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Public Option Is Simply A Government Version of Blue Cross or Aetna etc.

Charlie Rose has some guests on that are interesting. Iran.

Dollar is safe says Russia and China! Trying to hide the cards?

Could somebody possibly help? I'm getting

just went to take daughter's laundry to her room and found her packing

Do you think Obama has U.S. operatives working behind the scenes in Iran?

Wanna feel a little better after the Dave deal?

Palin v. Letterman

Sotomayor Defends Ties to (all female networking) Assoc - formed as counterpart to Bohemian Grove

Glenn Beck using his show to BEG you to buy his new book

I want to apologize to Sarah Palin for judging her by her looks, because she looks crazy

"Claims of student massacre spread" Robert Fisk (iran)

WI-Gov: Doyle in Rough Shape

Now Beck has a bitter PUMA! on - sweet baby Jesus, save us

BREAKING: Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla for libel, slander and breach of contract

I have to vent somewhere about this Letterman issue....

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - ANOTHER murder charge for 1 of the minutemen in the double murder case

“The bottom line right now is whose violence threshold is higher? "

Pelosi puts pressure on Dems to OK war funding

"World Bank Loan Withdrawn From Brazilian Cattle Corporation"

10 funniest people of all time

If high gas prices are bothering you then you haven't seen anything yet

About that rally against Letterman today in New York...

Catholic Charities Says Unprecedented Numbers Seeking Food, Shelter & Health Care

NBC's Guthrie falsely suggests AMA represents "the nation's doctors"

On Dobbs, Pilgrim falsely suggests AMA represents "the nation's doctors"

UPS Store is a sponsor of the Glenn Beck show - DON'T USE THEM

Is the medical malpractice bar fair game?

Meet the 4 idiots behind the "your car warranty is about to expire" robocalls

WJ this morning - Health care

Pelosi puts pressure on Dems to OK war funding

Pelosi puts pressure on Dems to OK war funding


Changing mindsets.

Jesus' General: If an email is racist and only racists receive it, is it still racist?

Puppy survives being flushed down the toilet

"On recount, it's limited -Guardian Council says it's ready to recount specific ballot boxes..."

"Taser! Taser! Taser! cop yells as they tase and beat man.

Is it just me or is down? -- EDIT: never mind

NYTimes: A Bad Call on Gay Rights

Let's look forward to finding out whose jobs are Socialism due to Government protection; we already

Not Helping The Case For Torture

Not Helping The Case For Torture

About the AMA and what your doctor really thinks

Asia Times: BRIC group plans own revolution (breaking US/European dominance)

Asia Times: BRIC group plans own revolution (breaking US/European dominance)

Silence Is Golden-Re Iran: "Discretion sometimes truly is the better part of valor."

Scott Horton: Government lawyers are responsible for the foreseeable consequences of their conduct.

Scott Horton: Government lawyers are responsible for the foreseeable consequences of their conduct.

A Thin Silver Lining To The Iran Election Catastrophe

Ahmadinejad's Mistake

The spin machine is out in full force claiming Iran protests should be credited to Bush's wars

Iran Cancels Foreign Media Accreditation

Dean brought up a really important point last night

Man With Mental Disability Sentenced to 100 Years for Sexual Assault

Man With Mental Disability Sentenced to 100 Years for Sexual Assault


Your Liberal Media: Pols discussing Iran on TV

This whole Letterman thing is trivial, to say the least.

Now that Sarah is the Queen of Political Correctness

Harriet Miers Deposed In House US Attorneys Firings Probe

Jane Hamsher (FireDogLake) 0n CSPAN now 8 am EDT

McGovern: Reporter Made It Up, I'm Voting NO on War $

CIA told Zubaydah they mistook him for a high-level al Qaeda operative.

CIA told Zubaydah they mistook him for a high-level al Qaeda operative.

So let me get this straight. On a discussion board, I post a thread

What about that Celebrex commercial?

Suit claims inmate was shackled while in labor

delete dupe

Michael Moore sends up the bailout

"...capitalism has swamped democracy..."

When will the Minnesota SC issue its ruling on Coleman vs. Franken? I thought it was to be this week

They forced Letterman to apologize now they are working on Panetta

Dave apoligizes and Loses and advertiser. Boycott Embassy Suite Hotels(Palin Supporters)

Bachmann Not Ruling Out Bid For Governor

Received an email from my senator (Brownback) regarding Obama's healthcare proposal...

Customs And Border Protection Proposal Could Ban Many Pocketknives

Fire David Letterman campaign takes root; protest planned over comment on Sarah Palin's daughter

Beer Spill in Chicago this a.m. Coolers needed.

Naked Harem trial begins: Co-owner accused of promoting prostitution

The marvel of Iranian political smoke and mirrors.

Wash. Journal's very 1st caller's remarks where perfect!

Heidi Montag == Modern-Day Mother Theresa

Eliminationist gear at Cafe Press: Scott Roeder is an American Hero and shoot Obama stuff for sale

Do doctors want to be doctors or make money?

Plaxico Burress- does this make any sense?

Common sense visits Morning Joe (bypasses Mika) re: Letterman/Palin

Just a little thought regarding the limpballs demise.

Clear Channel rolls out A.P.E. radio

Robots in Education

Palin vs. Letterman = Quayle vs. Murphy Brown

Iran: The Volcano Erupts (VIDEO, not for the squeamish)

$hitibank CEO: After the recession, a kinder, poorer America

$hitibank CEO: After the recession, a kinder, poorer America

Obama steals another page from 'cheney Playbook'...

Umm, how can I put this delicately? Fuck the AMA

Comedy means always pushing the limits...

What subjects should we not joke about so as not to offend the sensitive right wing?

Bill O'Reilly Selectively Edits Joan Walsh Interview

Republicans Suddenly Against War Spending?

Republicans Shoot Selves in Feet --- Again!

The painful truth: torture has been part of the American way for decades

Built to Fail: Key Lessons from the Financial Crisis

San Francisco Chronicle: State budget woes may mean bumpy roads ahead

The Seven-Point Manifesto of the Iranian Resistance

Apparently Dobbs is at it again, this time comparing the Iran mess to EFCA..

Should laws be changed in the case of a woman who killed a woman and her unborn baby?

Sex + Drugs + Cirque du Soleil = "unauthorised biography," which in return = "lawsuit"

Crosspost: "America's pandemic of corruption" by Jerry Mazza

Sarah Palin Points the Way For Us All

MySpace Dumps 30% of Staff

Thomas Starr King "appreciation" group at Facebook

Parents face jail for praying instead of getting doctor for baby

Canada has a nuke event (shut down 3+ mos. - important medical work)

Symbol of Dissent

The Ending of America's Financial-Military Empire

House Appropriators Approve Increases for Veterans’ Programs

'They torture me, I make up stories'

Sestak Staffing Up For Senate Race Against Specter

"Sexism and Free-Market Comedy" - The Mudflats

San Francisco Chronicle: Enough of Sarah Palin, the victim

McCain gets a new Ford Fusion hybrid - pics

McCain: Obama not tough enough regarding "corrupt, flawed, sham of an election."

Boehner Says a ‘No’ Vote on War Spending Bill Protects the Troops

No Proof Detainee Photos Led to Military Deaths

something I'm tired of: DUers trashing the few liberal media voices we have

CNN is apparently posting/reporting Twitter names

Why are there so many posts here on Sarah Palin?

Attention, All Current & Potentially Unemployed DUers: (repost from March)

Leave the Top 1% alone - they worked HARD for their money - you're just jealous! No taxes for them!

Air America station in Washington, DC launches tonight at midnight

Why Afghanistan Matters (hint - it has nothing to do with bin Laden or the liberation of women)

Palin...U.S. Military women and men putting their lives .....

KBR Got Bonuses for Work that Killed Soldiers

Obama's AMA speech & health care plan with the flowery talk edited out:

Palin is so big on "abstinence" for teens I think it's fair game to ask her...

Ed on Joe Scar right now. He is good at discussing with the rightwingers. nt

OMG, look at ""

Interview with Joe McBride, author: What Ever Happened to Orson Welles? (blacklist)

A short dispatch from Bend (in from the wilderness for a bath!).

From Americablog-We can All Become Iranians & HELP The Bloggers

Mich. lawmaker seeks to recognize gay marriage

Neo-Nazis are in the Army now

Oh lookie lookie it's a Heritage Foundation guy

Humans prefer cockiness to expertise

Tamron get a life

On The Iran Election...

Letterman is about to tape his show. Anyone in New York able to

British Airways asks employees to work for up to one month without pay

Pakistan General Says CIA Interfering In Iran Affairs

Why don't you Palin apologists spend your energy defending Sotomayor?

We've got some jazz in the White House

Iraq's New Death Squad (ISOF)

Andrew Sullivan is doing a stellar job reporting on the events in Iran. (+ 4 large pix)

Now that Palin accepted Letterman's apology, will she stop charging rape victims for evidence kits?

Keeping this url open will help shut down Iranian govt website.

X-post: Obama blocks list of visitors to White House

Is this really Obama's plan for Gay Rights?

U.S. Attorney Alice Martin (Alabama) resigns.

Mike Pence Undermines the Iranian People

This is gonna hurt: Conyers' wife facing imminent indictment on corruption charges

dupe, please remove, thanks mods

Guess who's buying our bellyup banks...

STIMULUS WATCH: $25 check may cost you food stamps

GOP leader: Brewer threat is specter of shutdown

How does human excrement like Steve King keep getting re-elected?

Here's what sickens me a little about the Letterman apology for the Palin joke

Schrödinger's Elephant: The brain-twisting paradoxes facing Republicans on health care reform

Thank you Captain Obvious Media: Grand Canyon fraught with peril

funny french cartoon- not really funny

What is your least important issue?

It’s Finished

Homeland Hysteria

Trooper who tried to throttle paramedic won't be charged

Palin Appeared On 'SNL' After Show Joked About Incest In Her Family

Congressional Budget Office: . Kennedy & Dodd plan leave 36 million people uninsured

Parking tickets - in their own driveways

What is with the surge of violence against animals and children???

Is Rachel Maddow sometimes too "cutesy" on her show?


So I've been looking for a new job and it has not been going well

Here's what we get for starving our schools for funds.

Times of London: Obama and the conspiracy theorists

Support Rep. Lee’s Universal Health Service Act–Why Women NEED Single Payer

so I am riding in my car and turn on NPR and there's John Bolton spewing his garbage

Man, I'm really enjoying Morning Joe this morning. What a great, enjoyable morning news show.

Recount Offer Fails to Quell Political Tumult in Iran

Is suicide illegal? Will your soul go to hell? we are having a debate

Twitter down?

questions about WIA and TAA for Workers

I don't normally say "lock 'em up and throw away the key" for an 18-y/o

Group of 33 faith leaders had WH meeting calling for an investigation into U.S.-sponsored torture

Ed Shultz has more balls than most of them

Uighurs hope to open restaurant

Hmm? Why No Pix of Ensign With Stories on LAT & CNN?

I'm falling in love with Ed Schultz

House Republicans prepared to do the ‘immoral thing’ and vote against war supplemental.

Another Republican fessing up.

McCain Unhinged

What I would of said if I was Letterman

Has anyone considered the possibility that Ahmadinejad really won?

I'm sorry for calling sarah palin a shrill, power crazy psycho b**ch.

So where's Scarborough on Ed Show?

For those with computer skills: SET UP A WEB PROXY FOR GREEN IRAN!!!

A good argument against a tax increase to cover Universal Health Care

Remember that episode of SEINFELD where Elaine sneezed into the pasta primavera?

Talking of Bohemian Grove

China to defend moral purity of the masses ... with STOLEN SOFTWARE?

Congressman Proposes 25 Years In Prison For first-time marijuana "offenders"

Kiwi dope in hot water over "how to grow cannabis" note

CNN: Analysts pore over 'ambiguous' Iran results

Rafsanjani's Gambit Backfires (Who is Mir Hossein Mousavi?)

Take a look at this Iran poll from 2000

‘Angel' resuscitates girl, 5

Had DU been around for JFK's 1st year in office, which positions would have pissed us off the most?

Did anyone see Dr Dean say on Rachael Maddow that Obama did not know that the DOJ

GOP 2012 hopeful Sen. Ensign admits extramarital affair

AG Holder urges new hate crimes law

Senator Ensign; on the sanctity of marriage and how gays sully it,

So much for the "transparent government" we voted for....

Reid Clarifies on DADT: ‘We Would Welcome A Legislative Proposal From The White House’

CNBC Fail: Anchors compare Iran elections to Employee Free Choice Act

I agree with John Kyl (R), Arizona.

CIA told detainee (waterboarded 83 times in a month) they mistook him for a # 3 Al Qaeda

E. Howard Hunt's FBI File Released

Oklahoma man gets one year jail sentence for raping a 4-year-old girl

35 Reasons not to Sin!

Nevada students find naked man tied to a rock

Palin is a narcissistic moronic parasitic media bimbo - can we just forget about her now?

It's incredibly insensitive to say someone's civil rights are your least important priority

Ensign: Evangeical Pentacostal. 100% Rating From Xian Coalition

Built to Fail: Key Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Protesters at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Should I pose the following question on Free

Human Rights Campaign Pulls out of Gay DNC Fundraiser

Looking to be another crazy day of Iran twittering.

American Academy of Enviromental Medicine comes out against GM foods. Advise public not to eat them.

Where the hell is the outrage here. Another female disparaged. WAKE UP MEDIA

Putting pressure on Fox News through their sponsors

National ID -- Round 2

IF you believe health insurance companies are only in it to help those they insure, raise your hand

“U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Some Asians” Gender tests and embryo screening.

“U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Some Asians” Gender tests and embryo screening.

Fuck Embassy Suites Hotels

Need video of the infamous Limbaugh "White House dog" incident

Women dine, dash, crash into IHOP

Take cover Tri-Cities (TN), southwest VA

Finally -- Obama's plan for gay rights posted online

Didn't all those young adults in the streets of Tehran get indoctrinated?

House supplemental war funding bill, as amended, up now for a vote. (4:30 pm Eastern)

A great analogy for universal health care advocates:

Seriesly, I don't want to cast asparagus at this moran, but John Ensign just made a HUGH mistake.

Hey, for anyone who hasn't been down in the "dungeon" for awhile....11,667 views

Heart-wrenching Iranian student's online note (Huff Post )

As Iraq runs dry, a plague of snakes is unleashed (for real)

The new Lincoln penny depicts the political difference

Senate Begins Work on Health Care TOMORROW (from Consumers Union/Consumer Reports)

You show me somebody who vehemently opposes _______, and I'll show you a closet ______'er


HA HA, NY TIMES: As Furor Over Palin Joke Rages, Letterman Rises in the Ratings

Ed Schultz said Dick Cheney will do anything to gain a political advantage ...

Can an18 year old sociopath even be treated?

Maybe I don't understand all that's involved.

Is this Ensign's first affair? I wonder...

226-202. $106 billion death bail-out.

Hitler, Jesus art in alleged museum shooter's home

Obama is Kennedy-esque—And Not in a Good Way

What's the Matter with...... NEW YORK?!?

So, a local piece of shit known by my wife and me, molested an 11 year old girl.

Why nothing about Shawna Forde on cable news today?

BREAKING...John Ensign a Cheater

AP INTERVIEW: Sebelius says coverage to take years

Jim DeMint backs Marco Rubio in Florida senate race

Wouldn't it be choice if Iran did a new electio

Would you put in one month of work for no pay?

Same-Sex Behavior Found in Nearly All Animals

One year for raping 4-year-old

DENNIS KNEALE (CNBC) said consumers were not injured by the housing debacle.

help Iran by doing this:

Cheney's torture policy contributed to the deaths of well over 4,000 Americans in Iraq.

Wow.....CNN Radio News just described the anti-Letterman/pro-Palin protesters as a "fringe" group...

Dog racing in Wisconsin "On the verge of extinction"

Obama to announce extension of health and other benefits to gay partners of Federal employees

Unconfirmed reports that Iran's Army members refuse

Olbermann reduced to grammar snark

Termination of individual health policies - hearing - is on right now

The Herbivore's Dilemma.. (japanses men who prefer gardening, to sex)

PLEASE DON"T FORGET IRAN- they need our support , to know we are with them

Chanting... ala 1968 --- "The Whole World Is Tweeting, The Whole World Is Tweeting... "

Congress to Transfer Hundreds of Billions in Tax Dollars to the Insurance Industry

It's not health care reform. It's insurance company reform....

Mike Pence Undermines the Iranian People

GOP Senator admits affair with staffer

Ed Schultz is doing it correctly.

Latest GOP Racial "Slip": TN Sen. Diane Black's Staffer E-mails Obama "Spook" Photo

Roger Cohen (NYT) from Iran and a healthcare discussion - Charlie Rose tonight

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Citing threats by Roeder, judge raises bond for suspect in Tiller slaying to $20 million

Microsoft announces new operating system.

After watching Jon Stewart:

Response to Obama admin letter asking me to donate for

Sorry About The Size...

Fox news: Dems blackmailed John Ensign about affair

Will 39 Democrats Stand Up to Stop the War Funding?

Obama not to address any of his eight promises tomorrow night in the Oval Office

If Letterman needs to apologize, then Bill Hicks and George Carlin needed to flagellate themselves

so many posts (over the course of a year) disparage DU

at&t new rules,is this legal?

at&t new rules,is this legal?

Where is the outrage for poor Alex Rodriugez?

Where is the outrage for poor Alex Rodriugez?

Iran's future set, unless we screw it up?

Letterman protest draws more media than activists

Governor Moonbeam, redux?

Report ties increase in hate crimes to ‘anti-immigrant vitriol.’

Y'know how else Obama could extend benefits to federal employees' spouses?

I need your help (Support for Iran)

Double geek creds for KO!!!!

Letterman opening: "CBS would like to apologize in advance...

Health Care; Just Another Chapter in the Class Wars?

FRONTLINE "Breaking The Bank" on NOW!

25 Years in Prison for Pot? Drug Warrior Congressman's Idea Is Way Obsolete

Water Powered Car

Cafe Press condones death threats against Obama

Who's filling in for Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC (Why isn't she a regular instead of the ditzes)

Well he gave everyone hope and the change took a dose dive into hell

House takes up $106 billion war funding bill

Anyone else cynical over the same sex benefits announcement from the WH? (a rant)

I've been drinking heavily tonight and that douchebag bush is on my mind...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah John Ensign admits to an extra- marital

What is your Most important issue

Christian Group to Burn Children's Book at the Stake

POLITICO says that Ensign was blackmailed

Electric cars rolling off assembly line soon

Most Excellent !!! - Quote of the day- "140 chars is a novel when you're being shot at."

I do I do I do believe in Obama. I do I do I do believe in Obama. I do I do I do believe in Obama.

So, what percentage of the vote did Ahmedinejad pick up in the 2005 run-off against Rafsanjani?

Do you know that the Obama admin shut down MS, Yahoo, Google, Messenger to Iran last month?

If I were Iranian, I'd be trying to bring down the regime even if Ahmedinejad won the election.

Ed Schultz is so effective at battling the right wing noise makers because he was one!

I stumbled across something...

For chemo effects, Etheridge says marijuana ‘amazing’ medicine

Iran, Again: Begging for a Smell Test (Sibel Edmonds)

Suitcase With 134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

Suitcase With 134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

Doughnut glaze leaking from tanker truck

Is it always wrong when a parent exploits their own children for a political purpose?

Priest jailed for sex abuse of a minor; claims he gave 11-year-old boy 'anatomy lessons'


Oh FFS... Letterman should have deferred to the Wisdom of Cheney;

CNBC’s Erin Burnett In Hot Water Again For Comparing Iranian Election To EFCA

New York Anti-Letterman Rally Draws Dozens

FDA Says Zicam Nasal Spray Can Cause Loss Of Smell

Health Insurance - CBO score: everyone covered, except 37 million remain uninsured

In Congress: 32 Heroes, 21 Frauds

Microsoft to give away anti-virus (BBC)

Last week I shook hands with Henry Bloch

Letterman's Ratings Soar!

Letterman's Ratings Soar!

GM spent a lot of money to "buy up and destroy mass transit"

Does Dick Cheney want the US to be attacked?

Ed Schultz and magnificent co-jones

Pressure mounts to test elder drivers

I just fell in love with Howard Dean!

Saddest. Twitter entries. Ever

Would you support any rationing of healthcare

I must admit...I was WRONG

Student Denied Diploma After Blowing Kiss At Graduation.

Report: Gay bias killings highest since 1999

I do not get some people on DU

Rhode Island Will License Medical Marijuana Shops

Five years ago, Ensign took to the floor of the Senate and said this:

A photo of Gaza - taken Feb. 1, 09 -I'm quite certain the view has not changed

Dean: single-payer is pretty tough to differentiate from the public option.

This Matt Bors editorial cartoon says it all re: difference between Iranian and American democracy

Another animal love story (feel good OP)

US Turns Down California's Requests For Aid

Strangling the Moose

"Palin issued a statement after the broadcast Tuesday, accepting the late night host's apology"

To profit from providing health care is immoral, to profit from denying health care is evil.

Republicans and family values.

Tennessee GOP Staffer Emails Racist Obama "Spook" Photo (And keeps her job!)

Obama to extend benefits to gay federal workers

Am I the only pot user that is sick to death of having judgement passed on me by non-users?

I predict an increase in suicides in California.

Dave's opening: "CBS apologizes to all who Dave insults tonight. He's an idiot."

The new H-1B and L-1 legislation: Bleak future ahead of the Indian IT firms

I don't like where all this health care "reform" is going...

So who do you know in Newburgh NY?

Charter School Report: they don't work as well as public schools

Who would you like to see take Rush Limbaugh on face-to-face?

Bears meet motorcycle.

Bernie Sanders :Supporting Single-Payer Health Care

Army ignoring regulations and admitting Neo-Nazis into military

FIX THIS POLL: What do you think is the truth about the Iranian election results?

The Iranian revolution.... first evidence of an abrupt tectonic shift in western culture

Is Kucinich correct in saying the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are based on lies?

Prominent NY pastor held for carnal abuse - So, who is it?

An Exit Strategy That Keeps Wars Going

30 Year In 30 Seconds

The Democratic Party is a joke...

So, you want to go to Washington and let President Obama know your opinion ...

Bill Maher is a self-important twit who needs to STFU.

Holy Crap! NASA To Blow up the MOON!!!!!

Holy Crap! NASA To Blow up the MOON!!!!!

Being Pinocchio

Post your escape ideas

Whenever I think my headbangin' days are behind me...

Susan Boyle Returns to Tour After "Rest Day."

Why did Rock & Roll songs used to be so short?

I am offended by your use of the phrase "man-hole covers"

Blu-Ray players are dropping in price.

A Happy Bloomsday to you.....

18-year old charged in Florida cat mutilations

A Dalai Lama bit of advice for us political junkies:

Can you go to Starbucks without making jokes about politcal affiliation?

Traveling in China 2

Traveling in China 2

i'm really torn about something

You know what movie we need a remake of? Total Recall!

Place your bet in my Confederations Cup poll.

i was soooo scared

Worst lounge-language-approved body part that can get caught in a ringer?

As someone who has no TV and is watching GD burn, I must ask...

"Cross-training" (How I've grown to hate that term!)

What weird things do your pets like to eat?

I hid every Letterman/Palin thread in GD. Now its blank!

Wolf Pup Howl

Spencer Pratt: "(Al Roker) is lucky I was saved by Jesus, 'cause I woulda ripped his head off"

Is anyone else noticing how in shape the Iranian protesters are?

The Twitters out of Iran seem to have gone quite.

Firefox is driving me nuts. Can someone help? Regarding Tabs

Post an opinion of yours that sounds sarcastic but is actually a sincere statement. And explain why.

Underappreciated comedic talents?

What's the longest you've gone without barfing at melodramatic commercials?

Grassroots campaign: Relocate all books by FOX idiots to the FICTION section!

How to get a refund on a Comfort Wipe

What about that Celebrex commercial?

Okay. Which one of you fuckers poisoned me? You failed.

Cures for barfing

There is some really nice flower scent wafting through my office.

Are you easily offended?

Why are our furry friends so much easier to love than other people?

Diamond Ring

Congratulate me....I got a hell of a deal!!!!

Can anyone help me understand Twitter?

DTV has brought a bizarre yet enjoyable addition to my life

Good morning Lounge

The BlackBerry Tour is coming out soon!

nce News: Boxed wines May be of higher quality

Did you ever just feel sad for no explained reason whatsoever?

It's time to get up and go to work. Like I will every day until I die.

Science Daily: High quality flavor in boxed wine possible.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to jeff30997!!*******

A Contemporary Tennessee Ditty

Calvin Klein ads over the top?

Those Michigan commercials are pretty melodramatic

Forget creating a thread that never dies...

"Deep Thought" introduced by a novel:

What is the Anti-Rush

I am losing the battle of slugs, snails and red lily beetles. Are there are SAFE things I can

Okay so I have the swine flu. Do you think a bottle of wine is the way to a cure?

When was the last time you ganked a land surveyor?

Am I the only one here who finds this article extremely funny?

"In my pants" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "in my pants".

What's your weirdest habit?

Pork, frog's legs...anyone have metrics on the percentage of Muppets that are edible?

What's the longest you've ever waited in line?

Eddie Van Halen: I went to the edge, I stood and looked down, then SUED YOUR ASS over your sneakers

Help me remember a word

Raisinettes look an awful lot like rabbit droppings.

For the record, I don't like DOMA at all.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/16/09 (warning: graphic language; NSFW)

The Iphone still can't compete in the business world.

A most excellent album dropped today. From Tom Morello's (Rage Against the Machine...) new project

Someone in my local Barnes & Noble has a sense of humor...

How many days a week does AMC re-run "Midway?"

vindication for Midlo!

What's the longest you have gone without zvex?

What part of ni don't you understand?

If You're at the Front of A Very Long Line, Don't Make Chit Chat with the Counter Person

Have You Ever Hated Anyone?

[Video] Weird Al Yankovic - Craigslist

we're going on a date tonight and i feel like i'm back in high school

kitteah picture of the day for tuesday june 16

Rabbit droppings look an awful lot like Raisinets.

Would you vote Mary Bailey for governor?

Just started Prozac today...anyone have any side effects on it?

Sigh. I think my doggie slipped a disk in her back.

nce News: Boxed wines May be of higher quality

Do You Write Thank You Cards for Gifts You've Received?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY 6000eliot!!*******

Aerial is a Treasure ....

I thought Jane Fonda was weak but...

Minot, North Dakota

Now, *this* is kinky!

I will not buy this record

Good alternatives to IE and Firefox?

An interesting MLB battle tonight. The Pirates are taking on the Twins tonight.

Please accept my apology for this post:

Cats getting stoned

Where is huskerlaw?

Did anyone watch "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco?

Saying Goodbye stinks.

Prepare to Die!

CNN Breaking: President Obama introduces bill to officially declare Lucky Charms magically delicious

THE BEST way to be Anti-American!

I got a new job!

This is why you get your male dog fixed.

I got to play with an 8 core Intel gamer's computer with 16gb of memory

I was adjudged a non-person

Cops collar a monster and his maker

What's your favorite watch to sport?

Pharmacology Final coming up tomorrow.

Hey Ptah!

I'm feeling a bit sleepy, and I think I'll take a nap. Should I get three stars or fifty-six?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/14/2009)

What's the weirdest bumper sticker you've ever seen?

God is great, beer is good.. and

If you had a tribute band, whose music would you play and what would you be called?

I must have missed dressing like this in 2000 AD

Well, shit. So much taking a pile of electronics to the dump and getting them out of my way.

Well, shit. So much taking a pile of electronics to the dump and getting them out of my way.

The Ventures guitarist Bob Bogle dies at 75

Twins Win!

I think TaterGuy must be planning a DU Group

What's your favorite professional sport to watch?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: STFU Rob Dibble!

Kitty in my pants

Ever feel like this at work?

Any DUers actually like their jobs?

Hey, yall musicians out there, riddle me this.

To all of my friends at the DU Lunge...

"Queen Defender of The Girl" - A Tale of Bonnaroo...... (pics)

List of Unusual Deaths

Booked a ticket to Hanoi yesterday

Crosby complains that Stanley Cup is too heavy


Anyone know of really high quality model car kits- boats or airplanes?

How many fucking times do I have to tell you? Spray the Febreze DIRECTLY into your navel...

FLASHBACK: A message from Pres. Reagan...

I miss MrCoffee.

Suppose your child filled out a credit application

I'm waiting for the Mac to catch up to 114007

What's the longest your sex thread has gone without getting locked?

Do you believe in redemption?

Get well Midlo thread

Why did they dump the Reload button on Safari?

These pictures will seriously creep you out...

This idiot thinks cats are not very smart

It's time to end the SEVERE Steve Morse drought here in the Lounge.

What is Your Favorite Mel Brooks Movie?

So, I gave some of my darker poetry to my new therapist.

Do you have a catchphrase?

party people in the house

I hope you'll go see my poem...

Post a video of your favorite instrument in play

why is there wrestling on the sci fi channel

The teenager who asked tattooist for THREE stars on her face and ended up with FIFTY-SIX

Anybody know how long it's taking to get a passport these days?

my mom adopted a new little kitten for our family.. meet captain! (kitten photo!)

George Harrison Album Debuts Today

WTF is the matter with Fender? Can anyone help my musician friend?

What's the longest you have gone with out sex?

I think photographers are overusing HDR.

Have posts relating to the War Supplemental Been Banned?

What do you think of my music blog?

An evening with Theodore Bikel and a LOT of friends

Cryptic Canvas - find 50 movies on one painting

Ever encounter someone who always thinks they're right - and gives you their unsolicited advice?

37,000 posts!

DU Gardeners: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Racing as it should be

What music have you listened to lately?

Missed Dave tonite - what exactly did he say about "it"? nt

Letterman interview - FANTASTIC!

The Obama administration has turned back pleas for emergency aid for California

Serious question. Is there any group...

Republican Women will reject Sarah Palin

When I was in HS my mother goes out and buys three gaudy electric candles

Put this in your window in support of Iranians:

My "Terrorist Threat" Letter makes it to print

Carter 'distressed' by Gaza visit (BBC)

President Obama meets with South Korean President today

This can't be a good idea

NYC DU'ers: I propose a 4:30pm "Get a Life!" rally outside the Ed Sullivan Theater.

The Micawbers and Mrs. Roosevelt

I think there is an 80% chance Ahmadinejad will stay in power

Iran Government releases overseas votes: Support Moussavi/Indicate fraud

ABC's "Prescription for America" is "glorified infomercial to promote the Democrat agenda!11!"

Have a "Fire Rusty Depass" Rally outside the Ed Sullivan Theater

We should turn our TV's on every night to the Letterman show, to keep ratings up

We should turn our TV's on every night to the Letterman show, to keep ratings up

No proof Abu Ghraib photos led to military deaths

How would the Right Wing Media use Obama's White House Guest List?

NYT: Credit Card Companies Slashing Card Balances

Is the White House still letting Cheney sneak in to water his plants or

Eliminationist gear at Cafe Press: "Impeach" Obama and Scott Roeder is a hero

ABC hits back against 'false premises' in RNC letter (primetime special on healthcare)

McCain Accuses Obama of Being Too Timid on Iranian Situation; McCain Wants Hot Rhetoric!

Freepers Mock McCain for his comments "Iranian election was rigged"

SC GOP Tweet Obama going to Impose Tax Aspirin Cause it's White and it Works

The true meaning of Knee-Jerk

"Deadly unrest in Iran. Coming up we'll talk to JOHN MCCAIN. NBC's Today Show.

The Iran Presidential election was fixed. Intelligence Ministry officials warned about it

CBO report states that the Kennedy plan would only insure 16 million more people

Obama's call for bi-partisanship on health care reform and what's going on behind the scenes

Palin says she accepts Letterman's apology

OK, that's it - Palin needs to be brought DOWN once and for all!

Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution says vandals not related to presidential candidates supporters

Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution says vandals not related to presidential candidates supporters

For Republicans already blaming the economic mess on Obama

Palin accepts Dave's apology, and manages to mention U.S. military in her acceptance.

Didn't the liberal punditry say the same crap as Maher during the campaign?

What will be the result of Iran's Civil Unrest?

HHS Secretary Sebelius favors level playing field so that healthcare doesn't tilt toward public plan

If Obama insisted on apologies from all who have derided him

"Thank God this guy gets it."

Obama's visit to AMA paying dividends

Clinton Urges Obama To Stand Firm On A Strong Public Option: Don’t ‘Give Up The Store’ To Get 60 Vot

Report: Obama offered Pete King Ireland ambassadorship

GOP Using Incomplete Study To Undermine Health Care Reform

Barack Obama to create Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Email from Bill Nelson. He's selling health insurance exchanges--what Obama touted yesterday to AMA

Is Obama "actively working AGAINST gay rights?"

Is that the best you imbeciles can come up with

I guess this editorial is from a lying gay lawyer too

President wants new financial agency for consumers

Banking Lobby Takes Aim At Proposed Consumer Protection Agency

Joe the Plumber's latest gig? Pimping the "Fair Tax," A.K.A. "National Sales Tax"

Impatient for Obama to hold Bush accountable? How long did S. Africa's Truth Commission take-Guess!

Daily Show sending reporter to Iran.

K&R if you want to bomb Iran?

Holder: Recent Violence Shows We Need Hate-Crimes Law

Obama on CNBC - video link

John Harwood interview with P. Obama today - CNBC closing bell. nt

Oh Gawd!!! Bill Maher is going to be on with Wolfie 6 PM tonight

"Make me do it" said FDR. "Do it" says Maher, "FU" says DU to Maher....

Hmmmm, war or health care? Putting the costs in perspective

President considering executive order to block abuse photos

Bush’s Man In Iran Lauds Obama’s Handling Of Iran Crisis

Behind the Scenes, a Student-Loan Overhaul Takes Shape - Eliminate Bank-Based Loan Program

AP sources: Senate health overhaul costs top $1.6T

Hey, teabaggers...THIS is how you stage a protest!!!!!!!

Polis to Obama: Repeal DOMA

Obama expected to raise $3M for Dems

BREAKING-John Ensign (R-NV) admits to having an affair!

McCain Angry and Frustrated Again; Urges Obama to "Scrap" Healthcare plan and "Start Over"

Democrats Plan for Byrd "Contingencies"

Hannity proving President Obama's point..He leads with the "truth-telling" about FauxNews

Let's hold Bush officials accountable for torture

Would you be so kind and take this survey...

"10 True Things About President Obama His Opponents Are Wrong About"

FaceBook Are Being A-Holes. They may now ban Saeed Valadbaygi. A Major Source of Info For Iran News.

Hutchison: "I am running for governor"

Who's the U.S.'s Supreme Leader? And Assembly of Experts?

Iran TV from Tehran says: "Mir-Hossein Mousavi calls for truth finding election commission"

Obama blocks list of visitors to White House: Taking Bush's position, request for logs denied

If we demand Ensign's resignation for an affair, or even for Hypocrisy we would be making a mistake

Ezra Klein on the Health Insurance Exchanges: The Most Important, Undernoticed Part of Health Reform

I am not very Photoshop-inclined, or know much about graphic design, but if YOU are...

I am not very Photoshop-inclined, or know much about graphic design, but if YOU are...

Obama Crushes Pesky Fly On CNBC (VIDEO)

"What's the policy going to be on release of the names of White House visitors?"

Hypocrite alert: John Ensign is a member of Promise Keepers

Fuck Sebelius: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Suggests Obama Could Back Single-Payer Ban

I just donated to Organizing for America

Criticism has to make sense.

Obama: "I got it. I got the sucker. What do you think Gibbs"

Randi is so brilliant love her.

Bill Maher is a clueless self-important Hollywood elite dog-blowing twit asshole nazi stooge

PHOTO Caption it? (June 16)

Hypocrite they name is Ensign. Re: Clinton

BREAKING-House passes $106 billion fundng bill

BREAKING-House passes $106 billion fundng bill

Hell has frozen over! Pat Buchanan supports Obama on Iran....

john Ensign Appreciation thread.

Disappointed In Obama?

Civil Unions or Gay Rights Executive order could be coming tomorrow

Obama is NOT signing an Executive Order re: spousal benefits, but signing a Presidential Memorandum

You wanted the White House Guest List? Well...

Iran TV from Tehran Says: "Obama opposed to meddling in Iran's affairs"

I heard Levi wasn't the father which is why he "dumped" Bristol.

Signing a Pres Memorandum giving gay federal workers spousal benefits is a very good thing

Huffington: Whistling past the economic graveyard -- the audacity of misplaced hope

NYT: Obama to extend benefits to Gay Federal Employees

Sarah Palin for President? Just When we got rid of a male A-Hole, why would we want a female A-hole?

Ahmadinejad Won. Get Over It

Obama slams Fox News

Bachmann Not Ruling Out Bid For Governor

On Why It's Easier to Criticize President Obama than to Defend Him.

Discrimination against gays alive and kicking in the 'liberal' world

How about a nice pack of CHILL PILL (?)

PHOTOS Green Fingers

White House Guest List....I don't get "Teh Outrage..."

Um... here's one good reason why the Secret Service might not want to show the White House Guest Log

49% favor a single government plan according to this poll...

CIA Fights Full Disclosure of Detainee Report : White House Urged to Maintain Secrecy

Where is the anger at CONGRESS?

Well, I guess It's time to act

Did anyone hear Ed Shultz's radio show today?

FLASHBACK: Ensign Called On Clinton To Resign After Admitting Affair — ‘He Has No Credibility Left’

WH: "The president remains strongly committed to signing a legislative repeal of DOMA into law"

War-funding Survived...

Michelle Obama Gorilla Comment: NAACP Demands "Proper" Apology

Michelle Obama Gorilla Comment: NAACP Demands "Proper" Apology

Michelle Obama Gorilla Comment: NAACP Demands "Proper" Apology

"What Happens if Obama Loses the Left?" (Or, It has only been five months, Part II)

President Obama has the legal power to halt DADT discharges until Congress acts.

Obama naysayers! Tell me how 5 months is enough time to change the World

K&R if Obama and other people have a right to privacy!

Politico saying that Ensign was threatened with Blackmail,

Can you believe people defended Bush for 8 years no matter what decisions he made???

Uh oh, Sen. McCaskill says POTUS did not follow law in IG firing....

The cost of Obama not wanting to look "leftist": Senate health overhaul costs top $1.6T

Russia welcomes Ahmadinejad

Italy to take Guantanamo inmates

Fire David Letterman campaign takes root; protest planned over comment on Sarah Palin's daughter

One year for raping 4-year-old

Rival Iran supporters plan rallies in same square

Obama blocks list of visitors to White House

The new H-1B and L-1 legislation: Bleak future ahead of the Indian IT firms

You're Fired! CIA Axes $1000-A-Day Waterboarding Experts

Obama Administration Turns Down Auto Suppliers' Aid Request

BRICs May Buy Each Other’s Bonds in Shift From Dollar

Amazon radio taken off air for bogus reasons after reporting on Peruvian riots

ACLU says terrorism finance laws hurt charities

Communism is target of new online museum

U.S. Housing Starts Soared in May; Permits Also Rose

Britain voices frustration over Gitmo inmates in Bermuda

Iran 'to hold election recount'

ABC News Responds to RNC Letter (complaining about plans to broadcast a health care “conversation”)

Sebelius: Health Care For All Will Take Years

Schwarzenegger tries to terminate conservation funding

CIA Mistaken on 'High-Value' Detainee, Document Shows

Palin backers raising funds for her legal defense

AP INTERVIEW: Sebelius says insurers won't succeed (In Blocking Public Plan)

UN 'runs out of aid for Ethiopia'

Narco-Terrorism Charges Added to Indictment of Colombian Paramilitary Leader and Narcotics Kingpin

Iran's Human Rights Activists Being Arrested, Nobel Prize Winner Tells NPR

Iran bans foreign journalists from covering rallies

Racist e-mail aimed at Obama raises hackles in Tennessee

Iran's Human Rights Activists Being Arrested, Nobel Prize Winner Tells NPR

House kills (GOP Congressman) Bishop's call for Pelosi probe (again)

Book released despite threats from federal prosecutor (Patrick Fitzgerald )

White House: Climate change damage happening now

(DC) Council wants von Brunn Charged with Hate Crimes

Nevada Sen. John Ensign R. just admits to an affair with

UK plans universal access to high-speed Internet

Uighurs: U.S. Let Chinese Abuse Us At Gitmo

Students May Get Swine Flu Shots at School This Fall

Iran's senior ayatollah slams election, confirming split

GM says reaches deal to sell Saab to Koenigsegg


Miers Deposed By House Panel Looking Into Attorney Firings (Testified Monday)

Audit: U.S. Overpaid Blackwater (tens of millions of dollars)

Monica Conyers reluctant to take plea deal, sources say

Ex-congressman (William Jefferson) on trial over freezer cash, bribery

Men more likely to develop cancer: study

Rhode Island to License Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Sen. McCain: Panetta Should Retract His Comments on Cheney Immediately

Munich Re touts Sahara in solar energy push

MySpace to cut staff by a third

Sign Bernie Sanders' Petition for Single Payer Health Care

British Airways asks staff to work for free

India-Japan baby in legal wrangle

Economists see end to US downturn

Air Force to train more on drones

President Obama Reiterates Concern About Iran’s Election

US Chamber and Tyson Foods Fought Workplace Safety Measures ($500,000 fine)

Sources: Monica Conyers considers plea deal in City Hall corruption case

U.S. State Department speaks to Twitter over Iran

Mich. man claims to be NY boy who vanished in 1955

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Takes A Stand

Carter's visit gives Obama a hotline to Hamas: Former US president condemns continuing Israeli block

Schwarzenegger: Courts should decide Prop 8 suit

FDA says Zicam nasal spray can cause loss of smell

Stallworth, victim's family reach settlement

Murder suspects tied to supremacists(Shawna Forde)

Report: 2 US journalists admit entering NKorea

Iran's regime cracks down on opposition and media

Paralyzed boy to gunman: 'I forgive you'

Extent of E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress

Teens who spray-painted swastikas, racial slurs sentenced to learn about the Holocaust

Sotomayor says women's club doesn't discriminate

House Approves $106B Bill to Fund Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Ensign to Acknowledge Extramarital Affair

911 call in deadly home invasion released (with audio)

W.H.: Fired IG 'confused, disoriented'

Call Senate Finance Committee members - tell them NO CO-OP - we want national public option.

In huge change, Obama to strip Fed of credit card oversight

AG Holder urges new hate crimes law

Obama to Extend Benefits to Federal Workers' Partners

Judge ups bond to $20 million in Tiller shooting

Obama blocks list of visitors to White House

Carter 'distressed' by Gaza visit

Carter 'distressed' by Gaza visit

Iranians Abraod Protest

Inside Story: US-Israeli ties under pressure

Ladyfriends: Target Women

Hardball: Matthews, Isikoff & Corn Discuss Panetta Outing Cheney's Sick/Vengeful Motives

ABC News (Tapper) on Obama's health plan and AMA speech (2:21)

Rachel Maddow discusses the Iran situation w/ Richard Engel - especially technological revolution

Barack Obama & Pat Robertson Gay Marriage Similarities

Anderson Cooper Visits A Medical Marijuana Provider

Keith Olbermann & Lawrence O'Donnell: Letterman Mea Culpa

Iranians Use Internet to Overcome News Curbs

Rumsfeld Fails the History

Unusual Pairs Video Select Clips

David Letterman: Tonight's Comments on Palin Crap

Love and War: The Relationship Between Congress and the F-22

Iran: The Volcano Erupts - Must see.

Footage of Shootings into Crowd at Basij Compound in Tehran

Obama Strikes Perfect Tone on Iran: "People's voices should be heard and not suppressed."

Obama's Passivity on Iran & Healthcare

Lugar bucks McCain on Iran, says U.S. should not get involved.

Day in 100 Seconds - 'Stay Sympathetic, Show Interest, Don't Interfere'

David Letterman Apologizes

Young Turks: Republican Calls Michelle Obama a Gorilla

CBO Report and the Healthcare Timetable

Rachel Maddow on John Ensign

{Rachel Maddow} Where's My Vote? w/ Fawaz Gerges

Carter's strong words on Gaza

TYT: The Iranian Revolution Must Start NOW

TYT: Bill O'Reilly Gets Owned by Joan Walsh (Cenk Reacts)

Ed Schultz: Cheney Wants America To Be Attacked Again

COUNTDOWN: President Obama Kills Fly During Interview

What will happen when the Gays take over

Bill Maher On Cnn 06/16/09

The FROG PRINCE of song parody hilarity is back!

WP: Palin Gag? Comedy's All in the Mis-Timing

U.S. Senators Ask FCC to Review Mobile Handset Deals.

Iran's Growing Societal Chasm

Sen. Coburn Questions 100 Stimulus Projects.

No Proof Detainee Photos Led to Military Deaths

Mother in Colombia: 'Never crossed my mind' that army killed her son

Seeking Truth and Trust in Pakistan

Emerging Powers Prepare to Meet in Russia.

Greed Layered on Greed, Frosted With Recklessness

Marjorie Cohn: Agent Orange Continues to Poison Vietnam

Iran's Supreme Leader Stops the Recount, Citing Bush v. Gore

Republican Fantasy, With No Sex, Believe it or Not

"Freedom on a small island with a big heart"

Glenn Greenwald: What would have happened if the "Bomb Iran" contingent had its way?

Don Siegelman and the Plague of Judicial Bias

Water Risks Ripple Through The Beverage Industry.

It is summer 2009, and John McCain is president

A Green Revolution for Iran?

The Goddess of democracy shines on Iran

Appeal for help to clear landmines in Iraq

Projection: It will be years before jobs return to much of the U.S.

Synergies Summit Protest in D.C. (visitors list blocked?)

"America's pandemic of corruption" by Jerry Mazza (6-16-09 Online Journal)

what won't change even if Iran's government does

Iran needs lessons from the GOP, How to Steal a Election Bush Style

A Bad Call on Gay Rights (NYT Editorial)

Hate Crimes Rise as Immigration Debate Heats Up (WaPo)

Insurance interests total 1/4 of Baucus' fundraising

Everyone must help eliminate cyber hatred, says Secretary-General (UN)

Iran: Four Scenarios for the Vote Recount

Anti-Immigrant Suspects In Arizona Killing Have Ties To White Supremacists

Bulldoze the Ghost Burbs - Return them to nature

Why Do Republicans Hate US Soldiers?

CDC 5/09 - re: HIV infections among young gay men, young gay men of color.

Rafsanjani's Gambit Backfires (Who is Mir Hossein Mousavi?)

Robert Fisk: Fear has gone in a land that has tasted freedom

Sudanese Family Reunites in Brooklyn.

Communism is target of new online museum

AlterNet: Home Loan Scamming Is Still Going Strong -- and Now You're Paying for It

Poll: American Voters’ Support Of Israel Drops

After 30 Years, Jimmy Carter Finally Gets His 'Iranian Revenge'

GOP Senator John Ensign admits to extramarital affair

The unlikely friends of the Holocaust memorial killer-Guardian (UK)

Guns and Hate (Jesse Jackson)

Jack London accurately detailed utter failure of financial elite

Ideology of Unfettered Capitalism Is Crumbling - It's a Huge Opportunity for Alternative Economics

Marie Cocco: Guns and the Link We Won’t Admit

The American Empire Is Bankrupt

Colombia’s False Positives: “In Colombia Heroes Do Exist”

NACLA: "Blood at the Blockade: Peru's Indigenous Uprising"

Amazon radio taken off air for bogus reasons after reporting on Peruvian riots

Press Release from the International Comm. to Free the Five

AVILA TV VENEZUELA: Revolutionizing Television

VEN GOV'T: Separatist Opposition Uses COL Paras for Social Cleansing, Destabilization

Narco-Terrorism Charges Added to Indictment of Colombian Paramilitary Leader and Narcotics Kingpin

DrumBeat: June 16, 2009

Oilwatch Monthly June 2009

BOREV: 33 Colombian Legislators Investigated for Selling Votes to Extend Term Limits for Uribe

The Mystique Of The Earth and The New Story (Thomas Berry)

Super Corn-borers Threaten (yet another) World Ecological and Economical Disaster

Energy from wind turbines in high-flying kites

New Report Provides Authoritative Assessment of National, Regional Impacts of Global Climate Change

Bulldoze the Ghost 'Burbs, Return Them to Nature

Venezuelanalysis: "Evo Morales Incites Genocide of the Peruvian Police Force"

Cuba News Agency: CIA Tries Second Version of Operation Peter Pan (in VENEZUELA)

Lost Aztec tomb lies under Mexico City

IncaKola: State Dept. Releases 2009 US Human Trafficking Report (here we go again)

North Carolina researching making ethanol from Sweet Sorghum - grown on marginal agricultural land.

Atlanta Startup EnerTech Environmental Turns Human Waste Into Fuel

Transparent Solar Cells Made For Windows

Hydrogen car to be 'open source' (BBC) {350kg car}

Water supplies at risk in current forest disaster

A Preassembled Nuclear Reactor

Coyotes Bankruptcy Judge Punts...

Top ten NCAA Athletic Department Budgets...

Time for baseball to reallign

So when is Barry Bonds just going to come clean and admit that he cheated.

Sosa Said to Test Positive in 2003

WR Stallworth pleads guilty, gets 30 days in jail

Is Barry Bonds baseballs biggest cheater ever?

Sox proving they are East's best

Satan, get thee behind me!

Don't know if I should post this in sports or entertainment......

Stallworth pleads guilty, gets 30 days in jail

Ho hum. Sammy Sosa tested positive for a PED in 2003

Prized Swedish goalie looking at San Jose

Today in labor history June 16 NIRA becomes law, establishes the right to unionize & more

Colorado Grocery Workers Are Voting On New 5 Year Contract

Right-Wingers To Boycott GM? (RUSH isn't angry with GM workers, just Obama)

After two-day strike, (non union) workers back on roof at Target Center

British Airways Asks EMployees to Work for Free

WORKERS' CORRESPONDENCE Don’t be fooled by your boss’s ‘facts’

BART Strike Looming? (BART is seeking $100 million in concessions)

New NFL union chief presses his case

NJ hospital reaches tentative deal with union (ended a three-day lockout)

Denver Area Grocery Workers Vote Down Contract

Explosion 4 Months after OSHA Fines Kills Minnesota Teen

Researchers Test Nanoparticle To Treat Cardiovascular Disease In Mice

Those in Congress fighting against public health ...

Chronic asthma study offers hope (BBC)

ADHD Drugs: Sudden Death Risk Higher?

anyone know ins and outs of rx insurance? "the doctor has not answered

Canadian snipers. Awsome 2,430 meter shot.

Twenty three State Attorneys Generals write a letter to Eric Holder...

Growing up without guns

Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter #IranElection

Hamas members helping Iran crush dissent, protesters claim

Anyone catch the Rachel Maddow/Howard Dean interview last night?

Ray Ferrer @ q comedy & Miss Coco Lopez at Boston Pride

Obama official, Currently No Chance for Repeal of DOMA and DADT

Anyone else notice the guy in the Orbitz Commerical is wearing a Human Rights Campaign Logo Shirt?

Labor contingent to march in Pride Parade

For my friends at GLBT..

CDC 5/09 - re: HIV infections among young gay men, young gay men of color.

No sponsors for DADT repeal in Senate

MSNBC: It may not be an executive order

I wouldn't put too much stock in this memorandum.....

I just have to say: No Excuses. = is = or it’s not.

so i'm beginning to think that lgbtiq community is a kind of canary

If the memo is successful in bringing people back into the fundraiser, I really doubt there will be

This whole memo (or whatever it is) is basically the equivalent of slowing the bus down to 99 mph

BREAKING: HRC and former top Clinton aide both pull out of DNC gay fundraiser

Associated Press has good background info in its story on benefits

Here's Americablog's take on federal benefits Exec Order

Help me destroy an argument, but please do not throw rocks at me

BREAKING: President Obama's memorandum will probably not include health benefits

Gang... I am back!!!

Obama Faces a Second Major Test on DOMA

A New Role as 'Risk Regulator' Could Reshape Fed.

Hey, what's $13.9 Trillion among friends?

Federal Reserve Appears to be Big Loser in Extended Stay Bankruptcy

BREAKING: Obama to sign executive order extending benefits to same sex partners

Ok now that the Submissions are closed, these lost the coin toss

A question about the legal position re posting pictures of strangers

Audit Finds That U.S. Overpaid Blackwater

Austin Biker Rally weekend

I posted this in GD - and it scrolled off. But it remains a photo I want you to see.

Please allow me to carp...

Just a reminder -

Gay bar says ‘I don’t’ to bachelorettes

The new Olympus rangefinder Digital-- Olympus E-P1

The Seedling

Europe's Mars mission scaled back (BBC) {budget cuts}

Fusion falters under soaring costs

Has anyone seen the movie Pi (Faith in Chaos)?

Um, not really thrilled about this idea:

Need help now

Pluto in Capricorn and a Forbidden Subject

A selfish post: Any vibes you can pick up on my new guy?

had your aura photographed? post it here if you dare

Stormtrooper Brain Police of "Science"

Science and religion: a history of conflict?

A plurality of DU ranks equal rights as their least important issue

Can I cook arugula?

Black cherries.......

The Wreck of the Patrick Fitzgerald

Two Days Before 9/11, Military Exercise Simulated Suicide Hijack Targeting New York

9/11 Throwdown - Is the Truth Movement a movement at all?

Democratic family-law attorney Grier Raggio to challenge Pete Sessions for TX-32 in 2010

Old TV shows (pre-1980) that hold up well

9/11 Throwdown...Is Jack Riddler A Conspiracist?

Tentative Hibernia South deal reached

Who's calling shots for Liberals?

Four Swine Flu deaths today