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Archives: May 6, 2009

Charlie Rose-The Future of Trade ...

Afghanistan's Only Pig Quarantined in Flu Fear

About that “loan”: Obama team writes off $7 billion taxpayers loaned Chrysler

Let's tell the US Government why we, the taxpayers, deserve a bailout. I am requesting 25K bailout

Celebrating Seeger . . .

Anchorage Mayoral Election

Why Wasn't Yusuf Islam On Fallon Tonight?

None of the women victims of the 'baby tosser' followed through with charges

Bank of America Said to Need About $34 Billion in New Capital

WJ this morning: No Prosecution for Torture memos?

Torturing prisoners is just fine, as long as it's done by Americans

Coming up at 8:20 (EST) Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) discussing health care reform.

House Democrats say Terry (R-Ne) 'easy to work with'

Same-sex marriage bills corner two governors

Susan Rice Vs. Condi Rice

Heads up! Senator Bingaman on WJ talking about health care reform

Pakistanis Battle Militants, 64 Dead

Torture Memos: Inquiry Suggests No Prosecutions

Will the Insurance Company Lobby forever define "Health Care" in America?

Pakistan may overshadow Afghanistan in Washington talks

Are you NSFW By Mark Morford

US Navy Builds 384 foot, 52 mph Anti-Pirate Warship

Q & A With Arlen Specter

What bi-partisanship means to me in this day and age.

Whoa, Joey Scars just went off script

US 'hate list' DJ to sue Britain

Specter - RINO or DINO?

Following right wing "logic", should we remove religion from the hate crimes laws already in place?

Jury Finds Teens Not Guilty of Hate Crime in Beating Death of Latino; Some Rejoice

I must admit I don't know much about the 2001 bankruptcy bill.

Today Show continues to push the Wasilla Chillbillies..... Bristol and Todd Palin being interviewed

I want to thank my Congressman, Elijah Cummings, for squeezing those fucking dirt bags at AIG

If only the Congress was as progressive as New England Legistatures

RE: The "Corporate Media"

Jury Finds Teens Not Guilty of Hate Crime in Beating Death of Latino; Some Rejoice

Missed the latest Rethuglican "moments"?

Assuming that the GOP will soon implode into a regional

The Divided Repukes

Can a math teacher be put on trial for saying that the student's idea that 2+2=5 is nonsense?

On buying American

Freeper headline: Enemy number one by Lisa Mei Norton a hammage to the Department of Homeland

"an educated, optimistic, well off population is harder to control"

Hannity has himself a "Liberty Tree" (with VIDEO 6:43)

We need a Cell Phone Revolution!

The kitty has landed!

One girl shouts, "LET THE BANDIT BE" (CNN: Madoff’s secretary believes he's "protecting people")

Pakistan pounds Taliban; fighters pour into Swat

BofA rises 11% in trading as investors speculate the lender can meet U.S. demands for capital

BofA claims it has "plenty of options" to raise needed "$34B in new capital"

Links and discussion about the various ways and means truth/reality/our minds get "influenced"

Introducing the latest Detroit fashion, courtesy of the Flint, Michigan Police Department!

Parisian Department Store Targeted Unless France Pulls Out of Afghanistan

I need to write a letter to a rethug... would you "write to your audience?"

Afghanistan Has A Pig!

More than one in five homeowners underwater: Zillow

Republicants: Don't do what we did

Arrogant Baucus

DC Single-Payer Action Day May 13

FLOTUS at U.S. Mission is Wicked Smart

Just so you KNOW...Courtesy of the Flint Police Dept HOW TO WEAR YOUR PANTS

Steele yields powers to foes in RNC. Accepts limits on spending.

The GOP must shift to the left to become a viable party.

Corporations thrive using the divide and rule doctrine...

Rich Americans Default on Luxury Homes Like Subprime Victims

How long did it take Bill Clinton to raise $100 million for his library?

OMG, real live Michelle Bachmann supporters reveal themselves, let's see what makes them tick

Wagons Circled, Rations Low, Cavalry on the Way (from SC)

Conservative columnist (Debbie Schlussel) calls Sarah Palin the "tabloid candidate"

'Up to 100 dead' in Afghan raid

Republican clown photos

For NH Residents - Gay Marriage

PLEASE, won't anyone in the MSM ask Repub. reps or senators why they accept GOVERNMENT health care?

please delete; I was misinformed about this game

I can't stand Bill Press's "fill-in" guy. Ugh! He's way too "rockabilly" for me.

Never bash Ahnuld again! He is the best guv ever! The governor

Chris Mathews vs Arlin Specter in Democratic Primary?

Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust

Israel would inform, not ask U.S. before hitting Iran

Michael Savage to sue UK for banning him (3 CHEERS FOR THE UK)

Unfolding crisis among those with breathing problems...

The Republican Dictionary - Extreme Desperation Edition

A little strange but true event yesterday - latitudes of all 3 events. USA N34 degrees,

Buy American?? - James McMurtry on where our jobs, economy, lives have gone:

Buy American?? - James McMurtry on where our jobs, economy, lives have gone:

Salon: Ten Banks Expected To Fail Stress Tests

The case for prosecution

More Than One Fifth of All American Homeowners Now Underwater on a Mortgage

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Michael Savage: New Winner of the Easiest Takedown in History

Ridge lists his home state as Maryland (not PA) on foreign agent registration form

Maine Gov signed Marriage Equality Bill !!!

Update: Bush officials trying to interfere with Justice Department ethics report

Bristol Palin did an about face on abstinence today on GMA.

For La Gloria, the stench of blame is from pig factories

Where Is Your Conscience?

Sex, Lies, and Federal Money

Hungary has a nuclear event

Joy Behar would love to see Palin 2012 nomination, "a slam dunk for whoever is running against her"

16 Year Old Homeschooler Hauled Away Under PATRIOT Act

Obama Outreach To Muslims Worries Israelis

There was nothing complicated about torture Susan Collins

Birthers: The gift that keeps on giving

House Panel Approves Bill to Fund ‘Green’ School Renovations



I need information on a GOP talking point on the financial crisis.

Full Faith & Credit Clause + Loving v. Virginiia =???

Ann Telnaes on Rushbo

Single Payer Hero Dr. on The Guy James Show today

Cantor Bows To Rush: "This Is Not A Listening Tour" (VIDEO)

"I don't want government in my business"

Who do you think the right wingers want Obama to nominate to the Supreme Court?

Maine joins MA, CT and VT in legalizing same sex marriage.

What is this, The Onion Writes the News Day?

Conservatives Lack Sense of Humor, Study Finds

Bernie Madoff's secretary talks about disgraced boss/ Bernie Madoff Liked Escorts, Massages, And

Groups push for first gay Supreme Court justice

MSNBC: "Bank of America Needs more Capitol"

Calif. panel OKs honors for gay leader Harvey Milk

The Onion: Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway

Most Americans oppose probe of Bush officials on torture: CNN poll

Vauxhalls Not Quite Rusty Enough, says Fiat.

"You are making a decision that is not well-founded..."

Specter cancels on Larry King

LOL I found a "Canadians for Bush" forum. Read some of their posts

Back of the line for Specter

Question about a "health issue" I know a person who had to undergo

Rev. Fred Phelps calls UK Home Sec. Smith "neo-Nazi dyke" and "filthy God-hater."

Did the Democrats attempt to filibuster Alito's nomination?

US calls on Israel to sign onto Non Proliferation Treaty

so now Empathy is a bad word? like liberal and socialism.

What a month it's been for gay rights -

Senator Sessions was denied a position of the bench for "racial insensitivities"

The global movement that Barack Obama is not leading

John Bolton thinks the next president will be a woman

So you're pissed at the way health care proposals, torture prosecutions,

How should we respond to healthcare "reform" which eliminates public option?

Gov. Baldacci Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Mom says patriot act stripped Son of due process (16 y.o.)

When will Barney Frank get hitched?

How long will it be before Miss CA Carrie Prejean and Joe the Plumber go on tour?

The GOP will oppose whoever Obama picks for SCOTUS.

Help with Texas pot laws.

So 3 thoughts about the naked pictures of that idiot Miss California who says she was '17'

Cafferty: How can GOP attract more women?

Holy shit! Steven Green trial is now in deliberation! (Excellent article on rape/murder and trial)


Is there a Native American qualified for the Supreme Court?

New from wingnuteryville

Republicons newest strategy...

So, about "children having children", how young is too young?

Oh snap, what if

Zelikow’s Shredder

Saw an idiot wearing an "Obama: The Ultimate Trojan Horse" shirt at a gas station this PM.

Your favorite Repuke clowns

Saudi Arabia's "Miss Beautiful Morals" beauty pageant: "The winner won't necessarily be pretty"

Blood in the water: Miss CA Runner-Up emails pageant official, jockeys for position


Elderly man mistakes card for noisy neighbors

The Freepers are happy now that the peoples' elected representatives are legalizing gay marriage...

Has the democratically elected administration of any country ever prosectuted

Victim of Saddam Hussein's regime: 'Iraq was better off with tyrant Saddam in charge'

My next idea..The U.S. orders Fiat to produce Diesel Hybrids.

Weapon of Choice: Depleted Uranium

Florida man charged with murder after baby thrown from car

Queen Victoria on Enhanced Interrogation and Cheney's image

Net Access no Fundamental Right

Your opinion on the near future of the U.S. economy

Senate strips Arlen Specter of seniority.

Whitehouse to State: Gimme the 2005 Zelikow Anti-Torture Memo

AIG reveals $454 million in 2008 performance bonuses

Jewish Students' Treatment Sparks Lawsuit, Resignation

Can someone translate this CNN headline for me?

Warning: Tancredo on Hardball

Globe Workers Guarded On Union Deal

HEADS UP : Watch Oprah. She is doing a show on two boys who committed suicide after being bullied

God Bless America sticker on the back of an imported SUV

Clearly, restricting one's ability to breathe is torture. Just to keep the argument simple. n/t

A nuclear war between Pakistan and India would destroy world agriculture

"The Future of Journalism and Newspapers", Sen. Kerry's subcommittee today

One of the things I like about the Obamas....



Murray Waas: Torture Memo Author Advocated Presidential Pardons, Jury Nullification

DOJ Doesn’t Let ‘War on Terror’ Whistleblowers Comment on Professionalism Reports

Israel would inform, not ask U.S. before hitting Iran

‘If we’re going to let the bloggers run the country, then the country’s best days are behind us.’

This is now what NoQuarter Finds Politically Acceptable

Bachmann Has A Challenger in 2010

Has anyone else read "The Transistion Handbook - from oil dependency to local resilience"?

Ford to build electric Focus in Wayne, retool plant, preserves about 3,200 jobs

Elizabeth Warren: Americans Aren't Here to Serve the Banks, They're Here to Serve Us

Windows warns users Republican policies may crash computers.

So which state will be #6 with giving the GLBT community their due rights to marry

Bail is $50,000 for man accused in dog's death

GOP Clowns

so... when is hannity getting waterboarded??

I'm a missing person, presumed dead. The cable networks love me because...

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Limbaugh Mocks Recession During Speech To Wealthy Right-Wing Donors

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Limbaugh Mocks Recession During Speech To Wealthy Right-Wing Donors

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) - Check out Campain Donor report - No surprises here!

Case against Blago: 400 hours of taped calls, 1 million documents

How NOT to smuggle songbirds (as if there is a good way)

So, really, what do you think the purpose of the Energy Task Force was?

Ed Gillespie: There wasn’t a single woman of comparable ‘temperament and intellect’ to Alito.

Hard Knock Radio live now on KPFA

Nelson (D-Ne) urges Afghanistan benchmarks

I don't undertand why some here always criticize Ed Schultz' MSNBC show

Marion Barry says DC will have civil war if it legalized same sex marriage.

The Far Right's First 100 Days: Getting More Extreme by the Day

Republicans are the ultimate Id (Freudian term)

Tom Tancredo Allowed to Equate Evolution with Intelligent Design on Hardball

when did Mika's photo get added to the MSNBC TV page?

Politicians who get Twitter…and some who don't

Write to your representatives to get Universal Healthcare

Obama unveils $63 billion global health initiative

Presented For Your Amusement, Ladies And Gentlemen: A New Far-Right Hobby-Horse....

Presented For Your Amusement, Ladies And Gentlemen: A New Far-Right Hobby-Horse....

Cuba to compete with Florida tourism

Arlen Specter is spelled with an "e."

Globe Workers Guarded On Union Deal (

2012 Right Wing GOP Ticket Dream PalinPrejean

Torture? Rudman to the Rescue

Qatar signs deal for new luxury hotel in Cuba

High-enriched uranium traces found in Egypt: IAEA

The GOP's false populism.

New Poll: Specter (D) 41, Ridge (R) 48

there's a lot of talk about bullies on DU, but nothing about DU bullies

I think this is one of Helen's better posts

Student loans...Whose got 'em?


No matter what we think of Specter

TMZ catches Miss CA Carrie Prejean in a lie - claiming "There are no other photos of me."

People ask for answers but nobody really wants to hear them

Don't miss Tweety today

Don't miss Tweety today

GM Recalls 300 New Camaros Due To Cable Problem

Theory on how to get torture investigation underway

Renault buys Saturn ? GM in talks...

A video to send to your favorite Mom on her day!

Sen. Specter chose his affiliation; workers should be able to, as well

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Specter says Reid broke his promise

Speed camera boss is caught speeding (CNN)

What exactly is this "stress test" for banks?

GI's Told To Bring Afghans To Jesus

Texas House Bill 1863: So crazy that it might just become law?

Buying Brand Obama, By Chris Hedges

Medea Benjamin: Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews?

Cheney On Why He Speaks Out: I’m Doing It For ‘The Little Guys’

Post the phone numbers of the unsolicited phone calls you get

"I'm sorry, Rush. Whatever you say, Rush" (or Mike Pence joins the club)

Kiefer "24"Sutherland will surrender on minor assault charges; alleged victim calls attack 'vicious'

I am watching Frost/Nixon. And trying to eat dinner. Bad move.

I am watching Frost/Nixon. And trying to eat dinner. Bad move.

Informants allege proposed Blackwater weapons dump

Vice Up your own Dick - KO looks great tonight n/t

Franken Meets With Biden

Justice Department is a Joke and loses all crediblity

Is there any type of power generation that....

Has Rush picked his senatorial & governor candidates for his party yet?

Has Rush picked his senatorial & governor candidates for his party yet?

Does anyone else besides me think the bank stress leaks are obviously intentional, to pre-warn the

Reid to Specter: "Seated? I'll show you seated. Sit down and STFU"

A redundant thanks for your help and advice re: Cancer

Major Banks Receiving Federal Aid Backed Subprime Lenders, Report Says

Ok let me get this straight

The Stupid AND Shitty, It Hurts...

Get out of house with Chinese drywall, doctor tells family (CNN)

Michael Savage Weiner was so rude NPR host hung up on him.

Reid makes Dino Sore


LoZoccolo explains opposition to single-payer health care.

Could Specter change back to Repub. after his hypothetical reelection?

After Party Switch, a Senator’s Confused Alliances (NYTimes re: Arlen Specter)

Mormon GOP Congressman from Utah threatens to prevent D.C.s new marriage provision from becoming law

John Dean on Olbermann re: conspiracy re: torture memos

DU and one of my articles cited in new book about Batman

Will money from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee be given to Specter and not to a

Bernie Sanders needs our help re credit card companies

I'm lovin' this Specter debacle. He's hanging himself before our eyes.

surge update - Two Baghdad Bombs Kill at Least 11

This GOP rebranding campaign reminds me of the "NEW COKE" campaign in the 80's.

Dem centrists press Pelosi to shelve climate bill

MT. Redoubt huffing and puffing again

Heads up Naomi Klein will be on Rachel

Wesleyan student fatally shot at bookstore cafe near campus

Ben Nelson and Max Baucas

Dylan Ratigan gets his own show on MSNBC 9 - 11 AM Eastern

Dick Toe-Sucker Morris is trying to tell O'Lielly that Obama will unite the GOP

Ireland: Unemployment expected to reach 17 percent

Word association: When I say "Millennial" what is the first word that comes to mind?

Pretty funny: Advice to Governor Schwarzenegger from former Governor Gray Davis

The Far Right's First 100 Days: Getting More Extreme By The Day

Naomi Klein to Rachel: "The scale of the Bail Out is too large for both ..." Crony Capitalism and

Why Are Freepers So Damned Angry All The Time?

Results Of Bank Stress Tests Leak Ahead Of Report, Many Banks Don't Have Enough Money

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Caption this Pelosi-Reid pic

My letter to Senate Finance Committee Re: Single Payer. Follow link to fax free

Specter eyes support for Employee Free Choice bill

Late night DUers: Van Morrison will be on Leno tonight

So how do you derail single payer if ye are a powerful group of companies?

So how do you derail single payer if ye are a powerful group of companies?

What is this bullshit about NATO exercises in Georgia?

This party's over

Renault may take over Saturn

Russia says there will be some "grim consequences" over recent NATO war games in Georgia

Republican lips.

Was it really Dan Rather on the Daily Show?

How to get the wingnuts to beg for Sonia Sotomayor as a Justice..

Can we agree upon some basics?

Salt Lake Tribune Wants Bybee Impeached: This Is His Home Territory

U.S. Interrogators tortured to death at least eight people

Main reason to learn a foreign language: telemarketers (just for fun)

Eric Cantor is either anorectic,

On Paris TV "In America people who work for a living get treated like dirt"

Bendable Concrete Heals Itself -- Just Add Water

Bush attorneys who wrote terror memo face backlash

My pancreas transplant.

Busted Down! Spector loses his seniority on all the committees he serves on.

ROFL!!! Cantor On Sunday: "...listening to the people"; Wed: "..this is not a listening tour."

Health Insurers Try to Scuttle Obama Plan

Democratic Split Emerges As Health Care Debate Heats Up

What socio-economic background do you think President Obama comes from?

So King Rush gets $50 mil a year and ClearChannel lays off 12,000

Has the the boil on Limbaugh's 300-pound ass finally been cured?

Ray Kurzweil: A singular view of the future

From the pages of "Duh" magazine: "Paula Abdul Reveals 12-Year Pill Addiction"

The Dems allowed Lieberman to keep his Chairmanship even AFTER campaigning for McCain

Thom Hartmann: Arlen Specter Checked A Card!

Fox Nation ad on DU (wtf?)

Who are the real isolationists?

Police distribute posters to 58 schools offering HS students cash to be drug informers,

My TEABAGGER neighbor is plotting insurrection.

So How Come I Hear NOTHING any more about Iraq

I think the Republican Party is in worse shape they we realize.

If Snarlin' is the dem nominee, I believe we'll lose the election

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

If the following were happening under a bush administration, how would you feel?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3:

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Stating that creationism is nonsense is not an opinion. It is a scientific conclusion.

Al Jazeera Strikes Back at Pentagon, Releases Unedited Footage of U.S. Soldiers' 'Bible Study'

O'Reilly Called Springsteen Un-American & Un-Patriotic

"Why do an exercise in fertility?" (Cook County Board Commissioner Todd Stroger)

We need to let them know torture is not negotiable

Your Family's Health Care Is Off The Table AND Under Arrest

Interview With Economist James K. Galbraith

Limbaugh To Powell: He Needs To ‘Become A Democrat’

Martha Stewart went to prison---is she worse than the former administration?

Army Experience Center in Philadelphia - Seven Arrested

Suprise Suprise... Chrysler Loans wont be paid back

The lying about Healthcare has begun!

Bayer Shouldn't Be Making & Storing the Same Toxic Chemical in WV That Killed Thousands in Bhopal.

Officer charged with striking 89 year old man during traffic stop

Akron police taser woman near rectum ("electronic rape")

Have you experienced discrimination in being hired or promoted?

Justice Dept. drops case against war resistor Watada

One of the cool things about living and working in Los Angeles,

I am confused about this Miss California incident...

Obama to be prayer day no-show

$25,000 reward for missing white woman; $3500 for murdered black children

Word association: When I say "Baby Boomer" what is the first word that comes to mind?

Who among you would work for the Government in exchange for lower pay but assured stability?

Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's Abstinence Campaign "Unrealistic"

neo cons/repugs are always bad mouthing Canada's health system

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) STILL Barred From Entering U.S.

Here's the problem.. This report doesn't even MENTION Iraqis, & this is normal

Tell your Congressman to say "NO" to any mandatory "private insurance only"/corporate welfare scheme

Red Cross: Many Afghans Dead After US Bombings

Word association: When I say "Generation X" what is the first word that comes to mind?

John Brown: was he a hero or a terrorist?

The single-payer advocates who protested the Senate Finance Cmte are PATRIOTS. Rec if you agree

College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader

Do you have any intention of buying Elizabeth Edwards' new book?

Scalia Pwned by Fordham U students and he's PISSED!

Sen. Whitehouse gets coveted health panel slot

Michael Savage: "I will call for a boycott of all travel to Britain by my 8 to 10 million listeners"

SoS Clinton apologizes for Afghan civilian deaths

Wal-Mart settles ‘Black Friday’ death inquiry

DEATH TO CORPORATE PERSONHOOD....There'll be no democracy until their "special rights" are revoked

Why We Were Arrested at the Senate Finance Committee Hearings (On National Health Care)

David Vitter is hiding from Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez over his hold on FEMA nominee.

David Vitter is hiding from Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez over his hold on FEMA nominee.

Apple takes top places in all laptop categories at Consumer Reports. Also top in tech support.

Anybody miss Swamp Rat as much as I do?

Chanel, the world's oldest dog, turns 21 - pics

Elizabeth Edwards is going to be on the View on May 19th.

NC alcohol chief quits after sending offensive e-mail

Orange County judge rules teacher disparaged Christians...

If I don't feel I have the skills to be a good moderator is it better that I just

Are garment bags still considered carry-on luggage?

I'm going away but I'm going to be back when it's time to walk away and start over again

ARRGH!! Just had my morning ruined by utah saints pushing

James Brown Will Never Die....

Work's resident neocon is deep in my dog house now

MS taking a page out of Apple's book

Joni Mitchell-My Old Man (BBC)

I am beginning to think simply writing a post titled "PANCAKES!" on GDP would get enough recs...

Are dead goats still considered carrion luggage?

White Rappers

any WoW fans?

Anyone Twitter?

Has anyone else seen the latest terrifying ad from Burger King?

Shit, I might have missed a job opportunity!

Delete. Dupe.

Delete. Dupe.

That dude who did the Aerosmith cover on American Idol last night was brilliant

Why is there an ad for FoxNation on the DU homepage?

Dethwish.I haz.

Good morning Lounge

Ricky Gervais is so

My newest project

And meanwhile I'm listening to Todd and Bristol Palin on the Today Show

Ever notice when somebody says, "I hate to say this, but yadda yadda yadda,"

last night I dreamt

College kidz r smart

A new shift manager was being shown around the Latex factory

If Pontiac is going the way of the Dodo bird....

Duck Hunter

Dean says if we don't deliver real health care reform, we will lose seats in the midterms.


Cheney: "I went through the Iran/Contra hearings...this time around, I'll do my damnedest to defend"

FEINGOLD: Torture-"You can’t just sweep it under the rug"

Kirstie Alley: "Those panties could weigh 30 lbs"

My dog has been herding me all night

A crazed man tried to break into my next-door neighbor's house early Sunday morning.

If there is some type of intelligent phenomenon controlling this universe, PLEASE...

Name a song that wishes well being to all.

Why in the Hell can't I get Led Zep's "whole lotta Love" out of mind this morning?

What is your favorite Shirley Bassey song.

okay...survey time, lounge style!

trampled brains

I'm really sorry for spamming the lounge last night...

What did it mean when people in some places in long ago times

I went to see Legally Blonde the MUSICAL tonight


I'm STARVING -- what should I get for lunch?

We have a live one.

My ex is leaving the country and i will miss her

Hungarian goulash: Love it or leave it?

Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway

Any Knox College students or Alum here? IT'S FLUNK DAY !!!

Please help, brain exploding need the name of a song with I'm Dead as the chorus...

California songs

American Idol Scream Heard Round The World

It is 2 o'clock in the afternoon and there is a skunk feeding in my neighbor's yard.

I love it when Skinner brings the snark to GD

Any hardcore turntable/vinyl people here

When I heard this, I about pissed my pants...

If you thought there was only 1 tasering on Bring Your Kid to Work'd be wrong.

Didn't get the job and I have a doctor appointment today--and it's raining.

Kiefer Sutherland head-butts Designer at Gala

Update: Mrs. V. got her hard cast yesterday, but the pins did NOT come out.

I hereby assume full control of ALL Lounge operations.

Paging Mr. Tolkien: NYT science article says hobbits had flat feet

Was Michael J. Fox not brilliant on Rescue Me last night?

There is a laughing hyena in my backyard

For some reason the labels given to the American population is

Do you have any friends or family who avidly attend Sci Fi conventions?

Looks like Fat Actress is getting a second season!

the kitteh is going apeshit to Keller Williams

Anyone else with catnip resistant kittehs?

Is Google evil?

My new lawn mower OR how I got taken advantage of

Phils lead NL East by 1/2 game over Marleens. nt

It's been raining here for 8 days. I can't stand this.

Father uses dog collar to shock kids

Approved by FBI

Why do Star Trek geeks not like Star Wars geeks?


Just started Facebooking, and found a lot of old friends from my childhood and teens.

Birds: They're Fucking Everywhere

Please someone take the damn IQ test!!1!!

Greater Cincinnati EVENT (for you fellow buckeyes)

i think my lawn grew two inches overnight

Can anyone identify this flag?

Farmers Markets ,

Wow. Another live one. They're coming out in force today.

my window didn't look too happy today

Can someone please explain the Kindle to me?

Elderly man mistakes card for noisy neighbors

Where can you do a free background check online?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/6/2009)

Eat your colors and other words of wisdom

Do you know this fruit? What's it called in the US and other places?

Critters2's pet medical emergency du jour:

CNN BREAKING...A.M.A.: "Fuktuplets" not a legitimate medical term for multiple newborns

Fuck you, Brett Favre.

I am free from the hell that is jury duty.

The Wednesday HopeHoops rant - FOX ASSHOLES need to shit or get off the pot!

Man waves penis at neighbour, pees on car

Someone posted bottomless photographs of me on the web to belittle my Christianity

Houston was once a shithole...

Keyboard cat makes CNN! (And sad news...)

Memorial Day certainly came early this year! (Inexplicable gas price rise)

Speaking of the world ending 12/21/12, we should look for products with that expiration date

So many of you were right and helped me so much. Another (redundant) thank you.

If you use a cell phone in a parking lot, don't blame the other person if you get hit.

How far back do you remember re: telephone lines/numbers?

With 67 reviews cataloged, Star Trek (2009) has fallen

My widow didn't look too happy today.


Which one is cooler? Narwhals or Meat Pinatas?

Where is Parche?

Condi Rice is a dumbass. Says LedZep's Black Dog was "kind of a 1968 anthem"

You may begin now. (nt)

Battle of Evenhold (a poem for my niece)

Battle of Evenhold (a poem for my niece)

"I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.."

Are mod threads showing up on the latest page for anybody else?

Women without children: are you wished "happy mothers' day?"

The Most Horrible Thing Ever

has anyone tried acai berry products?

DUers in long term relationships but not married.....

for those who responded to my thread about lap band surgery

It is with great pain I post this, but I guess I need to for myself

kitten picture of the day for wednesday may 6

The Tale of The Jesus Clip

Go Celtics!

Midlo was wrong for sending her kid out

Kenyan Arsenal fan hangs himself

Guess who just got Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

I need some cute pictures, STAT. Any baby pics, puppy tummies, kittens, etc.?


Looking for Mother's Day Humor

I was gone for four days

I'm thinking about writing a vampire novel.

Freeper Smack-Down going on at Facebook. Need your help.

My state officially is awesome

I think Midlo has me on ignore

PSA:Oprah is buying everyone lunch

Is there any way to hide a 14' diaphragm?

They are talking about Jesus boobs in GD

Your significant other presents you with an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas.

Is there a way to hide a 14' trampoline?

Post your joke here:

That was the biggest, nastiest rat I've ever seen.


Boring Phils/Mets game tonight. Top of the 6th....

invisible airwaves

The new Microsoft commercial...

Best movie recommendation site?

New Law and Order: CI is on

Adventures with my camera: Good news and bad news...

Sorry about all the Grandmother Midlo posts, but she is not the mother of a duck!

Sorry about all the Grandmother Midlo posts, but she is not the mother of a duck!

i present a photo of me at age nine, getting my first taste of filmmaking

Something is very much on fire...

K & R if you agree: I'm dead to Midlo, or she has me on ignore


You will all bow down to me for I am 20 today!

I'm thinking about writing a vegan vampire novel.

What's your favorite flag?

serious suggestions needed...

Lounge is perfect place for ADVICE and other crap

Pro Flowers is a rip-off

L'Affair (Jon +1) and Kate + 8 gets weirder!

I got an earworm, damn it!

Who would win in a fair fight?

Special request for Star Trek fans.


This'll prolly end bad but.. play some UN-PC songs from youtube

My friend Cindy had her BABIES!!

Now that my Mod term has ended, the following people are gettin' a thrashing:

It's that time again: Democratic Underground is looking for new predators

If you were in a band, post a set list from your 1st gig

I just sent BoyMidlo out to buy tampons.

Get hyped - 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Get hyped - 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Former ‘M*A*S*H’ star says he is gay

There were some ad people sitting behind me having a loud conversation about their latest assignment

Dodgers, 12-0 at home this season, can set an MLB record with a victory over the Nationals tonight

One day all you crazy folks will want to have a DU meetup in MS!

The kitty has landed!

My bold prediction: Kris goes home tonight!

I think the worst thing about a zombie apocalypse would be the smell.

Fan arrested after jumping on stage with Spears

Define god/God

10 Popular Porn Scenarios That Seem Highly Implausible

A friend of mine committed suicide last night.

Shhhh! Don't spoil the joke!

The more and more I use my Macs...

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

This got a big LOL out of me

This is awful, but seriously funny too.

Match Game Story: "Fuckwit Freeper flew fiendishly fuckwittedly from Frisco for __ fine flugelhorn."

More Hawaii pics...

What do you do for a living?

"Seduction" Tonight's poem at the open mic:

Have I mentioned that I really am in love with tubed audio gear?

umm yeah.... what the shit??

Some of the worst bridesmaids dresses evah!

CHENEY-"Behind Cover-up": Rice lawyer says he believes VP tried to have anti-torture memo destroyed


I do believe I have waited at least a week to post some BellBell pics....

CONFESS!!!! What dirty little secret do you have hidden away from your teenage years

my favorite Rolling Stones song: "Play With Fire"

Are there laws against shooting people with airsoft guns?

Why is giving birth considered a miracle?

If the DOJ disbars Judge Bybee, would he lose his judgeship?

Pres. Obama's Schedule: May 6, 2009

Enough already with the "caution"

R. Reich - Obama and Pragmatism: Thinking Through Values

Lest we forget--BIG thanks to Justice David Souter

Sessions on Obama: 'He's So Nice'

Not a single thread... US casualties up in April to highest level in 7 months.

***HEADS UP: Daily Press Briefing with Gibbs and Secretary Clinton - LIVE NOW***

Michelle Obama's 'Sesame Street' Appearance: "I'm On A High" (PHOTOS)

delete (sorry!)

Awww...Sessions would consider gay SCOTUS nominee - not "automatic disqualification"

Torture? Rudman to the Rescue-By Ray McGovern: 'Clear Plan-Go Thru Motions-Let EVERYONE Off'

A just me moment..but do the financial talking heads seem disappointed

General Jones Says To The Universe: I Exist! - NSA Jones will host briefing at 5:00 today.

Card-check may be stripped from "Card Check" Employee Free Choice Act bill !!!

When they go after Obama's actual Supreme Court Nominee, Remember Who Jeff Sessions Is.

Cornyn thinks Crist will run for Florida Senate seat.

How Would you Describe Your Opinion of Arlen Specter?

The Obama Doctrine On Full Display At Two-Day Af-Pak Summit

WP source guesses as to Obama's top three choices, who would you choose?

Be aware. The stock market will most likely take a dive by mid-May.

A Reaganesque Problem for Republicans

Chrysler auto workers jobs being shipped to Mexico under Bankruptcy plan!

Robert Reich: Obama, the enemy of economic inequality

Live blog on a great hearing about journalism - print and online

Limpballs Blasts Colin Powell, Suggests He Should Leave GOP - Obama endorsement racially motivated.

Obama pleased after leaders agree to fight Taliban

Two obvious solutions to awaken the slow economy: Gay Marriage AND Legalizing Hemp

Sebelius: Health Care Reform not a "prelude to a single-payer system"

NC: Alcoholic Beverage Commission head resigns after circulating racist email

Swine Flu information PLEASE FORWARD!

Obama will visit concentration camp great uncle liberated. Also planned visit to Dresden.

Spector to Reid about Coleman gaffe: "I forgot which team I was on."

Specter: Democratic leader promised me seniority - "pushback" from other Democratic Sens.

VP Biden met with a VIP today in DC ---->

Honorable individuals accept the consequence of their actions...

Obama credited with breaking deadlock on Nuclear talks

Burr gets a challenger

Washington Post article from 10/27/05 - talking about SCOTUS nominees

Obama was so adorable when he ordered his burger yesterday. Just sayin' it.

NEOCON FEITH-Admits Giving Torturer's Script To Establish Link Between al Queda & Iraq!

Memo to Bishops: No One Is Listening

David Axelrod is Brilliant

Biden, Emanuel, Craig and Butts Running SCOTUS Selection

CNN and Gallup polls on investigating torture

Bob Casey certainly avoided any commitments when questioned by

Rep. Jim MCDERMOTT at Sebelius' Q&A?!

House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty

The Obama admin doesn't know how to respond to the marriage equality dominoes

PHOTOS Oldies but Goldies: The Hoop Master in Chief

Tancredo is such an idiot. Imagine if he had become president.

Maine governor signs same-sex marriage bill

Rush Limbaugh orders Colin Powell out of the Republican Party

Michael Steele Publicly Emasculated - yields to critics - spending controls and restaints imposed

Supreme Court vetting moving quickly - Obama already closely involved. (CNN)

Didn't Republicans used to be AGAINST secession?

Michelle and Oprah have dinner in NYC last night *PIC*

Remember Harriet for SCOTUS?

Economic casualties pile into tent cities

It's all Obama's fault!!

Why the New Torture Defense Fails

I for one will never forgive Roberts for screwing up the Swearing In

Chairman Kerry Opening Statement At Hearing On Engaging Iran

This was almost our Vice President

Obama budget would cut or end 120 government programs, saving as much as $17B

Specter is about to be a man without a party,

Specter was stripped of his seniority .....

Anyone see Matthews corner GOP asshat Mike Pence yesterday on evolution?

Lawrence O'Donnell triumphs again. God, I love that man. He's on Hardball

Palin out of the picture? Debate.

Everytime I see the video of Limbaugh jumping on stage it make me laugh!

Dodd's bill to prevent mortgage foreclosure passes (updated)

Say HELLO to our new moderators!

Shakowsky Letter to Holder Asking Him To Appoint A Special Prosecutor

Shakowsky Letter to Holder Asking Him To Appoint A Special Prosecutor

Ginsburg: Court needs another woman

Racial Demagoguery/Hypocrisy Watch Exhibit 101: Chris Matthews and Hardball

VP Biden: "The President and I look forward to working with Mr. Franken"

"GOD" found spelled in fried salami

"GOD" found spelled in fried salami

Kerry Statement on the Future of Journalism

Two Out Lesbians Considered for Supreme Court

While some DUers like to paint Obama as some sort of fundie, he blows of Prayer Day

Is Turley driving anyone else crazy except me?

Investigating Torture: The OPR Report (the Bush DOJ recommended no prosecution for Bush officials)

Obama responds to lesbian soldier's letter

GOP Senator openly denounces the idea of a gay Supreme Court nominee

Universal Health Care does NOT require Single-Payer

GOP pollster/wordsmith Luntz to GOP: How To Oppose Obama's Health Care Plan

I'm seeing a lot of revisionism on DU with regards to Clinton Impeachment

Ed Gillespie: There wasn’t a single woman of comparable ‘temperament and intellect’ to Alito. (VIDEO

Judge OKs 1st step in Chrysler-Fiat deal

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar Sets Gray Wolves Up for Slaughter

Helen Thomas: Obama should back "single payer" health care

Boston Globe, guild reach deal

Before U.S. Talks, Pakistan Claims Combat Gains

Iraq police: Fruit market bomb kills 15, hurts 40

Sri Lanka invites U.N.'s Ban, rebels allege starvation

China quake parents 'harassed'

China rejects US criticism over military strength

Mexican citizens quarantined in China arrive home

Mumbai suspect denies all charges

Bristol Palin says Abstinence Best Path for Teens

Payrolls Reduced 491,000 by U.S. Companies, Fewer Than Estimated, ADP Says

Some U.S.-backed Iraqi fighters desert posts

Conservative Southerner leads GOP Court nomination fight

Inspector at Pentagon Says Report (exonerating pundit program) Was Flawed

MI5 agents 'tried to recruit Guantánamo detainees'

Wal-Mart to Pay Victims of Stampede

Clinton: US Regrets Loss Of Life In Afghanistan

Korean Man Dies Homeless With $100,000 in the Bank

Report: FBI Lax In Updating Terror List

Conn. man charged with bigotry in gun incident

Steele yields powers to foes in RNC

Informants allege proposed Blackwater weapons dump

First lady: 'Sesame Street' tops everything so far

Mom says patriot act stripped Son of due process (16 y.o.)

Opposition linked to alleged Morales death plot

Santa Barbara fire stalls but winds forecast

Steven Green Trial Goes To Jury Deliberation (Iraq rape/murder)

Spanish judge sends Guantanamo inquiry


'Tips as wages' loophole to close - UK

NY Times raising prices again to offset ad slump

Venezuela detains American wanted in U.S.

Ford Shifting SUV Plant to Electric Vehicles

Stocks rise on optimism about the jobs market

Pakistan pounds Taliban; fighters pour into Swat

Former Robeson County sheriff's sentence reduced

The Mormons Baptized Obama’s Dead Mother

Pakistan Taliban: Swat deal is dead

Brain surgeons Thomas Milhorat, Paolo Bolognese suspended for abandoning anesthetized patient in OR

China ready for post-Kyoto deal on climate change

Key villain in Chicago swine flu outbreak: Winter?

Maine Senate passes same-sex marriage bill

Dole Food sued over Colombian paramilitary claim

Informants Say Blackwater Guards Tried to Unload Arms (Smuggle Weapons Used in Massacre out of Iraq)

Maryland limits health insurance rescissions

EXCLUSIVE: Secret U.S.-Israel nuclear accord in jeopardy

Iraq to finalize Shell gas deal next June

Snowmobile groups sue over Canada lynx habitat

Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's Abstinence Campaign "Unrealistic"

Russia says expulsion of diplomats not directed against Canada: Cannon

Obama takes measured approach to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Stress-Test Leaks Suggest Big Bank Bailouts May Be Over

Correcting details of Taser death would have hindered investigation, inquiry hears

Georgia Protesters Battle Police in First Violent Outbreak

(Senate) Hearing set on interrogations

Nuclear talks get first breakthrough in 10 years

More than one in five homeowners underwater: Zillow

Pentagon to add 20,000 jobs for contracting reform

Obama expresses regret for Afghan civilian deaths

(CNBC) Sources: Wells Fargo Needs $15 billion in capital, Citi May Need $10 billion, stress tests

400,000 Still on Terror Watchlist, Including Author of Book on Rove

EU and US reach deal in beef row

House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty

Budget Proposes Cuts in 121 Programs

Alabama on Cuba: Tear down this embargo

EU Treaty Clears a Hurdle On Czech Republic Approval

Judge removes (2nd) juror in Liberty City Six terror trial

Justice Dept. drops case against war resistor Watada

Franken meets with vice president in Washington

Sebelius makes case for new U.S. health plan

Rep. Frank Introduces Bill To Allow Online Gambling

3 years in prison sought for MySpace hoax

Orange County contractor kills girlfriend, young son, self

Obama defends, curtails National Day of Prayer

WellCare charged with fraud (Florida's largest Medicaid HMO contractor)

State GOP leader arrested for reckless driving

General Motors to temporarily shut parts plants

Confusion at the Canyon: Administration Engaging in the Same Potentially Illegal Action as Bush


New Hampshire House passes same-sex marriage, 178-167; bill now moves to governor's desk

White House Is Firm on Shaking Up Military Spending

EU Parliament rejects law allowing Internet cutoff

Dems: Oakland County official accused of public sex act should resign

Pork safe to eat despite WHO warning, Canadian officials stress

Rep. Jane Harman may not be taking on wider wiretap issues

Specter: Democratic leader promised me seniority

Drug tests for chess club? Judge says no

Michael Savage to sue British government

Domino's billionaire says economy won't stop his vision of Catholic school, town

Calif. pageant may dump Prejean (Miss California - multiple contract breaches)

Senate Moves Toward Easing Mortgage Terms

Canada free to bring Abdelrazik home: UN

Center for Public Integrity names 25 lenders blamed for financial crisis

US interrogators killed dozens, human rights researcher and rights group say

FL-Sen: Conservative Base Looking To Sink Crist

Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations

Justice Department drops case against Fort Lewis war objector

Torture Memo Author Advocated Presidential Pardons, Jury Nullification

Top-To-Bottom Investigation Of Torture Program Necessary, Says ACLU

Father Alberto Cutié's fall from grace rekindles debate over celibacy

Outrage Trailer

Inside Story: Are some US soldiers acting as missionaries in Afghanistan?


VA-Gov: Creigh Deeds Airs First Ads

Barack Obama and DC Vouchers

Rep. Mike Pence Repeats $3000 Lie about about cap-and-trade clean energy legislation

Thom Hartmann: The Global Deal

TYT: Joe The Plumber Will Not Allow 'Queers' Around His Kids

Clown Car? Note how many people get out and run after the crash...


The 2008 Knob Creek Machine Gun shootout festival

Maddow: Republicans on side of tax haven scam

Voices of a Liberal Faith - Unitarian Universalists

Its called HR676 and we want it NOW.

Human Rights Activist Ezra Nawi going to jail

Rachel Maddow and Ron Paul discuss the GOP 5/5/09

Melissa Harris-Lacewell explains to KO just how Miss CA is being hoist on her own petard

Buchanan: White men face the same discrimination that 'black folks' faced 'for years'

Pat Buchanan: 'What is happening to white men is exactly what was done to black folks...'

"Like getting interview lessons from Sara Palin"

Fixed Noise features Bush Torture Apologists

Special Prosecutor For Bush Torture

Victory Fund: Consider openly LGBT Supreme Court Justice

TYT: Why Are Some Democrats Pushing To Protect Bankers?

Michael Savage Banned From Britain!

Fourth grade student grills Condi Rice on torture

Captain Paul Watson Speech at London International Dive Show

Ben Nelson Cares For Health Care Executives

Krugman Won't Comment On Off-The-Record Dinner With Obama

Condi Called Out on Torture, Even at S & M Convention

Helicopters, Bubblewrappers and. . . Poliwogging?

Two Bushes, Two Iraq Wars

Olbermann and Turley re-visit torture & the DOJ, 5/5/09. Turley: 'This is ridiculous!!'

The Dilemma of Dissent (Newsweek Essay)

From Margaret and Helen - Shit Happens

Homosexual Abomination? Part 2.

Ms. California's pastor on O'rly: it's offensive to compare black civil rights to gay marriage

Tom Ridge Has A Santorum Problem

Cry me a river.

Is it twittering or tweeting? Plus, Twitter is not for sale

Today’s Hero is Governor John E. Baldacci

UAB gets $5 million anonymous donation from 'feminist fairy godmother'

Thom Hartmann: How can republicans continue to defend corporate tax cheating?

Corruption Is Dangerous to Your Health

Judy Blume in Good Company, Attacked by Wingnuts

MoveOn ad: Out of business (< - - healthcare insurers)

US strategy in Latin America was wrong

Nitwits for Jesus

Vanity Fair: The Lion And The Legacy

Joe Conason: Republicans Wonder How to Sell a Toxic Brand

Marjorie Cohn: Demanding Accountability from Condi

2/3rds of the virgin Amazon rainforest designated for Oil exploration.

Chris Floyd: Rolling Out the Product: A New Full-Court Press for Pakistan War

Why Are We Surprised When White Preppy Guys Turn Out to Be Serial Killers?

Rove pretends Bushco had vetting research magic, conveniently forgets Harriet Miers fiasco

Extended footage of US soldiers' bible group in Afghanistan - US army rejects 'conversion' claims

Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

IBM should reveal truth about engineering layoffs

W.I.N.O.G.R.A.D. for Congress

Demand Single Payer Health Care NOW!

Venezuela detains American wanted in U.S.

Opposition linked to alleged Morales death plot

Guatemalan Human Rights activists face death threats again

Sister of Cuban activist 'Antúnez' to deliver letter to Congress

Mexico Orders 6 EC725 Helicopters

Six eye latest Uruguay offshore round

Dole Food sued over Colombian paramilitary claim

Venezuela Initiates Production of Generic Medicines and Cell Phones


GRANMA: US Soldiers, from Manta to Colombia

Alabama on Cuba: Tear down this embargo

Want to hear a bit of Radio Marti as heard in Cuba?

Cuba to compete with Florida tourism

Qatar signs deal for new luxury hotel in Cuba

Drumbeat: May 6, 2009

Université de Montréal technology to revolutionize battery-powered vehicles

'Anaconda' harnesses wave power

New standards could cut tax breaks for corn-based ethanol

Deal Struck on 'Cash for Clunkers'—Consumers Trading In Cars Would Get Up to $4,500

Mozambique: Arrests in plot to sabotage Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam

North America's first carbon tax faces judgement

BASF opens state-of-the art production facility for fuel cell components in Somerset, New Jersey

NASA Leads Team in Establishing a Renewable Hydrogen Fueling Station

Interview Dr. Richard Nebel of IEC/Bussard Fusion Project by Sander Olson

Global dimming and brightening more complex than previously thought

Bulb Replacement Brings Significant Energy Savings for Cuba

Hundreds of new frog species found in Madagascar (CNN)

Ocean Carbon: A Dent in the Iron Hypothesis—Plankton blooms do not send atmospheric carbon to the …

Agenda 21 sinks Norwegian Whaling Boat

New wind energy projects get federal money

Obama urges Dems to compromise on warming

Ford turning SUV factory into Hybrid/EV factory

The Battle Over Bolivia’s Lithium and the Future of Energy

Finnish Radiation Authority Sees Serious Safety Problems at Nuclear Building Site

Which is more of an indication that your team is not very good

'It's open season on A-Rod and his accuser' (Irish Times)

NFL's Legacy Games to honor 50th anniversary

Eight charged with point shaving at Toledo

can't the Yankee$ fill out those seats yet?!

Post game post. Just got back from the game as traffic was heavy. All I have to say is

Chelsea took their Champions League exit in good spirits.

Dayyum! Although I am a Ducks fan, I have to say that the Red Wings

Red Sox announcer Remy takes leave of absence

The 4-letter network stated that the Coyotes may move to Ontario...does anyone know which city?

unemployment and the bailout

Labour start mailer for the week: Why unions matter

Today in labor history May 6 FDR signed Executive Order 7034 & appropriated $4.8 billion for the WPA

TARP inspector asked to probe Credit default swaps link to automakers

Globe Workers Guarded On Union Deal ( {XP}

Specter eyes support for Employee Free Choice bill

Chrysler auto workers jobs being shipped to Mexico under Bankruptcy plan!

For those of you who are still around...There is a 12.30 PM Press Release

Maine Governor signs same-sex marriage bill

AIDSmeds and POZ: Obama's Silence on AIDS

I thought of a possible bumper sticker today pro gay marriage

Cons lie about Hate Crimes Bill. Don't know what sexual orientation is

Oprah Winfrey - children who have been bullied to death

NH House concurs with Senate! (178-167) Same-sex marriage bill goes to Governor Lynch

How do I vote for Adam?

Iowa Senate Majority Leader's Powerful Speech on why he will halt efforts to ban same-sex marriage

M*A*S*H star comes out

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine, and soon to be New

Spring Family Picnic for Our Community...........

Two charged in beatings of gay men in Oakland Park

La Moves To Bar Same-Sex Couples From Having Names On Birth Certificates

With Gay Issues in View, Obama Is Pressed to Engage

The 10 Genes of a Human Flu Virus, Furiously Evolving

WARNING! This is horrible but is an example of the Anti Adam anti gay rhetoric

The $1.1 Billion Comparative Effectiveness Program Debate Begins

The trouble with Tamiflu

Key villain in Chicago swine flu outbreak: Winter?

Why do people that act conservative in every way

Is Proposition 8 Toast?

AIPAC speakers portray Ahmadinejad as a 'gift'

Leaders of Iran and Syria Vow to Back ‘Palestinian Resistance’

Medea Benjamin: Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews?

Israel would inform, not ask U.S. before hitting Iran

PM (Netanyahu) seeks to upgrade diplomatic role of moderate Arab states

Pro-Israel lobbyist hits back at prosecutors

Report from the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C.

New blogsite for Texas Democratic gun caucus

New poll shows wish for more gun control at all time low

If the Second Amendment is intended as a check on government power,

Castle, McCarthy: It's Time to Close the Gun Show Loophole

Please Welcome New Prosperity Magazine

Diebold agrees to pay $25 million penalty to settle civil charges tied to SEC probe

SEC Sues Money Market Fund Over Losses Connected to Lehman Collapse

I'm so glad the recession is over!

shell craft/art

Bird forms

Before I rest up for tomorrow.....Does this remind you of the Hudson River School

I'm starting a worker-owned collective

Today was the day for b/w's from a strenuous 5 hour hike

Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto and Relative Solitude

Spring Photos - Part 1.

very nosy pelican

I have a question- I think it is "field of depth" related

Warming cold feet with Japanese train tickets

Buddhist Temple in Kyoto

Thought I'd share this line from WaPo Aquarius for today (Wed!!)

So I've got this blog...

Backyard scientists use Web to catalog species, aid research (CNN)

Star Trek's warp drive: Not impossible

Why Are Galaxies So Smooth?

The Holier-Than-Thou Effect

Obsession propels scholar on long, lonesome voyage

H1N1 flu seems to be abating. Some have suggested that it might

Einstein and God

US Military Destroys Bibles. Anti-Christ Obama Is Pleased.

Dr, Naysay holds forth on Capistrano swallower of creationism

US teenager successfully sued teacher who criticised creationism

What do you think of this definition of "God"?

in light of recent events, wanted to point out again that the existence of God and evolution

The Mormons Baptized Obama’s Dead Mother

Young Americans Losing Their Religion "It's a huge change,"

"A Muslim woman walks into a Unitarian church"

So, are we going to try baking for the May project? If so, do we

Beef back ribs

Grilled Beets with Goat's Cheese and Walnuts

so, little over four months in to Obama's admin....

Pregnancy resource center job announcement - they get state money, right?

Two obnoxious bills trying to make it through Texas Lege.

Lynne Cheney Possible Appointment To TX “Expert” Social Studies Panel

House Undergoing Straus Test

I want to thank you guys who went after the bashers after the high winds incident

Jon & Kate plus hate? Us Weekly confirms Jon's affair


Pork safe to eat despite WHO warning: Ritz

Airbus funds likely source of Schreiber's 'Britan' account: witness

Buy-American rules shutting out Canadians

Canada issues warning to U.S. Steel

Torstar CEO grilled over severance deal

Canadian, Mexican flu strains match

Student protest led to review of charges against bullied teen: police chief

Jack Layton in a Star Trek uniform.