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Archives: June 12, 2009

Dave Matthews on tonight on Charlie Rose. Very cool. The DMB

If Al Franken had been seated in a timely fashion, how different would things have been?

Very good article on the recent shooting

Just how many racial slurs

Australian public schools moving toward walmart model too, it looks like:

Randi Was GREAT Today!

Ok Stephen I know you got every presidente for the Operation Stephen

Letterman joke all Obama's fault!

Single payer rap for June 25th March on Washington

The Freepers' futile effort to "Dixie Chick" David Letterman continues

Paul Krugman nails the rightwing media's role of inciting hatred

We need to challenge Reich Wing elected officials to denounce RW hate and violence. IE Von Bachmann

mortgage delinquent, can't sleep

Bangor Daily News: Dump "Don't Ask, Don't Tell!"

The Terrorist Threat: Right-Wing Radicals and the Eliminationist Mindset

Leading Muslim Cleric Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack in Lahore

NOW Newsletter - 6.12.09: Abortion Providers Under Siege

Krugman: The Big Hate

Untold stories of the Bible:

Obama replacing troops with private contractors?

Howard Dean coming up on MS-NBC - Morning Joe

Could someone please explain Dr. Dean's purpose on Morning Schmo just now???

Chicago Tribune: Anti-abortion blogger busted as a FRAUD, hoax revealed

Did you see Joe Scar pulling a real Napoleon moment with Mark Haines? What a tool Joe is!

Dumbest news story of the week:

DUers a chance to pile on Free Republic's extremist members...

Now I understand. Higher gas prices = thuglican Energy Bill

Von Brunn complained to Naval Academy about minorities

I don't understand why Neo-Nazis deny the Holocaust.

Is Joe REQUIRING his guests to plug his stupid book???

A troubling lack of pure evil, Mark Morford

Eugene Robinson: Feeding the Lone Wolves

AlterNet: 15 Shocking Tales of How Sex Laws Are Screwing the American People

Feminist Campus: End the B.S. on Abstinence-Only Education

Virtual power plants could tame coming grid chaos

What if...we were to pursue a policy of open arms with North Korea?

Ranting man’s knife was visible — his hand grenade wasn’t

TMZ poll: CA marriage law... kinda stupid?

Glenn Greenwald: Should the U.S. also suppress evidence of civilian deaths in Afghanistan?

In an "at will" employment state, employers can fire someone quicker

R U Billo?

2.25... 2.35... 2.45... 2.55... 2.65 What...The...Fuck

I don't know who the woman was on MSNBC a minute ago, but she isn't taking Palin's protestations

Absolutely not necessarily?!?! What a fucking cretin!

GOP on the Ropes

China is now the world's largest automotive manurfacturer

Democrats and Liberals, do not have the same freedoms as Republicans and Conservatives..

Another morning in America and here's the day's top story...

Pastor Wiley "Coyote" Drake

so now Palin is a feminist?

Three hours of shameless, self-promotion.

Muslims Murder, Christians Don’t: What Went Missing in Analysis of Tiller’s Executioner

A.I.G. Balks at Claims From Jet Ditching in Hudson

Palin has a history of being vindictive, sexist, racist and mean.

Nine Proven “Natural” Remedies They Did Not Test

Are the Chinese people any better off as a result of rapid industrialization?

US Chamber of Commerce pushes to end ‘Buy American’ rules

Has anyone heard from Alex Rodriguez?

STFU Sarah Palin as per Letterman and Bristol

"Fly Creationism"

So why does NC honour Jesse Helms while CA refuses to do the same thing for Harvey Milk?

A Newsweek Story Gets 'Better' for Scarborough--With a Little Help From a Friend

Joe SCAB's brilliant advice to both parties for success

If Rush didn't have to apologize for what he said about Michael J Fox, why should Letterman

If the President of the United States writes you a note for your teacher, who gets to keep the note?

This could be the sountrack to a GOP ad...

Sexism is in the winking eye of the beholder

How did this stupid idea that Obama doesn't have a Birth Certificate get started?

so whos left in the Republican party?

The Four Chinese (Detainees) Men in Bermuda Are Causing A Row.

I think whether Wright's statement is anti-semitic depends on whether it is true or not.

A story that will NOT be covered on MSNBC

Just why are they so stoopid?

Why a Tobacco Giant is Backing a Tough Antismoking Bill

Scarborough has become a malignancy and is metastasizing

Danny Schechter: Who Can We Bank On, Who Who Can We Trust, as Crisis Sharpens?

Peter King (R-NY) Owes Janet Napolitano an APOLOGY!

WP: Notoriety's Missing Links (about Freepers scrubbing their site)

Frau Blücher! Sarah Palin scares horses and Matt Lauer while flogging Letterman-Gate (VIDEO)

Jon Meacham said "reality is messy"

Senator Markey (Wa) read Pub talking point memo on Sen floor

Media has been duped by Palin

Calif. lawmakers distracted from crisis?

Gay marriage being used as "bait" in New York Senate ruckus

The Man From Plains

Rep. Barney Frank Kills CNBC Interview

I just went to Mt Vernon yesterday. There's no George Washington birth certificate. OMG!!

Stephen Baldwin's foreclosed home to be auctioned

Palin's daughter was not the target of Letterman's joke

NBC is chasing me away today.

Thousands of Free Trips Taken by Pentagon Staff (health Barons)

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - 5 people arrested for assault on 4 people, believed to be KKK linked

How LBJ used the "LBJ Treatment" to get Civil Rights Bill passed

Notice all the Big Pharma Lobbyists, er, "concerned citizens" callin the Ed Shultz show

Sen. Whitehouse floor speech = Torture Storyline False

Iranian Election Today: Two Candidates' Plans for Women

an observation: GOP faux poutrages du jour are never about anything important

Calif. contemplating rewrite of social contract

Prevention Efforts Provide No Panacea on Health Costs

Obama to announce reforms for mountaintop mining

Angered By His Holocaust Museum Shooting Coverage, The Far Right Goes After Shepard Smith

Dobson on Bush: Greatest president or greatest president ever?

Oil and Indians Don't Mix - by Greg Palast: "Big Oil treats indigenous blood like a cheap gasoline"

Coal ash: the environmental version of Too Big To Fail

Sold: One Parking Spot for $300,000

Dobson: ... Bush Was ‘The Instrument In God’s Hand’ That Kept Us Safe

These "Obama doesn't have a birth certificate" rumors are boring. Can we please get some new rumors?

Fox News poll: ‘Do you think Obama is still sneaking cigarettes at the White House?’

Hannukah Parties at von Brunn's House

Can anyone explain HR 1207 to me?

I wonder how much animal cruelty workers make? Because a convicted

Diners Club Caught Promoting Human Trafficking - until caught

Liz Cheney Thinks We Should Be Careful About Using Words Like Terrorism

The Right Wing Media's Role in Fostering Domestic Terrorism

North Korea experts say U.S. can negotiate reporters' release

The GOP list

The GOP list

Washington Post says other guards in Holacaust Museum

Food, Inc. (film) review - Rolling Stone

San Francisco Chronicle: BART fare increases, service cuts OK'd

Dubya at the Bush 41 skydive

Al Qaeda moving out of Pakistan...they are on the run

Al Qaeda moving out of Pakistan...they are on the run

Al Qaeda moving out of Pakistan...they are on the run

Kennedy excused by President Obama

Ari Fleischer thinks Bush Deserves Some Credit for the Reformist vote in Iran

They're trying to kill health care reform again! Call Congress, tell them to kill Conrad's co-ops!

Boehner: Republicans ‘took it in the shorts with Bush-Cheney.’

I think the tobbaco legislation will backfire ....

PREDICTION: Joe Scarborough Is Setting Himself Up For A Run At The Presidency In 2012

Boy Howdy I hope that G. Herbert Walker lands safely from his

Sacramento Bishop Suing Nuns For Closing Loretto (an all-girls high school)

Can we start a national petition to make Congress buy their own healthcare? Why do they get away

Bushfest on msnbc

You Know Who I REALLY Feel Sorry For In This Whole Letterman/Palin Brouhaha????

Who is the real Sarah Palin?

LA Times: Schwarzenegger takes step toward carrying out budget threat

The AMA’s Ties to For-Profit Health Care

Fly Creationism- Mr Fish TOON

Fly Creationism- Mr Fish TOON

Is youtube down for anyone else?

Is youtube down for anyone else?

Rumors of an Iranian landslide

Spokane Spokesman-Review: ‘Don’t ask’ needs to go, and Obama knows it

YouTube down for anyone else?

Who has called their Senators and Reps today to oppose Conrad's Co-op plan?

Former President GHW Bush stands up for Sotomayor - CNN

Peter Schiff, Daily Show, nails it "let the bankers fail"

Fox News writer drags cyclist through Central Park

I may be wrong, but I think Jeffrey (Sotomayor-is-dumb) Rosen has been hired by Time Magazine

Many right-wingers want to know why we're paying for Pres. Obama to fly to NYC.....

The Germans are complaining because they now have to pay 10 euro quarterly

Boy Hit By Meteorite Travelling At 30,000mph - Sky News-UK (Added photo)

Looks like Bush v. Gore 2.0 in Iran

What Would YOU Do?

Fraudsters are 'Shovel-Ready' to steal $50 Billion in Stimulus Money

Are the freepers cheering on Ahmadinejad?

Are the freepers cheering on Ahmadinejad?

Anyone see/hear the Ric Sanchez interview w/an Iranian voter who voted Ahmedinejad?

Where was Palin's outrage when Bristol used her baby

What if Jimmy Carter used a Navy patrol boat to go fishing on taxpayers dime?

Ah shit ......

Conway Daily Scum printed my ltte.

As a former smoker, I think the tobacco regulations are GREAT!

it's only funny on our side of the fence...

RW Talking point on Tiller murder (Clinic violece vs. violence against Recruiters)

Got A Question Re Finding Out Who Owns A Website

Boehner: Republicans ‘took it in the shorts with Bush-Cheney.’

N Korea 'Planning New Nuclear Test'

So has MSM followed Rush's lead today?

Cop Sentenced in Wheelchair Beating

I hate when fairly clear-cut issues become dividing points here

Research 2000 Poll: Obama approval 64% (87% in NE high; 38% in South low)

"A Perfect Storm for Disaster" Brewing With Washington's "Unprecedented" Shadow Army

I had THREE Abortions and I don't regret it at all.

Listen GEM$NBC Sarah Palin is not hurting her political future

Jeff Koopersmith unloads on Joe Farah, WingNutDaily and "Judge" Roy Moron

Joan Walsh to Take on Bill O'Reilly over his role in the Tiller Murder Tonight on his Show

Glenn Beck's strange conspiracy theories

Gays have no constitutional right to recognition of their marriages by other states:

Art imitating life of futures times. The West Wing and DADT

Anybody read George Friedman's "The Next 100 years"?

Ron Paul: Consider 31,478 scientists who don't consider humans responsible for global warming...

When is DHS re-releasing Right Wing Extremism report?

Loving Day

If Rush wants to compare the shooter's hatred of the Bushes to a political side

Tweety on the Hate Machine from the wingnuts

Why I am done trying to talk sense to stupd conserstives

Eloquent and tearful testimony from a former teacher on how our health care system failed her frien

How will global warming skeptics explain this?

What's going to happen in Iran over the next 48 hours?

House Health-Care Bill to Include $600 Billion in Tax Increases

A little DU help, please

Obama and the justice department - If there is a law existing, does DOJ have to enforce?

MSNBC: Moussav Has Won In Iran

Sarah Palin's Funky Toenails

Toles Toon nails the connection

Q: Will George W Bush (Jr.)skydive on his 86th birthday?

Well, has anyone heard back from Chris Dodd after your "Health Care Debate" ideas?

von brunn's mother's family - connections

Patrick J. Fitzgerald vs. Peter Lance

Leading White Nationalist To Speak At Pat Buchanan’s American Cause Conference This Month

You know, it's funny.

Another backpedaling by the Obama Administration? Oil and gas leases being reconsidered:

Who Paid For Poppy Bush's Skydive?.........nt

(McCain / Palin supporter) Stephen Baldwin's foreclosed home to be auctioned

Glenn Greenwald: Tribalistic self-absorption

Go Donnie, Go!

Tomorrow morning, I'm driving to Daveneport with two parishioners

Strategy aside, their tactics suck.

The Ed show is the only one that is talking about the Palin hypocrisy the way it should be done!

Nail Them Donny Deutsch about McCain, Rush et al

Kyl Threatens GOP Boycott of Sotomayor Hearing

Gay Rights - who needs them?

Which is more offensive?

"Obama has absolutely 100 percent no choice about defending DOMA"

Poll: should Letterman appologize??? MSNBC Poll

Let us list the "TOP TEN Statements Palin & GOP Pals Should Apologize For Publicly Saying"

Stephen Baldwin Loses His House

Jon Voight + Jeremiah Wright + James Von Brunn = Sad Week in American Political History

Two American doctors die on Mt. McKinley

What's your opinion of Wendell Scott?

I haven't been paying attention, but have folks argued that Obama's Cairo speech

So If Cooperatives Are A Compromise ......

Krugman: The Big Hate: right-wing extremism is being systematically fed by the conservative media

Nuclear blasts’ toll lingers for one man

The Big Hate-By PAUL KRUGMAN: -'Right Wing Extremism Is Being Systematically Fed By Conservatives'

Iran Election Results: Ahmadinejad, Rival Both Claim Election Win

German boy hit by pea-sized meteor. No, really.

The politics of assassination (Joe Conason)

Tax Man's Target: The Mobile Phone

Eight episodes of right-wing extremist violence in four and a half months.

Should I turn this over to the local FBI? LTTE claims we need a safe haven to kill doctors.

Anyone else had It this week with Tweety?

Rightwing Website Sells "Shoot A Liberal" Stickers

Carrie Prejean stripped by Donald Trump!

Blogger Wove a Tangled Web

Will The Dollar Collapse?

A person who'd wink & shake her ass during a televised Vice Presidential debate

A Historical Perspective On Gay Federal Employees From a Commenter

CNN: George Bush and his 85th Birthday Skyjump

John Dean:How a democratic gov should deal with torture that occurred under rule of an authoritarian

Anyone who knows about Dog Fighting: When you hear a story about a

HR 1207: Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act

RENEGADE... by R. Wolffe

Republicans oppose a Public Option because it will successfully compete with private insurance!

Asia Times: Unproductive misery

Free "Right Wing Extremist" Card

Da Vinci's nude Mona Lisa has been discovered!

Today is Poppy's 85th birthday--What do you wish for him?

three Saudis at Guantanamo Bay transferred back to Saudi Arabia

Ahhhhnuld's game of budget brinksmanship

John McCain defends Palin against Letterman

John McCain defends Palin against Letterman

"Round Mound of Conservative Sound" aka Rush Limbaugh

pathetic meme the right is trying to develop about James Von Brunn being a leftist

Tornado warning for downtown Memphis, Tennessee

Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told you (MentalFloss/CNN)

Sarah Palin Is the One Who Is Subjecting Her Children to Public Scrutiny, Not David Letterman

Caption this pic

George W. Bush looks like crap, he looks like he got older since leaving office

What is wrong with Dennis Kucinich? He's been off his game lately.

More Celebrities Sign Up To Protect The Seals with Nigel Barker

"Actor" and right-wing gasbag Stephen Baldwin's foreclosed house to be auctioned

Chilling emails reveal hate of racist who shot museum guard

Has Oprah had anything to say about the Palin dustup? "parked" ... i.e., unavailable -- temporarily, or permanently...


Today marked the end of yet another era

There was a post about the cost of an Emergency Room visit

Obama and DOMA - can someone explain something to me?

Guantánamo sends 3 more detainees to Saudi Arabia

TAKE ACTION: Obama Defends DOMA: From Equality California

Huff Post: As Senators Huddle Over Bill, Grass-Roots Drive, Pro-Labor Ads Pressure Wavering Dems

Memphis..100000 + Without Power...Mulitiple Tornados Spotted...Flooding

The Republicans might just be successful with Sarah Palin "Defender of Women's Rights"

Iowa woman's photo sparks push for new cloud type

By definition, Isn't the very meaning of DU that Flamewars should be tolerated, even encouraged?

If there is one consolation from this week: They Can't Win.

Enough with the Obamathon by Bill Maher

So, knowing how Letterman went after McCain repeatedly.... what do we expect?

Over two days, Hannity's coverage of Holocaust museum shooting totals just one sentence

Over two days, Hannity's coverage of Holocaust museum shooting totals just one sentence

Romeo Foxtrot,shall we dance?

Fark Snooze LEAD STORY: "Should CBS Fire Dave? N.Y. Legislator (Brian Kolb) Makes The Case"

See, nothing ever really changes at DU

A trip to the emergency room cost $3000? That's ******* obscene.

The Big Hate

The Most Violence-Provoking Product Ever: Rightwing Website Sells "Shoot A Liberal" Stickers

Letterman should employ his standard operating procedure.

Day 144 in the Age of Obama…and I refuse to stay cranky!

Must see Bill Moyers tonight - Robert Reich - Supercapitalism

*snicker* Chinese sub collides with USS John McCain

Woah. Look at what DaVinci was said to be working on before it got walled up!

Wrecking crew uses GPS to locate the home they were to demolish. Too bad they picked the wrong one.

So, does Rush have cooties? Don't his expensive clothes fit?

OK Sarah Palin is officially bat shit crazy

How many sides does a *Plantagon* have?

[Streaming Video] Real Time With Bill Maher

Man Tied Up Kids to Watch Basketball

Real `Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' gravely ill

Notice how we're not talking about von Brunn or Roeder any more?

Fox news Headline: "Should CBS Fire David?"

Levi takes Letterman's side

My apologies. If I'm wrong about something, I want to know.

Holocaust Museum Shooter's Son Slams Dad's 'Cowardice'

Remember Malia and Sasha

Today is World Day Against Child Labor! (See what USA companies use child labor etc)

my little letter to dave

Crooks & Liars: "Republican Short Term Memory Loss - Remember The Jokes About Chelsea?"

The rightwing of this country cheers on war....

Death Talkers

Palin Needs To Remember Something...

This is the end.

Is it time to take tuna off the menu? (BBC)

The DOMA argument

Best "shut the hell up" I ever wrote.

Can somebody tell me what a "house party-cum-barn raising" is?


Meet the new faces of GOP "feminism"


Wall Street’s Toxic Message (Will the developing world embrace "free" markets still?)

On Freepers and white supremacists

Chris Matthews on Bill Maher's show tonight

Sen Shelby says Obama is trying to destroy the best health care system in the world

FL Governor Crist will leave behind big unfinished agenda as he skips off to run for U. S. Senate

Obama Officials to Skip Event for Mayors, Citing Picket Line

Douchbag Stossel doing a story about Super Douchebag Glenn Beck on 20/20

Tonight's Guests: Real Time With Bill Maher

White Supremacists and Anti-Semites Plan to Recruit at July 4 Tea Parties

Holy shit. I get Al-Jazeera on channel 10.

Holy shit. I get Al-Jazeera on channel 10.

Associated Press Worships at the Altar of Big Pharm

Uh-oh Someone spilled water on the President's desk - pic

Okay...I'll say it flat out: The Republicans are...

One America Video Question

Was the torture report issued today? (The one Rachael Maddow spoke of)

Dog helps himself to pot in Seattle park, stoned for hours

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I support human rights. I see no reason to bow down to anyone's bigotry.

What's this about having to spend $26B on a pipeline from Alaska through Canada?

In all seriousness, why do Freeper-types insist Nazi Germany was "leftist?"

These "lone wolves" are NOT stupid

Truly Freudian: Boehner says Republicans "Took It in the Shorts" with Bush-Cheney

What ever happened to Tim Russert's son?

Senate Candidate from NY Jonathan Tasini Opposes War Funding

Rumor About Tina Fey Appearing on Letterman Show as Sarah Palin

Single payer: bold, affordable, humane

Have you ever bought anything from Craig's list?

Bonnie Erbe wants to "round up hate promoters now" -- including Rev Wright

How come the media doesn't give us the condition of that Nazi shooter?

This is a total betrayal

What, Exactly, Is A "Moderate Democrat"?

Let me make this as clear as I can: Had someone of stature said

At the risk of flamewarring, who are we going to support in the 2012 primary?

Christian group sues for right to burn gay teen novel

"How about in 2010, you don't call and don't ask for my money or support."

Does anybody have MSNBC in HD?

Chicago cop sentenced to 3 yrs for beating handcuffed injured man in wheel chair

R.I.P. 1,000,000 victims of the Rwandan Genocide (Graphic Images).

SFGate: Obama angers gays with marriage law defense

SFGate: Obama angers gays with marriage law defense

Boyle Wows 'em on Opening Night of BGT tour.

I think Letterman made a mistake with the 'slutty stewardess' remark ...

Colbert should get a fucking EMMY for his Iraqi shows.

U.S.: "There's No Way I'm Going to Deploy to Afghanistan"

W.Va. GOP attacks Senator Robert C. Byrd in his hospital bed - classless

Sen Shelby says Obama wants to destroy the best health care system in the world

There is a huge difference between deciding who to prosecute

Harp Seal hunt #'s in Canada way down this year

Congress Introduces HR 2835, The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

The Knives are Out for Letterman.

Liz Cheney: 'We are not only better than all of you-we're better than everyone who has ever existed'

After 8 Years OF Unethical Bush meddling With The DOJ, People Forget How It's Supposed To Work

Cell phones and kids

Be for women's rights, reproductive health & privacy and make choices appropriate in your life

Why did the Palins assume Letterman was joking about Willow?

The differnce, Bill Maher, between Obama's "celebrity" and Bush's smugness

Pittsburg Penguins win Stanley Cup over a very

Take the poll: "Bigger embarrassment to conservatives: Sarah Palin or Carrie Prejean? "

IRAN: 'Never Before Seen Such An Orchestrated Mass Rigging Of The Vote'

Robert Fisk: Iran's old guard are poised to crush any hope of revolution

Obama man wrote anti-gay brief

Letterman crossed the line but Sarah & Todd Palin are the ones guilty of victimizing their daughter

What's your insurance cost (or what would it cost if you got it)?

What are your ideas on how we can throw off the yoke of corporate-government...???

Is the Obama administration pursuing the "law of the land" regarding war crimes?

Most important news story of the week (ending June 12, 2009)

Food Bank Friday, June 12, 2009

American arrives in Germany with mini arsenal

More needless deaths in the war on drugs: Govt-suppressed evidence that cannabis kills cancer cells

Is it time to retire the "They have too much on their plate right now for gay rights" argument?

von brunn = artist? is this a hoax?

Friday marks final signoff for analog TV service

Just got another e-mail from my RW brother, forwarded from a real a-hole friend of his ...

I propose the following Amendment to the Constitution.

Associated Press Worships at the Altar of Big Pharm

OMB's Orszag on Health Care:"change financial incentives towards better care rather than more care"

OMB's Orszag on Health Care:"change financial incentives towards better care rather than more care"

Obama Administration Seeks To Keep Torture Victims From Having Day In Court

The Atlantic: Obama's Gratuitous Insult To Gay Couples

Are you willing to go to Prison for stealing Xanax?

'Happy Loving vs Virginia Day! (And How Obama Just Lost My Support)'

And just when you think the Letterman non-issue can't get any more ridiculous

Howard Dean was just on CNBC kicking butt!

Howard Dean was just on CNBC kicking butt!

Did Air France Flight 447 break up midair?

Maher: The audacity of hope is over. Right now I'm hoping for a little more audacity.

Those who have purchased and installed Digital TV converter boxes...

Lessig gears up to target Landrieu on healthcare

Why Letterman's "knocked-up" joke was funny.

Aravosis:Obama had a choice,And he chose to throw us under the bus, & then knife us for good measure

Barack Obama should be forced to apologize for his incest crack.

"I saw things today that I think will mess me up for life."

NYC will gas 2K geese to protect aircraft (2 thousand!!!)

Um...will I blow up DU if I report that Hugo Chavez is rooting for Ahmadinejad?

So, how did felons like Roeder and von Brunn get their guns?

Carrie Prejean to be Stripped of Her Breast Implants!

Cigarette smoking is awesome.

If you were to write a book (or create a documentary) about acts of terrorism ...

Does Sarah Palin speak for all young American girls?

How long until Prejean is in Playboy?

" Shoot a Liberal" bumper sticker issued by Rabid RW website.

If you were to write an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that recognized the rights ...

Remember: Palin made rape victims in Alaska pay for their own rape kits

Anyone watching PBS? The program is about anti-choice terrorists

I fear that we're heading toward another Chicago '68.

Gas prices rise for 45 straight days

Republicans have not hit the bottom yet...

John McCain is a pervert for choosing Palin based on lust

Steam devils and dust devils in The Devil’s Garden

Lawmakers Invested in Bailed-Out Firms -- Conflict-of-Interest Questions Arise

"Democrats, in our pursuit of big dollars, have neglected the people we're there to serve. "

Obama defends DOMA in federal court. Says banning gay marriage is good for the federal budget.

Obama defends DOMA in federal court. Says banning gay marriage is good for the federal budget.

Coalition of LGBT groups and ACLU issue statement condemning Obama administration re: DOMA

Actions! Plus Bob Barr Re: Troy Davis: "...nothing in the statute

PALIN & PREJEAN ... Dit's Been A Great Week, Hasn't It?

I just realized something, the republican party is doomed

Why are anti-abortion people allowed to post at DU?

The return of the confederate flag on the pickup truck

The return of the confederate flag on the pickup truck

Dems should frame debate 'Do you want INSURANCE COMPANIES making medical decisions for your family?'

I Canceled My Land Line Today - How many of you are going 100% cellular?

Teen who killed kitten in oven gets 10-year sentence, sentenced as an adult

How familiar are you with slavery?

Congress Critters Pay $35 Per Month 4 Insurance Premiums, Won't Consider Single Payer 4 Us

Jay Leno joke about Bristol Palin

YouTube's FROG PRINCE of song parody hilarity is back for all of you!

A Youtube nest of RW terrorists...........

Blue Oregon blog interview with Dean on health care option supporters working together.

Success! I found the bow!

I received 1,096 PM's today that I have not yet opened.

It is 2am. Has the stock market opened yet?

Anyone actually wear this in the 70's?

Just how many racial slurs

I recieved (sic) .0000001096 PM's this decade that I have not yet opened.

I am currently 60% tipsy, and 40% boopy, as measured on the "scrunge" scale.

How does go about signing themselves off from DU?

Tricycle's Daily Dharma: We're All in the Same Boat

The flaying of my buzz?????

YAY!!! I'm pregnant

Family Guy "Over"

Planning for making dinner tonight

Someone (I forget who) recently expressed a friendly interest on what my political views are.

Am I the unreasonable one to be pissed off at these responses?

Did the magic win ?

Digital TV

Nice, I just broke 10,000 posts.

kitteah picture of the day for friday june 12

Electronic Cigarette DIY fun

Pimp your High School Wiki Page!

Do you think you may have "carpal tunnel"?

Frying chicken thighs.

There is a shiny new Xbox 360 sitting at home while I'm stuck here at work...

My sad duty to report that Sarah Palin is only the 2nd coolest Wasillan ever, behind the robot guy

Tota**y freaked out. I met somebody *ast night.

My cat is trying to play with a hair elastic

A question to Atheists who have "come out" to their families


I've had a bottle of wine and a can of beer. What should I do next?

Thanks, Spinners.

Thanks, Sinner.

Latest Freeperism! "Congrols."

Something is decomposing in my mailbox.

Nursery Rhymes. Post your favorites here

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/12/2009)

Orlando Assistant Coach Patrick Ewing Counsels Dwight Howard On How To Lose NBA Title

LAKERS-MAGIC-- Game Four in overtime

bertrand russell can whip time's ass with a belt

For Detroit's sake I hope the Red Wings win tonight

For Detroit's sake I hope the Red Wings win tonight

Never seen a Marx Brothers Movie....

So I was talking the Moon the other day

So I'm setting up cable/internet/phone for my new place

I am back in CA

Megan Fox: "Stop comparing me to Angelina Jolie!"

My outdoor ferals

Ever think the mods/admins let a thread continue just so they can...

*******HAPPY 16th ANNIVERSARY Shine!!*******

To the administrators -- how about dropping the EVIL ads?

Computer help: I have an administrator account on my Vista machine, but it tells me I don't


To the administrators -- how about dropping the EVOO ads?

my new look.

I wish someone would design a way to make different fonts to

Exeryone, please: Let's keep it real this weekend.

Okay, had enough of this now

Friday kitten...

Something is composing in my mailbox. nt

I have 23 minutes before I can be freed from my work shackles

Did I just see a Scientology commercial on TV?


I heard this on the news this morning- Air Sex competitions

Do the USB turntables really work?

Something is decomposing in the woods by my mailbox.

Is anyone else having trouble with You Tube?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/12/09

PSA: Wear a Helmet.

Any flight attendants on heroin?

I think I finally found what would be the perfect Job for me.

Killer Biscuits wanted for attempted murder

Chuck Berry Rocks

So the TV Band on my radio is just useless now?

The meat of America has soiled my life!!! nt

Good morning Lounge

Post a pic that you'll regret posting when you sober up

Have you ever heard of the Cinnamon Challenge?

Local news just did a story about where to turn for questions about the digital tv switch

When do you clean your dryer's lint trap?

why don't you give me a play

Cute overload -- a cat "nursing" off a Border Collie

That gawd damn phone commercial

the soil of america is the meat of life

To the about dropping the Ivory adds?

Wait, wait, wait. Am I really going to lose my American Spirit Menthols?


Hey BiBaby...can you translate this French vid for moi?

World's biggest smurf party! (pic included)

Sex (I'm A...)

I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You

I Touch Myself

Big Log by Robert Plant

Just Can't Get Enough

Let's go PIRATES!!1!!

if you could only pick one: Radio or TV?

If corn oil comes from corn, and peanut oil comes from peanuts.....

How in hell did a thread on nursery rhymes get locked?

Wearing jiffy pop tins and lipsyncing happened long before 2007...

You Sure Love To Ball

"Yonder lies da castle of my fadder, da King"

Midlo or Jonas Brothers?

Let's Get It On


Hanson or the JoBro?

Fresca Mozzarella Balls

Is anyone else having trouble with Midlo?

bedrock metates

So who does the DU lounge computer guru call for advice?

Who makes a decent sweet & sour sauce

Have you ever used the word "abominable" in a serious context and NOT to describe a snowman?

It is now the weekend! What are all of you drinking?

Rolling Stone: Robert Plant to follow Alison Krauss collaboration with Coverdale-Plant

Who invented Crap?

Who invented Crap?

Speaking of flamewars,

When do you clean your bellybutton lint?

Something weird with these AP headlines????

I need suggestions for ways to keep the But Tutcher from turning

Sexual Healing


A magical T-shirt for sale!

Kiss - Detroit Rock City

And you want to be my latex salesman.

Schools out.... FOR ..... Stay off the roads tonight

Jam,jelly,marmalade,compotes and syrips.

S-word, F-word, H-word, oh my...





The Octopus of Freedom or the Tofu of Liberation?


Cock Sucker

Meh,I think I'll change my avatar.

If the Red Wings lose, I'm not voting for Obama in 2012!


Loose In DC Tonight: The Mother of All Truck Nutz


United States road construction map

Real Men Eat Steak and Eggs for Breakfast

If Wayne Dyer has overcome ego, how come every third word out of his mouth is "I" or some

Words are weapons,sharper than knives.


Carrie Prejan is, guess what - SURPRISE! A complete Asshole!

I completely love General Tso's tofu!

The melancholy hits real hard in the evenings

C++ word

The 7 words you cannot say on tv - George Carlin

I wonder if Archimedes contemplated gourd vines.

Lord Stanley's Cup is in the house!!!!

Why is belly button lint always blue?

dupe delete

Oo.. my Constitutional!

A Spinal Tap poll!

Wash yourself with a rag on a stick with Comfort Wipe! Toilet paper is so 1880's

The premise of Stand by Me is bullshit.


I just bought a Tibetan singing bowl

Weirdest thing just happened re: credit card.

I found out about you

Do you consider your on-line friends "real friends"?

I am loving that the real feel temp was 100 today, and it is barely June!

What a game congradulations

Maybe so, but I am still going to try...

Let's go Red Wings!

Arlington -- straight up thug town

Open bowl of poison

Well, I'm temporarily fucked. Thanks, Texas!

Nitwit pleads guilty after burning radio station over playlist


OK...kind of stange to say...but I look like a Carradine

All last somer in case you dont recall

Unofficial Stanley Cup Final Game 7 thread!

Suck it Philly

Are the perogies done,when they float to the top?

*******HAPPY 44th ANNIVERSARY CaliforniaPeggy!!*******

I'm tired and upset.

Mario Lemiex kissing the cup.

House-sitting Cat pictures! Cats! Photos! 3 Cats! Pictures!

Anyone notice that EKG rhythm graphic on the sign-in page? That patient is in BAD shape!

Anyone notice that EKG rhythm graphic on the sign-in page? That patient is in BAD shape!

Wow, do I miss "Liberals Unleashed..."

where's midlo

Is Internet Sex Chat Adulterous?

these are creepy

The dogs keep stealing Bella's teething biscuits!

Band of horses

I checked to see if Rush will be in Toronto during my upcoming trip there

I like jelly buns

Could I get some help from some of you photoshop junkies

The 2008-2009 Sports season has turned into the greatest season for Pennsylvania

Christopher Lee AKA Count Dooku of Star Wars to be knighted.


I just watched Eraserhead. Don't ask me anything.


Imagine the frenzy if Texas teams had won the Super Bowl, NBA championship,

My brother met a nice girl on the flight home.

I just made some pesto with basil from the garden. Does it freeze well?

I'm flying to CA tomorrow and I'm scared.

A little DU help, please

i test drove a Nissan Cube today.

NPR- The Least Appropriate Wedding Songs Ever

I just watched Speed Racer on HD and I really enjoyed the movie...

Bonnarooo Webcast all weekend!

My new Tattoo

PENGUINS WOOOOOOOOO!! Kick ass tonight!

Who invented rap?

the 72 oz steak challenge

I really need advice

DU is hilarious today (again)

At the risk of ruining my reputation as a smart ass, I want to tell you all something.

Defaulted on my student loan


*******HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO Zomby Woof!!*******

Back in 1977, who mistook this garbage as a movie?

Would you hang this key holder on your wall?

Classic Hollywood song and dance man popularity contest: Fred Astaire vs. Gene Kelly

What is your favorite cheese?

Name Music you have so attached to a movie that you will never be able to consider it on its own

What price friendship?

A profound farewell to my flip-flops. Seriesly!1 Plantar fasciitis (fa-see-EYE-tis)

What Is the Cheesiest Song Ever Released?

Health care reform pitch gets personal


Weekly Standard may have been shooter target - ben smith

Holocaust museum gunman James Von Brunn labels Obama a "Jewish puppet"

Want to defeat the co-op "public plan"?

Obama's Team To Rival - The best WH operation ever assembled (Charlie Cook)

Palin Poutrage: "Sexually perverted?" Remember Sarah Heath flaunting her flesh in pageant?

Paul Krugman, Joe? Really?

Article suggest that Gen. Jim Jones is on his way out of the Obama admin.


PHOTOS: High turnout in Iran, perhaps 70%. Voting hours will be extended 2 hours.

Robert Fisk: Iran's old guard are poised to crush any hope of revolution

House Judiciary Committee Votes to Impeach Federal Judge (Daddy Bush appointee)

Is there any evidence that any Palin daughter attended the Yankee game?

Just an idea, or maybe wishful thinking.

DU this poll about the DHS Report!

Larry Summers speaking on the economy - CNBC nt

Reuters: U.N. Council Votes Unanimously to Expand Sanctions Against North Korea

Senators who opposed tobacco bill received top dollar from industry

Freeper Joe Boucher Openly Advocates In Favor Of Presidential Assassination

Remember, if Mousavi wins it DOESN'T change ANYTHING

Obama ousts Bush appointed AmeriCorps IG

Gridiron star mulls over House bid

Conditions for supporting (or not killing) a health co-op

What happened to the place for politics?

Gingrich's speech lasted 56 minutes? The one Palin didn't get to speak?

HEADS UP-Gibbs daily briefing now-Susan Rice talking about N. Korea sanctions

Many here have falsely suggested that NOW avoids criticizing sexism by right-wingers

Palin on Today Show: Media "stayed away" from the family of "the candidate who must be obeyed."

In Iran Vote, a Challenger Looks to Past

NYT: Former President Khatami tells reporters he thinks Ahmadinejad has lost and Moussavi has won.

Why is the media kissing Palins ass everyday on the networks

Is it just me, or are we winning on the big issues while the right obsesses on Letterman

The Obama administration’s startling UFO connections

Jamie Gangel decides to give national publicity to a hateful racist blog

President Bush is getting ready to JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geroge H.W. Bush not a real Republican, defends Sotomayor

Iran election: Economy is the main issue followed by Foreign Policy

Ipsos/McClatchy Poll:Pessimism Is on the Wane while Obama’s Credibility Remains High(64% Approval)

Obama Offers Condolences To Slain Guard's Widow

Mission Accomplished Obama!

Now that FreeRepublic has been MARKED

A Team to Rival

How come no one is outraged at Letterman's shots

Iranian news: Ahmadinejad wins.

On edit

I swear, Palin HAS to be pictured in the dictionary under "Air Head"

Why can Republicans never be for something that might help the people?

Davis Letterman should say on his show tonight hey Sara

A little something for the Obama bashers that say he's not doing enough fast enough...

TPM: Baucus and his Health Insurance Co-op

Open Thread Following Al Jazeera Iranian Vote Count Coverage


Robert Reich: "Will Obama Stand Up To Lobbyists And Insurers To Give Americans A Public Option?"

At least when our dudes stole it, they made it believable.

DU this MSNBC Poll about Letterman, Palin!


Obama is "scared of his own troops" because he won't let Navy grads wear swords.

Take my DU Palin poll ...

Things you can do to help Obama today

On Letterman and Palin

*****Iranian Polls Closed**** Both sides claiming victory - Results Update Thread

I wonder why Joe Scarborough didn't challenge Gene Robinson

"Is The DOJ Lying About the DOMA Brief?"

U.S.: Netanyahu policy speech not adequate

Breaking News: Bucky announces that Bucky has won the Iranian presidential election with 65%

I am wondering if Obama should do business with A-Mad if in fact he has stolen the election

Breaking Reuters: Mousavi Wins; He Claims Victory

Iranians Vote in Droves. Mousavi Ally Claims Lead. Amazing photo of women waiting in line.

Grandma Palin: "In the name of God, GOOOOO!" (c) KO

It is a shame Iran will have a winner before Minnesota has a senator!

FAUX NEWS: Hannity had Rove on whining about universal healthcare.

US Rep. Peter Welch (D) unveils bill to create Federal Health Insurance

"A Nation Of Law" - Andrew Sullivan on the DOMA brief

Letterman did NOT joke about "women and girls." He joked about Sarah Palin's adult daughter.

Burr doesn't bother with buzz on match-ups

"State media" is RUN by Ahmadinejad as David Shuster just said...

Palin vs. Letterman

Tiannamen II: Get ready for Iranian Revolution Redux if Ahmadinejad steals election

Boehner: GOP Preparing Major Attack On Obama For Mirandizing Terrorists

Barack and Michelle's "first date" movie turns 20.

this is depressing. Iran definitely is looking at stolen elections

Ezra Klein Must Read: Will Democrats Filibuster the Public Plan, Or Just Oppose It?

Sarah Palin is an Ugly Human Being

The next time someone claims "the reaction would be different if Obama's family were being mocked"

The Measure of Obama's Presidency by Mike Lux

Whiny Republicans Threatening To Boycott Sotomayor Hearing?

New Rule...... P.J. O'Rourke should not be considered a humorist.

Wolf Blitzer is a dumbazz and he's interviewing a dumber azz. I can't take it

Was Letterman's "joke" on a par with Imus's?

Thanks N.O.W.! You're helping Sarah Palin's career!!! Way to go!!!

FED UP? Do something!

South Carolina Republican shows party's true colors....

There is no possible excuse for Obama's defending DOMA in Federal Court

If Palin runs for President, and GOD forbid, wins,... I am moving to Canada..that voice

Queerty And America Blog Go After Obama Admin for Comparing Gay Marriage to Incest and Pedophilia.

Robert Reich wants Obama to go after healthcare industry lobbies like LBJ did

My respect has grown for all DU'ers, straight and gay, who have stood up against Obama on DOMA

Michelle Goldberg: I was wrong about Hillary Clinton

Pelosi: Public healthcare plan should "not have an unfair advantage" over private insurance !!!!

bill maher can kiss my Big Ole

Instead of making Bill Clinton an envoy to Haiti, he should have been appointed to

Laurence Tribe on the DOMA brief

Moily (India) signals rethink on anti-gay law

Abuse Photos Part of Agreement on Military Spending

Notoriety's Missing Links - Online Files Scrubbed After Museum Shooting

Cambodia agrees to return bomb plotters to Thailand

Iran extends poll hours due to high turnout in presidential vote

Interior Ministry: Teen shoots Iraqi lawmaker, bombs mosque

NATO extends anti-piracy mission off Somalia

World Bank Predicts Deeper Economic Contraction

Sold: One Parking Spot for $300,000

Obama defends DOMA in federal court. Says banning gay marriage is good for the federal budget.

Barclays shares down after sale of investment unit

DEVELOPING: Congressman Patrick Kennedy Checks Into Medical Facility

Rockefeller impostor found guilty

New US commander in Afghanistan 'wants more British troops'

New US commander in Afghanistan 'wants more British troops'

Iraqi MP (deputy chairman of the Iraqi parliament's human rights committee) dies in mosque attack

Iowa woman's photo sparks push for new cloud type

For accused museum shooter, a downward spiral

1st Day for France Back in NATO Military Command

California should apologize for persecution of Chinese immigrants, legislator says

Will torture probe target Bush officials? Top Dem says ’stand by’

Friday marks final signoff for analog TV service

Brother defends hate site operator Steve Reimink who has ties to alleged Holocaust Museum shooter

Patrick Kennedy back in drug rehab

Congress Sends Obama Bill to Regulate Tobacco

CIA Secrecy on Drone Attacks Data Hides Abuses

Bosnian Serb jailed for massacre

Obama Administration Seeks To Keep Torture Victims From Having Day In Court

Back on Hill, Automakers Defend Dealer Closings

Probation Instead of Prison for Pentagon Leaker (AIPAC Case)

Iranian state media declares Ahmadinejad winner; rival also claims victory

Porn industry healthcare clinic not cooperating, public health officials say

Sentence reduced for Pentagon analyst who leaked to AIPAC officials

Mousavi claims "Definite Victory" projects 65% of the vote

Ahmadinejad leads in early Iran returns

Five gay couples wed in ceremony on Tel Aviv beach

Suspect in Calif. girl's slaying pleads not guilty

Whoever Wins Election, U.S. Wants Talks With Iran

Dow turns positive for the year as investors bet on recovery

Guantánamo Bay Uighurs 'overjoyed' as they arrive in Bermuda

Kennedy paid $2M for autobiography

Statement by Erik von Brunn - Son of Accused Holocaust Museum Shooter Issues Statement

Al Qaeda fighters move into Horn of Africa, officials say

U.S. Sends 3 Guantanamo Detainees to Saudi Arabia,

Colombian president clashes with NDP, Bloc MPs

Files say Lilly 'ghostwrote' journal articles

US 'kept Guantanamo deal from UK'

Guards Who Shot Back at Von Brunn Identified

Obama won't rule out freeing Gitmo detainees in US

NKorean leader's son is (given title) 'Brilliant Comrade'

Ice loss could push sea levels above estimates-report

UN imposes tough new sanctions on NKorea

Former President GHW Bush stands up for Sotomayor

Brown: Don't suspend Proposition 8

Seizure of US government bonds from two Japanese men in Italy raises questions

Senators held stock in bailed-out banks

Tax on health benefits likely to be in Senate bill

Alleged Museum Shooter's Son Slams Dad's 'Cowardice'

Palin: Letterman owes apology to 'young women'

Ahmadinejad Heading For Victory In Iran Vote

Mousavi Win Wouldn't Stop Iran's Nuke Drive, Israel Warns

Computer 'raid' in Vernon leaves factory workers devastated

Christian group sues for right to burn gay teen novel

Amanda Knox: I wasn't home night Kercher died

Boy Hit by Meteorite

Gay-rights Groups Blast Admin. Brief

(Chinese) Sub collides with sonar array towed by U.S. Navy ship

Key health care senators have industry ties

Coal Ash Spills Too Dangerous To Reveal To Public (says DHS)

Obama Launches Ocean Protection Plan

Stolen semi full of ammonium nitrate stopped in Kenly (NC)

New Miss California USA also against gay marriage

Pittsburgh Penguins win Stanley Cup Finals

Man Accused Of Shooting Museum Guard Vanishes From Internet

Bush Lawyer - John Yoo - Ordered to Testify


(GHW) Bush parachutes into churchyard

Obama ousts AmeriCorps' IG who investigated friend

Two bomb blasts hit Pakistan - Religious school and mosque attacked within minutes of each other

Progressive Puppy blog heartbreakingly covers Obama's defense for DOMA.

Rattled by Indian kids, Obama calls for revamping U.S. education

$48 per person a month for an individual, $80 per month for a family no matter how many children for

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

Iran elections: Mousavi discusses his platform with Al Jazeera English

Animation: Why Americans Need Health Care Reform

Amazing Tales of Wall Street Scandals

US-Iranians prepare to cast their votes in America

Perú's Propaganda Spot = Bagua Massacre

TV Gets Laid Off

RM: Bush-era torture = w/ Sen. Whitehouse

Peru's indigenous groups vow to fight for land

Requiem for Republicans

GOP Fear 4 Mongering -- Be Afraid!

Rachel Maddow & Salon's Joan Walsh Go After "Birthers"


Old TV commercial by the American Medical Association

TYT: Conservatives Mock Homeland Security Report

TYT: Republican Accidentally Admits They're Wrong on Healthcare!

Obama excuses young girl from missing school

Video of some of the alleged $134Bln in bonds being removed from briefcase and displayed.

Joe Scarborough Engages In Revisionism On His Criticism Of DHS Report

Devolving, Jingoistic Howler Monkey


AFL-CIO's Stewart Acuff at Little Rock rally for Employee Free Choice Act

Senator Whitehouse/Maddow (Torture Report) "STAND BY- I Believe That It Implicates Chain Of Command"

TYT: The Palin vs. Letterman Feud Continues

Press on the go - following President Obama abroad

GOP Healthcare: DON'T Give The People What They Want!

Joe Dead Intern Scar strangely silent on his own views

CBS: Girl Who Got Excuse Note from President Tells All!

Cheney the Target of Torture Investigation

Countdown: Worst Persons 6/12 - Michelle Malkin's Tasteless 9/11 Joke

Botox: Target Women

One America

Keith Olbermann/Countdown: Letterman vs. Palin RANT 06/12/09

Everyday Normal Republicans!

Sen Whitehouse - Torture Storyline False - floor speech

RW Terrorists talks to his 790 Youtube friends

Young Turks: Pastor Prays for Obama's Death

Teen sues S.C. Gov. to take stimulus money

Stupid Anti-Obama Message Removed from Franchise Business

TYT: Cenk Takes On Congressman On Bailouts/Health Care (On The Air!)

TRAILER: FRONTLINE | Breaking the Bank | PBS Tues. June 16

Inciting Genocide, Pleading Free Speech (2004)

Germany: The Greens declare their allegiance to the bourgeoisie

A Room With Unending Views, Even in the Dark

Army Releases May Suicide Data

James von Brunn: That's a racist (Norman | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Feeding the Lone Wolves - By Eugene Robinson


The Terrorist Threat: Right-Wing Radicals and the Eliminationist Mindset

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): The Pompous or the Populists: Who Will Win the Healthcare Debate?

Why Ahmadinejad Just Might Lose

Death at the Holocaust Museum and the Degradation of the American Dialogue

Healthcare Reform is Coming, Whether the AMA Likes It or Not

Right Wing Violence

Tragedy at the Holocaust Museum: Stand Up To Terror

From Ecuador to Rwanda: Portraits of Global Threats and Struggles - Human Rights Watch Film Festiva

The AMA’s Ties to For-Profit Health Care

Right-Wing Violence Will Continue, And Fox News Will Have to Answer For It

Eugene Robinson: The Lone Wolves Among Us

The healthcare industry isn't going to play nice

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Debt. It's Better Than Chains.

A Guantanamo prisoner is quietly released: the low-profile finale to an ignominious tale- Jim Warren

Tony Norman - James von Brunn: THAT'S a racist (Talk radio's false racism charges)

Why Obama Should Keep the Heat on Israel ...

How Many More Right Wing Terrorists Will Surface?

Health Care From Your Faucet?

Single payer witnesses show the common sense path, but Congress is listening to industry donors

Juneteenth Reminds Us of Victories Won

The Big Hate

House Democrats Pressed to Back War Supplemental

Israel Tacticians Want Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Win

The AMA’s Ties to For-Profit Health Care

A Boy and an Artificial Leg: A Gaza Story (Ramzy Baroud)

If People Are Terrified . . . .

Inside the violent movement that spawned James von Brunn and Scott Roeder. - By Joe Conason

I'm Sorry, Right Wing Extremists

"Food, Inc.": The movie agribiz doesn't want you to see

Minnesotan leads torture protest in D.C.

The Man Who Could Beat Ahmadinejad: Mousavi Talks to TIME

Greg Mitchell: My Daughter's Chilling Account of Years at Holocaust Museum

Senator Shelby is against health care for all Americans

Shocker in Iran: Election Won by Pat Buchanan

Elliot Abrams: "Don't Cry For Me Ahmadinejad"

"Hold out for single payer" by Nick Skala, sr. researcher at PNHP

Hey Progressives: Why Don't you Care About the "Drug War" Like You Care About Other Issues?

America's Student Debt Now!

Friday Talking Points (81) -- Where Are The Democrats On Healthcare Reform?!?

The Weekend Economists Pan the 3 Stooges on Flag Day: June 12-14, 2009

Photos, from IKN linked by BoRev of the assassins caught in Bolivia:

Colombian president clashes with NDP, Bloc MPs

Cuban Teaching Method on Internet

Well developed article posted by L Coyote in G.D.:Up to 250 Indigenous Peruvians Killed in Bagua, Sa

Human Rights Watch: Mexican military abuses rising

FIDEL: On Operation Pedro Pan - "The Envy of Goebbels"

For any Spanish reader, Bolivian La Prensa names retired military officers in the gang

More details on that damned stupid tunnel from Bolivia to the ocean idea:

Fed. Judge Has Granted Posada Carriles a Delay for his Trial - Feb. 1, 2010

Evo's Trip to Cuba: Meets w/Fidel and Raul, Gives Lecture, Gets Award,Plays Soccer Scoring 3 Goals!

Greg Palast: "Oil and Indians Don't Mix"

ECUADOR Charges COLOMBIA Before Inter-American Human Rights death after bombing FARC camp

Y'all noticing the DU hypocrisy re: media RWnuts fomenting insurrection & violence?

CHE GUEVARA: His Legacy on the 81st Anniversary of His Birth (June 14)

A 'must see' movie for fans of this forum.

DrumBeat: June 12, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - June 12

Rainforest rehab in every sense

Citizen science breaks new ground

Zebra mussels hang on while quagga mussels take over

Flexible Solar Strips Light Up Campus Bus Shelter

Report disperses migration myth (most relocation will be regional rather than international)

Mayor Bloomberg, The Port Authority, And USDA State Director Lowney Announce Canada Geese Mitigation

Oz Water Secretary Warns Farmers That Murray-Darling Basin May Never Be Same, To Prepare Accordingly

US will exempt China from binding greenhouse gas targets

20% Of Scotland's Seabird Population Gone In Eight Years, 9% Of UK Total Populations - Scotsman

SW Wyoming Residents Show Up To Oppose Planned Water Diversions From Flaming Gorge To Front Range

ChimpCo, BLM Steamrolled Park Service In Final Days To Lease As Much Drilling Land As Possible

Planned Phorid Fly Release Will Turn Fire Ants Into Walking Zombies - Parasites Eat Their Brains

UC Boulder Study - Only 11% Of National Fire Plan Goals For Exurban, Rural Homes Under Way

NRG Energy, eSolar to Develop (92 MW) Solar (Thermal) Plant in New Mexico for El Paso Electric

Clean Energy Economy Boosts US Job Market

Individuals Who Apply Pesticides Are Found to Have Double the Risk of Blood Disorder "MGUS"

New Funding Boosts Carbon Capture, Solar Energy and High Gas Mileage Cars and Trucks

Device to take "guesswork" out of small-scale renewable energy

Environment fears halt China dams (BBC)

Researchers uncover how nanoparticles may damage lungs

Warming May Make Toxic Invasive Reed Even More Effective At Killing Native Plants

Secretary Chu Announces Agreement on FutureGen (Carbon Capture and Storage) Project in Mattoon, IL

"Everybody Knows But Nobody's Signing Up" - Little To No Progress At Climate Talks - AFP

Geo-engineering can save this planet

Study: Greenland ice sheet larger contributor to sea-level rise—melting faster than expected

Yea, Tennessee are the cheaters.

Are the Lakers on the verge of another 3peat?

Seagull helps Cleveland beat Kansas City Royals

The REAL game tonight will be the Tigers at the Pirates!!1!!

Woohoo!!! the Red Wings are beaten!!!

Congratulation to the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins on a well played Series!



Who do I root for in this game 7?

Celtics fans?

Go A's!

Attention pitching fans

Michael Vick Officially Released by Falcons

Who are the ‘automakers’?

Keep auto plants open!

Huffington Post: Govt. Could Buy Security Vests For Holocaust Museum Officers: Union Official

Outdoors or Indoors: OPPD says no to tobacco on the job (union files suit for smokers)

The World's Most Evil Organization Bristles At Senate Health-Care Bill

One Health Battle: Doctor vs. Doctor

Robert Reich: "Will Obama Stand Up To Lobbyists And Insurers To Give Americans A Public Option?"

Big Drug Dealers Sell Bunk to Elderly

Sebelius touts Obama's Public Option Plan

Health Care Lobbyists Dump Buckets of Money on Congress

Pelosi: Public healthcare plan should "not have an unfair advantage" over private insurance !!!!

Food, Inc. - Meet Your New Farmer: Hungry Corporate Giant - Film Review - NY Times

Voting NAY on the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

A Look Inside What the Hell Happened with the AMA Today

Nine Proven “Natural” Remedies They Did Not Test

Question: Painful intercourse.

Reality Need Not Apply

Gunshot scares off intruder

Bill Moyers disses JPFO

Oh SHit!

Rifle used in museum shooting too old to trace, official says

This is a question for the gun owners or pro-RKBA types...

QC Pridefest 2009: Winds of Change...

Lawyers turn back on Manchester Hyatt (San Diego Prop 8 Boycott)

Baltimore lesbian couple found dead

Seattle man attempts to have names of LGBT employees released

DOJ moves to dismiss first fed gay marriage case

Please help me glean some insight.

Equality CA statement of Obama's DOJ DOMA Brief

Coalition Of LGBT Groups Join To Condemn DOJ Motion To Dismiss DOMA Challenge

So I've had to write to the White House twice today about LGBT issues

Human Rights Campaign Statement on the Obama Administration’s Defense of the Defense of Marriage Act

Video rewind: Obama asking for our support on the campaign trail

Please call and email the White House today

The march on Washington has been scheduled for October 10th and 11th.

Who's attending Pride celebrations this weekend?

Attn: LGBT & straight ally World of Warcraft addicts!

Cleve Jones: We Have The Permit, The March On Washington Is Definitely On

Palestinian boy 'hanged for collaboration'

Absurdity Is the Norm in the Gaza Strip

Obama and I need to play Chess sometime

Mormon Bush holdover filed anti-gay DOMA brief today

OPINION / Netanyahu turned Palestinian statehood into bargaining chip

When I heard the news

It's time for a thousand Gay freeway bloggers

Our new tag: perpetually angry people

Interesting Article from "Gay Marriage, State by State: A Tipping Point?""

PFLAG Denounces DOJ's Arguments Supporting DOMA

AUDIO: 'Rob, Arnie & Dawn' hosts apologize for transgender comments

Jeremiah Wright On Jews And Obama: "I Misspoke," Meant "Zionists"

Israeli settlers denounce Obama in poster campaign across occupied West Bank

Vanasco: Gay marriage used as bait in NY Senate

I am a VERY, VERY angry Homosexual today

Some suggestions for online enlargement processing?

A future thought-something personal, from your home.

Dr. Housing Bubble 06/11/09

Bernanke's Next Parlor Trick

Dow Turns Positive for 2009 Amid Late Push

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part VI (Rainier falls in spring)

A hint of my son's wedding yesterday, and what our own trusty elf did in photoshop

13 Tips for great photography in developing countries

Kucinich Rips Lewis For Duping Shareholders (VIDEO)

Latvia pulls down Sweden

UBS’s Tax Deals Shredded U.S. Patience With Gall: Ann Woolner

The High Cost of Debt: Very-High-Denomination Treasury Notes and U.S. Treasury Debt Management

World Bank Downgrades Growth Forecasts Yet Again (And More Doubts on Chinese Data

If you read his Blog...what do you think about "Zero Hedge"

The man who had X-ray vision

Getting a theory of everything by ditching tenet of physics

47th Known Mersenne Prime Found! (GIMPS)

Nobel Laureates with Dalai Lama at Vancouver Peace Conference

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey...were they really metaphoric movies??

An exception has to be made

Get Ready For Some Party Time: Happy B'Day Kookaburra

Waking Life

Mandatory NDEs

Insights regarding the stated defeat of a "law" prohibiting knowledge...

Daily Good News Sources

Do you read your daily horoscope? Which best describes you?

I PM-ed Skinner about a chatroom

Ever get the feeling you're being... watched...?

The kid isn't taking it too well: a true short story

Copycat. Can you find me?

PC, please tell us more about karma and what the "boomerang"

Ram Dass

Sex Work: In Bed with the Religious Right

Door to Door as Missionaries, Then as Salesmen

Missing Link Found- You are a primate.

After hearing Carrie Prejean on the Today Show, I believe every single word she says.

I believe many fundies are from severely dysfunctional backgrounds and haven’t worked through their

Culturally equivalent. (80k pic)

They get better and better -

A butcher who can count ... PRICELESS.

Brother, can you spare a dime? A new 9/11 investigation

Lance vs. Fitzgerald

OCT= War

"What Exactly Happened On 911"?

Hey, Austin-ites. Here's a jeweler to avoid. Russel Korman.

Broadcasters promise plan to quiet TV ads by September

Danger Mouse releases an album without music

The Harris Voter Registration Scandal of 2009

Tests of backup reactor produced isotopes, MPs hear