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Take A Moment For The Family Of Dr Tiller

Sully On The Murdering Domestic Terrorist (graphic Tiller-demonizing video from OR)...

Gay Marriage Rights Map... and more... I love this site

The DHS report MUST be taken seriously.

Consider donating to a pro-choice charity to honor Dr Tiller. nt

Cheney's lonely little island is disappearing into the surf.

Remember the outrage from wingnuts over the DHS report?

For some the road to heaven is paved in blood.

Carrie Prejean hires attorney who acted as general counsel for group that spearheaded Proposition 8

Faux News spin On Doctor's murder

Were Scott Roeder a Muslim...

Here's what frustrates me the MOST about rabid "Pro-lifers",

Now we will see the media double standard in full effect

Fitch estimates that up to 75% of modifications will redefault

Holder directs U.S. Marshals to protect abortion providers and clinics

Is this the same Scott P Roeder?

Cry baby 9/11 victims whine that Obama isn't changing things overnight...

As Operation Rescue's dark side comes to light once again, let's not forget Sean Hannity

Japan Ambassador Apologizes for Bataan Death March

Japan Ambassador Apologizes for Bataan Death March

There needs to be some type of education movement

Fetal Viability And Late Term Abortion: The Facts And The Law

Taibbi: No More Compromise -- Obama Must Wholly Reject Bush's Dictator Policies

Taibbi: No More Compromise -- Obama Must Wholly Reject Bush's Dictator Policies

The Nuremberg Files--Site Dedicated to Listing Names and Addresses of Abortion Providers

Where are all the RW talkers pointing out how Dr. Tiller would be alive today

Why TF isn't the MSM releasing this assassin's name?

Should women who get abortions go to jail???

CNN Just Used Scott Roeder's Name

Why do so few Doctors do abortions?

Chart of a worthless stock............GM.

Suspect in Tiller's death supported killing abortion providers, friends say

Tiller Assasin's ex-Wife describes him (from ABC News)

Tiller Assasin's ex-Wife describes him (from ABC News)

Holder: Clinics and doctors to receive US Marshal protection

GM victim to predatory capitalism!

"The movement is marked not only by its obsessions with conspiracy theories, magic......

People get the terminology right. Dr. Tiller was assassinated. Not murdered.

Dupe, pls. delete. Thanks. nt

just watched mika give 'the news' on mourning ho

Anyone else get the sinking suspicion that the groups like Operation Rescue

We are fighting Operation Rescue/Operation Save America weekly

Serious question

Operation Rescue’s Senior policy advisor served 2.5 years in Federal prison for bombing conspiracy

California man, an ex-Marine, must prove his U.S. citizen

WHICH POLS complained about the DHS memo on homegrown terrorists?

Eleven progressive groups are planning to spend at least $82 million to push health care reform

Imagine that

A Kind of Terrorism that Works

Just so we're clear: Abortion is a Constitutionally protected right

This is the reason why pills like EC and Mifepristone need to be readily available

Nevada Partnership Bill Now Law, Overrides Gov's Veto

Missing Air France Plane Had Reported Electrical Problems

Neighbors describe Roeder's house as strange, see unknown men go in and out all the time

This is what the domestic terrorists were fighting...

hoo, boy. WJ: Should Sotomayor have to explain her abortion views?

Conservativism Joey Scarborough-style

House Republicans Weigh Attack on Pelosi

AlterNet: Piecing Together the Murder of Dr. George Tiller: Right-Wing Violence Rears Its Head

Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice statements on murder of Dr. George Tiller

Missing blonde girl in the Caribbean - leads the news for a week. ......

The GOP constantly tell us they cannot separate their Religious Beliefs

"They shouldn't put their night on the town on the taxpayer's dime"

Digby - They cannot know

Will the GOP apologize now to Sec Napolitano?

War Is Sin, By Chris Hedges

Well, after Friday, the Cops Don't Need To Let Roeder Have An Attorney

"Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem"

The reich wing demonizes ACORN

Educate me about closing the auto dealers


The killer's name is Scott P. Roeder, read all about him here

Pro-life, my ass.

Poll: GOP dominated by white conservatives

At least, most media outlets use the term: "late term abortion"

"costing US taxpayers" ???

Do you remember Paul Jennings Hill ?

Homeland Security to scan fingerprints of travellers exiting the US

Republicans really don't want the 1st terrorist attack on Obama's watch coming from one of their own

The troubled healthcare system on full display on Extreme Makevoer: Home Edition.

Fuck Bill O'Reilly

Air France Plane with 215 aboard, missing off Brazil

If nothing else, George W Bush is an opportunist...

Who Killed George Tiller?

Did anyone watch "Into the Storm" on HBO last night?

IT is a sad, sad day in the land of the free

To hell with candlelight vigils

About Beginning

WND Tiller Poll: 14% "cheer the fact that this serial baby killer has been brought to justice"

Romania has a nuke event

O Mensch! Gib Acht!

Must see Feel good video for your Monday viewing! :)

O'Reilly: Tiller "The Baby Killer"

A Rightwing Nightmare Scenario

Idea for a car magnet!:

GM sends global warming denier to Colbert to promote their "no make up wearing woman" attracting car

MSNBC: Anti-abortion activists shouted taunts at candlelight vigil last night

Listen GEM$NBC this is not about the abortion debate

How would single-payer deal with abortion?

I went to a Church yesterday...I saw some REAL Christians.

Should we be communicating with Skeezix O'Reilly's remaining advertisers?

Anyone else affected by sleep apnea?

"Shut up and be thankful Bush is gone." What an incredibly bad idea...

It just goes to show: Janet Napolitano's original report was right

GM, $hitibank removed from the Dow average

To Disclose Or Not To Disclose: A Fight Inside The CIA

Uncle Pat: "The GOP Is Against Ethnic Diversity".. and Other Madness.

I heard an anti-gay marriage ad on the radio this morning

"Bush is "shrewd" in his post presidency"

Taking a Troubling Measure of Torture = Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

The "pro-life" extremists' selective reading of the Bible

Operation Gringo: Can the Republicans Sacrifice the Hispanic Vote and Win the White House?

Proof Republicans are not good for big business

Times of London: Gordon Brown calls Simon Cowell to see about status of fellow Scot, Boyle.

Palin's Statement On Assassination Of Dr. Tiller

GM ceo thanks Obama and the American taxpayer

Sarah Palin and Scott Roeder Share Some Important Similiarities

Some like to equate DU and Freeperville as two sides of the same coin...for them I have a question?

Bill O'Reilly's crusade against Dr George Tiller (video compilation)


It's time for Obama to be a real President...

The Democrats for Life spokeswoman on with Thom Hartmann now just said.....

Was the guy that shot the doc really just the American version of a suicide bomber?

LIVE - Franken/Coleman Hearing starting now...

Wow Dr Warren Hearn

Taliban holding 500 students and staff captive in Pakistan's Northwest region.

I'm looking forward to KO tonight.

"A hero who wore a button saying “Trust Women. . . "


Two wonderful Dr. Tiller stories

So... Um... What Ever Happened to Randi?

Any actual coverage of Dr. Tiller's murder on the morning shows?

Where (again) is RW outrage over Tiller's murder in CHURCH

I'd like to thank Republicans.

two army recruiters shot

Wow, a headline I never thought I'd live to see--"Nationalizing General Motors"

Abortion Poll

Cheney is c-span now at National Press Club

Do You Hate Unions and Working Class People? You Can Write for the Washington Post.

I saw the most horrible bumpersticker the other day.

It's Become Clear That Operation Rescue Is A Terrorist Organization

Why is the stock market up 200 points today;lp (so far)???

I Support Waterboarding Scott Roeder And Other Conservatives

UN report issues dire forecast for world economy

Millions in Europe sink into unemployment and poverty


Who the hell is Lauren Fix

Before Dr. Tiller, there was The Saint ...........

Waterboarding Is NOT Torture....

I know I shouldn't aggravate thin-skinned Fundies, but.....

Thom Hartmann had Randall Terry on. They have a new website

10 Years ago, GM was the world's largest company....

Suspicious package at White House fence...

How The Banks Plotted To Fight Off Regulatory Overhaul

Robert Byrd still in hospital, has a staph infection.

MSNBC should change their name to MSNBCheney. That bastard is on again, preaching about

Does Kansas have the death penalty?

One of two Military recruiters in Little Rock dead.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: How exotic mortgages became time bombs

As a part owner of GM ..........

Mitch McConnell said yesterday on John King's program about Universal

Still Waiting for Bill O'Reilly's Condemnation of the Assassination of Dr. Tiller

Next time W goes to Canada I hope they arrest him and send him to Spain

The Basic Message Of The Christian Terrorist Supporters

Return to the scene of a crime

Rising levels of financial stress in Australia

Thank you very much, mods

Free Republic now supporting the right wing terrorist

There Was a Reason to Call Chrysler Bondholders "Speculators"

Oh my god--anyone else hear Randall Terry on Thom Hartmann??

First photo of Tiller's murderer

Memorial vigils for Dr. Tiller

Plane: France asks US for help

Goodbye, GM by Michael Moore

Yes, I am going to watch foxnews tonight

These people are very dangerous - Operation Rescue.

Twitter's psychic experiment

GMC stock is up 12%!!

Dick Cheney live on CSPAN - just blamed Richard A Clarke for not alerting them re 9/11

GEM$NBC about to cover the assassination of

Bill O’Reilly To Address Critics Tonight Over Murder Of Doctor

Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz - How MSNBC Became a Liberal Mecca

Cheney Would Do It All Over Again?!?! REALLY?!?!

When is the right wing going to call the murder of Dr. Tiller EVIL?

Grunge, Starbucks, Red Hook and now Rush Limbaugh

IRS slaps $355 million penalty on The Villages, FL: improper tax-exempt bonds favored Jeb Bush crony

Dick Cheney reminding us that September 11th happened.

O'rily will be looking for out of the park ratings tonight. I would not

Identity of Men on CIA Rendition Flights to British Island Revealed

"A fascist movement in this country"

U of Wash custodians lead the fight

Bill O'Reilly - "Tiller the Baby Killer"

Well this is interesting and timely.

We are in denial right now if we don't think we are in a real war here

anyone listening to the Guy James show?

A question for the pilots familiar with Airbus:

ACLU: Court Rules In Favor Of Transparency In Guantánamo Cases

"GM will emerge from bankruptcy with a lighter balance sheet than it has now"

"GM will emerge from bankruptcy with a lighter balance sheet than it has now"

You know ..... it really can't be all that much further before we reach the end of our march .......

Americans United Deplores Murder Of Kansas Doctor

President Carter Calls for Torture Truth Commission

10 Steps Obama Should Take for the Future of GM

Nancy Phootinhoofer disagrees with The Great Gasbag

Would single payer HC have saved GM from bankruptcy?

Just how many domestic terrorists use the Freeper website ?

I somehow have the feeling that the dirty is rising to new levels.

Pro-Life Virginia / Army of God founder hails Scott Roeder as a hero.

Pro-Life Virginia / Army of God founder hails Scott Roeder as a hero.

Mike Papantonio: Falwell's Legacy Haunts Liberty University

"We will never get our money back from GM"

A Sad Day for the Military.

It's not "pro-life."

The end of the world is at hand!!!

Sen. Richard Shelby: We fucked over the unions now buy Hondas, Mercedes and Hyundais from my state

Cathy Ruse just called him 'Dr. Killer'

AHH!!!!!! Waterboarding was ‘well done,’ Cheney says

DKos: When Abortion Was A Crime, I Would Have Sought One

If Franken wins this court battle and Pawlenty still won't sign - IMPEACH HIM

The New Right is at war with everyone they perceive to be an enemy, it is time to push back

Vice President Dick Cheney live from the National Press Club

Anti-War Groups Don't Pull an Operation Rescue

Anti-War Groups Don't Pull an Operation Rescue

Chamber of Commerce comments on GM bankruptcy

Do you know any zealot kooks like Scott Roeder the Dr. shooter? I do.

Will the GOP apologize now to Sec Napolitano?

"Little Green Cars"

Any National Level Republican Make a Statement Condemning the Doctor's Murder?

Any National Level Republican Make a Statement Condemning the Doctor's Murder?

Dear DU, please tell me what to think today.

Yanno ...... the Obamas were out in public in NYC .... with no bullet proof vests on.

Yanno ...... the Obamas were out in public in NYC .... with no bullet proof vests on.

IF DU had someone post shit like this and then murder a doctor - we'd be shut down....

Harry and Louise, redux......

A conspiracy to kill Dr. Tiller?

Waterboarding was ‘well done,’ Cheney says

Anyone catch former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt pushing the "lone nut" theory on MSNBC already?

So do you think that any moderate members of FR

"Pro-life" traditional values are genocide and mass murder

Bush Charges $150,000 to Speak; $1.5 Million to Speak in English

Religious school grads likelier to have abortions

Remember Tyler Froatz? Another famous freeper

If a tree falls in the forest...

I'm beginning to think that the Republicans have just given up.


Sacha Baron Cohen: The new Andy Kaufman or something else?

Ahh-nuld trying to bust home health care workers' unions

Florida County requires Fingerprints to Sell Used Video Games... LINK

An open letter to Bill O'Reilly ...

Pop quiz regarding this new post on the New Republic's website.

Do you think it would be OK

"And here's tonight's talking points memo..."

For women DUers only. Have you had an abortion?

For the gazillionth time Tweety and the rest of GEM$NBC

Pray for Scott Roeder, God's Executioner

False Premise: Human Life is Sacred

A telling bumper sticker I saw last week in Kansas

Delete this thread please!

Pro-Life Domestic Terrorist Fact Sheet

Palin: ‘I don’t know’ if abortion clinic bombers are ‘terrorists.’

NY Senate Primary- for those who want a choice - openly gay Jon Cooper might run

As far as I'm concerned...

From Yeats:

From Yeats:

Ed Shultz!

Obama admin gets more time to appeal abuse photo ruling

'My interview with Scott Roeder's dad: 'Scott would not kill a fly!'"

We send them overseas to get shot at

Terrorism, Domestic and Foreign

You owe it to your children to do something

You owe it to your children to do something

Tom Tancredo and the ‘N’ Word

Bali - Another foreigner dies in suspected alcohol poisoning

Ginsberg gives Obama more time to appeal torture pic release- more time for Congress to ban release

Question: Was Air France flight # 228

AlterNet: Time Warner Lays Groundwork for Future Rip-Off

Tweety just let Michael Steele have it re: Obama Date Night

I'm going to go out on a limb here and state

I'm going to go out on a limb here and state

Judge: Gitmo legal documents must be public

I like this BBC article: anti-abortion

Sotomayor Derangement Syndrome

More Domestic Terrorism

An important documentary on the days before Roe that I think everyone should hear...

GOP Staffer Arrested for trying to have sex in panda costume with 15 yr old boy

I didn't see any Federal Marshals at any women's health clinics today.

Americans United Criticizes Falwell Legal Group For Filing Baseless IRS Complaint

Mods, please delete: Dupe.

There is tangible evidence of a direct link from killer to Operation Rescue

Goodbye, GM - A letter from Michael Moore

Tiller murder: Public policy by bullet

Study: Religious young women no less likely to have an abortion--less likely to report it.

When Did The U.S. Become A Nation Of Liars, ......

Speaking of California messes: HIV and AIDS healthcare in California is about to be decimated.

Sotomayor's dissent in Pappas should end the slurs against her (Greenwald)

Sotomayor's dissent in Pappas should end the slurs against her (Greenwald)

Holy shit.

Help me out.

Help me out.

Just saw the trailer for Brian Williams Inside the White House special...

PSA: for those that are confused!

Local FOX News anchor shills for Iraq/Afghan wars...says we're on a track towards "socialism"

Darth Cheney Supports Gay Marriage

And Keith Keeps It REAL

Judges: No Bible at Pa. kindergarten show and tell

Retired Gen. Ricardo Sanchez Calls For Truth Commission


I, for one, do not like the new layout to Newsweek

Birthers 'overrun' White House online program

Dr. Tiller was killed in a church.

If pre-lifers became pro-lifers...

Should we use the economic crisis to develop a new, better system for the U.S., or let the rich win?

A Moderate's Rant

On the issue of Choice-

Cross posted: Your experience with Costa Rica.

Nebraska physician vows to keep Tiller's abortion clinic open

Daily Kos: Double Standards From The National Journal (Alito vs Sotomayor)

"The time has come to quarantine Fox News" - Keef

How to Win an Argument

Colin Powell: No Good Samaritan, only Bush's Deal Sealer

Bilderberg Group movie in the works?

Raise your hand if you've ever done something crazy

I am a Mother with a Daughter

How utterly weird is this question? (from an online poll):

The guy who shot at two kids and killed one today is just as bad as Roeder

Excellent Special Commentary KO

To wingnuts, ACORN and La Raza are hate groups, Daily Kos, DU and Media Matters are hate sites.

Dave Lindorff: Abortion Doctor is a Victim of America's `Taliban'

Subprime meltdown over; now comes the bad part

So where am I sending a check of $100 to? re: Tiller murder

Scott Roeder's one call from prison was apparently to the Free Republic administrators.

Have either the Dem party or the WH made a statement on Tiller?

Enough is enough!! Use the PATRIOT ACT on Operation Rescue and the rest

I can't believe that Randall Terry and the abortion "debate" still goes on with

I'm watching Rachel recite

Gitmo: The Video Game!

Remember Lukas Rossi from Supernova?

The Rude Pundit: Wichita Is Familiar with the Insane

if an environmentalist who spray paints a building is tried as a "terrorist" - then certainly

The real question to ask "pro-lifers":

Time-Wanker Lays Groundwork for Future Ripoff! (of course)

The Rude Pundit: Send Tiller's Killer to Gitmo

Does pro-life = misogynist?

"Radical Christian dominionists have no religious legitimacy. They are manipulating.....

Something has to be done about these extreme right wingers

In my opinion, the 'Pro-life" Movement is the biggest fraud in U.S. History

There can be no" middle ground". That is what the murder of Dr. Tiller

Sestak on Hardball is such a sympathetic individual

Just thought I would clarify the "recruiter killed" was just a kid.

Tonight's feature: Invasion of the Asscarrots! In 3-D!

O'Reilly booed at Yankee Stadium

General Sanchez... Sir... we do need the truth and reconciliation

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

a question for those of you outside of the US

So, you're "pro-life" huh?

Who's the biggest loser in today's GM bankruptcy?

Jon Stewart is back

Hey repukes!! Janet Napolitano was right!! Pro-fetus fanatics ARE terrorists!

Has anyone read "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them"?

Do you think the FBI should investigate Operation Rescue?

The Truth About "Partial Birth Abortions"

Recruiter shot dead outside Army office

How long do you think it will be until your state has some sort of marriage equality?

Poplawski (R) formally arraigned on cop-killing charges

Are You More...?

Wiki entry on Collapse of a Civilization interesting read

Limbaugh is playing the MSM like a violin.

For those that think that it is "okay" for a federal assault on Roe v. Wade

Evidence Leans Toward Bush/Cheney Torture Conspiracy

They sound EXACTLY like the Fundy Islamic Mullahs they hate

IMO: Words and phrases to NOT use when discussing the abortion issue:

We made our abortion decision in 1976. Actually, it was of course hers. But we had a CHOICE.

Chime in if you're losing needed services in CA: I'm losing my psychologist.

GM Bankruptcy brings back memories

Quarantine FOX News.

What are you prepared to do for single payer health insurance?

Geitner lecturing Chinese kids

Countries where abortion is illegal

Two things you can do about the murder of Dr. George Tiller

Zoellick Warns Stimulus ‘Sugar High’ Won’t Stem Unemployment

Nebraska Abortion Provider to Help Run Dr. Tiller's Clinic

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's statement on Gay Pride Month

Reformation Lutheran is in the liberal church body, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

NYT Kristof Asks Readers: Should US Legalize Drugs?

Doesn't the FBI infiltrate these fanatical anti-abortion groups? They infiltrate every other


Norm Coleman to appeal Minnesota Senate vote decision to Judge Judy

EXODUS In Pakistan is beyond biblical 85,000 people a day

Rachel is taking KO's Terrorism theme a step farther...

Would A Fatwa Calling F/The Assassination Of Abortion Providers Be Considered Protected Free Speech?

Susan Boyle 2nd Place,,,,,,taken to hospital for exhaustion....she will recover

Why I love D.U.

What a REAL pro-lifer thinks

Anybody here use Angie's List?


The Rights of those already here - a personal story and other thoughts

Hey Chavez Bashers, Where Are Your Complaints About This?

For Operation Rescue, EVERYONE's got a right to life...

I just got a Rachel Tweet

I just spoke to my SIL, who works at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Best Bumper Sticker I EVER saw:

Air France flight - 216 passengers, 30 nationalities

Language is powerful. I highly encourage everyone to avoid the phrase "partial birth abortion."

Tancredo Aide Epstein: Racist crackpot calling the kettle black

The GM bankruptcy

Brazilian Archbishop insults President, excommunicates mother because 9-year-old girl has abortion..

Judge puts 'Columbo' actor Falk in conservatorship

How much of the 'bailout' money is showning up in the commodities market-OIL?

I need to commend the DU PIzza Delivery Crew. You guys are FAST!

He was a doctor.

I hate to admit it, but I really admire Barak's and Michelle's style this past weekend

Nevada Has Domestic Partnerships!

I want to make something perfectly clear this Roeder fellow was not Crazy

Conservative Party UK Leader: Liberal on same sex unions, likely to win in 2010

So I was logging on to Sallie Mae with my son this morning

To the anti-choicers expressing their dismay at the murder of Dr. Tiller: FUCK YOU!

First Conan Tonight Show on Now.

What EXTREMELY puzzles me about pro-lifers is their total disregard for established life .

Tucker Carlson calls comparison of Dr. Tiller to Nazis and al-Qaida "objectively true"

In the movie 'Jesus Camp', they were brain washing KIDS to kill doctors

Why does the FBI seem incapable of infiltrating Republican terrorist groups?

How Much Longer? Coleman Camp Mum On Further Appeals

MN-Sen: Franken poised to win. Again

Did anyone else grow up in an abusive home?

A Doctor's Story - Why I and my patients will miss Dr. Tiller

Pro-Life Activist Says Doctor 'Reaped What He Sowed'

NYT: Now a G.M. Owner, U.A.W. Faces Delicate Balancing Act

Obama Proclamation on Gay Pride Month

I'm curious if the "Cheney Defense" will be deployed in the Tiller killing

please replace the term "pro-life" (which they certainly ain't) with "anti-choice"

Caption Cheney...

I just received the endorsement of the WORKING FAMILIES PARTY

Operation Rescue spits on military families

Who is the bigger threat to America? Wingnuts or al-Qaeda?

Disturbing oped about Dr.Tiller's murder

Carter Disagrees With Obama’s Position Blocking the Release of Torture Photos

Dear Free Republic,

Tiller's Death...Murder or Assassination

Operation Rescue's senior policy adviser's phone number found inside Roeder's car

From Red State: " Killing Tiller was the ethical thing to do"

The Guardian quotes DU!!! Congratulations to all who jumped to

Does Cheney Have A Death Wish?.......

What will O'Reilly say when he addresses the Tiller tragedy tonight.

Minnesota Supremes Grill Coleman Lawyer On Lack Of Evidence

Men who ever loved a woman who had an abortion, check in here.

Federal Court Denies Obama Motion to Seal Unclassified Gitmo Documents

GEORGE MCGOVERN: My Advice for Obama


We Need a REAL Public Option – Not a Poison-Pilled CORPORATE WELFARE “Public Option”

Burning wreckage spotted in ocean by airline pilot flying behind Air France flight 447

Man Busted for Picking Up the Slack

Another Jeb Bush privatization failure: Florida has no data 3 years into Medicaid trial

When is the FBI gonna start wire tapping pro life groups?

Rachel is putting the bad boys in check tonight. And she has chosen great guests to help her.

Rachel is putting the bad boys in check tonight. And she has chosen great guests to help her.

I lost my job today.

Rachael Maddow guest Frank Schafer was quite telling.

During tonight's O'Reilly show

Exec. Dir. of Tancredo's PAC Pleads Guilty to Karate-Chopping Black Woman, calling her a "N****r"

I worked in an abortion clinic.

Carter sounds off about Obama decision to withhold torture pics . . . and more

You Don't Know Jack

In Pakistan, An Exodus That Is Beyond Biblical

Thank you Robertson, Falwell, Schaeffer, Reagan, Bush, Gingrich


Tweety: Obama, unlike Bush, appreciates culture, GOP never compained about frequent Bush trips to TX

Any other DUers had a threat - even one that didn't seem serious.

Montana voters take Max Baucus to the woodshed!

White House Meeting Marks New Milestone for Nontheists

Screencap from the front page of a Hate Site

Calvin & Hobbs explain how the economy got where it got.

The Return of Howard Dean

Bill O'Reilly’s Jihad Against Dr. George Tiller

I'm not just pro-choice. I'm pro-abortion providers and pro-abortion services.

Dollars & Sense: Traffic Tickets to Plug Budget Shortfalls?

I have to say one thing about the Tiller assassination...

sad, but true toon

Oldest soldier killed Iraq-his adopted pup Laia is coming to U.S.

$50 billion dollars of US govt. money invested in GM and my neighbor goes out and buys a Volkswagen

$50 billion dollars of US govt. money invested in GM and my neighbor goes out and buys a Volkswagen

One more time--check for unclaimed property! Success to report.

Worst Troll Ever

Abortion is merely a class issue: The rich will always have safe, legal abortions.

Roeder's ex-wife says mental illness runs in his family.

President Obama will have to step in on the California mess. He just will.

Fundamentalism makes crazy people EVEN CRAZIER.

He was User 2261860 at the delightful Free Republic, which has purged all of Roeder's posts.

Freepers LOVE Tiller's assassin

Why can't a satellite find the Air France plane?

I'm sensing another national favorite for a Senate seat .........

Larisa Alexandrovna: Our Very Own Taliban

June is Torture Awareness Month

I had a friend who got pregnant when we were 18. Abortion was safe and legal.

Poverty question:

Are you a born again Christian AND a liberal Democrat? My parents are.

Another side: I'm pro-choice and I refused to abort a healthy baby.

I just gave $100 to Planned Parenthood. I'll tell you why.

This Modern World - Look what happens when Dick Cheney makes a startling admission! By Tom Tomorrow

Orie aide accused of soliciting teen for 'furry' sex

PUMA Lite - "The New Agenda" Silent On Dr Tiller

AP: Operation Rescue says Tiller shooting suspect never a member

"Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews"

Bill O'Reilly, proud to be an asshole

Apologize you fucking pro-lifers

I am fond of thought Experiments so here are a couple

Microsoft's "Bingt" Search Engine Now Operating

O'Reilly demonized Tiller on 28 episodes of his show.

MUST READ: Grand Theft Auto (Greg Palast on GM bankruptcy)

My prayer with the Talibaptists who came to my door today.

Please stop pretending the problem is "religion" when it comes to crazy people.

Check in here if you have donated to a choice organization in honor of Dr. Tiller.

Is my generation rude?

There are tremendous restrictions on abortion in most states already.

Sibel Edmonds's Project Expose MSM

It is unfortunate that abortion is not as clear an issue as many would like to make it.

So let me get this straight

Does anyone care about this?

77.8 Cents on the Dollar: Or Mommies Give Away $200 Billion a Year to Employers

I personally disagree with abortion but still think it should be legal

Andrew Sullivan doesn't agree with Dr. Tiller.

Transportation Survey: What's your primary mode of transportation?

My world is rotating 180° and being mirrored in the x axis!

And I can't drive on the left side of the road

HELP NEEDED: Obama site under attack by wingers - Please DU this!

I'm sick, Sick, SICK of studying! Argh! One more Mid-Term to go, tomorrow morning.

my 19 yr old grand Niece's Fetus died at 6 months in the doctor would touch her. she went

Before I go to bed I just wanted to leave y'all with from you tube.

Well done Bruno

ever accidentally visited

The MTV Movie Awards is what the world would like if it were run by vapid teenager girls...

Please help. I'm befuddled...

The lost episode of The Lone Ranger

McCain Girls: Raining McCain

I got two little extra heartbeats this weekend. :)

Eminem Walks Out of MTV Awards After Bruno Prank (VIDEO)

WHERE is Miss LynneSin???

Sylvester Stallone Launches New WiFi Standard

I know North Korea is run by an evil regime, but still...

"Gank" is the word of the day. Modify a thread title to include "gank".

I think I'm heading off on a vacation from DU for a bit.

Listen up, peeps.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/1/09 (warning: haiku)

Listen Up, Peeps

Hey when Jesus turned the water into wine, Dya think it was the best tasting wine ever?

You've been banned from DU

Google Mapping American sitcoms

I'm back..and we had the week from hell.

Facebook thinks I'd like to join a group in support of "traditional marriage".

Are black cats hotter in side than white cats when left in the sun?

BREAKING! Bill O'Reilly publicly admits he has vivid sexual fantasies about Sponge Bob Square Pants

Eminem storms out of MTV Awards

I watch this several times a day

I think Springsteen fans are getting older

I just went to the Apple to download the latest version of Safari.

Anger Management

Looks like Rat Face is headed for the hospital. Ever hospitalized your pet?

Damn thee, allergies!

Listen up, peeps.

Soon now, all of you will be mine, to command, to control.

Fuck Bill O'Reilly

Fuck Bill O'Reilly

Posted in GD....bad move! EJECT! EJECT!!!

Oh, sure.... Where was this book thirty years ago?

Just got the word: I passed all of my Mid-Terms! Woo-hoo!

Jesus Christ, I'm trying to get Springsteen tickets and my wait time is 15 minutes or more

Moves you remember that nobody ever talks about

Bad part of seeing new Star Trek movie:

If someone told you to 'hold the pickle'

Listen up, Peeps.

More pics of Patches the Democat

What do you call it?

The Tonight Show - tonight!

I only rarely post youtube videos, but this one cracked me up.

I think I'm going to cancel my membership.

"Who's The Man" is on Comedy Central right now (started at 4:30)

kitten picture of the day for monday june 1

Zelda is a stone cold killer.

Dear Smithsonian, I am NOT A SENIOR!

I asked for lounge vibes a couple of weeks ago for my S/O...

Somebody needs to gank me.

Better Group: The Platters or The Drifters

Re-dub of the Kobe / Lebron puppet commercial after Cav's loss

Help: New apartment complex owner sucks- please read?!

They have some really hot chicks on CNN Asia

WTF is up with wheat futures?

Garden frog blamed for man's death in Sydney

Say what you will about post-rock, these dudes are great musicans:

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy. Listen, watch and despair...

Do not press the button!

How can I protect a robin's nest with babies in it?

I'm on hold with the DMV - minute 27:33

Sacha Baron Cohen: The new Andy Kaufman or something else?

****Happy Birthday RandomKoolzip and Happy 56th Birthday dembotoz!****

Anyone see Drag Me To Hell?

I'm going to exciting Sacramento this weekend and next week!


My browser automatically closes

I see stupid people.

Two girls were killed by carbon monoxide poisioning literally right down the street from my in-laws

Redneck vasectomy

Redneck vasectomy

For mature women only - do you remember these?

Anyone see "Family Guy" last night?

Meetup has moved to the Deptford Mall, outside Motherhood Maternity due to overwhelming response

O'Reilly: "[I]f I could get my hands on Tiller - well, you know..." (AUDIO)

O'Reilly: "[I]f I could get my hands on Tiller - well, you know..." (AUDIO)

Your take on Costa Rica?

Just got one paper to write, then I'm taking the night OFF! No f*****g studying for me!

I personally agree with abortion , but think it should be illegal

I just got in trouble at McDonalds.

I think we all assumed, but- an mtv scribe confirms Em/Bruno was set up

ok triguy46 , I am taking you on => I LUUUUUUUUV aborting kittens !

LMFAO- Borat's junk right in Eminem's face- Eminem and posse leave in disgrace

Tuesday is International Whores Day

Are black cars hotter in side than white cars when left in the sun?

I put a new podcast up. If you like my show, it's all for you


Tattoo process question

I saw the preview for Sasha Baron Cohen's Bruno movie.

Bruce Cockburn - Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Rec this post if you are thinking what I am thinking. n/t

Why wasn't Parker Posey cast as Lois Lane?


Dave Matthews on FUSE LIVE right now!

I am more exhausted than I've been in a looong time...

Looks like Italy has talent too.

Beck's "Chemtrails" is a great song, even if the conspiracy theory is looney tunes

Juveniles showing promise (dial-up warning) (pics)

I think I'm the offical Beachbaby Meetup Designated Driver

I'm a big fan of dumb movies, but "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" was more than I could take.

Midlo -- call Haruka on her cell, stat!

Anyone Care To Defend Obama's Support for the New Graham-Lieberman Secrecy Law?

indian pitchers have now walked 10 Yanks batters tonight

Yes! Operation Repo is on!

Is anyone else here sad/envious that they can't go to the meetup?

Which exit does BeachBaby live off?

hey how do I find a woodpecker?

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Carmel Fudge Is Calling My Name

I'd like to gank all of you for all your support over the years

Tetsuo the Iron Man

Sniffa is ruining my self-esteem.

MidloVan -----> In the shop.

Beautiful Picture

It offends me when individuals type in all capital letters.

Yo, Midlo. I think there's like 1,000 people coming to this meetup now.

Caught Chicago Afrobeat Project this weekend in St. Lou

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/1/2009)

hey how do I find a woodworker?

Tombstone shopper in GD

republicans are 89% white

I LOVE BeachBaby.

I'm relaxing and taking a night off from studying. Ask me anything.

Happy Birthday Norma Jean (1 June 1926 – 5 August 1962)

What the hell is this and what is it saying.

Had an encounter with an aggressive driver a couple of hours ago.

So the court terminated visitation..... FINALLY!!

The Sci-Fi Channel ran "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Offspring" tonight

Movies remade by Americans, your faves?

Greatest scene in science fiction film history?

Conan is going to fail in this time slot

I just dropped a hundred and twenty-something to pay my stupid parking tickets.

KO called Edwards AFB in Cali, "Andrews AFB"

Who would play you in a Lifetime Channel original movie about your life?

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

JFK was killed by the Mafia

Post an album you are excited about that will be released this year

These are guys?

Okay, who's interested in a West Coast meetup?

Star Trek V - great Star Trek movie, or the GREATEST Star Trek movie?

Seriously the funniest moment for the MTV awards was Forest Whitaker singing "Dick in a Box"

100 best movie lines in 200 seconds

On CBC news the computers are down. So the anchor has his glasses on and is

KNOCK!! KNOCK!!! Yanks in FIRST!!!

I'm really worried about somebody I care about...


Your Favorite Disaster Movie, circa 1975.


Overreacting or justified anger?

WTF is up with low-riding rice burners with loud exhaust systems?

I call this cute

Should I give Rat Face her name back?

My niece's water just broke. I'm off to the hospital

more red state FAMLEE values?

more red state FAMLEE values?

Scott Roeder high school yearbook pix

The repo man just pepper sprayed me!

New Game: Where's Midlo ? (Big Pic)

* Official TONIGHT SHOW w/ Conan O'Brien show Thread **

"We don't sell drugs here. You want the house across the street."

Share stories of elderly friends, relatives, or celebrities who had successful hip replacement

Howard Dean: Public health insurance option is more important than bipartisanship

Are you an outsider (in life, not DU)?

Thrift stores

Middle-schoolers learn to be allies

Who's the most overrated Actor/Actress?

Who is your favorite villain from a Pixar film?

The astounding world of the future

Best advice you ever got from a song?

crosspost from pet forum: seeking kittycat psychological advice

What are the Television Shows you Hate the Most?

Attention :cat owners regarding bird feeders

What are the best family oriented things to do in Sioux Falls SD ?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull .Is it worth watching ?

This story just freaks me out so much it kept me awake last night

They found debris 1,300 kms off the coast of Brazil. At least they

Imagine fuel economy and emissions are not an issue...What's your dream car?

Ted Rall: It’s increasingly evident that Obama should resign

The stupid media better have some parallels between Al Queda and these anti abortion bombers

I just want to go on the record that engaging N. Korea in an armed conflict

President Obama is speaking now on GM bankruptcy. He's just begun his speech.

At least GM makes cars. Banks don't make loans; they do run up interest and fees on credit cards

Obama live now on CNN

North Korea--WTF? Long range missiles on launch pad

Isnt it about time for a boycottt on all Foxes advertizers?

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence statement on Obama's nomination of Sotomayor.

So I went home to see my family...

"Obama is wrong that these issues will not be solved with heinous acts of violence."

Great quotes about conservatives.

Excellent GD post on history of abortion in America ...

Enemies of Ted Kennedy's plan understand it will move us towards

Robert Reich says Obama will let GM disappear

You thought it was bad in 2002 and 2003 at zenith of GOP power, eh?

Obama: I refused to let these companies become permanent wards of the state

Ahhhhhhhhh. I am SO HAPPY that our guy is in there.

Replying to a RWer: Yes, the younger generation favors gay marriage

Obama's supports the new Graham-Lieberman secrecy law

"Remove Senator Baucus from health care reform, move it out of the Senate Finance Committee"

Time To Revisit Criticism Of DHS Report On “Right Wing Extremists”?

On C-Span2 Now: Campaign for America's Future Annual Conference.Howard Dean will be speaking later.

TIME: Understanding America's Shift on Abortion

PHOTO Kind of an appropriate slogan?

Cheney mixes up Obama, Osama

Frett not former GM workers

Cheney said the only thing to do with the detainees captured is put them in Gitmo or kill them

Pravda - American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper

Nancy Reagan on the Obamas, Bushes

Dobson on the Murder of Tiller

Get The Al Franken Show On The Road!

Approval of 'U.S. leadership' still low in Arab countries, but it's rising. (Gallup poll, June 1)

So when the &%^$@!# is Franken going to be seated??

American Prospect: Why Clinic Violence is Obama's Problem

Mitt Romney Attacks Obama's "Tour of Apology"

General Sanchez calling for prosecutions re: torture. He's on Countdown.

Roy Moore makes it official, he's running for Alabama governor

Cheney: Iraq war ’saved lives.’

Clinton pledges to fight for gay rights worldwide

Obama says US cannot impose its values: BBC interview

The first 15 Minutes of Tonight's O'Reilly Factor were some of the most disgusting TV I've ever Seen

Today's GOP (updated)

OK-Sen: Coburn Will Run for a Second (and Final) Term

Sotomayor Prepares to Meet With Key Senators

Frank Schaeffer on Rachel about anti-abortion rhetoric and how it eggs people on.

Obamania in Cairo Egypt

Anti-choicers are citing the bogus Gallup poll to claim the majority of Americans are now "pro-life"

Sometimes there's a fine line between CNN and...oh, let's say Perez Hilton for an example.

"Gosh, I wish we could bring you to Washington to ask the Questions."

Thank you Keith.

Larry EchoHawk sworn in as head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

You gotta love Dr. Biden -

ROFL @ Jon Stewart

Bloomberg: Obama Trip Great For NYC

Image Of Black Man Killing A White Woman Is How Mission America's Founder Describes Ed Dept Hire

Journalists Traveling With Obama Warned By Saudis: Report Only On Obama Or Else

Cheney: No Link between Saddam and 9/11...and I support Gay Marriage!

Gallup: Among Workers, Service Employees Rate Obama Highest

PHOTOS Hillary in El Salvador

It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity

99% of Christians are digusted with the assasination of Tiller

Letter to President Obama Asking For Release of Torture Photos Signed by 27 Organizations

I love how Kim Jong Il is just BEGGING to get punched in the mouth by Obama

Nancy Reagan sees dead people

Krugman breaks from DU, blames Reagan for current financial mess.

Obama/Cong Dems clear the deck of controv issues (DADT, trade) for healthcare reform -lesson from 42

Obama: U.S. Needs To Be 'Honest' With Israel

This is interesting: Burger Kings in the South with Global Warming denying signs out front.

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT FROM 'RENEGADE' - Obama On Clinton Pick: "I'm Not Begging Her To Take This Job"

Poll: Most oppose closing Gitmo

What Does "Moderate Democrat" Really Mean?

NPR Interview with the President - comments on Cheney

Patrick Leahy visits Iraq and runs into Joe Biden's son

Even Franken couldn't have written an ending this funny. Justices grill Coleman attorney.


Maliki told Obama that Iraqi's would demand 1 yr earlier withdrawal if pics released

Presidential Proclamation for Pride

Hey! Look who has been in Iowa!

Is it an OK question to ask if the USA should spend billions more on GM?

The mobile Internet makes its way into cars

Every time a President shows toughness towards Israel, Congress and the Senate goes crazy

What points would make people realize that transferring Gitmo prisoners to Supermax prisons is OK?

Buchanan Mocks Sotomayor For Learning English By Reading Children’s Books

Cheney professes true libertarian view on Gay Marriage

Urgent: Write President Obama and tell him not to defend DOMA in court

Dr. Seuss...

Maliki 'Went Ballistic', May Have Caused Obama Flip On Abuse Photos

O.K., President Obama Is Coming To Green Bay. How Can I Make Arrangements For My Student

"Birthers" Fouling OpenGovt Interactive Site - Vote them Down!

"Birthers" Fouling OpenGovt Interactive Site - Vote them Down!

PHOTO Does Clio work in the embassy in Sarajevo?!?!

Bernstein to Krugman: Suck it!

Will the Left derail Obama's agenda, the same way they derailed Clinton's?

The Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act of 2009 - passed by Senate on Friday

Fatal Shooting Shows Stress Risk Facing US Troops

Separatists in S Ossetia poll win

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in West Bank

Top Iraq general is said to support ‘Truth Commission’ to investigate Iraq abuses

Fight against President Garcia laws intensify

Taguba: Rape Photos Not At Issue In Lawsuit -- But They Do Exist

Relatives, classmates mourn 2 young victims of carbon monoxide west of Boca

Tom Tancredo and the ‘N’ Word

General Motors, Citigroup to be cut from the Dow

Battle for Senate Seat Goes to Minnesota's Top Court

(Justice) Ginsburg gives U.S. more time on (abuse) photos

Prosecutors: College student was budding terrorist

Two Injured in West LR (Little Rock U.S. Army Recruiting office) Shooting

No hearing today for suspect in George Tiller murder case

There has to be something in the water.

Pro-Life Activist Says Doctor 'Reaped What He Sowed'

Microsoft's "Bingt" Search Engine Now Operating

Case stirs military recruiting questions; Austistic man in brig, facing court-martial

Leading Rights Groups Call On Obama To Release Prisoner Abuse Photos

IUE-CWA Vows to Fight to Protect Retiree Health Care in GM Bankruptcy Case

Gordon Brown insists he won't stand down as election rout looms

Impact of U.S. antidepressant warnings still felt

Impact of U.S. antidepressant warnings still felt

GM, Citigroup dropped from Dow

AP Exclusive: Blago talked to Durbin about Senate

GM to reorganize in government-led bankruptcy

North Korea's Kim moves to anoint youngest son as heir

Lingle orders furloughs for state employees to meet revenue shortfall

AG (Holder) orders protection in wake of doctor slaying

4 U.S. troops killed by bombs in Afghanistan

Cheney: Death only option for some detainees if Gitmo closed

Attack on Pakistan bus terminal

Police say militants kidnap group of about 400 people in northwest Pakistan

Dems try new approach on ‘Card Check’


Microsoft In Acquisition Deal With Merck

Obama: Cheney was 'wrong'

Health care groups outline plan to save money

Air France plane disappears from radar screens

Arson attack in Iran leaves 5 more dead

Coleman Asks Minnesota Court for New Chance to Overtake Franken

Byrd, longest serving senator, has staph infection

US (Federal) judge: Guantanamo evidence must be made public

Guantanamo judge refuses Khadr's request to dismiss U.S. lawyers

Suspect supported killing abortion providers, friends say

Suspect in George Tiller's slaying reportedly belonged to anti-government militia

U.S. May Cut UN Support Of Israel Over Settlements

Cheney on gay marriage: 'Freedom for everyone'

Nebraska physician vows to keep Tiller's abortion clinic open

Obama wants Queen invited

O'Reilly Back-Peddles, Tones Back 'Tiller the Killer' Rhetoric on First Show Since Murder

Schwarzenegger Cuts Mean No College For Thousands

Obama To Visit Green Bay

Pro-Life Leaders Denounce Murder of Abortion Doctor George Tiller

Why'd Obama switch on detainee photos? (Iraq's PM) Maliki went ballistic ("Baghdad will burn")

General Motors files for bankruptcy protection

Bellevue abortion provider: Killers aren't Christians, they're terrorists

9/11 Families Angered As U.S. Backs Saudis

U.S. swine flu cases hit all 50 states

Cheney: 'Would do exactly the same' ("If I had it to do all over again")

U.S.: We will continue to support Israel in UN

Two Army Recruiters Shot, One Dead In Little Rock Shooting

Suspect arrested in Arkansas recruiting center shooting

Air France Missing Plane Presumed Crashed - Electrical Malfunction Possible/Storm

A Letter to the Killer of George Tiller

Turning Campaign Promises into Policy

General Petraeus - US violated Geneva Conventions

Cheney Seeks Multimillion Book Deal by RSU

CBS: Terry 'Defends' Operation Rescue

Capitol Hill Agenda: June 1, 2009

Day in 100 Seconds - Positivity is the new 'black'

Countdown: Worst Persons 6/1 - 'Even Nutbag David Duke Trashed Boss Limbaugh'

Bad Religion - Operation Rescue

Countdown: Michael Moore on GM Bankruptcy: "We Own a Car Company"

Bill O'Reilly attacking Tiller

Government to Implement Flu Shots THIS FALL


TYT: Chirac reveals that Bush thought he was battling 'Gog & Magog' in Middle East, Cenk goes off

Dick Cheney Responds to Richard Clarke: "didn't read his book"

Christian terrorists

Christian terrorist


O'Reilly on Tiller: 'No Backpedaling Here'

General Motors Re:invent

Christian terrorist radio show

Sarah Palin: Abortion Clinic Bombers Aren't Domestic Terrorists

Olbermann To Retire O'Reilly Schtick, Proposes Fox News

Countdown: Gen. Sanchez - 'Torture Investigation Needed; Abu Ghraib Orders Came from Top'

'Confidence' - Depression-era cartoon being shown in some theaters last week

Operation Rescue's Randall Fucking Pig Terry attempts to justify himself

Young Turks: Limbaugh - Sotomayor Is Like David Duke

TYT: Gen. Petraeus Surprises Fox News on Torture!

Dr. George Tiller and his enemies

Young Turks: O'Reilly: Liberals Think White Men Are The Problem

The ED Show: Freedom of FOX Hate Speech: Tiller The Baby Killer

Countdown: Keith - 'FOX News Incited Dr. Tiller's Murder;' Quotes Operation Rescue Roeder Post

President Barack Obama and The First Lady Michelle in Manhattan NYC

Glenn Beck decries environmental TERRORISM

Bill O'Reilly Rips "Fox News Haters" (Kos, HuffPost, etc) For Linking Him To Tiller Murder

Christian terrorist Fred Phelps weighs in on Tiller murder

Rachel Maddow: Interview w/ Former Right-To-Lifer Frank Schaeffer on Tiller, Hate Talk Murder

Cheney Blames Richard Clarke for 9/11: "He Missed It"

More of the Same Game

Congress Returns to a Full Plate

Gallup poll shows only 5% of Republicans are Hispanic, 2% are black

Reagan Did It..Paul Krugman

The Killing of George Tiller: A "Pro-life" Murder?

DC Madam Palfrey's D. A. is C.I.A.

Republicans, Operation Rescue in Trouble

Suspect in Tiller's death supported killing abortion providers, friends say

Anti-Choice Terrorist Consorted with Convicted Operation Rescue Terrorist

In Pictures: President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in New York City

'Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews'

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: How exotic mortgages became time bombs

Commentary: Who is Responsible for Dr. George Tiller's Murder?

Could someone post this on Free Republic for me?

"Why Clinic Violence is Obama's Problem" ....American Prospect

Cheney Endorses Same-Sex Waterboarding

Direct Med is a scam and a fraud

Our opinion: Cheney makes us glad for Bush

Reactionary Watch: The Resurgence of Right-Wing Terrorism?

Shortcut on the Roadmap to War

Sotomayor Prepares to Meet With Key Senators

Michael Moore on GM

How GM bankruptcy will hit Indian IT vendors

The Murder of Dr. Tiller, a Foreshadowing

There has to be something in the water.

The Mellowing of William Jefferson Clinton

Frank Schaeffer: How I (and Other "Pro-Life" Leaders) Contributed to Dr. Tiller's Murder

The Presidential Library & Neoconservative Boot Camp/Bordello - No Books Just stacks of Money $500 M

Budget woes could boost government offshoring

Stephen Colbert, 'arch conservative' The comic actor-writer's character is a man of the right,

Lawrence Wilkerson: What Dick Cheney Shares with History's Biggest Villain

Sonia Sotomayor: The White Man's Burden

Minister in Jamaica crime gaffe

EL SALVADOR: "Legacy for New Gov't.: growing poverty and a country in crisis"

WARNING: May Cause High Blood Pressure and Nausea - Ros-Lehtinen on Cuba/OAS

Miami Herald: "Critical Moment" for the Hemisphere by Hillary Clinton

Eduardo Galeano on Democracy Now, Monday, June 1

Bolivian police seek three who worked with Dwyer

NATO OF THE SOUTH: Chile, South Africa, Australia, Antarctica

New Biogas Network Under Development

Bumblebees buzz back to UK from NZ

Biogas A4 hits 227mph

Climate pressure 'building on US' (BBC)

Toronto Star: Making cents of bag fee

Peak oil review - June 1

DrumBeat: June 1, 2009

Solar Push in Texas Fails

Ontario Announces Most Generous Renewable Incentives in the World

Powering the Planet With Sun-Harnessing Balloons

But we are busy having a government war on it...

Mothers for Peace: On safeguarding Diablo Canyon radioactive waste

GM says by tightly controlling how the battery charges will keep it alive for 10 years/150,000 miles

Time to play environmental consulting Mad Libs!

Energy from pig slurry helps fight climate change

When does Lebron win a title?

Cops use Taser on Florida Gators CB after fight

Great European Trainer Vincent O'Brien Dies

Yankees set record for consecutive games without an error

Ivan Lendl: "Nobody hates communists more than I do - not even Rush Limbaugh!”

Naming the latest Cleveland sports heartbreak: "The Crumble?"

Let's talk tennis...

Un-phucking Amazing..

Federal prosecutors appeal ruling tossing out Bonds evidence

Opinion: James shames game by not facing music

Greg Silver MD, John Russell NP/MBA and Mark Adams, JD,MBA Contrast Single Payer Plan w/ Status Quo

Today in labor history June 1 First time the news that Nazi Germany was gassing Jews by the 1,000's

Today new child labor law takes effect, children under age 16 can work later in the day

WIN: GM Is Filing For Bankruptcy - Plants Are Being Closed But Pensions Will Remain Intact

Supporters try to win votes for union bill (Maine)

Workers Losing Jobs In GM Bankruptcy Will Get Most Of Their Pay For A Year, Obama Says Bankruptcy Pl

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace (24) Monday, June 01, 2009

Visa Program IT Workers Exceed Total Number Of Jobless U.S. Workers Within The Same Occupation

A Red State Booster Shot

Baucus to meet with "Baucus 13"

Testicular cancer genetic advance (BBC)

In hard-times Flint, free clinic sets example for universal health care

New Breast Cancer Treatments May Stem from $16.5 Million Award

Tomato pill 'beats heart disease' (BBC)

"Anti-vaccine?" ... "It's like Karl Rove is writing the playbook for these people." ~ David Kirby

An open letter to: San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

A touching story in church yesterday

Justice Kennard on the role of the judiciary: Anyone have this link?

Open Letter from Barack Obama to the LGBT Community (Feb 2008)

Irish-Born Uk Drag Pioneer Danny La Rue Dies

Will Maryland recognize gay marriages?

Educate a straight guy (A Listening Thread)

The petitions are starting in Maine

Maya Angelou calls for gay marriage rights

Cheney on gay marriage: 'Freedom for everyone'

President Obama Issues LGBT Pride Month Proclamation

Christine Quinn thinks NY is getting gay marriage

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence statement on Obama's nomination of Sotomayor.

What killed concealed-carry on Texas campuses?

Gun Prices starting to cool!

Brady/Million Mom March/VPC finally marginalized

Military recruiter killed in Ark shooting

Wow...Progressive Insurance really is!

Netanyahu defies Obama call for settlement freeze

Egypt rejects U.S. plan for Arab-Israel normalization

How Gazan cash got buried in tunnels

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in West Bank

The RW's guns are pointed at us on the left, and they will pick us off one by one.

Israeli proposal: Make Jordan the official Palestinian homeland

Obama: U.S. Needs To Be 'Honest' With Israel

'Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews'

Oil climbs to near $68, new high for the year

AIG Has Already Cost Twice As Much As Hurricane Katrina

Auto suppliers GM bankruptcy will effect.

Even in Crisis, Banks Dig In for Fight Against Rules

Geithner "China needs more social programs"

Shattered and Shuttered

An amazing telephoto shot...

My first attempt at DSLR (dialup warning)

I wish this were scratch-and-sniff! Morning magnolia...


Former Chinese Central Bank Advisor Questions Geithner's Math, Calls Federal Reserve Assets "Rubbish

Devil's Cove on Lake Travis near Austin, TX

In my berry garden this morning - promises made and kept.

The UN's double standard on Israel and Sri Lanka

Goldstone's UN inquiry team arrives in Gaza

New crater in Glen Rose, Texas

'Oldest pottery' found in China (BBC)

New cloud type? (BBC)

Astro-Financial/Market week

I'm ready to give up. I may be gone from here (even though I just got back).


Help! I'm An Empath ...

Boy chosen by Dalai Lama turns back on Buddhist order

Protestant President Revives Liberal Catholicism

The Gospel According to the Hitman and the Dude

God is merciful, but only if you're a man

Muslims aggrieved in Greece

Thou shalt not blackmail.

Personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs

"Remove Senator Baucus from health care reform, move it out of the Senate Finance Committee"

Assessment of grand expriment version 2.0.

In the mood for a pumpkin-ish quick bread...

back to the farmers market conversation....

arne duncan Coming To Milwaukee, But Not As Part Of His "Listening" Sessions

Episode 7:2009 - Posters from the Lege

What passed, what didn't this legislative session

Did anyone see the first of the last 3 episodes of Pushing Daises Saturday night?

GG says seal episode helped improve understanding