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Following on from Korean politicians suicide....

Is the public becoming desensitized to the idea of torture? I fear they are.

OK Who bought the new Green Day CD and is blasting through Walmart?

This explains the MSM

This explains the MSM



The Big One is coming soon

Bees swarm store in NYC - trap employees

We need to be reminded

Sunday Talking Heads: May 24, 2009

GOP Pegs Hopes to Gitmo

Obama, Geithner & Wall St Inc. unveil their plan (nausea alert)

Man Appeals Fine For Beating Seagull

Can A Moderator Contact Me About Why My Rahm Enanuel Thread was Removed? I REALLY DO not Understand!

Susan Boyle Advances To The Next Round

Susan Boyle Advances To The Next Round

C-Span's fav Security "Expert" is on- again. Seems like C-Span can't

Boy, 5, Shoots 3-Year-Old Brother With Rifle

Teenager, Defends his mother, kills her abuser boyfreind....

Prisoners Run Gangs, Plan Escapes, and Even Order Hits With Smuggled Cellphones

Media Fawns Over Newt, Ignores Other Former Congressional Leaders

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone

isn't hillary clinton wonderful

I totally don't get the "NIMBY" thing with terrorists

Cheney's friends say he doesn't NEED the $2 million-plus. He just wants to "debunk his many critics"

U.S. Urges Israel to End Expansion-Settlement Issue Is Complicated by Bush Agreement

why is newt gingrich on teevee....he's a private citizen just like cheney

Sunday Bobblehead Shows: Next on Press the Meat!

point of this headline? "Thousands gather to hear, cheer Iran's Michelle Obama"

Ariz. inmate dies after hours in outdoor cell

Shame, disgust and rage

Greg Mitchell: For Memorial Day: How KBR Killed U.S. Soldiers

Durbin tears Gingrich a new one re Gitmo on MTP

Do Conservatives Actually Believe Their Own Lies?

today Al Jazeera has a number of articles/videos on what's happening in Swat

On this Memorial Day, consider the term "Defending America".

Sen. Nelson (DINO-Neb.): I don't want an activist for SCOTUS

Forget John Edwards, Alex Witt makes ME want to vomit:

Can Obama lead on Global Warming?

Orange County foreclosure stories

U.S. Urges Israel to End Expansion-Settlement Issue Is Complicated by Bush Agreement

Will Jihad for Cash and Weed?

Thank you, Jane Harman. Love & Kisses Marcy Winograd Retracting Incendiary Remarks @ AIPAC on Iran

Ore. Mom Accused in River Drowning of 4-Year-Old

Should we push Dick Durbin to challenge Harry Reid for Majority Leader?

Who is KKKarl's target audience ( = BELIEVES what he says)?!1

i really wish Durbin were the Dem. Senate Mahority Leader!

Shuttle Atlantis landing at Edwards in 36 minutes

Top U.S. military officer Mullen pushes Guantanamo closing

Top U.S. military officer Mullen pushes Guantanamo closing

For gay couples -- marriage matters

Chamber of Commerce agrees with Obama on empathy

neo con Frank 'Boo' Gaffney did his 'scare everybody' routine on

President Obama should choose Colin Powell to head up Gitmo Project.

Usury:"The practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest rate" - Websters

Top U.S. military officer pushes Guantanamo closing

JEREMY SCAHILL: US Colonel Advocates US 'Military Attacks' on 'Partisan Media'

The Inspiration Network: David Cerullo...more than 1.5 million a year!!

Passerby pushes suicide jumper in China

Passerby pushes suicide jumper in China

memorial day reminds me that 4299 soldiers died in a needless war in iraq

I need to slap down a wingnut--help.

Eighteen US troops with swine flu leave Kuwait

You have absolutely, positively got to read this.

Jeffrey Feldman: George W. Bush "Kept Us Safe"?

Matthews, Cheenee, and Cheney

Evidence of Revision (6-part,10 hour, video documentary series)

“ru$h will not get his wish, and mr. cheney was misinformed' ...colin powell

Will the President regret the day ?

Gay US diplomats to receive equal benefits

On Human Nature...

Weekend TOONS, Part 3

NOW Toronto: 10 reasons why we need to decriminalize drugs

Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

So with everyone thinking there's going to be 'food riots', when will you shop for groceries?

The dumbest post I've seen today

He's off-course now, but give him some time!

Susan Boyle - semi-final performance

US withdrawal from Iraq 'on track' despite violence: Mullen

Cheney: Oozing out of the sleazy speech he gave Thursday... an inadvertent truth

Cheney: Oozing out of the sleazy speech he gave Thursday... an inadvertent truth

What Would Jesus Do, You Ask, About Torture? Apparently He Would Waterboard!

Jonathan Tasini: Red Herrings And Single Payer Health Care

I feel like we ARE experiencing a terrorist attack - from Newt and Cheney

Former intern to tell of affair with John F. Kennedy

KKKarl Rove: Gitmo mess is Obama's fault

How's this for an protest for Single payer?

Should marijuana ever be used just for pleasure...

"The Rainmaker"

Fixing America, Erasing Bush

I just heard the most ridiculously stupid thing on a story re: housing Gitmo detainees in Montana

SEE IT NOW! New YouTube satire, as New York State takes up...

The Power of Fear

2 Questions for Governor Schwarzenegger (taking questions from public for CNN interview)

Have you been listening to more music lately?

Colin Powell fires back at Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney

Let's burn some fuel

Senate No. 2 Republican says Obama's Supreme Court pick could face filibuster

Torture's Psychological Impact 'Often Worse' Than Physical

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (ready to vomit?)

Tennessee Locals Wait All Night, Compete Against Immigrants for Slaughterhouse Jobs (WSJ)

Mullen: Military to comply if gay ban law changes

Gingrich to Americans: ‘People should be afraid’

I clicked the link at the top about the Pakistan Taliban

Bush criticized by former 9/11 commission member

Songs of Liberation

PBS Showing the Memorial Day Services on the Mall...I hope Obama will show Up..We have TWO WARS!

PBS Showing the Memorial Day Services on the Mall...I hope Obama will show Up..We have TWO WARS!

Ok here is a free hint and feel free to bookmark

They have a sense of humor at Redmond

What Did Powell Know, and Why Isn't He Subjected to the Pelosi Treatment?

Heads up!

The new normal

Susan Boyle goes to the Finals! Something good in the world!

Biblical Prophesy and the Iraq War; Bush, God, Iraq and Gog

Dover 'Old Guard' team shoulders heavy burden

We had massive layoffs at my newspaper yesterday

Just curious: Why did so many of you disbelieve Bernanke when he warned that ramming

Guilty Feeling: Not enough is being done for Veterans, as we mark Memorial Day.

A Hit in School, Maggots and All (our kids DO like science)


Glenn Beck claims his sources are saying Prop 8 is about to be overturned

Hurry up, Chevy Volt!!

AP: Terrorism Arrests: Snitch, Sting, Then Controversy

Happy birthday, Robert Allen Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan)

How much of the anger & bitterness & nastiness of repubs comes from sexual repression?

One of the major behavior traits that run the World's Capitalistic States is also one

Bush criticized by former 9/11 commission member

I wish DU had a "save as draft" function in the posting program.

What is acceptable punishment for student misbehavior?


Tom Toles goes Gitmo.

Today's ZOMGWTF Moment: Why Gay Folks Shouldn't Be Able To Get Married...

Deadly religious melee at Sikh temple in Vienna - scene was "like a battlefield"

On 60 Minutes ... research company "answer to healthcare"?

Little know facts about this year's Indy 500

If anything happens, like an attack on US soil of any kind.....

Olbermann Rescinds Charity Offer for Cowardly Hannity

Stimulus jobs update?

***Indianapolis 500 thread *** (official or otherwise)

Robert Parry: Please Help Get Our Books to Libraries

Wonderful N. Korea just did another Nuclear Test.

How asfe do you feel? After 8 years of GWB keeping us safe, we should feel safe, yes?

Riot erupts at Indiana Old Navy over $1 flip flops

Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with old friends who have become assholes.

Now I understand why Cheney chose not to enter the army

Boston Globe's Big Picture presents ... Hubble's final servicing mission ...

New RNC ad compares Pelosi to Pussy Galore - RNC really wants the women's vote!

Steve LaTourette demands White House answers on Chrysler

The CIA's History of Deception

Who should be permitted to have a credit card?

Anybody else here think Ben Nelson is setting up his own "exit strategy"?

So should Obama appoint Jesus to the Supreme Court?

As we recognize Memorial Day and honor the dead, I ask you this: Are all wars the same or are some

Spanish Judges Target High-Ranking US Officials In Human Rights Investigation

The Awful Sound of Silence

Abeer al Janabi as a child, new picture (RIP you sweet girl)

Interesting This American Life about RNC protests in St. Paul and FBI

"Are you a quack?" - A nice essay about science.

The two words that scare DUers more than any others?

Hey everyone, look what I received yesterday!

Do you believe nationalism to be a mental illness?

How can people justify helmet laws and seat belt laws and yet

19 years ago some piece of human garbage kidnapped and presumably murdered my childhood friend

Frank Rich: La Cage aux Democrats

MN's native Dakota hand ICE agents w/Notice of Deporation at Ft Snelling (Native land)

Television ads to become increasingly aggressive

Rolling Thunder: Good guys or not good guys?

Falwell Shuts Down LU Democratic Club

Why hasn't the media ever asked Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. any followup questions about this?

RNC Ad Compares Pelosi to Pussy Galore — Time For Women to Exit the GOP?

For those of you that engage in such things, a few prayers for some friends please.

Terror plots, or, how to get the attention of the media morans

A televangelist's surging wealth prompts growing questions

I watched "1984" again.Orwell was amazing.

Why I'm passing on hosting an OFA meeting for Healthcare reform

'Concentration camps run by holy men and women' (Child abuse in Ireland)

Former Senior Interrogator In Iraq: Cheney Is Wrong

Elite Colleges Are Promoting a Culture of Selfish, Cutthroat Behavior

Morley Safer Doesn’t Trust Citizen Journalism

Tommy Douglas: Hero of the common Canadian. This is the kind of leadership we need.

Can Max Baucus be removed as chair of the Senate Finance Committee?

Evidence: The media will ruin Obama's Presidency...

School Board Members Attack Textbook Over Global Warming and Iraq War

In Attics and Closets, 'Biohackers' Discover Their Inner Frankenstein

The 45th President

Lodi Cat Controversy Brews - Neighbor Posts Sign: Hit A Cat I'll Hit Your Kid

Replacing Gitmo with this?

Rush Limbaugh sure has an eerie preoccupation with anal sex

Weekend toons, Part 2- The big Dick

Weekend toons, Part 1, Gitmo and other problems

"War is Just a Racket" Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by General Smedley Butler, USMC.

Touching Dick Cheney

Chairman of the JCS: Military to Comply if Gay Ban Law Changes

McCain was tortured by the NVA, right ?

Defending our Constitution and democratic rights is our duty, not "ideological purity"....

Obama's Supreme Pick Will Tell the Story

Credit-Card Law May Reduce U.S. Consumers' Purchasing Power by $90 Billion

Bring Back Lay-Away!

Rx and the Single Payer

Fundies gone wild in Oklahoma.......

Did Lambert lose Idol because he is gay? Straight people don't have this question.

Understand the law when it comes to detainees...Bush so screwed up the evidence against these men

Have we already lost Iran?

Les Fleurs de la Memoire, a Memorial Day story.

Evaluating the Accuracy of Information

"Why can’t this president give the previous president credit for keeping us safe for seven years?"

UAW, Inc.

Fixing America, Erasing Bush

Geithner Adopts Part of Wall Street Derivatives Plan

Single payer advocates don't want insurance companies at the table at all.

Attention Liberals: There’s No Reasoning with a Reptile

Tidbits and pieces about Joe Scarborough and on-air responsibility.

If We Don't Get It Now, We Ain't Getting It For A Long Time

IF the private profit in healthcare were reinvested in services provided by single payer....

The GOP is far closer to fascism than the DNC is to socialism

My cats have just mauled me

Why even bother showing a movie like Clerks II in an edited fashion?

Marine Corps Drill Cadence I

You're the key to my heart...

Brown Eyed Girl

Let Me Down Easy

Who Loves You Better?

Hey! Now we all know that the moon is not made of green cheese...

Push Push

So, I'm walking through the Mini-Mart here on base this A.M. and came to the strangest realization..

So the dog comes trotting into the house with a rat tail

I just murdered a family of 100.

Tobin's product endorsement for the day. This stuff is excellent.

DUer discovers Perpetual Motion Machine.

If we all have a many thousand word vocabulary, why is it so hard

I forgot to switch of the perpetual motion engine in my car last night

Does anyone have HD radio?


Weird.I believe that Midlo is insulting herself in that post:

Need some Google query ideas

Shuttin' Detroit Down . . .

Educate me about shortwave radios and scanners

Educate me about shortwave radios and scanners

I would personally like to thank the NBA refs

Horror Fans, you need to watch the movie Feast.

********** I HATE ASTERISKS **********

I'm working on putting the pool up.

I don't feel nearly as alone now

Post here if you're having trouble finding a thread to post in

So many people have cancer. Why is there not more progress being made toward finding a cure?

So many people have cancer. Why is there not more progress being made toward finding a cure?

19 years ago, some piece of human garbarge kidnapped and presumably murdered my childhood friend

How come in Star Trek TNG

For those who miss the DU Hate Mailbag

I don't know why and I don't WANT to know why...

Remember, we don't make mistakes.

Do you watch anime?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/24/2009)

Let us have an experiment in Anarchy !

I Put Someone on "Ignore" Today

Does anyone else use AOL for email? Has it been wonky for you the past two days?

I signed up for guitar lessons

How do I back out of this without causing an uproar

Anyone else ever watched the documentary 'Jesus Camp'?

kitten picture of the day for sunday may 24


Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Pet Peeve with Howard Stern re: Ryan O'Neal's son's name.

i'm exhausted. Having guests in half hour. Have more cooking left to do!!

Where the Wild Things Are - Oh Hell yeah

Hey WGN, where's my WKRP?

Hey WGN, where's my WKRP?

Should I Go See Star Trek?

I just saw Star Trek and I can say, without a doubt, it was the best of the

We are going to have a Sonic Boom this morning

Pap Smears? Really?

How do you pronouce this DU Name?

English poll: "My car needs washed" or "My car needs to be washed"?

A Poll about your Driving habits.

My Nomination for The Official Image of DU Outrage

If I take back the Bose iPod dock I gave Mr. for Father's Day last year

Do you have a "graduate cylinder" or "graduated cylinder?"

Tonight, we will be doing jumping jacks

I know how much you guys hate it when people punctuate their statements with a period between words.

To equalize my attack on Natalie Portman, I will defend an actress a lot of people dis-respected...

If I am mistaken for Natalie Portman, I will own up to and apologize here and eat crow.

Do you believe that angles exist?

Just got back from seeing Terminator



Who likes Creedence Clearwater Revival?

Color me jaded, but I sincerely don't believe this man has a big political future.

Today I saw our cat sniffing and chewing on the catnip in the garden.

I want to start a new Cult with Midlo as our Divinity.But I have a problem.

My brother and his girlfriend are getting married!

I think I have a new Hollywood crush

Susan Boyle - semi-final performance

Why are some cable stations bleeped and others not.

if you seek amy.

Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble. Ok, last one for the night, and harder because there

Tell It Like it T-I-Is

Ann Curry goes a tad overboard in her interview with Brad Pitt at Cannes

I'm listening to this very NOT PC discussion right now on a health show. Do you think

Is it okay to wash HEPA filters?

Guitarists: Do you change your own strings?

OMG.. Bad Economy....Even the Racist Penguin's are Ditching their Tatoo Jobs....!

2fer, who KNEW?!1 H'wood producer molested Barbra. & Rita COSBY resurfaces!1

I know this just reveals how strange I am, but, I want to download the Nokia tune.

An ALASKAN Christmas

Attention Hawkwind fans:

DS1 thinks I should start a Facebook page.

I'm still amazed how the Internet has made the world a much smaller place during my lifetime

(Colbert Report) The Word: Gamers

I need a pre-bedtime nap.

Which shirt should I get?

Midge from "Archie" or Midge from "Vertigo"?

Finally, the update and the good news

My knees hurt, and I can't take anything for them because I don't know what I can take.

PSA: The Memorial Day weekend would be a very good time to watch Ava's film.

Death note is a creepy show.

Weeks of meditating has done nothing to abnegate my rage toward Microsoft IE and that fucking

So we're going to starve tonight

Gardening question

I miss my old IBM selectric

If you wee in charge of casting for a Bill Hicks biopic...

Damn! I did a lot of gardening today. and everything on me itches.

This commercial has got to go

Do ( can) French people appreciate chips and salsa?11 AND

Britney Spears? Really?

Susan Boyle goes to the Finals! Something good in the world!

What heinous fuckery...

Does this sound plausible? re: kissing

We're going to see our friend's baby tomorrow. He's a little sick.

Ok, Kids, wish me luck and vibes!

Have you actually ever HAD "Boogie Fever," and did you boogie down or seek medical attention?

Anyone watching the Indy 500?

I'm sure all of you have MUCH more interesting lives than I do.

what temp and how long to bake a cornish game hen?


This has not been a good day in the lounge for me

Bella got ate up by some mosquitoes, but here is my baby doll!

animal shelters - need advice

Stories From the Road- The Jamaican.

Stories From the Road: The Wrong Idea.

Fellow loungers, I need to discuss something serious with you.

The beagle's in the hospital with hemorragic gastroenteritis again.

Did you "graduate" high school OR "graduate from" high school?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Win-win Edition

Shiloh just brought a baby rabbit into the house. What should I do?

Any other fans of "Corner Gas"?

Name of the day: Betty

I miss CaliforniaPeggy.

Do you watch video mixtapes?

What cultural warning should we give people who visit the USA?

We've really gotten into the tv show called "Breaking Bad"

Can skeletons be cute?

Happy birthday aljones & petersond!!

If there is a store more eager than KMart to seal its own doom, I've never seen it

Mary Ann Summers or Ginger Grant?

Wall pics!

Check out PiGuy's shirt!

Betty Cooper or Veronica Lodge?

Sometimes I feel so small ~~~>

Rachel (Mediawhore) Maddow's ratings continue steep decline. I haven't seen this posted?

What a difference a year makes - thank GOD!

The biggest problem with the "free media"

Do You Want Your OTV?

will the credit card bill of rights punish those who pay on time?

Are you one of "Obama's thugs"?

Tom Ridge said Rush Limbaugh and co are too shrill on State of the Union this morning (CNN)

Over $115,000 raised for progressive candidates so far by Norm Coleman [sic]

Seen this pic on

Who were the six senators who opposed blocking the funds to close Gitmo?

i don't mean to call anyone it is against the rules...but i would suggest going to this OP:

Looking for a link to a site/news story regarding the inaccuracies in the CIA briefing memos notes

C-SPAN replaying Pres. Obama's speech on first-ever federal emissions & fuel efficiency standards

NYT: A Court Candidate Who Has a Sparse Legal Record (Granholm)

Interactive Map Honors Fallen Soldiers Of Iraq And Afghanistan

What would happen to our nation's political landscape

Conservatives build opposition to Obama's health care plan... by making them look like McCain's?

An absolutely hideous display by Whoreish Toolbox David Gregory This Morning.

PHOTOS Thread Links

Chairman of N.C. Dems: Gut tells me Shuler's looking at run for senate

Check out Robin Carnahan's new web site, shes running 4 MO Senate against Roy 'Phillip Morris' Blunt

Obama's Supreme Court nominee expected this week

The New Republic: Why Barack Obama is waging a more effective war on terror than George W. Bush

NYT - Nuance Is Fine Until It’s a Flip-Flop - Please read first and then comment. Thank you

WP: Court Views Work Of Potential Picks: Most Contentious Cases Are Those From Sotomayor and Wardlaw

NYT *exposes* Obama's strawman trick ...... with the help of William Safire

Their Argument For Torture: It has saved millions of lives.

NYT: After Many Firsts, Judge Has Talent for Persuasion (Sears)

State Dept to provide benefits to same-sex and opposite-sex partners

Top military man says shut down Gitmo and republicans still squawking like turkeys.

Financial Times: Why Obama owes Bush an Apology

Yes we have a Democrat in office.. He may not be your flavor of Democrat..

I am starting to think that Cheney will be the GOP nominee in 2012

Memorial Day Soundtrack

Is it possible or even realistic to get through life without EVER having to use a credit card

"Gitmo detainees will radicalize prisoners if we bring them into U.S. prisons."

The warp "logic" of Newt

The warp "logic" of Newt

We are having a bi-state PROUD TO PAY OUR SHARE rally

STFU Ben! Key Democrat warns against 'activist' Obama court nominee

WATCH: Dem Senator Nelson Open To Filibustering Obama Court Nominee

Keep an eye on Califronia and the other state budgets

Preventive detention is consistent with our values.

Frank Rich: La Cage aux Democrats

Why do we campaign and elect a democrat?

Pakistan's mystics in sights of Taliban

Slayings dashed dreams of rural Iraqi family

RNC's Below-the-belt shot at Pelosi

Black mayor of Mississippi town brings 'atomic bomb of change'

India Likely to Move on U.S. Military Pact.

America's new green guru sparks anger over climate change U-turns

Geithner Adopts Part of Wall Street Derivatives Plan

Liberty University Rejects Democrat Club

Migrants Return Home From Working Abroad To Debt and Hardship

Powell to Republicans: Listen to moderates, too

Petraeus Tells RFE/RL That Recent Gitmo, Interrogation Moves Will 'Help' (U.S. efforts in Iraq-Af)

Ridge blasts Obama over Guantanamo handling

200,000 Tamil civilians imprisoned in Sri Lankan Manik Farm camp

With Summit, Iran Demonstrates Its Regional Clout

Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze

Threats to Judges, Prosecutors Explode

Gore, others urge CEOs to back climate change deal

Defeated Tamil Tiger rebels confirm leader's death

Atlantis, crew land in Calif. after Hubble mission

Scores Wounded In Gunfire At Sikh Temple (Vienna Austria)

Dick Durbin would accept Gitmo detainees in Illinois if in 'supermax' prison

Haneke's 'The White Ribbon' wins Cannes top prize

Rising unemployment raises threat of social crisis: World Bank

Iran blocks Facebook ahead of presidential election

Cavs Sign Ownership Deal With China Group

Soldiers battle Taliban in Swat hub

Ban says U.S. climate bill plan "not enough"

Powell: 'I am still a Republican'

Pakistanis protest Swat offensive

Court pick could face filibuster over 'feelings'

Poverty levels influence children's learning

HMCS Winnipeg thwarts pirate attack

North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test, South Korea Says.

Job Losses Push Safer Mortgages to Foreclosure

International groups worry over Venezuela's stance on free press

Lily Allen - Him

Obama Taps Former Astronaut As NASA Chief

WH Briefing on Gitmo, Torture

KO: Col. Janis Karpinski responds to Cheney, "bad apples" myth

RM: Did Gonzales Approve Torture?

Pakistani Troops Fight Taliban in Main Swat Town

Rove: I Prefer Limbaugh Over Powell

Why Do You Kill, Zaid?

Ridge(R): Rush Limbaugh Offends, Shrill & Divisive - 'let us be rational, thoughtful, responsible'

Ben Nelson Keeps Door Open To "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

C-SPAN Callers Discuss Cheney

Nobody misses Bush like Bill Maher


How we won the war

How I won the war

ABC Sunday Show Round Table: Obama Foreign Policy = Bush Foreign Policy

The View- Film 'Outrage' Outing Closeted Politicians Who Vote Anti-Gay

TV ONE: Stand -- Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West debate music

Powell: Chairman RNC has to Lay Prostrate On The Floor to Limbaugh More Than Entertainer

Rep. Hoekstra (R-MI) on investigating Pelosi CIA comments

Durbin Calls Gingrich Out for His Double-Standard on Pelosi - CIA Faux Outrage

Colin Powell On Face The Nation May.24, 2009

Powell: I Have No Idea if Torture Works..Aware Legal Opinions Given EIT Met the Standards of Law

Dick Durbin Says Newt Gingrich Is Suffering From 'Political Amnesia'

Rove: We carefully protected America while upholding the Constitution

Iran's Very Own 'Michelle Obama' Takes to the Stage

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda-Eric Bogle

Charles Bolden (Obama Appointee NASA Administrator) 1995 Intv.

Innocent Man In Coma After 'Hard Shove' By Police Officer

A Word to Obama About Clean Coal

The First Great Constitutional Debate of the 21st Century (Nichols | The Nation)

Court Views Work Of Potential Picks.

Spain's Judges Cross Borders In Rights Cases.

Cheney's new book: 'I'm right, you're wrong' (Abouhalkah | Kansas City Star)

Hey, Mr. President! What did Canada ever do to you?

Involuntary Military Service Under the Radar

Congressional Duck and Cover

Migrants Return Home From Working Abroad To Debt and Hardship

Migrants Return Home From Working Abroad To Debt and Hardship

Cheney vs Obama: What doesn't make sense (Rick Starr | Knoxville News)

Obama Refuses to Release Photos Of Sasha and Malia's Swingset

McChrystal & the Afghan military "solution"

McClatchy: Cheney's speech ignored some inconvenient truths

Geithner Dismisses GOP Socialism Charge as 'Ridiculous

Another Banking Rip Off -Where does this end??

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

Shocking Admission By Frank Luntz in NYT Magazine

Why would you hire a bad lawyer?

Helen Philpot: "Life’s a bitch… and so is Dick Cheney"

NYT: The Sorry State of the States

Nuance Is Fine Until It’s a Flip-Flop

Informant offered liver transplant for Bronx terror suspect's brother, sez mom

"The CIA's Silent War in Pakistan " -- (Time Magazine)

Daniel Webster on the Draft

A new democracy must emerge from this mire

The President’s ‘Whiz Kids’

Four People Face Federal Prison for Passing Out Leaflets and Chalking Slogans

Robert Reich: The Only Sure Way to Fund Universal Health Care

A Wedding Traditionalist's Lament (apologies to Kander and Ebb)

Hard to Move On When You're the One Tortured

President Obama’s Orwellian New Category of “Prolonged Detention”

BAD COP #2 Makes Statement: Sen. Lugar "Cuba Should Not Be Allowed to Rejoin OAS"

Miami-Dade shows Cuba how to do democracy right!

Venezuela's farm seizures show little results

State Dept. Newspaper, er uh, WaPo and another silly, lie-filled editorial about Chavez

VENEZUELA's Ambassordor to OAS, Roy Chaderton Matos, Rejects UN/OAS Media Critique

BOLIVIA to Try Former Military Officers Linked to Terrorism

Correa, Chavez, and Morales to Radicalize Revolution

Excerpt from Yoani Sanchez now no problem with internet access in hotels now

SE Queensland Gets 1/3 Of Annual Rainfall In 24 Hours - Authorities Describe "Inland Sea" - AFP

Chilean Study Outlines Projected 1-1.5C Average Temperature Increases, 10-15% Loss In Rainfall, Snow

Exxon Opposes Renewables Proxy Vote - Cites "Strong & Proactive" Company Stance

N. Wisconsin Lakes Lowest In 70 Years - Research Finds Long-Term Drying Trend From 1950s On - MJS

Large Tree Numbers In Yosemite Declining Rapidly - 24% Loss From 1930s To 1990s - Climate Suspected

Study indicates people by nature are universally optimistic

Driving on biomass

A New E&E Feature - "Asshole Of The Week" - Here's My Nominee!

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!...

National Geographic, 'The Global Food Crisis'

Zebra Mussels Confirmed In Susquehanna River Upstream From Chesapeake Bay - WP

Micro-Hydro Turbines Embedded In Water Pipes - Viable alternative to Coal?

UFC 98: Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida

NFL rules out wedge formation- no more wedge busters

Ok here's my kiss of death, er, prediction for the Indy 500

Dodgers win in extra innings, run walked home

The JR Chess Report (May 24): Shrov wins Sofia; Ganguly, Zhou take Subic Bay

Fenway Park has lost its virginity. Twice!

Absolutely dumbest rule in sports:

Cowboys hired ex con to give advice on practice facility

Tomorrow is a SERIOUS racing day. Indy 500 in the morning, followed by

Part of Cleveland being sold to Chinese investors? Crap!!

Papelbon Overreacts To An Out

Big Papi is now below the Mendoza Line. It is affecting the team.

Rugby: Ireland stuffs Canada - next victim USA

Today in labor history May 24 “the eighth wonder of the world” 27 worker deaths the Brooklyn Bridge

Libel and slander

Karen Ignagni could break President Barack Obama's health care agenda

Novel Herbal Therapy For Men At High Risk Of Prostate Cancer Well-Tolerated In Phase I Trial

Report Projects Up To 66 Million Americans Could be Uninsured by 2019 without Health Reform

Vitamin D 'key to healthy brain'

Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

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