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Breitbart got pissy with Gawker

Amanpour, Iranian election on Charlie Rose tonight

It's official Democratic Underground has jumped the shark

You know what would be great?

MSM Give White Supremacist Airtime, and Chance to "Turn Lemons into Lemonade"

Question on the DOJ/DOMA bruhaha...

ONION: Underfunded Scientists Force Lipstick-Covered Rat With Cancer To Run Through Maze

grifter palin hits the big time!

Any Kindle owners here? There's a book you should read...

Banking explained.

Cenk Uygur: 4 Reasons Why The Public Health Care Option Is Irrefutable

San Francisco's Dive Bombing Blackbird

Housing for the poor?

US Government should get out of the marriage regulation business completly.

Salon Editor OWNS Bill O'Murderly

DOJ Abortion Violence Suits Cratered Under Bush

There is a great picture of Palin on the front page of Yahoo

Oh My Joe Scum is on with Alex de Twit

DU Challenge: Do a google image search for "Palin threads"

I am usually pretty outspoken against calling O'Reilly a terrorist...

Good Old GOP White Boys trying to oust Texas A&M's first female and Hispanic president

When someone, who has obviously misdialed, leaves a message on your answering machine.... you......

Norm Coleman needs to take a trip to Tehran

GOP blew up budget themselves

Did the Rat Island restoration effort kill 41 bald eagles?

VFW weapons inventory request the Obama Admin supposedly sent out?

Is anyone else watching Bill Ayers on "In Depth" on CSPAN2 right now?

Robert Reich on Bill Moyers last night - the influence of lobbyists on policy,

In Mosul, Iraqi army not ready to take over from U.S. forces

What Is Patrick Fitzgerald Trying to Hide from the Public?

Simply depressing or downright scary? You decide.

Reuters: Iran's election result staggers analysts

It's been a great year to be a Pittsburgher

Morning Joe on the Today show with Matt - Can you kiss his ass a little more, Matt?

Glenn Greenwald: The soldier blood on Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham's hands

Need Networking Term Paper Topic

House Report on DOMA

NBC protecting Palin in the Letterman joke

Los Angeles County Coroner currently has how many unclaimed bodies? googling

Comment from my wifes friend who has cancer

Joan Walsh proves once again that liberals should never ever go on loofah guy's show

Yes, we were told for several months now that digital TV is coming

San Francisco Chronicle: Loss of Medi-Cal dental care hard to swallow

The wealthy are being unfairly demonized....

"We see what you are getting ready to do with Iraq. And you are not going to do it to us."

Memorial service for AF 447 flight victims


4 Years in Afghanistan, Turks Suffer Only 1 Attack

A Rigged Election---Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's A Coup

RSOE's lead off

I'm feel ill...someone just killed one of my stray cats...

Is the President in Chicago today? I think Marine 1 just flew by.

The Nation: Out of Reach (College Costs)

The Iranian election; no mystery.

Joan Walsh: Why I Went On 'The O'Reilly Factor'

The best nine-page opinion ever written! (NRA vs Chicago)

Cenk Uygur: Four Reasons Why the Public Health Care Option is Irrefutable

Kucinich: We cannot afford these wars spiritually, We cannot afford these wars financially

Very powerful video

Obama needs to give a major speech on gay rights

Obama needs to give a major speech on gay rights

"I Want My Country Back"

Politico: Obama plan to pay for health reform

Retirment funding

Retirment funding

Retirment funding

The Dollar’s Reign Has Come to an End - L'Express, France

Quantum of Solace and Environmentalists

Ah-Mad-In-The-Head hammed up his election theft too much.

Does anyone live in or know the Raleigh, NC area

Biggest corporate attack on Obama yet: $@#!#&@%! Chamber of Commerce!!

The Big Hate by Paul Krugman

NASA's mission: Can we live on the moon?

Health Care-Cheat sheet- the 6 plans on the table

The main difference between Rachael Maddow and Bill O'Really in one word

Please Give Generously

Media Matters link to Bill O'Reilly calling a Tiller a "baby killer" & a murderer

Obama Removes AmeriCorps IG

Some times you have to kick at the darkness til it bleeds dalight

Apparently being Miss California means being against gay marriage

Ohio ranks 2nd in lost GM dealerships

Taiwan has a nuclear event

I can dream on, right?

anti-life is selfishness, pure and simple.

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Anti-Immigrant leader arrested, connected to murders of Hispanic people

There Comes A Time

Someone posted earliet about people faking military service, especially heroic service,

Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my Royal Irish Ass

Message from

Pelosi On Healthcare - No Public Option - No Votes

AIG needs to rot......

Hatred roils right-wing extremists: today's LA Times

The Funhouse is in the Poorhouse

The cable news channels are a joke!

Greg Palast: Oil and Indians Don't Mix

Really, really stupid headline: "Could Palin flap be Letterman's Hugh Grant?"

Are There Five Judges On SCOTUS Who Will Uphold The Fourteenth Amendment ?

Do you think Obama is doing a better job than the last President?

Whoooop! (Spoiler alert!) Guess who won the Track & Field National Championships?

Article about COLBERT in the New York Times! (Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando)

Lieberman Argues for Settlement Expansion

What Money Can Buy

U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey: We Need a Real and Robust Public Option

Liability plaintiffs lose out as auto companies go bankrupt

Are republicans due for an intervention? - 'Undermining America Abroad: 'R' Rep. Tells China...

" Iran's 2009 Election Results Suggest Massive Fraud...Just Like Ohio's in 2004 "

Faulty [Iranian] Election Results...

International Phone Hacking Ring Busted; Stole $55 Million Worth of Calls

Boy discovers microbe that eats plastic (actually 2 boys)

Who has spent more money, Bush or Obama?

Does the Right Want a Civil War?

Amazing timeline of post-election Iran

DKOS: Ayatollas Call for New Elections, Telephone Cut Off Teheran, Mousavi Arrested

All communications to and from Iran are cut

Cultural Comment on the whole "Wise Latina" thing

Why Did The Mullahs Panic?

Is anybody else bothered at how little the cable news is covering the Iran situation?

More Reports Of Moussavi's Arrest

Some oil- and gas-drilling leases may be reinstated

Some oil- and gas-drilling leases may be reinstated

Well, I Don't See How There Can Be Any Diplomatic Efforts With Iran Now

Well, I Don't See How There Can Be Any Diplomatic Efforts With Iran Now

Dead passenger goes unnoticed on London bus for six hours

Outspoken activist accused in deadly robbery

How do you think the US RWnut/secessionist/militia/ violent revolution-ists view the Iran uprising?

How do you think the US RWnut/secessionist/militia/ violent revolution-ists view the Iran uprising?

Is anybody listening to the CNN discussion on health care right now?

Teaser for Michael Moore's New Film "Save Our CEOs"

St. Petersburg Times: Tampa Bay rental vacancies hit 10-year high

Florida State University plans $56 million in staff and program cuts

Florida State University plans $56 million in staff and program cuts

Judge rules terrorist can sue Bush admin over torture memos

New Conservative Line: Iran’s President Doesn’t Matter!

OK, let's see: Are you pro-choice?

Borowitz: Ahmadinejad Wins Stanley Cup

Naomi Klein: "We Can't Let Obama Blow It"

For those interested in Iran developments

Pat Buchanan prefers the 'old bigotry' to affirmative action

Judge: Terrorist can sue over torture memos

Why the hell should I feel sorry, says girl soldier who abused Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison

Things getting uglier-SKorea sends more troops to NKorea border

313 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid spending.

Does anyone else think the tea-party crowd is being rude...

The California Shock Doctrine

Tuition at Florida's public universities could increase by 15%

Leah McElrath Renna: 'Obama and the Gays: Where's the Leadership?'

AlterNet: (Updated) Iran Vote: Fraud or Journos' Wishful Thinking?

Under Fire, President Obama's Pick for Army General Counsel Bows Out

The part about the Letterman/Palin joke that nobody gets

Actual CNN Headline - Is Palin's Gas Deal Even Needed?

Manicurist sells house, car, uses 1/3 of her salary and all of her tips to build school in Ethiopia

NH Man blames infant son for hit-and-run accident

Schwarzenegger's budget cuts would be an unmitigated disaster for California's public universities

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Why Have We Stopped Talking about Guns?

Some Ayatollahs Call for a New Election

US rejects Ahmadinejad's claim of victory

Lieberman won't back public option on healthcare

Obama was against DOMA before he was for it.

"My way or the highway!" (America weighs in on the Iranian election)

Iran election: Do you believe Ahmadinejad won fair and square?

Confessions Of A Boner

It's beginning to look like CorpoMedia is TRYING to kill the GOP.

Herr Pat Buchanan: Affirmative Action is worse than 'the old bigotry'

Dumb question perhaps...related to Flight 447

Photos from the streets of Tehran after the Election

HuffPost LiveBlogging on Iran Election Fallout

“Local military, civilian police training builds skills” SWAT with military backup coming to your

Montgomery GI Bill for Life Act (removing the 10 year limit on the GI Bill).

So... did Ahmedinijad hire Karl Rove before this election?

Air France Pilots Faced A Cascade Of Failures In Final Minutes

Dash-Cam: Cop vs. EMTs

Looks like the 134 BILLION in US bonds are forgeries...

The Bush Twins

Is Eschaton down?

U.S. Rejects Iran Election Results, To Investigate

organic tobacco

Say whaaaat?

Fed judge orders it, but will Yoo ever actually testify?

Good Article on TPM- "Iran's Political Coup"

"Obama turning backs on gays, beginning to smell like Clinton" (March on Washington is On)

Meghan McCain seems to have a very short memory

MoveOn targets Chamber of Commerce

A.I.G. Balks at Claims From Jet Ditching in Hudson

Prove it!

saturday night, I'm going dancing.

Remember what happened when the Iraqis tried to have free elections after the US invaded them?

A blast from the past, during election 2008:


FYI: John Lennon's Imagine on Fuse right now

24 hours a Le Mans live streaming at Speed Channel

Rep. Rangel Ignoring Faxes. Again!!

The RAT hiding deep inside the Stimulus Package

MSNBC: Tehran cut cell phone service and internet access.

Rebutting AMA, Doctors Speak Out In Support Of A ‘Robust Public Option’

Obama's Socialism-look at it ............LOOK AT IT!!!!

Anger at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's election

Rabbis for Worker Choice Send Message to Spector on EFCA

America has NO RIGHT to lecture Iran about elections.

Letter to the Editor in the NY Times.....from the good Docs of the AMA:

Amanda Knox tells of Meredith Kercher’s ‘yucky’ death (Italy)

Juan Cole on Iran's stolen election

Guardian: Iraq inquiry 'must not be held in secret'

Anyone been to the movies yet this weekend? Michael Moore's preview is playing

Women: does the Earth's shadow on the moon influence your menses?

More evidence that I'm living rightly (despite all other evidence to the contrary)

Police Arrest Rape Traffickers, Then Book Trafficked Women on Drug Charges

Colbert goes commando and the media flinches

Double Standard? Leno Told Similar Joke As Letterman About Palin's Daughter

What would repeal of DOMA accomplish?

Regarding North Korea ..........

Make them accept it: From John via email

Forgive my do Obama's and Bush's deficits differ?

at-Largely: Sergeant Fury Goes Bananastan by Jeff Huber

Take action to demand accountability for torture

Liz Cheney the New Neocon Spokesperson?

Do you want to pressure Eric Holder into holding people accountable?

Iran's state-run news agency reporting Ahmadinejad winner of election

BREAKING: Ahmadinejad fails to produce birth certificate. Citizens hit streets in protest.

Juan Cole: "Top Pieces of Evidence that the Iranian Presidential Election Was Stolen"....

IRAN 2009 = OHIO 2004: Popular challenger said 'defeated' by incumbent after secret vote counting...

Why Isn't The US Media Giving Much Coverage To The Iranian Election/Coup?

Corporatism Must Die !!!!! ....... in quotes:

Corporatism Must Die !!!!! ....... in quotes:

To those disappointed in President Obama:

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Prison Term for a Seller of Medical Marijuana

Man charged in museum shooting expected to survive, feds say

I know this is off tangent but...

I am simply livid at how Clinton's DOJ appointments ruled from 2001-2009.

Why am I not surprised? Minuteman Leader Arrested for Double Murder- including a NINE YEAR OLD

SC: GOP activist says escaped gorilla was "ancestor" of Michelle Obama

When something breaks down, do you think about fixing it or just buying a new one?

Great comment on the Palin-Letterman feud.

Britain: Tories and Labour plan spending cuts of at least 10 percent

"This is my neighborhood. You don't belong here." - Man faces felony hate crime charge

Going after those "dangerous" criminals: Raids on marijuana growers in Florida

Can you imagine if an ACORN leader murdered a nine year old white kid?

GOP Activist Calls Gorilla One of Michelle's 'Ancestors'

CNN reporting on the "Rising Tide of Hate in America"

Stimulus new car tax break questions

Seperated at Birth

IT HAS BEGUN: Tabriz under Martial Law, mass arrests under way. Mousavi still under house arrest.

Medical identity theft - WTF?

Forget About Peak Oil- We Hit 'Peak Fish' in 1988

Why didnt we freak out like the Iranians when the election of 2000 was stolen from us?

The Global Food Crisis: The End of Plenty

Can there be such a thing as a consensus on the internet?

Michael Moore Hijacks Movie Theaters With New Movie Trailer

2 Japanese men found with 134 Billion in US Bonds in Italy

GOP-Leaning Majority Seen Fading in U.S.

The Revolution Will Be..... TWITTERED????

Coal Ash Spills Too Dangerous To Reveal To Public, Says DHS (VIDEO)

All this foofraw about the DOMA brief doesn't answer 1 burning question

Libertarians the bane of my political existence.. arrggghhhhh

Our local police "accidentally" killed someone...

Looks like AARP drank the Kool-aid on the need for "private" insurance.

Depression: better now or back in the 1930s? Which would have the higher survival rate?

Just ban all tobacco products for three months..

Watching Rachel last night made me remember just how much I hate the Swift Boat Drunks

Riots erupt in Tehran over 'stolen' election

VIDEO: Bill Maher was hot last nite. See "New Rules"

Arkansas Tea Party Rally to feature speaker who says thousands will be dead in streets in revolt

A list of people twittering from INSIDE IRAN

Lilly Sold Zyprexa Drug for Dementia Knowing It Didn't Help

An incident on the highway today...

Woolsey: Progressive caucus won't vote for bill without public plan

KFC's new grilled chicken contains rendered beef fat & beef powder, El Pollo Loco goes on attack

Ready for a good laugh?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending June 12, 2009 ***

Minutemen Leader/Child Murderer, Shawna Forde -- Quite an Internet Trail!

Why are anti-Choice people allowed to post here on DU?

Circle of Life? For years the Scotts Company has made its money

To all of you who blamed George W. Bush for torture, you owe him an apology.

How lost are the Republicans? They're looking to Newt for answers.

Fox News must be hating this sh*t....

Hey Sarah Palin, you know what really gives young girls low self esteem?

It's official Democratic Underground has jumped the shark

What if Ahmedinejad really won fair and square?

Malawi welcomes Madonna adoption

Great example of the disingenuousness of Sarah Palin

Job hunters flock to Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware

Any political science majors here? Apparently, I know nothing because I wasn't one. Economics, too.

Tehran Bureau Suggests A *Military* Coup!

Can we make an agreement that if someone here at D/U becomes famous or infamous that none of the

When a liberal is interviewed on a cable "news" show ...

US opposes Iraqi popular vote on troop withdrawal

What a great day! Travelled to Iowa for the legal marriage of two parishioners.

Obama's DOJ DOMA defense: Worse than you think. ("Jaw-dropping assault on gays & lesbians")

Its o.k. to criticize the president, really, it is.

We Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Ok explaine: what is the difference between the "m-word" and civil union?

Frank Rich:The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers

Open letter to NOW and the FUND FOR THE FEMINIST MAJORITY: Read the whole thing before you attack me

Queerty: Obama's Minions Admirably Defend the Sanctity of DOMA

New York billionaire engineers legislative “coup”

Poor? Pay Up. You have to be rich to be poor.

Inaccurate subject line wtih typo

Drug suspect turns tables on NY police with video - now cops under arrest

I do NOT have a Doctor-Patient relationship. I have an Insurance company-consumer relationship

Lets have a solidarity thread for those fighting and possibly dying for freedom in Iran.

Health Care Reform: Single Payer Vs. Public Option is Not the Most Important Issue

Freepers planning a Fire Letterman Rally outside Ed Sullivan Theatre

USA Today report: Workers face worst conditions since the Great Depression

You would do better joining some sort of advocacy group than bashing Obama.

Insurance industry goes after docs who help the uninsured

My President Called Me a Faggot Today.

Sue Yoo

Nurse With Wound - Rock'n'Roll Station

My tv station is a "nightlight" !! woot!

Create your facebook unique link with this link, in case you're wondering

I don't like killing anything...but I'll kill a mosquito just to watch it die. Comments? nt

Size isn't everything

I'm sick of you (A love song) {long}

Is anyone here a scientist or in the pharma industry?

You ever see the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight?

I've always wanted Sandra Bullock


Is Lowes or Sears more blue? Other recommendations? We're buy a dryer.

Chill out this weekend with me

The Look of Love

When someone, who has obviously misdialed, leaves a message on your answering machine.... you......

More fun with Poser (pic)

I'm a little late to the game, but can I please recommend the 1997 film "Casshern"?

I know everything.

If Grits AIn't Groceries then Mona Lisa was a man........

My life without TV

"This Is HUGH"...A&E Premieres "Biography" Segment Featuring TV Dad Beaumont

Today's my 22nd anniversary - and STILL happily married!

Cheney can teach an old dog new tricks....

this is pretty disturbing (graphic warning)

It's thundering and raining outside and Return of the Living Dead is on AMC.

Some Dusty for your Saturday

So it turns out I have seen almost 2/3 of all Woody Allen movies...

What kind of sick bastard?

I brought my new horse home on Thursday (pics)

Best Reply Ever in GD to a thread...

I test drove a Borg Cube today.

I just want to thank all of you, my dear friends...

Anybody else watching World Cup qualifying games?

What is wrong with my dog, Rocky ?

I am happy!

The tv makes me do things (Planet Green more to a point)

I just watched Tavernergirl's 1st Ballet Recital

Helpful hint for pharmacists

I wish the Animals NEVER covered "House of the rising sun"

Semi-annual DU Semi-official BJORK ADORATION thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I helped a man with his ticket, the other day, go to Iran for the election

The Last Song - Miguel Hernandez

My favorite new LOLCat (got any?) what does Obama owe YOU an apology for?

Just posted about the SCGOP guy comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla to Facebook. RW nuttery...

When you start dreaming about DU...

I must be either incredibly bored or incredibly crazy.


Going to the Rockies game tonight!

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

How 'bout them HOGS!!!

Is it true that avocados are good for helping to lower cholesterol?

HEY PA DUers!!! around the Bethlehem area

This is just insane (Update on snowmobile deer slaughterer.)

did someone send me a PM tonight???``

Real-life "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" story...

saturday night, I'm going dancing.

Time Will Heal All.. This is Serious.. Big DU Hugs Needed

WTF what is going on

I was just bitten by a frekkin' mole.

My turn for a sad story that should be self evident

Your Favorite Gilda Radner Character

Someone mailed me some escargots. Should I be offended?

Neil and Nils: Don't Be Denied

Blackberry Crisp...mmmmm

I have had a great day...marrying a couple in Iowa!

I am discouraged!

are you as awesome as you expected yourself to be?


All along the watctower

i just witnessed a perfect game

darth vader and some stormtroopers walk into a bar

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/13/09

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/13/09

The Cat Attitude Toward Life:

Pure listening bliss, only 90 bucks...

Saturday night meow

Which has less redeeming social value

I start school next week

So I buy two angora goats and my husband leaves me.

Behold the terrifying power of the seemingly humble ant.

Will Ferrell is hosting SNL's season finale

Upper Case vs. Lower Case Letters

Kind of good new/bad news kind of weekend

Favorite source of Carbs?

Maybe I'm just too much of a hermit (or budding curmudgeon) for Facebook.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/13/2009)

How will I get started on overthrowing capitalism?

Is three really the magic number?

Is this unreasonable or am I the unreasonable one?

what is enough for a working man?

The talk of a young person cut down in the prime has reminded me of something

I feel extraordinarily pretty tonight.

How many of you are signed up on LinkedIn?

I'm feel ill...someone just killed one of my stray cats...

so i been spending more and more time at the redneck base camp out in the piney woods

Pathetic. I'm a fucking DUholic.

Are some people immune to the effects of nicotene ?

I don't eat fish, but my uncle went deep sea fishing and brought

hi everyone.. checking in. surgery went well though i'm in pain right now

We don't have cable and I didn't get a converter box.

Since Ally broke her ankle hiking, we decided to find safer recreation.

The Case for Jerry Garcia...

Who else digs Jorma and Jack? n/t

What's your favorite cracker?

Favorite Movie Soundtrack Albums

Per Request...More vacation pics!

kitteah picture of the day for saturday june 13

How come cats & dogs are supposed to feud, but horses & cows always get along swimmingly?

THIS is how fast a wolf spider is.


HEY MIDLO! Do you know who else hated jazz??? HITLER!!!1!

Are you were you expected to be in life? wanted to be?

What if Rush Limbaugh was at your door?

Update on the baby deer (Photos)

OK, Lounge, I am going to do this.

Advice Sought / Question about DIABETES / KITTY DIABETES /OTC INSULIN:

After 7 years at Gitmo, resettled Uyghurs grateful for freedom

Sotomayor impresses in interviews, senators say (AP)

This week I was punished on this board for calling Obama a failure. I feel vindicated.

Letterman must LOVE Sarah Palin.

Thousands take to streets to protest Iranian election results

Breaking: BBC Video - Violent Clashes in Tehran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Has Done It. He has Won The Election

Official: Obama Administration Skeptical of Iran's Election Results

Report: Defeated Ahmadinejad rival arrested in Iran - Rafsanjani resigns in protest

We need more time on Sotomayor is bullshit

New Revolution in Iran? Ayatollah Khamenei Losing Grip; Mousavi: "This is a dangerous Charade"

Jim Sciutto, ABC foreign correspondant, reporting violent protests in Iran

Ahmadinejad claiming victory now... streaming on Al Jazeera.

Is government authority real, or is government authority an illusion we use for convenience?

Does the POTUS have any control over the Justice Department?

Anyone check out the Gallup poll today?

DailyKos Diarist: "Committee of Ayotollahs have requested that the election be invalidated "

Some good videos out of Iran

NC GOP debates e-mail

White House weighs reports of irregularities in Iranian election

More Video in Tehran. Look at all these people protesting!

$888 for a boot for a broken ankle

your favorite response to Obama critics

This is what I don't get about Hugo Chavez.

The Michelle Obama doll.

Wait...if Obama is not defending DOMA, then he has not defended abuse of State Secrets either

"Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival"

the last time a right-wing politician went after a "hollywood" character

Did anyone else happen to catch NOW on PBS tonite? They showed O'Reilly clips of him calling Tiller

DOE Revives FutureGen, Reversing Bush-Era Decision

Clarence Thomas is more progressive in this gay-rights opinion than the Obama administration

One by one, Sotomayor is winning over senators

Rumor is Rafsanjani has been detained and it's a total coup by Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

Palin just isn't very smart.

Palin just isn't very smart.

Stay classy, SC GOP

Laura Secor: Iran’s Stolen Election

Neocons for Ahmadinejad? They want him back for obvious reasons

Mousavi: I'm under house arrest.

Pretty interesting article on

President HW Bush: "Judge Sotomayor has a distinguished record . . . and is not a racist".

Take a break from the horrors of all today's news and enjoy a special event

Sotomayor, religious freedom and the great unknown

Iran: Don’t Lead, Don’t Follow, And Instead Get Out Of The Way

Palin whines that "he who must be obeyed" said family is off limits and media did as he told them

FBI investigating alleged militia training camp

FBI investigating alleged militia training camp

The M$M drops the ball (on Iran)

Do you think our President...

Question: What is the most important issue facing the country?

The world is hard and difficult

Sarah Palin and the Media.

Read this and tell me how we have any hope of true health care reform.

Biggest corporate attack on Obama yet;: via MOvOn email.

Biggest corporate attack on Obama yet;: via MOvOn email.

Robert Reich on Bill Moyers last night on healthcare and the economy. Video and transcript.

Just fired off an email to my Senator

It isn't about Obama or the Republicans - we the people, lay down and die

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is sort of a cross between Richard Nixon and Ronald McDonald

Andrew Sullivan: The Revolution Will Be Twittered

PHOTOS Humanity (Iran, June 13)

ROBERT REICH: The Healthcare War is Now Official

"This Is Just The Beginning Of The Story"

Stealing the Iranian Election, by Juan Cole


Nate Silver debunks graph allegedly proving fraud by Ahmedinejad

Iran's Political Coup

this is where Obama should drop bunker busters on Iran's nuclear facilities

PHOTOS Tehran, June 13. (Very pic heavy)

Bill O'Reilly goes Ballistic when Joan Walsh Screams at Him: "You have blood in your hands"

Does Sarah Palin really think she's a player for the Repub presidential nomination circa 2012?

Released Uyghurs express thanks to President Obama and all who did not forget them

Wow, Mousavi letter the citizens of Iran, Looks like this could really get ugly

This video clip still brings tears to my eyes!!!

Why are the republicans pushing the Letterman thing so hard...rush

PHOTO Caption it?

SC Repug activist says escaped gorilla is one of First Lady's "Ancestors" then apologizes (sort of)

Media never reported that Willow was at the game.

Iran: "It's just street theatre"....."small pockets of protest" (Sky News, UK)

Bizarre logic on DU (and on Letterman?)

Is President Obama is doing equally or better or worse than you expected?

Is President Obama is doing equally or better or worse than you expected?

So we aren't looking for something to replace medicare/medicaid, but rather we want...

For the record: Obama DID NOT compare Gay marriage to Incest

NO, Obama is NOT defending DOMA!

Post your Insurance company horror stories here

Suicide bomber kills 17 in Afghanistan

Gas prices rise for 45 straight days

Reindeer & Caribou Populations Plunge

Australians demand climate action

Ahmadinejad scores big win in Iran vote

Anti-abortion group barred from schools

Defiant North Korea 'to weaponize plutonium'

Fish Toss a GO. PETA scorned

Thousands take to streets to protest Iran poll

Gaddafi invites back Italians expelled from Libya

"Supreme leader" urges Iranians to support president as clashes erupt

Obama Takes on the Federal Reserve

Obama Takes on the Federal Reserve

Detainees Freed in Bermuda Say China Worse Than Gitmo

UK Foreign Secretary Miliband 'considered resigning'

Five guilty over curse-lifting death

Weapons makers look overseas as Pentagon cuts back

GOP-Leaning Majority Seen Fading in U.S.

Drilling might be culprit behind Texas earthquakes

Rafsanjani resigns

Iran's Mousavi calls on supporters to avoid violence

Obama Administration Officials Say Efforts to Engage Iran Will Move Forward

AP Interview: Detainee move to Palau is tentative

GOP slams Democrats' climate bill as an energy tax

Spanish Civil War bodies exhumed

Secret papers 'show how Shell targeted Nigeria oil protests'

Iran erupts after vote

Colo. Cops Want To Put Brakes On Naked Bike Ride

Congress: Lower profile of Israel-US rift

Pakistan pounds militants after moderate cleric's murder

Appeals Court Says No to George W. Bush Deposition (Presidential Library Case)

(British) Iraq inquiry 'must not be held in secret'

Geithner Seeks Global Action on New Regulations

A.P. in Deal to Deliver Nonprofits’ Journalism

Trims to Medicare, Medicaid Are Proposed to Help Fund Reform

Chavez, Ortega chide Obama over "stuck" Latam policy

UPDATE: G8: Geithner: Growth Should Remain Focus Of Policy

Obama Seeks Spending Cuts for Some Federal Health Programs

N. Korea mulls military action over sanctions

U.N. warns of catastrophe as hungry people top one billion

A.I.G. Balks at Claims From Jet Ditching in Hudson

Six Flags Files for Bankruptcy as Visitors to Parks Dwindle

US rejects victory claim by Iran's Ahmadinejad

Police accuse head of anti-drug program of selling drugs at Starbucks

Air France Flight 447: First bodies had minimal clothing, no burns

Head of a minuteman group arrested for double homicide

Iran's Ahmadinejad attacks foreign media coverage

Countdown: Who Won In Iran Today?

'Masters of War': Pearl Jam on Letterman

Obama's Quiet Fight Against Poverty

Moosavi protest - Raw footage from Iran after results announced

Seder on CNN: Letterman v Palin

RealTime with Bill Maher - Full Show w/Larry King, Chris Matthews

Liebreman & Graham Say War Crimes Aren't Bad, But Pictures Are

'Save our CEOs' Teaser for Michael Moore's New Film Hits Theaters!

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - The Big Swindle Movie

Iran this morning...

Cookin' with Liz

Teaser For Untitled Michael Moore Bailout Doc

Iran campaign ad

Iranian Election Protest

More 6/13 Iranian Protest...

Headlines - G8 Meeting in Italy

Weekly Address: Health Care Reform, the Key to Our Fiscal Future

Imagine - A Perfect Circle

Rabbi David Teutsch on Employee Free Choice

A Motorcyle that Runs on Air - developed by students in India

Bill O'Reilly Yells at's Joan Walsh

More Iranian Protests...

FRONTLINE | Sneak Peek 1: Breaking the Bank | PBS

Michelle Obama's ancestors: Gorillas..... GOP Fmr State Senate Candidate/Election Chair

[OverTime - 6/12/09] Real Time With Bill Maher

Iranian protest against Ahmadictator , please send this to everyone everywhere , spread this message

CA Attorney Gen. Brown -Prop 8 Challenge in Federal Court re: 'Fundamental Liberty'

O'Reilly Rages Against Joan Walsh Over Dr. Tiller Murder...PLUS Joan's follow-up post from

BBC: John Simpson reporting from the middle of Tehran riot

Iranians protest against election results 13 June 2009

New Rules - Posting Separately Since Maher's Commentary Cuts Deep This Week

TYT: Interview W/ Author Of 'How To Break A Terrorist'

Holocaust Museum, Abortion Doctor, Army Recruiter by RSU

Kucinich Demonstrates How to Deal with Wall Street Scum

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 12 June 2009 (pt 1 of 2) Press TV, Iran

Yossi Sarid (Ha'aretz) on rightwing politics and racism comingling:"Going to hell."

Garcia's misstep (La Opinión)

Outrage—and Business as Usual

Hate in a Cocoon of Silence

The Typecast Party-Aiming for a new identity, the GOP misfires.

Britain to review legal basis of relations with Bermuda over Guantánamo row

AMA reporting needs a second opinion

The GOP: Frozen in time and tactics

New York has a desperation I have not seen before

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Demise of the daily paper!

Why I Now Support Gay Marriage

DOJ may rein in use of 'honest services' statute'-A key weapon in the Fitzgerald arsenal

It's early June! Will Rove testify?

The Letterman Joke deception, Smears and Cynicism of Sarah Palin

The US Chamber of Commerce and Bank of America

Washington Independent: What Happened to Single Payer?

NY Times totally BLOWS IT AGAIN!

Founder of anti-drug program is held in drug sting

Naomi Klein: Financial Crisis Presents a Huge Opportunity for Change -- We Can't Let Obama Blow It

America’s socialism for the rich | Joseph Stiglitz

The "O" in Socialism

Regulators Feud as Banking System Overhauled.

Right Wing Extremism

TIME: For Republicans, The Ice Age Cometh

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Threat To Capitalism

Robert Fisk: Iran erupts as voters back 'the Democrator'

What Is Patrick Fitzgerald Trying to Hide from the Public?

Ahmadinejad win was actually preferable for Israel

The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers Frank Rich

Independent UK: Guns still control the ballot box in the age of Obama

Cenk Uygur: Iranian Elections Were Obviously Rigged

Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

Let’s Get Physical: What's So Great About Working in a Cubicle?

Miami Herald: Fidel Castro's son tricked in Internet love sting

Top Colombian rebel suspect captured

Dissident Cuban doctor flying to Argentina

Bolivia’s Morales visits ‘very lucid’ Fidel Castro

VENEZUELA, BROKE? The author says not so.

CHAVEZ Hosts TV Series on Socialist Theory

INCA KOLA NEWS: 61 Disappeared in Bagua

Possible explanation for the arrest of the two American "Spies"

The Last Song - Miguel Hernandez

Decreasing midwest winds may undercut wind-energy farms

Politicizing the toxic chemical database

NOW Toronto: Want to feed the economy – why not pay us to eat local?

Coal Ash Spills Too Dangerous To Reveal To Public (says DHS)

Australians demand climate action (BBC) {street protests!}

Third generation Prius an instant hit in Japan

Question here about the TV coverage of NHL games...

Congrats Pittsburgh fans!

24 hours at Le Mans live streaming at Speed Channel

The JR Chess Report (June 13): Motylev takes Poikovsky in Late Round Showdown


Let's go METS!

Game 7 Stanley Cup Photo Thread -- You're welcome

Loss, Crosby's snub leave Wings with bitter taste

Vick going to the Patriots??

Lincecum throws complete game shutout Giants romp 3-0

24 hours a Le Mans live streaming at Speed Channel

Today in labor history June 13 Hundreds of the protesters were executed & Medgar Evers assassinated

Today in labor history June 12 260 die in Butte mine disaster; 14,000 strike against unsafe conditio

California intends to blame its budget woes on unions

New Report Says Workers Dying On The Job For Lack Of OSHA Resources

AFL-CIO Hails Kennedy Health Care Bill

FedEx blocking bill that would improve its workers' labor rights

Starbucks Tip Jar Battle May Be Headed to Supreme Court

Spurned unions lash Ritter (Gov. Co.)

Join the UFCW in celebrating Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Global Trade Union Rights Situation Worsening – New ITUC Report

Gallup (Omaha) cuts 26 employees (another 12 around the US)

Cessna Aircraft plans 1,300 more layoffs

New Hampshire School Bus Drivers and Monitors Choose Teamsters (26-5)

Nightly Business Report Interview with OMB Director on resident's Health Care Plan

Disease of Rich Extends Its Pain to Middle Class

H.I.V. Found in 22 Actors in Sex Films Since 2004

Medicare for All

US Swine Flu Cases Grow to Nearly 18, 000

Discovery could ease cancer pain (BBC)

Key health care senators have industry ties

Obama to pay for his health care overhaul with payment cuts to hospitals

Single-payer Health Insurance Demystified

I went to my first gun show today!

Let’s Assume that Heller was Wrongly Decided

Jerry Brown: unafraid to oppose discriminatory laws, unlike our President

Hand picked Assist. Atty. Gen. Filed The Motion to Dismiss Today.

Green, how I want you green - The works of Federico Garcia Lorca

A pertinent question given recent events

Obama and the Gays: Where's the Leadership?

How can I find out when it is Gay Day at Disneyland?

Since we aren't being "reasonable", let's look at the brief:

It's not British fascists we should fear

Fuck him.

Have you all seen the movie Big Eden???

Help me pick a stranger...

Garden pics

Dixon stop on the way home


Comments from Italy G8 finance ministers' meeting

Bennet (R) voted against Economic Stimulus while requesting $183 Million in projects


Too delicious ! BOA has to pay Countrywide CEO's legal fees.

I feel lame doing this, but please help me choose a Stranger.

Pelosi lost between $100,000 and $1 million in AIG stock last year.

The 1951 Banking Battle For Power

Please help me choose one or the other for Stranger. Thanks!



Sex in the Garden!

What is your profession?

The Evolution of House Cats (June SciAm)

Learning to share

Some Ayatollahs call for new election

Light, good thoughts, prayer (whatever) for the people of Iran

did mercury turn retrograde again?

PC, any insights re: the DOJ/ DOMA business?

Five guilty over curse-lifting death

Saturday What's fer dinner?

This sucks

Question re: Eggplant Parmesan.

Cenk talks with "The Body"...

9/11 Truth Activist Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation

Obama Takes on the Federal Reserve

Dallas Cowboys stadium could lose liquor license over exec's arrest

The Motorcycle Diaries

FYI: John Lennon's Imagine on Fuse right now

How does a human being reach 25 years of age and not know that veal is baby cow???

A Canadian flag on your backpack won't buy much goodwill in Colombia.

Canadian companies get sued for construction work in settlements.

Clinton seeks to calm alarm over U.S. protectionism

Barry Zwicker interviews Annie Machon...