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Archives: May 27, 2009

Mary Jo Buttafuoco has a book coming out....LOVE the title!

At least President Obama knows better than to choose his housekeeper

Did the right-wing urge judicial empathy for Scooter Libby?

Bush's "prophecy" God Wants to "Erase" Mid-East Enemies

DAMN! I bought a gal. of gloss white paint today for $60.00!

Charlie Rose talking about the new SC pick. With lots of guests.

What good is an open seat on the Supreme Court with out a big fund raising campaign

The US government will own 70% of restructured GM

The "Mother's Act" Re-Visited: Is this about helping mothers? OR Big Pharma?

You people better

Research task: Righty-judges saying their backgrounds affect decisions

About Proposition 8

California Decision:

Once again, a female nominee is the target of thinly veiled sexism.

U.S. Economy Will Enter Hyperinflation, Marc Faber Says

Could Pat Buchanan be any more racist?

Sotomayor: A liberal record — but not entirely

Army chief: US ready to be in Iraq 10 years - Despite what Obama says

MoveOn really likes Sotomayor(email received from them today)

Support Barbara Boxer National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act (S.1031),

Who are your top ten celebrities with high cheekbones?

Will Fox News honor the Prop 8 protesters like it honored the tea bag protests?

Homosexuality or Obesity

Homosexuality or Obesity

Dollars & Sense: A Job and No Mortgage for All in a Spanish Town

Jesus' General: Milestones in Majority Rule

Betting on Failure: The Right's Story (Robert L. Borosage)

European Union Looks to Tighten Banking Supervision

Outsourcing stories needed by WashTech

MoveOn Remains Silent on Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

TRANSCRIPT: Roland Burris and Rob Blagojevich, Chicago Tribune, 5/27/09

Private Whitehouse tour

The big gay shrug By Mark Morford

"Democrats have turned the Supreme Court nominations into a savage political affair."

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - People connected to 2007 mall shooter say that he was part of the KKK

let the smearing begin

O'Reilly "you could have married a duck" (1:17)

John Scalzi: Gay Marriage (still) legal in California

Can Constitutional Rights Be Taken Away In California By Plebiscite?

Another day, another guilty Republican set free, but Don Siegelman will be going back to prison

I have a question about Turley and his screed.

Bulldog that saved owner from Grand Rapids fire is euthanized

It's a nice day to start again

Where did the CIA conduct it's torture tradecraft in the United States?

Wipe that f**king smile off your face!

Finally! we can talk about race in America (Katrina? No - Pres. Obama? No- Sotomayor? YES!)

Pennsylvania GOP wants to cut library funding.

As a straight white guy, gay marriage did not threaten the sanctity of my marriage.

How long before some idiot brings Hitler into the SC discussion?

Highlights from Fox News

Kim Jong-Il Joins Twitter

I believe the passage read

How To: Measure North Korea’s Nuclear Blast

New game! Find the craziest post on Rapture Ready and link it for us!!

Gitmo Solutions: Super Size Them!

Where do you think the greatest inspiration for so-called enhanced interrogations came from?

The Rude Pundit: A Letter from the American Americans for America Regarding Sonia Sotomayor

Quack medicine, North Korea style

Reality is stranger than fiction: Opposing lawyers in Bush v Gore unite to fight Prop 8

General Petraeus Wants Gitmo Closed & Hates Torture

The "government" is looking for "revenue"...

surge update - Deaths in Iraq car-bomb attack

A compassionate Christian engages fundies on Prop 8, and they rip him to shreds

good morning pic......

Reichwing Reaction to Sotomayor: A List

Recipe for GOP self-destruction: continuous Sotomayor bashing

Look who's uniting to launch federal challenge to Prop 8

U.S. ‘Problem’ Banks Rise to 305, Highest Since 1994, FDIC Says

A quick note to Inhofe and Smith on Sotomayor's "bias"

Four Prop 8 Commercials: CASC, this bigotry is what you supported today.

NKorea Warns of Attack, Says (1953) Truce No Longer Valid

I know I'm late to the wake, but I need to vent about Prop 8

So in states where same-sex marriage IS legal, what should happen to churches who won't do them?

Corporations steal billions and get golden "steals" bottle of ketchup

Mr. President, use your gift of rhetoric to transform Americans' conversations.

Poster all over Paris at the moment

It's unnatural English I tells ya!

USA Today: DMV's happy face ban

Rove: Attending top schools doesn’t mean that Sotomayor is smart, but it proves that Bush is.

Ronald Reagan, the ORIGINAL "reverse sexist"

Would you let a robot drive your car?

Who Drives Better: Drunks or Stoners? Scientists have built a high-tech simulator to lay this import

"If It's Really Bad, Ship It to West Texas "

George H. W. Bush said that Clarence Thomas had "empathy".

So I go to the doctor about my sore elbow . . .

Camp Doha Demands US Soldiers Don Fashionable Reflector Belts

What would be your test for the suitability of a Judge for higher bench?

"Texas Senate OKs guns on college campus"

Found: The Earliest Known Leprosy Patient

The new right-wing meme: Sotomayor Hates White People

try to waterboard this one...

Reba McEntire asks judge for leniency in friend's conspiracy case

Gary, IN funeral home leaves 4 bodies behind

Hartmann's got economist Dr. Ravi Batra coming up in the 2nd hour

Republicans will screw this up bigtime

Caption this photo

Frontline segment on Pakistan last night was the most informative I've seen re Taliban

The VAT... a nationaltax?? just great.

ATTN: I've declared that same-sex marriage is legal in my apartment in Los Angeles, California!!!!

A plethora of new right-wing web sites.

You mean America Idol is corrupt? Nooooooooooooooo, it just can't be!

Another You Tube Outrage, by Cindy Sheehan

They tried waterboarding Chuck Norris... and the water confessed to everything

Obama Caves to 'Scaredy-Cat Nation'

Former Bush lawyer sues to overturn Prop 8

Marriage is between a man and his 42 wives in Utah

The Sanctity of Marriage

The Sanctity of Marriage

Miss California vs Miss Wyoming

Few things underscore the Supreme Court's lack of diversity more than the recent ruling ...

Sooo, Wachovia/Wells Fargo is going into the health benefits

Obama's Proposed Budget in an Easy-to-Read Chart

Marriage is a sacred institution between Rush Limbaugh and any woman dumb enough to agree ...

Disgrace! Texas Schools Won't Teach Medically Accurate Sex-Ed

The Challenge: Can Rush Limbaugh last 2 Seconds under waterboarding?

Dana Milbank suggests Sonia Sotomayor not smart enough for the Supreme Court

Car Insurance Question

Rehab for Terrorists?

So who is "Lester"? Just asked Gibbs for a real copy of Obama's birth certificate!

Banks Lobby to Game PPIP

gingrich: Sotomayor 'racist,' should withdraw nomination

a a does not have to be christian/god based, if

Ted Olson (Yeah that Ted Olson) goes to Federal court on behalf of gay marriage

As long as we're banning marriages, let's ban republican marriages

Could we, the people, set up our own non-profit health insurance company?

Martin Sheen targets fellow Catholics in pro-EFCA radio spots

Sweden - nuclear event

Drew Barrymore and other celebs fight for gay rights

It seems like Mancow's waterboarding stunt stopped the media dead in it's tracks.

Right wingers.. Even their job titles/positions are lies.

LA Times: Starbucks target of new-media campaign by union

Gingrich Tweets Sotomayor 'Racist'--On Visit to Auschwitz!

Mancow interviews Drew Petersen from jail

Great Moments in Moronspeak: Today featuring Rep. John Culberson of TX, talking same-sex marriage

"We were trying to figure out how to assassinate Obama"

Major Army Base Shutting Down For 3 Days After Rash Of Suicides

Idiot Freepers term Sotomayor as

"Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Alzheimer's Disease And Vascular Dementia?" - x

Unions and Detroit school board hold meeting to prepare for concessions

MoveOn Remains Silent on Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Juvenile hall guard has juvenile beaten for cell phone theft, later finds phone in her car

It all goes back to the de facto wage freeze for everyone but corporate execs.

Tweety is doing a pretty good job at raking Roland Burris over the coals.

Tweety is doing a pretty good job at raking Roland Burris over the coals.

Episcopal Church Ousts 61 Central Calif. Clergy

The way the aristocrats have always put down the rebellion

Customer service is going to hell.

The Best and the Brightest

Spoiler -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Isn't it hilarious watching the

How much input do you suppose Senate Republicans had in the SCOTUS pick?

U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta to head FIU law school (Bushie--Southern District of FL)

Anyone have a decent list of rulings made by Sotomayor on abortion/choice issues?

Help me for another message board?

thinking of skipping primary voting

Beyond gay marriage

What I learned from the California State Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality ...

Bush vs. Gore rivals challenge Prop. 8 in federal court

That's JUDGE Sotomayor to you, asswipe!

Crude Awakening.....The oil price BS hurricane is well underway.

"not in the least bit interested in antagonizing the gay community"

Would you report receiving religious and politically offensive email....

Google Earth charts human cost of Iraq and Afghanistan wars with 'map of fallen'

Trial Law Question: Coaching of Witnesses

Why does the S. Court matter when torture and anti-gay laws don't?

NYTimes: AT&T swayed voting to favor Allen over Lambert

The Senate is not representitve

'A Lot Less Provocative And Troubling'

Army chief says US ready to be in Iraq 10 years

Army chief says US ready to be in Iraq 10 years

If I offended anyone, I apologize. Re: to Holy Sh&* thread.

Exactly what has Obama done to incur the venom we save for Dick Cheney and his ilk?

THE FIX IS IN? "American Idol" Results May Have Been Swayed By AT&T

Health insurer suggests ways to save gov't $500B

hey, GLBT and supporters: propose an amendment to outlaw ALL marriage.

Holy Sh&* people. Can we get a grip over prop 8?

Newt Gingrich: Voice of the GOP Vacuum, master of the hyperbole

Here's the problem with idiots like Roland Burris.

surge update - May Is Iraq’s Deadliest Month Since September

The Reason Project

Ignorance, incompetence and indifference

Spacey meets Abramoff in prison on research (SFGate)

"Sestak for the Senate" on Facebook

New Conservative Racist Strategy: Call Sotomayor "Racist"

Why is there NO discussion on whether Sotomayer would protect Roe?

The political party who makes fun of "academics" & "nerds" is now whining about intelligence?

Fuck the GOP...

Napolitano: 9/11 terrorists did not enter US from Canada

colonizing culture

Dear Wendy Long ..... your prejudice and ethnic insensitivity is showing

Cheney and Rumsfeld Pressured the CIA To Mislead Congress In the 70's Too

24/7WallStreet: Housing Is Not Just Bad, It’s Getting Worse

LTTE: Wingnut Decries the Perversion of the Word "Torture".

The Truth About 'Judicial Activism' From The Daily KOS

"Fierce LGBT advocate" Obama to face protest tonight in Beverly Hills

Geez Roland Burris is Dumb as a Box of Rocks!

An email from (Cheney/torture)

SOME ("So Others Might Eat") Concert -- A beautiful idea

KO is tearing apart Rove and Limbaugh over Judge Sotomayor.

A Couple More Reasons to Let Us All Organize

Calling out gay DU'ers as "single issue" advocates is, in and of itself, homophobic

Roland Burris is...

Totally Off Topic - From Mudflats - Pics of Brian and Brenda's twin moose babies...

Police dog, alone in SUV, dies - probe launched

Publication Date: February 19, 2002

Three words I never thought I would say.

A plea to those democratic politicians who have not come out for gay marriage

Twitter Is Gonna KILL The GOP

Is there a biography of Dennis Kucinich about his life in the 80s & early 90s

conservative columnist: I was wrong about Sotomayor speech

President Obama's Admin Wants Fed And FDIC In Key Roles: Source

Cancer drug erases fingerprints (BBC)

Has The Torture Debate Lost Traction?

You know, if Hannity became a victim of "random tragedy.."

Why don't we just kill all the people at Gitmo?

North Korea restarts nuclear reactor and threatens to attack south

Serving on a Jury

Want to see an example of excellent parenting?

DU the poll: Should the Senate confirm President Barack Obama's choice of Sonia Sotomayor this and thought I would share)

MoveOn Remains Silent on Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins on Judge Sotomayor

Larry King should have had David Boies and Ted Olson on longer than 10 minutes.

May 30 - National Day of Action on Health Care for All

If you are the parent of a young teenager, or someone just learning to drive.

Public College allegedly prohibits distribution of pamphlets on campus. pro CCW pamphlets

Even in "heavily Catholic" Rhode Island, poll shows same-gender marriage favored by 60%

Is it now okay to joke about torture?

I would like to direct you to a post at huffington... post... by rob thomas regarding gay marriage

Cali Prom Queen is a Guy

Just watched George Takai and his husband on Larry King Live

Same-sex couples fill wedding license office in protest- refuse to leave all day (San Diego)

$2 newsstand price for the New York Times? Ouch......

Assault with an embarrassing weapon....

Medicare is a WONDERFUL thing.......

Sotomayor's comment.

Ok this is it! I've been here for almost 6 years, it's been a long time coming but

Same-Sex Marriage Discussions on Larry King Live. BIG SUPRISE!

Cost of deploying one U.S. soldier for one year in Iraq - $390,000 (Congressional Research Service)

Another case of a woman falsely accusing black men

Galileo and Gitmo - By Scott Horton

Authentic Congerssional Gibberish....

Corporate "persons" and Democracy don't mix.....Outrage in quotes:

CIA Briefers Regularly Mislead Hill Intelligence Panels, Ex-Spy Charges

The GOP want to change the pronunciation of Sotomayor's name?

Just Got A Christian-Based E-Mail Blast From A Conservative Colleague

Amend vs Revise THAT is the question

To meet June deadline, US and Iraqis redraw city borders

C-Span HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius - "Health Care Legislation" . . .

I think its about time we take care of business in N Korea

Pray for California.

Mass. supporters of same-sex marriage decry California decision

I think its time to just forget explaining things to republicans

This Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia is a real whackjob......

On the razor's edge of self-destruction.

SFGate: Next same-sex battle will begin in Fresno (14.5-mile march in Selma, CA on Saturday)

Ted Olsen supports same-gender marriage. Arivosis: Obama treating gays as embarrassing inconveniece

MartBingo app allows iPhone users to embrace their smug sense of superiority

War of aggression=a crime against peace.

War of aggression=a crime against peace.

The Never Ending War Against Women In Afghanistan

Samuel Alito's "reversal rate" revealed: 100%

Cancer death rate dropped nearly 20 percent in 15 years

Destroying the opposition

Herr Pat Buchanan: Sotomayor's an affirmative action pick 'cause there were no white male finalists

Breaking: Sotomayor's fondness for Puerto Rican cuisine is a handicap for higher office

How Cute!!! NPR Found A White High School Rival Of Sotamayor's To Whine About Affirmative Action!!!

How Cute!!! NPR Found A White High School Rival Of Sotamayor's To Whine About Affirmative Action!!!

How Cute!!! NPR Found A White High School Rival Of Sotamayor's To Whine About Affirmative Action!!!

The War on a Public Health Option

"What are you supposed to say to a holocaust denier?"

Preview of the Michelle Bachmann comic book!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The credit reporting companies dinged my credit score for me trying cover myself

Sonia Sotomayor has too many syllables


Jury Duty Poll, Part II

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3:

Fair and Balanced: Weighing Sotomayor's Opinions

Help me people! Someone I love is full of shit concerning black history in America....

Google Earth map shows the human cost of the War on Terror

US Soldier: “There’s No Way I’m Going to Deploy to Afghanistan”

Bill O'Rielly just called President Clinton a "Patriot" and trashed FR as an "awful"

Update: ACLU sues City of Fresno, and P.D. for names of Cops who beat homeless man

Ok lets get one thing clear

Today is World MS Day

The Sotomayor Pick: Bridging the Black-Latino Divide

Canada official eats (raw) seal heart

Supreme Court Nominee Should Be Closely Questioned On Church-State Views, Says Americans United

Supreme Court Nominee Should Be Closely Questioned On Church-State Views, Says Americans United

Supreme Court Nominee Should Be Closely Questioned On Church-State Views, Says Americans United

24/7 Wall Street: Housing Is Not Just Bad, It’s Getting Worse

The Day David Dukes Took Over the Republican Party

The Case for a California Bailout by the stim package...they don need much do they

Why did Keith stop calling out Hannity?

And you thought Lorena Bobbit was bad...

DU Job Posting

And then there are the crimes that leave you utterly breathless (Warning: graphic pic of abused dog)

Fox talker Peters has a Gitmo solution: Just kill them all

Rush Limbaugh Declares that the US is a Center Left Nation

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

So, When Will Al Franken be seated?

Krikorian: People should stop pronouncing Sotomayor’s name correctly.

From the "People in Glass Houses" files: Tancredo says Sotomayor appears to be a racist....

2010: Year Of The Bible

"Looting of America" Author Sees Opportunity in Meltdown

Clinton and Bush to clash for cash in Canada

Iraq Redux? Obama Seeks Funds for Pakistan Super-Embassy

Coming Soon: Rep. Michele Bachmann -- The Comic Book!

Oops! I totally missed my 10,000th post!

Right-wing governments CANNOT manage money.....Our friends in Canada are getting a taste now.

Just Shut the F*ck Up

Need advice. PHLEPS and his WBC is Coming To Rhode Island.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1

The reasons we the people of the party are frustrated, feeling left out....

Maaaaaaan, I totally forgot to make this "patriot" smilie.

American Idol & AT&T....Make no mistake AT&T did not want a Gay man

California's Problem can Be Solved

Doonesbury is leading up to Obama's icon...(last 3 days strips...)

Missing Pa. mom who claimed she was "kidnapped by 2 black men" found at Disneyworld

Federal prosecutors drop charges on another Republican.... When is it Siegelman's turn?

RadWaste and Texas' Future - The Dumping Ground

IRS Should Review Liberty University’s Tax-Exempt Status For Partisan Politicking

The record shows that the real "judicial activists" are conservatives on Supreme Court

When did "Latin" become a race?

She's "domineering" eh? (Faux Noose re: Sotomayer)

What if All of the Blue States Banded Together for Single-Payer Health Care?

Air Force Times: Don't Ask, Don't Tell talks must move slowly so as not to "stress" military

Sorry DUers, but here's the problem with your "pet cause"

Is it Easier for Democrats to Remake the Republican Party than for Republicans to Remake their Own

Indict and prosecute the criminal policymakers of the Bush/Cheney era

Dear Mr. President, Please Help Me...

Letter of the law or spirit of the law?

Fear and Looting in America: Are We Really Out of Money?

"Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape' "....

Obama to Face Gay Protest at DNC Beverly Hills Fundraiser Tonight

Tom Hayden: The Silence of MoveOn

When Seconds Count: Stopping Active Killers

Wal-Mart fined 18 seconds worth of profit in employee's death.

Who is Wendy E. Long? and why is she the face of the Sotomayor opposition?

Sibel Edmonds has an announcement on her blog concerning exposing the media

Roland Burris, meet the dead meat.

Cover-Up: TENET/RICE Created A FALSE RECORD (Re: Torture) 1 Day AFTER His Resignation! (emptywheel)

The hidden statistics in my neighborhood...

Oh, so now a national sales tax is suddenly a good idea?

Bright young man calls 9-1-1 over botched fast-food order

Sarah Palin Wears Mini Skirt to Memorial Day Ceremony

Cheney and Rumsfeld pressured CIA to mislead Congress in the 1970s, too

Proposal for prop in California: Remove tax exempt status for churches funding propositions...

Dean says Ben Nelson's "trigger" plan for a public option is "a terrible idea."

Dean says Ben Nelson's "trigger" plan for a public option is "a terrible idea."

Dean says Ben Nelson's "trigger" plan for a public option is "a terrible idea."

"There's No Way I'm Going to Deploy to Afghanistan"

John Bogle of the Vangard Funds speaks out against current market culture

News Flash: Car Dealers are Republicans

legal advice: how do I prove ageism in not getting a job?

If You Had Dual Citizenship, Would You Stay Or Go?

The Prophet And Profits: TV Preacher Pat Robertson Goes For The Greed

What do you think of Dr Chu's idea of painting the roofs white?

Any Miami/Dade area DUers who know anything about this corrupt cop story?

New Animated Comedy (ABC prime time)'The Goode Family' (Mike Judge)

Wingers are mad about the un-American pronunciation of SotomayOR

Thank you all - The real next move for gay marriage is not CA, it is DOMA

Homeless Advocates to County: "Shame on You"

Golden Gate Bridge turns 72 today - pics

pity party :( I don't feel good.

The joys of politics

The Eleven (youtube)

Gene Austin - The Lonesome Road

Some more Dead: 7-7-69

This OP in GD is totally heartbreaking:

Over my head.

Phils beat Marlins 5-3 as Joe Blanton strikes out 11 .

Ok here I go a worrying mother but my daughter is tracking caribou this summer and I know she did

"Dune" ... um...

Smoove B's Political Goals for 2009

Stories From the Road: Scared Shitless

One of our student employees lost her grandmother to a drunk driver on Memorial Day

Please help those of us that are grouchy asses this morning and post something cute!

*******Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary Miss Marmelstein!*******

Baby Robins

Best Rap Act of the '90's

Lounge Pillowfight!

Sharp criticism and call-out wrapped up as sarcastic compliment

Does my baby need Prozac?

I'm doing something very dangerous, something I haven't done for a long time.

Yearly Evaluations and Raises

Am I the only one who doesn't find Christopher Guest's movies

You MUST check out this Youtube video of an undiscovered but incredibly talented British person!

Today's right-wing Facebook disconnect...respecting Obama, yet not respecting him.

Is it me or does this defeat two purposes in one?

Impossible. Steroid dealer claims sales to Washington Nationals players.

DU Song Of The Day

I would have gone to prom if I could look like this.

Is anyone familiar with the actor Gary Graham?

My pet rat died this morning =(

I think I broke my big toe.

God, why do I do these things?

Worst idea ever of the year

check out this fascinating painting

Who is this?

I friggin hate Scorpions

So who's going to watch "The Goode Family" tonight?

Here are a few anti-scorpion tips that worked for me!

Why does a band-aid on the tip of my right index finger interfere with my left-hand typing?

They tried waterboarding Chuck Norris... and the water confessed to everything

kitten picture of the day for wednesday may 27

Some of the more entertaining comments on a CA/gay marriage discussion board

If I had to be sick, it seems a good day for it...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/27/2009)

Today's non-sequitur thread.

Important note: Giant Blob found Deep Within the Earth

Grand Jury Testimony... should it be treated like Jury Duty by the employer?

Is it okay that I covered the bathroom mirror at work with vaseline?

The truth is a three-edged sword.

Right-Wingers Already on the Attack: Claim Sotomayor Hired LEGAL Canadian Gardeners

I've seen a few posts about this so I'm curious

So you wanted a model train...How about the largest model RR in

How do you grill?

Pictures of President Obama's Heliocopter land from my office window

Anita Wood...

Every year this English footrace cracks me up.

Cwydro -- I have a message for you

Well, I just finished watching the first season of "Heroes"

I've been thinking of going with the patchouli odor. How do I maintain the aura and how much...

I'd like to put something truly random in my work fridge. Any suggestions?

Where is the best place to order a JohnnyDepp poster?

What is the point in having a Democratic majority in Congress, and a Democratic president?

So I did a blog entry about right-wing hypocrisy, and got a Facebook response:

Anybody ever have an earworm that haunts them intermittently for weeks?

The only thing worse than going through menopause . . .

Do you ever post so furiously that you get armpit sweat rings on the outside of your parka?

Anyone see Zambrano throw the umpire out of the game?

"My friend just got back from Belgium and all she got me was this..."

Yes! New season of "Wipeout" starts tonight!

The Rod Stewart Rule (or, you get to change the radio station if you don't like.....)

Bucky is walking through the Lounge farting, not even trying to stop himself.

Might as well say 'bye'; I just installed a Windows Service Pack without waiting for the fixes &

Coworker is walking by cubicles farting, not even trying to stop herself.

to the grammar nazis here on DU

Freaked out: I'm not even fit to have animal companions.

This is a real animal:

DAMN! I bought a gal. of gloss white paint today for $60.00!

Any one rember the 80's show "Tales From The Darkside"

Pierre.Suave, I feel your pain...

Japanese popular culture never ceases to amaze

Lithgow Versus Dexter in Season 4

itunes question

Summer camps for kids - what are your teens doing this summer?

For dinner this evening *DAD* (me) has decided on

Bill O'Reilly has his head so far up his ass he needs a window in this belly to look out.

The a/c guy is finally here.

WTF? Indeed.

WTF? Indeed.

Questions, questions... curious... I feel like a cat...

its nice to know that an airborne virus will still stop when it sees barbed wire

Do you like howling at the moon? Check this out.

I swear, Obama has it easy with North Korea. He should change my sons diaper for a challenge.

I've decided *NOT* to spank my Monkey

This is the wrong spot for sports threads but...

Internet dating horror stories

Go ahead and put me on ignore....

Everybody loves a three-way, so...

To all Mets fans......

Meanwhile, back in Wasilla

I've decided *NOT* to spay my Chihuahua

Tonight sucks on TV.

I've decided *NOT* to *spray* my yellow lab

Where Is The Buckaroo Banzai Sequel or Remake?!

The Umbrela...

and locked

Good morning Lounge

America's Next Top Kitten.......

Post your thinly veiled callouts of other DUers here

I love Ignored

Time Warp (Discovery Channel) has jumped the shark

okay, i love my brother but

Wings, BABY!

Who else is drunk and still not smoking?

What REALLY happened to Calvin of "Calvin & Hobbes"?

Our new master

Hip Replacement Gives Dog New Lease On Life!

"The monks are not in heaven because they fuck the wives of Ely."


what's up with cats and dogs needing to sleep with us?

Hypothetical question about driving on the East Coast:

No RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread until Next Week...

Failed ideas for restaurant chains.

Who else likes KFC's new grilled chicken?

It's 100 degrees here

Rec this thread if you want to restore the '¢' key to its rightful spot on the keyboard.

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) Cam is online!

There's a guy in my class who is driving me absolutely CRAZY! Please say nice things to me...

should i finally break down and pay for a professional to write my resume?

Men Loungers! It's well along in the afternoon now. Let me ask you.

I love "ignore".

Does someone you know do something for fun that you find terrifying?

Iphone owners, what apps have you found with a great concept but fail in practice?

The easiest way to put the Snuffleupagus behind bars? Three little words: "random drug testing"

This belongs on a t-shirt

This belongs on a t-shirt

So, what do we have to do to get WillPitt to go to BB's meetup?

My son got a Wii for his birthday and I'm sore as f*ck!!!

Tallywhacker or The Unit?


I swear I have cheated the library.

When do you give up and decide a concert is too awful to endure any longer?

Self Deleted. This discussion is getting way too esoteric. NT.

OK Folks! Champions League Final!!!! Barcelona - Manchester United!!

How do I help my cat with his anxiety...?

Have you ever been almost driven to tears because of fractions?

finally moved the chicks to their crib

Susan Boyle has two meltdowns in one day

Fellow musicians, I'm playing a live gig on Saturday. My first in over 5 years.

When do you give up and decide a movie is too fucking stupid to continue?

In case you missed this on "America's Next Top Model"...

Who Gets Your Vote For Worst Fast Food? Examples?

My secret shame.

Cat in China grows a pair of wings

Who Gets Your Vote For Best Fast Food?

Tell me what you think, please, about this cat...

Who does the best version of Long Black Veil?

Match Game Story: "Little Louie's boiling linguicidal rage found release ____ recess on Thursday"

The cruelest thing I ever heard a parent say to a child.

Here's an inspirational song for you gardeners

A republican cut my hair today

DU Meetup

IPECAC DAYS: My new blog.

Disturbing news: I am not in my brother's will, which apparently involves 3 mystery jars

Food that makes you...uh...sick.

Like long time Senators, long time judges have a long track record

“’Is this real? Can you believe it?’”

Obama’s Guantánamo Appeasement Plan

Joe Bageant on bailouts

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on Sotomayor

The Repuke commentariat will shred (is shredding) Sotomayor. Repuke Senators will fold

Sotomayor Nomination - GOP says Latino Values not right for Supreme Court

US wants to paint the world white to save energy

Obama High Court Choice Poses Political ‘Peril’ for Republicans

President Obama as "The Freshman" (PHOTOS)

President Obama as "The Freshman" (PHOTOS)

Sonofagun. Turley's remarks are now r/w talking points.

Ginsburg and Sotomayor: A clear example of how far to the right Senate pukes have moved

Wild-eyed radicals

People: You look like freeper morans when you spell it "Sotomayer"...

Uh-oh! Sotomayor cited a socialist in her yearbook quote. Call the outrage police!

Sotomayor confirmation fight may fizzle, not sizzle

Sotomayor confirmation fight may fizzle, not sizzle

Antitrust laws a threat to President Obama's Healthcare reform plans

Disruption of Congress or Corruption of Congress--Single Payer Trial for the Baucus 13

North Korea's nuke test could have positive outcome

Did the recent California Supreme Court decision rule on the federal constitutionality of Prop. 8?

Egyptian Foreign Minister Speaks lives, but all I heard was Andrea Mitchell talking!

Th question to ask about Sotomayor is not

Joan Walsh: Buchanan on Sotomayor: "Not that intelligent"

NC-Sen: Burr Under 50 Against All Comers

Obama's Pick Is a Winner, Already

Limbaugh slams Sotomayor: 'Reverse racist' (CNN)

Department Of Justice Hires Blog Outreach Person

CNN showing Obama's speech on Solar Energy right Now!

White House Smacks Gingrich For Calling Sotomayor A Racist

Obama Revamps National Security Posts

Pelosi briefing secret, says Taylor (D MS-4)

Bill Maher doesn't get it regarding the financial crisis. Durbin: 'Banks frankly own the place.'

bwahahahaha! Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)

Where can I find video of Rove vs Carville that CNN just showed?

Has Obama spoken out about Prop 8 yet?

I did not get the memo where jumping the shark hit the wall & was thrown under the bus

Pat Buchannan's racism never ceases to amaze me.

Y'know what I'd love to see from the majority in both houses (well, the Senate mainly)

I really like the tactics the right wing is using to attack Sotomayor

Unhealthy association for Bayh

Wendy Long appeared on several shows yesterday, objecting to Sotomayor

"Latina woman racist should also withdraw."

WSJ: Banks lobby to be able to buy up their own securities in the PPIP auctions later this summer

Against All Odds: What the World Will See in Sotomayor

Heads Up: SoS Clinton on now with Egyptian Foreign Minister

It's really hard talking to Repukes nowadays.

Darth Cheney: Powell Welcome In GOP -- But Party Must Remain Conservative

Putting aside the stupidity of the "empathy" charge, isn't the Chief Justice guilty of it?

Damn it Sestak, Why are you messing up my life for the next 12 months!!!!!

GOP, please filibuster Sotomayor so Obama can appoint a real judical activist

Rush has the new bullshit talking point. Expect to be hearing the word

The Sotomayor Statement re: Experience White Men v Latina Women. In Context.

Burris is as lame a duck if there ever was one...

TPM Exclusive: Sestak Intends to Run for Senate in PA against Specter

Can't remember? Has there ever been an ad campaign for a SCOTUS nominee?

LOL! Joe Klein on "Newtwition" - He needs a designated grownup who will ground his blackberry...

Laurence O'Donnell vs. Pat on MSNBC NOW

Countdown: Rep. Culbertson TX 7th District

Obama to Speak in Cairo, but Where? (NYT)

I predict that if Scalia or Thomas decides to hanf up the robes that HRC might be in line for SCOTUS

Why hasn't anyone in the media pointed out that Rush also called OBAMA a "reverse racist"?

Republicans Will Not Fight Over Sotomayor

Portman pays visit to VA on eve of holiday

NYC-Mayor: Weiner Is Out, Officially

Sotomayor rejected the New Haven firefighters' claim because it threatened to burn down civil rights

Republicans have been afraid of Judge Sotomayor for a long time

A reductionist view of modern American politics

"World Economy Stabilizing: Krugman".....

Disruption of Congress or Corruption of Congress--Single Payer Trial for the Baucus 13

Woo HOO! - McCain on Hannity - Concerned about Sotomayor statements

Single-payer health care would cost a small fraction compared to Obama's trillion-$$ plan

President and First Lady to chair Book festival

Obama touts 100 days of economic stimulus

Anyone hear Biden's friendly jab at Obama about his teleprompter today?

PHOTOS Whoah, Loving those Lights (The President at Caesar's Palace, May 26)

Pawlenty to DNC chief: Butt out of Senate race

Hardball is ON: Watch Burris get destroyed, AGAIN...

Michael Steele: Empathisize on your behind!!

Limpballs: "The Republican Party is today's oppressed minority"

How does this Supreme Court look like?

Did Obama Just Use the Sotomayor Nomination To Lock in Florida?

Who was the "reporter" that just asked Gibbs about Obama's birth certificate?

Not giving up on the teleprompter thing (Fox News)

The Potential Romance Between Obama and Netanyahu

Huckabee to Back Rubio in Florida Senate Race (filed under the Coming Republican Civil War)

Mortgage Modification System threatens Housing

Obama was Magna Cum Laude, and Sotomayor was Summa Cum Laude. So does that mean...

Obama wants classified information review

Idea # 1 for a more peaceful and happy, fulfilled life: KILL YOUR TV!

Source: Obama's pick wasn't pegged to Scalia - looking for someone to win over Justice Kennedy

Source: Obama's pick wasn't pegged to Scalia - looking for someone to win over Justice Kennedy notice how few people refer to Rove as a genius anymore!

I like Sotomayor.

Ted Olson (yeah that Ted Olson) goes to court on behalf of gay marriage

Wouldn't u love to see President Obama teach a class for an hr or so?

PHOTOS The President at Nellis Air Force Base

Health care: "If we had set out to design the worst system we could imagine...

Wonkette: "National Review: We Pronounce ‘Sotomayor’ However We WANT"

Change? Don't think so - US Army Prepared to Stay in Iraq for a Decade

Turley "No one would suggest that Sotomayor is not incredibly bright"

Ed Show: Killing Public Option--I HATE the Senate!!

Ed Show: Rep. Joe Sestak said he will be running in Pennsylvania.

Cases, talks offer hints to her views

PA-Sen: Sestak Tells Supporters That He Intends to Challenge Specter

PHOTOS The First Lady - New Official Photos

Question just now to Gibbs from Lester of wnd-"Why won't Obama release his birth certificate?"

Hartmann bashing Sotomayor

Miss. governor responds to presidential bid rumors

Is there another Jonathan Turley that I don't know about?

Cheney again-when does this fuck go away?

Did Tweety just get Burris to convict himself on national television?

Jonathan Turley is an EMBARRASSMENT!

Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape'

An open letter to President Obama.

Taking it to court in Minneapolis: Fight against foreclosure and eviction

Could a teenage girl topple Berlusconi?

Two killed in Arizona graduation shooting

Chrysler on Pace for Swift Finish to Restructuring-Judge to Rule On Asset Sale To Fiat Group

Former Bush lawyer sues to overturn Prop 8

Genetics-based products stir concerns

Obama promotes clean energy, stimulus in Nevada

Showdown in NSA Wiretap Case: Judge Threatens Sanctions Against Justice Department

At Least 23 Are Killed in Huge Bomb Blast in Pakistan

Reba McEntire asks judge for leniency in friend's conspiracy case

Congress (I) to fund Slumdog kids' homes

Mehserle's defense says Grant was resisting (BART)

Iraq roadside bombing kills 3 Americans

Mexico detains 10 mayors for alleged drug ties

Obama High Court Choice Poses Political ‘Peril’ for Republicans

Russian firm invests $200M in Facebook

2 plead guilty in Miami Beach weapons contracting case

CIA Briefers Regularly Mislead Hill Intelligence Panels, Ex-Spy Charges

Cyclone Aila toll up to 181 in India, Bangladesh

UPDATE: Global Cos Vie For $12B India Defense Contracts

Former NYPD commissioner Kerik indicted

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System to trim equivalent of 350 full-time jobs

Top Republican undermines attack on Sotomayor by admitting courts make laws

Top Republican undermines attack on Sotomayor by admitting courts make laws

China lawyers: Touchy cases could mean disbarment

Liberal group runs first pro-Sotomayor ad

Father of Bronx terror plot suspect David Williams says feds set up son

Found: The Earliest Known Leprosy Patient

Sessions says no Sotomayor filibuster -- yet

Rehab for Terrorists?

Feds End Prosecution of GOP Organizer

Napolitano: 9/11 terrorists did not enter US from Canada

China protesters see red over Pelosi visit

Fort Campbell training soldiers to prevent suicide

China debates its bond with North Korea

Court: Suspects can be interrogated without lawyer

Army base shuts down for anti-suicide event

Napolitano clarifies Sept. 11 remarks

Police: Woman Says "Bite Me"; Cop Complies

No exceptions to Israeli settlement freeze

(Chevrolet) Dealership loss rips fabric of Pa. town

Gay marriage battle to return to Calif. ballot

Around The World

Marijuana grower loses to robbers, then police

Clinton and Bush to clash for cash in Canada

Anti-communist protestors outside Orange County Vietnamese newspaper deemed public nuisance

U.S. changes stance on Cuba's inclusion in OAS

Feds end prosecution of GOP organizer

Sri Lanka army kills 11 Tamil rebels in east

Troops kill 10 rebels in southern Philippines

Italian spies to take stand at CIA kidnapping trial

White House tries to prove Sotomayor's smarts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 27

Gingrich 'tweets' that Sotomayor is a racist.

National security adviser: US safer under Obama

Legacy Emanuel opens new store aimed at keeping kids safe

Green-glowing monkeys have green-glowing babies

Youth diabetes in Europe set to explode: study

Plan to Buy Bad Loans Founders

Man pleads not guilty to killing Chandra Levy

IL Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Hamas backers jailed in Texas (BBC)

Ex-Soldier Arrested for Víctor Jara Murder (famous Chilean folk/protest singer)

Exxon CEO sees fossil fuel dominating beyond 2030 (*cough*bullshit*cough*)

Cuba announces new austerity plan

States Consider Cutting Drug Help For Seniors

Once Considered Unthinkable, U.S. Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look

Iraq to arrest 1,000 'corrupt' officials

Alert level raised on North Korea

Siberian child 'raised by dogs'

Accenture to shift incorporation to Ireland (to put a smiley face on tax dodging)

SIBEL EDMONDS: Announcing 'Project Expose MSM'

Hialeah teacher charged with having sex with student, 15

EXCLUSIVE: Sestak Intends To Run For (PA) Senate

North Korea Threatens Armed Strike, End to Armistice

Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage

Single-Regulator Plan for Banks Now Close

China warns Federal Reserve over 'printing money'

NAACP Branch Readies for Confederate Flag Fight

CIA, intel director locked in spy turf battle

Guns-in-parks goes to Tennessee governor

Photos show rape and sex abuse in Iraq jails-paper

Lahore blast causes 'large number of casualties' (Pakistan)

Senator Hatch Opposed Filibustering Judicial Nominees

Senator McConnell Opposed Filibustering Judicial Nominees Part 1

A New Approach to the War on Terror

The Path to a Green Economy

Gen. Karpinski = A Few Bad Apples Myth

Rachel Maddow & The Supreme Court

Obama Promises Made in Las Vegas:Health Care, Fiscal Discipline, Education, Energy!

Tancredo: Sotomayor "Appears To Be A Racist"

The Republican Study Committee Stands With All Americans

TYT: Newt Gingrich Admits GOP a Party of Cowards, says 'Fear is appropriate', paints Cheney as wuss

DAY ONE: Palestine Festival of Literature, Michael Palin's Festival Blog

Native Gatorade Commercial

Rush Limbaugh Calls Sotomayor And Obama Racist

The Happy Torturer

FL: Openly gay candidate in Florida gets a standing ovation

Gavin Newsom On Larry King's Show Prop 8

Sotomayor Critic Says She's Not Qualified - Picked Because of Race and Gender (Turley Used)

Bill Moyers and Donna Smith American SICKO

PALFEST 2009: Suheir Hammad Performs in Ramallah

Coulter On Sotomayor: Clarence Thomas & Miguel Estrada's Backgrounds Didn't Impress Democrats

Gonzo: Don't Blame Me For Torture -- I Wasn't At DOJ Yet

Rep. Sestak (D-PA) = Intention to Run for Senate

TYT: Debunking The GOP's Dirty Attacks Against Sotomayor

Canadian Governor General, Michaelle Jean Eats Raw Seal Heart

Red Band Marine Recruiting Video - Declassified?

Pat Buchanan on Sotomayor: She's an Affirmative Action appointment, for Heaven's sake...

CNN IReport on No Need For Insurance Companies

CNN: James Carville Takes On Karl Rove At NYC Debate

Hospitals Being Bought up in Advance of Socialized Medicine Non-Profit Religious Right

Fear in flower: Supermax lockup is plenty tight (Evans | Daily Camera)

Freedom is worth the risks (Pitts)

Gonzo: Don't Blame Me For Torture -- I Wasn't At DOJ Yet (TPM)

The (almost) complete Rosen article oft quoted by Republicans opposing Sotomayor

Cheney wants us to stop asking questions ( Papantonio | Pensacola News Journal)

Could a teenage girl topple Berlusconi?

Could a teenage girl topple Berlusconi?

Asia Times: The wreck of modern finance

The GOP's Feigned Outrage (Frank | WSJ)

Not Bloody Likely, Norm

More fun with Dick and Dick (Carpenter | Indy Star)

Prussia on the Mediterranean?

David Sirota: Teabags vs. Douchebags

Robert Reich: Sotomayor and the Republicans

More RNC Talking Points on Sotomayor Nomination Leaked!

Robert Reich: The only sure way to fund universal healthcare

Garrison Keillor: It's not about me

ACLU In Court In Case Of South African Scholar Banned From U.S.

NYT: The New Justice

NY Times: A Job and No Mortgage for All in a Spanish Town

When Layoffs Are Immoral

Listening to Burris (Chapman | Chicago Trib)

Huckabee Predicts Huge Sotomayor Battle, Between the Jets and Sharks

The New Republic: Why Sotomayor Is Such A Good Pick (Chemerinsky)

SCREAM RAPE and nothing happens. That Biskupic got to keep his job of course

Judge Sonia Sotomayor's life in pictures

Robert Scheer: Stuff the Bankers, Starve the Kids

Greenwald: Alito's immigrant background shaped him, but Sotomayor is a 'racist'!

Nightmare on Cheney Street

Judge Sotomayor c-span archive:

The Next Wave

Racist Right Claims Sonia Has a Lotta' Splainin' To Do

Luckovich illustrates the GOP's 'Big Tent'.... great cartoon!

Militant anti-gay church turns its sights on Jews (Westboro Baptist)

How Bad Was Gitmo?

No More Mr. Nice Gay

After Iraq, it's not just North Korea that wants a bomb

Financial Times: Re-regulation won't curb Wall Street's worst excesses

Supreme Court's pregnant pause painful for many retiring women

Packing Heat in Our National Parks: How Did We Let the Gun Fanatics Get Their Way?

Class Warfare - The War Is Over. The Good Guys Lost.

Placebo Presidency: A Call for the Audacity of Hopelessness

"the best article you'll see this year on American health care"

US: H-1B workers outnumber unemployed techies

Cross post from Eds&Articles: A Job and No Mortgage for All in a Spanish Town

Cuba now exporting green technology experts

Queen's geologist helps in search for Colombia’s ‘disappeared’

The leader of the team of assassins in Bolivia made trips to Miami!

The Shameful History of the OAS (Part II)

RIGHTS-CHILE: Ex-Soldier Arrested for Víctor Jara Murder

Hearse Driver Stops At Bar, Never Makes It to Cemetery

HAITI: Father Jean-Juste, Human-Rights Crusader, dies in Miami

"Cheney and Rumsfeld pressured CIA to mislead Congress in the 1970's, too" by Margie Burns

Obama officials come to NW to learn salmon issues

US steelworkers form unlikely alliance as renewables reinvigorate rustbelt

DrumBeat: May 27, 2009

Melting Greenland Ice Sheets May Threaten Northeast United States, Canada (more than thought)

Rapid Recovery of Damaged Ecosystems (given human will)

Lesson from the past for surviving climate change—Research examines how past communities coped …

Seeing beyond the invisible: Scientists find formula to uncover our planet’s past and help predict…

W/O Binding Agreement(s), Global CO2 Output From 29 Billion MT In 2006 To 40.4 Billion MT By 2040

Imperial Oil Moving Forward With $7 Billion+ Plan For New Tar Sands Development - NYT

Face-off Over 'Fracking': Water Battle Brews On Hill

Research suggests we may be genetically programmed to care about the long-term future

Forest offsets give EPA regulators some tough nuts to crack

If Lovelock's Too Upbeat For You, Check This Out - The Medea Hypothesis, From Peter (Green Sky) Ward

Nobu Tells Patrons Not To Eat Bluefin Tuna Sushi, But Of Course Serves It Anyway - Mongabay

New Warning of Rising Sea Levels in Northeast

PEMEX Asks Mexico's Finance Ministry For An Extra $1.5 Billion (US) To Fight Peso Slump

Cape Wind wins near final approval

Observing wind farms from 35,000 feet

Obama Dedicates $467 Million of Recovery Act Funding for Geothermal and Solar Projects

John Michael Greer - A Guide For The Perplexed - Energy Bulletin

a Chicago D.J's clever little rant on environmentalism

The nuclear-power lobby—Subsidies, protests, lawsuits, and a billionaire’s bond election…

US bike sales higher than car sales in 2009

BMW electric MINI, delivered to customer

I don't know if GM will survive but here's MTs review of the Cruze - the car that will save GM?

Bright Automotive Unveils 100 mpg Hybrid Truck (AP/USNews)

Rising sea levels: Survival tips from 5000 BC

Fearing For Fish, Cancer Clusters, 33 NWT Towns Call For Tar Sands Moratorium - G&M

Adaptation Emerges As Key Part Of Any Climate Change Plan

Nearly 200 Dead, 500K Displaced As Cyclone Slams Into Bangladesh, Sundarban Islands

Canada's Governor General gets to the heart of the matter

Much needed straight talk about Indirect Land Use Changes and Biofuels from Oak Ridge National Lab

Portland plans to test 'buffered bike lanes'

Stanford scientists create a synthetic wood substitute, for flooring and furniture.

Even Cowher couldn't save the Canes

Bruins' Jacobs hopes Winter Classic goes to Fenway

Barcelona? Respect.

NYT: Mesmerizing Barcelona Beat Manchester United With Style in Champions League Final

Kuroda makes his final rehab start today, and the Dodgers improve to 33-15

Wings win in OT! Off to punish the Penguins again!

LOL!!! Pitt fans angry Bill Cowher supported Hurricanes over Penguins

While the Dodgers were playing yet another below .500 team..

Peter Zezel, 44, longtime NHL player

What are your 2009 NFL season thoughts? I predict the

Today in labor history May 26 The Memorial Day Massacre, in which ten strikers were killed by police

Today in labor history May 27

Trio of Unionists Confirmed for Obama Administration Posts

Breaking... To be posted on union boards around the USA: Sotomayor's Rulings Uphold Workers' Rights


Scripps-Howard News: Breast feeding linked to heart health (U.Pgh. study)

Ginger Helps Reduce Nausea from Chemotherapy (NCI)

Acid Blockers Linked to Pneumonia Risk

How soup can help you lose weight (BBC)

Hard-to-Insure Find Novel Way to Get Coverage

Sorta health care related, to add a bit of levity to our Health Forum.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown predicts universal health care by end of year

Flu shots don’t save seniors' lives, study finds

I went to the rally at the old Orange County courthouse last night

What Does the CA.Constitution Actually Say RE: Gay Marriage?

Oh dear .....

Hispanics Back Gay Marriage at Same Rates as Whites (Nate Silver)

Why the ballot box and not the courts should be the next step

I am not ...

Is there a way for straight allies of GBLT to identify themselves?

'Rights Again in 2010'

Obama just landed at LAX

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

An expression of support

So the Annointed One is at a fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton

"I could do the research."?????

Here's the real question: What have GAYS done to incur the venom we save for Dick Cheney and his ilk

never mind

New Yorkers divided on gay marriage

American Foundation for Equal Rights: Who are they? (Olson/Boies Prop 8 federal lawsuit)

OK, here is a TERRIBLE photo of me at the rally yesterday

Protesting this weekend? I've got some rules for ya!

Prop 8 Ruling Moves to Federal Court

Militant anti-gay church turns its sights on Jews (Westboro Baptist)

Levi’s Adopts a Tie-In With a Gay Marriage Symbol

Check out what Commie Pinko Dirtbag made!

Taking a break tomorrow night from the Prop 8 shit ....

LGBT Orgs: don't file lawsuits leading to SCOTUS now

NYT: AT&T influenced idol vote for Kris with texting cheats to the large Allen parties

I'm convinced that Boies and Olson are right - and they know they have the votes

Obama's silence on Prop 8, DADT, and other GLBT rights is deafening.

The real next front should be DOMA, forget CA. DOMA is the Key

February 2008- And B.O. Says:

Parents and I (gmother) are debating putting 7 yr. old

Police likely to indict (Avigdor) Lieberman within weeks

Good resources for checking laws on guns

Toledo police layoffs leading to gun buying by citizens

The NRA/GOP 'runs' pro-2A posters here like ANSWER 'ran' opposition to the Iraq war.

The 2009 Arab Public Opinion Poll: A View from the Middle East

Prussia on the Mediterranean?

US calls for total settlement freeze ahead of Abbas meeting

MKs support arrest over denial of Israel's existence

ADL Head Slams Loyalty Oath For Arab Israelis

Ideas For Compromise

Weekly Audit: Why Accountability Matters

What California can learn from North Dakota

JPMorgan’s WaMu Windfall Turns Bad Loans Into Income (Enron Accounting)

Selfish Exxon shareholders vote down climate change report...

France and Germany helping employers to keep employees

Strange but true.. Credit Default Swaps are Back!

"the IMF is more or less a branch of the US Treasury"

The Next Leg Down

The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold

Are these 'Mystery Shopping Assignments' a job scam? If so how?

The Crisis Is Over, And We Wasted It

WARNING!!!! EXPLICIT!!! Seagull Porn

A question for birdwatchers. (no picture)

My first post here with an extremely large pic: Smokey Dreams

Some backyard friends

My daughter is so wise...

I'm playing with my peepers

Film Pictures Found on Disc--Part I(Color)

Western NC mountains...small church and a busy bee

Film Pictures Found on Disc- Part II (B&W)

First blooming Iris in my rain soaked back yard

Israelis get four-fifths of scarce West Bank water, says World Bank

***June Photo Contest Theme Poll***

Decoding Earthquakes/Astro stats/charts, etal

Matthew's Message for May is up

Scientists are looking for a "GOD" chemical!

Most Recent Web Bot Predictions

I need your opinion, the planets can be personified

Your mid-week LOL

Care to share your experience with Chrion?

Museums and TV have dinosaurs' posture all wrong, claim scientists

Is anyone here macrobiotic?

"Nedim Gursel: Turkish Author Tried For Insulting Islam"

Christian school silences democrats:

"Today’s decision by the California Supreme Court is welcome" says LDS spokesman:

The God Chemical: Brain Chemistry and Mysticism - series on NPR

Note to Atheists: Be More Funny

Well, if this isn't fun ..........

Grand experiment version 2.0

The best part is the end "shows over"

When did the recovery effort for Flight 93 passengers end?


Path of Least Resistance

Strike Article 33 from HB 300

Texas House runs out clock on voter-ID bill

Panel urges impeachment of federal judge in Texas

Twilight actor to star as Varg Vikernes

Terminator: Salvation. Who saw it? Who also thinks it sucked?*mild spoilers*

Manning to Harper: Clarify how government divvies up research cash

Opposition demands PM fire Flaherty over ballooning deficit

Chalk River reactor shutdown to last at least 3 months: AECL

Standards Council rules against CTV on Dion