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Archives: April 4, 2009

On reading about another mass shooting, I'm thinking....

Was Joe the Plumber Really on Bill Maher Tonight?

Captured in a bubble of celebrity?

It is the traditional model of gay marriage that harms children --

John Hope Franklin on Charlie Rose. He died 2 weeks ago, but what

538's Nate Silver, on whether the Iowa marriage equality ruling will stand:

PHOTOS, new and 'old'

Guilty Pleasures: I won't admit it, but I watch ........

The women of the right are never right

Escape and Support

Prominent Horseman Faces Questions About Neglect (graphic)

An old song for a new Depression

Gates Planning Major Changes In Programs, Defense Budget

dupe- delete

Seoul: No Missile Launch Saturday

Donald Duck and Goofy headed for the unemployment line

I'm so proud of my Mother

Thank you for flying Desperate Airlines,flight attendants will come around with collection cups.....

Russian Air Force On Higher Readiness For N Korean Rocket Launch

Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms

We're competing for talent on an international market

Yoko Ono auctions art for autism

Wal Mart Street

Freepers and Soccer

Spouses cancel visit to hospital

Whatever happens on Tuesday, I couldn't be prouder of democrats

Light 'em if ya got 'em today in Ann Arbor

Martin Luther King. April 4 - Pride (In the Name of Love)

Papers alter Israel cabinet photo removing two female ministers

Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms

Forty-one years ago, I had tickets to see Bill Cosby live, at Kansas University

Madonna denied,.. I think this really stinks. Would she have been

Diana Palin, Sarah Palin's Sister-In-Law, Accused Of Breaking Into Home

Does anyone disagree that Sarah Palin's national career is stone cold dead?

How the Conficker Problem Just Got Much Worse

Texas Rangers, Stars Owner Tom Hicks Defaults on $525 Million in Loans

Ex Blackwater workers may return to Iraq (working for another mercenary firm)

what do you think of the indefinite imprisonment of certain sex offenders?

Gay marriages expected to begin in Iowa April 24

*Bad sign* them Pikas is headed for the hills!!!

The Strange Case Of Evan Bayh

Miss Universe's Excellent Adventure

self-delete already posted.

Giving Obstructionism A Bad Name

Just got a letter from HSBC - RE: The current economic conditions

Citigroup Plans to Lay Off A Third Of Cleaning Force While Taking Bailout Money

How many Republicans

One of these things is not like the other...

'Personhood' bill defeated in North Dakota Senate

'Personhood' bill defeated in North Dakota Senate

Rep. Ryan annointed 'leader of the future of the conservative movement'

Obama no-nukes pledge not so farfetched

Best G-20 protestor ever! (check out the photog on the left)

North Dakota sucks. Sorry, DU North Dakotans.

Lame PBS $ drive bumps brilliant Moyers Journal & Letterman has Denis Leary, you Magnificent Bastard

Pitchforks and Pistols

Idaho GOP leaders want to mandate voter photo IDs

What's going on with the Gitmo lawyers?

The power-brokers have conned Pres. Obama into thinking that it was they who elected him.

More info on the suspected Binghamton shooter

Okay time to admit it folks-Palin was right

‘Holy Hell’ Over Torture Memos

Cracking the corporate media's Iron Curtain around death at Three Mile Island

President Obama press conference live Now....msnbc

New diagram of repub budget plan revealed:

Obama Administration Seeking an Out on Bailout Rules for Firms

It's time for that weekly most annoying Republican Poll

Gunman Angry Over Poor English, Job Loss

Complain about "Lou Dobbs" here

Barack Obama / UFW T-shirt

talk me down?

Newsweek/Hitchens: The Texas-Size Debate Over Teaching Evolution

GWB Librarium, oh my....

Why does Senator Burr hate veterans?

Palin's Strange New Christianity - What The Media Missed

Major Nutcase Alert: Georgia Passes Nation's First Embryo Adoption Law

Stunning Government Billion-Dollar Giveaway to Paper Companies in the Works

Miles to go before we sleep...

Territorial claims, environment to dominate debate at upcoming polar summit

Thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King today.

To some ...Obama is still a Muslim.

GAWWWWD's Gonna Get You Iowa !!!! ...... Check out this American Family Assn. poll.....

I really hope President Obama is starting to think about gun control

Why politicizing everything is such.....

Quiz time..... ( with answer link, never fear)

Fed 'extremely uncomfortable' about bailouts

Why are those that created this mess...

Vermont needs your help! Contact these representatives!

Sick Sick Sick Dirty Bigot Scum. 5000 Troops is not a "Nothing".

GOP Calls For "National Day Of Foot Stamping & Lip Pursing"

The Nation: $2.98 trillion for Wall St., Chump Change for the Auto Industry:

The Nation: $2.98 trillion for Wall St., Chump Change for the Auto Industry:

Fed up with Spineless Democrats? Let's talk real change:

Credo Action: Global Warming and the betrayal of Senate Democrats

In Louisiana, a Test Case in Using Huge Federal Aid

Big Business...

No ice??? No refills???

i love iowa.

A passionate photo, country first, family second?

Here we go again...

Here we go again...

Charters, Vouchers - Student exodus costing district

Charters, Vouchers - Student exodus costing district

Should GM save Buick?

Organizer: Policy left workers behind

Press Conference on Pittsburgh shooting on CNN now n/t

Right-wing revisionism: Nazis planned to exterminate Christianity after finishing off the Jews

Vegetarians More Likely to Develop Eating Disorders--yeah, right.

A splendid opportunity to get the Depression right

Armor, meet gunpowder. Battleship, meet air power. Aircraft Carrier, meet ballistic missile.


Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Prediction: The Obamas will top their sweep of Europe with

Prediction: The Obamas will top their sweep of Europe with

Prediction: The Obamas will top their sweep of Europe with

Applebees lost my debit card

Who Cares About Larry Summers' Income?

Question: Are there any human rights abuses serious enough to warrant US military action?

The George W. Bush Presidential Librarium

Some simple political science concerning public opinion, gun control and elections

Some simple political science concerning public opinion, gun control and elections

KBR unlikely to get road work after Iraq veterans' complaints

41 Years Ago Today, Dr. King Was Gunned Down. Can you take to heart his last words?

Please DU this poll: Give Obama a Grade

What will the status of marriage equality be in three years or so?


Moyers Show Last Night Was Amazing and Saddening About The Economy

I just gave away a 24' dia above ground pool. Now I'm putting a

Man gets $168,323 in stimulus money to silence train horns at crossing near his home


Don't get upset about the Obama Halo picture..nothing new (warning many pics)

I just watched "Joe" the "plumber" on Bill Maher's show.

Pitchforks and Pistols (NYTimes)

Destroying Public Companies for Profit - Abusive Naked Short Selling

How does the stock market make money ?

Your kids can have fun and learn useful life skills this summer at camp..

Prague with tone poem The Moldau, a/k/a Vltava.

Conservatives Holding Up Increasing Number Of Key Obama Nominees

UK teenager 'saved by Facebook'

Want to see how Jamaica produces the Usain Bolts of the planet

Looks like Redoubt is erupting again

In his last year in office, Bush still didn’t know what the G20 was.

VIDEO- Levi, safe sex? "most of the time yeah"

NYT's, Helene Cooper is awful (h/t to Eric Boehlert , who wrote this): Please read it.

You Pay, Computer Prays For You

Recession persists, but jobless benefits ending

Juan Cole on C-Span BookNotes...Now... "New America Foundation" Steve Clemmons!

Freedom of speech, which the Westboro Baptist Church abuses

Thoughts on Violence - B

LAT: 'If There Was Criminal Wrongdoing (By Bushco)-THERE SHOULD BE PROSECUTIONS'

White House Warns: "Severe Job Cuts"

Thoughts on Violence - A

The Nation: Old Europe, New Again

Living in a 5 o'Clock world

Living in a 5 o'Clock world

Reminder: Demonstrations against banksters next Saturday (4/11/09)

(UPDATED) Please be smarter than the Freepers

Palin's Sister-In-Law Diana Is "Alleged Outlaw" (broke into house, homeowner waiting with gun)

What is the difference in DU now vs when we started?

And Poof, the Banksters' losses disappear

Will A New Terrorist Attack Come To America?

Do you believe Sean Hannity has never watched porn?

Do you believe Sean Hannity has never watched porn?

Which issue is most important to you at this time?

Cleveland stays away from KFC offer to fix potholes (would fix free if could stamp pavement w/logo)

Cleveland stays away from KFC offer to fix potholes (would fix free if could stamp pavement w/logo)

Lou Dobbs: Obama "still didn't receive a majority of the votes in this country, just those cast."

Anyone else watching Eyewitness to Murder - the MLK assassination

Columbine wannabees

Gotta laugh or I'll cry ...

LTTE: Arrest was not justified

Fear Of Obama Taking Guns Leads To 3 Dead Police Officers

Seen at the grocery store this afternoon - a sign of the times?

Death Penalty. Steven Green

Afghan Law on Women Brings Societal Conflict Onto World Stage

Afghan Law on Women Brings Societal Conflict Onto World Stage

Which one of these is more likely to do harm to your family?

U.S. Civil Rights Commission Commemorates 41st Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Death

Even the peaceful pacifist Howard Stern is now urging his listeners to buy a gun.

That guy in Pittsburgh bought his guns "because he felt the quality of life was being diminished,"

Weather Improves For North KoreaRocket Launch

Follow up to a post from earlier..some one posted an article earlier

G20: But where was Mr Angela Merkel?

Toon - Vive la Révolution!

WTF..Seattle Area..Five children found dead in Graham-area home

Honda's Fukui says no to cheaper Insight, large-car diesels

Pittsburg cop killer was a McCain supporter

WOW! Please check out this Dangerous Twist on Net Neutrality.

North Koreans Launch Rocket Over the Pacific

Political Pullback for the Christian Right?

Blame Obama?

Blame Obama?

Blame Obama?

Breaking: North Korea's rocket has been launched

Richard Poplowski, American Terrorist, Killed Three Peace Officers

Knowing,... we went to watch this movie

Saw something kind of disturbing today. I was coming home from the hardware

Mexican president: US authorities 'complicit' in drug trafficking

Kansas man charged with threatening Bush

Obama's Strasbourg's speech was brilliant....

Wow...a kansas man threatened to kill former pRes bush... faces jail and fine

Michael Vick's Bankruptcy Plan Rejected By Judge

Repubs want Coleman to take his case to the Supreme Court

The most under reported story of the week was.....

Are there other any industrialized, so-called "First World" nations without state-run health care?

Are there other any industrialized, so-called "First World" nations without state-run health care?

Norton Internet Security upgrade to 360, 7 hours 3 techs. failure to launch

Police: 5 Children, Father Die in Murder-Suicide

Feith Dares Obama to Enforce the Law

Feith Dares Obama to Enforce the Law

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

Crooks and Liars: Pittsburgh cop-killer feared "The Obama Gun Grab"

The MOYERS - BLACK threads (indexed here) at least identified the pain in my gut

The MOYERS - BLACK threads (indexed here) at least identified the pain in my gut

Frank Rich: Even Rick Wagoner’s Firing Got Lousy Mileage

Hundreds living in Rome's sewer


Why are sex crimes so special?

3 guesses: What criminal administration allowed Perchlorate in Baby Formula?

What will be the message the fr**pers will take way from the cop-killing in Pittsburgh?


Judge refuses to dismiss charge in Obama plot

Michelle Obama's conquest of Europe

Taking the Klavan Challenge, Part III: My Mind...It's Affecting My Mind...

Been here over 4 years, 20k posts. My thoughts on DU

Obama to call for a nuclear-free world

Happy times with my President in charge!

I took my daughter's team to the state history finals in Phoenix today

Webcam from space on the Ice Shelf about to break away

As if todays news wasn't enough

Havin' sex with the little guy: "I'm pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart."

***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBIEO ***** 86 years young today!

Cheer, Cheer for old Notre Dame!

Since we're throwing around $Trillions, ....

It pisses me off when Bill Maher has a right wing shill on....

It pisses me off when Bill Maher has a right wing shill on....

Puppies rescued from puppy mill. Cute pictures:

Financial Industry Paid Millions to Obama Aide (Larry Summers, others)

"Sue, Baby, Sue - Showdown Between Palin and the Legislature" (The Mudflats)

Ferris Boehner’s Day Off

Estimate of TARP's Cost to Taxpayers Increases

Terror, Terror Everywhere: Did Reuters Blame the Taliban in the NY Shootings to Protect IBM?

Ten cars that sank Detroit

Bow my eye... Obama and the people around him are all leaning in

My spiritual awakening: I will no longer give a rat's fucking ass about what ANY conservative

Bailed Out Bank, JP Morgan, Dooming Chrysler

More questions about the Obama/Geithner bank bailout scam

Obama adviser paid millions as hedge fund director

Help Me or I Will Die

Iraqi bloggers have great insight and amazing patience with our fumbling country

The Ones Who Got It Right

The Ones Who Got It Right

News of the Future: "Westboro Baptist to protest at Binghamton funerals"

Larry Summers: Wrong Man for the Job

About William Black's claim

The police/SWAT response at Binghamton was slow like Columbine

I am a Democrat tried and true, but I also have my concealed carry

MUST WATCH: William Black on Bill Moyers: Geithner & Obama continuing a Cover Up of Fraud

To Obama, I Am a Boot!

Angry psycho John McCain to Latinos: I have no use for 'You People'

You know it's Spring when....

Is this what we set out to achieve in Iraq? 4 Men killed for the crime of being Gay.

Italy considers withdrawing female troops from Afghanistan to protest Shi'ite marital law

Don't get mad, HIT IGNORE! (As seen on DU)

Anyone do any research yet on the cop killer from Pittsburgh?

Three police killed in standoff in Pittsburgh

New Cars that sit on a car lot for too long can develop a variety of problems, expert says

Binghamton shooter felt "disrespected & degraded" because of poor English skills

I got a job! And health insurance!

"Please be smarter than the Freepers. "

Summers, Phil Gramm and the law NOT to regulate derivatives

When Wingnut BS Goes Bad

Police: 5 children, father found dead in Washington State

5000 troops from NATO for 'Afghan elections' is a signal that Obama is on his own

Isn't it interesting that some Obama supporters won't listen to Obama himself?

Steven Green's trial (rapist, murderer, RIP Abeer). Starts Mon, April 6

Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Health care plan will cut costs for small businesses

Just take control of the bank

Bill O’Reilly Threatens To Kick The World’s Ass After Work Behind The UN Building

Anyone have a horror story about a Japanese or European car?

Prompt Corrective Action Law: Title 12 of the US Code

William K. Black on the law, in his own words. You decide.

Are you surprised? "Creators Of Psychiatric Treatment Guidelines Deeply Tied To Pharma"

Children from Afghanistan found in Rome manhole

Once You Get Past The "Oh. My. Gawd." Reaction, Is This Ad....

The Myth of “Humanitarian” Intervention- Iraq, Kosovo, Sudan, Haiti, Liberia, Afghanistan

Farrah Fawcett Hospitalized; Family Gathers

"This is a joke, isn't it?" My Ex-Nazi Father's Reaction to Fox News

Your Feelings about Use of the "Ignore" Option here at DU

Chelsea Clinton is NOT engaged (rumor debunked)

Excellent Item by the American Chronicle on Faux News

Study: Housing Homeless Drunks And Letting Them Drink Saves Millions

Police, protesters clash in France at NATO summit

Court blocks release of sex offenders due out of jail

Second call for knitters,crocheters & Code Pink supporters!

Crist, Nelson, Wexler urge testing for Florida homes with Chinese drywall.

I miss George Bush.

This is a Queer Bloodbath and the US and UK Created This Monster. Take Action Now.

This is a Queer Bloodbath and the US and UK Created This Monster. Take Action Now.

Why is there such hatred of vegetarians on DU?

Parents: What do you think are the most important qualities in a teacher?

NCAA Update: Oregon State wins the tournament!

Love my way

good bye horses

New posts on my blog.

"If I was you, I'd RUN"

Can we add this smilie? I call it the colbert.

I have to share this!

Dell Latitude question, is anyone awake?

My snowstorm fizzled out

Where is the page where DUers post their pictures?nt

Anybody here watched "Bender's Game"?

I am watching "Nixon" tonight. The version with Anthony Hopkins. What a sorry man.

How many Romanians does it take to carry a 1,579 meter wedding dress train?

Oh deer!!!!

Caption this photo

Beware of Identity theft! Calling Raven!

Question about county tax in state income tax returns

I found another house I want

I may have a date today.

Any seniors or senioritas here?

Nevada Sex Acts Tax Faces Stiff Resistance

Hey, guess what Elmo is obsessed with??

Micky Mouse divorced Minnie Mouse

Would you consider this alcoholism?

Do fish get sea sick?

The Official "Happy Birthday, Zanne!" Thread

Some tunes are on another level.......

You know if outhouses are outlawed, only outlaws will shit.

The fucking weather.

Even though I am not DU's loudest feminist voice

"The Official George W. Bush Presidential Librarium."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

My poetry reading for the Hungry Poets Contest is tonight.

Its TOO nice outside to be sitting here at the Libree

Has anyone heard anything about Bi_Baby and her Mom?

Just cut the lawn, it looks like crap!

Group dynamics... (a rant)

Wildwood Weed

This is dedicated to my generation

Comma question: which of these is correct?

What does your "Spidey-sense" tell you about clicking on this thread?

Mugin's *POP POP*- no need for bubble wrap anymore


BOOMERS! Incense and Peppermints!

BOOMERS! Thunder and lightening!

The Lizard and the Koala

Just went to see "Adventureland". Good flick.

Happy Birthday LIam!

blech. awake is the last thing i want to be right now

Management video!

Its going To Be 70-75 Here this Weekend... Finally

What would President Obama bring you if he came to visit?

April 4 - Pride (In the Name of Love)

my house smells

Support Notre Dame! Even USC and Michigan fans can sign this!

This is SOOOO cool!

NCAA final 4 predictions - women's division

Any Dave Philip/ Automatic fans?

just got bit in the face by a dog...ask me anything

OK, some foods have sex appeal. Others do not.

New Forum?

I'm exhausted

I guess I'm just one of those people who always takes the scenic route (rant)

My niece got engaged at Charlie Trotter's; an anonymous person paid for their dinners!

I'm making a grocery list.

Plant Operator for an Emulsion Mill

"lets take em out"

Oh, my fucking god, this is going to take forever.

Are rhomboids sexy?

"Most people are [nice], Scout, when you finally see them."

Has anyone seen the Chic Shaper?

Trower, Montose, Derringer, Wisefield - Night of Guitars '91

Applebees lost my debit card

A bunch of interesting Top 10 lists

Post your favorite Beatles videos


The "Five Ingredient" show on the Food Network IS A LIAR.

need some help (job related)

Alien scientists intercept this signal from Earth 1,000 years from now.


I'm listening to Rush, "La Villa Strangiato" on the digital music channel.

Gentiles: Self examination of our protestants

I Just Saw Aliens Take My Neighbor Away...

Choose my colorful film to view tonight.



I'm here...just finished examining my prostate...

oh shit, i just heard this on the news!

WoooHoooo - Michigan State is friggin' awesome!

goddamn motherfucker, i got a stimgatizm in my fuckin eye!

Build a liquid-fueld rocket from office supplies

Can you think of a movie where the sequel was better than the original?

We all might live in a yellow submarine after all!

Sawyer Nicknames

Calif woman gets 6 years for fatal texting crash

Which Golden Girl do you in the lounge think I am?

Why do I have this visceral dislike of Maggie Gyllenhaal?

I just drank a bottle of Mad Dog!

Didn't I hear this joke on a "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" movie? (Woman shows up at a wake with a beer)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/4/2009)

Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion.

I'm getting drunk...can you tell.....

Why are women so darn delectable......

Baloney or bologna?

North Korea has launched a missile across the Pacific, I'm 1 mile away from the beach I was sitting there in the dark, exciting myself

University of Maryland scraps porn after threat to strip funds

Is it going to be a bumpy ride?

The 21st century "Mary Ann or Ginger" question is clouded

What happens to our garbage when the dump trucks take it to wherever they take it?

Saturday Nights when I was a boy in the 60's...

Lou Dobbs !

I spent the day wtih TM and three friends today and I must say


"Let's eat out..."

These animal rescue commercials are killing me tonight.

I am so proud of Iowa. Gay marriage is legal now.

I just got a hair of the dog that bit me

After setting up the pool and moving the patio furniture, my back is killing me

I double-dawg dare ya to make me laugh, chuckle or just plain smile!

I just gave away a 24' dia above ground pool. Now I'm putting a

Look what we set up this afternoon

Anybody here read "Ender's Game"?

My goal for next week is to learn To Twist.

Never wanted a MP3 player until I got one...

I should go buy a semi-automatic gun. I'd hate to be left defenseless.

Yeah--about that Hungry Poets Contest thing...

Let me get through tonight in 1 piece

OMG. Another standoff, with Police 3 officers, possibly 5, dead so far.


Guys: Self examination of our prostates

Name something weird you've used duct tape to repair...

Is this the cutest picture ever or what?

I hated high school but love the movie Dazed and Confused...

My life is complete. I'm watching "COPS" in high definition.

My goal for next week is to learn The Twist.

Madonna denied,.. I think this really stinks. Would she have been

60's dance enthusiasts, i need your help

Somebody, please blow some sunshine up my ass. I dare you.

I remember the last time I was bitten by a dog.

Oh yeah baby! Midlo's UConn Huskies are about to go down!!

Anyone else remeber the DU era of "The Nuclear Ignore"?

I had a friend who was bitten by a squirrel

Do you use the "self-ignore" feature?

just discovered Diana Krall

I feel like starting a lie

Update: Mom is back on the ventilator

whatever happened to

This Week I Have been 'Chastised' by 2 close friends

Kitty pic thread

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond today and bought a Snuggie on impulse.

i love NYU

Your kid's school offers three foreign language options. Pick one.


VH1's Number One One Hit Wonder of the 1980s Was This Song

So DU--When is middle-aged?

Around what age does 'middle age' creep in and feel noticed?

kitten picture of the day for saturday april 4

Who are you rooting for in the NCAA basketball tournament?

My drawing of Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you ever watch an entire TV show you've already seen & not remember...

Every time a werewolf bites someone, the bitee becomes a werewolf.

CGI has killed film.

Best movie with the worst sequel?

My favorite feature of DU: The PM Ignore

Anyone here ever own a Ford Escort?

Where in the world is Sibel?

Guitarists: How do you produce these particularly exotic sounds?

Monsanto is behind debilitating corn crop loss in South Africa

All Obama Week

Franken battle for MN senate seat may last years-per (R) senator

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows (Susan Rice, Axelrod, etc...)

The Iowa gay marriage decision & 2012

Gates planning major changes in Defense Programs budget


President Obama, like all good team leaders, is using this tour to gather "game film" that he will

Europe Gives Obama a Standing Ovation

Wacky PowerSlimeBlog whines about how BowGate is not getting any traction.

AP: Analysis: Congress maps rough path to Obama goals

Why do folks keep trying to liken our current Afghanistan operation to what the Russians did?

Anti-Obama talk worries some on right - even wingnut Horowitz calls it “over-the-top hysteria."

9 Democratic Senators vote for estate tax relief and against an usury law.

Approaching Normal: How Iowa's Ruling On Gay Marriage Goes Further Than Any Other (TNR)

EFCA: Can someone tell me what is being done to let the

Puppets of GWB and Condoleezza Rice get thrown into the Vltava river in Prague

NY Times Co. busting unions?

The Myth Of The Filibuster: Dems Can't Make Republicans Talk All Night

Craig Robinson and OSU win the CBI

NATO sending more support to Afghanistan

Obama Is Helping Cover Up Financial Crimes The Way Clinton Helped Cover Up BCCI

Transcript: Obama's Strasbourg Remarks

When I joined DU in 2001--this type of crap would have been locked.

Background for Obama's Prague Visit

Is it a big deal that one out of five Congressional Republicans didn't vote for their own budget?

FYI, Steven Green's trial starts Monday (rapist, murderer, Iraq vet)

Central Kentucky Building & Construction Trades Council Endorsed HR 676

Presidential elections.

I'm crapping my pants I'm so freaking mad!

There is a difference between having a disagreement in policy and stupid shit

Should Obama Control the Internet?

Obama Fried Chicken?

The fundamental question that should be addressed about national Health Care Reform is this:

Feith Dares Obama to Enforce the Law

First lady’s triumph is a win for us all

Holder pushes more federal marijuana prosecutions

Ex-Harvard employee says she warned Summers of risky moves and was fired for it

Barack Obama puts romantic meal with Michelle before Czech politicians

EFCA on the Ropes (Adam Turl critiques Labor's EFCA strategy)

Best Obama quote so far

Denis McDonough gives hints about Obama's speech tomorrow (from politico)

Is Obama's speech in Turkey the big speech in an Islamic capital he was talking about

The Obamas in Europe

Obama Plays Role Of Super Diplomat Again - Just Don't See Bush Pulling This Off

"Socialist" "Liberal" "Leftist"???

This morning, Brian DeBose, CONSERVATIVE writer for the Washington Times, criticized Obama

Go Ahead, Call Me Crazy - But...

IPODS, Movie Collections, JCrew, Obama's what were you thinking?

What Would Be the Effect If Obama Re-instated the Glass-Steagall Act?

Sarah Palin's sister-in-law busted for burglary

UH-OH Faux Noise now claiming Obama "apologized" for America

DU, can you help me with something re: Ted Stevens

dupe -> deleted

PHOTOS A year ago this month....what a trip

George and Condi take in the sights in Prague...

~ROFL~ I just can't help myself

~ROFL~ I just can't help myself

A Show of Conscience

PHOTO The U.S.A and France, just watch those fellas dance. (April 4)

President Obama Exercises Diplomacy, Helps Avert Mess (Again)

some pics of our First Couple, in Germany:

Obama Diplomacy On New NATO Chief Helps Avert Crisis

Obama's Neoliberals: Selling His Afghan War One Report at a Time

Would You Rather Have Obama Bow out of Respect for the Saudi King... OR THIS...

Remember when McCain said he wasn't sure if he'd meet with Spain?

Want to know Obama's position on the EFCA,

When the great GOP Schism happens, how will the sides be drawn?

A sad take on where the US stands in the eyes of IBM...

Show your support for Notre Dame for inviting Obama

McCain Rebukes Hispanic Voters

President Obama has said many times that he has inherited this mess

That French Kiss.

Read Larry H. Summer's Full Economic Disclosure Form At This Link

Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street's ownership of government

Conservatives Holding Up Increasing Number of Key Obama Nominees

When u think about it, GM couldn't even make a stylish Limo for the POTUS

Michelle Obama's Clothing Has Sean Hannity All Out Of Sorts

PHOTOS Michelle in Strasbourg (April 4)

a BOW is a show of respect

Obama: "In no other country on earth, is my story even possible".

Does anyone else have a fear that Geithner might be Obama's downfall?

Want to know Obama's position on EFCA?

Is It True That More Republicans Voted Against The Republican Budget Alternative...

Pres Obama exercises diplomacy, averts ANOTHER mess

Is a Gibson guitar an appropriate gift?

Obama on American Exceptionalism

This is a very shallow, non-political thought but...

Please show my GD poll some love.

I never Imagined that we would ever get there......

Does anyone else think that China may have been pushing

I think Palin is being pushed aside to make way for Newt as the

Kramer - "The depression is over."

As Obama arrives, Czechs fear appeasement and socialism.

Meanwhile..... back at the "ranch"....

it's been 70 days and i really miss gwb

Don't miss Moyers interview with Bill Black tonight! Stunning, forthright, a wake-up call!

Oh dear, those poor disappearing Republics.

PHOTOS The Obamas' Travels in Europe (Time Magazine)

It's been 2 1/2 months and Obama hasn't even begun to address MY most IMPORTANT issue ...

Obama haters: He is as good as it's going to get.

Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street's Ownership of Government --Glenn Greenwald

BREAKING NEWS: S. Korea: N. Korea launches rocket

CA-Sen: Carly Fiorina Thinking of Challenging Boxer

Tea Party Participants in Your City

"Tell Norm Coleman to give up his challenges"

It's been 70 days and Obama has already addressed three of my most important issues!

"Obama administration seeks to avoid restrictions, including limits on pay" MSNBC

Killer of 3Pitt cops today:upset because he"feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns"

Rush FUCKING Limbaugh - While Obama Dismantles America, The World Laughs Behind His Back

O/T-SNL coming up in 1 min. (ET). I wonder if there will be a good political opening scene.

Shows what's important here: Obama won the support he wanted from NATO

Obama Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms

Update of EFCA from AFL-CIO

To me, the NRA argument works with criminals but falls apart when it comes to psychopaths.

Anyone notice Obama's approval ratings have gone up the past three days?


Time to bring back "let it sink"???

*****ProSense Appreciation Thread*****

"We are all Americans, Sir" Spoken by General Do-Ne-Ho-Gew-Weh

President Barack Obama's half-sister to write children's book

President Obama To Call For Elimination Of All Nuclear Weapons

Being Called "Hard Left" After So Many Years On DU Of Being Called "DLC'er" Is Pretty Funny

Being Called "Hard Left" After So Many Years On DU Of Being Called "DLC'er" Is Pretty Funny

Oscar de la Renta has tough words for Michelle Obama

Oh, No, He DIY'NT!!!

Is ther any way of getting rid of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC?

Salon: Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street's ownership of government

We Slept When Clinton/Summers Raped the Middle Class; We're Sleeping Again

Federal agent pleads guilty to taking kickbacks in South American smuggling probe

Hedge fund paid Obama adviser Summers $5.2 million

Uruguay off tax haven 'black list': OECD

Banks with taxpayer money could buy toxic assets

Times Co. threatens to shut Globe; seeks $20m in cuts from unions

US to be 'pragmatic on climate'

U.S. drone fires missile in Pakistan, kills 13: officials

Ex-Blackwater Workers May Return to Iraq Jobs

Fed 'extremely uncomfortable' about bailouts

Inquiry into torture allegations announced

Financial Industry Paid Millions to Obama Aide (Larry Summers)

Gates Planning Major Changes in Programs, Defense Budget

Gates plans major changes in defense budget

At Summit, NATO Is Divided Over Chief.

As North Korea counts down, Japan talks tough

Pak Taliban claim responsibility for New York shootout

Geithner's dirty little secret

Afghan leader orders review of Shi'ite law

FBI deny Taliban are responsible for New York gun rampage which left 14 dead

President Obama: Threats To Security, Economy Are Worldwide (radio address)

Recession persists, but jobless benefits ending

'Personhood' bill defeated in North Dakota Senate

Six killed, many injured in suicide attack at FC checkpost in Islamabad

Obama to Loosen Restrictions on Policy with Cuba

Gov. Palin blasts Levi Johnston for 'Tyra' sex talk

Wilkens Ice Shelf disintegrates

Conyers Wants Holder to Appoint a Special Counsel to Probe Bush Crimes

U.S. slams court decision to halt Demjanjuk's deportation

Legislators refuse Palin's demand for public vote

Security Tight in Prague as Czechs Ready for Obama.

NATO back Obama Afghan plan, but troops short-term

Frederick ousted as (Virginia) GOP chairman

Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms - Officials Worry Constraints Set by Congress

CBO Estimate says bailout will cost taxpayers more

Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms

UK teenager 'saved by Facebook'

Italians Rally in Rome to Protest Economic Policies

Foiled suicide attack on Pakistani troops kills 17 civilians

N Korea skips first launch chance (bad weather)

An Antarctic ice shelf has disappeared: scientists

UK torture collusion 'widespread'

Anti-Nato protesters torch Strasbourg buildings

Iraqi police: 2 gay men killed in Baghdad slum

Conyers wants Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to look into abuses

Gay marriages expected to begin in Iowa April 24

Ukrainians lament 'lost hopes' after Orange Revolution

3 officers shot in Pittsburgh

California Dems target 8 GOP districts

Commander defends Miss USA Gitmo visit

Police 'assaulted' bystander who died during G20 protests

Peter Madoff can spend $10K a month on expenses

Utah seeks more dollars to help Iraqi refugees

US dollar eases Zimbabwe inflation

Karzai Says Anger At Afghan Shi'ite Law "Inappropriate"

New York Times threatens to shut Boston Globe

(2nd LD) N. Korea fires long-range rocket: S. Korean official

Widow with frozen US fortune dies in poverty

Five children found dead in Graham (WA)-area home

Fate of F-22, 2,000 jobs to be revealed on Monday



Moderator Availability Thread for Saturday April 4th, 2009




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proud patriot



theo bromine


the goodbye girl



Minnesota Raindog


H2O Man



American Spectacles

Martin Luther King: A Time to Break Silence part - 1

The Ghost of Tom Joad-Springsteen and Morello

Whirlpool - Endangered Species

Your Weekly Address From Air Force One - President Obama

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Focus on the Family

President Obama Criticizes Afghan Rape Law, Thinks This Law Is Abhorrent

My Political Crack - Real Time w/Bill Maher (Joe The Plumber, Yes He's On)

Real Time Maher PT7 New Rules April 03 2009

Madonna Wants That African Baby Really Bad

TYT: Joe the Plumber Represents All That is Wrong with Celebrity Culture

Obama Lands in Prague - Arrival Images

Michelle Obama Takes Europe By Storm (German TV News Report)

Gov. Palin blasts Levi Johnston for 'Tyra' sex talk - Tyra Clip & Palin Statement

Bill Moyer's Journal: Greenwald & Goodman - 'Media is Broken Right Now'

TYT: What Do Cenk & Ben (Host Of 'At The Movies') Think Of Iowa Marriage Equality?

Symphony Arabica Project

Glenn Greenwald on Washington Journal April 3, 2009 Part 1


Anti-Nato Protesters Clash With Police in Strasbourg

What do you dislike most about DU?

Fox News' Red Eye. Can their programming get much lower?

Max Keiser suggests US and UK consider Islamic Sharia law as means to fix global financial crisis

Bush Librarium

Palin Celebrityhood? Montel, Springer, Tyra Don’t Help Ambitions

Steven Pearlstein: A Rare Triumph of Substance at the Summit

That Big Moment for Czechs? Not So Big

Regressive Hypocrisy (Yawn…) Again

Pakistan violence on rise despite peace deal

Europe to contribute 5,000 extra troops to Afghanistan

Barack Obama's new offensive against nuclear weapons

The US-Iran 'meeting' that never was

TIME: Barack Obama's New World Order

The town that made Margaret

It ended with a great fanfare, but put any G20 euphoria on hold

Admirers Await Obama in Turkey

The New World Order, I Owe My Soul to The Company Store

How Obama Is Using The Science of Change

Info Tech Unemployment Tops 5%

When Wingnut BS Goes Bad

Robert Parry: WPost Sees Neocon Hope in Obama

Phoenix police raid anti-police blogger

Gun Nut + Unemployed + Glenn Beck/NRA = Dead Policemen

Unbelievable Bill Moyers April 3 PBS Interview on the Financial Crisis

US watchdog calls for bank executives to be sacked

(TVA) agrees to get 2000 megawatts of renewable energy (by 2011)

Italy Wants to Double Solar Capacity (to 900 MW) in 2009

Consortium Drops Its Plan to Build New Power Lines (to NYC)

General Motors to Seek $2.6B to Build Plug-In Hybrids

Areva chairman quits and adds to troubles at nuclear group

Germany: The World's First Major Renewable Energy Economy

Global downturn brings cleaner air to Beijing

Oregon may get electric car plant

(Obama Dept. of Interior) All US electricity demands could be met by (offshore) wind power

Battery that 'charges in seconds'

A wing nut sent me this "global warming is not real crap"

Ice bridge holding Antarctic ice shelf cracks up - Reuters

Bolivian exhibit sheds light on ancient hallucinogenic rituals

FIDEL: "Obama's Song"

Bolivia Opposition boycots elections

MACHETERA: High Noon at the Socialist Corral -Government Reorg. in Cuba and the Solidarity Shootout

Chavez says he wants to 'reset' relations with U.S.

NHL saves of the week. Best batch of the year so far.

Michigan State (BIG TEN) outplays UConn

I changed my mind - the Spartans are going to win.

What is it about the WR position, that attracts the troublemakers and misfits?

The CBS Director is a shameless whore for showing Calhoun's granddaughter crying

Today in labor history Apr 4 Dr. King is assassinated while supporting a sanitation workers’ strike

Workers occupy car parts factories in England and Northern Ireland

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

EFCA on the ropes

DSA fighting for the EFCA

Action on EFCA from AFLCIO

Gering Ne. business fined for safety violations (1 death brings fine of $25,000 )

White House Warns: "Severe Job Cuts"

Gay marriages to begin in Iowa on April 24th

14 Drug Makers Told to Stop Using Some Internet Ads

My friend's wife's ENDO, advised her to make a tea from,

4th measles case linked to Pittsburgh hospital

First women to graduate from Palestinian military academy

Palestinian opens fire on military base in southern Israel

New town may be death blow to hopes for Israel peace

Israel on Trial

Israel's other Arabs

Bill Moyers- Truths About Banking Fraud Reach Highest Levels of Govt - W. Black

Motorola Sells Israel Bomb Division as National Boycott Campaign Advances

Israeli Nonprofits, Shaken by Madoff Collapse, Rethink Strategies

Israelis kill armed Palestinian woman

Health Insurance - Leaving Job - Missouri

Even After Exile, Palestinian Musician Vows to Play On

Administration Seeking to Circumvent Restrictions Imposed on Bailout Recipients

Why Geithner’s plan is the taxpayers’ curse

Credit Woes Hit Home

Breaking - As many as 4 cops wounded in Pittsburgh shooting.

Jaw Dropping Bill Moyers April 3 PBS Interview

We need to bail out HUMANITY, not the banks - We are our brothers' keepers

Pittsburgh has the RW talk show hosts on now to defend guns.

How about melting all of the guns into cute little peace signs?

Even the peaceful pacifist Howard Stern is now urging his listeners to buy a gun.

Just imagine if the gun wasn't invented yet.

Is this a proper place to ask advice about the purchase of guns?

The police shooter had a bullet proof vest on - IT WAS A SET UP

3 police officers shot in Pittsburgh

What other rights would you have us make up?

The Supreme Court has ruled that private ownership of firearms is an individual right.

Guns protect average people.

That guy in Pittsburgh bought his guns "because he felt the quality of life was being diminished,"

"The government wanted to take away his guns and his freedom" - NRA/FR propaganda

Ok folks, the body count keeps rising

Just curious about this - yes, a gun ownership poll.

Summers Earned Millions in D.E. Shaw Salary, Bank Speech Fees

Fantastic clouds

Poll for the worker bees

On the tenth anniversary of my father in-laws death, my wife and I

Better than Prozac!

Pear Flowers

Cherry Blossoms, open for business

catching some sun

Some California flowers.

One of the oddest things I saw in Nome...

Antis treat gun owners the way Freepers treat Democrats

A really good LOL for your weekend

One man's ambivalent retreat from his racist past

Drug-Free Therapy Could Erase Memories

NASA's inspector general, under fire from senators, watchdog agencies, calls it quits

The End Of Christian America

Assume Judas did not hang himself but sought forgiveness instead. What would happen?

Forty-three percent of Catholics want Pope Ratso to resign or retire

Why can't god control satan ?

Anyone use one of the modified cheese kits for hard cheeses?

I Just Used My New Food Mill. It Was Awesome!

Help. How can you make a meatloaf that doesn't taste like

What's for dinner ~ Saturday ~ April the 4th Edition

I have an excellent loaf of bread that I needed freezing, What's the best method?

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Trade Center Dust

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center

Flight 93 - Why such a bad conspiracy?

Torchwood's Back On

The quiet unravelling of Canadian democracy

Ubuntu question