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Archives: May 9, 2009

The FABULOUS Naomi Klein defends unions and EFCA

A blast from the past: Elizabeth Edwards calls Ann Coulter out for being a hateful witch

Push your senators on Health Care

Keywords ...they say a lot about a website

Keywords ...they say a lot about a website

Florida man who killed wife and family...obituary for him. None for the family.

Miss Botswana: here we go again

Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salim joins Twitter..gotta read his 1st "tweet"

Central midwesterners, hoping you are ok. Winds and tornadoes=4 deaths

Outlasting the Bastards: Learning and Applying the Pete Seeger Lesson by Coleen Rowley

MSM - STFU!!!!

Let's help the Grand Old Old Party reach out to social conservatives


Why are KARZAI and ALI ZARDARI going on Meet the Press?

Why CEO's of Car giants earn the big bucks...too stupid to know which plants were closing

Obama to scrap funding for abstinence-only programs

The son of my staff member knew that assassinated Wesleyan student

Some of us were Democrats before being a Democrat was cool

All the repubs need to regain power is for the dems to fail

I have new name for the republcian party...

Republican Party going from "Joke" to "Pathetic"

The "Irrelephants".

I ranked Harkin close to dead last in 1992

I ranked Harkin close to dead last in 1992

Issa: A Republican Watchdog, Unleashed

Silence on torture troubling

Agree or disagee: As wealth and political connections go up, personal responsibility goes down

The next time ANYBODY asks me when I'm going to get married and have kids (I'm almost 37),

Nancy knew. Nancy kept her mouth shut because she was in line to become the Speaker of the House.

How many Fox News talking points can you spot in this LTTE?

Obama White House Finds George W. Bush’s Bible

Just a reminder - 19 more days

What DU is to me..

Gay porn not acceptable after-school work for Christian college students

Drunk Driver Sentenced in Six Deaths - 64 years to life

Video Appointment vs. Real Doctor's Visit?

Were any DUers listening to the first half hour of WJ this morning

WOW, no threads on fear of a pig pandemic this morning?

The Real Housewives of War - Fingerprints on Shattered Lives

Star Trek Sequel Already In Production

Star Trek Sequel Already In Production

a perfect world, you keep the Dems out of your bank account & the Repubss out of your bedroom

All They Had To Do Was NOTHING

Study: Some Purses Contain Poison - Lead In Plastic, Vinyl Could Be Harmful

Just remember this one thing, When the Bush* Cabal said nukes were on the table

Could we have a "drinking poison" suicide emoticon Mods?

Could we have a "drinking poison" suicide emoticon Mods?

Could we have a "drinking poison" suicide emoticon Mods?

Huckabee warns GOP could become ‘irrelevant’

Coal ash is damaging water, health in 34 states, groups say

Sex starved Kenyan man seeks compensation in court

Isn't it awesome how Republicans have become experts in everything they talk about?

Revenge of the Tundra

Obama Makes Push For Credit Card Legislation (VIDEO)

Picture= 1000 words x 2

Mother Wright, tireless advocate for poor, dies

Texas novelist 'Bud' Shrake dies in Austin

GEM$NBC has a special on

GEM$NBC has a special on

American Taliban: Christian school tells student to skip prom

Jail for suburban zoo keeper

Man went on hamster heist

I know that our protests against the Iraq War failed, but

I may have been the first voter in a CNN poll!

The Grid, Our Cars and the Net: One Idea to Link Them All

Ed Schultz: Insurance Companies Are At The Table, Why Not Single Payer? (Video)

Nations largest food drive is TODAY! Put a non-perishable in your mailbox

YouTube of priest Alberto. Not about church, celibacy. More like John EDWARDS

Does this strike you as offensive? It does me.

Steele Calls GOP Base Bigoted, Says They ‘Rejected’ Romney Because They Have ‘Issues With Mormonism’

Are the Chicago Blackhawks a Racist Organization?

Marcy Winograd To Take On Jane Harman In CA-36 Again

Letter Carrier food drive today.

Spot the stupid

Holy Footloose, Batman! Student threatened with suspension for going to a prom!

Harkin changes views on same-sex marriage

Huckabee: GOP could become "irrelevant as the Whigs, a party of gray-haired old men"

Reporters Without Borders protests in central Paris again detention of US journalist in Iran

What was Pelosi told? Olbermann talks about it.

Bio-electricity may offer better mileage for cars than ethanol

Strange but true - Science weaves some pretty weird webs

Man dropped marijuana bag in court

Another great column by Matt Taibbi. He cracks me up.

Teed off: Smoking bans have golfers riled

oh no....Bush & Laura do Dijon

Girl, 17, run over by her own SUV during 'ghost ride' stunt

Schriever man fatally shoots armed burglar

When did the color coded TERROR ALERTS go away?

Obama and Race Relations: Civil Rights Leaders Aren't Satisfied

Clinton Was Right To Advocate Home Loans To Lower-Rated Borrowers. Here's Why.


Want to bet that the health insurance companies would come begging for a bailout

It doesn't matter what we believe...

Swine Flu Vaccine caused neurological illnesses and deaths in 1976

Russia warns foes in new speech, parade "Protecting the motherland our Holy duty"

Labor chief: Stimulus funds a major factor in state’s recovery

Managed care stocks rally as health reform evolves

Need citizens to speak at upcoming EPA hearings in Seattle and Arlington, VA

Hackers Steal 160,000 Health Records From UC Berkeley Database

Florida teacher has affair with 16 year old girl, puts it on My Space, wife sees it.

Shock jocks: voice of America or voice of hate?

Siegelman Lobbies DOJ To Intervene As Court Deadline Nears

Siegelman Lobbies DOJ To Intervene As Court Deadline Nears


Obesity increases health care costs for everyone

Hackers wanted! Scholarships available to coders who'll come to journalism and help save democracy

The crap that passes for 'journalism' these days!

C-SPAN running Laura Bush at Dinner a few years ago. Very funny...n/t

Poll: Risk Factors, Positive Factors, and the Cost of Health Insurance

NYC Charging Rent At Homeless Shelters

Texas Man Jailed 83 Days For Skipping Jury Duty

Richard Clarke Responds to GOP Guantanamo Attacks

Science Trumps Intelligent Design Again

Topless Model / Miss USA Alysha Castonguay: Prejean situation stems from her opinion, not photos

Guest columnist, R. Duane Graham: Concern over rights just a ruse

At last, change you can believe in:

Other Illness May Precede Worst Cases of Swine Flu ~ NYT

OK Dana Perino

Torture investigation begins! CNN has the details

CBS golf analyst: Soldiers would shoot Reid, Pelosi

CBS golf analyst: Soldiers would shoot Reid, Pelosi

Huge U.S. camp arises in Afghan Desert of Death

Cutting Through Economic Obfuscation--A Reality-Based Narrative About The Economic Meltdown

surge update - U.S. forces kill 12 year old Iraqi boy after grenade attack

Clear obesity gene link 'found'

The World According to Monsanto - Full Documentary

CNN Daily Poll - not just "No", this one is a pure and simple "Hell No!"

Nerdprom (TM Anna Marie Cox) thread #1

Would Jesus take a bailout?

uhhh..guys...did you see this map?

Following Twitter (tweets) for the White House Correspondents' Dinner?

Does anybody know what the exact schedule is up to Obama speaking at roughly 10:15 ET?

do you need to "replump" your lips?

Amid H1N1 Flu Fears, Hand Sanitizer Comes To White House Press Room

Politicians, especially Republicans, do not recognize the revolution that is taking place...

Health Care Reform: Some Basic Principles - George Lakoff will start showing the arrival of the guests at

Matt Taibbi says that we have an atmosphere where...

Are Joan and Melissa Rivers at the party?

Are Joan and Melissa Rivers at the party?

Germany moves to outlaw paintball-says games like paintball encourage violence

EU quarantines London in flu panic

Tehana, Texas shakedown artist - Republican District Attorney Linda K. Russell

Do You Know Why Mother's Day Was Started?

Interesting post on "rate your"

Dear Jesus,

AF1 joke... Hnnnnnnnng...

Is the MSM breaks bread with President Obama on CSPAN tonight???

Obama Calls for Bill to Restrict Credit Card Fees

DU Netflix subscibers. In case you didn't know.

Just watched National Geographic 'Hunt For Lincoln's Assassins'.

Secret U.S.-Israel nuclear accord in jeopardy

Congress Plans Incentives for Employers That Offer Wellness Programs

How do we know where we are going if we don't know where we have been??

THE BLAME GAME - Torture=100% BUSHCO Production

Republicans have two-prong strategy on healthcare

State Dems criticize Obama on stance on Bush aides (Vt.)

30 yr old Snohomish County man dies from swine flu (WA) + BONUS article...

Al Gore: Alarming new slides depict a worsening climate crisis

Are you glad that Barack Obama is going to Cairo for the purpose of addressing the Muslim world?

War Council at Limbaugh's estate tomorrow AM

It's ancient news that "marriage is against nature". We all know this. But if we are going to

Senators weigh 3 government health plans - (Closed door meeting)

Washington DC under water in 50-100 years

NYT: Women bullying women in the workplace - fewer high slots for women fuels competition

Tens of thousands rally to renew calls for Saakashvili's resignation

Need help! What is the best way of getting a really good deal on a hotel room?

My take on the "conservative movement" and its future

Jim Hightower: Populism Is a Rebellion Against Corporate Power -- It's Not Just Stupid, Raw Anger

Yeah! I tune into MSNBC for some post-event coverage and this is what I get...

The greatest show on earth? Charlie Rose to interview Rove and Carville live on stage.

Send a customized mother's day video to all the moms you know! This is neat. :)

Solar Minimum, Anti-Climate Cling-ons Latest

Moyers Journal Durbin links

“Stormy Daniels: Screwing People Honestly”.

Teen banned from prom for smelling like pot wants compensation

CSPAN I starting the whole dinner over again, with the red carpet

Memos shed light on CIA use of sleep deprivation

Weird conversation on a message board - I don't get it

Obama's speech rerunning NOW on cspan.

Man and horse drown while trying to herd cattle

I must have missed the best part of Wanda Sykes. Is there a link to the video yet?

CSPAN to replay the WH correspondents dinner at 11pm et

Did John McCain lose the 2008 U.S. Presidential election because he was not conservative enough?

In Toledo, Downturn Empties Offices; White-Collar Workers Coping With Layoffs


"Towering Palm Trees explode" - PICS from Santa Barbara fire

Wanna make a freeper's head explode?

SNL is back

I went to see Wolverine today, and I saw something disturbing

Where black people and white people buy furniture,

Am I the only one who finds the Huffington Post website user unfriendly?

Will Bob Schieffer play dumb with Dick Cheney this Sunday?

Frank Rich: The American Press on Suicide Watch

So when you pay off your Capital One balance, they charge you interest but they can't explain why.

"This crisis is far from over"

how did the torture debate go from bu$h*/cheney to nancy pelosi...?

Please sign the medical marijuana petition

The repubicans are dealing with nancy Pelosi with some of the same tactics they used on john Kerry.

Two ideas to aid the economy

Dear Max--Your "Health Racketeering" buddies have to go!

These born-again, family values GOP asshats who are pro torture:

Limbaugh, O'Lielly, Hannity, and Beck will go ballistic next week

Torture: "The Clean Team"

The Anti-War Origins of Mother's Day

Dollars & Sense: 1 in 5 Homeowners Under Water and Sinking Fast

W.R. Grace acquitted in Montana asbestos case


A serious question about the new Star Trek movie :SPOILER ALERT: Do not klick unless you've seen it

CSPAN Announcer reading negative twitter remarks re w. Sykes..she scared the shit out of them..

Yet another sterling example of the RW base.

David Gregory looks lost....

Why is there a torture "debate?"

Gotta Say It...Wanda Sykes Is A Riot

A simple question for you. Where do workers in the health insurance industry go if we get single

General George Washington smacks down torturers "ruin to themselves and their country"

The truth behind our presence in Afghanistan:

1995-My disabled father died at the Mayo Clinic, Billed $440,000.

Not sure what to get Mom for Mother's Day (this Sunday May 10th)

Despite Threats, Casino Smoking Ban Advances

No Country for Middle-Aged Men (Mother Jones)

I'm about to ruin my meager credit rating for a medical emergency.

Today, our president went on national radio and demanded that Congress, by Memorial Day, .......

Bombing Afghans in Defense of Afghanistan?

Bombing Afghans in Defense of Afghanistan?

Professor who reportedly shot Wife is found Dead

The man won the damn Oscar, gave the best speech of the night, and this was his father's reaction

Parents sue after son is killed with 'prop' gun in school play

tv alert, RIGHT NOW on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC channel: doc abt MARIJUANA nt

tv alert, RIGHT NOW on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC channel: doc abt MARIJUANA nt

"If you want to pay rent and need to get money you can donate blood," she says. "My dad does that."

What's the least invasive way to find out my credit score?

Should Obama be criticized?

Here it is, the photo everyone is having a conniption over

How much is your co-pay for mental health treatment?

Teen tries to sell sister on Craigslist


What do you want? What will you settle for?

State (MD) sets new rules on free, low-cost hospital care

How to Twitter

Beck and O'Reilly --

Hospital worker who sold medical records of Britney Spears and Farrah Fawcett to tabloids has died

Get Ready

i don't care about monogamy -- don't care if 'you'

What the Pelosi-Briefing Issue Shows - We need a Classified Crimes Act!

My Boss is a Black Republican

Why would ANYONE not want universal health care?

'rush limbaugh was the 20th hijacker, but he was so strung out on oxycotin, he missed his flight'

Why are so many DUers turning against Obama?

Jury just found a man guilty of a crime that DNA proves he didn't commit

Twittering is...

Wanda Sykes is a HERO

"I used to be a gynecologist in Cuba".. NC has the BEST local commercials

Senate LAUGHS About How Many Police It Takes To Silence The American People On Single Payer

The Honeymoon is over...

Just got back from seeing Star Trek and...

Grammar question!

Congressional Democrats COULD HAVE Legally Revealed Bush's Torture Crimes

Today we confronted the Pirate Pawlenty at his big photo-op on the Minnesota waters

"the better term was financially articulate ... if you have more money to put into the process..."

An updated rant on LAWN POISON

The Wacky Warren Commission Questioning Skills That Made Arlen Spector Senator For Life

Do you favor raising the age for receiving Social Security?

OK DUers, help me out. What does "in the heebee" mean?


Tiny Invisibility Cloak Constructed

Here ya go, Inchworm

I'm picking up where TK421 left off. Let's all get blitzed...

Nancy Grace has snarling down to a science doesn't she?

Starship Enterprise Destroyed

So, what's up with "Lost?" nt

*sigh* Please wish me luck.

No one told me the Fonz was on Numb3rs again

My usual farewell may be a bit self-serving for this occasion.

I sooooooo want this!


Who's staying up late? I'm bored and everyone's going to bed...

The sun is shining and the birds are singing

The presentation of a presetnation

Why is giving head considered a miracle?

Judy Garland

JJ Abrams is my twin brother.

WAAAAH! It got locked!!!!!

I'm Going to Kick Some Serious Weed Butt Today...

So.....who's drinking what right now?

hey joe, take my hand

Interesting Star Trek fan series

If I start another Star Trek tread will anyone be pissed off?

pour me another cup of coffee

NEW Terminator Salvation, 4 minute clip released.

Hilarious. UK university H&S bans ladders to reach books. Library refuses to move books lower.

That's DOCTOR Dolly Parton to you honey

This is what happens when drinking Bloody Marys right before bed....

I am thinking about getting a Ipod, have enough points from my checking account, need advice.

Summer movie preview

Last night I dreamed Mrs. V. and I got married legally, and it was

kitten picture of the day for saturday may 9

It was like something from Alien

I have found a new love.....

I know where Saddam's money is!!!!!

LBN: Kim Kardashian invades planet Bajor

Manny Ramirez pregnant with triplets

Does anyone here seriously watch Celebrity Apprentice or Survivor?

The Bad Astronomer reviews Star Trek

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break 5/9/09

The next time ANYBODY asks me when I'm going to get married and have kids (I'm almost 37),

Where's the funniest place your cat has ever taken a nap?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/9/2009)

How is Obesity an issue?

I just discovered something about DTV that may be helpful to others

Help needed please - Someone with Photoshop skills and a little time.

I don't mind the birds eating from the bird feeder, but why can't they use fork and knife?

ladadi ladada ----Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)

Why is Star Trek considered a miracle?

Keep me from going outside and hurting someone

Imagine living next door to this

needing help with dvd rom

E! Online: 80s Hair Metal Singer Kip Winger to star in Tarantino's upcoming "Pulp Fiction" Prequel

Anyone have a "car repair" warranty?

Hey flvegan! I think you should try out for "wipeout"

If I were grilling T-Bone Steaks - how do you want yours done and what do you want on it

Unusual sights at work pic thread.

Holy Crap! How come no one told me about this guy?

I've been freaking people out - should I stop?

Guess who said "I never liked Star Trek"?

Fight Swine Flu With Mushrooms

I am so sick of being so sick

Bunny Jr. sent me flowers for Mother's Day!

I had to hide the "magazines in the bathroom" thread

Not a collection, more like an accumulation.

Thundah Boomahs movin' in!

self-esteem killers

Hey, Anyone know the score of the Bosox game?

Our TV died last night.

Psychobilly Barndance

Most Overrated Rock Act (with actual choices)

I've been gone a couple days, what's the latest on President Obama's SCROTUS...

I have decided to simplify my life.

Can anyone tell me who has the longest hitting streak in baseball at 26 games?

For my friend FTA: 'Centerfield'

Do you believe that a part of you lives on through your children?

Does anyone know if a bad power supply would still allow the LED to light up on the motherboard?

Some jackass left their car in my driveway

Soulless self-mocking populist drivel. Sponsored by beer and a cell phone. (Spoilers)

Ladies, don't let your S.O. see this video - 2009 Pole Dancing Champ

Bonds to piss off the nipply roiders

A simple poll:

Fail blog -- always good for a laugh


This is an odd combination of teams to root for...

It's raining...

So leftyclimber and mrleftyclimber are on a plane to the West Coast.

Private conversations used to be private

I traded in my POS BlackBerry Storm today and got a Curve.

There's a new restaurant in town...

I am restless and not entirely happy tonight. I need some entertainment.


I'm horny and lonely and bored. Ask me anything...

If I were grilling T-Rex Steaks - how do you want yours done and what do you want on it

Spoiled Brat Pissed Disney Won't Let MTV Film her $150k Quinceañera

Question for Mac Users

K & G

I'm watching NASCAR, drinking a beer, and the wife and daughter

WOOOHOOO! Gonna see The Dead Tommorow!!!!

Haruka needs to get home with the Chinese food so we can watch "The Reader"

Are you ever an ally of a poster in one thread and their enemy in another?

Are there any hazards on the premises?

Please tell me its not gonna snow in Minnesota next week...

RIP, Chuck Daly

Star Trek Spoilers

Will someone please explain the whole Narwhal thing to me?

A work of fractal art forged within the fires of Mount Doom.

So, I ah, solved my sports car buying dilemna...


Bands to piss off the hippy noodlers

James Cameron's "Avatar."

Abrams’ Star Trek Goes Where No Trek Has Gone Before: $33M in 29 Hours

Star Trek

What's everyone drinking tonight??

So Lounge, What Did You Have For Supper?

California Guitar Trio

MIT students have incredible minds. I recommend you view this!

wow, you know your town lacks a social scene when kids hang out at Taco bell

What are you giving the mater for Mother's Day?

PSA because this cannot be stressed enough: What sci-fi is supposed to be.

I saw Star Trek and loved it! Karl Urban was perfect as McCoy!

I saw Star Trek and loved it! Karl Urban was perfect as McCoy!


So Chuck Daly is gone...

Redneck Camping Guide

Even "the conspiracy to commit torture" should trigger a criminal investigation

Is there a "you're family are a bunch of assholes group"

What's your kitty litter?

I'm drunk and lonely and bored. Ask me anything...

I just watched Bert Blyleven eat 2 nightcrawlers on the Twins pregame show

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Does anyone ever really swear off romance after a bad experience

What Is Your Very Earliest Memory?

Dems Becoming "Party Of CHUMPS" - We Should Be OUTRAGED At Lack Of Responsibility (Turley)

Holy SMOKES it's slow in here. What the hell is everybody doing tonight?

I need some help here, anyone ever had to deal with someone with narcissistic personality disorder??

Every night, an ambulance screams down our street or the next street over

I just spent $9 to see the "Wolverine" movie. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

Ball. Cock. Screw. Nut. Sheath. Coupling. Rod. Friction.

heh, So even in the alternate ST universe, it's a VERY bad idea to wear a red shirt

Am I strange or unfeeling? When I watch that coverage of the Santa Barbara fires...

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are the greatest Rock & Roll band in US history

It looks like there will not be a memorial service for my friend R

Wikipedia as a Source of Information

A question for the DU electronic experts, re: static buildup.

Marital Vows Conundrum

What school mascots were you?

Kubrickologists, "The Shining" fans, I have had a question since the day that film opened.

What magazines are in your bathroom?

Academia-types--your advice/ideas about grad school MFA programs?

Diet, not lack of exercise, to blame for obesity

Diet, not lack of exercise, to blame for obesity


Stop the Single Payer Shut-out! by Ralph Nader

WaPo: Obama Set To Revive Military Commissions

MoveOn moves against Specter (Politico)

Obama to address Muslims in Egypt

Does someone from the military like Admiral Mullen has a chance for the SC nomination?

"It’s all just a little incestuous, don’t you think?" (those giving testimony to Congress regarding

Where do the Scotus candidates stand on hamburger condiments?

We may really want to give Specter back now

U.S. official: White House plans no changes to NAFTA

AP: Senators Weigh 3 (shitty) Government Health Plans

White House Correspondents' Dinner - Twitter Aggregator Feed

Can someone explain this LTTE from Sen Pat Roberts?

If Israel Attacks Iran, 49% Say U.S. Should Help (What Gives?)

Mignon Clyburn Will Kill Net Neutrality

Celebrities Line Up for White House Correspondents' Dinner with no dessert

Is the White House Correspondents' Dinner live on any website?

Further Proof the Obamas are Cool: WH to Host Poetry Slam

Obama's Biggest Problem: People are suffering from Bush Vision.

Banks Won Concessions on Tests

Richard Wolfe on KO Tonight: The papers yet to be released are far more shocking.

Why we risked arrest for single-payer health care. **.....

Obama to make press dinner debut

Holder leaves door open to investigate Congress members who knew about interrogations

Dain Bramaged gives Arrianna Huffington an "F" for journalism

Do you believe Obama has the ability to multitask?

Ten Minutes Until The White House Correspondence Dinner on CSPAN

Scouring Obama’s Past for Clues on Judiciary

Has Obama's cool, collective demeanor hurt the Republican Party?

PHOTO: President Obama meets with Captain Phillips

Hey, Pat, most Americans do not like Rush Limbaugh...

CSPAN is running the correspondents dinner again NOW

B Ball - Barack and the Boys

WH correspondents dinner to be repeated at 11pm et

Caption Pic of Glenn Beck "Hanging Out" at the WHCD

Our liberal media again, this Sunday on the talk shows:

PHOTOS Methinks Whoopi and Tweety are having more fun than the President

Perfect WHC Dinner, except for 1/2 of the audience!

The President, Susan Boyle, Hair-washing and a cat called Pebbles.

ID-01: Top GOP Recruit Bows Out

i have googled and checked snopes...

A Democrat Calls for Executive Accountability Bill To Prevent Further Abuses of Presidential Power

Chance for President Obama to Jab at DC's Establishment

Dayum. Wanda Sykes is throwin' down!

Top Pelosi Aide, and Rep. Harman, Learned Of Waterboarding in 2003 (WaPo)

PHOTOS The WH Correspondents Dinner

Why the Current Muddle-Through Approach to the Banking Crisis May Not Succeed by Nouriel Roubini

Predict what Obama joke the conservatives will be "outraged" by at the WH Correspondents Dinner

I think Detroit would be a good choice for the 2012 Democratic National Convention

You can't make this up! Palin and Prejean are phone buddies!

What should President Obama do about Don't Ask Don't Tell?

Obama Approval Ratings by State (i.e. 73% in New York, 54% in Georgia)

President Obama demands of Congress: Send me credit card reform legislation this month

Predictably, Politico is serving as shit-stirer central, Obama laughs at OxyRush and kidney failure.

Why do I cry when I hear the National Anthem???

Bush may haunt Republicans for generations

PHOTO Caption it?

TIME cover story

Links to the full videos of Obama and Sykes performances Tonight

"Obama sticks with Bush-era polar bear rule"---WTF?

Today is the tenth anniversary of President Obamas'first 100 days!

*** White House Correspondents Dinner - Official Thread ***

Screw health care reform.

Conservatives act like someone FOISTED McCain onto the GOP last year...

Arrianna Huffington gives Obama an F on the economy


THE NATION's Panel of Legal Experts pick "ideal" SC Justice. The WINNER IS:

Obama calls for credit card legislation

Obama set to revive military commissions: Only "reliable" hearsay "evidence" will be permitted

L.A. restaurant closed for labor law violations (until he obtains workers' compensation insurance)

Going Up: Price of First-Class Stamp

Group ends fight against Chrysler restructuring

Karzai’s Ex-Allies Vie for Afghan Presidency

Polanski loses bid

Half a million flee Swat valley as Pakistan faces months of fighting

Parks Fortify Israel's Claim to Jerusalem

Croatia: Sentence in Torture Deaths

Fiat CEO sees union snags but time for Opel deal

Stanford drug informer role claim

Body in Georgia fits description of fugitive professor

Hoekstra considers hearings on Pelosi, interrogations

Chuck Daly, Pistons Coach, Dies at 78

Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop

Sri Lankans arrest UK news team

Democrats win Indonesia election

US report blames Taliban for civilian deaths

UK threatens to deport widow of hero Gurkha killed in Afghanistan

After crash, MA transit chief to ban operators from bringing cell phones on buses and trains

Jurors find W.R. Grace and execs not guilty; Libby shocked

Taliban vow to 'eliminate' Pakistan's top leadership

Pope warns of misuse of religion

Venezuela says weapons cache uncovered, 4 foreigners detained in suspected terrorist cell

Desperation in Pakistani hospitals, refugee camps

'Demons would fight with him' ( Priest Stabbed )

Couple accused of shooting 4, including 2 kids

Snohomish County man dies from swine flu (WA)

Chavez takes over oil service firms

Banks Won Concessions on Stress Tests

Toyota suffers biggest loss in 72 years

How Not to Join a Union

Yves Engler-Canada vs Latin American Democracy-1of6

CTW CR Roundtable - 1 (Dr. Julie Thomas)

Inside the mind of a wingnut. Mutual Protection Teams

President Obama - Your Weekly Address - Clearing away the wreckage...

The Health Insurance Game

Overtime - Real Time with Bill Maher (Naomi Klein)

Focus on Gaza - Care for collaboration - 8 May 09 - Part 2

Focus on Gaza - Care for collaboration - 8 May 09 - Part 1

Swat fighting threatens Pakistan army unity

Panic grips Pakistan's Buner as fighting intensifies


MADDOW: Republican scare tactics in perspective

Zuma sworn in as South Africa's president - 9 May 09

Republicans and Hatred Part 1

Maher: NEW RULES - May 8th

Union Members Fight off Somali Pirates!

An Invisible Crisis: Rising Rates of HIV Among Young Men of Color

TYT: National Prayer Day---Why Are Some Mad At Obama?

Boyd Dobbler Addresses Charity

World's Smallest Car

Tom Ridge on the Republican party: We're a little bit too doggone shrill

No one knows what it's like to be a Washington DC


Obama to Press: When You Are At Your Best, You Help Me to Be At My Best

Cheech & Chong Live - Tommy Chong speaks about prison time

WHCA Dinner Highlights

Obama Consults With Speech Writer Jon Favreau @ White House Correspondents Dinner

Target Women: Obama Arms

Letterman: Obama Jokes

Lawrence O'Donnell On Socialism BS - The ED Show

Obama to Michael Steele: Rush Limbaugh Does Not Count As A Troubled Asset

AT&T Near $2.5 Billion Buy Alltel ExxonMobil in Cahoots with AT&T ? Monopoly Gone Wild

Sykes: Limbaugh Might Have Been 20th Hijacker, Strung Out on OxyContin He Missed Flight !

Former Clinton FEMA Director Urges Louisiana Vitter To Lift Fugate Hold

FEMA again a victim of politics (Wilmington NC Star-News)

If Empathy Weren't Contagious, Would Republicans be Extinct?

David Vitter Pays Porn Star NOT to Screw Him

Matt Taibbi: These God Pundits Can Give You a Splitting Headache

DAVID MACARAY : Recessions and Labor Unions

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Recessions and Labor Unions

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I wonder what these guys would have done at Kent State

They tried to make the world forget his name - Nikola Tesla the greatest Inventor of all time

FIDEL: Once Again, the Rotten OAS

STATE DEPT. report on the operation of the US Interests Section in Havana

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Brazil and Neighbors Build Their Own US$ 7-Billion Nest Egg

Cuba neighbours to restore ties

Guatemalan anti-mining activist wins rights prize

RIGHTS: Campaign Against School of the Americas Lobbies El Salvador

Washington Agency Creates Neoliberal University in Venezuela

US Citizen Detained, Told to Expect "Big Trouble" by US Customs for Trip to Cuba

Former Bolivian ministers seek asylum in Peru

Scientists Airlift Giant, Endangered Frogs

Al Gore on TED talks

Guatemalan anti-mining activist wins rights prize

The Awakening

CNBC Report: Oil Going to $300 a barrel

Coal ash is damaging water, health in 34 states, groups say

MACHETERA - "Yoani Sanchez: Pentagon Babe"

Old Firm *SPOILER*

Definition of a good night @ the plate: 8 RBI, 15 total bases

Tested Jokinen has become Hurricanes' inspiration

Mets are startin to look REALLY good


NBA, Olympic coach Chuck Daly dies at 78

Hawks Vs Nucks

Wow, the Nougats are about to make me a believer!

Wounded Soldier Finishes Marathon in 13 Days

Interesting to see how the Mets and Dodgers did today. Also, the other New York

Pens and Caps Even Series 2-2

The JR Chess Report (May 9): Koneru Humpy, 3 Others Share First in Mumbai

Omaha teen dies when forklift falls on him

Lack of bracing may have caused fatal trench collapse in Arlington

Today in labor history May 9 4,000 garment workers, mostly Hispanic, strike for union recognition

The Employee Free Choice Act--A Human Rights Imperative

Wal-Mart To Pay $2 Million In Employee Death, But Admits No Guilt

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Addresses AFSCME Nurses

X-Post from LBN: Rep. Filner, others stand up for Union workers

Wisconsin Small Business Owners talk Employee Free Choice

UFCW Weekender 5-9-09

Kim Bobo's "Wage Theft in America"

Strike Shuts Down Banana Plantations (17,000 workers) in Northern Colombia

King Soopers workers reject latest contract offer

Labor Lawyers Shut Out of State (Ca) Jobs (because of pro-worker stance) Join Forces in Small Firm

CA Labor Commissioner Issues over $770,000 in Fines Following Statewide Car Wash Enforcement

Delta may offer early retirement packages to pilots

Union group part of lawsuit (KB Home and Countrywide Financial ) over home prices

Labor cartoon for the week: organize

Hartmarx (makers of Obama's suits) workers prepared to sit-in if Wells Fargo closes their factory

US Chamber: We Hate Arbitration. Except For When We Love It.

Report: Senators mull 3 health-insurance plans

Cannabis for Swine Flu?

I'm ill....and it sucks!

DADT: OK....someone explain this BULLSHIT from Bob Gates...

Governor defends gay marriage decision (Maine)

Gay Pride 2009 - a profound sense of shame and anger

I don't want my son to grow up gay so I walk around naked around him

So what do you think of Obama's Iowa marriage joke?

Sadat's widow: Israel would be attacking Egypt if not for peace treaty

Parks Fortify Israel's Claim to Jerusalem

Howard Jacobson: A letter to an anti-Semite who isn't

H. R. 2159 - Here we go with the arbitrary trampling of the Constitution again

Loss of 2nd Amendment Rights

Texas Boy, 7, dies after shot in in mistaken trespass

Netanyahu: Israel will never withdraw from Golan

Why the Current Muddle-Through Approach to the Banking Crisis May Not Succeed by Nouriel Roubini

Newsweek: Recovery? What Recovery?

Has Bernanke Pulled the Economy Back From the Brink?

Some shots from Santa Monica

Some of my historic register rejects

It was a blast... CMS 2009

Garden shots

Credit Card Companies: Dumb, crazy or what?

Hamas: We won't accept two-state solution

I wanted to post something here to maybe help some who are struggling

Is anyone familiar with the Pyramid Collection?.?.?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/9/09

Assault weapons are NOT machine guns, they are not automatic.

Weird Connections

Science Trumps Intelligent Design Again

WTF?? NPR: On space station, Russians, Americans bickering over food, toilets

Scientists discover winter home of world's second-biggest fish (CNN)

Helping Christians Reconcile God with Science

GOOD news!

Mother's Day...What's For Lunch?

if they can make carbs taste like meat, why can't they...

Hurricane glassware

This week's question.....

"Was it over

The Carole many names people just called me.

Texas man jailed 83 days for skipping jury duty

Just saw Star Trek