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Senate Judiciary To Review Torture, DOJ OLC (Wed)

Naomi Klein and William Greider on with Charlie Rose tonight. Elizabeth Warren

Dear Carrie Prejean: Is vanity a sin? Is enhancement surgery vanity?

Buh-bye, Demjanjuk!

It is never too late to prosecute a war criminal. Dick Cheney, please take note.

Am I back? It's beginning to seem like it.

Tonight's Daily Show - ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

You what pisses me off about Cheney?

Historian Andrew Bacevich on Democracy Now (5/11/09)

This thread has been locked.

This thread has been locked.

I just recently watched Sicko.

Iran shows hints of moderation

Fiat plans mass sackings and plant closures throughout Europe

Gay marriage stalls in Catholic RI

Douche Limpbag can fucking burn in hell

The eagle has moved, I repeat the eagle has moved.

Powell More Popular Than Cheney & Limbaugh together lol.

Delete. Bad source

Limbaugh's GOP: Winning is losing

So You Had A Bad Year...

Don't forget to vote for Adam on American Idol tonight

Third tour?

Chris Hedges: Becoming What We Seek to Destroy

Obama to Tar Heels: Thanks for 'Vindicating Me Before the Entire Nation'

Remember Georgie's drug bill ???

Richard Cohen (WAPO) writes yet another pro-torture column: "What if Cheney is right?"

I think the Cheneys heard Prof. Turley last night on Countdown....

Mike Isikoff on Cheney's surprising language

Ignore- posted in error

Liz Cheney = Lying Piece of Shit, Jr.

One more question....Why is Liz not on Fox???? Fox is the Cheney


AMA President-Elect on WJ discussing health care reform.

Liz Cheney's Lies About Troops And Waterboarding: SERE

"Queen Victoria" on Arlen Specter

H.R. 676 Co-Sponsor List

Morning Christian Joe

Steele: Perez Hilton Is Obama's Kind Of "Empathetic Judge"

Chicken-Shit Asteroid Veers Away At Last Minute

We’re Dull, Small Banks Say, but Have Profits (NY Times)

We’re Dull, Small Banks Say, but Have Profits (NY Times)

Yoko Ono talks about Lennon exhibit

Lawsuit presses case against state(Maryland) for food, medical aid

Has anyone here had any experience with the

Florida's hard core GOPers take aim at Charlie Crist's Senate run

This Modern World: The Real Life Ticking Bomb Scenario (Cha-Chunk! Cha-Chunk!)

Morning Schmo, Liz Cheney sent out to defend her dad again.

Michigan Blogger/Consultant Accepts Challenge to be Waterboarded

Cheney's "Worst Of The Worst" Mostly Innocent & BUSHCO/CIA Knew

Crist running for Senate

Al-Libi Case - Eloquent Testimony against Torture (Juan Cole)

Anyone watching CSPAN1? Hearings on health care. Three people have stood up

Hey Wanda! I hope he has asshole failure and we'll never have to listen to the gasbagprick again!

Both sides of the legalize Marijuana argument courtesy of CBS

Ocala bombing suspect has troubled history

Satan was trying to tempt me with a brownie. But I got fake boobs, bleached my hair, yanked off my

When Do We Stop Being "Patient"?

When Do We Stop Being "Patient"?

Salon dot com: Philly Inquirer quietly hires John Yoo as columnist

Salon dot com: Philly Inquirer quietly hires John Yoo as columnist

Democrats race to hearings on interrogation memos

Workers Approve Sit-In At Hartmarx Suit Factory: Wells Fargo Bank May Shut Suitmaker Down

Barbed wire and health care reform

Former CIA agent slams Cheney as ‘hypocritical’

We have eggzamined the pikchuhs carefully .......

45 Blue Dog Democrats Protest Secrecy of Health Care Talks

Christian School Student Suspended For Attending Public School Prom

Chris Floyd: Burn After Reading: Intel Dump Muddies Dirty War Waters

Oh no! Now liberals are "terrified" by Miss California too!

Remember Liz Cheney made lots of money on the Iraq war.

Perspective 2020: What ever happened to the Republicans?

Free market doesn't work for health insurance...

Obama's Medicare Dodge

Base shooting in Bagdad kills 5 soldiers

Ca. banks tearing down brand new

What kind of fucked up "justice" system do we have in the US

Anyone ask him where the fuck....

Republicans crank up the crazy even higher. NRCC chief says Obama has secret plan to sabotage US.

PLEASE...Someone explain "Single Payer" Health Reform in some detail.

Everybody needs to quit picking on Pelosi. I mean, she said she

How much you want to bet Miss USA, Inc. never saw the TMZ photos

Some questions for the lawyers that wrote the memos...

Andrew Sullivan: Who Monitored The Torture?

I'm getting the weird impression that it is now conservatives that are becoming the "relativists".

"This Is The 2st Century".....Donald Trump

Yet another assault on our First Amendment right to free speech...

Yet another assault on our First Amendment right to free speech...

"People need to respect MY rights"

"Excuse me Your Dick is out" (Daily Show VIDEO last night) 3:50

"Dick Cheney is the Miss California of American politics"

Daily Show: President had plausible deniability for offensive 9/11 joke

A Kentucky Fried Fiasco - Grilled Chicken Giveaway Turns Ugly

MSNBC breathlessly waiting fate of Ms. Prejean

Fuck you, Carrie....

The Great Animal Escapes Of 2009

Should you believe 60 Minutes' story on Chevron in Ecuador -- or Chevron's?

Make it the Baucus 13.

TMZ dishes up 15 more "revealing" photos of Carrie "I only took one photo" Prejean

Has the Defense "Our Tactics Worked, so not a Crime" ever been allowed?

So, if you are beautiful, it's okay to lie?


U.N. Expert Calls On U.S. To Address Ongoing Issues Of Racism

Keep your Tweets to yourself.

Keep your Tweets to yourself.

Keep your Tweets to yourself.

Miss California Revealed Yet Again: Brainless Photos Emerge! Prejean Dumbfounded

Farmers Insurance gossip. from a disgruntled employee

leave Carrie Prejean alone!

The Rude Pundit : Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat ...

Stark Reality.

Apple Rejects Jesus

Yet Another Top Dem: CIA Doc On Torture Briefings Is Wrong

People some DUers get upset about who aren't worth getting upset about

Ads for The FOX Nation? On my DU?

US Soldier throws puppy???!!!

How long do you think the inevitable flurry of Miss CA threads will last?

Chavez seizes foreign owned oil service firms using military

This thread is about all the women who some how managed to be successful

Steele: when all else fails - tabloid name drop

How does someone 'know' for sure that the 'terrorist' holds valuable information that justifies

Roger the steroid dodger looks to Donald for forgiveness...

IMPORTANT: Goldman settles with massachusetts homeowners...60 mil

Inquirer defends the indefensible: A monthly column by torture architect John Yoo

Best Television program I've seen in years:

Pakistan expanding its nuclear capability

Tamron, Schuster, and Contessa had a "small difference of opinions" about Miss CA USA.

If you think Carrie Prejean had to puck the Donald to keep her crown..REC this thread!

If you think Carrie Prejean had to puck the Donald to keep her crown..REC this thread!

Had a thought: Peoples advocate/speaker at all public meetings.

Anyone want to talk about Miss California?

So, which democrat in public office said "Deficits don't matter", to allow Republicans to bash us?

Why would Prejean think it was a good idea to say she was 17 in the pictures?

Which member of the Bush Crime Family sickens you the most?

Watched last hr. of Senate Committee on HealthCare Reform---Help

Contessa, what happens when your not even dumb enuf to be a pagent queen

Christian Symposium Offers Different Take on Aliens at Roswell UFO Festival

Healthcare has been my #1 concern for too many years

The Health Care Industry's PR Scam

PRAISE JESUS...Carrie Keeps Her Crown....

Obama Pentagon's Tactic of Blaming (Innocent) Victims, and Others, for Their Own Reckless Attacks

Biden's Syracuse grad speech: 'Not the usual malarkey,' the H-word, Obama's dumb dog

Can anyone tell me how the health "care" insurance industry is going to make us healthier?

What is the appeal of Ron Paul?

Romney spokesman on Steele: ‘Sometimes when you shoot from the hip, you miss the target.’

Who wants a star?

O’Reilly: Same sex marriage could lead to goat, dolphin, turtle marriages

Republicans are Defective

Just another right wing tool

Just another right wing tool

Senate Finance Holds Last of Health Care Roundtables - Live Now

No Tricks Here: Dick Cheney Has Become Nixon 2.0

Obama's plans for Afghanistan.

The cowards on MSNBC sucking up to Liz Cheney!


Partridge Family Mom to Pose Nude at 75?

Difference between Wanda & Rush? Wanda was being sarcastic and she's not on Armed Forces Radio!

yay! its okay to break the rules!

Teehee! Teabaggers don't have the guts to protest at Janeane Garofalo performance!

Fannie And Freddie Will Need Almost $100 Billion In 2010

Saberi copied confidential Iranian document

What if baking ingredients were sold subject to terms like a software TOS?

Global warming related? Record-breaking floods in Alaska.

“The death of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi means that the world will never hear his account of torture"

Damage to Atlantis, breaking on MSNBC

Would you rather marry a goat, duck, dolphin or turtle than Bill O'Reilly?

Interested in live blogging the SFRC hearing on energy security with Jimmy Carter?

Bill-O: Gay marriage will lead to legalized marriage to turtles.

The Art of the Winds of Wore & Miss 'Kollyfornia'

CHENEY "Reveling In The Gutting Of Our Constitution" (Emptywheel)

Obama administration threatens Britain to keep torture evidence concealed

What is the status of the New Hampshire same-sex marriage bill?

Move OVER, Rick Man-On-Dog Santorum...Bill O'Reilly's got a little thing for TURTLES. And falafels.

It’s War: Conservative Candidate Uses Image Of Obama To Attack Moderate GOPer

Hurry up, flip over to CNBC, Maria Bartiromo is doing a cutting edge story

Ventura: Powell's a 'war hero,' while Cheney 'ran and hid'

Breaking on NYT - SS & Medicare funds could be exhausted earlier than anticipated

Posner: Conservatism is deathly ill (but at least it succeeded in moving the center rightward)

Medicare, Social Security Eroded by Recession Losses

How Carrie Prejean and the right wing won

david schuster....cheney was just on faux news....cheney says he's responding to the new admin

What is the most superficial thing in American culture?

Why is anyone suprised by Trump's decision? For him, any publicity is good publicity.

Right Wing Terrorism Watch International - Neo-Nazis arrested over attack on Holocaust survivors

Right Wing Terrorism Watch International - Neo-Nazis arrested over attack on Holocaust survivors

Q&A: How the 'cash-for-clunker' plan would work

(from Time magazine) The Real Problem with Credit cards: The Cardholders.

What IS torture?

Is anyone else having trouble staying logged in to DU?

FDR's Fireside Chats

FDR's Fireside Chats

Can Vanessa Williams Get Her Crown Back??

OK, I'm convinced. Let's take off our gloves and get to the bottom of this torture story.

Falling Flat-Screen TVs, a growing threat for kids

In tomorrow's Senate testimony, Zelikow will try to distance Condi from Cheney's torture policies

My e-mail to Ed Schultz in reply to his support for Single-Payer Representation:

Let's explore more radical solutions than single payer! For Overton winnage!

Cenk Uygur, TYT: If Cheney ran in 2012 he'd be younger than McCain when he ran in 2008

A 2012 Doomsday Scenario

At least one good thing has come from the Carrie Prejean situation....

This is no time for President Obama to fire military linguists like Choi.

Nancy Pelosi’s Choice On Torture

Who Are The Real Psychopaths In Afghanistan?

Fighting Rich Lobbyists to Save Health Care Reform

Fighting Rich Lobbyists to Save Health Care Reform

Fighting Rich Lobbyists to Save Health Care Reform

check in here if you hope Limpballs' kidneys fail.

Irish student hoaxes world's media with fake quote

Perhaps the Year's Most Biased Article: "The Real Problem with Credit Cards: The Cardholders"

Graham and Lieberman Try To Block New Abuse Photos

Tomorrow's Hearing on interrogation techniques will be broadcast live on C-Span 3

What is the real reason, Cheney and co. are

Top 7 GM execs sell all their GM stock.


A Pirate's Life for Beck....Arrrgh - Wore Pirate Cumberbund at WHCD

LIARS & TORTURERS - Levin Re: Tomorrow's Judiciary Cmmtee Session - "It's False Testimony"

Neo-Nazis screaming 'Heil Hitler' attack concentration camp survivors

Jon Stewart Slams Pundits for OKing Torture, Attacking Wanda Sykes

Alan Keyes: Obama at Notre Dame as bad as Priests molesting kids

Walter Pincus: U.S. Military Personnel Were Split on Past Interrogations, Report Says

What do the right wing "revolutionaries" want to replace our Constitutional government with?

The perfect foil against the fat bag 'o shit.....

Inhofe Gets Hysterical (Again)

WOW. . .Crazy Wingnut Pastor writes e-mail to saying Trump aligned himself with GOD. .

Keep It Made in America (Danny Glover & Rev. Jesse Jackson are joining workers in an 11-state tour)

Who do you think the next Republican to defect will be?

GOP govs plan Tea Party 2.0

I have a simple proposal for members of congress who are against single payer health care

On principle I am against torture, BUT... the Gaffey's of the world

The bizarre irony of Cheney's "Torture Tour." He clearly needs to be tortured.

bwwwaaaahhhh... {{{deep breath}}}... bwwwwaaaahhh... Ron Reagan Jr. going off on Miss Bigot... CA

Physicist’s Fool-Proof War Formula (Just Add Media Accounts)

OMFG - Cliff May just said Japanese waterboarding was

Ex-insurance broker jailed

Would Alex P Keaton (the character) be a Repuke today?

Subprime prosecutions stops foreclosures but lets goldman sachs off hook in Massachusetts

My Fistbump.

Hasn't Cheney just implicated himself in knowing in real time the details

cheney is out doing what the bu$h* administration did for eight years

lest we forget....U.N. censures bu$h* Administration for waterboarding

Pat Buchanan is delusional again..

Single-payer health care system a breath of fresh air

The Insurance Monster.........

Switched at birth-56 years ago, and these women just found out

ron christie, frank gaffney, cliff may

Here comes the Preakness. Rooting for the filly. But there is just one, of course.

Crist gives GOP 'big fish' in 2010 Senate elections (CNN)

you know how to save Medicare? its really really easy

Afghan villagers get payments for US airstrike that killed civilians. Govt. commission says 140 died

Apple: You Can’t Play Jesus on iPhone

My rant to Senator Baucus

Nevada Democrats outvote Republicans to move domestic partnership bill along

For An Immediate End to the Catastrophe in Sri Lanka

KO - Cheney still talking!!

A Progressive Challenge to Jane Harman

Did newly announced top Afghan general run Cheney's assassination wing?

President Obama , don't forget about the prescription drug relief you talked about in the campaign

Transcript: Former Vice President Cheney Interviewed on Intelligence Issues on Fox News

Send Stephen Colbert a birthday present

The Vehicular Homicide Trial of State Trooper Higbee

Idiot America - A new book by Charlie Pierce

ed is laying it all out today....18 uninterrupted minutes so far

Does your company really care about your "Secret Ballot" rights?

Fucking Ron (The Cross-eyed Prick) Christie DAY AND NIGHT..

We live in a consumerist society... not a capitalist society

$ for war in Afghanistan and Obama's plans for Soc Sec?

I put up with MSNBC in morning because of MSNBC in the evening.

Insurance is *inherently* a social safety net.

Obama administration threatens Britain to keep torture evidence concealed

Wolfram is back: Washington Post: Wolfram Alpha Getting A Public Preview On Tuesday

I am going to DC for vacation on Friday... any good restaurant ideas?

Up-Date on Family Burned out by Fire

A country of worthless opinions

So Powell is more popular than Cheney or Limbaugh

So theoretically if I was being "honest" & was "raised to believe" some racist crap

our whole house solar system cranked up for the first time today...

Spitzer coming up on Rachel

IL Factory workers to sit in if they try to close the factory


Health care in America has got to be one of the oddest subjects in our political debates

What are the ramifications of an angry, hateful billionaire VP facing historic disgrace?

Baucus Is Insuring A Repeat Of '93

Anyone heard from DUer Hekate? Winds to return to SoCal fire area

So I'm out trout fishing on my boat today , listening to Randi on XM and there was a commercial...

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win an 8GB iPod Nano and a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

Question for the lurking Bush leftovers...

Great news on Healthcare...

video of quadrapedal robot walking over various terrains. A little spookie.

Entertainment Tonight: Palin to release her memoirs, you betcha!

should there be term limits for senators and congresspersons ?

The current FReepathon has raised $64,393 and is 80% toward its goal

Shut up Dick on how well torture worked

CHENEY TORTURE SURGE-Under VP's Pressure,Im-al-Libi Tortured So BUSH Could Go To Iraq (Scott Horton)

Have a date with your family tonite! Mental Hygiene 50's film, my have times changed

KKKarl Rove belongs in a toilet, and someone needs to flush.....

mods pls delete, posting bug error

Kucinich slams Obama: Healthcare savings 'unconscionable rip-off'

The future of warfare.

Lest we forget- Hackworth and the torture tapes.

What is the "Freest" country in the world right now??

Jon Stewart and John Oliver on TDS nailed Wanda's jokes

All-Out Effort to Put Single-Payer 'On the Table'

All-Out Effort to Put Single-Payer 'On the Table'

Beware: Big Business is Targeting Moderate Dems with Campaign Dollars and Crying Wolf Arguments

So where's W?

New nationwide poll on whether Miss California should have kept her crown or not

Microsoft confirms Windows 7 coming this year (CNN)

Senator Baucus - "I'll ask for the police to please, please come more

Lt. Daniel Choi's Letter to Obama/Congress: "Please Do Not Fire Me"

Generation X: Praying to No One?

Tortured to death

Are right wingers preparing their next salvo against Jeff Sessions?

I'm done, Skinner. I am now finished, and I hate that fact, but DU needs to recognize sports.

Bush Did the Same Thing That Landed Don Siegelman in Prison

Eric Alterman: David Broder: Eyes Wide Shut

Can I get a second?

The only way businesses can control health care costs is to reduce benefits or fuck their employees

Hoyer calls for probe of interrogations

Prisoner Who Tied Iraq to Al-Qaeda Found Dead in Libyan Jail

Donald Trump, Miss California, and Barack Obama

Healthcare Reform is Make or Break for the Democratic Party

Tillman's Parents Seek Records of General Appointed Top Dog in Afghanistan

TOON: Toles on the economy

Remember that hit and run I had about 3 weeks ago.

My letter to Gov. John Lynch

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Do you support a "CLEAN BILL" amendment?

Do you support a "CLEAN BILL" amendment?

I'm just curious. What effect do you think the movie "Sicko" had on the health care issue?

NC to pass anti-bullying legislation.

On Rachel, Lawrence Wilkerson, Powell's guy, just eviscerated

Amish teen ticketed for having beer in buggy

Don't mind me, I just went a little nuts and got banded.

Just now on Hardball

Is this a Game?

Is this a Game?

A Fair Warning to Any Politicians Reading This Page

Okay, if what Dick Cheney thinks counts as news, why the hell does what Liz Cheney thinks count?

Sen. Ben Nelson

Sen. Ben Nelson

Beware of Health Care Industry Barons Bearing Gifts

Wanda Sykes insulting Rush Limbaugh was...

David Vitter is a complete f**king idiot.....

"Nice turban, Abdul"...O'Reilly & Dennis Miller discuss Wanda Sykes. Meanwhile, my head explodes.

Jammin’ in the East Room

Microsoft just raised Billions in cash. The rumor is that they are going to buy RIM (Blackberry).

Glenn Greenwald: Obama administration threatens Britain to keep torture evidence concealed

Liz Cheney: Obama Finds It Fashionable To Side With Terrorists

Grassley: The president said to me that he would rather have a health plan with .......

Dems Raising Cash Off Sessions’ Claim That Obama Is Plotting To Kill Economy

Gasoline-Price Investigation Is Sought As Costs Escalate

Gay soldier to Obama: "I beg you today: Do not fire me."

In defense of Obama and a request for DU naysayers


What happens when we don't show up?

It should be noted that Miss "Christian Traditional Marriage" parents are DIVORCED!

Koppel: "Enhanced Interrogation Technique" is like saying "Rape is an Enhanced Seduction Technique"

200 Orgs Ask for Special Prosecutor for Cheney and Bush

so, i'm quitting smoking today...

Really? Charlie Crist?

"The Baucus 13"


This bullshit about Cheerios is Big Pharma protecting its turf through its government lackies at FDA

When did Union become a dirty word?

BREAKING NEWS from Congress...

NTSB: Colgan pilot, as student, was "slow". At time of crash, may have been flirting with copilot

Does Melting the Skin Off Children Qualify As Torture?

KO is skewering St Carrie of La Jolla

Federal Prosecutors Want Siegelman To Get A Longer Sentence

Cell phone jamming in schools.

Five actions for single payer

Spokesman for the Center for a New American Security on Rachel's show almost seemed to smile...

Why should credit card interest rates be less than 30%?

Joan Walsh: "Once a barely elected president jokes about WMDs, it's hard to ever be offensive again"

It must be Supply Side Economics driving gasoline prices

Mom Outraged by Son's Arrest Reportedly Knew He Was Making Bomb Threats

Would torture prosecutions be too divisive?

Eugenics and a woman's right to 'choose'.

Bloomberg: Swine Flu May Be Human Error (MUST READ)

I've been hearing alot of stuff from Carrie about her free speech rights...

Digby: Wanda Sykes' Limbaugh jokes give media people the vapors

Cheney In 2012?! (Cenk At Huffington Post)

Jobs vs Lives. re: Health Care

DISAPPEARING EVIDENCE: CIA Ghost Detainee Reported "Suicide"

Name the First Marijuana Chain Store

Popular cereal (Cheerios) is a drug, US food watchdog says

Kucinich - "What is lacking is political leadership..."

Repukes really, really don't want the younger generation to be voting

On the spin that Obama's new Afghanistan commander represents a shift away from deadly airstrikes

We want what THEY have! (Health Care)

Cops collar Russian punting dog dressed as lamb

Will your enthusiasm for Obama wane if he signs a healtcare bill without Public option

Another WTF moment in the Siegelman case

Angry Former GOP Congressman Compares Cantor To Porn Star

Janeane Garofalo vs the "Tea Baggers" Round II - This Time It's Personal!

Wolves, Polar Bears, the Endangered Species Act, and You

we need to start preparing for a MAJOR march on washington if we want REAL healthcare reform.

Sent to RE: "health care reform"

Senate backs bill allowing guns in national parks....attaches it to credit card legislation????

Oliphant captures the love birds.....(prepare yourselves)

Oliphant captures the love birds.....(prepare yourselves)

If waterboarding wasn't torture and was A-OK.....

Sarah Palin to Release Memoir

Here's an idea - let the people of the United States revoke the Congress' healthcare option

Donate to DU and you'll be entered to win *TWO SIGNED BOOKS* by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Parasitic flies turn fire ants into zombies

Holbrooke: I Can’t Be Certain Afghan Troop Build-Up Won’t Be Counterproductive

I've had my fill of Dick

25 Companies That Will Never See One Red Cent of My Money

Obama's Weird Idea of Auto Industry Rescue: Use Our Money to Build Car Factories Abroad

Wednesday, May 13th -- National Lobby Day and Rally for Single-Payer in Washington DC

A poem

Tragedy hits Nebraska family twice in a week (lost two of their children in traffic accidents)

Denied. I just don't get it.

I think ALL the pols have underestimated the repressed anger and frustration over healthcare

Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?

Obesity, lets cut to the chase shall we?

Jesse Ventura: You Give Me a Water Board, Dick Cheney and One Hour ...

Caption Arnie

Baucus Arrests Five More Doctors, Nurses, Activists

Cheap food and low wages....

As I was sitting in the parking lot at Walgreens, saw a woman hit by a car

McGovern says the secret ballot is 'a matter of principle'

Robert Gates is the Keynote speaker at daughters HS grad

Just witnessed a shoot-out one block west of our house.

Please KICK this and ADD your links/comments to LOBBY Congress for National Public Health Care NOW.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Unemployed, and Not Getting a Job Anytime Soon? Why Not Build a Better World?

Gaugin: major league jerk?

if you don't work, you can't eat

anybody know about cheap web-hosts?

The Passion of Sister Dottie Dixon

Does this seem normal legally speaking? Search and Seizure(USA)

Most accurately rated rock band ever?

Will the mods finally kill these threads that never die?


Warning!!!! Possible Star Trek spoiler inside.

i don't think i got in a fight

Here's the story of: The bunny's alive! The bunny escaped! The bunny is home free!!

There has to be more to life than DU.

Your session is about to expire. Please enter your username and password to continue.

Have you ever tried to hide an Administrator's thread?

I was walking down the High Street

I have to admit, I would consider joining this band

Du'ers in Astoria Queens: Please call your senator for Marriage Equality


Vacation abroad this summer? Beware latest Nigerian scam

Massive Attack - Black Milk

My little happiness of the day

Good morning Lounge

To all American Idol fans...

Bathtub repair (cross post)

I want to create some threads that never die.

this is classic!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the Future 2015 pictures...... still waiting for the Hover Board

Pet peeve: posting videos as original posts.

all you people are weird....and wonderful

Five hours and still no comment from LynneSin on my FB status.

I'm posting from madimmarylands favorite place...

How come the toilet doesn't have a built in garbage disposal?

Round #2 of my Cat Alarm clock - revenge doesn't work that good

I want to create a thread that dies a slow, painful death like that blob from Return of the Jedi

I poked Midlodemocrat last night and I bet she didn't even notice

LynneSin says she poked me last night and I don't even know what that means.

Cat has thumbs

I bought Conservatives without Conscience by John Dean is it any good.

I bought Conservatives without Conscience by John Dean is it any good.

Does anyone know how long a guardian ad litem has after being

Hey DUers!!! Come on over!!! We're making fun of Midlodemocrat.

Remember last week when Dr. Strange had the idea to write a book about vampires?

First there was Susan Boyle, now ...Greg Pritchard. Take a listen.

Why did I click on it...

Hey Facebookers!!! Come on over!!! We're making fun of Led Zeppelin.


Miss USA Pageant Press Release

Oh Dear GOD, you may THINK you know how bad the new Heidi Montag "music video" is, but YOU DO NOT...

I think Skinner has a thing for me.

Let's cut the crap about capitalism.

joke that was forwarded to me:

Last night's "House" - WOW!!! **SPOILERS***

Oh, my goodness. The Zeppelin trashing on FB has taken an unexpectedly ugly turn.

Post a non sequitor, e.g., Free Range Chicken McNuggets

Yay! Bill-O says I can marry a turtle!!

My boss is cancer free.

PSA: Windows memory requirements.

What percentage is one out of seventy-five?

Ant bite remedies anyone?


I can't find the thread about the BB Summer Meetup

"A Date w/ Grovelbot"

Prosecutors recommend that Don Siegelman be sentenced to 20 years.

Is Heather pregnant??

Skinner just offered me an ipod.

It took me 2.5 hours to mow my lawn, and I figured I'd take a break...

Friday's prize should be the right to tombstone the person of your choice.

I just had the lousiest California roll I've ever had.

As a prize, Skinner should offer a one day amnesty from the DU rules.

Let's see... Yesterday it was an autographed book, today it's an iPod

Is Grovelbot pregnant??

I kid you not, I heard this in a hip-hop tune yesterday:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/12/2009)

Who here is waiting to snipe post #2000 in Graywarrior's thread that won't die?

Guitar players - is this good?

Hands the waiter my Visa...I would like the balance due please

Pics of Heath Ledger's final performance

Oh great. I just found I have the pig flue

Let's play "Who Am I? - The 80s"

I have no idea what you're talking about

"Eating pork" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "eating pork".

"Eating pork" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "eating pork".

WAHOO!!! Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus!!!


~Regarding the Private Message Feature ~ I'm PMing redqueen, RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Wow. Midlo is a LOT faster than TZ, BeachBaby, and mcctatas.

The Long and Winding Bridge Over Troubled Strawberry Fields by Lennon and McGarfunkel...

Horrible road tragedy near Milwaukee...

I just invented a new Lounge word: "post-ganked"

I found my favorite TV ad from when I was a toddler.

? can you call a cell phone number collect?

How fragile the world can be ?

Okay, lounge. Today's funny factor was a hugh improvement over

This is why I will always love Eminem.

Can someone tell me how to enjoy pornography?

Switched at birth-56 years ago, and these women just found out

kitten picture of the day for tuesday may 12

Ya know, once in a while, ya just gotta give a gift to friends at DU. And this song is that.

What's The Name Of That *TOTALLY* Common Horror Movie Choral/Orchestra Music?

To DejaQ: Apparently not.

A COMPLETE list of all my tools (warning: extremely long post)

Name your favorite Concert Movie

The Lion Man of S. Africa; don't try this on safari!

Uh-oh, I got a PM from Skinner

What I Have Learned The Past 6Months

Cher was a super hottie in 1969

This is why I will always love sniffa.

What sensational Rock Tour has there never been a DVD of, that you wish there would be?

I am watching a Berlin-era Bowie Concert from West German TV

Does the glow from my new Tony Stewart Croc flip-flops make my neck look red?

I just learned that my brother's death might have saved someone else's life.

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win an 8GB iPod Nano and a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

I have learned so much at DU over the years

How About If Adam Lambert Sings "Ring Of Fire" Tonight, The Way Cash Would?

Attention GomerScrump: Please accept my friend invitation on Fuckface. n/t

Is anyone else watching the Biggest Loser finale??

Some new podcasts are up

Mrs. Triguy got a very sweet mother's day card from first born son

I added BeachBaby on Facebook and she hasn't accepted...

Don't do that

Greatest Metal band EVER!!!

Web Surfers in politically repressed countries CAN'T enjoy multiple daily Carrie Prejean threads.

I love Ray Allen.

Do you ever reinvent yourself?

Whose brilliant idea was it to record 3 hour of LIVE "The Biggest Loser"?

Can someone tell me how to enjoy poetry?

I am so fucking hungry!

video: Banjo Loving Baby

Ryan Zimmerman's hit streak is now 30 games!

The Giants are doing good right now

Y'all are going to think I am crazy, but...

Thank you to all of my DU friends. I love you all, but I don't deserve you.

Did you ever do poorly in a class you absolute LOVED?

BEST bday candles ever!!

The annotated Star Trek (2009)

Most enjoyable grass you ever toked?

best website EVER (okay, I might be overstating that, but some of the

We built our raised organic vegetable bed this past weekend.

Man avoids washing for 35 years in order to father son

Remember that hit and run I had about 3 weeks ago.

I do sometimes take pictures of things

Apostle Islands

Milk: Love it or leave it?

TZ just sent me a picture from Minnesota!

Is it ok to go to Olive Garden when...

Did anyone else's head 'plode from tonight's season finale of Fringe?

Dedication to DS1 from Midlo: "No One Needs To Know"

Last METAL post from me tonight. I forgot the crazy Germans. Rammstein!

Most obscure and useless class you ever took?

Final grades in today! Woo!

what year did you buy your first cellphone

Hell's Buffet

I told the witch doctor I was in love with you

I am claiming vard28 as my new BFF because she won the book.

The Bruins are still alive!

Coffee snobs....a question....

For those of you who hate American Idol...

Tell me a ghost story if you have one....

To: Giant Robot, Nadinbrzezinski, and Proteus Lives from Stan Lee

YAY ME! I took a chunk of skin and meat off my finger...

DUers should be OUTRAGED that the Wednesday prize is a Honda!

Anybody remember the DU party in Boston a few years ago?

Amelia the cat's audition for the Joie Kitwood Thrill Team (dialuppians: 400K)

TZ's thread on Zimmerman's streak got me thinking: Which baseball record(s) will never be broken?

DRUMROLL PLEASE! ... The winner of Monday's "Dreams From My Father" Contest is...

Have a date with your family tonite! 50's film, oh man LOL

Help me title Sarah Palin's memoir!

Canine loyalty - you can't beat this in any other creature.

So last night I was in bed half asleep and I heard my mom scream


Don't forget to vote for Adam on American Idol tonight

So I got a new tattoo started today


i'm posting on DU from the shitter!

Just finished wading through and cutting down an EXTREMELY overgrown area. Question for you:

Most enjoyable class you ever took?

Screw Ebay!

What's your favorite movie about rock and roll?

Kucinich slams Obama: Healthcare savings 'unconscionable rip-off'

Shelties are GREAT for chasing bunnies out of the garden!

So I'm writing -- no, assembling -- Mrs. V.'s nephew's resume. Is yours up to date?

Most popular baby names in 2008

Today is The Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger's birthday. (Dial-up warning)

More random questions:

texanwitch will never be DTM and this is why.

oh christ, Kate Gosselin defends herself in light of rumored affair

I managed to break my nose tonight.

What accounts for the relative low varieties of American accents?

Most difficult class you ever took?

Please remember to vote for Adam Lambert tonight on American Idol and take a stand against hate and

~ Rethinking the Private Message Feature ~

What are some cheap and easy sources of fiber?

Found a baby Robin on the ground :(

I am going to DC for vacation on Friday... any good restaurant ideas?

Is that Liz Cheney spewing BS on Morning Joe?

Dear President Obama, just a reminder:

LA Times: Two roads to the Supreme Court


The Public Option Con: Selling Out Single-Payer

The Politics of Military Escalation In Afghanistan and Pakistan by Tom Hayden & Joseph Gerson

Specter open to public health plan

Eugene Robinson: Old Faithful of Nonsense

Last night my Congressman mentioned healthcare...


They said pigs would fly when we got a black president - and look what happened

VA SEIU endorses Terry McAuliffe for VA Governor

antitrust announcement .

When you saw 'NEW MAIL' flashing this morning did you presume....

Romney slaps Steele over Mormon comments

Michelle Obama: Commmunity Service "Is the reason that I breathe"

I'll just be damned. CNN lets the light in.

Liz Cheney is spewing like it's 2004. (VIDEO)

The silence of the Dems

Remember, President Obama himself has encouraged that he be pushed hard on equality issues

Jon Stewart On Cheney Media Tour: "Excuse Me, Your Dick Is Out" (VIDEO)

Murdoch signs Palin for her book.......

Sessions Combative in First Confirmation Hearing

Bush Inc.'s Terrorism

Why Obama Won't Get Harry and Louise'd

The 'Orgasmic' General McChrystal - New Military Commander in Afghanistan

Obama Tells Health Care Groups to Show Him Progress on Cost-Cutting Next Month

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

Democrats edge closer to climate bill deal - Waxman said he will release bill on Thursday

Single Payer

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter to win an 8GB iPod Nano and a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

KY-SEN: McConnell Ready To Execute 'Plan D' To Push Bunning Out Of Race?

Just sent two emails (health care)

President Obama has a 'row to hoe' at ASU, if you believe Jon Stewart.

When the 2010 midterms are over, what will be left of the GOP?

PHOTOS Poetry, music and the spoken word at the White House

PHOTO Caption it? (The President and VP) (May 12)

Nate Silver's theory on why Obama wants Chicago to host the Olympics

Jason Jones is doing a Hit Job on Ariz. State on The Daily Show for not giving Obama an Hon. Degree.

Why can't Americans be privy to healthcare discussions? What's so secret we can't hear it?

Question: Would the GOP be going after a prior administration for blatant

Obama's court pick to be shaped by his experience

PHOTOS Jimmy Carter on Capitol Hill (May 12)

PHOTO Flower Power.

Time to review the healthcare program Obama campaigned on.

Why Judge Sotomayor was right on affirmative action related law and why we should not back down

White House lobbies for Olympics in Chicago

The Health Care Industry's PR Scam: Will Obama Fall for It?

Imagine you are a Republican,

MUST-READ: The Move Away from Single-Payer - David Sirota

Any thoughts on how SCOTUS is going to rule on Franken/Coleman?

Biden: Unions are way to rebuild middle class - VP says it's time to level playing field, pass EFCA

Obama applauds health industry

Why I'm not supporting Single Payer Option.................RIGHT NOW...

Utah Attorney General Mistakenly Posts Candidacy on Twitter

Faux News: If A Talk Radio Host Compared Obama To A Terrorist, He Would Be Fired

PHOTOS The First Lady/Corporation for National and Community Service (May 12)

Who is Richard Cohen...disgusting Wash Post article defending Cheney's torture methods

Why does Obama have to enforce DADT? Why can't he suspend enforcement pending review?

CARTOON: "Count Me In" (Healthcare reform)

What constituency do you feel the Congress serves in healthcare debate/reform?

Obama nominee might be blocked in Senate by Republicans without a filibuster!

The White House has nowhere to hide from MSM equality questions as Gibbs blows it at presser

White House: Law only answer for gays in military

White House: Law only answer for gays in military

Donald Trump on Miss California: Same as Barack Obama (stance on gay marriage)

Think you haven't showered with a gay person?

I'm feeling YES-stalgic about DU today. Join me!

Open Letter to President Obama and Every Member of Congress From LT Dan Choi

The Nation: MIA on Healthcare

The Other Woman

Primary may yet trip up Specter

Senate approve concealed weapons in national parks in Credit card bill

Several recent hijackings orchestrated from UK

Doctor says 49 killed in Sri Lanka hospital attack

Biden's Syracuse grad speech: 'Not the usual malarkey,' the H-word, Obama's dumb dog

Iran shows hints of moderation

Columbia and Extrajudicial Killings Scandal

Taliban storm strategic Afghan city

In China's quake zone, pain and anger (Today is anniversary)

Pakistan military faces up to humanitarian crisis

Hitachi posts record loss for Japanese manufacturers

Did newly announced top Afghan general run Cheney's assassination wing?

How to lose in the health care debate. One sentence will do it.

Monsoon rains threaten Myanmar cyclone survivors-UN

Former Catholic archbishop of Milwaukee comes out

Fla. Gov. Crist to run for Senate

Carmaker Nissan Posts Huge £1.6bn Loss

Auto warranty 'robo-calls' spam senators, who demand action

Some US soldiers forced to steal water in Iraq

Irish student hoaxes world's media with fake quote (more wiki jackassery)

FBI Agent's Account of Interrogations Conflicts With Report

US denies polar bears protection from climate change

Detainee Who Gave False Iraq Data Dies In Prison in Libya

Obama administration threatens Britain to keep torture evidence concealed

Berlin court fines man for beheading wax figure of Adolf Hitler

20 dead as US, Afghans battle suicide bombers

Pakistan drops commandos into Taliban stronghold

Prosecution: Dead Girl’s Parents Must Be Heard at Cyberbullying Sentencing

Median home prices fell nationwide in 1Q

Metal baggage container sucked into jet engine at LAX

NY legislature considers gay marriage

Postal service: Worker stole $20,000 in stamps for mortgage

House Democrats to Huddle Over Climate Bill

Recession Is Over According to Financial Experts

Tenn. drops charges against death row inmate Paul House

Pakistan expanding its nuclear capability

Guatemala asks for UN probe into lawyer killing

Pope comes under criticism in Israel ("restrained, almost cold")

Senator agrees to lift hold on FEMA nominee

20 dead as US, Afghans battle suicide bombers

Multiple blasts hit Afghan city

U.S. Can Conceal Records on Guatemalan Violence

Wrestler Benoit's doctor gets 10 years in prison

84 Afghan girls hospitalized in apparent poisoning (NEW attack today)

Turkey ignores bluefin tuna quotas, further imperiling critically-endangered species

Carter pushes energy reform plan to Congress

Severance Payments Denied At Tribune; Bonuses Approved

Vilsack: Government needs to work with rural America

David Miliband: Barack Obama Middle East plan best since Camp David

General Motors bosses dump shares

Pakistan 'captures Taliban hideout'

Court Limits Gun Suit In LA Jewish Center Attack

(Bushbot) Federal prosecutor admits mistake, begs for leniency

Insolvency for Social Security and Medicare Is Seen Closer

Guatemala: Protests For Assassinated Lawyer (set to expose Guatemalan/US narco corruption)

Jailed US journalist Roxana Saberi 'had secret document on war in Iraq'

Chavez threatens to close TV channel critical of him

US lawmaker: Public needs all facts on alleged torture (Hoyer)

Bush Failure To Disclose Waterboarding Appears To Violate Law

Soldier accused of firing on fellow troops ID'd

U.S. Elected To U.N. Human Rights Council

Ventura tells Coleman: Quit, you hypocrite

Franken brief rips merits, quality of Coleman case


'Mother Earth in climate crisis' say indigenous people

Salon: Army Suicides Soar Past 2008's Pace ("This is a Suicide Epidemic")

Man who spent 22 years on death row is cleared

Rove: Ending Torture Gives Terrorists ‘A Tool To Make It More Attractive To Recruit People’

U.S. to rejoin controversial U.N. human rights panel

Another Dem (Rockefeller) casts doubt on CIA briefing memo

Astronauts uncover long line of nicks on shuttle

White House: Law only answer for gays in military

AP Source: Chrysler to cut 800 dealers on Thursday

FBI Whistleblower Testimony: Gonzales Imposed Brutal Interrogation Tactics

NRA, Mayors Agree on Gun Change

Neo-Nazis screaming 'Heil Hitler' attack concentration camp survivors during memorial service for 34

Palin has book deal, memoir to come next year

House Hearings Set For Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection

Five single-payer protestors arrested (@ Senate hearing on health-care reform)

Obamas To Host Poetry Jam At White House

Home Prices in U.S. Drop Most on Record in First Quarter Amid Foreclosures

Hundreds protest Rove’s central Illinois visit

New York State Assembly passes same-sex marriage bill (89-52)

Sweden rules 'gender-based' abortion legal

Coburn Gun Amendment Tacked Onto Credit Card Bill

Miss California Keeps Her Crown

Liz Cheney suggests Obama 'siding with terrorists'

Irish student hoaxes world's media with fake quote

The last Nazi war trial

Democrats: CIA is out to get us

Flight 93 panel member resigns over eminent domain

Tillman's parents want general's record reviewed

Biden says unions are way to rebuild middle class

Tamils In Conflict Zone in Sri Lanka Have Little Food

Dick Cheney backs Jeb Bush for president

Pakistan commandos dropped into Taliban stronghold

Jury convicts 5, acquits 1 in Liberty City Six terror retrial

DN! Doctors, Activists Confront Senate on Single-Payer Healthcare

Before the Storm - Barry Goldwater Pt. 1

Miss California directors blast anti-gay marriage group

Nations scramble for exploitation of Arctic's resources (territorial claims deadline is tomorrow)

Janeane Garafalo vs Tea Baggers

Swift Boat Funder Taking on Obama Healthcare Plan

Time to Legalize Internet Gambling?

100 Days of Michael Steele (DemRapidResponse)

Zack de la Rocha addresses Arpaio, 287(g) and human dignity.

For-profit prison advertising

Fighting Bigots in the UK. For Hope Not Hate.

Will Republicans Back An Up Or Down Vote For Souter's Replacement?

Liz Cheney v. Eugene Robinson on Bush Interrogation (Torture) Policies

Ventura: "Coleman's Always Been A Hypocrite"

Shake It Up for Single Payer

Rove: Ending torture gives terrorists 'a tool to make it more attractive to recruit people.'

TYT: Who Should Lead The Republicans---Limbaugh Or Colin Powell?

DNC Web Ad: GOP Whack-A-Mole

Conservatives: Torture Photos -- Not Torture Itself -- Incites Terrorism

Dennis Kucinich: Health care

Fox News Ambushes Janeane Garofalo

TYT Supreme Court: Wanda Sykes At WH Dinner & JK Hammers Rush

Republicans Bashing Republicans

Physician Protester for Single Payer

Doctors protest exclusion of single-payer at Senate Finance Committee

Illegal Iraq War and that is what Bush should be tried on. Cheney also

Carrie Prejean Says Perez Hilton Had "Hidden Agenda" - Hannity slips on his pimp suit.

Vietnam celebrates Dien Bien Phu anniversary

Why We Believe in Gods - Andy Thomson - American Atheists 09

TYT: Cheney/Torture Debunked By New CIA Report

ROAD TO RUIN: Mortgage Fraud Scandal Brewing

Rachel Maddow guest Lawrence Wilkerson destroys Dick Cheney's BS, "This is idiocy of the 1st order"

An Idiot Friend for George Bush?

Columbia and Extrajudicial Killings Scandal

Limbaugh: We're being told that we have to bend over, grab the ankles, because his father was black

CNN Reports # Video # Dad: Reporter freed from Iraq prison is fine

Jim Hightower: Democrats Give Wall Street a Big, Wet Kiss

Chris Hedges: Who Are the Real Psychopaths in Afghanistan?

Drinking the Kool-Aid

The Obama lesson to Rupert Murdoch

Olbermann Debuts "WTF Moment" - Miss California

Jesse Ventura On Larry King Live May.11, 2009

Hardball: Does Cheney Know Something Obama Doesn't? (O'Donnell lays into Buchanan)

Protesters Disrupt Senate Hearing on Health Care

Ed Shultz - Strong Economy Built on Health Care Foundation

Use Jobless Time to Build Better World

John Yoo, Newspaper Columnist

Investigate Death of Former CIA Prisoner (Human Rights Watch)

On torture and terror (Mares / VPR)

Secrets of an Insurance Agent........

Evil insurance company

Health Insurers' Bottom Line Defines 'Medical Necessity'

I Should Be Getting Laid More

Former Nuremberg prosecutor King dies at age 89

McChrystal Wrong Man for the Job

How Corporate Law Inhibits Social Responsibility

Report: Obama can stop the discharge of openly gay and lesbian service members now

Matt Taibbi: Being anti-torture doesn't make you pro-terrorist

Tortured To Justify A War? Andrew Sullivan

Marie Cocco: Mom’s Dreary Retirement Prospects

Dick Cheney: A Life Pattern of Sabotaging the Security of the United States

WA Post Columnist Winks at Torture = by Robert Parry - May 12, 2009

Dick Cheney:A Life Pattern of Sabotaging U.S. Security

I Like Empathetic Judges

Echoes of Vietnam in Afghanistan

Medea and Desiree of Code Pink confront Rumsfeld at Correspondents Dinner

Dick Cheney: A Life Pattern of Sabotaging the Security of the United States

Angels And Demons-- a Satisfying Thriller With Some Messages

Robert Dreyfuss: New US General Vs. Taliban, Pashtuns

NEW FRANK FACTOR SHOW #18 "Republitards from Planet Assholia"

Robert Parry: WPost Columnist Winks at Torture

Liz Cheney Defends Dad: He Waterboarded Me Too

New Army Leadership Faces Familiar Challenges in Afghanistan Efforts.

The curious sacking of Gen McKiernan

Once More, Without Feeling-The GOP's misguided and confused campaign against judicial empathy

The Future Without A Future

Why the Washington Post refuses to label Waterboarding as torture

The Man Who Knew Too Much? A Convenient Suicide in a Libyan Prison (Jurist)

May 13 Rice to Warm Crowd Before Bush Clinton arrival Canada, Bad Idea!

MORE on Alan Stanford (CIA PLANT) from Josh Marshall at TPM!

U.S. Statement On Nukes Pact Stirs Concerns In Israel

Nora Ephron: (Dick Cheney) Addicted to Love

Obama administration threatens Britain to keep torture evidence concealed

Missouri’s Third Rail: Why The Hancock Amendment Should Be Repealed


David Shuster wants to vomit over the whole Miss California mess

'Soldiers work for corporations, not for the people'

Malpractice by Dean Baker

Obama Orders EPA to Take the Lead in Bay Cleanup.

Olbermann Fact Checks O'Reilly's Churchill History Lesson

LEO Reporter Violently Accosted @ The KY GOP's Lincoln Day Dinner

Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve? (9 Trillion Unaccounted For)

US aid to Colombia

Cuba confirms its 1st swine flu case

Asylum fight heating up Bolivia-Peru tensions

FIDEL: What Went Through My Mind

Colombia's Uribe faces tougher odds for a 3rd term

CUBA Pulls Plug on Canadian Diplomatic Visit

A new google translation of a story on the would-be assassins of Bolivia's President:

New photo, and google translation on Bolivian mercenaries story:

Assassinations Continue in Colombia


U.S. Can Conceal Records on Guatemalan Violence

VENEZUELA Expropriates 39 Oil Service Firms

"Good afternoon, if you are watching this, it is sadly because I have been assassinated

Castro upbraids Mexico as Cuba reports 1st flu case

Obama picks Chilean to replace Shannon at State

South American NGO Alliance File Suit - Illegal Killing Sharks for Fins

Agriculture Is One of the Most Polluting and Dangerous Industries

DrumBeat: May 12, 2009

US denies polar bears protection from climate change

xpost: Flood leaves Eagle Village in ruins (alaska)

Back to the future: Carter pushes energy reform plan (CNN)

VC spending for alternative energy tumbles 63 pct

US denies polar bears protection from climate change

Joe Romm predicts US CO2 emissions will never exceed 2007 levels

Daily Kos live blog of the SFRC hearing with Jimmy Carter on energy policy

GE Will Build an Advanced-Battery Plant (sodium)

Check out my Endangered Species Act manifesto in GD!

Car Free

Key coral reefs 'could disappear'

U.S no 1 in Wind power capacity, China has doubled it's capacity every year for past four years.

CME ready for green derivatives push

Yankees monitoring wind in homer-happy park

Dick Vitale

Roberto Luongo=OVER RATED!!!!

BOXING: May 15 & 16

Dodgers* lose again

Cane's Walker speaks (no suspension).

Here comes the Preakness. Rooting for the filly. But there is just one, of course.

Hey forkboy!

Today in labor history May 12 The Great Anthracite Strike began

VCR/DVDR alert!

Thousands Join in Candlelight Vigils Across California(EFCA)

Hospital care grants for union members

Ironworker Hospitalized After Fall at World Trade Center

I'll be away for a few days

Rove Speech Sparks Labor Tension

Global Support Growing for Employee Free Choice

FDA Recall: DIGOXIN 0.25mg tablets

Vitamins Found to Curb Exercise Benefits

Mad Max Baucus arrests 5 more doctors, nurses and activists

Singer threatens to boycott Eurovision over Moscow anti-gay stand

Du'ers in Astoria Queens: Please call your senator for Marriage Equality

Support grows for federal DOMA repeal

Report: Obama can stop the discharge of openly gay and lesbian service members now

Why care about Prop. 8?

New York State Assembly debating marriage equality live - vote to come tonight

Howard Dean supports same-sex marriage

Why you should care about Obama’s waffling on gay issues

Intereresting profile of Danny O'Donnell in today's NYT.

Musician Rob Thomas supports gay marriage and challenges those that oppose it

Great -- Joan Rivers is against marriage equality

Do Everybody a Favor: Take a Sick Day

Please remember to vote for Adam Lambert tonight on American Idol and vote against hate and

Hungarian gays win partnership rights

Former Catholic archbishop of Milwaukee comes out

Mubarak: Chatter about Shalit raises Hamas' demands

U.S. elected to U.N. rights council for first time

Israeli settler children screaming "Death to Arabs" get Israeli military to close Palest...

Op-Ed: Netanyahu shouldn’t force Iranian issue on US

Hamas activist jailed for 'planning coup against PA'

Pope comes under criticism in Israel ("restrained, almost cold")

The last Nazi war trial

New envoy to U.S.: Soon Jews won't want to live in Israel

What is anti-Semitism?

interesting polling data on assault weapons

Claims against gunmaker Glock dismissed

Why doesn’t ACLU recognize the 2nd Amendment inalienable RKBA under the U.S. Constitution just

Louisiana assault weapons ban in committee

Armageddon averted

Decoupling From Reality

Saturday Night Live Grades the Stress Tests

Why the Government's Attempt to Instill False Confidence Will Backfire

Finally got a copy of Sontag's book

I keep posting crap in the wrong forum

i`m posting this here because i know this forum will appreciate this

Pricing advice please from the pros?

Souvenirs from the past few weeks

Top General Motors executives dump their shares at bargain basement prices

He-e-e-e-e-re's AIMAN! Day 1 and Day 2

I am considering purchasing a hand gun.

So I asked, What do I do now?

Astrology question...can opposites REALLY attract?


Interesting dream this morning....

Focusing our positive energy

Tracking Cyberspies Through the Web Wilderness

Judging Honesty by Words, Not Fidgets

Regarding the difference between embracing and exploiting geek culture (By Wil Wheaton)

Parasitic flies turn fire ants into zombies (Not a misplaced movie review.)

Unlocking the Mystery of Life, where does ID fit in?

NY Times Book Review: The British invented Hindu religion

Okay, so I started researching the Bible, and I'm more confused than ever....

The last banana bread I made

Help A DUer Win A Recipe Contest

Teacher layoffs, how are you coping?

Obama Administration Threatens Britain with Terror Attacks If Britain Releases Torture Details

Pope comes under criticism in Israel ("restrained, almost cold")

CIA fought hard to keep sleep deprivation as part of their "interrogation" program

One of the biggest lies of the 9/11 "truth movement" has been that

Pakistani President Says bin Laden a US Operative

The party of "No" in the Texas Lege

Terminator: Salvation - 4 minute trailer

Partridge Family Mom to Pose Nude at 75?

Bombastic Mulroney bares fangs at Harper

Thank God. The truth is out on Ruby Dhalla

Canada resumes 'quiet diplomacy' with China