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is there even one white house or congressional reporter who would fearlessly ask the questions .....

Turf Battles Could Hamper Obama Plans for Regulation Reform

Cornyn criticizes Limpballs and the newt for Sotomayor remarks


US officials 'kind of worried' over activity at North Korean military facility

Single payer conference call transcript and audio; next call 6/16

Texas Senate rejects creationist nut as State Board of Education chairman

"If I Am Elected President, I Promise To Work Towards Changing (insert pet issue here).

Profound shift in kind of families who are home schooling their children: shift to girls

Let America be America Again

Where to Turn for Help When the Paycheck Stops

Apologies from California, by Mark Morford

Safe Drinking Water Even In Floods

Nader Accuses McAuliffe of Suppressing Votes

"Arrogant, Brusque or Witless."

Sticking together is unAmerican.

When Obama was elected, I saw a huge increase in racism

This Week's Guests: Real Time With Bill Maher

Poland: Last shipyards in Gdansk threatened with closure

Breadline USA

Joey Scum is the lowest of the low...

Levin Calls Cheney A Liar On Torture (TPM)

Faux Noise's "Red Eye", what a bunch of assholes

who is that condescending, arrogant, haughty-voiced woman lecturing me on morningho??...

Meet the Woman In Charge of Smearing Sonia Sotomayor

Toxic free-market Koolaid.....

I was wrong, the Chimp has entered the room..

Is Jack Welch shrinking before our eyes?

A Letter from the NY Times

Matt Lauer is interviewing Laura Ingraham?. . dear god NBC

Insane in the Membrane: Pat Robertson says Jesus was a small-government Republican

HahahahaHAAAAAAAA "Bush" and "Nuance" used in same sentence and it is NOT the Onion

Pay to talk to an American in customer service...

Sea going Libertarians. . (Milton Freidman's grandson's Grand Design)

Book deal money- who is missing from this list?

Dick Cheney may soon overtake Cuba in popularity

Chrysler heads back to bankruptcy court Friday

Okay, it's officially a contest for who is the craziest Texas Congressman. (My Big Blue Butt blog)

npr is interviewing orrin snatch....

How to make the congress and senate represent the people.

PA newspaper runs ad calling for assassination of Obama

Is This Becoming An Epidemic? Teacher from LI held in statutory rape of student

Obama says health care changes must come this year

Cars are just too damned expensive for many Americans.

Obama's historic, Hispanic choice

Obama to outline outreach to Muslims next week

Bush Misses Flying on Air Force One, White House food...

"Abortion backers get reassurances on nominee"

New Killer Virus Found in Africa (ebola-like)

Business Activity in U.S. Contracts at a Faster Pace, Chicago Index Shows

VIRAL ACTION: PA newspaper runs ad calling for assassination of Obama

I received the following email from Mr. Elchert regarding the ad placed in

Economy in U.S. Shrank at 5.7% Rate in First Quarter, More Than Estimated

Economy in U.S. Shrank at 5.7% Rate in First Quarter, More Than Estimated

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks

Does anyone like Conan O'brien?

Open Government Extends Hours: What Will You Vote For?

Bill Bennett and Fred Barnes are "wonder"ing about Sotomayor

Wouldn't It Be Great If DU Had A Yearly STFU And Quit Your Whining Day?

The Recession and the World's Oldest Profession

Nebraska chooses a kinder, gentler form of savagery

John Cornyn is a stand up kind of guy.

75th anniversary of the Toledo Auto-Lite strike

"The verdict is out"

When Carson retired, it was a genuine "Big Deal". The end of the Leno run .... not so much.

OHIO Republican moves to prevent WASHINGTON DC from recognizing same-sex marriages.....

Quick everyone!!! Take a quote out of context!!!

Good for the French, I hope they tell the bitch to have a big glass of shut the fuck up

Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage Wars in Cyberspace

Top 10: People Who Just Won’t Go Away

The Rude Pundit: Family Research Council: Still Praying That Gays and Lesbians Live in Sin

Do You Consider Yourself A "Social" Person....Or Are You A Hermit By Nature?

Joe Conason, Salon: Republicans had their own mediocre beneficiary of affirmative action

What do you think Kim is telling other world leaders when they call to encourage him to cooperate?

Not from the Onion: Opportunity to take a cruise with Rove, Novak, Bolton and Morris

C'mon, folks, ...really! Who are you going to trust?

Draining the Fever Swamp: How Sotomayor Punctured the Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory Bubble

Americans United: IRS Should Review Liberty University’s Tax-Exempt Status For Partisan Politicking

"The first thing you do is ask, what's legal?"

Bush misses seeing G.I.'s, White House food; seeing relatives of dead soldiers "was very uplifting"

Plainclothes Nazi calls Sotomayor a "Hispanic Supremacist"

Dick Morris has a solution for the North Korea problem

Obama Invests $467M in Solar and Geothermal Development

Obama Invests $467M in Solar and Geothermal Development

Levin: CIA Torture Documents Cheney Wants Don’t Prove Squat

Blaming Clinton?

Malmstrom AFB gets $12 million fitness center

Handing the internet over to the MIC..............

Brother Shoots Brother In Head; Dad Arrested

Nanci Pelosi away in China... talking to school children about global warming...

Jennifer Rubin said most americans don't want gitmo closed

Steele urges conservatives to tone down rhetoric

Kevin neo con Hassett said Obama was deceiving us

Obama Just Said He's For Net Neutrality

White House spokesman bashes Brit press for torture reports

Russian Soyuz Docks With Space Station, Doubles Its Crew

Clap harder...

Senate honors nuclear and uranium workers with national day of remembrance

TEXAS Gov. Rick ASSHOLE Perry says he doesn't support expanding CHIP to more children

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack's interim directive on roadless national forest areas

The Decider misses drawing inspiration from his encounters with U.S. military personnel, Stretch...

we have the biggest embassy in the world and now we will have a

SEE IT NOW! New YouTube satire

The GOP is imploding !!

I am currently looking for stories about US government treatment of the press in the

If Sotomayor were a man (Media Matters)

new spelling for bigot.

Taxpayers to own 72.5% of GM.

Germany wants their gold back

VIDEO 3:01 off vapidness-Laura Ingraham on The Today Show

żObama is targeting GOP Chrysler dealerships? (yes I am cross posting this)

Peeing in a freight elevator is not a good idea

This just breaks my heart!

Tortured and Killed in Iraq for Being Gay

How American!! Fighting with the Insurance company over dental coverage.

How American!! Fighting with the Insurance company over dental coverage.

NY has a nuke event

National Cyber Range: Building Attack Tools for Mass Destruction

Have Jindahl, Eric Cantor and other young repugs been pushed to

Ex-presidents Clinton, W. Bush share Toronto stage - Ticket sales less than hoped for!

Was Bush on a mission from God?

Visalia Resident Receives Silver Star For Heroism Aboard Ship In 1967 (USS LIBERTY)

Cigars, cocktails, & Karl Rove on the high seas for $5000 per couple. $6000 if you want a window.

NYC Area Du'ers: Theres a marriage Equality Rally on Sunday in Astoria

Is shooting somebody less heinous than beheading? How come?

Is there any place to see all the leaked prisoner abuse pictures?

Big republican supporter charged with assault

McCain supporter and country star John Rich charged with assault

Wikipedia Bans Scientology From Site

The Most Dangerous Game

Far right in Hungary tipped to enter European Parliament.

Most Popular leader in the world? Least Popular Leader in the World?

Is there a division between elected GOPers and the propaganda "voices" re: Sotomayor?

GMO foods banned as Zimbabwe starves

"the earth needs a new operating system" . . . by Paul Hawken . . .

Vote to Discontinue chilling gov't actions on civilian Internet activities and journalism

Limbaugh: "There wasn't a moderate Republican in the place".

Comment about religion and the founding fathers that I heard.

meta, meta, meta. DU center right? center? center left? left? far left?

Authorities: Ponzi scams unraveling with economy

So the "far left" is now equated with "freepers"? BULLSHIT

Bush: Freedom will prevail and economy thrive

UN Expert On Extrajudicial Killings Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate US Detainee Deaths

WOO HOO! OSU President Resigns from Massey Energy Under Pressure from Progressives!

Never a talking point that isn’t grounded in dementia

These are NOT the pictures you're looking for...

Nothing changes until WE hold war criminals accountable

Yglesias: Are latinas treated more preferentially than white men in America?

Republican Election Official to Change Plea to 'Guilty' in Kentucky Election-Tampering Conspiracy

Michael Steele Asks That Republicans Stop Being Such Racist Dickwads About Sotomayor

Sotomayor was reversed 60% of the time. Damn, she must be unfit!

Did Erich 'Mancow Muller Fake His Waterboarding for Publicity?

K&R if you're sick of the "DU isn't the same anymore" posts

K&R if you're sick of the "DU isn't the same anymore" posts

Saddest (and most ironic) bank robbery ever

Defining Moments in US History and their Relevance Today

Stop NBC from swiftboating universal health care.

the neo cons are trying to spin emotion into empathy

Sewage Leaks blamed on Krispy Kreme

I had to special order pencil lead...from Illinois..(Big Box rant)

Levin: CIA Torture Documents Cheney Wants Don’t Prove Squat

Parents should face community service for kids' crimes, lawmakers say

MSNBC: Bob Shrum vs. Pat Buchannan

Why Minorities Distruct The GOP

Dennis Prager caught talking out of his ass again

Why does Norah O'Donnell think that Phil Spector's murder conviction

OMG! Look what the "Latino KKK", aka La Raza, said upon Regan's death!

The far right will stoop to new lows when needed

It has finally happened: DU has gone so far left that they've met the Freepers on the other side.

Bush's Torture Defense Won't Keep Him Out of Jail

Torture photos: US soldiers raped, sodomized Iraqi prisoners

Word for today: Laodicean

On EMPATHY, Sotomayor & Republicans: Hare Psychopathy Checklist

A new low: Limbaugh compares Sotomayor to...DAVID DUKE.

Go Canucks

Obama anti-environmental. More dirt.

Gawker: Your Fancy Bagels and Organic Cream Cheese Won't Last Forever

Could someone post a "Restore the Fairness Doctrine" on the White House's Open Government Brainstorm

Sotomayor: G Gordon Liddy (pigmen continue to spew)

Sotomayor: G Gordon Liddy (pigmen continue to spew)

'Jungle Book' girl adapting to daily life

Environmentalist Politician gets dumped on

I Had a Very Sad Talk with my Aunt Today-GM Bankruptcy

America & the Jade Road.. No Puritans Need Apply

Is there any good news?

HEY NEW YORKERS: Please post comments on this NYT blog in support of keeping lever voting machines!

"Young Cons" - Young Conservatives, really!

If we are to question the authenticity of the Mancow water torture stunt...

Rolling Stone: Owners of Walmart, Campbell's soup, M&M, Wegmans etc. finance estate tax campaign

Wikipedia Bans Scientology From Site

How will your children’s lives be different from yours? - Jack Cafferty's 5pm question

Okay... so now what?

Gay Rights Groups to Ted Olson: Thanks, but No Thanks

Condi 2002 re: Iraq war: "save your breath, the president has already made his mind"

US violated Geneva Conventions, Bush Iraq commander says

Oh My - Tancredo is having a melt down

Mancow's waterboarder admits he didn't know what he was doing, also Mancow admits. . .

PA State Senator (R) Jane Orie's staffer: alleged sexual predator. She is big

Antigovernment activists putting down roots in N.H.

Tomorrow's "Queen Victoria" sees her defending marriage

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

A Supreme Sotomayor: How My Country Has Caught Up to Me

What will be the impact of the Sotomayor racism charge?

Run The Anti-Sotomayor Republican Attacks on Spanish Language Media

The real, real, real, truth about the torture photos.

Senator asks government to curb oil speculators

The Nation: Michael Bloomberg's the "Disgrace"

That disturbance in the Force you just felt was me turning in my resignation at work

Gingrich Digs In On Sotomayor-Bashing

Mancow will be on KO tonight to address "Waterboarding Hoax" Charge

GOP Moves to Tone Down Criticism of Sotomayor: Strategist warns is 'suicidal' for the Party

Republicans voice concern about the intellectual heft of Sotomayor

I Hate the Word "Czar"

David Hyde Pierce: "It's a very odd thing" that strangers have a vote on who he can marry

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: "Torturing Democracy"

Bill Clinton and the war criminal share a stage

Petraeus Criticizes Gitmo and Torture: 'I Don't Think We Should Be Afraid To Live Our Values'

Release the torture documents, the rape pictures, and...

Compromise Solution to Release of Graphic Torture Photos

Tancredo refuses to take back his LaRaza=KKK comment

nationalize all grocery stores ?

GOPig of the Week......

I agree with the The Blue State Bandit _ I do not want to see people being raped

Tancredo paraphrasing: "Fuck the moderates in the GOP"

David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane of "Fraser") marries partner, slams Prop. 8 decision

“Justice Department drops charges in voter intimidation case” (CNN)

Libertarians Set to Launch a (Wet) Dream of 'Freedom' in International Waters

MSNBC turns pro-choice into 'abortion backer'

G. Gordon Liddy On Sotomayor: ‘Let’s Hope That The Key Conferences Aren’t When She’s Menstruating’

Zoellick Calls Stimulus Measures `Sugar High,' Says Unemployment Will Rise

White House Appeals Detainee Abuse Photo Release To Supreme Court

Please warn your elderly relatives about the lottery scam

Zimbabwe had one of the most successful land reform program in history. Time to restart it.

African MP apologizes for call to brand People with AIDS

Discovery tonight: NARWAWHALS on Natures Most Amazing Events

U.S. government protects country from peacemaker

Nausea alert: The truth about ObamACORN ....... by Michelle Malkin

boy i'd like to beat the living shit out of this whiney torture lover on hardball

UN-BROKE: What You Need to Know About Money

Bank of America Hits U.S. Online Shoppers with Foreign Fees

Book Buzz: New Murakami Novel Causes Stir

The Bogus Torture Cover-up - by Scott Horton

Friday TOON Roundup 3

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Rights denied

Friday TOON Roundup 1- The Supreme Pick

On April 28, 2009, the AYF staged a protest.

Over valued oil?

Iraq cleric: Eradicate homosexuality

Why do you think the so-called enhanced interrogators did it?

Another Diggin-Your-Hole-Deeper Day for the GOP

Food Bank Friday, May 29, 2009!

Palin on Colbert

Is That 21% Figure Of Right-Wing Zealots A Fixed Number?

John McCain addresses La Raza, July 2008

Gingrich, of all the Sotomayor bashers, thinks this is a good strategy for some reason.

Wow! Check Out The Gender/Party Splits On Sotomayor Approval!

Mancow coming up on Keith.

FBI Interrogator: "COOKIES" - Not TORTURE - Made Al-Queda Operative Talk (TIME Magazine)

Whoops ! I Turned 40

Bush defends his invasion and occupation of Iraq

Troy Davis to be visited by Rep. John Lewis and others!!!

Troy Davis to be visited by Rep. John Lewis and others!!!

Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers (posted by Why Syzygy in the Health forum)

Dollars & Sense: Peruvian Workers Protest for Higher Pay

Call me nuts. Go ahead. But this video really made me happy. (and taught me something)

Must see Bill Moyers tonight -TORTURING DEMOCRACY

Vaccine Dispute Last Night on Coast to Coast AM.

We now have a six person crew on the International Space Station!

We now have a six person crew on the International Space Station!

I'm Disppointed Obama hasnt begun the effort to Overturn DODT, but where is Congress?

"Like the KKK"???

The Goldilocks defense of torture

Poll: State Trooper Trial

Prince William confronted the elephant in the room

We hear that GOP risk alienating hispanics. But we don't hear about the risk of alienating WOMEN

Which Party Is More Fractured - The Republicans or the Democrats?

the puritans won: if you get a divorce, you can never marry again.

Governor (Arnie) proposes another $3 billion in cuts - schools, disabled, and stray animals

Brit journos miffed at Gibbs rant: 'apologize'

NYT Magazine says Bill Clinton's best new buddies are wingnuts, like Scaife

Question- Audio and/or podcast from the Clinton/Bush event in Canada??

TAPPED: Sotomayor and Abortion

In some ways I think DU should change its name

Most important news story of the week (ending May 29, 2009)


Action Alert: San Diego School System cutting music and arts programs. Please send an email!

Do health insurers increase the cost of health care or hold a lid on it?

Veto of guns-in-bars bill may not stick.

Hey, Tancredo!

Hey, Tancredo!

Fusion ignition: World's largest laser unveiled

When politics and the economy are too stressful...

Bracing for "gratitude" (gesture) substitute for (oral) "Thank you for your service"

I just witnessed the death of the Repube-lican party

It is a felony to carry more than $10k in cash in Texas

LA Times: California could be the first state to cut student aid while hiking fees

Petraeus: US Violated Geneva Conventions

This makes me very happy

[Streaming Video] Real Time With Bill Maher

Petraeus Says U.S. Violated Geneva Conventions - What Will Cheney and Rush Say?

I'm convinced Dick and Liz are trying out for the ShamWow

Here's my simplified view of health insurance.

NYPD cop killed by another NYPD cop while chasing man breaking into his vehicle

Gitmo Debate: It's the People of Montana vs the congressional delegation of Montana

Guess who I'm talking to right now???

Frisco (TX) man gets 45 years for hiding HIV infection from sex partners

From a compassionate Democrat in another forum.

Have you ever tried to explain

Scott Horton: "The Bogus Torture Coverup" - Photos Even More Sexually Explicit Than Reported

F*ck it ( sorry Bucky!) ...Friday Night classic progressive song/video

The NYTimes finally reports the economic disaster of new nukes

Good for the French, I hope they tell her to have a big glass of shut the fuck up

One of the those complicit in the US backed torture and murder of Victor Jara

Democrats need to revive their " long-neglected oversight muscle."

Do you remember Sorry Everybody?

Remember: GOP thought "Barack the Magic Negro" song was "funny" - not racist

Free flipcams from Health Justice

Get ready AGAIN! CA teachers! Second round of layoffs coming in!

Dean to release book on health care reform

Holy freaking KeithO, batman!

Return of the Smirking Chimp ---pix--->

Burger-gate II is officially underway

"Extending your male tool means winning a war"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Leno (last night): if you are going to a $30K dinner, aren't you legally

Mudflats reviews John Ziegler's "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted"

“Jesus kill Mohammed!” chanted the interpreter. “Jesus kill Mohammed!”

New report appears to directly contradict White House denial on abuse photos

Name an advantage of this slow economy; I'll start.

Nancy Pelosi and Congress are in the clear re Torture

Time for a DU poetry session.

My Country, Right or Wrong

What do you think when you hear the description "Salt of the Earth Folks"?

Fundie Private School - Hotbed for Teacher / Student Sex

So It's Not Exactly Marching to Victory behind Our Glorious Leader, Chairman Barack

GOP Hispanic Strategists Stunned, Outraged By Sotomayor Attacks

GLBT Equality March in Fresno, CA 5/30 Saturday

Pa. Senate Aide(R) Allegedly Wanted Sex With Teen!

2nd Round of Homelessness for Katrina Victims as FEMA Prepares to Enforce June 1 Eviction Date

I just want to say to Justice Souter

Jean Sale! Carpenter Jean 25% off! ( Made in USA! )

The Kingdom of Obama is within you.

Outsourcing torture and rape. "Civilian-17" in the Fay-Jones and Taguba Report

Orange County Register: Is hate on the rise in O.C.?

Has the Republican jumped the shark yet?

The President, our President, makes a burger run and mingles with the people.

Why does our side ALWAYS find some need to apologize when the RW attacks us?

Notice: Stinky The Clown posts have been outsourced to a crew working out of a small office on .....

Avoiding Corporate Liability, by Ralph Nader

OK - this is pretty funny - Good for a Friday Night: Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Gov. Arnie's new California budget wouldn't require shelters to keep animals alive *at all*

Presidential election campaigning starts in Iran. (Photos)

What is up with these stupid "Recession 101" billboards that I am seeing?

WORST 'Real Time with Bill Maher' EVER!!!!!

Naomi Wolf: Busted, Pentagon: Why The Photos Probably Do Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped

Naomi Wolf: Busted, Pentagon: Why The Photos Probably Do Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped

Spelling Bee contestant # 18 needs a hug

Where are the ads about Americans WITH insurance who've died because they were denied care?

Okay .... think about THIS one ........

Godwin's Law is Irrelevant

Tucker Rides Again

2012 Republican Candidate for President

British couple celebrate 81st anniversary

Watching "Torture Democracy" on Bill Moyers, PBS.

oh fuck. Black NYC off duty cop shot and killed by white cop

Quick-thinking pizza man leads cops to rape victim

Please read. It might make a difference.

Senator Carl Levin: Cheney is lying

I just saw a TV ad against single payer

How this affects us..."Kazakhstan arrests ex-nuclear chief"

My son's Art teacher told the kids today

North Korea to Move Intercontinental Missile

Phil Spector sentenced to 19 years to life

Arianna Huffington is the second story on Nightline tonight

Anyone think medical Doctors make too much money?

The real reason the republicans are against Sonia Sotomayor

Torture Photos Depict Sex, Rape - Despite denials from Pentagon (Scott Horton)

Los Angelenos, check this out!

I turned 60 this year. Maybe my memory isn't as accurate as it used to be.

We got this far, no need to lose optimism now.

We got this far, no need to lose optimism now.

G. Gordon Liddy On Sotomayor: ‘Let’s Hope That The Key Conferences Aren’t When She’s Menstruating’

DiFi on the draconian California budget cuts: Tough sh*t, you voted for it !!!

AP: For a health food nut, President Barack Obama sure likes his burgers.

Let’s Talk about Judicial Activism

So I applied for a job at Target last night and was asked these questions...

Amazon sells another video game where you "play" sexual abuser

letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger: be our hero again--leave the GOP

Capital One changes my terms, then REFUSES to accept it when I decline in writing.

Why do Republicans who claim they want to defend Israel, hate the Jews?

Dutch reporter says he witnessed US officials talking about Abu Ghraib rape pictures in 2004

Dutch reporter says he witnessed US officials talking about Abu Ghraib rape pictures in 2004

*** DUzy Awards for week ending May 29, 2009 ***

My 8 year old daughter was forced to confront a bully - I am pissed off


On huge issues, incrementalism doesn't work - you buy in to the big picture or you don't.

Maya Angelou pleads with Democratic State Senator on gay marriage. A: "Not for a million dollars"

I'm glad to see the refs actually call fouls for a change on the douchebag Magic

Ok Lounge, I am officaly out of pot.................

6 day memorial day weekend binge and midnight prop airplane flights

anyone else like bbc?

I had a very sexual dream about my friend's wife last night.


What a surprise! Not a single right-winger has taken up my gay marriage challenge!

Good morning Lounge

How can Susan Boyle sing with that potty mouth?

Dear DU: It's the neighbors again

I'm being extra snarky today. I better watch my a**. Anyone else feeling snarky? nt.

Top Ten reasons why Men can have 2 Dogs but not 2 wives.

Terminator Salvation: Deleted Scene

How do you calm yourself down after you've dealt with a difficult customer/patient/neighbor, etc.?

Shocker --NOT

On top of everything else,Neanderthals were delicious.

Hey! Where the hell did my avatar go?

Hey! Where the hell did my avatar go?

Meth for pro-anxiety.

A VERY important message heading into this weekend:

The origin of the pain in my lower back

Does anyone like Conan O'brien?

Oh crap. n/t

i put on womens clothing

New Freeperism (sort of): ANTIDOTAL!

Orange chicken, chopsticks, white shirt

Ok who is the gun nut

Man confronts two intruders in his home (Sound Familiar?)

Vibes and Prayers for DUer Debi

Pot for pro-anti-like-whatever-man

****** ***** ******** MILESTONES ********* ********** ********* *****

Oh carp. n/t

Seems like Whoopi has been eclipsed by Shari

Cat Lovers: Turning indoor/outdoor cats into indoor-only cats :(

The day I posted something terribly overdue in GDP

i think the interview went fairly well

Use the phrase "heavy ass coil" in a sentence

Talk about taking a horn by the bull...

Should I put this on Ebay?

if there's a rock and roll heaven

um...Call me a greek but I find this REALLY HOT

Let's go Pens!!!

Are bowling balls intelligent, and do they feel pain?

Russian woman explodes firecrackers on boyfriend's penis.


How popular is DU among politicians? Does anybody know?

Fox Business News says "Firefox: Most Popular Search Engine After Microsoft & Apple"

My wife thinks I should cut our neighbor's lawn. What do you think?

Paxil for anti-anxiety.

Still working out your vacation plan and have about $5k to spend - Go cruising with Karl Rove!!

An earworm of this caliber... Why?!?!

Is "Star Wars" an appropriate movie for a five year old?

You know that traffic light Mr Rogers had in his living room?

Pity Party Question

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/29/2009)

Anyone else having probs with Facebook?

Had given up all hope but just learned I'm goin' to see Phish at

Hey Beach Baby - you coming over the bridge for either the Greek or Italian Festival

Yo, Chesterfield County, thanks for the farkin' heart attack.

Hey! Check out this site of TV Guide covers!


which is correct useage: "the date are" or "the data is" .."from a study"?.

The history of weed

I think people who use air horns should be water-boarded.

Fill in the blank

I'm soaked with sweat.

Paging redqueen. redqueen please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Midlo played drums, but for which bands?

TLC orders 40 more shows of Jon and Kate + Eight

Aerosol Cheez and other weird foodstuffs

Pa. Dept of Labor probing 'Jon & Kate' complaint (Child Labor)

Shouldn't they have pulled commercials for "The Hangover" with Mike Tyson ?

Cubs fans: Hee hee hee!!!


Clio the Leo has come up with a good Lounge game:

Finally watched "W" - one of the most depressing movies

Apparently I'm not the only one teasing idiot6 about his age anymore?


Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl) Blasts NBC

Friendliest divorce in history: My ex husband just finished a phonecall with

Do you have anyones phone number memorized?


HI, all! I'm back from a very interesting conference, and now I have

Bacon flavored vodka. Mmmmmmmmmm

I just got 10 pounds of food-grade diatomaceous earth!

Favorite Muppet

Anyone a fan of the Life is Good brand?

Anyone have something that masks the odor of manatee farts?

Beer drinkers!

Do you know who this is?

Because I care:

Anyone Here Know What This Windows File "aykbboz.dll" Is?

Even the operators on 411 have been replaced by machines !!

Just Went to the RepublicaN Underground...

Genesis, with Peter Gabriel.

Vagina Appreciation thread

We're going over - Tyler Bradt's 186 ft drop @ Palouse Falls


Which is better the cookie dough or the actual cookie?

If You Like Drums.....

Looking for some good summer reading? try Dennis Lehane

Penis Appreciation thread

What do you call it when a male peacock displays his feathers?

Bloody Mary--fave brand if you don't make them yourself??

Name that character!

jeff30997 is my new favorite DUer, listen up texan witch.

I just called TM a FReeper on FB.

We have three baby robins in a nest on our back porch light

Um... Call me a geek but I find this REALLY HOT!

Hooooooly SHEEP Shit! BR Hop Rod Rye available in 12 oz bottles now!!!

I like this section of the movie.

Something is wrong. A Natinal Spelling Bee is going to be announced.

Let's go Penis!!!

Call Me a Geek but this is HOT:

Humming bird like a foot away from me! Where is the damn camera when you need it?

Fill your head all full of li-i-ies, you BASTARDS! Ozzy sues Tony Iommi, and a world weeps.

DUzy Awards for the week are up on GD


Gillette: Shave your groin, make your "tree look taller"

An I hope Elshiva's appt. went well today thread.

The friday night madinmaryland is...

Most Annoying Office Noise

Red Wings vs. Penis

I Just Bought One Of Those "Get Rich Quick" Books

midlo-san sure is popular on facebook

Restroom Humor

New names for bathroom odor-covering spray

Veto of guns-in-bars bill may not stick.

Name a Movie or Movies you WOULD like to see remade.

BREAKING: Phil Spector gets 19 yrs - to Life

JFK would have been 92 today.

I just finished drafting my weekend "To Do List"

As seen on TV! It soaks everything up!

Tell me what you know about the GRE

I've forgotten how it goes. Something like "But not until I explained the situation to them..."

Ya know what I think?

DU'ers that are only famous due to an evil pact with Satan....

I'm Clocking Out--No Work, No School For 9 Days.


I am so mad at my husband right now.

Natinal People that are only famous due to an evil pact with Satan.


Herb (of Peaches and Herb) is a deputized court security officer for the U.S. Marshals Service.

I think I'll go write in my blog

Tim Curry in "Tales from the Crypt" video.

I'm sure you just saw what that guy posted...

I gave my doctor hell today...

Wish me luck on my new business.

Big thunder boomer coming our way here!

MST3K fans? How great was that show?

Do you HAVE to cook Lasagna Noodles?

OMG... Skinner just called me on my home phone!!!

OMG... Skinner just called me on my home phone!!!

Man arrested for mowing unkempt grass at park

Is there any reason why clowns are NOT evil and scary?

I just got a signed, notarized letter from ALL of the Mods in SNAIL MAIL...

A prospective client flat-out LIED to me today, so I'm actually glad the deal fell through

I detest my job with the intesity of a brazillion suns......

If you want to see a good ghost story, watch Shutter

How is the mod's hot tub tonight?

So I've been using this website called that lets you kind of make your own radio station

Dave has never had dark meat

kitten picture of the day for friday may 29

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks

Antinio Sabato Jr. is called "JR" for a reason, and George Lucas did NOT invent the LIGHTSABER.

A prediction on how far the wingnuttery will go over Sotomayor...

Time to play Google maps "What the hell?"

My scientific study....

I have a total TV crush on Laura Brown from "Fashion Show" on Bravo

Somebody lost their canaries.

Help.. my A/C quit working... the dealer says it is normal?

Thank you Keith Olbermann you asshole!!!

Anyone see the movie "Up"..I haven't, would like to hear from those who have..

Just broke a tooth. I'm going to have to go to the dentist.

I'll see her on the dark side of the moon

Limbaugh denied Bacon Double Cheeseburger, goes on mad rampage.

Um... Call me a geek but I find this REALLY HOT.

If/when you don't have a donor star, what ads does DU target you with & what's it say about you?

Can anyone make me one of the -rear of your car- oval decals

Do You Consider Yourself A "Social" Person....Or Are You A Hermit By Nature?

Banker rescues ducklings and leads them to safety (video)

Banker rescues ducklings and leads them to safety (video)

Out of the clear blue Western sky it is Sky King.


Does anyone here love kitties & puppies?

*****HAPPY BIRTHDAY to proud patriot, ps1074, and SPKrazy's mom (who would have been 75 today) *****

James Tobin goes free now. Holder has dropped charges. Looking back at the NH phone jamming.

Whoops ! I Turned 40

I swear, if I were to ever make a movie I would demand Wendy Carlos did the soundtrack

Calling all smart people.

Vent: Early Morning Grocery Shopping.

I just graduated from College!!!

Why will no one sell me a home?

Actors who can't/can do Southern accents

Rottenest (fictitious) rotten little kid?

My Stepdad just died of Pancreatitis.

I just got done seeing 'Up.' You all know how much I love 'Wall-E'.

Why do guys think they can go 3 weeks without calling their girlfriend?

A HopeHoops rant - 8th Grade Farewell Dance SLUTWEAR FROM HELL!

Unexpectedly powerful moments in classic movies

Bands that are only famous due to an evil pact with Satan.

We Finally know who Dr. Strange is...

Completely out of character...I entered my baby in a contest.

What's your favorite movie car?

More Restroom Humor

Actors that are only famous due to an evil pact with Satan.

Friday Evening Picture Thread: Please Post Your Own~

Cornyn: telll Limbaugh and Gingrich to Leave Sotomayor alone

White House denies report on rape photos

Remarks of US Senator Carl Levin at the Foreign Policy Association

The Big Inflation Scare(Paul Krugman)

Insiders Agree that GOP Shouldn't Block Sotomayor - 89% of Dems and 64% of Repugs say not smart

Levin: CIA Torture Documents Cheney Wants Don’t Prove Squat

Obama to visit FEMA to discuss hurricane season

'Barack Obama The Freshman' exhibit opens-photos taken 30 years ago

Hold war criminals accountable or nothing changes

**Heads Up: POTUS to Discuss Cyber Security at 10:55am EST!!**

Bwahahahahah... Cornyn calls Limbaugh, Gingrich comments 'terrible'

Pat's Call to Arms bore Bitter Fruit: Robertson's Presidential defeat sent him into PLOTTING

POLL: U.S. Voters Approve 2-1 Of Obama's Sotomayor Pick

Today's Obama LOLZ

Steele: GOP should stop "slamming and ramming" on Sotomayor (AUDIO)

It’s increasingly evident that Obama should resign

Ok, fine. People who post shit stating that Obama is a monster

Hey, Obama can work with Dick Cheney...

The White House on Sotomayor and Abortion

Dear President Obama, (RE: Torture)

Radio caller totally nailed it.


Gibbs at WH Presser: Sotomoyor would probably reword 2001 speech

Health Bloc - In Support of National Single Payer Health Care

Fund-Raising Still Has Its Perks in the Obama Era

Obama probably would have nominated Alito if he could have!

Der Spiegel interview with Obama's Uncle Charlie Payne

NBC'S "Inside the Obama White House" sneak peak....

Sotomayor Helped Puncture Vince Foster Conspiracy Theories

"If that's a birth certificate, I'll..."

Obama's 'honeymoon' continues: 65 pct

Palin to Guest on Colbert; Reveals Where he is Going to Broadcast from in Middle East

Pssst, did you know Obama is closing dealerships run by Republicans.

Tancredo keeps digging himself deeper on Hardball. What a nutjob.

Obnoxious Media desperate for SCOTUS fight

Sotomayor Prompts More 'Conservative' Than 'Liberal' Labels

Haitians welcome Clinton appointment as U.N. envoy

Sotomayor To Visit Capitol Hill Tuesday

If America didn't care about Rev. Wright in the election, they aren't likely to care about Sotomayor

Presient Obama walks back Sotomayor comments-Is the Sotomayor nomination in trouble?

Obama tries to deflect criticism from Sotomayor - "I'm sure she would have restated it..." (AP)

Paper Apologizes For Publishing 'Assassinate Obama' Ad

Kentucky AFL-CIO President and UAW Local President Speak at Rally for Single Payer

Obama to 'voice concerns' in Egypt speech at Cairo University next week

Ash Saves Obama...

The context of Judge Sotomayor's Latina's come to "better conclusion" statement

"Politically she's like a beautiful doll containing a canister of poison gas: Break her and you die"

Just saw the Sotomayor ad on Rachel -check it out:

The George Bush drinking game.

W.H. concedes Sotomayor misspoke

Obama has done at least two commercials/tv ads as President. Has any other president done them?

Limbaugh: Sotomoyor = David Duke.

White House: Queen should be at D-Day events

The Cheney Duo keeps harping about those classified memos...

Obama takes aim at hurricanes

Bush, Clinton ignorant of new passport rule

How many DU'ers have read Obama's books?

Fox praises Bush for "defending Clinton's record on genocide in Rwanda"

Kennedy and Baucus release outlines of their health care plans.

Anti-Gay Marriage targeted to Black Americans in NYC

I hate everything.

How the profit in healthcare benefits the few at the expense of the many.

PHOTO Caption it? (May 29)

ALIPAC Opposes Hispanic Supremacy on Supreme Court!

So President Obama....What if Exxon Mobil, and......

Question for historians: Have any other war criminals in history bragged about their crimes?

Axelrod Discusses Next SCOTUS Pick

Move On ads will target "centrist" Dems on Finance Committee regarding Health Reform & public option

Following my heart not my head

SCOTUSBLOG study decisively disproves claim that Sotomayor decides cases with any sortof racial bias

Judge Sotomayor and Race: SCOTUS Blog analysis of all her race related rulings

John Fitzgerald Kennedy born on this day in 1917

Newtie sez: If we confirm Sotomayor,The Civil War means nothing if Sotomayor is Confirmed

LOL....The GOP calling someone a racist!

Ted Rall is a pathetic knob

Stimulus Spending Overstated by Obama Officials

Hi Fellow DUers. FYI, I am taping a show tonight on Fox News for airing tomorrow at 10am Eastern

British reporter responds to Gibbs attack on British press

Could Obama's Brilliant Pick be the Left's Justice Souter on Privacy Issues


Obama: We were hacked!

PHOTOS The First Lady at Bancroft Elementary School

Legal Realism Informs Judge's Views

President Obama will visit Mosque following speech in Egypt

Does anybody seriously believe a President McCain would be no worse than Obama?

From Salon: 'If we kill schoolgirls, you shouldn't be surprised'

Eugene Robinson: Grasping at Straws

Susan Molinari looked Shocked by Tancredo's Unhinged Performance in Hardball

The scorecard

PHOTOS Mmm.....burgers.

How does a Supreme Court justice AVOID bringing his/her race, gender or upbringing

Bill Maher just said Colin Powell should run against Obama in 2012

GOP Hispanic Strategists Stunned, Outraged By Sotomayor Attacks

Ben Smith makes fun of the POTUS for not knowing about some intelligence agency

Krugman: "The GOP is sounding a bit, well, demented these days." (updated)

Sotomayor could get confirmed with one hand tied behind her back

POTUS Goes Out to Lunch at Five Guys

** EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION ** DUers, you have used up your alotted quota of the word "fuck" for 2009.

Palin's Hometown Newspaper Declares the Antichrist Will Be Homosexual

Photos from Toronto where Bush, Clinton spoke

The First Couple Will Take In A Broadway Show Tomorrow

Sotomayor nomination doing exactly what Obama's candidacy did,

Don't be a tool fo right wing propaganda with the stuff you post here

I wish Sotomayor's name was Jones or something like that.

Freepers Throw Sessions and Cornyn under the Bus: Call them Cowards!

President Clinton: My view on gay marriage "is evolving"..

Was it a mistake for the President to backtrack for Sotomayor?

Nader: McAuliffe offered me money to pull out of key states

Who is the Most Irrational and Unhinged Republican?

I am so tired of this defense of Obama!

LOL the bouncing Rush Limbaugh on KO, lower right of screen.

Todd Palin offered Bristol a car to dump Levi Johnston

U.S. Presses China for Tough Response to North Korea

Lawyer: 'Rockefeller' thought girl was telepathic

U.S. calls timeout on 'roadless' forest projects

Israel rejects US plea to halt settlement building (responding to Obama)

South Korea worries North may take more action

'Jungle Book' girl adapting to daily life

Protesters Greet Bush in Michigan

Malaria parasites 'resist drugs'

O.C. woman removed from Air Force One press area

Ald. Isaac Carothers wore wire for a year

NKorea test-fires missile, slams Security Council

Over 20,000 died in Sri Lanka rebels' defeat: report

Tennessee sees steep rise in hate crimes

Colombians sue coal firm (Drummond Company based in Birmingham, Ala.)

Financial Overhaul Raises Questions

Bush-Clinton tickets not that hot

Obama expected to announce 'cyber czar' position

Obama expected to announce 'cyber czar' position

George W Bush, back in public

Off-duty NYC cop fatally shot by fellow officer

US soldier killed in grenade attack on patrol in northern Iraq, military says

Over 20,000 died in Sri Lanka rebels' defeat: report

Was Bush on a mission from God?

Veto of guns-in-bars bill may not stick

Iraq Vet Fights Off Pizza Robbers

Susan Boyle moved to 'safe house'

Abortion backers get reassurances on nominee (MSNBC)

Issue of detainee abuse photos may go to high court

Auto Suppliers Brace For Hit

Obama: My Campaign Was Hacked Last Year

Geithner goes to Beijing to manage bad marriage

U.S. Economy Contracted at 5.7% Rate in First Quarter

Mortgage-Bond Yields Head for Biggest Weekly Rise Since October

Aid Slowly Reaching Sri Lanka’s War Refugees

Child kidnappers arrested in China: state media

Ground Zero, Harlem and Polo on Prince’s Itinerary

Nader Accuses McAuliffe of Suppressing (2004) Votes

Saturn, Hummer on auction, or chopping, block

Japan Major Life Insurers' Oper Pfts Fall Sharply In FY08

Japan mulls measures to help autoparts makers if GM files for bankruptcy

(Senator Carl) Levin: Cheney lied about torture

Vietnam says ready to ratify UN corruption charter

Angry crowd turns on South Korean leader at funeral of predecessor Roh Moo Hyun

Palm oil could scuttle forest carbon plan: experts

US doubles funds for Agent Orange cleanup

Alleged NYPD sodomy victim Michael Mineo unleashes tirade over implications lawsuit is money grab

Toyota's Fuji circuit may pull plug on Japanese GP (Recession's effect on motor-racing)

Japan, India Revival Adds to Signs Recession Easing

US May Get New Toxics Law, Intl Convergence Possible-EPA Head

Bush defends interrogation program in Michigan speech

US Army Base Shuts Down After Rise in Suicides

Sumo trainer jailed over killing

New report appears to directly contradict White House denial on abuse photos

Auto suppliers brace for hit - Visteon, Metaldyne bankruptcies reveal supply base fragility

Church of Scientology Banned from Editing Wikipedia

Oil hits new 6-month high above $66

Iacocca losing pension, car in Chrysler plan

Brit journos miffed at Gibbs rant: 'apologize'

State NAACP leader blasts Obama

Japan university gives away iPhones to nab truants

Texas Senate rejects confirmation of conservative education board chief Don McLeroy

TVA appeals judge's ruling to clean up emissions

GA congressmen, others to meet with Troy Davis in prison

Leaders say they convinced of Davis' innocence

UAW members approve General Motors concessions

Russia Accuses US Of Exaggerating Iran Missile Threat

Senator Asks Government to Curb Oil Speculators.

Arizona Halts Use Of Outdoor Prison Holding Cells (in the wake of an inmate's death)

(Iraqi) Victims recall U.S. abuse

Anti-war protesters to rally against Bush in T.O.

Miami Man Disappears In Mexico

Program to refurbish aging nuclear warheads faces setbacks

Marshals Service says threats against judges mushrooming


US judge refuses to dismiss 'Day of Prayer' suit

Taguba denies he's seen abuse photos suppressed by Obama

Police can forcibly take DNA samples during arrests, judge rules

Supreme Court asked to weigh in on detainee photos

Magna and GM reach deal on Opel

Magna is 'very close' to GM deal

CIA seeks to broaden foreign language skills

French military delegation wraps up Iraq visit

Commodities Head for Biggest Monthly Rally Since July 1974, Led by Energy

Volcanic Eruption Caused Ancient Mass Extinction, Study Says

Bond Vigilantes Confront Obama as Housing Falters

US center to tackle global organized crime

Calif Gay Marriage Supporters Plan March on D.C.

No Jail Time, But $50K Fine, For Ex-Picatinny Spy Who Passed Secrets To Israel

Okla. Republican Congressman Enters Alcohol Treatment

Schwarzenegger plan would close 220 Calif. parks

Police: Taliban suspects among Pakistani refugees

Gunmen in Iran Wound 3 at President's Campaign Office (Ahmadinejad)

Miami man awarded more than $1B in suit against Fidel Castro, Che Guevara

Precision rescue casts Sandy River fisherman as hero

Kennedy Health Plan Would Include Public Insurance

Russia signs a $306 million deal with NASA to ferry astronauts to space station in 2012

Phil Spector gets 19 years to life for murder

Report: Climate change crisis 'catastrophic'

Repub to plead 'guilty' in KY election conspiracy; 'Limbaugh drug' said used for vote-buying...

GM Bankruptcy Could Trigger Depression, Says Expert (David Cole)

Governor proposes another $3 billion in cuts (California)

Koenigsegg Wants To Buy Saab

Levin: Memos don't show what Cheney says they do

Taguba denies he's seen abuse photos suppressed by Obama

German corpse 'may be Luxemburg'

Southwest Airlines to allow pets as carry-ons, for a fee

US should stop worrying about Pak nukes: Abbas

Bush, Clinton had no idea about new U.S. passport rule

Florida Woman Loses Arms, Legs After Misdiagnosis

UN calls US human rights record "deplorable"-A new report suggests US may have committed war crimes

Gen Petraeus: US violated Geneva Convention, the court of law could try terrorists: we made mistakes

Texan gets 45 years for spreading HIV

Pakistan ups Taliban chief reward

Obama Says U.S. Data Systems Under Constant Attack

UN Agency Calls For Warning Pictures On Tobacco Products

Romney: Va., NJ Races Will Give GOP Its Voice Back.

White House: Sotomayor says she chose word poorly

Britain's Royal Family won't attend D-Day ceremonies

Seal-skinning earns GG rock-star status among Inuit

Bush and Clinton joke, defend each other in Canada

Iran blames Sunni extremists, U.S. for deadly mosque bombing

GM confirms plans to build compact cars in US

Burris: Lawmakers at fault for not asking more

Iraq's Sadr wants homosexuality eradicated

Kerry’s Panel Follows the Money in Probes From Iran to Mexico

Vietnam honours Russian embalmers of Ho Chi Minh

'Angry' Manchester United fan kills four in bus attack, police say

Pa. newspaper ad calls for Obama assassination

Protesters outside Benton Harbor speech venue calling for Bush to be tried for war crimes

Keith Olbermann & Jesse Ventura discuss torture, Cheney & how Hannity "wouldn't last 30 seconds"

Bush defending waterboarding in 2006

TRADE Act briefing by Lori Wallach (free trade SUX)

Unreleased Photos Show Sexual Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners

KO & Rachel Maddow discuss the torture/waterboarding debate

Olbermann & Arianna Huffington discuss "Mr Bouncy Bouncy" Limbaugh's madness

*BIZARRE* -must watch- 'GOP owned' Chrysler dealerships targeted by Obama (00:54) Fox News

Schwarzenegger: Rush Limbaugh is the 800 LB Republican Gorilla but I think he's down to 650 pounds

TYT: Is The GOP Waving The White Flag On Sotomayor?

Lockeed Martin videos.. There's a sucker born every minute

Ooopsi :::: Alito: Have to Consider Life Experiences when Ruling Cases

Petraeus rebuffs Gitmo and torture: I think it is important to live our values's Jay Bagwell on Use of Torture

Who Is Rick Scott?

Laundry: Target Women

The Defenders!

CSPAN: Michael Steele speaks with High School Kids

Monty Python Meets Sotomayor's Detractors

Hilarious KO WTF 5/28/09: The 'conspiracy' to shut down GOP car dealerships

Buchanan: Sotomayor Is "A La Raza Woman" - For "Race-Based Justice" — And So Is Obama

Day in 100 Seconds - Seriously Now

Tom Tancredo Jumps The Racist Shark On Sotomayor

TYT: Fun Republican Hypocrisy on Supreme Court Picks

What do you stand to lose with Mountain Top Removal

G. Gordon Liddy on Sotomayor: Let's Hope That The Key Conferences Aren't When She's Menstruating

The Gaythering Storm

students react to gun violence

O'Reilly: The left sees white men as a problem

From Sacramento's tent city: Chris & Ray

No guns for Negros

Tancredo: 'I don't know' if the Obama administration 'hates white people.'

The New Counterculture: Young GOPlers Fight the Power!


Senator Blasts Cheney's Defense of Interrogation Methods

Executions: This time Kenya Government must act (Daily Nation)

The Other Torture Survivors (NPR)

Judge Jay Bybee should resign from .. 9th .. Circuit Court of Appeals (3 attorneys | Seattle Times)

.. agent .. in Iraq, says he has never seen torture and 'enhanced interrogation' techniques work

Human rights and Memorial Day

Detainees should have rights (Ottawa Citizen)


In Pictures: South Korea mourns the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun

We need to do the right thing (Eric Baerren | Morning Sun)

Latest Gallup poll shows President Obama still enjoys high approval rating

Glenn Beck: 'In Winning Jackpot, Sotomayer Used Fuzzy Dice'

How not to run a student loan program

Joe Conason: Sonia Sotomayor is not Clarence Thomas

When Will Republicans Claim Sotomayor is Lesbian?

Glen Beck "Unelectable"--a GREAT review of it here

John Cornyn: "See, what I had meant to say was......."

Bad time to be accused of H-1B visa fraud

Azim Premji (Wipro/Indian IT Co.) on the H-1B visa controversy

Iraq Faces the Mother of all Corruption Scandals

Alito June 10, 2006

A Vendetta Held as a Votive, Not in Vain

Obama appoints Tim Roemer of the anti-EPA ambassador to India

Still Working, but Making Do With Less

Quality of life

Elizabeth Schulte examines the record of Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Why We Can't Compromise On Public-Plan Choice

Facebook reunites mother with long lost son

Make my vote count.

Obama: halt to new Israeli settlements is in America's security interests

A Supreme Sotomayor: How My Country Has Caught Up to Me

Robert Gibbs rattled by Telegraph story lashes out

David Sirota: Democracy in need of a bailout


'We Are Seeing a Catastrophe'

John Dean: The Olson/Boies Challenge to California's Proposition 8: A High-Risk Effort

Petraeus Warns of Declining Public Support in Pakistan for U.S.

Rockefeller bill allows President to shut down Internet

Rudy Offers to Replace Sotomayor, Claims He Has Experience of a Wise Latina Woman

Sotomayor's Problem isn't being Too Latina; It's Having Hung with White Suits Too Long

"Dumbest Headline of the Week" goes to The Hill

US violated Geneva Conventions, Bush Iraq commander says

Waterboarding helped justify the invasion of Iraq.

Friday Talking Points (79) -- Judicial Activism And Bias

Karl Rove caught in a web of his own deceit

Breaking Down the Status Quo in Six Easy Steps

What =was the suicide rate in WW2?????

The Great Democratic Health Care Reform Universal Insurance Coverage.....

Commentary: Judge Sotomayor is not a racist

Obama Revises 'Change' To 'Relatively Minor Readjustments In Certain Favorable Policy Areas'

Levin: Cheney "Bore False Witness" On Torture

Bill Moyers: Everyone Should See 'Torturing Democracy'

Is Larry Summers taking kickbacks from the banks he’s bailing out?

Weekend Economists' Battlestar Galactica Weekend May 29-31, 2009

Bitterness as mental illness?

Colombians sue coal firm (Drummond Company based in Birmingham, Ala.)

KPFA-Berkeley Flashpoints Radio: Special Tribute to Father Jean-Juste

US to Compete in First Cuba Track Meet Since 1992

Obama nominates chicana as ambassador to Argentina

Hillary at the OAS: No Majority, no Veto

The OAS and ITS SHAMEFUL HISTORY - third and last part

Nat'l. Comm. to Free Cuban Five Bulletin: Supreme Court Decision Expected June 15

CUBA Criticizes MICROSOFT for Blocking Messenger

Miami man awarded more than $1B in suit against Fidel Castro, Che Guevara

Ex FARC guerrilla fighter to be named "peace mediator"

BOREV: Plan Colombia is even more of a gruesome bloody clusterfuck than ever (no joke)

Gender confusion stalls emu love match

ODAC Newsletter - May 29

DrumBeat: May 29, 2009

Justice for the Tokyo Two - justice for whales

NASA Satellite Detects Red Glow to Map Global Ocean Plant Health

Beyond Abstraction: Moving The Public on Climate Action

Climate Change responsible for 300,000 deaths a year

Sotomayor's "Green" Decision

mismatch between China’s electricity consumption and a key measure of industrial output.

NY Times: In Finland, Nuclear Renaissance Runs Into Trouble

AP Interview: EPA chief says US must lead race for cleaner energy resources

Based on 2009/10 Models, Is Prius Still The Greenest Car In The Land?

Small Is Better: Big Houses Are Out and Downsizing Is In

Virgin Galactic: Low-Carbon Space Travel

How's THAT for a photo op?

Author says challenging simple concepts can save planet—Going green doesn't have to mean using less…

Engineering Carbon for Impressive Hydrogen Storage

Leaked Indian Gov't document sets mind-blowing solar energy targets

Global warming must stay below 2C or world faces ruin, scientists declare

34-15, how can our schedule get any easier?

mama, there goes that man!

The JR Chess Report (May 29): Sargissian & Ehlvest Take Chicago; Chinese Championships Begin

Congratulations Lakers

Way to go Cboy! All your insults caused Clint Hurdle to get canned.

So what is so wrong with this?

Boxing: May 30

No Rachel Alexandra in the Belmont.

A Workers Compensation Blog

Michigan State Nontenure-Track Faculty Go Union 240-113

Routine aspirin benefits queried

Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers

Psychiatrists rewriting the mental health bible

Vitamin D may help prevent knee osteoarthritis

A great poster!

Iraq's Sadr wants homosexuality eradicated

Lt. Dan Choi is speaking at one of the local churches on Sunday

NYC Area DU'ers: Marriage Equality Rally on Sunday

WP: The Mormons Are Coming

Obama's Silence - The Advocate comes out swinging and hits a home run

Rob Thomas: The Big Gay Chip on My Shoulder

It's pouring rain with wind shaking the house -- according to

Compromise reached on NH gay marriage bill

Man is sentenced in antigay attack

CHL permit holders responsible for three mass murders. At least someone thinks so.

Detroit woman fires shots through window at would-be intruders

Resident shoots man trying to break into Berkeley Heights home

Slain Oklahoma City home intruder identified; police seek second burglar

Veto of guns-in-bars bill may not stick.

7 Year Old Boy finds gun in TGIFriday's Restroom

Man confronts two intruders in his home

Bodies of man, two children found in likely murder-suicide

Israel rejects US plea to halt settlement building (29 May 2009)

Tampa woman stops armed carjacker with her own gun

Tampa woman stops armed carjacker with her own gun

Palestinians laud 'shared vision' with Obama

Fearing for life, pharmacist kills gunman

Mr. Abbas Goes to Washington

UN probe of Gaza war to start at weekend

It doesn't make sense that Israel would not want a Palestine state.

U.S. man who gave secrets to Israel spared jail

PA official: Abbas expects US pressure to push out Netanyahu

Netanyahu: "What the hell do they want from me?"

Obama: halt to new Israeli settlements is in America's security interests

Teen accused in Sacramento County homicide

Gaza is alive

Welcome To Hell. Both sides of the gun debate can let it out here.

Banks lobby regulators on derivatives rules: report

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/29/09

Cool FreeTrade SUX Charts

Avoiding Corporate Liability

What are the banks doing with the $$$$Billions we gave them? Screwing us again via oil speculation.

Debt Negotiators May Offer Little Help as Credit Card Bills Bury Consumers

Help! This non-maths person is very confused about the dollar vs the pound

June Contest theme is "A TIE" so here we go again - let's break it!

The Big Inflation Scare By PAUL KRUGMAN

Half of your friends lost in seven years

Winter Solstice chart for 12-21-2012, crop circle gallery

Car Door Story: Not an Open and Shut Case

Flipping the brain's addiction switch without drugs

Watch how MIRACULOUSLY Mercury going direct tomorrow night

I think I may have met "the one". (crosses fingers)

Prepare for Landing

Let's help you understand house cusps for once and for all

Last chance to get a Galileoscope

Gods of Football and present Rugby Player David Williams

"Episcopalians remove 61 clergy aligned with breakaway prelate"

First accredited Islamic 4-year college in U.S.?

Cool! 13 questions broken down by 15 categories of affiliation.

Scientology Trial in France: Can a Religion Be Banned?

Church of Scientology banned from Wikipedia

The Catholic Priest caught on the beach with his girlfriend

"Texas Legislature Ousts Texas Taliban School Board Chair Don McLeroy"

Church of Scientology Banned from Editing Wikipedia

Christians battle each other over evolution

America's 'Emerging Church:' Will a New Post-Evangelical Christianity Reflect More Tolerant Views?

"Parents battle over free Bibles for students in Frisco public schools"

Deadly Salmonella: Frozen Food's Newest Ingredient

For my C&B peeps who don't make it to the Lounge much:

It must be Friday.

Summer's here: what foods do you like on a car trip?

A lovely crockpot apple butter.

Cherry pie!

Rodney Stich-- Corruption Whistleblower and his take on 9/11

September Clues

Alliteration: The key to becoming Austin's mayor.

OT: SXSW view of Austin

You're Invited ! Cindy Sheehan to speak June 9th - Waco

Loretta Haldenwang for Texas House District 105

Susan Boyle moved to 'safe house'

When Carson retired, it was a genuine "Big Deal". The end of the Leno run .... not so much.

Federal officials reveal $2.2B deficit for fiscal year [and that's the good news]

CSIS: Nothing but trouble and shame