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Will Ferrell is hosting SNL's season finale

Iran: Faulty Election Data

Beck and Jonah Goldberg on von Brunn (8:13) VIDEO

I just took a long shower, after searching FreeRepublic.

FOX News called Iranian election early, other broadcasters reverse course and follow in goose-step!

Memorial to the people who died in the Battle of Homestead!

Memorial to the people who died in the Battle of Homestead!

Happy flag day.

Nice Information Clearinghouse On The Iranian Coup....

I wonder if we're seeing another Romania going on in Iran right now

I wonder if we're seeing another Romania going on in Iran right now

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Domestic Partnerships

What are the rules for a landlord terminating a lease? florida

Need a little DU Help on a Community Service YouTube

Neo-con springboard for the next election.

If it is true that Ahmadinejad's victory is fraudulent, it'll be a dream come true for those pushing

If it is true that Ahmadinejad's victory is fraudulent, it'll be a dream come true for those pushing

Today's Carol Simpson cartoon: Creditcard-Score

Iran: Ready to party like it's 1979?

Mother Jones: Goodbye to Cheap Oil

Mother Jones: Goodbye to Cheap Oil

I just got yelled at

Is anyone watch Ahmadinejad on TV right now ? trying to convince people he really won

Courage to Resist: We Wont Go Back

Mousavi Arrested for Traffic Violation?

Guess that Conan fellow's one to watch out for, too.

US proposes a 'multinational' uranium enrichment facility in Iran,

self delete

Netanyahu could use Iran vote in policy speech

Many in Congress Hold Stakes in Health Industry

Use this against anti healthcare reform freepers

Another Racist Republican - Disgusting

Another Racist Republican - Disgusting

What would you give to see Dick Cheney waterboarded?

WJ this morning - Spending Patterns of the Obama Administration

So the radio program this morning were saying Gen-X'ers, spoiled, are now parents...

Jim Webb: Why We Must Reform Our Criminal Justice System

Jim Webb: Why We Must Reform Our Criminal Justice System

Anatomy of Iran's Right Wing Coup

Twitter Users Shame CNN For Not Covering Iran Elections, Riots

*Sunday funnies* Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" -inspired by Thomas Paine

Iran: Real vote totals

John KING: "Is Sarah PALIN getting fair coverage from the press"

Ahmadinejad hires James Baker and John Bolton as election consultants

No Wonder David Gregory danced with Rove

10% of Obama's term is over and besides the Stimulus Bill what has he done that has made us proud?

Outline of Evidence for the JFK Assassination

Oh my. Journalists and candidates arrested

I urge everyone.....

Tiller remembered in Wichita Eagle LTTE for "good things he has done."

Iran’s Stolen Election (Laura Secor of the New Yorker)

Darkon: The weirdest documentary I've ever seen...

Crackdown Crunches Iran Reformers -

LA Times: GOP lawmakers bring the budget pain home

this is what politics has been reduced to in the u.s.

Fine, upstanding citizens, those Minutemen are.......

For Republicans, the Forces Aren't With Them

NKorea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions

A weekend full of post about the DOMA/Obama dustup - am I the only one ??

Dispatch from Tehran: Riot police on motorbikes swarm the streets like flies

PROMISES, PROMISES: Indian health care's victims

don't you just love coup d'etats - the Iran mullahs and our neo cons are

von Brunn's listening habits.....

Iran TV screen capture - voting irregularities exposed

Twitter rumors indicate Iranian Army says it will not...


Three times in the past month, government agencies have targeted Google for antitrust reviews.

Student charged with keeping teachers from grading

CNN sucks, I know, what's new......

Carrots cause Swedish bomb scare

Mousavi Calls For Iran Vote Result To Be Cancelled

Stimulus history lesson by Paul Krugman

Mousavi Calls For Cancellation Of Iran Vote Result

Mousavi to Iran: It's On!

This Repub poll in our local newspaper......

Fundies in the United States worried about gender identity in India

Christian Amanpour just said that crackdown in Iran..

Political Compass Test

Secret papers 'show how Shell targeted Nigeria oil protests'

crazy person fools crazy people, making them crazier

Small Banks, Radical Vision

Early Report Day Two: Media Police Run, Protestors Trapped by Police, Ayatollahs Daughter Arrested

I wish I could support the mixed private/public plans that have been proposed in Congress.

Man... I Don't Know Anything About Twitter, But This Made My Blood Run Cold (Iran)

Palin 'It Would Be Wise to Keep Willow Away From David Letterman'

CNN Quick Vote: Do you think Iran's presidential election was conducted fairly?

Secret Papers 'Show How Shell Targeted Nigeria Oil Protests'

Capt Watson's Resolve Remains - Stopping Japanese from Killing Whales

Too Poor to Make the News....

'Pregnant' anti -abortion blogger's hoax angers readers - anti abortion readers feel exploited

Another reason we need Socialized, Nationalized, Single Payer Health Care.

Fareed Zakaria GPS starting on CNN - The Iranian election is today's focus

One Way Or Another, It Gets Out...

Neocons Using Iran Election To Push For War

High Ranking Iranians Who Say Election Was Stolen (Iran's Own Electoral Commission Included)

Health plan covers assisted suicide but not new cancer treatment

I Thought This Would Have Been Obvious, But I Forgot I Was On DU - RE: Iran Info....

Ahmadinejad calls his election "fair and balanced"

Must Read: Iran’s Day of Anguish - NYT

Crazies. Lone nut jobs. Isolated loonies.

List of worldwide Iranian Embassies with phone/fax numbers

The Crisis in American Medicine

It Has Finally Happened - Can't Tell The Difference Between The Onion And Reality!

note: The McLaughlin Group should just send their tape straight over

Fundamental difference between the Boeing and Airbus approach to flight controls.

Do you believe anything you are hearing about circumstances in Iran?

Afghan villagers slain as they took cover

Detroit's Out of Control International Bridge Company

The ghost of Ted Baxter haunts Fox News

Projection: It'll be years before jobs return to much of U.S.

Does anyone know of an online streaming news source focusing seriously on the situation in Iran?

Does anyone know of an online streaming news source focusing seriously on the situation in Iran?

Why Vote 'Yes' for the War and the IMF? (Obama & Pelosi pushing war $$ bill)

Conservative Columnist Blames Obama For Letterman's Palin Joke

Think Progress: John Yoo ordered to testify on torture.

Some say Holocaust Memorial shooting signals a broader war

According To Twitter... This Is A Picture Of Khatami Being Arrested

The Sunday Shows In Five Sentences Or Less

James Von Brunn Expected To Survive: FBI

Patriot Act - why isn't Obama using it?

Patriot Act - why isn't Obama using it?

there is going to have to be some kind of a redistribution of wealth in this country...

Chamber CEO: It's time to stop

The Choice to Defend DOMA, and Its Consequences

Naval Academy Instructor Diversity FAIL

Chicago Tribune: In need of real labor reform

Prostitute (Marcia Powell) Died After Being Held In Scorching Outdoor Prison Cell

An Easily Understandable Explanation of Derivative Markets - a lesson on a lazy Sunday

hey david gregory, your political bias is showing

Is the Republican Party Just a Distraction Now?

As much as it galls me to compromise, especially on what I consider core principles

Too Poor to Make the News (From BARBARA EHRENREICH who wrote "Nickled and Dimed")

Another Source For Info Coming Out Of Iran

A plea to our church-going DU'ers

[Streaming Video] Real Time With Bill Maher

Would you give up your freedom of speech for more financial security?

Danger, fear and compassion in Iran.

Jon Kyl, Europhobe

Bush to speak in Erie, PA. next week.

Obama does not support DOMA

Dashing Fabricated Hopes: The Meaning of Ahmadinejad's Victory

Take the poll! Which will be the most likely of these 4 outcomes to the current Iran election mess?

Iran Election Roundup: Link-a-licious News and Perspective

'Lone wolf' terrorists harder to stop

Single-payer healthcare 1st step toward economic recovery?

Schwarzenegger's Push for Digital Textbooks

The Choice to Defend DOMA, and Its Consequences

High School Umpire Ejects Whole Crowd

Guardian UK: Far-right shootings raise fear of hate offensive in America

"John Q" is on TNT.

BBC Links to current events in Iran

I just posted on HuffPo re MTP and suggested after the suits realize

BBC Ordered Out Of Iran. ABC/NBC Have Their Cameras Confiscated....

Bill Moyers: Why Have We Stopped Talking about Guns?

If you try real hard, can you come up with something less grassroots than Fox News or Rush Limbaugh?

The Long Shadow of Torture

The Secret History-Can Panetta move the C.I.A. forward without confronting its past? - by Jane Mayer

CBS starting to cover Iran Protest

Nice - Iranian Protesters Take Time Out To Care For A Member Of The Police....

US News: Restaurants on the Ropes

Housing nonprofit to add 1,000 North Carolina jobs

What I'm seeing is a lot of confusion about what sort of "public option" is possible.

Toronto Star LTTE: War on drugs won't work here

Can we blame Ahmadinejad's vote stealing on Bush and Rove?

Just heard on CNN: "We're Getting Some Of The Breaking News On Twitter"!

Public, cable-broadcasted executions

Its too bad we can't get members of Congress to recuse themselves

First female and Hispanic Texas A&M president resigns (before disciplinary hearing)

Funnel Clouds in Denver!!

Tehran Bureau: Police Shooting Into Crowds - "You Deserve To Die"...

Canadian Geese face the chop at New York airports

"We will response you"

CIA Director says Cheney sounds like he is ‘wishing that this country would be attacked again.’

CIA Director says Cheney sounds like he is ‘wishing that this country would be attacked again.’

The Green Revolution In IRAN

California will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.....

Is there a proctologist in the house?

Google needs to go green tomorrow

Are we seeing the results of US covert destabilization ops in Iran?

So do all liberals and conservatives hate fucking Ahma-nutjob over there in Iran?

Back to the Trough for Happy Piglets

The headline in the news tomorrow will be:

Last night on the History Channel they had a show about dams.

Less Down is the New Up

Is DU on Twitter?

Far-Right Shootings Raise Fear of Hate Offensive in America

PROMISES, PROMISES: (American) Indian health care needs unmet

To fans of Stephanie Miller

Iran - Go all in!

Fucking Great... Looks Like YouTube Is Removing Videos From Iran !!!

Leak Of Count of Iranian Votes Has Ahmadi-nejad In THIRD PLACE

Rethugs will use Iran situation to attack Obama. Pence has started.

Kennett Love reporting from Tehran...

Howard Kurtz Twitters On #CNNfail Coverage Of Iranian Protest....

Could be crap, but reports of Chavez sending Venezuelan riot troops to Iran to help Ahmadinejad

The last line of Obama's DOJ brief supporting DOMA is rich:

HuffPo: Huge Spike In Iran Violence - Tanks Called In...

Official Iran Election Fraud Protest Video thread

Most Israelis could live with a nuclear Iran: poll

Found this story about Padilla buried in Boston Globe.

Poll: 52% of Israeli's support bombing Iran if international efforts fail

"The vote (in Iran) wasn't stolen, the vote wasn't EVEN COUNTED. It was invented."

We may have a new cloud

Why are Dems so quick to challenge election results in Iran, but were cowards about doing so here?

Just saw Marine One fly over!!

I want to see how the RATpubliCONs are going to blame this on Obama

Guardian UK - Iran coverage links

Two minutemen arrested in killings of man and his 9 year old daughter in Arizona

Will the PNACons use Iranian electoral violence to claim success for their Iraq war policies?

Swiss Cows Fight to Be Queen

The Real News Network: Ahmadi Big Bang

UPDATE: Miami cat killer (19cats) arrest made (18 years old) PIC-mug shot

It's Been A Long Time Since I Said This, But:

Who's watching 60 Minutes

a good book that summarizes the healthcare problem

Real-Time Criticism of CNN’s Iran Coverage (NYT)

Real-Time Criticism of CNN’s Iran Coverage (NYT)

The year that music died...

Yanno, even if someone knew the address and phone number of Osama's safe house .......

OK I need a brief primer on Twitter

So, CNN is just basically a cable network that reads selected tweets on twitter?

Oh Boy - Reports Of Iranian Police (Hezbollah?) Round Up And Killing Children....

more rain

Reports on Twitter that YouTube is pulling some of the Iran videos offline

*ME* *ME* *ME* pay attention to ME!!!!

*ME* *ME* *ME* pay attention to ME!!!!

Maryam's statement from the heart--insight into the change

From today's obituary in the local (Florida) paper:

I live in Freeperville.

PBS...anti-abortion violence . . .the new domestic terrorism . . . ???


35+ million votes in Iran and the government announces the winner two hours after the polls close?

Mousavi Calls for Gen'l Strike in Iran on Tuesday

Evangelical Examiner delighted about "Obama's flip-flop" on DOMA & "Communist" ACLU's anger

Dad Has Beef With Son's Taco Meal

Christian Right picks up a new enemy... Grover Norquist

I went to my younger brother's high school graduation yesterday. It is a small

****I need an important answer about being served by a court****...

If you think Obama is right in continuing the occupation of Iraq...

Interesting how people are so excited about the Iran elections

The Iranian unrest reminds me so much of the Tiananmen protests.

Mousavi has asked supporters to peacefully protest throughout Iran on Monday at 4:00 PM (7:30 AM ET)

Iran: Apparently police are now shooting at people..

Those Cops Are Imported?-"commandos" on the bikes are Hezbollah arabs

Pat Buchanan - Super Bigot

Weapons makers look overseas as Pentagon cuts back

Teacher Claims Conservative Views Led to Loss of Job

John Culhane: A Few Further Thoughts on the DOJ’s DOMA Brief ('not enough gays to matter')

Real-Time Criticism of CNN’s Iran Coverage

Breaking reports from Tehran

The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers - By Frank Rich

Colbertwatcher and DU Make The Big Time...

Whoa... Ayatollahs Protest Election Fraud

It is still too early to know for sure, but what is your early prediction for Iran?

Iran: There Will Be Blood "Civil war has now broken out among Iran's revolutionaries"

meet the freeper behind the anti-Letterman "rally" to be

meet the freeper behind the anti-Letterman "rally" to be

Tehran Bureau Claims That Their Site Went Down Due To Denial Of Service Attack From Iran...

Why is NO ONE in the media talking about the 1988 Iranian Massacre?

Kasich's quixotic crusade

CNN broadcast some actual NEWS today! Are they trying to

You Still Can't Buy a Vibrator in Alabama

Minuteman Robbery May Not Have Been First

ONE person track team wins Texas state *team* championship

Are we witnessing the suicide of the Republican Party?

The forest is so wet that the lightening does nothing.

European election results - a cautionary tale for Democrats who embrace free-market Koolaid?

Great pics from Iran, via BBC:

Pictures of Iranian Special forces brutality (very graphic warning)

Is the US involved in the fixing of the Iran Election?

Personally, I blame the republicans

Global Military Spending Surges to Record High, despite deepening economic crisis

Global Military Spending Surges to Record High, despite deepening economic crisis

This is going to be an angry week at DU.

Onward Christian Terrorists; Fighting Evil in the Obama Era

Top gay in the administration says ENDA, DADT, and DOMA have no chance at this point

OWN IT, Right Wing.

The most inspiring political figure in your lifetime?

Kiva now makes loans to people in the United States

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) sums up what's wrong with the system & the Democrats

Do you support revolution in Iran?

How terrifying is this: "I get all my news from reading DU."

Obama Is Pressed to Tax Health Benefits

All I had to do was read the title of this book to know it must have been written by a Freeper

States unleash goats to keep grass trimmed (to reduce carbon footprint/protect environment/save $)

Would the Oil Companies Deliberately Destroy Recovery?

The Fact Is, It No Longer MATTERS Whether Or Not Ahmadi-nejad Won Fairly

will the upcoming healthcare legislation also include a 'public option' on an even playing field?

The courage of the young people of Iran is awe-inspiring - it mustn't go unrecognized

California AG Jerry Brown: "Proposition 8 Violates the 14th Amendment"

Yoo is being sued

Iranian Hope ---->

Funding Wars Is Good for Babies and Your Garden

High-ranking South Carolina Republican activist Rusty DePass: Gorilla ‘one of Michelle’s ancestors’

Newt Gingrich, zombie politician

Obama and/or Letterman?

Flickr: Setting limits for online speech

Flickr: Setting limits for online speech


Leon Panetta: Cheney almost wishing for an attack

Any Twitter reports on Ahmadinejad's thugs tossing babies from incubators yet?

Mir-Hossein Mousavi's Iran/Contra Connection?

Craig Crawford: We Have No Standing to Complain About Election Fraud

Obama Gives Bush a Third Term in Education

How's That "Fierce Advocate" for GLBT Civil Rights Doing So Far With His "Fierce Advocacy"?

What happens when you combine conspiracy theories and right wing idiocy?

NKorea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions

Diane Roberts was right last year. "Floridians seem content in a state of ignorance"

A Picture Is Worth...

If I knew then.....

Sacramento Bee: Golden State losing folks as old Dust Bowl beckons

You know what? I wanna post a whole thread about this: Internet and Poverty

Announcing my Presidential Run for 2012 - Vote for the Hippie!

Letterman support thread

Damage of Foreclosure after 5 years of payments

We need to bring back the 90% income tax rate for the super wealthy.

Why do people watch sports? Help me understand.

Tweeter reporting some heavy shit going down in Tehran right now

PROMISES, PROMISES: Native American health care needs unmet ("Don't get sick after June!")

Aw hells bells WTF? Iconic photo or posed? cripes

I hate myself. I bought more tacos and waited till they were soggy to eat them.

15 wins just isn't good enough anymore, Natinals to fire Acta

Watching Australian Pink Floyd playing right now

Good night Lounge!

Ooops, sorry. Wrong thread.

Researcher believes fear of moles makes worms surface when 'grunters' go hunting for fish bait

You Suck At Craigslist

Brain cramp: I can't remember the name of a shoe retailer

Favorite source of Carps?

Favorite source of Craps?

Jeebus -- Sandra Lee has a new show on Food Network

Miami Herald story sounds like Carl Hiaasen, but apparently real:

Umpire ejects entire crowd during baseball game

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY CottonBear!!*******

Good morning. Who's awake? Who is hungover?

Facebookers, can you answer a question for me?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/14/2009)

What's for breakfast this morning?

Father's day is coming- In honor of that a video of father pranks

WOW! Monday is June 15th - 2009 will be half over already!!!11!!

Damnit! This year I had my camera ready but forgot to charge the damn battery

REALLY over this broken elbow thing

Two of the lamest Chick Tracts ever are up on his site...

Some soft and sweet music for your pleasure...

"Angel hole" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include "angel hole". Go!

I didn't win the lottery AGAIN

Yay my 7000th post.

Megatron Challenges Optimus Prime!

11 in a row!!!

The movie career in more trouble: Will Ferrell or Eddie Murphy?

D-I-V-O-R-C-E As some of y'all know, I recently relocated

Diverticulitis is AWFUL.


I must be the only person in the world who does not 'get' Will Ferrell

I trust you have prepared a new batch of insults today.

Everything is breaking- And just think, the next round of ARMs is coming due.

Best of Craigslist: I woke up to shit-vomit.

Help me select tomorrow's major task of the day...

Do you ever have those day where everything you touch falls.

REALLY over this broken angel hole thing

Sneed's Feed and Seed (formerly Chuck's)

omg Married with Children marathon on TVLAND

Hate "The Simpsons" 11th season DVD set? Check in!

Live troll in LBN!!!!!!!!

What is the best movie you have seen in the past month?

i can't decide if i want to go to my 10 year reunion. advice?

So if your beautiful girlfriend tells you.....

I think I finally understand the twitter phenomenon.

Batman. Smart enough to capture EVERY super-criminal, but needed batpoles labeled "Bruce" & "Dick."

Damn. I have in front of me a cold case of premium beer...

Moulin Rouge....

At the risk of being dangerously close to serious . . .

My last exam of high school is tomorrow.

OK so we got my kid the Madagascar movies for his birthday, and NOW...


What horror movie scared you as a kid?

Have you ever been hugged by a lion?

Now, this is some dancing.

Steak sauce on Cheerios.

Shell -- check your PM

I am SO over the animals right now

the ORIGINAL Taking of Pelham One Two Three is on the CW now

Which of the "World's Ten Best Cities" would you most like to live in?

Henry Rollins appreciation thread!

I took this picture of myself today:

Week two of parties for BabyM and her freakishly annoying friends.

Have you ever had trouble being satisfied with what you've got?

I Sure Miss the old Sears Wish Book Christmas Catalogs

I very rarely post in the Lounge

My daughter bought a package of Wall-e figurines and now she's hiding them all over the place

It is 96 here with a heat index of 108, damn Houston is hot.


You know what's awesome?

Someone actually made and marketed this toy??!!??

Who should I call out tonight?

ok I am wondering

kitteah picture of the day for sunday june 14

Good news.

And now Pennsylvania can lay claim to the NBA Championship too!

Storyland rocks.

A gecko being eaten alive by ants (not related to a insurance company, which eats us like like ants

A heads up, go ahead and start the grave dancing...

Favorite Farley Mowat book?

Thats funny, I see Haruka AND LostinVA in my thread here...

Trying to break up with someone? Video of tips...

So.. I was thinking...

So post a song letting us know how you feel tonight!!! GOOD OR SAD!!!i

Here is some MN law for y'all...

how much of a pay increase did anna paquin get for the second season of true blood...?

to lighten up the Lounge mood, here's an uncensored version of Family Guy's Christian Bale spoof

Did anybody wish Siegfried (of Siegfried & Roy) happy 70th birthday yesterday?

(What's so funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding?

You's a superstar boy, why you still up in the hood?

Springsteen+Phish+Bonnaroo= Bliss...

Lounge wrestling fans........Misawa has died......

Question for people who know a thing or two about bikes.

Wow...dying to see this movie now...looks like Tennesee Williams or something

When REALLY nice people do something REALLY insensitive

If you were or are an electronics geek, I have a fun problem


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Moar, Moar Moar Edition

I'm in the final hours of studying before Finals week begins. Prayers and good vibes

What's your most common excuse when you call in "sick" for work

May I say that the NBA Finals is the WORST final in history..

Here some advice from someone who is 10 times smarter than he posts (me)

OK I need a brief primer on Twitter

We had to put my Frankie down today.

Please help me identify this song.

"The Comfort Wipe allows you to maintain your dignity while you maintain your personal hygiene"

College World Series! GO SOUTHERN MS!!!!!

Two cat questions: Check whether my reasoning is... reasonable

I am currently eating a bowl of Cinnamon Life Cereal for dinner...

What shall I call in tonight?

The Ohio State Class of 2009 - Lady of the Rabbits (Lelapin)

Batvillians from A to Z

Bad news.

Where are you on this map?

For the Pun Lovers

Fun times in Cleveland toDAY! Yeah, CLEVELAND!!!

Okay, I'm totally geeking out and very few people will actually know what the hell I'm talking about

My husband wants to add new fish to our aquarium, but



New chair "ergonomically designed to take the pressure off of your sensitive genitals"

If the idea of Natural Medicine or Cures makes you crazy...

Since I'm DTO,

Blessed are the pizza makers

Where Are You Headed For Vacation This Year?

What's your desktop wallpaper lookin' like these days?

The year that music died...

My opinion of Chavez was declining for awhile, but I can say I am DONE with him now

Anybody here ever make grilled Eggplant Parmesan?

A friend needs advice. Longish story, drama, be warned.

Help me, Democratic Underground, you're my only hope.

Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians

You are Sandra Lee, you have angel food cake, what are you going to stuff into the Angel hole?

Any Lawyers here who know about suing Doctors? Serious question......

Why did the underwater Gungan city have large areas of breathable air?

The best fans in baseball are found at:

Megatron Challenges Kittimus Prime!

O Mother of Pearl, I wouldn't trade you for another girl

Just another butt call

I think TaterGuy must be planning a DU Coup

watching "die hard" on the cable tonight. when "abe lincoln 30" looks up at "nakatomi plaza"...

Anything interesting on HBO tonight?

Red Sox beat the Phillies again

I took a photo of Haruka this morning before she had her first cup of coffee

Just so you all know -- I am getting a divorce.

Latest from plus twitter (updated):

Iran: Before and After

Bill Clinton: United States growing more diverse (Star-Telegram)

There is a news block out from Iran and our media is failing.

Does anyone know how many people would be out of jobs if

Ahmadinejad, Rejecting Strife, Hints of Arrests

Fox news commentary this morning... Obama is losing the left..

Letter from Tehran: The day after

The Right Wing Claims Ahmadinejad’s Reelection Was A Fraud, But Obama’s Responsible For It Anyway

Biden has doubts about Iran's presidential vote

'Justice Ginsburg Welcomes Sotomayor Nomination'

Robert Fisk: Iran erupts as voters back 'the Democrator' (UK Independent)

Observer (UK): 'The unlikely friends of the Holocaust memorial killer'

Netanyahu Speaking NOW!! No American station covering it that I know of

Mousavi calls for Iran vote result to be canceled

I just got a crazy EMail about soldier in Iraq wearing the flags of Germany,

Teaser Trailer for Michael Moore's new movie! LOL....

"Dear CNN, Please Check Twitter for News About Iran,"

PHOTO Standing Strong in Iran

PHOTO Caption it? (A load of bullocks, June 14)

HUGE spike in reports of violence in Iran -ppl attacking police,TANKS in front of interior ministry

yo mods...

Its safe to say Obama made a mistake by choosing Biden as VP

52 percent of Israelis say the country should bomb Iran's nuclear reactor

Can DU please stop posts re Palin and Letterman?

What classic movie monster scared you as a kid?

Nicaragua Calls Cut in U.S. Aid “Unjust” / Venezuela to help Nicaragua after U.S. rebuff

The situation in Iran is making me flash back to 2000 and 2004.


African-American pastor says SBC leaders should repudiate Drake

Joe Biden keeps with tradition, shows up for the Italian Festival parade and this year...

How To Reply to #IranElection on Twitter

Sebelius offers Conrad compromise measured praise on Sunday circuit

PHOTO Bravery (Iran, June 14)

Weiner: Maloney told me she's running

Does anyone know how many people would be out of jobs if

Help me make sense of this Politico article. (I know, I know: it's Politico).

Panetta on Cheney: "It's almost as if he's wishing that this country would be attacked again......

**Heads Up** Netanyahu is going to agree to a Palestinian State

Biden: Public option preferred on health care

On Iran, the Power of Obama's Silence

Krugman on Obama: "I'm increasingly happy with him" (UK Observer, June 14)

PHOTOS Israel & Palestine, June 14

PHOTOS Israel & Palestine, June 14

PHOTOS Tehran, June 14

"Obama expressing concern for, say, Moussavi, wouldn't necessarily be a way to help Moussavi."

Health Insurance Broker Here

I just realized why the Right Wing have become completely unhinged

Observer (UK): 'Far-right shootings raise fear of hate offensive in America'

Mitt Romney is a dumbazz. Does he really think Obama listens to him for foreign policy advice

Now CNN is asking did Obama's speech do more harm than good?

Well, Obama Was Wrong

It's so crazy, it just might work.

Mitt Romney: Obama's "apology tour" not working in Iran

Lieberman won't back public option

"Yes, We Can" - and We Will

Congressman: Smoking Lettuce Kills

'Carter swipes at Clinton' (in Israeli newspaper Haaretz)

Call to action on health care reform. SERIOUSLY call your congressperson

PHOTO Jew Hater?

The Choice to Defend DOMA and Its Consequences

Lieberman urges loud, clear solidarity w/ Iranian protesters. Human rights groups say low-key best.

Biden: Meet The Press- "everyone guessed wrong"

Iran – Election Highlights How its Once Popular Dictatorship Has Become Tyranny

On the eve of President Obama's meeting with the AMA,

Let's admit it! The FIRST ATTEMPT at universal health care will.....

O.K., Here Are The Pictures From Green Bay (Finally): (Pic HEAVY)

Maybe the problem isn't health insurance but healthcare costs?

OK, I'd like to apologize to the board for my previous Biden post. I blame Huffpost

Health insurance industry goes after doctors who help the uninsured!!

Senator Conrad Today On CNN: Rejects reconciliation, claims votes lacking to pass public option

Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth's Friendship Revealed After She And Daughters Get Rare Private Tour

I am going to say this one time slowly and with little words for those who apparently can't get why

Carrie Prejean -- I'm Not PALINOID -- I have enemies

Insurance isn't health care.

A memo to the health insurance companies...fuck you &your profits

We can NOT keep caving to the extreme religious right...the American Taliban so to speak.

Obama, Bush and Bill Maher

Amanda Knox tells of Meredith Kercher’s ‘yucky’ death (Italy)

Pakistan market blast kills eight

Over 100 Iranian reformists arrested

Newborn Baby Boy Abandoned in Bushes in Illinois

Obama speaks to Iranian people in video message

Man charged in museum shooting expected to survive, feds say

Iran closes Al Arabiya's offices in Tehran

Pakistan Taliban leader faces threat from fellow tribesman

Mousavi calls for Iran vote result to be cancelled

US Citizen Denies Terror Charges in UAE Court (Hamdan)

RELATED STORY: Minutemen brace for possible backlash

Five Suspects Arrested in Plot to Kill DEA Agent in Colombia

Reformists held after Iran riots

Ahmadinejad to hold victory rally amid protests

'Lone wolf' terrorists harder to stop

Netanyahu: Let's start peace talks immediately

Authorities: Teen arrested in Fla. cat mutilations

Iran reformists arrested after Tehran riots

BBC says election broadcasts disrupted from Iran

PROMISES, PROMISES: (American) Indian health care needs unmet

Man convicted of terrorism free to sue over torture claims

Italy recalls 'radioactive' wood pellets: report

Biden Questions Vote but Sticks to Policy on Iran

Biden expresses 'doubts' about Iranian election

Sebelius: (Obama Public) Health Plan Would Cut Costs

In Mosul, Iraqi army not ready to take over from U.S. forces

U.S. Persian Gulf forces cautioned on Iran

Letterman's Palin flap may mean ratings gold

Fidel Castro's son tricked in Internet love sting

Ahmadinejad: No guarantee on rival's safety

Grassley Says Consensus Possible on Health Insurance

CIA head says Cheney almost wishing US be attacked

Hundreds honor David Carradine at funeral

McConnell: GOP opposes (Obama Public) healthcare plan

Hospital Industry Bristles at Cuts: After Proposing $313 Billion Health-Spending Reduction, Obama Mu

Biden says 'everyone guessed wrong' on jobs number

Pennsylvania town fights big coal on mining rights

Police Arrest Suspect In Cat Killings

Obama Seeks Remake of Fed's Powers

The Queen installs a vegetable patch at Buckingham Palace

Colombia army's 'bounty' on rebels probed in wrongful deaths

Colombia army's 'bounty' on rebels probed in wrongful deaths

Wake Up Wal-Mart !

CBSNewsOnline: Iran Election Results Phony?

Protest Against Election Fraud in Iran

Cenk's Take on Health Care Reform

Tehran Burning

gun shots in iran

The real reason for the war in Sri Lanka BEACH FRONT PROPERTY

Mad Avenue Blues (the day the media died)

The Week In Cartoons 06/13

New wingnut video encourages attacks on police

Codepink built a playground at beach camp in Gaza

"Humanity!" Protests in Tehran after election - Riot police officer rescued by protesters

RW terrorists whining about being called RW terrorists

Michael Moore: Save Our CEOs

Über Right-Wing Fanatic Attacks Paul Krugman, Instead of Violent Right-Wing Extremists

Grow the Hope's Hunger Action Team

Jane Hamsher's Call to Action

Passion of Joan of Arc - film from 1927

Minuteman Leader arrested re: father/daughter double-murder home invasion

Glenn Beck Compares Himself & O'Reilly To MLK & Ghandi

Mitch McConnell pathological liar

Tehran Crowds Chant "Death To The Dictator!"

Christiane Amanpour asks Ahmadinejad if his opponent is safe & can't get a straight answer

TYT: Palin---Letterman Encourages Statutory Rape (Cenk Reacts)

"Summer of Loving" - Roy Zimmerman

3 dullards discuss 'Progressivism' (7:33)

Iranian man literally beaten to death by guards in Tehran (GRAPHIC)

Rush vs black caller

Week in Review: June 12, 2009-- 288 seconds of our bubble

TYT: Iranian Election Results Rigged

HBO's Bill Maher Takes On President Obama

Blessed Are the Greedy

Sotomayor Impresses in Interviews, Senators Say.

Ahmedinajad's victory is not good news for Iranian kids on death row

Hate speech and the mainstreaming of extremism (CSM)

Some terrorists allowed to forgo the water board (Stevenson | Tuscaloosa News)

A billion here, a billion there (Ledger-Enquirer)

Sergeant Fury Goes Bananastan

GOP Hires Ahmadinejad as Campaign Advisor

Guantanamo of the Rockies?

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

Neocons Using Iran Election To Push For War (TPM)

Will a Michigan Upper Peninsula town trade Guantanamo detainees for jobs and revenue?

The New Yorker: Iran’s Stolen Election

Every So Often, Politicians Show Grace And Dignity

Cops Are Acting Like Thug Criminals

In These Times: Why Wal-Mart Workers Need EFCA

Weak security enables credit card hacks

Small Banks, Radical Vision

The Guardian's Peter Beaumont on Iran's elections: Genie of democracy won't go back in the jar

Obama DOJ lies to Politico in defending hate brief against gays

Iranian writer Azar Nafisi shares her thoughts on the election result

Roger Cohen: Iran’s Day of Anguish

Are Bush Appointees Sabotaging Obama’s Recovery Plan?

Belated return and burial of Aboriginal ancestors in South Australia

Barbara Ehrenreich: "Too Poor to Make the News" -- pt. 1 of a NYT series on working poor

Events in Iran prove that even a little bit of democracy is a powerful thing.

Towards a Theory of Nonviolent Revolutions: The Case of Iran 1977-79 (Daniel Ritter)

Freed From Guantánamo, Uighur Muslims Bask in Bermuda.

Tomgram: The Ir-Af-Pak War

Dick Cheney Hatching New Iran-Contra Plot

Far-Right Shootings Raise Fear of Hate Offensive in America

Violence widens abortion rift (Tennessean editorial)

Leonhardt: America’s Sea of Red Ink Was Years in the Making (Bush, not Obama, is responsible for

The American Debate: Obama needs just a bit of Truman's courage

Practice a NON-Random Act of Kindness

Less Down is the New Up

Writing The Wrongs, Bush was a incompetent fool thinking he was president.

The Obama Haters' Silent Enablers

Newt Gingrich, zombie politician

If 9/11 Changed Everything, Why Did Oklahoma City Change Nothing?

The Progressive: Stop Wasting on the Military

Laura Secor: Iran’s Stolen Election (New Yorker)

Killing for Fun and Profit

Stop Wasting on the Military

Naval Academy Instructor Diversity FAIL

Oath Keepers Orders We Will NOT Obey Full Length Video

'The Disappeared': Exhibit expresses pain of Latin American atrocities

Five Suspects Arrested in Plot to Kill DEA Agent in Colombia

Interior Minister points to Táchira state governor as instigator of paramilitary activities

Colombia army's 'bounty' on rebels probed in wrongful deaths


CHE GUEVARA'S 81st Birthday Marked in Bolivia

DC Demo, for "The Cuban 5," Mon., June15, 5-7 PM, Lafayette Park Across from White House

BOREV: Meet DEA's #1 Ally in War For Drugs: Time Magazine!!

On Killing Cetaceans - author Philip Hoare - Leviathan

Solar thermal, woody biomass plants coming to New Mexico


Rush for ‘easiest oil in the world’

LA Times: A 'time bomb' for world wheat crop

When did John Daly decide to become the clown of golf???

13 yar old wins Va. women's amateur match-play championship

Wimbledon to crack down on 'grunting'

New Zealand: Annual nude rugby match

Anybody who DOESN'T worship Satan gonna watch the second half?

Anywhere you can watch the Lakers-Magic game online for free?

When I saw that Orlando Magic mascot dropping and then going up in the air

-> -> ->


Stanley Cup stops at PNC Park

64 year old ran 105 marathons in 2008 (new record)

CWS round one.

Streaking Giants, Cain sweep away A's

June 14, 2009 TDWBB&HAFO

Today in labor history June 14 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison

Big Business favors Arbitration---Except when it helps workers bargain for a contract

NYT: Move to Dismiss Gay Union Case

Layoffs loom in conflict with police union

Why Wal-Mart Workers Need EFCA

STATE OF THE UNION: Facts trump business on EFCA

This book is the key to nailing Walmart.

FDA flags psychiatric risks of asthma drugs -- especially singulair

Doctor takes on insurers over care

Health care interactive maps and charts.

Health insurance industry goes after docs who help the uninsured

MUST website for healthcare activists...

MSM defends their biggest advertiser.

Senator Conrad Today On CNN: Rejects reconciliation, claims votes lacking to pass public option

My personal opinion on what's going wrong with the health care debate.

Health firms paid Nancy-Ann DeParle $5.8 million

Conrad: Votes lacking to pass public-option healthcare

Independent (UK): Guns still control the ballot box in the age of Obama

More states want to bypass Federal gun laws...

Laying to rest a major falsehood about the lack of gun control in America

One we sometimes forget

Netanyahu speech is Israeli spin at its worst

Rightist MKs seek compulsory Zionism lessons in Israeli schools

Full transcript of former U.S. president Jimmy Carter's interview with Haaretz

Israel should heed the clamour for peace

Carter: Netanyahu faces clash with Obama over peace process

Together, Apart: Organizing around Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Worldwide (HRW)

What the friggin hey! Someone please tell me this isn't for real...

Gay marriage ruling's impact on Iowans subtle, yet powerful.

Netanyahu's Speech to Inject Zionist Perspective

ANALYSIS / Obama will decide how good Netanyahu speech is

Netanyahu speech: Soft words and hardline positions

Obama DOJ lies to Politico in defending hate brief against gays

Netanyahu to accept creation of Palestinian state

Obama welcomes Netanyahu acceptance of Palestinian state

Netanyahu: Let's start peace talks immediately

Abbas says Netanyahu "sabotages" peace efforts

Netanyahu, Mideast peace and a return to the Axis of Evil

Netanyahu: Let's start peace talks immediately

Seriously, is it worth the stress?

Carter endorses Gush Etzion settlements

For some, DOMA is purely a legal exercise. For many of us, it's our lives.

Slandering gays as pedophiles (my analysis and rant)

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Domestic Partnerships

Is the GLBT movement a civil rights movement?

OK, I'm sick of it.

What will Obama's next chess move be?

ANALYSIS / Ahmadinejad win actually preferable for Israel

"I feel lame" also... please help me choose which 'stranger'

Yet another Which one should I enter request

G8 Can’t Stop Future Inflation

Excerpts from DOJ motion to dismiss.

Largest Bankruptcies in History

Single payer healthcare--one step toward economic recovery?

Ha! finally caught this rascal

al Jazeera: Why America is a bank-owned state

The Capitalist Manifesto: Greed Is Good

Pictures of Strangers in Japan (dialup warning)

Nikon D300 vs D700

Wild Orbits: Stars Not From Around Here

Sperm whales use babysitters for young

How a hummingbird in love can move faster than a fighter jet

African Ug99 fungus could wipe out 80% of the world's wheat

}Wings{ posting for June 14 from Karen Bishop

Chemotherapy Pushers and The Patriot Act

Very interesting ..

a year ago I had a premonition

Do you ever feel you've lost your light...

Serbia Participated in the Holocaust of Jews: Helsinki Report

Good dog treat recipes, anyone?

What's fer Dinner on Sunday?

Chicken & dumplin's

PAID Disinformation Agents at DU: Myth or Fact?


Glenn Beck's 9/11 coverage

Extreme makeover? (Dial-up warning)

Canada, U.S. will renegotiate Great Lakes water treaty