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Archives: April 7, 2009

So, there I am, in yet another job training all day...

Italy muzzled scientist who foresaw quake

Kissinger and Brzezinski evaluate Obama's trip on Charlie Rose tonight

New York: Magna auto parts workers reject cutbacks in face of shutdown threat

Budget-strapped Chicago public schools to implement staggered class schedules

Okay, Michelle Bachman, You Got Us. We Really Do Have Re-Education Camps

A Discussion in Turkey

Little girl found in luggage in agricultural ditch

Soros: Rescuing U.S. banks could turn them into "zombies" that draw the lifeblood of the economy

Fundie Ammo?

Prez O, Live, says he wants to be able to end segment

Prez O, Live, says he wants to be able to end segment

Prez O in Turkey, LIVE, 5:20 a.m. edt TODAY

Prez O said, about Israel/Palestine, 2-state solution.

Cuomo Sues Merkin for Shifting $2.4 Billion to Madoff

Mortgage scams targeting distressed homeowners on the rise

Ban lifted, media witness solemn return of fallen service member

The capitalist (financial) crisis and the return of history

Town Hall in MS last night

Fast-Rising Protest Group Challenges the Outrageous Power of the Bankers

about Tucker Carlson on Morningho...

The IMF Rules the World Will the Debtors Fight Back?

But, Really... One look at history and all you see is people killing each other off

Did you know this? Black French Troops that fought back Nazis denied place in history!

American Exceptionalism

My observation of RW talk radio and television...

BREAKING NEWS: Huffington Post's hard-hitting, Pulitzer-worthy coverage of Mika Brzezinski's feet

Newt brings the stupid

Tom Toles strikes a familiar chord:

The Defense Budget

What's this Scarborough and Andrew Ross Sorkin are trying to foment outrage about this morning?

You know what would be really cool.

D.C. eyes gay marriage recognition

God Is Not a Fan of the Banking Industry

How many here could depend on a close family member or friend in times of need?

Dismissal will erase Stevens verdict but not facts

Aw, #&**$%, MSNBC just reported that the found Sandra Cantu's body

Obama just landed in IRAQ

Pittsburgh Police killer was a regular poster on StormFront (post-gazette)

The President just aririved in Baghdad!

The President just aririved in Baghdad!

What kind of liaison is Kal Penn going to be for the public?

Worst headline of the day (So far): "WATCH: Ruth Madoff's 'Conjugal Visit'"

Eugene Robinson: Why Not a World Without Nukes?

Default Rate Surges to Highest Since Depression, Moody’s Says

Why Is Frank Gaffney On The TV?

National Journal reported that McCain "buck[ed] his party on immigration," but ignored his reversal

Canada's economy is 'going to get whacked just as hard'

Is it just me, or is "Mourning Joe" so much better when he's not there, talking over his guests?

Jonathan Tasini: Labor Must Field A Primary Opponent To Blanche Lincoln

I know the Palin/Levi Johnson thing has been too much..but she let them share a room??

Who Needs to Go?

Forseeing the Fall

Tristero: A Strange Country

I wonder why toby keith is so ashamed of himself.....

MetLife says Half Of Workers Are Just Two Paychecks away from calamity

Hiroshima mayor praises Obama's 'anti-nuke weapon' comments

Threats to your health and safety (SPOILER - Its aint Terrorists)

Tom Tomorrow: Striking A Blow Against Tyranny-With Teabags!

This is exactly what I was talking about. I asked why the mother

William K. Black on Geithner: "The Guy Has a Track Record of Failure Evereywhere He's Gone"

A 'tsunami' of Boomer teacher retirements is on the horizon

RBS Will Eliminate as Many as 9,000 Jobs Worldwide to Save $3.66 Billion

GOP is now POG

My Damn Channel to Premiere ‘Pilot Season’ Starring Sam Seder, Sarah Silverman

OppenheimerFunds Probed by Five States Over College Savings-Account Losses

So was Levi ImPalin the girl while Sarah plain and tall knew....

The Washington Post, self-PWNed

FYI: Thom Hartmann Show: First Hour: Hitchens. Third hour: Hedges. It's a Chris sandwich.

A Few Words Against Keeping Your Powder Dry

UNC saves nation's productivity

Vermont just legalized gay marriage!

"Queer Eye for the Hawkeye"-Daily Show VIDEO (2:05)

". . .fierce debate over whether stone-throwing has the sanction of Islam or not. "

This is not a big thing but I wonder whatever happened.

Franken Magic Number is 82,

To Kill A Nation- The War on Yugoslavia, 10 Years Later

The Financial Crisis Made Simple

Doctors Without Morals

Shuttin' Detroit Down

Iraqi babies for sale:

Tex. State Sen. Dan Patrick's KSEV hosts think pointing guns at "Hippies & Communists" is ........

I'm keeping track of the FFranken-Coleman-Other count

Franken-Coleman Contest

Franken picks up votes in the ballot count in court

Why me voted Republic;

Norm Coleman will file suit claiming....

The Rude Pundit: New Polls Reveal That Republicans Are Worthless Bags of Douche

"The problem that Norm Coleman has...

If These Folks Love Hitler, How Can They Say Obama is Hitler?

remember the Flexible Flyer sled?


To those of you who gave me advice about Chase, yesterday,

Salon: Palin smackdown of Levi prior to Tyra interview air date turned it into must-see television

Supreme Court casts doubts on confessions

"As long as I'm in the White House, you are going to get the support that you need."

What's the offical story regarding the no show of NORAD on 911

President Obama told the troops in Iraq today. "Transition to the Iraqis" has come.

4 States recognize gay marriage. What would repealing DOMA mean?

POLITICS-US: New Budget, Not Quite a Fundamental Shift

Well they found her: Body of missing California girl Sandra Cantu found in suitcase

What is "Mortgage Relief"

over consumption /military

Franken picks up votes in the ballot count in court

Walgreens to offer free health care at Take Care clinics to unemployed, uninsured

Walgreens to offer free health care at Take Care clinics to unemployed, uninsured

4 States recognize marriage equality. What would repealing DOMA mean?

Ed Schultz bumped into Norm Coleman in NYC. He told Ed that he Will Take This To the Supreme Court.

DUI Ex-Cop Paroled Early in Child Death

Cyber-skirmish at the top of the world

Science IS imagination

My "Big Three" to better our way of life

You know, what pissed me off about the Bush/Cheney admin even more than their policies

Chris Hedges: Resist or Become Serfs

Pilot of Stolen Cessna Wanted U.S. Fighter Jets to Shoot Him Down

Mexico Arrests American Accused of Raping 19 Women

Breaking: Members of Congressional Black Caucus met today with Fidel Castro

Manhattan Office Rents Fall Most in 25 Years as Financial Firms Slash Jobs

Governor signs battery industry tax incentive legislation

Ed Schultz just said that he will have more liberal talkers on his MSNBC show.

Ed Schultz just said that he will have more liberal talkers on his MSNBC show.

Wouldn't it be great if Obama stopped a terrorist attack.

Please sign petition ... support reading rights for the disabled.

Franken extends lead over Coleman

Sheriff supports legislation for red light ban, says they are used to boost budgets

Prediction: Because of Vermont decision, NH will legalize same-sex marriage this year too

Why Are Army Recruiters Killing Themselves?

eBay Warns Affiliates of California Sales-Tax Legislation

This is a heart warming story!

A republican got pissed off at me (LOL)

I would like to extend my congratulations to the new Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken

How to save small towns? Beer tents and Karaoke at festivals. No really :)

Petreaus Advisor: (Nuclear State) Pakistan Could Collapse Within Six Months

!!Shocker!! Oil Companies Reluctant to Follow Obama’s Green Lead

MSNBC: Barbara Lee & some members of CBC meeting with Castro

Did President Obama really give

Why a so-called sweeping overhaul of defense spending is actually just more of the same.

Wow, talk about sore losers, Fox and the repukes take the cake...

Albany police union prez will be subpoenaed in 'ghost ticket' investigation

Don't go to a gun fight with a machete

Gay marriage legal in Vermont

The myth that public schools can't innovate

Vermont legislature legalizes gay marriage by overriding governor's veto

Franken extends lead over Coleman

O.J. Simpson's Sister Dies in Local Hospital

Check this out - Just heard Montel on AA talking about fructose in foods containing mercury!

Michael J Fox on Daily Show

The Neuroscience of Yoricks's Ghost and other Afterimages

25 years for Fujimori -"a milestone in the fight for justice"

Iowa gay marriages delayed slightly

FReepers to take the law into their own hands in Stockton

Silvio Berlusconi will pay dearly for that earthquake

During the Vietnam War the actual film had to be flown back to the US every day for the news

Jury selection begun on Rapist/murderer Steven Green's trial

PHOTOS: The Decider throws first pitch at April 6th Texas Rangers game in Arlington

It doesn't matter one bit that Franken has won. Everyone knows that already.

Imagine: Capitalism is Dead. Then Speak Your Peace

LA Governor Bobby Jindal Suggests Everyone Stop Spending Money On Preventing Natural Disasters.

Coulter under attack!

76 years ago today...

Filipinos catch, eat rare shark. Only 41...well 40 left

Man Arrested In Michigan After Putting Ex's Dog In Oven

C&L will be hosting a live chat this Wednesday with Rep. Barney Frank

Haven't seen a caption this bush pic in awhile, so here is one for old time's sake

No fair looking - When was the last time ran a story containing the word Franken?...

Iranian nuke plot vaporized in the city: NY banks unwittingly aided in material transfers, says DA

Obama scorecard

G20 death -London cops in trouble - there is video

Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died.

The Righteous Retribution of Barack the Barbarian

Schmerconish on Hardball with Schuster re: torture memos. .

Bios of Stevens' Prosecutors Facing Criminal Investigation

Talking Peace in Prague, Dropping Bombs in Pakistan

Why is it that every time I have a nightmare it is that I am back working at Kroger

U.S. intelligence says this financial crisis, not al-Qaida, is the greatest threat to national secur

Serf's Up

PHOTO: Michelle Obama's wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds in DC today

Military used pigs in blasts to test armor

Eric Boehlert: Glenn Beck and the rise of Fox News' militia media

GOP members resort to nasty floor tactics

GOP members resort to nasty floor tactics

Columbia, Mo. passes partner registry

Repuke Senator Inhoffe Embarrasses Self, Senate, Human Race

The GM PUMA was Stolen From Mr Garrison

Kal Penn to Join Obama Team

Kal Penn to Join Obama Team

Kal Penn to Join Obama Team

Kal Penn to Join Obama Team

Sarah Palin's popularity still high

Bill-O can't handle the sight of two men kissing

Nice to see Ed bringing on the Union men - who's looking out for workers

Time to pull a Bolton during the recess?

Could decommissioned nuclear missile silos be a viable, short term repository for nuke plant wastes?

Who Should Resist, and Who Will Become Serfs?

Castaway Cattledog survives after lost at sea.

New York Shooter's Note: "Have a nice day"

The Ed Show.

Ted Stevens' charges dismissed as judge excoriates prosecutors

Ted Stevens' charges dismissed as judge excoriates prosecutors

You can't make this stuff up folks: GM and Segway unveil the PUMA..

Ed Shultz show debute on Monday 4/6

Ed Shultz show debute on Monday 4/6

OT: Time Warner NYC's entire digital cable system crashed?

"4-Year-Olds In Ohio State-Temple University Study Are Wildly Overweight"

** BREAKING: Special Prosecutor ordered in Ted Stevens Prosecution Misconduct

Frank set to move on derivatives

GOP achieves lowest ratings in 25 years

Did Business Find President Kennedy Guilty of Treason in the Industrial War on Labor Unions?

Not Much 'Change'- Analysts See Upward Spending For Pentagon

Good news in New Mexico: Governor signs bill prohibiting animal euthanization by gas chamber

Democrat Urges Holder to Enforce Motor-Voter Laws(Schumer)

I was trying to buy some nukes, a tank, and an F22 to protect myself and friends

Police: Dad killed kids because wife was leaving (yesterday/Graham, WA)

President Gingrich in 2012?

Fast-Rising Protest Group Challenges the Outrageous Power of the Bankers

Redmond O'Neal faces drug charge, arraignment

52 Dead in Mass Shootings in the Last Month: What Has America Become?

Obama, the ICRC Report and Ongoing Suppression- Glenn Greenwald

I have to say I am ignorant on this whole tea party thing

So, I'm Watching this Move On TCM Called "This Children's Hour", . . .

Schumer wants states sued over voter registration

PUMAs back in the news...

4 dead in north Alabama home; man sought also dead

Think about it - Thanks to Coleman's lawyers and alot of Repuke $$$, Franken lead expands by 87 more

Why isn't Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC ever?

Huh. One of the pics from the Banks' show yesterday

Cantor’s legislative strategy: Ambush freshmen Democrats.

Cantor’s legislative strategy: Ambush freshmen Democrats.

No one is trying to silence right-wing fearmongers -- but it is time to stand up to them

Are We Infiltrating "Tea Parties" Or "Creating Re-Education Camps"?

Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and common sense the best antibiotic.

RFK Jr & Bendan DeMelle: Paul Minor's Attorneys File Emergency Motion For His Release

Ed Schultz ended the show with a clip of Sen. Kennedy throwing the first ball out in Boston.

The Trouble with Budgeting for a Counter-Insurgency (You just might get what they're asking for )


Obama Sides With Banks Accused of Racism

Fox to Exploit Employee Layoffs for Fun & Profit!

Democrats Brace for Legal Fight in New York 20 with 'Protection Fund'


Ed Schultz is going after fellow MSNBCer Joe Scarborough.

KO Widipedia entry prepared by Bill O'Reilly

Having Health Insurance Does Not Mean Having Health Care

Having Health Insurance Does Not Mean Having Health Care

delete this

Fricken' Amazing: This is only the 7th successful override of a veto in VT History: Thank you

Police probing Calif. child death to search church

Daily Kos: Helping Unemployed Workers Get By and Fight Back (new site)

So, is Turley on the shit list? I heard him use the term "cult of personality" when discussing ...

User Friendly rules (TOON)......

Degenerates Kill Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's Dog

Montel Williams with panel talking about 2012 on Air America Radio right now.nt

James Inhofe: Dumbass, Nutcase or Asshole? ..............

James Inhofe: Dumbass, Nutcase or Asshole? ..............

FReepers freaking out because Obama allowing gay couples

ew, Barbara and George H.W. Bush are ruining my Cubs game.

Arise, Ye Freepers!

Andrew Sullivan on Pittsburgh cop-killer: Will Fox News tone down their rhetoric?

Matthew Rothschild: McCarthyism Lives, Just Ask Bill Ayers

A short comment on our use of armed Predator Drones

LAPD officer faces sex assault charge on hotel employee retrieving crib for his 3 month old

Little girl dies in her home as 50 shots are discharged into the house

Heads up: Nancy Pelosi on LKL right now...

Thank you, Keith, and Professor Turley. n/t

CEOs Say Expect More Job Cuts

Senators Fault Science Agency Over Handling of Porn Cases

Senators Fault Science Agency Over Handling of Porn Cases

Looking to the next election

LKL: Joel and Victoria Osteen on Obama: I'm impressed.

Cambodia: Dinosaur images noticed in temple ruin

Have the Republican Party Become "Home Grown Terrorists"?

Link to Adam Kufeld's photos of election day in El Salvador

Troll waiting for his/her Pizza ..... 5 minutes tops before gonzo

So when do the repukes come up with an Obama version of the Arkansas Project?

Should the road to Universal Health Care be paved with free Higher Education?

Should the road to Universal Health Care be paved with free Higher Education?

The OMFG did you see this video & pix of Obama's visit to 10 Downing Street

It's a Cessna 172 folks...Calm the fuck down CNN, State of Wisconsin!!

Gay marriage vs Polygamy

Is it a full moon tonight? There are some really nutty posts here tonight....

1 in 20 (20 yrs ago), 1 in 10 (10 years ago), 1 in 5 (now)

The Ed show did pretty good last night in it's debut

Limbaugh gets PWNED on his radio show!

So is it time for us to all default on our credit cards yet?

Republican Caller Tells Limbaugh he's a "Brainwashed Nazi"

My sister said something disturbing RE: Chris Brown & Rihanna

Born the same year as Rush Limbaugh, and my message to the coward: Fuck you, Rush.

Mother Jones: Are Starbucks and Whole Foods Union Busters?

Hill AFB commander killed in car accident in Georgia

Something for Bush to keep in mind: Former Peruvian Pres Fujimori has been sentenced to 25 yrs

Maybe Obama wants to leave the spying thing alone so he can

LTTE: Freeper type hopping mad!!!!1 that Obama is flying Air Force One to a fundraiser.

I flew on Delta today. In their inflight magazine was a plug for .... ?

Why does JP Morgan Chase hate Chrysler -- and thus the state of Michigan?

Krugman on Rachel now

Saving Mexico by Legalizing US Drugs

Republican Caller Tells Limbaugh: "You're A Brainwashed Nazi"

Woman allegedly runs over ex-boyfriend's pregnant girlfriend

TCF Bank secretly changed policies to raise cash...

Sometimes all it takes is a threat ....... Sallie Mae shits a brick.

Sometimes all it takes is a threat ....... Sallie Mae shits a brick.

Hall of Shame: Norm Coleman

Columbine dad advocates for tighter gun control re: gun shows

Republican racism rears its ugly head.....

Whatever. Talk about interest groups running the asylum.

Turkish Student Asks Obama The Right Question & Reminds Me (kpete) To Be Patient

Turkish Student Asks Obama The Right Question & Reminds Me (kpete) To Be Patient

FYI - Jehan Sadat on TDS and Queen Noor on Colbert, .

Why is there a media freeze on the AT&T & CWA Contract negotiations?

Dollars & Sense: Insolvent Banks and Imaginary Firesale?

NJ UFO hoaxers face disorderly conduct charge

How long might it take to bring Bush/Cheney to Justice??

Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) , Colbert, and urine

We almost made it through a day without a shooting rampage

FReepers going ballistic at the reports of possible infiltration

Brothel owners reluctantly support sex tax bill

Sen. Ted Kennedy throws out first pitch for Red Sox at Fenway Park.

I'm sure it was a matter of good law that Alaska Ted is now a not guilty man again

The RNC 8 Railroad

Oil Companies Loath to Follow Obama’s Green Lead

Have You Seen A Lot Of Ads Of The Form "If You Lose Your Job, It's Free!" ?

Govt. approves plan for new spy satellites(we spend 25 million a month as well on commercial images)

Carl Levin (d-MI)....Bush Apologist?

The Movie They Didn't Want You to See

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

GM's PUMA and the Obesity Report is reminding me of scenes in WALL-E

Quigley claims victory in race to replace Rahm Emanuel

Remember to watch the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC or listen at these links -

I'm sure this has been posted, but: Iowa Senate Minority (r) Leader gets smacked down over

Queen Noor stands over Steven colbert with a sword and tells him to sign.

The economy continues to slide down the crapper (somebody tell CNBC)

TDS: 00Bama!

Freepers denigrate the troops in Iraq greeting President Obama as "REMF's"

Not too much seems to have been made of President Obama's Visit to Iraq here on DU

Not too much seems to have been made of President Obama's Visit to Iraq here on DU

University of Connecticut player just called out B. Obama

On Verizon FIOS, Faux Nooz in HD is a premium channel

Thom Hartmann just said that he's a Christian.

Education 'Tsunami' Looms: Over Half Of Nation's Teachers Could Retire In Next Decade

Now what gay marriage is legal, how is it affecting your daily heterosexual life?

mass murder and me

Iraq shoe thrower's jail term cut

Flame wars and Internet forum psychology.

Liberals to create Tea Education Camps for Conservative Youth

Jon Stewart is on fire tonight!

Why Are Army Recruiters Killing Themselves?

Franken vs. Coleman question: Will the MN Supremes issue a writ of mandamus? If so, when?

Quake Toll in Italy Rises to at Least 235

Well, if Holder won't do his job ...

It was just a matter of time: Multi-X porn flick with Sarah Palin double.

Freepers discuss Obama's Iraq visit. Only black troops were invited apparently.

The mass shootings in America

Something I always wondered, remember the free cheese and stuff the government gave away

Teabagger Spotted in MD!

1000+ Posts and it has Been a Ride.

GM (and Segway) announce GM PUMA

FRANKEN WINS--Just passed the magic number. Coleman

Please DU this online poll

I love David Shuster

Bill Allows Obama Power to Shut Down Internet

2010 Pentagon Budget Released: includes funds for ENFORCEMENT of "Don't ask, don't tell"

US (GOP) Rep. Candice Miller's Daughter Sentenced To Year Probation In Impaired Driving Case

Right wing attacks ‘wealthy homosexual activists’ for pushing the ‘tyranny’ of marriage equality

“Democrats skirmish in ranks” If Dems can’t compromise on racial quotas, how can the U.S. demand

KO and Turley on the continuation of wiretapping

Do you believe that physician assisted suicide should be legal?

LBJ and Reagan loyalists clash over Obama agenda

The freepers are really flipping out!!! They are shooting everything...

Man Detained and Threatened by TSA for Flying with $4,700 Cash

Why in Hell is Dental Insurance not a mandatory part of Health Insurance?

How To make Nancy Pelosi’s Office Flip Out

AP to Aggregators: We Will Sue You

FUCK. My homeowners insurance is getting cancelled.

Al Franken Keeps Crushing Norm Coleman

Exclusive: Lone protester takes on corporate giant

Is there more violence today or do we just hear about every incident?

What to do? Utility shut offs for non payment

Look you stupid bastard.. you've got no arms left.. Is Norm Coleman the Black Knight?

Miserable week for James Dobson

"The dark side of Dubai" yikes!

so american men are developing breasts; male fish in the Potomac

Biden unloads on Cheney

FEMA taking back its hurricane trailers

A state full of latte-sipping, arugula-eating, boundary-pushing libertines...

One of the most disturbing pictures you'll ever see.....

There are NOT 128 homosexuals sentenced to death in Iraq

Fox News: Leftists planning to destroy "tea party demonstrations" from within

Fox News: Leftists planning to destroy "tea party demonstrations" from within

Is there a chance that the financial crisis was 'contrived' by those profitting from it now?

Why are people stocking up on guns ?

Why are people stocking up on guns ?

I have a question about New York City (suggested gratituty)

The actual Motion filed by the justdice department. Read it for yourselves so you are fully informed

The actual Motion filed by the justdice department. Read it for yourselves so you are fully informed

Listen to Francis Boyle

SECRET RECORDING Of Army Psychologist : "I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD" (Salon)

Help Gov Don Siegelman by emailing AG Eric Holder (A Request by Gov Siegelman)

The Kansas City Star is disappearing. Not much left.

This Old Wasteful House

Turritopsis nutricula: the world's only 'immortal' creature (well, other than Vampires of course)

If GM is hurting so badly, how can they be doing all this?

Amy Goodman Challenges Asheville, NC crowd to not take "wait and see" approach.

Woman who allegedly ran over pregnant woman charged with murdering baby who died after birth

DU this poll about Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Report lists America's 10 most endangered rivers

Report lists America's 10 most endangered rivers

Many, many thanks DUers for the birthday wishes you sent me for my 86th

The Defeat of the Predator State


Who is your favorite and least favorite rep in your state.

Will escalation in Afghanistan help destroy Obama's Presidency?

HEY! Tom Tomorrow reads DU!

Week 11 Presidential Week in Review

Week 11 Presidential Week in Review

Week 11 Presidential Week in Review

MSNBC to go HD in June... woohoo!

Seton Hall Law Students Reveal That Generals Knew Guantanamo Detainees Were Tortured

The Chilling Rise of Right-Wing Hate in America

Gunmen in mass killings had permits

Opening Day (about nuclear disarmament)

We’re Screwed and I think you know it.

Beatles Re-Masters Set for 09/09/09 Release

Beatles Re-Masters Set for 09/09/09 Release

Charlie GIBSON got out of following in the MOYERS - BLACK footsteps

I am listening to The Chenille Sisters.


Lonely? Talk to Strangers!!!

Cooper's eye was splendidly inaccurate

I can't sleep. I'm thinking of doing something I've never done-spamming the lounge.


Wait? What? It's April 7th. Why is it still cold?

I'm gonna watch an online movie and go to bed. "Never Talk to Strangers."


Anyone else catch the series finale of "Life On Mars"? (Spoilers!)

When the lounge is running smooth

A chicken in every pot!

Felix on the pole, 2008 Australian performance.

This brings up an interesting point...

No comment

The biblically battered wife syndrome....divorce not permitted for abuse in some churches.

Can someone adjust this image so I can see it? Thanks.

I'm getting a $63,000 tax refund...

Talk to me of "Condo"

Who else thinks Socialism would be better than Predatory Capitalism?

Only six more days until DU Lounge Chuggo week.

The Silhouettes, who sang “Get A Job,” are all gone now, according to Wikipedia.

Hahaha. Don't you hate it when the kid forgets to tell you that it's picture day?

I changed my mind.

House (spoilers)

FYI: The Washington Nationals are currently tied with the World Champion Phillies!

Why can't we harness the awesome power of whiny little girls and boys?

If Atheists Ruled The World

Allow me to share this with all you cube rats

Baseball season's here, the Bucs won the 1st of their 70-something wins

It's official - Obama is better than all but 4 of you DUers!!!! I have the proof

What would you say to your bully?

We must stop pretending we did not know doctors were complicit in torture. From July 2004

"We need to change our laws to make judges accountible to the votors"

A mea culpa to all of the DU Lounge on behalf of Tommy_Carcetti

Remember, when you hunt narwhals, take caution.

Remember, when you hunt narwhals, take caution.

Just how close to Boston is graywarrior? hmmm?

Because Of The High Unemployment Level, Will we have to endure more tragic shootings?

It's official - LynneSin is better than none of you DUers!!!!! I have the proof.

My neighbor wants to buy my old van. How much should I charge him?

I have a great idea for a solution to eyesores such as old abandoned factories, homes, etc.

Tempted to start a betting pool: How long until will...

All I know, so far, Red Sox = perfect season.


I am having a bad day.

The Re-make of the Day the Earth Stood Still - did that go straight

Baseball season's here, the lAstros lost the 1st of their 90-something losses.

I am disturbed by the hatred towards vegetarians on DU

Favorite Sport


I feel like writing something, but don't know what to write about.

Poll question: By popular demand: Most obnoxious...

I am disturbed by the hatred towards veterinarians on DU

T minus 33 minutes until my RED SOX are on!!!

I am disturbed by the hatred towards valedictorians on DU

Does anyone else like Alice In Chains?>

If someone says "My Bad" one more time

Pick up the pieces

"Something bad is going to happen!1 I can FEEL it!1"

Bring on the Rain

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

Brilliant: Homer's "The Odyssey" translated into Twitter:

Onions and green peppers on your pizza?

U2 - Breathe "LIVE" - 2009

Headline I would like to see

More pics of me as a kid

The X Files: I Want To Believe or A Simple Plan (with Bill Paxton)?

I would like to sincerely thank the Washington Nationals baseball franchise.

2Hours of sleep in the last 24

Baseball, Who doesnt like it?

George Carlin: Baseball vs Football

Let's just have it out: O's vs. Nats

Kenny Dope & Bobby Hutcherson - La Malanga

Map of the United Countries of Baseball


15 Pictures That Give Trekkies A Bad Name

Throwing Shadows At The Wall

Favorite snack from the Death Star vending machine?

No Surprises

My love/hate relationship with tornadoes.

The puppy just peed on my foot. And I'm wearing sandals.

How many times has Midlo called you "Freeper"?

The first sip is a little scary.. The little balls are slimy and chewy.

BYU reprints newspaper after calling their "Members of the Quorum of the 12 Apostates"

Have you pumped out a unit?

Last night, Barack Obama broke into my house and took all of my guns

By popular demand: Most obnoxious sports fan base

I found some shirts for LostinVA and Midlodemocrat

Big Sand

I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over

Morning Child

Woohoo! Percocet!

Flutter: Because you don't have time to slave over 140 character tweets.

Consumer Reports: 13 ways to save at the supermarket

Wandering Stars

Places and Spaces I've Been

Day Two of Spring Break and I have yet to kill a Midlet.

Star Trek's Brent Spiner Considering doing Sci-Fi Porn Movie, "Live from Uranus."


DU techies

I am disturbed

Three guys who don't quite get the whole "acting tough" thing

[Adult Swim] AcTN Owl

Woman with beer can in hand starts brawl at wake

My Room Is White

To put a fork in it: The completed IMPROVED version of the "Table Mate II"

"Let's Play Global Thermal Nuclear War"

The Initials BB

BREAKING: Entire US population Deadheads.

Anyone have a Facebook account for their business?

So, I'm Watching this Move On TCM Called "This Children's Hour", . . .

I am TiVo'ing the Twins game tonight because I am going to Disneyland

whatever n/t

Jessica Simpson dropped by her record label, Sony BMG Nashville...and a nation weeps.

I guess I'm a Luddite. (rant?)

Which is worse?

well, gotta say, I hope TZ is enjoying our gift of Scott Olsen

Slight buyer's remorse on username change; didn't quite think those initials through

Weird thing happened yesterday

Some dude is handing out freepers in GD.

Sorry TZ. Marlins-xx, Reagan Nationals-00.

I would like to apologize for every post I have ever done.

Getting nervous. Sort of becoming hung up on a nice guy who is not a repuke.

Has anyone here read The Collector,

Trekkies treated to surprise viewing of new movie, all seem to like it

Bumper Sticker just seen on car:

Good Gawds, I'm An Internet Addict!!!!!

Is it a full moon tonight? There are some really nutty posts here tonight....

I am usually not a very observant person

Kiss The Sky

looking back on winter?

They have "Night Nannies" for babies

Toddler Killed By Falling TV

Advice needed: Should I share an email I received from a pastor?

Good morning Lounge

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/7/2009)


All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

It's official. I'm an asshole.

Okay, I am sick of Miley Cirus and her daddy grrrrrrr

I need some new t-shirts. Post some cool ones for me to get.

I had an onion burger for dinner & will take NyQuil for my cold tonight...

Pygmalion is on TCM.

Sex pest GP struck off after telling a woman that rubbing her breasts was test for pregnancy.

A problem with the ST:TNG episode 'Measure of a Man'

iPhone owners- Are they really all that?

Sara Palin Makes Me Sooooooooo Effin Sick!!!!!!!!

I'm about to dig into some home made apple strudel.

I'm jumping on the Nationals bandwagon before it's too late!

Why are some threads moved to the Lounge after 80 plus replies?

DU Nighthawks #74

Happy Bithday KitchenWitch!

What county, that you've never been to, do you most want to visit?

Eggs-ellent: A Fun Easter Picture Thread

No Monday!

For flvegan: Bad day at the office: Woman flips Ferrari owned by the boss

Senator Kennedy threw the opening pitch at the Red Sox game today

When Obama assigns you a freeper to re-educate, what are you going to do with him?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/7/09

What is the longest amount of time you've ever spent alone?

If somebody posts to one of the forums other than the Big Forums, does anybody read it? nt

Is it in yet?

Name people you were disappointed to learn were republican/right wing.

Am I on you're ignore list ? That's the feeling I have...

Have you ever been so lazy that you will text the person in the next room

I'm increasingly concerned that President Obama only allows hand picked crowds to his appearances.

Adam Lambert is really growing on me

Navel organge, navel oranges....I don't like them and that's all I see.

(Really bad) films shown on 'USA Up All Night'

Opening Day for the Reagan-Nats next Monday against the Phillies.

Michael Jordon's son got a scholarship? That's just wrong.

Are there any contemporary, good guitar/pop or power pop bands I might not know about?

Midlo Is Ignoring Me

What's your opinion of L.L. Bean clothes? Overpriced? Pricey but worth it?

How many countries in the world have you been to?

What's your favorite day dream?

Bob Dylan on......American Civil War Ghosts

1 picture that shows Star Trek giving itself a bad name

kitten picture of the day for tuesday april 7

Time for another edition of...Little-Known (i.e. made-up) Facts.

Remember television station sign-offs?

what are you making for easter dinner/brunch

I have a dilemma. Perrier is much cheaper at Sam's than Costco.

PSA for women. The latest scam. Don't show them your tits!

Bird Song

Do you collect anything?

Do you have a rare but completely useless talent?

Damn. I've been living hand to mouth...the poor economy has taken a toll on me...

I overheard my wife talking to our daughter

Onions and green peppers on your pizza?

Does this really mean what I think it does?

Post your favorite instrumental piece

What Anti-Virus Program(s) Do You Use?

Euphemisms you don't use and wouldn't be caught dead using

PSA: Stay off the roads in VA. BoyM got his license today.

Most likely product placement in new Star Trek film?

The best youtube video EVAH!!!!!1111 promise

Moms and babies: Brings a tear to your eye to see how loving and tender they are.


GREAT Discussion on C-Span3 on Nuclear Nonproliferation & the Obama Administration!

Syrian Man Disguised as Al Jazeera Reporter Arrested In Obama Murder Plot

The Bank Bail Outs are Taxpayer Theft

I will not tolerate these neo-cons smearing our commander in chief in a time of war

Obama to Turkish students: "You can choose to make new bridges instead of new walls."

Baker's Tasty Tribute To Obama: Baracklava

"Fox News is reporting that Obama might "make a detour" before coming home late this afternoon."


Palin has requested stimulus funds for an Alaskan launch facility. Palin going rogue state?

President Obama makes stop in Iraq


Are Obama's health care plans a cover for a more nefarious plot?

" if we don't try, if we don't reach high, then we won't make any progress"

"CBS Poll: Obama Approval Hits New High - 66%"

"Pool Report of Obama Heading to Camp Victory in Iraq"

Obama just landed in Baghdad

Turkish genocide scholar applauds Obama

Joe Scarborough just lied. He said Obama never received a private sector check. . .

Granted, I'm a crackpot, but being a crackpot helps understand the Geithner plan...

PHOTOS Cheerio Europe (April 7)

Don't Forget:Today is the Congressional Race for Illinois 5th-could a Freeper be headed to Congress?

bailout VOUCHERS!

NYT Helene Cooper - Is She Calling Newt Gingrich A Strawman Or Saying He Does Not Exist

Obama, Reid and Pelosi - it is time to show REAL Leadership

So I'm watching MSNBC talk about GM's new concept car...

Obama gets shout-out of "love you" at troop visit in Iraq - answered "I love you back."

PHOTO Caption it!

Obama's Home State Becomes 42nd to Recognize The Armenian Genocide

Since they're calling for a special prosecutor for Stevens' case

Politicizing the Justice Department?

Newt Gingrich - Says That Obama Should Have Ordered A Preemptive Attack on North Korea

Robert Reich: Why You Should Work for a Hedge Fund

Does anyone know if there's video of Obama's town hall from this morning?

Maybe it's time for Obama to be given a "to-do" list?

The Bush shoe-thrower's sentence cut to one year

Republicans are sore losers.

Axelrod: "Why didn’t the waters part.....that will take at least a few weeks".

Ramesh Ponnuru on Norm Coleman: "I think it's time for him to give up this fight."

Update: "Turkish official says NO threat to kill Obama"

Report: Stress Test Results Delayed

Obama Administration To Announce New National HIV/AIDS Communication

WaPo blames the victim

In Turkey, Obama Pleases Both Secular and Religious: "deep anti-American sentiments... on the wane"

"Right Wing Hysterical..." (What else is new?)

Obama's Iraq Visit Brings War Back to the Forefront

"Is Obama spending too much time overseas? Does it make him look out of touch?"

Schumer, Menendez Call For Coleman To Concede

Obama draws warmer feelings than predecessor (AP)

Fox News Helps Organizes Anti-Spending/Tax Protest On April 15th

Tyler Cowen and Brad DeLong debate fiscal stimulus

Obama's Prague speech causes ripples overseas: Kazakhstan, Iran support the International Fuel Bank

Hail to the chief

Obama in Baghdad, tells troops Iraq must take over

William Black vs. Simon Johnson on the IMF

"The President is following in the footsteps of his predecessor by sneaking into Iraq...

Obama underscores support for troops

GOP and Democrats Debate LBJ and Reagan Legacies

Coop: Will decide by spring

President Obama Visits Troops in Iraq (TRANSCRIPT of SPEECH and VIDEO)

The Reagan Revolution: Seems that Incomes were too damn equal and Congressmen too damn sane

CEOs have "unions".. 70% service economy just needs a service workers' union

Check out this LTTE from a small red town loon.

Eminem raps about "nailing" Gov Palin. Your thoughts?

Obama did well at the G-20

Comments from a military officer in Baghdad re Obama's visit - chat with Ax, Gibbs & Rahm

Did you just hear scumbag Ed Henry

"Harold and Kumar Go To the White House": From White Castle to the White House

Dear Mr. President

After Europe, Turkey, and Iraq but now a vital issue for Obama is ......

CNN...Wolfie and co freaking out over Biden saying Israel is "ill advised" to go after Iran...idiots

Krugman on Geithner

Hands Off Social Security by Dean Baker: Cutters propose gov't default on Social Security bonds


Baseline Scenario for 4/7/2009: Post-G20 Edition

Pic - Now and Then

Vermont becomes 4th State to Legalize Gay Marraige! PHOTOS: President Obama in Iraq

Biden: Cheney is ‘dead wrong’, interview to air on CNN's Situation Room

Biden put in charge of nuclear non-proliferation

Home prices must close with rentals so lower rents are not what the doctor ordered

More wingnuttery infighting: "The hemorroid with eyes."

Warrantless Wiretaps

Warrantless Wiretaps

How do you apologists defend Obama's position on wiretaps?

How do you apologists defend Obama's position on wiretaps?

Obama is protecting democrats who knew of the wiretaps and their illegality, I also expect....

Ensign Readies Iowa Talk To Play Up Conservative Record(Signs of a presidential run?)

Who is following the IL-05 election tonight.

1993-2000 1. Everything positive had nothing to do with the Clinton Administration;

Teddy on opening day

War veteran skewers Limpballs, calls him a "brainwashed Nazi" for condoning torture (AUDIO)

Outlines of an Obama Grand Strategy Emerge

Michelle is like Matisse and Picasso paintings

Shultz discusses EFCA on MSNBC now!

Its never too early

Free Range Cougar: Michele Bachmann

FL-Sen: Conservative Backlash Brewing Against Crist?

I love my president!

Freepers and guns: Getting a little scary out there lately on the fringes

Obama has political perfect pitch!

Tell me... do these guys look like they're being FORCED to smile?

Slate - Even Liberals Agree With Gingrich On Opposing Nuclear Nonproliferation? Nukes Pose No Risk?

Great redistricting site.

Libya's Gaddafi says he fears Obama assassination

GOP Long Odds Gamble:: Convincing more Ppl that President Obama is Worse than W Bush

You know, I wanted to cut Keith Olbermann some slack this week.

Besides making the troops' day, was there any real advantage in visiting Iraq?

PHOTOS Today's links for the Night Owls


Oil Companies Loath to Follow Obama’s Green Lead

Senator James Inhofe - "President Obama is disarming America...Ravaged The Military" - DU Agrees?

PHOTO Caption it!

IF you arent sick to your stomach after this first segment on KO....

Have we not yet learned to take first reports with a grain of salt?

PHOTOS The President in Iraq

Here's a word we need to learn the meaning of: "apologist."

Queen Noor on colbert right now n/t

NYT Editorial: A Public Plan for Health Insurance?

who is the motherfucker on Lou Dobbs spouting shit?

Bailout pledges already at 12.8 Trillion

What the fuck is wrong with Obama? Olbermann ripped Obama tonight and was right to do so!

What all political thinkers MUST understand:There is no "recovery" on the horizon

President Obama needs to do what he does so well:

How do you defend the USA's position on wiretaps?

Johnny's Little Blue Wagon - The Awful Truth

I'm going to give this BS one week, Then I'll rip my Obama bumber sticker off

I will put myself out there; I am NOT getting bent out of shape over the wiretapping - why?

My email "conversation" with Pittsburgh RW radio host Jim Quinn

Franken now ahead by 312!

I've been holding back way too long

Borger: What surprises Biden the most

PHOTOS Michelle and Marian (Essence Magazine)

Redux of 1994 is Unlikely

The one-time greatest strength, and Achilles heel of the Obama Administration

Freepers heads exploding. Obama cheered wildly by U.S. troops in Iraq

PHOTOS The President in Iraq (Updated)

Why do the British call him "Barrick Obamer"?

When is NC going to get off Virginia Foxx??

NY House Race: Absentee Ballot Distribution Appears to Favor Dem

In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ's New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush's

Yepublican Eric Cantor ... is a bully

White House invites gay families to Easter event

A Discussion in Turkey

Judge: U.S. used mentally ill witness in Guantanamo cases

Obama Appeals to Faiths In Istanbul

IDF planning largest-ever drill to prepare Israel for war

U.S.: Suspect held in alleged Obama death plot

Following Bush lead, Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program

Rush hour chaos warning as Tamils hold London bridge

India's Youth Vote Rises From Ashes Of Mumbai Attacks

Gunman kills at least 2 in German court -police

Taliban blow up Pakistan music shop: police

Obama ends Turkish visit with student town hall

Al-Qaeda Increases Yemen Attacks as Government Control Weakens

(Vermont) Senate votes to override Douglas marriage bill veto

China Rights Activist Beaten at Cemetery

(Iraq PM) Maliki Blames Baathists for Baghdad Violence

Va. scientist in China rocket deal to be sentenced

Obama's Turkey address draws praise across Middle East

Obama's Turkey address draws praise across Middle East

Officials can't explain brain injury in solitary confinement

Obama flies to Iraq: 'a lot of work to do here'

Car industry recovery to take more than a decade-author

Baby survives Baghdad bombing in slain mother's lap

911 worker didn't warn Pittsburgh police of guns

Confidence Among U.S. Company CEOs Declines to Lowest Level in Seven Years

OPEC Members Split With Developing Nations on UN Carbon Cuts

Fujimori gets lengthy jail term - 25 years

Domestic partnership registry unanimously passed by Columbia, MO City Council

Violent Protests Erupt in Moldova

In Turkey, Obama avoids the word 'genocide'

Spain's Zapatero reshuffles cabinet

D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Other States' Gay Marriages

Four-alarm fire burns former Flexible Flyer factory

Judge: U.S. hid witness' mental illness in Guantanamo cases

Court reduces sentence for Iraqi shoe thrower

Texas cop indicted in baseball player's shooting


Latest crazy idea?? Concerned resident aims to form armed militia to patrol Stockton

Single-payer system clears vote

Pakistan wants 'unconditional' aid to fight terror

'Israel does not take orders from Obama'

Protestors death: Guardian video reveals police attack on man who died at G20 protest

Venezuela secures $33.5 bln investments from Japan

Actor Kal Penn joining Obama administration in Valerie Jarrett's shop

Obama makes unannounced visit to Iraq

Helen Thomas: Obama plays it safe

Quake Toll in Italy Rises to at Least 235

Turkish official says no threat to kill Obama (it was a hoax)

Dismayed Lawyers Lay Out Reasons for Collapse of the Stevens Conviction

NY gunman's rambling, paranoid letter blames cops

Tracy Police: Sandra Cantu's Body Found

U.S. EPA: Exelon Reduced its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by More Than 35 Percent

Legalisation of drugs could save UK £14bn, says study

Shocker: Aussies to build own open-access (100Mbps+) fiber backbone

Biden: Cheney is ‘dead wrong’

Sentence Reduced For Iraqi Shoe Thrower

Absentees push Franken's Senate lead to 312

Official: Ala. man kills wife, 3 others, self

Supercharged: MIT students overhaul SOLAR CAR

Russia to deliver attack helicopters to Brazil this year

Critical error by 911 worker failed to note Poplawski owned guns

(Tony) Blair: Pope is wrong about gays – and most Catholics think so too

Judge orders investigation of (former Sen. Ted) Stevens prosecutors (dismisses corruption charges)

Peru court rules Fujimori guilty

Feds count H-1B applications as engineering unemployment spikes

Venezuela's Chavez hails US anti-nuke stance

Fidel Castro meets with 3 visiting US lawmakers


Rubber Soul: CVS Accused of Locking Up Condoms in Its Eastside Stores

Israel tests system to shoot down Iranian missiles

Pakistan festival dancers banned

Maker of Natural Gas Fueling Systems Tanks

Former FBI director defends Saudi prince from bribery allegations

Rare megamouth shark caught, eaten in Philippines

Vermont legalizes gay marriage with veto override


GM partners with Segway on two-wheel city vehicle

Goldman Sachs CEO Warns Against Protectionist Policies

Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. faces ethics probe

Four found dead in Alabama home

Footage shows G20 death man push

Almost half of French approve of locking up bosses

Blockbuster May Shut Retail Stores

Our Lady of the Angels firefighter dies

Hardball: Is The Right Wing Inciting Violence? (wingnut gun lobby loon gets vaporized)

{PART 2} Levi Johnston Talks Life With Bristol Palin On Tyra Banks

{PART 1} Levi Johnston Talks Life With Bristol Palin On Tyra Banks

Rachel Maddow w/ Colin Powell on Gitmo and 'field vetting'

Rachel Maddow on Obama, nukes, Gingrich, and N. Korea

Rachel Maddow proves that OBama really is the AntiChrist

President Obama being shown around Sultan Ahmet "Blue" Mosque in Instanbul

Sarah Palin Confronts Levi Johnston About Tyra Banks

Savage Knife Attack Leaves Boys 9 & 11 in Hospital -10 & 11 Year Old Arrested

Joe Scarborough lies about President Obama go unchecked on MSNBC

Keith Olbermann and Craig Crawford discuss the latest in the Levi-Bristol-Sarah Palin saga

Faux and Fiends Crew and Rank Gaffney display poutrage at Obama's international statesmanship.

Obama: Stereotypes That America Is 'Selfish & Crass Or We Don't Care Abt The World' Are Wrong

Rachel Maddow: Backwards Obama speech proves he is antichrist

Rick Warren: "I am not an anti-gay or anti-marriage activist. Never have been, never will be."

Guantanamo Attorneys Face Possible Prison Time for Letter to Obama Detailing Client’s Allegations of

Florida Student Arrested by Immigration Three Days After Acquittal on Bomb Charges

Scarborough: Obama Should Have Tried Flipping Burgers

Max Keiser: Tim Geitner Thinks He's God And That He Farts Money

Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Death Row Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal

Italy Earthquake Death Toll Rises

President Obama Meets Troops in Iraq


Rachel Maddow Vs. Obama's Lawrence Summers

Obama visits Baghdad

AP April 1. Judges Deal Coleman Crippling Blow in Minn. Race

Glenn Beck The Road to Fascism

Obama says 'US not at war w/Islam', conservatives angrily agree w/ him!

Scarborough Lies: 'Obama Has Never Received A Paycheck'

FOX: Spanish Court, Bush Torture, Bolton

Survival Tips From The Stone Age

Stimulating the Manufacturing Sector (USW Steelworkers president Leo Gerard on Schultz's show)

R.I.P. Keith Olbermann's mother Marie Olbermann

Freaky Right-Wing Militias Prepare for Obamageddon

Essence Editor on Michelle Obama's mother Marian Robinson living in White House

BBC: President Obama visits U.S. Troops in Iraq

Countdown: Rep. Kilroy (D-OH) on Bullying Repub House Tactics

Obama team warns U.S. lawmakers: Expect confrontation with Israel

Divisive Attacks

Rachel Maddow: Chuck Shumer Says DOJ Should Investigate Torture/Red Cross Report

TYT: Fox News Grossly Distorted Obama's Speech & Real Republican Response Via Email!

TYT: Have We Reached the Tipping Point on Gun Violence?

Michelle Bachmann warns of 're-education camps'

FOX News attacks Mr. Rogers.

Pawlenty: Senate Race Going To Take A Few More Months

Amy Goodman: Land of Ruins

Montel Williams to Newt Gingrich "Shut Up!" - Listen to Montel on Air America Radio from 9 to Noon

Thom Hartmann - The Global Crisis of American Capitalism

Obama Invokes State Secrets To Protect Bush

Eminem Raps About Sex With Sarah Palin In New Single We Made You...AUDIO NSFW

TYT: Which Obama Administration Official is Protecting the Bush Team?

Countdown: Prof. Turley on Obama & Wiretapping - 'Dead Wrong on Unlawful Surveillance'

Credit Card Lobbyists Watch Their Amendments Die - Consumers Getting Foothold

Leak Reveals Obama Brokered More Explosive French-Chinese Dispute: Over Dinner

Evan Bayh's Budget Hypocrisy

Newt Gingrich Whines He Wasn’t Offered a Seat on Stolen Cessna

Global Crime Wave? A Syndrome of Crime, Violence, and Repression on the Way

Partisan divide, or shrinking GOP?

Cyber-skirmish at the top of the world

Lemonade from lemons: How Rescue Me producers turned Daniel Sunjata's wild-eyed 9/11 conspiracy

The Obamas' Farewell Tour to Eight Years of Neo-Con Foreign Policy

They're coming to take our guns away

GM in "intense" bankruptcy prep

Obama, the ICRC Report and ongoing suppression - Greenwald

Philadelphia Inquirer Publishes Advertising as Opinion Column

Layoffs not an option for some businesses

Chinese company, exec indicted in Iran missile case

The mass shootings in America

The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency

Heterosexual Couples Flee Vermont

WSJ: Why Gay Marriage Matters

A Public Plan for Health Insurance? (NYTimes Editorial)

Escape from the Zombie Food Court

I love parrots in the springtime

Anti-Defamation League calls Tutu `poor choice' for graduation speaker

US co to pull back jobs from India

Tony Perkins, Your Marriage is First — RUN AWAY!

More Dramatic Change: Iraqi Journalists TAKE OBAMA'S SHOES

The Authoritarians - A book about the RW and their Sociopathic selves

Open Left: Helping Obama Succeed by Pushing Back

Ivan Eland: Saving Mexico by Legalizing US Drugs

Iowa Gay Marriage Opponent Says “Suck” a Lot

No Risk Insurance at F.D.I.C.

Helen Thomas: Obama plays it safe

William Blum: Some Thoughts About Socialism

Seton Hall Law Students Reveal That Generals Knew Guantanamo Detainees Were Tortured

Krugman: "It’s 1930 time"

Anti-Semitism and the Economic Crisis

Peak Oil Review - Apr 6

Vermont natural resources secretary says biomass power could double

CSIRO Tracks Nature Of Hendra Virus - Deadly To Horses, Potentially Fatal For Humans - AFP

GM, Segway team up on two-wheeled PUMA concept vehicle

150 Years Of Ferry Traffic Schedules Provide Valuable Data On Lake Superior Ice

Murray-Darling Basin Inflows At 117-Year Low - "Unprecedented" Drought Severity & Persistence

Solar Powered Bethany Race Car (near 60 mph)

Torrential Rains Bring Chattahoochee Raw Sewage Spill Total To 2 Million Gallons So Far In 2009

Defend Global Warming Theory from the Skeptics

Absolutely Appalling Article On Dubai - Slavery, Stupidity & All The Shit That Coats The Beaches

In One Of America's Most Congested Cities, MARTA Officials Pushing To Cut One Weekday Of Service

Flame Retardant Chemicals Taint All U.S. Coastal Waters

EU: Earth warming faster (than IPCC estimates) - Reuters


Businesses to Benefit From Energy Tax Breaks (WSJ)

Green Mountain Power to Build Largest Solar Array in Northern New England (VT)

Cellulosic ethanol plant slated for Black Hills

GE invests in Southwest Windpower for small wind

Walking restores the world and humanity

Southwest Virginia: from coal power to wind power?

Financial Group Plans To Convert Almost 10% Of Detroit's Surface Area To Farms - Business Green

Don't Worry! Forbes Is Here To Assure Us That Suburbia Is Safe From "Urban-Living Fundamentalists"

4.3% Of Scotland's Population Diabetic - Diagnosed Caseload Up 10,000 In Past 12 Months

Is life itself programmed to self-destruct?

Venezuela's Chavez hails US anti-nuke stance

Russia to deliver attack helicopters to Brazil this year

WSJ: "US Offers Refuge to Cubans, Even if They're Not From Cuba"

MORALES SPEAKS IN HARLEM April 22 - Order Your Tickets

FL Lawmakers Could Ban University Trips to Cuba

"Empire and Latin America in the Obama Era" by Manuel Perez-Rocha, Foreign Policy in Focus

Nine Cops Found Guilty of April 2002 Venezuelan Coup Deaths

Fidel Castro, The Unseen Guest at the 5th Summit of the Americas

FIDEL: "The Seven Members of Congress Who are Visiting Us"

Revolution Will Not Be Destabilized: Canada's "Democracy Promotion" in Venezuela

AMY GOODMAN: FL Journalists Talk About the Cuban-American Community

Link to Adam Kufeld's photos of election day in El Salvador

JUDI, this one is for you: Video - Uribe attacks on journalists and peace activists w/EN subtitles

Which Way in Afghanistan? Ask Colombia For Directions.

YEPE: "The Elephant in the Room in Port of Spain" (EN and SP)

Q&A with Obama's Special Adviser to the Summit of the Americas


'Cuban Five' receive Brazilian human rights medal

House Majority Leader Hoyer (D), waves pom poms for Plan Colombia

To Honor Opening Day in MLB

Sabathia gets shelled in Yankees debut

Sen. Kennedy Throws Out First Pitch at Red Sox Home Opener.

To the smartass here that said the Pens would not make the playoffs.

Congratulations to the UConn Women and winning the NCAA Championship

And the winner of the 2009 DU NCAA Pool is........

Champions League quarterfinal kicks off today

Giants win opener!

Layoffs not an option for some businesses

Today in labor history Apr 7 NLRB attorney tells ILWU members to “lie down like good dogs"

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac executives to receive millions in bonuses

New York: Magna auto parts workers reject cutbacks in face of shutdown threat

Most annoying sports team

Arlen Specter: then and now!

How can we help it when we're fighting for the love of our lives?

D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Other States' Gay Marriages

D.C. Council Votes to Accept Other States' Gay Marriages

Anticipating being heartsick.

Three riffs on American Gothic (toons)

Question about Vermont: How voluntary was legislative passage of the marriage equality bill?

Due to recognition of my privilege (clearly unanalyzed till today)...

BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC says Vermont just overrode Governor's veto. LEGAL MARRIAGE!

Gingrich: Iowa ruling ‘judicial arrogance’

Vermont celebration video!

Iowa gay marriages delayed (budget cuts)

Texas Christian Universtity will set aside some apartments for gays, lesbians

Obama statement on Iowa equal marriage victory

'Sedation link' to birth defects

Health care for all. My letter to my local papers:

Novel lung cancer vaccine shows promise in fighting early-stage lung cancer

When All You Have Left Is Your Pride

Mandate that we all have to purchase private health insurance?

Unions as healthcare providers?

On TV last night: Probiotics fight depression and anxiety. Get pills or eat yogurt.

Short '06 Lebanon War Stokes Pentagon Debate

MK Ahmed Tibi in the NYT: A Harsh Reality for Palestinians

Arabs left on the wrong side of the tracks in Israel

Armed settlers confront US Consulate delegation near Nablus

Let's talk about Israel's nukes

Most Israelis say economy top priority

Israel Disputes Soldiers’ Accounts of Gaza Abuses

Independent fact-finding commissioned by Physicians for Human Rights

IDF planning largest-ever drill to prepare Israel for war

US congressmen visit aid projects, ruins in Gaza

Report: Egypt arrests 7 Israeli Arabs for spying for Hamas, Hezbollah

Judge named to lead Gaza inquiry is known for fairness

Israel created 'terror without mercy' in Gaza

Israeli FM says peace talks at dead end

Obama: Don't blame it all on Israel

'Israel does not take orders from Obama'

Obama team warns U.S. lawmakers: Expect confrontation with Israel

Personal code of IDF soldier: 'May our camp be pure'

Israel bars N Ireland leader from Gaza

Christian supporters of Israel ready to fill philanthropic void

Jewish writer raises a storm in America with his report from a 'tolerant' Iran

US hits back at Lieberman: The goal is two states

Why didn't Fed force big banks to take less of AIG bailout?

New Way Forward initiative--looks like these folks are worth supporting

Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

'Bailout psychology' destroying the economy

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/07/09

Fighting Recklessness with Recklessness

Pgh Shooter's face puffed up like Michael Corleone.

Warrant out for arrest of Pgh Shooter's Mother

Fear is NOT the reason I own guns for self-defense

Shotgun-toting robbery suspect shot and killed by business owner

Police and Military Should Be The Only People With Guns

Good for you if you've never needed a gun. Congratulations.

Little girl dies in her home as 50 shots are discharged into the house

Scary story on NPR just now...

ATC reports ammunition shortage blamed on Obama's election.

Pelosi pledges compromise on assault weapons ban

Who started the lie saying the NRA said Obama wanted to confiscate everyone's guns?

Wait, so let me get this straight

Let's all join the NRA.

Columbine dad advocates for tighter gun control re: gun shows

snow on my freakin' hammock, and such

Black & white photographs. Please share yours here too.

What is it?

I finally got my Canon Xsi today!

Free Astrology Software for Macs (Trial for 30 Launches)

Wasn't there some kind of negative planetary alignment today?

*Pics: of my Crystal Pendulum, Copper Dowsing Rod, and a Necklace* (dailup warning ?)

FREE on-line seminar: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) World Summit 2009

Quakes triggered by tides of solid Earth

Largest high-tech tornado chase ever set to spin

How a memory champ's brain works

Richard Holloway, the ‘Atheist Bishop’.

Focus on the Family narrator arrested for luring teenage girl for sex on Net

Obama is related to Haile Selassie

Vegetarian Buddhist tortured their 3 y/o son with bamboo sticks (Demon Exorcism )

America Seeks Bonds to Islam, Obama Insists

Bishop: Religion hampers gay civil rights

Pope Ratso's Nightmare

The Elvis myth.

What's for dinner ~ Tuesday ~ April the 7th Edition

I found large jugs of agave nectar

Have any of you noticed that politicians always seem to want to reform OTHER schools?

I need to vent: This time of year blows.

Report Envisions Shortage of Teachers as Retirements Escalate

Never mind...I located it.

what's the offical story of NORAD on 911?

Active Thermitic Material - a Question

What's the offical story regarding the no show of NORAD on 911

Max Photon?

Demonstrations against banksters Saturday (4/11)

Degenerates Kill Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's Dog

2 pit bull terriers euthanized after being set on fire in Dallas

Go let 'em know how you feel

Writer loses job over Wolverine

First Canadian woman to command warship takes helm

CP: DND prepped lines to douse Hillier controversy: docs

CP: Tories considering $150M for private TV

National Post features Liberal MP: "The biggest hindrance to better health care is our own illusions