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Actually, anything less than totally DISMANTLING all illegal settlements is a violation of the law.

More Fox Crap about ACORN: Nonsense on a Shingle

Retired US general said misquoted in rape photo flap

500,000 homeless after South Asia cyclone (Monday)

BRAVO targets housewives of Versailles, er I mean Washington

The Central Valley of CA is not just full of small minded, fundamentlist, neo-cons

Why would we rather pick on each other than the Blatant Powers That Be Bastards that are ruining us?

Stalemate is broken in nuclear talks

Imperial bullies always switch sides

Bankruptcy Restructuring Video, FYI:

Obama creates post to oversee cyber security


***OFFICIAL*** Spelling Advisory! It's SotomayOR and protestER --

Like a big ol' coal inta a diamon', Stretch: "Bush: Pressure made my marriage stronger"

Like a big ol' coal inta a diamon', Stretch: "Bush: Pressure made my marriage stronger"

So, by their reasoning . . .

Media uncritically repeat claim that New Haven firefighters case shows Sotomayor is an activist

Taguba denies he's seen abuse photos suppressed by Obama - quote in Telegraph not accurate.

Americans Are...More Closely Aligned With Progressive Ideas Than at Any Time in Memory

Court document: Republican election judge bought votes with OxyContin

General Petraeus: Enhanced interrogations violate the Geneva Conventions

LA Times: California could be the first state to cut student aid while hiking fees

Question on the logic of paying interest.

Fool at the YMCA is getting his BOAT worked on

If you could personally host/house a Gitmo detainee, would you?

Taguba Saw "Video of Male Soldier Sodomizing Female Detainee"

Sestak Gets Key Primary Endorsement

Do you think Barack Obama is on TV too much?

Do you think Barack Obama is on TV too much?

Empathy toon >>

Just awoke from a nightmare of being drowned

Bill Moyers: Torturing Democracy; watch it here

Iraq-born teen cracks maths puzzle

Conservative MP defends use of term "tar baby" (Canada)

Obituary: Professor Ronald Takaki, Helped Pioneer Ethnic Studies

Lawsuit claims church workers were fired for being women

SCOTUSBlog report on Sotomayor's race decisions. Another meme discredited.

watch the Meet in the Middle Equalty for Marriage 14 mile march in Central CA.. LIVE

Best answer to Rush:

Suddenly it's OK to call a judicial nominee a racist

Russian funds save German jobs in Opel deal ahead of elections

US, Russian officials open plant to destroy chemical weapons

msnbc headline : Sotomayor’s focus on race issues may be hurdle

The joys of plural marriage

Saudi beheads and crucifies murder convict (publicly)

My 500th post - A tax reform rant

Gas prices jump 20% in 32 days

The Last Hope for Hungry Kids (afterschool programs providing food)

Today is Kick a Republican In the Balls Day

Newspapers Conspiring To Hasten Their Own Demise

Herr Arnolt Schwarzenfaker, Will You Be Accountable For The Deaths Your Policies Cause?

the faces (feces) of the republican party

the faces (feces) of the republican party

SurPRIZE!1 Shrub's deal with the devil for political success was denying his WASPiness & Skul'nBones

Dumbest story I've heard about a prison escape perhaps ever:

Concerning Health Care costs is this statement true?

Union voices GM deal job concerns (BBC)

Note to Newt: How "New Racism" Isn't Like "Old Racism" - HuffPo

Washington Post: 'Online Dating Aggregators'

X-Post: Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 News Fresno re: 9/11 collapses

Judge Newsom's Change Of Heart - Mayor's dad went from gay marriage foe to supporter.

Retired US general denies seeing torture pictures

AIG Insurance Bailout - Billions to Banks (Infographic) view! (We were Screwn!)

Raise your hand if you are sick of hearing about the GOP!

Is Larry Summers Taking Kickbacks From the Banks He's Bailing Out?

Push to Block Photos

Obama to visit Ramstein, Landstuhl next week

Last Word on Sotomayor

Florida's python problem: Bring in the bounty hunters

Leno said in his farwell "We are a union shop,and proud of it."

Marcel Marceau auction nets nearly 500,000 euros

Del. bill would legalize pot (Delmarva Times)

Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for the United States

Protesters throw shoes at a George W. Bush poster - pics

I think we should all become radio DJs and say the exact same things as Rush...

2 Democrats Spearheading Health Bill Are Split

Who's the victim? Capitalism, or Americans? Kudlow says it's capitalism.

CA budget history 1990, 51.4 Billion, 2006 131.4 Billion

Hearing Rush is like finding a turd in a bidet...

Why are so many people (politicians and DU'ers alike) retconning the recent CA props?

'Card check' compromise foes to meet with Feinstein

Sunday News Shows

Results Are In: Americans Now More Closely Aligned With Progressive Ideas Than Any Time In Memory

Americans should be ashamed that the torturing of another human being is partisan politics

I Want A More Spirited Defense Of Sonia Sotomayor

I don't know about you, but a bushitler and a Clinton together makes me puke.

Anyone who wants to see more torture pictures released just has a sick fetish.

Just saw the first commercial describing scary Canada and its Health Care system

"The Worst Is Yet to Come": If You're Not Petrified, You're Not Paying Attention

Obama 'helped' Opel rescue deal (BBC)

Small town USA Family Doctors - Becoming Extinct?

Britain's Got Talent -- Susan Boyle's finale

I went shopping at my former store this morning and talked to some co-workers

Britain Got TalenT the winner is.....

Gen. Taguba Says Telegraph Quoted Him Correctly on Prisoner 'Rape' Photos

Amazing SC politician: Openly gay Linda Ketner (She outs Graham)

nt ....... n/t ....... eom

Our ally, Berlusconi, orders prosecutors to seize embarrassing photos of him at party

US Army base shuts down after rise in suicides

High-Tech High Jinks at High School

Obama's Grandfather at War

Cemetery squirrels nuts about U.S. flags

Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

Life Insurance is driving the cost of all others ... especially Health Insurance

9/11 families angered by US support for Saudis

Wheelchair-Bound Man Found Beheaded

As a Consumer, Investor or Business Analyst: Does Corporate "Restructuring" Impress you?

Saturday's DOONESBURY - Obama: To Icon Or Not To Icon?

Anti-Iran militia faces terrorist designation

Freepers support beheading and crucifixion

America's wealthiest families are pouring millions into slashing the estate tax

Give It Up for Chris Turner A Real American Hero

Military Companies Vying For Billions Of Dollars In Cyberwarfare Defense Contracts

Well, just who was responsible ??

Republicans Belittle Democrats' Climate Change Proposal

Torturing Democracy - a must see documentary

Guardian UK: Johnson predicts worst elections ever for Labour

US deploy jets as North Korea tensions rise

Gov. Rendell D-Dinosaur please step aside. Just because Specter is your friend....

Who Could Have Predicted This Reaction?

TX: Creationist nominated by Rick Perry denied chair of State Board of Ed

Observation made at a World War II memorial display

Paris jewel thief takes $8m haul

Hospitals Offer Wait Time Online

US torture is the worst of the worst.

Beck cites Hitler example to state that "empathy leads you to very bad decisions"

now its Dick AND LIZ Cheney , together on FAUX

Do you agree with the 65-year sentence for Muslim charity leaders or not?

Equality Now - The President Has the Power

The Detainee Shell Game

The Sotomayor Syndicate: MSM and Right Wing Groups Team Up to Profit From Supreme Court Nominee

The Sotomayor Syndicate: MSM and Right Wing Groups Team Up to Profit From Supreme Court Nominee

Something that troubles me about this recession/depression we are going through

George Lakoff: Empathy, Sotomayor, and Democracy

Yglesias: Health And Taxes...

Silvio Berlusconi, crook and party animal

Why the Pentagon Is Probably Lying About its Supressed Sodomy and Rape Photos

my local news channel just showed an nbc report on Sotomayor nomination

In Global Shift, G.M. Plans Sale of Europe Unit

Anyone ever been to Nassau? We are going

Waterboarding? What's that? Seems the Fort Worth Star Telegram has to explain it to their readers.

Define 'Wisdom'

"This Hour Has 22 Minutes"

Bush calls Clinton 'brother'

Job fair canceled for fear of crowds

Frank Rich: Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack?

Gruesome Photographs: Does the Value to Society outweigh the Invasion of Privacy or Not?

Yanno .... look around ...... The Great Gasbag really **is** the head of the repubican party.

Woman calls police after hubby, 82, takes Viagra

Racism, White Men & Supreme Empathy

Colin Powell Aide: Cheney "Lonely, Paranoid, Frightened"

Pssssssstttttt - do you like tea parties?

Video of the Moment, yo!: 'Young Cons' (Young Con Anthem)

What would the GOP do with a cyber czar?

G Gordon Liddy Is A Dirty Bigot. Liddy on Sotomayor; She Speaks "Illegal Alien".

FDA allows smokers to know what's inside tobacco products!

Fundies: The Gay Agenda has invaded Baghdad

Toronto Star: New passport rule a surprise to Bush and Clinton

Pretend you're from Pennsylvania .........

PBS tonight, lots of music here, Stevie Wonder on now, check

First contact with 'monster' rock that came alive

What exactly does the GOP gain by fighting Sotomayor?

White House “embassy” for “pushing the American agenda in Central Asia.”

Is Imadinnerplate trying to pull a Rove?

First non-American, first black Spelling Bee champ all grown up . . .

Leader of several right wing organizations pleads guilty to assault charge

Anti-Choice Abortion Warriors Have A New Poster Girl

Wait a minute Obama flys to NYC in a Gulfstream and the GOP is going to call him out. . .

#1 Idea on Obama's Site

Comedian Ron White may face charges for smoking on stage

The Simple Truth On US Torture In Iraq

Pyongyang shakes up pacifist Japan

'Crazy Turtle Woman' transforms graveyard into maternity ward

Ted Rall: Turning the Tables

Ted Rall: Turning the Tables

Friends Provide Glimpse Into Sonia Sotomayor's 'Very Full Life'

Could Sestak do reverse Arlen?

What killed the auto industry?

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Do you think there are more closet Dems or closet Pukes.

First Lady visits Bancroft Elementary School to garden with the kids

Economic twilight in the Sunbelt?

The United States is not in a recession. We're getting "restructured" and "rationalized."

Hey are solar panels down to $500 per home yet?

Important, Please Read — That's the header on an email sent out to the press today by Robert Gibbs,

Eugene Robinson: Sonia Sotomayor proud of who she is — and where she's from

U.S. Lawmakers Bill Taxpayers For TVs, Cameras, Lexus

Coleman, Franken prep to face off on appeal

Marijuana Rivals Mainstream Drugs For Alleviating HIV/AIDS Symptoms

"A huge human trafficking ring based in Kansas City. . . "

DU Public Service Announcement: A Must Have Update For Your Files !!!

The Big Gay Chip On My Shoulder . . . by Rob Thomas . . .

RNC slams Obama Broadway date night


Applying the Lessons of Nuremberg to the USA in 2009

Hey GOOPERS ..... why weren't you whining when your guy was on his .... what ..... 3rd month .....

The Cheney's Are Lying

Federal Study Shows Not Using Drugs Causes Crime

Got Power?

Saudi beheads and crucifies murder convict

We are seeing a reversal of what happened after WWII

SoCal pastor protests ban on gay marriage - He will not perform any more wedding ceremonies in CA

Beck on Sotomayor nomination: "Hey, Hispanic chick lady! You're empathetic ... you're in!"

MoD admits use of controversial 'enhanced blast' weapons in Afghanistan

Trains for America

What is a "reverse racist" ??

Why is Schumer collaborating with Big Insurance to continue "PRE-EXISTING CONDITION" denial of. . .

At last! The TRUE identity of Dick Cheney has finally been revealed. Tread lightly.

There are three reasons why people (Republics) are freaking out about Sotomayor's one sentence

Fuck you Feinstein and the rest of you who want CA to suffer.

This is purely emotional, but I am ***pissed*** about GM being forced into bankruptcy

How do you access the 2001 DU archives?

Comic books with child porn - US Comic book collector gets convicted on Obscenity charges

Nevada Senate rejects Gibbons' veto of partnership bill

Head of FDIC rips "too-big-to-fail" policy apart

Head of FDIC rips "too-big-to-fail" policy apart

Next time you want to buy a Canon....(be thankful you don't work here)

Nader: Obama's GM Plan Looks Like a Raw Deal

Obama administration vows it will continue to use "state secrets" defense

New French government report declares Mormons a cult

Robert Reich-- "Manufacturing Jobs are Over"...Robots are In/Knowledge Based is King....Kool Aid

Why should power be able to be inherited?

Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

Man, 29, fathers 21 children by 11 women

Longtime Rep. staffer suggested dressing in animal costumes during sexually explicit chats w/teens

WARNING about Tea Parties and KKK, neo-nazis, white supremacists

Buffalo Soldier gets Arlington burial after 100 years

National Archives "Lost" Clinton White House Computer Record Tapes

Let's back Bernie Sanders

Sotomayor: A safe choice for corporate America.

The Trauma of 9/11 Is No Excuse - By Richard A. Clarke

DSCC wants Sestak out of the race against Specter.

Sexual Voyeurism in the Bush White House is now Known...and Women Should be particularly Appalled!

File this under, "Only In America." Octomom gets her TV show.

Recovery Quiz. How much money did you spend yesterday?

Revealed: the best protection against cancer



Kudos to Lenno

Not that I'm into sexist jokes but.......

I miss Vermont

I'm going to be a mod next time!!!!

Before I sleep, touch my monkey

Derek Trucks, etc. Click HQ and dig it.

OMG... LEFTYFINGERPOP just called me on the Phone!

Excuse me. My arms are so fucking huge that I have to wear a XXXXXXL with a 32 inch waist.

Funeral service held for the Republican Party?

For those of you like myself who are old enough to know the name:

Ten Wheels for JESUS!!

Back to the bumper sticker idea, take a look at this link.

Oh, for the love of God and all that is holy.

Oh, for the love of God and all that is holy.

Go Everton!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY newyawker99 AND 8 others!*******

thanks for being my port

Some redneck, inbred, hick mother-fucker's huntin' dogs just ran off my kitties.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/30/2009)

Proof that Bowie can still churn out some great stuff - "Afraid" from Heathen

Today would have been my Grandma's 99th birthday.

I still don't know why the bunny has a freakin' pancake on its head

Clean your computer screen from the inside out! (cuteness overload!)

Damn I'm Getting Fat

Gah. Well, at least the day STARTED nice.

Nice Post, ________!


We saw the new Pixar film "Up" last night. Loved it.

Lee County VA,

fellow travelers, meet at the rally point

My balls itch

Laydeez 'n' gennulmuns, please rise for Teh Longue Anthem

This is a thinly veiled call-out. You know who you are.

sweet 16


I haven't seen explosions like this since the last time I ate too much dairy. n/t


Color matching furniture

PM me for last weeks cipher

Birds are not dumb. Great story of problem solving.


David Axelrod - Mucho chupar (audio) y Bettie Page


Why are mimes hated so?

Britain Got Talent, the winner is....

I am deleting all pm's from this someone called "Skinner" in my inbox

If you go on safari, don't try this

A tragedy is among us all!

Four friends step up, above and beyond the call of duty, as Hell's flames crackle around me

I'm kind of excited about the Man vs Wild with Will Ferrell on Tues.

HEY! I haven't been around for a while....

Something that gets me about Brian Eno

ZDnet Australia techs go out to show random Australians Windows 7 Beta...

World Clique Tour 1991 -- sponsored by 7-up(tm)?!

Britain Got TalenT the winner is.....

Anyone else have to deal with a s.o. who obsesses about their hair?

post your favorite summertime tunes!

Squirrel at Mich. cemetery wraps nest in Old Glory

! pu no pets.

Thank you so much, mystery star donor.

Helen hates dogs...

Attn: June birthdays and anniversaries!!

Years before Axe commercails there was...

Let's get one thing straight, people.

What works of art neutralize unwanted mods?

It takes talent...


deleted. There are many threads on this.


Susan Boyle... Nailed It!!

Like underwear, I guess email addys should be changed every couple of years

Yo, BeachBaby? When I said I needed a motel to stay in for the meetup?

Thinking of getting pets to match my furniture

Cemetery squirrels nuts about U.S. flags


Doc Martin...

This is the thread that answers the question "What is the question?"

I was playing on You Tube and found a lot of 1950's commericals.

Great Guardian article from April about Susan Boyle and 'ugly women'. It's funny.


Mr. Spock shot my friends!!

WTF Why is this post on CreekPuppy Ignore?

From the Party of Traditional Family Values

From the Party of Traditional Family Values

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"

"No one can feel your interior without your consent"

And finally...

Which of these events has become the most overblown and disgusting?

I am leaving..........on a jet plane

Give a starving man a can of corn, and he will beat you with it.

Hey Midlo...were you driving your Minivan around Maryland today?

Words that I live by.

OMG! MaryAnne from Gilligan's Island Peels A Potato!!

It's Time for Some Mary Tyler Moore Love

What's your playlist, people?

Pushing Daisies fans

Snapshot from the Lounge.

Korean food... Whats good?

you know what star trek movie needs to be made?

I would like to offer a sincere apology



boogietroids from mars

I'm giving the evil eye!!

The mail just came and this right wing type group sent me another $1 in their mailing.

Smilies Theatre Presents: Tribute to Susan -- the 1st Audition

Theme From Shaft..

I'll be watching.

I was wondering if anyone knows


nt ....... n/t ....... eom

I would like to offer a sincere apology

Anyone ever been to Nassau? We are going

3:33 AM ~ Who's up?

Watching an ep of the old BSG

Ye Gawds, does Rush ever SUCK!

What's the word?

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with an Amtrak Conductor or a Louisiana State Trooper.

The stories about Jay Leno hurling his feces at successor Conan O'Brien are FALSE.

DUI driver wrecks car. Gets tractor to drag car home. Wrecks tractor and car (again). Pic.

Damn, I didn't know I had total power over charlie and algernon

Orlando Magic to Nike, VitaminWater, ESPN, et al: SUCK IT!

Do head-shaking and eye-rolling count as cardio?

Has anyone here ever tried boiled peanuts?

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with Van Halen when they do ZZ Top covers.

kitten picture of the day for saturday may 30

The Ultimate Sitcom of all time - UK or US

"Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?"

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with a 'possum carrying bebbes!

I want to be knee-deep in innernets drama too!

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with Dr. Death or call wrestling fake.

What's for dinner, people?

swarm or herd or squad? Choose your demise.

funk thread

i think i need a shower


PSA: Never - EVER - fuck a Marine.

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Today my 12 1/2 yr old daughter informed me she wants to start shaving her legs.

What works of art do you turn to when you are depressed, anxious, or to neutralize unwanted moods?

Damn, I didn't know I had total power over the Orioles

I went out again, today... saw Star Trek

WTF Why is this post on Puppy Ignore?

Good night DU- good morning Miss Honeychurch! nm

Which is better: Twofer Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday?

Which is better: Twofer Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday?

PSA: Never - EVER - fuck with a Marine.

I want a real light saber.

NBA Finals

the daughter is getting married in a couple of hours....

OK smarty pants. Try this:

Click here and you'll groan.

Eraserhead - WTF?

Britain's Got Talent -- Susan Boyle's finale

Guess what

One of the most touching things that has ever happened to us.

Stupid Work Rubbish

Due to circumstances beyound my control, I'm currently sitting next to 14lbs of fresh garlic.

Haruka's mother is fucking nuts -- that is all

new moran pic

What's your favorite movie cat?

So, I'm looking at a tour package to North Korea

What kind of pillow do you sleep on?

My Dad died ten years ago today.


What is your favorite Weird Al song? My all time favorite is:

I'm planning a week up near Coeur d'Alene, any suggestions?

Has anyone here ever tried boiled potatoes?

I Saw It On TV

An interesting health care meeting today

Abbas submits proposal for Mideast peace to Obama

Obama's Radio Address Today: Sotomayor

Rogues, Robes and Racists - "Oh, the hypocrisy!" - By Charles Blow

President Obama asked to release George Joannides' records

With so many years on the bench, why is it that Sotomayors views on major issues are not known?

OK. I'm officially mad. I want Sestak to run for Senate and will back him with $$

Healthcare Organizing Kickoff 12pm - 1pm today

Obama Administration Sides With Technology Over Hollywood In Cablevision Case

Obama: Efforts to undermine Sotomayor will fail

Death cases among early issues for new justice

The Recovery and Reinvestment Act

This bashing of Sotomayor by the GOP is exposing more of their "Party of NO" attitude!

If Sotomayor is a centrist on some issues the net effect would be to move the court to the right

Icon Selected For President Obama in Doonesbury Today!

Soccer Dad POTUS attends daughter's game in Palisades Park this morning.

I heard on NPR today that Obama has an 80% approval rating with Dems, 60% with independents

Wash Times tells us Sotomayor wants to let prisoners vote?

"Exacting Change" - THE NATION Looks at the Players & the Role of Progressives

DC's New Food Critics

Bush 41: Clarence Thomas Has "Great Empathy"

Taguba denies he's seen abuse photos suppressed by Obama

If Obama Picked "God" For SCOTUS - How Would The Repugs Reject Him?........

Source: Amicus Brief Proves Sotomayor is Pro-Choice

Justice Served - Obama's pick of Sotomayor was more political than ideological. (TNR)

Obama Gets It Right With Sotomayor Selection

When was the last time there was Main Stream Journalism piece on abuses in Corporate America?

Here are Sotomayor's notable opinions- neatly explained.

Sotomayor's Long Record on Campaign Finance, Support Regulations - Compared Contributions to Bribes

Obama extends lobbying ban to unregistered lobbyists and consultants

Obama announces U.S. cyber security plan

Celina Sotomayor, mother of Sonia Sotomayor, cries during the announcement by President Obama (PHOTO

Republican Senate Candidate Admits GOP Has No Position On Health Care

I don't mean to criticise the President, but did he get this one wrong?

Broadwaygate is the next big controversy I see

Is the end near? Coleman, Franken prep to face off on appeal, starting Monday.

GOP Tactics : Neg Polarity: BS Moot Shit: Saturation: Dilution, Infiltration,

United States v. Wong Kim Ark-can someone please send this to the "Birther" conspiracy theorists

The Party of NO ... Shame. :: GOP goes after the Obamas' date night in NYC

Obama's Muslim address: 'Mutual respect'

After Bankruptcy the US Government will own nearly 75% of General Motors

When Tapper Attacks

About "misusing Air Force One" let's not forget

The president has had to always pay for his own food

Which gate is potentially the most damaging to the Obama presidency?

A Unified Theory of Obama

Minnesota's Senate race now comes down to five votes

GW Bush was such a standup guy.

GW Bush was such a standup guy.

Seriously, do they expect the POTUS to stay in DC 24/7 for the next four years?

The GOP's fanatical, jaw-dropping racism, sealed my full commitment to this SC nomination.

The week in Doonesbury

Our current corporate structure is the most corrupt in the world

PHOTO Caption it?

Kos Diary: "Obama drops Sotomayor's Mentos into right wing's Diet Coke" - LOLworthy!

Kos Diary: "Obama drops Sotomayor's Mentos into right wing's Diet Coke" - LOLworthy!

Obama’s Face Rules the Web

RNC slams Obama for romantic date with Michelle in New York

Watch out comes Bo Obama.

I happen to know, before the media does, that the Obamas had

No apologies here! Pres. Obama today: Sotomayor critics twisting her words/"their efforts will fail"

Bob Woodward Working On Book About President Obama

Video of me on Fox News' "Bulls and the Bears" defending Sotomayor

True test of economic recovery

The Republicans are much angrier about a Black man spending money

FL-Sen: Corrine Brown Explores Senate Race


Hey ... repugs complaining about Obamas' date night: what about Cindy McCain's convention dress?

Repug criticizes Obamas for going to a Broadway play.

The President paid cash

What elitist asshole President and First Lady would ever attend a Broadway show on taxpayer dollars?

The next time a right winger uses Brown v. Board as proof that empathy has no place in the law

Doctor to Max Baucus: "I interrupt this so-called public hearing...put single-payer on the table".

Doctor to Max Baucus: "I interrupt this so-called public hearing...put single-payer on the table".

Freepers take out their frustration on Michelle's looks

Obama Administration Abandons Voter Intimidation Lawsuit

Dean's DFA is asking us to donate to Courage Campaign to support marriage equality as civil right

Spiegel Interview with Obama's Great-Uncle:'I Was Horrified by Lengths Men Will Go to Mistreat Other

PHOTOS Hitting the Town.

Pictures from LeftyFingerPop's DU Meetup! (pic heavy)

PHOTO It's not exactly the Big Air Force One, is it?

PHOTOS Angry New Yorkers Protest Arrival of Obamas

Tancredo on Sotomayor, "A brown woman..."

Clarence Thomas "I can bring something different to the court" because I'm black

President Obama's Astrological Birth Chart

President Obama's Astrological Birth Chart

Romney's schedule hints at run in 2012

Dramatic plane arrest of ex-Iraq minister

Pyongyang shakes up pacifist Japan

Israel to attend Americas summit

Israel to attend Americas summit

G8 wants closer cooperation to fight terrorism, piracy

Stupak proposes housing Gitmo detainees in Mich.

Opel rescue raises hopes, but Merkel warns of challenges

Gov't refuses to release secret documents

Top Democrats pledge cooperation on health care

Israel: U.S. demand for settlement freeze 'not fair'

'Mancow' insists his waterboarding 'absolutely real,' says right and left both upset with him

Pakistan troops retake largest town in Swat Valley

Obama Asks Australia to Take Guantanamo Detainees

US 'opposes' nuclear North Korea

Infomercial Attacking Obama's Health Care Plan Backed by 'Swift Boat' Financer

RNC slams Obama Broadway date night

Gas Price Surge May Stall Recovery

Gibbs touts Salon torture pix story

Orie (R-Pa.) legislative aide charged with asking 15-year-old for sex

GOP says Democrats' climate proposal does little

______________ wins Britain's Got Talent 2009

Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

Taliban recruits teenage suicide bombers for revenge attacks

Israel to U.S.: 'Stop favoring Palestinians'

DOJ to Supremes: Uighurs "free to leave"

Deep Cuts Could Reshape California

Robin Williams on Johnny Carson

Paul Lynde on Johnny Carson

Weekly Address: The Experience of Judge Sotomayor

Susan Boyle: I Dreamed A Dream - Britain's Got Talent 2009 - The Final (no spoilers)

RM: Sen. Levin on the Dick and Liz Cheney Memo Ruse

Countdown: Sen. Levin Disputes Cheney's Claim, Says Documents DO NOT Support Cheney

TYT: Torture Pictures A Lot Worst Than Expected - Pentagon lied

Rebirth of a Nation

RealTime With Bill Maher - Full Show With Links Features Fmr Ambass Bolton

American Citizens vs. Barack Obama

Adam Lambert finally answers the question that America has been dying to know

maxkeiser's new show - On the Edge - Max waterboards Geithner and Paulson LIVE ON AIR

US Violated Geneva Conventions, Should Close Gitmo, Petraeus Says

Hardball- Olson/Boies on Filing Federal Suit Against Calif. Prop 8 - 'Liberty Clause'

Microfinance sparks hope in Kenya's slums - 30 May 09

TYT: Col. Peters - Kill All Gitmo Prisoners(!)

Franklin Graham preaches on Al Jazeera TV while discussing Darfur.

What the Hell Have We Become?

Countdown: Mancow returns and refutes accusations that his waterboarding was a hoax

Rush's iPhone

Sex With Ducks - The Musical


Liberals want to slap their fathers and touch public restroom faucets - MSNBC

Charlize Theron will be in Fresno Saturday for gay marriage rally

A Long Record on Campaign Finance, Often in Support of Regulations.

A Promise to Be Ethical in an Era of Immorality

Independent UK: Threat of the 'thought police' alarms Israel's Arab minority

Repubs: "Same as they ever were"

Bob Herbert: Holding On to Our Humanity

Ever since the 2000 Election

And the Pursuit of Happiness: At Ease

Horton: "The Bogus Torture Coverup"-Photos Even More Sexually Explicit Than Reported

Call for inquiry into Abu Ghraib 'rape' photographs

Arcata Vs. DOJ: blocking the military from recruiting anybody under the age of 18

Married With Bankruptcy

Breaking Down the Status Quo in Six Easy Steps

Anti-Choice Abortion Warriors Have a New Poster Girl

Rogues, Robes and Racists

GIDEON LEVY / What if Tzipi Livni was prime minister of Israel?

Politics Can Wait: The President Has a Date

Latin America’s Pro-Capitalist Elite Hold Anti-Chávez Conference in Venezuela

Rich: Blame Cheney (and Media) for next attack

Obama's flip-flops on preventive detention and secrecy raises a disturbing question.

Suit claims Ala. coal firm funded Colombian terror

Why Colombia's successful president should not seek another term in office

EL SALVADOR: Funes to Take Over Country in Deep Crisis

Israel to attend Americas summit

KEVIN PINA Remembers "Mon Pere, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste"

But Wait: Attorney Says Bay of Pigs Vet Will Collect That $1 Billion From Castro

CHAVEZ: Next Gift for Obama Authored by Lenin

The first and foremost radical in the family. (The man who really runs Cuba.)

LatAm Pro-Capitalist Elite Hold Anti-Chavez Conf. in Venezuela

CUBA-Alarcon: New Prevarication by US Against Five

BOLIVIA TO OAS: End Cuba Injustice

Grist: Fighting for the right to grow food in L.A.

Grist: Monsanto dropped a cool $2 million on lobbying in Q1 2009

'Crazy Turtle Woman' transforms graveyard into maternity ward

Jaguar mums give up baby secrets (BBC)

Leaders called to special climate talks

Cheeky NZ parrot steals tourist's passport

$15,600 the sweet spot for electric cars in Japan

The Alleged Benefits of Wildfire

Dwight Howard- I get it ---Redux

Cain and Giants win again

Chelsea 2 Everton 1; FA Cup Champions! Finally, some hardware.


Heh! For an easy schedule the Dodgers are running into the NL-Central buzz-saw!

Looks like it's going to be Kobe vs Hedo Turkoglu in the finals !!!!!

Who do you want to see win the Stanley Cup?

How many games will it take for Orlando or Cleveland to throw in the towel against LA?

Today in labor history May 29 established one of America’s first union medical and pension plan

North Carolina Workers Rally To End Collective Bargaining Ban

Sen. Sherrod Brown criticizes GM for plan to move jobs to China

Today in labor history May 30 Police open fire on striking steelworkers killing 10 and wounding 100

If you get injured and don't have insurance, go get treated in Jamaica

As of 5/28(thurs), universal health coverage for all pregnant women in Mexico!

Senator Schumer makes health reform promises today!

Korean dish 'may cure bird flu' (BBC)

HATE: The Real Antichrist

Hundreds of people walk from Selma to Fresno before planned rally today

RonnyK's Fleetwood Mac review

Fresno march photos **Dail-up Warning**

Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

Gun-toting in Georgia, How I learned to stop worrying and love carrying my gun

Silence on gun control...the new Democratic strategy?

Fear and "the other" in the Guns Forum

Germany joins calls for Israel to end settlement construction

Israel: U.S. demand for settlement freeze 'not fair'

No guns for Negroes

Israeli settlements: a building problem

Threat of the 'thought police' alarms Israel's Arab minority

Venezuela Reiterates Commitment to Multipolar World Following Israeli Accusations

Hamas will not recognize any agreement signed by Abbas

Settlers, leftists clash near West Bank village of Safa

City people in my house.

Has anyone used the microsoft cashback

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part V (An Old Standby)

Hand painted bowl.

Any Lumix owners? I am starting to think about getting the LX3K. Talk

Working conditions at Canon?

Chair and potatoes at dinner.


Flickr set I recently put together.

I was out with my macro this foggy morning

Fun in Phoenix - maybe you remember the Chihuly glass blower exhibit

A winner has emerged, the***June Theme in the Photo Contest***is "Portrait of a Stranger.

IEEE Spectrum: Special Report: Why Mars? Why Now?

'Lost' music instrument recreated (BBC) {lituus}

Rendezvous around the Moon (BBC) {40th anniversary}

Car Talk ... Astronaut calls for advice on fixing stripped bolts on Hubble

"Homeless, But With a Clean Slate" - Karen Bishop - May 24, 2009

Thread re: vitamin D I know some of you can add wisdom to...

Reconnective Healing

Turning over the rock

Has anyone ever gone to a life between lives reading?

Atheists: No God, just whining.

I can't stand Christians

Scandal priest Father Cutie goes over to the other side

Our supper menu tonight will never, in the annals of mankind's history, ever be repeated. Ever.

Due to curcumstances beyond my control, I'm currently in possesion of 14lbs of fresh garlic bulbs.

Haven't made any bread in awhile so...

Teachers: Have you ever had a student

No time to make a homemade cheesecake.

Deconstructing hospital food

Wanna shoot down a conspiracy?

What WTC7 could have looked like

X-Post: Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 News Fresno re: 9/11 collapses

Debris still being found at Shanksville

Steel from the WTC

The Talk, and the Talk, and the Talk, of Austin

Maybe it's just me

Toxic Mud, Heading to Texas, Stirs Town

Octomom Gets Reality Show

Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 News Fresno re: 9/11 collapses