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Who would you save?

Enhanced Interrogation Is Necessary

i have read all of the "california" threads, and i have come to this conclusion...

Sandra Day O’Connor Spoke Approvingly Of Race Shaping Thurgood Marshall’s Judging

Pet Deaths.....More Bush Admin Fallout

Pet Deaths.....More Bush Admin Fallout

Obama Administration Files Petition To Block Uighurs From Entering U.S., Praises Gitmo Conditions

Any current or ex C-21 drivers here.....

Auto Workers Compete to Keep Jobs, Livelyhoods on New Reality Show...

MTP: Leahy and Sessions.

Obama’s Face (That’s Him?) Rules the Web

The Repubs have been successful at creating equilibrium in the argument.

Wyoming High School Graduates 5 Sets of Twins

"Beginning on Day One"....."One Brigade a Month"

Best Photo-journalism Awards of 2008.. some of these will break your heart

Are truck drivers from Mexico now allowed to cross the border

Happy 100th Birthday To The 59th Street Bridge!!! It's making me feel groovy!

Selling Education, Manufacturing Technocrats, Torturing Souls: Three myths of higher education

The trio of Pillsbury doughboys now leading the party — Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Cheney

Gen. Taguba says there are rape photos but that those aren't the ones Obama is supressing...

Zoo Officials Serve Poison Instead of Syrup in Sno-Cones (Kansas)

Nancy Drew and the Secret of the 3 Black Robes

david gregory shows ru$h limbaugh on MTP....why doesn't he have him on the show?

Sunday Morning Coffee and Quotes........

Sunday Morning Coffee and Quotes........

Gay... or Not Gay?---an actual Fox "News" report

Right wing antipathy toward Obama is .......

To serve God and Walmart on c-span 2 right now

Official: US-Cuba talks on immigration to resume

Bush’s Approved Torture … in 2003?

EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Guantanamo Bay

Ohio Food Stamp Participation Rates Soaring

Judge signs order prohibiting couple from sleeping downtown

Mission Accomplished: U.S. occupation leaves cultural legacy in Iraq

Something glaringly missing from the Generation Rescue website

View from Central Europe: Republicans post 2008 = Communists post 1988?

Senator Schumer makes health reform promises

Chris Hedges, David Barsamian, Danny Schechter, Kevin Phillips, Amy Goodman, Katrina vanden Heuvel

Schiffer using Limbaugh to attack Sotomayor on Face the Nation

Thank You, DU

Bushco Did NOT Make Us Safer Before OR After 9/11 - Frank Rich: Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack?

4 States Ban Smiling from Driver License Photos

One final toss for the Dooze

Stop empowering the right-wing hate machine.......ignore them

Buchanan, a white man running scared

The elephant in the global room.. North Korea!

More Often than NOT!

A person's background should not influence their decisions.

Fearing the supermen of Guantanamo - Next thing you know — a mushroom cloud...

Calling all people of conscience, and calling OUT all phonies

American Aparthood - FireDogLake

Paying taxes comes back to bite illegal immigrants

Randi Rhodes?...anyone listen to her new show?

C-SPIN WJ: Pitchfork Pat...

A new twist to the Hurricane season ----- Foreclosures

The Lessons of Limbaugh

More phony Conservative outrage: GAWWWD left out of the new Capitol visitors' center

The SNL Geithner Opening: Funny, and yet so true

Sotomayor Would Be Sixth Catholic Justice, but the Pigeonholing Ends There

NY Times: Deep Cuts Threaten to Reshape California

Minnesota's Senate race now comes down to 5 votes

Minnesota's Senate race now comes down to 5 votes

Thousands at same-sex marriage rally in Fresno

The definition of terrorism from Wikipedia:

Stuck in Your Job Because You Need the Health Benefits? You’re Not Alone

Wilkerson: Cheney "Lonely, Paranoid, Frightened"

Huffington Post: Starbucks's Health Care Policy Is Sickening

Just a sample of Freeper reactions to George Tiller's murder:

If Torture is so Successful Where the HELL is OSAMA BIN LADEN?

Blue Cross to launch ad campaign against Obama's health plan

I publicly call on Sen. Graham to STFU.

Huffington Post: Romney, Chamber PR Blitz Ignores New Study Showing Unions Don't Coerce Workers

Fight over Cuba to dominate OAS meeting (returning Cuba as a member) - AP

Hating The Homeless in Venice, CA (next to Santa Monica). attacks on RVs

Do the Right Wing leaders know what they are doing?

NOAM CHOMSKY is on LIVE with Bob McChesney now until 3pm EDT - taking callers - streaming

Lindsey Graham Breaks With Gingrich, Limbaugh: Sotomayor Is Not "Racist" (VIDEO)

What do DU'ers think of this?

What do DU'ers think of this?

If Tiller's killer is caught...

Pizza guy is a hero--helped rescue kidnap/rape victim in Tennessee

What a wimpy, short-lived empire we were.

Those effing BASTARDS!

Freepers respond to George Tiller's murder.

10 Things Gas Stations Won't Tell You

Roy Zimmerman sings about Dick Cheney!

Real GOP/Anti-choice/Con apology for Dr. Tiller's "sudden death"...

Ewwww yuck! Look what the cat dragged in!

If the govt can infiltrate and investigate peace groups, they oughtta do the same with RW fundy orgs

Malls see spike in shoplifting.

Canadian NDP leader to be in meetings with WH officials re Canadian Healthcare

Meet the Press commercials: Aimed at who? Me? Politicians? Investors?

There is a constitutional argument to be made in regards to healthcare

Obama's Vatican Pick: Boosting Hispanic Catholics, Disarming Catholic Critics

Tiller's Killer: On a pro-O'Relly blog or a Freeper???? Evidence before identification is impt!!!!!

Blue Whale Discovered Singing In New York Coastal Waters

Frank Rich: Hammer meet Nail....(NY Times)

Here's how the right wing will handle Tiller's murder, if you haven't figured it out already.

From the Witchita Eagle, info on Tiller Murder and who they are looking for:

Privacy group says TSA device sees too much

If this President does it, then it is right.

Challenge: Best New Name For "Republican" Party. My Pick Is "RUSH-lickin' Party" because they all

Abduction hoax woman out on bail

Don't Mess With The CIA – by Donald Kaul

Looking at things from a North Korean perspective

I didn't think I could despise freepers and wingnuts anymore than I do.

Christian Defense Coalition Condemns Shooting of Dr. George Tiller

Has an OB ever been shot and killed for delivering a baby?

Has an OB ever been shot and killed for delivering a baby?

FOX reporting suspect arrested in Tiller's murder

I just heard Sen. McConnell on CNN with John King spouting lies about Universal health care...again!

George Tiller, controversial doctor, has been murdered!

From a rightwing MUD on abortion

A truly weird contradiction between the Answers In Genesis billboard and their YouTube video.

NPR just reported on Tiller's murder. The report took less than 10 seconds.

Specter: Not guaranteed free ride in Dem primary

U.S. Foreign Policy Falling by the Wayside

To all lurking freepers: This is a hostile post

Sonia Sotomayor: Two sides of a life

Libertarian just suggested all producers go GALT for a time.

Does anyone have a list of the number of persons killed

GOP Rep arrested for public intoxication now at Betty Ford Clinic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: How exotic mortgages became time bombs

The BaptistBoard on Tiller: Right Wing Religion is Sick and Dangerous

Stasi spy 'fired shot that changed Germany'

Hendricks: Tiller's killers were many

How much influence does media coverage have on ...

Does the killer of Dr. Tiller deserve a fair trial?

Rangel cracks a good one . . .

US political staffer accused of child sex crime

Arrest Made In Slaying of Dr. Tiller

RANDALL TERRY --on Dr. Tiller's murder

Complexity is the step brother of secrecy

What I said to someone delighting in the murder of Dr. Tiller and decrying late term abortion

" I am willing to do whatever it takes to contribute to the effort "

Bruce Tinsley (Mallard Fillmore) wakes from a long drunk with a great idea for a cartoon.

International War Criminal on CNN

Killing OB/GYN Doctors Is TERRORISM

Welfare Queen: Farm subsidies for the filthy rich

Bizarre "Priests For Life" statement on Dr. Tiller's murder:

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons advocates marriage equality

When playing "The Sims",

Arrest made in slaying of Kan. abortion doctor

Al Giordano says Tancredo has it backwards about la raza

Why can't we embed videos outside of the "political videos" forum?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Cheney's 9/11 Trauma Defense - "It's A Lie... Opportunism Of Most Cynical Kind"

The current wharrgarbl on the murder of Dr. Tiller on....

Canon Employees Are Forbidden to Sit Down, Walk at Normal Pace

Help me verify that Operation Rescue's web site is now down

I know this has probably been mentioned

Scott Roeder

Last survivor of Titanic dies this weekend.

More Freeper Response To Abortion Terrorists...

Vigil for Dr Tiller in Wichita tonight

Vigil for Dr Tiller in Wichita tonight

Why assassinations like the one today are effective.

After the Knoxville UU shootings, barely a peep was heard in the MSM.

Liberal groups to huddle this week in D.C.

Saw this ad today on Facebook...

How many here at some point in time were on federal assistance...

Looks Like The DHS Report On Rightwing Terrorists Was Spot On

GEM$NBC is making Rush Limbaugh mainstream

Bill O'Reilly Needs to Make a Statement TODAY Condemning Dr. Tiller's Assassination

GM... a bit of French history too...

LADIES - Who Would You Choose?

Kathleen Sebelius should attend Tiller's funeral and deliver a eulogy

Operation Rescue definitely has explaining to do

Methinks Gary Trudeau is having a little fun wih us

WTF GENBC!!!!!!!!!

Five Votes Will Now Decide Minnesota Senate Race

Tiller Murder: Ann Coulter's Happy Day?

First they came for the Air Traffic Controllers,

another google cache of Scott Roeder , new: CHARGE TILLER petition

Freeper search user function disabled

Federal Reserve puzzled by yield curve steepening

By the way Michelle Obama looked fabulous

Should the murderer of Dr Tiller be waterboarded?

Phoenix, today, was euthanized.

The truth between the liberal vs. conservative battle

"I don't really know what's going to happen"; General Motors retirees reflect on bankruptcy

I hereby propose that all DU posts referring to MSNBC-employed RWers

June 4th Anniversary is this Thursday. Executive order 11110

Did you know: It's "a B.S. excuse that you don't have time to work out"?

WashPost: Universal medical insurance will shift wealth from NE to SW US

Operation Rescue link from the wayback machine

What role do you think Operation Rescue's website played in all of this?

Thank You DU

Obama once again has a chance to do the right anti-abortion groups on 'terrorist list'

Thousands March, Celebrate Israel At NYC Parade

Can you tell me why Men hate the right to choose?

Another Cop, Another Kid Tased To Death....

Neither parties' leaders want to look back at how the Iraq invasion happened.

John Nichols: A Killing in Kansas

Armenian Telethon airs tonight.

Over 500 thousand gather at Seoul Plaza to mourn Roh

BradBlog: Bill O'Reilly's 'Tiller the Baby Killer' Gunned Down in Wichita Church

A New Coalition: Gender Rights, Women's Rights, LGTB Rights

Just how stupid is Tiller's murderer?

Anything that makes human life fall short of its potential is abortive.

Tiller's killer is a fucking domestic terrorist.

Yet another example of why Limbaugh is the best thing that ever happened for the Democrats

If you've ever considered a LTTE now might be a good time.

Did Roeder call Operation Rescue after the killing?

Ask MSNBC to give the Siegelman travesty airtime

Single Payer Rally in Seattle

LA Times: Republicans will make race an issue in Sotomayor confirmation

Why did Federal Marshalls stop protecting Dr. Tiller?

First sentences we never made it past for laughing department

First sentences we never made it past for laughing department

First sentences we never made it past for laughing department

"Abortion Doctor"

RW Pro-life Christians defile the name of Christ

Yo, GOP - Destroy Rush or Be Destroyed

Christian Newswire: George Tiller was a Mass-Murderer, says Randall Terry

New Yorkers Turn Out in Droves to Welcome Obamas to NYC ---pix--->

What the hell just happened on the MTV movie awards?

Self Defense

Men who cherish the rights of women to choose, please post here.

Those who are selectively pro-choice.

Salon War Room: Scott Roeder to provide compassionate and complete care to those in need?

A statue to memorialize Doctor Tiller?

O'Reilly's campaign against murdered doctor

Looks Like Scott Roeder Will Be Treated As The Terrorist He Is

If it is illegal to yell "fire" in a public space

Tiller performed therapeutic abortions for women who wanted children.

What word best describes your present state of mind regarding politics?

Wingnuts Blame Obama for Tiller Slaying

Should the Tiller Killer be waterboarded?

Anti-abortion violence in U.S. (Wikipedia)

at 7:22 pm et CNN still doesn't know the name of Dr Tiller's killer

Female Thrush Inflates To 2x Size To Block Gutter Water From Flooding Her Nest And Chicks!

If the man who murdered Dr. Tiller was so sure of himself, why did he run away?

If I am "pro-life", am I supposed to feel better that this doctor is dead?

The MSM should properly report the terrorist attack on a woman's health doctor

Max Baucus Should Not Be Deciding Health Care for America

So, GM's filing for bankruptcy and the govt. will own 60% of them come Monday..

Monday, June 1, 2009, 9:00 a.m......minnesota supreme court

Freak Show At Fresno City Hall

Freak Show At Fresno City Hall

Are instigators of violence the same as accessories to the crime?

Operation Rescue:

I daresay that

NJ DUers

Anybody watching John King slam Kay Bailey Stupid?

Mitch McConnell Refuses To Condemn "Racist" Accusations

anti-choice group Operation Rescue....statement on tiller

I am sick of watching marriage equality discussed exclusively by straight panels on TV talk shows

CNN is covering Tiller's murder

AG Holder directs US Marshalls to protect abortion clinics.

Should others be charged as accomplices to Tillner's murder?

How comfortable are you with uncertainty?

It's becoming more and more obvious that Roeder was connected to Operation Rescue

Fox News has posted the transcript of coming"Face-to-Face With Kansas Abortion Doctor,George Tiller"

Can we start treating these anti-abortion groups as terrorist organizations?

Operation Rescue:

NOW Identifies Murder of Dr. George Tiller As Domestic Terrorism

Thousands of progressives converge on Washington for renamed "Take Back America" conference.

why the headlines 'abortion doctor'....he was a fucking doctor

I saw a car sticker yesterday that said Vietnam Vets Aren't Fonda Jane.

will private (for profit) healthcare tolerate setting up a PUBLIC healthcare option?

Let's Be Honest, We All Knew This Was Coming

Why not Tax Employers for Uninsured Healthcare Cost

You agree? Emotional Exhaustion or Emotional Breakdown are phony excuses for taking

Bill O'Reilly one of the intellectual authors of Tiller's murder:

Interesting Article: "The "Bitch" Evolved: Why Girls Are So Cruel to Each Other"...

Pictures. Vigils for Dr Tiller:

Okay now this is getting crazy here in Kansas

Tillers murderer -oh my

I'm not a fan of the capital punishment, but I'd like for Scott Roeder to die.

Randall Terry's despicable statement (Operation Rescue)

Definition of IRONY: Pro-Lifers killing doctors

Segregated Proms for Black and White Students in the Deep South.

If Operation REscue is Scrubbing Its Site, They Are Guilty Of Destroying Evidence

I'll say it - though most here will refuse to defend themselves or our side. Until we start to

The internet ramblings of a murderer!!!!! Murderer!!!!!!!1

Oaklahoma Highway Patrol Stop Abulance with Patient Inside

I am Pro"Life" and ProChoice, as i believe are most - why does it always have to be either or?

The Million Letters for Single Payer Health Care---Just DO IT

Sign the Condolence Book for Dr. Tiller

This is the perfect storm, right?

Bill Whittle, Jon Stewart and WWII. Was dropping the bomb a war crime?

Supporting gay marriage is now "hypocritical"

Bill O'Reilly on George Tiller - Video --->

I just finished paying my bills. MasterCard is the first one I pay.

Do you believe in the philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr?

Army Deploys Old Tactic in PR War

Army Deploys Old Tactic in PR War

The Truth is that "we" are NOT a Pro-Life Culture and Dr. Tiller refused to Lie about that.

Chiropractic Sues Science

Gasp--is married?

The Return of the Resistance

Minn. Senate race tops $50 million: AP

Nuke Test Makes Nuclear Abolition More Important Than Ever

If the Right Wing rejoices about a murder.what can be said of them?

Update from Kansas on Dr. Tiller's murder

A third-grader's biography of Dick Cheney



Human/Humane: We Can Not Bring Dr. Tiller Back. We Can Choose How to Respond to His Death

NV legislature overides Gibbon's veto of domestic partner rights

Simon Reid-Henry: To Brush Aside Torture Is To Condone It

A Sign of the Times - Art project my grandson chose this school year

A health care thought experiment: Suppose we went directly to single payer.

Tiller's murderer a VIOLENT right wing nutjob

Is that Elba island place still available, we could use for detainees?

MSNBC reports arrest made in slaying of "LATE-TERM ABORTION DOCTOR"

2006 News Headline: Abortion Doctor Wants O’Reilly Probe

2006 News Headline: Abortion Doctor Wants O’Reilly Probe

Scott Roeder digs Glenn Beck and Cheeze Curds??? How can he tell the difference?

Attention! Help dig up info on Scott Roeder, the suspect in Tiller's assassination

Bill O'Reilly compared murdered abortion provider George Tiller to Hitler, vowed to stop him

Iran Secretly Helped U.S. Bomb Taliban Units, Find Al Qaeda

Phill Kline comments on Tiller murder

Susan Boyle Suffers 'Emotional Breakdown', Rushed to Hospital

The Op Rescue cache mentioned on DU was picked up here:

My email to Fox News

Insurance companies killed 20,000 Americans last year by denying care

Bill O'Reilly is Responsible for Tiller's Murder. The blood is on his hands.

As a general principle: Is it up to the offended party as to what is offensive or not?

Code Pink

3 leaders firmly in Davis’ corner

You might be a Feminist if:

Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism

Matador gored in Madrid bullring

Ex-Interrogators Are Mad as Hell About Torture, and They're Not Gonna Take Cheney Anymore

Rapture Ready is "TORNED" about the murder of Dr. Tiller

David Neiwert has been warning about this for years.

Could not say this better: reader response to Frank Rich column

Interesting comment by Wichita Police Chief - watch out, FR!

My .02--"Doctor Murdered to Promote "Culture of Life"

Is the Conferate flag racist or not? Should it be banned?

The right-wing, anti-choice tool of the internet, The Daily Kos calls Tiller an "Abortion Provider"

Daily Democrat: Family supporters to march June 6 (laying down on his belly when he was shot)

Please pray for us pro choicers in Kansas

Shooter had Christian fish symbol and "Jesus" on car, believed in "justifiable homicide"

In honor of Dr. Tiller, consider donating to a pro-choice organization.

Earth to Republicans: You won't have the Hispanic/Latino vote. Ever.

My email to Bill O'Reilly

Let this be a wake up call to any of you calling yourself "Pro Life"

I believe that an organization outside the Democratic Party may be needed to save the Democratic Par

Obama shocked and outraged at Tiller murder

Well this is the third death O'Reilly has been involved with, is it time to punish him yet!?

Sotomayor believes that states can regulate and ban weapons

Do you believe in "an eye for an eye" or "turn the other cheek"?

Holder Dispatches US Marshalls to Protect Clinics & Doctors

I think there is something that at this point in time we should still keep in mind.

O'LOOFAH will *never* show remorse, responsibility, n/t

To any FOOL who thinks Obama, after just 4 months, is too much like Bush I say:

To any FOOL who thinks Obama, after just 4 months, is too much like Bush I say:

The George Tiller I Knew

In the immortal words of George Carlin...

Here's the legal definition of terrorism from U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d)

Tiller Family Releases Statement

Tiller's killers were many (great editorial just posted by KS reporter)

Confirmed: Tiller's killer associated with Operation Rescue

Obama continuing policies of GW Bush....

DU Help!! - "Beaten Like a Red-Headed Step-Child"

To any FOOL who thinks Obama, after just 4 months, is protecting Bush too much I say:

Not my finest hour

What excuses did the conservatives make for the murder of Matthew Shepard?

I am so damn sick of some men and of religious zealots making

Geithner wants to forge closer ties with China - (Do I see GM cars being built there soon?)

Operation Rescue's "Tiller Report II"

Suddenly the grocery store is full of items labeled "no high fructose corn syrup"

Rahm and Obama convince Steve Israel not to challenge Gillibrand for Senate.

Bill O'Reilly's 'Tiller the Baby Killer' Gunned Down in Wichita Church

Howard Dean joins board of the Progressive Book Club. I am impressed by this group.

Scott Roeder on Operation Rescue's site

Hey, weren't the Constitution and the Bill of Rights essentially written during

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with a seven faced marble eyed transitory dream doll.

Never -- ever -- fuck with a mature lady

Of these three, which is the most under-rated Sci-Fi movie?

Just saw the new Pixar movie "UP!"

What the hell is going on in here?

Long time fans of the Star Trek saga despise the new take....

If we catch him, can we keep him?!

Worst cover of a really stupid song...

Finally saw an episode of Pushing Daisies

I have a Tim Hortons nutrition guide. Want me to look something up for you?

Sunday "Kevin And Kell"

I'm going to try to learn 25 songs by Monday.

Wish Rodriguez/Tarrantino could have revived "grindhouse" movies..

Geek crossword puzzle

What does the world have against me?


Ok, it is 4:22 am, can't sleep so I looked around you tube.

Phils back in first in NL East with win over Nats, Mets loss to Marlins...


Does anyone remember "silentium"?

Gratuitous product endorsement


Junior High Farewell Dance -- 1959

Wow. 1960s television really tried to 'keep it real'

I want to create a ___________ that never dies

Texas Longhorn pitcher takes over in 7th inning, gives up no hits for 12 innings.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day...

I just had an Amp Energy Drink, and let me tell you I'm not all that impressed....

This just can't be happening.

The Last House on the Left (1972, Wes Craven)...

I found Kleeb!!!! And, no, not sharing.

A photo that never fails to bring a smile to my face

Young Conservatives' rap. I made it to 1:47. Beat that.

Here is the same doll, check out the laugh.

****Condolences to Jeanne Tiller and the rest of George Tiller's Family****

The award for best comedic actor in a dramatic performance goes to....

A poem....The Thing That Would Not Heal

funds are small, hearts are big

Thunda Boomahs!

The lounge needs more threads about fucking weeds

My Top Ten List of Things That Drive Me Nuts About Online Auction Sites

If I create an OP that gets no recs...

I brewing a Dortmunder style beer

Has anyone missed this thread?

Oh no!

Taterguy said we need more threads on weed(s) in the Lounge, so I'll oblige

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/31/2009)

You're a drunk...

I saw the movie Fanboys yesterday.

Should I go to my window, open it, and before the purported thunderstorm arrives,

If you are into Andalusian music

To Any Tech / Marketing Geeks. What Am I doing wrong.

When playing "The Sims",

8 hours of continuing sewage backup...........

Yup. Gonna storm tonight. My wrists and knees feel stiff...

funny bit of trivia on Rocky and Bullwinkle

Beef jerky fans check in

Self Propelled, Hands-Free Weed Wacker and Fertilizer Spreader: Too Good to Be True?

I was a celebrity judge at my city's Taste of.. today

Appreciation Thread for Director/Producer Anthony Minghella

Scientific tats.

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with a Marine

The Astounding World of the Future - Youtube 4:53

The Astounding World of the Future - Youtube 4:53

Recommend some more recent movies.

I think BB should have karaoke at the Meet Up.

In honor of Jim Jones,

Does Bill Buckner's loss mean we'll finally stop hearing about him?

Make up your own Groucho Marx-esque line and post it here.

Blah! I have to go to a baby shower for a girl that I don't know!

Does Anybody Know Where This Is?

Is it morally wrong to eat baby vegetables?

Would you please use the proper terminology???

PSA it's not a good idea to have caffeine

Has the Deadliest Warrior show used a disclaimer message before? (Doing the Taliban tonight)

Fire & Rain - James Taylor

OMG!!! CVS has a FANTASTIC new Crest toothpaste flavor...go out NOW and get it!

Anyone have experience with VX2 malware?

Phils sweep Nats, remain in first place by 1/2 game over Mets.

*~*~*~*~*~*~* HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY LYRICKID!!!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*

I bet this will end badly

"The _________, it burns!"

I just got off the phone with skinner and yes I'm still HIS favorite DUer.

Horror fans, Dead Snow opens in limited release June 19th.

Another live one in GD. Warning: it's kind of awful.

When you go there, do you wear bells?

I feel fragile myself, Ms BOYLE. Take it easy. Relax. n/t

Apologizing for my compulsion to defend the position of individuals who it is sometimes hard

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Chicago travel advice?

Oh joy, my stalker is back

Gross enough to say it twice

I need help in finding the name for this type of "newspaper" or "newsletter" or "magazine"...

Everyone at the mall will be DAMNED!

I went out to eat and I found a cockroach in my food!

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with a Repo man.

I've never smoked a cigar in my life. Am I missing something? What other joys should I

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cat vs. Dog Edition

Does sumo wrestling ever come to basic or medium cable anymore?

That lady Dr. on Expedition Africa is totally hot.

Lipton Diet green tea with citrus taste like cough medicine, no like a cold eeze lozenge

Susan Boyle admitted to acute mental health clinic.

Thanks for recommending "V for Vendetta." Remarkable film.

Should 80s hairdos make a comeback? (56k and bad taste awareness alert)

help me pick out a wallet

Why Can't George Lucas Direct Human Beings?

Archie engaged to Veronica?

OK need to vent.... (what else is new)

True Blood fans.. the show is coming back in two weeks!

Mike Oldfield's "Ommadawn"

I just got off the phone with swimboy. and yes I'm still his favorite DUer.

Frank Burns eats worms

And a again!

Doh! The perfect Weird Al song for graywarrior?

Cartoon Network is making more live-action shows? (WTF?)

So what are they going to name the sequel to the Nu Star Trek movie?

I have eaten two meals today and I am 2/2

Hey, Megan??? We're trashing you. Again.

I'm going to go weedwhack the fuck out of the neighbor's car

Someone explain to me why Paul Giamatti is considered a great actor, if indeed he is.

Does Susan Boyle's loss mean we'll finally stop hearing about her?

Post your favorite feel good music video

Rat Face came home last night seriously injured.

I took my sons out to a Mexican restaurant today - which was playing Rush on the stereo.

Are there other cool funny weird bands and singers like Weird Al and the Bobs out there?

Ohhhh OHHHHHHH FUH oooooo.....

Pictures from LyricKid's birthday party! (dialup warning)

First of a few pictures of my daughter's senior prom:

kitten picture of the day for sunday may 31

Since when have Lounge threads appeared amid the "Latest Discussion Threads?"

Anyone else watching the season premiere of Ice Road Truckers?

fucking neighbor was spraying weed killer on MY driveway!


My world is turning upside down!

What the hell just happened on the MTV movie awards?

I've been sweating all day doing yard work. I smell so bad, I think I am going to cry.

Change we can believe in! PHISH TOUR starts Tonight!

If you were Superman, would you get bored with your X-Ray vision after a while?

Imagine two drunks in a karaoke bar butchering the Hell out of a Hank Williams song

What to y'all think about this doll, might now want to be drinking anything.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

Anyone else have trouble with CAPTCHA tests?

OMG. I need someone to pick through my hair like a chimp.

Excessive Obedience to Authority

Does stuff like this make anyone else unbearably sad?

Post a photo of your Significant Other

ARGENTINIAN medical care is the best. Video

OK, who's had a more bizarre accident than the one I had the other night?

JFK’s Disobedience to the Powers That Be

The following are all the female judges appointed by Democratic Presidents to US Appeals courts

Isn't it strange: Sotomayor vs Steele...

Senior WH aide told reporter: "Pres. Obama found Sotomayor liberal and pragmatic"...

Five Key Lessons Beyond the Gnashing of Radical Teeth

Southern white Repug Senators on talk show circuit this morning...whining about Sotomayor

Disappointed in the Dems.

By 2001 Labor Day, Bush had spent 42% of his days on vacation or en route.

Video of all three segments of my participation on Fox News' "Bulls and the Bears" yesterday

Opinion/background re Obama’s War in Afghanistan, why Pashtuns feel neglected and victimized

Richard Clarke: The Trauma of 9/11 is No Excuse

Coleman v Franken. It's The Final Countdown.

The NumbNuts GOP attacking SC Nom Sotomayor forget they confirm what she said 18 years ago

NOW we are concerend with identity politics?

Sotomayor nomination is being replayed on C-SPAN now. Pres. Obama just began speaking.

New Report Casts Exclusion of Single Payer Option as a Question of Democracy and Human Rights

The Insurance industry employs 2.3 million people - none who heal the sick

Dategate Lesson from G. Bush: If You Take Time Off for Relaxation, Do Not Bring the Wife --pix-->

Does anybody know how many weeks Bush was in office before

Obama has been working for 5 months Non Stop! Hell, I'll pay for their Dinner and Play!

Lindsey Graham re Sonia he saying she's uppity and not really an American?

Has Rendell Given Pennsylvania To Sestak?

POTUS: “Most of the Work Takes Place Before a Hurricane Hits”

NYT: Kansas Abortion Doctor Shot to Death in Church

On the alternative to "strict-constructionism" favored by Obama: democratic constitutionalism

Aw....the saddest pool report ever.

O'Reilly and the bigmouths get what they want. Someone has shot and killed Dr. Tiller of Kansas


War drums emit a sound that causes an automatic gas increase at the pumps. Which

I haven't heard ANYTHING about "Dategate" this morning.

Why isn't the Government focusing on mortgages that will reset?

George Tiller murderer in custody

When minorities speak out about race, they are deemed racist

how much did taxpayers spend to set Bush up in his perpetual Crawford vacation home

Common Ground

LAT: Obama Walks a Fine Line Over Mining

US harboring war criminals

Obama to visit US forces hospital in Germany

Extremist Anti-Choice Groups In Full CYA Mode - Rush To Condemn Killing of Tiller

Filthy Bigots and Their Attempts To Link The Panthers With The Obama Campaign

I don't know all the information about the voter intimidation suit

GOP Sotomayor pap

The bigger picture here is that we must hope (or pray) that Obama's security is impenetrable.

Have you guys noticed that the same group of people who wanted Obama to denounce Wright

Holder Dispatches US Marshalls to Protect Clinics & Doctors

Audio of the 2nd Circuit oral argument in Ricci v. Destefano case (w/ Sotomayor) here:

Freeper Reaction to Tiller's Death

Addressing Muslim world, Obama will face many audiences

White House: General Motors to File for Bankruptcy


Parenthood and NARAL's job just got a little harder

OOOH! Two snaps UP, girlfriend! RNC spokeswoman Gail Gitcho on what's "good enough" for Obama

Demand that GOP "head" Michael Steele denounce the "pro-life" murderer in Kansas

President Obama statement on the murder of Dr. George Tiller

RNC decries Obama not taking TOTUS with him on expensive date night

Pro-Life. Pro-Abortion. Democrat Party.

A serious question for those who support the decision in the New Haven case

Mark Morford: Obama should take wife to Liquor Barn, watch pay-per-view, fall asleep

Movies you remember that nobody ever talks about

Abortion is murder, but murder isn't murder.

WTF-what is your point Leahy??

And the demonstrators shouted down Patty Murray!!.....chants of "Single payer, single payer!"

This is how the next 7 & 3/4 years are going to go down..crystal ball moment

Ralph Nader urges President Obama to reconsider GM bankruptcy filing & proposes congressional review

Ghoulish Troglodytes in Freeperville Celebrate Tiller's Murder, Mock Violence Against Pro-Choicers

Got your "Obama Approval Ratings Disaster Preparedness" Kits Ready?

Mitch McConnell just criticized Sotomayor (Ricci case) then admitted he hasn't read it! (Transcript)

so, how many times did Commander Cuckoo Bananas go to

Should the White House support a Republican or Democrat for U.S. Senator in Pennsylvania?

Tweets of Hate: The Crazy Right Tweets celebrations of Dr. Tiller's murder

AG Holder sending US Marshals to protect abortion clinics & docs

DU people...Bill O'Reilly killed Dr. Tiller. Simple as that. He stoked the flames of hatred

"...Shooting comes..after Pres Obama stirred up controversy by making a major speech on abortion"

DUer on front page of the NYTIMES TODAY!

Oh no! Obama administration accused by GOP of favoring unions over investors in GM bankruptcy talks!

110 people have served as justices on the U.S. Supreme Court - all but 4 have been white men

Friends Provide Glimpse Into Nominee's 'Very Full Life'

It is amazing that R's are so terrified of an intelligent woman...

Tom Goldstein: Sotomayor isn't "driven in any respect by a broader pro-choice or pro-life ideology"

What religion would this be?

Obama criticized for AWB “We need to get assault weapons – and ammo – off the streets”

"O'Reilly's campaign against murdered doctor"

I said this last night, we will have another Tim McVeigh in the next 4 years

Shootout between Palestinian police, Hamas kills 6

US to Reaffirm Provision of Nuke Umbrella to South Korea

Democrats strapping up to boot targeted McCotter out of seat

GOP takes aim at Barack and Michelle Obama's NYC trip

U.S., allies prepare for tougher response to N.Korea

Extra U.S. troops in Afghanistan by mid-July

Israel begins its biggest civil defense drill to prepare for possibility of war

Cuba accepts US migration talks

"I don't really know what's going to happen"; General Motors retirees reflect on bankruptcy

Minnesota's Senate race now comes down to 5 votes

New ID rules begin June 1 for Mexico, Canada trips

Bomb found, defused aboard Iranian plane

Rendell urges fed charges

Saramago vs Silvio: Nobel laureate rails after Italian publishers axe book

George Tiller Press Conference

Obama's Vatican Pick: Boosting Hispanic Catholics, Disarming Catholic Critics

Abortion Doctor Shot to Death in Church

After making waves, Jay Severin back on airwaves

Bounty placed on heads of top Taleban commanders in Swat

Suspect arrested in connection with slaying of abortion provider George Tiller

New legal battle in Guantanamo

D-Day Memorial at risk of closing

Khadr set to appear in Gitmo court again

Execs urge "exit strategy" for auto takeovers

Bausch & Lomb settles 600 eye fungus lawsuits

Tiller shooter's car stopped in Kansas

David Cameron took out maximum taxpayer-funded mortgage - then paid off own £75k loan 4 months later

Legislature headed for midnight tax-hike showdown (Illinois)

Immune therapies finally working against cancer

Both sides demonstrate in Grand Rapids over plan for single-payer national health system

MBA graduates will vow to be more ethical

Bernie Madoff Hires Prison Consultant

Approval for Brazil's Lula recovers to near record

Last Titanic survivor dies at 97

Billy Bob Thornton's daughter arrested in baby's death

Graham Calls on Sotomayor to Apologize for 'Wise Latina' Statement

Shell execs accused of 'collaboration' over hanging of Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

US: Unclear troop number remaining in Iraq cities

Thousands hit Seattle streets seeking changes to health care

Armed with data, India to fight US’ non-tariff barriers at meet

"SuBo in Priory" (Susan Boyle breakdown)

First couple's NY date: a campaign promise kept

US, Cuba ties in spotlight as Clinton visits Central America

North Korea may launch intercontinental missile: report

Republicans will make race an issue in Sotomayor confirmation

Unemployment Probably Topped 9% in May: U.S. Economy Preview

Jack Layton to spread virtues of Canadian universal health care to White House

Users of medical marijuana defend its benefits

Report: Kennedy Plan to Outline U.S. Healthcare Overhaul

I Am Hearing Precious Little About Pensions And Healthcare For Retired GM & Chrysler Workers

George Tiller Shot on Way to Church

Pakistan: Corpses lie exposed in retaken Swat town

Abortion foes fear backlash to Tiller's murder

Anti-abortion protesters show up at Tiller vigil, face off with supporters of slain doctor

Reacting to Prop 8 Ruling

*WINNER* Diversity - Dance Act - Britains Got Talent 2009

Week In Cartoons 05-30

Bush & Clinton - The Non-Clash for Cash

Paul Krugman: GOP Is the Party of Rush

Ed Henry: Republicans Are Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh

Seattle March for Health Care

Political Talk Show Host Suddenly Very Interested In Manslaughter Law Loopholes

Lt. Dan Choi: Love is Worth It! (Meet in the Middle Equality Rally | Fresno, CA)

What is the 'TOTUS'? - Fox News reports-- twice (2:08)

Liar Sean Hannity Ultimate Coward Hates the Troops or else...

Rick Scott, $1.7B fraudster, wants to bring back health care fraud

Rush Limbaugh - Jump Around

FLASHBACK: O'Reilly Segment - "George Tiller - Murdering For Cash"

TYT: Sexist, Racist Audio From GGL (Cenk Breaks It Down)

Bill Hicks sums it up

New Rules - 5/29/09

Police: Suspect in Custody in Tiller Shooting

Rachel Maddow on the depths to which the GOP has sunk re: Sotomayor

McConnell has 'better things to do' than asking his party to stop calling Sotomayor racist.

Jack Cafferty: Bush & Cheney Did More Damage To Our Country Than Al Qaeda Ever Could!

This Week-Roundtable: Krugman's hitting his stride

Fr. Pavone Comments on Killing of George Tiller

The Astounding World of the Future!

Message to Obama: "Show Me You Have The Courage"

TYT: Racist Conservative Karate Chops Black Woman! (Bonus Interview In Summary)

Stop the Sotomayor - Superiority - Madness!


Homeless Cave discovered under freeway

Iran hangs 3 over mosque bombing

Sotomayor Would Be Sixth Catholic Justice, but the Pigeonholing Ends There.

Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack?

One-two Punch In Battle Against HIV

Law School Moot Court Previewed Current Sonia Controversy

Can you Spell “Marriage?” National Organization for Marriage Can’t

"The Sexual Humiliation Of Iraqi Prisoners...Was Not An Invention Of Maverick Guards

Wal-Mart Serves Free Ice Cream to an Obese Nation

Max Baucus Should Not Be Deciding Health Care for America

Taguba Said He Saw Video of Male Soldier Sodomizing Female Detainee

Detroit Free Press: Nation needs review of anti-terror tactics

A Whiff of Revolution in the London Air

Empathy, Sotomayor, and Democracy: The Conservative Stealth Strategy

The Trauma of 9/11 Is No Excuse.

Kennedy Plan to Outline U.S. Healthcare Overhaul.

Are Republicans Going the Way of the Whig Party?

The REAL Difference Between the Alito and Sotomayor Comments

John Nichols: Newt Gingrich Reaches His Sell-By Date

JAILBREAK 1984- 6 deathrow inmates escape...and the Supermax's that resulted from it

Army fury at refusal to bolster Afghan campaign-Britain

US-based LPO co to set up new unit in India; hire 1,450 people

Rush Limbaugh attacks on Sonia Sotomayor may prove toxic to GOP

Domestic Terrorism at Wichita Church

Fucking rightwing barbarian

Connecticut: "Sorry, we've Been Outsourced. This Issue Made In India."

Palin's Preacher asks "Will The Antichrist be Homosexual"?

George Lakoff: Empathy, Sotomayor, and Democracy: The Conservative Stealth Strategy

Crisis Stings Britons in France and Spain

Banks can seize your SSoc and disability benefits to pay debts

Republican Vision To Stop Sotomayor (apologies to Billy Joel)

Re: OAS Mtg. in Honduras & Funes Inauguration "Obama's Efforts to Engage Cuba Facing Big Test"

DVD: "I AM CUBA"/ "SOY CUBA" Ultimate Edition - $12.99!!!!!!!!

Alvaro Uribe's Powerful, Deadly, GOTV Operation - (Salvador Mancuso is talking)

Official: US-Cuba Talks on Immigration to Resume (two articles)

Approval for Brazil's Lula recovers to near record

CASTANEDA: "Where Cuba Doesn't Belong"

FIDEL: The Infatigable Educator (re: Chavez & LatAm Pro-Capitalist Conf. in VEN)

US, Cuba ties in spotlight as Clinton visits Central America

Ezili's HLLN Pays Homage to Father Gerard Jean Juste

FIDEL CASTRO: "Justice in the United States" (his thoughts on the $1B award to Villoldo)

Former beauty queen and 3rd-rate actress Maria Conchita Alonso is a real mess

Revolutionary Haitian Priest, Gerard Jean-Juste, Presente! by Bill Quigley

GRENADA: "Welcome to Maurice Bishop International Airport"

Google's new formula for energy independence

Heading to Texas, Hudson’s Toxic Mud Stirs Town

Bob the Builder

Dogs Used as live shark bait...

Al Gore describes "The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind" (book)

OAS MTG. (Honduras) June 2-3. Live Webcast

46 years and counting . . . .. . siiiiiiigggghhh . . .

12 1/3 innings of no hit relief

Viagra Moments That Changed the Game

55 years and counting ... (no sigh here)...

Lakers in 6...

Giants humble Cards 5-3

How much money do you wish the owners of teams you root for would spend?

NHL Draft predictions? It's 26 days away...

Damn---Colllege Baseball needs a 5th inning rule.

A-phucking-mazing! (Spoiler)

Cardinals pound Giants---6-2

And the Mets keep winning!!!!

Ralph Nader urges President Obama to reconsider GM bankruptcy filing & proposes congressional review

Today in labor history May 31 The trial of Sacco and Vanzetti began, Rosie the Riveter dies

A group of warehouse workers linked themselves with handcuffs and duct tape to form a human wall

LA Times: Union backers target Starbucks with new-media campaign

NYT: Leader of Garment and Hotel Workers’ Union Resigns

Newspaper union accepts givebacks ahead of sale

Delta faces another union vote

WSJ: Volvo, UAW Reach Healthcare Deal For Mack Unit Employees

TIME: For GM and Chrysler Retirees, An Anxious Future of UAW Healthcare

Paper handlers union is fourth to approve concessions at Boston Globe

People: Pennsylvania probing 'Jon & Kate' show for child labor violations

AP Source: GM to announce 14 plant closures Monday

12 charged in massive labor trafficking scheme based in KC

Labor chief Solis wants pension insurer on less risky path

Labor Secretary Solis Reverses Bush's Attack on Farmworker Labor Laws

US Department of Labor (Obama administration ) emphasizing workplace safety

Clooney, Hanks urge 'yes' vote on actors' contract

Arizona U.S. Foodservice Workers Win Teamster Representation (reinstatement and back pay)

FedEx Faces Higher Unionization Risk Via Legislative Proposal

Labatt's (Canada) Distribution Center Workers Choose Teamsters Union

GE calls Monday news conference to announce ‘historic agreement’

Dozens Of Field Pickers Protest Working Conditions

Turkey service faces fines of $900,000 from Iowa (payroll violations)

NYT: Sotomayor’s Baseball Ruling Lingers, 14 Years Later

Union’s stance: Still striking

OSHA fines city for asbestos violations

Delete dupe

Blood, a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

Muslim Worker Not Discriminated Against, Says Sheriff's Office

Victory for LA Carwash Workers in Cal/OSHA Appeals Case

The Million Letters for Single Payer Health Care---Just DO IT

Controversial B.C. psychiatrist `gave hope' to thousands

Japan Apologizes for Bataan Death March

Day of Decision P S Make The Promise A Call To Action 10 Min

You know where the president stands...

New Hampshire - Gay Marriage Bill - Contact state reps

AIDS LifeCycle Trek Sets Off From San Fran to L.A. - 545 miles in 7 days

Nevada Senate (and Assembly) Overrides Governor's Gay Partner Veto

More bodily function chat--I need a good smoothie recipe

Pretty words. Do you think he actually understands the meaning?

What about Sotomayor?

Burglar shot in home invasion

Alleged intruder shot by homeowner

Child gun victim honored in gun lock give away

Doctor Shot to Death in Church

Just a couple of questions for the gun control advocates.

Self Defense

EDITORIAL / Netanyahu must rein in Lieberman's racist proposals

ANALYSIS / Congress gives Obama green light to squeeze Israel

6 Dead in Fatah Raid Against Hamas

Where Iran Fits in the Mideast Peace Puzzle

Shootout between Palestinian police, Hamas kills 6

Amnesty International Annual 2009 Report on Israel/Occupied Territories

Homeowner takes a shot at burglar

Israeli ministers: No West Bank settlement freeze

New Universa 'Black Swan' Fund to Make Bets on Hyperinflation

Credit Markets Doomed; Dow Headed to 36,000

Commercial Real Estate — the Economy's Anvil

GM Nears Sale of Hummer

Financial Markets and Economic Crash, the Next Leg Down Will be Worse

Sick at Work

Rosario Beach, take three...

i fiori.

Ok I was wrong (warning - some not so happy nature pics follow...)

Sunday glimpses.

Splish, splash..

Man on trial for paying workers in gold and silver coins.

Anybody know a good source for mat board & other framing supplies?

Anyone else affected by sleep apnea?

Is this a red tailed hawk?

Ministers reject Yisrael Beiteinu's loyalty oath bill

Some birds really thrive amidst civilization

How Manipulated Financial Markets Really Work

Celebrating a landmark experiment (Einstein's theory of general relativity)

The ones that got away

Megaliths in NY and NJ

Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune transit is exactly conjunct Pres. Obama's Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PNSE)

The Law of Attraction

Rick DiClemente's June Starself Astrology Newsletter

Prez O's chart here,

Okay, so I know Mercury went direct (though it still takes time).....

June 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Somalia war turns sectarian - Sufis join the battle

AIG bailout - Establishment Clause(!) challenge allowed to proceed

What do you do when you're an ultra-Orthodox divorcee?

Abortion doctor killed in his church

*******Prayers/thoughts/vibes for*******

Israeli Rabinnical court forces American Jew to divorce his wife

Meat Keds...

Pork chops on the grill and brining

a June challenge -- brunch in the park for HS graduation gathering

have we ever had a thread about cocktails?

Video surveillance photos of the 5 hijackers who took over AA 77

How, indeed, were the identities of the hijackers known so quickly?

Today's events are just another example of why orgs like Planned Parenthood

Texas Vote Curbs a College Admission Guarantee Meant to Bolster Diversity