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Richard Posner on Charlie Rose. If recorded today, this could be interesting.

Tweety is listed as first guest tonight with Craig Ferguson. Show is listed as "New"

China's Exports Fall Record 26.4% as Global Demand Dries Up on Recession

freerepublic James Von Brunn post

Let's not forget Hal Turner... he is part of this trend

Short dispatch (no photos - Verizon Broadband down)

Short dispatch (no photos - Verizon Broadband down)

Car dealers have known bankruptcy law, and the terms of their franchises, all along

Senator Max Baucus speaks:

The holocaust museum killer hated a lot of folks.

It's a Hard Life

Clinton adopts low-key style at State Dept.

Check in if you have contacted or will contact your represenatives about health care!

Huckabee warns GOP of "mushy middle"

Shepard Smith says Holocaust Museum Shooting reminds him of the DHS report

Freeperville Blast From The Past

What is an immigration progressive platform?

University of Illinois admitted 800 applicants based on political connections

Idiot Print Media, Chapter XLVIII

Fundie knickers in a twist* over Shepard Smith's commentary on RW whack-job e-mail

And I always thought it was the insurance companies....

Nah, freepers aren't racists..........

Nah, freepers aren't racists..........

Group Fighting Terrorism Trials in Virginia Tied to GOP Firm

hmm ... when a Palestinian does violence against an Israeli, and Israel bombs the hell out of a

Could the super-racists' actions convince average racists to reassess their racism?

The difference between the left and the right

Joy Behar to get 9PM Show on HLN (Formerly Headline News)

Anyone know if von Brunn and Roeder went to any teabag parties?

Unbelievable! Freepers are painting their own poster, von Brunn, as a far leftist!

Right-Wing Violence Is Very Real and Very Dangerous

What's the best example of a misnamed party?

You are being dangerously tailgated. How do you respond?

Blue Dog Logo

Glenn Beck just said California would save money if it had the death penalty

Other than 100% confiscation, proposed gun control laws could not have stopped...

Like Cockroaches running from the light

About the recent incidents of domestic terrorism

WJ this morning - paying for health care

Freepers turn on Fox's Shep Smith for yesterday's show. I wonder how long

Can we get any official Navy records on this von Brunn guy??

My op-ed "My Word" editorial got published today in the Orlando Sentinel on spending money on venues

New GOP Phrase For Detainee Pictures: “Terrorist Propaganda Photos”

WHO Raising Swine Flu Alert To Highest Level

Miss California USA Stripped of Crown

From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of John Wilkes Booth

‘Dr. Satan, come out!’ Fed-State-Local Gov Are One's Who Have "Sown The Wind" (Dr/Friend Of Tiller)

Toronto Star: There's more to life than GDP

"THE MOST important repercussion of the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies will be a new union"

Von Brunn's Site Was Transferred Out Of His Name June 1

Nora O'Donnell doing a segment on internet hate sites in about 1 minute

There will be a day when everyone will wonder "how this happened"

On GMA just now, "When white people are provoked...."


Fast Food Apple Pies and Why Netbooks Suck

The Republican Congress Removed Money For Protecting Dr. Tiller.

CIA Is HIDING Its Raw Intelligence (emptywheel)

When right and wrong become blurry

County Road Officials in Michigan Turning Some Roads Back Into Gravel Due To Lack Of Funding

Miami Herald reporter had early encounter with Holocaust Museum suspect

Surrendering Tamils were massacred by Sri Lankan army, says rights group

An American Hero, Stephen Tyrone Johns

Why is Obama sending the Uighurs to Palau?

Joe Scab coming up on The View

Wow. Wingnut claims Obama's speech in Egypt incited shooter at Holocaust museum

Hey, Jim Robinson.... publishes column, "Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews," linking Obama to Shooting

Why do the Taliban still exist?


San Francisco Chronicle: Backers of legal marijuana eye 2010 ballot

How Fox News Would Have Covered World History

Bird In San Francisco Smacks Unsuspecting Pedestrians In The Head (VIDEO)

White separatist warns: "there are millions of white people who are trending in this direction"

cat found?

D.C. FBI Asst Director giving a report on tv and asking all who had contact with von Brun...

A Republican Ice Age

Rush Limbaugh dumped by Puerto Rican radio station

Colorado small businesses back union card-check bill

Delete... duplicate

FBI: authorities are pursuing dual charges involving both murder and civil rights hate crimes

Dangerous Republican Revisionism

Dangerous Republican Revisionism

Dangerous Republican Revisionism

WHO declares first flu pandemic in 41 years

WHO declares first flu pandemic in 41 years

Everyone should know about FACE (freedom of access to clinic entrance) ACT

Why is Tiller's alleged killer doing press conferences?

Why is Tiller's alleged killer doing press conferences?

The Rude Pundit: A Few Random Observations on the Killing at the Holocaust Museum

The Rude Pundit: A Few Random Observations on the Killing at the Holocaust Museum

What would America look like if the right wing insane had their way?

Friday June 12th Is International Couch Surfing Day!

China alone could bring world to brink of climate calamity, claims US official

Americans' net worth shrinks $1.33 trillion in 1Q - AP

I Refuse to Purchase from Any Advertiser Associated with a Tiller Killer Interview

So we still don't know the winner but we know Coleman owes Franken $95k

The Hate Vendors

Link to C-Span video of hearing on singlepayer today

Here We Go Again. White terrorists are not terrorists. They're just mentallly ill.

Here We Go Again. White terrorists are not terrorists. They're just mentallly ill.

Tommy Franks names his two prize stallions, "Shock" and "Awe"

Have you noticed how much those Pugs loooooove that word BIPARTISON

Radio Hosts Apologize on air Thursday Over Comments about Transgender People

Why cant there be a non-profit insurance company ..that operates just like the public option

'them Jews' keeping Wright from talking to Obama!

(GOP) impact of global warming ‘shall not be considered for any purpose.’

A difference between Right wing Christian fundamentalist and Left wing Christians

John Nichols: The Good Doctor's Cure for a Broken Healthcare System

Who is this psychotic asshole with Thom Hartmann?

Peru and The Long Genocide, 1492 to ??

Remember, Bin Laden doesn't do his own killing.

Hate Groups by State.

O'Reilly: 55 seconds, Van Susteren: 45 seconds, Hannity: 0 seconds spent covering shooting

Stupid little words have never changed a single mind

Cryptic message from James W. von Brunn?

While we discuss the violence against clinics serving women's health matters, remember pharmacists!

Where's Ahhhnuld?!1 California and his kids, a mess

Will we be "taking" the two most recent terrorists into US prisons?

WHO: Swine flu pandemic has begun, 1st in 41 years

Rush the Fathead calls Museum shooter "leftist."

Dana Milbank mocks "angry" single-payer proponents

KKKarl Rove's Revisionist History Tour

"Morning Joe" is damn near pleasant when Joe's not there.

Von Brunn says "Obama created by Jews." Anti-Obama rants found in his notebook.

heard a twist onFUX during a brief stop yesterday I couldn't believe

AIG Said to Remove Logo From Employee Badges, Cards on Harassment Concern

Gay USA: Turmoil in NY, Washington and CA over different issues;

Guess the next Free Republic Anti-American Terrorist

Jay Rockefeller’s Good Idea

Limbaugh: Would a white male judge have fractured his akle in the same circumstances Sotomayor did?

ACLU Launches New 'Accountability For Torture' Initiative

Donald Trump Finally Says 'You're Fired!' to Miss Cali

The difference between us (the Progressives) and the Right-Wing can be found in the Bible

Why doesn't anyone say what Limbaugh really is. He's just a shock jock.

CNN just had three women on who had health issues and how it affeted them.

Ethiopian scientist named 2009 World Food Prize Laureate

Ed's going to take on haters on radio & TV today

Ed's going to take on haters on radio & TV today

Baucus Aides Warn K Street

Listening to Hartmann right now

Iran's raucous election campaign goes quiet {election's tomorrow}

U.S. Lawmaker Says Obama Administration Ordered FBI to Read Rights to Detainees

It is time for the Obama adminstration to kick

The biggest complaints I had with health insurance

A Scary Account of Working at the Holocaust Museum: From My Daughter (TPM)

Steve Benen: What if the George Tiller/Holocaust Memorial Museum Shooters Weren't White?

Industrialized Farming Endangers World Food Supply

FR thread- "Republicans should focus on increasing their share of white votes."

Kathy Griffin calls Todd Palin a "tool"

Kathy Griffin calls Todd Palin a "tool"

Kathy Griffin calls Todd Palin a "tool"

72 Year Old Woman Tasered (Great-Grandmother Was Being Aggressive, Cop Says)

US House passes Pakistan Aid Bill - HR 1886.

{Construction} Material stops 2,000-degree fires -- but not in California (CNN)

A gay female friend of mine just lost a job to a lazy straight guy with much less experience

Specially designed for washing men's genitals

Rick Sanchez brings up a good point. One guy spouts hate and walks around

The Appleseed Project - aiming to "get others shooting for God and Country"

The Appleseed Project - aiming to "get others shooting for God and Country"

Teen with 47 IQ gets 100 years in sex abuse case

Did the Nazi die tonight?

DU on Hartmann

Why didn't anything cool like this happen to me when *I* was school-age?

This Melissa Frances on MSNBC is horrid!

George Will cites Calvin Coolidge to support his argument that Obama

Pelosi rejects proposal to skirt government healthcare

Physicians Increasingly Support a Single-Payer National Health Insurance System

Palin Matchmakes for a Gas Line....

Enough press about the murderer: let's get to know the hero

Fox News = I Pulled This Bit of Information Out of My Ass In Hopes More of You Will Tune In Channel.

Chastity Bono -- Becoming a Man

Chastity Bono's publicist confirms she is in "early stages of changing her gender"

How Does Lou Dobbs Keep a Straight Face?

That Obama .... talking about taxing the rich, again ..... this time for health care.

The AMA Takes a Shocking Stand

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Rights and Wrongs

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Nuts

The smearing of Shepard Smith has begun...


Radio Stations Accused of Banning Artists Who Support the Performance Rights Act

LAT: Executives draw huge salaries at L.A. nonprofit drug treatment center

50 days until California achieves Libertarian paradise!

Pure Class...raging Limbaugh redneck alert

Julius Streicher didn't kill anyone, either.

New use for Gitmo?

Someone PLEASE, take Jake Tapper's Twitter Away!

Robert Gates And Hillary To GOP Leaders: You’re Putting Our Security At Risk

Ziggy weighs in on Health Care:

"You want my weapons? This is how you'll get them." ~~James Von Brunn

Food Inc., a film about the bionic corporate crap we eat, opens this week.....

Tenn. gov to lawmakers: GOP budget plan 'stupid'

Amazing - Woman who missed Flight 447 is killed in car crash

Roger Cressy inplies that Palin's recent speech was inciteful of right wing coocoos

Jesus. Effing. Christ. Words Fail Me.

Cop Runs Over Woman Sunbathing on Florida Beach

Interesting map of known hate groups.

CNN sinks to new low, airs interview with Stephen Johns' son

(Catholic) Abuse victims march in Dublin to demand justice

Weekly Standard may have been shooter target

Should We Keep Watch on Todd Palin?

UMich researchers find clues at bottom of Lake Huron to ancient (~9,000 years ago) hunters

'No divorce' policy at ministry of employment, Wife and kids found strangled

How are Limbaugh, O'Really, Hannity, etc. any different from Joseph MacCarthy

A Good Move

Father arrested in death of Oklahoma City baby

"Conservatives were FOR Republican Extremists before they were AGAINST them."

Death at the Holocaust Museum and the Degradation of the American Dialogue

Hannity is the only reason Fox News is seen as conservative-says ultraFox babe Megyn Kelly

Can dry ice in a picnic cooler "cause pressure buildup" and explode????

DHS URGED To Expedite Updated Report On Right Wing Extremism

Charges dropped against one of the men involved in the Wisconsin snowmobile deer slaughter

Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians

Tantrum on the Right

Military Recruiters to Capitalize on Ocean City Air Show, 'H.S. Senior Week'

I finally figured out what RNC stands for

Conyers Rips Rangel, Waxman for Backing Off Single Payer

15 months after Iraq bloodbath, young veteran takes his life

Pot Advocates Want Calif. To Vote On Legalization

You would think they would learn

This, folks, is why I own guns.

The 400 biggest banks and their troubled loans

Liquidation sale? No Sweat. ;-(

DODD: Join the debate = Health Care

‘The responsible white separatist community condemns this’ because ‘it makes us look bad.’

I need some DU love to smack down my freeper realtor.

Over SIX MILLION WILL DIE from global warming by 2030. TELL BURGER KING...

Man who killed guard at Holocaust museum has links to BNP(British National Party)

Observations from the waiting room. Pregnant, Elderly or Overweight.

Doctors’ Group Opposes Public Insurance Plan

McCain defends Palin against Letterman joke

repukes should apologize, ON THEIR KNEES, to Sec. Napolitano, for making HER apologize

***Senate Hearing - Healthcare Reform - Thursday, June 11, 3:00 p.m.

So now that election season is over, do you still get calls for money from candiates/DSCC, etc?

Fear, used as a political tool, is terrorism.

Dems Vow To Make GOP Rep Pay For Questioning U.S. Credibility

Jack Bauer in Kabul?

Tweety - Danger on the Right

Holocaust killer had Australia in sight

There was just a cute moment in President Obama's town hall meeting in Green Bay.

Excellent discussion on Amy's show re how anti-abortion haters articulate with others.

Excellent discussion on Amy's show re how anti-abortion haters articulate with others.

Toronto Star: There's more to life than GDP

Woman who missed Flight 447 is killed in car crash

Guantanamo haunts released detainees

I Was On 3 National News Media the Weather Channel and...

You wanted my weapons — this is how you'll get them,"

Should the sale of nasal decongestants be government-regulated?

Will the Gentlemen Yield? Conyers Leans on Rangel and Waxman for a Single Payer Trifecta

Will the Gentlemen Yield? Conyers Leans on Rangel and Waxman for a Single Payer Trifecta

The myth of Ronald Reagan

a financial prayer for these times

Bruning (AG-Ne) 'disgusted' by plan for third-trimester abortions at Bellevue (Ne) clinic

Talk about nutters.. The 14th Amendment ie EEEEEVVVUUUUHHHLLL.

Sign Kennedy Petition For Health Care Reform

So rushbo says that James Von Brunn is a leftist and Obama is creating

Free Republic's answer to the shooter was a Freeper .... It is DU's fault

Didn't Frank Gaffney raise questions about Obama's

'lone wolf'? Humbug. I see the exchanges and think the important thing to keep in mind is the way...

WHO likely to declare flu pandemic Thursday--Phase 6

Story of Republican-led NYS Senate (attempted?) Coup

Tiller And The Holocaust Museum Were Just The Beginning

What's The Correct Pronunciation - Supremist or Supremacist?.....

Sarah Palin's Ridiculous Attempt At News Diversion

Some WaPo writer was on local noozradio about the health care plan. Here are my COMPLETELY ........

Local Television News Sucks, where can I find real local news

Lemme get this straight. (re: Palin/Letterman poutrage du jour)

Miami unanimously adopts Domestic Partnership Ordinance

Sen Whitehouse on Rachel right now ... FYI

Here is a one look chart /page of the continuing payouts to Bank CEOs.

Who would we send money to for help in getting single payer passed?

Who would we send money to for help in getting single payer passed?

Michael Steel has jack shit to say about war & economy but has time to issue David Letterman fatwa

I can't help myself. More "wisdom" from a long-time Freeptard.

Matt Lauer Gets Exclusive Live Interview With Gov. Sarah Palin

dupe please delete

dupe please delete

So today I went to get some walking at the mall, and activists were there

You thought Freepers were nuts? Try the Sarah Palin Supporters On Facebook

Non-sexy subject line, will anyone read? Please read& educate the panicking msm watchers (OMG FLU!)

Non-sexy subject line, will anyone read? Please read& educate the panicking msm watchers (OMG FLU!)

Death at the Holocaust Museum and the Degradation of the American Dialogue

Suggestions for on-line book purchases?

Senators who opposed tobacco bill received top dollar from industry

Rachel mentioned Heritage Foundation round table where

"Final Destination"

A repost from the GLBT forum for more visibility.


Summer of film

DU This Politico Poll, Do you agree with President Obama that health insurance for all Americans is

Geithner announces" Exec. Pay Reform", minus the reform.

Citing "run-away ratings," New York's WOR shuffles lineup to add more Glenn Beck

The anti-abortion movement is about controlling poor people

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Joy Behar expands her TV schedule with new show (about Behar's personal take on the day's news)

Eugene Robinson, please lose the new glasses

Public Citizen: Public Pressure Helps End Silence on Single-Payer in Congress

Anyone here ever worked with The Peace Corps?

For Those Who Hear "Hitler Was a Lefty"

Von Brunn’s friend: ‘The responsible white separatist community condemns this’ ‘it makes us bad"

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance

Dollars & Sense: The Real Unemployment Rate Hits a 68-Year High

Matt Lauer will be "interviewing" Sarah Palin on the June 12th Today Show.

Right Wingers Flail As Their World Collapses

GM sells Saab

GM sells Saab

Oldie but Goodie: How Corporate Personhood Threatens Democracy

anyone else go through this?

Von Brunn - Ron Paul connection?

Sign the petitions. Indict Bush and Cheney for war crimes.

Education mostly, I know some folks will dismiss this anyway

Beer price pandemic level 5.

Indian colleges ban jeans to 'protect' girls

Chastity Bono -- Becoming a Man

Some on the right want civil war, I think

I am thankful ...........

UN Rapporteur: Rumsfeld in Trouble

Why are Doctors being blamed for the cost of healthcare?

These Palins are SNAKES on a MOTHERF*CKING PLANE!!!!

Best Selling Car In America:

The Curse of Ronald Reagan.......Quotes that will live in infamy:

Warning: graphic foto @ link:

why is it that women, when degraded

corporations can't give money directly to political candidates or elected officials can they?

The media is insistent that far left groups are just as dangerous as those on the right

The media is insistent that far left groups are just as dangerous as those on the right

Imagine how you'd feel if a "popular" DUer did something big, insane, and violent

Texas Report:::: * What's up with the weed eater in chief?

Palin gets nasty: "best to keep Willow away from David Letterman"

Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) to hold town hall on healthcare on Sunday in Simsbury, CT

Creepiest Corporation

Creepiest Corporation

What US Foreign Policy strategy should be to contain radical Islam

Paul Krugman:The Big Hate

Republican single-payer resistance summarized:

Revolutionary Road

von Brunn used to live in Eastern Shore town I live in...local Public Radio piece

von Brunn used to live in Eastern Shore town I live in...local Public Radio piece

Email from my RW dad... and the response I wanted to send, but didn't

No planes were involved in 9/11 (not a 9/11 thread...)

Watching MSNBC: Limbaugh said that haters of Jews are Lefties?

Apparently Hitler was a Democrat

Sandalio Gonzalez calls out Time Magazine (Sibel Edmonds Project Expose MSM)

Sandalio Gonzalez calls out Time Magazine (Sibel Edmonds Project Expose MSM)

Up to 250 Indigenous Peruvians Killed in Bagua

This is so cool!

"Where's your proof that conservative terrorists are hiding in the bushes ready to strike?"

Proof that Diplomacy works

Cat owners in the Miami area - BEWARE

In recent months I've been an angry ass and I apologize.

Barney Frank abruptly ends CNBC interview

When Social Security came up for a vote in the House, not a single Republican voted in favor-- not 1

I Was Just Hit Up for a Contribution on Facebook Chat

The largest private employer in America is now Wal-mart

Oliver North: ‘I’ve been waterboarded, I used to waterboard people’

Wait A Damn Minute! I thought it was a citizen's right not to sign a ticket.

You can't buy cutlery on anymore...

"The responsible white separatist community condemns this," he said. "It makes us look bad."

Should any mature and rational discussion about hate speech ...

Dems may lose, just as Labour Party has - betray your base and lose!

Gay, Black, Harvard-Educated Iraq War Vet Anthony Woods Brings Incredible Resume to Politics

Scenes from Silicon Valley, 6/11/09: Weed-covered Jeep dealership and Deli for lease

Right wing crazies hate certain people, are YOU one of those people?

Find the 'hate groups' near you

Will there be a conservative attack on Shep Smith?

anyone anticipating Letterman tonight?

How to get 63% of Americans to support gay marriage (maybe)

First time I have ever disagreed with KO's Worst Person selection

A Quote From Howard Zinn

A righty starts to get it: no summer school program to babysit his kid

How many of you are going to be without TV after tomorrow (June 12)?

Real Unemployment Rate Now 16.4%

Dear AMA: I Quit!

Dear AMA: I Quit!

The Nation: It's Official--The Era of Cheap Oil Is Over

Should Letterman sue Palin???

Insurance industry front group admits nearly 120m Americans would prefer federally-run health care

Define "affordable". Define "quality". Define "accessible".

Radio host arrested for inciting listeners to "take up arms" against lawmakers

With a Universal Health care system, would wait times go up because more people are seeing a Dr?

Cop kills miniature Dachshund because the dog "was barking at him". - From the Malloy Show.

American Money Association

Report: Von Brunn targeted Weekly Standard

Sonny and Cher's child transitioning from female to male

Three right wing terrorist murders in two weeks; but maybe more

"Since periods of change such as the present one come so rarely in human history..."

Let's stop perpetrating this myth: The Holocaust Museum shooter was a freeper.

The Case for Disbarment of Lawyers Who Facilitated Torture Grows

Aryan Nativist Sheriff Joe Arpaio is on the other side of the law now - and he doesn't like it

10 cars that seem to last forever

Fake military veteran hid under 'ocean of lies'

Bloom County. Still relevant today...

To all DUers outside Texas, Juneteenth is almost here!

Satya Harvey (astrology writer for The Examiner) on Kaugya crashing into the moon:

Limbaugh claims "exercise freaks ... are the ones putting stress on the health care system"

Help!..Young friends of mine stranded in Texas after Wal-Mart ruined their van!

Remember there are millions upon millions of Americans who would do the same as Roeder and von Brunn

Do you as a DUer use spell-check?

Teachable Moment? What Separates A Bad CT (Birthers) From A Healthy CT (JFK & Truthers)

Does Sarah Palin help or hurt the GOP's "comeback"?

Would it kill the chain stores to employ people familiar with the area where they're working?

Take the poll: "Is right wing talk radio a significant contributing factor to domestic terrorism?"

American Medical Association tries to walk back its public-plan opposition.

Michael Moore takes the bull by its horns, finds a new focus

The World according to Americans

The religious right and corporations are powerful in Dem party as the power shifts.

Like a crazy quilt stargown through a dream night wind

The Lounge is "foolishness and hijinks"

boredom cure....

I have something to say....

Did Pandora change, or...

Insomnia means you get to live twice. n/t

how about a trick to cut back on smoking?

oh nevermind

I just made Gordon Ramsay style scrambled eggs

Hey, nobody wished me a happy birthday today!

LifeisShort ArtLong OpportunityFugitive ExperimentingPerilous ReasoningDifficult.

One of my co-workers is going on a trip to Chicago for a few days.

Poll question: Is it difficult for you to admit it when your clique is wrong?

Mods, don't you dare move this Lounge thread to GD!

I thought I heard the cicadas singing this morning about 8 am when I left for work.

Some strange man in a tower is fomenting a riot in GD.

kitteah picture of the day for thursday june 11

The Overcast

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY Awsi Dooger!!*******

I'm changing my DU user settings to hide all the threads that use the word narwhal

Am I the only young person that does not know how to text?

Just wondering how many of you guys have me on ignore?

God, why do people insist on calling me at 8 AM

Can someone help me with my Ipod Mamo?

To those of you to whom I owe thanks --

How to dispose of pressure-treated lumber

I have an idea for an alternate history short story. What if

MY 1000 POST!

anti-choice is woman-hating, pure and simple

Yoiks!! Phil Spector's Mug shot...

Someone I had a falling out with FB'd me last night.

Parking space in Boston sells for $300,000

Fun NARWHAL fact: Vikings used to find narwhal horns on the shores of Greenland

Question for sellers on Ebay

For LostinVA... (Warning: Excruciating Cuteness)

A courier was laughing so hard,she had to lean against the front desk.

Goddamit. Rejected again.

I did not sleep at all last night. When was your last all-nighter?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/11/09

Do you work with someone who has to laugh after each sentence they speak?

If a society lost the ability to read and write--as they did in EARTH ABIDES

Special points to anyone who can find the links to my last five poetry breaks.

100% True Fucking Redneck ROFL

**************** Official Alternate Nick Thread For 3.14158675309**************


Really. Leaf blowing? Nice job, Hitler.

Best mythological pantheon?

Nouc mam with spring rolls and rice noodles.

Hey Loungers.....

Dog just doesn't say no and gets 'stoned' at park

Man accused of urinating on people at festival

Megan Fox replacing Sarah Michelle Gellar in Joss Whedon-less big screen "Buffy" relaunch?

deleted changed my mind

You know what? You're absolutely right.

Some handy hints...

HUGH warning! Do not eat or drink while viewing this!

I have a socialization problem.

Do toilets flush counterclockwise in Australia?

Burned Topless Coffee Shop reopens in a tent

Traveling in China.

sweet kitty in North Texas needs a new home.

The subject is immorality

My nephew's gonna be WAY surprised on Saturday!!

I can see putting tomato or ketchup on a burger, but both?

I can see putting tomato or ketchup on a burger, but both?

cat found?

Stop your evil ways!

I am such a troublemaker....

FDA approves drug for the annoyingly cheerful

There's a hydroponic supply store next to my work....


Fucking Rockies.

The subject is immorality

Remember those asshats from my home state who ran down the deer with their snowmobiles?

So that spider pig scene in Simpsons movie...

Another classic new wave song from 1981

Free lame advert for the Wii

Tell me when things will get better

I have a dumb question about airline travel. I haven't flown in 20

Is this a form of Insomnia?

You Rec My Thread, I'll Rec Yours

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/11/2009)


Help, Who would we send money to for help in getting single payer passed?

Kenny Rankin

A headline made for the Lounge...

I love it when Dave gives a history lesson

Ask an Albanian

Bird In San Francisco Smacks Unsuspecting Pedestrians In The Head (VIDEO)

Yes, MaineGreene, there really was a Chef Boyardee

Rush Limbaugh,new owner of the St. Louis Rams?

narwhal pizza? i know it's wrong but...

Anyone know about Orlando Magic's owner? Friend said he's a wingnut.

Anyone know about Orlando Magic's owner? Friend said he's a wingnut.

Mr Scorpio: Still hung up on that Marvin Gaye tune you posted

Some random songs from my running playlist. For no particular reason.

Holy crap, there'z 4 cats in here with me!

Recommend a brand of hair dye

This video makes me happy. I need happy right now.

Last day of class today! Didactic Year of Physician Assistant School is over!...

Oh, No! They freeped Doctor Who!

One day until the digital "religious right" conspiricy begins

The subject is immortality

2mg of Xanax and I still can't relax

Introducing Melody Gardot. Some might know her, but for you who don't

Today's my birthday ...

A friend of TM's was found dead this morning.

Dog gets high on pot found in park

I need a summer job and nowhere will hire me.

I haven't done a *burp* thread in awhile.

I just got home from the ER

Is this legit?

I'm a little tipsy...

Where is Swag?

Post the name of a movie that is about a curse,or has "curse" in it's name.

Nats Win !

Snails offend me.

To the administrators...How about dropping the moaning Tasmanian Devils that I am hallucinating?

I've been on hold 24 minutes to upgrade AA tickets --my 7th call trying.

Ok. My world has been turned upside down.

Is there such thing as sugar free mint syrup?

Today, June 11th, is my parents' 32nd anniversary.

Pay no mind to what they say/ doesn't matter anyway-ay-ay-ay...

3D pavement Art and How they did it in time lapse

Woman who missed Flight 447 is killed in car crash

Well, unemployed DUers...I've just joined your ranks.....

Food products you hope to God you never see.

Observation: people who give all their children names that start with the same letter tend to be

Ok, I miss my old friends.

Lost Seasons I-IV, Babylon 5 Seasons I-V, Rome Seasons I-II

Vibes Please. My brother and SIL are adopting a child from Ethiopia.

What does "ita!" mean? Someone responded this way to one of my posts,

So who likes to decorate houses? (pics)

The Happening

Best Leslie Nielsen movie?

The Thing I Miss Most About the 70's Is:

For those of you that partake of the burger....

What is the most materialistic, self-indulgent waste of money you would buy for yourself.

What is the true purpose and appeal of our beloved Lounge?

Thanks, Skinner.

If You Had the Chance To Spend One Day With Any Character In History

Any flight attendants herein?

Some advice for all of the beer drinkers on a budget

Jury duty - I need an out...

Just finished a child molester case, so guess what I am doing now...

I got a jury duty letter today. I am a "prospective grand juror."

My precious granddaughter Ella is in hospital, she's 3 yrs old.

I did it. I put office supplies in the fridge at work.

Those that graduated or went to college, are you working in your major field of study?

I miss Heidi

Gawd... cop shot a dachshund .. grr

Oh let me flow into the ocean, yeah let me get back to the sea

post a childhood photo of yourself

To the administrators...How about dropping the Evony ads

Yosemite + Eastern Sierra trip (photos)

What is the recipe for Fomenting a Riot in GD?

Are There DVDs of David Letterman's Morning Show on NBC?

Netanyahu's speech: Yes to road map, no to settlement freeze

Recent RW terrorist events

Michelle Malkin: "shooter wasn’t “left” or “right,” just plain loony"

mental slip just now by Bill Press got me thinking ... "Terror" Palin ...

Egypt's Mubarak says Obama has new approach to Islam

GALLUP: Even Repugs Know Their Party Sucks.

If health care doesn't get done in two years the public should demand congress give up there health car

Letterman Responds To Palin Over Jokes Tonight (VIDEO)

Obama plans new policy on mountain mining - tighter reins to control environmental damage

need help

Only 601K people lost their jobs last week. Woo hoo!! Let's cancel the stimulus!!

We are going to get "co-ops" instead of a public health insurance option.

Dems warn lobbyists to Stay Away from GOP Meeting

What's the roadblock to a real public option? Congress. So CHANGE CONGRESS.

Obama declares time to fix health care is now (AP)

**Heads Up: POTUS Live at Green Bay Town Hall (Healthcare)**

Pelosi: Health Care Reform Can't Pass Without Public Option

Pelosi rejects proposal to skirt government-run healthcare

Media Matters: Newsmax blames Obama for Holocaust Museum shooting

Hey, fuckwits at

"Bill Clinton Sees Hope for Health Care Changes, This Time"

Right-wing backlash against Obama? (BBC)


POTUS on way to Green Bay, WI, where he will hold townhall meeting on health care at 1:10PM ET.

Thank the Pres for supporting a public option

Why expanding medicare should be off the table...


The Six Top Republicans Obama Listens To

Obama Stimulus: Burger Shop Booms After President's Visit

GOP Stays Classy: No. 2 (insert "potty humor") House Republican compares Obama to Putin

What a surprise... another Rupert Murdoch publication caught lying about the Administration

Politico drags out the rotten red herrings. "Weekly Standard may have been shooter target"

Von Brunn: "Obama Was Created by Jews"

VA-Gov: Deeds Leads First Post-Primary Poll

Credit when it is deserved! CNN shows entire Health Care TownHall while MSNBC and FOX turn off!

Obama Approval Steady-62%- According To Latest faux Poll

VA Gov Poll: Deeds (D) 47(+17), McDonnell (R) 41(-4)

Online chat with Ezra Klein. Think you will find this particular Q & A of interest.

WND Birthers funding Where's The Birth Certificate Billboards

Flashback: Scarborough Chortled At “Funny Story” About DHS Report, Called Napolitano “Nuts” (VIDEO)

How do you deal with people worried about Obama's birth certificate?

American Medical Association: "We do not support Government-Based Insurance"

American Medical Association Trying To Torpedo Health Care Reform Again

It's not a letter from the Doctor, but it'll do

Clinton adopts low-key style at State Dept.

Free Republic silent on their buddy and poster Von Brunn.

Should Chicago DUers and others organize an AMA PROTEST for next week. . .

Jake Tapper: "Statement of Fact, Both James von Brunn and Rev Wright have claimed POTUS

Neat Little Bit Of Satisfaction I Had This Morning In Green Bay . . .

Rev. Wright blamed "The Jews" and considering yesterday's events, will he apologize?

"Snowe Open to Public Option"

Binyamin Netanyahu may yield to two-state solution after pressure from Obama (TimesOnline)

Senate Passes Senator Kennedy's Historic Bill to Regulate Tobacco Products

Liberal docs counter the A.M.A. and their efforts to squash healthcare reform.

Ezra Klein on Health Care Reform: What is Bipartisanship Worth?

Huffpo's Sam Stein: AMA Trying to Torpedo Health Care Reform Again

Two more Gitmo detainees released (Iraq, Chad)

"There will be no bipartisan healthcare reform unless by that you mean the Democrats capitulate"

Fact-Checking Republican Attacks Against The Public Option

#2 House Republican, Eric Cantor (R-VA) Compares Obama to Russia's Putin

I am still ready for Palin in 2012 and have my poster ready......

I Believe...

AL-Gov: Davis Posts Early Lead on GOP Field (Except for Byrne)

Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) Says 60 Votes Needed To Pass Healthcare, Reconciliation Won't Work!

Coleman Must Pay Franken Court Costs... bwahahahahaha

Will It Be Affordable Universal Health Care or a Government Bailout for the Insurance Companies?

George Mitchell getting tough on Arab/Iraeli situation.....

Has Obama ever received campaign money from Health Insurance?

WI-Gov/WI-Sen: Dems in Pretty Good Shape

Absolute proof that political yard signs don't necessarily work...

PHOTO: Teacher's Note

GOP Leader Eric Cantor Predicts Republican Landslide in 2010

Say No to Kent Conrad's Co-op plan on health care reform

Republican father casts daughter out of his life

Don't let the shootings scare you.

Did you see that little twit Palin on Colbert?

Obama to meet with American Medical Association to discuss health care

Want to revive the GOP base and become a 1 term president just try to

Mike Gravel!

FauxNews POLL: Obama approval at 63% (+3).

Kathy Griffin on Letterman: "Sarah Palin's an idiot, and the husband is a tool."

Joe S. - now everyone can see what a hypocrtitical, pathetic coward you are!

****IRAN POLLS OPEN*** Update thread

PHOTOS Green Bay, Wisconsin (June 11)

On right wing talk radio they asked what if Letterman said that about the Obama girls. . .

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Obama Aids Bush's Torture Cover-up

Stand with the President (on health care reform)

Democrats hint compromise to win Senate health care deal

Huffpo critical of Kennedy health bill

Leahy Apologizes to Sessions on Sotomayor Hearing Announcement

Stephen Colbert's last show tonight from Iraq, and The Thunderbirds (planes)! That was

Robert Reich: Coops - The Latest Public Option Bamboozle, and How to Recognize the Real Thing

Iran Update: Crowds shout "DEATH TO THE GOVERNMENT" We are witnessing the death of 'Neo Con-ism'

Seriously...Do Unitarians just go on vacation all summer?

Woohoooo Obama just said there needs to be Public Option to keep the Private Companies Honest!!

Shook hands with Biden today in Overland Park, KS!!

PHOTO 'We know what your up to'.

Obama/Dem Critics, please don't blow this chance to electorally crush the GOP.

O.K., I Totally Missed Letterman

Major Update On "Little Barack"!

N.O.W. takes Letterman to the woodshed

Single payer airports, convention centers, ports and baseball stadiums

Wright is sorry, ADL says was expressing "classic anti-Semitism."

When You Put Your 18 Year Old Daughter on the Cover of People Magazine

Mitt Romney's having an essay contest!

Some Israelis Insulted By Obama Picture

Obama looks to end expedited mining reviews

Visiting Gadhafi stokes protests in Rome

Tour de France for convicts pedals into history

Gates: No sign N. Korea is prepared to retaliate

Iraqis Attack Police After Bombing

Scientists find whales more endangered in Exxon, BP and Rosneft oil areas

NATO to scale down Kosovo force

U.S. college grads shun Wall Street for Washington

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified

Proof that Diplomacy works

Doctors’ Group Opposes Public Insurance Plan

Friday is final curtain for analog TV signals

Democrats ask court to block NY Senate coup

NY Senate not in session despite coalition plans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 11

U.S. resettles 4 Gitmo detainees in Bermuda

Authorities: Gunman (von Brunn) to be charged with murder

Weekly Standard may have been shooter target

Obama Declares Time to Fix Health Care is Now

Holocaust denier charged in DC museum shooting

Army suicides continue to rise

Holocaust Museum shooter had lawmaker's address

Police say slain guard opened door for killer

AP Exclusive: No Carradine suicide, expert says

CIA Says Bin Laden Still In Pakistan

No. 2 House Republican Compares Obama to Putin

Dem's Bogeyman Luntz Schooled Reid, Other Dems On Messaging

Jobless claims drop again; retail sales rose in May

First look: Michael Moore goes after Wall Street in next film

4th victim dies in Philly police-chase crash

Report Faults Bush Officials Over Utah Land Auction

"Final Destination"

Plan targets fallout from mountaintop mining

Americans' Net Worth Shrinks $1.33 Trillion In 1Q

Bill Gives FDA Broad Powers to Regulate Tobacco

Museum Slay Suspect Had List Of Lawmakers

FBI: Possible hate-crime charge against suspect

Tamil rebel leader tortured before being killed: Report

Von Brunn: "Obama Was Created by Jews"

Appeals court blocks release of detainee pictures

Baucus Aides Warn K Street

Detainee photo provision dropped from war-funding bill

U.S. frees youngest Guantanamo detainee: lawyer

U.S. Lawmaker Says Obama Administration Ordered FBI to Read Rights to Detainees

Accused Shooter Complained About Minority Students

AP Sources: Obama Aides Traveled With Detainees.

Iran poll will end in riots if Ahmadinejad cheats, says Mousavi camp

Iran Gears Up For Tight Presidential Race

Wackenhut Failed To Provide Security Vests To Holocaust Museum Guards

AP Source: Pyongyang may be prepping nuclear test

Calif. pot dispensary owner given 1-year sentence

WHO raises flu pandemic to highest level

RBS among victims of broker coup on Wall St

Feds Freeze Poker Champ's Winnings (Online Crackdown)

U.S. Feds say they are lifting curbs on "shoe-bomber"

Autopsy finds Carradine’s death not a suicide

15 months after Iraq bloodbath, young veteran takes his life

Lobbyists Spend Millions Fighting Over Obama's Universal Health Care Plan

Senators who opposed tobacco bill received top dollar from industry

Chávez bans sale of Coke Zero in Venezuela

Chastity Bono announces sex change

Police fire tear gas in Peru protests

Senator: Sotomayor Accepts Gun Rights Ruling

ACLU Files Lawsuit Seeking Disclosure of Still-Secret Torture Documents

U.S. Chamber of Commerce joins fight against Buy American

Bill Would Give FDA Broad Powers to Regulate Tobacco

2 Japanese carrying $134 bil worth of U.S. bonds detained in Italy

Israelis to Obama: "Save Us From Ourselves!"

Senator Bernie Sanders on Healthcare Reform

Newt Gingrich Angers The Zombie Reagan

GREEN AWARD to Q'Orianka Kilcher = Massacre in Peru

The GayClic Collab Against Homophobia (from France)

White House Press Briefing - Analog TV Ending This Friday & Other Q&A

Campbell Brown: Joan Walsh vs Liz Cheney on Bringing Gitmo Detainees to the U.S.

Rachel Maddow: New 'Sickening' CIA Torture Documents to Be Released This Week

Alan Grayson on Women and the Military Occupation of Afghanistan

House Education and Labor-Dennis Kucinich Single-Payer hearing

target women birth control


O'Reilly Wonders If Holocaust Shooting Is Newsworthy

Bush: I Want to Close Gitmo and Try them in U.S. Courts (June 21, 2006) - Responding to Liz Cheney

TYT: The Museum Shooting, The DHS Extremist Report & Fox News

Conservative Media Freaked Out Over DHS Report On Right Wing Extremists

AP: Obama Confronts Critics on Health Care Overhaul

Liz Cheney falsely claims Obama hasn't said "I believe in American exceptionalism."

Petraeus on the Afghan "surge"

Pelosi Keeps Public Healthcare on Table

Rachel Maddow discusses the GOP's Sotomayor Timing Tantrum w/ GOP strategist

Taliban fighters reclaim Afghan province

Criminals for Gun Control

Guess Who Speaks for the Republican Party? Some good laughs in this one

Skin Care: Target Women

TYT Reaction: Contessa Brewer Deals w/ Idiot John Zeigler On MSNBC

Carrie Prejean Talks To Rupert Murdoch About Getting Fired As Miss California

Fire the Boss: Naomi Klein on The Worker Control Solution from Argentina to Chicago 1 of 2

Right-Wing Whacko S.E. Cupp Joins Hannity's Circle-Jerk, Blames Obama For Letterman's Palin Joke

David Letterman Sarah Palin Joke issues June 10th statement

Faux News - Deceptive Editing

WWF Guy Jim Cornette Goes IN Deep On Republicans & Right Wingers Pt. 1

Dr. Marcia Angell Interview - Single-Payer Interview

Carl's Jr: Target Women

TYT: Sarah Palin w/ Hannity - We Told Ya So!

Obama Pardons Girl Missing School for Town Hall Meeting - Writes Her Teacher a Note

Stephen Colbert in Photo Sessions w/ Troops in Iraq

Barney Frank gets pissed with the CNBC spin machine & walks off interview

GB girl gets note from pres

Crist says drilling 10 miles offshore won't bring Florida money. Need to drill closer, he says.

Patti Blago workin' the jury from the jungle

Al Qaeda -- BBC Explains U.S. Created the Terrorist Network

WWF Guy Jim Cornette Goes IN Deep On Republicans & Right Wingers Pt. 2

Palin Explains how Republicans are ready to take back the Whitehouse using a Interpreter. (Video)

Suspect has deep Maryland ties, history of anti-Semitic activities (Baltimore Sun)

Chicago US Attorney Says Book Partly Blames Him for Sept. 11

Dupe, pls delete. nt

How a murder fed conspiracy theories about the liberal media by Thomas Frank

Unified Republicans and divided Catholics (Asheville Citizen-Times)

GOP 'Compromises' on Health Care: 'Public Option' Available Only Upon Death

Scarborough Country: Where Anti-Choice Extremism Is Swept Under the Rug

Iran May Be About To Dump Ahmadinejad. Meanwhile, American and Israeli Neocons Hope Mad Mahmoud Wins

William Greider: Wall Street's False Armistice

The even darker, unspoken implications of a James von Brunn

What Right Wing Threat?

The FDA as a Public Health Agency (New Eng Jour Med)

Move over Limbaugh, GOP has a new spiritual leader: James Wenneker von Brunne

Was detainee's death a suicide? (Binyam Mohammed | Miami Herald)

Synergies Summit to ‘reboot’ US-India ties (here goes more offshoring)

Bipartisanship Is Nice. Strong Legislation Is Nicer.

Feinstein and Collins: Handouts for Hummers

Dr. Chris McCoy: Dear AMA: I Quit!

McAuliffe Defeat Is Another Blow To Clinton Legacy

Senate votes for F.D.A. Rules on Tobacco.

Sotomayor Tapes at

Robert Reich: The great deficit scare returns

Come, See Your Future

Joe Conason: Why So Scared of a Public Plan?

Meg Whitman Republican for Governor California Then The Whitehouse!!!!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Threat To Capitalism

Protesters Gird for Long Fight Over Opening Peru’s Amazon (NYT)

"Successful Weight Loss With Dieting Is Linked To Vitamin D Levels" - x

Michael Moore wants his money back. Actually, he wants your money back

Stop Being Distracted by Loudmouths Like Limbaugh: The Real Problem = Lousy Democrats Like Evan Bayh

Nicholas D. Kristof: This Time, We Won’t Scare

This Time, We Won’t Scare

How Many More?

The Wages of Fear

SoS Hillary Clinton: Attacking Hunger at Its Roots


Obama Admin to unveil its India agenda at USIBC on June 17

Examining the Single Payer Health Care Option: Marcia Angell Testimony

Venezuelan Supreme Court rejects lawsuits against Chavez

BOREV:That's So Alavaro! Colombia's Amb. to Canada Up to His Armpits in Paras/Narco Traffickers

VEN Gov't. Responds to Massacre of Indigenous Protestors in Peruvian Amazon

Jean-Guy Allard (granma): "And When Will Miami's Terrorist Nest be Cleared Out?"

We're in luck, we posters who've been trying to find out more on the Bolivian assassins!

Phone Conversation Reveals Opposition Desire to Destabilise Venezuela

Peak oil notes - Jun 11

DrumBeat: June 11, 2009

BP CEO Warns UK North Sea Output On Track To Fall 5%/Year, Faster In Absence Of Increased Investment

New record Arctic sea ice cover minimum? Climate researchers from Bremerhaven and Hamburg present …

Alert from Texas Climate Emergency Campaign

Future battlegrounds for conservation under global change

I'd like to hear from people

Isolated forest patches lose species, diversity

Beijing's Waste Stream Volume Increasing 8%/Year; 5 Years' Capacity Remains In Landfills - AFP

Columbia/UN Study - Climate Migration "Could Vastly Exceed The Scope Of Anything Before" By 2050

First ever worldwide census analysis of caribou/reindeer numbers reveals dramatic decline (60%)

The glaring disconnnect between grasping peak oil and understanding its consequences

Halfway to Copenhagen, no way to 2 °C … and no chance of protecting coral reefs.

biofuels and reduction of gasoline emissions and improved human health

Biologists help fish flee fire

Amazon deforestation dropping, despite land use change predicted by ILUC?

Antibiotics Added to the List of Biofuel Production Concerns

CBC News: Ottawa station 1st in world to sell biofuel from wheat straw

Ospreys nest again after two centuries

Railroads offer electric transmission rights-of-way in exchange for electrification

Peru Suspends Decrees that Fueled Amazon Violence

Has anyone noticed how the Dow and Nymex crude futures are moving in lockstep?

Capstone Integrates Microturbine Into Ford S-Max Plugin Hybrid (Whisper Eco-Logic)

China Will Not Accept Binding GHG Cuts, Official Announces After Talks With US - AFP

Apparently, Farmers/Oil Refiners/Auto Firms/Utilities/Truckers All Too Strapped For Climate Bill

A Message to the Nearly Converted

RIP Coach Richard Quick.

Never before.

1gobluedem just broke her elbow

The SF Giants get thumped by Upton and

Interesting. The Nationals win and Upton single handedly beats the SF Giants.

Rick Gosselin's NFL off season rankings

Looks like it's up to me to post the Sox v. Yanks thread

'Naked in Nebraska' (about the two Neb. wrestlers kicked off the team for posing on gay porn site)

Real Madrid have $130+ million bid accepted for Cristiano Ronaldo

In case anyone is concerned, it is NEVER too early to talk about College Football!!

Business leaders form Coalition to Support EFCA

Today in labor history June 11 Labor unions were legalized in Canada , US police kill 1 wound 2

Workers at Army Equipment Plant Protest Jobs Being Shipped to Puerto Rico

76 trade unionists murdered around the world in 2008 & more info

My e-mail to Andrew Wilkow (Sirius Radio right-wing talker) re: universal health

Fixing Health Care Does Not Require a "Bi-Partisan" Bill

"There will be no bipartisan healthcare reform unless by that you mean the Democrats capitulate"

When the Repubs say 119 mil may lose the health care they have

Dear AMA, You're saps and a big part of the health care problem

Snowe's Ties To Health Care Industry Raise Concern As Reform Talk Heats Up

Do we have a blast system

Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Kolesar's letter to Obama advocating single payer health coverage

Will It Be Affordable Universal Health Care or a Government Bailout for the Insurance Companies?

(Begin somber music).... In America, John lost his life savings because of one hospital stay....

The Brain that Changes Itself

Camping with Cancer

Teen diagnoses her own disease in science class

Poultry Is No. 1 Source of Outbreaks, According to C.D.C. Report

WHO raises flu pandemic to highest level - x ("first global epidemic since 1968")

I am a vegan and just found out my ldl cholesterol is slightly high

This is harsh

Old bill, but great idea. S. 1261: Montgomery GI Bill for Life Act of 2007

Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians

"Successful Weight Loss With Dieting Is Linked To Vitamin D Levels" - x

Socialized Healthcare: Lessons from the UK

Other than 100% confiscation, proposed gun control laws could not have stopped...

The Economist: Soaring gun sales in Arizona - Planning for the worst

Let's Clear Up This "Gunshow Loophole" Misunderstanding

Marksmanship and Firearms training at collage...

"You want my weapons? This is how you'll get them." ~~James Von Brunn

What type of firearm did von Brunn use?

Robbery victim shoots suspect in Sarasota

How to own a gun in Japan

This, folks, is why I own guns.

Court papers: Man used assault rifle in road rage incident

How do you keep track of your personal inventory?

Fyi: cultural history via BookTv: Pre-Gay L.A. (video)

I need to read the local paper, I totally missed this:

Study shows DADT hurts military readiness

Should we send out a search party for racaulk?

NYT: Feeling Slighted, Rich Patron Led Albany Revolt

Ok, I had a queen OD watching Kathy Griffin this week.

20 some odd years ago -- my now dead partner and i bought

Study: Israeli gays coming out younger, mainly thanks to TV

New questions about Gay Marriage (no, really!)

Chastity Bono comes out as Transgendered and transitioning

i just donated $58 to equality california --

A gay female friend of mine just lost a job to a lazy straight guy with much less experience

Chastity Bono transitioning from female to male

Wanted: need a consortium of legal geniuses to figure out how to make my partner's transition safe.

Bishop Robinson: "Patience Is Wearing Thin" with Obama

Gene Simmons: Adam Lambert should "shut up about his sexual orientation!"

Loving Israel by hating Obama (Ha'aretz)

Carter: Mideast peace not possible without Hamas

Gideon Levy: Talking to Israel is a waste of Obama's time

Palestinian sheds light on who's right in Middle East

Obama Joins Rising Tide Placing Israel At Fault

Rattling the Cage: Imagine Palestinian settlers in Israel......

TIME: Why Obama Should Keep the Heat on Israel

Leniency for Aipac leaker

What is the procedure for getting approval for a DU Group?

Seeking book advice

"The boys of summer" -- in which I showcase my oldest grandson.

Yosemite + Eastern Sierra

The glaring disconnect between understanding peak oil and its consequences

US Family Turned Into Advertising (Internet photo used for HUGE billboard, no comp)

Two Japanese Nationals Caught Smuggling $134 BILLION in Bonds into Switzerland

Had a little house guest this morning

Americans' wealth drops $1.3 trillion (

Federal Reserve Transparency Petition Update: Success

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified

Forecasters say El Nino may be developing

Inflatable tower could climb to the edge of space

Betelgeuse mysteriously shrinking

I just discovered something very strange.

Love Power

When will I learn?

Woah. When you gotta go, you gotta go...

Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) Says 60 Votes Needed To Pass Healthcare, Reconciliation Won't Work!

[Video] Comedian Dave Allen On Religion

A Place for Dissent: My argument with Joseph Ratzinger (By Charles E. Curran | 2005)

John Young: Hate is in neither holy book (Waco TX Trib)

Remembering the Poor: An Interview with Gustavo Gutiérrez (2003)

Can I rescue potato salad?

My order arrived today!

A very nice and easy and healthy summer salad

What's Fer Dinner

The Appleseed Project - aiming to "get others shooting for God and Country"

Ok, I'll say it. Fuck You Glenn Beck!

Alert from Texas Climate Emergency Campaign

Texas drought now worsening. Again.

I'm a cute, black and white cat and I need a good home. Tarrant County.

Canwest: MDS posts financial results and tells a prime minister he's wrong