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Archives: May 13, 2009

Ya know, once in a while, ya just gotta give a gift to friends at DU. And this song is that.

Shelties are GREAT for chasing bunnies out of the garden!

Oh NO ! I'm being investigated by the FBI - if I pay them, they'll give me an ATM card. LMAO

All Siegelman posts remind me of this, and it doesn't matter what party is in power

OWH: Democrats will control the Omaha Mayor's Office for another four years

Freepers find a fault in Cheney! WTF?

ARRGHHHH ok folks it is clear that our critters need a little more than just

Tonight on Frontline: Bernie Madoff story. Starting NOW!

"She lied, she whined, she blamed others, she talked about how women could make a difference"

Excuse my french, but Who the Fuck is Ron Christie?

I'll be volunteering at the ASU commencement tomorrow and I get to see Obama speak

Does the National Organization for Marriage oppose pre-marital sex?

Some Random Thoughts...Low Level Rant

"Todd, don't destroy this. Are you guys strong enough? Just be really careful, man. This is bad."

Hmm those students at ASU failed History 101

Let's all agree that torture is 100% effective at making a person confess to something he didn't do

Another informative post on Rick Scott from Glenn W. Smith

Miss CA keeps her crown, is Trump a hero?

Right winger says hate crime laws will make it illegal to reject advances by gay people

Today we moved another little step closer to marriage equality in America

April foreclosures rise 32 percent

Rushbo: If You Live by OxyContin and Chickenhawk Anal Cysts,

Eugene Robinson: Old Faithful of Nonsense (Dick Cheney)

Wow, what an asshole

Chavez launches $15 mobile phone with a name to make his mother blush

Consumers Union has a universal health care letter writing tool up

Who do you think will end up spending more time in prison?

Wow - One-fourth of overseas votes go uncounted

To: Giant Robot, Nadinbrzezinski, and Proteus Lives from Stan Lee

Rumy's greeting at the press dinner brought back fond memories

Dear Californians: You have my deepest sympathies...

Dethroned Miss Nevada Peeved by Miss California "Double Standard"

Philadelphia Inquirer Hires bu$h*s Torture Memo Man

They talked their way into spending the rest of their lives in prison

95 Children Killed, Afghan Official Says

Mika just said: "this is my last show..."

I swear to GOD Dennis Miller just wiped his nose on his sleeve on Leno

Pandora now has audio commercials ... had to happen. F#ck 'em

Single-Payer Health Care Advocates Deserve a Hearing

Does it matter any more, did it ever matter: Hippocratic Oath - I swear by Apollo the physician...

The last hotbutton, by Mark Morford

'Smokey’ Joe Barton: Regulating CO2 Could ‘Close Down The New York And Boston Marathons’

Conn. pedestrian who inspired morality debate dies

NC still likes Elizabeth; unfavorable to John Edwards 69%

When they talk about saving money by decreasing the increase,

When they talk about saving money by decreasing the increase,

Senator Whitehouse is a patriot.

Media whores: Increased calls to investigate what Dems knew about torture.

Here's a direct link to watch the torture hearing

Reminder: Senate Hearing at 10:00 AM on treatment of detainees

"We're trying to turn the page and he's climbing out of the grave to haunt us."

I have to say, Linsey Graham is the most vile piece of shit in the Senate

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings about

Conservative ignorance poll

Reid Admits It: 'I Don't Have Votes For Dawn Johnsen...Yet'

Republicans Announce New Big Tent Design

Revitalizing The GOP

"Maximum prison term of 4yrs wanted for Karley abuser"!

FOX News Pushes GOP Horror Story of Obama Setting Gitmo Terrorists Loose in U.S.

Billo has a poll up!!

so, who won the iPod?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Progressive Caucus Report on Afghanistan

I have it on good authority that Dick Cheney is going to sit for an interview with the Pittsburgh

Rachel Maddow nails health care opponent Rick Scott.

I'm a bit disappointed

"The mainstream media is more than 90 percent left..."

Marriage Equality Action Alert: Wednesday, April 13th.

Why do Republicans like to stress that they are the "party of Lincoln"?

How to Make the Neocons Crazy About the Middle East: Tell Them the Truth

Will Obama be campaigning on the exact same issues in three years that he did last year

Zelikow advocates independent investigation into torture policies

It's not bikinis that help win this Saudi pageant

Saberi release a big bummer for extremists, here and there

Pentagon to release photos of alleged prisoner abuse

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Oba

Steele: "I Have A Problem" With New GOP Group Slamming Reagan

You think we may owe the Iraqis some reparations for what we have done to them?

Zelikow: My Alternative Torture Memo Has Been Found And Is Being Reviewed For Declassification

Sometimes the MSM beats The Onion to a really funny headline.

President Obama has an obligation to deliver on the healthcare reforms he ran on as a candidate.

Carrie Prejean vs. Dixie Chicks

David Liar Liar Your Pants on Fire Holt opened his mouth

Why do you have a right to public education but not public healthcare?

Office refrigerator stench packs punch, sends seven to hospital

So what happens if we need to send another shuttle to fetch the astronauts and it gets damaged?

Who's book are you waiting to read

Blue Dog Dems Rake in Health Care Contributions, Protest Exclusion from Debate

Poetry Jam Night at the White House

Police imposter "worked" along side of real police for two weeks making arrests

Maybe we should start calling what the Democrats are proposing National Insurance Care

The actions of *what administration* jeopardized national security???

Lindsey Graham: Bush admin saw law as unaffordable 'nicety'

Single Payer

Like gay?

Uh-oh looks like Cheney has another document authorizing torture

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Why Is This Pro-Choice Commencement Guest Different Than the Others?

Vladimir Putin signals return as president with court reform

I got a call push-polling me to agree to reelect Mayor Bloomberg

What I find most disturbing is.....

Eminem gets jobless auto workers into Kimmel show in L.A.

Iraqi used to justify war by Bush admin in 2004, now finds himself moving family to homeless shelter

Marcy Wheeler Wins Prestigious Hillman Award

Shuttle Atlantis about to grapple the Hubble telescope. Pretty cool.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Releases Recommendations for Afghanistan

Europe Fines Intel a Record $1.45 Billion in Antitrust Case

What is it with Republicans and their torture fetish?

What is it with Republicans and their torture fetish?

Shoot-Out At The Waffle House

Can someone explain why everyone is fussing out over Single Payer Health Care

The Republicans are actually saying, "It isn't torture, and Democrats in Congress should have...

Howard Stern on Sarah Palin this morning

expanding Medicare for single payer

Another bloody LAME health care thread

Lindsey Graham Cites Debunked Report To Argue For Torture

Juan Cole in Salon: The Hidden Hand of Dick Cheney

Conservatives Set To Block Dawn Johnsen’s Nomination

Former FBI agent calls Cheney a lying sack of CRAP!

The height of conservative discourse these days (as low as low can go)

Don't forget to vote on Google

Feingold: Cheney is "misleading the American people"- the classified docs don't back Cheney's claims

Feingold: Cheney is "misleading the American people"- the classified docs don't back Cheney's claims

Wisconsin police can put GPS on your vehicle Without warrant or your knowledge.

Hartmann is reading from a DU journal. Who's is it?

Why I think single payer is not Obama's leading option.

Jesselyn Radack:The Tesimony You Won't Hear at Today's Senate Judiciary Hearing on Torture

Just So you know: Largest Single Payer Health System in the World is ....

Graham defends torture: "interrogation techniques have survived fore 500 years is because they work"

RNC set to approve resolution rebranding the Democratic Party as ‘Democrat Socialist Party.’

Introduction to the European Parliament Elections

WARNING: If you have an Advanta Credit Card - no charges will be authorized after June 10th!

London begins testing GPS-enabled speed limiters

What Goes Around, Comes Around...

Asher Heimermann-

My pretty mind shouldn't have to look at those pictures!

Saving America

For those who are having a housing's a suggestion

Were the criminals in the pictures prosecuted?

Alan Dershowitz at it again

The photos are a cautionary warning about abuses which can happen during wartime.

Afghan Officials: Taleban used poison gas to attack girls school, 98 injured

Space junk raises risks for Hubble repair mission - pic

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez launches affordable “Penis” phone

I have to say I really disagreed with Jon Stewart tonight..

We've waterboarded before:

Fake Corporate Elections In 2010!!! Fake Corporate Elections In 2012!!!

Ok folks I will say this about Gibbs and the WH briefing

"We weren't evil, just scared and wrong" - Phillip Zelikow on how to become a Sith Lord

Is Afghanistan the reason the Obama admin changed course with releasing torture photos?

Heads up!

Appoint a Special Prosecutor and I will stop agitating for the photo release.

Do you support extradition of Bush officials to Europe for torture prosecutions

Press Sec. Robert Gibbs confiscating ringing cellphones!!!

I didn't know a president can interfere with a court decision like the Abu Ghraib one?

Why wasn't the death of this college student headline news?

Torture Apologists on DU - How can you sleep at night?

Massachusetts will mark 5 years

Here is the cost of the Health Care Congress has, how much do you pay?

Senate Republicans Block No. 2 Interior Nominee

Will designer brains divide humanity?

I support Obama's decision on the torture photos.

AP: Circuit appeals already denied Gov't request for a follow-up hearing re: photos...Supreme Court?

Dear Mitch Stewart of Organizing For America (OFA): I don't stand with Obama on healthcare.

Optimism seems to be building on the gay marriage vote in the NY Senate

Another "suicide" of a witness

Lieberman backs Obama's decision to keep the photos hidden!

How the State of California, as well as other MMJ States, can profit from MMJ sales

Beck suggests ACORN may kill him for his coverage of them

Call me a weenie, but I never planned to look at those photos in the first place

Godwin's Law = FAIL

Widower seeks to sue operator of pig farm (swine flu victim had just given birth)

If the torture photos are not released, Congress should subpoena them for the hearings.

I FINALLY figured it out. Bill O'Reilly is a fucking coward! He's afraid to admit he is Republican

The USA is a bully nation. True or false?

GOP Leaders Seek To Slow Debate of a Supreme Court Nominee

Abstinence Works 100% of the Time... Almost

Camera modified into stun gun found at school

Why hasn't this American citizen who was tortured by Bush/Cheney been pardoned yet?

I've been living in a cave. What is the word on "contractors" who torture?

Interesting: Research Examines Factors That Influence Intention to Pirate Digital Media

Is the Swine Flu still going on?

Randi Is On?

Why are we still in Afghanistan? Iraq?

Poisonously negative thread alert: What's the last state in the U.S. you would want to live in?

If we all could have the heart of a child..9 year old stays in cardboard box to raise $ for homeless

Gary Bauer: People who DON'T want to torture are "morally suspect"

Did pictures of beheaded servicemen enrage the American people?

So it's "change" unless you're a polar bear, a gray wolf, a documented torture victim, or a Wall St.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, but is anyone else surprised that

Don't Let Corporate Interests Cut Your Paycheck, take action now.

Breaking - White House to delay release of torture photos.

I have not been water-boarded, but I am familiar with the procedure.

What do the following have in common?

clean energy on the chopping block?

Let's pass a DU resolution to rename the Republican Party! I say we will take nominations for the

Cheney and Limbaugh toons...

Guess whose hand I just shook? (hint: utility belt)

Freeper thread "Conservatives - We need to breed like rabbits ... (vanity)"

Pharma Company Admits Vaccine Contaminated With Live Bird Flu Virus

CIA Refuses to Turn Over Torture Tape Documents

Ensign: Senate GOP 'nervous' about Specter on EFCA

Tweety on the pictures

And now, some video catharsis... (WARNING: Disturbing imagery)

Health Care Reform - DOA?

Is Glenn Beck dangerous Agitprop?

Can someone explain to me: How is a hiring quota based on race better than one based on class?

If spending is the solution to get out of a recession/depression ...

Got Randi?

Seagate to cut 2.5% of its staff to return to profitability

Should we release the photos of the crime scene of the 5 soldiers

America's Tea Party, July 4, 2009 - Is A Counter-Offensive Called For?

Parents not lovin' McDonald's Kidz Bop CD

I’ve Seen The Future, And It’s Made of Mushrooms

Ah the double standard of Empire

And now a word about Health Care from an unlikely source ;)

You think any of the people tortured into admitting they were witches in Salem really were witches?

No wonder Cheerios are so cheery......

Dem Senator Shunned In Quest To Block Health Care Reform

Many Swine Flu Cases Have No Fever

Is the current version of the swine flu man made?

Why I believe the torture evidence must be disseminated, but with extreme caution

Flashback: 'Why is Pelosi so tough on Harman?' asked Chris Matthews

What is the difference between a McDonald's fry cook and a Colgan Air First Officer?

Email from Whitehouse on Health Care reform

Liz Cheney ASKED To Stay On MSNBC Set To Take On Robinson

PIC of Cancun beach May 11, 2009. Catch swine flu? FREE VACATION for 3 years

Push for Public Option plan "Number 1"


There is ONE exception that I would make for the pictures not to be released to the public

Former FDIC Chairman Bill Seidman Dies at 88

Oops Stanford drug informer ?


President Obama-- "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

Torture Never Happened

LaTimes Poll: Should President Obama release the photos showing alleged abuse of detainees by U.S. p

First Officer on doomed Buffalo Colgan Flight earned $16,254 a year!

Uruguay to lift ban on gays in the military

There is something more sinister yet about Big pharma....

The worst thing that can come out of these pictures...(don't click if you're squeamish)

Who really is it that the Pentagon and the Repigs don't want to see the torture photos?

We don't need no stinking photos!!!

Photos and commentary

When PTSD Comes Marching Home

Greenwald: Dawn Johnsen's Belief in the Rule of Law Disqualifies her from Senate Confirmation

Here is a link to some of the torture photos

If he won't release the pictures, maybe he'll release the soundtrack.

Since when did we here at DU start advocating the concealment of evidence of crimes?

Report: Babies Increasingly Born to Unwed Mothers

Must see! "West Side Story" cartoon parody on the economy

"Code Pink never goes after Republicans" except Rumsfeld at the Correspondents' Dinner!

RE: The Torture Evidence Issue. Please consider this point. The torture

Torture photos can't endanger the troops if we BRING THEM THE FUCK HOME.

Vote to remove Congress Members' Free Health Care Benefits until all U.S. citizens have Health Care

Health Care--Insurance Industry Profitabilty > Welfare of the citizens

Reuters: List of 140 Afghan Killed In US Attack Includes 93 Children

Let's just sweep these photos under the rug. No one will notice...

Correct me if I am wrong*. Obama hasn't decided to withhold publication of the photos.

Out-of-Wedlock Birthrates Are Soaring, U.S. Reports

Why Republicans Make Sore Losers

Bill Clinton on Cheney ’s re-emergence: ‘It’s over.’

The photos America doesn't want seen (Click "More Snaps From Abu Ghraib")

May 30th: National Day of Action Nationwide Rallies In Support of Single-Payer

New York Assembly passes gay marriage

I think we should take a look at what hasn't been "leaked"

ENOUGH. (warning - graphic content, unless you're okay with torture)

Business Week Blog reporting Alien spacecraft landing?

Paul Begala: Mr. Cheney, You Did Not Keep Us Safe

NPR is in the hot seat after censoring a movie review that named allegedly gay politicians

Obama on torture photos:

Shanna Moakler Resigns as Miss California Pageant Director

Hardball now---re; torture photos

Speaking of photos, soldiers and Bush war criminals, never forget Abu Ghraib

Self Deleted. NT

Rush/Dick Love-Fest-Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat (Rude Pundit)

What is your local "news" reporting as it ignores the growing crisis of families losing their homes?

"Sadistic . . . violent . . . inhuman"

'Jesus in jeans' sculpture unveiled

California state pageant director resigns

Mr. President: Schedule a One Hour Meeting with Eliot Spitzer Every Week

FBI Investigating Coleman In Minnesota

I Think Obama Wants To Hold Off On Torture Pictures Because Of Pakistan

Are we going to put up with this?

Via the Washington Note: Wilkerson on "The Truth About Richard Bruce Cheney"

RNC to pass resolution "rebranding Democrats as the “Democrat Socialist Party”" (not a joke)

RNC to pass resolution "rebranding Democrats as the “Democrat Socialist Party”" (not a joke)

Hannity Still Playing Dumb About Nugent's Using the "B" Word On His Show

Feinstein asks for access to detainee photos

Mo. mom accused of using child to block Taser

"Shrill, Baby, Shrill"

we have seen waterboarding pictures before..why not now president obama ?

New Revelations in Autism: "Imaging Study Finds Evidence Of Social Orienting Ability

Releasing torture pics would endanger US troops? Too bad.

Lindsey Graham: Bush admin saw law as unaffordable 'nicety'

CIA Refuses to Turn Over Torture Tape Documents to ACLU

President Obama just contradicts himself on national tv.

Bybee declines to testify on torture memos

How much more can the Palins take? 'UFO spotted over Bristol'.

Yoko Ono Displays John Lennon's Bloodied Clothes

When are we going to get over tits?

They call us Democrat Socialists, I call them torturing repub Nazis.

They call us Democrat Socialists, I call them torturing repub Nazis.

They call us Democrat Socialists, I call them torturing repub Nazis.

Things are only going to get worse for the conservative movement

It's not chess, y'know. It's a bridge tournament. Some decks aren't full, a few of the

Holy Shite Rachel just nailed Zelikow

Obama will be an accessory to the BushCo.* crimes unless he stops trying to block the evidence

"Elvis the white n*****r ate at Burger King and just kept getting bigger.”

DU Pilots - simulation of flt 3407 crash near Buffalo

News Flash: Taliban Waterboards Captured U.S. Soldiers--Claims "Not Torture"

Is Dick Cheney the Al Gore of Torture?

Did this asshole deserve this?

Photos of kids blown to pieces, maimed, etc are ok to show

Name Sarah Palin's porno movie!

Welcome to any new DUers hanging around here

Did Rachel just call that woman "Spermy"

NYC area - free financial counseling

Jobs working for the House and Senate in D.C. and elsewhere

Roland Burris and Mark Begich.

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win TWO SIGNED BOOKS by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Question about Psychiatry, Therapists, records and right to privacy.

delet.e. no #4 requred

Preach it Turley

** HEARING Senate Judiciary - Lawyers Who Approved TORTURE ***#3

Senate Rejects Limit On Credit-Card Interest Rates

Sheldon Whitehouse on KO

Should Germany have been made to publish photos/videos of extermination camps?

Please remember to vote for Adam Lambert tonight on American Idol and take a stand against hate and

Invading countries on bullshit endangers the troops. Staying on bullshit endangers more.

An official apology needs to be drafted by Congress and sent to the President

Senate Democrats want Gitmo inmates kept out of US

Helen Thomas receives an honorary degree at NYU commencement ceremony - pic

Dethroned Semi-Nude Miss Nevada Peeved by Semi-Nude Miss California "Double Standard"

Waterboarding Experiment

Bill Clinton on Cheney’s re-emergence: ‘It’s over.’

So...the GOP wants to call the Democrats the...

Sarah Palin and ghost "righting"

Bill Clinton To Cheney: "It's Over"

I Can Think Of No Moniker More Damnable Than "Republican"

Perhaps the worst thing is not that Obama chickened out and flip-flopped on torture

I agree with the weeping father of the soldier who killed five of his peers

My Social Security dilemma and how the ordinary person gets screwed.

Batten Down the Hatches, Midwesterners

I hold nothing against Obama holding back the pictures

Pix of Proud Democratic Socialist

***** HEARING Senate Judiciary - Lawyers Who Approved TORTURE THREAD #2 *****

Lieberman, Graham Will Offer Amendment on Prisoner Photos

What Obama doesn't want you to see.

Awww..posting .just for fun......

Torture. Why did bush, Inc. have to torture detainees to get them to say

***** HEARING Senate Judiciary - Lawyers Who Approved TORTURE *****

Posititive thread alert: What are the top 5 states in the U.S. you would want to live in?

Koalas in the Australian heatwave

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Democratic Socialist Party?" Sounds like the "National Socialist Party," better known as Nazis

A real simple question

Do you want a president who orders what pictures you can look at?

Just LOOK at the back of this idiot's car! (pic)

Steven Chu - So Smart, He's Clueless

10 yr old with cap gun arrested, accused of making "terroristic threats"

After US troops liberated concentration camps in WW2

Wanda Sykes: Mom Of Twins!

Some uncomfortable realities

Damn cell phones!

2 recent Senate votes that prove...

Law Professor: Torture Justification 'An Ethical Train Wreck'

Obama does his homework and ends up doing the right thing - That's why in IMHO he will go down

Choice? What Choice?

Since the GOP's renaming us, I hereby dub the GOP the Republic Fascist Party.

You can watch Obama's Arizona State commencement speech here...

who cares who is in the white house

The idiocy of car window stickers, license plates, and flag lapel pins.

So I guess Obama is saying the torture photos can never be released

If we're worried that the pics might endanger our troops, then WHY DID THEY TORTURE???

I Don't Feel Very Sorry For Credit Card Holders


Feingold objected to CIA torture in classified letter

***** HEARING Senate Judiciary - Lawyers Who Approved TORTURE *****

The Real Motive Behind the Cheney Family Torture Tour

Slogan du jour - Increasing wages is better than lowering taxes. n/t

New pigletCON neighbor. Hope it likes radio Campesina. Loud radio Campesina.

The power of images

DUers for the PROSECUTION of BUSH/CHENEY criminals check-in thread

DUers for the PROSECUTION of BUSH/CHENEY criminals check-in thread

It is up to US, the American People, fight the fight of our lives for Single Payer Health Coverage

KO should forget about the "WTF Moment" segment.

Social Security: Has anythig been discussed in DU

I don't buy this excuse about the torture pics for a second.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Obama Justice Department Continues to Cover Up Bush-Era Crimes

If I Didn't Have to Worry about Private Health Insurance

Speaking of photos ...

Co-pilot in the Colgan death flight made the princely sum of $16,200 per year

I Can Solve The Social Security Solvency Issue In THREE WORDS!!!

I Can Solve The Social Security Solvency Issue In THREE WORDS!!!

Here comes the War Criminal Donald Rumsfeld

They succeeded in keeping 78% of families in their homes.

Time to tell Banks "we gave your bailout $ to credit card holders @ 0% interest to pay your bills"

Time to tell Banks "we gave your bailout $ to credit card holders @ 0% interest to pay your bills"

Get ready for the 57-state solution

"Health Care Providers"?

When you hear a TV personality defending torture remember, this is how it began in Germany

Puzzle me this - why does a 24% Republican miniority have the same sway with the press

FDIC to Open a Temporary East Coast Satellite Office - Large bank failures expected in September

Those stimulus checks look pretty damn stupid right now don't they?

A Simple Question About The Ticking Time Bomb Torture Scenario

List of ACLU Action Alerts

You didn't have the will to Stop Bushco crimes; now "What is Torture?" trumps other Bushco CRIMES

A Plan for Parents to Shut Down Schools

Baiting Nigerian scammers for fun (not so much for profit)

Obama Pushes Broad Rules for Oversight of Derivatives ...NOT good

There are at least four posts ostensively about me on our official stalker forum.

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE... The winner of Tuesday's iPod Nano Contest is...

Here is a reason to release photos

Report people who wear too much 'bling' to Crimestoppers (in UK)

DNC Resolution: Rename Republicans __________________

Democrat Socialist Party

How high can a person's total wants be without the person being greedy?

Anyone else feel like the US is circling the drain?

My Dad Made the mirror for the Hubble!!!

Salon: This is what a sexless marriage feels like

Carrie PreHomophobe says she had NO clue that these photos were being taken.

Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher

Josh Marshall: Sources Say- CHENEY's ROLE In TORTURE Will Turn Out To Be "Pretty BIG DEAL"

DFA Night School with Howard in becoming a Citizen Lobbyist.

I am a proud member of the Democrat Socialist Party.

Obama orders stop to detainee photo releases

Our producers were instructed to feature two conservatives for every liberal

Glen Greenwald's question to people defending Obama's position on torture photos

OK, fine, capitalism is evil and must be destroyed completely

Senate Caves to Banks: 21 Dems Join GOP to Kill Credit Card Rate Limit

The real reason we torture

Attention MarianJack - re-- "My Family and I will be Homeless in a few Weeks."

My Family and I will be Homeless in a few Weeks.

When PTSD Comes Marching Home

Framing the Torture by Mister Solly Mack

DU is going to donate $250 to a progressive non-profit. ONE LUCKY DUER WILL CHOOSE THE CHARITY!

Too much experience could be hurting your IT job search

Employment is NOT SLAVERY.

the story of stuff

Honestly, I think we should just trust our President in every decision he makes.

Cheney shot a man, caused inaccurate reports to filed with police, avoided questioning, and ........

Police Brutality: Cops Punt Man In The Head, Then High-Five (VIDEO)

Ave Maria, Florida, spawned six similar governments in state. Controlled top down.

Let's stop trying to use the "health care is a right" argument.

National Day of Action for Single-Payer Health Care Coming Up

I was just a non-donating member for about three minutes.

Republican Senator James Inhofe Changes Party, Sex

Q: What has nine arms and sucks?

and once again the specter of being uninsured has appeared in my life

Delete-Fuck it

delete. dupe

Fillin' in for third shift

TWO signed books by Hillary? wow!

When did teaching become such a threat!

Skinner, I Never Win Anything!

Eminem Invites Laid-Off Auto Workers to “Kimmel”

Official short film for Bob Dylan's "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" (VIDEO)

LynneSin is mean

Absolutely kick-ass analogy in today's paper - letters to the editor

Donald Trump is a funny guy

I thought that TZ's thread about Zimmerman's streak was about Bob Dylan running around naked

Pandora now has audio commercials ... had to happen. F#ck 'em

Midlo -- check your PM

Speaking of accents...YA know

How do I do "in a relationship with" on Facebook?

Get your fingers off my screen!

DU's Thursday prize--Toyota or 10 bucks.

#1 Ranked Diary @ DailyKos Today: Obama Makes Terrible Mistake by Not Releasing Pictures (by Cenk)

And you thought your office fridge was deadly......

Good morning Lounge

Have you ever looked Death in the face?

TZ is keen

I think I've discovered a new freepism.

How do east coasters manage?

Midlo's ultrasound results: the babies look healthy.

Charming New England farm house for auction

WARNING: If you have an Advanta Credit Card - no charges will be authorized after June 10th!

The Dead are on fire....

"It's better to burn out than fade away...."

Lookit who supports Carrie Preopposite


Name Sarah Palin's book!

I *am* a Biggest Loser (eating Overloaded Peanut Butter Cups while

Fish that triggers hallucinations found off British coast

Olivia Walton tops Maxim's "Hot 100" list for 2009? Who???

My poem from the open mic tonight: "Waking"

i have this strange urge to drive to memphis

OK, we's had th'big breasts thread. But y'know what I really likes? Mouthy dames.

what makes you all farty and bloated?

Who's more annoying -- Paula or Simon? (POLL)

It's 12:20. I'm starving. AND, it's chicken pot pie day at Cracker Barrel.

Man busts wife, mate in porn DVD

Oeditpus Rex's thread got me thinking, what NFL records will stand forever?

How have I missed gelato all my life?

Hey Skinner! Stop spamming my inbox!

Just so you know...

I would just like to say, for the record: Lindsey Graham is a

Oscar Wilde tops Maxim's "Hot 100" list for 2009? Who???

What is your favorite movie line that sounds dirty, but itsn't?

I have reached episode 26 of Season 1 of Star Trek, and I am going to eat my hat now

Midlo tells us about a DVD she bought and all the posts are about the mixed up names on the cover

i think i figured out what the suckiest job in the world is

after reading that 'world's biggest boobs' thread, i think i'm gonna go beat my meat...

So who thinks Trump is getting it on with Miss Homophobia?

Be lucky it's on a leash

ya know, if Zims on the Natinals ends up getting that 57 game hitting streak

ya know, if Zims on the Natinals ends up getting that 57 game hitting streak

Only **7 hours 41 minutes and 32 LEFT** to enter to win 2 signed copies of Hillary's books!

Pirate vs Yogi

I come to you, members of the DU Lounge with hat in hand seeking

How many Thomas Kinkade pictures are hanging at Chez Midlo?

und jetzt, das "Indian Reservation" am bestens gesungt

Pilates vs. yoga

I don't want to be cool

Thanks to people being idiots I had the Fire Department at my house last night

Does anyone else imagine that Call Me Wesley is always smoking a pipe like his avatar?

Did you know you can put Grovelbot on ignore?

Es tanzt das Zet En Es....

Bored? Here's Some Fun

last night i dreamed there were homeless people living under my house.

Anybody know--is Lowe's a decent place to work?

I actually used the term "WTFery" recently.

Who's more annoying -- Paul or Simon? (POLL)

How in hell did I miss this the first time?

Just so you know..

Miss California Can F off as far as i am concerned

It's 12:20. I'm starving. AND, it's 2 for $4 at Dairy Queen

Almost done with mayo but not quite

Did you know that if you get kicked in the mouth with a steel-toe boot

Friendly tip: if you don't already know about mind-controlling parasites...

LynneSin will be 50

BeachBaby has agreed to my terms for my attendance at the Meetup.

Almost done at Mayo but not quite

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/13/2009)

i did the post production for this back in the 80s

kill what's inside of you

people warned me that i would be eaten by monkeys

No, I will not take you down to Funkytown.

I had my first Fluffernutter tonight.

TV- shows that will/will not be back next season Chuck? Law&Order? Ugly Betty?

TV- shows that will/will not be back next season Chuck? Law&Order? Ugly Betty?

Anyone else like Old Milwaukee NA?

I have a question about insurance and a car accident...

Right now, we're under a tornado warning.

Artificial communication ...

To protest violence against women, I now say "I'd tap that" instead of "I'd hit that"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/13/09

Will President Obama Release The Delaware Torture Photo's?

What is your favorite song about Stink Foot.

My new snowmobile

What happens if you hit an animal going 80 mph on a crotch rocket?

Midlo Is Going To Be A Grandmother?

PM me if you want to be on the Official Datasuspect Lounge Spreadsheet Distribution List

"oh boo fucking hoo

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

Look What I Just Bought

Damn. The SF Giants lost to the Reagan-Natsi's (or is it Natinals)??

What's this? The Natinals are winning

First tornado watch of the season.

I have Skinner's Southern cousin on the phone.

I have DS1 on the phone. He thinks that Midlo is too needy.

An Early Happy Birthday to LynneSin

You may not want more podcasts, but I'm giving them to you anyway

I know how George W. Bush should feel.

Zedppoles, Funnel cakes, water games

I have the entire lounge on the phone...

When did the original Star Trek jump the shark?

Bad DU fundraising idea

You know who rocks? I'll tell you who rocks.

You know who rocks? I'll tell you who rocks.

We Were almost in a car crash

It's nice to see Grovelbot around.

How would you rather go? Drinking yourself to death, Morphine OD or Cocaine OD?

So what forums have you been banned from?

I'm talking to PiGuy on the phone. He doesn't think BeachBaby should go through with the implants.

I have Geronimo sending smoke signals!!

Good news for TeenMidlo today, her local dealer just got out of jail just as she got back from-

Is the Lounge like a really bad Sitz Bath?

shhhh, you all need to be quiet now, L O S T season finale is on now

Ally is in surgery right now, I'm wondering why I'm at my office.

Rolling Stones - No expectations / You can't always get what you want

American Idol poll

I can't prove it, but I suspect flvegan was involved...

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

In general, what does a spider bite look like when it goes bad?

Panic In Detroit

I forgot it was picture day at work

Hey loungies...I miss you all. Last two weeks of school with students


why does love hurt so much?

There are just SO MANY possibilities here (pic)

What do you think Grovelbot does in his spare time?

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win TWO SIGNED BOOKS by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Describe a plot for a TV series that was never made...


"There Are Children Starving in Africa"....

Self Deleted. NT

Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine Mountains

Just started to watch the season finally of Lost (tivo) and I have no marijuana.

thank goddess there some guys who still know how to rock.


omg.. "this thread is locked or you can't reply to it"

Remind me not to hit Facebook next week before the Mountain Time airing of the AI finale...

Why is GROVELBOT's user profile disabled?

Some garden progress (pics ahead!)

I'm talking to Mr. Midlo on the phone. He thinks Midlo should go through with the implants.

Go ahead. Pretend it`s okay to hide the torture photos.

Pardon the language, but I fucking hate network television.


Okay, if I move east, which one of you DUers will take me in?

Oh my Christ, it defies description: co-director of the Miss USA organization resigns

You do realize that Skinner has never said who signed the Clinton books.

Tony Romo fails to qualify for the U.S. Open

Going to sleep now. Keep the funny going, peeps. We'll show that JeffR what's what.


YooHoo!!!! BeachBaby!!! Guess who I just got off the phone with????

english is confusing

I just watched "Martian Child"

The waves are really crashing right now...

Look what I just bought.

Five For Fighting - 100 Years

Orange Crush by R.E.M

Twitter users: what do you tweet about?

I'm telling ya- there's SOMETHIN' outside the window...

Which Office Space character describes you at the moment?

I can't sleep .I 'm lonely and I miss my cats

Is the Lounge like a really bad sitcom?

Lioness - Check Your PM

Does anything take nailpolish off walls?

WTF!? My star is gone and it's not supposed to be gone until tomorrow

Law School....

My uncle lost his wife of 68 years

Whoa Nelly Appreciation Thread

A Clockwork Orange (the novel) - Have you read it?

My dear friend Frank ...Rest In Peace

OMG! I was just exposed to Johnny Rebel tonight...

Do you like your middle name?

Pierre. Suave made a Natinals crack. And I'm meeting him for dinner tomorrow ..

A I (now with spoiler-alert goodness)

Skinner forwarded me all the PMs about me

What are those things called that you put in drawers to hold silverware?

61 MMM is this lady's boob size. Holy hell.

Ever have your tooth fall asleep?

Are you crazy terrified of bad weather?

Any of you geniuses know where my mac stores desktop pictures?

Just received 10 credits! And Job interview tomorrow! Mojo Them Lounge Vibes Over Here, Babycakes!

State of the Lounge

I am a very happy woman re: employment.

I'm a professional writer applying for a job at Lowes--bummed out!

What's the most recent dream you remember?

Uh oh. Those photos of me on the windy day when my pants accidentally blew open have hit the Web...

'Star Trek' Tech We Use Today (Almost)

Dad had his surgery. So far everything seems ok. I will know more details tomorrow as far

What is your favorite Nirvana song?

If Pepsi doesn't keep this Throwback as a permanent option, they're fools.

Olivia Wilde tops Maxim's "Hot 100" list for 2009? Who???

Exactly when did South Park jump the shark?

Deep fried, cheese-stuffed hamburger. Really?

I remember what the house was like when we spent the night at Grandma's.


Dane Cook....

"Fatal Attraction" or "Single White Female". Which movie freaked you out the most?

What Is Your Favorite U-2 Song?

Major WTF moment at Whole Foods.

kitten picture of the day for wednesday may 13

Some fun with my old turntable and my camera...

Do you ever get jealous?

deutsche disco machen und tanzen

Name some silly misconceptions you had as a kid.

Have you ever forgotten you had clothes in the washer?

What's wrong with people who don't like trees?

Doves - Kingdom of Rust

Okay, it's time for the "Hot 100 Guys" list, isn't it?



Cat Fight

Nevada AG mentioned as possible Supreme Court nominee

Ok, so I watched my NBC inauguration DVD I got for Christmas finally...

What is Morning Joe talking about: Obama is trying to tell every company what they can pay execs?

"Fauxcialism" It's my new word to describe:

Obama does the right thing on nuclear weapons.

Having the Healthcare Industry commit to Cutting Costs is JUST THE BEGINNING

Interior Nomination Likely To Be Rejected in Senate

Take action on health care today:

From AP's "No Shit Sherlock" Bureau: Cheney attacks may not help GOP

Anyone know what the current charge for Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D currently cost?

GOP Filibusters Obama’s Deputy Interior Nominee. Salazar: “tired vote of bitter obstructionism.”

Anyone else watching the Senate SubCmte hearing on torture?

Conservatives Set To Block Dawn Johnsen’s Nomination

Shuster: "lawful techniques" got info from Abu Zubayda in 1st hour, "shut up" when torture applied

Only 6% of Stimulus $ has been paid out.

The American Taliban/GOP wants to call the Democratic Party the ...

Self-delete (wrong forum)

White House poetry slam (VIDEO)

Anti-Choice Crazies Swarm to Notre Dame to protest Obama

Senate Republicans Block Obama Nominee for Interior Post

Obama is going to Arizona State tonight-The Daily Show covered it last night (4:44)

Rogue Diva of Doom (Dick Cheney)

University in California Dresses Up for First Lady - “It’s going to be huge"

A Brilliant Video Some Of You May Have Missed In the Video Section

Man DK is quite a grandstander isn't he. He's got good points,

71,000 to Greet Obama Today in Arizona

Re: release of additional photos from Abu Ghraib et al

Why its okay to make fun of OxyRushs drug problem.

Boehner, McCotter ask for faith-based official's resignation

Concerning Siegelman case: Do you really think Obama can just fire the U.S. Attorney for Alabama?

I have never seen any numbers of prisoners who died in captivity.

What's the purpose of allowing photos of flag-draped coffins of US troops to be published?

Egypt to Be Center Stage in Obama’s Address to Arabs - good choice?

Would Someone Please Do A Poll On This Blocking Release Of TORTURE Photos Shit?

Did Obama ever promise single payer? Historical factcheck with Medicare included

Rover 1 and 2

Gibbs just confiscated one of the WH Reporters Cell Phones! (w/video)

Carlos Moreno: Supreme Court candidate

LOL! RNC about to approve a resolution rebranding Democrats as the "Democrat Socialist Party"

Ten takes on the torture photos

Lawrence O'Donnell coming up on Hardball.

Were Pelosi and Graham's republican counterparts also briefed on torture?

The Afghan government: 93 children and 25 women killed in U.S. air strikes last week

Andrew Sullivan: "The Fierce Urgency Of Whenever"

Chief ACLU Lawyer: Obama broke his word

First lady tells students everyone has bad days

When the Israeli bombs fall...

I feel sorry for Miss California........

Do you believe that George W. Bush should have kept the Abu Ghraib photos secret?

TIME: Dick Cheney: Why So Chatty All of a Sudden?

Something to think about.

A reply to my email to White House & the Pres. invites you to sign up too...

(Faux) Obama to block lease of interrogation pics for ACLU

America is LESS SAFE because of PRESIDENT OBAMA?? EXCUSE me GOP..ya got it reversed

Nominate the wildest pick for SCOTUS.. Here is mine ( Dial up warning)

Weekly Standard: Obama "should be praised" for defying "the left" on detainee abuse photos

Bill Clinton: Cheney should stick to target practice

Obama's Fix for Social Security in his own words.....

You can't always get what you want.

If Barack Obama expects to be a truly great President, he will need to.....

UT-Sen: Shurtleff Accidentally Launches Candidacy Against Bennett

**Heads Up: POTUS to address non-release of photos shortly...***


Dick Cheney leads Barack Obama 2 to 0 in the series.

'I look at Dick Cheney and think, 'This man needs friends' (Garrison Keillor, Irish Times)

Appeasing Dick Cheney is what will inflame anti-american hatred

Sarah Palin book due out next spring

Richard Wolffe is on with Keith, and says the photos will eventually come out

AP source: Obama has more than 6 people for court

Releasing the photos is not what will hurt the troops, it's the Bush admin's approval of torture

Blackmun Had High Praise for Clerk Diane Wood

Possible SupCo nominee shows no extra caution (Wood)

NYT: A Premium on Secrecy in Vetting of Court Pick

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Appoints Ron Kuby to Supreme Court

I wonder if George W. Bush had been ordered by the courts to release photos,

Glenn Greenwald reacts to President Obama's decision not to release detainee abuse photos

What A Surprise, lindsey graham Is Happy With Obama Now

Why all the kicking and screaming at the President when

What purpose does publishing the torture photos have? If those who perpetrated the acts have been

***HEADS UP*** Air Force One lands in Arizona; Obama to speak at ASU

ACLU -Anthony D. Romero - Statement on not releasing photos

Hey Boss, don't want to release the stinking pictures then DON"T, but ya better

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win TWO SIGNED BOOKS by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Interesting video of Obama's statement on the photos

"In the next one hundred days, I will seriously consider losing my cool"

CNN: Sources: High court selection process down to finalists

A very interesting article in the NYT Sunday Magazine about National Health Care...


What purpose does publishing the Holocaust photos have? If those who perpetrated the acts have been

Soldiers in danger!!

Other photos-graduates and families filling Tempe AZ

Obama's Sister Soulja Moment?

Imagine if Obama or Hilary answered questions like Sarah Palin

The Obama Scholars

PHOTOS: Obama at the ASU Commencement

President: "Daily labor that accumulates over a lifetime is a "Body of Work""

ACLU: "Obama administration is making itself complicit in Bush administration's torture policies"

Obama coming to Rio Rancho

David Gergan said he couldn't follow all of it. CNN sux

Why are we getting live coverage of a college commencement address with President O?

I LOVE watching these repugs on Az local news PRAISING Obama.

RNC to Hold Extraordinary Special Session to Call Democrats Socialists

Pesident Obama: What You Were Expecting?

ASU Could Not Have Dreamt of a Better Commencement Address.

Obama Massive Fail - Universal Single Payer Not For Profit Health Care The Only Solution

If the DOJ is independent, how did Obama tell it to oppose the order releasing the photos?

Perhaps they are delaying the release of the Torture Photos

ASU live stream - Obama's speech (w countdown) link:

Obama Weighs Indefinite Detention (why is Lindsay Graham involved?)

"I embrace the notion that I have not done enough in my life"

Nancy Pelosi The Torture Enabler

Great Toon

I'm looking for a link wherein The President promises to release the photos. Anybody have one?

FBI Investigating Coleman

Washington is so leaky. How come THE PHOTOS haven't been leaked?

Barack Obama put my cat in a blender

Another morning where I woke up saying "thank God this man is the president"

Dear Mr President...Regarding your email: Health Care News Worth Sharing....

About Obama not releasing the photos -

Trivial question of the night- why is Obama wearing a blue hood on his robe?

A school in Arizona wouldn't award Obama an honorary degree???? REALLY? Arizona?????

He released the torture memos but not the pictures. There is no 'cover up' of what the U.S. did.

“What Went Wrong: Torture and the Office of Legal Counsel in the Bush Administration”

The photo that really endangers our troops and the world wishes we didn't have to look at again.

VP Biden report on stimulus will detail "early progress providing immediate financial relief..."

I knew that one of the goals of the Reagan administration was to dismantle

Feingold Rebukes Obama For Detainee Photo Reversal

I love President Obama, but he's pissing me off. There, I said it.

LATEST Short List for SCOTUS

Won't release photos because...

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: 'I'm not your quintessential liberal'

PHOTOS 'An Evening of Poetry, Music and the Spoken Word' (Updated)

Well Cry me a river DU!!!! (Those Photos Obama won't release)

Huffpo to both Edwards- Start Telling The Truth And End This Circus

Huffpo to both Edwards- Start Telling The Truth And End This Circus

Iraq general swayed Obama on detainee photos

If Bush would have used the same excuses as Obama, this place would go nuts!

Poll: Barack Obama - Corporate Frontman? People's champion?

Obama knows he is fighting a losing battle on the photos

Do you wish that Barack Obama was a Socialist?

World seabed in dispute at May 13 claims deadline

LAPD takes in 1,700 weapons in gun buyback program

Claims against gunmaker Glock dismissed

Pakistan army plans to open second front against Taliban

Taliban bombs US base near Khost (Camp Salerno)

Small business credit card lender to close all accounts

Peru gives refuge to 2 more former Bolivian ministers charged in 2003 killing of protesters

ICRC worker killed in N Sri Lanka

Afghanistan and Tillman: Parents of slain NFL star critical of new U.S. pick to lead Afghan fight

U.S. elected to U.N. rights council for first time

Report: One-fourth of overseas votes go uncounted

'Dirty tricks' over toxic waste

Shaw to hold press conference on 'future' of school

Tillman's parents want general's record reviewed

Senate Hearing Takes On Torture Under Bush Administration

Zelikow advocates independent investigation into torture policies

Pakistan Army Chief Orders Precision Strikes in Swat

US officials knew of hefty AIG bonuses: Report

Geithner hints at fund to cover bank losses

Seagate to cut 1,100 jobs to reduce costs

Climate change threatens millions who live off sea

India's marathon election ends

Cargo Ships Treading Water Off Singapore, Waiting for Work

Former Official: Treatment of Terror Suspects a 'Collective Failure'

US to probe Libyan prison death (source of false Iraq - al Qaeda link)

Md. soldier among 5 killed at Army clinic in Baghdad

Former Mexican president calls for legalizing marijuana

Torture Survivors in Cambodia to Testify at Khmer Rouge Trial

U.S. Eyes Bank Pay Overhaul

Oregon Guard members to testify on toxic chemical exposure (by KBR)

Okada Announces Candidacy For Japan Opposition DPJ President

Pakistan gets a say in drone attacks on militants

Vladimir Putin signals return as president with court reform

Taliban's gem of an idea to finance terror

Ex-Bush official: 'Torment' was approved (Zelikow. they tried to destroy the memo-didn't)

Pentagon to release photos of alleged prisoner abuse

Pentagon to release photos of alleged prisoner abuse

Pentagon official charged with plotting to spy for China

Kashmiri separatist challenges India vote boycott

Fiat plans to bypass U.S. exec pay limits

Officials Knew of AIG Bonuses Months Before Firestorm

Hawaii prosecutor seeks life in prison for accused identity thief

Progressive Lays Off Workers (300/Ohio)

Exiled Tiananmen-era dissident detained in China

U.S. Reporter (Roxana Saberi) in Iran 'Held Secret Report on Iraq War'

China arrests returned Tiananmen student leader: family

'Enhanced interrogations' don't work, ex-FBI agent tells panel

Who's illegal? Crackdown targets employers of undocumented

US journalist in Iran had secret report on Iraq war

Too much experience could be hurting your IT job search

Source: Aide told Pelosi waterboarding had been used

U.S. ships must post guards if sailing off Somalia

Treasury Aid Not Reaching Auto Suppliers, Panel Told (Update1)

U.S. Lawmakers to Hear from Bush 'Torture' Dissenter

Increase in suicides among cops, firefighters

GOP blocks Obama pick for Interior deputy

Pelosi: House Taking Up Health Care Before Recess

ArcelorMittal plans 'mass layoff' at Indiana mill

Russia may face wars over energy: Kremlin

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 13

EU fines Intel record $1.45B for sales tactics

EU fines Intel record $1.45B for sales tactics

GM Union Retirees Said to Cede Dental, Prescription Benefits

April retail sales fall, raising recovery doubts

Here is a link to some of the torture photos

Senate Votes to allow handgun carry in national parks

Too much experience could be hurting your IT job search

Why do 92% of the French buy Supplemental private health Insurance if they have Single Payer?

Feingold objected to CIA torture in classified letter

Credit card companies piling on fees, raising rates ahead of new federal rules

Widower seeks to sue operator of pig farm

EU slaps a record fine on Intel

Prentice warns U.S. against border carbon tax

Swat plea for rescue as Zardari and Brown discuss Pakistan aid crisis

US health lobby: reform could make us as bad as the NHS

Test shows chimp in mauling had Xanax

Steelworkers President: Workers Must Fight To Save Auto Industry, Manufacturing And To Reverse Trade

Colgan says it is no longer hiring inexperienced pilots

Vermont dairy farms count on illegal immigrants

Judge: Credit Suisse loan to (Yellowstone) club was predatory

Obama Administration Plans New Regulations for Derivatives

Anti-Obama protesters arrested in Bangalore

Coleman Asks To Use Campaign Funds To Pay Bills

FBI Investigating Coleman In Minnesota

Clinton Gives NYU Commencement Speech ("We Don't Have a Choice... We Know What the Result Will Be")

Official: Craigslist to replace 'blatant Internet brothel'

Chinese Stimulus, Lending May Drive Rebound as Exports Slide

Father: Army 'broke' soldier accused of killing 5

Ex-Bush official (Zelikow) : 'Abuse' was approved (told to destroy memo critical of interrogation)

21 migrants pulled from water off Fla. coast more than 10 hours after boat flips

Zelikow: My Alternative Torture Memo Has Been Found And Is Being Reviewed For Declassification

Bush to Speak at South Korea on Free Trade

US Appellate Judge(Jay Bybee) Declines To Testify On Interrogation Memos He Approved At Justice Dept

Documents detail pressure from Treasury (Paulson) for banks to accept bailout

Republicans needed 51 votes and Democrats need 60 votes to get things passed in the Senate

Prosecutors ask for longer sentence for Siegelman (20 years)

Venezuela says closing deal for Spanish-owned bank

Obama Says His, Graduates' Best Work Ahead (ASU Commencement)

AP source: Obama has more than 6 people for court

Texas Museum Acquires Michelangelo's 1st Painting

GM, Chrysler to cut up to 3,000 dealers: sources

Cheney's Role Deepens (NBC Reports - VP's office suggested waterboarding)

Indefinite Detention Weighed

Popular Cheerios cereal is a 'drug': U.S. FDA

BREAKING NEWS: Obama will seek to block Gitmo interrogation photos, official tells NBC News


Obama warns Netanyahu: Don't surprise me with Iran strike

Foreclosures: 'April was a shocker'

(Senator) Graham threatens to pull Pelosi into torture probe

Senate Considers Federal Tax On Soda

Teen 'overworked to death' in jeans factory

Senate Rejects Limit on Credit-Card Interest Rates

Senate Rejects Limit on Credit-Card Interest Rates

The GOP is so petty. Why are they still holding up some of Obama's appointments

Ed Schultz...Clinton/Gore Kept Us Safe For......

HooWee. Jese Ventura on Cheney and Bush. Larry King Live.

PHOTOS The First Lady at the Ferebee Hope elementary school

What is Single Payer?

Turley on Countdown: Cheney interviews could be used against him in court

David Shuster On Miss California Decision: Can I Vomit Right Now

John Mellencamp: Pink Houses @ Obama Inauguration Concert

Veteran Pakistani human rights activist Asma Jahangir on the battle for the soul of Pakistan

Cenk Uygur on New Media Pt. 1

Cenk Uygur on New Media Pt. 2

VID: Ali Soufan: The New Techniques Did NOT Produce Results Abu Zubaydah SHUT DOWN & STOPPED TALKING

Countdown - Sen. Whitehouse previews Wednesday's torture hearing

Conservative Media Attack Marriage Equality

Feingold says Cheney is wrong: ‘Nothing I have seen’ in the CIA memos proves torture was necessary

Dennis Kucinich calls for Single-Payer at a conference of registered nurses

Rachel Maddow describes Obama's opposition in the fight for healthcare

TYT: Jesse Ventura Smacks-Down Dick Cheney & MSNBC Note (Cenk Reacts)

WH Won't Release Detainee Photos - well, that hardly makes us look guilty at all!

Philip Zelikow: How BushCo Gamed the Briefing Process

Liz Cheney: Obama finds it fashionable to side with terrorists

Soufan: Bush lied

Lindsey Claims Working on 'Indefinite Detention Legislation' with Obama White House

"Barb & Don" - Pride Agenda's TV ad calling for equal treatment for all New York families

Countdown: Sen. Whitehouse Interview - On Zelikow Memo Ordered Destroyed "I've Seen It"


W.H. Press Sec. Gibbs Takes Ringing Phone From Reporter During Briefing

Democracy Now Headlines - Wed. MAY 13: The Baucus 13 (Single Payer Protesters)

Obama: I Fear Publication Of Photos Will 'Further Inflame Anti-American Opinion'

LHC Report: Why did the LHC break down?

Countdown: Worst Persons In The World 5/13 - Gary Bauer Defends Torture Using Jesus; Teabagging Govs

Rachel Maddow: Zelikow Interview - "Didn't 9/11 Commission Order Interrogations?"

Jim Morrison Helps A Girl At The Doors Concert

The Right Thing - Pennsylvania TV Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

The Sorry News: Sorry About Bipartisanship

The people demand to be heard. Protests continue to rock Senate hearing for yet another day.

Should One Of Your Genes Be Owned By A Company? 20% Already Are...

TYT: Debunking Outrageous Obama/Terrorist Comments On Fox News

Graham: Torturous techniques work because they've been around for 500 years!

High Level Govt Officials Say Obama Hiding '2,000 Photos WORSE Than Abu Ghraib'

Oil, Drugs, and the Future of Afghanistan - Peter Dale Scott


Obama's Court Pick to Be Shaped by His Experience

Anti-Mexican Media Hysteria Makes Life More Dangerous for Latinos in the U.S.

Sam Seder and Janeane Garofalo mess with her rightwing radio stalker

Charlie Crist would like a promotion (Jim Morin cartoon).

Single Payer or CSM?

Microsoft may lay off more if warranted: Ballmer

The Banker Boys Are Alright! by Dean Baker

You Can't Starve Government and Blame It Too

Get Out In the Streets And FIGHT for Universal, Single Payer Health Care

US official: Bailout funds to go to small banks

Robert Scheer: Pelosi The Enabler

Pat Toomey the Tentmaker Didn’t Forget Poland

Maureen Dowd: Rogue Diva of Doom

Pipeline-Istan: Everything you Need to Know...

New York is Next on Marriage, Slippery Slopers Whining

Robert Reich: Social Security is a tiny problem, but Medicare is entirely different. It's a monster

CD's in Happy Meals Being Pulled -Hear the F-word? Even News Story Bleeped It!

U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall for Second Month (Update2)

In Pictures: Poetry at the White House with the Obama family

Kenyan Man Sues over Sex Boycott

Torture Photos Obama Changes his Mind, Thank God!

Baucus’ Raucous Caucus

Insurers Will Do Just About Anything to Avoid Public Plan

Phony Social Security "Crisis" Is Fueled by New Report

An Air Force lawyer fights to free a Guantanamo inmate

Free market will not fix America’s failing schools

Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Investigates Claim

Dropping Pretext Of A ‘Grassroots Movement,’ GOP Governors Launch ‘Tea Party 2.0’

"What kind of people should we be?" Yes! --CORRESPONDENT OF THE DAY

Obama Broke His Word On Detainee Photos: Chief ACLU Lawyer

Why the EU goes after U.S. companies

Obama’s Health Care Charade

Leahy: Bybee refused to appear before Judiciary subcommittee hearing on torture memos

My reaction to Afghanistan change of command: "Who Is Robert Gates?" (Consortium News archive)

Obama reverses self on releasing detainee abuse photos after seeing them first-hand (Ameriblog)

Graham threatens to pull Pelosi into torture probe

Which Book Will Sarah Palin Copy?

Obama Makes Terrible Mistake by Not Releasing Pictures

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know

Kucinich: This is NOT acceptable, Mr. Liddy. I'm not going to let you get away with it!

Why is Dick Cheney on a torture promoting media blitz?

AlterNet: No One's Falling for Big Health's Bogus Promise to "Reform"

The Massive Expansion of America's "Hard Left"

Kent Jones & Rachel Maddow take a look back at Michael Steele's first 100 days

TYT: Fox Goes After Obama for Joke, Cenk Busts Them w/ Videos

GM to import China-made vehicles by 2011

Leahy takes on Cheney

When Closing Guantanamo's Little Prison Doesn't Mean What YOU Thought It Meant

The ULTIMATE Case for Gay Marriage

Company to Market 'All Excuses PreJeans'

Rachel and Howard Dean discuss how health care can't move to the right

Ex-Official Testifies About Efforts to Halt Harsh Tactics

Geithner on White House Plans to “Fix” Social Security

Replace Blackwater with ACORN, For Glenn Beck’s Sake

Lindsey Graham: Cheney Put People in Gitmo Who Weren’t Military Threat

"The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here."

Disclosure of Secrets in the Seventies Didn't Destroy the Nation

The Logic of Picking Elena Kagan = EJ Dionne

The Single Payer Fire Has Been Lit

Howard Zinn: “I Wish Obama Would Listen to MLK” (Democracy Now)

The Man From Plains, With Lessons From the '70s

Spoof of Obama singing Jamie Foxx's

Chavez launches $15 mobile phone with a name to make his mother blush

PRENSA LATINA: "Proof of Terrorist Plot in Bolivia"

PRENSA LATINA: US Plot in Nicaragua Exposed

GI: Cuba Re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council

Obama budget Tweaks Broadcasts to Cuba, VENEZUELA

ALARCON: "A Signature by the US President Could Release the Cuban Five"

Jesse Ventura Lobbies for Ambassador Post to Cuba

Radio, TV Martí to retool, downsize (budget cut slightly)

Ven. Exile and "Freedom" Watch Sue Chavez, Citgo for FIVE BILLION DOLLARS

Now for someone who can speak authoritatively on Cuba: Ricardo Alarcon - "The Imperial Ignorance"

Venezuela says closing deal for Spanish-owned bank

Video :Yoani and hubby go to Cuban hotel looking for Internet access and film it

Cuba to keep Internet limits after fiber optic cable

Guatemalan protests as leader faces murder claims

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez launches affordable “Penis” phone

De la U wants parliamentary immunity

Has anyone here heard of Immortal Technique?

Finnish regulators halt welding of piping at Olkiluoto-3

Britain's farmers still restricted by Chernobyl nuclear fallout

DrumBeat: May 13, 2009

EU to launch European Algae Biomass Association

Indian Ocean Modeling Shows Australia's Worst-Case Drought Outlook May Have Just Gotten Worse

World's Smallest Hog Species Successfully Reintroduced To Indian Wildlife Refuge

Arctic Ice Meltdown Warning

Study finds surprising new pathway for North Atlantic circulation

Climate change driving Michigan mammals north

Bacteria create aquatic superbugs in waste treatment plants

Advice Needed: Coral Friendly Sun Protection

U Wash Study - Warmer Climate Means 20% Loss Of Winter Snowpack In Cascade Mountains - PI

Grilling with charcoal less climate-friendly than grilling with propane

Biomass as a Source of Raw Materials—New process for obtaining alkanes from bio-oil

Jason Taylor signs one-year deal to rejoin Miami Dolphins

Uh oh... Varlamov may have picked a bad night to go soft

Mike check, test 1-2-3 ... I actually have something nice to say about

What? The Dodgers have the best record in the majors?

Maverick confusion, Which is the best logo?

What's the weirdest thing about the baseball season so far?

Giants now 4 games back of the Dodgers

Giants lose..but break Zimmerman's 30 game hit streak

Hockey fan's wet dream. Three game sevens in two nights.

Today in labor history May 13 The Western Federation of Miners was founded & 10,000 IWW on strike

L.A. Unified seeks injunction to halt planned teachers' strike Friday.

Despite Stimulus Funds, States to Cut More Jobs

UAW members win severance settlement at ZF Boge; lawsuit continues against illegal plant closing.

Majority of Fortune 100 Companies Offer Only Defined Contribution Plans to New Salaried Employees.

The public pension bomb.

Chrysler Agreement Prevents Strike by UAW Until at Least 2015

Steelworkers Try to Force Their Way Into Meeting


Harley might close York plant

Panel votes to allow UW faculty, staff to unionize.

Unions urged to make a stand

Tribute to Janine Anderson at DOE Website

CWA Rejects AT&T's "Last Offer" As A Step Backward For Workers At The Profitable Company

I should say I'll be away for a few days more often (the Labor Forum is rocking today)

Canada says CAW must concede more to save GM

Good election news for labor in Texas

Medical Hypocrisy

Muckety maps on the health care hearings

Doctors specializing in autoimmune disorders.

Cancer Patients Challenge the Patenting of a Gene

Common Chemicals Pose a Threat to Male Fertility

Can A Vaccine Prevent Brain Cancer Recurrence?

The Alzheimer's Project

False Positives Common on Cancer Tests, Scientists Find

White House: Legislation key for gays in military

Court rules Fla. must honor gay second-parent adoptions

The Marriage Equality Bill has passed the NY house by a vote of 89-52!!!

The New York Senate Marriage Equality Swing Voters

Was Adolph Hitler and The Third Reich "Pro-Family"?

Rapture Ready asks: "Will Heterosexuality Be a CRIME During the Tribulation"??22??2?2?

Donald Trump, Miss California, and Barack Obama

I make no apologies and neither should anyone else here when we support our own

Shanna Moakler Resigns as Miss California Pageant Director

If I ever wanted a pony, it'd be a GLBT-friendly one....

Drug Court requires acupuncture for some repeat offenders

Tori Amos slams gay marriage ban (Prop 8)

Gay porn student to transfer

Which straight celeb do you think is most gay friendly?

Tenuous Moves For White House On Israel

Court orders state to move forward with evacuating outposts

Ministers to Homesh evacuees: You'll return to settlement

IDF probing whether troops forced Gaza man to drink urine

Israel gives Lebanon cluster bomb data

Netanyahu likely to allow food shipments into Gaza

Guns and climate change...

You can download it, or just read the full text.

Where can I get a copy of "The Protocols of the Elders of the NRA"?

The Deadly Myth of Gun Control in Electoral Politics

Boston Globe- "A semiautomatic, sir, and pass the ammo"

Blast from the past.. 1957 GUNS magazine

Aneesh Chopra,Obama's new CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

SEC Recommends Fraud Charges Against Countrywide's Mozilo (Finally!)

GM 7.2% coupon bonds maturing 1/15/11 - YTM* - 384.367%

Report: Lebanon charges six in widening Israel spy probe

Ozark Spring


More random shots (No flowers)

On a creek named "Birdsong"

Question about astrology/synastry. I can't find the answer!

My beautiful dream


Rover O and S...

How RNA got started

Pope says he was never in the Hitler Youth

Should Parents Who Call God Instead of the Doctor Be Punished?

The Science of Prayer

71,000 to Greet Obama Today in Arizona

Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - buying locally grown produce

Thank you for those

I may be close to stopping cooking forever (a Pizza story)

Thought I'd share.. since I love ya's

Does anyone ELSE remember the Clark's Chopped Beef Steaks jingle?

"No one could imagine"

TX-Sen: Cornyn Expects Hutchison to Resign This Fall

Senate blocks Perry parole appointee

Campbell wins third straight term in B.C.

Just saw some nasty Con attack ads

I have a question about insurance and a car accident...