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A right delayed is a right denied - In honor of MLK, some quotes of his (and link to more)


Imagine how the world would have been if Nuclear weapons were never created...

DemocraticUnderground's profile at wikipedia

Handy-dandy financial calculators

Gov. Pat Quinn signs law giving homeowners an extra 90 days before foreclosure

5 banks repay $353M in bailout funds - Why Pull A Ford?

Breach of Protocol / Not Breach of Protocol

Treasury chief puts bailed-out bank CEOs on notice

We need more progressive women to seek office.

Dead Aid - Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa

"Should We Kill the Fed? "

A List of the Most Wanted, by the E.P.A.

"Flag draped coffins...a policy that has been in place for almost 20 years"today's MSM talking point

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Alleged Cop-Killer in Pittsburgh Linked to White Supremacist Beliefs

Employee Free Choice Act would cure abuses

Clueless Murdoch says papers should charge on Web.

At least 27 dead, dozens missing in major Italian earthquake

Obesity Risk Reduced With Water Fountains in Schools

Out of Mind, Out of Sight(Sad, Essay on the Mental Health System)

Savannah Guthrie !

AlterNet: Ironic that Same Sex Couples Can Marry in Cedar Rapids But Not in San Francisco

So, if the courts clear the final obstacles/obstructions/fouling

The quarterly and apparently now linked.....

"Big government is the problem"

Schindler's list discovered in Australia

i don't know if it was on cable, but online Morningho, the outro break music was:

Obama's speech in Turkey (live now) is impressive

Nicole Wallace, Repuke 'strategist':

Nut case Hannity deserves a song of his own, so: sing along

So what business gets done now that the House and Senate

WaPo: Blacks at Odds Over Scrutiny of President

Video "Hemp for Victory"

Obama Praises Turkey, Sees Armenia Progress.

24 Dead in Indonesian Plane Crash

Stu Varney and Bill Hemmer on Faux just gave birth to cattle.

EU Net firms start storing user data

My hometown mentioned on Stephanie Miller!

VT legislature may hold veto override vote on Tuesday

How far removed from a problem determines sensitivity to a problem.

Since 'Murkins seem to only understand issues

New film shows Poppy Bush connection to JFK murder!! (Trailer)

My Governor is about to become a wingnut hero

Home Energy Scams

2fer: GHOULIANI *won't* run for guv. Matt PUDGE denies LOVING "sex with men"

2fer: GHOULIANI *won't* run for guv. Matt PUDGE denies LOVING "sex with men"

I still hate George Bush

House GOP Leaders Leaking On Each Other?

Oh, the IRONY!

The right is erupting over President Obama's "American arrogance" comment

Non Sequitur: "At least it won't affect my bonus."

Sorry, wrong place

Obama Warriors - Junge Freiheit, Germany

Obama Warriors - Junge Freiheit, Germany

Obama Warriors - Junge Freiheit, Germany

Obama Warriors - Junge Freiheit, Germany

Will Senator Franken take his rightful seat this week?

Will Senator Franken take his rightful seat this week?

Greed is thrown around all the time as the problem. Why not taxation as the solution.

Contrast Spitzer with Bush.

Mortgage Fraud Epidemic: How the FBI Blew It and Why There's No 'Perp Walks'

Senator Kennedy heading to Fenway

Why Obama Should Hire Eliot Spitzer

Weiler calls the incident an unfortunate private matter

Rethugs keep calling us "socialist" everyplace? Let's call them what they are! ANTI-SOCIAL!!!

Floods and Sick Buildings

What happened?

Good news for Michigan.

57% of voters support attacking N. Korea....

Supreme CT refuses to hear Mumia al-Jamal's appeal for a new trial

I noticed Faux News is spending time today on Obama comment that US has been "arrogant"

Rice: As member of the UNHRC U.S "will battle the anti-Israel crap"

Kunstler "We mortgaged our future and the future has now begun"

Tyra's about to come on locally. Thanks Sarah, without you...

Italian Seismologist Predicted Earthquake 4 Days Ago

Should Levi Johnston File For A Restraining Order Against Governor Palin?

OH NO! Detroit City Clowncil President Monica Conyers gets her own TV show

Mexican Drug Lord Officially Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal

Proposition 8 : A Proving Ground For The New 'Rainbow' Right

World’s Drunkest Ex-Congressman ( Repuke John “Slappy” Sweeney) Arrested Again!

Local Currencies: Communities Print Own Money To Keep Cash Flowing

"Mistaken" tax breaks for Rep. Roy Blunt, wife under review

Poll: Majority say Obama has improved U.S. image abroad

Right Wing "hunting license" for liberals

Far Right’s New Talking Point: Obama’s Remarks In Europe Prove He Hates America

Day 77 in the Age of Obama

Prevent TARP Banks From Purchasing Toxic Assets - Prevent Gaming Of The System!

Prevent TARP Banks From Purchasing Toxic Assets - Prevent Gaming Of The System!

"60 Minutes" sizzled tonight

Indy mayor says he was victim of pickpockets at Final Four

Did This (NY State) Senator Beat Up His Girlfriend?

It won't effect my bonus...

The View shows its feminist chops by hosting fashion pimping for Rhiana's "cute" BF Chris BROWN

Pittsburgh Post Gazette blasts the " Gospel of Hate" and right wing radio

Pittsburgh Post Gazette blasts the " Gospel of Hate" and right wing radio

WTF ??? The charges against Ted Stevens may be about to be dropped --"

Palin sister-in-law accused of breaking into home

New Chinese Missile Can Destroy US Supercarrier in One Go

The Official George W. Bush Presidential Librarium

Alex Jones responds to the Pittsburgh Police Shooter liking his show

Photos: Quake in Italy

Former Illinois Governor AND his twin brouther indicted ???

Did Anyone Just See timmy PEWlenty On MSNBC?

Gates Proposes Radical Overhaul of Pentagon Arsenal

This past weekend is being reported as a big weekend for the movies

Bug eats electricity, farts biogas

FBI database links long-haul truckers, serial killings

All the smoke here about Gates as some military budget hero__ We'll see . . .

Open Left: The Power Of Finance Is Killing America-It Needs To Be Stopped

Democrats and War Escalation

Toon - "I'm not Bush"

Four juveniles accused of shooting plot appear in court

Campaign finance reform people -- has this ever been tried? Limiting funds at the district level?

Whatever happened to Little Annie No-Fanny?

IDIOT! Palin responds to Levi Johnston

IDIOT! Palin responds to Levi Johnston

Civil Rights Group Mobilizes To Fight GOP Opposition To Obama Legal Pick

So when did Chris Hedges become a dirty word around here?

Just in case you did not have Ed's guests tonight on his show:

My Best Friend's Brother Died

HEY Republicans - You Lost! Senate Confirmations Being Held Hostage

Roslyn Mazer to be ODNI Inspector General (Intelligence investigator)

What's your number one consideration when making a big purchase?

Can cleaning fossil fuel be cheaper than green alternatives.

And now a moment of good news: I am starting a new job late this week - I just accepted!

Climate warning as Antarctic ice bridge shatters

Bachmann fears ‘politically correct re-education camps for young people’

Work Crew composed of all college grads... Unbelievable

Ed Schultz gets a MSNBC TV show: Good thing or bad thing?

Michele Bachmann, still crazy .

Direct TV is not showing Ed Schultz in the 6:00pm timeslot

Bachmann warns gov't creating 're-education camps'

Right now C-Span 3 is showing arguments about California Prop 8

Rove v. Judges, and Cheney v. Limbaugh

I think many here are not taking the "RW Revolution" seriously enough.

Palins Get Ready to Spill

Ain't Nothin' Like A Gun Show...

Six car bombs kill 34 across Baghdad - The surge is working

Monday TOON Roundup, part 2

Monday TOON Roundup, part 2

00Newt to the rescue!

Missouri fights reputation as 'puppy mill'

It costs $35 a year to join the NRA

Like Chris Rock, I wouldn't try gun control at all, however I would charge $5,000 a bullet

Rove v. Judges, and Cheney v. Limbaugh

Showdown: Carriers threaten to ban Skype from cellular networks

Stupid Lawmaker in Maryland

Let's give Sen. Mark Begich some support and unfreep this poll:

Hardball with David Shuster

Shuster in for Tweety - he'll be going after

Blackwater replaced for Iraq security jobs

Best explanation of how science approaches extraordinary claims (aka "woo")

When's Veep Biden going to be interviewed on TV?

Why have so many people died in the Italian earthquake?

Summers made 2.6 million a year, working one day a week

Net firms start storing user data (BBC) {Yurpeens beware!}

"Sir" Allen Stanford Denies Wrongdoing, Complains About Flying Coach, Threatens Interviewer

Why can Blackstone reject SEC requests for hedge fund data?

Joseph Stiglitz: "It's going to be bad, very bad"...Stimulus Package to Small

Do you ever feel like you are the only one struggling with this economy?

Do you ever feel like you are the only one struggling with this economy?

Palin SIL pinched for burglary? Good grief what a family

Strange Days (why we're screwed) - Jim Kunstler

Bible Narrator Arrested.....

Katrina Vandenheuvel is on Ed. GREAT as usual.

surge update - Blasts target Shiite areas of Baghdad, killing 34

The "Ed Show" is on MSNBC (here on the east coast)

Governor Bigot vetoes marriage equality bill that passed with large margins

Italy muzzled scientist who predicted quake

Welcome back Eliot Spitzer

What is with the reactionary right's martyr complex?

Republican in tax trouble

Cheney to keep vice presidential records, will not allow them go to Bush library ‘for now.’

You heard it first -

Sallie Mae is bringing their jobs back from overseas to USA

Officials Say 70 dead, 1,500 Hurt in Italy Quake

Crazy but true: advertizing Coulter and O'Reilly books here on DU

Kentucky gun show features Obama-Hitler shirts and warnings to ‘prepare for Obama’s citizen army.’

Krugman is Wrong, the Chinese are not Fools: Dean Baker (re Social Security/China)

Iraqi Family Escapes to US and Mother is gunned down in Binghamton Shootings..

Ed did not take it to Lars and the other conservative enough.

Have you seen the official Bush Library?

Dogs and cat stolen, killed and skinned, dumped in creek in Ohio

Definition of Sedition..... (as to Beck, Bachman, Cheney and Gaffney, et al)

With the media 'hilighting' gun suicides now, I expect the rate of public suicides to increase.

Dear right wing nutty cases ..... *FL*A*S*H* ........

Poll on local right-wing rag website needs help

Warning April Snow ..... threat level orange

US Minority Business Advocates Wage 'War' On 'Card Check' Bill

Dismissal will erase Stevens verdict but not facts

School Project Displaying Marshmallow 'Peeps' Wearing KKK Regalia Causes Stir

*Who* is that "Allan" guy with the unfortuante camera angle on Hairballs?

Completion of the George W. Bush Presidential Library may be stalled indefinitely,

Educate me ? why can't the Gov provide Credit on its own to any entity that needs it

Educate me ? why can't the Gov provide Credit on its own to any entity that needs it

What the Pentagon Wants to Spend More of Our Money on . . .

What the Pentagon Wants to Spend More of Our Money on . . .

North Korea - what if ?

Senator from the state of Walmart screws unions....

Pregnant teens may get private care, ND House says (without telling their parents)

Federal legislation threatens future of pawn shops

Hokay. The N. Koreans did/did not launch a missle.

Michele Bachmann, Az Crazy Az She Wanna Be

Keith just added "North Carolina" to the axis of evil.

More Americans Volunteering, But Services For Poor Being Cut

Time Warner To Test New Tiered Pricing For Web Service

Have any of you ever used the Debtor's Secret Weapon

Whenever I want to make myself feel really depressed, I simply read DU.

Chris Brown Enters Not Guilty Plea. Apparently, Rihanna punched the ever-loving shit out of herself.

Uganda presses on with anti-gay bill

Ed Schultz Is Going To Call Newt Out Tonight!

Save One Soul - and Save our Society

Frank ‘I’m A Member Of Dick Cheney’s Fan Club’ Gaffney: Obama’s ‘Respect’ For Muslims Is Code ...

Frank ‘I’m A Member Of Dick Cheney’s Fan Club’ Gaffney: Obama’s ‘Respect’ For Muslims Is Code ...

Caption Bush!

Why aren't there more dynamite "tragedies?"


Pfizer to Pay $75M After Deaths of Nigerian Children in Drug Trial Experiment

Judge says U.S. used mentally ill witness in Gitmo cases

If NRA Fundraisers are allowed in GD, here's The Brady Campaign's donation page...

Is anyone else crying? Transfer of dead soldier at Dover.

Sometimes you wonder just what the far right really does believe (re: torture) & then you find it...

How to avoid Union organizing drives for free

Don't discount bat shit crazy Gaffney, Perle, Cheney, et al

At the risk of arousing your ire, a couple of points about "credit card interest rates".

At the risk of arousing your ire, a couple of points about "credit card interest rates".

On Hardball with David, there was a guy named Gottlieb extolling the talking

We're giving Italy $50,000 for earthquake relief?!? Good grief, why bother?

Taleban-Style Law For Women in Afghanistan is Dropped After Outcry

Dental Threads on DU - A Special Comment:

MarketWatch: 'Axis of upheaval' poses unseen threat

People urged to stay out of caves to fight deadly bat disease

Governor Paterson Proposes Legislation To Fight Obesity

Like sand through the hour glass

Frank hahahahaha AHHHHHHHhahahahahaha Gaffney

So what nations have nuclear bombs and how many do they have? The List:

Hulu is now running commercials.

An inside look at a control freak

So did DUers hear Pawlenty

I just found out that KKKarl is coming to my hometown to speak!!!!

How has the Islamic/Muslim faith/religion helped shape America?

Charles ll understood Corporations

Ok, how long before Levi "I like to shoot shit" Johnston gets a reality show?

Who in their right mind believes that any country would launch a missile on the US?

self delete n/t

Toxic debts could reach $4 trillion, IMF to warn

Ruth Madoff Going To Jail?

My 11 year old Niece has a Crush on an 11 year old Republican and has

Gates is turning out to be a good vhoice for Sec Def

Tony Dungy Drops Out Of President's Faith Council

What's going on with MSNBC's web site today?

Pittsburgh Cop Killer was pissed Bank Ratejacked his Credit Card 9 to 30%

Pittsburgh Cop Killer was pissed Bank Ratejacked his Credit Card 9 to 30%

Big news - Is Obama, the Commander in Chief, being denied information by the Pentagon?

DUers is Obama going to win his bracket?

White Supremacists Plan 'Family Friendly' Events In Honor Of Hitler's Birthday

Here is the Text of the G20 Communique In Compressed Form

Anyone know the correct email address for KO?

I really hate the RW's "few bad apples" phrase...

I really hate the RW's "few bad apples" phrase...

This economy's a real killer: Could Clark County's (Las Vegas) public hospital be forced to close?

Two takes on greed:

Obama's $50K donation to the Italian earthquake response

Reposting bicentennial_baby's note

This will have bigot heads exploding. President Obama - "We are not at war with Islam".

This will have bigot heads exploding. President Obama - "We are not at war with Islam".

The War Against Tyrannical CEO’s (Randall Stephenson R-Asshole)

Quake! So Cal, 11:25 PM.

Gay man joins Obama’s faith-based council, becomes council’s second gay member

Would the weakening of reliance on credit scores lead to economic chaos?

New level of bizarreness, just got this as a google ad at the bottom of a DU discussion.

Frank Gaffney: this is why I shouldn't watch TV (Hardball)

Ah the news, never ceases to amaze me, leave the US

Ah the news, never ceases to amaze me, leave the US

Another Bush Intelligence Failure = by Robert Parry

Another Bush Intelligence Failure = by Robert Parry

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Matt Drudge horrified he made OUT Magazines 'Power 50' list

If YOUR "Democratic" Senator won't back EFCA, is that a deal-breaker for you next primary?

Is it just me or is DU limiting the number of posts a poster may make per some time period?

Report Outlines Medical Workers’ Role in Torture

Binghamton shooter sent letter to media day of massacre: "And you have a nice day."

Plot to assassinate Obama foiled in Turkey

Self - delete / wrong forum

Abortion for the right == guns for the left.

Usually you have to be at the convenience store around the time they stop selling liquor on Friday

Amy Goodman is on a speaking tour in April

Salon: What you never knew about Columbine

Someone stole a Cessna and flew it across the border to the US - from Canada. Pilot

I wish MSNBC had picked Thom instead of Ed

I Stand Behind The President

June 5, 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles...


Woooo .... Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapons .... ooooOOOOoooo

Bush-Connected Company That Fed Jewish Corpses to Wild Pigs Now Defiling U.S. War Dead

Check in here if you're still Fired up, Ready to go!

For my 2500 Post, FUCK YOU NORM COLEMAN!

For my 2500 Post, FUCK YOU NORM COLEMAN!

Frank Gaffney: Obama sending "coded" messages to Al-Qaeda

Lou Dobbs Tonight spewing lies about California taxes going up for the "average" taxpayer

Is the Michigan State men's basketball team a high school team?

Deepest sympathy Keith

Exhibit T

Computer problems: Last few days, constant browser hijacking

Beck: Daily Kos, C&L blame me for cop killer

WIRED: Emails reveal DOD created "special relationship" with Carlyle Group to sell Russian Choppers

Freeper Panic: "When will we be approved as LION food"?

Surprise Surprise. PUMA Lite New Agenda Does a Hit Job on a Democrat.

Woman loses $12k in lottery scam

George Soros is Making Money on US misery - Expects Prolonged Slowdown

Pittsburgh Cop Killer was a fan of Glenn Beck's

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot (Photo Gallery)- NRA, KKK, Militia... And Some Sportsmen

Monday TOON Roundup, part 1

Jim Quinn (RW radio host in Pittsburgh) created Richard Andrew Paplawski

Everyone ready for The Ed Show?!

SCOTT HORTON: Are Republicans Blackmailing Obama?

Don't die, your credit card company, if it is Chase, will not lower

Two Lonely Acts of Courage

Crash: The Next Great Depression? The Hitler... er... History Channel FINALLY Gets It Right

Money Talks: Obama, AT&T and Warrantless Wiretaps

So who's really unemployed?

Pgh shooter is old news already on MSM

Something is really wrong in our country when clinics that serve the poor

President Obama chose the UNC Tarheels as the NCAA Nat'l Champs.

You have to wonder if right-wingers will ever get it: Difference isn't a threat.

WTF! American Company (PPG) Loses bid for New WTC Glass to China?

Should credit scores REALLY be used as a factor in hiring people?

What's the Real Reason?

My adventure in D.C. yesterday.

“How DARE You Say Our Rhetoric is Dangerously Violent! You Make Us So Mad, You…You… We Have Guns!"

Safe Back Home, The Castaway Canine That Never Gave Up

Detroit today

Wasn't there a time when our military was more self-sufficient?

Foreclosure Realtors throw a big party.....sick

RE:F22One day we're going to find out that our F15's, F16's & F18's are no longer able to defend us.

Officials can't explain brain injury in solitary confinement

Hatemonger Pat Boone: Christians Are The New Lepers

Guess who came to school today.

My evening with General Richard Myers

My mouth propped open, my dentist today describes Fundy wedding to assistant.

This Modern World-Striking a blow against tyranny -- with teabags!

Hey, what happened to Swamp Rat?

Hey, what happened to Swamp Rat?

My partner is 15 miles from the epicenter of the Italian earthquake, Please send good vibes my way.

even conservative magazine calls student loans a scam

I am sitting in an auditorium listening to General Richard Myers speak

AP to Monitor Internet for Violators (Free Republic doesn't have a 4-paragraph rule!)

Woman Gets 6 Years for Texting Crash

Utah Jails are now charging convicted criminals 40 dollars a day to stay in prison.

Cold Snap in the Midwest - Crops are in danger...

My daughter *was* going to buy a new car.. Until today.. An example of trickle down..

SCOTUS says self-defense is a personal responsibility, and if attacked by a criminal I will:

Toby Keith Rages At Ethan Hawke

At the risk of arousing your ire, a couple of points about "payday loans".

Who is to blame for the recent murders/suicides?

Ineligible Bachelors: Indian Men Living in U.S. Strike Out

King Henry VIII - why no surviving male heirs?

Toons for those who are not happy about Obama's direction in Afghanistan

There is no risk free exposure to secondhand smoke, I repeat there is NO risk free exposure

Make way for bassstids!!!!! Thief makes away with duckling from Public Garden

"Do you really think the governor and Todd would have allowed that?"

House Preparing To Legalize Payday Loans With 391% APRs

Oh Wow! Keith's mom passed away...

RED CROSS CONCLUSION: “Investigate and Punish the Perpetrators”-By Scott Horton


Republicans Blackmailing Obama-If President Releases Torture Memo-They Will Go Nuclear!-Scott Horton

Randi Rhodes vs Ed Schultz

Coincidence or not, this freaked me out a bit

"Bum Leg"- Joe Pernice

Do the Progressives Have Their Own Michele Bachmann?

Do the Progressives Have Their Own Michele Bachmann?

I just downloaded "the kids are alright"

Skyfire browser for your mobile

Roll call. Who's up?

I need to be at work bright & early at 2:30 this afternoon. Good night DU!

Can I lick these nicotine patches?? Should I squeeze it to get more juice out of it??

It's cold here. My feet are freezing. It's April, what the hell is going on?

My favorite feature of DU: The Admins pay me to post here.

I'm going to learn to spin yarns

I can't sleep...partly because I'm so pissed about my family. a rant.

Life on Mars (spoilers)

Best web comic ever.

What does "crackle , pop" mean when used on the Internet?

Take a look at this post of mine in GD

I dreamed I won a contest to visit Garrison Keillor and his family for a few days.

Happy Tartan Day!

Attention DU Lounge: The second annual Chuggo Week will commence next week.

Thanks for the vibes last week....

I was out voyeuring last night, and forgot my huge, stinking, rotting dead yak somewhere.

OMG! They made a movie out of Where the Wild Things Are!

Hey TZ....I might end up seeing your Washington Nationals today.

Have you ever pulled a groin muscle during sex?

Man, I'm glad I don't drink anymore

I'm thinking of smoking a carton of cigarettes 1 hour before my stress test today.

Good morning Lounge

BREAKING: TMZ's special Hold Me Closer Tony Danza UPDATE. Who's the boss? WHO'S THE BOSS?

UGH I am in the process on an unemployment phone interview...

Anyone familar with the company Axiom Advertising?

Is it considered "wrong" to arrive at the hospital...

Opening Day "Optimism" in DC....

Drunk mum breastfed son while driving

I finally got her phone number

I have just been informed by TZ that Geddy Lee hates me.

Dating/Relationship Question....

SInce my success this weekend in the matchmaker arena, I am going to match

I finally figured out how to keep sales people away from my house.

Fuckin' Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

Latest picture of Mildodemocrat:

Can we all agree about one thing when it comes to bands?

I'm going to learn to spin yarns

Boston/Tampa Bay home opener postponed?! &^%$*&!!@

Is putting a hit out on a co-worker considered bad form?

I think the citizens of the U.S. should file a civil suit against Bush and Cheney...

Under a tornado watch. Did underpants warn me? No. I had to hear it from the driver's ed lady.

I hate entertaining cooks who make baby bunny stew

There needs to be a recommend button for individual posts

How do I delete songs from an iPod?

Coo roo coo co coo roo cooo coo roo coo roo coo rooo coo coo!

I loathe baby's tummies

I loathe baby bunnies.

I have this note on my counter and I have no idea what it means

I have this note on my counter and I have no idea what it means

I rented Quarantine. Thought it was a near perfect horror movie.

CORRECTION: Actual Latest picture of Midlodemocrat

Way too cool of a video, not to post. Fantastic!

Way too cool of a video, not to post. Fantastic!

I couldn't for the life of me remember why I thought baseball was boring

Photos of Nome, Alaska.

I'd like to thank underpants for the fucking Lady Gaga earworm I've currently got going on....

How do you ignore the elephant in the middle of the room? n/t

Have you ever pulled a groin muscle when you thunk too much?

Spent luch with wingnuts. Plus, a suggestion for the makers of "Table Mate II"

My cat's nickname of the month is "Treasure Ann."

Spent lunch with wingnuts. Plus, a suggestion for the makers of "Table Mate II"

You know what? I really don't care if anybody responds to my threats anymore.

Project: Breakdown

You know what? I really don't care if anybody responds to my threads anymore.

Well, I'm off to Opening Day!

Doggie Jedi - Hilarious

Now they will never miss a moment of action in the Executive Club at the Masters

My first Action pic, in like, forever.

Poll on our local right-wing rag website needs help.

Um...Taysiders in Space ...(Star trek fans MUST see)

Dog Almost Drowns In Tea Cup

After almost frying my SECOND Ipod - I have now invested in this

Is Obama throwing out the first pitch somewhere?

Free Star Trek Phaser App launched into iTunes App Store

They've played 8 things in the game between the New York Metros and the Cincinnati Creds

hey hey my my

Parrot summoned to appear in court today

re: rising bread dough - 'let rise covered in a warm place'

The Nerd Word of the day on my calendar for April 6 is: commorient

Squirrels eat garlic

Thank the Gawdess this is a short week of work for me

Wow, for such a shitty baseball team a lot of people seem to hate the Nationals

All Nationals fans are FREEPERS

Washington Nationals v. Montreal Expos: same or different?

We just shocked a friend and I loved it...

Ok, I'm ready to strangle Stalker Cat

Its The Hottest Day Of the year here

You fumble the football

Gather round, kiddies and I will tell you why I am the coolest mom, ever.

You will never, EVER see a drum solo this great!

If you have speakers, this will drive your cats nuts

What is your opinion of Mastodon (the band)........

Warning- 'To Serve Man' is not literally about being of service to man! (spoiler)

I hope Facebook, Twitter, etc. fall victim to the global economic collapse.

Long Awaited Novels that turned out to be masterpieces after all

A comparison between the two worst franchises in the NL.

What does "snap" mean when

Howard Dean is "drawing a line in the sand" on Health Care.

I'm posting this thread so you can join in and worship SteppingRazor as a NCAA diety

Orioles beat the Yankees

hot blondes singing kareoke for $1000 Alex

I stepped outside to walk to the bar and watch the NCAA Championship

6 Writers Who Accidentally Crapped On Masterpieces

I just heard an implication, and it needs to be made perfectly clear...

Pittsburgh is in FIRST PLACE in the NL CENTRAL!!1!!

3.5 hours till Opening Day!

Nine Words You Think Came from Science but are Science Fiction

Dolly Parton on 60 Minutes

Let's see North Carolina whip some ass!

It's no a big thing. But it's a small victory of sorts.

Can you define Single Proportioning, Double Proportioning, Standard Corner, and Tie Line?

So if I am cordial to my ex he calls my friend and tells her he thinks

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/6/2009)

Anybody see "Adventureland"?

Wii game "Dance Dance Revolution": Uncle needs help fast. Niece's birthday this weekend.

If your avatar looks like this, don't bother responding to any of my posts:

Hey, Chicago, what do you say

Anyone else looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes movie?

kitten picture of the day for monday april 6

Following Bush lead, Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program

Actors: You are anonymous here. Have things improved since the late 80s and early 90s?

If your avatar looks like this, don't bother responding to my posts:

"Zack & Miri make a Porno" - what a funny movie to watch!!

Sights and sounds of spring

"To quote my all-time fav band Nickelback..."

I have a pain.

Holy Crap, I Missed The Country Music Awards Last Night

I am a pain.


Know one of the things I love best about DS1?

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.... discuss

woah. The entire run of "Lou Grant" is available on line for free

Blast from the past, my family... (Dialup warning, photo)

A soon-to-be-dead one in GD

My best friend from Las Vegas has died at 27 for lack of healthcare

I'm Leaving DU

Here's a silly little poem about my chin...

I rented Ovaltine. Thought it was a near perfect drink.

Do you ever bounce around the internet?

List your favorite female singers in at least 2 separate categories

Worried about my cat, Part II

My Idea of a Difficult Novelist

Baseball superstitions — post 'em!

Writers who labored for years and years on a work that regrettably turned out to be crap

San Frincisco

Condolences to Keith Olbermann

Play a song you like - sung by an unknown - that you think is cool


Who will win that basketball thing tonight?

woo hoo, I just filed my taxes

Anyone else blown away by House tonight (SPOILERS)?

Only in baseball is "his stuff was filthy" a compliment

Any cat experts here? Does our stray need company?

Carolina Fans, speak up!

Can someone help me make this image less than 20k??

garden question

post your BOLD predictions for the 2009 mlb season

Because the truth is not always what we want to believe

Are farts wrong? (IBTL)

Just fucking great. Sick as can be and no insurance and on unemployment.

"Because love grows where my Rosemary goes.." GAAAHH!

....And our opening day is killed by the rain.

Phish to play Fenway Park

Featherweights: Detroit police halt pillow fight

More obnoxious sports franchise

Three Stooges pic LEAKED

What's the matter, Lassie? What is it girl?

Name a great book about your town or state that features places you've been or people

On Hold with Verizon Wireless......

Dodgers win! Dodgers win!

Does anyone else dream that they can fly?

BREAKING: Entire US population dead.

6 Writers Who Accidentally Crapped Out Masterpieces

Don't Laugh, (or laugh if you want, that's okay, who can blame you) but I'm sad about Farrah Fawcett

Dogs and cats are taking over. The world as we know it is about to end.

Nominee for the worst music video of this young century

Arne Duncan's goal for the stimulus money is for more testing and for charter schools.

Well, Mrs R has been telling me that I need to get my head examined, so I did.

For fans of baseball, in particular the St. Louis Cardinals and National League Central

I am superstitious, all of a sudden

What country, that you've never been to, do you most want to visit?


I miss y'all!

I hate grocery shopping. I just took my mother tonight.

You Know What Burns my Ass ?

Warning- 'Marley and Me' is not all comedy!( spoiler)

Obama's Defense Cuts Or "Watch Republican Members of Congress Embrace Keynes" - We Are All Keynesian

Many Turks Excited about Barack Obama's arrival!

Many Turks Excited about Barack Obama's arrival!

A quick reminder of the old Turkey policy

Biden to throw first pitch at Baltimore Orioles today but poor Texas Rangers are stuck with Shrub

CNN I-reporter thinks Michelle Obama will run for POTUS in 2020.

Obama talking about freedom and democracy of turkeys!

"Most in Poll Back (The President's) Outreach to Muslims"

Obama giving another stellar speech to the Turkey Parliament

Ever been to a town you're SURE nobody else on DU has EVER been to?

House Preparing To Legalize Payday Loans With 391% APRs

Scott Horton: Are Republicans Blackmailing Obama?

Oh good grief. THere is now a CNN POLL asking if MIchelle Obama should run for Prez in 2020

Saudis Report Plot To Assassinate Obama

Gates Press Conference now on CNN

From last week's "Life on Mars" series finale, a mention of Obama (SPOILER ALERT)

Was Obama's speech in Turkey today "the speech"?

President Obama says we are not at war with Islam; Bush** said the U.S. was on a crusade.

PHOTOS The President in Turkey (April 6)

Poll: Americans feel that Obama helps image abroad

18 year media ban lifted at Dover AFB this morning

Reversing Bush's lead, Obama moves to reduce weapon and war spending.

Now, list underrated female singers

Michelle Obama and mum to feature in Mother’s Day issue of Essence

"In London I sounded like I had acorns up my nose."

Got a poll that needs some DU love.

"Obama is already popular here (Turkey) just because he is not George Bush."


Michelle and mom in Essence Magazine


The political Vultures

Check out this list of Bush policies that Prez Obama has already overturned --- please add to it!

Up next for Obama, the Summit of the Americas

MSNBC's Interactive First 100 Days - Obama Compared To Other Presidents


Michelle Obama: America's new style icon knows just what to pack

Job Approval Ratings for First-Year Presidents

New CNN poll. Presidential approval 66 % (up from 64) disapproval 30% (down from 34)

U.S. policy on Cuba evolving under President Obama

OMG, Frank Gaffney is such a toad. He's on with David Shuster now.

Michelle Obama: Hugger-in-chief

Video in honor of Obama's visit to Instanbul not Constantinople

Obama's Foreign Policy Mojo

IL-Sen, IL-Gov: All Eyes Are on Madigan

8 in 10 respondents give President Obama high marks for trip abroad

Biden was good luck for my birds!

Bob Dylan on the President (UK Times)

Poll: Majority Would Pay Higher Taxes For Universal Health Care

Mr President - Et tu, Brute?

PHOTO Is the President spending too much time in the gym?

NY-Gov, NY-Sen: Paterson, Gillibrand Both Still Lagging

the ed show premier on msnbc now. nt

New CBS/NYTIMES Poll same as new CNN Poll Obama Approval 66%

"I bet she decided not to come because she didn’t want to be involved with our headscarved crowd"

Just 387 Ballots Left in Minnesota. Coleman only has to win them 307-80.

Obama's Public Schedule for Tuesday - The President Returns Home

Obama's Public Schedule for Tuesday - The President Returns Home

President Obama to wrap up Europe tour

Lincoln Joins McConnell Filibuster of Employee Free Choice

CA-Gov, CA-10: Garamendi Considering Bid to Replace Tauscher

Iranian reform candidate welcomes negotiations with the US

Can anyone give me a list of changes...

I must agree with Keith Olbermann

Generally speaking, it takes about one day to train a beer vendor.

Triple Canopy Obama’s Blackwater? Interview with Jeremy Scahill

Drugstores yank Chia Obama over racial issue

PHOTOS I think Europe likes her. It might even be love.

Biden Cracks Up Announcers With Jokes About His Baldness, Dan Quayle (VIDEO)

Promise broken. Addressing the Turks, President Obama won't call it genocide

Obama the Visionary: End Nukes, admit Turkey to EU

BUSH to throw out first pitch at Rangers game... Boos or Cheers?

What's Dick Cheney hiding?

POLL: New Optimism on Economy Since Inauguration, Repug Party favorables (31%) lowest in 25 years.

Obama - "We are not a Christian Nation"

John Bolton just described Obama as "our first Post-American President"

Ron Paul and Barney Frank to introduce Hemp Bill.

Why are Senate Republicans so threatened by the release of torture memos?

Well, it looks like Obama picked the correct NCAA bball tourney champion

President Carter on Afghanistan and peace.

Blacks at Odds Over Scrutiny of President

PHOTOS Istanbul.....Constantinople

Bachmann Warns Of "Re-Education Camps" For Young People

Krugman vs. Sachs on PPIP Loopholes

Gingrich agrees with Cheney: US "is running greater risks of getting attacked" under Obama

Which Pokemon character is Newt Gingrich?

White Evangelicals Trust Obama To Get It Right With Muslim World

Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program

Sen. Blanche Lincoln says she can't support EFCA

A Trillion Dollars for the Banks: How About a Second Opinion? by Dean Baker

The real reason W never comments on Obama's presidency

Obama will give a major speech to Muslim country in June

US senator Kerry to visit Darfur

Top TARP Watchdog Calls For Banksters To Be Sacked!

Regarding Obama on health care...

Geithner or Krugman? which one do you agree with? why7

Get MY "Judeo" out of YOUR "Judeo-Christian Values!"

The left is good at protesting, but they're terrible at rallying support.

Clinton calls for stricter Antarctic tourism limits

Barack Obama really does go on a bit

Sign the 'Fair Elections Now Act' Petition! It's the key to making government work for the people.

PHOTOS Wow, that's one cool pitcher!

Darfur Kidnappers Want 200 Million Dollars For Aid Workers

Key village near Kabul to be mine free by the end of 2009

Baghdad bombings kill 21

After 18-year ban, media see return of US war dead

Fighting Intensifies in Sri Lanka

Indonesia military plane crashes, 24 feared dead

Analysts say N. Korean rocket not a total failure

Sri Lanka honours cricket driver (Cricket attack in Pakistan)

Administration Cracks Down on Foreclosure Schemes

Nuclear fears mute China's North Korea response

Blasts in India’s Assam State Kill Seven, Injure 62

China eyes completing health care reforms by 2020

Bangladesh arrests charity head behind school

Germany's Merkel blasts Afghan law (on visit to Afghanistan)

Russian TV accuses US of spying on Russia, China

Tofu 'may raise risk of dementia'

North Korea rocket revives Japan pre-emptive strike talk

Italy Muzzled Scientist who Foresaw Quake

Stevens judge seeks prosecution documents

U.S. Senate panel sets goals for CIA probe

Sources Implicate Madoff's Wife

Boys accused of 'torturing' young friends in New Edlington are brothers

Iran reform candidate says open to US negotiations

Gates to Cut Several Major Weapons Programs

Study: 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble

Afghan 'rape' law draws international fire

Paris liberation made 'whites only'

“Respect the neutrality of health facilities” - WHO Afghanistan

Roslyn Mazer to be ODNI Inspector General (Intelligence investigator)

Featherweights: Detroit police halt pillow fight

Ineligible Bachelors: Indian Men Living in U.S. Strike Out

Va funeral home accused of atrocious conditions (Funeralgate)

Mayo Says Loan Losses Will Exceed Depression Levels

(ABC News) Exclusive: Tearful Allen Stanford Expects Indictment in Two Weeks

New York bankers best paid, London at bottom: poll

(MI) State accepts first application for medical marijuana

Poll: Obama Approval Hits New High - 66%

Thousands protest in Tamil rally

Israeli invention may revolutionize skin cancer diagnosis

Fox News Columnist Pays Big Price for Reviewing a Pirated Movie

Poll Finds New Optimism on Economy Since Inauguration

HCL Tech bags $170 mln Microsoft contract - report (More outsourcing)

Poplawski posted about 'AK' hours before attack (Pittsburgh Police Killer)

Italian earthquake: expert's warnings were dismissed as scaremongering

Pile of potential Minn. Senate ballots dwindling (only 387 left to be counted)

GM Said to Speed Up Bankruptcy Preparations as Board Crafts Savings Goals

A Coffin, a Flag, a Photograph

Sallie Mae to shift 2,000 jobs to U.S. from overseas

Palins Get Ready to Spill (writing books)

Sheriff Pushes To Reinstate Death Penalty

Pakistan court investigates Taliban flogging video

'Schindler's List' found in Australian library

Obama: 'US not at war with Islam'

Meet the RNC Eight: Are they terrorists?

Vietnam finds mass grave of communist soldiers (& US GI remains repatriated)

Ecuador seeks return of Florida death row inmate

Obama to visit Israel, West Bank in June

Walgreens Pulls 'Chia Obama'

UK launches massive, one-year program to archive every email


Sallie Mae to Create 2,000 Jobs, Return Its Overseas Operations to U.S.

Salazar: Eastern wind could replace coal for power

Gates to cut several major weapons programs

Bush library at SMU won't house Cheney records soon

Xerox Outsources Management of Data Centers to India's HCL

Senator (Kerry) to make rare Darfur visit

Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt

High court lets Abu-Jamal's conviction stand

U.S. Sales ‘Open Up’ on Aid to GM, Chrysler Loan Arms

Fidel Castro: Cuba doesn't fear dialogue with US

Douglas vetos same-sex bill

Afghanistan: Military’s influence on aid too great, according to NGO’s report

Republicans Blackmailing Obama (planning to “go nuclear” over Bush torture memos)

Feds to grill CIA felon (cia Dusty Foggo) over interrogation tapes

Palin spokeswoman attacks Levi Johnston's 'lies'

Wife accuses Nevada governor of affairs

Saudis Report Plot To Assassinate Obama

Italians angered by lack of earthquake preparedness

Focus on the Family narrator arrested for luring teenage girl for sex on Net

Toxic debts could reach $4 trillion, IMF warns

Incident at Central Wisconsin Airport

Khmer Rouge jailer says U.S. contributed to Pol Pot rise

2 Fighter Jets Are Pursuing a Stolen Plane Headed for Salem, Mo.

Medical Officers Violated Ethics While Overseeing Interrogations, Red Cross Says

Blanche Lincoln (Sen D-Ark) Against Employee Free Choice Act

Mom kills son, then self at Casselberry shooting range

Judge Jim Gray Part 1: In Harm's Way - Decriminalize Marijuana

Obama, in Prague, calls North Korea missile launch provocation

TYT: Why is it Good to You Tube and Facebook at Work?

Media Consolidation: You are free to watch whatever we own

Methodist Coloring Book

Young Turks: How Much Money Did AIG Lose Per Hour? It's Amazing!!

On patrol with French forces in Afghanistan

Gingrich Warns of GOP Fracture

President Obama landing in Prague.


President Obama landing in Prauge. Part 2.

Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer - Claims Activities Went On 'Not Frequently, Not Long...'

"There's Nobody to Take Care of You" in America

ANIMATION: The Fiendish Skies by Ted Rall

Crowd view of President Obama and 1st Lady in Prague.

The "Hashish Army" in Afghanistan

Obama Declares US Not at War With Islam

Gates: Reform Budget reflecting on lessons learned in Iraq & Afghanistan

The Week In Cartoons

TYT: Cenk Grills CS On The Air (In Charge of Detainees at Gitmo)

Tim DeChristopher Charged for Disrupting Public Land Auction 4/2/09 Democracy Now

Sam Seder's Random Rush -- Break Room Live.

The Turkish have high hopes for President Obama.

Gaffney On Obama's 'Code'

TYT: Ana Spontaneously Argues With Cenk, Disagrees Drugs Should Be Legalized

Rachel Maddow: Why GITMO Accountability Matters - it begins to bite us back

President Obama: "America Is Not a Christian, Jewish or Muslim Nation"

Climate Denial Crock of the week - All Wet on Sea Level Rise

Strong Earthquake Strikes Italy - Death Toll Rising

Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza's Economy. Democracy Now 4/6/09 1 of 2

Beautiful soon to be released video. The Loving Kind. Loving v VA

Wow. Just... Wow. I Take Back Every Bad Thing I've Ever Said About Iowa.

Six Car Bombs Kill 30 in Iraq

The Ed Show - first segment

60 Minutes: The collapse of US healthcare

The New Debtors’ Prisons

New improved GOP Logo

Moyers Journal: Maddoff Was A Piker -- America's Big Banks Are a Far Larger Fraudulent Ponzi Scheme

The New National CEO Pay Figures: The Outrage Continues

Texas Mayor Caught in Deportation Furor

Out of Mind, Out of Sight-Inside the psychiatric hospitals the world forgot

US Hypocrisy on North Korea: Let's Talk About Israel's Nukes

Bageant: We've Let Corporations and Media Rob Our Souls -- It's Time to Do Something Meaningful

A dying racist struggles to deal with his past sins

US prepared to oust bank chiefs

No Return to Normal

If There Were No Homophobia, What Gains Could We Make?

The New Yorker-George Packer: Obamaism

Bank Losses To Exceed Great Depression -Calyon's Mayo

Bush Throws out 1ST Pitch Texas Rangers - Old Ameriquest Field Tied to Mortgage CRISIS

Secretary Gates' Budget Press Briefing prepared speech 4-6-2009

The Personal Politics of Hopelessness / Ian Welsh

Obama's Health Insurance Plan

Resist or Become Serfs

Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street's ownership of government

Sean Hannity’s Porn Star Name is “Jack Jam”

This Focus on the Family Internet Predator Got None

Far Right Goes Off the Deep End: Are Conservatives Inciting Violence?

Playa Hatin' on Madonna

Another Obama Gift Gaffe? Turkish Prez Given an Ottoman

Cuban President Meets With U.S. Lawmakers

delete, posted in wrong forum

Jane Mayer: The Bush Six

Michelle Bachmann Values Touting Conspiracies Over Constituent Needs

CBS/NY Times Poll: GOP approval rating at its lowest in 25 years, Obama has 66% approval

Chinese Poison Train Declared Unstoppable: Next Stop, You!

Resist or Become Serfs

It's Time to Overhaul H-1B Visas

Gorbachev Blasts NATO Eastward Expansion

United States health care well below average but costs more

'Bailout psychology' destroying the economy

Strange Days (James Kunstler)

Here, Socialism meant honest, frugal government

Pakistan could collapse within six months: US expert

More states want solar power to be option on new homes

A List of the Most Wanted, by the E.P.A.

East Coast Canada Seal Slaughter going on, Obama works to end it

UK biodiversity declining, in spite of government and NGO efforts

Oz Epidemiologists Believe Victoria Heatwave May Have Contributed To Approximately 375 Deaths

WSJ: Chrysler Expects To Bring 1st Elec Vehicle To Market In 2010

20% Of Whooping Crane Population Gone In 12 Months, Thanks To Drought, Wasting Disease

Do Solar Storms Threaten Life as We Know It?

Base Of Marine Food Chain Changing Quickly Near Rapidly Warming Antarctic Peninsula - AFP/Science

The unbearable lightness of information

Question about aquatic plants:

The Fragility of the World's Coral is Revealed Through a Study of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Update on Tim DeChristopher (public lands auction) case

A £1bn nuclear white elephant (UK)

Scottish fish farmers 'conducting secret seal slaughter'

Interior secretary says windmills off East Coast could replace 3,000 coal-fired power plants

Straw bale house survives shaking at large structures lab

Convert CO2 into Fuel?

Can Organic Cropping Systems be as Profitable as Conventional Systems?

NASA/NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Thinnest On Record - 2-Year + Ice Now Only 10% Of Pack

Study reveals potential to amass more carbon in eastern North American forests

FIDEL: Walking on Solid Ground

JOSE MARTI: The Monetary Conference of the American Republics (1891)

HAITI: Controversial Senate Elections Planned

POSADA CARRILES Comes Out of the Woodwork at Miami Demonstration

Former hostage says Betancourt's family hid proof of life

Japanese, Venezuelan leaders agree to deepen ties in energy, trade

Report: Afro-Descendants and Intercultural Education: Lessons from Venezuela

Congressional delegation in Cuba is pretty doggone impressed

El Salvador Turns a Page

Incoming: Venezuela cracks down on anti-Chavez leaders

Can anyone direct me to a list of NCAA First and Second Sites?

Funny toon from Denver >>

No sideshows as Red Sox go to work

Rock it, Spartans. Got the office pool to myself if they do, and couldn't care less. Go Spartans.

Gordon snaps 47-race winless drought with victory at Texas

Michigan fan rooting for Sparty tonight

MLS Goal of the Week - Week 3


Pirates 1-0. Beat Cards with rally in in 9th. Yesss we can!!!!

Mark it down, the Louisville women will win tomorrow night...

MLB Predictions

They just showed Bonds hitting #756 during the NYY-Bal

Today in labor history Apr 6 The first slave revolt in New York City took place

visteon workers occupy factories (video)

Farm Workers’ Rights, 70 Years Overdue

Obama's Wall Street cabinet

Greece: The working class in revolt

Who is Being Hit the Hardest by Rising Unemployment

National Steel Car Workers Walk Off the Job in Ontario

'Written By CEOs, For CEOs': Dems Pan Biz-Friendly Compromise on Employee Free Choice

U.S. Jobs Index Dropped to 90.1 in March, Indicating More Cuts

Legal victory gets immigrants pay for wages, labor violations

LA Times: Actors, Studios Close to Labor Contract Deal

NYT: Farm Workers’ Rights, 70 Years Overdue (from New Deal)

Sunny News for Job Creation as Pentagon Seeks to Create 30,000 jobs

CWA tells AT&T: work with us to find real health care solutions

Mugged by the Boss (Wage Theft in America)

If workers were in charge What could be done with $10 TRILLION

Americans Feel 15.6% Unemployment as Underemployment Surges

The Toyota You Don’t Know: The Race to the Bottom in the Auto Industry

Only 12 more days....

Gay bodies pile up in Baghdad

Iowa gay marriage ruling spurs activists

Action Alert: Governor Culver: Don't Amend the Iowa Constitution!

HRC Statement on Vermont Governor’s Veto of Marriage Equality Legislation

Our neighborhood has an annual "Fool's Ball" costume party....Last night I was crowned king.....

Gay man joins Obama’s faith-based council

Uganda presses on with anti-gay bill (being gay is a criminal offense)

Gronstal: No same-sex marriage debate

Urgent petition to save the lives of 128 homosexuals sentenced to death in Iraq

Russian gays convicted of promoting homosexuality

Oh, Torchwood....You bad bad boys

Israeli invention may revolutionize skin cancer diagnosis...Ha'aretz

Tofu 'may raise risk of dementia'

Botox injections for neck/shoulder pain?

Risk of progression to dementia overestimated

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

Obama's Health Insurance Plan

NYT: DNA Test Outperforms Pap Smear

Israeli municipality demolishes house in Jerusalem's Old City

The Sikkuy Report 2007 – The Equality Index of Jewish and Arab Citizens in Israel

Obama: US strongly supports 2-state solution

Netanyahu invited to Egypt for official visit

Israeli authorities destroy fields owned by Arabs in Negev

Obama to visit Israel, West Bank in June

Israeli invention may revolutionize skin cancer diagnosis

Rights groups: Israel harmed Gaza medical workers

Israeli soldiers indicted for brutality

The Two Sides of One Wall: NPR Reports on the Mideast

Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza’s Economy


Stress Test Has Industry Stressed Out

Government Has Failed Us, Not Freedom

Louisiana, a Test Case in Federal Aid

Happiest States Economically: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Hawaii and Louisiana,

An Exchange from the Daytraders at Clearstation

Geithner's PPIP = Enron 2.0?

Jim Cramer Declares Depression Over; Millions Panic

Bernanke's Financial Rescue Plan

A Trillion Dollars for the Banks: How About a Second Opinion? by Dean Baker

Report: IMF to Warn of $4 Trillion in Losses

Article - Holder at it again, maybe changing his language though...

Strange Days

Is Obama even more Dangerous than Bush?

The total US debt of $57 trillion, or $186,717 per man, woman and child

The Geithner-Summers Plan is Even Worse Than We Thought

Pittsburgh cop shooter's mother may be charged as an accomplice.

Soros says U.S. banks "basically insolvent" (lasting slowdown)

Those silly Canadians

Ok, I have a question for all who are up to speed on ammo purchases


Michael Moore - Genius? Or dumb fat slob?

Can anyone explain why some firearms are legal to possess, but others are illegal?

It costs $35 a year to join the NRA

Fear Mongering and Hypocrisy

Like Chris Rock, I wouldn't try gun control at all, however I would charge $5,000 a bullet

Ain't Nothin' Like A Gun Show...

Have any elected officials called for a renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban lately?

I think I have a solution to the private sales thing.

If NRA Fundraisers are allowed in GD, here's The Brady Campaign's donation page...

All this talk about needing guns to defend against "tyranny" cracks me up

Has a policeman ever asked you to sign a form that says that the police will not help you?

Top 30 Reasons to Oppose Gun Control

The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce

F-35 JSF Weapon Carriage Capacity (Pic heavy)

As promised to Mth44sc - my bride for squirt - she ain't half bad after all, she has a waist

Michael Harris and Helen Thomas in a thread on General Discussion... look

EMF Sunrise

These darned little redpolls are so flighty...

FOUR days later - a new walk in my backyard - please join me for a minute

Duality is really obvious these days..

An odd little moment of closure

I Have a Dream is a bean of light.

A request for healing from a cold...

I know this has been said before...

Could this be what will happen?

Russian "Orionski" spacecraft may spark a new space race.

Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory

Battery-Powered Cigarettes Deliver a Low-Cost Nicotine Fix

"The Hand of God?"

Panicked, Sweat-Covered Pope Reverses Longstanding Ban On Abortion

BBC: Mecca Mosques Wrongly Aligned

The End of Christian America?

Raspberry chocolate icing...

They couldn't believe their good fortune

What's for dinner ~ Monday ~ April the 6th Edition

We ordered a pizza last night

Asperger's and bullying

what is it

Study: 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble

Where it leads.... PGH shooter an Alex Jones fan...

Will the Democrats save Bob Perry's Commission?

Counter Demonstrations to Glenn Beck at the Alamo April 15th?

I have a question for "truthers"

A shout out to the 35th anniversary of the California Jam!

Interplay confirms Fallout MMO

CASTLE! My new favorite show! Any other watchers out there?

Is Adaware still a good product?

Is this printer even going to work for me?

Anyone have experience with Zinio Reader?