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Archives: May 19, 2009

Cheney is willing to take Gitmo prisoners

"Cable chatter" about the Supreme Court nominee

Just think...what we don't know yet but will learn in the coming months and years.

Is Megan McCain the smartest person in the GOP?

Singapore gays hold first Pride

Lion's share.....

66% in Omaha back legal recognition of gay couples

Montana town requests that U.S. government send 100 Gitmo detainees to its prison.

"I am hoping that Dick Cheney comes out and tells people to vote for Kris, thus assuring Adam wins,"

Joe Barton on WJ - CSpan1

How can Pakistan fall to the Taliban

Germany has declined to patent a cyanide-equipped RFID chip developed in Saudi Arabia.

GAO report: Special-needs kids abused in schools

Joe Barton Hard At Work, Being An Asshole

Joe Barton Hard At Work, Being An Asshole

Obama Administration Is Not Requiring GM To Maximize U.S. Jobs In Its Restructuring

Mods - dupe, please delete

hey, fuck me... i actually support the President of the United States on Democratic Underground...

Good mini U.S. economic history lesson on Bill Maher

Shelter Stories

Will Mitch McConnell filibuster Obama's judicial nominees?

USAG Mr. Eric H. Holder Jr. & AUSA Ms. Christen A. Varney

Fun Fact: How Much Carbon Is Emitted from DRINKING Coca Cola?

It's NOT "empathy" when judges have empathy for the powerful over the powerless

3 Monday heresies (Obama's military commissions, Panetta didn't deny Pelosi's allegations...)

Ray McGovern, CIA Operative, To Be Interviewed in 15 Minutes on The Sam Greenfield Show

What does PWNED mean?

Novation LLC's Healthcare Contracting Scheme Ruled Legal - Healthcare Reform on Hold

I don't care what they say about ya DU, you're alright.

Inmate testifies police under Jon Burge beat him into confessing to murder - See torture works

Army Investigator: Stress Positions/Sleep Deprivation Caused/Contributing Factors In 2 Homicides

Interview w/ Charlie Munger

It is time. Starting yesterday, I un-subscribed to a number of

Coming Soon: The Truth About Starbucks

quitting smoking update

Another Bush-era mess for Obama to clean up: GPS system 'close to breakdown'

‘What would Cheesus do?‘ - Jesus shaped cheetos found

the trials continue of those arrested during RNC, including juveniles who were beat up by police

I can tell you first hand that those bible verses never went out to the field

Help stop the execution of another innocent man Troy Davis 5/19

Help stop the execution of another innocent man Troy Davis 5/19

Efforts to Repay Bailouts May Undercut Benefit for Taxpayers

Space shuttle masquerades as sunspot in new image

Thank you Skinner for a marvelous fund raising drive. Meanwhile....

Randall Terry pops back up-this time as the Presidet of "The Society for Truth & Justice"

Steele apologizes for apologizing.....

Picking Up The Trash

I am AMAZED at Freerepublic and WorldNutDaily.

The Swamp: Jesse Ventura vs. Joe Scarborough

Hundreds rally at Bank of America to stop home foreclosures

Pelosi maybe targeted by coup due to disappointing her liberal base & alienating conservative dems

How do you most benefit from reading and posting on DU

Here they go again!

Vatican: No criticism of Obama on abortion

Bank tricks my wife screws up her credit to make a few cents profit...

Miley Cyrus blasts cyber-bullies

All the problems we are facing today is the fault of Eisenhower's road construction..

All the problems we are facing today is the fault of Eisenhower's road construction..

Delaying retirement may delay dementia

Airline mechanics who can't read English

R. Rep. Joe Barton said the repugs were putting up 400 mark-ups today

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

An interesting poll on CNN about the 1300 extra for fuel efficient cars

Karen Hughes on torture: "I worried about how that would make us look in the eyes of the world."

And here I thought that lying was a sin, silly me

Steele Threatens to Quit if RNC Undermines Funding Authority

Feel good story for this Tuesday: Meet Joel Armstrong, "Duck Man"....

Obama picks credit card reform over housing

Let's understand one important reason

A Senate Hall of Shame

Where Did TARP Recipient Banks Get The $$ To Payback TARP Funds Now? Consumers....

When did you know torture was happening?

What should the RNC rename our party to?

1934, San Franciso is shut down by Union workers united together

It really is amazing that in a few weeks if you want to buy shares of GM it will be over the counter

Louisiana House unknowingly votes for stimulus override

Bobby Jindal in the news

Today is Global Day of Action for Troy Davis. Huffington blog.

Twitter to Launch Business Tools by Year-End

Palin and RNC squirm through campaign spending loophole on wardrobe spending spree

NRA sues San Francisco over firearms laws

Michael Steele

Charles Krauthammer thinks Medicare should be "rationed"

How should the new Minnesota license plates read?

Nancy Pelosi is a designed distraction

Global warming

Gawker snarks on Michael Steele

We've been reported to the FBI by nut case.

Trial begins for wife in bondage death

Michael Steeles Last Attempt....

For old time's Zake, CAPTION THE CREEP!!!

David Obey: CIA Botched Another Fact In Torture Briefing Records

Michael Steele throws a dose of Homophobia for good measure into his comments today..

Who came up with this brilliant campaign for organ donation?

Steny Hoyer to MSM re Pelosi: "The Republicans will stay on it as long as you write about it"

Dick Cheney is Mr Republican

Saudi Arabia evacuates 5 villages in volcano scare

Warren Buffett has invested $230 million in BYD. The car of the future now?

what do the U.S., Lesotho, Swaziland and Papua New Guinea have in common?

Poll: Nevadans want Reid gone

Is It True - Pay Interest From The Moment You Charge On A Credit Card?.......

Repub Congressperson outdoes Bachmann on the stupid:

Jesse Ventura and the CIA.

Commit $1.00/day for every day Coleman refuses to concede defeat!

MSNBC....Contessa Brewer......Millions of Dollars for A Car....

Today's Twitter Hysteria Says Patrick Swayze Has Died; He Didn't

Syracuse Professor Blames Bill O'Reilly For Denied Tenure

Plame Update?

Greg Mitchell: The (Unsurprising) Psychic Toll of the War in Iraq

Help Me Understand What Mormons Think Present Time?

change - Obama Announces First Nationwide Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

Gingrich is an odd choice to be going after Pelosi for

Was it Baucus who said...

Truthout: Documents Describe Torture Photos

What is it about certain industries that they have to be protected against the market?

Was it Baucus who said...

Newt's new book ..... Dept. of WTF?

Has DU jumped the shark?

I think credit collectors, cable and phone companies have access to our bank balances

FTC Expected To Crack Down On Bloggers' Sponsored Posts

What if we all just stopped - stopped paying our credit cards, our house

"this (GOP) change is being delivered in the form of a teabag" -- Michael Steele just now on CNN.

Appeals Court Says Obama Can Keep Bush E-Mail Memos Secret

Daily Show 5/18 - Barack Obama = Cliff Huxtable?

Credit card reform--final vote TOMORROW

So Kissinger, Shultz et al showed up at the WH for

Astro updates, Obama: The New Foundation/more

Supreme Court Detainee Decision May Not Block Suits Against Top Officials

Newspapers ignore reports on Cheney office's push for Al Qaeda-Iraq link

The Pentagon Bible-Verse Story about Rumsfeld confirms my earlier theory.

What to do about Corporatist Dems?

Dana Rohrbarfer is a total asshole...

One of the many reasons DADT pisses me off.

Did Obama And Granholm Meet?

$2.23 A Gallon in Southaven MS.....

Paul Krugman on Prodigal Conservative Intellectuals (They've Always Been Wrong!)

Cafferty's 4pm question: "Time to buy a Chrysler or GM car?"

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Rushicans are losing ground

Michael Steele speaks but doesn't say much (Second Opinion | Baltimore Sun)

An important point missed on Joey Scar's Torture Party hate fest this morning...

Rumsfeld attends a ceremony for the Dept.of Defense Humanitarian Relief Efforts - pic

Jesse Ventura will be a guest on The Ed Show

Gays being kicked out of military at steady rate - 619 last year

Could Obama use TARP money to close Guantanamo?

GOP Losses Span Nearly All Demographic Groups

Is it mainstream enough now to have a 'teabag' smilie?

Scientists hail stunning fossil - pics

Web Site Allows Rape Victims To Identify Alleged Attackers

Republican Party leader (Steele) takes on Obama - ROFL!!!

No way it's torture

Teacher and aide accused of duct taping autistic boy to chair

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota: The single Democratic vote in Senate against credit card bill

NJ State Trooper Trial: What do you think about this ruling? It puzzled me.

DKos -Cheney, Nuremberg and aggressive war: the day the smirking stopped

Does Cheney have some 'dirt' on Obama that none of us know about?

Utah state rep. says Obama nominee for ambassador to China will try to convert China to Mormonism

Mockingbirds bear a grudge against particular people

Michael Steele Hasn't Been Indicted For Ripping Off Campaign Donors (Yet) But He's Raising Eyebrows

Anyone know if/where they will carry the "Democrat Socialist" vote by the 'pubes?

Obama could stop this with ONE phone call

If you want to change congress, you have to change congressmen/women...

EARTTHQUAKE: Drop and Cover.

Where was the Repub Outrage Over Valerie Plame???

Good live coverage of the Los Angeles quake thread here:

Another earthquake in SoCal! Hang on for links ...

D.U. Confession Thread, and How Much I Care about This Place.

Prosecute sins of Bush-Cheney era

Colombian Senate obediently approves referendum on allowing Alvaro Uribe to seek a third term...

What the President has is, wait for it, delay that gratification.....

9ui11iani completely PWNED right now on MSNBC

Thank you KO - keep going on the tortured lies

Elizabeth Edwards is on "the View" this morning...

Does Newt Gingrich have something to hide about the Iraq war?

dupe - delete

Blue Cross/Blue Shield's campaign aimed at killing a key plank in Obama's reform platform.

4th grader's science scores and number of hours 8th graders spent in the classroom

Did anyone watch 60 minutes interview Liddy and AIG?

To those with health insurance: How did you choose your doctor?

US Senate to scrap Guantanamo closure funds! MSNBC says it's Harry Reid...

White House: Guantanamo still closing in January

AFSCME on 60 Minutes Fighting to Clean Up Wall Street

New function suggestion: Add a Tweet button to DU

OK, Meghan McCain is absolutely charming!

Contractors (Xe) Involved In Afghanistan Deaths Not Authorized to Have Guns

Naples (FL) council hears proposal to ban hiring smokers

Aaron Tippen wants you to "drill here, drill now"


FReeper singlehandedly solves state budget crises

Disney plans 500-room hotel near Washington D.C.

Please read! Tremendous Article that offers hope for the Social Divide!

House Energy&Commerce Committee still working on climate bill markup into the wee hours

I don't know what to fucking say...

Timothy Leary Motivational Posters

Dick Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Barack Obama's Commander in Afghanistan

Matthews writhing in agony - again - about "the Clintons"

Jesse Ventura for Sec of Defence

Found on YOUTUBE....BYE BYE W.....stunningly funny

AP makes no mention of Rumsfeld in it's "Pentagon reports no longer quote Bible"

Black and White People Furniture - A real commercial, is it racist or racial? You decide

Amid queries, CIA worries about future

Born May 19, 1925 Assassinated February 21,1965 Malcolm X In His Own Words: By Any Means Necessary

Why I am here at DU, and have been since 2002: A very brief video for your consideration.

Florida DUers how's that rain

Thou Torturest the Truth: CIA’s Comedy of Briefing List Errors

Pete Hoekstra accuses CIA of cover-up , withholding information

Pete Hoekstra accuses CIA of cover-up , withholding information

Is the death of creativity a sign of an empire in decline? ...... They're remaking "Footloose"

Nova broadcast propaganda for NSA

Larisa Alexandrovna: From Nuremburg To Gitmo

Gone but not forgotten

What are some good podcasts to subscribe to?

I watch American Idol. Do you?

T. Rowe Price invests in "Great Piggy Bank Adventure" at EPCOT to teach kids about investing

Happy Malcolm X Day !

*** Congress Investigating Documented CIA Lying ***

CBC News tonight has a special report: "Fast Forward" (the car world in 2014) - video

Chris Kennedy (RFK's son) is in! Will run for US Senate from Illinois, shot 1st spot, hired. . .

Simple solution to huge problems

Under fire, Pelosi gets backing from fellow Democrats

Reid Joins Biden, Pelosi In Misstatements

Get Rachel Maddow on your iPhone!

I understand, at least broadly, what is in the credit card bill and I think it ......

My Letter to my Senator

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Former White House lawyer: Cheney dares US to indict him

Graham, Lieberman 'Popose' Law to Ban Release of Detainee Photos

Biking Coast To Coast To Bury Three Brothers

Jesse Ventura slams Sean Hannity, who actually says America is 'better off' after George Bush!

What are the chances the CIA lied? Looks like Pelosi has got a solid case:

The prisoners awaiting trial at Guantanamo are NOT terrorists!!!!!

The prisoners awaiting trial at Guantanamo are NOT terrorists!!!!!

I got in a 2 hour long debate with my conservative math teacher today...

What IS this OTHER Republican Party that McCain's mother is in?

Despondent dads driven to kill loved ones

Human Missing Link - FOUND

Would you support a total ban on tobacco smoking?

Poll for Smokers Only, Please

Blue Cross Blue Shield targeting public funding health care option.

Dancing fool; Michael Steele has stepped off the edge of the cliff...

"A history review is necessary to appreciate the changes in American society over the past 30 yrs"

Daily Show kisses Gingrich's ass

Charles Bolden: The man who could lead NASA

Need rebuttal help on a RW email I received.

Senator wants PA to ban same-sex marriage

Should police officers be allowed to take the 5th in a situation like this and keep their job?

Listen to the Lion(Pubs) sleeps tonight..take a break from moot and minutiae

Documents Describe Torture Photos

San Francisco wants a .33 tax on cigarettes for butt litter

1981-- CAFE standards proposed by Carter... 48mpg by 1995

Senate's credit card crackdown: 90-5

The Torture Memos and Historical Amnesia, by Noam Chomsky

Is The Economy About To Bounce Back?

Ugh Keith O - snails are gastropod molluscs - not "slimey crustaceans"

Why America kicks ass

John Coale (GVS' husband) wanted Palin to help pay off HRC's campaign debt??

TPM Muck: Another Lawmaker Points To An Error In CIA Briefings Doc (Rep Obey)

The GOP Smells Blood.

The GOP Smells Blood.

Former White House lawyer: Cheney dares US to indict him

Another credit card bites the dust........

Too Slow Zelikow: UVA Backs Torture

The U.S. IS Using White Phosphorous In Afghanistan

Hey Religious Right, Suck on this, Missing Evoultion Link found

Term "enhanced interrogation techniques"didn't come in to use until '06 ( CIA "disingenuous")

Jack Cafferty: "Prosecute sins of Bush-Cheney era"

Life Goes On Without Cars

Sibel Edmonds

Is privacy an overrated priority?

Is privacy an overrated priority?

Thom Hartmann is asking a good question: How do we define Freedom?

Planting for the Poor:Atlantic City Rescue Mission Growing Own Food

Tough Day for Credit Card Companies (updated)

I just got back from a green tech conference. Obama was mentioned.

Fuck you banks! Senate voted 90 to 5 to impose new terms and limits on the credit-card industry.

Student Gets 2 Years For Changing Grade


Joe The Beauty Contestant To Host Fox News Show

Why do I still experience periods of nearly blind rage towards the rethugs?

By Republican standards, when are "enhanced interrogation techniques" permissible

The Jamestown Colony was mostly Gay Men who often got Gay-Married & adopted Indian Children together

Can Treasury Sneak IMF Money Through the Supplemental?

In Defense of the Speaker of the House

So we went to the polls this morning and a shocker, the place was EMPTY

The Credit Card bill passed just now by the Senate allows

I can only promise this: If there are investigations and prosecutions I will vote for Obama in 2012

If one is going to make up stuff that happened in 2002, one should not use language from 2004.

Body language: Sexual relations enlightenment clue for DUers

Please clue me in, what the hell is wrong with the Daily Mail?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

DU, one of your members needs your support

New GOP chief counsel on Senate Judiciary Committee linked gay marriage to pedophilia.

OH JESUS... "Mother, Son Missing In Forced Chemo-case"

BREAKING RNN (Roman News Network)

CIA admits docket of Congressional briefings not based on actual transcripts and recordings

Extraordinary find is 'missing link' in human evolution.

Larry Franklin free for another month

I must admit I'm disappointed in Jon Stuart tonight!

Those crazy, loveable guys with sub 70 IQs;

Those crazy, loveable guys with sub 70 IQs;

You could be a moron or you could be a sadist. Either way, you’re an asshole...

GOP Senator Leading Attacks Against Health Care Reform Admits Gitmo Detainees Get Better Care ...

GOP Senator Leading Attacks Against Health Care Reform Admits Gitmo Detainees Get Better Care ...

Conservative Twitter Guy is Teased, Brings Lawsuit (suing blogger for "emotional distress")

Howard Zinn: Changing Obama's Mindset

First, Do Harm: Medical Professionals Who Torture

53% of young Latinas pregnant by 20th birthday.


An inconvenient truth for us

So special needs kids were tortured and murdered during the Bush years

Boy Blinded, Eyes Bitten By Father

Greenwald: Obama's embrace of Bush terrorism policies is celebrated as "Centrism"

I just sent this to Obama and AG Holder

Mike Malloy: "Harry Reid....the most useless Democratic senate leader in the history of the party."

Karen Hughes-Spills Torture Beans-Makes Herself # 1 Witness Against BUSHCO

So having the gay is bad for good order and discipline... REALLY

GOP has officially entered the Wilie E. Coyote phase

HEADLINES: Gays being kicked out of military at steady rate; Pentagon: DADT will stay

"U.S. Health Care Terminal"

What would you consider a fair Living Wage for your area?

The Rude Pundit: When Newt Gingrich Was Condemning the FBI, It Was A-Ok

Dad tows 12 year old on skateboard with his car; kid dies, dad gets 60 days in jail

Zero tolerance in schools, what assholes came up with this stuff?

NFL: A theater of two defining American obsessions: War and Law

Dear Jon: my response to the DCCC's "urgent renewal notice".

"I was hungry and thirsty and you

Tolerance vs. Acceptance

The Ugly Truth Behind Organic Food

22 Most Corrupt Members of Congress - 2008 . . . by CREW . . .

May Photo Contest ***FINALS***

A friend's son graduates college next week and has a $65K job waiting

America's poor are its most generous givers

House has 259 Dems 176 Republicans. Steny Hoyer says Dems got beaten on gun issue.

Is Your Cat Emo?

Breastfeeding mother told 'no food or drink by the pool'

Awesome is...

so apparently Cheney tortured himself

Well someone walked in on me when I was taking advantage of myself.

My daughter voted today for the first time

Anyone else into The L Word?

If you sew, what's the name of that stuff you buy that fastens one

What does PWNED mean?

The new line of Precious Moments figurines are in!

Arizonans see UFO, NASA says it's research balloon

Live one in GD. Bring the

My sister had her dream copyrighted - she got the certificate yesterday!

back on that horse

MS word question.

Baby tree's flirst bloom (royal poinciana)

Do you like to watch the "cake challenges" on Food Network?

First Anniversary present..a hit? or a miss?

I've been without alcohol for two weeks and I didn't miss it!! Yay!!

Good morning Lounge


Usain Bolt Flips His BMW M3

I diced a jalepeno, put it in the microwave, Blue Plasma Sparks, centered on the seeds.

Don't care what the neighbors say.

Slumdog Price is Right: Contains spoilers, dark humor, dancing

Is medicare running a deficit?

Post Spoilers Here!

Call the WAAAAMBULANCE!!! Paris Hilton says her new neighbors are mean

TYT: drunk sorority prankster bawls when busted, claims God hates her.

Dangit! Should have put it in GD!

DU Song Of The Day

Respond here if you have me on ignore, and I will begin the long, difficult process of making amends

help me come up with a nickname

Graduation gift advice needed.

The Palm Pre is released!

Snuggie spinoffs (video link)

What Is So Good About Twitter?

I did a google image search for "words across ass" and found this:

DU Real Estate Experts: need advice

Does NJ and Delaware still Smell Today?

Are you going to go see Bruno

New Jersey smells today just like everyday...

Steele Threatens to Quit if RNC Undermines Funding Authority

I Am Hung

Oh no, I knew this would happen.

Abe Vigoda is...

Anybody want to be alderman for a night?

Some baby birds fell onto my concrete front porch.

Bwahahahaha, this is too funny...

dear lord help me.. I have Twitted or tweeted or whatever they call it

I just joined a FB Motley36 Appreciation Group

I just joined a FB Cop Rock Appreciation Group

Rat Shit, Bat Shit, Dirty Ol Twat, 69 Assholes Tied In A Knot

i used to go out to parties and stand around

Name Midlo's Babies!

Aaron Macgruder presents BLACK JESUS!

ATTENTION. The latest MidloFetus report.

The adjective "catty" is an insult to our feline companions.

Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits.

New Freeperism!

Gordon Ramsay Swears at You

Advanced cat yodelling

Smoking is fun, smoking is good, not everybody does it, but everybody should:

Computer drama update: the hard drive was bad.

What would be your questions for a Repub. Edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

What is the matter with people?

I figured out the farkin' iPod.

wildly introverted these days

I think Midlo is just lurking today

GD is all out hilarious today.

So, I drove to Tahoe and my friends were playing Rush on the radio

Time to play: What is it?

Incomprehensible RW bumpersticker.

My company is offering this seminar: "Hyphens, everything you wanted to know and more"

My company is offering this seminar: "Hyphens, everything you wanted to know and more"

First look at the new V

Dog's water bowl starts house fire in Washington State

Are you going to San Bruno?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/19/2009)

Was that musical 'Hair' about inducing nightmares?

Norman Rockwell was the man

*Another Earthquake!*

I'm going to Funkytown in a couple of years. Any suggestions as to what to see?

I just got back from Flint, MI

Basic Rushstinct

A thought on individual thought, and how it can create outside the box solutions.

I got Punch-Out!! for the Wii today and it is AWESOME.

If you're in a melancholy sort of mood -- and don't want to be

Pirates v. Natinals Game #2 Thread!!

Woman arrested leaving store with bulge in her pants. Turns out, it's a big sausage.

I'm in a meloncholy sort of mood - what song do I need to be listening to right now?

Even if you are "one in a million", that means...

For some time, one of the critters here has been staking his claim by leaving little

Just saw Twilight Zone: "To Serve Man," and I have a HUGE problem with the way it ended (SPOILERS)

An actual conversation with someone "concerned" about Obama's birth certificate.

Just saw Twilight Zone: "The Obsolete Man," I have a HUGE problem with the way it ended (SPOILERS)

Is there a way to drive to Delaware from New Jersey without paying a toll? (Computer says "Yes")


Is there something going on about smoking, or something?

Sorry all.

After more than ten years of wondering, guessing, hoping what a particular song means,

Star Trek, $152,000,000+ Domestic in 11 days.

Do you have sexdactyly?

Adam Lambert Performs "A Change Is Gonna Come" on AI (AUDIO)

I'm going back one day, come what may, to Blue Bayou

Where on Earth is LT? A lat/long quiz

A simple prop, to occupy my time....


My latest batch of podcasts

I rather watch a Red WIngs playoff game than American Idol



First Celebrity to die of Swine Flu!

OMG It's SO BIG!!1

The 3 people at the table next to me all work for the local paper...

Watching interview with Mark Perry about Rumsfeld

Shell Beau's new name: "Little Delta Kitten Baby Mama"

Am I really in MN? Look at this...

I don't deserve my A. Ask anything.


I have done something naughty...

CNN BREAKING: Wells Fargo to change acronym from ATM to ATS to avoid confusion with that other ATM

report on my math impaired daughter, and her progress

Anybody just watch Glee?

I've been in bed for three days. What have I missed?

Dear Giver-of-my-star, whomever you are

Yesterday ~ Maeve & me. Penned & in love.

It's obvious that Deja Q secretly loves the new Star Trek movie

Why America kicks ass

The telephont number to reach Funkytown (note, international charges may apply)

Question about my almost 10 y/o daughter and the STBE...

Today it was rumored that Patrick Swayze had died

Is Rhythm a Pev?

Where do DUers sit on shorts with wording printed across the ass?


kitten picture of the day for tuesday may 19

Woman bears twins by different fathers

I have an old dog - he needs some help

Californians, remember to vote tomorrow.

Did anyone here watch the TV show Resurrection Blvd?

Maybe the only cat in the world worthy of respect

Anyone watch Deadliest Warrior on Spike?

Chile confirms sentence against ex-Nazi soldier (And one of Pinochet's head torturers)

The internet should be pneumatic.

Adam, Adam,Adam,Adam

How big is yours?

What are some good podcasts to subscribe to?

24 season 7 finale (major spoilage)

I am having a hard time. I LOVE Adam, but Kris is pulling me in!

Trial begins for wife in bondage death

What does DTM mean to you?

I so don't want to go to school tomorrow.

Phils at Reds tonight - watch this game!!!!

Son's messy room leads to dad's 911 call (Son is a school board member!)

I lost my cool over in GD. Hold me...

What is so great about coffee?

What do you tell a girl who is about to lose her breast? (PIC HEAVY)


Cat peeing outside litterbox

Hugh Grant is a fool

Why do superheroes traditionally wear capes and tights?

OMG.. Wii fans.. go buy Punch-Out... you'll be drenched in sweat and gasping for air...


I'm not really saying goodbye...

Plantar fasciitis is kicking my ample ass. Anyone else?

Anybody taken AMTRAK?

So evidently I said something to the wife that almost got me in trouble

The History channel is telling us the world is going to end again in 2012...

I bought a rescued horse.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Which characters kick more ass?

today's celeb jackassery: people hate me because i'm beautiful

I'm going to Vietnam in 2011. Any suggestions as to what to see, where to go?

Overheard in New York...

I'm considering getting a tattoo. Any advice?

I feel like a can of smashed assholes

I am watching a movie on Encore called "No Country for Old Men", what a movie.

Ron Wyden is against the health care public option. Wants to get 70 yes votes.

I adopted a new cat!

Summer is a-coming! I am feeling like listening to songs I used to tan to back in my biniki days. It

I need a drink. A strong one.

I just drank a bottle of wine in five minutes.

Two time-lapse videos for your enjoyment

Help! My daughter has fallen for a woman eleven years older than she is.

My baby girl had her LAST day of High School today

Great Music coming up in Fort Worth: it's Van Cliburn International time again

Three cat pics at this site with lewd captions.

Let's Say You Are Making Out ---

We're going to London in 3 weeks! What should we see?

I am SO tired of being in constant brutal pain I want to cut my foot off

Netanyahu and Obama. Is the prime min. bibi concerned about

Joey Scar needs investigated

Obama is live..... on Auto Emmisions

Springsteen Autographs "Obama called, he wants Rosie" sign and Sends it to the White House

New DLC announced.

Is a Bargain on a Pair of Jeans Worth a Young Woman’s Life? President Obama Thinks Not.

Barack Obama = inspiration orator. Michael Steele = bland apologist

Other than Pelosi, Who Else Did the CIA Mislead...

"Bush" talks to "Cheney" about all the TV appearnaces

Cynthia Nixon announces engagement at gay marriage rally

GOP cashes in on Bruce Springsteen

Obama faces criticism on marriage, military

Gitmo, A Prison Built on Lies: The Quality of Gitmo "Evidence"

Bunning calls McConnell a 'control freak'

CNN "The President's argument is"

From prosecution to prevention for hate crimes

What is Obama's secret evil motive for this news?

A gay party at the embassy in Iraq

Do you trust your Congressional Reps?

this cute little joke kinda reminds me of our Dems in Washington.

AP: Democrats won't fund Guantanamo Closing?

I want my own thread on how everyone's telling me to shut up about stuff.

Oregon, Arkansas, and NEW York. Your Dem senators are on the Finance Committee and up for election

"Support for Obama Becomes an Issue"

Obama Closes Polling Gap on National Security

Allstate turns down government bailout

Insane wingnut: Bush-Cheney 2012?

Will CA Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno be named to replace Souter on the SC?

Ward 8 Dems back same-sex marriage

N1H1 (Swine Flu): My fellow NYCers...4 Prisoners at Rikers Island infected.

Freedom Isn't Free...

PHOTO: Proof that Obama bowed

Chris Kennedy Planning To Run For U.S. Senate: Sun-Times

Who exactly is talking about releasing terrorist suspects in the US?

Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC to Michael Steele's comments: Bwahahahahah *hiccup*hahaha

Coloradan may be considered for high court (District Judge Christine Arguello)

Some perspective for folks complaining about OBAMA.....

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

Don't let Blue Cross Blue Shield stop Obama's health care plan


NC-Sen: DSCC Looking at Four Potential Recruits

Obama Seeks Advice on Nuclear Weapons

An Alternative Short List for the High Court


Granholm didn't meet privately with Obama at White House (supposedly)

PHOTO Caption it? (May 19)

The curse is broken! Obama Closes Polling Gap on National Security

Considering Harry Reid with Gitmo...would a repeal of DADT happen?

Two New Judges Appointed to FISA Court

Repugs might avoid showdown. Change resolution wording to condemn "Democrats march to socialism".

Torture is simple

Michael Steele speaking now, on MSNBC.....declaring war on the President and Democrats

Senate OKs bill to rein in credit card practices (updated)

Michael Steele says Republicans will make "NO MORE APOLOGIES"

Soda Tax?

Conservatives Prepare for ‘Holy War’ Against Obama Court Pick

I finally understand the "I want Obama to get angry" crowd

I think Bush is behind the swine flu.

Fear of flying why Steelers' Harrison will skip White House visit

Did you know Father Ted Hesburgh was considered to be McGovern's running mate in '72?

Steele Threatens to Quit if RNC Undermines Funding Authority

Senator Kennedy's Cancer is in Remission!

Is Pelosi Being Targeted Unfairly by some of her Fellow Democrats?

Kudos to President Obama once again.

Do you Recall a Media ever this Concerned with the Party out of Power?

Is Al Qaeda a military force or a Criminal enterprise?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is trying to kill "a key plank in Obama's reform platform."


Here is The Problem With Just Looking Forward.

Hate Radio Whore Smackdown: Michael Savage Tees Off On Limbaugh (AUDIO)

Poll: Democrats and Repulicans agree on photos -3/4 of public opposes release, including 62% of Dems

Harry Reid doesn't want any Gitmo detainees anywhere in U.S. prisons...

What is WRONG with our Dem. strategists? Don't they know ANYTHING?

Karen Hughes ‘worried’ that torture would harm U.S. image, was ‘very vocal’ in internal debate.

Repukes fuck up **again**: the "Obamacard" .. expires when???

update on datasuspect

Gay rights bill advances in Nevada

Gay rights bill advances in Nevada


Anatomy of a Myth - How The Biden Bunker Gaffe Myth Took Root

Might as well just throw this campaign promise out the window

THIRD GRADER Organizes Gay Equality Rally!!!!! :-O

When is a campaign promise considered unfulfilled?

2 threads today gave me an epiphany:

Obama Avoids Test on Gays in Military

Obama's changes to military commissions not so changey

AA: Faith-based treatment of a reality-based problem?

AA: Faith-based treatment of a reality-based problem?

I have an honest question about Health Care I've racked my brain but I can't come up with

Tom Tomorrow........


Brazil's Lula Gets Peace Prize from UNESCO

Novation LLC's Healthcare Contracting Scheme Ruled Legal - Healthcare Reform on Hold

USAG Mr. Eric H. Holder Jr. & AUSA Ms. Christen A. Varney

Arizonans see UFO, NASA says it's research balloon

Gender balance in Irish politics ranked among world’s worst

Hawaii swine flu scaring off tourists

Mullen: 2 years to turn tide in Afghanistan

Wall St. Firm Draws Scrutiny as U.S. Adviser

Trial begins for wife in bondage death

UK Commons speaker steps down over expense scandal

Patti Blagojevich expected to star in reality show

House Dems standing by Pelosi

Iraq Arrests 2 Sunni Leaders, Raising Fears of Violence

U.S. to Expand Immigration Checks to All Local Jails

Bill on meltdown, mortgage fraud goes to president

Suffolk (Va.) soldier says he stole bus, 8 trucks, more in Iraq

Congressman (David Obey) says CIA briefing list inaccurate

TVA ash spill leaves fish in danger

MI5 and police came across (London) July 7 ringleader six times but never identified him as a threat

Former White House lawyer: Cheney dares US to indict him

Student present at slaying invokes shield law

Report: Colorado judge approached about high court (Judge Christine Arguello)

U.S. to Expand Immigration Checks to All Local Jails

India 'has 153 tainted new MPs'

2 special envoys prove well-heeled

Housing Construction, Permits Hit Record Lows

US unveils Pakistan emergency aid

Oil Production Interrupted as Peru Sends in Army to Suppress Peaceful Indigenous Protests

Did Obama And Granholm Meet?

Senate OKs bill to reign (sic) in credit card practices

US military: Afghan contractors (Blackwater) violated gun policy

Steele Threatens to Quit if RNC Undermines Funding Authority

Obama (Officially) Announces First Nationwide Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

Obama's CTO pick faces queries on Va. outsourcing pacts

Norman Hsu convicted of breaking campaign finance laws

Democratic fundraiser convicted of corruption

Human Missing Link - FOUND

Ex-Stanford executive is flight risk-prosecutors

Congressman, CIA dispute briefing list accuracy

Pentagon To Drop Bible Quotes From Briefings

Astronauts bid fond farewell to restored Hubble

Tax on Benefits, Soda Among Options in Health-Care Bill Debate

Ex-U.S. Envoy (Zalmay Khalilzad) May Take Key Role in Afghan Government

Clinton tells Netanyahu: Israel must cease settlement activity

Anti-nicotine, pay proposals defeated at Altria meeting

New Orleans Gets 2013 Super Bowl, Its 10th


Senate votes to limit credit card rate changes

Report Warns of Student Injuries, Even Deaths, at the Hands of Teachers

Indonesian plane crashes, at least 68 dead

Milwaukee Police link seventh death to serial killer

Key UK lawmaker under fire in expenses scandal

Thompson to Obama: Send Ryan home

U.S. and Russia Begin Arms Talks With a December Deadline

UN chief names Bill Clinton as Haiti envoy

Ill. inmate says he confessed so officers would stop beating him

Rumsfeld disputes GQ report

Drug war guns came from Houston

FEC dismisses complaint over Palin clothing

Court Says White House Can Keep Memos on Bush E-mails Private

Group seeks support to ban use of music as torture

Credit Card Industry Aims to Profit From Sterling Payers

Teen Somali piracy suspect indicted in NYC court

California May Cut Services to Legal Immigrants

Steele vows to take Obama 'head-on'

Democrats won't fund Guantanamo closing

Ted Kennedy's Cancer in Remission -- UPDATE, story has been contradicted

4.1 aftershock in So Cal about half an hour ago

Arrest warrant issued for mother of boy resisting chemo (Mom flees with son)

19 stuns from Tasers not excessive in Patrick Lee's death, jury says

House unknowingly votes for override

Blue collar U.S. males lose more ground

Google 'falling behind Twitter'•

Bibles Destroyed in Afghanistan... By U.S. Military

Pentagon: No Plans To Repeal "Don't Ask"

Electric Connection: Tesla, Daimler

Sensitive Data Missing From National Archives

U.S. military: Heavily armed and medicated

Cost of Cigarette Litter May Fall on San Francisco’s Smokers

Speaker Michael Martin to resign today

Senate passes handguns-in-parks bill

AP Source: Democrats won't fund Guantanamo closing

AmericanAcademy of Environmental Medicine calls for GMO Ban

Arrest ordered for mom of boy, 13, resisting chemo

Labor unions find themselves card-checkmated

Feingold blocks measure commemorating Reagan’s birth

"War/No More Trouble"

Newt calls a Democrat courageous & honest - In order to attack another Democrat

CIA Director Panetta: Improve Relationship with Congress

Anderson Cooper: Obama's Promises to Gay Community - Is Time Running Out?

The FDA's Long Road Ahead

Faux News - The more you watch, the less informed you become.

Supreme Court Sets Dangerous Precedent for Torture Lawsuits

D.C. - Hate-filled Rally AGAINST Passing Hate Crimes Bill - WWJD?

Fixed Noise: Pelosi is the Devil, Source of All Evil!

Autoworkers Compete To Keep Jobs, Livelihoods On New Reality Show

GOP pol wants to have Henry Waxman 'by the nuts'

AP: Torture Complaint Seeks Bush Lawyers Disbarment (Press Conference Statement)

LOL---Steele says that "Change is being delivered in a Teabag".

Knife: A Poem by: Dr. Rafey Habib

VR Demands Torture Lawyers Be Disbarred

The Century of the Self (Pt.2) The Founding of American Consumerism

TYT: How the Healthcare Companies Screwed Over Obama

Ila Jahannam (On the Execution of Saddam Hussein): A Poem by: Dr. Rafey Habib

On Countdown, RNC Chairman Steele: 'Gay Marriage Hurts Small Business' - **WTF!?!** 5/18/09

The Elephant Strikes Back

Bill Clinton To Be Named UN Special Envoy To Haiti. Jeremy Scahill

(sound familiar?) Scarborough demands proof of a negative (1:30)

Galaxy Song - Monty Python - The Meaning Of Life

No Free Pass for Obama

Fire the Boss: Workers take over factories (Klein Lewis)-1/5

Unreal nonsense from Jones

WARNING TVMA|Republicans Just Need Another Eight Years...

Be Afraid– Be Very Afraid. Republicans Admit They Fail On Holding Terrorists. Worst Scare Video Ever

TYT: Glenn Beck Thinks ACORN Might Kill Him

TYT: Liz Cheney finally challenged on torture, by Katrina VH, Cenk reacts

Interview: Secretary of State Clinton on Israeli settlements, the "two state solution" and Hamas

Secretary of State Clinton Briefs Press on Aid to Pakistan (inc. transcript)

Pelosi-Gate: The Diversion from Investigating War Crimes and Torture

Rachel Maddow explains how the GOP have screwed themselves over torture

Rep. Michele Bachmann and Chairman Barney Frank Face Off on ACORN Funding

TYT: GOP's hypocritical attacks on Nancy Pelosi, re: attacking the CIA

MSNBS: Congress Investigating Documented CIA Lying

White House Dodges "Defense Of Marriage Act" Question

Dana Perino "Joins" Fox News

Billo The Clown Argues FOR Police Racial Profiling

The Century of the Self - The History of Modern Propaganda in America

Joe Scarborough: Unhinged Torture Apologist - yuks it up, no substantive response to Ventura

KO: We're Supposed To Believe The CIA Now???

Ed Show: Jesse Ventura - If Bush Admin Had Not Tortured, This Would All Be Irrelevant

Countdown: Still Bushed! Karen Hughes Steps In It On Bush Torture

Countdown - "Journalist Marcy Wheeler" provides essential briefings link

Ted Kennedy on Health Care

John Legend's Commencement Speech:

Jesse Ventura on Fox & Friends: Torture Debate, aka Smackdown

Rep. Jane Harman calls ethnic separation of Iran “a good strategy”

It’s time to do away with the word “detainee”

Cafferty: Prosecute sins of Bush-Cheney era

The torturous pro-wrestling of Washington

History offers some answers to torture debate

Somewhere, Hammurabi Is Crying (Milbank / WaPo)

The Holy War We're Totally Not Fighting

Bush-Cheney 2012?

Ray McGovern: Colin Powell Got Snookered at CIA

Who's Afraid of the CIA? (Common Dreams)

CIA Responds to Obey: Briefing Accounts Are ‘Not Transcripts And Recordings’

Lawmaker: CIA Already Being Probed For Misleading Congress (TPM)

The Trials of Ehren Watada (The Nation)

Demonizing For Dollars: Religious Right Ready To Attack Supreme Court Nominee

Pelosi's Loss; Our Gain (by William Fisher)

Honeymoon's Over! (McAuliff | NY Daily News)

Robert Dreyfuss: Obama's Great Afghanistan Gamble

Donald Rumsfeld's dirty laundry (Guardian)

Tax Shelter Hot Spot The Netherlands and Bush Ambassador "Sub-Prime" Roland E. Arnall Ameriquest

Guardian UK: Donald Rumsfeld's dirty laundry

Pelosi or Cheney? Who's the Torturer in Chief? (Laura Flanders)

Is Homophobia the New Anti-Semitism?

Rep. Hoekstra: Only I’m Allowed To Accuse The CIA Of Lying (Think Progress)

CIA Explains Errors In Its Briefing Records: 'Our Logs Were Waterlogged'

Who Should Lead the GOP, Cheney or Limbaugh?

"The Body" Speaks His Mind; Obama Should Listen

Crazy GOP Chief: 'This Change Is Being Delivered in a Teabag (Gawker)

The untold story of Deigo Garcia

Interfaith Alliance Statement on Bible Verses in Bush Era Intelligence Reports

Poverty impacts ability in learn

Jeremy Scahill: Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama

How Far Have We Come? Not Far Enough

Mountaintop Mining: FIGHT BACK!!!!

Eric Boehlert: Who cares what Newt Gingrich thinks?

Unexceptional Americans: Why We Can't See the Trees or the Forest

CIA Organization Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales

Rachel Maddow: Decorated AF Lt. Col. Fehrenbach Discharged for Being Gay

Changing Obama's Mindset.......Howard Zinn

Brazil's Lula Gets Peace Prize from UNESCO

Exiled Bolivian former president tried in absentia

Can't Get Enough Info on Human Rights Found. Terrorist, Armando Valladares? This One is for You

Congressional bill calls for preliminary plebiscite (Puerto Rico)

A third term for Lula?

Rio Cops 'Kill Three People A Day'

New name to share with the conscientious part of DU readers here.

Colombian Senate OKs referendum on re-election

US priest killed in robbery in Guatemala

CIA Organization Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales

JR: "Elections if Cuba Before the Revolution"

"Shallow Throat": Is Obama Turning Into Bush Lite?

J Scahill: "Bill Clinton Named New UN Envoy to 'Stabilize' Haiti, a Country He Helped Destabilize"

White House names Gregory Jaczko US NRC chairman

Fossil fuels can’t last forever. A new book plans for a world without them

DrumBeat: May 19, 2009

Smart Grid Progress: DOE Announces First Standards, Raises Cap on Stimulus Funds

Dieoff Killing Thousands Of Penguins & Flamingos, Millions Of Sardines In Chile

John Shimkus (R-IL) - So Stupid That Even Professional Denialist Patrick Michaels Must Call BS

New Lithium Battery Can Store And Deliver More Than Three Times Power Of Conventional Lithium Batter

Pacific Ethanol units joins others in bankruptcy court

Is there a Climate Change betting line such as Intrade?

As Glaciers Go And Cities Grow, Tensions Build Within And Among Andean Nations

Chris Mooney Interview- "People Don't Think They're Anti-Science, But . . . "

Eastern Corn Belt Facing Major Planting Delays In Wake Of Rainy Spring - Reuters

I got ridiculed for posting my thoughts on this before, but here goes... (induction roads)

Climate change odds much worse than thought—New analysis shows warming could be 2x previous estimate

WWE and Denver Nuggets in scheduling conflict

I guess we'll learn today whether the NHL Eastern Conference Finals

Coyotes bankrupty hearing...

Reyes is back!!!!!!!!

Dodgers win again, your welcome Phillies

Ten sports stars and their bizarre pre-game rituals

Only in the fucking NBA can the two worst teams in the league

18 game NFL Season--- I like it

Nuggets in 6; Cleveland in 5

Belfast Visteon Sitdowners Win Better Deal As Auto Sector Turmoil Ripples Around The Globe

Here's what I propose, an official, "Call out DU'ers in the Sports Forum" Day

Today in labor history May 19 Shootout in Matewan, W. Va. 10 people killed, Coal creek 184 dead

Watch this short video about Single Payer Health Care and then please vote here

46 Attention-Grabbing Seconds

Heart Disease Patients Carrying Extra Pounds Do Better, Live Longer

the stupid gets pretty deep sometimes.

The Labor Movement is gone for me.

The Labor Movement is gone for me.

Flu shot not effective in preventing flu-related hospitalizations in asthmatic children

Are you going to go see Bruno

Conyers says he has votes to repeal Defense of Marriage Act

same sex couples @ post prom party

Rodger McFarlane, Who Led AIDS-Related Groups, Dies at 54

A class that all Democrats should take

Showdown expected in Nevada over partner bill - Nevada Governor is a bigot

Wash Gov. Gregoire Really Wants a Gay Marriage Bill On Her Desk

Governor Gregoire Signs Domestic Partnership Law

Tennessee schools sued for blocking LGBT sites

Rumor: SFPD told to prepare for Prop 8 Decision from CA Supreme Court Thurs

Blameless--a poem

A Quick Video About Homophobes & Gay Sexual Arousal....

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear case on gay marriage

Pennsylvania same-sex marriage ban is sought

Kept From a Dying Partner’s Bedside

Get Over It, Conservatives: Same-Sex Marriage Will Be Legal in All 50 States

Settlement in lesbian student harassment case - you won't believe what they did

Please Remember to vote for Adam Lambert tonight. !! The Nokia Theatre

Marriage: Bloomberg's double-talk re. "double-talk".

Adam's numbers ...

We stand united...

Larry Kramer: Homo Sex in Colonial America

Britain: Town's Impromptu Honors for War Dead

Just seen an amazing documentary about two Huey helicopters, one unarmed,

Rights group: J'lem house demolitions increase under Barkat administration

Qassam fired from Gaza devastates Negev home

Against IDF rules, Moskowitz group directly funds units

No agenda for Middle East peace

Was AIPAC Iran Specialist Weissman charged by Bush DOJ to shut him up ?

Was AIPAC Iran Specialist Weissman charged by Bush DOJ to shut him up ?

Israel 'deaf' to two-state solution

No arrest in shooting of alleged burglar by Marconi Avenue shop owner

Report: Hamas leader Mash'al ousted deputy over opposition to Iran

Resident shoots man trying to break into Berkeley Heights home

Palestinian government sworn-in

Hamas uses its own resources to begin rebuilding Gaza

Hamas uses its own resources to begin rebuilding Gaza

Gun-rights movement galvanized and growing

NRA sues San Francisco over firearms laws

One State the Alternative to Two-State Solution - Arab League Secretary General Musa

Dick Fuld wants 50% profit from sale of his Manhatten Apt.


82 democratic accomplishments

Is the 401K Plan a form of welfare for Wall Street?

Jim Rogers predicted this: it's going to be the 29-year-old farmers who have the Lamborghinis.

Japan's economy has seen its worst ever quarter

People along the way- often up close and personal-sometimes sweet (lots of pictures warning)

People along the way- often up close and personal-sometimes sweet (lots of pictures warning)

May Photo Contest Finals has been posted in GD

'Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home...

Spring Photos, Part 2.

Just one - Road to Monument Valley

New York Activists to Singer Leonard Cohen: "Don't Play Apartheid; Don’t Play Israel!"

One of those human angel stories.....

A Gathering of the Tribe

Catching up w/lildreamer316..any feelings/insights welcome.

She asked

What can we GIVE members of the Republican Party to ease their pain?

String theory and 2012

What's Behind Voodoo

Weekly Healing Project #28 | May 17-23 | Decluttering on all levels & Release of Scarcity


The Flesh Eating Ghost Slug and other animal discoveries

Moss Can Be Used As 'Surrogate Mother' To Human Genes

Video: Milky Way

Video hinting at the expanding matter theory.... nicely done and

Milky Way 'tastes of raspberries and smells of rum'

Komodo Dragons Kill With Venom, Researchers Find


Engineered antibodies fight AIDS virus in monkeys

Mutual Friends (pic heavy)

PHD Comics: Science News Cycle

How Neanderthals met a grisly fate: devoured by humans

"Law student gets house arrest in ‘cult’ abduction"

Rwandan priest accused of war crimes

"Baha'i rift: Baha'is upset with Orthodox Baha'i Faith"

Help Me Understand What Mormons Think Present Time?

Utah State Rep: Obama's ambassador to China will try to convert country to Mormonism

And that's that.

Mother Records Autistic Child's Alleged Abuse

Steele: Republicans Are Making a Comeback

How are they hanging here in the ghetto?

I Don't Visit This Forum - But I Know It Exists - I Have A Comment That I Know Won't Make It ......

Justice. And Revenge?

Vote to end moratorium & sell our PUBLIC highways to PRIVATE corporations IMMINENT!

Is the death of creativity a sign of an empire in decline? ...... They're remaking "Footloose"

Texas Senate OKs guns in college dorms, classrooms