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IRAN: We thwarted election day bomb plot linked to Israel


On A Potential War With And Propaganda About Iran

Google Translate has just added Farsi to English to it's language list option

7 million US high tech workers have been replaced since 1989


Grab the tissues and shed a tear for Patchy (kitty hero)

.Judge to review Cheney interview in CIA leak case

How can the democrats support healthcare bipartisanship in this political climate

Top 10 Worst Prosecutors In The United States 2008

Ok, I have been letting my mind wander on this Sen. Ensign thing while

Fall Dog Bombs the Moon (Bowie song, but as per usual, he was ahead of his time...)

It will be nice when one day we are watching protests that will take down the government not in

Teh stoopid and teh nasty are interbreeding again.

I've been gone all day...what happened in the MN SC?

Watch how Faux News edits a youtube video

India Inc created 3,00,000 jobs in US: Study

Clinton is too cozy with Indian H1/L1 visa abusers


This is why we can't have nice things.

I. .F. Stone, dead 10 years, a tribute on Democracy Now! If the name is unfamiliar

Obama will disappoint me....

Did Tom Dachle sell out?

Factional struggle deepens within Iranian ruling elite

When We Talk About Health Care, We're Forgetting One Important Group: The Already Insured

Phil Ochs: One of the Greatest

New poll says 58% are worried about the deficit

Gibbons won't speculate on Ensign's future

After Living Through The Last 8.5 years...

Not quite sure what to make of this...North Korean assassination plot?

Demand Hate Crimes Legislation

Did anyone watch John Stewart debate Mike Huckabee tonight?

While The Economy Crashes And burns, Bush Loyalists Are Making A Killing

Human Resources is now "Human Capital"

Should certain industries be non-profit? For starters, health, finance, 'defence'...

France offers the United Arab Emirates nuclear protection

Ayatollah Khamenei speaking on CNN right now

We need a congressional re bribe fund.

We need a congressional re bribe fund.

Asia Times: Welcome to the G-8 world of illusion

Abe, Jack, Martin and Bobby.

Google translates Persian

A Big Brother World

A Big Brother World

Health Care Rationing Rhetoric Overlooks Reality

The Republicans in 2000 DEMANDED the World stay out of their theft of the Presidency

Just remember, when in doubt, it's ALL GM's fault

Sheldon Whitehouse coming up next on Morning Joe

Is this the same PUMA Harriet Christian?

Iran's Supreme Leader Warns of Protest Crackdown

"Study tips scales the other way, overweight people live longer"

[This Week's Guests] Real Time With Bill Maher

An Obama "scandal" as phony as Whitewater

Question re WJ this mornng - this Mary Carey from Kaiser News

If The Health Care Public Insurance Option Dies, Howard Dean Will...

The Health Care Debate, or Too Little, Too Late

Iran's top leader warns of crack down- my respect to the Iranian people

Iran's top leader warns of crack down- my respect to the Iranian people

A "poll"is nothing but a snapshot in time...

Here is a list of suspected government and police/security twitter i.d.'s:

NYT Profile: Couple’s Capital Ties Said to Veil Spying for Cuba

Don't you love when millionaires like Mika and Joe say that the US can't AFFORD healthcare for YOU?!

Being a politician should be an arduous task...

This Video Will Piss You Off and Break Your Heart

Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Marcy Winograd - Single-Payer advocate, please sign up for action!

We need to start with a non-binding resolution on health care reform

"Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and non-believers."

There are 2 cable-TV boxes on the hall table by the door. Dr. Dean was right; Media monopolies

Supreme Court rules no constitutional right to DNA testing that might prove innocence

Rachel Maddow just shone on Charlie Rose last night!

Who said they "will not be alone in a car with a woman" to avoid misperceptions?

Fraud did take place in the 2008 election—conducted for, and paid for by, the Republican Party

Child porn was found on Von Brunn's computer...

Got $378,000 for health costs in retirement? You may need it

Police stop and search innocent (white) people to balance race figures, terror watchdog says

Steele fearmongers on health care reform, warns of ‘health police’ who will enforce yearly physicals

I can haz Pete Hoekstra

I can haz Pete Hoekstra

2X4 for Max Baucus?

Spartanburg (SC) school sued for credit for religious class

Glenn Greenwald: Persecution of the Right and the Washington Post Op-Ed page

Anyone have more info about the weird 138 Billion Bond Smuggling caper?

Lt. Dan Choi: "We were not trained to lie."

The Rude Pundit - The Osborne Decision: You Don't Want to Inconvenience Alaska, Do You?

Michael Steele warns of government "Health Police" under a public health plan

Prison-trained puppies help wounded troops

Prison-trained puppies help wounded troops

riddle me this: how does ADDING more buyers to the health insurance pool LOWER prices?

The John Ensign Affair and the Stench of GOP Hypocrisy

Rush Limbaugh Karaoke

Ayatollah Khamenei: "I am following you all on Twitter."

If "Democrats" won't listen to us on Health Care - what WILL they listen to us about?

Ray McGovern on Illness and Health

Remember when Dana Rohrabacher and his Rethug friends were 'paling around with the Taliban?

Is El Baradei's 'gut feeling' the same as Bush's?

Anyone watching Steve King on the House floor

Rangers name after suite George W. Bush .... bush's greatest hits

"One trillion dollars over ten years"

Nuke "non-event" in Vermont...

Will The Unrest In Iran Stop Now That Their Supreme Leader Spoke Out ......

I have never seen so much rage..

Scotus scores, an Ideological history of the supreme court.

Major theme: Money, money and more money buys influence

Michael Steele calls preventive care a "health police" conspiracy

Vague info about N Korea missile aimed at Hawaii

Who are these guys???

Swiss Tax Deal To Help Cut Tax Evasion

World hunger reaches the 1 billion people mark

Nuclear funds hit with losses

Poll and comments on MSN home page: Would you go to (UG)

Healh care effort stumbles at starting line

the complete nuke plant event report

The HMO Bureaucrat vs. The Government Healthcare Bureaucrat

BlackBerry Saves Kidnapped Woman

Rove: Obama "willing to go sit down with Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il" but not O'Reilly or Hannity

Source: Reportedly unanimous U.S. Senate election-Supreme Court decision under “gang edit” now

McMenacing? Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun At McD's Slow Drive Through Service

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Hal Turner charged w/ inciting violence, told followers to kill people


Are you surprised that Iran's Supreme Leader affirmed the election results?

Billionaire banker in 'FBI custody'

Wilkins Coffee ad as metaphor for US foreign policy

Little George, Still Rubbing Heads ---pix--->

Dems Outraise Repugs in May

Unemployment Exceeds 10% in Quarter of U.S. States, Threatening Recovery

There should be a model for health care like the social security

I do not understand how this Dem health care plan helps me, or millions of others.

Inhofe refuses to meet with Sotomayor

Springsteen's Intro of Pete Seeger at the 90th Birthday Celebration . . .

Huff Post: Latest Sell-Out: Dems Moving to Gut Chemical Security Bill, Risking 100 Million Lives

No Patient Left Behind

Massive Report Details Midwestern Climate Change Impact

U.S. strikes deal with Swiss to crack down on tax evaders

Closing the Farm to Plate Knowledge Gap: Farming and the "black box" of industrial food

Obama lawyers try to protect Cheney from Daily Show

Senator Durbin and Citizens for a Public Option

George W Bush re-opens his pie hole.

SC unemployment rate hits record 12.1 percent

SC unemployment rate hits record 12.1 percent

Where Are They Now? Ex-Bush Loyalists Cash In

At what point does "Let the States decide" = the end of something ...(?)... called the U.S.A.?

CBS Radio does it again.. unfair coverage of Obama.

From "health care reform" to corporate welfare for the health insurance companies

From "health care reform" to corporate welfare for the health insurance companies

From "health care reform" to corporate welfare for the health insurance companies

First light for Herschel space observatory

Do like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report?

Do like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report?

A funny to share

Dennis Ross Watch: In a Staff Shuffle, Signs of Obama’s Direction on Mideast

Man sentenced to 6 months in prison for making DVD copies of Mike Myers' "The Love Guru" movie

Once again, Jeb Bush's legacy of educational failure slaps Florida in the face.

Was "1984" required reading for you in school? ...... It was for me...

Richard Holbrooke: "We were recruiting Taliban with our tax dollars."

Torture? No Problem. Groping? Gotta Go!

I think that this might be the only way we in the UNITED STATES will get universal healthcare...

Katherine Harris extends offer to help Iran with its disputed election.

Apple Hints at Plans to Lock Palm Pre Out of iTunes

Take a look at Alan Keyes' brand new best friend

The New York Times and Iran: Journalism as state provocation

Please call and demand Option A!

City Asks Job Applicants For Internet Passwords

Kenneth Starr endorses Sotomayor

help feed rescue animals click here

why does no one object to the health insurance "TAX" on employment?

Nestle recalls Toll House cookie dough after E. coli warning, "raw cookie dough should not be eaten"

Why The Iranians Are Protesting

The media tells us that Obama's ratings are down - are YOU buying it?

Mike Pence’s Dangerous Game

Big Nuke's Radioactive Hoax in Impoverished Ohio

The five Huns on the Supreme Court

If An Employer Would No Longer Have To Pay For Employees Health Insurance Would......

HEAD ON Radio is the BOMB!!!

Kansas NOW coordinating a counter protest to the disgusting prayer vigil at Dr. Tillers clinic tomor

VOTE at ABC News site on healthcare Questions for Obama--Freepers vs. Single Payer Advocates

Ed Meese, Far-Right Reaganite, Hired By GOP To Coordinate Sotomayor Attack

Did the Supreme Leader Get to Mousavi?--Iran's Mousavi Not Calling for Saturday Protest

LTTE to the President of the US... and no, don't expect to make a shit of difference

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Battles

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Wall Street, Obama and the fly

Change We Could Believe In: Saving the Earth by Substituting Hemp for Oil

If the private sector can always do things better than the government

Who paid the Ensign hush money? It's a financial scandal, not a sex scandal

California's Credit Rating May Be Lowered by Moody's Amid Financial Crisis

Nothing Intimidates Health Insurers Like the Public Health Insurance Plan

Another twitter: Tea Parties = Iran protests

Another twitter: Tea Parties = Iran protests

Happy Juneteenth, DU!!

Lunar probe launches on collision course with moon

Bleeding Heart Liberals Proven Right: Too Much Inequality Harms a Society

Daschle: I emphatically support a public plan

The Bush Era rug is getting lumpy.

The Bush Era rug is getting lumpy.

BBC enlisting new satellites to broadcast in Iran

Text of Doug Hampton’s letter to Fox News

John McCain could use a history book with a TIMELINE in it......

A Cautionary Tale for Father's Day: Today's LA Times

This Oklahoma Obama Poll needs some help DU.

Iran: The Republicans want the conservatives to win. That's why they're interfering

To my foreign DU friends - please help me understand this (small rant)

Fox news anchor made aware of Ensign affair a week before announced

Gates: U.S. Ready to Defend Hawaii

Google Street View Helps Dutch Police ID Thieves

Google Street View Helps Dutch Police ID Thieves

Want to help the Iranians...

Want to help the Iranians...

Joe's Babe of the Week (Humor)

After 52 days, rise in gas prices nears end

The truth behind last week's "drop" in continuing unemployment claims

Ed Meese, Far-Right Reaganite, Hired By GOP To Coordinate Sotomayor Attack

House Democrats Unveil Plan for Health Care Overhaul

Ten Things to Buy Before the Economy Improves...

I didn't watch the News today.

Tony Perkins- 'Sense of Hypocrisy' Around GOP

Plunging State Income Tax Revenues: A grim report on state finances

European parliament, today

Daschle Now Claims He Never Opposed Federal Public Option

Punishment for deadly US raid on Afghan civilians unlikely.

Punishment for deadly US raid on Afghan civilians unlikely.

At Least Spitzer Spent His Own Money

President extends some Federal benefits to same sex couples

Soo if the combination of insurance companies/drug companies/Republicans/wussy democrats..

A New (Republican) Hero Enters Tennessee's History Books

Teenage girl discovers new type of supernova

Ya know what? The only ones who want real health care reform are the little people

Interesting court case... challenge to automatic loss of 2nd amendment rights after DV conviction

If you haven't seen this yet... (funny)

Google Offers New Farsi Translation Tools - Google Translate Persian

How the fuck did I GET here???

US House doesn't get memo, votes 405-1 to meddle in Iranian affairs

bobby jindal to run against david vitter?

The Four Iran Scenarios and "Basiji Hunting"

Weird scenes inside the gold mine (everybody's doin' it, doin' it)

Wall Street Scumbaggery runs deep and rampant in the Securities Industry

If Dems don't pass a universal plan with a strong public option, they deserve to lose in 2010.

FBI files show wide 'Deep Throat' investigation - The porn flick not the informant

Asia Times: US neo-cons sniff a chance

Napolitano acted cowardly. Right Wing Hate Groups ARE spreading. KKK to rally in Paris, TX

The Democrats Are Doing To The Goodwill Of The American People,....

Who pays for single payer?

Who Pays for Senseless War?

More Super Mean ‘Liz Becton’ E-mails!

USS John McCain moving to intercept North Korean ship

CIA Postpones Release Of Big Torture Report That Could Undercut Cheney


What is the latest from the MN Supreme Court?

Continuing Bush-era concealment: EFF and Public Knowledge Drop Lawsuit for Information about ACTA

Paying for health care is the easy part.

You do know that you will have to demonstrate to get healthcare don't you?

The Bad, the Worse and the Really F**king Ugly....Link to HCFAN's Report on Health Insurer Abuses...

'Million Patient March'

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The rest of the stories

The cops can enter, in a midnight raid, without a warrant, and here's how!

{DE Gov'r} Markell Signs Legislation Guaranteeing Patients Can Choose Their Visitors

First Person Reports From Iran: The Fear Is Gone

"This male stale and pale party"

Amen. The title says enough.

Say Goodbye To The "Pizza" In Pizza Hut

"The Fear is Gone" Voices from Iran

House Democrats have released a healthcare plan with a public option

Glen Beck: We are the only nation that grants automatic citizenship to those born here

Dan Lungren tops Democrats’ list of California targets for 2010




Tom Coburn has got some explaining to do

The cops can enter in a midnight raid, without a warrant, and here's how

Seldom Do I Express More Than A One Liner

I wonder if this is Bush's pot dealer who just got busted?

You're all a bunch of chicken shits!

What if we run a primary challenger to Baucus right now and start

BEST POST EVER in response to a freeper

In Good Times And Bad Times The Bushies Do Alright

SC state senator compares Iranian protests to right-wing tea parties.

U.S. Navy ships -- who names them?

House Democrats "Anxious To Take On" Health Care Reform Opponents

Today was supposed to be a big news day

Are you with Ahmadinejad or with the communists?

Photoshopped Pro-Ahmadinerjacket Rally

Tipping point Iran - Time article on fixed election plus former Revolutionary Guard head agrees

Shock: American support for Israel drops from 71% to 44% in one year.

Domestic Terrorism

WTF: Iranians have a Constitutional right to basic healthcare

Has Michael Moore Spoken Out About Healthcare Reform Recently?.......

Anonymous in Iran

States in Deep Trouble Over Plunging Income Tax Revenues (Double "Yikes!" on this one)

Is the Al Franken Decade on the horizon? Upcoming court ruling gives progressives hope.

Deleted dupe n/t

It is time to start a movement to shun advertisers of Limbaugh

Evan Bayh -- up for re-election in 2010, last elected 2004

San Francisco Chronicle reporter accepts award and cash from anti-immigrant group

The President on Iran: "The World is Watching"

The President on Iran: "The World is Watching"

Grasping at straws...

so now i have to vote for Ron PAUL??? WTF!!

Single-Payer Rally -- June 25th -- Washington D.C.

Bybee you may be next -Judge Samuel Kent Impeached By House

Found: A website chock full of Hoekstra-isms

Found: A website chock full of Hoekstra-isms

More Thoughts on Abortion Clinic Escort Training from Sum of Change Filmmakers

Reader's Digest courts red-state America

This Is Your Court on Conservatives.......

Health Care is F***ked and Needs Change Now.

As we move closer to hearing what health care sca ..... er .... plan they will give us ..........

Governor's house in Venezula attacked

McMenacing? Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun At McD's

Lets have a RED revolution for a single-payer health care. It's what the


For single payer advocates only.

I care what happens in Iran. I feel NO NEED WHATEVER to get *involved* in Iran.

Eliot Spitzer on Regulatory Reform (And His Own Future)

Eliot Spitzer on Regulatory Reform (And His Own Future)

"We should be twittering about health care"

Congress Backs Iran Protests (updated)

Obama speech coming up at theRadio and TV correspondents dinner

Whenever I see people mention LTTE, I think of the Tamil Tigers.

What would you do? Re: Dental care.

Could You Shoot Him?

The Dems who favor a strong public option for health care should send the president a message

Sexiest Senators: Who's The Hottest On The Hill?

Heads Up Chicago and Michigan

Newsweek: Christian Soldiers - 2003 project to distribute 2.4 million Arabic-language Bibles in Iraq

My Congressman's email to me on healthcare

French government supports study of burqa wear

South Carolina State senator compares Iran protestors to teabaggers

Sign this petition from Senator Sanders on single payer

Anti-choice or forced birthers nutbags are crying that they are getting death threats

I need a copy of Maher's opening AMA skit....

Whom did you vote for President in Election 2008?

Minnesota Supreme Court ruling NEXT week, they say. Link.

Single-Payer Advocate Speaks to Blue Dogs on Health Reform

Rich have nothing to gripe about

CIA Recruits Wall Streeters

a forced birther is now saying that women are to submit and be abused by their husbands

Live webcast Saturday from African refugee camp

The Panty Bandits' reign of terror has come to an end......

for my brother David

(Raw Story) Reporter: NSA analysts spied on own wives and girlfriends

EXCLUSIVE: Minn. lawmaker vows not to complete Census

Will You Still Hold Her? Will You Still Scold Her? When She's 64

Fannie and Freddie to allow 125% LTV REFI's?

"If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia"

The Japanese Bond Smugglers Are Missing

Church’s Exorcism Video Showcases Unregulated Ex-Gay Abuse of Youth

Why Did The Washington Post Axe Dan Froomkin and Give Paul Wolfowitz a Column?

"we both experienced the pain and madness of love." - "My dad saved me, and I killed him" - LA Times

North Korea May Fire A Missile Toward Hawaii

And it has NOTHING to do with the people here....

the public option to mail letters cheaply will put fedex and ups out of business!

Did McChrystal Distort His Involvement in Torture?

"Dont' call me Liz" update next on K.O in case you missed the 8PM show.

Email response from my senator regarding Health care

Any couch surfing hosts here?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Best of Malloy tonight

Flori-duh does something right. (Is the world coming to an end?)

"ONE in four men in South Africa has admitted to rape . . . ."

Iranian music video about election....

Mayo Clinic going to Mall of America

The Disappointing Leon Panetta

U.S. swine flu cases top 21,000 as deaths rise

**My friend's brother is running for the Govenor of FLORIDA**

Obama Administration Set To Hold Powwow With Big Gay Groups

Why is Tweety Having a Conniption Over the Slavery Apology?

The Virginity Movement, Rebranded

Dikes dont hold: Holland under water

McLaughlin Group-Monica Crowley still nuts!

Larry Elder: The uninsured would have insurance if they stopped buying iPods.....

Wisconsin’s Domestic Partnerships

Note to members of Congress oposed to the public option: OPT OUT OF YOUR FEDERAL PLAN NOW!!!

Unemployment of 10% Spreads, Risking U.S. Recovery

Tomorrow looks to be pivotal in Iran.

If We Do Not Get A Public Option, The Blame Rests With Obama

Is it me, or are the Iranian people are just GORGEOUS? (pic heavy)

Rush Limbaugh has started calling Obama a 'man-child'. I think it's racist speak for 'boy' n/t

Should we pay Commuter Airline Pilots more than $8 an hour?

Eating Homeless

For Currently Insurer DUers: Would You Switch To Public Option?

For the Iranian People

I'd like to know SOS Clinton's out of pocket cost for the treatment/surgery

Jon Stewart's interview with Huckabee

We gained 21 congresspeople and 7* senators in 2008

When was the last time Congress voted against Corporations?

Joke: Why Did She Buy A 7 Dollar Pen?

Most important news story of the week (ending June 19, 2009)

Easy things to do today to lower your impact AND improve your budget!

Obama's new US Appeals Court Nominee on WWII Japanese Internment

Question. Do you feel deadly force is justified to stop a rapist?

Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean Working on a Book

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-19)

Please DU this poll on same-sex benefits.

Drive drunk, hit a pedestrian, sever his leg, and serve 120 days. Some justice system, eh?

Buried on Juneteeth

WTF is going on with all the rain in the northeast lately?

Reports on CBS newsman Walter Cronkite's failing health 'overstated,' rep says

OMG! Obama tied to (gasp!) UNITARIANS!

Walking Soft

The Senate Democrats are worthless!

Interesting Pro-Joe Lieberman (I-3rd Party) article from t he DLC's official website.

It is time to start a movement to shun advertisers of Limbaugh

S.F. asks federal judge to toss Prop. 8 - argues Prop 8 was motivated by hatred of gays and lesbians

Another medical system nightmare story.

Bacardi Ad Uses Misogyny To Sell Alcohol To Women

Police: Woman skinned puppy to make belt, Her friend killed the Jack Russell terrier for her

Iran stuff

*** DUzy Awards for week ending June 19, 2009 ***

LA racially divided on gay marriage new poll finds

Wanna know how we got into this mess? I'll show you.

Question. Do you feel deadly force for self defense is justified?

Overweight People Live Longer

Good News...900 furloughed GM workers being called back

If North Korea fires a missle at Hawaii....

If North Korea fires a missle at Hawaii....

I called the office of that moran who represents SC - Lindsey Graham.

Canadian gives facts about "Canadians flood into the U.S. for medical care" lie

Senate Backs Apology for Slavery? Check out the H1B Slave stories

Why do 2nd amendment enthusists only defend gun ownership?

What would it mean to have single-payer?

A Credit Squeeze for Small Business Owners

A Credit Squeeze for Small Business Owners

Pentagon Rebrands Protest as “Low-Level Terrorism”

Breaking the Chain

Sotomayor Quits All-Women's Club After GOP Criticism

Eliot Spitzer is forced to resign, John Ensign keeps his job

Sotomayor or Franken - which will serve first?

Hungary's opposition: A nasty party

Hungary's opposition: A nasty party

single payer vs. public option

Long-lost pics from the Memorial Day weekend fire #96 (pic heavy)

Who paid the Ensign hush money? It's a financial scandal, not a sex scandal.

For DUers still paying attention to Iran, Friday afternoon run down.

Bacardi wipes their backside with the concept of "politically correct" in new "Ugly Girlfriend" ads

Obama admin protecting Cheney from mockery.

"Maybe I will be one of the people who is going to get killed."

"Maybe I will be one of the people who is going to get killed."

I became a supporter of single payer today

Obama-backed Bill to Ban Release of Bush-Era Torture Photos Passes Senate

"...they didn’t want to arouse the ire of Bush and Cheney"

Gavin Glynn, a great father's day story.

Heroic PETA Commandos Kill 49, Save Rabbit

Does anyone at DU *not* support some form of Universal Health Care?


What's Worse Than A Healthcare Reform Bill With NO PUBLIC OPTION? ....

Bank bosses foresee death of cash (within 10 yrs)

I've made up my mind......I'm giving my money away.

Meghan McCain: A lot dumber than I thought.

Is hate speech fueling hate crimes? Take our poll, please!

Twitter... so I joined up and created and account

Twitter... so I joined up and created and account

Please! ALL! prepare for this action for Troy Davis on Tuesday!!

Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt) petition for Single Payer Health Care

Food Bank Friday (June 19, 2009)

A good friend of mine from college is going to jail for a "relationship" with one of his students.

Say what you will about John Edwards

This toon sums up the RW attitude towards health care better than anything else I've seen

This toon sums up the RW attitude towards health care better than anything else I've seen

Zeke, Rahm, Ari Emanuel, new HBO series, phasing out Medicare, VAT, and the power in DC

As a woman, I am very proud of Senator Boxer

[Video] A Giraffe Gets Stuck In Quicksand

Was Mia Farrow romantically involved with any of that party

Most of the girls I liked in school were on "forced ignore." The more I forced the more they ignored

Altering the Netflix queue--opinion.

In the light of recent events in the DU Lounge, I am hereby crowning myself DU Lounge Emperor....

I got a pretty good sunburn today. Why do I want to jump in a hot shower so bad?

looks like somebody got left out of the

Sen. Vitter offers Ensign a good deal on diapers

Saw Hangover tonight....

I love MccTaTas, too.

I don't know why some people even come to class.

I don't know why some people even come to class.

I'd like to hear from any veteran parents of HS graduation ceremonies:

The Tony La Russa post-game tv interview

Where for art thou CreekDog??

Is there any chance we could put Donald Trump on Ignore....

I just want to say I love you guys.

Save the tatas!


I forgot how to hide threads!!!!!

ever wonder where republicans come from? i saw the movie "the nanny diaries" tonight...

Lust for Life

knock , knock

I need at least 50,000 calvarymen and 700,000 infantry.

Banned!!!! I tell ya!

Happy trails to you, Until we meet again.

Good morning Lounge

Talking Heads

Fun Boy Three


Friday celebrity news dump: "The Leighton Meester Sex Tape." Order now in time for the holidays.

Hate me - but John Entwistle Was A fucking Genius,

My latest Ramen recipe

Since there isn't much support for simplifying English spelling, how 'bout change the way English is

I found one of my Favorite Outerlimits episode online.

Phish @ Deer Creek

I am a slug compared to this guy

Coyote Grace on tour and playing Ohio Pride festivals

William Shatner behaving oddly on TV; red faced, sweating and lewd

Who's playing clueless?

Electronic Cigarette Review

Hm, hm, hm ~

When you have a limp, old, ragged, washed-out dollar bill, do you want to exchange it for a crispy

it cures what ails ya.....

Somebody explain to me how file sharing songs ISN'T theft.

secret tattoo on 7/3

Don't use the term "hot-doggin'", unless you want to sound like a giant dork.

I need advice about scanning text, please.

Swiss Miss on Stewart last night.


I am losing my patience in dealing with freeper teabaggers IRL

I want

HAHAHAHA, talk about FAIL......

Nestle recalls Toll House cookie dough products

Does anybody have a Zune pass?

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and HAPPY NON-FATHER'S DAY, You know who you are...

People who take the last toke at work and dont grow some new pot.

Y'all may want to put on a helmet....

My two dogs are engaged in a pissing match.

Ok. I don't know who half of you are since the name change,

What kind of bizarre animals do corn dogs come from?

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now..where were we? Oh, yes....Orange

Skinner! graywarrior wants me to ask you to Tombstone the DUCK. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Star Trek phasers on sale

Is it possible for corporate crap music to ever sneak in and be considered a classic?

Here is what i think of lounge wars, and i dont care if you disagree

I want to start a Lounge War. Apparently, I'm good at that. HA!

I heard a rumor that johnny depp may play syd barret

Bottomless poerkoelt? Kolbasz? Becsi szelet? Parizsi szelet? Szekely toeltoett kaposzta?

At Work, Would You Throw Someone Under the Bus To Save Your Own Ass?

Are you afraid?


Famous Last Words: John Palmer, 62, of Carbondale, Colorado

Would you put this couch in your parlor?

Bacon flowchart

It's pretty d*mn close to cocktail hour isn't it???

Rev. Billy Rules!

Should I be concerned that the but tutcher has taken to drawing

An *ahem* Poem Thread Friday 6/19/2009

Bo! WARNING! Awwwwww!

I have some unusual friends.

If you click on a Google Ad, does google remember and post similar ads?

"ALF" to be made into a movie... as are the Cabbage Patch Kids...

Sad day for Athens, GA and many past residents

It seems the really good do die young (and a reason I've been so moody)

Happy Sunday!

I'm enjoying a German lunch

Friday, June 19th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

You can all F.......

I have to re-take two of my Final Exams...DAMN!

Ok, who else started bawling after reading that story on the DU homepage about Pixar & the move UP

Pesto nut preference

Dood, the Swiss Miss on Daily Show picture is like TOTALLY a copy cat

My wife's passed out on the bed.

All Shook Up

I was away since Wednesday

Strength through discipline! Strength through community! Strength through action!

Vote for legalization, DU this now...

fellow beer drinkers, I need help

I am such a giver

Swing and a miss on Stewart last night.

I think I am addicted to diet coke ?

Huge thunderstorm in my area right now!

Woman advises women to train boyfriends/husbands like animals

Tornado sirens going off in Powell Ohio

Shell - is it true? Is the Delta Kitten plotting to take over the world?

Police: Man attacked in Okla. for bologna sandwich

This song is so right

Well, driving was FUN today. Apparently the cops were asleep at the wheel this afternoon

My cat will not leave me alone

So I've got my bird feeders in a row hanging from an old swing set

Excuse me, Lounge... There are some things on my TV that need destroying.

Is this the greatest jazz-rock tune ever? (Peaches in Regalia)

To you.. from

To you.. from

Cutest kitten ever!

Have you ever said, "And don't come back," to your beloved (spoiled) dogs?!1

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Anne Bancroft and MelBrooks

a dog story

What's everyone doing tonight? Me, I'll have some beers, watch Olbermann,

Jabba the Hut is now "The Hutt"

feed rescue animals for free its easy just click

The Website is Down [Funny Video]

Will this thread be locked?

People who take the last coffee at work and dont brew a new pot.

Drugs.. no problem

! A gallon of bleach has three quarts in it now.

kitteah picture of the day for friday june 19

A nutrition question for the lounge fitness gurus:

If you're Big Star bound let me warn you

FYI: The ASU-Texas game is down to the wire

Anyone else skip over dream sequences in books?

Holy mother of crap. I seriously thought I was going to die in a very bizarre way tonight.

Best Mexican food in your town

question about the metric system...

D&D handbooks subject of lawsuit

Ever since the Skinner missive, the following Bob Dylan verse is now stuck in my head

did anyone see "State of Play?" It's at the dollar theater... worth a buck?

Morning fire at swingers club forces some to flee naked

Petition the Lord with Prayer

I just killed a brazillion ants in the bathroom

What are you excited about?

SonofPtah went to the mountains last weekend. Here is one of the pictures he took:

Do you drive over the speed limit?

What's your stripper name?

finally Friday!

I Need Some Creative Summer Vacation Ideas

Gratuitous Kitten Pictures (Dial up Warning)

Gratuitous Kitten Pictures (Dial up Warning)

What is it about thin eyebrows?

What are WolframAlpha and Bing supposed to do that Google

A couple of pictures from my hike today..

Happy Fucking Father's Day, you piece of shit loser.

What was great about the 80s?

What was this guy thinking? There was an APB out for a bank robber

Strawberry delight (Yummy pics inside)

I have fucking HAD it!!!

The fact is that PETA is really out of control, am I correct?

So...Lounge...what's for dinner?

The stupid, it burns! (flies)

HELP ME>>>Remember that guy that was staying with us that we took to rehab

OMG. Grilled Copper River Salmon with Lemon Basil Butter

Post a picture of your junk

what's the scariest thing to happen to YOU while driving?

Mean Kitty Song

anyone want a fuzzy little ball of evil?

Pizza Hut is now "The Hut"

Three Stooges movie. Sean Penn as Larry, Jim Carrey as Curly, and Benicio Del Toro as Moe.

Jon & Kate + 8 -1 = Kate + 8

Anyone still remember Gordon Lightfoot?

A Poem for Summer: Remembering

check out my baby turtle's new crib

Script from a WW2 video game

My wife informed me there was a foot long slug on our basements stairs.

How old is too old to be naked in front of your kids

So who else got an iPhone today?

Which language should I try to learn? German or Russian?

Hungry, hungry caterpillars (cool pics)

Passive Agressive Bad Poetry Thread:

Is There Any Food You Simply Refuse To Eat?


Give me some good examples of Blues music.

why they're not "just a dog"

When cleaning the floor in a small, enclosed room, what's the correct ratio of bleach to ammonia?

Olive Garden backtracks on pulling Letterman ads over Palin jokes

Church-State Separation and the Supreme Court:

Tell Rangel to Score HR 676. Eliminate a Roadblock to Single Payer

Take Action: Tell Specter to Vote for the Employee Free Choice Act

Temperature rising on climate bill; From: Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

TV's one precursor to Michelle Obama

From: David Plouffe,

Video: POTUS at DSCC/DCCC fundraiser....

Senator Whitehouse Just Did an AWESOME Job Defending the Public Healthcare Option

One thing not totally bad about the Baucus healthcare bill

House expected to vote on Iranian resolution

Poll: Republican Party Now Less Popular Than Dick Cheney

Dr. Dean gets Nora O'Donnall straight about healthcare

Here's a list of Blue Dogs in the House....

Not taking money from lobbyists is easier said than done.

Gays in the Military: Let the Evidence Speak, by John M. Shalikashvili

President Obama should put that famous fly on Ebay nt


Al Jazeera: Khamenei's speech 'a threat'

Al Jazeera: Khamenei's speech 'a threat'

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s Pledge on Donations Faces Reality

PHOTO Madame Tussauds

In New York, Sotomayor Put Focus on the Poor

Obama moves to protect Cheney from The Daily Show

Ever notice how President Obama is both the greatest president ever AND a puppet of Rahm Emanuel?

Rangers name owner's suite after former President George W. Bush

The political roadblocks to a public option and single-payer

I'm getting the feeling that if our democrats in Congress were somehow

Tell Rangel to Score HR 676. Eliminate a Roadblock to Single Payer........

Senator Gillibrand: "I support the public option"

" a staunch atheist I find myself shouting Allah Akbar..."

" a staunch atheist I find myself shouting Allah Akbar..."

Young Iranians to the Ayatollah Khamenei: Bring it On!

'Clinton Undergoes Successful Elbow Surgery' (CBS)

Barack Obama: 'I Have Been an Imperfect Father'

Words Matter on Iran; From John

*** HEADS UP *** 'Town Hall on Fatherhood' Live

No Public Plan From Finance Panel

What a joke to think having 60 Dems. will make for a filibuster-proof Senate!

The "evolution" of network news

The rethugs what a bunch of idiots

One thing about the damn GOP congressman, they stick together right or wrong!

Congressional Progressive Caucus Statement On House Discussion Draft for Healthcare Reform

Health Insurance Fraud. My story.

Bipartisan Policy Center gives Obama the greenlight to drop public healthcare option

Oh SHIT!!!!

Mike Pence is such an ass. I look forward to his being exposed with a

I just had an idea on health care.

House Democrats make me proud with a good health care effort

It's All About Healthcare

An Obama "scandal" as phony as Whitewater

Someone please explain to me this "no public option" scenario....

Oh, the dream. What Obama could have done (and could still do, in my dreams) on healthcare

I was a little hard on the President last night

Help, there was an article yesterday that went into detail on plans to pay for health care reform...

Helen Thomas: Obama is "Following in the Footsteps of Bush"re;Iraq and Afganistan

MEDIA ON SIDE OF BIG PHARMA & Pharma BIG Advertising $$$$ in this Fight!

On the Ensign Affair, Fox Dropped the Ball (Kurtz)

President Obama's approval at 58% in Gallup Tracking, lowest point since such poll began


The President on Iran: "The World is Watching"

"Man, I know what I'm doing."

Is Obama Selling Out the Iranian Revolution?

Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner tonite

Coburn Endorses Birther Bill

PHOTO Hawk flies through White House

Bill Clinton is to blame for the 'troubles' in Iran.

That singing!! Talk about multi-tasking...great.....nt

NM-Gov: Denish Wallops Wilson, Pearce

*HEADS UP* Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner ("nerdprom2") LIVE NOW. POTUS to speak.

Which is The Most Important Issue to Be Discussing Today?

Obama might be the master of the known universe

37 Democratic Senators support a public option for health care reform

The Bush/Cheney legacy

Obama's doctor of 22 years supports universal health care

Wow, Erin Burnett on CNBC just said there are only 8.2 Million people

This country is just basically selfish!!!

Tax increases to pay for health care would ONLY be for families making $250,000 & up

So the government was able to work hand in hand with

Obama is soooo funny! The audience, not so much!

Advice for Obama, coming from the Ed Show in

Obama backs House health care plan


Single Payer and the Duplicitous Rahm Emanuel

PHOTO Most excellent!

PHOTO Caption it? (Joe)

Instead of wishing a person "well" after a visit to the hospital ...

Although Obama has come up with 950 BILLION for Health Funding, MEDIA pretending not to Know this!

Remember the "Presidential Prayer Team"?

I will not support any healthcare "reform" that doesn't have a viable public option

He's Barack Obama


Geeks or Jocks?

Steele’s health plan:"Do the deal. It’s not that complicated"."Hello?! Am I missing something here?"

Tehran protest officially starts at 7:30 AM EDT

The Prez steals the scene even when he's just sitting there listening

Obama Nominates Judge Joseph Greenaway & Beverly Martin for the 3rd and 11th US Appeals Courts

Max Baucus going fishing with lobbyists this weekend

Why is the public option going down?

Obama Admin To Meet With Major Gay Rights Groups Next Week

It's good news that Obama's DOJ is going to finally meet with GLBT lawyers to "hash out" DOMA

LA-Sen: Melancon to Challenge Vitter

I may not be the first to suggest this, but here I go anyway....

PHOTOS Stephen Tyrone Johns' funeral

Universal Healthcare : We almost had it in 1948

Obama's Doctor Knocks ObamaCare

The upcoming test of North Korea's long range ballistic missile is a major opportunity.

Should Obama veto a Health Care bill without a viable public option,

PHOTOS Chef in Chief.

Public Mandate Single Payer Option - K&R this thread until we have it! Let our voices be heard.

See me on Fox News' Cashin' In at 11:30am Eastern tomorrow (Saturday) June 20

Just saw Meghan McCain on Real Time...

Michelle Obama and Cabinet officers will lead volunteer efforts

After all, said McCain, in 2000 the Iranian president expressed

Obama applauds Iran's citizen reporters.

More Participants Drop Out of Gay DNC Fundraiser

John Hodgman to Obama, "Live Long and Prosper!"

John Hodgman to Obama, "Live Long and Prosper!"

Blame Nader for 2000? What about Tipper and the PMRC? Anyone remember that?

Change Isn't Obama's Alone

Do you think Ralph Nader's 2000 presidential run was bad?

My letter to Keith Olbermann

President Obama has not betrayed the gay community

I Just Called The White House Comment Line And Was On For About 4 Minutes With ......

Helen Thomas: Obama is Following In the Footsteps of President Bush

My Advice: Take Your Focus Off Obama, Put It On Congress, LTTE, and Insurance Cos/AMA

What Democratic Senators are out there fighting hard for a strong public option?

Senate Health-Care Draft Kills Public Option, requires most to buy private insurance

My message to Congress: you pay for freaking war without end, you can pay for freaking healthcare

PHOTOS Computers? Hmm, complicated.

I predict that if President Obama does not sign a real Public Option

Woah - interesting quote from Machiavelli that's pertinent to our health care debate

Tonight on Tweety there was a Senator after Kerry. Who was he? He was dumb as a stump.

CNN doing a segment on OBama's doctor, but forgets (oops) to state that DOC is for SINGLE PAYER!

The Axis: Big Pharma / Insurance / The GOP

Obama: Fatherhood and families

Suitcase With $134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

Judge to review Cheney interview in CIA leak case

"White House Looks to Include Same-Sex Unions in Census Count"

FBI: Child porn found at von Brunn's home

Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case (Ordered to pay $80.000 per song)

Iran's Ayatollah to break silence

Tests show man is not New York child who went missing decades ago

U.S. asked Canada to help build a case against Abdelrazik

Kissinger threatens Regime Change in Iran if coup fails..

Iran's top leader warns of protest crackdown

Supreme Leader Calls Iran Election Fair

DEA, ICE mend fences

Georgia Theatre on fire.

Shadowy Iranian Vigilantes Vow Bolder Action

Ensign Helped Mistress's Husband Get Jobs

NZ man to confront Duch (Khmer Rouge Trial)

Google Offers New Farsi Translation Tools - Google Translate Persian

White House fires back at Bush comments: 'We won'

World’s oldest man dies at 113, official says

Reader's Digest courts red-state America

Walter Cronkite Reportedly Gravely Ill

California unemployment rises to 11.5% in May

(CIA) Report to detail interrogations, secret detention

EXCLUSIVE: Minn. lawmaker vows not to complete Census

A Credit Squeeze for Small Business Owners

Spouse of Ensign’s mistress sought help in letter to Fox News

House condemns Tehran crackdown on protesters

Gibbs: House Iran statement echoes Obama's message


CIA Delays Release of Inspector General Report on Torture

(Update) Fox News Denies Receiving Letter Regarding Ensign Affair

UK summons Iranian ambassador over Khamenei speech

'God is Great' echoes throughout Tehran

Beijing Cautions US Over Iran

House targets Fed in Bank of America investigation (Bernanke)

Mekong River dolphins on verge of extinction, report says

Senate passes (Sen. Lindsey) Graham measure on detainee photos

Internet has changed foreign policy for ever, says Gordon Brown

Palin Won’t Release Amount of Gifts Because It’s a Secret

Victory for Gay Parental Rights - Georgia Supreme court

Aung San Suu Kyi celebrates 64th birthday with jail guards

Prosecutor: Sen. Burris won't face perjury charge

Whose relatives got clouted into U. of I.?

Ohio’s unemployment rate near 11 percent

Goodyear To Buy Out 550 Workers, Cut Production In Tenn

Republican senator won't meet with Sotomayor

GM To Recall 900 Workers To Mich. Plant

Jobless Rate In Western US Tops 10 Percent

U.S. admits Afghan airstrike may have killed 86 civilians

I'm sure you've Noticed that the Media is "On-Board"......

Bailed-out banks' CEOs used jets for personal use: report

Senate Backs Apology for Slavery... Cannot Be Used in Reparations Cases

Wichita anti-abortion groups (Operation Rescue) report death threats

Iran supreme leader calls for calm

Air France 447 Crash Theory Now Focused On Tail Snapping Off (Again)

Nestle Recalls Toll House Cookie Dough Products

Bank failures in Ga., N.C. bring 2009 tally to 39

Ali Akbar Khan, famed Indian musician, teacher, dies at 88

Florida’s unemployment rate reaches 10.2%

Sotomayor Quits Women's Club After GOP Criticism

India hammer US on 'No Bangalore'

Calif regulators find pot smoke causes cancer

Pixar fulfills dying girl’s wish to see ‘Up’

World hunger 'hits one billion'

Another Guilty Plea in Clay County, KY Election Fraud Conspiracy Case

House impeaches federal judge from Texas

Bullying victim awarded $468,736

Obama's Norouz Message to Iran (old)

PART 3 - NRCAT Rally in DC

PART 3 - NRCAT Rally in DC

Day in 100 Seconds - From cornflakes to revolution

Walter Cronkite on America's disastrous drug war (Pt 1 of 6)

'Assassination plot' in N Korea power struggle - 19 Jun 09

RFK, Jr. on The GOP Jihad

Walter Cronkite Remembers His Tet Offensive Editorial

Wah Wah Wah: Faux's Bill O'Lielly & Neil Cavuto Pissed Obama Doesn't Like Them

Christiane Amanpour on Khamenei's Speech



Rachel Goes After Former "President" Bush Over His Recent Swipes Against President Obama

McCain on Iran: I Hope That We Will Act, Praises Lieberman's Proposed Sanctions

Sen. Walking Back 'Extortion' Claims? Republican Scandal Exploding in his Face

Rightwing Political & Cultural Hatred From FOX, Talk Radio, and Hitler

Sean Hannity and The Fly

@ 10:38 mark Tony Perkins 'Sense of Hypocrisy' Around GOP

Raw footage of today's day of mourning protest that shows the true scale and atmosphere

Gates: U.S. ready if North Korea test fires missile in Hawaii's direction

Hannity: Unprecedented Access To White House Is Only Outrageous When Its Not Fox News

White House Responds To Iran's Supreme Leaders Statements

House Republicans Criticize Obama on Iran Approach - Quoting Reagan

Sen. Baucus's Health Care Bait and Switch

ROVE PANIC: Says Obama de-valuing the White House - Health Care 'no big thing'

Father's Day: Pres. Obama Hosts a Young Mens BBQ to Celebrate Fatherhood

Talking Health Care

Homosexuality Demons Being Cast Out On The YouTubes

Republican Care (pathetic attempt to be human)


Sen. Brown speaks on Health Care Reform

TYT: Is Tom Daschle a 'Corporatist Shill'?

Pudgy Moron, Hannity, & Fox News Go All Apoplectic

Iranian paramilitary psychos beating brave women who fight back (unsettling)


Fundie terrorist burning Dr Tiller

Dennis Kucinich schools Fox's war hungry goons on Iran

Amazing Choir

An Iranian Woman Weeps: "Where is this place? You want me to tell you? This place is Iran."

McCain Digs into Barbara Boxer's 'Call me Senator' moment - Hannity laughs insanely

It Has Come to This! Your Wife, Sister, or Mother will be Next...

Fox caught with its pants down on ABC attacks

Boxer 'Senator' Flap on Fox: General had the nerve to call Boxer 'an offensive name'

President Obama at Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner

TYT: Bill O'Reilly's Warning About Porn On YouTube! (Eye-Muff The Kids?)

John Hodgman @ Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner (Part 1)

Anatomy of Iran's Islamic Revolution (full documentary)

He's Barack Obama - JibJab - Super Hero

An Obama "scandal" as phony as Whitewater (Conason | Salon)

WSJ: 'The Fear Is Gone' - Voices from Iran

Information Is Overrated (Forbes)

A Different Iranian Revolution (NYT)

Republicans Should Support Gay Marriage?

Some Republicans playing disingenuous politics on the Iran election issue

Gitmo shadow cast over town (Calgary Sun)

Breaking the rules on torture (Guardian)

Senator John Ensign should resign from Senate

While the Economy Crashes and Burns, Bush Loyalists Are Making a Killing

AlterNet: Union Busting Ended My Love Affair with a Beer

For some conservatives, these aren't joking matters

GOP to Obama: Meddle in Iran, Not Here!

Transcript of Ayatollah Khamenei's speech from an anonymous poster on "Pastebay"

Robert Fisk: The dead of Iran are mourned – but the fight goes on

McCain Shows Palin No Twitter Love

Iran Protests: "I ran for my life"

Iran: UN rights chief concerned over arrests, excessive force following polls

Iran: Investigate Protester Deaths (HRW)

Twelve Angry White People: Jury Nullification in a Pennsylvania Coal Town

Obama Could Lose Health Care Fight -- Politico

Iran Uprising: Why Do So Many Want Obama to Turn Iran's Protests Into a "Teabag Party"

CommonDreams: The Health Insurance Industry Doesn't Deserve Our Trust

The other Islamist threat in Pakistan

The Outer Limits

Senator Ensign Adultry Case is Getting Legs -- Harrassment, Maybe?

Gen. John M. Shalikashvili: Gays in the Military: Let the Evidence Speak

Proving We Can Afford Public Plan Choice

Nothing Intimidates Health Insurers Like the Public Health Insurance Plan

Mike Lux: Daschle Is Dead Wrong About the Public Option

Democracy's Paradox

Since when is a 63 percent approval rating a bad thing?

Congressional Members Health Care Provided by Those With None

Neo-Cons Criticize Obama For Not Pushing Restoration of the Shah

The secret of a long life: Cigarettes, whisky, and wild women

Associated Press To Syndicate Investigative Journalism— By Elizabeth Gettelman

In Hindsight: Is there any hope for Silicon Valley's home, job markets?

Homeless in the Suburbs (from Parenting Magazine)

Friday Talking Points (82): Is Obama The Only Person Who Remembers What America Did In Iran In 1953?

Ex-Bush Loyalists Cash In

Shirin Ebadi (Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner): Void the Elections or Risk Violence

Schwarzenegger's testicle sculpture a flop - Senator wasn't laughing at governor's gag gift

Weekend Economists' Father's Day Edition, June 19-21, 2009

Walter Cronkite announces the death of JFK

Reporting Argentina's Dirty War: an editor's story

Brazil gives amnesty for dictatorship-era uprising

IKN: "Bagua: A Must Read-Must See Photo Reportage

Study highlights massive imbalances in global fertilizer use

VEN: Opposition Spews Propaganda that a new Education Law Permits Gov't. to Take Custody of Kids

ODAC Newsletter - June 19

DrumBeat: June 19, 2009

IKN: "Peru's Paranoid Revisionism" (video of Peru Amb. at Inter-American Monologue yesterday)

Sick sea lions present a mystery

Antibiotics, Antifungals In Waterways In Much Of World - Likely To Boost Resistance - AFP

New & Improved - Antibacterial Dolphins! Triclosan Accumulating In Marine Mammals' Blood

Garbage Gyres Appearing In Other Oceans - Diffuse, Fragmented "Plastic Soup" Impossible To Remove

Berlusconi Govt. Suddenly Cancels G-8 Summit Science Prep Meeting - No Science Input Possible

China Battling Gigantic Masses Of Duckweed, Algae, Water Lettuce In Polluted Rivers & Estuaries

Toyota Planned For 10,000 Orders For Prius 3.0 In Japan In May, Got 180,000 - NYT

I'm not a regular in the environment forum.....but I do pop in from time to time......

Obama Administration Leaning Against Copper Mine In AZ National Forest - McCain Cries, Stomps Feet

HOLY RESEARCH BATMAN! Scientists Help Solve Issues With Bats and Wind Power

Innovalight Installs Inkjet System That Prints 2000 Solar Cells Per Hour

Cavendish Farms unveils new Bio-Gas Facility

City of San Jose's Organics-to-Energy Biogas Plant Taking Shape

2.1 million-year high measured for CO2 in atmosphere

Ocean Warming Near IPCC Worst-Case Pace - 15-20X As Much Heat Entering Oceans As Atmosphere

I think Kid Phantom discovered the ethics of vegetarianism this morning.

Massey president wants to debate top climate scientist

National Scientists' Statement on Biofuels and Land Use

Peppered Moth Reverting Back To Original Light Coloration In UK

Analysis: Many LED patents set to expire in 2010

PHOTO An Official Portrait

Taxing Health Care Benefits Will Destroy Democrats In Next Election

Stallworth suspended indefinitely by NFL

We must not attack c-boy until he returns. Other thread was locked. This is the deal >>

Leyland signs two-year extension with Tigers

LeBron + Yao = DYNASTY!

Nadal Withdraws From Wimbledon

The SEC has two teams in the college world series final four

Poor, poor A-Roid. --Benched--

Boxing: June 19 & 20

The Sports Forum is next

Jeepers! The Cubs just came back from 7-0 to beat the Injuns 8-7.

Back when the NHL was fun

Nobody talking about the US Open from the famed Bethpage Black?

Sharks snubbed at NHL Awards

Iran, cookies and a video you may not want to watch

Today in labor history The Women’s Day Massacre, police use tear gas on the women and children

Steele Steals Steelworkers' ID

Unions, allies to rally in Washington for health care

Rite Aid workers and union supporters will rally in Times Square before attending company's ....

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace Friday, June 19 (a couple dozen this week)

NYT: A Move to Put the Union Label on Solar Power Plants

500 Union Employees at Plain Dealer Agree to Pay Cuts & Furloughs

AA pilots union praises federal officials who want to scrutinize alliances

Oregon House sides with labor on workplace communications (Gov. to sign)

Ex-Somerville union official indicted, accused of spending $65K at go-go bars

U.S. porn industry HIV cases prompt investigation

The secret of a long life: Cigarettes, whisky, and wild women

Anyone have any experience with a pericardial tear.

Possible Heart Attack, Health Insurance and the Devil at My Door

Greens call for new GAO study on single payer health care

Senate Health-Care Draft Kills Public Option, requires most to buy private insurance

Taxing Health Care Benefits Will Destroy Democrats In Next Election

Bipartisan Policy Center gives Obama the greenlight to drop public healthcare option

Fishing for Influence?

Max Baucus Will Not Enjoy His" Lesser Of Two Evils" Vote Any Longer

Here's a guy who's trying to make a difference with health reform.

Wal-Mart Medical Clinics Stumble

The Flap Over Public Health Plans: 40 Years Too Late

Health Care Reform And Carburetor Tweaking

Why is the $ issue with healthcare such a crazy issue. Do we not all pay a certain amt for

Anyone here have reactions to white wine?

We're All in the Waiting Room

Opposition likes half truths to scare people about health reform


Universal Health Care-we should not have to choose

‘Wake the F$*^ Up!’

Health Insurers “Lie, Cheat and Kill to Boost Profits”

Health Care Reform: Draft Proposal

How does the Repug mantra about Health Care Reform jibe with the past 10 years?

What If 50 Million More Americans Have No Health Care Coverage?

If they organized a health reform march on Washington, I mean a big one, would you go?

Why Johnny Can’t Breathe: Poverty Is a Disease

Pot smoke causes cancer, regulators find

Cancer: a shock breakthrough

Playing with gun leads to murder charge (for 16yr old)

Uzi-wielding robber on crime spree

Grisly murder aboard Greyhound bus in Canada

Man brandishes gun at delay in his order at McDonalds.

Museum shooter had a 30-30 at his home

Audio of home invasion, husband & daughter shot and killed, wife left alone to defend herself

western Canada largest per capita organised criminal syndicates in the world

Amendments II Democrats get a story on regional magazine (D Magazine)

U.S. intelligence 'unequivocally opposed' to parole for Pollard

'6% see US administration as pro-Israel'

Israeli troops humiliate Palestinians - and put it on YouTube

David Williams, gay archivist, activist, reflects on Stonewall's legacy

"White House Looks to Include Same-Sex Unions in Census Count"

Coyote Grace on tour and playing Ohio Pride festivals (cross post from the Lounge)

I've not had a chance to chime in on this Bachelorette Party ban thing....

Source: Knight out, Heigl in on `Grey’s Anatomy’

Benefits Extended To Federal Employees’ Domestic Partners (The Onion!)

Pam Spaulding wins an award and blasts the Obama admin. over the DOMA brief

Forums and other stuff

Al Jazeera: Banking time bombs

FCC to Scrutinize Exclusive Wireless Contracts.


Third thread - of photos I did not take myself, thank God. Inside the buildings, now.

Fox Business news

Pics I posted on Mother Earth News Web site

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of June 17

40 ways to lose your future

Please check out my father's day thread in GD ...

Participants Still Dropping out of DNC Fundraiser

Stranger who let me take his picture in the grocery store

Oh! I got a response from my letter asking for Senate support against DADT.

I'm amazed...

"We've had 25 years of Goldman Sachs ruling the world"

Daily Kos: Rep. PA Senator: We're "allowing" gay people to exist

Grand Canyon from 10,000'

Obviously sentient life is not destiny; it ends.

Indian scientists bridge audio divide

First light for Herschel space observatory

50th birthday today....


Light and my husband - he might be shifting

Your sign might not be what you think it is...

How one man turned a "Crack-Town" into a Historic Garden District!!!!

Kitty Gets Lucky

Billboard in Texas compares atheism to murder

[Image] The Religious Perspective on Free Speech

Organizing for America Listening Tours come to SC! Charleston - Tuesday, June 23rd

Looking for advice on cooking pork chops

Is there anything better than fresh cilantro?

cryptome has some 9/11 footage up

Flight 93 Lands At Reagan National Airport @ 10:28

Keller misconduct trial in San Antonio, not Austin

Happy Junteenth!

MGM gets its 'Stooges' (Penn, Carrey, Del Toro)

DU's own Derby378 in D Magazine!