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Food, Inc. - a film about all the mass-produced crap we eat - is now showing.....

Iranian Election Results by Province

So apparently blacks are the reason the US healthcare system is crap

Results of "Democracy" on University of Isfahan students/dorms (brutal pics)

Anyone know who Lou Dobbs votes for?

Remember that big-ass embassy in Iraq? We're building its cousin in Islamabad

I guess they were kicking in the dorm doors?

US Supreme Court limits Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel

Will Book Get Howard Dean Into National Health Debate?

I think Netanyahu is Isreal's Dick Cheney... (NBC now)

Palestinians Reject Israeli Terms

Anti-Choice Movement Gets Duped

Apparently, you're allowed to hunt deer with a snowmobile in Wisconsin

Protests erupt after Iranian election

Protests erupt after Iranian election

"Let's start with protecting defenseless children from satan"- Anti-gay wacko...

Bibi's Bait-and-Switch

thousands of people in the streets, it's do or die!

Not seeing Juan Cole's article specifically referenced

HuffPost's Twitter feed: the (protest) march has started

Can the Iranian government shut down internet access and other forms of communication?

I'm curious about presidential protocol

Delta, American Watch Revenue Vanish as New York Business Fares Tumble

WaPost OpEd: "The Iranian People Speak" (claims election may be legitimate).....

Lieberman: Obama should consider keeping 'humane' Guantanamo open

CNN Christiane Amanpour will be reporting from IRAN live

GOP Steps Up Anti-Obama Talk

pics from iran!!!!!!

is this worth doing to support Iranian protesters?

Sen. Hiram Monserrate and Sen. Pedro Espada: Call them Dumb & Dumber

Dumbass Haiku

Remember when Christiane Amanpour reported finding all those nuclear documents in Afghanistan?

Neo-Nazis are in the Army now

Those opposing public health insurance option

Justice Ginsburg - "There Will Be More" 5-4 Decisions Before The Term Ends

Why Not A Gold Standard?

“I went swimming in the ocean for the first time ever..., and it was the happiest day of my life"

Zero reaction from the GOP on Iran situation

Does it seem like Obama..

Does it seem like Obama..

Let's just find out whose JOBS are PROTECTED by GOVERNMENT; we already know whose jobs AREN'T

Michael Lewis: Socialism for Bankers and Capitalism for Everyone Else.

Hersh: Congress Agreed to Bush Request to Fund Major Escalation in Secret Operations Against Iran

Right wing blames Letterman for McCain loss, that is what this is really about!

The Truth Behind Depleted Uranium Contamination and Its Usage

US Postal Service contemplates tens of thousands more job cuts

Support for Ahmadinejad is not progressive

It's June 15th and MN is still missing a Senator. When the hell is the MN SC

My LTTE. Though I don't care for ltte's due to length restrictions

International Purchases of U.S. Assets Slow as China, Japan Trim Holdings

WJ this morning health care

Right-Wing Dogfight: Utah Republicans give Orrin Hatch the cold shoulder

Distortions, lies, and agendas. I got to the truth of one issue:

From Anonymous: (Fresh Report) The Street Protests Mount

Rethink Afghanistan: a new website and blog from filmmaker Robert Greenwald

Rethink Afghanistan: a new website and blog from filmmaker Robert Greenwald

Iran: EPIC fail for the MSM - major props to the blogosphere

U.K. Announces Inquiry Into Iraq War Errors

Iranian Twitters Seeking Open Proxies

OK, WTF? I just heard this on Fox.

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Nativist Leader, and nativist henchmen, Arrested For Double Murder

Officials scrutinizing threats from the far right just as carefully as those from Islamic extremists

Far-right shootings raise fear of hate offensive in America

wtf? just when you think the right can go no lower......

wtf? just when you think the right can go no lower......

Turbulence for the Boeing 787

Sarah Palin is like a munchausen mother

5 Reasons to doubt the results. Excellent video & list of Iran Twitters

Blackwater Still Working in Iraq for the International Republican Institute, According to New Lawsui

US begins closing Kyrgyz base

A 10 year old kid with a cellphone

AP...are riot police standing down?

AP...are riot police standing down?

CIA Renewed Contract With Psychologists Who Endorsed Waterboarding Weeks After Obama Took Office..

Stay classy, Free Republic

Kristol: Memo to Conservatives

Crushing irony - Who are the "Nattering nabobs of negativism" now?

How Trillion-Dollar Deficits Were Created

The single most profound thing from Sicko

Coleman: It's Not About Me -- "One Vote" In The Senate Is About The Future Of The Country

The pirate kings of Puntland (and what they do with the money)

FBI Seeks to Target Lone Extremists

Now we've learned to KICK ASS!

What's the difference between tort reform (insurance companies) and retroactive immunity (telecoms)?

CIA chief believes Cheney almost wants US attacked

Who owns Twitter? n/t

Which Republican scheme or scam are you most glad that failed?

What do you think will do a better job on cutting down health care costs?

Why is Frank Luntz advising Democrats?

Time to check out of the Extended Stay America chain of hotels....permanently?

Could the good guys be winning in Iran?

Andrew Sullivan's Site Under DOS attack

Is there a phrase Obama uses any more often than "Make no mistake.."?

Join the CyberWar Against Ahmadinjead?

Dickipedia: Newt Gingrich

Umpire ejects entire crowd during baseball game

I'm going to have to restrict use of my oven

Breaking: Reports of gunshots and protesters running at Azadi square

Have those Delta airliners carrying Hugo Chavez' riot police landed in Iran yet?

Italy Open To Taking 3 Guantanamo Detainees

Tips and Guidelines for Losing Political Fights! Absolutely Free! Get Yours Now!


Anybody got the current tweets on what is happening at the rally in Iran?


Icky weird

McCain Bashes Panetta, But In 2004 He Said Bin Laden Gave GOP A “Boost”

CNN contradicting itself on Biden/taxing health insurance.

CNN contradicting itself on Biden/taxing health insurance.

Rush Limbaugh Demographic...

Dad feels cheated in parental holiday gifting

California's Death Throes: One View From Sacramento

Palin Support Thread

Palin Support Thread

Joel STEIN wrote jokes for BECK?!1 I hope there were Sarcasm-smilies on them

Chet Huntley commentary from 11/22/63

Anyone know if Google Earth has any images of the Iran protests? n/t

Who cares about Letterman?

Crowds gather at Supreme Court steps, December 2000.

Will you file a law suit on my behalf?

Cheney: "The important thing is to continue the policies that kept us safe for the last years"

Just what we need...

McCain: “It's unfair, and I think that Mr. Panetta should retract, and retract immediately.”

Did Letterman have a RIGHT to say what he did?

Britain to Investigate Role in Iraq

Just curious - What kind of voting machines did they use in Iran? n/t

Why do the police in Iran have "POLICE" written on riot gear?

Liberal trickle down economics.....WTF?

GOP Leaders Not Defending Cheney Against Charge He Wants Terror Attack

Man arrested for "Barrel Monster" art

AMA: "Our policy is clear: We're opposed to government involvement in medicine"

Florida teen shoots and kills donkey, orphaning donkey's brand-new offspring

The latest sexist slams against Sotomayor. She's "too aggressive." A bully.

Sacramento: Spending cuts may include closing public bathrooms in parks

Andrea Peyser in the NY POST claims: Letterman and Conan have a war on white women!

Looking for something to fear?...

Lieberman opposes public option

Has anyone on here ever used

should medical insurance buyers be given the choice for limited tort

Would you approve of Iran covertly spending $400 million to support dissident groups in America?

Violence has broken out in the streets of Tehran Shots fired

Great Toon-"I believe we were talking about right-wing wackos..."

Video: "We don't need a public option. There's more than 350 companies selling health insurance."

I'm pretty computer savvy but was determined to skip the Twitter phenomenon

Poll Tracker- A Plurality of Americans Describe Themselves as Conservative

Obama smoothes passage of war spending bill by pledging to suppress torture photos

Another Anti-Choicer caught in a LIE!

Former CIA IG forwarded an estimated half-dozen torture cases to DOJ for possible prosecution

This was my band.

Fools by decree

Just called Kent Conrad's office to leave a message

Republicans Gone Wild!

Tehran University faculty resigns in protest at violence

Taxing Health Benefits Sends the Wrong Message, imo

Hey folks, today is Magna Carta Day.

U.S. Treasury Responds to CEPR's Cost Estimate for IMF Funding; CEPR Responds

Howard Dean On Conrad's Co-op Plan: Insurance Industry Licking Its Lips

Limbaugh has finally jumped the whale with his anti-exercise screed

I am disgusted... Who Are These White Supremacists?

Andrew Sullivan Goes Green - hacked

CNN: Trooper vs. Paramedic

Treating Children’s Mental Illness with Questionable Drugs

Chihuahuas Confront Cougar in SoCal Garage

GOP Leaders Not Defending Cheney Against Charge He Wants Terror Attack

I'm sorry, you said WHAT?

Politico takes on The Onion

Civil rights legislation this Congress could easily do.

Where Is My Vote? - pic

Extended Stay America hotels checking out.....for good?

The key to the spirit of Iran is its national epic, the Shahnamen

It's time to kick some Canadian ass and nuke them

Fall to Your Knees for Bigotry:

K&R if you're wearing green today!!!

Norm Coleman: It's not about me...

How many people has the AMA killed over tha last 50 years by denying

cheney couldn't wait for America to be attacked in 2001 either...

I don't give a DAMN about either Letterman or Palin

Tehran's Streets Become a Battleground

Harley Karnes on CBS radio, at 3pm central, hits the so called "news"

Listen Leon Panetta

I know everybody is sick to death of Palin posts, but...

Would you report this??

Refutation of a Journal Entry Featured on DU's Front Page


Fleeing American political persecution as a refugee. I need information about how to do it.

South Carolina GOP Activist Says Escaped Gorilla Was "Ancestor" Of Michelle Obama

Any NewYawkers here now?

If you think about it, what is the best health care system in the world REALLY providing care for?

Obama's going to address the violence in Iran at 5:00 EST

sick and tired of the term Gay Marriage.

NEWS FLASH: Letterman don't give a rats whether a DUer accepts or rejects any apologies!

Khamenei is to Amadinejad as Cheney was to Bush...

The Big Picture: Iran's Disputed Election

South Carolina GOP Operative Doesn't Deny Racist Tweet Against President Obama

Byrd begins physical therapy, not back this week

exclusive Channel 4 (UK) video of hijab police shooting at the crowd

JFK was ready to use nuclear bomb on China ... until China tested its first nuclear weapon

I'm declaring this whole Letterman non-controversy over and done

Tamron STFU re the freed Uighurs in Bermuda

I'm watching "Glory" and I had some thoughts

Monday TOONS, part 1: Iran

Tyler "Bill Frist Wannabee" Weinman has a facebook page!

Senate offers new plan to secure driver's licenses

Malkin condemns "partisan hack and hit man" with "a deranged obsession"...and it's NOT O'Reilly!

Cantor faces off with White House over Iran

Girl gets shot at today's rally in Tehran (Video)

so- repugs say that americans don't want government run healthcare...

Wolfie ringing his hands : "Shouldn't Obama make a speech about the Iran Election & rioting?

Venezuela's Chavez praises Ahmadinejad's "great victory"

$2.66 for 87 octane in MEMPHIS......Oh President.......

here's what the right has to offer: Pro-English measures being revived across U.S.

Ed Shultz is tearing Cheney a new one

Oy! Indicted eye doctor, wife found dead at his office

Is the whole "Palin-is-a-victim" charade orchestrated to take attention away from ...

We might be watching the SECOND IRANIAN REVOLUTION folks

ACLU says DoD Training Manual equates protests to "low-level terrorism"

Iran: I Knew It Would Come to This

GOP lash out at Obama's health bill, unveil their own

Can one be pro-life yet allow others to choose abortion?

Panetta: "Cheney almost wishing that U.S. is attacked.....' (surprised?)

Obama gets a few "boos" from the good Docs of the not-at-all-greed-driven AMA

Iran: Compassion In Chaos. Powerful image.

You are what you eat? ..... New documentary "Food, Inc." examines our corporate Frankenfood system

TIME: 'Ahmadinejad Win No Longer a Done Deal'

Mexico arrests Gulf cartel kingpin at Cancun resort

The Big Picture album from Iran

What's the matter? Can't health insurance companies compete with a public plan in the "free market"?

Small business grabs Twitter/Facebook to compete

Wasn't Obama supposed to speak today at 6PM est about Iran? nt

The DOS attacks against the Iranian regime have acheived some success...

US 'Deeply Troubled' By Reported Iranian Violence, Election Fraud

The Ending of America's Financial-Military Empire

Monday Toons, Part 3: Health and economy

Senate GOP Blocking Obama Nominees In Attempt To Delay Health Care And Climate Legislation

Did you know that St Ronald made an ad for the AMA to oppose Medicare?

Robert Reich: Obama Must Take On The Giant Lobbyists Blocking Health Care Reform

Facing the Bushes' Iranian whirlwind

Long Island teen was killed by ex-con's handgun misfire, police say

Just posted some new GOP racism stories on Facebook. GOP apologists to start ranting in 5...4...3...

The New York Times and the Iranian election

Pics from Iran.

Protesters in Iran NOT "vain fancies of the isolated rich"

Hey Homeowners......(or those who pay to the banks for 30 years) in order to SAY you own your home..

My brother in law is on a mission on Green Peace's Rainbow Warrior!

Abortion, cancer, race, bigotry, rape, holocaust, dead puppies... All very funny.

Pro-Life Vegetarians???

Who is with me? Iran's coup is against Amedinijah not

IMF: Worst of US crisis may be ahead

To those following the fallout of Iran's election on Twitter--avoid names when RE-twittering

Newsweek: "Far Right" Watched "Just As Carefully" As Muslim Extremists By US Intel Officials

A Letter to the President from Joe Solmonese (Human Rights Campaign President)

Shanghai Pride: China Gay Pride Festival Its First Ever

Return of the Black Shirts? Berlusconi and his openly fascist friends pushing for "citizen patrols"

new vid from Sky News...Tehran...awesome

Just how far has Joe Farah of WorldNutDaily cranked up the craziness?

One-week old puppy flushed down the toilet and trapped in pipe for 4 hrs....and lives

The Bush administration's policies had NOTHING to do with what's happening in Iran

Incredibly PICture from Iran

Stop telling us "We don't have the votes!" GO GET THE VOTES!!!

if healthcare is passed with a public option

NPR's TOTN: James Von Brunn is actually a crazed Daily Kos poster.

Members of Congress who are against health care reform

Letterman to apologize tonight??

Please tell me Politico's "The Hunks of Washington" is tongue in cheek

South Carolina GOP Operative Apologizes For Racist Tweet Against Obama

Obama plans to monitor internet?

ACLU: Heavily redacted CIA docs render more torture evidence

"Federally Chartered Co-ops" that Kent Conrad has proposed...

You mean I can be a freedom fighter in Iran just* by sitting here at my computer?

6 degress of slutination.

More Concealed Weapons Permits Could Be Issued- Sheriff Considers Move Amid Budget Cuts

Testimony of Dr. Linda Peeno (featured in "SiCKO") about our lethal managed care system

“Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group.....

The American Empire Is Bankrupt

$hitibank CEO: Even after the recession ends, the U.S. will be a poorer country

Just saw a bumper sticker: "Sarah Palin Will Make a Great President"

My Letter to Congressman Joe Sestak

Fleischer ... ‘Substantial Reform Movement In Iran’ Is ‘Because Of George W. Bush’s Tough Policies’

The Rude Pundit: A Moment of Peace Before Wading Back Into the Shit

Detainee says he lied to CIA in harsh interrogations - "I make up stories"

RE: Twitter. Epic Fail: #NoMaintenance

Unfreep this poll: Should David letterman be fired?

Love or respect: what are we looking for?

What do North Korea and China want? The same thing

Progressive movement is ALIVE in Iran....

Tennessee GOP Staffer Sends Racist Email (Can't these guys CONTROL THEMSELVES?)

Tennessee GOP Staffer Sends Racist Email (Can't these guys CONTROL THEMSELVES?)

Watch Live English Language Iranian TV From Tehran and visit their news website

Daily Show interview? Peter Schiff guy....

"There's dissent. And then there's poison." - Mike Malloy

Just in. Letterman issues formal apology to Palin

I neither accept or reject Letterman's appology...

Man falls from cruise ship, found clinging to buoy

I just called Hilton Honors

Why is Lieberman such an ass, and why does andrea mitchell always have him on?

Letterman was a fool. He walked right into the trap Palin set for him.

Sharp conflicts at G8 finance ministers meeting

Does it seem that the Iranians are fighting harder and protesting more vociferously

Who is Mousavi? Mike Malloy talking about Mousavi's link to Iran Contra and Neocons


I accept Letterman's apology.

Sarah Palin Support Thread (and Misplaced Righteous Indignation Bin!)

Bill Maher on KO

delete already posted

f health care is passed without a public option, would you quit your private

No wonder Ohio is a mess

This Modern World: Clear Eyed Conservative Realism --- Translated Into English..

"Revenge of the Ghetto Hockey Mom" by Henry Rollins

Is humanitarian aid really "littering"?

I was awoken last night to some really horrible shit.

Update on Fresno, CA Homeless man beaten by Fresno P.D. (he is still in jail)

I'm pissed

Discount Store Employs People With Special Needs

Where can the craziest Republicans be found?


Washington Post: The Iran election results may really have reflected the will of the people

Another republican goes down!

IAEA: Ahmadinejad election rival launched Iran nuclear program (Haaretz)

I gotta a question for HR specialists on this board:

So was it funny when comics made fun of the drunk Bush daughters?

SALON: Neo-Nazis are in the Army now

"Your Car's Warranty is About to Expire"

Buyers' remorse? China, Japan and Russia losing their taste for U.S. debt.....

Possibility? Iran's Mullahs Mismanage a Rigged Election and Fall from Power?

RJ Eskow: Could Doctors Go the Way of Record Companies?

Twitter postpones 'critical' upgrade to avoid outage during Iran demonstrations

Anyone remember a post: "Predict Franken's date of swearing in"

This guy simply cannot be allowed in society....

We must show our compassion to the victims of torture.

Batshit Effing Crazy MSNBC host Carlos Watson: GOP death spiral greatly exaggerated, GO JEB 2012!!!

Tree planting project benefits state parks

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dr. Margaret Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris: The AMA Does Not Represent Us

Most sickening Freeper-type of the week!

Yay! Randall Terry is launching an insurrection against death itself!

Michael Collins on Iranian Election Fraud 2009: Who Was the Real Target... and Why?

Gas prices rise for 48th day but oil drops

Speed of Iran vote count called suspicious

Young people here in amerika who can't find a job/internship.....

OMG, I was out of town this weekend and just heard limpballs "exercise rant",

OMG, I was out of town this weekend and just heard limpballs "exercise rant",

06/11/09 Pre-election Iran rally pics (Mousavi- Isfahan Province)

I marvel at the courage of those in Iran who protest under great threat.

The 7 demands of the Iranian Protesters (Distributed at the half million person march today)


Someone just called me on behalf of Beverly LaHaye saying we have "the most pro-abortion president"

In the War on Poverty Women's Bodies are a Battlefield

Is ANYBODY gonna tell me why I should be a Democrat anymore?

Do you ever get tired of fighting?

Wow! My conservative Democratic Representative

Incredible RealTime Images and Twitter Messages Relating To Iran Election Fallout

War. In Afghanistan. What do you think?

Iran: It's The Demographics Which Will Eventually Tell The Story

Glenn Beck: "The Fringe Groups Hate My Guts"

Marijuana Legalization: Momentum Building For Broad Debate: AP

Marijuana Legalization: Momentum Building For Broad Debate: AP

I saved an old man's life today....and nobody else cared.

JUST THREE more votes to stop the war funding bill! (from Voters for Peace)

Wanna understand green revolution, the players

Help the Palin Clan choose their next public feud...

Will 39 Democrats Stand Up to Stop the War Funding?

Gas price observation - Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

I think the Sarah Palin flap reflects the fact that some Men hate Women-But not like most suppose.

Help Crash Iran's Military Coup! UPDATE!!!!!!

UK to crack down on tax-evading Multinational corporations

Do you contact your elected officials?


Hey EarlG is there an easy automagic way to change tombstoned account's avatar to a tombstone?

'Total, epic, media FAIL on Iran'

Monday Toons, Part 2 : Hate and haters

One way to improve health care and cut costs - teach people how to communicate

Man! That AMA crowd is sure cheerin' fer this ........


When Gas prices hit $4 a gallon Government did nothing - here we go again

Howard Dean coming up on Rachel about President Obama and DOMA

How big is Iran vs. the US in square miles?

The Revolution Will Not Be Twittered

Embassy Suites has pulled their advertising from Letterman, so if you so

The simplest reason election fraud in Iran resulted in massive protests and in the U.S. it didn't

It's time to invade North Korea

From Tehran: "If it sounds like a coup, and walks like a coup, it probably is a coup!"

Has anything new been reported about the two Japanese nationals caught

"Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin's 'Outrage' is Misplaced and a Little Late"

Modern Democracy: Russian Roulette...Without the Certainty

Why should a celebrity have to apologize for anything they say?

Sibel, Kean-Hamilton, And Falsifiability

Public Option

Let's Take a Look at the 1953 US-Backed Coup in Iran

Civil disobedience, would you commit it?

It baffles me that anyone here would be OK with the fire Letterman efforts.

Iran Iran Iran ... what about Peru?

Faith-based Organization? Line up for your OSHA Grant

In case your head hasn't exploded yet, a report that talks about Saudi media influence on Iran

Bristol Palin. Candies Foundation Ambassador

Why don't people watch sports? Clue me in.

FEINGOLD's LETTER To Obama Asking Him To Reject Bush

"I've got a pair, and I'll take them to the White House to make sure single payer is considered"

Feingold Asks Obama to Clarify Position on Warrantless Wiretapping

You understand, of course, that Mousavi's career is as a hardline regime architect?

Lessons I learned from talking to an Ayn Randian

Prairie dogs immediately escape from $500k escape-proof habitat

Letterman still apologizing but it's not enough for Palin and her followers

Have stun guns made police more violent?

Ted Rall: The Asterisk President

Ancient mass grave found on Olympics site

Get this @^$%(*& homophobe off this *&#@%(% plane!

Wow, looks like NOW is actually siding with Palin

Has this country gone nuts? We had three cases

I don't accept Letterman's Apology

Obama on Iran elections = ??????????????????????????...

How does David Letterman help us Democrats?

"funny" that my CEO's BIL/sister's kids got internships

Fresno Police Break Homeless Man’s Wrist Will anyone investigate

Jane Mayer: Panetta Favored Truth Commission-Til It Was Clear OBAMA OPPOSED ANY Bush Investigations

I do not have kidney cancer

John McCain could use a healthcare fact-checker

Please don't tell me that the 2000 election was stolen

Mods can move this to the lounge if you must but most of the people here know about my kidney cancer

Those who are denouncing Letterman's joke here need to remember this


Harry Reid won't do anything on DADT -- Says Obama has to do it

How many lives to support one life? Questions from a 20-year vegetarian.

Letterman's "joke" was disgusting, offensive, wrong and indefensible

All together now: No intoxication test? No legal pot!

If you're defending Sarah Palin, you're on the wrong website.

Anyone have a Green4Iran avatar to donate?

Just watched Letterman's Mea Culpa. Disgusting.

Knock Knock. Who's There? Knocked Up. Knocked Up Who? Who's On First. Knocked Up In The Seventh.

Obama plans sweeping financial regulations

Obama plans sweeping financial regulations

Iran's Stolen Election Has Sparked an Uprising -- What Should the U.S. Do? by Stephen Zunes

Obama lacks votes for healthcare reform

Fuck the LA Lakers Fans. WTF is wrong with them...???

About elderly drivers...

DNC gay fundraiser starting to fall apart over rupture between Obama and gay community

Chris Hedges: The American Empire Is Bankrupt

Iranian Election Fraud: Who was the Real Target & Why

State GOP staffer sends racist image of Obama.

Leader or Cheater?

Support for real health care reform, but not single payer, seems very strong by this poll:

Support for real health care reform, but not single payer, seems very strong by this poll:

Has anyone seen the the movie "Come and See"?

The Red Diamond Dragon Club

That is a DU first.

Whoa... I just realized that my schedule's so out of whack right now

Of course by now, I needn't tell you...

Please help...I've gained 55 pounds in 2 weeks.

Coulter question

I'm doopid.

The Ludakris thread has me needing info on a rapper

Dear God, Paddy is threatening to post pictures of his troll feet

Has anyone ever bought a house at an auction?

Cowboy Dan

I'll say it again: Get off of my lounge

Check out the Beaver!

Only thing you need to do right here...

Hey, it's MONDAY again! Good morning, MissHoneychurch!

Great animal photos: cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, bunnies..

The inchworm thread has me needing info on a punk band.

Inchworms thread that made Leftymom not remember a band reminded me of this guy.

Let's play the VIKKI CARR Game!

Early morning metal thread!

How did Twitter became the only source out of Iran?

'Cancer-stricken Dick Dale proves he's not over the hill'

Today's Non-Sequitur

Can anyone explain to me why drunken college students are the stupidest motherfuckers alive?

I want to create a thread that never lies.

Dumbass Haiku

In 1977, I was a total Star Wars geek, long before I even saw the movie

"listeners with last name beginning O to Z can call beginning tomorrow"

Truer words have never been spoken....

That Sam Cooke was one talented guy.

POLL: When I say "I'm a toothless hillbilly from Polecat Hollow", as I often do,what do you think?

I love AlCzervik. Even though she likes rap.

Locking horns in battle to be ‘queen’

I love Starbucks Anarchist. Even though he likes jazz.

I'm embarrassed that I really like Taylor Swift's new song

Hey Midlo: I like Country I on the DTM for that?

New Poll Shows Tremendous Support for Public Health Care Option

I don't have any needs, only desires

Good morning Lounge

Al Roker points his mighty can 'o' Roker Whup-Ass™ in the direction of Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Jesus Christ, even my remodeling contractors are snarking me now.

I like Midlo. Even though she likes RUSH.

Ever feel like you want to get in your car, get on the interstate, and just keep on going?

BREAKING: Legendary vocal group The Lettermen defend their Palin joke by saying "We didn't make one"

So I started season 4 of LOST last night and...I was all like

kitteah picture of the day for monday june 15

Yeahhhh it's a Monday

I don't like madinmaryland. I don't care who he likes or dislikes.

Is there a rule of thumb for how much taxes are going to run for a stay in a motel/hotel?

She comes in colors ev'rywhere;

June 15, 1775: George Washington threw a silver dollar across the state of Delaware.

Chihuahuas - 3 / Mountain Lion - 0

The Twitter Game

Check this out:

What is the best birthday present (or party) you ever got?

WIll Kobe or Lebron beat Kareem's scoring record, will anyone?

Any birders here? I have a lot of trouble with depth perception,

Disney made one movie, and they've been tracing it ever since

When you Loungers friend me on Facebook tell me your DU name

Why is that through certain bad storms,

I have seen more birds in the last 5 days

Where can I buy a thermostat?

Actual good deed done by moi.

Hello, I'm Little Jack

Okay, WHO here is MEYER LANSKY?!?!

Ugh, I HATE the East Coast!!!

What can a poor boy do except sing for a rock'n'roll band?

I can add "upholsterer" to my list of capabilities!

Cambridge students celebrate 'Suicide Sunday' with binge drinking and all-women jelly wrestling

Ever-body Git Under Sumpin'!!!

It's 73 and slightly breezy here. I'm going to open the upstairs windows.

Okay, will all you Facebookers quit posting the same things over there?

Did David Letterman get a free pass?

Did David Letterman get a free pass?

A writer's notes from a Glenn Beck "comedy" show

I LOVE this clip of the Beatles playing "I Feel Fine" without vocals.

Meet Buddy, my foster doggy

motely36 requested help with the Rob an Electronics Store job in Mafia Wars.

Sid and Nancy would like to say "Hai"

Oh good grief. There's a product for everything.

Which is worse the Doctor or Dentist?

What's the longest you have gone without sheep?

I'm putting no name no slogan on my To Do list.

Do your feelings get hurt when you post in the Lounge and nobody,

just because your fellow chamber of commerce members list their contact info

Top posters on DU Last week??

Why did they let Ricardo Clark on the US Squad?


Lawmakers Confront Gaps in Aviation Safety Net

Why do movies and television shows have such a difficult time getting down realistic newscasts?

To anyone to whom I've promised socks or has asked for them:

What kind of math is this?

Anybody ever make grilled Elephant Parmesan?

It has been moved and seconded that we change the name of the Lounge to Nut Clusters

Some angelhole at work refuses to use the microwave

What kind of mouth is this?

I am finished high school forever!

I know that it's Florida and all, but DAMN it's hot out.

Talk about the best School Absense School Note ever written!!!

What would you do? (Part II)

It was 20 years ago today.......

Today is National Man Day and I bet nobody got me anything.

I did not rescue a dog today...

evil panda cannibal eats its young!!!!!

PHOTOS: In Boston, locals line up at 10:30 AM for Sicilian slices at Galleria Umberto

my damn kitten will try to eat or steal anything that is not nailed down!

BREAKING...Congress approves "Hammer's Law" (A FREE pair of parachute pants to every U.S. citizen)

Crappy day - more layoffs at my office

What would you do in this situation?

Computer Techies Need Help!

DU'ers - want to make some spending money on the side? Read on...

what kind of fish is this?

Advice on introducing dogs needed.

I wonder how many times I refresh DU on an average work day.

When was the last time you ganked a land surveyor?

I just hid 10 threads on the same subject


Sometime's, the reply's write themselve's

Worst box dinner you've ever made?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/15/09

95 frigging dollars!!!!

Weird photos I took on my trip

Some dillhole at work refuses to use the microwave

It was nice watching Al Roker swat down Spencer and Heidi Pratt.

Why does the font size on my screen keep changing?

Adult Medicine Final exam done; three more to go...

BBC: Boyle to sing in Glasgow show

My significant other is a calico cat

OK, help out an old lady here . . .

Does hot weather make you sleepy?

I'm afraid I may have to gank myself tonight!

I'm almost cleared for becoming a mod.

This week, on Top Gear

I'm putting the Lounge on notice

Oh noes! Hawai'i will remain Olive Garden-deprived!

Yo, lounge. Our plan to convince Symarip that microwaves are safe is progressing nicely.

Appalachian Hospital patients

iPhone v3 out on the 19th, is that true?

Online job applications ***SUCK****

Has/Does anyone here work for the Social Security Administration?


Any idea why MOBY DICK is such a popular recurring theme with the Star Trek franchise? Torrent sites

Hey NewJeffCT? When you go to Disney could you please

Is it legal to ride a dirt bike in a village?

Need help finding a post about a psycho ex have a friend going thru same thing.

I'm afraid I may have to gank my own mom.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/15/2009)

if you get "it" check in here

Any drama/theater people here? I need a one-minute monologue for a girl to perform.

I think I caught the swine flu

My stomach is so upset

I had my first composite resin filling today.

In the courtroom of your mind, do you presume people innocent?

Better artist: Ray Charles or Sam Cooke?

on the other hand I found a 20 peso note this morning

Whats Right with you...

Man, I have a mouse in my apartment, and he is shitting like it's his full time job.


Cat sedatives or Prozac--your thoughts...?

I'll say it again, Debi (the DUer) IS Jill Biden.

Would you have actually attended a play called Springtime for Hitler?

Have You Ever Been Stalked By A "Telephone Terrorist"?

Picture of my father and I taken yesterday.

Hollow Pursuits starting now on SciFi

some guy

My office door was closed today, and my boss barges in without knocking.


Have you seen a Broadway Show? If so which one was your favorite?


What kind of moth is this?

What's wrong with you?

I was in church yesterday..and

Of course, it pooped on my car

I have become Nocturnal ... How do I put myself on a normal schedule

LostinVA just told me that she alerts on me, if she thinks I'm being a jerk

DU ladies, presenting.... Tactical Corsets!

One of my daughter's closest friends was killed in a car accident this morning.

I stayed up until 12:30 am watching the "Sex and the City" movie.

New Star Trek TV series

How can a person use an Elliptical machine for 10 minutes...

A bag of smelly bread mush isn't a way to show friendship.

A bag of smelly bread mush isn't a way to show friendship.

I don't understand civics or basic math...

Any Cat People Here?

Favorite luxury hotel,if you've ever stayed in one.(It took me 60 yrs).

Picture of my children and me taken fifteen years ago. In a watch.

what kind of fish are these?

I don't get The Princess Bride.

Why is my 6-year old so fixated with human waste?

I saw a Lamborghini Countach today

What are you anyway?

I wish krispos42 would stop PMing me nekkid pics.

What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

When was the last time you thanked a land surveyor?

Disney Dining Plan - worth it or not?

just went to take daughter's laundry to her room and found her packing

I think Midlo should be ganked...

Deep thought, introduced by a poem:

Got some extra time?...World's largest Jigsaw Puzzle

What's the longest you have gone with out sleep?

What Era of Rock was the best?

I think Haruka and LostinVA share more than the same home - I believe they share the same brain

I finally heard back from social security

What's for dinner, DU?

5 House Progressives Can End the Wars

Iran supreme leader orders probe of vote fraud

Obama and the Politics of Short Memories

Will the media complain about cost for every trip Obama takes?

Obama’s Iran Policy to Focus on Human Rights, Not Election

GOP activist uses Facebook to compare first lady to gorilla

The Torygraph has a nice article about QEII and MO.

Obama health care speech streaming anywhere on line today?

“Questions for the President" -Obama to take health care questions

Twitter pick posted less than a minute ago (updated).

Anyone know if Google Earth has any images of the Iran protests? (also asked in GD) n/t

Time we turn to more grave matters..... are Rahmmy and Orzag hot?

Obama to ask doctors to back his health care plans

Is there some RW propaganda going around about Michelle Obama wearing white to D-day ceremony?

NY-St. Sen: New Deadlock as Monserrate Says He's "Coming Home"

What do Progressives want?

Does anyone think Obama's PDB is more than one page?

The White House will not comment on the situation in Iran until they know where it's going.

I Don't Think Republicans Are "The Party Of No"

"We look out for one another!"

Twitter and YouTube Links for Mousavi1388 with photo of today's rally

Who's watching Lieberman on MSNBC? He's using Botox for his saggy cheeks.

Failure to Blossom - Why did so many smart (people) believe that Karl Rove's vision would succeed?

Just a reminder.

Anybody have a link to stream MSNBC live? I saw one posted last

Iran's growing societal chasm (The Beginning of the End for Iran's Theocracy)

Some questions /comments on the stimulus bill.

**Heads Up: POTUS Live at AMA meeting***

Obama Aide on Iran: "It's not about us"

Looks like if We all Twitter criticizing CNN, they'll do as we say! Good to Know!

Should a Public Option be required to be profitable?

Big Ed is on FIRE on his radio show on health care LIVE in Buffalo.

Health Care for All/Single Payer conference call

HRC President Joe Solmonese Responds to Obama Administration's DOMA Brief

Democrats Plan for Byrd "Contingencies" - Senator may be unable to return to office.

For all the legitimate griping about Obama's subtle approach, you have to give him credit...

Al Jazeera Reporting on Livestation: Seven Protesters Killed in Iran

PHOTO Caption it? (Berlusconi)

Is the President's speech on You Tube or elsewhere?

Huffpo: Obama Expected to Address Iran Unrest at 5PM. Nevermind. Huffpo removed this entry.

I thought Obama was supposed to speak today at 6PM est? Did I miss something? nt

Conventional wisdom: "The neocons are rooting for Ahmadenijad." Is it true?

Twitter reports confirmed, Moussavi was escorted by car to protest by thousands of supporters

Cracked takes a crack at Glenn Beck's comedy tour.

Did some Docs actually Boo The POTUS today?

Speaking as a person who has excellent employer sponsored insurance,

Obama: "I am troubld by the situation in Iran, and it would be wrong to remain silent."

I'm sorry but illegals don't deserve Health Care.

Speed of Iran vote count called suspicious

Major Unrest in Iran; Ayatollah's words ignored (Richard Engel)

Lugar gives Obama an 'A' on foreign policy

We've had two elections stolen right here in the USA

Is It Changing America Too?

US reveals new pieces of Gitmo hearings

Health Care Reform for Beginners: The Many Flavors of the Public Plan

State GOP staffer sends racist image of Obama.

We get why Cheney keeps talking about Pres. Obama keeping us safe.

Promoting Innovation and Access to Life-Saving Medicine Act - From Sen. Sherrod Brown......

Haley Barbour Testing the 2012 Waters in Iowa, NH

Why is Obama's DOJ defending John Yoo, the author of the torture memos?

Question re: tort "reform:" Why is it the same people who think juries are so gullible and stupid

"Dear President Obama, FUCK the AMA!" Who's with me?!?!?

I am SOOOO very thankful Pres. Obama is in office during this Iran revolt instead of grumpy gramps

Senate GOP Blocking Obama Nominees In Attempt To Delay Health Care And Climate Legislation

"'Bomb, Bomb, Iran'...Thank the Lord we listened to the Republicans..."

In this country's most famous contested election....

Iran's Contested Election settled by 12 Mulahs, US Contested Elections in '00 settled by 9 Justices!

The "walkback" ---> CIA: Panetta doesn't believe Cheney rooting for terrorist attack

The "walkback" ---> CIA: Panetta doesn't believe Cheney rooting for terrorist attack

PHOTOS Hillary's New Best Friend? (June 15)

Obama passes the buck to Reid. Reid passes it right back to Obama.

Ah, Sam, I hardly knew ya

Medical Tort Liability: Red Herring

Medical Tort Liability: Red Herring

I saw all the fail Obama bashers protesting next to right-wingers today at the Hyatt Regency Chicago

Why don we offer to accept Iran and Irag as American States....?

I think it is important to ask. How much has the 2008 American Election Inspired Iranians?

ABC News To Air Obama Health Care Special

"Fuck You" Chicago Tribune! Here's Why:

Diane Feinstein Pulls Support for Employee Free Choice Act

Administration Plans to Move Top Iran Expert to White House From State Dept.

bill maher tries to clean it up on KO

Right here in Westlake, Ohio, one of the most red towns in the whole county...

BBC still reporting from Iran, "today's demonstrations changed everything" atleast 1 million protest

"I understand, of course, why people are upset; I would be upset myself," Letterman said.

Letterman asks crowd "How many hope I offend someone else?"

I'm sorry, but is this photo supposed to ENRAGE me?

Ahmadinejad won the elections without fraud (Washington Post op-ed)

Embassy Suites knuckles under to Palin

Dear Bill Maher - Obama should not be more like Bush

PHOTOS Tehran, June 15 (very pic heavy)

Whatever Happened to the Cheney/Hitmen Story?

The Good Soldier: Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State

Watch Live English Language Iranian TV From Tehran On Your Computer

Kerry on “Climate Change and American Foreign Policy: Security Challenges, Diplomatic Opportunities"

PHOTOS All that Jazz

L.A. gay pride parade darkened by U.S. stance on marriage

Sarah Palin will definitely not be the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

DKos: TN Republican Staffer Caught Forwarding DISGUSTING Racist Obama Picture

I've had it. Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann are CLUELESS Hollywood Elite STOOGES

Tell me this vision of Bush WH not true - Sludge Breaking

He is simply brilliant politically

National Disease: Sociopaths in High Places.

Obama’s Iran Policy to Focus on Human Rights, Not Election

Hatred, chaos and savage beatings in Tehran

Co-op Compromise Gives White House a Health Option.

Amnesty International Cites/Condemns 'Shocking' Beating of Iran Protesters

Beyond sick: Rapist sells tales

Venezuela's Chavez praises Ahmadinejad's "great victory"

Mayors Say Cities Need Direct Economic Help

France summons Iranian ambassador over vote concern

Iranians protest in Malaysia, dispersed by police

Khmer Rouge defendant says own staff also killed

Iran bans pro-Mousavi rally

Minutemen Leader Arrested for Murder Trained at East County Minutemen Camp[DUer's article]

EU leads international pressure on Iran over vote

Hostages' bodies 'found in Yemen'

US commander: US to stick to Iraq withdrawal date

Mousavi Joins Masses At Tehran Protest

LAPD Seek To Control Celebratory Crowds

Congo's Bemba to stand ICC trial

Iranian protesters call off rally

President Obama's speech to American Medical Association

Obama urges doctors to back his health care plans

Iraq war inquiry to be in private {UK}

AP photographer: 1 dead as militia fire on rally

Obama’s Overhaul to Expand Asset-Backed Disclosure (Securities)

US Gen. McChrystal takes command in Afghanistan

Protesters decry (British) Iraq war inquiry 'whitewash'

Thousands defy ban to join Iran protests

Panetta's conditional criticism of Cheney? (spokesman says not directly accusing Cheney)

Kindred Healthcare to pay $1.3M for alleged TennCare overbilling

Museum shooting hearing delayed (von Brunn remains in critical condition)

7 foreign hostages found dead in Yemen: Officials

Cheney hopes CIA director was misquoted

Seattle mayor is president of mayors' conference

AP photographer: 1 dead as militia fire on (pro-Mousavi) rally

Neo-Nazis are in the Army now

Convicted 'Cuban Five' spies lose bid for new trial

Convicted 'Cuban Five' spies lose bid for new trial

High Court Dismisses 'Cuban Five' appeal

FDA Says Kids Shouldn't Stop Taking ADHD Medications

Iran protester slain after huge pro-reform rally

Report: Medicare Expansion Would Not Solve Problems

BBC America: Tehran Protests exceeds 1 million

Abortion foe eyes 'new generation' - Pro-lifer Terry launches new 'Rescue' effort

ILO chief stresses need for adopting jobs pact, social protection

Dog saves owner from burning Orlando duplex

Leaked election results show Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came third

U.S. on Track to Exit Iraqi Cities

Norwegians ask Obama to stop the building of new embassy

Iran: 12 students reported killed in crackdown after violent clashes

Obama says Italy will take 3 Guantanamo detainees

Netanyahu bows to Obama, accepts Palestinian "state"

ACLU: Newly Released Detainee Statements Provide More Evidence Of CIA Torture Program

Moussavi vows to 'pay any cost' to fight Iran election results

Morgan Out, Hippeau in at HuffPo

EXCLUSIVE: House Dems Planning Major Changes To Secret CIA Briefings Of Congress

Report: Monserrate returning to Dems (NY Senate switch)

U.S. credit card defaults rise to record high in May

Dennis Ross to be ousted as Obama's envoy to Iran


CIA Fired Firms Aiding Questioning

Medicare advisers eye imaging, biologics savings

AMA 'Pleased' Obama Noted Physicians' Liability Worry

AIG lawyer: Ex-top exec plundered retirement plan

Exxon told to pay interest on Alaska spill award

Friend: Daniel Hauser responding to forced chemo treatment

Senate GOP launches health care attack

Survey: More than half can't find heart on body diagram

Mac OS X malware posing as fake video codec discovered

Ahmadinejad arrives in Russia for security summit: official

Daschle: Tort Reform "On The Table"

David Letterman apologizes for "flawed" Palin joke

Canada's Harper calls U.S. deficit "dangerous"

President Obama on Protests in Iran: "It Would Be Wrong for Me to Be Silent"

At least 25 arrested amid unrest after Lakers victory

British PM announces independent probe into Iraq war

U.K. Police Find U.S. Woman Abusing Child On Webcam

Iran supreme leader orders probe of vote fraud

GOP Activist Likens Gorilla to Michelle Obama

Alleged 9/11 mastermind: `I make up stories'

DPRK Threatens To Launch Pre-Emptive Strike Against U.S.

Leaked election results show Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came in third

Walls Around Rio's Slums Protect Trees But Don't Inspire Much Hugging

Howard Dean: Insurance co-ops won’t solve problem

CNN: Iranians Fighting for Their Future

The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold

Iranians: We Want Change / Obama We are Doomed

CNN's Amanpour on Mousavi Rally

John Philip Sousa Stars and Stripes Forever!

Capitol Hill Agenda: June 15, 2009

Anti-gay testimony at DC elections board marriage hearing

ANIMATION-Everywhere you Want to be by Ted Rall

Fox Anchor Anoints Wrong Guy As Mousavi

Mt Obama Video

Obama Urges Health Care System Overhaul

The big picture project - President Obama in beads - PhotoPearls

Rachel Maddow & Bill Nye the Science Guy talk clouds on the Moment of Geek

JFK - Civil Rights - June 11, 1963 - Part 1/2

JFK - Civil Rights - June 11, 1963 - Part 2/2

TYT: O'Reilly Compares Torture and Abortion

Jews and Palestinians as Brothers

McCain: "I hope that we will act" (against Iran)

Battle Hymn of the Baby Boomers

Red Faction June 15th, 2009 Obama Whitehouse Planned Auto Bankruptcies

Rachel Maddow discusses Mark Kirk (R) telling China the US is lying to them

Dean says co op proposal for health care won't work.

TheRealNews:Struggle within Iranian elite

Iranian Election Protest

President Obama's Statement On Iranian Presidential Election

Footage of enormous Mousavi crowds at protest in Tehran from CNN, Reuters, BBC & Sky

Obama's statement on Iran Elections: "I am deeply troubled by the violence I've been seeing on TV"

Raw footage of the shootings & aftermath in Tehran and CNN/BBC reports (graphic and disturbing)

Tribute to all brave Iranians

Jazz hosted at the White House by First Lady Michelle

Stephanie Miller on the Ed Show... June 15, 2009

TYT: Senator Wants to Do Genitalia Slideshow with Pizza?!

Obama Reiterates Support For Public Option

Captured Iranian Cop Protected By Protesters.

RW terrorist in a wife-beater asks Obama questions

John Stossel fellates colossal non-talent Glenn Beck

Rachel Maddow: ACLU on New Gitmo Document Releasse - Detainee Said 'I Just Make Up Stories'

62%-New Health Care Ad Blasts GOP: “Who Are They Listening To?”

UK Police Taser And Beat Man

Howard Dean speaks at DC For Democracy's 5th Birthday - DC4D!! - PART 1


TYT: Rolling Stone's Matt Taibi Joins Cenk To Talk Obama, $ & More!

Bill Maher On Countdown

Oklahoma Cop stops an ambulance carrying a patient, puts EMT in chokehold

Rachel Maddow talks with Howard Dean about Obama's defense of DOMA.

Dean refutes every GOP talking point given by Norah O about health care.

Too Poor to Make the News - NYT OpED- Something NOT to be ignored

GOP should reject extremist speech(Glouster County NJ Times)

Netanyahu Bows to Obama, Accepts Palestinian "State."

Peru: Blood Flows in the Amazon

The Latest Torture Cover-Up Scam (Bovard | Australia.TO)

CIA Fired Firms Aiding Questioning: One Helped to Introduce Waterboarding (Pincus | WaPo)

Legal Pot in California in 2010? "Oaksterdam" Provides the Model

For Tortured Detainees, U.S. Considered Life Sentences on Boats (Bloomberg)

Neocons for Ahmadinejad

Philly Inquirer Columnist Sued by Terrorist Over Torture

The New Bailout Pay Rules: Making Wall Street Safe for Windfalls

About Those Iran Polls (WaPo)

New UN Report Denounces America's Human Rights Record

Don Siegelman and the Plague of Judicial Bias

Krugman Says Stay the Course

Miss. governor tests 2012 GOP waters in Iowa, NH.

President Obama to meet with South Korea President Lee Myung-bak

Facing the Bushes' Iranian Whirlwind

Wishful Thinking from Tehran

In Pictures: Iran's 2009 Presidential election

We Are Not Alooine - Or Are We?

Let’s talk religion and politics

Why Veins could replace fingerprints (tech)

Hendrik Hertzberg: The Obama Effect

NAACP Calls on the U.S. Senate for Swift Enactment of Expanded Hate Crime Prevention and Protection

Walter Tsou, M.D., M.P.H.: Single payer: affordable, humane

Police cover-up behind Amazon clashes?

US Government Pressured to Take Action on Peru Conflict Given Role of US-Peru Trade Agreement

Republican Gynophobia: The Latest GOP Whine about Sotomayor

Too Stupid To Survive (James Howard Kunstler)

Neo-Nazis are in the Army now

Are you one big illness away from bankruptcy?

Jeoffry B. Gordon, MD, MPH: The Facts About the Health Insurance Industry

Hold out for single payer

Facing the Death Penalty-the Medical Insurance Industry

Iran's anger will not fade fast-Ahmadinejad and Khamenei face a crisis of authority

Minuteman Movement: Domestic Terrorists or Ordinary Criminals?

Does the Right Want a Civil War?

Guardian UK: Not fit to print (It's been a truly awful year for American newspapers)

Fareed Zakaria interviews Michael Lewis ("Liar's Poker") re Wall Street Greed

Nick Coleman: Time to end charade in Senate race

Valerie Jarrett Cites 'Double Standard' Between Sotomayor, Alito.

Robert Fisk: The day of destiny

Gonzales Memo Advised Bush How to Avoid War Crimes Charges

Family Time eroding as internet use soars

Analysis: Iran election statistics muddy waters further

A New Financial Foundation

Beyond The Soaring Rhetoric of Obama's Cairo Speech: A Toxic Innocence At Home (Phil Rockstroh)

Koogle, a kosher Google, launches

The meaning of the Tehran spring (By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times)

Palin, FINO

Obama must prosecute Bush-era torture enablers-International law allows no exceptions (Amnesty Intl)

Robert Fisk: Claims of student massacre spread

The 10 Riskiest Locations In The World For Outsourcing

Cooking in a Coffee Pot

US/Israeli Neocons Celebrate Ahmadinejad Victory as Iran Burns

FIDEL: "Obama Has No Easy Task"

Peru protesters shut road to Buenaventura mine

RE: Cuban 5 - Declaration of the Presidency of Cuba's National Assembly

EVO Blames FTA for Peru Clashes

US is blocking Colombian trial against Chiquita executives

Superfund Money to Clean 'Mouth of the Beast' (Iron Mtn. Mine)

Inca Kola News: CARTOON about Alan "Twobreakfasts" Garcia

IncaKolaNews: Peru's PM, Yehude Simon, Meets w/ Indigenous, Eats Crow

Peak Oil Review - June 15

DrumBeat: June 15, 2009

Denver grads create 'bike library' for people in need of a free ride

As Iraq runs dry, a plague of snakes is unleashed. n unprecedented fall in the water levels of the T

Hemp Insulation: Nauhaus Prototype to Be First House Using Tradical Hemcrete In US

Science 324 - 6/12/09 - Towns In Deforested Regions In Amazon Do Not Benefit From Deforestation

It's Global Wind Day Today

Fresh air to power South Africa? (BBC)

Ethanol direct injection engines with efficiency approaching diesels

I need a Graph Showing Electrical Generation by Source over time for a 24 hour day.

Upper Midwest Forests (WI) In "Significant Decline" - Fragmentation, Species Loss Taking Toll

COLOMBIAN Military's Bounty Prog. Went Wrong, Human Rights Groups Say


Global economy to get 'shock of its life' when oil hits triple digits

Mark Martin takes the LifeLock 400 in Michigan!

ESPN/ABC/Disney must want you to watch The Bachelorette tonight

March of the Penguins

Trumad-The verdict is in

Lakers win, now time for the Dodgers to end their drought

UFB!!! The die-hard San Francisco REAL SPORTS FANS are now

2009 MLB All-Star Predictions

Why I mostly support Bryce Harper's decision to skip high school

Looks like another perfect day ... Those pathetic losers in Orlanda can't party like this!

The diva Favre will speak tonight.....7:00 CST on Joe Buck's show.

The Boxing Hall of Fame

Today in labor history June 15 police in Los Angeles attack some 500 janitors and their supporters

2,500 UAW Workers Walk Off Jobs At Texas Helicopter Plant

Neo-Nazis in the military

A public health plan for the general public would prove to Americans that such a system does work.

Why didn't Rosa Parks demand to sit at the middle of the bus, as a stepping stone to the front, so

FACTBOX: U.S. healthcare overhaul begins to take shape

CNBC is starting their shit on the healthcare debate..

'AMA to Obama: Feh.'

Can someone summarize or point me to a summary of the tobacco bill signed this past friday?

Obama Open to Reining in Medical Suits

Sebelius: Single-Payer Health Care Not In Plans (but she explicitly talks about public option)

Lilly sold drug for dementia knowing it didn't help, files show

Border Patrol arrests illegal alien with AK-47 coming into US

I have this .45/.410

Watching what is happening, in Iran...

How many liberals make up the current gun-purchasing surge?

One major problem with gun laws.

NPR (Michigan): More Women Getting Gun Training

One more we sometimes forget......

Full text of Netanyahu's foreign policy speech at Bar Ilan

Video Flashback Of Obama On Gay Marriage......

Wis. Democrats elect gay advocate as nation’s youngest chair

Jimmy Carter to meet Hamas leaders after criticising Israeli PM - Guardian

Analysis: Why was PA reaction to speech so harsh?

Male couple snookers NYC into officially marrying them

Haaretz poll: Netanyahu approval rating leaps after policy speech

Haaretz poll: Netanyahu approval rating leaps after policy speech

Seattle students drown out anti-gay demonstration

D.C. Gay Marriage Referendum Rejected by Elections Board

Gideon Levy / Why Netanyahu speech gives us cause for joy

Gays decry Obama’s stand on gay marriage case

Former New York Senate Maj. Leader now favors gay marriage

Toon on DOMA

Court throws out ban on exposing children to gays

International Demand for U.S. Assets Slowed in April

I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!

Small community owned banks for the public good.

The Zoo Story (big ol' dial-up warning)


Anime Evolution 2009 (pt.1)

Snag in contest***Vote your Opinion now*** or forever hold your peace

"Whiskey Dick's Cabin"

Anime Evolution 2009 (pt.2)

Phoenix crop circle in Devizes, Wiltshire

Herschel telescope 'opens eyes' (BBC) {no image yet}

Who goes to a creationist museum?

UPDATE -- Approval for GLBT Group

Ooh! Ooh! More crop circles!!

Will you help me with some Tarot feedback/interpretation?

Could I get your input re:an alternative healing issue?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/15/09

Chat and other group sessions

FREE BOOK Download: "The Fourth Awakening" a book that is well worth every minute

U.S. Religious Leaders Press Obama on Torture Probe

Pope Benedict calls for new economic system that respects all

Global Governance/One World Order/New World Order

Give me your meatball recipes, please

Cross post:

$350M For "World Class" Test: $0 For "World Class" Standards

An interesting video from the 80s

The unlikely friends of the Holocaust memorial killer

Texas A&M president resigns before regents meeting

Globe and Mail: Harper must rebuild his reputation: Flanagan