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Preventing The Next Terrorist Attack

Susan Boyle Semi-Finals - Britains Got Talent

What is the purpose of the IQ Game that is advertised on DU.

Where are my frogs, or tadpoles? Do you have them? nt

Los Angeles Times editorial: Obama's promise to gays

to all of you shouting "xx% of the people want this to happen, and our dems better vote that way"...

Faces of the Fallen....Iraq and Afghanistan

IRAQ: 22 Killed; roadside bombs, drive-by shootings, suicide bombers and execution-style killings

IRAQ: 22 Killed; roadside bombs, drive-by shootings, suicide bombers and execution-style killings

I heard that two men are 'coming home', and it will be 'advertised' on

China 'Resolutely Opposes' DPRK's Nuclear Test

The face of the first European

Remember when the US media got caught faking automobile crash tests?

“Somewhere, someone in Al-Qaeda must be laughing.”

What's your guess as to when Obama will select his SCOTUS nominee?

The Guiding Light Angel Board - Ouija board for God


Former state GOP official gets 7-year prison term

In Somalia, Sufis are fighting back against the Islamic Fundamentalists

The only person standing....

A friend of mine said something brilliant about love, I agree:

Group Says Coal Protesters Unable to Make Bail.

I applaud Sec Clinton and Obama on the new benefits for the State Dept

Ever heard of the "performance tax"?

Triple distilled batshit insanity... courtesy of The Weekly Standard

animal shelters - need advice

"Dick Cheney is a War Criminal". That Gary Trudeau...

The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right

"Bailout" for Madoff investors??

How many gas engines do you own?

Spain's Judges Cross Borders in Rights Cases

When Praying at Graduation, Silence is Golden

In Flanders Fields

Why not charge any foreign terrorist under existing piracy statutes and

why isnt nancy stopping the flu?

Corporations Now Widely Using Wal-Mart Tactics, New Report on Unionbusting Finds

Asking help for graduate school application essay

Memorial Day Special…Winter Soldier on the Hill: War Vets Testify Before Congress

A song for Memorial Day

"Happy Memorial Day, Errol!" WTF?!

"Pregnancy and childbirth kill more than 536,000 women a year"

Memorial Day Sales (slam on Ace Hardware)

Memorial Day gets sadder every year that goes by without Peace.

Every Memorial Day

Dickipedia: John Boehner

They can huff and puff but they won't mount a successful filibuster

“When the final history is written on Iraq, it will look like just a comma”

Memorial Day Remembrances of Yesteryear

Schwarzenegger Apparently To Recommend Effectively Closing California State Office Of AIDS

Memorial Day Weekend at Fort Snelling

Single Payer

Memorial Day Remembrance

How long is it before Fox News claims that Bush was inaugurated on Sept 12, 2001

The cavalcade of GOP attack dogs

Why did Durbin not correct Gingrich on this statement?

H1N1 flu spreads to Taiwan, Kuwait, Iceland: WHO

Sen. Ben Nelson, ?-NE hopes he won't "feel the need" to filibuster Obama's SCOTUS pick. WTF?

Susan Boyle secures a spot on 'Britain's Got Talent' finals*UPDATED

Report Projects Up To 66 Million Americans Could be Uninsured by 2019 without Health Reform.

Sure has been a recession of hate mail posted lately - what's up Skinner

ConAgra to Recycle Poop-Tainted Meat into Canned Chili and Pet Food

My solution for the Gitmo detainees: Sheriff Joe


msnbc...gasoline up 37 cents in the last month

What is your personal relationship with the credit card industry?

Jesse Ventura on Fox and Friends Video

Republican Talking Points Generator

Finally, Science Answers the Burning Question: Is It True Birds Can't Fart?

Tiny seahorse, ghost slug on list of top 10 new species

Explosion rocks Upper East Side in New York

A realistic discussion about the financial crisis and how to deal with it?

ABC News: Obama SC pick may have "empathy" and be counter balance to Scalia

Just so you know everyone...Jesus was not a Jew, he was a Christian

Eternal (a Memorial Day poem)

'Single Payer' is stupid.

Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze

Progressives, What will it take to open your eyes?

A salute to a few veterans of the United States military services

An Extra Wreath for Obama on Memorial Day

"45,000 people die every year because they don't have health insurance."

In Georgia, Segregation Endures On Prom Night



Only In America

What did you take away from Benjamin Button?

Here's how one is "insulted" in 2009 hotlinking a sports avatar:

And a Newt shall lead them:

WOW this place has been empty all weekend

Obama lays wreath at monument honoring colored soldiers: On remebering the famous 54th:

Obama lays wreath at monument honoring colored soldiers: On remebering the famous 54th:

Egyptian government blocking four international delegations to Gaza

Keep 'em out forever!

A question about water boarding in popular culture:

A golden opportunity to revamp the Voting Rights Act

All Troops Home! Please sign the petition!

Where are the regulations on the banks ?

Petition to force guns into Republican Congressional offices, Fox news, AM Radio, etc

It's OK to be gay, dude..YouTube

CNN Poll: Powell vs. Cheney and Limbaugh

CNN Poll: Powell vs. Cheney and Limbaugh

More out of touch media -

I don't know much economics. But here is why I don't trust the right wingers on economics...

Democrats Are Hot

In California, 49% oppose gay marriage. 47% support it (new SurveyUSA poll)

Townhall "Really Talented Performer Wins American Idol; Liberals Blame Christians"

Just Got A Tea Party RoboCall - Did You?


Ivy League dreams come true with liquor magnate's gift

Cavs Sign Ownership Deal With China Group

The Day of the Dead

The Nation: Yet Another Bogus 'Terror' Plot

McDonalds refuses to use humane cage-free eggs - Humane Society

War's to be fought by "Drone Warfare." Gamers and the Rest decide who lives and dies..

Did I miss the GOP apologizing?

Memorial Day

Torture can get to the truth

One Ohio town's struggle to survive in hard times

News Directly from North Korea!

Mike Tyson's Daughter Found Hanging From Cord

Dick Cheney is America's #1 Terrorist

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

How many gas engines do you own?

Predict Tomorrow's CA Supreme Court Ruling

Will Proposition 8 be declared unconstitutional?

Yahoo: Komodo dragon attacks terrorize Indonesia villages

I KNEW the GOP was and is evil. Now here's proof:

Rove: Torture memos an “attempt to constrain behavior”

A Shout-Out to the Moderators

An old friend is in trouble and we pitched in today

Gay Marriage Supporters To Hold Prayer Service

Frontline: The Jesus Factor: On Bush's fundamentalism

Have you ever checked out or ordered a book with the intent of getting flagged?

"Radio Canada rapped for Obama assassination joke"

Has anyone purchased a can of soup lately?

Traces of Cocaine Found in Red Bull Cola--May Be Banned in Germany

Every time a Rethug claims drowing is not torture....

Every time a Rethug claims drowing is not torture....

Don't play pool with this "Little Sniper"... (23 months old)

This Memorial Day I Stood At The Grave of Gen. Andrew Jackson

New York set to ban cars from Times Square

Josh Marshall: Speaker Gingrich? What About FORMER Speaker Gingrich?

Racist East Texas home of David Koresh cheats kid out of Gold medal

DU this poll. Who is more + for Rep party, Cheney or Powell?

Liberals Sketch Out Dreams and Limits for Supreme Court

In Honor of our Brave Men and Women

Girl taught that minorities should die

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets' - Judge Threatens To Penalize U.S. In Wiretap Case

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets' - Judge Threatens To Penalize U.S. In Wiretap Case

A good friend and medical marijuana patient died last week

Some of you need to revisit Romer vs Evans (Colo Amendment 2)

A friend said something wise today , in lieu of Memorial day

Tweety's gonna be on Charlie Rose tonight

Has anyone heard from Oilwellian lately?

Has anyone heard from Oilwellian lately?

Huffington Post: A Tool For The GOP?

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets'

Clinton to Extend Benefits to Gay Partners

How will the CA Supreme Court Rule?

If Obama Cedes Ground on Torture to Cheney, We'll All Pay a Heavy Price

From now on, after hearing someone else suggest it, I will no longer call it "waterboarding."

Desperate Russians won't turn up their nose at expired food

The Soldier's Kitten

Dollars & Sense: The Sinking Dollar

Ecuadorians Sue Chevron For Dumping Oil (VIDEO)

"'constitutional dictatorship' is built into our system"

Anyone else surprised (and saddened) by the blase tolerance for the death penalty in this country?

Republican or Repubstricken?

Do you blame North Korea or any country for coveting a viable nuclear deterrent?

When was the last time you saw a doctor?

My dad died while in the service of his country

What if the CA Supreme Court abolishes the 18,000 gay marriages already performed?

Bill Maher comes out for creation of a new political party...seriously!

The tortue discussion may be over...........(for them)

For-profit Insurance in Universal Health Care is Absolutely Unacceptable.

We need our own Tommy Douglas........

Hoist a glass for Red ...

'03 BUSH TOLD CHIRAC: God Wants to ME To "Erase" Mid-East Enemies "Before New Age Begins"

Have you ever not checked out or ordered a book because you were afraid it would be flagged?

I can't do it ...

omg...hate cops

What would you define as "bold" leadership?

If Obama keeps his Arlington promise, we will not have to try to figure out how to tell the troops

Theft for Fun and Profit

How proud we are, how sad. Thousands of flags, We thank you .

I'm sorry but "Protecting Our Freedoms" is pure Bullshit

Doctor Pushes Back Against Insurer Scrutiny

H1N1 Flu and Vitamin D - x

Prop 8 Ruling: Post well wishes here.

Vermont Acts to Make Drug Makers’ Gifts Public - names names & lists $$$

Nevada governor vetoes domestic partner bill: claims equal rights are subject to majority rule.

"Idiocracy" is on Comedy Central at 6PM

State of Paralysis (Krugman on California)

"No terrorist attack while Bush was president..."

How many people did we torture to death in the war on terror so far?

Bible texts misused in Rumsfeld reports, religious leaders say

2 pictures, each worth 1000 words, from the "Crooks & Liars" Web Site on this Memorial Day

Breast augmentation: do plastic surgeons charge strippers higher prices? Should they?

Dying bulldog saves owner from Grand Rapids fire

Rare explosion at Yellowstone!

DainBramaged's Mother has passed away.

For Every Death, A Hole in the World

Just watched Nat Geo about Airforce One and learned three new things

What your health care premiums are used for other than your health care.

Middle School Girls Make Instructional Video About How To Kill Classmate

My Fundee Neighbor Says "Helmets don't protect kids heads... Jesus does"

Did anyone watch PW Singer just now on C-Span Booknotes? On DRONES FOR KILLING!

Nevada governor "not interested" in shaking hands with Obama, turns down meeting

Tomorrow night I put my career on the line

GRR. One more reason to despise WalMart. Bastards!

Single Payer "IS ON THE TABLE"'s how...kinda, sorta...

Washington Post asks if mercenaries should be remembered too.

The Garden King

Smoke em if ya got em.

Orcinus: there may be a violent right-wing backlash if Prop 8 is overturned

I'm just wondering - why is it OK for Wal Mart to sell Cosmo, but not sell Green Day albums?

FREE THE DUCK advocates.

Bush's Shocking Biblical Prophecy Emerges: God Wants to "Erase" Mid-East Enemies

Operation Condor: Dirty War, Death Squads and The Disappeared

Is Citizenship A Birthright? Georgia Lawmaker Wants To End It

What 20 Million and Rush?

Should we memorialize the victims of the US invasions of Indochina and Iraq?

Kid keeping a lending library of banned books in her locker

Feingold calls Obama Out on Indefinite Detention, Sets Hearings

My right wing guest at our cookout this afternoon got drunk and threatened to kill himself.

YUM! Brands (and you wonder about the fattening of America).

Damn, I Just Saw "Doubt"

Is there anything you'd die for? Today?

Top 12 Political Comedy Movies

Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness

Jonathan Tasini: Red Herrings And Single Payer Health Care

Yippee Aye Ay Minnesota Burgers

Yippee Aye Ay Minnesota Burgers

I'm kind of pissed that the new Punch-Out game for the Wii doesn't have Mike Tyson.

Just How Big Is the Enterprise's (Star Trek) Viewscreen?

It's struggled to get over 50 in the Bay Area this weekend

You stay classy, Badger fan...

mmmmm bacon! case of 12 CANS

Obama Girl Busted!

Landon Pigg, I think I'm falling for you

New England Loungers: Who loves Building 19? Admit it!

Dedicated to the Lounge:

SON OF A BITCH! Literally!


Now it's the "You've been scammed by the Nigeria scam" scam

self delete dupe

self delete dupe

Extreme sheepherding

Is 7-Up going belly up?

Phils beat Yanks, Mets lose, Natinals beat Orioles!!!!

JJ's Chocolate Pie is so good!

Is this a oneupmanship thing? A few days ago, I went to lunch

test post. n/t

Not like I am a crazed animal rights activist but this is bullshit!

Outta Space

Good morning Lounge

"Journey To The Center Of The Mind" WTF!??!!??

Chalka Khan

It's dangerous to fool around

leeroysphitz , you sick sick bastard! I love you more than you know!

Land of the Lost marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel! How can you beat it?!?

OMG...the funniest thing happened last night.

OMG...the funniest thing happened last night.

I am staying out of GD!

Radio Voice Of Lois Lane Dies (1940's)

My new favorite commercial

'Ghostbusters 3' Progressing Nicely The gang is back together again.

Susan Boyle secures a spot on 'Britain's Got Talent' finals*UPDATED

I hope my clog-dancing upstairs neighbors like Hawkwind

What's on the grill?


I really don't have anything to say but I am posting anyway.

I want to create a thread that will FREE THE DUCK!

Cat Yodeling

I went against my rule and bought home a pet store puppy yesterday. Big mistake.

Now that Star Trek has been re-booted - isn't it time for someone

I have a money-making idea to kickstart the breast-implant industry!

For all those who fell in battle, serving our country.

Hey Bird lovers/watchers

My work just called and wants me to work tonight.

Attack of the baby

BEWARE: Woolen robed monks are hiking trails on the Kancamagus


For Memorial Day: Motorhead - 1916

How much Kahlua Mudslide can a terrier drink before getting a buzz

Susan Boyle is BACK!!

Susan Boyle is BACK!!

Jay Bennet, ex-member of Wilco, has died.

One good thing about reading the large-print edition of Harry Potter: there's a page 666

You and your clique are what's wrong with DU

Roll Call -- who has off work today?

"WARNING: Republicans Will Be Stupid." Really?

Where are my frogs, or tadpoles? Do you have them? nt

Susan Boyle Semi-Finals - Britains Got Talent

My neighbor just gave me a huge boquet of poenies

kitten picture of the day for monday may 25

Need a serious answer: Our neighbor's kids got a duck - a little fuzzy one, who

I hate everything you like. So, when you post about something that you

Is there a margarine that has no trans fat in it?

Fuck! I think my apartment has silverfish!

Plato's staring at me again.

You can only choose ONE, so which would it be: Money, Fame, Long Life or Love?

TADA! A lounge first! Midlo has a thread locked.

Match of the century! Grim Reaper vs.

What's up with MSNBC?

Shell Beau's baby Bella reminds me of our youngest Border Collie

OK who has the naked twister game???

Please, no more

Wow! I'm really zesty!!!

I've been slacking on the blog so tonight was a first

Does anybody own a newer honda civic 4 door si?

The kittens at my parents' house were killed last night

Will you guys please tell ronny to stay...

I need to get to a thousand ignores by the end of the day....

Squeeze box by the Who

Illusionist Floats In Mid-Air (video)

Keeping It Kicked

I'm just wondering - why is it OK for Wal Mart to sell Cosmo, but not sell Green Day albums?

don't mind me, I'm hiding out here after posting in LBN....

don't mind me, I'm hiding out here after posting in LBN....

Mel Gibson on Tonight show, supposed to talk about

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/25/2009)

a giant THANK YOU!

a giant THANK YOU!

I am craving French Onion Soup like crazy.

Who's raising that annoying CNN "reporter's" five kids (all sons)?

Who's raising that annoying CNN "reporter's" five kids (all sons)?

Help me out, please - what is being set back to March so as not to interfere with Christian holiday?

Help, please!

So I signed up for Netflix. What should I rent?

Endor was originally supposed to be the Wookie home planet

camera experts, need your opinion ASAP!

June 1rst, Conan O'Brien takes over at host of the Tonight Show.

What's for dinner, DU?

I need a good recipe for ribs cooked in the oven

1980s or 1990s?

I had to do a B&E today. Legally- I had the resident's permission, but still...

What do you keep stocked in your pantry at all times?

What marital arts do you do, DUers?

I Saw The New Terminator Movie and I Witnessed History ***MAJOR SPOILER***

Anybody else have weird dreams this morning?

Dear Mr. turkey hunter: You're doing it wrong.

What's a good alternative to Amazon for an online bookstore, please?

Shields: 'I Wish I'd Lost My Virginity Sooner'

We had a crazy day at the putt-putt place

Is it judgmental to call someone else judgmental?

I need to get to a thousand posts by the end of the day. Somebody help me out.

Ok so I have a completely off topic question for anyone who may know.

When did changing a diaper turn into a 30 minute chase around the house?

Do you like this car? Would you buy this car? Should I buy this car?

I truly am in my second childhood...I got myself a tricycle


Tennis fans Free streaming French open and matches you may have missed

Memorial Day TV marathons

Super-Dog uses his awesome powers for good, not evil

Please comment on the breed of my pet dog and avatar, Ginny.

Words that have no rhymes: MONTH.

DainBramaged's Mother has passed away.

Lawns are like breasts - God only made so many perfect ones out there...

What is your best potato salad recipe?

Is it possible to get half of your face tatooed to look like the terminator?

Acrylic Nails- yes or no?

"WARNING: Steam Will Be Hot." Really?

Nudity Complaint Near Maine Topless Doughnut Shop

Today, I got a new name.

Have you ever seen a thread you suspect is an inside joke and slam against another DUer...

you've just been given control of the History Channel, what programs do you add/drop?

For over 60 DUers ,or those feeling it is passing you by

Don't believe in miracles? Then what do you call this?

Should a 13 y.o. granddaughter be forced to visit grandma in a

NYT: New Justice Could Hold the Key to Presidential Power (with quotes from Kagan and Wood)

Help Obama Close Guantanamo Bay

An example of an empathy free Supreme Court:

Obama: N. Korea 'recklessly challenging' the world

Obama marks Memorial Day by meeting with Gold Star Families and visiting Arlington National Cemetery

Is there anything stopping a private non-profit health care plan?

Robert Reich: The Only Sure Way to Fund Universal Health Care

MY question: how is it Cheney was cowering in a bunker, while Bush was reading My Pet Goat?

Salazar: A Supreme suggestion

2 Pittsburgh Diner Ladies Making Pancakes at WH for Obamas & 80 Vets

How the Democrats might win Utah.

Watching "Inside the White House" 2003 on NatGeo

Google Map showing hometowns of U.S. military personnel ...

How to speak English like Obama:

Does anyone know when Congress starts their July 4th vacation?

President Barack Obama avoided a racial controversy on his first Memorial Day

AR-Sen: Griffin (R) Won't Run Against Lincoln (Apparently)

Krugman: World economy stabilizing

OMG, President Obama's speech at Arlington Cemetery is wonderful!

If Franken ever gets seated, will Nelson pull a reverse Specter? IMO this is

Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan

Cheney is attacking Obama because he's already hated as much as he can be ...

So Obama offers to meet the NV Governor. And now he declines??

President Obama's Speech at Arlington, MSNBC article and video of speech

Dear President Obama: Please Don't Honor the Arlington Confederate Monument

Obama may intentionally draw fire for his SC nominee to deflect opposition from HC & Environ legis.

It is only a matter of Time before Obama Nationalizes the Big Banks

CNN Poll: Powell favorables (70%) more than Cheney (37%) and Limpballs (30%) combined.

Matthew Alexander, Senior Army Interrogator, Dissects Cheney's lies about torture.

WP: More Than One Way to Diversify the Supreme Court: Beyond Race and Gender

"As a senior interrogator in Iraq...Let me dissect...Cheney's speech"

Torturegate, Gitmo, Pets and Strangers.

Never fear, look here:

I fear the far left is going to undermine President Obama like the far right did to Bush Sr

Do Republicans still think David Petraeus can be POTUS????

Liberals Sketch Out Dreams and Limits for Supreme Court

PHOTOS Memorial Day

The woman who Larry "The Pigman" Summers had shut up on behalf of Wall St.

Don't whine. Organize!

President; Obama's elegant solution to the "confederate wreath problem"

Time to predict President Obama's SC pick

Bush did it is only going to last so long folks

Favorites of Left Don't Make Obama's Court List

President Obama places wreaths at Confederate, African-American memorials

Women Pilots of WWII finally get their recognition

Obama is creating the new Third Way.....very "exciting"

Final Four Supreme Court Candidate Poll

God damn Obama can give a speech.

People - quit referring to it as "water boarding" or "simulated drowning"....

"In our constitutional system, prolonged detention should not be the decision of any one man."

Why President Obama will, thankfully, not appoint a "liberal Scalia".

let me make a safe prediction: a good portion of DU will be outraged by Obama's SC nomination

Predict President Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

Jake Tapper is a douchebag and MickeyMouse/ABC Spews shit

President Obama not as distrustful of the "far left" as some of us are

Backlash grows against Obama's preventive detention proposal

I had my candidate interview with the WFP nomination committee this week

Obama White House makes its premiere in Doonesbury.

Ranking the First Ladies

Three simple questions for supporters of preventive detention

Where Do You Fit In The Democratic Spectrum?

May 30th: National Day of Action

Bill Moyer’s: Single Payer Health Care. Why isn’t it on the table?

Video of my appearance today on Fox News.

The "far left" is actually the progressive majority in America

Petroperu May Expand Shutdowns as Land-Rights Protests Spread

Report: NKorea test-fires 2 more missiles

Obama says N.Korea nuclear test a "grave concern"

Somali gunmen 'renounce piracy'

U.S. Woman Freed After Abduction in Philippines

Opposition (Democrat) Wins Presidency in Mongolia

India says Pakistan given enough Mumbai evidence

Iraqi trade chief resigns amid corruption scandal

Bondsmen Upset by Policies that Free More People

Bondsmen Upset by Policies that Free More People

Myanmar opens trial again, Suu Kyi may take stand

China's herders plea for help as wolf packs return

Climate change making Everest ascent harder: sherpa

Church of Scientology on trial in France

Pakistani Taliban: We'll avoid combat in Swat city

Wal-Mart defers India cash-and-carry launch

MoD admits faults over Australian airman's death

Hillary Rodham Clinton surprises Yale graduates

N. Korea fires missiles to threaten U.S. spy planes: official

Obama observes Memorial Day at Arlington cemetery

France, Germany urge more flexible climate pact

Feds target Detroit area as Medicare fraud rises

Northern Ireland Soccer Mob Beats Catholic Man to Death

Nutrition: Vaginal Infection Tied to Low Vitamin D

Ecuadorians Sue Chevron For Dumping Oil (VIDEO)

UN Security Council condemns NKorea nuke test

Sikh Preacher’s Vienna Death Sparks Riots in India

US lawyers ask Afghan court to help Gitmo inmate

UN Security Council to meet at 4 p.m. in emergency on North Korea’s nuclear test

Mom returns voluntarily with cancer-stricken boy

CAW votes to accept cost-cutting deal with GM

Scientology on trial in France

China stuck in "dollar trap"

Daniel Hauser, mother return to Minn.

Norway: Haakon Lie, Labour party legend, dies at 103

Iran's Ahmadinejad wants to debate Obama at UN

NKorea set to test-fire missiles

Rival marches in Bolivian capital

Rival marches in Bolivian capital

Hillary Rodham Clinton surprises Yale graduates

R.I.P. Jay Bennett

Tech employment shrinks for fifth straight month

Ex-Detainee Describes Struggle for Exoneration

No Obama love from Nevada governor

Myanmar blames dissidents for bomb found in capital

Police foil bomb attack at Philippine port

Terror plotter David Williams did it for me, says sick brother Lord McWilliams

Italy will consider accepting Guantanamo detainees, premier says

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a loon and he is out to get me, says Hamptons hothead John McCluskey

Explosion outside Upper East Side Starbucks (Explosive Device)

Climate change: World's destiny at stake

Iran Dispatches Fleet of Warships to Gulf of Aden

Global milk glut squeezes dairy farmers, consumers

World's oldest blogger María Amelia López Soliño (97) dies

Pro-Gay Marriage Event on Eve of Prop 8 Ruling

IT cos to gain from Citi's cost-control steps (Indian IT Co.'s)

Police: Mike Tyson's daughter on life support

Justice Dept. Investigates Pa. Contractor Tied to Murtha

Israeli document: Venezuela sends uranium to Iran

N.Ireland soccer mob beats Catholic man to death

U.S. Army switching over to Windows Vista

Lest We Forget....

Worst person: Glenn Beck Wants The View To Apologize? For What?

Here's to the Crazy Ones

N Korea Tests Underground Nuclear Weapon & Fires Missile - UN to Convene Monday

And the soldiers who are dead and gone...

Blame the Evidence, not the Crime? (Re: Abuse Photos & Torture)

TYT: Cheney Throws Troops Under the Bus regarding torture

Rachel Maddow presents the GOP dream team: Cheney/Gingrich 2012

US Journalist Freed in Iran Arrives in America

President Obama Lays A Wreath At The Tomb Of The Unknowns

Memorial Day - Obama on North Korea's Nuclear Test & Missile Launch- Fox

Will Israel start a war at the end of May?

Jesse Ventura on Democracy

United Nations Channel - Security Council Remarks

O.B.A.M. Nude

ANIMATION-Happy Household Hints:Surviving The Recession

Obama: World Must Stand Up to North Korea

Ex-Taliban leader claims he was beaten at Bagram & Gitmo

Jon Turley explains just how wrong & misguided Obama's 'indefinite detention' plan is to KO

Town in Montana seeks to become new Guantanamo

Town in Montana seeks to become new Guantanamo

Obama's New Phone

BOLTON: Expel N. Korea from UN

FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq - Online Now!

Algae Power Meets High-end Fashion

Bill Maher on Obama-'Chocolate Jesus'; 'Limousine Liberal' Charity Events; Left's Speech Repression

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Resigns as Head of the Republican Party

Taxi to the Dark Side and the 2002 death of taxi-driver Dilawar in Bagram.

BEATLES - In my life (Acoustic Guitar) - For the families who've lost someone to war. We remember.

At Arlington, Telling the End of the War Stories

Invisible wounds that kill

GOP "base": Audrey II?

Ex-Taliban claims abuse at Gitmo, Bagram: 'They were beating me'

China's herders plea for help as wolf packs return

Globovision: The Loose Cannon of Venezuelan Media

US Lawyers Ask Afghan Court to Help Gitmo Inmate

Israeli cabinet wants to ban Naqba commemoration

In Israel, Adam Lambert would have won

In Pictures: Memorial Day Ceremonies around the country

GOP Insists They Also Seek 'Empathy' in a Supreme Court Justice

If Obama cedes ground on torture to Cheney, we'll all pay a heavy price

Viva Espana! ...... Going after war criminals all over the world....even from its "allies"

So it is OK to honor the Gay Fallen Military veterans on Memorial day?

Poverty in Germany

Gay marriage ban hangs in the balance

Why Infosys cuts H1-B visas

Skepticism greets launch of Afghan detainee inquiry (Globe & Mail | Canada)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 365

Favorites of Left Don’t Make Obama’s Court List

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

Robert Parry: Colin Powell Skates Free on Torture

Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness

Finding an Audience

Going After the Perpetrators of the Housing Bubble

Empathy and the Law

Mexico’s “war on drugs” employs army torture and police-state tactics

Rival marches in Bolivian capital

US Willingness to Talk to Cuba re: Previously Agreed-To Immigration Consultations

VENEZUELA Captures Top Colombian Drug Trafficker and More! Who says VEN ain't cooperating?

Fidel Castro: Nothing Can be Improvised in Haiti

Chavez TV show marks anniversary

This article on Argentinian terrorists' involvement in Bolivia is crying out for a reliable Spanish

BILL CLINTON: Haiti's Great White Hope? by John Maxwell

Pyramid victims kidnap nine people

Ukraine to Help Fund Cuban Program for Chernobyl Children

US-CUBA Thaw May Mean COMPENSATION for lost assets

NYTimes: Looking at Europe’s Green Ways

Amazon hit by climate chaos of floods, drought

Nature Reports Climate Change: The bright prospect of biochar

US won't speed up emissions cuts: top climate negotiator (Domestic politics will not allow it)

Court orders endangered species protection for flat-tailed horned lizard - for the third time

Ban (Ki-moon) says U.S. climate bill plan "not enough"

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

America's new green guru (Steven Chu) sparks anger over climate change U-turns

Why doesn't GM start selling their European cars here in the US like the Cruz

Solar power could surge by 2050 in deserts: study

Populations Of Skylarks, Other British Birds Of Song & Story, Falling Rapidly - Guardian

Odds Improve For Animal Diseases Like Bluetongue, Rift Valley Fever, Thanks To Climate Breakdown

Greenpeace: Beam me up Sunny!—"The technology to avoid catastrophic climate change already exists."

IEA may revise (downward) energy investment slide fcst-report (renewables down 38% from 2008)

Voyage to the centre of the 'Plastic Vortex'

All Of Idaho's Congressional Delegation Will Oppose GHG Legislation

EDF (UK's biggest nuclear generator) calls for (government financial) support for nuclear industry

India Moves To Make Solar Water Heaters Mandatory For Commercial Buildings…Large Residential…By 2012

Climate change making Everest ascent harder: sherpa

Professor Steven Chu is clearly switched on with energy-saving ideas

Solar Bullet Train concept

This planet came with a set of operating instructions, but we seem to have misplaced them.

Independent UK: Shell on trial (the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa)

Where have all our (Britain's) birds gone?

China Announces World's Largest Investment in Green Energy - Triples Wind Target

Here we go: Israel: Venezuela, Bolivia Supplying Iran With Uranium for Nuclear Program

MLB attendance down ..Nationals leading the way

Thanks for your help Rockies,...OMFG, talk about a pathetic

Today in labor history May 25 Unemployed WWI veterans demand a bonus they had been promised

Recession brings new challenges for injured workers, attorney says

UE statment on health care (of interest to a single-payer advocates)

Colombian Banana Workers Win Strike!!!

Remembering (former) Lt. Gov. Ernie Kline: He leaves a legacy that should be followed

3,800 UNION CARPENTERS OUT OF WORK IN HAWAII – almost half of local 745’s members are on the bench

Opel (GM) Bidders Push To Win Labor Support As Decision Nears

CAW Union Votes Today on GM Accord That Pays New Workers Less

Canada: Still not enough federal meat inspectors on job: union

Women share stories, skills at first-ever union Leadership Retreat (& photos)

MORE ON THE LABOR ABUSES (illegals) AT DRYWALL IMPRESSIONS – contractor/[alleged] “cocaine dealer”

The new American Girl doll: She's Jewish, she's poor, and her name is Rebecca (Labor advocate too)

Ala. settles suits with 6 drug firms for $89M

What your health care premiums are used for other than your health care.

If Obama were to establish an affordable public health insurance system

Why Unfettered Capitalism Is Bad for Your Diet

Supreme Court Hands Medical Marijuana Major Victory

How much should courts be allowed to dictate medical care?

Nutrition: Vaginal Infection Tied to Low Vitamin D

Why is just starting out with a public option so bad?

Does anyone have any info on the Mass. law the required health coverage for everyone?

Good bye DU ...

Marriage equality -

In Israel, Adam Lambert would have won

Top 5 reasons why Prop 8 will (or should) be stricken

Gay marriage ban hangs in the balance

In 15.5 hours, the CA Supreme Court will release its decision.


Israel Moves Closer to Banning Naqba Memorials

Egyptian government blocking four international delegations to Gaza

Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze

Labor ministers to fight bill banning Nakba events (Not Ehud Barak)

Shas min.: Reform conversions will prompt influx of Palestinians to Israel

Dutch-Jewish poet masks Israeli roots to win Arab prize

Barak to offer US compromise on settlements

(Avigdor) Lieberman's party to seek cabinet okay for loyalty oath

More Women Buying & Carrying Weapons...

Petition to force guns into Republican Congressional offices, Fox news, AM Radio, etc

Two killed in Arizona graduation shooting

JINSA advocates censorship, military strikes on "partisan" media outlets

Assassin boss also Israeli hero

I'm all for bearing arms so long as we go back to the arms we had 200 years ago

"The Most Effective Weapon in the World"

WATCH: Palestinian official says two-state solution will destroy Israel

The Poison in the System

China still buying record amounts of U.S. bonds: report

Job Losses Push Safer Mortgages to Foreclosure

Clash Between Palestinian Rivals Clouds Peace Talks With Israel

Wishes, Hopes, Fantasies

water curtain

So, I've been hiking in the Lower Vosges Mountains, France

Photo Group History 101, or, The Evolution of the Contest Rules

no dream at all...woke up at 3am

Weird dream - seeking an interpretation

I guess it's just a weird time for strange dreams--I had one too

Damn! What is in the water lately!

wow. outbreak of wierd dreams this morning

Moving Past and Through the Armageddon Scenarios towards Rebirthing the Earth

An Evening with Eckhart Tolle (video)

NO. MORE. WAR - plz support my GD thread

Surprise - We were wrong about Ecstasy (MDMA) (

Frightening and weird dream

FYI for anyone who's still interested

Does anybody see the similarity? Could this be a case of reincarnation?

Saying goodbye to Sister Teresita

Conservative anti gay marriage Pastor charged with stealing $291,000

Two aura questions. (the spiritual kind)

Church of Scientology on trial in France

Scientology on trial in France

Michael Shermer in Scientific American: Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control The World

Just so you know everyone...Jesus was not a Jew, he was a Christian

H1N1 Flu and Vitamin D (May 2009, John Cannell, MD) - x

Doctor uses some foods as medicines.

No-fry eggplant parmesan


Best potato salad?

GUBA video

"Eyes Wide Shut: Gross Negligence with NIST Denial of Molten Metal on 9/11"

Unabomber's brother David says Ted took part in CIA mind-control experiments at Harvard

Report blames 2 insurers for rise in health rates

Child Murder in Texas is Just Fine

In Israel, Adam Lambert would have won

I finally managed to find a copy of The Duellists

Something fun.

Mickey Mouse is dead. :-(

Have you guys seen Dog Day Afternoon?

Tracing the Harper family tree

anyone know of a vacation rental for Monteal?