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Please let us have a moment of peace: Sheep may safely graze.

Obama drastically scales back goals for America after visiting Denny's.

megachurch-goers volunteer less and give less money than other churchgoers.

Computers Can Send You to the ER, Study Shows

Mother of all storms in Bend (OR) this afternoon! (+ pics of Nick!)

The decline of social democracy in Europe

Progressives Have A Chance To Dominate American Politics For the Next 40 Years

Berlusconi, "former cruise ship singer." (???)

Obama administration allows big banks to repay TARP funds

CIA IG Report: To Be Released on June 19

Kennedy health plan includes long-term care

Picking my jaw off the floor. I just saw the tv version of this commercial

London's Metropolitan Police accused of waterboarding suspects

Economy forces 2009 grads to dump dream colleges

Is Your Newest Facebook Friend a Sleazeball Debt Collector?

Wall Street Banks Continue to Shake Down Americans for BILLIONS

Does the GOP's opposition to imprisoning detainees in the U.S. have anything to do with ...

California fiscal crisis threatens millions with ruin: "the general motors scenario"

Lawrence O'Donnell coming up on Morning Joe next hour...

Somebody has to start the fight against concessions! Why not Ford workers?

How to stay relevant, by Mark Morford

morning Joe just had George Bush Sr.'s former tennis partner on critiquing the Obama administration

Idiot congress critter from Kansas files bill to repeal Obama's stimulus bill

Grade Administration's Handling of Banks - WJ this morning

Canadian Banks, Ranked World's Best, Step Up Job Cuts as Profits Drop

Proportion of Independents Among Electorate at 70-Year High

2fer, KISSINGER hearted Scooter. & Ahhhnuld SHRIVER cashed in on own party

Poor Insurance Companies...

Poor Insurance Companies...

Howard Dean is on CSPAN now....the excruciating hour with Assclown Tom Coburn is over.

Howard Dean is on CSPAN now....the excruciating hour with Assclown Tom Coburn is over.

Howard Dean and Tom Coburn (Complete Idiot - OK) offer competing health plans 8 am CSPAN

A question about Newt Gingrich

Woman gets year in prison for Internet posting of AIDS patient's records

Single Payer testimony scheduled for 10:30 on C-Span 3.

U.S. Temporarily Suspends Policy of Deporting Widows of Citizens

Judd Gregg calls Obama's ideas on health care "bunk, bunk, and more bunk" on Mourning Joe

Fundies: Obama and Hillary Clinton establishing a US Dept. of Babykillers !!!!

surge update - At Least 30 Deaths in Iraq car bomb attack

C-Span give Tom Coburn an hour to spew. Howard Dean? Less than half that time.

My advice, via email, to the Morning Joe show, re: format....

Cut hair used to clean up oil spills

my thoughts on single payer/national health care

Since 9/11, Iraq War Costs Have Outpaced Fighting Terrorism 3 to 1

Model Luka Magnotta Spotted in Bahamas With Convicted Murderess

Dean: It's a good thing Phil Gringrey is in Congress and not treating patients

American Commander Loses it - Cusses Out Iraqi Police Unit - Video

CSPAN plans to cover the Single-Payer hearing today, but doesn't list which CSPAN channel.....

Police: Intoxicated man parks in East Pennsboro police parking lot

Senate Intell Committe Has Granted Itself Authority To Investigate Cheney

USA Today: Who speaks for the GOP? "We cannot be a party of balding white guys,"

One in Seven Seniors Faces Social Security Check Cuts in 2010

Old white men

Blue Dog Democrats could have major role in shaping health bill

Former U-M, Buffalo Bills football player Jay Riemersma files paperwork to seek U.S. House seat

Anti Abortion Group Interested in Buying Dr. Tiller's Clinic

Airbus A320 forced to make emergency landing in Canary Islands

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Quotes That Reassure the Rude Pundit That We're Fighting Idiots

Guantánamo’s Hidden History: Shocking Statistics of Starvation” (Andy Worthington)

Jon Voight calls Obama "a false prophet"

Private Groups Foot the Bill for Pentagon Travel - Strict Rules for Congressional Trips Don't Apply

Pentagon won’t name 45 of 74 Detainees It Says Returned To Terrorism

Woman mistakenly junks $1 million mattress

A Gay Antichrist from Sarah Palin's Hometown

317 years ago today the first of the Salem witches was put to death, and thereby...

Poll: Most don't know who speaks for GOP

WARNING: RANT! John Zeigler on MSNBC this A.M.

$30M in Poker Players' Money Seized

FDA warns against using Clarcon skin products

Ugh. P. J. O'Rourke on CBC radio, spewing anti-Global Warming propaganda

Charles Krauthammer is clearly insane....

Testy Contessa!

What About The Boys?

I just read the local newspaper--something I avoid like the plague

I just read the local newspaper--something I avoid like the plague

speaking of airplane incidents

Immigrants Become Hostages as Gangs Prey on Mexicans

Poll: Most don't know who speaks for GOP (USAT)

Anyone else listening to House committee hearing on healthcare?

A modest proposal for fiscal misery: Make them hurt in Brentwood and beyond

Is the only thing worse than not passing real healthcare reform, passing corporate pseudo-"reform"?

Why is MSNBC pushing Scarborough book so constantly?

where are dick and liz cheney?

a dental story - is it just me?

News Flash!!! Self Proclaimed Alien In Washington D.C.-- E.T. Phone Home!

So, Tiller's clinic is closed forever...

NC: Stop the bullying - the School Violence Prevention Act heads to final House vote

Whaa! Ryan (R-Wisc.) : Dems not trying to get GOP votes on healthcare

proof that fundy nut jobs wanted Tiller dead. And now are complaining about investigation

Not so windy: Research suggests winds dying down

I think the complaints about gays in the military seem out of place.

Dean was great on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Guantánamo’s Hidden History: Shocking Statistics of Starvation

U.N. environment chief urges global ban on plastic bags

If the Repugniconvicts are so concerned with the workload they face in reviewing Sonia

The ludricrousness of the shower argument when it comes to gays

Krauthammer: 'Fox Did Not Just Create venue for alternative opinion-It created an alternate reality'

Who speaks for the Grand Old Perverts Party

Analog shutdown in 2 days. Are you ready?

Coming up on Hartmann - Joe Sestak!

Amadinejad wants to put the opposition in Jail?

This talk about taxing health care benefits is an attempt to shut down reform.

A rant about unions:


Commentary: Obama absent on gay rights

West Va. Supreme Court Affirms Toxic Coal Silo as Wonderful Playground

If you didn't know that MSNBC's Scarborough is a former FL rep, then you don't know Laurie Klausutis

Possible reasons for Espada and Monserrate's participation in NY Senate coup



Alternet threatened with lawsuit from Michael Savage

Attacked by a Mockingbird

Chrysler deal finalized - Out of Bankruptcy - Sold to FIAT

Health Care Bill + DOMA will screw GLBT community out of benefits they already have

Cops Taser, Shoot Chihuahua

Shots fired at Holocaust Museum in DC.

What's O'Reilly's top story tonight? "Child Molester Given Golden Parachute by Liberal Judge"?

The Republicans are stupid.

Former Gitmo detainee: "interrogators told me they knew I was innocent"

California contemplates ultimate reform - no welfare

Operation Rescue may buy Dr. Tiller's closed clinic

Operation Rescue may buy Dr. Tiller's closed clinic

new species in my neighborhood

San Francisco OKs Toughest Recycling Law in US

Christopher Dodd's possible Republican Opponent

"Darn you youngsters, with your hula hoops and Bing Crosby and racial tolerance..."

"Darn you youngsters, with your hula hoops and Bing Crosby and racial tolerance..."

"What Fox did is not just create a venue for alternative opinion. It created an alternate reality."

Holocaust Museum Shooter Suspect Arrested in 1981 with Weapons At Fed Building

How come the Holocaust museum tragedy is getting so much attention (as it should) but Dr. Tiller's

MSNBC reporting white supremacist is Holocaust Museum shooter. n/t

I abso-fucking-lutely hate Drudge

Possibly the shooter's website!

I'll send a $200 check to the DNC if Janet Napolitano makes a public "I told you so!" statement

"traditional" racists/white supremists versus the "fundie" racists/white supremists

Going Hungry

Geithner says shareholders need say in executive pay

Operation Rescue wants to buy Dr. Tillers building. What GALL

Sen. Mitch McConnell on Health-Care Reform

So when did the weather channel go all disaster waiting to happen...

Sotomayor Condemned Antigay Violence

Is this what Tom Coburn wanted? Shots fired at Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Prediction.. James w. von Brunn listens to Rush and watches FOX News.

Whirlwinds of Wednesday. Come CAPTION the cretin (America's Nanny)

This guy is senile... David shuster, perhaps... NOT

Why is the DEMOCRATIC Undergrounds top rated posts usually bashing our Democrtic President?

Tom Clancy had a correspondence with Von Brunn, whom Clancy called, "an ass. (boy was he right!)

OK DUers the connections with the RW loonies are clear

Why is it that, for the most part, all these people who go off and kill a bunch of people

Shooting at DC Holocaust Museum. Shooter allegedly shot

I've come to the conclusion that all radical right wingers are attention whores and drama queens.

release of more torture pics undermines current charm offensive

Call Mary Landrieu and ask when she is giving up HER public option health insurance!

Off to Gitmo with our white domestic terrorists, right?

Rick Sanchez makes the connection and ties DC shooting to the other shootings in the past few weeks!

Kennedy Plan Americans would be able to buy long-term care insurance from the government for $65/mo

Large Majority Backs Major Overhaul of Health Care

Progressive blogger calls Letterman "the smelly, 62-year-old coot who never arranged to grow up"

UW professor detained after photographing power lines settles lawsuit with Snohomish

Rick is quite the commander on CNN today. Fast-paced news is his specialty.

Freepers spend an hour speculating that the Holocaust Museum shooter was a "muslin"...

Sheepherder Smith on Faux Noise: "The Interwebs are in an uproar over the DC shooting."

AP: FBI checking Von Brunn's computer, investigating it as possible hate crime or domestic terrorism

Go Shepard!!! He is reminding us of the memo

What does the CNN headline bring to mind? "Sources: Shooter is White Supremacist"

Today's TaserBoy looks to be a former high school football blockhead .... around 6 foot 17 tall ....

I've asked before- Will someone with the means to do so PLEASE warcache Free Republic?

Is Freaker Republic Guilty of Obstruction of Justice?

Right-wing comedy: "I don't see anyone opening fire at people and yelling 'Vote Republican'"

CNN reporting the guard has died

No thread on the House single-payer healthcare hearing? ..... OK, I'll start one.....

No thread on the House single-payer healthcare hearing? ..... OK, I'll start one.....

Strange painting by James W. von Brunn >>

one has to go through massive security at the Holocaust museum. HOW did a gun get thorugh

Why Terry McAuliffe's career as a Democratic candidate was over before it began.

In Response To Trolls, Freepers and like minded Disrupters

USbank ripping us off, NOT making homes affordable with refi Obama's program

Security Guard from Holocaust Museum shooting has died from wounds

FOX is surprisingly watchable today. They are loving the right-wing connection.

FreeRepublic owner/admins must be getting tired of having to purge the threads of terrorists

Eric Cantor (R-VA): "The economy is our issue again. "

Report Free Republic's scrubbing of potential evidence here --->

Should all Freepers be waterboarded to root out the next Domestic Terrorist?

Leading Far-Right Holocaust Denier Says: It Ain't Us

Need help customizing new blog (workaround for widgets in classic blogger template?)

Tamron on MSNBC mentions Free Republic Postings

oops - please delete :-)

Right-wing comedy: "I don't see anyone opening fire at people and yelling 'Vote Republican'"

Operation Iraqi Stephen - Going Commando - Bill Clinton & Amp Soda - video

Did anybody else watch the Senate hearing re Auto Industry Restructuring?

Tweety: "Holly-cost" Museum...!!!!!

In Wake Of D.C. Shooting, Where Are The GOP Reps Pushing “Birther” Bill?

is THIS the James von Brunn?!?!

D.C. Shooting: Time To Revisit Criticism Of “Right Wing Extremists” Report

Did you hear that? On GEM$NBC

Here is James Von Brunn's post on Free Republic, cached.

G. Gordon Liddy is hawking gold in ads on Fox Noise.

Lieberman-Graham torture photo ban will be added to 'every piece of legislation that comes down the

Air France Crash: Submarine Arrives At Scene To Hunt Black Boxes

LA Times. Disagrees with individual rights reading of 2nd amendment, but pro incorporation

Travel Slump Pushes Delta, American Toward 5% Cut in Seats to Raise Fares

How should we pay for single payer health insurance.

Just got a letter from T Rowe Price - they are adding redemption fees to my funds

VID: Tara & Bella - The Odd Couple of Animal Kingdom! UPDATE


Scahill: U.S. War Privatization Results in Billions Lost in Fraud, Waste and Abuse--Report

FTR, the Holocaust Museum Shooter was a Freeper, but not a Christian

A Virginia man will stand trial for allegedly posting online death threats

Tam'ron Hall is mentioning the FR purge NOW!!!

The Museum Guard dies and Hannity brings up the Arkansas shooter

NYT Editorial on Teacher Evaluation and...

"Yesterday's Troll" (Chris Matthews) - DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT?

UN Rapporteur: Rumsfeld in Trouble

Joan Walsh on Hardball was excellent... called out the rightwingers (O'Reilly, Limbaugh, etc) for

Canada, Australia, Europe dominate "Most Liveable Cities" list

Sarah Palin: "It's good state revenues are down, if we have less money we will spend less money"

Lots of websites mentioned von Brunn before today.

OK, contradicting my prior post on gun control, here is one rationale:

This is what President Truman proposed for National Health Insurance in 1945...

Human Rights Abuse (how quickly it’s forgotten) - pic

Human Rights Abuse (how quickly it’s forgotten) - pic

Washington Post: A Fixture on the Supremacist Fringe

John Voight's favorite democrat? Joe Lieberman. Yup. Just saw it on Faux.

Uh..Oh... Freepers!!!!

Did the shooter die? The guard? both?

This cartoon says it all...

So, you think Glenn Beck is nuts?

Verizon puts customer through the wringer before admitting 10K bill was an error

Thom Hartmann is reading from the 1971 "Powell Memorandum" for the corporate takeover of America....

Your Money Will Become Worthless

Stormfront is praising Von Brunn

What Caused the Budget Deficit? (take a look at this pie chart)

Sen. Barrasso - He Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About Re: Healthcare Canada....

A better gauge of the economy is not the statistics but the murder/suicide rate

Washington - Wichita - Pittsburgh - Knoxville. Proof that terrorism works.

Irony kicks Shadow in the balls again! Found out the denomination of my new "Faith based" therapist

Rebrand The Republican Party to - Right Wing Sociopath Party

How Has Outlawing Holocaust Deniers Damaged Democracy In Europe?

Question for RW lurkers.

House GOP energy plan declares that impact of global warming ‘shall not be considered for any purpos

Re: Gun Laws are well intended, but you can't outlaw the insanity of the human species

Hartmann calling his reps on the air

The museum shooter was wearing a "Confederate hat", according to a witness on MSNBC.

The museum shooter was wearing a "Confederate hat", according to a witness on MSNBC.

Israeli woman mistakenly junks $1 million mattress

New Health Care Action Center

Free Republic mentioned on MSNBC as place where the shooter posted and that FR pulled his post.

Teacher Accused Of Displaying Bible Sues District

PA. Secret Service agent attacked in road rage

Colbert mocks ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ in Baghdad in front of audience of troops

Traces of Shooter’s Online Life Begin to Vanish

the "Jews and Negroes"????

James von Brunn pic (only one I could find) not sure how old it is

faux news despicable front page

NBC: Homegrown hate groups increase in number

Christian Group Blesses Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing Room With Oil

tweety has some repuke trying to thwart the blame from angry repukes

Should Senator Christopher Dodd Resign/Retire?

On Lou Dobbs, they're covering the Holocaust Museum shooting. Dobbs

Whose gun is it, anyway?

News Corp. forms ‘diversity community council’ in response to chimpanzee cartoon controversy.

Minnesota Court Orders Coleman To Pay Franken Over $94,000

Minnesota Court Orders Coleman To Pay Franken Over $94,000

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - White supremacist opens fire in Holocaust Museum, one guard killed

Don't waste our time.

Is there anything weird about Edward Jones (the company)

"Single Payer Healthcare Is a Recipe For Disaster."

Anyone posting POS stuff like this as PROGRESSIVE needs to go to the Woodshed

In Wake Of D.C. Shooting, Whither GOP Reps Pushing “Birther” Bill?

Melbourne Herald Sun article's last paragraph on the Holocaust Museum shooting -what is it implying?

Ah thank you Joan Walsh for connecting the fucking dots

Carrie Prejean fired ...

NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind: No Gays At Holocaust Memorial

Commissioners discuss when to take breath during Pledge of Allegiance

Disgust sensitivity linked to conservatism (psychology study)

A Whole Lotta Craziness....

A Whole Lotta Craziness....

Karl Rove Trashes Maureen Dowd: "Bitter, Twisted, Deranged Columnist"

The most beautiful sight ever!

In spite of it all

Please Contact & Have Your Friends & Family Contact Senators & Congressman Re: Healthcare Reform...

Dumb question on healthcare bill...

KO is convering the DHS warning and the Rethugs making her apologize!!

Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn's ex-wife says his racism 'ate him alive'

Ex-cop parent furious his kid got swine flu threatens school official with gun

Perhaps DU should cut the members of Free Republic a bit of a break.

Help! I need advice on how to stop the mowing of small wetland.

North Korea a joke -- until it isn't

Ever wonder where your food comes from? Especially fast food?

Von Brunn's autobiography.

More proof that the right's 'protect our borders' rants are just racist. Freeper thread.

GOPers want Sotomayor to add supplement to her 173-page questionnaire

Vive la France, part 872,364: "Copyright Gestapo" law struck down, declared unconstitutional

Rush ond Glenn and Hugh and Heidi and all the rest. This is YOUR fault.

Joey the Scar will rue the day he decided to get into it with Jon Stewart.

"... I am not an Athenian or a Greek, I am a citizen of the world." ~Socrates

Michael Savage's Rockstar energy drink threatens Blogs with lawsuits

Dollars & Sense: Real Unemployment Rate Now 16.4%

KO on domestic terrorism in Washington

Republican Terrorism

James von Brunn spent most of the 1980s in jail after trying to take Paul Volcker hostage.

Please fill the Morning Joe email box and Joe's twitter with this link...

Public Service Announcement: 8/28-9/12/09 is the biggest orgy ever!

Safe haven for criminal activity, Gun Shows

Is the word "slutty" an inappropriate word to describe Sarah Palin?

every day I see at least 10 cars with Anti-War/Peace stickers along with Obama stickers

Introducing the new Miss California 2009 Tami Farrell

Dear Right Wing; We're sorry about that DHS report labeling you as a group that bares scrutiny.

Ok so we have had three terrorist events in the last three months

Tamron and Shuster just called out the Freep Republic connection to this sick mofo!!

Rush & Co.: DHS extremist report was "crap." Really?

Laura Flanders: Wells Fargo: Too Big to Jail?

Scandalous how Obama's Homeland Security was focused on right-wing extremists

From the loving, God-fearing folks at Rapture Ready: "The left will use this incident... "

Anyone using Internet Explorer 8 yet?

This is how Dr TIller's murder should have been covered

"No one this conspicuously unintelligent should be in a position of power or authority."

Congressional Democrats to let detainees in U.S. for trial: aides

Senator Feingold Holds Hearing To Discuss Legality And Morality Surrounding Indefinite Detentions

Thank you

Here's where your job went. Thanks Democrats and Republicans!

I accept your apology.

"Once an economy's primary surplus dwindles to zero, it is doomed to implosion"

Three homes painted with swastikas in Metro Atlanta: police seek tips

Computer and I were in Hospital at Same Time. Computer died, I didn't

Found chewing tobacco in my teenaged son's pocket

Don't bother to tune in because it is truely bad...Campbell Brown

I am f&king loving Stephen Colbert in Iraq

As if Starbucks isn't overpriced enough.......

Holocaust Museum Suspect Wanted To Make a Movie with Mel Gibson

Court rules that Norm Coleman must pay for Franken's court costs

Chris Hedges- Do You Really Think Arabs in the Middle East Clapped for Obama's Speech?

CARTOON 'Pro Life'?

Dennis Hastert's Son to Run for Father's Illinois Congressional Seat

Shameless: Pro-gun groups push for concealed carry amendment on Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill

The same day we learn Operation Rescue's plan to buy the Tiller clinic there is yet another murder

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

And we are surprised that threats to the clinics are UP?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1

There is a connection between James Von Brunn and

There is a connection between James Von Brunn and

Conrad (D-ND) To Health Care Reformers: You Don't Have A Vote

Joan Walsh, Salon: "I debated Liz Cheney tonight on CNN's 'Campbell Brown.' Man, I had it easy."

Frontline: Sick Around the World.

Support our troops, pray for them

Support our troops, pray for them

DHS Report Warned Against Anti-Semitic Violence

Holocaust shooter : a 'plant' from the Dept of Homeland Security

Third party is likely in this environment, Richard Wolf

Gawker has an interesting comment on Von Brunn

Fox Makes A Funny About The Shooting

"People: Donald Trump to Miss California: You're fired"

Can someone explain to me why the Democrats...

Prison mug shot reveals the true Phil Spector (without his hairpiece)

So let me get this straight... When Oil was 140 plus a barrel, a gallon of

digby: Just Don't Call It Terrorism

The stories Joe Scarborough does not want you to read

The stories Joe Scarborough does not want you to read

No feeding the homeless!!!!!!!!

Should the 'mandated' health insurance plan...

Freepers blame Obama for Holocaust Museum shooting!

The Average Freeper Is NOT A Terrorist

Another pointless Republican Op Ed history lesson

"Just wait a little longer"

Operation Rescue may buy Tiller's closed clinic

Julia ROBERTS just SMEARED the Shrubs on Dave

I thought I lived through enough Shit through Bush Thugs..Balm for the Soul...Back to Basics......

Domestic Terrorism Defined

Va. women's prison segregated lesbians, others

So the terrorists are winning.

Meanwhile, there is a war going on

Meanwhile, there is a war going on

Firedoglake: GOP to Introduce Measure Repealing Medicare and Medicaid

The Smoking Gun: The official Phil Spector mug shot, minus wig

An oldie but goodie---

Dog finds *live* WWII grenade in Germany-takes it to owner

Phew , It was not an Arab

How to walk, chew gum and confirm Sotomayor

How many posters has Skinner had to scrub after they committed hate motivated violence?

I find it hard to believe that all or even most "Birthers" are racist...

If Bush and Cheney were on death row, why would the jihadists get pissed-off?

Man turns closet into living space

Will there be more terror attacks?

Will there be more terror attacks?

WHY is the right so terrified of President Obama?

Letterman Clarifies Joke About Palin's Daughter

Christ Saves Woman from Attack

Ohio's Sec of State Jennifer Brunner: What's there to "Get" about Marriage Equality?

Jon Stewart about to kill Joe Scab NOW on Comedy Central

Lieberman and Graham wage their own private cover-up war

Possible compromise emerges in health care debate

Hunting season has been declared, folks. Jews, gays, 'abortionists', people of color, immigrants...

As the Nazi Freeper shooter lies bleeding to death at Hell's front door...

Here's to you, Norm Coleman:

What's there to "Get" about Marriage Equality? by Jennifer Brunner

Wingnuts are positively depressed that the Holocaust Museum shooter wasn't a Mooooslim....

I just got off the phone with HSBC !@?*!%@!

Effin' LIBRUL MEDIA: MSNBC ponders the likelihood of "A Republican comeback in 2010?"

Remember when Bill Clinton was attacked viciously for trying his National Conversation on Race?

Holocaust Museum Shooter Web Search Results

A good lesson learned from TV,

Rachel Maddow Covering James W. von Brunn Info From Free Republic, His Own Website

Re: universal health... My e-mail to Andrew Wilkow (Sirius Radio right-wing talker)

Janet Napolitano's cowardly stance on the Widow Penalty

How to save Von Brunn's comments on the hate sites

And the Freeps take down yet another quoting von Brunn's birther rantings...

Typhoons trigger earthquakes on Taiwan: scientists

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

First they came for the abortion doctor, but thats not me...

Man arrested after tots found bound, gagged and hooded in garage

The Difference Between freerepublic and DU

Freerepublic is common denominator between holocaust shooter and roeder proves it is terrorist

If the mods move my dispatches to the Lounge again, DU has seen the last lookout dispatch from me.

Article 1, Section 3 of the US Constitution.... Sen Al Franken deserves 6 FULL years.

C&L's collection of right wingers denouncing the DHS report on extremist violence

GOP energy plan declares that impact of global warming ‘shall not be considered for any purpose'

GOP energy plan declares that impact of global warming ‘shall not be considered for any purpose'

The biggest problem with right wing hate groups is that they *use* the dumbest among them

Stupid question: Wouldn't Universal Healthcare with prenatal care and maternity coverage be ........

Shepard Smith Says His Email Is Becoming "More And More Frightening"

Harrisburg PA RALLY FOR SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE -- Filling the Capitol Steps June 11

Anyone here uses Skype?

Anyone here uses Skype?

Anyone here uses Skype?

AC 360 fascinating... they are covering all the history for this guy

Transgender person assaulted in Seattle, teen investigated for hate crime

Tweety - Violence from the right

Sanchez on CNN calling museum shooting "Domestic terrorism"

Attention! Attention! FR Republic is deleting posts, but NOT to cover up for the Nazi Shooter

Put Wars and Banksters on PAYGO

Maybe More Of Us Need To Be Asking The Tough Questions?

Liz Cheney says "don't use word terrorist...but he's obviously psychotic"

Soooo, if Hemmorrhoid Glenn is saying that the racist, neo-Nazi , birther,

Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn's ex-wife says his racism 'ate him alive'

In the interest of combating terrorism should Free Republic be disbanded

Does anyone know if Congress gets free health insurance for life??

Progressives Have A Chance To Dominate American Politics For the Next 40 Years

Is Operation Rescue's consideration to buy Dr. Tiller's clinic an admission ...

the republican'ts say they don't want government between you and your doctor

What was behind James Von Brunn's actions today?

Freeperville: Shep Smith just said "DHS was right" and "Birthers must stop"

Completely hypothetical scenario.

Judge allows Brookfield high school graduation ceremonies in church

Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns

Michael Moore goes after Wall Street in next film - Like a "vampire movie...they feast on money."

"Nothing better than a dead liberal": Homeland Security needs to detain this teabagging woman pronto

An omg & wtf freeper 'logic' post.

Racist, nativist Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't like being on the other side of the law.......

Joe the Volcano

HILARIOUS!!! - Scarborough Left SPEECHLESS!!! - by Lawrence O'Donnell)

Dr. Warren Hern: "They want the rest of us killed."

Carrie Prejean -- Fired!

Interesting. Faux News is ignoring the Holocaust Museum shooting.


Obama to release once-secret, considered the "Rosetta Stone" Bush Admin torture report

"Racialist". Two days ago, I'd never heard the term.

"Racialist". Two days ago, I'd never heard the term.

Port Townsend City Council Adopts Border Patrol Resolution

The USMC just called for my 17yo son. I signed an Opt-Out in September.

Right wing couple: We are being HARMED by thinking we don't agree with

Gee... another example proving Napolitano correct: Right-wing terrorism *IS* on the rise

FL 13th Vern Buchanan reputation questioned now.. He should NOT have won last year.

It is time for the US to outlaw Holocaust denial, as many European states do

Liberalism in retreat

Maryland, blue, Democratic Maryland ........ is the home of the Holocaust Museum's neo nazi shooter

Napolitano at DHS tried to warn us about whom?

Greta (whom some HERE say is a DEM) just crapped on Dave

So, if we don't get an open-access robust public health option, does that mean Nader was right?

"72-year-old woman tasered by police"

Your Dr had to bump your appointment, last minute, for an emergency patient: You would... ?

Relief from loud TV ads may be near

In some areas, Homes selling for less than 1989 prices

Why can't late term abortion providers have clinics in very blue states? has more terrorists than Guantanamo

Joe Scar says that Jon Stewart is a"A VERY ANGRY MAN" just like Bill O'Reilley!!!! HA!nt

Glenn Beck just now: "This is just yet another warning to all Americans of things to come"

Hey Michelle Malkin - what are you saying now??

Rev. Wright: 'Them Jews' keep me from Obama

Shooter A Freeper *Proof*

Geithner: No caps on pay for corporate executives - AP

Geithner: No caps on pay for corporate executives - AP

Are current gun laws working?

Are current gun laws working?

Religious Slurs Used During Assault on Texas Muslim (white convert to Islam attacked by coworkers)

Twitter hype punctured by study (BBC)

Larisa Alexandrovna Article On Alleged Election Tampering Makes Project Censored Top 25 List

Larisa Alexandrovna Article On Alleged Election Tampering Makes Project Censored Top 25 List

Larisa Alexandrovna Article On Alleged Election Tampering Makes Project Censored Top 25 List

"More and more frightening e-mails.." "These People are out there" - Shepard Smith


Is Your Newest Facebook Friend A Sleazeball Debt Collector?

Has there ever been a Native American on the supreme court?

Who protects the Holocaust Museum?

Senator Jeff Merkley called out Luntz from Senate floor.

This is Personal By Mark Blumenthal (FIL Auschwitz survivor-Holocaust Museum staff are like family)

Do the crazy terrorists from freak republic make them ALL look bad?

How the Bush Administration Ran the Country Into the Ground

26 NC lawmakers sit out of Helms resolution vote

FreeRepublic is all over the wire

The Holocaust Museum shooting is actually a big hoax

James von Brunn just another in a line of Freeper Terrorists from FreeRepublic

Freepers Want Letterman FIRED!

Do we really understand the horror that is the Republican Party?

Lower the Medicare eligibility age to 55

Holocaust Museum attack, post-Tiller: Does DU think we need another Patriot Act to Protect Us?

Dear Anti-Choicers:

Maybe I am 'out there' but I get a feeling that the first shots of

Hey freerepublic, O'reilly, Beck et al... Bin Laden doesn't "actually kill" anyone either

Good Riddance to Terry McAuliffe

I officially ACCUSE FreeRepublic, Glen Beck, O'reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Scarborough, Rove

NAACP, Amnesty Int'l and others demand justice for Troy Davis!

Bush Destroyed General Motors

James Von Brunn writings posted on FreeRepublic

How civil wars work in the modern world

A Nebraska doc has vowed to pick up the fight in Kansas will offer services like Tiller's

More "change?" Obama admin fights ruling that would regulate mountaintop removal for coal mining

More "change?" Obama admin fights ruling that would regulate mountaintop removal for coal mining

Police K-9 bites four-year-old during house raid

WHEN will it be time to play the "blame game?"

If "alternative" medicine actually worked we'd just call it medicine.

A disturbing ruling by Sotomayor...

Jesse Ventura & Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Join Cenk To Discuss Torture, Obama, Corruption & More

OBAMACARE: Will It Be Affordable Universal Health Care or a Government Bailout

Lake Las Vegas - Latest foreclosure ghost town?

Slain Holocaust museum guard remembered as hero

Lou Dobbs Takes a Dive

Single Payer testimony scheduled for 10:30 on CSPAN3.

Why was that DHS Right Wing Supremacist report squelched? Can we please pull it from the trash bin?

Letter to MSNBC\ NBC

DailyKos has it! Free Republic covering up and scrubbing

Pastor prays for Obama's death

Earthquakes in Texas?

Feds Freeze Online Poker Players' Accounts

Video up of Dean on Washington Journal today. 58 minutes of a great discussion.

The Clockwork of Mandarin Oranges

Scarborough on Jon Stewart: A "very, very angry guy" with, "some" say, a "Napoleonic complex"

Scarborough on Jon Stewart: A "very, very angry guy" with, "some" say, a "Napoleonic complex"

The museum shooter is a RW white supremicist terrorist, James W. Von Brunn

Who Do You Blame Most For Poisoning The Political Culture?

What is YOUR opinion? Does your opinion render you unqualified to know reality?

Is teh RevActs here tonight?

I was smoking a cigarette while pumping gas today.

I just got my first rejection slip. I think I'll print it and have it framed.

Trucking for real

Best GD Thread title.......EVER!!!!

Why is this bread so chewy? (Do NOT click if you have a weak stomach)

Model Luka Magnotta Spotted in Bahamas With Convicted Murderess

Last year at this time

Which size index cards do/did you prefer, 3" X 5" or 4" X 6"?

I posted this in GD, but thought I would share here too - REALLY dumb drunk story!

Is it possible to get a rash from something airborne?

How do I avoid the Ticketmaster convenience fee?

Lost's Charlie Appears to Be Alive in New ABC Promo

WOOHOO!!! Obama is buying the Burgers - what do you want on your Hamburger/Veggie Burger?

Lost Charlie's Angel Appears to Be Alive in New ABC Promo

I think my 15 year old may have narcolepsy. I need serious advice.

Yay! I get to go to a baseball game tomorrow...if the weather cooperates!!!

Are fake alligators as good as real alligators?

If English like German the verb always at the end put, it not great would be?

Thursday's Natinals game to be cancelled due to fear of unruly fan

I've got a shitload of work to do today and I'm distracted as all hell.

D'oh! Daughter replaces mom's mattress as gift. Tosses $1 million in the process.

I want to create a thread that doesn't promise to call you after the first date and then never calls

Help, DUniverse! Need advice from shoulder pain sufferers...

Mods, please move this thread to GD. Then GDP. Then LBN. Then back to The Lounge. TIA!

SIGH, out on the road today, I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac

Good news everyone! Futurama is coming back!!!

USPS/mail pickup question............

Japanese to built 18 meter tall statue of a robot to commemorate anime anniversary

Loony tunes question: Why did Yosemite Sam--a character named for


Terrific story of how good people are. Abandoned cats in FL rescued and cared for

Good morning Lounge

Rachael Ray To Bless Senate Members

I bought this GREAT new cologne at Macy's.

Mods, please move this thread under your pillow, then sleep on it for awhile.

Okay, lizards. How do I take my iPod off repeat?

Cover letter help needed! ASAP! Mayday! Mayday!

Two-Minute Warning on AMC now

As I sit here reading for my Poli Sci seminar

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/10/2009)

I saw a guy smoking a cigarette while pumping gas today.

You know, I like Conan, but.

My husband brought another fig tree home last week.

I thought you guys liked ta-tas around here...

If you're my friend on Facebook, you get to see my pictures

As crazy and annoying as we bears get at least we don't go shooting up National Parks....

As crazy and annoying as we Loungers get at least we don't go shooting up Magical Mushrooms....

Vibes for TZ's tatas

How has your computer tried to kill you?

How has your computer tried to kill you?

Dare to look into the hands of terror!!!

Picture Leaked from TZ's visit to the Natinals game

There are roughly 55 million registered Republicans in the United States

Rain falls hard, Burns dry, A dream or a song That hits you so hard, filling you up, and suddenly...

You guys are missing quite the party in GD-P.

Going to visit parents in Arkansas in the fall. What is there to do in the Hot Springs area?

Carrie Prejean -- Fired

Shoe-stealing fox amasses collection of over 120 shoes.

It is thundering AGAIN!

Dear Anti-Choicers:

DU Song Of The Day

As crazy and annoying as we DUers get at least we don't go shooting up National Museums....

All this Chitter Chatter Chitter Chatter Chitter Chatter

Which one of you miscreants voted FLazarus to the Greatest Page?

$1,000,000 in cash in mattress thrown out *SURPRISE MOM* I got you a new mattress!!

Sleep... how much do you need? How much do you get?

LeftyFingerPop , this might interest you

Iggy Pop's "African Man" - racist or not?

What Are Grits?

So TZ will be watching my Reds beat her "Natinals" tonight

Fishing report

Please: I Need To Know What It Takes To Teach at an International School in Europe

Who Else Has Bad Allergies This Year?

What's your least favorite Nickelback song?

What the heck is MONC? I keep being asked to register it but since I

The shittiest of shit bands?

My foot just fell asleep. I hate when that happens...

Talking cat

Video shows deputy warns woman, 72, 5 times before shocking her with Taser

weehhee home alone for a change

The word of the day is "FLazerus." Replace any word in a thread title with "FLazerus".

Why I *lurve* my state rep

So if you were me...

flour tortillas are for burros/burritos

The Phillies and the BoSox meet up for an epic series this weekend!

Please send good vibes to my friend and her fiance

Wish Me Luck, I Am Close To Getting A Full Time Job

Is this 1984? Judas Priest and Whitesnake concert announced during the ballgame

Post Cover Versions of Songs that you think Kick Ass.

CaliforniaPeggy Is Back----We cant talk about her anymore...

The Baseball Rematch Game of the Night. Two teams who battled intensely for the

I want to see a Wipeout course designed by Rabrrrrrr

Good morning, Midlo.

I'm so proud of my daughter

Lesbians Rock!!!

So I'm walking down the street with a popsicle. Some idiot sees me from way across the street and

Beets are yucky!

Lounge, it's Wednesday night, and you know what that means... That means it's Business Time.

Top Chef Masters starts in 5 minutes!

On FB, my mom just posted how Obama is some kind of communist. ...

HOLY SHIT. GD is trashing Rush! They really do suck!!

HOLY SHIT. GD is trashing Rush! They really do suck!!

Post -Op Anxiety

I smell desperate pizza.

Bret Michaels: "Sometimes I will endanger my own life to pleasure a woman."

It's simple really - carrots don't belong in salsa

Should I go out and yell at the kids to get off my damned lawn?

Do you have a "dream"?

Now that he's back, should we call him Sixagain?

From the Valley of the Jolly Ho-Ho-Ho

Shortest life expectancy in fiction, television or film

Newborn baby panthers Larisa and Sipura!

Are your dreams so unsettling you find relief in wakefulness

How to get a good night's sleep

Loverboy is working for the weekend!

Can someone call my friend and tell her to get her ass over to her house?

You tube video for a store in my town. This *is* shown on tv here.

What is your least favorite Beatles song?

Teenage sons are a pain in the ass

This song is fucking amazing

Is it weird to have really strong negative feelings about something imaginary?


i have surgery tomorrow

Top Chef Masters Starts TONIGHT!

Is it difficult for you to admit it when you're wrong?

Mother of all storms in Bend (OR) this afternoon! (+ pics of Nick!)

What is that thing bouncing on KO's screen?

American League East is gonna be fun watching this summer.

Change - Deftones

Inchworm win a Harley vibe request

Is this Asian saying true? "When the character of a person is not clear to you...."

Operation Iraqi Stephen II:

Anyone heard of bao buns?

I just realized it's almost twenty years since I saw the Rolling Stones

Ok...You can stop raining now.

You just never know.

**************** Official Alternate Nick Thread For Flvegan***************

An observation about catnip

Introducing the cuptonboy4madinmary landtrumadTZcondem clique!

Sarah Palin slutty? Yes, no, I don't know.

kitteah picture of the day announcment

How to set limits without hurting someone's feelings.

All members of The Clique™! Rec this thread!

OMG I know when the Rapture is going to happen so you all better prepare yourselves TODAY!!!

OMG I know when the Rapture is going to happen so you all better prepare yourselves TODAY!!!

Here's what I believed about marriage when I was a Fundy:

Jim Cornette's awesome rant against the right wing on YouTube

Jim Cornette's awesome rant against the right wing on YouTube

Who needs The Clique™ ? All members of the Tommy_Carcetti Clickue™ check in here.

Are fake crocs as good as real crocs?

Strangers With Candy (the best show Comedy Central ever canceled) is on!!!

You can't get there from here.

OMG, I finally got to watch the Grey Gardens original documentary

Another hilarious cat video from YouTube:

Swath of heaven, a breath of cologne...

The old cliche about dreaming of your own death?

Just playin' 'round with some graphics software (pic)

no reason to leave this up

Earth, Wind & Fire/Chicago.. Give me your fav songs

I don't use sugar in pasta sauce -- I use carrots, like my Sicilian Great-Grandma

We lost power. That was one hell of a thunderstorm


Cat introduction advice / comments

Lelapin (LadyoftheRabbits) and ZombieNixon both graduate this weekend

Who Has A Facebook Page?

Did I Miss Something..... Sanjaya is a Celebrity?

Any younger Stones fans here? Like around 30 or under? Just wondering -

Megan Fox's see-through dress causes stir at Seoul premiere of Transformers 2

Oh shit. Earth and Venus to collide. How we are stocked on canned goods?

When you get to work, how long do you goof off before you actually start working?

Match Game Story: "Jerry Jackass left a penny on the counter as his tip for the ____ diner waitress"

Interesting Letter to TIME about torture photos

Why do GOOPers want more deformed, challenged babies in our society?

SSP Gubernatorial Rating Changes, 6/10/09

Poll: Even Republicans Say Limbaugh, Gingrich And Cheney Speak For GOP — But No One Names Palin!

Judd Greg, What an asshole...

Why aren't Obama and the Democrats proposing a more progressive income tax?

Birthday Girl Sasha Obama Takes in London's Lion King

White House temporarily locked down after woman jumps fence and is taken into custody

The only way to get a true single-payer system is to institute public financing.

Conservatives Redraw Plan Of Attack On Sotomayor

PHOTO Yet more book treachery from a Democrat President

Who Speaks for the Republicans? Good Question (CQ)

If relations with North Korea will deteriorate, will Palin, then

Single-payer hearing today, will resume at 12:30, link to GD thread

I am going to a democratic meeting tonight in Tracy, Ca. We are going to discuss

Reid just irks Nevada GOP

Please DU this post on Letterman, Sarah Palin and Ziegler

Juan Sotomayor, M.D. defends his sister Sonia; Scolds Newt and Rush

You are being dangerously tailgated. How do you respond?

Rev. Wright: "Of course I voted for him. He's my son. I'm proud of him"

James W. von Brunn: 'Obama Is Missing'

Holocaust Museum shooter is also a Birther

For U.S., a Sea of Perilous Red Ink, Years in the Making

GOP diversity

I was watching foxnews when the shooting happened.

Will this shooting cause President Obama to back down from being tough with Israel?

Watch FOX News try to originally link this to the shooter in Arkansas.

Judd Gregg: Public option would 'put Washington bureaucrats between you and your doctor."

National Republican Trust: Obama ‘Returns to His Muslim Roots’

Sotomayor is remembered as a zealous prosecutor (experience made her a "law-and-order judge")

The shooter was a member of SEAN HANNITY forum and FREE REPUBLIC!

WOW Shepppard smith just cleaned the crazy conservatives clock just now!

Hey's Time for you to take these RW Nut Job Hate Groups Seriously!

Obama saddened by Holocaust shooting - WH receiving regular updates from FBI, Homeland Security

Okay, so today's bad guy isn't the's Shep Smith (WARNING: Freeper Bile Inside)

Census Follies, Continued

Neil Cavuto is an ass hole: Every other cable network reported on the victims name but him.

It makes me wonder if there are more right wing sleeper cells

Rove: Dowd is a "nasty, snarky person" with a "twisted, bitter little heart." (VIDEO)

Thank you, mods.

Barney Frank on Andrea Mitchell: Crackdown on executive pay.

Daily Kos: FreeRepublic pulls thread from December praising James von Brunn

will blocker73 be the next victim?

Has the media reported on USA Racist Terrorist von Brunn's writing referring Pres. Obama?

Fundie Rev. Rob Schenck anoints Sotomayor Senate hearing room with oil

CBS: Atty General Holder Was Scheduled to Attend "Anne and Emmett" Play At Holocaust Museum Tonight

self delete

Stephen Tyrone Johns: Security Guard from Holocaust Attack---Has died.

Stephen Tyrone Johns: Security Guard from Holocaust Attack---Has died.

Search "jvb-88" on Google and see the Face of the Teabag GOP Party in full view

President Obama's statement on today's shooting.

More AWFUL News! "Obama Admin To Issue New Wall Street Pay Limits"!

Local MI GM dealership blames Obama for being shut-down

This clown Rasmussen strikes again. 45% Say Cancel Rest of Stimulus Spending

MSNBC Streaming Here.

Americans turned against the left after the turbulent 1960s, will it happen to the right now?

Egypt praises Obama as welcome change from Bush

Nice Health Care for All Glossary from AARP

I am itching for a family values debate if the Republic Party nominates Gingrinch in '12

Roosevelt Is No Socialist, Norman Thomas Assures Al Smith February 15, 1936

BREAKING: shooting at Holocaust Museum in D.C.

The purpose of the growing meme of "Those Jews are angry at Obama" is crystal clear...

We have to send the FR connection to KO and Maddow

Obama Administration Finds Health-Care Model in Green Bay

One Step Closer To Closing Gitmo

Obama and Grassley smooth out Twitter flap

Obama wins an election in the Middle East

Campbell Brown call todays act domestic terrorism

O, chillin on the stairs...

Just a thought about this Health Care overhaul that is winding it's way through Congress...

Freepers don't change their spots: Thread there now, "Is Obama Guilty of Treason?"

Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers (VIDEO)

Is this my nightmare, the GOP's or both?

Port Townsend, WA, passes Border Patrol resolution calling for moratorium

Hold on to your hats - Shep Smith just gave credence to the DHS report on extremist groups.

Obama Pushed Today for a Bi-Partisan Healthcare Bill and is "flexible" on its provisions

James Wenneker von Brunn. Now there's a lily white Anglo Saxon name if I ever heard one.

Holocaust Museum Murderer A Birfer. Birfers Try To Pass The Blame.

Joan Walsh: Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder? (Excellent analysis)

Freepers assume it was a Muslim who was the shooter at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

Want to know who's helping to instigate domestic terrorism?

FL-Sen: Crist Walloping Rubio

Letterman is great tonite. Palin's upset about last nite's jokes.

Glenn Beck said he fears a "witch hunt"...

Single payer health care: big breakthroughs, interview with Rep. John Conyers

Hey, Scarborough-wanna take back your rants against DHS's concerns about white hate groups?

Are you F'ing kidding me? Some Israelis Insulted By Obama Picture

Guess what politico the shooter defended in an online post from 2008. You Betcha!

Political Triage

Was the Holocaust shooter crazy?

The wit and wisdom of Michael Steele

FRAME: Holocaust Museum murderer James W. von Brunn has the "Republican Teabag Flu"

PHOTOS George Snr and, what's up?

Palau to Take Chinese Guantanamo Detainees

Remember however, Obama was for single-payer...

Bachmann: "Gangster Government" Turning U.S. Into "Sinking Titanic"

Lou Dobb's show tanks. CNN replacing his repeat show at 9pm.! lol

The "face" of the Republican party: balding white men

Miss California, Carrie Prejean is sent packing, loses crown

Contessa Brewer Slams Neo-Con Apologist John Ziegler

Is Gallup still oversampling Repubs.?

What makes a Freeper?

Dear Richard Wolffe, please tell Olbermann that you won't appear on his

How the Bush Administration Ran the Country Into the Ground

White House to Issue New "Pay Limits" Czar and regulator: Kenneth Feinberg

What Kind Of Justice Would Sotomayor Be?

Are women born this way? [Cute Video]

Kerry labels long standing demand that Iran stop enriching uranium as ”ridiculous”

Give Colbert props for making fun of DADT in front of the military

Is Reverend Wright a bigot?

FreeRepublic has been marked.

Anne Bayefky Furious with our President: "Obama's stunning offense to Israel and the Jewish people "

Kathleen Parker : Palin Sexualized Herself (invited Letterman jokes) and her Aphrodisiac is "Power""

COOLJUSTICE: DID OBAMA Pick a Douchebag for the court in Sotomayor? Free Speech loses?

Janet Langhart Cohen

Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Susteren have to be stopped-how do we do it?

Dr. Dean needs 500,000 signatures to take to Congress in support of a public healthcare option

Actors ratify 2-year Hollywood movie, TV contract

U.S. Temporarily Suspends Policy of Deporting Widows of Citizens

Deadly blast hits southern Iraq

Remote Pacific nation to take Gitmo detainees (Chinese Uighurs)

Al Qaeda's Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani pleads not guilty to embassy bombings

Top Lebanon Shiite cleric praises Obama

London Subway Strike Causes Commuter Chaos

Cheney still in crosshairs of Senate Intelligence probe

Fiat closes deal to take bulk of Chrysler's assets

Oil Prices Hit Year-High $71 A Barrel

Mitchell to meet with Palestinian president

MSNBC Breaking News: Reports of Shots Fired Inside Holocaust Museum

Crews recovering bodies from NC Slim Jim plant

FDA oversight of tobacco to benefit big brands-Fitch

Shooter A Freeper *Proof*

Carrie Prejean -- Fired

Miss California's Crown Yanked

(Israeli) Supreme Court chief: Why won't state demolish illegal outposts?

Mich. House panel votes to require autism coverage

Treasuries Decline as Russia May Pare Holdings of U.S. Debt

Diplomats: Key nations agree on N. Korea sanctions

Obama Seeks Powers for SEC on Executive Pay, No Outright Caps

Terror control orders breach human rights-law lords rule-Judgment in case of 3 men orders retrial

Most don't know who speaks for GOP

Iran's Islamic guardians warn reformist wave

Administration seeks ways to tame corporate pay

Guard in Shootout at D.C. Museum Reportedly Dies

Abortion foes (Operation Rescue) interested in buying Kansas clinic

No more federal bucks planned for GM, Chrysler

Neb. doc plans to offer 3rd-term abortions in Kan.

Ahmadinejad says election rivals use Hitler tactics

Congress Abandoning Obama Clean Energy Goals

WHO on verge of declaring H1N1 flu pandemic

Fire forces Australia jet to land (Airbus 330)

Sources: U.S. contractors will not face Iraq charges

Gunshots Fired At Holocaust Museum D.C. Police On Scene Of Shooting; No Confirmed Deaths

American Convicted on Terror Charges in Atlanta

(TX GOP Gov) Perry breaks collarbone in biking accident

Army Orders Bases to Stop Blocking Twitter, Facebook, Flickr

Obama will talk to doctors on healthcare

(Alabama) Democrats seek probe into election day prank

Pelosi To Slap Down Detainee Photo Release Ban

Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn's ex-wife says his racism 'ate him alive' (abusive drunk)

Minn. court orders Coleman to pay $95,000 to Franken

Roadside Bombs: An Iraqi Tactic on the Upsurge in Afghanistan

Brockovich: Midland, Texas Water Sullied

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 10

Disputed Peru land laws suspended

US appoints executive paymaster

NY Senate remains in lock down (literally behind a locked door)

Terror Names Linked To Doomed Flight AF 447

Va. women's prison segregated lesbians, others

Texan senior sues over stun gun

NAACP Launches Campaign To Save Innocent Man From Execution

KBR Wasted Billions in Work to Support U.S. Troops, Panel Says

Foreign, private sources paid for Pentagon travel

Law center: Shooting suspect has 'long history' with neo-Nazis

Fox News' Don Broderick hit me with his SUV in Central Park, says bicyclist

Possible compromise emerges in health care debate

Great-grandma dared cop to Tase her, so he did

Putin: Russia might abandon nukes if others do

20 cat deaths leave Fla. communities worried

Woman Mistakenly Junks Mattress With $1 Million Inside

Sarah Palin attacks David Letterman over 'sexually-perverted' joke

Lawsuits (re: Interrogation Program) Force Disclosures by C.I.A. (by June 19)

Michael Savage appeals UK Ban

ED Puts the Un- Am-er-ican Limbaugh in his place

The War Over the Courts

Rachel: Bob Herbert on putting terrorists on trial

Help Stop Bullying in North Carolina

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL): I Told China Not To Believe U.S. Budget Numbers

Keith O. & Chris Hayes discuss Gitmo prisoners, prosecutions, and GOP lies

EXCLUSIVE: Air Raid Victim Tells Obama to Leave Afghanistan at Once

Peru massacres Indian protesters - Part II

GOP fires back at SCOTUS timeline

Michael Steele On Slammin' & Rammin' Sotomayor (WORKING VIDEO)

MSNBC: Killed Holocaust Museum Guard Identified

GOP calls Dem energy bill CRAP

Sen. Whitehouse: Bush/Cheney LIED about TOTURE = 15:00 speech

Peru massacres Indian protesters - Part I

Conyers at Single-Payer Hearing: 'Everybody In; Right to Not Insurance or Policies, But Health Care'

Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny's

President Obama Releases Statement on Holocaust Museum Shooting

Liz Cheney falsely claims Bush never said Gitmo detainees should be tried in US courts

Coup Sees Republicans Seize Control of NY Senate

Hardball: Chris Matthews Says Rush Limbaugh Sounds Like a Drowning...

Really lame attempt at satire...

Coup in New York State senate - Republicans Take Control (footage)

Single-Payer Health Care Hearing in Congress in Entirety (1 hr. 14 mins.)

NY GOP Coup Retakes Congress: US Senate Next?!!

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) Attacks Veterans Health Care

Senator Calls Out Frank Luntz From Senate Floor On Health Care Reform

Keith Olbermann: Domestic Rightwing Terrorism

Ed Schultz - Furious about Republican intransigence about workers

Your Day in 100 Seconds - Blowback

Rush explains what God and Obama have in common... in 50 seconds

A "Historic Change" at Bank of America


Fox's Beck blames holocaust shooting on left wing

The hate Faux News viewers spew scares even their anchors: "They are out there in a scary place"

TYT: Woman Sues Cap'n Crunch For Tricking Her? & Cenk W/ Jesse Ventura!

72 Year Old Woman Tazed By Police

TYT: Innocent Gitmo Prisoner Released & Tells His Story (Cenk Reacts)

Anointing the Hearing Room for Sotomayor

What can Terry McAuliffe's money buy?

Hardball: Joan Walsh on Right-Wing Extremist Chatter - 'You've Gone Off Into Crazy Nutjob Land'

Brewer Ends Interview With Palin Defender Ziegler After Insults

Rachel Maddow: Covers Holocaust Museum Killer James Von Brunn, Shows His Posts

Dr. Himmelstein Single Payer

MSNBC: Holocaust Museum Killing Suspect Popular on Free Republic

Fox News Shep Smith has SPLC on his show-connects dots to DHS report 'the right went bonkers over'

TYT: Lieberman & Graham in a frightened panic to keep torture pics secret

TYT: Jesse Ventura Interviewed By Cenk! (W/ Transcript)

“Kill Osama bin Laden and cut his head off and bring it back to the President”

Anti-abortion and Anti-gay: It's Terrorism That Works by Patricia Nell Warren

Amy Goodman: Two Men Who Stood Under the Plunderers’ Knives

In praise of ... Alberto Pizango (Guardian editorial)

Hey, big spenders - McConnell and Bunning

Three more Guantanamo inmates await transfer

Juan Cole: Obama wins an election in the Middle East

Crazy Like A Fox

Waiving the Rules for Old Glory

Tests Show Many Supplements Have Quality Problems.

White House Emphatically Denies 'Shoe Insult' to Israelis

Gallup: 52% Say GOP is Leaderless

The Invisible Workers

Drunken Yale Cheerleaders

My e-mail to Sean Hannity

Obama admin to appoint 'special master' to oversee compensation

Gutting the Health Care Plan: The Scorpion and the Congress

Thom Hartmann & Lamar Waldron: After 45 Years, a Civil Rights Hero Waits for Justice

Some Israelis Insulted By Obama Picture

119 Million Americans Must Be Wrong (Grassley says too many people would choose public option)

After We Execute Holocaust-Denier Killer, Let's … Deny We Killed Him!

Peru: Save the Amazon

Highlights From the Fed's Latest Economic Survey

DHS Report Warned Against Anti-Semitic Violence

Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege by Bernie Sanders

Joseph E. Stiglitz-America's socialism for the rich: Corporate welfarism

The unequal treatment of two religiously motivated crimes

Pastor Prays for Obama's Death

What the heck is going wrong with The European Left?

Beyond The Soaring Rhetoric of Obama's Cairo Speech: A Toxic Innocence At Home

Truthout: AIPAC Wall Beginning to Crack

Grief, Shock After 'Outstanding' Guard Loses His Life in Line of Duty

Israeli Minister Eyes Sanctions Against US


Gallup: Republicans see Limbaugh, Gingrich & Cheney as spokesmen for GOP

Broadcast TV Never Converted Its Digital Dream

Wright: Jews blocking him from W.H.

Toronto Star: There's more to life than GDP

AlterNet: Is Your Newest Facebook Friend a Sleazeball Debt Collector?

Creation Museum's attendance exceeds expectations

Prensa Latina: "Doubts on Peru Death Toll," Message from Evo, "Peruvian Minister Resigns"

Eight Cuba Education Tours for 2009 and 2010

INKA COLA: More on Minister Resignation AND a Godawful Gov't Fascist TV Spot Against Indians

Reporters being threatened by Garcia, from Inkacola link by magbana:

AP: CUBA Accuses HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH of Being in US Pay

MANUEL YEPE: "The War of Lies Against Cuba"

Circles Robinson on young people in Cuba

HAITI LIBERTE: Coverage of Pere Jean-Juste's Funeral and Tribute by Ira Kurzban

Free the Cuban Five stamp in Bolivia

Norfolk scientists reveal coral threat

Guardian UK: China launches green power revolution to catch up on west

US House to Vote on Climate Bill approx. 6/19

U.N Official Seeks Global Ban on Plastic Bags

DrumBeat: June 10, 2009

Study Cites Strong Green Job Growth, 2.5 times faster job growth than general economy

DeBoer Sees No Potential For 2050 Agreement At Copenhagen, Limited Chance Of Short-Term Pact

Activists Slam Japan At Climate Talks - Unveil Giant Portrait Of "George W. Aso" - AFP

Mumbai - Water Tests Show 0.23 Mg Mercury/Liter At Key Bird Site - Fatal For Humans, Animals

Shocked, Shocked- Mining Industry Wants NV To Delay New Mercury Rules For Gold Mines

BAU In China = 2.7C Global Temperature Rise, Even If All Other Nations Cut GHGs 80% - Guardian

In Session With Trade Groups, Gov. Goodhair Blasts Climate Bill That Would "Destroy" TX Economy

Not so windy: Research suggests winds dying down

Caribbean Reefs Literally Flattened In 40 Years - Long, Branching Species Almost Completely Gone

Billion-Ton Iceberg Calved From Greenland 2008 Moves 2,000K South - 5X Larger Berg Waiting In Wings

A New Measure of Global Warming from Carbon Emissions

Mexico & agaves: moving from tequila to ethanol. Mexico could supply entire U.S. 2022 ethanol target

Our exposure to controversial chemical (bisphenol A) may be greater than dose considered safe

Hatchery fish may hurt efforts to sustain wild salmon runs

Surprise: Typhoons Trigger Slow Earthquakes

"Stealth logging" doubles amount of rain forest disturbance in the Amazon

Photos reveal destruction of 99% of rainforest park in Rwanda

GOP American Energy Act: Impact Of Global Warming ‘Shall Not Be Considered For Any Purpose’

Antibiotics, antimicrobials and antifungals in waterways

Japan sets 'weak' climate target (BBC)

Climate change may displace up to 200 million (CNN)

GM's 'reinvention' starts with $25 million battery lab (Wired/CNN)

More than 70% of the Peruvian Amazon has been allocated for oil and gas extraction

Radioactive Metals Found in Recliners, Handbags Due to Recycling Contamination

Plug-in hybrids may be limited by the vehicle price, recharge time and battery durability - Toyota

Hawaii to Become a Green Energy Paradise?

West Va. Supreme Court Affirms Toxic Coal Silo as Wonderful Playground

Can you help find the shooter of one of the last 100 Florida Panthers?

W. Canada Frosts In 1st Week Of June Most Widespread In Recent Memory - Canola Farmers Survey Damage

Growth versus Limits

Reviving American chestnuts may mitigate climate change

Glacier NP Glaciers Melting Faster Than Expected - New Projections Say Gone By 2020

Guardian UK: 'Global warming is baloney' signs put the heat on Burger King

MT To Spray Carbaryl (Sevin) In Forests Hit By Pine Beetles - "Does Seem To Affect Smaller Birds"

Forest Service morale reaches new low

Evolution Can Occur in Less Than Ten Years

Action page for protest actions/letters/calls on the massacre in Peru!

Ick.....Monica Seles dating Repug prick owner of the Sabres - who's 32 yrs older than she is

Cain now 8-1 as Giants roll 9-4

In a rematch reminescent of the early 90's the Pirates shut down the Braves


Montana's son commits to the Washington Huskies...

I know its early to talk college football but...

MLB 09 The Show for PS3. Anyone have it or try it?

London Underground Workers Strike, Shutting Subway

3 missing, 20 hurt in NC Slim Jim plant collapse

Today in labor history June 10 The Equal Pay Act was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy

GM Offers More Buyouts; Slashes Retirement Benefits

Borsheim's 13 layoffs are the first in 100-year company history

AP: Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming leaders in green jobs

Study Links Gay Marriage Bans to Rise in HIV Rate

Snowe tells Obama aide health care approach

Yes, what has happened to you is terrible, and the system needs to be fixed, BUT......

Let the market decide on health care/insurance

Sign Howard Dean's Pledge for a Public Option in Health Care Reform!

Bisphenol A exposure in pregnant mice permanently changes DNA of offspring

Overseas, Under the Knife

Obama Pushed Today for a Bi-Partisan Healthcare Bill and is "flexible" on its provisions

A thought on the public option ...

Free Health Screenings this Weekend (June 13) in Arkansas!

GOP to Introduce Measure Repealing Medicare and Medicaid

$2.5 billion spent, no alternative cures found

Hello hello, can you see me?

Repuke lead Brady Campaign dancing in blood, again...

Recent rifle crimes (June)

Should grenades be legal?

The Thune Amendment to the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act

"Guns Don't Kill People. Fox News Kills People."

I hate republicans, but its hard not to agree with them when it comes to guns. Especially in Cali

James Von Brunn was a convicted felon, I want to know where he got his gun.

Heller attorney Gura files a new Supreme Court case vs Chicago

Whose gun is it, anyway?

Interesting Gay/Bisexual Relationship Problem: Really Weird

my idea of HEAVEN!!! -- not for vegans -- and too

What's next? Sex With Ducks?

The Wingnuts have apparently declared open season....

Arrest Made in Assault of San Diego Gay Rights Leader

Safe haven for criminal activity, Gun Shows

Transgender person assaulted, teen investigated for hate crime (Seattle)

Catholic spokesman slanders San Francisco Board of Supervisors as Nazis over GLBT adoptions

On January 20th, Obama could have ended DADT with one stroke of a pen. He chose not to.

China bans parts of gay festival

GLBT Self-Flagellation Thread No. 119

Cross post from LBN- I thought this forum would want to be aware of this

Maggie Gallagher Goes Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Over Carrie Prejean Firing

Let's take Ms. Gallagher's (NOM) rant point by point, shall we?

TRANSCRIPT: E-mails Between Carrie Prejean and Keith Lewis (Must read - proves she's in breach of

NYT Editorial: The Ban on Gays in the Military

NY State Senate: "Will Duane Go GOP?"

Homo Depot?

"Equal Rights in Anchorage - A Small Step on a Long Road" - The Mudflats

Sort Of Thinking Out Loud, And Wondered About The Ideas Of Other GLBTQ Members....

An Important Message from Gay Central Committee:

State Department Condemns Gay Abuse in Iraq

Lesbian senator votes against Jesse Helms resolution

Do you carry "hot" or "not"?

"That's so gay." on TV game show just now. By a host.

Car Owner Fatally Shoots Burglar

Car Owner Fatally Shoots Burglar

Netanyahu failed to build bond of trust with Obama

Yishai urges Netanyahu to cancel Tel Aviv gay parade

Supreme Court chief: Why won't state demolish illegal outposts?

Israeli official Peled recommends intervening in American congressional races to undermine Obama

2002 Tom Clancy Rebuttal to Von Brunn (Holocaust Museum Shooter)

(Israeli) Supreme Court chief: Why won't state demolish illegal outposts?

U.S. wrecking ball crushed Israel leaders' aspirations

Here's Bill, On His 10th Drink Before His AA Meeting

I was out hiking yesterday

" The real value of conflict is the debt. You control the debt, you control everything"

been busy finishing things

The Biggest Financial Company You Have Never Heard Of

Report Exposes Federal Reserves $2.1 Trillion Bailout Balance Sheet

U.S. mortgage demand withers as loan rates spike

Let me boast about one of my kids' photos and invite you to view them

Caption Contest for Grins

Is U.S. Heading for Zimbabwe Style Hyperinflation or Deflation?

a bit of weather...

I hope you are into Community Gardens(Very PIC HEAVY)

Remember that graph Geithner held up to demonstrate how his plan would work?

10 scientific objects that changed the world

First Extra-Galactic Planet May Have Been Detected

'Tiny chance' of planet collision (BBC)

Periodic table gets a new element

7 shuttle fliers plus 6 station guys equal record

Peace Wave ~ take a few moments before sleep to collect peace and love in your heart.....

what in the heck is going on this week?!?!

Get Clicking! Free Coast to Coast Programs Thru Sun, 6/14

Vibes for the state of the nation

The Didache

What is a "Beulah" church?

Peru Archbishop calls for dialogue after killings

X-Post from Lounge:

Need help with fennel ideas

Anyone ever have this happen?

Has anyone ever found a successful recipe for sugarless sorbet made in an ice cream freezer?

Truth in Teaching

An alternate theory of 9/11

James W. von Brunn Signed Petition - Justice for 9/11 Solidarity - No. 9196

PBS station KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth

Richard Gage on Coast to Coast--Free Download

Best Places to Live 2009

Boyd Richie to Seek Reelection at TDP Chair

Not sure how I should feel about this..

Perry injured at end of newsy day (slow news day)

Nurse Jackie: What do you think of the first episode of this new show?

A DU Musician Needs Help!

Brockovich: Midland, Texas Water contaminated with hexavalent chromium (chromium-6)

IPSM-Ottawa: Rally in Soldarity with Indigenous of Peru! (11 June)