Iraq Withdrawal Will ‘Waste’ The Sacrifice By U.S. Troops

Bailout of U.S. Banks Gives British Rum a $2.7 Billion Benefit

Eliot Spitzer is on MSNBC having a great time....

Impressionist, Vegas headliner Fred Travalena dies

Jesus Christ in a Kit Kat bar!

India wilts as monsoon fears grow (will they have enough food or NOT)

"Iran and Leftist Confusion"

Repubs rush to rid themselves of Bush legacy...

Michael Jackson's mother files petition seeking legal guardianship of her son's three children, CNN

Fundies: Bay Area school district forcing Teh Gay on students

Dear Media: Madoff won't "die" in prison. He'll "live" in prison until he "dies" of natural causes.

PICTURES: Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female

Alex's Meat

Bizarro world continues: Spiritual adviser: 'Darkness' gripped Sanford

DN ...Coup in Honduras: Military Ousts President Manuel Zelaya, Supporters Defy Curfew

TMZ: Autopsy Shows Billy Mays Had No Head Trauma

A man denied a blood test, because of a seven dollar debt.

Misleading Fox Nation Headline Implies That Climate Change Bill Is Treason

So I think the MSC will rule in favor of Al Franken this week.

Venice Gets its First Female Gondolier

Coleman Becomes Butt of Late Night Jokes

Gov. Sanford's hypocrisy tops even Newt's

Blame the Devil for the Things You Do:Sanford

Bernie Madoff gets 150 years!

Helen Thomas interview on CBC

It's Noon- am I watching the Today Show with Dr. Nancy on MSNBC???

Rep.Foxx seeks birthday checks

So are CNN, Fux or GEMNC twittering about the right wing

Why did MSNBC put Dylan Ratigan on following Morning Joe??

Farming Jobs Being Picked Clean by U.S. Residents

Finally figured out who Sanford reminds me of

Something that bothers me...If Mjj was full of pills and nothing else, he would have thrown up

Madoff's wife issues BS statement

R.I.P. Billy Mays...

Did Israel And Bush Admin Have “Understanding” On Settlements? Even Bushies Say No.

They are selling 84-year-old Irene Leary's home out from under her today. Can you help? (from ACORN)

Things the School of the Americas is famous for...TORTURE..RAPE..MASS MURDER!

"World Exclusive The Last Pictures The Official Tribute Issue With Special Free Souvenir DVD"

"...expect... Justices will consider the Troy Davis... later today."

Cleared by a jury, man is labeled a terrorist and detained by Immigration cops!

Public-Option is to the Co-Op Plan as....

Crist Had Plenty of Time for Work on Honeymoon

Religionism is Bad for The Moral Fabric of Society. Is it time to bring back the lions?

"Score One For Planet Earth"

Feds Indict White Supremacists in Arizona Bombing

Obama Has the Power and Responsibility to Help Restore Democracy in Honduras

Is it WAR yet?

For every one job that opens in America, there are five people waiting to fill it

BREAKING NEWS: Iran's elections oversight body declares presidential vote valid after limited recoun

BREAKING NEWS: Iran's elections oversight body declares presidential vote valid after limited recoun

Please explain: How Madoff gets 150 years and ENRON fuckers get a slap on the wrist.

The father is speaking

Solar X-rays may create DNA building blocks on Titan

How long after Mark Sanford leaves office before he becomes a regular Fox News commentator?

Our medical system sucks

San Francisco Chronicle: Fiscal crisis puts Prop. 13 up for discussion

Dallas-Ft. Worth Gay Community Upset After Reported Bar Raid

Dallas-Ft. Worth Gay Community Upset After Reported Bar Raid

If you want to support Lt. Dan Choi (DADT) with an online letter so he

Souter bids goodbye to court colleagues

A Bernie Madoff story I heard today: A long time client/investor

Good to see Nate Silver on GEM$NBC discussing Special Interest Money Means Longer Odds for

Honduras coup has an " amazing and wonderful part"!

Five years from now...

Narco News: Correction: Honduran Presidential Candidate Is Still Alive

The real sin of Gov. Sanford selling hatred of what he too is guilty of ... LOVE

Racist Rush is at it again (and the sky is blue, and the sun came up)...

Single Payer, Single Pool?

As reported by Thom Hartmann ... Tom Daschle GOES ROGUE

Ruth Madoff Statement: I Feel 'Betrayed And Confused'

Obama To Hold Performance Review With All American Workers

Honduras' First Full Day Under Coup Rule

Air America... Montel Williams?

Who are the House Dems who voted to weaken the Energy Bill?

Grandpa Simpson checks in to the local paper with a rant about the DTV transition.


MRFF Demands DoD Revoke Authority of Chaplain Endorser Who Suggested Democrats Should Be Executed

Air Force Test Fires Missile(ICBM) From CA Coast(Hits Targets 4,200 miles away)

Presstv says American troops have entered Iran in an attempt to take over an Iranian oil field

150 Years for Maddoff....

Vitter Fundraising Letter Doesn't Mention Protecting Marriage

Vitter Fundraising Letter Doesn't Mention Protecting Marriage

Joe Jackson denies burial will be at Neverland Ranch..

Heard on M$NoBodyCares, "Coming up the latest on Micheal Jackson's death".

A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras

Please help Pennsylvania defeat Arlen Specter and Elect Joe Sestak.

Since the coup leader is from the School of Americas or WHINSEC I thought people might be interested

Since the coup leader is from the School of Americas or WHINSEC I thought people might be interested

HOLY SHIT! Supremes reverse Sotomayor on firefighter case!

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Healthcare Horror: Care Denied Over $7 Debt for Insured Patient

At 25 cents per prison hour, Madoff will earn back his $68B Ponzi bucks in only 17 billion hrs. USA!

Do the right and the left both see the 5th Amendment as toilet paper?

Joe Jackson = Noah Cross (John Huston) from Chinatown...

Save yourself some time, fill in the blanks (New posting form)

Discouraging automobile usage is a Third Rail of American political life

No Recession at Our Local Apple Computer Store

Madrid strips Franco of honorary titles

Christopher Hitchens banned from speaking at Air Force Academy

Cleared by a jury, man is labeled a terrorist and detained by Immigration cops !

Letter from MoveOn, Fix the Energy Bill?

Glitch. n/t

Can somebody explain the conservative fixation of ACORN to me?

Billy Mays, is this really national news?

Michele Bachmann: "the climate-change bill a government takeover of "every aspect" of people's lives

Is the Minnesota Supreme Court taking an abnormally long time to rule on Franken?

This article serves to explain an awful lot

Janet Jackson makes emotional speech at BET Awards about fallen brother Michael Jackson

Janet Jackson makes emotional speech at BET Awards about fallen brother Michael Jackson

Help with Clean Energy Bill

Dropping like flies - Impressionist Fred Travelena is dead at 66

Dropping like flies - Impressionist Fred Travelena is dead at 66

Not the best weekend to find out Mr. Elehhhhna has lymphoma....

Politicians in RI and NC want to tax

In weight measurements - how much is a stone?

I'm starting to get worried

Thousands of miles of 'working things out'

Solar disarray (Florida)

Heat Problems: Cement Buckling, Trees Dropping (A hugh 20 foot oak) CA is being freeped!

Heat Problems: Cement Buckling, Trees Dropping (A hugh 20 foot oak) CA is being freeped!

Heat Problems: Cement Buckling, Trees Dropping (A hugh 20 foot oak) CA is being freeped!

Supreme Court quashes 9/11 lawsuit against Saudis

Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation

Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation

Are there any Dem Reps or Sens who support DADT?

Pride Weekend Anti-Gay Assault in NYC Leaves Man Bloodied, Beaten

Coup leader in Honduras a graduate of Pentagon-run military academy, School of the Americas.

What Ricci says about the Supreme Court’s views of Judge Sotomayor

Thank Goddess: Redmond O'neal will be allowed to attend his mom' s funeral

Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation

‘Series of explosions’ rock Italian train stations, at least 40 injured

wom·en, noun, plural of woman: "Article Alludes To Sanford Multiple Affairs"

Obama, They Want You to Fail - Robert Parry

Oh, bite me, Chuck Todd

Automakers scrap diesel plans

Du'ers supporting fascism? WTF?

Shakespeare Trivia

Du'ers supporting fascism? WTF?

Transcript of Obama's remarks at WH reception to commemorate Stonewall.

On KPFA, Dennis Bernstein is discussing the Honduras coup

You are going to love this: Bill Clinton did it... The economy

Most loathsome poll.

OK DUers - it's time to fess up

EPA May Have Suppressed Report Skeptical Of Global Warming

Alex Jones and Michelle Bachman together again for the first time!

Did Madoff work alone?

Pawlenty: 'I'm prepared to sign' Senate election certificate

Is it time to take to the streets over healthcare reform? Do we see an

15 Percent Of Teens Think They'll Die Young

It is time that we draw a line in the sand.

Is today's Oprah a repeat or new, with Ted Haggard? This comes across as being positive for him from

Toyota to consider offering PRIUS to GM???

Independent UK: Warning: Britain faces new recession

Steep Increase In Fannie/Freddie Delinquencies

Sanford telephone poll...

Sanford telephone poll...

Honduras Interim Leader Says Country Ready to ‘Go To War’ as Riots Flare

please delete

Jackson's family moves quickly to take charge

Christian group promotes anti-Islam video; call to act on the Great Commission or Final Solution?

UK Guardian Looking For Help - Iran Election: Faces Of The Dead And Detained

Bernie Behaving Badly? Corrections Officials in Quandary

Another major plane crash

A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras

dupe thread...

Need help finding a Dante's Inferno thread, please

Those who defend the Honduran Coup because Zelaya's been replaced by a man from "his own party"...

Those who defend the Honduran Coup because Zelaya's been replaced by a man from "his own party"...

I'll bet Maria herself sent those emails to The State

Great-grandmother donates 200th pint of blood

Why is John Conyers called spineless? I missed this story...

Open Left: The Recovery Myth

Iran Upholds Ahmadinejad Victory, Says Matter Closed

We need you help and your voice.

I have 3 counts of aggravated assault on my police record.

Latest Green Brief (Iran) From NiteOwl - 6\29

Katherine Jackson goes to Target for toys and sleeping bags

Deepak Chopra's tribute to his friend, Michael Jackson

TransitMedia and Ian Halperin just hit the goldpot...

Cheney says GOP presidential bench still strong (CNN)

A poll inspired by DiFi........Most notorious DINO in the Senate......

If State Budgets are in so Much Trouble.. How Come...

Michele Bachmann Watch: Could MB's Big Mouth cost Minnesota a congressional seat - namely hers?

Any Of You Guys Hear About This Person (Iran) ???

Candidate to confront deputies over raid (Busby fundraiser; Dem cand. against Duke Cunningham 2004)

Hammer, meet nail head.

More Intelligence Oversight Advised

What is supposed to be mysterious about a 50 year old dying from cardiac arrest?

Ruth Faces Living Off a Scant $2.5 Million

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

uh oh...another airbus plane crash into the ocean!

Is Mind Reading the path to Artificial Intelligence....

Oregon Passes Hemp Bill!

chuck todd is the worse stand-in ever for chris mattnews on hardball

Steven Wells died on the same day as Michael Jackson? How ironic.

Who else fears for the safety of MJ's alleged victims?

The Ultimate Game Show - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - Just Went Too Far......

Lawyer: Jackson's Doctor Had Difficulty Summoning Help (didn't know the address to tell 911)

Maybe I'm callous, but I really don't feel a lot of sympathy for Madoff's victims

Health-Care Market Characterized By Consolidation, Not Competition

Woman accepts chips for sex, she's arrested, Frito Lays employee goes free

SoS DLClinton talking on both sides of her mouth re. Honduras...

Google Thought Jackson Traffic Was Attack

Abu Ghraib scandal haunts W.Va. reservist

What rate of return were Madoff followers getting vs. the schlubs who

Robert Reich on Universal Health care. He says the public wants it..why isn't it being done?

Stratfor analysis: The Geopolitics of Iran

MUST SEE Guckert Vid

Glenn Beck's anti-intellectualism is simply stunning...

Krugman: The Climate Change Deniers in Congress are Killing Us

Democratic Candidate's Fundraiser Invaded By Cops! (8 Cars, Copter, Pepper Spray)...

Democratic Candidate's Fundraiser Invaded By Cops! (8 Cars, Copter, Pepper Spray)...

Yes or No. America is too obsessed with finding out what killed people and with

13 people homeless (luckily none dead) because 2 teens were setting off fireworks on St.Paul porch

I'm told we can't afford universal health care. I call bullshit on that!

Egypt Mummy Has Sex Changed


Bernie Madoff Apologists...... Check In !

What I would tell Edwards if I knew him well...

You guys may have seen this already: Video of "Stand by Me" made with American and Iranian musicians

Honduras Coup: According to the website School of The Americas Watch the general

"Troy Davis - safe at least until September!"

12 Year Old Bullrider killed by bull at rodeo Colorado

Father arrested for using website to name and shame 'bullies' he claims attacked his son

Now THIS is the change I voted for:

Waxman: Republicans 'rooting against the world'

U.S. support for dictactors

The Death Penalty: For or Against?

National HealthCare Co-opted By A Co-Op: That's The Rug You Feel Being Pulled From Under Your Feet.

Support Dan Choi - His trial comes up tomorrow, he could use some more help.

Bill titles rankle NC Republicans

FOX News has devolved into direct response marketing during Glenn Beck. BIG RED FLASHING 'CALL NOW!'

Lynndie England, 2009 "Haunted" Edition: "I don't have a social life ... I sit at home all day"

Michael Jackson's Will Found

$2.775 billion in US aid supports Israeli nuclear weapons program

I 'm starting with the man

WSJ Calls Charlie Crist "the Republican Barney Frank"

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Hand job derivatives...

This Level of Stupid Drives Me CRAZY!!!

Lobbying = Legalized Bribery

Chuckie Todd running and ruining Hardball...

Rush Limbaugh "Saving the Soul of America"

Ousted Honduran leader to return

You know the worst part of the Sanford mess

You know the worst part of the Sanford mess

Obama and the Dems are just "daring" us to "push" them on health care.

If There Is No Public Health Option Will You Still Vote Democrat?

Question about the 1988 Presidential campaign, Douche Sr., and civil rights...


Car chases should be outlawed!

just a purty somebody sent me

First Fort Worth, Now San Diego... Stonewall Version 2.0 Again ???

Why Dennis Kucinich Opposed Watered-Down Global Warming Legislation

Stimulus money boosts health clinics serving poor

From the "Can't Win for Losing" file: DC Metro Red line train kills man on tracks

Bush DOJ Hunted for Democrats, Panel Finds (309 Indictments: 262 Dems, 37 Repubs, 10 Independents)

Swedish parents keep 2-year-old's gender secret

Top Tennis player blames shocking loss on "women's problems!"

It Could Be Another YEAR Before Franken Is Seated

Report: 85 percent of indicted locally elected officials under the Bush administration were Dems

Report: 85 percent of indicted locally elected officials under the Bush administration were Dems

The Iran/Pakistan Pipeline Deal IS A Big Deal. What will be our response?

Dan Choi goes on trial in 18 hours. They're about 10,000 shy of the 100,000 signatures he wants to

47,000 senior falls in U.S. tied to walkers, canes

47,000 senior falls in U.S. tied to walkers, canes

So is Affirmative Action now dead?

The Upper Middle Class is Preventing Single Payer – Not the Way You Think

Doctor tried to find working phone for 30 minutes while Michael Jackson was dying, lawyer says

If the two-party system won't sit down at the table and WORK IT OUT

Honduras and the center right split brain syndrome

Obama Is Breaking Another Promise

$100K a year, and still in serious trouble from health care problems

Generic GOP scandal checklist:

The Velvet Revolution US and Accountability For Torture

News Quiz: What happened in Honduras?

Justices Refuse To Hear Case Over Protests At Soldiers' Funerals (Westboro Baptist)

Would you attend a wedding if the bride and groom opposed gay marriages?

Revisited: Coup in Haiti

The Young accusations are going to the quality mainstream newspapers -NYT and WP

Joe Jackson is the Scum of the Earth

Do you like your job, if you're lucky enough to have one?

Do you like your job, if you're lucky enough to have one?

Natalie Portman NOT dead!

Does anyone have MSNBC in HD?

Ignorance and Greed are powerful allies

Fein: Obama 'shuts his eyes' to 'open confessions' of Bush-era war crimes

Top Torture Lawyers Still in Government

A public service announcement from the truckers of America

A public service announcement from the truckers of America

My mother refused to put her dog to sleep and it scares the sh*t out of me (please read).

CA can save $1 billion over 5 years by commuting death sentence of 682 to life w/o parole.

I smell bitter disappointment for the RW re: Honduras.

Dianne Feinstein: Criticism From Left On Health Care “Doesn’t Move Me One Whit”

Honduras, Zelaya and a chance for Obama to reveal his true colors.

if you were to replace 5 Democratic Senators

Justice Ginsburg and Justice Alito had a little tiff over Ricci.

Polywell Proton Boron fusion reactor approved

US funds Polywell Fusion as ITER bogs down

Hey fellow Leftists, what are you reading this summer?

This Modern World Healthcare reform: Here we go again! By Tom Tomorrow

What do do? Can't find a doctor!

Huge victory for equal rights, labor rights, and justice

Urban farming movement 'like a revolution' (CNN)

I'm surprised how much I like The Ed Show

Dwele - Holla

Love the Foo Fighters, love the song.

Just saw Penham 123. Pretty professional work all around. I'd give it

Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy (Live)

Corner Of The Earth (Good Night)

Billy Mays is yelling on tv right now.

Real or...?

I'm watching WBME on cable right now...

The Portsmouth Sinfonia - The Hallelujah Chorus

The Portsmouth Sinfonia - The Hallelujah Chorus

Florence Foster Jenkins - Murder on the High C's

Michael Jackson Acapella songs

Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand In Hi-Fi

And now for something different

I am watching To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar on Youtube.

Psycho and the Birds

Bucks in a Box

Is Britney Spears dead or not? Some people yesterday said she was dead but others thought she

Who Is The Best At Selling Worthless Crap?

Anyone heard of rifftrax?

YouTube: Fred Flintsone & Barney Rubble in the Joe Pesci "head in a vise" scene from "Casino"

Woohoo just bought 30.00 of roman candles for the 4th!!

"Don't cry for me, Appalachia / The truth is I never hiked you..."

Took Tom Cruise with The Family to Portage Glacier (pic heavy)

Good morning Lounge

My entire body is sore at the moment.

Do you need discount meds or know somebody that does?

Please Explain the Celeb Obsession to me

Poll question: Do you Cousin It in the lounge?

Placebo - the group, not the fake drug

Men: How do you feel when women check out your 'package'?

PORPOISES: How do you feel when a shark comments on your dorsal fin?

The It is better than the Nip.

Alex's Meat

Librarians: How do you feel when people check out your 'books?'

I used to think the Oak Ridge Boys were singing 'Hellfire Up'

Another job I didn't get...

Is this a buzzard?

"Instead" by Madeleine Peyroux, my current earworm. Yours?

BREAKING: Ron Popeil IS not DEAD

Let's talk ML Baseball...past vs present...

Winner of the ugliest dog contest

cute overload...sleepy boxer puppies

Three Minutes to Fort Totten - WaPo re: Metro Crash. A moving article.

Men: How do you feel when boobs check out your women?

Men: How do you feel when boobs check out your women?

Any fans of the singer Hanne Hukkelberg?

Headlines in Brazil, June 29:

Jesus Christ in a Kit Kat bar!


What's on your party playlist?

Father's, Daughters, Aquariums and VISA = very cool commercial

I never got to see Billy Mays dip his beard in Oxyclean solution.

MST3K Fans: The scoop on the upcoming (July 7) "Mystery Science Theater 3000: XV" DVD set

I just tipped the scales at 198.4

In Kirk Douglas's defense, Catherine Zeta-Jones' breasts were staring at him first

Guys, how do you feel when other guys are checkining out yours wife's or girlfriend's boobs.

Actual Superheroes. Many of them serious.

Took a Cruise with The Family to Portage Glacier (pic heavy)

A Polywell fusion primer. Disrupt this technology.

Check in if you've seen any of the bands that played Woodstock....

Attn: July birthdays and anniversaries!!

It's going to feel strange, going to work today

Wow - just watched a chipmunk attack and run off with a baby wren.

Can someone explain the function of placemats?

Hi everybody! Just a friendly greeting...

So I visited New England for the first time

Funny craigslist post re: unknown fruit

Just to show how strange I am...

My 6-Year Old Doesn't Have A Middle Name

Interesting Michael Jackson YouTube, insight into his creative process:

No good deed goes unpunished #26: A former client of mine and her husband invited a 19 year old

A real story about fake boobs

Obama's stimulus plan is gonna make me drink a lot of liquor,....

Three Forks

RIP Fred Travalena

ABS - worth it?

I feel like chopping all my hair off.

Why are there school?

Ha ha! Just came across this hilarious thread from 2005 that I started.

cyborg chicken is here

What inane thread should I post?

Will the world spin off its axis if 24 hours goes by without one of the 3 cats or dog puking?

The Bachelorette

Monday, June 29th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

LIstening to Chicago god they are good and musically talented

Caption this photo

Apparently Joe Jackson has done something I never thought possible...

My friend is having a baby! But she's having issues with an item...

The word of the day is "chicken boobs". Replace any word in a thread title with "chicken boobs".

I had cortisone injections in both knees today and now I am having

Do you fester in the lounge?

Request for famous Lounge vibes.

Dylan tunes that were NAILED by someone else!

Seriously, no matter how gifted your child is let them have a childhood

YouTube: The CLASSIC Iggy Pop & Tom Waits segment from Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee & Cigarettes"

Unruly abdomen??

I am a bad person

Anyone remember a GOPer admitting to beastiality on CNN?

For entertainment this evening, I think I'll deconstruct my entire life.

Terminator V - Rise of the Clocks

Game over, over...Neil Young and McCartney together from last night

Is there a special list somewhere of topics that are now

Time to play the Wikipedia game again

True Blood fans check in **** Spoilers ****

As these things happen in threes, who will be next?

GUYS: How do you feel when a women comments on your brain?

Day 1 of barn raising

What is your favorite piece of chicken?

What's the best bargain you've ever found at a garage sale or thrift store?

What 21st Century Invention or Discovery Will Most Change the World?

Who can recite the Preamble to the United States Constitution?

OK DUers - it's time to fess up

Save your stuff...The Antique Roadshow has a one million dollar find

Am I the only one who keeps getting confused every time I see the name "Joe Jackson" in the media?

Jackson Michael.

Who Would Get Your Vote As The "Greatest Person To Ever Walk the Planet"?

REAL MEN: How do you feel when women check out your 'mancannon'?

Last week I was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder and generalized anxiety disorder

We got thunder and lighting, maybe rain.


Vincent D'Onofrio seems to be going for the Orson Welles look.

Monday kitten picture

Ya want to know what I really hate....

Narwhals, How do you feel when other whales are checking out your tusk.

Stuff that just disappears. You know--

I used to think ________________ was spelled ________________.

When she said "nice sack", I thought she meant how I arranged my balls on the pool table. My boots?

Abe Vigoda or Keith Richards


I am planning a romantic evening for hubby tonight

I went on a book buying binge yesterday and here's my list. Any other suggestions?

GUYS: How do you feel when a women comments on your ass?

Speaking of boobs,

If there is a God, a merciful God, a loving God, a forgiving God, is Hitler in heaven?

Women: How do you feel when women check out your boobs?

If I Could Change One Thing I've Done In My Life, I Would...


Talked to the vet today

If you could have 50lbs of anything, what would it be?

Theme from "Sanford" (Shaft parody)

Rough night tonight.

What about this Sirius stuff?

Optical Illusion (blind spot)

When she said "nice rack", I thought she meant how I arranged the balls on the pool table. My boobs?

Pic thread!!!!! Post a pic of your pantry!!!!!

Why do men have nipples?

"Tiny penis" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "tiny penis".

Antiques Roadshow..a one million dollar apprasial...

Just Came Back. Anyone Wanna Tell Me The Events Of My Thread?

What is your superpower?

Just poured a LARGE cool, refreshing

Best Movie Monster

Songs that would have been better without lyrics. Post 'em here.

Some Pride Pictures

Disney Dining recommendations wanted

What is the best and worst city in your state.

It took me 7 years..but I broke 10,000 posts..

How about a random photo thread - post 'em if you've got 'em

Did you ever own a car that you loved but everyone else laughed at?

Iran 'frees (5 out of 9) British embassy staff'

A Plan to Stem Foreclosures, Buried in a Paper Avalanche

Pope: Scientific analysis done on St. Paul's bones

Income-based repayment of federal student loans widened

Influential Iranian cleric (Rafsanjani): Vote fallout a 'tangled mess'

Abu Ghraib scandal haunts W.Va. reservist

Janet Jackson makes emotional speech at BET Awards about fallen brother Michael Jackson

Gay groups back federal challenge to marriage ban

Gay groups back federal challenge to marriage ban

Karzai: Afghan guards employed by US killed police

Madoff's day of reckoning

Heavy military presence seen in Honduras

Madoff gets 150 years

Chinese President Hu to attend G8 meeting in Italy, along with other developing nations

Liberty Rally: TN Teabaggers Unite Today at Noon at Legislative Plaza

Ricci reversed, 5-4

Iraq's VP Hashemi to boycott oil tenders

India says fired at from Pakistan side, 1 killed

Ahmadinejad: Neda's death is 'suspicious'

Honduran army cuts media after military coup

Hondurans in South Florida express support for shake-up

Vancouver rock idol Terry Black dies at 60

Fireworks over Baghdad as Iraqis take over cities

Jackson's mother files for custody of his three kids

Sen. Tester's mother dies

Bernard Madoff is sentenced to 150 years in prison for multibillion-dollar fraud scheme.

Not Another....Impressionist, Vegas headliner Fred Travalena dies

Justices delay decision on Georgia death row inmate’s appeal (Troy Davis)

EPA May Have Suppressed Report Skeptical Of Global Warming

It’s Now Legal to Catch a Raindrop in Colorado

India faith leaders: Anti-gay law must stay

Khmer Rouge survivor testifies

Cheney fears Iraq withdrawal will 'waste' U.S. sacrifices

Deadly pneumonia in swine-flu outbreak hit young hard

In Afghanistan, crackdown hurts Iran's once-sterling image

Survey: Heavy layoffs to continue

Iraqis rejoice as U.S. troops leave Baghdad

Conyers quits in wake of guilty plea

JPMorgan Tightens Grip on Equity Sales by Selling Own Shares

Obama to host reception for LGBT community

Supreme Court rejects Sept. 11 victims' bid to hold Saudi Arabia, princes liable for attacks

States Win in Supreme Surprise

(Col.) Wilkerson says DADT ‘should be repealed’ immediately.


First on the CNN Ticker: Calls mount for Sanford to step down

Ousted President, Replacement Duel For Honduras

Sanford: I will not resign from office

(California city) El Monte considers bankruptcy

Justices refuse to hear case over protests at soldier funerals

Viareggio Train Station: Collision in Italy

Obama Picks Camp David Church -- Not a D.C. Congregation

McCain: 'Unions are running a lot of this administration'

Partial recount said to confirm Ahmadinejad as victor in Iran

U.S. Interior Dept designates solar energy zones

Hartmarx workers declare victory (4,000 jobs saved)

Police charge against those in favor of Zelaya in Tegucigalpa (translated from Spanish)

Honduran Military Reportedly Assassinated Leftist Presidential Candidate

Jackson's mother awarded guardianship of his children

TV pitchman Billy Mays had heart disease, coroner says

Swine flu 'shows drug resistance'

Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation

Yemen jet crashes in Indian Ocean

Candidate to confront deputies over raid

Obama: Honduran coup 'not legal'

Swiss Banks Shun Americans as U.S. Compels Disclosure

Car park 'collapses' in US city

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora calls for U.S. Justice Department to investigate

Top CIA lawyers to face legal complaints related to torture of detainees

Oregon Passes Hemp Bill (46 to 11)

For modest earners, relief repaying student loans

Study finds widening generation gap in US

Court rules for white firefighters over promotions

Crowd Chant "Death to the Dictator" at Large Protest in Kermanshah City, Western Iran (06/27/09)

Dramatic Michele Bachmann

Auto-Tune the News # 4

Day Of Reckoning For Madoff - Bloomberg

The Week In Cartoons 06/28

Time Capsule: "The Dark Knight and Ron Paul"

Philippines Prison's Michael Jackson Tribute (VIDEO)

Peggy 'Magic Dolphins' Nooners sez GOP just needs to go to confession more

Republicans Lie, Cheat, & Steal

Glenn 'Cuckoo's Nest' Beck plays w/ turtles & their urine, denounces government

Brent Scowcroft responds to reports of Christian missionaries embedding with US troops

Golpe de estado Honduras ¿Se repetirá la historia?

AJ English: The United States' top commander in Mosul warns against the withdrawal of troops

Janet Jackson speaking about her brother at the 09 BET awards

VR Press Conference - Bar Complaints against Torture Lawyers - Part One

President Obama Promotes Energy Efficiency That Will Save Americans Billions Of Dollars Per Year

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa on Democracy Now 6/29/2009 1 of 3

Obama On Don't Ask Don't Tell & Lt. Dan Choi

Sanford Says He Understands Calls for Resignation, Quotes Bible, Says His Part Is To Do Humble Walk

Lawyer Files Bar Complaints Against Torture Lawyers

A Presidential RickRoll

Sebelius Indicates Willingness To Compromise On Public Plan, Offers Support For Co-Op Proposal

A Poem for Neda Agha-Soltan (Elections and Protest in Iran): By Dr. Rafey Habib

TYT: Kid Pundits On Fox News---Is One The Future O'Reilly?

Lt. Col. Fehrenbach meets Obama.....still losing job and pension after 18 years.

ANIMATION:The Asterisk President by Ted Rall

Oklahoma Rep. blames sinners for recession, not bankers

Hey Joe Lieberman! The REAL Reason You're Against the Public Option?

TYT: NRA Says We Should Give Guns To Terrorists!

Michael Jackson's POLITICAL Videos - Heal the World / Earth Song / We Are the World

TPMTV: "No bright lines in the sand" on the public option in health care.

Insurance Company Schemes

Honduran military ousts president in coup

Communist Party USA Statement on Honduras Crisis

Honduras, a simple case of is you is or is you aint (David Seaton | TPM)

Hendrik Hertzberg: Stonewall Plus Forty

Got Health Insurance? Fighting for a Public Option Might Just Get You a Raise!

Non Sequitur-from the Sunday funnies

Abu Ghraib scandal haunts W.Va. reservist

The Truth Alone Will Not Set You Free

Call It Obstructionism

Watch your back: The H1N1 flu epidemic is not the world's only disease threat.

MUST READ: When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally, truth was a casualty

From Bolivia to Honduras ..Coups and Constitutions

"Republican Treason" Betraying the Planet - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Three Minutes to Fort Totten - WaPo re: Metro Crash

Health-Care Market Characterized By Consolidation, Not Competition

The Nation: Obama's Stonewall

The Man in the Mirror (James Howard Kunstler)

Obamas upcoming hush-hush damage control meeting with LGBTQ leaders

Beware God's Messenger in the Fancy Suit When You Pray -- This is good.

A Confused Rush Limbaugh Laments the Loss of TV Pitchman Billy Mays

Washington Times editorial on Sanford last Friday

President Obama, don’t listen to the A.M.A. listen to your own doctor

Eli Lake: Persian Puzzlement -What our spies don't know.

Guardian UK: To save California, legalise pot

Chris Hedges: The Truth Alone Will Not Set You Free

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 367

Obama: The quickly failing president

Foreign-worker laws limit pay cuts at tech firms

América Held Hostage: Day Two of the Coup in Honduras

China makes most faulty U.S. goods, but penalties are rare

Bush, Obama Separated at Birth on State Secrets

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Time to End False Bipartisanship

Tom Friedman, Wrong Again About Invention

It could be YOU,

Iraq over optimistic on oil, output to fall -IEA

DrumBeat: June 29, 2009

Iran-Pakistan Pipeline: Iran's New Economic Lifeline

It’s Now Legal to Catch a Raindrop in Colorado

Japan to Issue Solicitiation for Development of Microwave-Based Space Solar Power System

3 Polywell Fusion Diaries

Oregon Legislature bans field burning

EPA list shows dangerous coal ash sites found in 10 states-is your state one of them?

Increasing dust speeds melting of mountain snow

The Oil Intensity of Food

The role of Elliott Waves in oil prices

Help with Clean Energy Bill

VEN FM Maduro: LatAm has to guarantee defeat of coup in Honduras (hard-hitting statement)

US Officials had Contact with Honduran Military Before Coup

NARCO NEWS: Resistance and Repression in Honduras - incredible PHOTOS

Communist Party USA Statement on Honduras Crisis

Eva's Updates:NYT Confirms that US Knew Coup was Coming & Worked with Coup Planners

School of Americas graduate is coup leader

Who is John Negroponte and How Did He Hook Up the Honduran Military

Honduran military ousts president in coup (WSWS editorial)

Honduras Amb says Honduran media part of the coup (video)

Cuba Condemns Honduras Coup


WSJ: "Coup Rocks Honduras"

Cuba News Ag. Honduras - ALBA, Solidarity w/Journalists,Honduran Students in Cuba

The key to understanding what's going on in Honduras

Chavez, Leftist Latin American Leaders Back Zelaya

EVA'S UPDATE: MIAMI HERALD - "Hondurans in South Florida Express Support for Shake-Up"

Honduran FM, Patricia Rodas, on her way to Managua to Join ALBA meeting

Honduran Human Rights Activist: We're still occupied by the United States

Brazil's Lula calls for Zelaya return in Honduras

Two Latin American Protests Today, Mon., June 29

(HRW) Honduras: Military Coup a Blow to Democracy

Washington Post: Zelaya: "I'm only here in office thanks to the US"

Telesur TV: Golpistas Issue Order for Capture of Members of

Chavez: "in coming hours, some actors could try to abate the situation in Honduras"


"Micheleti, you are not my President" - The People

Spanish speakers... Is this a good video?

Coincidence?: U.S. Air Force Teams Participate in Honduran Air Show (June 26, 2009)

Some guy on twitter is saying that the Honduras Constitution....

On the way to the Honduran protest -- back later

*** Resource Guide to the Coup in Honduras ***

HONDURAS: One Dead and Two Wounded in Demonstrations

A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras - By Jeremy Scahill

Mass Murderer Uribe is in Washington.. His AGENDA.......

Honduras Protest and a little on the Colombia Protest in DC Today

Obama dice a Uribe que no se reelija

Radio Globo in Tegucigalpa is back on the air

CHAVEZ Calls for Continent-Wide Protests against Honduran Coup

Old Honduran Coup on a Different Stage - "every April 11th has its April 13th"

HUFFPOST: Obama Has Power & Responsibility to Help Restore Democracy in Honduras

Finally got back on Telesur TV -they are covering the meeting

JR: "Micheletti: The Fascist Had a Bad Dream"

Cuba News Agency: "Honduran Military Ready to Crush Demonstrations

TELESUR Journalists Detained in Honduras and Just Released After Mass Int'l. Pressure

VIDEO: Military Truck Runs over Zelaya Supporter KillIing Him

Day 2: Coup in Honduras (Eva Golinger)

Narconews issues retraction. Congressman Cesar Ham not dead!

La Jornada-David Brooks

Is this source any good? Says a battalion has risen against coup gov.

OKAY, SPANISH READERS, this is for you: USAID Involvement in Honduran Coup (SP)

Cleaning Up the Mess at Guantanamo

Police charge against those in favor of Zelaya in Tegucigalpa

Photos of opposition to coup, from El Pais

Politico on Big Ed said Snowe (Maine) is working w/ Schumer - public option as a "fallback" plan!

Must "representative" democracy be the only valid type?

Wasn't this the day the birthers were saying they would make presentments, and that an "event"....


Why the President is unwilling to halt DADT suspensions...

Obama's Torture Hypocrisy

PHOTO Caption it?

Renowned Doctor Says Reform Must "Cut Costs"

High Court Rules for White Firefighters

Watching Chuck Todd Today was like watching the Reincarnation

I liked Obama's speech on GLBT issues and I am feeling a little better about him on this subject.

Presidential Secret Service Codenames

Does anyone know what the costs to the government and taxpayers will be if we do not do anything?

Iraqis jubilantly celebrate U.S. troop withdrawal.

Obama is doing a terrific job


U.S. Transportation Secretary to visit Portland to see streetcar, boost 'sustainable communities'

Cheney opens his manhole cover and spews nonsense again: Iraq withdrawal will "waste" US sacrifices.

White House to Host Online Town Hall on Health Care Reform Wednesday 7/1

PHOTOS Iraq (June 29)

Video of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on European reconnaissance mission re High-Speed rail

Lindsey Graham: the GOP's next Great White Hope? The Washington Post thinks so.

Public Opinion Snapshot: Why the Public Supports a Public Plan

Supreme Court reconsiders McCain-Feingold

This whole Health Care plan is a FAILURE without a public option!!!


Thread to support President Obama's call for the restoration of the rightful Honduran government

The pre-emptive circular firing squad strawman

Family Research Council launches campaign to boot Kevin Jennings from Dept of Ed.

PHOTOS A Busy Day (June 29)

President Obama and First Lady host Reception for LGBT Pride Month

The "All or Nothings" versus the "Better than Nothings": A Battle Between The Sneetches

Honolulu Star-Bulletin refuses to run WorldNutDaily’s ‘birther’ ad attack against Obama.

Poll-President Obama scores highest marks in global confidence

Barack Obama campaign claims two top prizes at Cannes Lion ad awards

"Gay Lt. Col to be in uniform at WH ceremony today"

Sebelius Indicates Willingness To Compromise On Public Plan, Offers Support For Co-Op Proposal

The Elephant in the Room: Israel's Nuclear Weapons

Would you vote for Barack Hussein Obama or Lee L. Mercer Jr. in the 2012 primary?

New White House messenger? Ashton Kutcher

Obama hosts LGBT event

CA-Gov: Brown Beating Newsom; Foy May Get In

Dems warn GOP not to overreach in health care

Private health insurance companies could have CHOSEN long ago to be ethical companies who:

White House thinks staying DADT will release pressure on Congress to pass legislation repealing it.

If a bank wants to racially discriminate, can states do anything about it?

Obamas pick a church

Obama Approval Stays High

The Establishment view of Obama's civil liberties record by Glenn Greenwald

The GOP = EARWORMs.....they have become an ache, an itch...always saying the SAME SHIT....its BORING

The GOP, the Media, Obama and Iran... This is the truth!

“Welcome to your White House”


Time for Iron Man---and WILL

Obama, They Want You to Fail

White House takes your questions about Health Care Reform (LIVE!!!)

Analysis: Obama scores major victory on climate (AP)

Health care vs. sick care--- By Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders

Great political FAUX Snooze LOL!

Urgent: Another So-Called Food Safety Bill That Must Be Stopped At All Costs‏

Obama: Honduran Ouster Was "Not Legal"

Maybe the Republicans would be more cooperative if healthcare program had a pubic option

Time to End False Bipartisanship by Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation

Specter: Ricci Decision Shows Sotomayor Is Mainstream

White House: Court ruling shows nominee not biased

Clubbing Crist

New CNN poll, Obama remains steady at 61% approval.

Sick Around the World, the book, a reminder of what Washington wants to forget

"Admin moves to reverse ban on HIV positive individuals entering country"

'Court Fails to Decide on Anti-Hillary Clinton Movie' (Washington Post)

Finally CNN Gets Wise To What The Repugs Have Been Doing The Last 8 Years......

'Stonewall Plus Forty' (New Yorker)

Will the ConservaDems obstruction hurt the party, or just them, in 2010/2012

Independents Stay With Obama on Key Issues

VIDEO Paul Krugman v John B. Taylor on origins of the financial crisis and health care plan

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of gov't.(M.Palin for Pres

Obama Admin Working to Restore President of Honduras

MUST WATCH: Krugman Debates Stimulus, Health Care With Conservative Economist


Honduran Congressman Cesar Ham murdered by rightwing coup?

Anyone heard about Telesur TV folks in Honduras being detained?

What I saw today in San Pedro Sula

BoRev: the text of the actual ballot question

HONDURAS: "The CIA Coup You Aren't Supposed to Notice"

Pres. Zelaya Announces He Will Return to Honduras on THURSDAY

Joey Logano youngest Cup race winner in history

Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra.

Nice effort by the Chokers last night

Lincecum throws complete game 2 hitter!!..Giants stroll past Cards 10-0

Chris Evert says that the noise level in women's tennis, specifically the "grunting" is out of hand.

BREAKING-- Cleveland Indians pronounced dead

N.Y. Mets fall to an absolutely humiliating one game below .500

Showdown at Chavez Ravine

American soccer- lack of talent

Today in Labor History June 29 UAW won its first contract at Caterpillar Company & IWW info

Wisconsin Academics Get Expansive Bargaining Bill (collective bargaining rights to more than 20,000)

103 Students Set to Graduate from National Labor College

Workers shocked in job accident

Slow going on Labor Dept nominations (compare to Bush timeline!)

Unions’ Health Benefits May Avoid Tax Under Proposal

Ludlow Massacre Site Dedicated as National Landmark (about damn time)

Separate Shootings Leave 2 Dead, 1 Injured in Newark

Slayings Shock Axton Neighborhood

No gun control here!

Remember the case of the child who accidentally shot himself at full auto shoot

Arizona Moves To Allow Concealed Gun In Bars

With so many CONs against...

I pay, I pay, but I don't get to play!

Man, woman both wounded while trying out their new gun

Time to End False Bipartisanship (on healthcare) by Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation

Is it time for a citizen boycott of health care?

To all 2nd amendment dems...Do you support the NRA?

Interview: Journalist files suit alleging H1N1 ‘swine flu’ a hoax to sell vaccines (Kathlyn Stone)

Excerpt: Howard Dean’s Prescription for REAL Health Care Reform

Help MOVE "Marie Antoinette" Feinstein

Anti-Health Care Reform shit site....

"Canadian socialized medicine sends baby to US for care"

An Open Letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Why do people think that gun control will lower the suicide rate?

What would "move" Feinstein?

What if a tax on benefits led to a robust public plan? Would you support it?

Gun deaths- 29k, alchohol deaths 85k, tobacco deaths 435k

Hamas popularity falls among Palestinians - poll

Jon and Kate Plus Health Care

Free Gaza boat departs Cyprus for Strip

Did Israel And Bush Admin Have "Understanding" On Settlements? Even Bushies Say No.

Israel land expropriation plan angers Palestinians

Quest for Mideast peace drives camp in 17th season

Does Israel Mistreat Palestinian Child Prisoners? Groups claim ill-treatment and beatings

Israel to swap West bank outpost for new units

Gaza: 1.5 million people trapped in despair (ICRC Report)

TIME: Does Israel Mistreat Palestinian Child Prisoners?

Stragglers to the contest - Varied Strangers I ran across in Pisgah Forest NC

Bleeding hearts

Camera Recommendation?

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part VIII (Nooksack Falls)

What will become the 'new normal' for central banks?


Unused Fed Umbrella Powers Set to Expand

Just got invested in the company's 401(k)

Anybody here know what's going on with GM bankruptcy court proceedings?

India's gays prepare to join the rainbow nation

Gay groups back federal challenge to marriage ban

Gay marriage stalls as RI lawmakers wrap up

White House Stonewall Reception to Be Streamed Live Today

Gay Pride posters defaced at Dept. of Labor

Seattle Pride 2009 (Dial up warning ~ Lots of pics)

On The Couch

Pride Pics in NYC: mostly of south asians

Politics getting in way of Pride

Indian gay rights march calls to legalize gay sex

Radar lets NASA see beneath surface of earthquake faults

"For modest earners, relief repaying student loans"

Noetic Science Institute

Come on. Are you going to tell me this wasn't a messenger?

Top Five Astro-Events for July

"The Music Instinct"

Genetics don't make us sick!

Awesome image. Watch it for a few seconds....

What the heck is going ON...?!? PC, any words of comfort?

Animal Totems/Guides

Stonewall Remarks, Brian Bond blog


Religionism is Bad for The Moral Fabric of Society. Is it time to bring back the lions?

So I'm watching banned from the Bible on the History Channel....

Planes, trains and apples and oranges

Cutting through the propaganda

FYI - Streaming All Networks 9/11 All Day

Several aeronautical engineers confirm impossible speed for "UA 175"

This seems a bit mismatched to me...

Lamar Smith draws Democratic challenger

Mother Egan's is leaving...

Did Ayn Rand say there's a major difference between a moral judgment and a judgment about music?

The Sky has fallen

joe Jackson is on CNN again, pimping his record company

Hughie Segal stands on guard for Cdn healthcare

New evidence prompts calls for greater scrutiny of CSIS