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Hate Speech, Media Activism and the First Amendment

It's midnight - Wanda Sykes on with Leno in a minute.

States consider cutting drug help for seniors

Tweety squeezes Burris no end...uses FBI Tapes....Burris looks sounds like tainted if not GUILTY..

Anti-war protesters criticize President Obama during visit

Report: Iraq prisoner abuse photos depict torture, rape

Glenn Beck comedy special (who's his writer???)

Glenn Beck comedy special (who's his writer???)

Obama is not about to be...

Why does the Government want to withhold the Abu Grab photos?

Another wrongly convicted inmate released in Texas (20th exonerated by DNA evidence in Dallas County

Into the mind of a Right wing tickin' time bomb

Will cancer patients become the next terror threat?

Will cancer patients become the next terror threat?

Hard to believe these lyrics are almost 40 years old

Deteriorating neighborhoods for profit: Blairmont Holdings, St. Louis

Recession breeds repression, group says

Amnesty International's 2009 Human Rights Report -pdf

Stimulus funds put hard hats to work!

Credit card “bill of rights” puts few restraints on banks

Credit card “bill of rights” puts few restraints on banks

Ok. If the torture pics are "so horrible that possesion of them is already a crime" then don't

Watch how little time Barbara Boxer gets

Help me understand why it would have been a problem for Burris

"The 83 Waterboardings of Abu Zubaydah" - A Piece Of Tragicomedy...

Los Angeles teachers start hunger strike to protest layoffs

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,302

Major quake off Honduras

Why is there such a brouhaha over Daniel Hauser getting the chemo

RANTING Susan Boyle completely lost her cool with TWO four-letter outbursts in a day


cornwall homecoming w sue aston on violin: take a short break from the Pub Wars

The horror of living in a big city like Glendale California. (police report)

Words from Prophet Anderson

San Francisco Chronicle: Gay rights advocates rip suit to undo Prop. 8

Would-be assassin of Gerald Ford said "no one is above the law."

Enough of this,Balance -Diversity -Demographics crap about the USSupCt...

my first Freeperism!

Keep holding those public Health Care Forums Sen Baucus

For Republicans, Court Fight Risks Losing Hispanics to Win Conservatives

Every corporation's sacred

DADT - what happened to "the fierce urgency of now"?

Gingrich, Sotomayor and Hunting Giraffes (Juan Cole)

Anti-Prop. 8 Signs Pop Up On Highway Overpasses

NYDNews: Various stories about Sotomayor's childhood and mother

Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness

Craigslist chief: 'We're the victim of a witch-hunt'

Goody Goody Goody. Time Warner divesting AOL

Let's hope Repubs fillibuster Sotomayor

California's Central Valley 'is the best place for Gitmo prison,' Fresno columnist says

Besides nuts like Rush and Newt how many Rethugs have you seen or heard commenting on Sotomayor?

Census Bureau is hiring

Census Bureau is hiring

Elvis memorabilia to be sold in Vegas next month

Torture / Civil Rights

Torture / Civil Rights

The GOP (re: Sotomayor) is in a position called "Zugzwang". It's a chess term.

Cheney Prepares the Twinkie Defense

Should there be a World Police Force and should the USA be a major part of it?

This isn't about Sonia Sotomayor-Its About "Extending" Fear Of President Obama & Minorities

If they can break the law, why can't we?...

California State Parks On The Budget Hit List

And we have yet ANOTHER freeperism!

Republicans Show that they are ONLY in it to distroy American (SCOTUS Pick)

The Rude Pundit - n Brief: Sotomayor in 1997: Another Quote to Contradict the Right

New airline offers $9 seats

San Francisco Chronicle: Bad Economy Improves Commute

Christie Whitman just said on MSNBC

Joe Sestak will challenge Specter for Dem nomination pending family blessing

Go effing where? "If you don't love it, leave it." And go where?

Republican Senate Candidate Admits GOP Has No Position On Health Care

Comic Shocker: Archie Dumps Betty For Veronica

Who Are the Shadow Warriors? Countries Are Getting Hit by...Military Attacks...No One Taking Credit

No surprise: Pat Roberts becomes first GOP Senator to announce "No" on Sotomayor

Ha Ha...

a religiously insane woman phone caller on Wash. Journal said

Should President Obama get credit for pulling economy back from the brink?

Prop 9 - Ban Marriage

Airforce officer from Ohio discharged under don't ask don't tell!

Sotomayor, the Bartlett case and why we should care

i feel so ill

News report don't specify the age of raped jail victims

Snort!!! ACORN drops dirty laundry off at Boehner's office.

Rep. Joe Sestak will be on Ed Schultz (radio) in the next couple of hours.

Rep. Joe Sestak will be on Ed Schultz (radio) in the next couple of hours.

The Army Is In Denial About What The Epidemic Of Suicides Is All About

If sh*t could sh*t, the product would be Karl Rove

Sarah Palin's Outrageous Hypocrisy on Teen Sex

According to one Rapture Ready fundie nutcase:

So Vladimir Putin is getting his own advice column. Which begs the question....

Ohio gay anti discrimination bill finally gets wide support

U.S. General Says Bush Admin Committed War Crimes

The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report

"I accused two black men of abducting me and my daughter--Now I'm going to Disney World!"

General orders US troops not to commit suicide (you're ruining our statistics)

Why does Bill Maher try to paint himself as a Libertarian?

Why does Bill Maher try to paint himself as a Libertarian?

I find this fact appalling, revolting, disgusting and terribly sad:

FYI: Jeremy Scahill on third hour of Thom Hartmann...

Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Rise to Records in U.S. Amid Job Cuts

Lucky Ducky and the brand-new stadium - Tom The Dancing Bug

Life story, Israel trips tie Sotomayor to Jews

Its official: Bing is Microsoft's new search engine

Pat Robertson: I'm a financial wiz

Visteon, Metaldyne File for Bankruptcy as Automakers Cut Orders for Parts

Iraq redux? Obama seeks funds for Pakistan super-embassy

Used cars are about to become more expensive

States use 3rd grade literacy tests to track future prison populations.

GM and the RNC

Towns Rethink Self-Reliance as Finances Worsen

Bristol Palin now says "I'm sexy enough to make you wait." Levi Johnston says ...

Elk Grove (CA) Police Officer Arrested By FBI - For Alleged Mortgage Fraud

After we let torturers go, what criminals do we let go next?

I'm at the annual 11th grade sex talk,.... ask me anything.

Unidentified elected official to be indicted this afternoon in Chicago

Are homes bad investments?

Inside Iraq: Living with the enemy. What we have caused in Iraq.

Willingness to torture tells us all we need to know about the character of Bush, Cheney et al

Everybody STOP!

PSA: Check your credit card due date

Yeah we've got 50 million uninsured....but our system's working great for the insured, right?

Looks like there's a boycott of M$M by all elected representatives

Anyone else watching the National Spelling Bee on ESPN?

War Games with the Press = by Scott Horton

Grads apply in record numbers to Teach for America

Russia, Cuba Agree To Renew Joint Nuclear Research

Prominent Republican favors an "up or down vote " on judicial appointees

Jon Soltz: The Rush and Cheney Show (huffpo)

Boston Globe: Where's the equal justice for gays? (Obama's thinking pattern evolves to less liberal)

This past weekend

Freepers: Coming Clash of Civilizations...US Anglo-Saxon roots under assault by minorities in power

Freepers are turning even the spelling bee...

Nuremberg Set a Valid Precedent for Trials of War-crime Suspects in Iraq's Destruction

Is Dick Cheney's daughter running for something?

Schwarzenegger makes fat joke about Limbaugh!

All The RW Has Left Is Projecting Their Faults On Others

TPM: Right Winger thinks Sotomayer's Latin diet may influence her decisions.

Flash map showing progression of type A(H1N1) flu worldwide

The City That Ended Hunger

World leaders to hold economic summit in Pittsburgh.

"A progressive in the Obama mold"

Bailing out Banks vs Bankrupting GM and Chrysler .........

Shut up, Cheney!

I don't usually 'do' hero worship

I don't usually 'do' hero worship

Freeper looks for help, thinks he's falling in love with a liberal, hue and series!

Online news might no longer be free soon. Media bigs hold "discreet" meeting today

I humbly suggest that we rename Sapiens Sapiens into Stultus Mortiferans

Secret Service Takes Down Woman at LAX

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

Base8 (Know your anti-gay Proposition 8 donors)

Uh oh! Sotomayor's in La Raza!

Is it not odd that Obama never asked Sotomayor about Roe v Wade?

NEW RULE: Unstable White Women Need to Stop Blaming Male Minorities for their Miserable Lives.

House GOP takes aim at Pelosi

A shallow, insubstantial post: Tamron Hall is drop dead gorgeous

A shallow, insubstantial post: Tamron Hall is drop dead gorgeous

"If you like your current health care plan, you can keep it."

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Newspaper runs ad calling for Obama's assassination

Steven Green Says he will Face "God's Justice" for Slayings (apologizes to family)

OpenLeft: Conservative Identity Politics

I see lots of promises that "employers cannot deny insurance for preexisting conditions" .....

Foreclosure woes mount for those with good credit

Wingnut Homophobe Writer removed from near Air Force One at LAX

One response to Joe Scarborough I wish someone had the balls to say....

Texas Democrats block vote-suppression bill; Republicans derail hundreds of other bills

CA Governor proposes 100% cut in state funding for AIDS programs -

LA gay and lesbian center open letter to Obama: No sign you are a "fierce advocate" for equal rights

Republicans' Other Latino Problem

Fairfax High's prom queen is a guy - gay student beats out female candidates

One question...

Day Late And A Dollar Short, Inc.

GOP auctioning off a chance to have dinner with Newt Gingrich

GOP auctioning off a chance to have dinner with Newt Gingrich

This game is over.........

If one tenth of people were as vocal for GLBT rights as they are to point out "faux outrage"

GOP Sen. Pat Roberts Becomes First Lawmaker To Officially Oppose Sotomayor

A place to start-snopes and Wikipedia entries on Canadian healthcare

Deadly Salmonella: Frozen Food's Newest Ingredient

Would You Slap Your Father? If So, You’re a Liberal

AAR.... You're losing me. I can't hear Kuby at *all* in NYC?

Need lead on device for individuals with medical issues: where to find out more

Is anyone else finding that the latest edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer hates Yahoo! Mail?

Hardball has Olsen and Boies on now discussing why they are

Caption this pic

Brenda Lee, Reporter, Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Near Air Force One

Brenda Lee, Reporter, Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Near Air Force One

So the N°4 company in the Fortune 500 employing 244000 is NOT to big to fail

Here's a Medicare D "WTF?!"

Record 12 percent behind on mortgage or in foreclosure

Its time to get real about defending marriage

Rush is now collectively referring to the Chinese people as ChiComs, not just the government anymore

Barbaric European food practices, Part I: The snail

What Percentage of Poor People are Scamming the System?

Centrist Dem under fire for opposing Obama healthcare

Gates: No reason to build up US troops in Korea

TPM: Sotomayor Had It Easy (The RW - They're mad, and they're not gonna take it anymore!)

Hypothetical situation: so there's this guy who's been tortured...

Oh My! ..... Tancredo says Sotomayor is a member of the 'Latino KKK'

Gallup Poll: Reaction to Sotomayor more good than bad, poll finds

my daughter graduated last night from HS...YEA...Robert Gates was the Keynote speaker

Reporter removed from near Air Force One at LAX - (UpDate from earlier post)

The fundamental social division is class, not race or gender

In the Senate who do you think is the most Left leaning and who the most right leaning

In the Senate who do you think is the most Left leaning and who the most right leaning

National Healthcare and contacting Senators: Is there some small logo item

What Percentage of Wealthy People are Scamming the System?

What right do we have to board and inspect North Korean ships?

Multiracial people become fastest growing US group

Sound familiar? Gas prices in Chicago up 51 cents in a month:

Wallet Biopsy

If single payer is off the table, then the VAT should be off the table, too.

How can such a smart guy like Zbigniew Brzezinski have such a dimwitted daughter like Mika?

My favorite Right Wing

Jesse Ventura coming up on KO n/t

Very cool program in Glendale CA elementary school. My 5 yr. old grandson class entirely in Italian.

Who stole Ted Olson and put this pro gay marriage person in his place?

Unemployment: $472 a month. Meds: $283 a month.

Reporter dragged kicking and screaming from near Air Force One1

Towle Road: Obama Clueless About Promise Gays Want Him to Keep?

Judicial temperment is important .....

Selling Education, Manufacturing Technocrats, Torturing Souls

Selling Education, Manufacturing Technocrats, Torturing Souls

Openly gay teen voted prom queen at LA high school

Openly gay teen voted prom queen at LA high school

Single-Payer Actions Planned in Over Fifty Cities... MAY 30th

Watchin' "Countdown with Keith Olberman." Sen. Pat Roberts already voting

The bouncing Limbaugh on KO tonight is creeping me out

Better shots of Gov Palin's outfit on Memorial Day (dial up warning)

I hope that Prop 8/ Gay Marriage goes to the Supreme Court

Is the media trying to derail Judge Sotomayor? look at the headlines in the news today

Gotta love today's Non Sequitur....

Sack on Sotomayor

Latin American Politicians, Writers: 'War on Drugs' Has Been Disaster

Property Scandal Hits Dubai, Media Silenced

I just saw it; The Tape. Yup, the POTUS is making light of the protestors. And you apologists?

Will Sotomayor Take On Scalia?

Advocate: White House Not Moving on DADT

Teach Kids to be Kind to Animals - New HSUS Program

Newspaper Execs Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss Charging Web Users

Newspaper Execs Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss Charging Web Users

ExxonMobil continues fight against LGBT worker rights

I find Sen Burris an embarrassment

Liz Cheney.... can someone please explain to me what her expertise is that

To GLBT posters on DU

Friggin Comcast!

Security guards at food banks....

Former Lititz Mayoral Candidate Arrested

Sonny Scissorhands

Pittsburgh Pharmacist Accused Of Having Explosives, Bomb Materials

Sacramento and the future of the US

Sacramento and the future of the US

Wrote His Name In Bold Black Ink On Incendiary Device He Left At Sacramento Federal Courthouse


Direct democracy such as voter propositions shouldn't erase

Dear Senator Murray

I was wrong about you conservatives

Unemployed get 4 free tickets to Marlins Game

Fake 'No Parking' Signs Net More Than 200 Tickets

Happened on this message board ... very right wing ..... fun reading

Just when things look gloomy, there was a baptism of a child of a lesbian

I have noticed the last few weeks diesel

Self Deleted. When I re-read it, it was a pointless post regarding the

Has anyone seen the film version of "1984" with John Hurt? .......

Bush EAC Chair cashes in, plays Honolulu in 'Net voting scheme...

Tweety's tingle for Ted: " much my wife and I love Ted Olson."

Are there ANY arguments against gay marriage...

The Boies/Olson Lawsuit

Prosecutor in anthrax, Blackwater cases resigns

Swastika Burned Into Black Woman’s Lawn

I did something I promised myself I would never do tonight.

Eating their own...

Charlize Theron coming to Fresno for same sex marriage rally

Canadian Security Intelligence Service witnesses accused of lying to judge in terror case.

STOP NBC from Swiftboating a Public Health Care Option

Nebraska opts for a less barbaric method of barbarism

Mods, you have my sympathies......

Obama Caves to 'Scaredy - Cat Nation

i just donated $50 to al franken!!!

National Spelling Bee goes into championship round

Reason Online: California's Silent Big Spenders

General Casey: US could fight an old fashioned war with North Korea

"The Case for Working With Your Hands"

Democratic Underground passes up freepers in net traffic

Anyone else having trouble tevoing KO and Rachel? In fact I am

Jesus my ass!

Right-wing Ralphie is here to help gay California couples escape stable relationships!

Stimulus projects bypass hard-hit states

What the hell, the Who on the Smothers Brothers and "My Generation," before the mods move it.

Highway Patrol and Paramedic Fisticuffs

Fiore Hits One Out Of The Park Again

Galileo and Gitmo

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Obama joked about gay protesters asking him to keep promises

Remember Mrs. Alito?

How to Make Terrorists Talk - No Torture - Use Cookies

The (Appalling) State of Texas

The trouble with the Internets

If you're going to attack Obama then why not post his FULL QUOTE and provide some context

A public option will not include dental, eye care, mental health

Sorting out the owners of A.M. radio stations that broadcast these lunatics.

Police: Cop Chomps After 'Bite Me' Remark

LOL Malloy prank calls Wasilla man who wrote that antichrist is gay

The koreas it is not DEFCON but WATCHCON

New York Times' new Sotomayor scandal: She's voted in every election since 1992, EXCEPT FOR TWO!

What is a trailing case?


When big sticks are illegal, only criminals will have big sticks

Florida siphons many millions from trust funds...Crist vetoes raid on gun permits, lets others pass

Florida siphons many millions from trust funds...Crist vetoes raid on gun permits, lets others pass

i am glad i am insured, but i HATE insurance companies... Went to doc for cancer screen

"...six other prisons..." YOU ARE TORTURING US AS WELL

Larisa Alexandrovna: Photos Obama Won't Release Include Images of Rape...

Do CIA cables show doctors monitoring torture?

I apologize to Armenians

Bravo Father Cutie

Do you think Obama is stupid, not in the know, or other (I vote other)

Until photos are released, there are still these life like recreations of the torture evidence

TORTURE, Was 2nd Bush Crime-Used To Produce ALIBI For Illegal War (Paul Craig Roberts)

Okay, let's get this clear once and for all...

"Catering To Your Skin Whitening Needs"

Howard Fineman has Developed Tweety's Syndrome

You gotta love what Maddow's doing to Falwell, Jr.

Republicans propose alternative to Sotomayor for SCOTUS

Falwell Asks College Democrats to Apologize for being Kicked Off Campus

Why doesn't the TV talk about where all the money Wall Street and the Big Banks lost went?

What does Obama have to do to restore your trust in his administration?

bu$h*: 'The information we got saved lives'...junior* signs on to cheney torture tour

This is THE BEST news coming out of the Credit Card Bill --->

Would you slap your father? If so, you're a liberal

Help me out - do the Geneva Conventions reduce the Bill of Rights to "a God-damned piece of paper?"

Why Were The Torture Pics Taken In The First Place?........

You invested cautiously, saved properly, and tried to do the right thing ..... but then ......

Bill Donahue quietly supports Obama SCOTUS pick.

A police firing range next to a nuclear power plant? What could possibly go wrong?

I've had enough of you all picking on cannibals ...they are people too damn it all.

all this fuss pro/con Obama's remarks re protesters, but Ioo's GREAT thread languished and sank

2 questions. Obama- Prop.8

Coming Soon: Michele Bachmann - The Comic Book!

After Gen. Taguba Alleges Existence of Prisoner Rape Photos, Robert Gibbs Attacks. . . British Media

Chevron, Shell and the True Cost of Oil, by Amy Goodman

Is it out of line to say this about the Torture issue? Correct this if it is wrong.

Reid Spokesman: Obama And Reid Will Campaign For Specter Against Sestak

Bankes Move Credit Card Fees to Checking Accounts

Bankes Move Credit Card Fees to Checking Accounts

Obama Keep Your Promise

Interracial Couple Receives KKK Letter

Is a 2 woman, 7 man Supreme court a good balance?

‘Ghost ship’ the Vandenberg goes down in history as new reef

Rachel Maddow Does The Math On Sotomayor

Village Voice: Has Obama Shafted The Gays?


Larger military and widened war in Afghanistan making America "increasingly safer"

Remember the Baghdad Embassy? We are building one in Pakistan now.

If you were going to die soon, would you want to know?

George W Bush, back in public

Top Ten Proposals on Obama's Website

Keith Olberman, please get rid of that bouncing Rush on your screen!!

Post your pic - or even just check out the DU gallery

from a publication in Wasilla: "Will the Antichrist be a homosexual?"

please send this wounded soldier a card?

Flashback: Torture photos depict ‘rape and murder,’ Sen. Graham said in 2004

The entire NATION should be made to deal with this

email from Don Siegelman

Holy crap -- Schwarzenegger wants to *eliminate* CA welfare?

Holy crap -- Schwarzenegger wants to *eliminate* CA welfare?

Obama sucks. The U.S. is an evil empire;

Sounding the Alarm: Update on the Economic Downturn

Breaking: US Army moves to DEFCON 2

So being proud of one's heritage is racism, according to the GOP?

And now time for some TRUTH: Obama Doesn't Mock Gay Rights Protestors at CA Fundraiser.

Summer is can help save lives...FIND OUT HOW and why you are NEEDED

The prop 8 mess has shown the risk of civil unions

The prop 8 mess has shown the risk of civil unions

Oklahoma Highway Patrol fight with EMT (Video)

For Gay Leaders, Obama’s Silence on Prop. 8 Speaks Volumes

Californians: We have to stick together here!

In a lawless US, would people be cutting each others heads off?

Hey cocaine addicts, your cheap fix is right here!

Hearing care should also be included along with

Can anyone explain what the hell happened w/SCOTUS today?

Well it's official GM WILL declare bankruptcy on the 1st of June

About Those White Firefighters that claim discrimination.

What are your plans, and where do you plan to be Dec. 21, 2012?

Since Obama has been President...

Spelling Bee in US: Indians cast a spell

Was the Bush regime an abberation or a culmination of US history?

The product of Health Insurance Companies is to move money and skim profits

Gay pilot says he is in for the battle of his life; disappointed in Obama

I Guess US Soldiers Raping and Murdering Prisoners is Not Sensational?

Why do we have to do this every night on DU

"we can't afford it" = nazi talk.

Why the lockout in the US press about rape at Abu Ghraib?

There's always some lame excuse for inaction and not resisting


So, what was offensive about Obama's comments re:protestors?

Children Raped at Abu Ghraib, General Taguba Calls it a War Crime

Supreme Court: Suspects Can be Interrogated Without Lawyer

During a speech at a $30,000-a-plate dinner, President Obama ...

Screwed? Oh, let me count the ways.

Screwed? Oh, let me count the ways.

Health insurance premiums for congress members?

Bush still pre-screening questions at speaking events.

Where are the liberals on TVto talk about liberal concerns that Sotomayor isn't liberal enough?

John "Yosemite Sam" Bolton will be a guest on this weeks 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

Who could have foreseen sampling and DJ's creating music?

Former Guantanamo Inmate Helping With Guantanamo Game

Da Vinci's Inquest

Goddamned insurance company! I knew it!

I helped a friend today at the funeral home, her Mother passed.

Maserati GranTurismo

What do you guys think about this song?

A two hour session of colouring later...

RANTING Susan Boyle completely lost her cool with TWO four-letter outbursts in a day

All right, you In-N-Out haters! Let's duke it out!

Okay, Loungies - I need your assistance in writing an invitation to Barack and Michelle.

My cable internet is getting cut off today..I'll see you all whenever I can afford it.

Good morning Lounge

V-8 does NOT make a good mixer for spiced rum

So I have a doctors appointment on Monday.....

The Deadly Dinner Roll


*************** GALLSTONES ********************

What does it say about the Lounge that the 2 posts at the top as I'm writing this have to do with

What does it say about the Lounge that the 2 posts at the top as I'm writing this have to do with

You just might be a Dumb Conservative if....

News flash! Archie Andrews to marry Veronica Lodge!

How do you eat your melons?

need a bigger broom (cartoon)

Photobucket has a new feature. Statistics. Like everything else with Photobucket

So Vladamir Putin is getting his own magazine column. Which begs the question...


Looking to read a Richard Dawkins book...

Which band sucks more? Shinedown or Nickelback?

Anyone watch "The Goode Family" last night?

"Summa cum laude," "magna cum laude," "cum laude"...

Where did the phrase "Not so much" come from?

The Truth About Lying - From big whoppers to little white lies

Everybody STOP!

VERY COOL! - Integrating wind turbines into existing power line towers

I have a new job--kinda, sorta

I'm going to Prom tomorrow night!

What kind of a mental giant...

Have you ever attended a tea party?

Through the powers of deduction, I've determined that Midlo and Aimee Mann are the same person

The Truth About Frying - From big whoppers to little white fries

Straightest Gay Character/Gayest Straight Character

*******Happy Birthday evlbstrd!*******

Favorite type of white noise

what would you do if you thought someone here was a troll

Goddamn my boss is a fucking IMBECILE!

'Her name was Hypatia'

COOL! I scored the first post on The Cafferty File tonight!

I wonder if he's been allowed back inside yet

Where's Mr Person?


I'm undergoing a temporary crush on Cate Blanchett right now

When do you give up and decide a relationship is too awful to endure any longer?

my son actually invited me to go out w/ him Saturday night

Canine popularity contest: Pete the Pup vs. Nipper vs. Bullseye

Rangers vs. Special Forces (joke)

The BoSox and Skankees are tied for first? For SHAME.


Dumb Conservative Jokes


The leprechauns on my shoulders are getting out of hand. Any tips for controlling them?

The leprechauns on my shoulders are getting out of hand. Any tips for controlling them?

I just fell asleep outside for an hour and a half.

I wonder if Midlo was the source of all the drummer jokes I've heard

My latest photo gallery was named Editor's Pick on Mother Earth News

Manny Ramirez To David Ortiz: 'Road Trip' (The Onion)

I just posted a big dick picture in the Lounge-- ask me anything

Was there ever a real Aztlán?

Your personal Hell is a small room with a right wing talking head. Which would be worst?

Is there any particular reason that rum is associated with the ocean, the sea, and smuggling?

My latest baby

How should I relax?

This has been one helluva long short week!

What words or phrases from a sales person drive you up a wall?

Anybody know a pathological liar?

Jigsaw Puzzles to relax and enjoy..

*burp* n/t

Is it just me, or has animosity on DU increased since the election?

Put in your bids now! How long will John Kerry speak for tomorrow?

Anybody seen this recent French horror flick called "Inside"?

Whonkin' big thunderstorm coming in -- need safety vibes for a bunch of soccer players

I went to the Colorado aids project today

I need to brag for a minute. My youngest child scored a perfect

WTF? How unbelievably fucking stupid can one fucking be?

Dave Matthews or Mayhem?

Chocklit chip cookie break!1 Because (too much) chockolate = constipation

A kitty might adopt me this weekend.

Earworm? I'll give ya a damn earworm...

Need advice! Saga of two contractors...

So I started my CPAP breathing machine a couple days ago, and it's amazing.

Todd Palin offered Bristol a car to dump Levi Johnston

Is a lid of black tar enough for a birthday present?

So, as I posted last week Bella has been getting eaten up by mosquitoes.

Last name pronunciations (for that idiot who wants Sotomayor to "americanize her name)


My favorite smiley today.

You can't fix stupid . . .

kitten picture of the day for thursday may 28

Cleveland Cavs will...

Showtime, everybody! Starts at 11 PM ET

Oooh! BBC's "The Death Star" episode of HORIZON coming on Science Channel right now!

My daughter is auditioning for "So you Think you can Dance" Today!

Our student employee's family has to plan another funeral

Look at this fucking hipster...

Man Without a Country is one of the most perfect books ever

Anyone post on Craigslist to advertise a garage/yard sale?

I just realized I've been spelling a word wrong for years

A little hoppy toad just attached himself to my window

Once she was wonderful... Once she was fine... Once she was beautiful... PRIEST! 12/12/82, Memphis

Yikes--I was gonna leave work but then BOOM!!!

Jack Johnson vs. Dave Matthews


Is it full moon or something?

Here is your laugh for the day

The best show on tv is coming on tonight 8 PM central, Supernatural.

I recently went shopping with a friend for women's clothing.

I caught someone smoking pot in the bathroom at school.

$93 for a used math book?

I'm making spaghetti sauce and getting drunk.... ask me anything

Anyone else watching the National Spelling Bee?

When do you give up and decide a book is too fucking stupid to continue?

cripes, Marv Albert is openly rooting for James and the Cavs

No Country For Old Men is one of the most perfect movies ever

4 Way Street (Ben Arnold/Scott Bricklin/Jim Boggia/Joseph Parsons) live on YouTube! With Amos Lee!


That's alright, I've still got my guitar: Gary Moore takes a blowtorch to "Red House," Wembley 2004

i finally got a job interview

Got an earworm?

I just learned a good friend of mine has breast cancer..........

Holy Crap! No wonder I hate doctors!

Call me a pev, but I think this is HOT

Drinking milk right out of the carton

7 Short Stories That Haunt You

W h a t _ d o e s _ a _ y e l l o w _ l i g h t _ m e a n ?

Liquid Acid Enema Rectal Anarchy.

I...think...I...get...The Ramones

How much does an ounce of good marijuana cost?

On dating someone 10 years younger = S/he said

Have you ever felt like

Have you ever felt like

Back when techno/electronica was cool...

The taste of black licorice : Love it or Hate it ??

Cheap Trick releasing new album in CD, LP, and 8 Track Tape versions

Um... Call me a geek but I find this HOT.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/28/2009) (Warning, Sex Talk)

Some assholes broke into the cabin over the winter

Does anyone here have stairs in their house?

Anybody else click on the weight loss ad & think the "before" pic looks better?

I wish they made half-sizes in women's clothing.

What's your most effective pick up line?

Cavaliers - James = Bucks

Ugh. It feels like no one in GD wants public healthcare in this country

Anybody have a favorite freeware calendar download?

10 entertainment questions for the Lounge!

*** Very Important Question For The Lounge ***

Name a foreign born actor who has adopted an American accent

You won't believe what my cat just did!

So, what's for supper?

The Canadian Healthcare system and my Dad.

So the GrumpyKittens get a new "bunkbed" (*** dial up warning)

Obama the comedian -- cracks up elite audience with joke about GLBT protestors

Ship of State or Ship of Fools

Get off of my lounge

Wendy Long is a racist twit. Just saw her on Hardball.

frontline: secret history of the credit card (from 2004)

Justice Stevens went after Alito in a case released today on not respecting "stare decisis"

AK-Gov: Berkowitz Gearing Up to Challenge Palin

Heard on Olberman his comment about Rove knowing lots of stupid people from ivy league schools

White House Revealed documentary: If u haven't seen it, u need to

There is something seriously wrong when those who rape prisoners are not prosecuted

Did you all hear tonite that Limbaugh wants MSNBC to stop mentioning

The news in LA just showed clips of Obama's speech tonight. I thought it was closed to the media?

Chuck Todd said he's surprised Obama isn't getting flack for fundraising in California and not doing

So Who are we running against Max Baucus?

"Emanuel Pushes Obama Plan to Lawmakers From Gyms to Restaurants "

CNN: Gay soldier appeals to Obama (VIDEO)

Sotomayor's Views on Abortion, Gun Rights Come Under the Microscope

Obama/ Abbas to discuss peace process

Wow, everyone on Morning Joe is defending Sotomayor within the first 5 minutes

GOP won't filibuster Sotomayor....

For Bill Clinton followers: Long Sunday NY Times Magazine piece for this Sunday (preview)

GALLUP: Positive Initial Reaction to Sotomayor Nomination - 47% say excellent or good.

Antonin Scalia: State judges have the power to "make" law (2002)

Weirdest Sotomayor Endorsement Ever - Larry Klayman

Watch and listen to Sotomayor grilling BushCo lawyer on torture. -->

President Obama picks Cuban American for ambassador to The Vatican

Dodd's Numbers Up In Latest Quinnipiac Poll, Still Trailing A Possible Republican Opponent

Fight for your issues, speak up, call out the POTUS as necessary, but realize WE (YOU) are winning!

What if there ISN'T another Thurgood Marshall right now?

Cunningham mulls U.S. Senate bid

Hatch: If no surprises, Sotomayor 'highly likely' to be confirmed

I heard yesterday that Chuck Schumer had proposed taking a public

I'm so proud to be associated with war criminals and those who won't prosecute

NYT: On Sotomayor, Some Abortion Rights Backers Show Unease

James Jones says U.S. is safer under Obama

Steele: "Empathize right on your behind!"

Mike Luckovich: The Republican Party 'Big Tent'

I like the "gentle" way Trudeau is starting to delve into focus on Obama

E. J. Dionne: Sotomayor Is no Leftist

THE GOP Hero Heroes in the GOP lineup

First GOP senator pledges vote against Sotomayor

Was Kathleen Sullivan excluded because she's gay?

Encouragement to write, if you haven't, the president about DADT

What Are The Chances Senator Al Franken Will Get To Vote For Sotomayor's Confirmation?

The American Prospect: How Concerned Should We Be About Sotomayor's Pro-Choice Credentials?

MSNBC: Roxana Saberi, "Yes, I'm a U.S. spy."

Obama brilliance on Sotamayor may well be Texas Goverrnor's race

Can't trust the government but the government should run health care?

Carlos Watson to Liz Cheney-(paraphrased)-"What if the documents ARE released and they show

An interesting correlation

Sensitive Freepers constructively criticize Sotomayor

PHOTO Caption it? (May 28)

A couple of pictures I took last year of Obama. (Warning: Large Graphics)

PHOTOS Gay Marriage Protests at the Beverly Hilton hotel (May 27)

The wingnuts are misquoting Sotomayor; here's the whole quote:

Sotomayor no fan of campaign cash

Sotomayor's Past Rulings Encourage Environmentalists

MI-Gov: Tossup Territory

Center for American Regress?

PHOTO/ARTICLE I think this might be classified as a 'Puppy-beat' thread.

White House Gets Serious About Rebuttal to Cheney

Supreme Court Nominee Should Be Closely Questioned On Church-State Views, Says Americans United

Does anyone have a link to Obama's speech at the LA fundraiser last night????????

Someone actually asked Gibbs today if the Administration

Republicans: Just Look At This Tasty Bait!!!

Sotomayor's Links With Advocates Fuel Her Critics

ARRRGGGH. Left Wing Pundits can not be this stupid can they?.

PHOTOS Guantanamo Protest at NY's Grand Central

My head is going to explode

Face It, The idiot Repukes hate the fact she grew up poor......

I graduated CUM LAUDE from CCNY MA/BA Economics, BA Anthropology, minor French.

Nelson flips on health care public option, now 'open'

Tell Senator Grassley to Stop Threatning Medicare and Health Care Reform

Church-State Experts: Sotomayor's Views Unknown

Daily Kos Diary: Obama Doesn't Mock Gay Rights Protestors at CA Fundraiser. (Updated)

I just watched a Pro-Sotomayor ad on MSNBC, paid for by...

PHOTO The New Tutankhamun of the World? O......kay.

PHOTOS Today at the White House (May 28)

Can someone disprove a RW rumor for me.

SCOTUSblog: "It's Over" (Sotomayor will be confirmed)

Hartmann expounding on yesterday's Sotomayor commentary

On MSNBC they just showed a woman being carried off by 2 airport security officials...

Did Obama Signal To The Repugs That If They Put Up A Fight Over Health Insurance......

Senator Pat Roberts is voting against Sotomayor

Will the Supreme Court (Indirectly) Review Another Sotomayor Opinion?

Politico: Robert Gibbs gets a lot of laughs in his briefings

Stupid PUMA Bigot Removed by Secret Service. PUMA Scum Was By Air Force One Campaigning Against Gays

Obama takes tough and risky stance on Israeli settlements

Kennedy: Health bill would fix what's broken

Geithner's bailout plan (PPIP) may not be needed

Is everyone just gonna spend the next four years complaining?

Obama - Organizing for America June 6th : Do 3 Platitudes constitute a healthcare reform "plan"?

War criminal Bush speaks: enhanced interrogation program was legal and garnered valuable information

Left Out of D-Day Events, Queen Elizabeth Is Fuming

Krugman: "The attacks on Sonia Sotomayor are getting crazier by the minute."

For fuck sakes, Keith...

Barry (Obama) the Freshman (Videos)

Food for thought from Tom Tomorrow: "Obama is a centrist technocrat"

Obama halts road-building in national forests for one year

PA Newspaper Takes Ad Calling For Assassination Of President Obama

Demand NBC and Meet the Press Stop Swiftboating Obama's Healthcare Reform

President Obama calls on supporters to help with health care overhaul

Okay, folks. Parche needs our help.

"'Obama Keep Your Promise!' .... I LIKE that!"

Bill Clinton: "...I should have raised more hell about derivatives being unregulated."

Why won't Sotomayor release her birth certificate?

Magnitude-7.3 Quake Hits Near Honduras; Tsunami Warning Issued

House Calls for Closer Watch on Food Supply

Case delayed for South African denied US visa

Taliban claims responsibility for Lahore suicide attack

Eight charged over loyalist killing of Kevin McDaid

US: 29 insurgents killed in eastern Afghanistan

11 suicides at Campbell trigger stand-down

No exception on Israeli settlement: Clinton

Illinois Senate approves medical marijuana bill

Opel talks break down in Berlin

ToysRUs acquiring FAO Schwarz.

Pakistan bounties for Swat leaders

Recession brings cuts to veterans' service groups

UN pleads for more cash for Pakistan's displaced

A question of protection in Afghanistan

Tests Point to Spread of Weapons Trade

Bondholder Group Reaches Deal for Up to 25% G.M. Stake

Costco's Net Falls on Staff Costs, Lower Sales

Review of Government Secrecy Ordered

To Protect an Ancient City, China Moves to Raze It

Iraq redux? Obama seeks funds for Pakistan super-embassy

Gay rights demonstrators call on Obama to abolish 'don't ask, don't tell'

Australian belatedly wins $10 million lottery

Malaysia loan sharks chain men to wall for months

12 pct. are behind on mortgage or in foreclosure

Chinese expert: newly-born panda in N. Thailand female, healthy

Israel rebuffs U.S. call for total settlement freeze

'Slumdog' filmmakers pledge to help children

China Is Said to Plan Strict Gas Mileage Rules

Myanmar hits back at critics of Suu Kyi trial

Gay Rights Demonstrators Call on Obama to Abolish "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Three-year-old kills brother in accidental shooting

Old lotto ticket nets struggling student $13m

No more gestures to Saudis: Iraq’s Maliki

FBI planning a bigger role in terrorism fight

Suppliers Visteon, Metaldyne file for bankruptcy protection

GM Bondholders Support Revised Bond Swap Offer

China-made children's products unsafe: state media

Time Warner to split off AOL

U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Hovered Near Lowest Level in 13 Years in April

Japan suicides climb as economy plumbs depths

GM Said to Plan for June 1 Bankruptcy, Sale of Assets

Pentagon says U.S. commander killed in Falluja

Natural Gas In The Arctic Is Mostly Russian

Dismissed Palin ethics complaints don't come cheap

Obama meets Abbas and presses Israel on settlements

Poll: Specter's lead in Pennsylvania shrinks

Oil Hits $65/bbl On OPEC, U.S. Inventory Drop

GM Bankruptcy Could Take 90 Days Or More: Official

Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures, Rates Increase

Brenda Lee, Reporter, Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Near Air Force One

Nicole Lamb-Hale to leave Foley & Lardner to take Obama administration post

U.S. Aims for Shift in China Economy

Insured in U.S. Paid ‘Hidden Health Tax,’ Group Says

Study says uninsured are costly for all

Journalist Roxana Saberi meets with Hillary Clinton two weeks after release from Iranian prison

Oil firms and loggers 'push indigenous people to brink of extinction'

Openly gay teen voted prom queen at LA high school

Bombs, gun battle, rock Pakistan's Peshawar

Banks to survive commercial property defaults - Fed


Think tank's approach to Hollywood: Copy that

Multiracial America is fastest growing group

Fla.'s 'Father Oprah' joins Episcopal Church

Iran: Many die in Zahedan mosque bombing

GM Will File for Bankruptcy June 1; Accord Reached With Some Bondholders

State workers may get 5 percent pay cuts (California)

Uninsured face avalanche of health costs

Indian air force gets Awacs plane

Agriculture Secretary to Personally Approve Projects in 'Roadless' Areas

North Korean Atomic Tests Lift Lid on Japan’s Nuclear ‘Taboo’

Chrysler chairman expects sale to be complete Friday

Wildfire in Alaska grows to over 21,000 acres

Thieves Stealing Markers from Veterans' Graves

Residents seethe as Pakistan army destroys homes

Capitol Hill woman's killer sentenced to 35 years

Mexican trains, trucks hijacked in new crime wave

Israel rebuffs US call for total settlement freeze

Israel rejects US call over settlement work

On Sotomayor, Some Abortion Rights Backers Are Uneasy

Cuba Permits Sex Change Operations (covered by National H-C system)

Grybauskaite to Become Lithuania’s First Female Head of State

US to spend $1 billion on embassy expansions in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Pentagon denies report Iraq prison photos show rape

U.S. undertakes Iraq-scale embassy project in Pakistan

$2M for kin of woman who died on NY hospital floor

New 5 percent pay cut for state workers on the table

Survey: Arctic may hold twice the oil previously found there

Bank of America getting into the luxury hotel business

Berkowitz eyes challenge of Palin (Updated with Hollis French seriously considering it as well)

World leaders to hold economic summit(G20) in Pittsburgh(Sept)

Obama takes tough and risky stance on Israeli settlements

Pamela Rogers, teacher convicted of sex with 13-year-old, wants earlier parole

'75 Gerald Ford attacker hoped to start revolution

US Military on High Alert As North Korea ends Truce

Justice Department Wants Abuse Photos Blocked

Borrowers with good credit fuel foreclosures in 1Q

Obama Says Health Care a Must This Year - Or Never

Obama Says Health Care a Must This Year - Or Never

Obama, Abbas tout two-state solution

U.S. minimum wage hike a stimulus to economy: report

'Power' move by male students ruffles U. of C.

Vargas Llosa told to hold tongue in Venezuela

Aetna warns 65,000 about Web site data breach

Senator Leahy on 1998 Sotomayor Nomination

Fox News Slams Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court?

Call Sarah Palin (link corrected)

Obama's Supreme Court Pick A Racist? by RSU

LiberalViewer : Killing Costs California $1 billion?

Ed Shultz Hits the GOP for Their Selective Amnesia on Empathy

Wonderful Video of a Prop 8 protest in CA

Torture Did NOT Make Us Safer-Cheney's Case Dishonest (CNN)

Republicans don't get how torture radicalizes our enemies (updated)

Obama in LA to Protesters: I Would Put My 4 Months Up Against Any Admin Since FDR

FEIN: "It's a matter of proximity to evil"

Sotomayor critics are playing the identity card, not Obama

Grover asks "What is Marriage?"

NOM's New Ad

Jon Turley elaborates and clarifies his opinion of Sotomayor w/ KO

Roland Burris on the Blagojevich Tape

S.O.S. Hillary Clinton on North Korea's Recent Actions & Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process

President Obama "Keep Your Promise" Demonstration 05/27/09

Inside Pakistan's war zone

The Coalition for Constitutional Values Pro-Sotomayor Ad

Tancredo: La Raza is "a Latino KKK without the hoods or the nooses"

The Governator's iPhone

TYT: Conservatives Call Sotomayor A Racist (Cenk Reacts)

The Video Shell Oil Desperately Doesn't Want You to See

ABRAMS: CIA tapes destroyed = Coleen Rowley

Lt Dan Choi At Obama Protest Beverly Hilton 27 May 2009

The Internationale

Rachel Maddow: Sotomayor-haters & racists (Republicans) get their daily spanking

American torture

President Obama & Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the peace process

TYT: Cenk Reacts to Mancow's Appearance On Keith Olbermann's Show

The Jenny McCarthy Song

NYC Could Have An Independent 9/11 Commission

Media Matters' Boehlert goes head-to-head with Tancredo over Sotomayor on CNN

Race To The Bottom: Conservative Media Attack Judge Sotomayor

Obama Birth Certificate Q&A for Gibbs at White House -GOP Looking Like Fools

Rigorous Questioning Hasn't Fazed Nominee.

These bogus arguments have lost their roar (Young | Waco TX Trib)

Amnesty: Economic crisis fuels rights "time bomb" (Reuters)

Hardin, Montana Bids to Be New Guantánamo Bay

Burris On Tape: Listen to Entire Call (TPM)

Close Guantanamo now (Gilmore | Colorado Daily)

H-1B workers outnumber unemployed techies

It's a legal maze for Canadian authorities abroad (Morgan | Globe & Mail)

Shock jocks: Voice of unreason

Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos 'Show Rape'

"Clean" Energy and Poisoned Water by Chris Hedges

CIA Chronicles: The CIA Veering from the Truth! How Shocking!

Right Wingers Claim David Boies and Ted Olson Are Gay Lovers

The Nation: The Border Violence Myth

Against the Tortured Logic of Obama's Placebo Presidency: A Call for the Audacity of Hopelessness

Gonzales not forgotten by Spanish authorities (De la Isla)

Guest Column: Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Do the Math)

On the Home Front, a Twist of Candor - Michelle Obama

Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape'

Releasing all the torture photos immediately-probably save American lives

Neocon Ideologues Launch New Foreign Policy Group

Liz Cheney: Calling Waterboarding Torture is Irresponsible and Libelous

AIPAC Hits 75 Percent Mark Again; Gets 329 House Signatures

AIPAC Hits 75 Percent Mark Again; Gets 329 House Signatures

Jim Hightower: Deadly Salmonella: Frozen Food's Newest Ingredient

Criticism of Sonia Sotomayor by conservatives provides fundraising opportunities

10 Sleazy Ways That Goldman Sachs Distracted Us While Pocketing Billions from the Treasury

US-Israel Relations Hit Low After Jewish State Rejects White House Demand

BREAKING: Barack Obama is NOT the Anti-Christ!

Socialism One Sector at a Time

Thomas Frank: The GOP's Feigned Outrage

Reality check from E. J. Dionne: Sotomayor as the Remedy for Roberts

Two men and a baby: Israel's gay community experiencing a baby boom

Trevor Neilson (Huff Post): "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Olson & Boies Fight for Equal Rights

Here is just a taste of abuse vids and Pix that were not released originally

Transcript of Bill Moyers Journal on single payer health care

Dr. Marcia Angell: Held hostage by the health system

The Right's supremely flawed opening argument against Sotomayor

Vanity Fair: No, Newt, You're the Racist

"Educating Ourselves to Oblivion"...(Tomgram Reports)

India-US: Hazardous days ahead

G20 Summit to be held in Pittsburgh in September

Forget Cardozo, Karl Rove Claims First Hispanic Justice Was Torquemada

Bill introduced to shutdown School of Americas (HR 2567)

Obama Out-Bushes Bush on Preventive Detention

Fitzgerald Unseals New Indictments


Outsourced! Jim is replaced by a writer in India

No Torture Needed -- Cookies Did the Job

Deadly Salmonella: Frozen Food's Newest Ingredient

Sotomayor’s Sharp Tongue Raises Issue of Temperament (NYT)

Britain: the depth of corruption (J Pilger)

Cheney has been talking a lot about 9/11. So what was he doing that day? —By James Ridgeway

It just doesn't get any worse than this

Nicholas Kristof: Would You Slap Your Father? If So, You’re a Liberal

Canada's healthcare saved her; Ours won't cover her

Selling Education, Manufacturing Technocrats, Torturing Souls

Cops pull over EMTs on route to hospital - fight ensues - caught on Camera

FIDEL: "Ten Years Teaching and Learning" (re: Chavez)

Oil firms and loggers 'push indigenous people to brink of extinction'

FIDEL: "Torture Can Never Be Justified"

Weird Q&A State Dept.: Status of USAID Money - Cuba

ONCE AGAIN: "Terrorist" Hernando Calvo Ospina Had to Change his Route

Eduardp Galeano is Amy's guest today for the whole hour.

Cross post: The City that Ended Hunger

President Aristide's message of solidarity to Father Jean-Juste

Short (3 min) Carter Center interview with Gerard Jean-Juste

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Report on Cuba for the Year of 2008

Obama Picks Cuban Liberation Theologian as US Ambassodor to the Vatican

BOREV: Venezuelan Oil Numbers: Reality Has a Well-Known Liberal Bias

Venezuela to charge anti-Chavez TV president

WHICH country allows foreign guests to discredit its domestic political affairs?

Jim DeFede: Remembering Father Jean-Juste

Vargas Llosa: Venezuela moving to Cuba-like regime

Prog Weekly: Who Does Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart Represent? (Author really whacks Lincoln)

Peak oil notes - May 28

DrumBeat: May 28, 2009

Report: Carbon pollution to grow by 40 percent

A global responsibility to help vulnerable communities adapt

John Kerry hails progress of US-China climate talks (yet to translate into concrete progress)

Blue whale washes up on NZ coast

Congress would restrict import of invasive tropical species

Exxon shareholders reject all resolutions (oil and gas…dominant fuels until at least 2030)

Report: National Security and the Threat of Climate Change

Fusion dreams delayed—International partners are likely to scale back the first version of the ITER…

The Coming of Biofuels: Study Shows Reducing Gasoline Emissions Will Benefit Human Health

Arctic thaw could prompt huge release of carbon dioxide (initially offset by plants)

Oil firms and loggers 'push indigenous people to brink of extinction'

French Award-Winning Design for Wind Turbine

New killer virus found in Africa

Russia makes major shift in climate policy—Putin emphasizes the need for action on global warming.

Sarah Palin to be in Auburn New York June 6, Defenders of Wildlife wants to run an Ad

Emissions bill faces Democratic opposition

1969: GM ad for Stirling-engine hybrid, the Stir-Lec I

Hot times ahead for the Wild West—American west threatened by more heatwaves than past models have…

World CO2 (emissions) up 39 percent by 2030 without new policy: EIA

Latest poll supports Hatrack's Principle

Women who fed bears on trial in Lincoln County

Season's first tropical depression forms

Help Fight Monsanto

Barcelona --2 ; Man-Blew --0. That is all. Now on to the FA Cup. Go Blues.

Attn: DC sports fans - Tampa area steroid bust implicates Nationals and Capitols.

Come in! Come in! If you're a Danny Cleary fan!

The Red Sox will win tonight...

What do the Cavs do this offseason?

Did Tichenor over-react by throwing out 4 in one inning?

Are the Nuggets going to choke against the Lakers?

Randy Johnson gets 299th win

Back to back games in the Stanley Cup finals

Manny Ramirez To David Ortiz: 'Road Trip'

Today in labor history May 28 sit-in at a segregated lunch counter in the Woolworth’s in Jackson, Ms

Stella D'oro workers ask for boycott, faxes. New website.

Muscle twitches and a feeling of "being out of it". Should I be concerned?

Any experience with stair lifts? Looks like I'll be installing two next week.

Have any State health programs been generous and successful?

Scientists develop a new HIV microbicide -- and a way to mass produce it in plants

Senator Kennedy, Don't Let Us Down On The Public Option!

American diets getting worse

The Jenny McCarthy Song

Living in a Food Desert

Okay, so Ted Olsen wants to fight for gay rights....what do GLBT want?

Poll: 60 percent of Rhode Islanders support same-sex marriage

Poll: 60 percent of Rhode Islanders support same-sex marriage

Dueling marriage bills in Penn.

Democrats need to fight harder

Who's doing the spell check for their ads over at NOM?

Black gay couples in Mass. mark marriage anniversary

Show Biz Consultant Shakes Up Prop 8 Strategy

crosspost: Trevor Neilson (Huff Post): "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Olson & Boies Lawsuit

I don't want our issues in front of the SCOTUS...

I am being told to change my sig pic.

Will Hollywood Fight Prop 8?

I'm tired of posting about things that piss me off....

Wanted: partner for a sham, loveless marriage

Cuba National Health Care System to Cover Sex Change Operations

Does anyone here know who gave that amazing speech Tuesday night in California?

Obama Clueless About Promise Gays Want Him to Keep?

Base8 (Know your anti-gay Proposition 8 donors) Cross-post from GD

Two men and a baby: Israel's gay community experiencing a baby boom

Obama needs to be followed around by a crowd of protestors wherever he goes

I can read the O-Man's mind!

Rock on Goldust Woman ...

ExxonMobil continues fight against LGBT worker rights

Rumor: Adam Lambert about to come out on cover of Rollingstone

CA Governor proposes 100% cut in State funding for AIDS programs -

Our new Harvey Milk?

NOM Spelling problems in new ad LOL

6 more tortured and killed in Iraq for being Gay (ABC News)

boies, olson nor tweety mentioned

Cuba Permits Sex Change Operations

Anti-Gay "Journalist" Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Air Force One

Openly Gay Man Voted Prom Queen at L.A. High School

I have marshalled 3 rallies in the last week or so, and possibly a 4th one on Sunday

Every few years I post my favorite love poem from Walt Whitman...hope you enjoy....

Our future

David Hyde Pierce reveals he’s married

Prop 8 protest calls out Obama (Dallas)

The "Dangerous & Unusual" Clause In Heller

Three-year-old kills brother in accidental shooting

Brother Shoots Brother In Head; Dad Arrested

Israel rebuffs U.S. call for total settlement freeze

Don't blame Obama for his "I don't know which promise they were referring to" comment

'We must let you make your decisions'

How to talk to a Right Winger

Obama: Israel must halt West Bank settlements

Israeli Knesset Considers Bill Making It Illegal To Criticize Israel As A Jewish State

Pharmacist "defending his store" charged with murder after he shoots a robber

Why concealed handguns don't result in blood running in the streets

Pharmacist "defending his employees and customers" will not be charged after shooting robber

Backers of Jewish Settlements Put Squeeze on Netanyahu

Amnesty: Israel violated laws of war in Gaza

Government Bond Yields Hit Six-Month Highs; Stocks, Metals Fall

All That Glitters Is Goldman Sachs

Two U.S. auto parts makers file for Chapter 11

Government and Financial Institutions Controlled by Evil Men

The Curtains Are On Fire

Gas....$2.69 a gallon. Congress? Obama? Anybody?

Of course I could go and google and study, but for starters, I have one little question

It Is Failing: ALL OF IT


today's mixed bag

Appellation Morning

Out of the mouths of babes and all that

Ocean monster shows hidden depths

New evidence for volcanoes as source of mass extinction

Dreaming of "space snakes"

Scientists identify new lethal virus in Africa

Cat in China grows a pair of wings

The triple conjunction... in what house?

Peace, Violence, and the Future of Religion

Does anyone know of an astrologer in the Durham-Raleigh area of NC? I'm ready to

California fires up laser fusion machine

Conjunction questions...

Adventures in pre-birth soul agreements and finding the correct path

Obama picks Cuban Liberation theologian as US Ambassador to the Holy See

"Sectarian Violence in Egypt Diverting Attention From Political Opposition"

Ireland blasphemy part deux.

IRS Should Review Liberty University’s Tax-Exempt Status Says Americans United

Catholic Obama Campaign Adviser Wants to Replace All Legal ‘Marriages’ with ‘Civil Licenses'

Family see Jesus image in Marmite

A baby's life on the line unless hospital's petition trumps parents religious beliefs

Should Christians be allowed to have Bible study in their home?

"Protestant denominations are turning to marketing"

Trial for the "Baucus 13"

Too many onions - suggestions please!

What's cookin' these hot days?

For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?’ George G. White School - N.J., bans hugging

Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno, CA

Join me in telling Alternet to f&4k off!

Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing Program information

Texas Freedom Network’s Youth Summer Summit (teen pregnancy)

SBOE Webcast Bill Signed into Law

Conns Stores Accused of Misleading Customers

It would be great if we could get the Weatherization Fund up and...

The {appalling) state of Texas...

Texas Budget Close to Approval

Senate rejects McLeroy confirmation as SBOE chairman

Hey, Texans on Facebook, become a fan of

Dallas Utility (ONCOR) May Test electric Cars for Ford

Harper Turns "Nixonian"